Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1861 Page 4
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1 THE EVENING STAR. ; U^Ttoe following startling and highly lnflainn-aterr despatches appear In a newspaper " out TVVil, " to which they were specially telegraphed: ILat*. Lattr,Lit"I, and Highly Important front. Charleston?Our Spteial Dispatch** *jr tht Underground l.tme. *' Chablehtom, Supper lime, Jan. 15.?AU the bab'e* in the entire South are in arm*, *ndmany In this city ar? now employed at the breastworks " "Two and One-halt JUtnutts Later ?Hundred* cf the noblest women of South Carolina are belli od the brewst works, end they boldly express Ihelr determination to remain Uiere." ' Later St til?Thrt'-quarter* of a Minute.?A number of yonng ladies were In arm* during the greater part of last evening, and many more are extremely anxioua to follow the self-aacriflclng example of their listen. Shame on the young men "On* quarter of ? Minmf* I.attr?We hire learned, from a reliable source, that the stndy of military tactics will be Introduced into the female ac by* ;s of this State immediately, aa tbe spirited gins declare their willingness to take charge of the South Carolina 4 infantry,' which ia yet to be raised." ' A report fmm tbe Interior says the negroes wear* drilling, butit needaconfirmation. EveryIbody ia In a blaze of entbuaiaam. and thegaacompany has suspended In consequence " THI BROOBLIX OBDBEBD OX EtSCBBT fERVICB The Norfolk Day Book of Thursday Bays:?'The United states steamer Brooklyn,Captain Walker, vrblch has >een laying In Hampton Boada since her laat cruise, which in itself bears soma resemblance to the march that a certain French King one* made, has received orders for sea, and her officers were to be on board by twelve o'clock today. Where la she orderea! Echo answer*, wnerer Is not, we surmise, ordered to revive or try the enforcement ef the Star of the West same No' Her destination Is, beyond, a doubt, Fens^cola, and ere long we mav expect bear that the land of Flowers, (or at least ibat part of it) has been converted into acharnel house. Since the above Sras written, we have been informed that two companies of United States Artillery, under Captain Vogdes* and Langhorn, hive gone on board the Brooklyn from Fortress Monroe, and are fully equiped for actual service Their destination is unknown, but It is generally believed that they are en route for Pensacola. Mtstkr or tnk Virginia Militia.?The whole disposable male force of Virglau uas been summoned to attend a mil ;ter on tli?4Lh of Febrtiarv. , lor the purpose of being drafted fOr duty by tile State Convention The Dlspat-b. which estimates the available military forre of the Commonwealth at about >00.000 men, sap: There baa been an a 1 nr.oat unanimous response to tbla patriotic sMinmons, scarcely one man la a thousand showing the least disinclination to rush Into the perilous breach of the Constitution, and serve his country. No qualification seems to be rwilllrMl >111# n nf rwidlnfr nil wrtt lnjr, or an ability to make a mark, scd&ennugh of arithmetic to count number one." |p~The Georgia Stale Cot>veniio? yesterday haa under consideration a report providing that none bat slavebolding State* shall be admitted to the Southern Confederacy and that any State so admitted that shall subsequently abolish slavery Baball be excluded from the Caion. Several other matters were under discussion. Commissioners rioM Soeih Uabolina to ViaoijiiA.?Col John 9. Preston bas received from General Jamison, President of the South Carolina Convention, the appointment of Commissioner to ttje VirginiaJJoavention. Mr. l're?tou is one of the ablest and inost eloquent men of bis State. . ; l?7~Th? House of Representatives of Rhode Island has concurred with the Senate, bv a vote of ayes 48, nays 18, in the repeal of the Personal Liberty law of t^e SUte. All honor to the patriotic little State which ha* led the way in doing J josljce to the Sonth. The North Carolina L?e;;lsuture has finally passed the Convention bill. It submits the question of 'Convention, or no Convention" to the people, and leave to tbera also the final ratification of the action of the Convention. The election of delegates takes place 011 the 2tst of February. AtiKIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. W1LLARDS' HOTEL.?J B George, Va; G \v \l n,.?l I MV- W \l OVII1I I- u 0 < ?? xaviwuf 11 i, ?? in i uiuipa, uu. n oower.ra; J B Riley, Mich; C A Wuitney, NY; G K Warren and slater, do; P >1 Engar, do; J H Potter,Ga; J M Meade and lady. NY; W J Warren, DC; B Wlgein. Pa; Dr G H Butter, Md; C M-;Coy, do; E Helniman, NY; J T Dawni, Rl; W T Borrow. M'.m. J A Bryga. NY; J A Parsons. Ill: C D Nye and lady, Shanghai; C Tasse and fain lly, La; N Standart, O; F A Hall, Mass; Mrs llall, do; G M Haw, 111; C E Culver, do; W Blake, NY; P Parry and lady, Paris; Lambert and lady, La. J Lesly and lady. Pa; A I. Buarlen and lady, N J; J A Hoy lan, O; D V Conover, NJ; G W Beldcn and lady, O; B Y Page. Ill; L Mack all, DC; J G Marahail. NY; M W Clark, Wis; D McDonald, do; J K Goodrich, do; J L*wis, do, L H Kellog, do; 11 French, do; G 11 Laaiberton, do; H Hill, do; 8 T Hooker, do, J llazro, do; T Churchill, NY; 1' K Alurdock, Cal; J D Parker, 111; S Clary, do; M V Coe. do; A E Kent, do; F Crumbaugh. do; C R Baker, Wis, J S Peck, do; A Smith, NY; A J | USA; G W Hooner, Maw. ? NATIONAL HOTEL?D Solomon, NY; !i Williams, DC; K Brawner, T G Roby, W McKaisr. Md; W Keep, i> Otbonrne, J* Smith and ly i> \V Knox, W AlcDuffee, J K Ho**, NY; W C Jewell, ?'P, W M Lee, O; U Martin, Md; II T , Kirk, Prof Mitchell and ?nn, La; J A Ba?4, Va; Mr Norria, Mr Armistead. Md: R Cheney, Cal; W H l>ew*y, A Carter, 111; 11 T Titus, Ara; \V Little, tf Carpenter, \V Morton, J Morton, 111: J WtKibhtn. J Brodhead. C K School, Pa; J F Blake. Va; S J J?eelty, J A Livingston. S^tronir. IK NV; G E Webster, Pa; G T Abltey, >lr Hammill, OOicott. G S Bowen, W F Tucker, A W DeLonj;, C W Church, H M Hlggin, J M Looin!la, P A Hay tie, C 11 Ruji, C T Cuaae, 111: H J Browa, J W Cochran, C Moore, NV; H J Walker and son, S H Taylor, M B ?iulth, Pa; W W Burdette, DC; VV V Coe, 111; J O'Leary, H Hair tone, Va. BROWN'S HOTEL ?J C Foertach, E Maaaenbjry, 5 Bond, J R Rom, J \V Tallalt-rr^, Va; LI C ? MJgre, F A Woodson-, S W Cagee, Ala; T E Morgan. A D Hamilton. L E Fuller. T Jannev, A tfeil, J O Berry, Md; J Williama, S Woodaon, ig L? Stmhurv (i *V- vv u-?-u < .!. ? i j w ?? f'jr*. j i* 1 ) *? i at?,uj voi| li l*e. T H Jonne, Kau; L Watcrt, J W Bench, N C; J Young, A 1J Harris. B B JoUnaou, P?; Ben Johnson and fim, ?; J A N'oonem, Wla; J Tappan. Ark; J Da via, La. I KtKKWOOD HOUSE ?N Burwell, J E Bird. XV H Wood. M V Wataon, G B Lockwooa, Ve; R J Mom, Ga; A W Hrrabahaw, J T Mason, Md; H G McCllntock, D T Farnum and ly, Ala; H H Hobba. Me; T Garney, Maaa; L E oarage, NY; Lt Hu^ta^a, USN; E W Sehon, Tenn; J o Holen der, Tex WASHINGTON HOUSE ?9 Whlteley, Wla; 8 Seeley, USA; R J Conover. ind; W Grandon, A Cnnnlnghain, NY; G W Matthews, J G Langrove, Mra Brown. Mlaa Stewart, No; \V Davit, cal: i i v v. r-1 J ? ' , - ?i , u vuipiuaa mm ly, wv Wilson, O Wilaoa, Maw. 1 L = OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS > aoh tub > 3itxb Stat*?. S tttmn?. Lfmt. Far. Davi. Amerioa.... Br.??nr .Liverpool.... Jaa 23 i*urtiina Liverpool Jaa .6 Lambur* New York...Liverpool Jan i*> John Boil.York.. .Uiaac?w Ja? 2h Asia .Sew York? Liverpool jan3" Teutorua-?. .Now York... ?outa'pton. .Feo 1 Nia?a boeton Liverpool Feu 6 From Kumors Kedar ..Liverpool New York Jan 8 fra? SonUrptoa.. .New York ...Jan 9 North Briton Liverpool fortlaud.... Jan 1<* The CaiUoruia mau ateaiaera leave on the 9th, llU, and 39ta of every noau. THE INSURANCE COMPANY of THE STATU or ! VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL ?300,00*. InaurM Meroh&odiM, Buildiaca, Household Pui uiture, Ao, &faiust loaa or d*mAce br fire. DVATII 1. ITMAtWI ?? ? m. n.iuniiE.O, AfenU, Ofioo? Room 16 over Bftnk of WMiun<U>a. J* 10 Ip lour, UUCKWHKAT, POTATOES, APPLES. k o. M? bbU. new Ricuiuond Fauuly *nd E*to? Flour, &, ?*> lb?. Fresh Oroaad Bu ik wae^t Meft'. 3T?> bu>hels While Meroer Pot?toe?, l?ii do. Bin* do. do. 3 do. Ch??tn?U. Reoeived to-d&y tad ror ?%le law in lot* tomut by D. L. morrison * CO. p?' Comer of Twlfth and B (U. Ladies thick winter boots omcui Morocco. Skin. (,*stirm, m-A* Hkttnntd. LhH and ? !?? "* Also B<m>u uf the oaine gtyle ,ar*: ytS I selling f'om SO e nts to }1. per pur lower^ bL than elsewhere ia the oilr. at J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space w . r?, *T- ? *. 8th and 9th atreeta. and Mum.' j.?ng Rabt^r Boota. jaaoo F,R^T?VH ^WKRSOF THE VERY BEST * *?*.ity, and an exU>oaive v?riet*. ? At STEVENS'S MfV^ " ??? I KLKOANT n.nTH Pl niirn 1oJlI ChmtmM *rH N#?w Ye&i* J. w. COLLBY * CO.. EV*B JMIKJ, SttRCK. ?~gyttr % MISCELLANEOUS. Thb Amalgamation or LiMVMn<-Tk?r* It* (roving terniaiwr in tali i|f to approprmt* tk? m??t ?<xpre?nv? words of other ItocaiUNaiMi altar ft while to incorporate them into oar own, uiaa the void Cepna io. winch is fromtheSreek,Aicinfying ' f.? ?t,. k-.a ? i-... -J ivi mu urau. in uuw UUVV^*U> fuvaiaikftou iu oonaeetion wvth Mr. Spalding's ir?H n?diwh(t reined*: but it trill toon o* u**d in a mors general way, and the word G'ephalie will beeome as oomiBou m Kleofrotype and many others whole distinction as foreign words has been worn away by common usate uuUl they seem "native and to the manor born/' 'ardly Realized* Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eailaohe this afternoon. hand I ftepped into Uc hapothecaries h*n<l says hi to the "ian,"Can yon hease me of an 'eadacfief" "Does it haohe'ard," says 'e. "Hexeeedintly," aays hi, and upon that 'e gave me a Cephalio Pill, hand 'pon me 'onor it cured me so qmok that I'ardly realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. J^Hkadachs ii the favorite sin br which ore makea known any deviation whatever from the natural atate of the brain, and viewed in thia light it may be looked on at a aafenard intended to live notloe of diaea*e whioh might otherwise eaoape attention, till too late to be remedied: and it? mdiaatiun* ahould never be nealeoted. Headaohee may be claaaified under two naqiee, via: S?mpV>matio and Idiopathic. Symptomatio Headache la exoeedinfly common and (a the preonreor of a great variety of diaeaaea, among whioh axe Apoplexy, Gout, Rhenmatiam and all febrile diaeaaea. In ita rervoua form itia e?mpathetio diaeaae of the atoinaoh conatitutinc sick ktmdack*, of hepatic diaeaae oonatituticg bilious ktadacKf, of wornu,oonatipation and other dianrdera of the oowela.aa well aa renal and uterineafleotiona. Diaeaaea of the heart are verr fren nemtlT with Hmui. aches; Anemia and plethora are alto affections whioh frequently occasion headaohe. Idiopathic Headache is also very oommoi, being usually distinguished by the name of ntrrcmi ktadasKt, socneti mes ooming on suddenly in a state of apparently sound health and prostrating at onoe the mental and physical energies, arid-In other instano^s it oomes on slowly, heralded by depression of spirit! or aoerblty of temper. In most instanoes the mud is in front of the bead, over one or both eyes, and sometimes provoking vomiting, ander this olass may a'so be named Nntralgia. For the treatment of either claae of Headache the Ophalie Pills have been found a sure and safe remedy, relieving the most acute pains in a few minutes, and by its snbtle power eradicating the disease of which headache is the unerring indek. Bhidost.?Missus wants yon to send her a box of Cephalio Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Puis,? but I'm thinking that's not just it caither; but pertftps ye'll be arther knowing what it is. Ye see ane-a mgn dead and gone with the Sink Headaohe and want* some more of that same aa re laired her before. Dntggttt.?You must mean Spalding'* Cephaiio Pill*. Bridget.?Och' sure now awl Ton've *ed it, here's the quarther and gtv me t-he Pula and don't b* all day about it aither. Censtipatien er CtitlTeien. No one of the "many ill* fleah i* heir to" ia ao prevalent, ao little understood, and ao muoh neglected aa Coativenea*. Often originating in oarelesanea*. or sedentary habita; it ia regarded aa a alight disorder of too ittle oonse^uenoe to exoite anxiety, hile in reality itia the precursor and oompamon of many of the moat fatal and dancer ous disease*. and unless rarlv eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an unt'mely grave. Among the lighter evil* of whioh Cnstlveness ia the usual attendant are Hoadaohe, Colic, Rheumatism, Foul Breath. Pile*, and olhera of like nature,while along train of frightful disease* such as Malignant Fevers, Aboesses, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Epiiepsr, Paralysis, Hysteria, Hypochondriasis,Melancholy find Insanity, first indicate their Kesence in the system by this alarming symptom. I <>t unfrequentlr the diseases named originate in Constipation, bnt take on an independent exist enoe nn!ess the oause is eradicated in an early stage, all these considerations it follows tnat tne disorder should receive immediate attention whenever it oocurs, and no person should neglect to gel a box of Cephaho Pills on the first appearance oi the complaint, as their timelv use will expel the ir.siduous approaches of disease and destroy thu dangerous foe to Human life. A Real BlMtiof. ^P*l|*??????.?Well, Mrs. Jonas,how la that headMr*. Jonti.?Gone! Doctor, all *one: the pill rot sent cured me in just twenty minntea.and I with tou wonld send more ao that I oas have then handy. Piysieuut.?Yon can ret them at any Drujfiata Call for Cephalio Pilla, 1 find ther never fail, and 1 recommend them in all caeee of Headache. Mr*. Jontt.?I shall tend for a box direotly, and a hall tell all my Buffering frienda, for they are a ra* Uatriac. Twkhtt Millions o? Dollars Savjd.?Mr Spa dine has sold two milliona of bottlea of hia celebrated Prepared Glue and itia eatimated that eaob bottle aavei at le*at ten dollar* worth of brokaz furniture, thna making an aggregate of twenty milliona of dollars reclaimed from tnt*J ln?? h? thi? valiable invention. Having made hi 6hie a bona* hold word, he now proposes to do the world stil creater service by curing all the aching heads witl hisCephalio PiUs, and if they areas good as hii Glue. Headaches will soon vanish away like sno* in Juiy. C^Ovx* KxriTKifK^T. and the mental oar# arc anxiety incident to olose attention to business 01 study, are among the numerous oauses of Nervoui Headache. The disordered state of mind and bod] incident to this distreesfng complaint is a fata blow to all energy and ambition. Sufferers by thn disorder can always obtain speedy relief fron thwe cifct-enfin* attacks by using one of the Ce pb&lio i' whenever the symptoms appear. It 4uiet? the overtasked brain ai.d soothes the strained and iarrinr r.?rv??. ?.??1 ...... vrruaicu u, the ?t.:iiii*nh which always accompanies and ?firav&tes the disordered condition of the brain. I* act* wobth Howiw,-Spalding's Cephalic Piiis are a certs in oure for Sick Headaohe, Bilious H^adAohe, Nervous Headache, Costiveness swi General Debility. GaxAT Dtscovixy.?Among the most important of a.; the great medioai discoveries of this age maj be oor'idered^ho system of vaccination for protoo1 ti?n from Small Pox, the Cephalic Pill for relief 01 Head -he, and the use of Qnioiqe for the prevention of Fevers, either of whioh is a sure specifio. whose benefits will be exparienoed by snlTerini uioii uiKuvereri are iorgottea fC7" Did yon ever hare the Sick Headache ( Do rou rem?mlxr the throbbing temples, the fevered row. the loathing and disgust at the sight of food, How totally unfit too were for pleasure, conversation or study- One of the Oephalio Pills would have relieved you from all the suffering whioh voa then experienced. For this and other purposes yon should always have a box of them on hand to saeai oooasion requires. NervousHeadache CURE <& ^ JrintlS ^ Headache. By the use of thflM Pills the periodio attaoks of Nfvous or Sick Htadaehe may be prevented; and If taken at the commenoeaieat o 1 an attaak immediate relief from pain and liokness will be obtained. They seldom fkil in removing the JVamm and Htadtukt to wkuoh females are so snbjeot They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing Cot i IIVIMM. For Liter<iry Men, Student*, Dehoate Females, and all pereona of tedentary Kabiti, they ara all valuable aa a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tome and vigor to tha digeati ve organa, and raatoricg tha natural elasticity and atrangtli of the whole ay st ?m. ha CEPHALIC PI LB ara tha raault of lone investigation and oarefully oonduotad experiment*, having been in u*e many yaara, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a nit amount of pain and Buffering from Headaoha, whether ongi i.ating in the ncrxouj ayatem or from a deranged tate of tha itomack. They are entirely vegetable in their aompoaitiou, and may be taken at all time* with perfect aafety without making any change of diet, amd tJu ah t-ntt of any disagreeable lull render i U a*iy la administer tk'tn to children, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five aignaturaa of flaary C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Hold by Druggiata and all other Dealers In Madi. OlDM. A Bos will h? Mat by nuul pr*f?id on rwtipto' th* PRICE, 9* CENTS. AU orders (hoild be sddreeeed to HENRY C. SPALDING, 90 tt-d&wLr ?9 C?Ur ftrMt. N?w York. % PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pVBLIC N on C E. DxrA.*T*Ki?T Of THilnrmoi,/ Wfl.'A//Mi 26' 188H, ^ Pvbiio notioe is hereby ?! !? that bonds and ftfMianw ail nf tka r!aanristini k? set forth, fears lately been feloaloasly abetraeted from the oastody of the Interior Department, the eaoM being the property of the United Btatai aad held ta tract for certain Indian tribe*. Notioe aae aleo bees given to the proper oftaers of the reepeotire States to stop the pay meat thereof; aad all persons are warned agaiast purchasing or reeesv iac any of said bonds aad eonpoas, as the elain of the United States thereto will be proeeeated to the utmost extent. Eaeh bond being for the earn of oae thoasand dollars, via s 9u per oeat Missoari Coupon Bonds, lsned ta Jane aad August, 1*57. State of Mieaioari. St. Loais and Iron Moantala R, R. State Bonds. Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 1823 1827 1822 190Y 1821 1998 * 1820 2008 1819 2007 1818 1993 ' 1809 1394 1817 1995 1816 1891 1815 1990 1814 1AAA 1 Dl n lOV* 1010 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 2000 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 203ft 2000 2032 2009 182ft 1877 1828 lOTO lOM iota 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1808 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 - 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 Not*.?Bonds No. 3000, and below of thiawriM, iaaued J one. 1497, and bonds No. 2001, and above ttiaj, dated August. 18S7, payable at tin Phoenix Bank, New York oity, in 1887. State of Missouri six peroent. ooupon bonds, viz: Hannibal and St, Joseph Railroad Stat* Q/vnd* 0UU\W Bond No. 1863 Bond No. 1024 1852 1027 \ 1851 1628 I 1850 1029 1 1849 1859 1848 1805 1847 1803 1840 1802 1845 1800 1844 1801 1832 1850 [ 1835 1858 i 1833 1855 1834 1854 [ 1830 1822 1837 1823 I 1838 1824 ISttO 1B91 1649 1826 1*40 1827 1635 1*28 ; 1612 1829 [ 1613 1830 1614 1831 1 1615 1641 I 1616 1642 t 1617 1643 ' 1618 1644 1619 1645 t ? ftA 1 A i<* IDiU 1040 1621 1647 | 1611 1648 [ 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 * 1622 1650 ? 1857 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 , 1823 1821 1624 * 1625 90 bondj Notk.?These bond* are dated January, 180T, payable at Bank of Commeroe, New York, in November, IMS?interest payable in January and t July or each year. f State of MiMomri six per oent. Coupon North Miafouri R. R. State bond*. > Bond NoJ2952 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 , 2945 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 1 2947 1648 2948 1649 9QiU lfl<n ttrmv ? J UtU 2960 1050 2937 2922 2938 2923 1853 2924 1664 2936 1655 2961 1652 2963 1656 1057 2921 1705 2408 n 1700 AC1 A ll\)l 2513 2452 2514 2453 2515 2454 2516 2455 2911 2456 2910 2457 2912 2458 2913 2459 2914 2460 2916 . 2461 29J5 2462 2917 2463 ZV18 2464 1919 2465 2920 2466 2954 2467 2955 1651 80 bond* Not*.?The bonda numbered 3016 ?iMl below, iaaued in Janury, 183T; No ?10, and %bore that, leaned jn^Av^uat, 1197, payable at Phoenix Bank, Mieeoari etz^Mr oen^ Cou^on^nda, tix: North Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2783 2734 2779 2721 2783 271V 2711 2733 2712 2722 2710 2720 2725 2710 2777 2727 2776 2724 2765 2731 2768 2766 2769 2729 * 2770 2718 2771 2715 2784 2714 2778 2764 2772 2728 2775 2726 2774 2723 2780 2713 27S2 2767 60 bead* fflaaBflSMNM* * % ? ' I 1 0 MiMovri Bix-?cr-M*t. PmiAb E?ilroo4 BtoU Co??oi Boadi. Bowl No. 5946 Bond No. S2M 6269 5*51 ' 6246 6268 6244 5266 6243 S2W 5343 5255 6341 5353 5340 5353 5339 5351 5338 5350 5337 5349 5335 5347 5334 5348 5333 5195 5333 5196 4331 WWO SfOO 4999 5199 . 4997 &198 4890 6197 4998 6310 4889 5236 4888 6307 4876 6308 6267 5309 6362 61 boads 6306 Not*.?Theee bond* ?r? dated Mtxoh, IBiT; payable M?roh. 1M7, at Plxznui Bank, New York; interest payable in Jnonary and JaJy of moo fear. Bonda of North Carolina?Conpon nz par oent. North Carolina mi per oent#. Bond No. 36 Bond No. 303 33 3<>1 32 300 33 397 9 236 7 234 34# 203 348 166 117 1AI 1U1 346 20 343 19 343 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 330 10 335 102 328 101 320 100 330 09 331 103 332 6 333 28 334 22 227 16 326 21 317 98 318 97 316 96 296 95 139 94 238 62 237 60 236 ? 303 72 bonds Noti.?Theee bond* are dated January, law, payable January, 1886, at Bank of Republic, New York. Interest payable in January and July. North ^Carolina 6 per oents. Coupon Bonda. Bond Ne. 833 Bond No. 735 832 73A 831 758 830 759 829 760 834 761 835 762 836 763 837 764 838 790 871 791 872 T92 873 . ;79.1 874 794 875 " 795 876 796 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 8(io 881 801 84? HII2 847 803 848 , 864 849 805 860 800 861 808 852 807 863 811 864 812 865 813 860 814 857 815 858 810 QACi ci7 WV oi I 8(51 818 862 819 863 820 864 821 8<*> 822 866 823 867 824 868 825 860 826 870 827 883 828 882 H3V 884 840 885 843 731 844 732 845 733 <?jj 104 bonds That* bonda are datad Jrly, 1WT. parable July, 1887, at B&nk of Republio, Piew Yori; Tatereet par* able in January and Jul/. North Carolina six par oent. Coapon Ionia, Bond No. 599 Bond No. 403 600 494 603 495 604 496 605 497 606 621 607 498 608 510 610 611 611 481 612 482 613 483 609 484 614 485 O? 480 823 487 824 488 625 489 ?28 4?0 627 538 628 b:<9 841 MO 842 541 843 542 615 543 644 530 848 631 847 532 648 533 846 534 IUO t9C vww WW 660 636 661 637 663 518 616 539 617 516 618 615 619 517 465 514 467 433 458 546 470 546 603 # 647 439 648 440 660 ii? r *** mo 471 431 471 433 473 436 474 437 *75 427 476 429 477 415 478 426 479 423 480 421 612 601 613 V44 491 119 bonds 492 j&sss&ttiatsmBM. i on. unrw payaDia la Juurr and Jsly. North Carolina fix yer snt Coipoi Bonda?Coupoaa parable la April aodOotobar.ris: W^parabT^fm/it*laaftfSlp^l?l I Bond No. 51 Bond No. 151 51 IM 1 53 153 54 154 I *5 155 I W ! X Bond No. 97 Bowl No. 162 96 163 99 164 106 166 122 178 1*9 "" IVI ll* . 192 i? m 1? im IS ,f5 128 190 179 19T 180 198 1? 199 130 200 137 144 46 bonds 146 Two bon^a for 91,0*0 e?ofa. dated April, 1*57. Rftn/4 WA U D?.J vt. ia *?W. W m/UU U IV Fifle n bond* for (1.000 eaoh. dated Ootober, iv>7, v s: Payable at Bank of R -pabno, Oot jber, 1887, rii: Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1192 1184* 1193 1185 1194 1188 1196 1187 1196 1188 1197 1189 11V0 13 bonda 1191 TeaneaeM its per oeot. Coupon Bond*. of fl.non eaoh, of loan of IMS parable 1M la New York oitj, of the following nunibera, and dated Ja&aary. M?: Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 278 419 294 47# ZVi 477 409 491 413 . 499 414 723 And of the following cnmbera ieeaed J?nii?rjr.lM4: Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1348 830 And of the following numbers ieeaed J?nnfcry,li? Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2655 21 ip 28V1 2133 2392 2581 306$ 2605 3121 And of the folioving number* leaned Janoary, 1836. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 34<M 4210 o A mm ' ? >?>< 4ZX1 3469 4212 8470 4213 ' 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4627 3894 4529 3941 ? 4650 3942 4-S56 3943 3944 4609 3945 4670 39W 4571 3985 4749 ilAn jvti -*199 *131 4200 4881 And of the following number* i??ued January, l*ST: Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 541? 5185 5421 5326 5426 535# 5427 M6? 5430 4361 54.14 5362 543ft 5363 5437 5364 54.18 5365 5439 53H6 5440 5^7 5441 5368 5442 5370 5444 537! 5445 5372 5452 5373 5518 5374 5618 5375 5520 5376 5521 5377 ~ 6622 5378 6703 5371 5704 5380 5705 5381 5706 5385 5707 5385 5708 5387 6700 djw* S710 5388 5711 M90 5711 5391 5713 531)2 5799 5393 5839 * 541ft 5840 5417 5842 5418 Orrici or thi Secrktaby or thb Interior, December 28, I860. ft 12 dtf J. THOMPWWi Secretary. . OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE Ut'RN8IPE'8 UnVnVniUDT i nr? wtttoit i?*t vii va ^VJUJBUA XV JL IT I ? Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James Bnrnside. of Allegany County, Penna., in the old-fashioned honest w&i, fro-n the ohoineet and most oarefuriy selected Rye, and m no ease ever offered for sals until adapted to wholesome nse b? ace It m at Pnoethe most palatable, as it is empliatioally one of the puresj beverages in the reach of the public. To the Invalid, y veil as to those in health, it commends itself for its unrivalled qualities as a stimulant of the safest, surest, and most beneficent description, and many of the most distinguished trysioians are using it in their practioe with the h&ppiefct results. CLERY * 8TOCKDALK. Proprietors. 339 Walnut street. Philadelphia WM. C. CONOVKK, Agent for the Proprietors. 2t/# Pa. av? se 34*m opposite Wiilards' Hotel. Pm IRK OLD RYK WHISKY.?On hand aev^ra brar.d? of Pure Old Rye Whlfky. Copper Dis tilled, made by the most reliable distillers in Pens sylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warm ted pure. Also, Ifti ported Brandies, Hennessy. Ota-d, fhipuy H Co.. Jules Robins, Ao. Also. Peaoh ana Apple Brandr. ?>ir? Hnllnul OIb I??-. ? ,, r ? - W<**| ??? #wiiauvo ?UU CV Croix Ram, and WicM of vw? variety, aa ol t&ndard braaU. A choto* ;ot of Clear* and tobao?) YOUNG Jt KEPHART, AcooU, at 14-1* P% ?t.. hfttw. 9th and 10th ata. ijj; f / 0/ (\* ?t) /?? j ?) > 7 <J 0' ; i***/"'" *??, T T?r?tbr#, ? ^ V 4 ^ 1 1 ? *1 k??Ut /inlotlk r<il7 Irt'ak-iiHl. C55"T jiouW^Wiit '? */?. 'i >Fr.y *1 <>V ,V iwi|j?i >> U? /fit Ptfinm? i?W 9_'. "Pi W. UUTiMllltUliViKtMj Jf ? v*^* I l| Bole^^^tor.C l/<y gjZ ?> CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS imMfwur ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WH.EDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR ISSUmilLUAISINEWm fox BALM IN WASHINGTON BY * MT mWI* 1KMMW r . " ' ; .. . ^ AM MEDICINES. U* *?awrv?- 4 aunaoKR l/ICK RtMiriVAi, H? Ik* ?*fl r.rtom. A/ < **?; Rrwarfy m t4? Wml4, FOR ALL DI*F.A*E? OF iMPIlt'DBNCft. LET yO FALSE DELICACY FSEfEHT. AFPLY IMM_KD ATKLV. A 9WKK WAKRAffTKD, OR NO CHAEVE, lit FEOM OEE TO TWO DAYS Mtaw af tk? Itit.RrwvH U< llttltl, IttlllMtt r>IHk>l|M, l?NU<ltl. VtMnl fciliiT. Har<nv.?i,pVi^fi?.L?ip?>.U* IkMii rfMlu, hl^iitr tiMinta, Txmm tItM Htid.TVntt *r Bku , ?f >b# Wi-i*. Biawi* ? Ami Ttmkit Piwilm aftwnf frw* .liar* ??>? ?t Twit it?? Ontilfil %od r*til?i?ti'i Pn'ue?i rtt?? r?? 4m M?iili|i lapaMikl*. *>4 !hu?? ?.? fc? f il Mia4 TUIMHU M?t . ?*?Ut vktbati tMte.t tit nu??l Mwr Ifcal draadfa! ui daatracti** ktfcu vhiak ?nn?*,l? tWf ?* *a aaurady |r?i? thaaaaad* af Tmb| Kan ? iba mm m l)U4 lalaau cad kcilUnt taMllaai, vk* auti nttrvM ? ? WimU lwnn( li-.n.i vtik tfe*[kn/in ' tlwMMi n vUM M imhii iht li? ?( !yr?, Mf ?kli ?H* nil MlUUUl FlUl'll T?u|MM B4f *?inf ***? ' TnkHM,WfuM likimt, Iiwwium, it.. iinl ?b? Inn kmtlfMlii tit Mr* ( Di I w? rt*f? N; kaald* la hi* haaat t ptUiati aad tnl'taM yiafcto aktii m ? pkgtiaita. TJfTKJK i?.Tiurri ntPuicimuT, >*A kaad Hi tw| fr?? Itlunn avaat, a Urn N? nlliM t?rttt??? Maiu4 natw. Wh ptM ia4tMici nun) ML IOIMTOI, M whw WUl >*yal Catlafa V??? mMul Iw ? af lk< bmi aaaiaaai caliaf aa w iki ItMi >wn?i *4 tka (Tuut part af vkMi lift ku ka ifwi la l?< baafWala af Laa daa, P?n?. PbUadaiphia aad iliohtiiku^ htu< mb< af im ?iil aaeecisli.i.f nm tftat vera ? ? bni, auy imM?4 vnl rtitfuf la lk? kMl ul aara wkaa ulaa*: nati lanmiu.tni i alaraacd at aaddaa aaaada, baabtblaaaa vMk fraqaaci to making, auandad iiai Kbm rtU taruftaan af Mat. vara aaaad laaalawlr. Till PAKnCVkAK nonet. Tattf Maa aad atkar* wba baaa w?%ra? u>?>*aatvaa by attain praauaa Mll(i4 In vtai liana?a baMt fraqaar y laamad fraaa a*U carnpantaaa. at ai atbaai, i*a afaaw af vMch art aifbtly faharac rhia aaiaap, aad if nai aarad. , raadar* nilui Inpaaaikla, aad Ileum M Mad atd bad*, abaald apply imnadlatal*. Tmi ar* Maa af tka tad ?ad Mlutbdy ifuu aradaaad by aaij* babita afyaatb ?i? i Waaknaaa aflka lul >ad Iwka, Pair.a in tba Haad, Dnanaaa af Sig-h'.Laaa af Maaaatoa Mat, fVpitauao af ika aart.nyapapar. Nar*aaa IrrAakl l tp,Daraaf*n>aniaftba Dtfaatara rau'Caaa, Caaarai DaMifty aymptna af Ca*.aaraptiar , tc MlNTiLLT.-Tba faarfal afaaw aa tfca atad ara *a?k l? ba dr*ad?d?Laa* af Mamary, Caafaatan af Idaia, Dafraaalaa w* mytwnm. r rwojr p, AVirilMi #T VKIIt?. ir-PMirVHf kt'trf talliad*, Tlauduj, ?.,lh nit? ar ua mim ^ UtTON DUIUTT -nNHiliui *M la tlx (imi ( :b?it <KUi( hatitk. iMu t ik*tr ?i(a*. ka?if ?uk, pa:*, nil (fc and MttMtk,aanaf aatafalaj UNttit ifM.CMft Mivnpui itfwwiapvN DitKAlU Or IMPAUDKVCX. VkN lk? leiafatdad and iirpradai.i m?rj af pnutri tad* k? ka? tatokcd tk* aa* da aflfcia palatal diaaaaa, Htaa aftaa ktffMi tktt aa lil-tiiMrf iihi *f akam* ar dr**<t af dlata?a*? datar* bin fr*ca appl?iuf la th**? * ftn raapacukUity, can tU* kafriaad Mm. Ha fciia tat* tk? kudi *r ifnarant *nd daaiffuir f arataadar*. aha. taaaaakla af ttrwj, lick bia paraniar? aiMtacci. kitf hiaa uW'-? aaatk altar maoih, ar aa laur aa tka aaallaat faa tu k* at kuaad, a ad ia daapair laa*a bnu wtak ratnad kaaUk *a auk a**r kiartXUng diaappauiuaiaut; ar kj I'ta aa* af that daaif * panac, Wartary. kaatan tka t*?.ai'i?-.>ao? I ayajUaai af Ikti tarnkl* diaaaaa, aaeh aa Afaeuac* < vba laart. Thraal, Paa*. kin,4c.. prarraaaii.f vitk trifh'-fai raptdnr.uU da?tk fwu a a?n?d la hn draadfal ikf arniM k? .rt .m k.r .a *. ?? ittwxitd cwu; fr#rc wb?%?rn? m iilmt ML iOIMOItlEMFnT rOKTiROAHI<, WIUIIH AMD IMPOTEfCT. tj Ult |VHI ui Ummdi riBia; UtMiflK ark kpkkdilv cartd *ii<) fwl ?'|?r ttnni J mIM Ml ctrraM a?d d*Vt!iiat*4, ?? had laat all kifi iiinidUtilv All trept lioKou w Mtrrifi fkj?t?? m Hwu1 DihhIi htUHl, LMI ?t f ???. ??? inluwmif VMMm| *nd wutimin uuw* ?lwi mkitkkffv Mad aar?4. KHr'OUXMEJr* or * * ram TK MANY rOIIADricvtd aithia iwUinlw vMkik Ifca ftui Hfuuu run u< t>? DiiMrm i-rptntii IimMl fitftiaid kt Df. Mmw, v .u d kj tk* Wfariara ( th? ptfta* ud .May atka? Mrw<i, bmMw it ?Mt ktn inhnI ?rtlk wd ipli k?f*r< t?? kaklU, k?. Mt? llNUkdrf u I |iMl?i>u ?f riwwd Mltty, ta a aaSatkct puulM u ik? tfHtML |u tt-l? JOY m 7flESW} ?VfcW?fJ?- ' ATttT THE REMEDY REJOICE Ty HEALTH. Friend, do yon Kuferf Are yon the victim of u? * of thoae nnraeroui ailmeiita whioh ariee lrom iwi parity of the bioodf What are they, do yoe mm' Rather wt. ?h?t ere they not.' The Mood ic the eouroe of iiie and health. Md it ia the first element of oar being to respond to ary o?eae which ajfeot* the ayeteoi.M the palee inlalably fcty-r-j The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Lryeipe m, the nbtle bcrofuia. tho ag-t. i.Lg RheurnaUam, Ner ? a Debility. I>yspepeia, Liver Complaint wifk it* torpor ami deje-tu.rj, aod the namberleea Hie that !mU ia heir to, derive their kxieona chain from the blood. I>e%. kmc r then a^d gentiy witfc the t.iooO L'i? the vitalising reacuroea of natnre for ita aid. and acfTer aa to oommenn to your c<> fcoenoe and aee that truly valuable medicament knows aa TTJOlf. With regard to tt.? \ n.r>t\ imaUiHe apeeifo poanlar aer.timent baa awoken in de*uied Writif. and the evidence* of thia great effioacy are ana fawned by oonatant avowals of ourative > ff?4fa ao4 th? happieat reenlta from ita sae are after ail 'Wm miTin *n/l .kill I? * Lot ma o<i>oIumod, th%? MrtllwtH oaree are not acngbt frr m the illiterate and io?" fteial, bat they a. re volcntoered from the most re jectable eonreee and juatify the inchest tamu wbio{i it ia ? to oommend to r%lv?bte a to pnVie a??r"v*l. We mar add aleo that the eoratire pro M^iee of the me-licne are*?Mli*<f only by ita reetornKe effect*, the a;at*ni reeovtr in* from diaeace with renewed oonetiUUional Ticor. For aale by all reap?c table Drucctat* in tfcja oiti, and by tne profri^tor, MRS. M. COX, None tannine un!c*? h-r rune ia blown on the bottle rind her Ml ot< the oork |[7* Price 91 p*r bottle, at* hottlee for ft. W\ol'*al* F. J*. T. CIS9KL, Irrugciat. Georgetown, C- Wholesale \ioct for the Dntriot, and will atijyfy the trade at n y priooa. _anl?Jff DR. J. BOVF.E 1M?J? a IMPERIAL WIFE BITTEKS, Are now dmd( b wl Urn Maine to the 6reat 8* 1 Lako, u1 the aaver**! vertiot of all who ur* t>m either u a medium o? ae a btrrrt?*?. i? thai they are nnaarpa*-*: m the wcrid. l>r. I>o<ie used una enooeaaftiiiv *.2 h a practice tm tt year* ve purohs.eM #f>!pi tu? aote rlrht to miumfac'vre acd preset; ;'?r as * to the public. For a* cure of ls?jpi??' Ct-jw*. nation, icdirostion, lira p?Kit, Pllea, L.aocjo*. 1-e rua < Oaaa plaints, iii all eUM murine 2 toaio, they m|atoec <Jewbt moat it - ImfcblB rcir.e<?. Aaidtna J their medioica! *rv?e-*..oa tfc?r are a pare, wWUsome sad deiifbCai B<Trraja, producing atitke pleasant exxa I rrr. *.:. ? effect* of Bra nay or wm? wit\ou.i their irJ?n.oa? re;c!t?, L?t ait f^enda of aumaaity and all advonatea of Hpiperaoce seats OB 1b enbrtitainc thaae Tamable V cc eta tile Bitters for the fntoara) rn>?u ard mdwittrmud I with which the ?obeItt ia noodeo, and thereby effe?" ia.l? aid in hacitfclng Plans se and DriskeoeM from the latd., O0AKLE9 WI.DOTFIELP * CQ? Frsfrlstors^?* Wiiiiaai street, New Yark. J. 8CHWARZE. Aitnl, WaaJiinctoa, D. C. iMp?kiAL?erN1' J7$EJIS. For Due**** of the Kidneys, Bladder aud Unitary Organ*. aad e?ff?ciiily for Fom?l? OheuuntiOLi, never to c*re, and are warranted to give aau? Charles widdifield * oo* rn>rn?o?. 7 rfVfc? je V ly j A cant. VYaahiagtnn.D. C. / ir ^ Koso'n i V\ I c5^/<? dispatch I ^ '\_/'r Ht? thr Flceea! *'X^ i ii Mftiiwi! will Urfw, ?? to ?wil iKil<i< familUt, it U ttry doilrabi* to a?w iou chaap u4 MBTnlict nr rfftlrlii rvutin,Yorm. Or?ken, 4*. iriLome'i rtiPi&BD glob Mil adl nob craeree>nciK. ani do household eu Mora to be withon? it. It ia always rmOy a?<3 09 tswt ieTle. nrilrrrTi-i ni^T'r?^Tir*irrrt>iT^rtt?lrT?r 4 work, eo popobr yvJmalue ^nA.utiee'ofUie' beit of.b^H^mk?ra\f Im . It may be setd is Qjp pl*o? of oid.ufcry oofkc*. ** " VBXrVL J It MTMRY HOW&X," Wh, tt onti, fc. Li.?A Brufc HMaiuiN ?Mk bottle fMMk D*rl. No. 48 Cedar mm, Nov Tort. IMiw BENEY (TTpPALpINfi * 00_ Box No. f,?0, Nov fork. to suow-Ctrd ooooicp&nyiBc eoofe p*oka?e. |nr A eipcle tattle of SFAJ.P1SVS F*?PARSD GLVE win " ten usee ite ooot mmmil; to every no?aekoid.?C31 _?oW by all orominoat HtaUonor*. Drucclete. Hard wye F* rot tare Dealer*. ?rooers, _?J^uitrr ^-re^jit, >Ko(Ud a*iiau?' *?'' ma viSfiSSf&l&iS!*' tsft* Autobiography op tme rev. alkx%n<W C*ri j Miniilw of Uwwk.eoiUin ii? mwmh?i? of tH m*? ud Ev??u orbit yum, 1 vol.; ?ru>* > M. F?:ior.*; liiKorr of 1 ori Btaos. ik * iKMhUibod m?n, uj Win. Hw^ottk Dtsoa, or ttt? Inner Tfrr ? , 1 ro'.s pr\t* $ 1 J*. __ hl/cncharo * mohi n, . jt U aornw Klwutt M. wd N. ?t? 1 i calfoon ginger ^ , 4*28 king k ihchku. VlSSS^SunlZ i?c? fr *la "*tru" ** " " rewsr ,llir. * 11 j? pft. ??., b*t. mb m7 h*u ?w. . . aL i

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