Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1861 Page 3
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V * r LOCAL NEW 8. ID* Though Tbi f*TAM it printed on the lhsteit / steam prrai la use sooth of Baltimore, lta edition Is so large sa to raqulw It to br put to press st an SBrir hoar; Advertnements, therefore, shoald be seat la before 12 o'clock nr. .; otherwise they may not appear urttll the next day. ? ?^>a> Notre* ?District ef Colombia Advertisements to be Inserted in the Balttmosz Sr* are received at aad forwarded from Thi tha OSes. CtTT Council*, Jan. 28 ?Board / Aldtrmtn ? Tbe Board met at tbe usual bonr. The nomination of Charles Stock for scavenger *vaa reported back from the police committee. and confirmed Rill authorizing the Mayor to employ an extra BUce force; passed [Tbla bill authorize* the avor to appoint at discretion extra police daring the influx of strangers consequent upon the lnaHguratioa of the President or the United States J Mr. Ward Introduced s Joint resolution authorizing the postponement of the tax sales, and the dTr-rtiaement therefor. Mr Brown protested against the passage of the resolution In the present crippled condition of the Corporation It would be the laat feather on the camel's back. Mr. Ward stated that be had been Induced to offer this resolution at the Instance of a lsrge number of respectable citizens of the ward which h? in p?rt represents Mr Dove would like to Tote for the resolution, W.t thought It was not right to do so. Such action would, in bis opinion, while It would relieve a certain class of citizens, be oppressive upon another class of citizens. Let us be just bef re we are generous. Mr Price offered an amendment, postponing L-mrm ravnumiieDi unui ice nr?x aay of Mtrch Cflt. Mr. Ward accepted the amendment. Mr Fiabet thought If we attempted to relieve the property holders In tbia manner we should do greatnjr.sllee to tbe poor people. At>?r further discussion the resolution waa referred to finance committee JiUl for relief of F Brandner; paaaed. Bill for rel'ef of P. B. O'Brvan; paaaed Bill for relief of James A Wise; passed. Bill authorizing the erection of sheds and the removal of the materials used In the water department to tbe pipe yard; pasted Bill to enlarge the duties and increase tbe salary *>f the water tapper; passed. Joint resolution authorizing the Mayor to prornre a suitable place for the meeting of the Commissioners or tbe various States, proposed to be held in this city on tbe 4th of February next; pafwd. for the repair of a gravel footwalk in the 6iJth Ward: muni Bill for the relief of Wm McBeth; passed. Bill to provide for a more general lighting of the streets of this city, snd for other purposes; laid over for one week Resolution Inquiring Into tbe expediency of reassessing the property In the city of Washington; referred. Mr Pries endeavored to cause some action upon a bill reportsd by him from the committee on the fire department, authorizing a thorough reorganisation "of the tire department, and the purchase of a steam fire engine for the city of Washington. The b! 11 was taken from the table and some discussion hsd thereon, and finally was recommitted to tbe committee for further consideration and modification Adjourned. Crmmom Conmttl.?A communication wns received from the Mayor, in answer to the inquiry ? --? ? i'v i*/ uucipruuru nppropriaxions lor lixjprovementt, showing the aggregate of these u for grading, graveling and Improving street*, and of ?- every other nature," to be #77,572 24 Special ' acts have been executed, according to the terms rf the law of November 4. 1^42 It also accounts for all balances of appropriations for fulfilment of contracts made under lows for the distribution of Potomac water. 4c. The unexecuted acts have not been executed for the reason that a part of the revenue was required to pay a heavy floating debt contracted prior to the 11th June, 165s1 The Mayor suggests attention to the law forbidding the Mayor from executing an ordinance Involving the expenditure of money, unless there Is money *o the credit of the ward in which the'lmprove(flent is proposed by the boards before legislating on such matters. The debt of the First Ward is *517,942 71; Fifth. MJHIfc Sl*th *o >?? jj. Seventh, f 10,919 74 Funds to the credit of the Second Ward, *4,??a 54; Third, ?9,440 Fourth. ?20,598 38. Mr Junes offered a resolution authorizing the Mavor to procure a suitable place for the iiveting of tbe commissioners of tbe various States to assemble in this city on the 4th of February next; adopted. A joint resolution providing for taking up and relaying flag fxitways in certain cases; referred Mr Mulloy, from claims committee, reported an act remitting a fine to Bridget Dunn; passed Tbe following bills from the Board of Aldermen were received:?An act appropriating for tbe payment of magistrates who attend at the Guardhouse during tbe fiscal year 1881; passed An act for purchase of oil for fire companies; referred. An actexemptlng a certain free school-house from T*?ftt99*kA A % ?14 * ~ m " .v?v>>w au avi ?ur rnin ui %v . tl Klein; referred An act providing for a gravel foot-walk on the north side or 1. street, between First street and New Jer?ey avenue; pawed An act for relief of Mow Minster; referred An act for prevention of nuisances. postponed bv a former meeting, was taken up. Mr Mohun moved to insert cabinet maker's workshops This bill prohibits tbe location of certain workshops. wood and coal yards within fifty feet of a dwelling. Mr. >leade moved to postpone indefinitely. Mr. Meade withdrew this motion, and moved tj* to strike out all after the words coal ynrds;'' MS also withdrawn, and moved to strike out tbe f*-'%mendment of the Aldermen and restore it to the fc*%hui?lnal bill, prohibiting wood and coal yards ??51SP|lr Mohun moved to lay the bill on the table; CMvied?yeas 11, na>si*. > s^fpr Jones, from wsys and means committee, taqfefortr-d by leave adversely on a joint resolution j*?eWuorizing the postponement of the Corporation sale, and moved its postponement indefinitely; m* v*?a 111 O Mr Meade offered a bill for the construction of W a flag f otwav scrota Pennsylvania avenue at Third cUeet cast; referred to improvements com " uiitue. The Aldermen's bill making appropriation for removing pipe and material to the city pipe yard, and for erecting suitable buildings there, was passed Mr Edmonston moved to take up the bill for relief of J no Kodgers Mr Jou^s ?I move the Board do now adjsurn. Mr. Kduionaton.?Mr. President: 1 don't tblnk tbe gentleman has a rl^ht to make such a motion wbeu I bave tbe floor, unless 1 vive wav to him I Mr. Jones.?I thought the gentleman had given way Nlr Kdmonston.?No, sir! I didn't give way! Bat tbe gentleman thought be saw a chance to put la bis motion, and he snapped at it, sir, woss 'ban one o' these old snappin turkles, sir ! ~7* (Laughter ] Mr Jones withdrew bis motion, and tbe question pending was tbe motion of Mr Kdmonston Mr. Muilov moved t?i lay It on tbe table, and mike tbe bill referred to the order for Monday nest; which was carried; and the Board ad jearned Tn? Wi,ri?i Boasds or Tkaue, representing be two citi'? of Chicago and Milwaukle. who /arrived in Wa?bington at 1UJ^ a. m , yesterday, f, waited on tbe President of tbe United states during tbe afternoon, as well as upon Senators Seward, Douglas, and others. . During the interview with the President, he y said "Ir Mr Lincoln shall eajoy his accession to power as macb as 1 shall lay retirement froai It, be will be a happy man " Mr J*ew?trd said. during their visit to him: 'Heretofore the cry of aave the Union haa been mm ta aed when the Union waa not In danger 1 tell %0 fjrou, my frlenda, that the question of slavery li not ynnvr to be Uken Into account We are to save the "*f I'nlon, and then we will save all the rest that la , w orth saving " The merchant waited on Gen Scott, who rereived them with tbe utmost cordiality, and aald that be waa in Chicago when there was not more than twelve bouses there, and procured the flrat appropriation for tbe improvement of Chicago harbor. If ever be was to be a prisoner, be hoped to be a priaoner In the hands of bis western Mends. A number of tbe Western visitors have left for huinf. but m&nv of tha Oklrsva an<t UllannlrU merchants are yet in tbe city, and are engaged to day in viaiUng various objects of interest here Home of them wlir remain here until after tbe Border State Conference, which meets In tbis city on Monday next. Rootiba tbb Watchmas.?Patrols have been organized, as already stated, in various narta of tbe city, of citizen* who despair of any aid from Mayor Berret or his police In pntting an end to tbe incendiarism so rife In tbis city. These patrols have been duly going their rounds at night, and It baa been a standing topic of surprise that tbey never by any chance encounter a watchman XV bether tbe watchmen concluded that the pa'rolroen were to do their work and they were Improving tbe opportunity to have a good night's reat at boine. or wbetb<*r they really never do turn -4?? out *l night, were open Questions But I he other c-'I night a party of the patrolmen did light upon some of the night watch, under thes* A Jiolsy, disorderly ball, of a claas peculiar to big .Militx ur>< aninu an within tii> bautof llld ratriil arid finally >ta procerdlsjia got ao decidedly tumultuona that tbe patrol thought It their duty to Interfere, as tbrre aeetned to be bo watchmen about They walked la, and lo and behold, who should the? find tbere as Impartial and pleased spectator? aad participators but tea of the city's immaculate guardians of the uightTbe patrol* men gave these watchmen a sharp telkiag to, and tbe way the gray-costs acooted inm their questionable quarters was a caution. t X / ILscttii, la?t sight ? Prof. Alexander, of Princeton College, N J . delivered a lecture l??t night tr> a large audience, at the Smitbaontan. on Solar Eclipses In bis opening remarks the speaker aaid that while the la*n of nature were uncompromising and everywhere the same, their effect* were widely different. The animals and plants of the Western Continent were not the same as those of the Eastern; but the laws which wrought out the strange phenomena of Europe were tbe wn law* (bat caused tbe flow of Niagara, tbe swell of tbe tide* upon our shores, and the movement! of the pUneta The laws of nature were self-executing Their nature excluded tbe posaibility of transgression; and it wis in benevolence as well as Infinite wisdom that they were not made subject to human power and cat rice Tbe sun was the center of the solar system, yet It was not one of our own system lrs surface was covered with mountains, and ten thousand oceans, each larger than tbe whole of oura together; and had we started with Columbus for tbesun,ard traveled ever since at tbe rate of thirty miles per hour, we should not more thaa have reached it now And yet through this immense distance ita rays pass to us in eght minutes and aeventeen seconds. There were vast plains upon the surface of the sun. ten thousand times as large a* the Pacific ocean. In constant commotion, and as the waves swept along large spots or openings were seen The sun was surrounded by three envelopes or coverings, of daxzllng brightness, the outer of which furnished us with our light In viewing the sun It was necessary to cover all tbe rays ex ?t. a * ? .c)? >uuk iiuin iup spot vo oe oDwrvra, and in order to get true and faithful observations It was nereiaary to atation astronomers at various points. After Illustrating by the phenomena of sunrise and sunset the manner In which the shadow of an eclipse passed over the earth, the lecturer took up the appearance of the sun during an ecli|*e. It had been found that there was a bright halo or ring about the sun which was Independent of it, and which had been mistaken for the outer edge of that luminary. When the moon waa passing over the face of the sun, and had nearly hidden it from view, there appeared first a bright rim like a stream of mercury around the moon, then a little spot of light as the rays streamed through *3me valley on the moon, then a brilliant corona or halo; wbile the whole sky wore an unearthly hue of mottled green. When the moos was so near the sun that there appeared a bright riin around it, it was called an annular eclipse. There oftf-n appeared around the moon series of beads And t.-rrve t\f ? ?' ^ 1 ?1 * ?v.... ?& n>>" intervening spacei 01 darkness These were caused by the rough and jagged surface and the various degrees of temperature of the moon. There also appeared bright red spots around the moon, very beautiful and dazzling, with all th? intensity of the solar spectrum. These red spots were first observed in 1733. In 1^06 they occurred again, and though seen in 8*alem. Mass , they were invisible in Albany. In 1834 they were seen by nearly every astronomer In Oeorzla, while no person saw them in South Carolina, thus establishing the theory that in a certain condition of the atmosphere, they could not be seen. In I860, on the coast of Labrador, four red lights were visible. In IS33 a German astronomer, traveling over the wastes of Sweden, was overtaken by the shadow of that great eclipse. He deicrlbed the scene as being awfully sublime. From the elevated position of the German astronomer he could see the mighty shadows as they swept over the earth at the rate of 1,UJ0 miles an hour, while the whole heavens seemed filled with gigantic volumes of smoke that rolled away with the speed of the wind in i?uo me sbadows swept over the earth, precisely eft the waves of the ocean roll after each other. And during the ecllpte of last year, while the astronomers were in the ghastly, flickering gloom, far away over the snow they saw the sunbeams shining brightly. The fltst eclipse of which v e have any record took place o^o years before the Christian era Another appeared 310 vears before the birth of Christ, whose shadow was but 2o miles wide. From the dates of the various solar eclipses that have occurred, and the laws governing the time of their appearance, it was proved that we were aboil Ave years behind in reckoning time; and that, instead of its being the year 1:?61, It really was l??5 or 1S66. ScrsEMECocRT, Monday.?Geo. M Lee, Esq , of Ohio, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Court. Not. 31 and 35 The Washington. Alexandria, and Georgetown Steam Packet Company, plain uua in error, ag? r reaerick K. Kickles, et al In error to tbe circuit court of tbe United States for the District of Columbia. Mr Justice Campbell delivered tbe opinion of the Court, reversing the judgment of the said circuit court, with costs, and remanding tbe causes for further proceedings to be had therein, in conformity to the opinion of this Court No. 46 William Thompson et al., plaintiffs in error, agt. Lewis Roberts, et al. In error to the circuit court of the United States for tbe district of Maryland. Mr. Justice Grler delivered tbe opinion of the Court, affirming tbe judgment of the said circuit court in this cause, with costs and Interest. No. 10 Wm H Phillips, plalntid In error, vs George Page. In error to tbe circuit court of tbe ITnito/i f? ?" " * - ? w...?*.% cm*m? iui iur uuriaern aiairici oi ^ew York. .Mr Justice Nelson delivered the opinion of the court, reversing the judgment of the wld circuit court, with cost* mid remanding thecauae, with directions to award a venire facial de novo No, 13 Susan Vig41, plalbtiff in error, vs Henrv Naylor. administrator of tieorge Naylor. deceased In error to the circuit court of the United States for the District of Columbia. Mr. Justlce Catron delivered the opinion of the court, reversing the ji'a^mmt of the said circuit court, with coats, and remanding the cause with directions to award a venire facias de novo No. 41. Wm A. Hall, plaintiff in error, agt Joseph li Papin In error to the circuit court oi me l nitea Ptaten for tbe northern district of Illinois. Mr. Justice Wavne delivered the opinion of the Court, reversing the judgment of tbe aid circuit court, with cosU, and remanding the cause, with directions to award a venire facia* de novo. No. 23 John C Almy, jr , plaintiff In error, agt. the people of tbe State of California In error to the Court of Sessions for the city and county of San Francisco, In the State of California. Mr Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court, reversing the judgment of the Bald Court of Sessions, with costs, and remanding the cause for further proceedings to l>e hai therein, according to law and justice No 59- FrtrkHn MnAr? s?t *1 4" ? ror. agt. The American Transportation Company. The argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Hlbbard for the defendants in error, and concluded by Mr. C. J. Walker for the plaiiitKU in error. No. 61. Chas McMicken Perin et al , appellants, act Freeman G. Carey et al. The argument ofthis cauae waa commenced by Mr. Headingtou for the appellants. Adjourned. Thi Lat* Accidk.nt at the Capitol.?We gather the following information in relation to the destructive fall of the derrick the other day from th* dome of the Capitol. It seem* that the boom of the derrick, the chain and lashing which secured the upper hoisting block, and the wire rope fall were all broken by the accident. The investigating committee express the opinion that the chain and lashing of the block or either of them were amply strong to have sustained any strain that might come upon them; that they were bevond doubt broken htf * if?m?n<lnn? i?u. -- - -^.mvumwu# JCI IUQ1 j the boom presented tbe appearance of being broken by across strain The weight which this boom whs expected to suctain was 4 ^ tons, and It was strong enough in the opinion of the committee to have borne that weight properly put upon it, it having in many Instances assisted in raising I2,<JUU lbs The evening before tbe accident an attempt was made to hoist a portion of the new apparatus with this derrick by itself, while the boom was resting on tbe blocking, whereby tbe guys and lifts were stretched and the boom left unsupported and thereby subjected to a cross strain, which cracked it. Tbe crane on the engine deck was then called Into requisition to ralae tbe frame work up and land It on tbe platform above the engine deck. Tbe loner topping lift was then shifted to tbe end of the boom, alongside tbe outer one, and tbe boom raised bv means of thra? f?nm i* in k Inches above the blocking, and secured. On the morning of tbe accident, without taking the precaution to strengthen tbe boom, which was known to have been iinured the previous evening, or to remove the blocking over which it had cracked, tbe wetgbt vtj again lifted by the derrick on top, when th< stretching of the guys and lifts again brought the boom down on to the blocking. and in this way the wetgbt was hoisted until the croas piece of tbe framework came in contact with the boom. It waa then found that tbe framework would have to be raised 3 or 3X feet higher before tbe foot of it could be hauled over the balustrade above tbe peristyle, Inside of which It was to be landed. To do thla tbe order was given to raise weight and boom together by tbe engine, and it was so done until tbe bottom of tbe frame wss wlthiu about one foot of being high enough to be pulled on tbe balustrade The hoist ng was then stopped, and tbe tackle attached lo the frame for thepurpoae of pulling it on Ou attempting to hoist further the boom broke, betnir unable In it* lnln??<t ? ....?-i , _ ? ... . v*? vvr uvwiii any longer the heavy strain upoa It. 8ig. 1 eaxcia's Coxcrrt, at Wlllards' Hotel, Uat night, wa? only measurably successful in a l>e notary point of view, but a decided hit In every other reapect. Tbe programme embraced a uuuiher of choice piece*, both Instrumental and vocal, which were well received by the audience. Slg fraud* la a good performer upon tbe piano, hta atyle being light ana sprightly. Mad Young looked and sun< her '-charm ingest " Her adinlnble 'ccdttlon of the Rlccl Waltz waa particularly appreciated by the audisnce. Mr. Dawson, the popular oaaao. waa, aa alwaya on aoch ocean!mm, tbe right man in tbe right place. Hla laataong,'4 Vive 1'America," wasao determinedly encored that it had to be repeated. A Dromiwnt feature of tk* of the^^oo wo, tb* ' oUw ft; AltltT or BcmoLAB* AWD IseSSDtASIES.? Some day* ago, Officer Fanning, of the aeeond j police district, had his attention directed towards the authors of the robberies and incendiary fire* i whirl! h>*. 1 41.. 1 - a?v? mw?v vcvuucu irtrnuy iu f !iUUi UOrUOHI of this city. A man named John St?rr, alias John l*i?gi H*tnc in tbe northern part of the city, was suspected by Fanning, who. In coojnrc'lon with his pvtaer. Mr. Eckloff, set to work ?o ferret out proof against him They went to detective tficer Wm A. Boss, who cave tbern such inforn<ation aa justified the procurement of a search warrant for tbe house In which Starr lived They proceed In company with Boaa to the bouse, which they searched. Hiding Implements of the burglar's trade, skeleton keys, a jimmy, Spanish nippers, and other " tools" peculiar to that profeasion. Starr was arrested and taken before a magistrate, who committed him for a further examination After being lodged in jail, Starr became alarmed at mi puBiiion, ana sent 10 the magistrate, who came, and to htm Starr revealed numerous matters implicating a number of men who have for several months past been engaged In a series of incendiary acts and burglaries. On this information warrants were placed tbe hands of officers, who have succeeded in making a number of important arrests. Edward Johnson was arrested charged by Starr with breaking open tbe store of S Samstag and robbing it of good* to tbe amonnt of one hundred dollars, and afterwards setting It on Are. Th s occurred some three weeks ago. Jobnson was committed for a further hearing A man named George Sullivan was arrested on a charge of being implicated in the robbery of Mr J H fill.W. k....- i.j - ...- ? . m. v?<va uvunC) laoi uCWUfr i DC 8T* tides taken In thiscase werec.lothing and jewelry. He wai also committed for a further bearing. Wm Sullivan w.n arreted and committed on a charge of robbing the tailoring establishment of Mr. Simons, In Seventh street. Richard Settings, charged with being an accessory with Wm Sullivan, was held to ball as a witness James Watson, charged with complicity with the party as a receiver of stolen goods, was held to security. Starr was committed to answer the charge of robbing W. T Johnson, and for setting flre to the bouse of John Walsh The officers named deserve much credit for their activity In this matter. A Howitzer Company Organizkd.?Pursuant to a call, quite a large number of persons assembled at Anacosta Hall, Nary Yard, last evenlng, for the purpose of organizing a Howitzer Company. Mr. W. K Hutchinson was called to the chair, and J. D. Borton appointed secretary The constitution of the Washington l.ight mauiry wm aaopiea; ana itie election of officers was gone Into ks prescribed by the constitution, which resulted as followsCaptain, Jeremiah Crow; 1st I,lent.. Samuel Cross; id do., John Webster; 3d do . Henry K Marks. Pending the election of Ordwly Sergeant, Mr. Borton said he desired to name for that position a gentleman who had seen considerable service In the Mexican war?Mr. John P Lear; and the ballot having )>een taken, it was found that he had received fit out of 0.? votes cast, and thereupon his election was declared unanimous amid gr?*at applause For "2d Sergeant, J. P Borton; 3d do , J. R. Hall; 4lb do . John Umphrybee; 5th do., Christopher Long. On motion the choice of the officers wrs declared unanimous. We understand that it l? the intention of the company to unite with the battalion of Washington Light Infantry, and the name is Howitzer Company A. Washington Light Infantry. Jhishtyeight names are upon the roll, which will be largely Increased It is composed principally of the workmen of the Navy Yard, who are skilled in tbe use of this arm, being under the employ of Capt Dahlgreen It is the intention of the corps to get four Ilowitzer pieces. On motion the company adjourned to meet on Wednesday night, at same place. Me Sotherji ?This actor appeared lalt night in two parts, and the audience was not long In arriving at a verdict upon his merits We apprehend that there was not a dissentient voice to the fact that in certain qualities of grace, naturalness, and consummate judgment, Mr Sothern has no enual. in his line of Retina nn?n ? _ _ ?... ..p,) ?|rau ?mv nuiCl ii.ail stage Mr. Sothern has a tine stage figure great plav of countenance, and a cast of features irresistibly attractive bv their clean-cut grace and elegance. In a judicious management of a notpowerful voice, In the airy ease of his movements, and in the wonderful manner In which he exhibits the strongest emotions of which the human heart is capable, without a particle of rant or grimace, Mr. SotLern reminds us somewhat of Bourclcault; but in efl'ectlve power of course Bourclrault does not approach him. Mr Sothern IS ** -? " * ~ wiiiis me ?age lite a man, talks ltke a man, and acta so little as If he were acting. that the audience Is quite cheated Into Identifying htm with the part he assumes in comedy he la vivacious and amusing tq a decree, and exhibits the most extraordinary versatility In his changes from grave to gay. His piece " Suspense," performed last night, was received with every mark of approbation, and shows him to be a tine dramatic author, as well as an admirable actor. He was well sustained by Bangs, Raymond, Roy Miss Mann, Mrs Maun, and others of thl? capital company. The piece,we are glad to see, is to be repeated tonight; as we desire that every lover of genuine goed acting should have an opportunity or seeing Mr Sothern's fine reudition of the character of Julea D. Alber. Soup Housk ?a meeting with reference to the ? _ U II -L ?* ? - ~ nuiDiiauniviii 01 ims necessity lor the relief of tbe destitute of our city wu held in St. Paul's Lutheran Church last night. Rev. Mr Butler was called to the chair, and Mr. A Noerr, jr., was appointed secretary. After a free interchange of opinion, it was unanimously resolved, reiving upon Providence, through an ever-ready people, at once to undeitake the work The management Is entrusted to a commit'ee of seven gentlemen, who are empowered to call to their aid such help as they need, and furnish such supplies to the needy as the generosity of the public will justify. Two bouses were offered, gratuitously, for the, purpos-s of the society. The committee will decide in a few days where to locate tbe dispensary, and will announce other regulations They feel confident of the active sympathy of the entire community in this good work. Donations of money, provisions and second-hand clothing are gf^-.lted, and may he left with Mr Fum*11. corner oi i weinn a>?a K su , or at the residence of Rev Mr. Butler, adjoining the Lutheran Church, on Eleventh ?t Cbxtbat. Guaidbourk Cars* ?The following canes were disposed of at the guard-house thl* rooming:?Win. Davis, John Barker, Jo?. Bell, Wm A Duckett, Chas Dandrldge. Julius Dandridge, Andrew Wormiey, Thos Bowie, Shadrach Nugent. George Turley, George llartshorne, Snndy Middleton, Wm Howard. Andrew Wood, and Eugene Stevenson were arretted by policemen Fanning and F.ckloff". assisted by the guardsmen of their district, for being assembled and tippling and gambling in houses in the vicinity of the old theater place. They were ttned SA.15 each. Wm W Moody, drnnk and disorderly; 15. George Kendall, vagrant; workhouse ft) day*. Cbat. Warren, disorderly conduct; ?4 |S. Dan. Riley, disorderly and profane; 92 15. Giori<ktown Mayoralty.?Our Georgetown reader# will bear In mind the prec'nct meetings In relation to the approaching mayoralty election called this evening, at the places mentioned in the advertisement in Georgetown column. In this connection, we are requested to state that Mr. Henry Addison, at th? earnest solicitation of numerous citizens, ha* consented to let his name be presented as a candidate for the mayoralty in opposition to the present municipal administration, and will abide the decision of the Convention whose members are to be cboaen In said precinct meetings Thk Commiksionkr of Public Building* The Washington correspondent of the New York Times, under date of January 25th. charges Dr. |{]tk< PnmmluUn.. D..V1I. o.-ll-li wv*i??miviiri VI I UU1IU IJlIllUlIl^i, Willi appointing as police officers. for the pro'ecllon of the Capitol, two objectionable persons. Upon inquiry we learn that the tint named of these two?"Lnm Cooper," C. C Kdelin?whatever may be bia merit* or demerit*, baa received no such appointment. The objection made to the other peraon named, on the ground of political afltnitlea and associations, whatever application it may have had in past yean, baa none at present. A Howaed Association.?We hear of tfForts among the benevolent of our citizens to establish a Howard Association for the benefit of the indigent In our intdst. It is a well known fact to those that take the pains to inquire Into the subject, that a large majority of the cases really deserving the good offices of tb? benevolent, never come to light through the ordinary mediums of charity. It is only by ferreting them out that they ever become known to those who desire to assist them A HounirH Amiw.i.h?? 1j _ _ ..?*wvi?tiwu UVIUU uu OIUCD good this winter in Washington city. Lrdim A Baboy wu to be Uken to tbe penitentiary yesterday, in accordance with the late decision of tbe Circuit Court, but when the officers were about to make the transfer from the Jail to ihe penitentiary, the Marshal received a note from the President authorising him to suspend tbe execution of the judgment of the Circuit Court until to-dsy. It is understood that efforts are betas made to obtain from tbe President a commutation of Bargy's sentenoe to one year la tbe county jail. Moosliuht Da ill ?Last night, company C, of the Washlagton Light Infantry,were oat in fatigue dress, under command of Capt. Stevens, The links were full, and their aor?a. ?? marched through our principal street! and aye' ones, attracted much attention Mn. Emn A. Poll a* d, of Vlrgiaia, dellv?r? a lecture on " The Soldier of the Croea," at Old Trinity Church, Friday night. Mr Pollard la a gentleman of well known literary abilities, and hit lecture will undoubtedly ropey attend" 0 f 4 \ i_ "Low* Mat it Wat* Yrtterday afternoon tbe rigger employed to raise the National tag upon ibe top of the Washington Monument, (accorded la perfecting his task at an Uttle danger and difficulty, and the stars and stripes now float elyfrom the summit of the structure. It will recollected that the flag Is loaned to the Monument Association by Commandant Buchanan, of the Washington Navy Yard. The difficult task or p lttlng up the flag was achieved by Mr. (1 W Fran kiln *? to d. , .... m m- aTcuuC- AIKI WCDtlBI and drtcendlng o!d rope to tbe top of the monument, it vru aacertafnrd that it had ao nearly parted, at a pMnt where it had bern ex* p^**d to the weather and to aome iron work, that a aMght jerk completely diaseyered It' Tbe flag flxau feet from tbe ground?the atone work of tbe monument being 174 feet in bight. Polick MATTtaa?Btfore J mi tie* Donn ?Tboa Humphrey waa arrested by Policeman Klopfer for atealtng a baaket of meat, the property of 9. Maai; ruled for trial at noon to-day George Humphrey waa arrested by Policeman Ginnlty upon a charge of larceny, and srnt to jail for a further hearing. Michael Cragln and Tbomaa I Rurrh ? * 1 * " ... .uicu. ?nr irrnira oy rollreinen Yeatman and Carter for an aaaault upon a passenger In their coach; ruled for a bearing at noon today David Richards waa arrested by Policeman Bright for diaorderly conduct and assaulting two females He waa fined SI 1.27. and In default of payment committed to tbe workbouae for 90 daya. BraoLABv i* Gkoroztowx.?Tbe warebouae of Mr. Darby, on Water street, waa entered by burglars laat night Tbey made an efl'ort to open tbe iron safe, wblcb failed, and tbey left behind tbem a crowbar and a chlael with wrappings around tbe bead to deaden tbe sound made by striking It Tbey also left a paper purporting to be a record of proceedings for seyeral hours tney were In the building, which contained an Intimation that they would come better prepared next time. Nothing was stolen. Diad?Kleazar Richardson, tbe unfortunate workman wha was so seriously Injured by tbe rMMint B^rlHpnt ?t ?1 1?4 1 4 ?- ?-w * ? ?nc vapt tvi| U1CU Ifl^V IIHJ I J I 31 1*2 o'clock, at hia r?aidence on N atreet, between Fifth ani Sixth. Since the accident the journeymen painters have taken him under eaperial rare, and thla morning, when notified of hla death, at once atopped work, and reaolved to attend hla funeral in a body to-morrow, at o'clock p. m. Thk u calico bali."' for the benefit of the poor comes off to-morrow night at Odd Feilowa' (tail, Seventh atreet. It would be well to secure tickets at <?nce, aa none will be aold at tbe door. The Jadiea wear cnliro dreaaes over their ball drew, which at 12 o'clock are deposited In the drening room for distribution among the needy. Criminal Court -To-day, Edward Brlaco. (colored,) charged with petit larceny, waa placed uu trial. No Indictments have yet been returned in the cases of the abstracted bonds. Firk.?The barn and stable of Mr. Jas Roach, near this city, was burned to the ground on Sunday morning Several Lav stacks were also burned. It is thought to have been the act of an incendiary.?Alex. Sentinel. To-morrow night, tbe Sabbath School connected with the M E. Church South give an exhibition and concert. A pleasant entertainment is anticipated. Circuit Court ?To-day, the court took up the case of Wm. 11. Hason agt. David L. Shoemaker, Francis L. Shoemaker, and Wm. Craig, a caae of trespass i o-nigkt, Kcv (i. ( . (iubblns delivers a lecture at Wlllards' Hall, on -'The Castle# and Monasteries of Ireland in the Middle Ages " Ocr Georgetown reader* will hear In inind the Union meeting to-morrow evening it Forrest Notic*.?The J. B Morgan who?# came appeared in yesterday'* Star, in the wstuh lton?e returns, was not J. B. Morgan, 339 K street. It Hoxi Testimony. Prom Iht Pittiburt l'*ileit Prerbyt'rian. We have tried Hostetter's Stomach Bi'ters for dyspepsia, and ran sp-ak faroraby of its effVcts, and havn no hesitation in comnnnditj them to those sufl-uing from anv detilit? of the kind. From tk'. Pitt.'hurt Pott. August ?7.ja.SS. Hostetter s Bitters ?These Bitters have obtained a wide-spread and well deserved celebrity in all parts t ( the country. They are an admiiah e remedy for a feat varietr of stomach dismasts It is suffioier.t evidence ol i>* I - . _ ? -^..wuviai V/IIOI CftC*fcCl Ml observe the immense quantities of it shipped by Messrs. I!<>stetter & Smith, the proprietors, to all points in the country. From the Pitlfbur* Gazette, Autuit 1R, 185R. Knowledge is sained by experience, ai>d,th-uch we have heretofore dealt very little iu ' rae iioal preparations, we are compiled in Justice to the inanufsotur- rs to sav that Host* t r's Stomach has been the ineaus of curing us of a revere at*aek of dyrpepsia, and has removed pain in the stomach in a very short time. For tale by druggists and dealers genera l) every where. ja29 eo3t Hollowat's Pills asd Oistmmt Dipthma.?1 n the most virulent stages of thil maugnant < i*ra?e of the throat, these medicines experienced the most saoaessful resuts ?while thi usandn succumbed to trie violence of this disorder, nnt a single dsce&so occurred am' ng those who used these remedies, thus presenting an "oasis" of prikonosi experience, im<l the de-ert of death of speculative theory. The Royal College of Surgeons awarded them tne palm of victory as the only antidote for this distemper, by introducing them into-the new edition of their pharmacalogta. In Scarlatina, Mumps, &c? they ?'? equally effir-aciour. ?o!d l>y ali Druggists, at 2i eta., 62 cU., and f I per box or pot. i.i24-lw CoUoh*.?The sudden channel cf our ciimate are o.iroee of Fu I miliary, Bnmrhinl and Afthmatie AP'ct\on<. Kxperience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certainly when taken in the early states of the disease, roooiirae srioold at oace be had to " Broken's Bronchial Troches," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Couch, or irritation of the Throat bi ever so slight, as by thia precaution a more serious attack in%> Ineffectually warded off. Puhlie Speakers and Sts*?r> will find them effectual for o:?armg aud siren* theiiin.' the voice. See advertisejneut. deliy Homeopathic Kevumw All nf I ?- II.. ~_l. ?. n. i- '? - <411 VI HiupiliOJ B a VyW. N peomc nolueopathic Remedies put up expressly for faintly use, in boxes, at 25 and .Vi oents each. Also, in oases. containing 2u rials, from $4 to 95 each, with book of full direction!. For sale by Z. D. Gilnian, 350 Pa. avenue, wltoietale and retail ae?nt; \V . A. Fitsgeratl, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of MassachunettK avenue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Kxtratt of Witck Hat el, for internal and external lud&mniations of ali kinds. Sold as above. ma 9- ly From MR. 8. W. K. H*!?dt,NO iiar PEMHsyLvaxia Avksve. Washington, D. C., Sept. 26,I860. Gmtlemn : After suffering aevfrely for three yesrs with an aggravated form of Dyptpfia, and making use of many of the popular remedies of the day. as well as th- prescriptions of some of our most eminent physicians?and all to no purpose?at the suggestion or Mr. H. H. Hazard I had reonnrse to the Qrye-nnltii Bittm with the most salutary result. Too much cannot l>e said in favor of this valuable remedv.and I hope that all wnoare afflicted with that horrible disease. Dyspepsia, will make use of this remedy at onoe _ _ ?. W. K HASDY. Prepared hy Seth W. Fowle t Co., Boatoii, and for ?10 in Washington city G. Stott, s*. B Waite Z. D. uiimau, John Sohwarxo. Nairn & Pa.mer, John Wile?, J B Moor*, and H. II. MePheraon; in Georgetown hjr R. S. T. Clas'll, and G. M. A J. Soutliron, and by druKgiata everywhere, ja 26 lwJ To THI Arn.icT*D!? Be sore to read the advertisement of MoLeao'a Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another oolumn. tf PKNNIKf. Persona desiring penniea will alwaya find them for exchange at the Star Office owuuter. tf Kkatjer, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment tn our paper. Re*' it; it will interest you. au 2D-eoljr ItlARRIlto! On th? 22d mutant, at the Second Baptitt riiurch. by th* Rev. Mr. Bon on, WILLIAM BETTS.of I altimore, to M na E. RosaNNAH NALLY.of lVukm.t?> '? f ?? " ii'ify ii, m.' v/ On the 15th instant. bv the Rev. Mr. Kemiek, JOHN WALTK.R POWERS to MARYFRANCES BKO W N, all of (jeorxetown, D. C. DIED, <>n th? morning of the JS'th instant, I. LOL'ISC., infant son of Z M. P. and Henrietta L. King The ftiner&J will take p aoe to-morrow a ternoon, !?Hh Jni uarjr, at lift f p& tSo'nlo- k,at the resioenoe of liia rather, corner Vermont avenue ai>d 1 street. Friends and ?o<|uaintances are invited to attend. WWf N DO \V 8H A OR*. ARRANTED Gold Band Window Shades Ruff, Green, and Hiue Holland Shades, all sizes, made to order. Fine, Medium, and l.ow priced I'aperhaneim* At J. MABKmi tuv No. 4"?6 Seventh at.. 8 doors above ja? eoWt Odd Fellow' Hsll. IN VIEW OF THE EXTRAORDINARY tm*encv of the times, and wishing to close out our heavy stork by spring, we will sell from this date as follows: HICKORY WOOD. 9*50; OAK, $550; PINE, RED ASH COAL, all sixes. #625; WHITE ASH COAL.all sixes. ?; CUMBERLAND, #?, I 2.240 pounds to the ton sua an tied in all oases. Sawed and Split WOOD all sises. DICKSON A KING, j*K-eo3w Yard?cor. Vermont a*, and lMh st. BAUTIFUL AND VERY CHEAP. CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE, I'he stock now on hand at the old store of CLA6BTT A DODSON of all kind* of pretty and desirable materials for Parlor, Drawing and other room Curtains is still very complete, and in view of atmtm ?rik. ?;ir k- ?' ? -?-* ' ... Mnm win irm wJiu ugut very ruinoua aaen&oe. Memhara of Congreaa and othera wbo would add to thebeauty and oomfort of their hom?a will find a great aaving and advantage to make their porohaeee here, aa the oonoerB mat he eluaedontto aet Ue with the eatate of the late deceaeed ear taer. la B-eolot CLAOETT 4 flODeON. w&mhpsrx&x&irisssi s MT*roarponey. MM* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS gg^OUTSTANDING CLAIMS. Matob's Crrici, Georgetown. O.CW Jfcnu&rv ?th 1861. \ AH persons holding any eiainn vhttwxr?r(io heretofore p-??etii?n i|WHt the Ccporttion o Jieor* rtowu for an) w>rk done, or ?ay materia urnithed.oc ?** of the street* of the i?id town ?re reqae?te<t t render to the eubeanber * state ra?nt of the unie. with the authority under wlnol *|.1 work wa? uone or mitenais furnished, on o va/ * ? inB uBrsuft* next, me 31 st mat. RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. j? 88 ?t Mayor. <YTf?OEORGKTOWN PRECINCT MEET Ljf INGS?The voter# ef Georgetown wht favor a on&nge iu the Municipal Government at th< Miming el otion, are reauetted to meet onTLES D\Y EVENING next, at tlx o'clock, fi>r the pu vote i f e ectirg delegate* to n< inmate oandidatei fbr Mayor and Council at the fo!l?wing p aoe?: Firat p ecinot, room under Odd Fellow*' Hail. Second precinot. School Houie, Weet ?tre*t, op pooite Valley ctreet Third precinct, room opposite W. H. Thecker't on Canal. Fourth pre<?int. Houne northwest oorner Market and Foerth ?U. By order. )a> it II g' B1<gH MEETING AT FOR R F.ST 1L5 HALL.?The ciUscca of Geoigetown, D. C., without diatinotion of party, who are 1a favor of perpetuating the Union by ail oonatitutioaai mean*, are invited to meet at Forreat Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, tue T?th iu?L . at 7S o'clock p. m. W. H.Tenney, Eaau Piekra!!, Peter Berry, Jaraea A. Magruder, H. M. Sw?eay. Henry Barron. William Collina, R\:n?burg k Ebert, Ihomaa Hrown. T. A. Laxenby, Joaeph Libbey. ja \1ES. JARVIS WOULD CALL THE ATtention of the ladiea to her atoek of'I RIMMINGS. Aa it 1* important that ihe ahnnId leave town in a few daya. ahe will mil her atork without regard to coat, or would aell the entire a took very cheap to anyone wishing to embark in a good baatn-aa. SARAH E. JARV1H, ja gt No 101 Bridge at., Georgetown T| A CARD. HE Following la oopied fmm aa addreaa to the people of Georgetown puhliahed in 18W: "In con r^nf,.on^ ?tat?> thattlua II the lilt tint* that I aha! 1 ever t.e a candidate for the Mayoralty, and take the opportunity to thank the rood peopie or Georgetown for their lone continued knuuets to me, personally, and for many public tokena of confidence and oonnderation. ? . _ ? , HmT Addisok. ( eorretnwn, D. C., Jannary. im " it* ^0 SiJsiH.F^s *-'RKE CLOVER SEED J" 3nn nek* G. A. SA I.T, S" druina new Smyrna FJUS. ? libla. Copper Distilled Mainoha WHISKY. ?! J}? "11*'* RefinedSlTGARS. . . NewCrnj Orleans MOLASSKS. S?? hush"ls DRIED APPLES Forenlebv ja36-31 VV. H. TKNNEV. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, lfio bhl?. did Rye WHISKY, 390 bbls. HERRING and ALEWIVR8. 10 bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS. SO bag8 Ri? *n<1 Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.t low priced) MOLASSES. For sale t>r JOHN J. BOG IE. ?? I* ASTERN FISH AND APPLES! HERRING, ALEWIYES AND MACKEREL! 400 barrels Eastport No. 1 HERRING, 3W do Boston No. 1 do 100 do Labrador No. 1 do half barrels do do 300 barrels Meremuche No. 1 ALE WIVES, 100 do St. John's do 25 tfo No.3large MACKtREL. 2S do No. 3 Mitiall bo 300 do No.2 BALDWIN APPLES. Allofwhiohae propose to close out at ?2.5t to frr Herring; S4 to $4.50 for Labrador Herring; .53.V' to .54 !or Meremuche and 44 50 for SC John nI wives; SSZSand $8 Sflf'>r aoifcll and large Mackerel, and Areles it mm? th?.t meet the views of ?nm rs.^ HARTLEY A BROTHER, 99 and 101 Water ?tre?t. ja 19 2w Georgetown, D C. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For oiktr "For Salt ani Rtnt*' *dr*rttfim*mts, Utfirtt r?i< ] OR KENT-TWO ROOMS,aoduae ofParlor, in a pleasant and healthy part cf the city, inquire at the corner of Tenth *t. a id New York avenue ja 23-tf l^OK RENT?A neat two-story brick DWEL.L* IN'G , containmr 4 rooms, kitchen, good yard, and oat tuilding, on Twelfth >treet, between 0 and P its. None hut a punctua' and reliable partr will Iw treated with. App y to EUGENE McCARTV, Grocer, Tweltth at., between 0 and P. Terms $7 per month. Ja 3-?t A VALUABLE FARM FOR WALK OR EXCHANGE FOR CI I Y PROPKRTV?Con ta'nir.g 181 acres, utuatcd 14 uiiieo from Alexandria, on the Oracgeand Alexandria Railroad, under good cultivation; timber, wa'er, fruit and aM build ings n^cereary flir a first-rate form. Inquire of G. w. HR AY, at the Jewelry Stoie, 416 Seven'h ?t, Washington. 21 Iro* Fm OR RENT?The thre?-?t?ry brick DWfcLLINtt-HOL'SE, with basement. No. 405. on E, between ?M and 3d streets, at present occupied by Dr Lew .a Jones. Possession given on the 1st of Februay. It has all the modern iinpiovements. water, gas, <kc Rent #4&<i per year. Appy to HENRY EGAN, aai Seventh *t; or W. EtJAN, r, at., (next Joor.) (Intel.) ja 18-tf \^OR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOI 8ES, r containing aix rooms, situated on Ma>s. avenue and Fifteenth street; pump of good water in the yard. jaS F| URMSHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D street. Itetween 6th and 7th sts. de 4-tf FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West St., Georgetown, at present oocu pied by the subscriber, it has 12 rooms, with gas and water throughout, a fine yard, stable fro , and is in agood neighborhood. AddIt to JAS. a.Ua. GHIDKR. " ooasYf" FOR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE,containing 8 rooin?, in good order, with ga? Sxtures complete, on R atreet. between 4th and 5th. Also, & two-etory brick COTTAGF, with large yard attached, corner of F street north an" 14th at. *axt To punctual aud reliable tenanta the terma wid be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth atreet, between G and H. no IS-tf FOR RENT--The FIRST FLOOR of the building immediately opposite the west winx of the City reoently oocupied by Chaa. S. Wa'lach an an office. Alao the front room in the seo. .nd tory and the thiru floor of the aaine btnlcing. For terms apply to KICI1ARD WALLACH, No. 4 Louisiana avenue. ia 13 tf |MPORTANT TO LADIES! I have mat received a lot of 8*hin M inir \t nrw made from skin* oaucht this sea- ^?w son. which I will srll at nearly ha f their usual price. PK*. Also, on hand.French Sable and 'Tre -"l Wat?r Mirk \1UFFb, pncsafrom Vl^M t2 5f>to83jn. HALF CAPES and VICTORIN ES of variolic kind* of Fur extremely 'ow. A few more Children! I- URS left. Muffs75oe&ti. $1 and $1.25. AIimn1 JOCKEY HATS in Beaw and F?lt, for $2 and 92 less than o<*?t. Terms ca*h B. H STINEMETZ, Hat Store '236 Penn. avenue, ja U between 12th and 13th sts. fMBRS' WIG. BRAID AND CURL MANU "I FACTORS , 24 2 Peno. avenue, ne*r the corner of Thirteenth street.?A very oomplete assortm?nt of Braids, Carls. Frisettes, Banoaaus, Ac., now on hand^sdeo, made to order at the shortest nonce. riair won rtftirtd or taken in exchange. imS SHI gCHENCK'S PULMONIC ?YRIP. Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, fend, it impoe sib e to visit Washington errry week, and has made arrangements to positively be in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He has a anitof room* tt the Avenue Home, where patients can obtain advioe free. He only cbargea when it is neoeaaary to make a thor< vii examination of Uie l.nnga with the Reapiroaintnr. 8. B. Wait* is acent for Schenck'a Pvltrionte Syrup, price 81 per Lottie, for the cure of Coutks, Isolds and Consumption; Schenok's Sea Werd Tonio, price $1 per hott:e, for Dyspepsia; Schenck'a Mandrake P.Ha, prion 2S cent* her box. for l.tver Bilious Complaints aud Constipation of the Bow e:a. Or. Seheaok would be gratefu to th:?se who have t>een cared by his remedy* if the* woo'd leave their certificate* of cnre witk S. 8. WAITK, corner Seventh ?t. ai.?1 la av *e 1<>-Sin 910.000 ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES ajid TRUNKS, O/ all Stifle* mnd QacJiliu, at a grkat aacairicK on cost. Start fer l.'cal nm/i IrV ?!? /? ??? * ? /vr u??e. All the Stock m 8. pThoOVER'8 STORE, Mil TV 'ron Hall.e nhra iai every var et? Hjtni>r l.ariiee'. tifin't', Children's andSHi ^""Servants' SHOES Alto.TKAV f|l ELINU TRI'NKSars i.ow l>ein* s?.id,/erW ML tatkM sreat imi Iom <>u usual retail seliinrisrioes. indeed ms 'ow original cott. The atteution of the putdie nailed, as f?*t inducements Will be mkd- to pt?rclia'er*. The above eoniprises a larse stoek of the finest Iua'ity French a:.d Amer oan (jvters.^hoei.,Boots, c., fto.. tor levies and gentlemen Th? Store is for rent and th? Fixtures for sale. Ai'P.j on ti s precise*. Iron Hsll. S. B.-The above stoek, either in whole or in pert, will he sold at private sale. T-> any one desirous of entering the B?>ot, >hoeand Trunk Business this affords a better opportunity than may a^ain be presented. rwioni inaeniea will oonrer a favor by promptly oafling ud settling their moodiu. ja 7 U PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTIONS ?The anderslginHJ, loi.jf wrll known to tbe__jg?. Wa-hington pnb'ic m a tetcher of ih*pSBM Piano. bets leave to state that be is pre *TTmT? pared to take scholars oa terms to snit the exiseaoie? of the tim-a Having vamaoie* in hm time jest now whioh tie is anxioes to &11 up, be will leech a few scholars, if desirabie to their parents, and take his pay in soeh merchandise as may be agreed on when they are entered with him. He la willing to make sack arrangement*, kuovim the ino<m< eaietK-e many who desire to hare their ckil dren taagUt tre Piano experience bow ib getting money Tfis method of teaehing has been huh y approved for years.and his references are heeds of the heat niaaicai families la Washington. His terms are exoeedisgly moderate Or * Mrtiw&i, w*mm I r THE LATEST M^WtT" ^ i TKI.Ran a P o i n _ M M ? u mm u M ?J 1 V t r*?r Day* Ltur (rta K?r*p?. [ >?w Yona, Jan *iB ?The cteamer Ltoa. from Liverpool on the 1Mb tnatant, arrived ben tba ' afternoon at 5 clock i Tbe Ltna bring* f 1.500.000 tn ?pen* r Tbe Court of Queen ? Bench, of England. baa laa ed a writ of corr*t In tbe caae of An dcraon, the fugitive ilan at Toronto. Canada, claimed aa a fugitive from juatlee Chief Juatlee - Cock">urn aaid the Court had j'iriadtetlon. An > deraon being regarded aa a British aabjnct Tbe ahlpa Grace Gordon and Marmten. fer Liverpool. bat been abandoned at aea Tbe crewa , were saved The P?rl? Monlteur announces the of tlx French squadron from Gaeta The French Legislature haa been summoned to meet on the 4th of February Count Psrslgnv hai ordered that alt foreign i journals shnll hue* free circulation throughout the French Empire. Hostilities have been suspended at ftaeta The Russian Government haa protested against the warlike projx-U atlrlbxte-l to tbe Gorman Government relative to the dmi^na of Praaaia < D-r mark Couat Moatcmoltn and wife are deod. It la reported that a CongrsM of tbe Great Powers Is to meet st Parla to settle the Italian question It Is rumored that the Bank of France eon tern plates a suspension of sp*cle payments Prince Carijmaa had arrived at Nsplsa and was It la atated In the Engliab pa peri that arveral rifled cannon had beon ahipped at Liverpool for Charleston Mr. Llacali'i Df^artarr for WaiklBftaa ^ra'seriKLD. Jan *7 ? It ta now positively settled that Mr Lincoln will depart for waatlnjton on tbe lltb of February He will go hence via Lafayette to Indianapolis. where be will receive tbe hospitalities of tbe Indiana l/?f(la!atur?; thence be will proceed, probably, by way of Cincinnati to Columbtia, Cleveland. Buffalo and Albany. From Albany be intend* to make for H*rrlaburg direct, thence to Baltimore and the Federal Capitol; but a tour to New York and Philadelphia la not impoaalble Arrangement* for ?-i?i j, ??- ? . . i ?j-v\ ?? ? ?i?m* MAI 'Of iv through ar? making. No military eerort will be accepted The entire jonrnev la expected to be made tnatde often daya' Tbe Preeidential family Will atart a few daya after Mr. Ltncoln'a departure, under the protection of aome fHenda ao aa to reach Waatiington aimnltaneoualy with bim Place aeekera will conault their own nw?-?t? by abatainlnjf henceforth from both per?.<nal and eplatolary applicatlona for ottcea Tbe President elect deairea the utmoat privacy during tbe re ntainder of hia atay Getrgia laareatita. Millkdgbvillc, Jan 2>-?An or finance adopt ed on Saturday, abollahlng the Federal Conrta waa reconaldered and recommitted, for tbe pur poae of itiakins? an Amirait? r?ift Commissioners were ordered to be appelated to tbe Plsvebolding states Tbe delegates of Georgia to tbe Montgomery Convention were Instructed to make a Provisional Government on tbe bar la of tbe Federal Const: tution. The ordinance continuing the eiisteoce revenue laws was lost, snd an ordinance substantially tbe same ss that paased bv tbe Sooth Caroltr.s Convention vru adopted after a long and animated debate Ares 130, nsys 113 Tbe Indications are that the Convention w:U not adjourn antll to morrow The Mississippi Commissioners were received here to-dsy. Tslltlcal .Me?ting in Richmond. Richmosd. Jan 20 ?The recent proceedings at Fortress Monroe by the Federal forces there, bsve embittered the public foeiing here At the DtMt uui ai|ui, mc 101 lowing pream DIP and reaolutlo'ja were adopted \\ hereaa. tbe Legialatore of tkia State baa for mallv declared that any act of coercton againat a Southern State will be regarded by Virginia a* an act of war, and will be reeiated with *11 our mean* and power: therefore? Bt it resoirerf, That tbe attention of the Legit lature be hereby called to the fa<-t that an overt act of coercton'ie now actually being perpetrated at Fortreaa Monroe. Ytrgtnln Leflilatirr Rk umowt , Jan 2-?The Senate aaa adopted a resolution looking to increeaed taxation to meet the appropriation* of the present aeeaion. Gov Letcher communicated to-day tbe letter of Governor Hick*, announcing tbe readineaaof Maryland to reapoud to tbe appointment of Coaimiaoionera to meet at Waahlngton on tbe 4th of February (ioT. Hick* conclude# aa loliowa ? I am rejoiced that Virginia hat made thia move, and truat will be met la a corresponding apirit bv other Mates If ao. we may anticipate tbe beet conae ?ueocea from the patriotic action of Virglala " t waa ordered to be printed North Carol iaa LffWatirf Raleigh. Jan ?The S>eniir to-day wuen geged on private b; 11a The Hoiik rouidrrrd the Senate'! convention bill. Several amendment! were adopted, but no vote was taken on ita passage It come* up at 10 a m to-morrow. A case of the smsll-poi occurred Id tbla to day. atul there la tome talk of removing the location ortbe Lei(1alature or of adjourning abortly to the lat of March. The leading opinion ia, however, that it la beat to await further developmenta of the disease. Fraa Mexico Niw OiLum. Jan 'He?Advices from Vera Cruz to tbe&id Inatant bring intelligence from the Capitol to tbe 19th lnat. The Constitutional Government was in full operation Passports bad been aent to tbe Spanlah Minlater and the Papal Nuncio to Charge d'Affaira from Guatemala and Kq u ad or There waa conaiderable excitement among tbe Spanish residents in consequeac* of this step. The American Legation had removed in li 1 W ntCAICV. The National Congress had been called to owft at the Capitol on the 3d Tuesday In April I'bIob Meeting la Portland. Ma. Poktlaud, Jan ?7 ?An lmmenae Union marline wa? hrid here last night, J odge Shepiey presiding. Speeches were made by the leading members of all parties Resolutions were adopted farorng the repeal of the Personal Liberty bill, denying the right of ut State to aecede, atxting that the duty of the Government la to protect the public property, that forcible opposition, of Constitutional lawa la criminal and will meet aur real stance, and that Maine will aid In the enforcement of the revenus laws, though in favor of Just compromise ('eacilatery Legislative af Pesssrlruia HAKEissena, Jan. ft ?Both Hooass of the State I<*ui?iatnre are enrarrd rauf<i*ria? a for appointing Coinmlaatonera to meet tbe VlrrlnlaiotiunMonm at Wuhlnfton on the 4th of February Id the Senile i bill bad been Introduced authorizing aulta againat cittea mad coon tlea where fugitl ve alavea are reacued. the clMea to recover from the ladividaala, who alao are made liable to a heavy floe and imprteoament Tbe Select Committee to whom It waa referred have agreed to report it to-morrow Leaialama Legtaiatare. Baton Rocse. Jan. >?In tbe Houae of Rep reeeautives to-day a reaolut on to mat met tbe Senator* and reqneet tbe Repreeeatatl vea of tbe State to vacate their testa in Congreaa and nil return home waa offered, and, after much dlacuaaiou, waa adapted. In the Senate, reaolationa la favor of tbe right of aereaaion, and declaring any attempt to coerre a aiater Southern State would be regarded by Louiaiana aa a hoatile act, were paaaed I* porta at Aaalfaaeat. ttv 1 ab>a i? ^ * " * ? ? #aii. ?r.? A UPTitl QIipiKO IT#CV) Indepradence to the Ropuoiicaa mm. tor tbe wr-k put Mraart Waddell Major*. Joom, and otbm. rfprnfntit! th *f tbelr different ftrma, have b?*en here making an adjuatr. -at of tbelr atTilra. which haa reeulw d la tbe aaaignmeai to M?ri Ferrla, Kwlng. Street and Altoa. At Loula, tor the purpose of aarorlng hone creditor* and endoraera Aaaeta available and otberwlee arnouat toSl.500.UBO; llabllltlea naknowa Mr. M J on haa given up eras hla bouaehetd furniture The Appalatmebl mt Oeaerel CamtM HABBiiBDaa. Jan r.?Mr P. Faatoll, one of the Committee from tbe Republican Club at Phlldelpbla, to Hprlngleld. baa returned to Ikla pi act Ha aaya that (ha appointment of General fttmen Cameron aa decretory of the Traaaury la certain Tbe op?oeition to hla appointment, he atotoa, waa < < uiiuna to very muu circle li tbta tale, It beta* principally froan tbe free trader* ef NewYork. ] TirgtBta UiMattoa Wnnw, Jan. *6 ?A large aad aatbaatae'<; nwKtg of tbe frleoda of tbe Uatoa waa be Id brre to-day. wbea Hoa. Mr Clemeua made a lea thy and eloqoeat apeecb, after wbicb be waa ao?r< nated hr acclamat oa for a delegate te tbe Mate Convention Reatg aatiea of a Federal Jadfe Nrw Jaa # ?Judge Mccalad. of tbe t' attad tMate* Pletrlet Cacn,bai r|M?Eao4 la Butiiari Marnu U., I? M II and Okie bold at *3 3; a derim* of 1?c WkMt arttvc but arm; n* llJ il M, wfciw Sl.'.tei ? Corn steady reUow?l??8 whil* W?7Ur. Provia ?om Inn, mm pork*16* C?rd mk Co#c* atoody at U*altf*e Wbioky ?m at We. f% i?

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