Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1861 Page 1
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' - f # ' { (fkitiitg Ste. V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. JANUARY 29. 1861. N?. 2.479 THE DALLY EVENING STAR > ? WfTB r r?ucn PVPDV juTPu .vnnw M U W AJ IV I jiriaiViTV/V/4T| (SUNDAY* EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAJl BUILDINGS, Co+r. tr of r?nnsylv<ini* av*nut and 11/4 tt., BV W. D. WALL4CH. P??*ri in pKiktiM by o*rner* it |< ? year, or 9? oenu ??r month. To mail aubecrtber* the price is 93-50 ? rear, m orfrant*, 92 for ui sontha; 91 for three montha; and for lew than tli roe month at the rate of 13 oentaa week. Single o ? <??. ohb csmt; in wrapper*, two cut*. !l7~ Ae verti?**ikts toonld beaont to the ofice before 12 o'eiock m.; otherwiae they may not appear nntil the next day. A Plihln* Firnrtltn In the Atlantic Monthly, for February, a writer who has been on one of the frequent excursions to the fi hing bank*, give# society the benefit of bis experience in an article entitled " ecuppaug," which is the aboriginal name of the fiat known in Gotham as " porgy." Here in the description of the most exciting moment of a fishing excursion : Notwithstanding the storm of yesterday, from which the discontended foreboded a stampede of the fish to deeper waters, porgies to an extraordinary amount were soon heaped on the decks, at the feet of each fisherman, the more careful of whom put them ij?to baskets or barrels But in general they were thrown caretf An t V\A il .i/? 1/ lwitk A no V> pn 11 .? V-? m voji J uii (uoucva. niiu n aiuii^ pnmcu iuiuu^u their gills to keep them from straying out. of their proper lots When these bright fishes are lying on the deck, it is carious to watoh them flushing and gasping there, with that singular, dubious expression of mouth peculiar to fishes out of water, as if more struck by the absence of that element than by their novel w.sitiun among the accessories of dry life, jiow and then a black fish was hauled in?an event greeted with a loud cheer from all parts of the boat. \\ hen a very large one was announced. people came rushing from all quartors to see it; but the greatest tribute to largeness a fish that I remember anywhere to have sceu was the altered expression on the f .? ..f _ L-L ?i - t -l ?1_ / - - iiuc ui a uaojr some six inomas oia. wnose ieatures settled permanently down into the collapse of imbecility from the moment of the arrival on the upper deck of a black fish two feet long By this time the seene on the forecastle was quite a picture of the Dutch school. Grouped everywhere among the fish and fishers were matronly women and unbonnetted damsels, most of them with handkerchiefs tied upon their heads, for they had got over their seasickness now, and were coming by twos and threes from the saloon, to breathe a little fresh air, acd look at the sport. One pretty, Jewish looking gi'l, wrapped in a red and white shawl, *ras sitting on the big anchor near the bo'vs. and three or four others lookintr -O vaite picturesque, as they reclined on the heavy coils of the great cable. All along the bulwarks, on both sides of the boat, men and boys were crowding upon each other, casting out and hauling in their lines with unflagging spirit. Slim city children blistered wholesomely as to their legs, from knee to ankle, by the gun and the salt air, harnessed themselves to little heaps of fi^h, and were driven about the upper deck in various fashionable styles, including four-in-hand and tandem, by other flim city children, whose lower extremities had been treated in the same beneficial manner by the came eminent physicians. "T* K m mneii%tana .? J 1 <> ^ ? ? - ? - -- ? ? 4 uv iuuciviaua uau iaiu mwaj lurir UUIII'Jposns and other cunningly twisted horns upon the broad disc of the big drum, in a dark aloove between decks, and were fishing savagely m German and broken English, according to the nationality with which ttoeir affairs happened to get entangled. Even the colored chef de cuisine, a muscular mulatto, with a beard cf a ra?h disposition, coming out on wrong parti* of his face in little eruptive pustules ?f Dlacx wool, sported his lines out of the galley air-holes, and his porgies were simmering in the pan while their memories were yet green in the submarine parish** from which they U... i... ?kJ- ' u?ujv u?f? vuvco uuuj v i vaiui iucu lUil revenge upon fisher-mankind, when a smack sinks foundered into the swallowing deep? Do the midnight revellers in the sea-caverns call oat in broad Scuppang to the attendant mermaid for a "half-doxen large-sized jolterheads on the half monkey-jacket To thesequeries I hope that Poetical Justice, if still living, will forward a reply at her earliest convenience. Porgy now began to pervade the air with an astringent perfume of the sea; none of your Fulron-market smeils of stagnating fish, but a clean,wholesome, coraline odor, sucli as we may imagine supplied to the peris "beneath the dark sea" by the scaly fellow in tKo till lot IftiA Ha?i? V? ara wKa lilralw *" keep it fur sale in conch shells?quarts and pints. Porgy prevailed to that extent, in fact, that it came to be talked of by and by, %s a circulating medium; and a hard-fisted mechanic averred hii intention of compensating his landlady for his board with porgy for the week that was passing away. l nion wokkixgmbm's mkbtims i* PuiladklPRi* ?Although a de?-p snow covered the streets r Saturday ni*ht, rendering pedestrian)sm most ^comfortable. the masa meeting of worktngmen la Independence Hall Square was largely attended !*ome five or six thousand workingmen stood ,?o>k iu auuw, miming w i|>ctCDef iroin their representatives The employes of all the large manufacturing establishments in the county inarched to the place of meeting, bearing torches, banners and lanterns, and accompanied by bands of music. The mottoes Inscribed on the banners were mostly suggestive of peace and conciliation fur the nation's difficulties, and expressive of approbation of the Crittenden compromise. Isaac N. Van Houghton, of the Pennsylvania Railroad Car Works, presided A series of resolutions, lamenting the present national troubles which have been Inaugurated acd hastened bv political demagogues; recommending Congress to pass the Crittenden compromise <>r some other measure like it, and submit It to the people, and tbat in case the present Con grrs* stall And Itself unable to agree upon any such terms of compromise, then that the members of Congress resign their seats tbat tbey may be tiled with competeiit representatives of the popular will The resolutions also deprecate any collision between the forces of the General Government and tbe seceding States, as such a calamity will strike a death blow to all hopes of settlement, but pledge tbe working men to sustain tbe Federal Government In tb?- malntainance of its power. Tbe resolutions also provide for the appointment of delegates to tbe National Convention of WorkiUKif:cn. wnlch is to meet at l'biladelphia on the ?2d of February, and invite the Committee rf Thirty-three to be present. Tbe resolutions were unanimously adopted. A mother Lkttik riox Majo* asdiefon ? The following letter from Major Anderson hu been received i>y a gentleman In Cincinnati: * ''Fo?t Sumtix, Jan 11th. 1861. Whether a bloodless separation can now be effected, after Ler (South Carolina) foolishly _ firing upon a vessel bearing our flag the other ' day, I think very doubtful. I vras to rely tempted to open my battery, but, perhaps fortuoately, for the chance of having matters nettled without bloodshed, I could not have touched the battery that opened upon her, and my defenses were just then in such a condition that 1 could not have opened the war. I am now nearly ready. The people have supposed that this wore I was ready to be defended when I came in. It wu far from it?aud it would take roe, even uow, ooe week's hard work to haw it tn a complete state. Mytcoromand Is only about one-eighth of what It should be in time of war?but though small in number. 1 feel strong In the confidence that Providence will gaard and guide me safely through sny danger that may threaten Yours sincerely, Roinr A.xdkksux " TbbSodthkss Post Or?fc*s ?The following letter expresses the spirit which aulmates the public service : Pott Othtt Department, Appointment OJfUt, ) Jauuary fa, 1~?1 ) ?ia?In answer to tbe Inquiry in your letter of AS I fit a _ ? .f . 1 i naAsnnta tO? I?J1U lo uic r wmumifi wuriai. ire <i?*i uu? rce to la/oru. you that you werefttnoved from the (Hoe of Puftxuttr at Fiducth because you announced ronraelf u devoutly in faTorofdlauuiou and it la not tooaldered prudent to rttala la the aerrlce of the Uuvernment men openly *erklag >ta overthrow. I am. reapectfully, your obedientaervant, Horatio Kiib, ?f Pirat Aaatatant Poatmaster (ieneral. ^ John C Noble, fcaq , Padaoab. Ky. J1 Tbia waa tbo flrat atern mumIi. and it ia due lo Mr Bolt to any that ba made ItaTona whocs be ?"*bad biiraelf miatahingly appointed General Dix and athera aaaeoneetheaamernleof conduct HT" Tbs stair men I by ttlrmpfa tbat battery o of Urn Jiim' riMrtniKHi bad bera sbl pprd to Alabama. U contradicted by the Srtml himself, who nii tt is wholly antra* Ha In forms tt.? Providence Press tbat be baa declined filling sll orders which be baa received from saewflng States, and will refuse to fill ear others which may be received fre?> thoee quarter*. , , Fun la the Leaden Skatiag Parks. For some days past sinoe the frost set in it wu contemplated to have a grand inspection of several of the volunteer rifle corps on the Serpentina, to be aooompanied bj an exhibition of fireworks and nocturnal torch-light skating matches. As far as the latter was concerned it wad carried out with the greatest spirit last night, but the authorities being apprehensive that if the former was allowed a sacrifice of life might ensue, sent round to the different depots warning the commanding of uuciD \ji kuc uou^ri ut IUOU Bnutuuuiug nuuu o proceeding. The muster of volunteer* expected did not in consequence take place, and judging from the crowded state of the ice and the vast multitude of persons who lined the foet promenades, it was exceedingly fortunate that it did not. Mr. Inspector Grant of the A division, with nearly 50 constables, were plaoed on duty in Hyde-park, in order to keep a way olear for the persons who might become immersed or otherwise injured to be passed to the receiving-house. During the dayttme, about 30.000 persons. including many members of the Skating Club, amused themselves upon the ice; but after the shades of evening act in a sight took place which had never before been witnessed in Hyde-park. Shortly after 5o'cl'k something like 50,000 persons went upon the ice, and there wore nearlj half th ?t number who carried lighted flambeaus. Booths and tents were erected upon the ice, having all the appearance of a ceuntrj fair on a large scale. The banks on either side of the Park were crowded, there being over 150,000 persons present, and toward 9 o clock the carriage roads were crowded with vehicles. At that time the pyrotechnic display began in earnest; all sorts of fireworks were let off in almost every pari of the frozen river. There was also on the ice a Urge pavilion, beautifully decorated, and illuminated with Chinese lanterns. This had been got up by some enterprising publican for the supply of "creature comforts." All sorts of maneuvers, and dances, too,were gone through by skaters, to the amusement of the vast crowd. At 10 o'clock a number of ladies undertook to skate a match for a sum of money, near the eastern end of the river, tho prize being won by a Dutch womin, whose evolutions exaited the admiration of the spectators. As might have been expected, a large number of accidents in the shape of falls, causing* cuts and bruirM. took nllU* it. wt 11 aa nnn nr tmn Ian. tnersions. but nothing more serious occurred. The ice on the waters in the various other parks were crowded during the day, and numerous accidents?both immersions and fallstook place, but none of them happily of a fatal nature The thermometer at the Royal Humane Society's Receiving-house on Monday stood at 10 degrees At 9 o'clock yesterday morning it was at 29 degrees; and at noon the mercury rose only 1 degree above freezing point.?London JVirir.*, Jan. 9. A Problem Solvkd.?The following problem has arrviUd many a fellow in bis rush through Old Babcock's arithmetic, partly by ita difficulty of solution and partly by lta exquisite poetry: A horse is the midst "f a meadow suppose. Made f\st to a stake br a line from his nose ; How lone must be the line that, feeding all round, Will permit him to giaxe just an acre of ground I The Maryland Kipreaa volunteers a solution as tvitv ?* . It's a very plain case. if vou'll only "suppose" That its ju?t wvtn foot from his tail to fci? nose ; For tiia line will ha then (the rule cannot foil) About even feat 1ms than if tied by toe tail. Ex*cutio?i of a Wifk Mckdmi* ?Patrick McHugh, who murdered bit wife In March last, toy deliberately cutting her throat wltb a razor, wai executed at Cincinnati on Friday last. He exhibited the utmost levity In his cell Just previous to being led forth to execution, and died with a jest upon bis Hps The murderer left a family consisting of a boy 19 years of age, and two girls agt d about S ana 11 years, all of whom exhibited but little concern In bis fate. 1H7" Three piratical junks, manned by sixty men, attacked Mr. Meadows, Eugliah consul at Shanghae, while on an excurslou In his yacht on 41,.. V??.1 fcWk t*i - * * ?uc I au^uc riYcr, uu UUI. <CV. 1 U? pirai^S Had D six and nine-pounder gun*, while Mr. Meadow*, one Englishman,and ten non-cambatant Chinese, h id only small arms, among them several Sharp's rifles. The pirates were picked off by the two Englishmen,and ingloriously fled without having wouuded any one on the yacht. [JIT" Before the Oeorgla Convention proceeded to sign the ordinance, Mr. Martin, of I.umpkiu county, offered a resolution proposing to suu.-ult It to a vote of the people, through the proclamation of the Governor, and that the question should be "ji? mo*" or --no ttce*?ion'' at the ballot-box. If a majority of rote* were for tectstion then the ordinance was to take effect, and not otherwise The resolution was rejected by a large majority H7~Hon. J. G. Davis write? to a friend In Terre Haute, Indiana, that he acta no escape from civil war Uv the 4th of March every <Julf State wilt be out or the Union, and aoon every slave Stile will follow. Mr. Davis savs that he la willing to support anything within reason 14 to forever nettle Una infernal question which haa been fraught with no good, but serious and alarming tmuble " He prefera the .border 8t*te to the Crittenden plan. p* Victor Emmanuel la In love?a very common occurrence with potentates?and want* to marry again. But the lady, for reason a of State of courae, la not acceptable to Count Cavour, and he haa bad the marriage put off three different tlmea. Now, however, that the Prime Minister Is not with bis Majesty, it is said the King is determined to carry out nis Intentions. Q^The Louisville Journal says tbat "a Cotton State Confederacy would be always free from national debt, for It wouldu't have foreign credit tnougb to negotiate a loan, and that it don't be. lieve a brave man could light well wtth stolen gum loaded with stolen powder and ball." Three young men were recently tried in Lumprlere, \V1? , for shooting at and fatally wounding a dog, and the jury gave the following written verdict: "All three guilty, plaintiffs damages assessed at sixpence; and each of the defendants to have another shot at the dog." \l~7~ Governor Brown, of Georgia, has ordered the Jackson Artillerv, of Macon, to proceed forthwith to St. Simon's Island, and there remain for the protection of tbat portion of the coast until otherwise ordered. U_T A young lady of Cincinnati, a relative of Lord Dalton. recently deceased in England, is one of tbe helra of an immense property, amounting to about ?9,000,000, or *45,000,000. Her portion will make a respectable dowry. |Q~lnan encounter at Chatham, Ct ,on Thnra day evening, Eariing Colea stabbed Albert Hollister, fatally, because be was walking witb bis sister. ID" A precocious young scamp, Augustus Kaney, sixteen years old, is in Jail at Newark, N. J charged with attempting to ravish a little girl six years old. \?T~ 8e severe was the cold in London, England, about three weeks ago, tbat a woman was frozen to death while tending an oyster stall at the corner of a street. li/"In tbe Tyrol and- tbe Voralberg the people re acraping together the laat kreutzer In their pocketa for th? purpoae of buying off thetr relative* from the conscription 1X5" Golnj* oat of a factory gate In a berry, at Buffalo, on Saturday, Louia Wilcox waaviolently truck in tbe tnoutb by a bar; foiling backwards, be fractured hla akull, and waa killed. ID" Fifteen thousand men are strengthening tbe ddews of Portsmouth, Kngland, which la nearly oppoaite to Cherbourg, the formidable channel fortress of France. UJT Tbe New York brokers have determined to s'rlke the bonds of aecodlng States from the stock liat, aeye the Albany Evening Journal. ? ?M 4Wa 11 _ _ m it j? ynr 01 uae lunoeu on iuc ouutnorv ina Ohio Railroad la lined throughout with caat Iron, and lighted withjraa in- The Aaburn (N. Y.) State Prison, during tVe tear which baa Just cl eed, baa earned a surplus of ?*,?*> avar expeneea. try A xw licence law weat inta effect Jan. 1, la Canada, the number ?<f taverns Is limited to oae far every ilW iababltanta. try- ? large aeceealon torchlight proccaalon paraded the atreaia af Memphis, Tenn , on the night of tb**let. Much etcltement prevailed. 117" Oar entire Importation for foreign febrlce baa fallea aftll^UO.OU), aa compared with 1??. | LT rn vLw* ' ?UMWPll? P"? | #?3* law wees. CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILOR1NU, KW PALL STYLE? ot CLOTH A. CASS! MERS.AND VESTING8. WALL, STEPHENS A <?0., 3?? Pennirlva nia Avenue, have just rooeived a large variety of new Fall Gooda, to wmoh they invite the attention of their friendaand ouBtomom. au an-tf PANIC TIMES! PANIC PRICES' Wehavejuit reoeivcd a larne lot of CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS, on consignment, which mint be sold before the 4th of Maron, without regard to oost. These Roods hare ail been made up by the beat houses in Baltimore and Phi adelphia, and owing to the time* the> will be sold at almost any prioe. our object being to turn them into oash as soon as possible. L A. BEALL A CO., Cothiers, No. 439 Seventh si., above G. N. B.?Come on?, oom<* all; now is the time to buy WINTER CLOTHING at any prioe on Seventh st.. No. 439,4 door* ahov* G st d? M-lm CIKNTLEMKN'8 I RE\DV MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READV MADE CLOTHING <tTers to citizens and straigerg wishing an immediate out fit superior induo?ments, embracing, at this time, all styles and Qualities of Dress aud Business Garments and Ovnrooats ia all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under-clothing ol all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of beet quality. Scarfa, Ties, Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery. Ac.. Ao. All of which we are offflrin/ ?t f'lir n ?u i liitr nrinao ID^CIothing mid* to order in the most superior manner. WALL. STEPHENS ft. CO.. no 16-tf .i'i'i Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our ouatoinera, and oitizena generally, to an inspeo'ion of our present new, at y tractive, and elegant assortment of**H CLOTHS. CASSIMK.RES, DOESKINS, i* VEST1NGS, O V ERCOATINKS, ft o. W whioh we will mako to order in superior style at very low prioes. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO.. oo 25 tf 323 Pa. av? hetw. 9th and 10th ate. GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. \V. THOMPSON ft CO. Would nail the attention of water taker* to their lull assortment of Fixtures neccssar? to its introductions follow*-KITCHEN RA^NGES.BATH TUBS. WATER CLOSETS, HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PIJMPS, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, I,cad and Galvanised WATER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHERS, Rl'IIHER HOSE, An. Having superior advantages, with practical knowledge, we are prepared to mtroduoo Water into dwellings with a'l the latest improven ents, promptly, and at prices that cannot fail to satisfy. iiSO Penn. avenue, no H dtMar 1 bet.9th and I"th st.i. south side. AWM. T. DO VlFk (X >7 RE Now prep.veii to execute any order? wltk Whioh they mar be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FlTTlNS BUSINESS. !0~ Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa, tVfinnf. vhArA miT hA fnnmi * nnmnl*?? of CH A N DKLIKlls'ud other STKAM anii WATKR FIXTURES. ia?7-lT WG A S FIXTURES. E Have id store, and are dai y receiving, GAS FIXTUHESofer.tireijr .New Pattern**!*! Desirna ana Finish, superior 111 style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens general ly to call and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the best elected stock in Washington. * All Work in theal>ove line intrusted to oar care Will be promptly attended to. MYER8 ft MoGHAN. Br r 5-tf 37ft 1) street. I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth ar.d F sts. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gaaupon the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction nenu on nana k 101 01 uuifllinu asaoinw STOVES, which he will Mil leas tnan ooat, m ha wiahaa to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALE* OF GAS METERS. Washin?toh, July 18,1860. NOTICE MS HEREBY GIVES, That.agratably to the provisions of the oidmanoe of the Corporation approved May 12, I860, tho undersigned ia now prepared, "whenever reeulred in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oents, to inspect, examine, teat, prove, and ascertain the aoeuraoy of registration of any gas meter in nse in this oity." Every meter, iffound incorreet, will be condemned, and another, seated and marked as tree, wtli be setmi** place. If proved to )>e accurate in its measurement of gas, it wfll be sealed accordingly, and again ont in position for use. Office No. #10 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel.ows* Hall ) Open from 8 a. m., to 5 ?. m. nu a rr > f> ^ nr airat^f* * ?* i i/[i an.ijr,a rr. i/UHixnxbnA.a, jy 18-tf Inspector and Sealer of 6&s Meters. IG. O. DKMUTH * CO.. MPORTERS Anil Wholesale and Retail Dealers in HAVANA CIGARS. fokkiuy wipes, bkasdies, gins. ?., No. 4? North Ciiaklf? Street, Five doori a',ore LexiHKtom St., no 22-lf _ Baltimore. IF YOU WANT TO SAVETHE UNION C&il at H A R V E V'?. Who has jupt received a large supply of fresh LOBSTERS, FISH, and tine OYSTKRS.^jtfferw whkoh he will serve to oustotners at the^?^_^3)7 shortest not oe and on liberal t?rm?. P. S ?Oysters served to families and hotels are not soaldcd; they are only scalded for persons eating them at the saloon. oe 8 T. M HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /Ov f ~ \ tf r xr /i ir a r fWl Om ? i'* vr r A A V I have removed my t# V PAWN OFFICE to 331 C street, l>etween IS and 6th streets, immediately in the rear of the National Hotel, where the business will be eon tin ued as heretofore at the old atLnd. (no 15-6ml ISAAC HKRZBERG. Thk european hotel, kept by p. EMRICH. at the oorner of Penn. A . A avenao and Eleventh street, has hAenyfafey greatly improved reoeutlv and now offer*1 JUuHUl greater inducements for the patronage or oitlzeus and strangers than any other publio house in the oit?, his prices being less than those of any other Jiotel on Penn. avenue, and hi* accommodation* or permanent or trausient hoarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu laj, being all that oan be desired by the most fas uuiuuB. i in priiptmuir Disiiici nbremillM iimutionand continued liberal expenditures to gives&ti?faotion to all, and thus renews his invitation <* all to give tlie Kuropean Hotel a call. de 4 ti EtOO'XS AND SHOES TO SUIT TMK > TIMES. 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WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., Trunk Salea Room, mar?l-tf 338 Pa. amH. FD. L. MORRISON * CO.. LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale deal^ra in MILL FEED. CORN MEAL. ft., tc* Corner of 13th and B atreeta, Waahmjton oity. i i i rm 1 j # 1? -m ? - ? - I\j- uhh pwa mr >ti sinas 01 unun. ail 26-6m AVE YOU8EEN the ?o?nt Children's Books at FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'8. 278 P*. avenue, selling for 10 cent* i Have you seen the elegant 92 Annuals fat N<*r Year presents, at FRENCH Jc RICHSTEIN'S, selling for only ft ., Call and make your purchases before they are all gone. At FRENCH * RICH STEIN'8, dsffl 278 Pa. avenue. i,(.?,uiui. ?. a, aon. | AMAR.MOTT* AWTRY, Li ATTokrtMTSATLAW If IU fTMtloe I*t^Ilu of'iir rort an4 Ar ^od will attend^to the Co:le^tion of Clause Iimrxini " """" I'mwin Ml#-VT Wm I TRAVELIN? TRUNKS. R H?T*j?atraoMT?i tk*bi|Mt HMrtaeit gpBpIpIS! HO TO tiHEPH?Rl)'B. corner 7th and D ?t?.. V jt 19-lm DENTISTRY. D,R9. LOCK WOOD 4 DARRKl.l, ARE PREpared toi.tert TEETH on VULCAN ITE BA9E, a new and improved mode.feflBBa? When maieon this plan they are com-***?' ?-? fortahle to wear and much oheaper than any other. Al?o, Trteth inserted on Gold Plate, and ail Dental Operation* of any kind that may he derired. OltM-Roo?So. & in the Washington Building, oorner Pa. a^and Seventh *t. ja lA-3w* \f TEETH. j-t*. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee oftlie MINERAL PLATE TEETH, tends personally at his office in this city.MBBal Many persons can wear these teeth who^u-LLt) eannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who cannot wear these. Persons oallinx at my oflloe oan be aooommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth th<?y may desire; but to those wno are particular and wish the purest, oleaoeet, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan produoe, the MINERAL PLATE will I* more fsily warranted. Rooms in this city?No. S3S Pa.*v?nne. between 9th and lftth su. Also, 907 A rot street. Philadel ptua. oo 15-tf TKAVElaEKS^DlKECTQRY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. 1> WASHISGTON BRAyCH. fflMiieMaB'miMi CHANGE OF HOUR*. On and after SUNDAY. November 2Sth. isfin.the traius will ran as follow*': LEAVE WASHINGTON: Pi rat tram at fi.2? a. m. Second Train at 7.4" a. m. Third train at S.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p in. Lp.AVK BALTIMORE: Firat train at i 15 a. m.. Express. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at>p. m. Fourth at 4.20 p. m., Express. The first, seoond and third trains from Washington connect through- o Philadelphia and New York. The second and third oonneot at Washington Jnnotion with trams for the West, South. and Northwest: also, at Annapolis Junction, for An nannli. CV.? V 1? 1- _ A.? - ii<arv.i?t a VI i?vi l'/rn MIKO Viio ' V? 1%. HI. (nil for the accoimruKiaUon of the war travel b?tw*en Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attached t<> the tonnage train whioh leaves at 12 m. On Saturday the 3.W p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. _no 36-A T. H. PA RSONS, Agent. l^HK STEAMER J AS. SHY Will roatioie Nw 1 trip* on TUESDAY, Jlst of JT Fehniary, laeti. Will iMive WASH * INGTON every TUESDAY and"^"^^ FRI DAY, at o clock a. m.and ALEXANDRIA atkaif-pasiS o'clock, for CURKIOMAN and the intermediate Landmen. On her return trips, she will leave CURRIOMAN evory WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 6 o'clock a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH.Ag't. Alexandria. f?sn FRENCH FLOWERSOF THE VERY HEST quality, and an extensive variety. nifc At STEVENS'S Fancy Store, ?Rg3 no 22 tf 3.1R. h?tw. <*th anil W'h st*. WATCH REPAIRING ANDSILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the heat establishments. and furniahed with a complete a?tt of tool* for repair- Jhk in? every description of fine Watches, and #7%] Particular attention give to the same, by a^MM iiorourh competent workman.and a. work guarantied. Ali-o, every descrip ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own auperviaion, which my ouat;>i.iera wilt fiud far auperior in quality aud finish to northern ware aold dealers in general and represented aa tneir own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ae 6 ^3^ Pa. avenue, near 9th at. Valentines: valentines::. V Pom 1*81 !!! The trade aupplied at the owent New York prioea. A beautiful aaaortment of Sentimental and Coroio of all atylea and pattern*, at frenck a richstein's. i ja 9 27S Kenn. a?enue. 1 Best fancy goods, 1 AT prices i to suit the times, , asd okk prick owlt, t At stevens's fancy stork. i no 3 tf 336. bwtw. 9th and 10th sts. P OFFICIAL. c roposals for erecting a court house and post office at phi la phia, pa. * Treasury Dkpartmbnt, December 22,I860. Skal?u PioroniL* will l>? reooived at this D? paitiiiPDt until the day of February. A. D 1*>I, r at 12 o'clock at noon, for the oonstruotion of the j" Philadelphia Court- Hnuw and Post Office,accord * in* to the plans and specifications prepared at this Department. Theae proposals must be for the whole work; but each poi t:on f f the work and the amount b d there- C for mutt l>e m*DSrat? ? itatw.1 in th? hirf: th? . ti ve amount for eaofi kind of work carried out, and the total amouu* stated;the Department teserving the right to reject or aocspt the proposal* hereby invited, or any parU thereof, Wi eu it deems the interest of the United States require* it; the J Department also reserves the right to exclude the bids of any person or persons whom there is jast cause to beueve wilt not faithfully perforin the contracts, or whioh they have attempted to obtain by mdireotion; ai d all bids when there shall be parties 1 in interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids J that, upon investigation, are below a fair price for L the work. No oontraot will be awarded to bidders until datails are furnished the Department of the prices of \ the different kinds of work and materials, wluoh 5 si all be subject to the revision of the Department, ' so that th* cross hid shall be equitably apportioned i upon the whole work to (aide the Department in making pay meets. . Ninetv per cent, of the amount of work done and ' materials delivered, according to contract priae, , (said amount to be ascertained by the esum'teof i an agent of the Department appointed for that purpose.) will be |)M from time to time as the work progress?*, an* un per c-nt. retained until theooinplrtion of tiie contract and acceptance of the work, AC., by the agent aforesaid, and he forfeited in the event of non-lulfil ment of contract. Contract* will be awarded only to master (milder* or meo^anio*, and the aaaiKnment thereof, exospt by content of fe eecretaryof the Treaaury, will be a forfeiture of the raine. ? Kach proposal muat he acooi panied b* a written J guarantee, ngned by twor *pon*ibl? j*r*on* <cer tified t? b? *o bjr the United State* District Judge, t or Attorney of the aaid d<*triot.) in the mm <>f 1 .92f>,'??>. tnat tne bidtler will, when required, if hi* ( proposal b<? ooept?d, enter into a contrao. and liond. with proper and sufficient securities for iu ' fa<hfni performance. Pla;i*, ?pecifioation* and working drawing* can bo examined after fortr day*, an J other information obtained on ano ioition Li the 1 The proposals must bo sent to this Department, I addressed to the feecrrtary of the Treasury. (e?dorffd" Provnsalt for the Philadelphia Court Houm and Pott f&re,") and wilt be opened at 1 o'clock p. in .0! tbe last dav named for motiving the Bam?, 1 in the presence of the bidders, if an; ohoose to at- I tend. PHILIP F THOMAS, 1 de 24 ?\l3taw Secretary of the Treasury. ' T PROCLAMATION J O THE 1 CITIZENS OF , WASHINGTON, bEORGETOWN, to, \ At the present season o the year CHOLERA MORBUS. . DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPKrPSIA. DEBILITY, Ao., fco? prevail to an alarming extent: And Hkereas, It mnst he of th? FIRST CONSEQUENCK to every family to know of * i ucurnw - ?* ?tf or Pakip, offers hie MIRACULOUS FAIN KILLER ; m the most CERTAIN AMD EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition u intended in the Mkle of Uus THE MONEY'WILL*'BS^IEFUNDED m all c+stt when the medioine fails to give entire aaticfactio tale u directed, and if not Mrieatlv satisfied F.etmra to o?r Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ* 4fc 8UMt ud Pennsylvania Avenue, who will refuod your money. Prioe?8? and H C?nU per Bottle. For ?!? at all Drag Stores everywhere JAB. MeDONNKLL, I irll-eotr **** B^tTm'ore. T ADIR8 THICK WINTER BOOTS of Kid Li Morooeo, Qoeta Skis. Lactinc*, ko.,^a 1 Buttoned, lAced and Velvet Trimmed. Hi than duwhere m the out. at WOOD AND GOAL. Ywood and coal Of Will aurely e?t your money's worth t?j calling at the PIO.NKKR MILLS, em ntr a/ Srrtnlk tlrtfl nnd CantU, (UEO I'Abh A*ent ) They aeil cheaper and tire better mea?ur< than any othera in the city?oat, iplit, ar.d deliv ered free of charge. If r?i (*on't Wi?r? it. girt the Pion*er Mill* atrial, and t?<? aatiafied. ja 17-ly.r ? W ? ? ~ . - - ? V Q O A fc Delivered to all parts of the city, at the loveet possible rates. T. J. * W. M. 6ALT, Office SM Pa. ? ., t<etveen 11th and lSrth eta., me 17-tf north side. CARRIAGE FACTORIES" U/A8B1N6TON CARR1 AWE FACTORY, ?" D Strict, Willi f?U and lotk SlrNii. We have just finished a number of first oiaei CARRIAGES, suob as Litkt Watfns, Park Pktatons. Pnmiiy Car-vBDSR n??, nnd Bftfies, whioh we will eell at W a email ? wi ? iiivii ri <>uki Beinf practical mechanics in different branches of the nnsmess, we datter oiriftlTN that we krn>W the styles and *u*nty of work that will civs satis faotion, oombining Lightness, oomfort and da rabili ty, Kes&iung promptly and carefully attended to the shortest notice and most reasonable oharrea. WALTER, KARMANN* BOhK Ooacfimakers, suooossors to We T. Hook. ap fT-dly TP CARRIAGES. jl HK sefceeriber hftnni made eddioeMSe lu tnetory, mnJtmt it now one of the In the Oiatriot, where tua fnoilitiee mnnaJnotcnc*CARRIAGE A WAGONS of ?1: fcinda onnnot be sorpused, an* from hi* lone experience m the biaineae, fee k&pee te tire j?ner?l Mtiefnotion. All kinaaof C*m*ceen*4 l*lfht Wi;eu teytea Ail *R KPAlRfl neatly 4e*e, i*l all er4era ymiH ly attended te. .."r" "" ?<&-* 4 U-M aaraer *1 Htk ui K eta. Db. J. H McLEAN 8 8TBEHGTHEHTNG CORDIAL A5ID BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tk* WORLD, METER TAJBl fiyrl It u ttrtciW i ?ri- vK * Km t& T giA 1 ?BtiSe uid V*g?t?BkT'U bl? Conpoand, rr*oljjrgjK t??o ?f rtou. t!?rb?, }Sf ? ritl?, Wil4 Ch?rry JKW MM uiri, ana Uandaliao VC [fW\m in'.jrt mta iu cam- PSf! V|| V . T&a antira aetiva <-r Z alit?nnnditl principle SCUk* ofaach injradiani ia fcfore taimg.? ;::' S5S3lfl? "ting. Iiatillinf, prodaciar * daucioBa, a?ail .rating aplrit, and Ua at ioWlibla ramady fat ranoratinf tka diaaaaad ayaaara, ind raa'.ariof tha aick, ?af armj, tod dabililatad tavaiid la laaltfc and atranfth. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afactaallT cara L ?ar Corrplaiet, Dyapapaia, Jaaoliea, Chraoic ar War?oaa Dabilit*. Diaaaaaa aftha Kidnaya, ind all diaaaaaa artaiaf from a diaardarad Li?ar or tMnach, Dyapapaia, acrtkaro, Inward Ftlaa, Acidity ar licknaaa af in Stomach, Falinaaa af Blrcd ta tin Haad, Doll Pau at Iwiraimof to in* H*aa, rmp-.u** th* Hiin. ralU.*a* >r W*ifhi In th* Sioniaeh, Bovr Eractauoo*, Cbokinr or lafocatnf F**linf wta*n l?7JnS down, Dry t*** or TalloWmi of (ki Skin and By**, Nirht l?uu, In ward F***ra, rain in In* SaM.ll of lb* Back, Ck**t, or Sid*. Sadden n?*h*. of Baal, D?pr***ion of Sptriu, Frifbtfal Draair*, Lamfaor, Doepondency or any Lir'cc* di*?a*?, Sera* *r Sloteh** oo to* Skin, and F*?*r and A|-a* (or Chill* and PiTM.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES iar* k**n *old dannf lb* laat *n mootb*, and u tt 1*tanc* ha* it failed in I-*"-! *uur* aauafacuoo. Who. iboa, rill eaffor from Wnir.iM cr Debility whan McLEAVfl ITREJOTRENIIIG CORDIAL will ear* yoa 1 Ho Itnpip can e??*y an adaqaat* idaa of tb* laaimcdit* and almost mir*eal*?* ehanj* pmdaead ky taking ibi* Cordial in tb* di**a**d, debilitated, and ahattarad narroaa yetem. wh*th*r broken down by eiseea, weak by naive, ? impaired by eickneae. th* r*lai*d and asitranf orftnialior, (a r**t*r*d to it* prittm* htaltb and ?ifor MARRIED PERSONS. * other*, eooeeioae of inability fr?*n whatever e***?, will nd McLEANI rtrkhgtheminq CORDlAk a tbo i*h f ha *>( ? all 4* irtd ihtmmlvm by irrpr+p$r icdaif ilcm will ind in thia Cardial a c?ruiD and p??dj r?mcdj. TO THE LADIES. MckKANt rrRENOTaKNIMG CORDIAL b a hidirn nad $fdj ear* far loeipiant Canaampuao, Whkaa, lecrarttd ar Dtflcalt Mantiraatioa, Incontiaane* of Driaa r In??lant?r? lhaeharf* ttiaraaf, Falling af ill Womb, liddinaaa, Fainting, ana all duaaaaa incidant to Famala*. THERE IS SO MISTAKE ABOUT IT na langar. Tika it according ;o diractiona It will tiroalaia, atrangthan, and in*igorata yaa and eaa*a tka laatn af baaith ta maant yomt cbaak again. Kvary bottla > rarrtuUd ta fiat aauafoeuon. FOR CHILDREN if tact cMldraa ua aiakiy, f.aij ot aCiciatl, McLKAN'S ;OEDlAL viii maka tham baaith?, fat, and rabiac U?.?t at a raair>ai.t; trj U, and will ta cacrincad. It ia <Ui&iaaa ta utka. CA UTION. vara af draffteu or dealere vb< raay try te palm apon earr.e Utter or eara-iparilla traeh, which they can 1st heap, by uuai it iiJut u rood. Avoid each men. Aik or MCLEAN'S VrREVlGTHlNING COEDIAL, ud uko lOthinr elea. It ia the only remedy that will parity the llood tnoreajhiy and at the une time" etreofthan the vat em. One taaepoonfal taken every morning faaunf la a certain irevenuve for Cholera, Chiiia end Fever, Yellow Fever, or ny prevalent dieaaee. It ie pat ap la large bottlee. Frice ofy 91 per bottle, ar 6 boulee for fS. J7 H McLEAN, tale proprietor of thie Cardial; alao, McLean'e Toteaaie Oil Unimert- Principal Depot an the earner af Third and Floe eireete, *t. baaie. Me. McLean1! Volcanic Oil Liniment, (T?i dmt buiiinMT in rni wukll1 ) Tha ml; ufi and eartain car* for Cuetn, Pll??, Tm. aara, Bwal'ir.fa and Brnuehila or Cotira, Ptrtlrtia, Naaalfia, Witkom af tha Mk'.m, Chronic or lalaaimatary U^tir&'iais, I'.iffniii af till Jotnu, Conlractad Mud? or ifininU, E*raeha ar Toothacha. Bixiaaa, Bpralua, Fraah Jaw, Woacda, P'cin, F?>tr Bern, Cakad Bra&at, Sort lipplaa, Boraa, Seal <ia, Bora Throat, or aay iDlamanauoo or un, a* difaranca haw aarara or tour tha diaaaa* mar AT* aiia'.ad, McLEiNl CELEBRATED LINIMENT la . eartaia raioady. Thooaanda of hamaa batafa hara baaa aarad a li/a of dia .rapitada aad reiaarr by tha aaa of thia laralaabla ramady. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT If ill raliava paiu a I moat inataataaaoaaly, and it will claaa, >*ri!T and haal tha foalaat aoraa io aa iaeradibla abort uaa. ft)R HOKSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tha ool* aafa iad raliatla ramad* for tha ctra of Spavin, Riaffeoua, RTindralla. ffrhnu. Ilnbirvrnl INimIh m fl?,' inn 1 ? ? ? failed to cart Big Haad, hiltnl, Kiotala, (114 loaning Suraa, or * 117, if properly appliad Kor Iprt iii, Brmiii, Scraichra, Craekad Haala, Cfcafoa, Saddle >r Collar Qalla, C?u, Soraa, or Woaada, it to aa infallible remedy. Apply U aa directed and a ear* U certain la e?ery ae tance. Than trifle aa laager ?i?h lb a many warthleae Liairaenla >farad to yoa. Ohuin 1 igpply of Dt. MCLKAK1 ClLlB&ATKD LIHIMkNT. I< ViTl car. roa J. H ?1< LKAN. Sola Procna'or. Corn a r TVrd u4 Pint >u., Il lit. CHAKLK8 BTOTT, ITS Pa. a*., Mia agaol la Waahtog' o; R? 8. T. CI88EL,<ia?rgatavik. aa M OAWly fBEEMAN <>; SIMPSONS mrOLDXw^* TR^\ ? FAUIIV Dvnn Pi u?n/ mrrl' linaiu niintMIIIU IIILT Tha above PURE W H1SKY, Cor rut Distilled raoM Maltis Gkaid, be in* saperior and itifun* in quality, and hlshly iniproradLy M?, is preferred by oonsnmera to all other Whiakiee, and particularly raoomiranded by tha baat physioians a ad >Uesaists aa possessing alt tha reasireirenW of a *%teft3gWSSi fg8SS',#%? f Ike distiHanon of this Whisky, is proved by aaaiy (ii to be the softest and purest water in tha United States asapd to this may, jn a C?**t decree, be at inouioc iae rxof..?Tioe ot lUIJVfeUn. For Mkltt by FtEEM-AN* S I M ^SOM. Front ?tr?et, Ph)'adgl?hi*. "wiri?.i? gEASONAB L_E DEY GOODS! Cloaks. Bhftwia, Fluut*is, Kmnot, OttmMM, Blanket*. Fall Clotha. Limwri. fr&ncT gitk?. dilk BobM. * - ? Mf* YH**' TM?*&?M*riM. ln*k uSzicl0?" ^irsw Wfc?* Botn^*^***' oeJorts u>r which ? | TEE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. tiwa ?aa to feaad la aay *U?r-u ntnuM ?a FrOay moraiac. Tmn-Oui tmvmrtmitf, m <*?? Biax.aoo^T.MraatiBm. 01 ? Fit* oof iw . _ __ 4 T5 Tea oopi? m Tvtnt; IrtMfM -- ? It la variably oontains U>* * WMklaftaa that haa made ru D?if Mvmimg Btm atraala* - to raaarally ttroifkott tto aoantry. E^8iuf ! oopiM (la vrappcra 1 ?aa b# paper. Prifl^THRKKCKNTU EDUCATIONAL. I Those u> ~?eire a thoromfh uxl yKmatic education. where toeir atiy atoa. training wi.i reoeiredeilr a?d?pe<jial ? Utention. coder the moet approved vvtenn <m CaiiatW':io? and *t; mnaatic*. are nNipfoimlli ? viait the Union Femaie Attdea;, corner Foerteenth at. and New York av. a? Jt> tf * ' *' li'SJULI, BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL i mn. s.^m^<?rm/<?*. VaincjpnThe Uurteecth annu*. hmiob of Una Ineutction will oommcnoe on Titeeday.SeptMabar Itth, in the hone* reoently aocupiod by Sylvaetor Soon, F,n., No. ISO Kmc itrML The pomii of study pnreaed will MflffriNkll U>? branches rt?^si#ite to a thoronch Kasliab BSaoauon. and Mutio, French, Latin and Drawinc. N *l*rl addition to day aebolar*. Mr*. MoCormiok M tr*p?r*d to reoeiv* a TiauUxl naniber of pupili an boarder*, who. constituting a pan of bor own fain 1 ily, will be under her wUi care aari uftrn ion. She will eadearor, aa tat aa poesiUie. to enr round them with the oomfortaand klndl? wfliwoM of Home. /k^'??i.-RM.jJeo. H. Norton Her. IV, Kiiaa U?rri??n, ivev. u. r . sprint, WiUiUB H Fowl*. KM-. K(<ar 8now(i?-c Eea.. Edmund K.WiUmt h" SSS> f.ft'B; 'USKK ttfrtor Kvenin* Star, Benjamin W?t?n, fofcWteJrfc* Board, with Tutioiun VlUhe Knf liah Bruehw, $> ' for the annua] ?aion?payable ?i inniiilt. in advance. Mukic and Laa?nagM at Prof*?ore' prtoM. frT" No extra ohargea. aa M-tl (1"re fit11 CM, H#erM(Mi?. / /SmJV asr.x.s.fc UJUMJN C < cuar ?U ttM WMBHr/ itrnrU ( iJU Mtu ?f Y'CTjyPUBLIC SPEAKERS ^><1^ aj?T> LINGERS. Few are aware of the imaortaaoe of eheoainx a Conch or "Common Cold*' iu lti fcr?t etase; that which in the begming would field to a mila rane dr, if neglected, eoon attack the Luntt. mrn'i Brrm.rki*l Troektr." containing G?niUiC*rt mgrec ente, allay Fnlmonary and BionahiaXlmta?"n. "That trouble in my Throat, (fnBROWN'8 which the "JVeeA??" are a _ having made me often a mere whit TROCHES ptr*? N. P. WILLI*. BROWN'S MI ^eooiwnend thair uee to PraLic TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great sfrvioeic nbduing HoaJMK BROWN'S h*M." REV. DANIEL WISE. to rim fa " Almoet instact relief la the die TKUtnr,? treeemg labor of breathing peculiaBROWN'S WA,S3f^". c. E6GLH9TON. TROCHES |;;.Co;?|i. ?onO?j BROWN'S? TROCHES ??* ? BROWN'S "* 6 F ' "ItS. TROCHES imlRl.'Lfiw. BROWN'S; ., (ro^ g_ TROCHE- W.o?KC.r.* WJl?EN BROWN'S ? ? ? TROCHES ^SSSSSf..TSS oSS*""1 BROWNV ^0-,AHTWa.. TROCHES JJi3ra^WCli5S?. BROWN'S ?i !?on wlth Bn,v TROCHKH Prot M.STACY.JOHNSON, BROWN'S Tm^Ki?S!^mm TROCHES "6'?t benefit vkra tftkn befog* and after preaching, aa the? reveal BROWN'S HMrMOM. From tfaoir pael effect. I tfa.nk they will be o(permanent ndTROCHE? vantage to me." ^ TIEV. B. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S Preeident of Athene College, Tann. TROCHE? mu rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIBSEMAR.l.t and S-Proteeted by Bora) Letter* Patent of EncLaad, and c a - *0 %y the Sea * of the Eooie de Pharmacie de Pari*, and the Imperial College of Mediaine. Vienna No. 11* invaluable for exhanatioo and aatorrbea, and al phyaica' dtaabilinea. No. I ooirpletelT eradicate* all trace* of thoea diaeaaea that ha** been bitherto treated l?y the aaa eon* and perniei >u* **e of ooaaiva and oabebe. No. 3 ua* entire^ (uppianted the idjououi uae of mercury, therebr loan ring to the auderer apeeriy rcief, ai?p*r*inc all imparitiee, and rootiac oat the venom of diaeaee. TRIEtfEMAR, Nee. I.J and 3. are prepared in the form of a ;oienge, devoid of taate atiaael1. and oan be oamed 1 d the waiatooat pocket. hold in tin oa??*, a->d divided int. aeaarate doeea. a* ad imniatered dt Vaipean, LJf. emend, Km, Ricord, Ac Price 93 each, or foar oaaee for ?, which aave* *3; and in an oaaea. wherebv tnere u a aavlnc of ff. To be bad.wholeeaieaad retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 Bie?*cker rtreet. New York. I >1 ! ! i ! ill* ii tW Uare..? liuaivuiMm* IVWIV IH| m ? VIUI?mmiw, in. vw iww wili forward the TnawiAr to My part of tha word, aooarely packed, and kddrMMC aeoordin< to Lb* id traoti<>&a of tha writer. The Book, of aii other*, that ahonld be road try men with ilMtltd nod broken down ooretUutioua la "Hnmnti Fralltr, or Phyaiolorioal Heoearchea." It ia beautifully illustrated, and treats ~>'nnte)y of nil lb a ay nip om? that il vanabt them 'Tea. <>< cer or later, reaultir* from the Trailtiea and TitiatHic hnbiu or eart*/oath, iNcapaottattnc the victim from ataxing the fruition m the matri iinocia atate, and. if not oheoknd in tf me, Maoneratinc all t??e fcncuone of Manhood, and bnnfia* him. atop by atep. ton hn*erii>c and nnttmnly ceatr Hold br Dr. M A R ROWTl 9 4 Bieecker ?teet. f<>?r door* b?low Maodoucai, New York. Pn?* * Mnti. Sent frM ?rr/ vktrt. Sold Mk> by 8. C. Ford, Jr., Dmg Store, Wubl at ton. D C. SFOR STAMPIN9 A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. at Um METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, PHI LP A SOLOMONS, ArtMti for LmwrtmW* ?Ubrmttd Lm*m "Mttrwrt'Umm MUU" tr. mV ly 133 Pa. ?t., bet. *' aad mk eta. 1861 D,Ai.'ES- 1861 Commence the Year *mtk ? Dimry. A vt!nM? Pocket Couuin for refiataoei ?w?ti put. ifimt, ud ratarr; Mttl*ii| i?n of po?t*?a, ilMMe, a blank ayae for MaorMda for eracy day ia the rear, oaek aaooaat for aaek loonth, anoaal arr of aaak aoooaol bile eayahl* and ieoe;vah.e. Don't be wiUoat oae of Uteee aaafal littla poaraatra Tha noat *oat piata. It SHIkLINOTON'*, ^ Odaon hu .icn.i, aoraar street and "WrffelT rj?ri ! Wa will take aa extra dieeoant of per ML off of *11 IMariaa parafcaaed fro* aa for <?ak. Wear* ?r:;a2r3ai^iR!ir'w *"* WENCH jjyggga^ AT FEEN' tf" Jlf ITS Pn. sate- sssr^^te SLt jtS Bobinc** NotM OB Da*la Mi Dooliag; Itao.. oioUt; 01 J? tn MO. IgyH'i UlesUwted Po?n; loth flit; * *' LAn>b*'? Kann on Laluu elotk *a!i oTfToiUf?Uoor*? ui Ik* Morr*P? Wo-k?. Qir andkMntaoiatM Book* (raa U?/? * HC.TKI* j>7 <T? Pwi" >w?*SCHOOL AMD OOLLM** OUtrri> XotuA*' ?U * ??' CUthmg fmr Sck*W Drma Wtmr. | ^Mjrtsr?aSiry*o9ra>i?: for tfc? mmiii i?wt?4 Opii KII?? * WROHKLff |

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