Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1861 Page 3
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? ? I OC A L IS F W s7~ 1^7" Though Th? U printed on the teste* itnm ptim tn ok aooth of Balttnorfe, 1U edition an arje as 10 require It to be put to press at an early boar; Advertisements, therefore, should be ?ut in before It o'clock m.; otherwise they may mot appear until tbe next day. Notic*.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted In tbe Bumott Sr a are received at and forwarded from Tax ?tax Office. Mbktihg or Woexixeass in Albxa"<d*ia ? Dussi**i?li Attempt to Break up the Meeting, but rton't Succeed ? Union Sp*?ckti and Union Re>?lut ions adopted ?On Monday night tbe working on en and mechanics of Alexandria held an enthusi aatlc VnThii meeting In Liberty Hall. A H Deviughn presided as chairman, and Geo T. VV art eld was appointed aecrstary Mr W. 0 Maseey then addressed tbe meeting. He would not suffer tbe rtgbta of Virginia to be Infringed upon. But tbe Federal Government bad not Insulted Vlrginls yet. VlrgApta bad a I mstto. bat lh? fl?v af the t'nlnn m> did not endorse the Chicago platform, and urged the impossibility of patting an amendment to the Constitution Interfering with slavery la a State He condemned tbe hasty action of South Carolina as a preconcerted plan to precipitate the cotton States Into a revolution. He arged Virginia to remain in tbe Union, aa all the evils of dissolution would fall on the border States, and there was y?-t land enough for 40,000,000 negroes He did not believe that there was an organisation In existence to prevent the inauguration of Mr. Lincoin. At the close of his speech resolutions were adopted approving tbe course of the Legislature ia referring tbe question of secession to tbe people. Mr. J T Johnson ottered a substitute, which Was oppcs^d by the crowd amid great excitement. Mr Johnson leaped upon tbe stage, followed by tbe crowd, displacing the chairman,secretary, rep^iter*. Ac. I XV. I * t -i ? ? ?>.- --??J - v?on w UIQ Viunu (V p(caci Tc order. Mr. Latbamaaid itwas thefkult of the chairman. M r Devaughu responded wltb much bitterneaa, but tbe voices of both mta waa aoon drowned In the tumult. After a arene of tbe wildest confualon. Mr. Johnson commenced reeding hit resolution, aa follows: R'salved, That we heartily approve and endorse tbe action of South Carolina, Florida. Alabama, Mlsafaaippl, Georgia, and Loulalana. in withdrawing tbe powers delegated by them 1n the formation of a Federal Government, and in reauming tbe same in their sovereignty, we pledge ourselves to stand by and defend them against tbe encroachment of a hostile Northern foe or traitors at home Tbe uproar then broke out again with redoubled intenalty, while a few engage! in a discussion a la H?enan and Savers A ?UV * a m? ^uiv?iu^ ?uc , wim music oy iuc dsito? Mr Funsten attempted to speak, but was hissed down. The qneatlon was then put upon Mr Johnson's resolution, which was tabled amid groans, hisses, and applause The chairman then put the vote upon the previous resolutions, and declared them adopted, upon which the noise broke out fiercer than ever. Everybody joined in shouting, cheering,hisslne, and groaning; which, as a matter of course, led to a free fight, and all hands pitched in promiscuously. Several persons were bruised and Injured, but none verv serious. After the fmm was over, the meeting was adjourned, with cheers for the Union and groans for sfouth Caroiiua. Miss C h a rlottk Ccshmait.?By the followlng, wtuca we clip from a Philadelphia paper, It will be seen that Manager Glenn, In pursuance of bis m!em of energetic catering for the entertainment of our community. has made an engagement with Miss Charlotte Cuahman to appear shortly in this city: 14 A profound intereat attaches to the performances at present taking place at W'heatley k Clarke's Arch Street Theater, not only from the fact that the greatest actress of the day holds possession of its boards, but the additional reason that these will be the last night* that Mias Irishman will appear In this city. Her present engagement will most positively close in this city on the evening of February 2d, wben she will take a final and irrevocable farewell of the Philadelphia stage She appears in Baltimore on Monday, F?ruary 4th, and after only six nights follows at Washington, on February lltb; thence u> \ rw i of*, wneff sbe commences ber farewell engagement on February IStb. and follows at Boston, where she will play ber final engagement tn America <?he will then sail for England, where she baa resided for some years, and will, no doubt, shortly retire forever from tbe histrionic stage, whlcb she has so nobly contributed to elevate and adorn " To Rkpkl Isvasio* ?The Select Committee, If there Is danger ahead, will report, and Congress will pass tbe following bill to repel Invasion : Be it enacted by Ik* Senate and House of Representative? of the United States, is Congress assembled. That It shall be lawful for tbe President of tbe United States, whenever and as often as in his opinion it shall become necessary to call forth Ina mMUl* /vf .11 -v- t'-'" -> u uiiiiua VI ait ??I any Ui luc ClalHUI lue UUIITU States, or to accept the service* of volunteer* to such extent as may be required to protect and defend the forts, magazine*, arsenal*, dork yard*, navy yard*, public building* and other property of the United State* which ha* been or maybe uulawfully seized or taken possession of by any combination of persons whatsoever; and the provisions of an act authorizing the employment of land and naval forces of the United states, in cases of insurrections, approved March 3, lfc07, ar.d all existing laws and regulations relating to the actual service of the mtlltia of the United , States, shall be applicable to the employment of ^ the same, under the provisions of this act. M ?* Rksolctioxs 121 Favor or Compkoxisi Passsd j,j| thk Milwaukie Excursionists ?The dele ;jg?tioii of bualurts men from tbe Milwauktt? e*Cpr?;oo!tU to Philadelphia, having In their tour mMphrmced Washington city, met at Wiliard'a -*imote\ Monday night and adopted tbe following preamble and resolution: 2* Whereaa, aince eur visit to this city we have . | been sensibly Impressed than ever before of the impending crisis iu tbe affairs of our country, and lovers of onr Government and friends of tbe Union, and without claiming more than a proper 1 decree of patriotism. be It therefore R*iolttd, That we owe a higher allegiance to oar country than to any mere party platform; and while we represent diMbe political parties which ?. took part in the late Presidential contest aud a larite majority of us were tha supporters of tbe succetaful candidate, we earnestly invoke tbe Senators and Representativra in Congress from tbe State of W tsconsln. to sink at this time partizau prejudice for tbe sake of tbe Union. ?. ? DriL ?Aa affair of honor took place a ear the Pennsylvania and Delaware line* yesterday morning, the result of a personal difficulty which occurred at the Capitol, in tb!s/ tty. on Friday last . The principal parties to the affair were Dr J.J. ? Jones, of New Orleans, and Mr. Wllaon, of Tennessee, an officer, we learn, in the L'. S. revenue service. Tto? d'ffi :ulty grew cut of iffenstse remarks from Wilson to Jones concerning tbe Douglas party Jones was secretary of the Central Douglas Committee during the i^te campaign, and s warm friend of the Judge, and resented the remark by a slap ia the face. Wilson immediately sent a challenge, which was accepted, sand the parties left Washington Monday morning f/Ytiey fought with pi-tola at ten paces, Wilson "receiving a severe wound In ths hip, and Dr. Joaes being uninjured. tp folic* Matteis?Effort Justice Dm*.?Yeamg terdy aftrraooo, the following cum for further M hc*rtnt( were diapoaed of: M Craban and Tho? Burk, who were charged with aaa^ult ou f. J. Mellenry, were called. Hark wia acquitted, and C rah an waa held to bail **>r 'ourt la tue turn of 93U0. aud waa also fined 9t for profanity. ,7 Tboa Humphrey, for stealing a baaket of pro * visloaa belonging to 9. Masl, waa fully committed i to j\ll for court Michael L>lt?*niore waa arretted by policeman lilll f >r an aaaault and battery on a woman named Kitty Collina, and waa held to ball for coritt In SJOU He waa alao accused of selling Liquor without license, which case waa ruled for trial. AaaivaL or Light Aitillirt ?at9 o'clock last nlirht.OMnmn*I. livht artillerv. numbering Mi men, arrived in Washing too by a special train from Baltimore They are o?e of the companies which lately arrived at Fort McHenry from Fort Leavenworth, and bring with them a battery of four guns They are commanded by Lieut. Fry. The company proceeded/ up Pa. avenue to the quarters which have been prepared for them neur the War Department, in tbe bouse of Dr. Lawson, lately occupied by Mrs Smith as a select boardlax school, and next door to tbe residence of Hon. Jacob Thompson, late Secretary of the Interior. ftixtiacz or Btut Coxmctid ?Tbe President yesterday commuted tbe sentence of Ludlin A. Bargy to oue year s imprisonment in uw jail It will oe recollected Ibil tinny wu sentenced to two years tn the peaitenttary for obtaining money ef Bei-jtmin Chambers, K?q , under false pre teacrs The amount thus obialned be baa refunded ?? Chambers He has been in jail seven inootba, i. a .d tbe whole term of imprison stent, as modified iujb f tbe commutation. will be nineteen months. JLBtiaL-.m Uj*bbb.? Lsst nlKht. policeman -gflfcrlgbt, of the Seveaib Ward, sr rested 8a ad ford iiUer upon a charge of stealiag certain lapber, tte property of Michael Dartoy. Be waa taken t fore J a*tire Donn. who committed him fbr trial at the cr.mlaal court IfMBU Tmidaf.?No. CI. Cfcaa. McMickm Perln et al , apprilanta, agt Freeman G Ortv ?,\ T?* ?r*eiw??l or thla cauM m ? i ontfBiMd by Mr Hea4tfigtoa for the tppdiuM, r :dkf Mr Ta/t ft (57appellee Ad)oer?e4 . i T?? 4? f*.j ^ ?? -t ij ' * I ?ti*m Fill Emucti ?An effort wm made by Alderman Price, laat Monday nght, to get from the secretary's table a bill for establishment of a paid lire department, and the purchase of one or more steam fire engines for the city of Washington, but tbe attempt wasa failure. Several members opposed the idea of making any change In th# * Aw avitar*-? n*HI succeed In obtaining from CongreM a surrender of the property of the Ooverament !n shape of engine-houses, apparatus, etc , to the city As constituted at present our fire department is Independent of the city authorities, and cannot be meddled with until the transfer now sought for by the City Councils shall have been made. Mr. , 9?numea stated that a prominent member of the fire department told him since the late destructive fire on Pennsylvania avenue, that bad he been in posscss'on of twenty five feet of additional hose, ne could have prevented the deatrnctlon of $50,000 worth of property at the late fire. Mr. Donofco stated that within the past year some SfeOO bad been appropriated by the City Councils for the purchase cf hose for the several fire companies. Mr. ftemmes said he was aware of that fact, but that not one penny of tbooe appropriations bad been executed; consequently the Bra companies were destitute of adequate hoae for the extln gunnmenioi ore*. fc Alderman Price bat striven with much perseverance to effect & better condition of things with reference to our lire department since bs bas been in the City Councils, but thus far his efforts have been unavailing. Th* Volcstuss, Last Nioht ?The appearslice of nambers of the Washington Rifles on their way to the Columbian Armory, and their apparent Ignorance of the ptirpoee for which they were called out, taken In connection with the meeting of Company A, of the Light Infantry battalion, at the company's armory, on Seventh street, excited considerable curiosity last night. " Something Is out," was a common remark on the avenue. Nothing turned up. however, of a staitlins nature, and it seems that the RI flea were only ordered out for Inspection and drill, In full uniform. They responded generally to the order, and as a mult of tbelr promptness received an addition of twelve or fifteen members to their corps. Tbe meeting of the Light Infantry was for the purpose of ascertaining bow many overcoata were lost by the destruction of their armory on the avenue, near Four-and-a-half street, some weeks ago, with a view to their being replaced Immediately. Thkatkr ?To-night we are to have a specimen of Mr Sotbern's admitted unrivalled abilities as an eccentric comedtan He appears in his original character of Lord Dundreary, In tbe comedy of ' Our American Cousin," In wblch he has appeared we don't know how many hundred times In various parts of the country. The part of l.ord Dundreary, as originally written, was a trivial sketch; bqtby the genius of Sotberu it was made what It now is?the great individuality of the play. We bear that the new comedy "Our American Cousin at Home" is a?on to be brought out at our theater in great style, with a moving panorama of the Hudson river, a skating scene, and other novel and costly features of stage effect. The engagement of Mr Sothern Is something to be made much of by theater-goers, and those who fail to see him will must assuredly regret it. ISDtCTStENTS IH THE CaSFS OF BaILEY, itrs?KLL and Floyd ?The Grand Jury have found true bills against Goddard Bailey, Wm. H Rusaell, and John B Floyd, as follows:? Three cases against Bailev for larceny in abstracting the bonds entrusted to his custody. One joint Indictment against Bailey and Wm H Russell, for abstracting the mtssing bonds; three indictments against Russell for receiving the stolen bonds: and one joint ludtctment against Goddard Bailey, Wm H Russell, and John B. Floyd, for conspiracy together to defraud the United States Government. Thi Oath.?The following la the nature of the oath which the militia of the ?lstrictare required to take, under the act proposed by Hon. Mr. Stanton, of Ohio. 4' 1 [A B] do solemnly swear [or affirm, as the case may be] that I bear true and faithful allegiance to the t utted States of Amprica. and that I will aerve them honestly and faithfully against their enemies and opposers whosoever, and tbatl will observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the rules and articles of war ." Akothkk Union Company.?A meeting of citizens of the Second Ward was held at Temper -CX.11 1 a -I-U* ? At - - autc nau last niguv, iur iac purpose OI ioriuing I company to be attached to tbe Union Regiment lately started under the auspieea of Capt Carrington. The officers elected are as follows ?Captain; J H Dubant; First Lieutenant, 8. Kelly; Second do , Lemuel King; Third do , Jeremiah Hurley. A committee was appointed to report a constitution. Circuit Court ?To-day, tbe court took up the case of Horace S. Johnson vs. Hon Thomas F. s Bowie, in which action was brought for the recovery of the face of a promissory note of hand for SI.000. The defendant stated that he bad no knowledge of ever having signed tbe note in question Tbe note was made payable to John Cimpbell, and by him endorsed to the plaintiff in tbe case. Tbe case was non-proosed. Central Gi:ardhou*e Ca?e? ?James, alias John Henry, was arrested by Lieut Thomas for stealing a pair of hip boot* valued at ?(j tbe property of Mr. Cohen, shoe dealer He was committed to jail for court. John Bennett and Mary .>i yers were pui at tae bar to answer the charge of vagrancy, which being fully proven, they wmeach committed to the workhouae for 60 daya. Okdxblt Sebokamt or Company A, L'mon Rboimknt ? Upon the recommendation of Gen C irfi?g?on, Mr Joa Murphy waa elected unanimoualy, Orderlv Sergeant of company A, Union Regiment, of YVashTugtoa. Mr. Murphy saw rervice in the Mexican war, and ia well qualified for the duties of hia reaponaible office. Dr. Joa Howard waa elected Surgeon of aald company. Snowballing.?A little boy In the Northern Liberties yesterday threwsnowballs in the atreet, and a German arretted him and attempted to take him to the watch-house, when bit little companion* rallied round him and rescued him. Shortly afterward the boy'a father met the German and udralnistered corporeal chaatiaement to hlin. Tax Xiw Yoax Dklxsation of Shippers and MerchanU arrived in thla city by (i p. m train from Baltimore and proceeded directly to their quarter* at Wlllarda* Hotel, ai aoon as they had supped, they proceeded In a body to pay their respects to the President of the United States. The Committee numbers twenty-six members. Ow or Commission.?The commission of W. Cooper, as a justice of the peace, having expired, the-dut es of the tenth police district, performed by him, will be performed by hi* associate police magistrates for a few days, until bis nomination is confirmed by the Seuate and bts commission renewed. The Bordb* CoNrasTio.i.?The Messrs. Wlllard bare tendered, through ex-President Tyler, of Virginia, tbe use of their splendid concert hall counected with their hotel for the meetings of ibe border State convention to assemble in this city on Monday next. At Odd Fellows' Hall. tt*renth street, tonight, a select calico ball will be given for tbe benefit of the poor. We have maay needy amoag us, aud we would commend tbls novel entertainment to the favorable consideration of onr clti mm*m. Pbofamty.?Emma Burgeaa wu arretted by Policeman J. A. Gill, Seveuth Ward, for Profanity in the atreeta, Id connection with a tight between her and another female. She waa taken before Juatlce Doan, and ordered to pay a fine of S3 5H. caiitinal Coebt?Today, the court took up the caae of tb? United Statea ajt John Pela, ln which the defendant waa charged with receiving stolen gooda The caae waa pending when our report rloaed. - n 'aim fob thb Ubion Regiment?Gea. E. C. C'arrlugton. commander of Company A, Union Regiment, Uaa received the order from the Government supplying hla company with arma. Fobt Wasmijioton.?We leern from good authority that two gu*a havr bren planted at Port u uainiioo, oeariug inuna, opontM only points by whicu it is assailable ?-Aiim. S*ntt?*l Tbi 8aibatk School connected with the M. E Church Sooth, give a concert at their church to-atght. Mm Edwakd A. Pollabd. of Va., lectures at the Old Trlulty Church, Friday night. Subject: The Soldier of the Croaa." . CoMPixi C, National Guard Battalion, ara maktngjcreat preparations for their ball, to cone off ?kl February. Paov. Albxamdkb give* his second lecture on Solar Eclipses, at the Mnitbsonian . tonight Lee uirv vn (^jimdcucb m\ a quarter os eigui. . HOLLOWAT'S PILU UU QjMmKNT.** 1 cl" Paruim dMiriu MiSlffwfl] tlwftra Da? tlLm + - ~ _"iv ^aLi' r?r ? v 'IWI1 w f P|il> r "* t'w Covaaa.?Tka sadden ohangea of our olimata ara aouroea of Pnimomarf^ Bronchial and AstKmnttt Jf'ctio**. Kxperienoe having froved that umpi* remodiM of tea aot prtf?dily and OOrtamlr when takrn in the < ariy atr.te? of the dtsnaae, reooarM ahould at onoe be bad to * flroirx's BrontktiU Trocktt. or Losengea, the Cola, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat o? ever ao alight, aa by this preoaa(i>>> a mora aeriona attack may be effV>o?aa;l j warded on. Public Speakers end Sinrrrt wi'l find them etf *c;ual foboleanax aad ?trent tfc*uin< the voice. 8m advertisement. del-ly Homkopathic Rsv.imm All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s sproifo Homeopathic* Remedies put up expressly for Tacitly use, ta boxes, at 25 and .V) cents each. Also, in oases, containing a) vials, from 91 to 9a each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Oilman. 350 Pa. avense. wholesale and retail arent: W. A. FiUreraRl. 3.?3 north F street; also bfrT. B. Winter, corner of Massachcsetts avenue and Sixth street. Also, PoiuPt Extract of Witck /????/, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9- ly Faox Ma. 8. W. K Handy, No 92T Pknnstlvamia a vl.lct. Wa?hiH6tos, D. C., Sept. 86, MRn. OentUmm After nurturing severely for three years with an aggravated form of Dyrreyiia, a?d making use of many of the popular remedins of the well as th* prescriptions of aom* of nnr moat em inert phraiciaus?and all to no purpoae? at the suggestion of Mr. H. H. Hazard I had reoonrae to the Urnmatrd Bitten with the moat salntarr result, 'loo muoh canijoi l>? raid m favor of this valuable remedy, and I hope that all who are afflicted with that horrible disease. Dyspepsia, will make use of this remedy at onoo. 8. W. K. Hasbt. Prepared br fteth W. Fowls k. Co., Boston, and for sale in Washington oity G. Stott, 9. B. Waite Z. D. Oilman. John Sohwarse. Nairn * Pa.mer, John Wiley, j B. Moore, and H. H. MoPherson; in Georgetown by R. 3 T. Cias-Tl, and G. M. A J. Southron, and by drvggists everywhere. Ja 36 1 w j Rkadsk, havo^ou seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Rea/ it; it will interest you. au 30-eoly DIED, On the morning of the 30th instant. at 6 o'clock, in the 3th year of his u?, JAMES MITCHELL, Jr., son of Capt James and Ma-caret Mitchell. His funeral will take p ace at ui* residetoe of bia father, on Bridge at., Georgetown, D. C.. to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon, at 4 o'clook. The relatives and f iends of the family are respeotfu'Iy in vited to a tsnd. (Intei ) ja30 2t* At the Infirmary, on rhe 30th I "start, alter a lone and painful illnera, JOHN M. STEWART. His friends are requested te attend his funeral, to-morrow (Thursday,) the 31st. at 1 o'clock, from WASHINGTON ft AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take notica, aa it will be to their interest to do ao, that W. H. READS COMPOUND SYKliP Of MVERWOR1' for Cougk.', Coldi, Hoarfrnets, Croup and oth*r affections of the throat and cheat, and alao hi* SORB THKOAT PoWDKR. are two of the most infallible remedies of the day, and no family should be without them; and besides, tt.e r are ao cheap as to be within the reach of all. mr _ j ? * ? . * v? e uo n->i expect strangers 10 oenev* what we write in regard to our own ir edicines, consequently we refer ynu to the following well known gentlemen'* certificates, which can be se-n at the rug tore* where the article* are for sale; the* *ay the* are the beat Cough and More Throat Medicines they have ever known: Rev. Jas H. Brown. Pev. George Hildt. Rev. Sam'l A. Wilson, Rev. Win. A. Hicks, Rev. Wm. A. 9niv*!y, Rev JohnFolev, Re*. Ja* 8- Mc Murray,-Rev. Wm. R. 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Heia willing to make euoh arrangement*, knowin* the iriont enien^e many who iMn to have their chil dren taught the Piano<experienoe now in getting money. IMu method oT teaching has been huh y approved for y.eara.and hia refereuoea are head a, of thf beat muaioal familiei in Waahington. Via terma are exoeedingly moderate. aisnffv&J Jas-lm or ?Ialy at MetaerotPi. UprriUKKV. I-KTTY OFKICER8, AND 8*a men who were on board <tt any U.S. hi pa at thf aapture of any ala*er c&nJMTe their olaiinafor Boanly and Head Money promptly att?>u<l-4 tofby afpTymg to or addraumg G. P. WAI-LACJh, Waanm^top,..... i 4??r nw+%v?oH el^. $ / s.-.. M*.*.... -a, ? I GEORGETOWN. | Corrwfondenrs / Th* Star Okomitowr, January 90. 1*61. The precinct meeting*of thoee voter* who faror A change in the municipal government at the coming election, were held laat evening. That in the first precinct waa fully attended and wv> T. A. Lazenby, \V. H. Kuftx, II B. Waller, Jenkin Thomas, and Jos. F. B irch, wet? elected delegates to the nominating convention. AtTbe meeting In the aecond precinct there wwa fit* attendance, and Me?n J T. Ban?*. " w Behrer, A. D. Baker, V A. Kinp. and Walter Goder, were flrrted drl<titei In the tblrd precinct the meeting was organized, but In coetttjueoce of the *lim attendance (there being oaty Lfieen or twenty preaeat) tbey adjourned to meet at the.Town Houae oa Thursday evening next, for the purpoae of electing delegatea. In the fourth precinct Meaara B Magraw, L. Clement*, Jesaf Lipscomb. Richard Trunnel. and Jacob Staub, were elected It la underatood, we believe, that the convention will meet at the realdence or Mr John T Bang*, on Thursday evening next, after delegate* shall kave been elected from the third precinct. This convention n<vnlnatea a candidate for Mayor and candidates for the Cltv Council*, and none of the delegatea ao far elected have been inatructed, we believe. Considerable feeling Is manifested, however, among the friends, of the various aspirant* for the mayoralty, and the content Will nrnhnhlir K? ? ~? The name of Forrest Hall will have to be changed to Military Hall. Dally and nightly drill* are in progress there, and laat night no less than three companies were in the building at once. In the large exhibition hall the Potomac Light Infantry, Captain McKenney. went through the various movements of the Hardle drill in a style which elicited the admiration of the large number of spectators present. On the lower floor. Com)?any B, Anderson Rifles, Capt. Jones, and in the third story the Scott Rifles, Capt. Berry, were perfecting themselves In the manual. Apropos of military affairs, we may mention that the Georgetown Mounted Guard, Capt 9taart, now numbers over eighty men; that Company A, Anderson Rifles, Captain Redler, numbers about one hundred; and that the Home uiurua, i*pi. uoaaard, are making satisfactory progress. We have been requested to state that Mr Etberidge, of Tenn., Senator Saulsbury, of l>el , and that staunch Union democrat, Andrew Johnson, of Tenn , have been Invited to address the Union meeting here this evening at Forrest Hall, and are expected to attend. Esputa's Band has been engaged, and will no doubt give us the inspiring strains of the "Star Spangled Banner," "Hall Columbia," and perhaps even the despised "Yankee Doodle," so lately grown unpopular "away down south in Dixie." The telegraphic dispatch in the Baltimore Sun of this morning, giving such a circumstantial account of a forgery on the Bank of Commerce, la Itself a forgery, or rather a fabrication, there being not the slightest foundation for such a report. It Is manufactured out of "whole cloth " The lender or the dispatch alluded to waa terribly ' old." GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS -J^=? OUTSTA ND1NG PL AIMS. Mayor's Orric*, Georgetown. D. C,( January 26t h. 1861. < All persona holding any claim* whatsoever (net heretofore presented) against the Corporation of Georgetown for anr work done, or any materials furnished, on any <ff the streets of the raid town, are requested t . render to the subscriber a state met ol the same, with the authority under which gat<1 work was done or materials furnished, on or before Tnursdajr next, the Slat met. RICHARD K. CRAWFORD. ja 28 <t . Mayor. Y3=?UNION MEETING AT FORREST Ijf HAUL.?The oitizei.a of Geo.getown, D. C . without distinction >.i n?r?? ?K.? f _ rwi rj I w II V BIO IU IBYUr of perpetuating the I'ni' n by ail ooontitutiocal means. are invited to meet at Forrnft Hall on WFDNK8DAY KVt.NIM, next, tu 3>th in*t. , at 7}* o'clock p. m. W. H.Tenney, Esau Pickrell, Peter Berry, James A. Magruder, H. M. Sw?eny. Henry Barron, William Collins, Raiiubur* A. Kbert, Tliomas Brown, T. A. Lazenbi, Joseph Libbey. ja 26-4t fy^=?MAYOR'S OFF ICE. Gioegitow*. DC., t * Jaaaary 2Sih, 1861. t For sale. at auction, on the premit-e*. to the hixhest bidder. f'ir oasli. on VV EDNKSDAY next, at 13 o'clock m , a l that portion of the Street Manure deposited m the rear ol the watoh-house; the said manure to be removed wuhin thirty day* from ths day of sale. RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. Mayor, ja?8,MA\V3t T. DOWLl Xli. Auot. Mrs*, jarvis would call the atlantion of tha ladies to h?r stock of 1 RIMMINOS. An it is important that (lie should l?-av? town in a few days. she will sell her stock without regard to cost, or would aril the entire stock very cheap to anjone wirhing to embark in a rooi hu.-inss. SARAH E. JARVIS, ja 29 at No. 101 Bridge St., Georgetown yiHREE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. MAYOR'S OFFICE, < Gforgftow.v, D. R.i January llth, 1861 \ The sut>seri> er will give a reward of Three Hundred Dollars for suuh informa ion as will lead to th* oouviction of any person or persons who hive set on fire, or who shall hereafter set on fare, any house within the Coipnjation limits of tins town. HENRY ADDISoN, jat2-dlt&2aw3vr Mayor. 1920,000! MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduce our large and well anaorted took of DR V GOOD:* wo wi'l. durirg the next 30 da??, deduct 10 per o?>nt. from All cath pu oha<e? of 5 ud oeer. Save >our nioacy and oali nr 0** Bridge ?t? for bargain*. SPILAl\N & HUNT, jaT eolir. G*o'geiown, 1). C. gA&TERN FISH AND APPLES: HERRING, ALBWIVES AND MACKEREL! on barrel* Eastport No. 1 HERRI NO, 3 >0 do Uoaton No. 1 do 1110 do . Labrador No. 1 do ?) half harrf-li do do jro liarrel* Meremuche No. 1 ALE\V1 V hS, l?i do Hi. John's do 25 do No. 3 large M ACKHREL, 25 do No. 3 an. all d? <*ui No o d a 1 nitfiw a no* mmm UW nu, * l>a Ut/ ?T lil ArriiCiOt AII of which we propose to close oat M 92-5' t<> #2.75 for Harriet; ?4 to 645*>for ljibra<1<u Hf riin?; 93.50 to 44 for* and ?4 5^ for St J.hnAl wives; 95 25acd 9& 5^ for small and large Mackerel, and Apple* at prices that oaLnot fail to meet the view* or buyrrs. HARTLEY k BROTHFR, 99 and 101 Water street, jal9 2w Georgetown, D C. FOR SALE AND RBNT~ [For otktr "For Salt and Ktnt" advtrttttmtnlt, u$Jlrst pmgt ] f~r?OR SALE?The Fl'RNITUR E of a dwelling situated in a most d- ligntful p%rt of the citt, and eonta nil g 8 rooms. he house is for re> t. A ddress "Bargain," Star Uffiae. ja 3"-31* FOR REN T?The STORE ROOM formerly o .-copied by the Oange ard Alexandria Road Company, corner ?-f Sixth streetand Fenn. avnne, the best stind for business in Washington Apply to HOPKINS, uorner of tilth street and P-iua. avenne. j%3i>-3t |7*OR RKNT-A new KK1CK HOUSE. coa 1 ialn'ng live rooms, with on K street, t>e 'ween lUthand 9th sts , First Ward. Rent 912 60 per month Apply to GEO. A. LANE, dealer in b itter. No 7 center Market I am selling good Butter at 12K, 15. and 20 oents per p.)un>l. ja 30 3t* FOR RENT-TWO ROOMS,ai.d use of Parlor, in a p!ea*aut and healthy part of the city luquira at ti:e oorner of Teuth st. and New \ ork avenue. jaiB-tf L'OR RENT?A neat two stor? brick DVVEL.Lr ING,containing 4 rooms, kitchen. good >ard. and out building, on Twelfth street, b tweenO and P sts. None but a punotua and reliable partr will be treattd with. App y to EUGENE McOARTY. Grocer, Tweltth St., between 0 ami P. Terms 0? P*r tnoath. ja a-6t v *1,1 AUI.h KAKM KUK SALK OR EXCHANGE FOR THY PROPKRTV?Coutaaiag 181 acrea, hituaUsl 14 miieo from Alexandria, on the Orai<g e and Alexandria Railroad, under good cultivation; timber, va or, fruit and all buibl iugt neeennary fhr a hrstiale form. Inquire ol G w . BR AY, at the Jewelry Store, ft 16 S*even h at, W aahmgton. . j?21im* ITOR RENT-The three-.tory briok DWEL|<F INto-HOL'SE, vita basement. No 305,on E, between 2d and 3d vtreeU, at preeeot occupied by Dr Lewis Jouee. PoiMuiou given on the I at of Februa y It has all the mortem impiove?enta, water, cat, Ao Rent f?5n per year. App'y to HENRY EGAN,?*1 heventli ?t ; or W. EGAN, &9J Eat., (next door.) (Intel.) ja Htf FOR RRNT-Two frame COTTAGE HOUSilS, containing aix riKum, Mtuated^on iMatk. ave uuo wiu rinwmn iirratj psnip 01 good wai*r IB the yard j?t K7UKMISHKD ROOMS FOR RENT, at 4OA D r street, between 6th and7Usts. de 4-tf SF >R RENT-The Cue HKtCK HOUSE No. 100 West at. Georgetown, at present ->cou the subscriber. It baa If rooms, with |U water throughout, a fine yfcra, stable Jto , and is UM^ygod neighborhood. to J AS. A^M^AP>* RENT?A three story brick HOUSE,co*(Maing rooms, inigood.VfOM^with gas fix-i" turpi complete, on H street, between 4th and S|h. A M, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of F street north an 14th at. t&vZsxss? ^''iHwiiac bf vW(Hp Q fcaci H hq ^ jp Fj&f SFSi aaaEsaf,sa,$t FICKf-vlth beck room, or th* former may answer for ?fbop; and Parlor* aa<i Cham ben, pa ra to. or nita o' Rooina, furoichad or nrfum.ehed; elle* tojawkren^e. Inquire at tkiao?oe. } ( i 9 THE LATENT NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. Millimsyillk. Jan ? - The President of tbe Cnovrntien announced that tbe boor for tbe coc 14*rati<>n of tbe special order bad arrived Mr. Cobb, f4 Clark, moved tbr.t tbe Coawntlsi go Into secret *es*t?n Adopted amen<lmenta were added to tbe ordinance, and w now insert complete, as aoanlmonslr adoptt-d : An '" timane* I d?rl?t' mnA rMltmr m ftrrt m Ik' Statu mn 'rjr {air* of tk? l?l' I'mttii Stiff > tf Arr.'riea. in rt/trtnc* te tkt American SUrt I TrmAt : The people of Georsli, la ( on vent, on uwnbled, do boreby declare end ordain, that all the lawa pa ih! by the Congreaa of the late lalted State* of America, and In force in thla State prior to the ISth day of January, 1^1, In reference to tbe African alave trade, exrrpt the flflh aertton of the act of 10th of May, l*Ni, be, and the aame are hereby declared to be In full force In thla state, and afao ao much of the act of May 16, IMu. aa declare* the ofl>naes therein apecifled to be piracy, and la lien of.the penalty of deatL therein apecifled. there aha 11 be auhatltnted Imprlaonment In the penitentiary for a term of rara not leaa than nor exceeding twenty, In the dlscre !on of tbe court; provided tbe same shall not be construed to extend to tbe importation of negro slave* from any one of tbe slaveboldlag State* of tbe late United State* of America, or from either of tbe independent Republic* of South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, or Mia*ia*lppi; provided further, the slave* so introduced froin the alaveboldlng States of North America shall not have been imported from beyond the seas into *uch State since the JOth day of December, !* *? Bf it further ordain-<f and drrlarrd, That tbe Governor of tieorgla shall discharge all tb*dutie* required by said laws ot tbe 1'resident of tbe United State*, and tbe Attorney or Solicitor General of tbe Judicial District where tbe case arise*, bell discharge *11 the duties required of tbe District Attorney, and tbe Sheriff of tbe conaty *11 the duties required by the M*r*hal Be it furtk< r ordain*d. Tbst the State of G'orffla hall be substituted for the United State? In every portion of uld liwi where the substitution la required by the present conditio* of aid State. 1 steaded Selznre of the Dahloaega Mlat 'Richmond, Va., Jan. S8 ? Intelligence haa reached here that, previous to the paaaage of the Georgia Ordinance of Secession, Harrlaon W. Riley, a prominent citizen of the mountain region of that State, proclaimed in another portion of Georgia that he waa on hla way home and intended to ralae a party and take puma ion of the United State* Mint at Dahlonega for the United State* Government, in case Georgia paaaed a accession ordinance Thla declaration cauaed considerable excitement at Milledgevllle, and the Governor was requested to send a military force to Dahioaeg*, but had not done so at the date of the last advices On the same authority as the above we lesrn that mere la a considerable Union element !n the mountain* of Georgia, and an aotl-eecession meeting was held in Pickena'county when they beard of the passage of the Secession Ordlaaute Tfcr old Star* ana Strl pes were run up, and the demonstration* of resistance to secession were emphatic and unequivocal. The impression, however, was at MiUedgerille, that the people of Georgia will generally sustain the Ordinance of Recession, and co-operate In the formation of a Southern Cotton States Republic. Fr?m Hstsi* N*\v York, Jan. 29?The steamer Quaker City, from Havana on the2oth inst , Las arrived Messrs Stetmer 1 Co , Havana, bad faiied Liabilities 8-,5UU,UOU Great frauds had been perpetrated on sugsr warehouse* by means of false warehouse certificate* deposited with Messrs Stetmer & Co., and the dtonk of Havana. Th? A .1? * vi uoa?iCi BliiTCU UU LUC HI 11 UKli Key West. She report! that Fort Tortugas vu In goodconditioo for defence. The United states steamer Mohawk was at Tortugaa, agisting tae military offlceis there. The fort at Key West was reported as secure against an attack. It was rumored that a force from New Orleans had chartered a steamer for the purpose of getting possession of the forts there Many people were, in consequence, leaving Key West, particularly natives of the Bahamas. The Alikiaa CMTrati?a< Montgomirt, Jan '28 ?The a Is Hams Convention, in secret session last night, adopted resolutions Instructing the deputies of the Southern Convention to insist upon the enactment of such measures as will forever prevent the reopening of the African slave trade. To-day the Convention passed a supplemental ordinance authorizing the Governor to carry Into effect a previous ordinance for the protection of the defenses in the Gulf Also, an ordinance adopting as the law of Alabama the laws of the United States relstlve to natents. s-curinir tt>? right of lBvention to the citizen* of all the slave State*. The Convention then adjourned till the 4th of March Meeting of the Texan Legislature. Aetna, Jan 22 ?The Texas I?eglslaturc met here to day, when the Governor'* message w?a read, recommending the calling of a Stat* Convention. Both houses repealed the Khiisss reao lutions passed by the legislature in IpS* The House took up ana passed the Senate kill, directing the Comptroller to proceed to Washington and collect moneysdue the State of Texas. A resolution was unanimously passed declaring that the Federal Government has no power to coerce a sovereign State after pronouncing her separation. The Senate passed the same resolution by a similar vote. The legislature favors immediate secession by a majority of three to one. A War Meaner all Char est*a Harbar Acc.r?T*. Jan 29.?The Charleston Courier and Mercnry of thia morning say a large war steamer was seen off the hsrbor on Saturday at dusk and showed signals, after which she stood to the aoumwara n it surmisea tnat she is still bovering over the neighboring coast l>ast night s negro came to the rity to loform bis master that a suspicious craft was seen yesterday near Church's Flat-stone, with twenty men on hoard, but without arms or uniforms. It was thought they were about to pounce down on the plantations in that neighborhood The Legislature adjourned last night tin' die Lssltlssa Isfevrstiss. Niw Oklbass, Jan 29.?The Soverelga Convention resumed Its deliberations at twelve o'clock to-day. A great crowd was present in and around the building. A motion was made that a Committee be appointed to receive theCoinml-sloners from the Seceding States Adopted. The Committee on Federal Relations presented a series of resolutions calling for immediate con sideration The Convention then-went Into secret session and considered tbe Mine Tbe Committee of Commerce are understood to be considering tbe free navigation of tbe Mississippi river and tbe principles of free trade. Haisttag sf a Palmetts Flag *T?r Fart Defaace. Boston, Jan 'Tbe oitixens of Gloucester were astonished this morning by seeing a Palmetto dan flying over Fort Defiance Tbe revenue cutter in the harbor sent a boat's crew ashore and cut it down ? It is said thai there are 30.000 barrels of mackerel at Gloucester waiting sale in Southern markets. Uliaais Pfkikgrikld, 111 . Jan. <7 ?Telegraphic advices have been received by Gov Yates from the Governors of New York. Pennsylvania and other Nor'hern States, suairestinir the i ronr; tw at i*i>. lag In a Convention, to be held at Washington In February, to devlae proper remedies for tha adjaatnient of the dittcultlea The appointment of Ave Commissioners from each State la recommended. Uov. Vatea baa finally derided to jota In tte movement In thia It : supposed he haa acted upon the advice of Mr. Lincoln. North Urtllaa Leguiatnre. Bjllkioh. Jan. 28 -The resolutions from the Mew York and Ohio Legislatures were received here to-day, but ao action haa jpet be?a taken n reference to them .The Senate passed the House bill to-day f<>r calling a Convention, after making some amearftuaofc toil TtieraaroaoaadowbUyetof 1% flaal PM* ge. ' 4 The Philadelphia W?rtU| Jlca'a Pitltt** u u?|rai Phil <n?lrhia, Jan. 29 ?The Working Men'a Coojmittee. ?p{kj) ted at tbe U?e m?*? meeting, MkrM for waebinrton thli afternoon u preaent HOhnh tWf rMelntiom la faeor of Mr Crtttnikiiim-* ainnuttinn Tht f imii1tt#w vtfi mcortrd to tbe 4?p?t by Urjre number e< working roea. ... - * Mitr (i tbe StMferr UlaaiUa CKiaLUTpx, Ju 29 ?Tbe ateamer Colombia haa get olTtbe bar and tame up to fbc city aia morning. Rff cargo bad toba token eat, bat abo to reloading at tbe wharf to atort again. The veawl laebSne* oomewbet. bat tbe damage la alight. ' jL Itoeoaae'Matter Detataiod. "IOUb' ft. - St. J." ' 1-- M ?V " -- ? - In IM ??k, llimMi Hi Mh i I burefoard to takf ber out of the lira ' t,. J Bu.tu^.Jm IM-Tbatallove at tbe bouM, it ?Z^sjsttsaur* *H-, '*+ , J#|| ? ?l ?. * Afr H<NI ft ? / ? Later irmm Eir*r?. Z-XS. Um 19tt, arrived ban UU norota< raaci. It ?rw tfptchsl that i decrae will imd appear to tbf rffpct lb at If PNmoit makes war upon Austria. mhe aard not look to Fraace for any aaaiaUnrr Great military preparations are pragrflMlnfc. rat*. The 8 pa a lab (iovernmeat baa Isauad loatritrt'ona to ^alntaia a strict neutrality at Uaeta and Sapie. Italy. The bombardment at Uaeta ta to be raaamed an the Slat Co?uci4i Tbe aalea of cotton for tba wer k war* 132,000 balea. lnriudu* 21.000 lo apecalatora, aud 1A,<H0 to r\,>orU-ra TV newa fro?n America caused an advance of ? Kalr aad MlddUnga, a ad S e.wnmoa, wbtcb waa acarca Tbe aattmated a*!as oa F riday were * .Sun bai-a. aad tbe market clnaed artire and buoyaat Breadttift nil?d quiet, bat steady. I'mvi.iaiu ^..11 Coaaola rlaard at M \a?l % . The laaagarai Mhm|? af lit Frr?U?Bi ' Start Sm?iiriu.D, Jan. V -TWInl draftaf Inanyurmi Mr-ngr la saw Mil made by th? Prea>det.t elect Tbe Chicago platform will be the baala of Ita r? flectlona a ad rerommendaUooa In r -feraace u? the internal affair* of tbe aatian It will aat be | fin!abed until after raaaultatiaa with tbe republican lead era la WaablnxUMi Col !*umner. .?f tbe lit Cavalry, and MaJ. Hunter, have beea detailed by tbe War Department to accompany tbe P real deal elert to WaahIngton Tbe length of Mr Liaroln'a atoppage oa tbe way to Waahtngton will depend oa the demonatraiiona likely to he made In hie baaar ta diVttat loralitlea Hla frienda here look for teadera of the hoapttallUea of tbe Ohla, New York, anl Pennavlvania Lagialaturea No further Invltatlcna will be lea tied to praml * 1 rviMlirlnu ? -1.1 U 1 A -I ? nonrirrdnlrrd brr? The Cabinet will be cow pleted In Washington The OrtrgiB CmtmUm | MiLL*rxj?TiLL?, Jan ? ?The Convention. to d?V refused to reconsider the vote on the revenue ordnances* adopted yesterday. A resolution was introduced giving t?? the Governor certain powers to stake reprisals, bat It was tabled An addrrss to the citizens of tbe Sooth aad the whole world, aetting forth tbe causes of Georgia a secession was adopted. An ordinance declaring it tbe flied policy of tbe Stale to guarantee the security of all tbe seceded States, was adopted Tbe Convention then adjourned, to meet at 9a. vaabah on the call of the President tMHMM 91 ee ti ng la North CtrtliM. Wilxirotok. Jan 29.?ThU city U almost a unit for s?c*ssloa. [ Bosh ] A large and enthoa' astir mrrttnit ?m b? ,d at t bet best** I* Bight sad several prominent gentlemen made strong soothern ?pre?" b<? Some of 'be speakers wrrr formerly opposed to secession. but now are warm advocates of the course. [Dispatch evidently Intended for effect on Virginia election.?kd. 8tse j The Abolitionists Getti?| tsU 111 Repnte ta their StroB|h*Ui Steaccse, Jan. 20 ?TLe hall In whish the Abolitionists were holding a Convention here was taken possession of by a luge body of men to-day. by a precor?"er> 1 arrangement to prevent the meeting, and the hall had to be closed Kaltimokb Jan 3u Hour doll; llow?*dstT?*t and Ohio *5 37: Citv MUlafS ?>. nos?l*a ?'h-it advancing t? ndencv. red SI 3 *1 35, white SI 4*? 165 Corn firmer/ v* low 61ato. while TOaTJt Provis ona steady, mew pork H-25 Lard li ? CofiVe steady-at ll^al^c. YVMaky steady a* lh-ia*e. Raw Tark Markau. Niw Yore. Jan. ?*?Flonr dall and drooping Wb?-at d'Ul and easier Cora duii ProTiaiona steady Whlaky dull at loe Pisasctal Naw Yoai. Jan 30 ?S toe a a opened lower bot closed firmer under tbe European news Chicago and Rock laland 5H, Cumberland Coal Co. 9k, Illlnula Certial abaree SO, Michigan So 33k; New York Central 80 j?, HudaoaR R 45, Vm o'? 75 V; Mo. ?' 8c^. rF* J. A W. M. GALT \Vodi?*A D COAL Ola I kind*. Office?54*2 Peon avenge. ja a between 1 th and Utti atre?t?. r&\ NKW pawn ofPiCK U y K w A R D.~D?aler la Nev6 U aid cant Off Cl?t:iiif, reaaeclfuiir ivJ'"n?? the >?Vie :hat h? haa opened r f7l'*KNHfc.D PA WN i 1'FICt a! No. 7to l.ouiki&i? ?wot, herwoen 9 h and 1<kh eta., a ;?? doora caat of tke new Cao tral Unard-liouae. vhera he wilt he at a;l tiwee prin 'Nl to wait on hi? ffttron with promptnaaa. attention ?r<1 th? etricteat >niUM. N K.?Jewelry, Dry Qooda, Clothinf. Mechan ioa' Tool*. ?e? aiwaye on hand at private aa'e. ja if lm* JN K W BOOK*. L'ST RF.CKlVKD AT FRENCH k RtCHSTKIN'S, No. Ji7* Pa*!?. Avnri, The S?hadow in trie Hoim>,? new i.orci, by John Saund ra,l2<no , c nth; ?i by trail Tne Drtch Dominie of the Catafcilla. by the Rev. DavH Mur noH. 1). t? 13-no.. eloth; 91 f> hf ioa The Honuuiee of an Iriah Girl, 12?o,oioth. by mail. * A la-iteaaaortmentol the l?aat Miitary Worka published jt? JMPORTANT TO LADIES! I h?vejB?t received a lot of Sable Mink MUTTS, na le fmm ?kin? caught thia aaa ? ?on. wlueh I will eel) at nea^y ha I their ueual pnoe. PRHWl Alao, on hsiid. Franc It Sable and \Vat?r Mink Vil'FFrs prioec from HljP 92 fin to tajfi AmV HAI.F CAPES aad VICTORIN ES of varum kinda ef Far extremely >ow. A few more Chi (Irene Kl>RS left. M utf? TSoent?. ft) a?d ai ?a 'Mi. fV JOCKEY HATS in Bnnr udFf t, for 92 and $2 So leaa than oo?L Term* ouh R. H 9TINKNETZ, Hat Store 836 Penn. ?tmm, ja 14 betwaea 1IU?k11IU?*i. /MOB** WIG. BRAID AND CURL MAM "I FACTORY, *42 Peoa. arenae, BWMMf oer of Thirteenth street.?A very Oomp ate aeaort ? Bt of Braid*. Carla, Pnaettee, Bandeaaa, Acno w on hand: alao, made to order at tfcethorteet notice Hair Wort repaired or takea laasabaaca. nr S *nn <?CHKNCK't) PULMONIC 1YRUP. Dr. 8CHENCK, of Philadelphia. ftade it \mr* ib e to Y|kit Waahiafton erery week, and ?ae made arratuemanU to poaitively be la the eity the Uiinl Wednesday of every aiontn. He baa a ait of roooe at the A wan Inn. where patients oaa obtain advioe lreo. lie onla charcet when it ia neoeaeary to Mice a thor ac examination of I he Langa with the Keapirometu* S. B. W*ite ia aeect fur Soaeoot'a Paln?o>.ic Sfri B ftfWi ai urUltU f~. ? K -/ -,-r? w -j- w r**1 ,VI wi Vvsk nn. i!?lda and ( oBmBinptloo; Sohenok't tvea wm Tome, pnoe gi P?r bott e. for l^epeaaia; Schaack'a Mandrake Piila, prio? 3f> etuti be* box. for Li?w Bih>u? Con-plainta aud <~on*tipatioB of th* Bow o a Dr. would be *ratfu to tkow wbo hare Mo oared by bia rvaedi?a if w?w4 leave th?ir oer tifteatea o> care with 8. B. W AITK, onrntr nfk >L nn<< Ia ?? 4m U la ARAKh I'HAN' K For bargain* in Book a Blank Book* Mi?e*iian-oaa Hooks ar.'' St?ti" ?T's. Writmi Paper, hi.v?loaea. 4e.. ko., at 5*H ^'PH * RD*8, o?raer Seveeth aod Data. eel I mi oat to reriaoe Block )a )? lwi VVo*th or boots??5oes us tbunkh. Of mil St*Ui mmd OaalitMi, at a hut aacaincK oa ooar. C?^ * D -? ?? -? II tu stock la & P. lOOVUt STORE. Mil??. Iron HtH.Mhrt iiifwr nr?(|^^ terlyrftJ KMNG Ttf'NKS?f*fx?w b*ul aolti.^r' WL ca>A,?t cra?t??oii<tew <? utui. r?Ui *. .<dr i ^' i ud*?d miMk Mo* arwul oort. Tfc? fttttSuoa of IInhMm MiMM,ai f 'Wt lldlMHIII Will b* m*d? to rkaabov* omupriaaa IfM a took ?f ttM faaat qMlity fWMttli k??r ii>a%Blma,ftl??aa.i?i?M. to., 4o.. tor taftM auc n on ill? Tk' Store ia fur raut ?ad tk* Fixture* fbr Hi*. App > on t'? pramiMB, 1 rui. Ha> V B.-Tka ?*orf elpsk, nkw m vhol* or la part, will m aold it pnrauaaia. T'< M}oaa4aMrni of ntorinc the Soot, Trunk h .? oaa thia al? da^> batly opportunity Una My ** psmr , SJ&wss P.jlboVKIl, lrua Hail. |.*. yMi * i ?. ? ^ litfc p** ^ AJIgTggJtoyT' %>uc fOKNT pr Or?r*tTinr Piu? Port*. Old n?? f hw ir ? TTT ^K?r? r fg?WKath !. ?< p? nrw?? igga^gaea - , Dcil B^TT^* ?IIIV^^Cuio, IKttJMSSt SSffeMSS i *?m vi^wsIVSnK. | ?{ JlWh Im v '* f*"T--. -II , '

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