Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR ? . ? 8 WASHINGTON CITY: p.] THIR*PAY JannarT 31 ? ?? * ? cat 1 - Dp. *? ? ml the Marulu Prfll f The Inflltftmeer says at ' Secession end recon- aa | truction:" 1 " Very many we know har* acceded to the rev. th? olnt'onary movement only with reluctance at be*t, 1 and hare honestly interpreted their lore for the I 1'nion by deluding themselves, befbre they de- Ho luded others, with tbe prospect of reaching a re J adjustment ef raja'Ions between the slavebnlding rec and nos-alaveholdlng States by the perilous path ?ta of aecemioa, bat tbe ev*s of all such have been sio opened, we abould think, by tbe recent declara- J tfons of the South Carolina Legislature." Sti The Ctntritwiion gire? up the ghost this morning, ,eJj and Indulges a dying fling at General Scott. TM KrpnMttan D*? a cnogwranwrT ???? ra pon tbe paitant of tbe Pacific Rtllrold bill by the Senate. Misraizr Makes*'The Charleston Jfrrrvrjr, Richmond Enquirer it al , of the South, have th< made no more mlachlef for the South than the th< New York Tribune, Springfield State Journal tt R? 1/ , on the other aide are makfhg for the North, ^ just now. The former hare aucceeded In seducing w| tbe Gulf States Into disunion; while tbe latter are co straining every nerve to drive every border slave- rei holding State Into the same position ere tbe 4th of March Tbos, we And in yesterday's New York pj papers a dispatch from Springfield stating that the Slat* Journal of the day before assumed authorltr from the Prealdent elect to declare that he continues to set bis face againat any action on tbe pr part of hia friends In Congress looking to any he possible settlement of tbe troubles of tbe times 811 until after the 4tb of March. That journal volun teen such an assumption of authority, in tbe race b? of tbe fact that on three seyeral occasions within tli the past month Mr. Lincoln has felt hi maelf called ]* on distinctly and palpably to contradict Its asaertlons concerning his position upon the question q, ofthe times. The Slatt Journal isnot blsorgan. bi It Is on the contrary In close affiliation with the New York Tribune and the wing of the Repub- ^ lican party whose sentiments that paper speaks, jr which la now engaged In the hopeless task of t? licking the Incoming administration into tbe ab- 01 olitlon shape JJ Seizing upon the telejrram from Springfield tl concerning the purport of the JournaVt article c< referred to abo^e, as affording some hope that it r< may be able to effect what on the day before yes- ^ terdav It admitted to be well nlph hoDeleas? . l Dion, isui we xnow, pciiuvpiy, mat wr.nin the last two weeks he ha* emphatically declared that he has no objection whatever to the acceptance of the border-State resolutions as the basis of a settlement. We have further to point the public to tbe fact, now as notorious here as that the run at this moment shines over us, that Mr. Seward Is straining every nerve to Induce bU political friends in every State Legislature to respond to Virginia's request for'a conference rf the States here on the 4th proximo; and also to induce his party in Congress to lend their aid, in good faith and a spirit of genuine compromise, to the work of aiding that convention to save tbe border slaveboldlng States to the Union. Foa Effect oh the Vi*oiiija Election ?Sen- ' ator Mason, to-day, made a most remarkable cf- , fort at effect on the Virginia election, to come off on Monday next Mr. Reward presented the great (38,000 signer*) New York memorial for a settle 1 ment of the troubles; accompanying its presentation with a patriotic and conciliatory speech, urging a compromise by Congress and in the event of a failure to obtain one. the prompt authorization fcy Congress of a National Convention of all the States to settle the trouble without bloodshed Mr Mason replied to him in a regular stump peerh, glaringly misrepresenting his positions, refusing to respect bis disclaimer of sentiments tbus attributed to him, and insisting, In tbe fere of Mr Seward's protests to the contrary, tbat the latter looked only to civil war as tbe final arbiter Tbe effect of Mr Mason's speech on tbe audience wss simply to satisfy nearly all present, tbat he was but seeking to effect the approaching Virginia election, after the fashion in which the cot- | ton Stitfi were not long since operated on by ^ bogus telegram* from tbla point tent far and widr over the signature* of others of the camarilla. ? R?co*st?pctio!i.?Ths Milledgevllle (Ga ) correspondent of the Charleston Mercury, assures that journal that in the selection of Georgia's members to th? proposed Congress of the (so called) Southern Confederacy, care was taken to make tt absolutely certain that no man so selected would, under any circumstances, favor any plan for a reconstruction of the Federal Union. This correspondent teUs t&e truth beyond sll doubt. Not a man, except JeflVraon Davis, engaged prominently in the work of the destruction of the Union, dreams of aiding, in good faith, In Its reconstruction?not one of them?not one. Those of Virginia who may vote for disunion convention candidates on Mond-iv m?*? in I belief tbat there la the slightest sincerit / in tbe reconstruction dodge with which it is now being essayed to mislead them, will find themselves woefully mistaken, Indeed, If disunion prr te triumphs In Virginia, with ita now so Imminent concomitants of a long and bloody civil war. the ! destruction of all industry, for years, and years, and years to come, Ac , Ac. ? Tax Pacific Ralboad?It is worthy of note, that on the passage of the Pacific Railroad bill by the Senate, yesterday, Messrs Crittenden, Seward and Douglas were found voting for it. This concordance upon It is In excellent keeping with their current well-known joint labors for tbe settlement of the sectional troublee of tbe times, in the making of which eminently satlafactory to tbe flaalhweet, the enactment of the measure?the Pacific Railroad bill?Is ?' - ?? nobtb caboliha commissioiius to wa*hmotos ard the Cotton Statbs?The Leglala turc of North Carolina baa appointed Judge Ruf. fln, ex-Governor Morrhead, George Davie, eiGoxernor Read and D. m. Bar ringer CmhMoi?rs to Washington. It appointa Joan L Bridger MM Ransom, and ex-Governor Swain to go to Montgomery, and endeavor to get the cotton ! States to aocode to tha Crittenden resolutions Tax Imfoetast N*ws or tbx Dat is, that , Tennessee, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania yestarday tmntmm*tid measures to secure each their i do* representation la the Convention to assemble her* on the 4th proximo on Vlrglnia'e Invitation; and la the spirit la which she extended It. IN aw TaaaiToaT? Yesterday tha Senate passed a bill forming the country round about Plks's Peak late a Terrltoy, with tha nana of "Idaho." \ . \ _ - - - - viz , to prevent the Republican party In Con. t< greta from coming lo some aatiafictory solution of the difflcultlea of the day?the Tribvnt yester- ^ day revamped a conversation which aome one la c aid to have bad with Mr Lincoln verr soon c after his election, when the danger of the destruction of the Union was but a small speck '' upon the distant horizon, aa compared with the n black cloud that now hangs over its future, and m when he had reason to suppose that the trouble was simply on account of bis election?it revamped (republished) that old conversation as proof that Mr Lincoln is not now anxious for a settlement of the question that may keep the border States true to tbeir allegiance to the Union. In refutation of its statement in question, it is quite sufficient for us to say that we hive within the last month conversed with eight different gentlemen, all of wbom have had frank and full conversations with Mr. Lincoln upon the subject, ud all of whom aver that no other man in the country is mere anxious than he is fur a speedy settlement of the troubles, upon, some fair bas's that shall prove the means of assuring the continuance of the border laveholding States in the r t tL ... _ - _ CONAREMIONil. I V sati?After our report cloaed yeatorday? "he Pacific Railroad bill was taken up and aed with amendment*?yeas 37, nara 14. Ir Green moved to take ap the bill for the orilzition of the Territory or JefTenon or Pike * 'k mmm )n motion of Mr Collamer, Idaho waa idipted jl' the nam* of the territory around Pike'a Peak - j The Senate then passed a few amendmenta to wj; i bill,and adjourned. p]r ^rsi ?At the close of our report? i dr. Conkling, of N. Y , waa add rowing the Tai >uae es? it the conclusion of hit remarks, a messtge waa am eived from the Prrsident of the Cnlted s'titrt, mo tins that be had signed the bill for the admit- are n of Kanaaa into the Union an< tfr. Martin F. Conway, member elect from the ref ite of Kansas, waa then qualified and took hia I it ns a member of the House tlo rhe House was then addrpased by Messrs Ste- Qe oson of Ky , Howard of Ohio, and Morris of slo ; after which the House adjourned. Co co Thubsday, January 31. 1 Pis at* ?Mr. Seward presented a memorial >tn 38,000 citizens of the State of New York, '* I d said tbat although tbla Senate Chamber was j~r s largest legislative chamber erer erected since e beginning of the world, except the Rouse of "??v t_i u err 'prntcnwiiiTCT, ion iuriuui iai nuuiu uutci a ace thirty-eight timet u Urge as this chamber. r had already preaented a similar memorial Ith 25.000 namea, all urging conciliation. The m< mmlttee who brought this memorial were th? ?J preaentatlvea of the largeat commerce In the Ct orld?a commerce which in any other country nuld be paramount to all other Interesta. Hap- de ly, here It waa not ao. * He had been reaueated to auppart the views of la memorial, and regretted that be had aeen no ?' position on the part of the aeredinj? 8taUs and elr friends to meet any practicable effort at com- '* omlae on tfce part of the adhering states He, wever, held himself open to such propositions, Jf1 id was rejoiced at the fraternal feeling manl ted by the people of his State in those memo?la. He did not fear for the Union, nor did he cu ilieve these difficulties would certainly be aetsd In thirty, sixty, or ninety days, but neverthe- _ a he believed they would be settled. All plat- , rm? or men that stood In the way of the preseritlon of the I'nlon would be swept away. The . icstion of slavery or freedom In tne Territories id been greatest In 1850 o. The admission of Kansas. California, and Ore- N on had reduced the.question to a very narrow yr 'i in pass In that part which remained, all be- p ig ?lave territory, over which a slave code ex nded, there were but twenty>four slaves?but ^ ne for every 44,000 square miles He did not R 'ar slave aggression which bad only carried ? ?enty-four slaves to all that territory. Why . len should he despair of the Union? Why ?, auld he believe that 30,000,000 of people would u -dnce themselves to the scorn of mankind by G le dissolution of this Union, for this question ? u his was a confederation, not an imperial gov- .t rnment. Submit the question to a convention .. > be called according to the forms of the Constliitlon, and the world would see bow thirty-four ' tates could peacefully adjust this difficulty. He p reed as a last resort, If other moans failed, the ailing of a national convention, according to the rf onstitutional forms. Mr Meson moved that the memorial be printed. lj understood it to be a memorial praying for the j doption of the Crittenden amendments He did ot think that at this time, when six States had n J _ _ J .it. _ a ai . i?_ .i . m -vruru ami oiurrs were arming, me rremier 01 new a<1 ministration had proposed any practl*1 measures All knew by hi* votes his opinion ' n the Crittenden amendments, and by his vote or Clark's resolution that the Constitution needed o amendments, but that the Constitution and ? iws should be enforced He (Mr Seward) had tl irgfd hi? constituents to contribute money to the t 'nlna He would like to know the meaning.of hat' Mr Seward said he meant thaj the people d bould advance to the Union the fund* by which i.e credit of the Government should now be *us- c ained Mr. Mason ?aid that he had not done him the t njust'c.e to suppose that he meant the money to ? nbaidlze or drn.oralize eny portion of the South, t le meant to pay the Army to conduct the fight Mr. Seward said he meant to sdvise that if, _ ifter all Congressional compromises, tbe asserr.- I ling of a Convention of all the people of the t Jnlted States bad failed, then fo? all to *tand, as i le should do himself, In the breach, for the Union 1 Mr Mason said he now understood tbe Senator * -ie meant, if negotiation* failed, to use war and >loodshed to preserve the Union. The Un.on r v?s gone, and no attempt at subjugation could l e?tore it He wanted his people, who were 1 ned.ating to restore a broken Union, to under- J itand these things. Mr Seward arid he meant nothing that was atrlbuted to htm by the Senator from Virginia. He t lid not believe that bloodshed would be neceaaa- . y. He believed the people would settle it. The ,'nion was not goi.e ; for the Senator was here to j ustain It i Mr. .Mason said that the Senator still means j >rce?the frrce of the tyrant to restore the Union. ' He wanted bis people to understand this pusil- ' animous attempt to hoodwink bis people by cry- j ing peace when there Is no peace. Horn ?After disposing of sundry Depar!men- t !al coinro"nications, and petitions in favor of the 1 sdoptlon of the Crittenden proposition ? Mr Hindman, rising V? a privileged question, 3 nffered a resolution Instructing tbe Committee on ' the Judiciary to inauire into the legality of tbe , election of Martin F Conway, Representative from the State of Kansax Agreed to Mr Boteler called uptheSenate billauthoriilng , the Alexandria. London and Hampshire Railroad Company to extend a branch ? f their road into the city of Georgetown, and moved that it be put i upon its passage, which motion prevailed, and < the bill was rmiiaeri 1 The ret;u!*r order of business (Mr Colfax's J Post route- bill) was then taken up Tbe question recurring on the Senate amend- ( ment to the bill, providing a daily mail service i between the Atlantic ami Pacific coasts, the yeas and nays wer? ordered, and tbe amendment was los??yeas 33 nays 109 On motion of Mr. Sherman, the House agreed to take a reeffs from 4 till 7 o'clock p. m on i Thursday and Friday. A^aln on motion of Mr. Sherman the House wer.t into committee. (Mr Burnett, of Kv , In the chair.) and considered the deficiency bill making appropriation for the fiscal yeer ending June 31), 1&6I; when? Mr Ph?*lp?, of Mo., addressed the Committee urcTBciy upon me amendment onPKfl hy Mr Mow. of Me . providing that the lnteres's of the United States ahall take preference in the fulfilment of the contract for transporting military, arms and munition* of war aero** the Plaint. Pending whlcb, our report closed. ITT" A mowwjre wa* received by Conjrrras yes terday from tbe Prfsident stating that be had . signed the bill for the admiaaion of Kansaa. Mr. Conway, her repreaentati ve, waa quail fled and took hla yesterday Kannaa Is now a State, and tbat bone of contention forever put sway. Mcmc.?"I'm Home, and My Rambltngs are o'er," by Ring; "Jenny, tbe Pride of the Glen," by Son Morrla; and "Maj. Anderson'aQulckatep," by Glover; all published by Ultson, are just received from Metzerott, next door to the Star office. Vixws or Hos John Cochran*, of Niw Yt?*?. o?( thz Srcisaios Qcistio* ?Hon John Cochrane. v'fi'of^V, In reporting the bill from the select ocmmltice, further to provide for th? co.lection of the revenue, accompanied It with an expression of bis view* He fully cbncurs with tbe President In bit opinion against aeceas'on. and therefore, that all acta and ordinance! of aeceaslon, so far as tbe tan:e may be carried into effect, are to be considered aa revolutionary Infraction* of the supreme law of the land, however they may be regarded aa the proper exercla* of an indefeasible right of resisting acta which are plainly unconatltutional and too oppressive to be endured He also concurs with tbe President that the Federal Constitution baa abstained from conferring on 'be Federal Government or any department inrreoi authority to rte- lare and wage oppreaalve war agalnat a aeceding State, In order to coerce tbe repeal of any act or ordinance of secession she may have paaaed. or to compel her to remain nomlnnllv, aa well aa In fact, a member of tbe Federal Union A just conception of the constitutional authority of Congress combines with other, and. If possible, higher and mora commanding motive* to rreacrlbeotbtrmeaanrea than aggressive and coercive war to remedy the grave t neon ven lance*, perils, and evils of such aeceaalon In framing the bill there baa been kept ateadtly in view? Firat?Tbe obstacles of every character which oppose any attempt cf tbe Federal Government to coerce a State; and Secondly?The principle on which. a^ la conceded, tbe whole coercive action of our revenue system has from ita InceDtlon he?-n The bill proposes that vessels from m foreign port bound to a port within the scope of Ita provisions. shall, with Its foreign cargo, b? liable to selsure and condemnstlon; and, In the aame view of applying Ita restrictions only to foreign commerce, on which revenue ia by law collected, all T'tarl* Lawfully engaged In the coastwise trade are exempted from the operation of Ita purely remedial and defensive operations. It further provides that when the revenue laws are obstructed. and it becomes Impracticable to collect the revenue, the President shall, by proclamation, specify the port In which the obstruction exists. irr I n raising the treatnre of the steamer "Mslabs f" which was wrecked last summer on the cosst^f Ceylon, the divers worked under water through i.iff feet of sand, and then cat away large iron plates half en Inch thick, forming the sidee of the mail room of the steamer Eighty thousand dollars' worth of treasure were thus obUiand In * r???d. k?sk sjbskst1* ^ | ItfBi Telegraphed frin Wnhli|t?a. 1 v* as h i no to 711 Jan 31* ? Acting Poatiraater , leral King baa received complainta from rtbern gentlemen that their lettera from the ith have Wn violate. One write# that all Ireaaed to hint by a lady Id Mobile, and not on t *4 1 avlllanllv ^ ? ? AnoiKxl Kar I?IU?I uuirvW) u??c v vimvum* V%VH vj uithorti^d parties. The Department baa promptinstltutrd an Investigation .ieutenanta Sander*, of the United State* Annv, | 11 leave Washington to-day with ditpatcbes (or 'be Senate'* Select Committee will report a tiff bill on Friday It la Mr. Morrill* bill, rntiallv altered Tbe warehoualug featurel* wl ended ao a* to allow good* to be in *tore three nths lna'esd of thirty day*, before tbe duties paid Tber can remain six month* then-after. 1 wben taken out for exportation the duties are unded. 'roin -private accounta received here tbe Indlcana are that Hon. Alexander H Stephen*, at orgla. will be preaaed for the office of Provlnal President in the contemplated Southern nfedv'racy, tbe object beinjr to conciliate tbe naervatlves of the seceding State* rbe frienda of the Pacific Railroad are congratiting themaelvea that tbe decided vote by which V> pawed tbe Senate secure* Its approval by the I rsldent The amendment*, however, have to acted on by the House. Jovernor Sprague, in telegraphingtoEx.Gov- f tor Corwln the fact that the Rhode Island Legsture had appointed Commissioner* to the Union invention, adds, "God give success to the move?nt ? K private dispatch from Tennessee stites that unmlssioners nave been appointed by the Leg- A ature of that State, instructed to meet the Borr State Commissioners at Washington. This is . id to be a Union triumph, a* ten of the twelve immlisloners are known certainly to be in favor n the Union. From information obtained accidentally, there reason to fe*r that a conspiracy to assassinate n. Scott was formed recently, and that several q :kless scoundrels from Mississippi and South irolina came here for that purpose. Better eves r. Bn those of the police are upon tbe suspected t-throatt. ti Thi Wbaths* ?The following report of the ? pather for the morning 1? made from the A met in Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith- p nlsn Institution. The lime of observation Is , *>ut 7 o'clock. f January 31,1881. u urllngton, Vt clear, 9?. ew York, N. Y clear, cold ~ rashington, D. C clear, wind NW lchmor.d, Va. clear. p tersburg, Va. clear, cold. , orfolk, va clear, 40?. alelgh, N. C... clear, 40?. j, 'llmlngton, N.C clear, cool. ugusta, Ga clear, pleasant. lvannah, Ga clear, 45?. I aeon, Ga. pleasant. flffan m /i1a?? . I I ut ii ( l/icai . ontgomery, Ala. pleasant. ick?on, Ala clear. t oblle, Ala p'eaaant, 50?. ew Orleans, La clear, 57?. FSOM TBX WEST. c ittsburg, Pa clear, 14?. JJaroiueter at the Smithsonian at 7 a n>., (rot ctrd for temperature,) 30,190; at noon, $1,071) Thermometer at 7 a. m., 18'; at noon, Maximum during 21 boura, ending s a. m to ay, 34 ', minimum 15)^*. Personal Capt Kingsbury, U S. A ; P M. Bsrry, S. N .; Hon. Abrani Wakeman, N. Y.; are at VUlardt'. The value at which flrgt-cliw theatr!nl Vtllt.. I. A., a. .J - _ 1. . 41 J r __ _ a 1 _ a. u'ihv i? r?uu. may u?* ^ainrna I tun ior iaci 1 bit MIm Charlotte'Omhinan, the eminent ac. ' ress, never performs for lew than per nigbt. Hj~ Ex-Governor Robert Letcher, rf Kentucky, ied ct Frankfort on Thursday list He bad lied many honorable positions In public life, ommenclng bis political career as a member of be ?tate Legialature, representing his district brough several terms in Congress, occupying tbe [ubernatnrial chair, snd retiring at the close of us mission xo Mexico unaer Mr. ruinaore. y-^^NOTICE.?The first monthly mcotinr of L ? thsCusr Itlatrr'i Aftoo s'lon of the Di?riot of t'oiunib a wiU be he d tt George Sih ell'* i tel. E stree\ near l*th street, on FRIDAY JVENiNg. at7H o'clock. Members,end all those r'shiaic to bei'ome n embers are invited t" attend, ji%31 2t* F R1TTER, Chairman Trustees ATTENTION, PUTNAM RIFLES, OF L5 THE SEVENTH WARD, UNION REGMENT.?The Compare are requested to ireet at he Tsl&rd Hal on FRIDAY EVENING, February 1st, at 7H o'clock, to elect the cflicsrs of the >mi?ny. lir order of 'he Company. N. B.?None but members of the Company will >e a lOTve-J admittance. ja 81-2t* rty=?F KCHABITE- ATTENTION.?Th? of. Jot ficers and Members of Mt Vernon Tent Vjo^ar? hereby notifi d to be puno'.ua! m_their uienuanae m ine regular ineeu g <>l th* Tent, rHlS THURSDAY EVENING. at 7 o'oiock Kvery member I* earaeitly ie<jti??rM to ho preset, t, i*, id addition to the election ofoffiaeri hunn'm f the utmost importance will b? brought forward lor consideration. Py order. If F. M HRtOLKV Chief Ruler. /y?NOI ICE .-ATTENTION, COMPANY ]J? B WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANT*Y BATTALION -V'ou are hsreby ordered t? report rouMelven at Wie armory, Seventh street THURSDAY EVENING, at 7H o'clock, in fatigue oapa nd overcoats. If is desired tliitt f&ch and every neinlxr be pur.otual at roll call. I'. M. DUBANT, Castain C. P. P. WROK. O. ja30-2t Y^=? LE'"iTRK ?Mr. Edward A. Pollard, of Virginia, will deliver a l.eotur* on FRIDAY NIGHT, Fetnuary 1st, at the Congregational Chu'0h,(Old Trinity,)on Kjf.h st, opposite H* City Hall. D<?or? open at 7 o'clock ; leotureto ;onmie(;o9 ar na r p%? 7. Rubject . TllK SoLDIKR or th? Caos* ; with an application to the present Crism in our National At[vr?. Ticket! of admission (25 cental f r r&'e at BlanuharJ 4 Mobun's Bookstore, 310 Pa avenue ; anil it the rnrs on the evening of the lecture ja 29-4t* Vy-THK l.MON PR AVER M El TINGS I J? will be boldeu ever* day this woek. in the Enslinh Luthfrin Church, comer of l'th nn.1 II itrcct*. to oominence at 4 o'cluok, and to oor.ti-ue t>ne hoar. 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I ha drawings of < urN -'tune* wilt be pub ish d daily in th* Na i'inal lnt'l igenorr. For tiok-U or schemes in an* of our lotteries address iMcKINNEY A C>*., Managers, ja si 2w? Savannnh.JJa. CANPLEMAS8 DAY, SATURDAY. Fiuu aky 2d. 1861. AI TAR C*ND' Ef<, lest quvity. PAR IHNK WAX Ca\DI>3ioi aluru e. olcapeat aud beat articie for the purpose, us?< in all the oities In the TTnion For tale at So. 48'J Penn avenue, near ry* u . j ? -* i ri u vireci. ja 30-3t ^ OF.O PAVAGK. T special notiok. O Those of Ditr customers and friends who havo n- t iettl"d their bill* aj presented on the 1st January w? would respectfully hut moit earnest j request them to make every effort to do to hy t; e first w. ek in February, a* we are in want of all the money due ua at this time Our thanks we f nder to thore who have paid their bills promptly, and shall be pi aseri to serve them in future upon the best terms, and hope ?o merit tteir increased confidence and liberal petronace. J. W. COI-ley & <to., ja?-10t 383 Seventh st.,abov> Pa av. WM ASHING TON AQUF.DUCT. Washington. D. C., Ja*?. JO, lSol. Paoposaxs will be received at this Offioe until noon of the 16'h dvjr of February, 1881, for iheplatfirm or>vertB* of Bridge No. S. The work to be done will eonaist of the lnrniaklBf, oatttng and setting of aSout Omoabio feet of granite. Specification* oa* ha procured and plangeiammed oaappUottion at this Office. Each hid must be accompanied bv a guaranty that the pa**! proeoeia* will, if his bid is acoeptad, enter into contract within tea days thereafter. fcTpEES a U?fVb ?f E*'r,Jc?'fif'r W?fhTAqd''t ? ......? on . M FRIDAY EVENING, fiBirAiT I. im, Aa 8ta will be given the Vi m# AB r\ f r w nvpcaniwNi'B v? Our A merican Cousin at Home; Or, Ur< Daadrearr AkrMd. As uoh will be prodaeed with j ENTIRE NEW SCENERY J* and a ?? MAGNIFICENT PANORAMA of the Sir HUDSON RIVER Fbom N?w Yob* to Alum. F Painted by Mr. / ?. Lamb and Af'. F?irir*r. rvr<f T\n n/t rat rw on Kil in Amer*o?. with a rtalii nc I ? enee of hi' deficiencies. it I y itron* resolution to reform, I ' and an idea that he can ?inr . I _ he Hon Samuel, P a'acenat. > Mr. SOTHERN. ** Albtrt Tiiptholemas, Rmi I V Nn, Dnndrear*'* youneer | jr? brn'her. sadly afflicted with i the Family complaint, and1 \1 addicted t* Dya.... ? j ' aa Trenehard. married and settled, at home pro- oal proprietor of the Anchor Mills, and Jostios of _J| the peaoe. ? hel Murs->tt. former'y Steward to Sir Edward ? Trenchnrd, at pre?eat Confident al Clerk to Asa an inner, formerly Hot!?*- to Sir EdraH, l-nt at at nrAcnnt 41 \T / I nrr^'* Un*n L7ati '' ? ith an*. lit pi WVIH 1*1 * "" M D I?" w II l?? W W ' ? crfiin contempt for the letter II, and "lhi3 blasted _ Country." M ltd Coyle. Family ?t*wa-d to Sir Edward. an un- ft0( scrupulous o'.d vi lain. M hilwe'l. a tool rf Coyle, and aaaiatant to Abel ha Muroott. Ol nHe Tot", an antiquated N'gro Servant, rema'k- _ , ab'y dark for hi* size. \ >sa Trenchard, Jr., the image rf his Father, and a ?ti rprightly specimen of "Young America." at Maginnis. a Cardid Candy man. _j sftES: I Tw? th,6ve'- v till Flimsey, another of the *ame set, wi;h an _ origiral song " Hun ah for the Road " ^ 'oip AHaorta, the proprietor of a "Cracksman"* -r Crib." th terard. a New Yorjc Det-otive. tii larv Trenehard. nit Mary Meredith, A'a'a wife, wi h a heart full ol love and a heart full > { *en?e. _ iusieTrenohard. Afa's fister j-ii!t from Rra'ding a School, a genuine Van Wee girl, with no nonsense 1 shout her. a Sdith Talford. Susie's fri?nd anl schoolmate, with ai a weakness (t Parallel P!a .taganetJ idg*t McMackercll, a demonstrate Native ? American w ? i* ji at a f*i s w _ li._ jacKmen, reaiara, ^ewnnoTS. I raveirrr, lh.ipb and Ge..t'emen. j SYNOPS'S OF SCENERY, INCIDENTS, Ao- e Act 1. ft A HAPPY HOME. 5 Asa's Hnmsin New Hampshire, with the "*r hor Mi'l?" 11 th?ii'tAiff; tti? "id Wg'l; Mrther * in-1 Son; th? 1 ssop at th' m^t^er's kne<~; "1 niean * to b"> jn?* like r-y father:" the hnsb?nd's w-'eome; o 1 wife's 'ovinr k'?s; * s'izht m^nine'* w<*rk: "A o mi** ty fire artio'e of boy, ma'am;** the old ?*rpan*; AM, the rf formed mar; n. tr*a*nre; the ironnd'd heart: a chuckle-headed o'd ^o^-ition; , Miirc->'t's suspicion; "A? I live, the person I >a? ! Phi! wll p*5^k to yesterday **? Coyle: Are'? con- * [Hence; Yark'e srit aid Va-k'-e "e> terpri**; the ? retiiMi of 9i:?i? fmm ro^oo1; a welcome cue?t; the f fa*hi~?iable f ni*hing; the 'lashing Southerner acd L the apt scholar; the elopement. Ukxxpectkd Arrival or Lord Dvxdriary In search of Sam and Rrcreatr,n. ( A wvfT wtai"; "B!e?s my soul. I forgot to direct ' it;" Florerce'a thon*b?fu!ner?; New* <'"m E"?c- : land; How's Sam ? w hat is your n*me ? The <ndijr- , nant Bntler; A cockney's fear of "the Native-;" f>undrrar*'g fir?t W?or; A terpecuteri Cow; Dur- I dreary in pursuit of a Brfi&lo; f amuH in search cf . Frederick 1 " D VO JVNCTO IN UNO The O'd OaV?>n TSncket; "That well my father dti*;" A. oool drink for a hot day; The descent into 4 the wel!. f fil'DDEN DOWNFALL OF SAM! * I And Unexpected Elevation of Lord Dundreary ! Ftartlino Tabukv\ ' And End of Act First. Act 3. i THE VILLAIN'S PLOT t Fce** 1st. i Apartment# in tv e St Nicholas Hotel A riun ke?'? tr'Hi?>'e?; "rn lather he a hinrins hon i? na- * five iiU;" Binrj's fears for the downfall ol the * h'arintoc.aoT: V i-ouro* of consolation: Asa and ' Pundreary on a vi?it to tho city; ?-ir8t*t piaPun- t dreary's reform; Hi? opinion of NewYo'V: 'Why I , don't y?u ?plu'ge ?" A p'an for paTing off the Na t ona debt? An asylem for hfr.ight<*i foreigners; ^ An average crp of hair; "rnu see I'm turning , wed;" ' A rra'ura1 twotter;' A *ery bad joke; f*am'a susceptibility: Whioh is which ? An axiom: "If a man is. he is;" A fa" i'y peculiarity; An enlarge- ! mentof the bra<n; Call me Ham; A detected lover and a oruahed decfarati >n; "I shall be * t?d for bir'my;" More mysteiy; flow i* Fair' Who ii who? A man "nd a t rniher wifh a vrngean ; dundreary in the h-n'!a of a Ya ikre girl; T1<p mornin* J drill; Lessens in English; Trainir* a picer; A I stmgg e for R's; Forward March! pcbnz 2d. A STREET IN NEW YORK! Arpearance of old Coyle; Hia p'an of vengeance; 1 A d-sp?rata ttake; Who wi'l win it ? B.and*, t Brandy. &CBXK 33. THE NIGIITCELLAR * i ^Tom Allaorts* Cracksme-.'a Crib?1Thieve* and ' Vagabond's carousing ? Original Song and Chora ? "Hurrah for the Road."-?Sudden entranoeof Co> le; Peace, hell-hounds; Asa ar.d Dun^rtary seeing a life; Their recognition br Cvyle; l.or I Dundrpart, "a thundering iol'y go-.d sneeze;" The pan; The t n ii* r r I Tli > rncn U I lit >./4 ma r . <\n k. t( .. - .1 a. a j fui n * f?v? irpuivt i/u i'icnt j uu m? hjiibc r, knock down argument; Th" trap; The mil d'r'i'i I kr.ife; Coyl 3 foiled hy Ara; Tin iridms! t row; The I escape. Scaxa 4TH. A Street?Bmnj and Pete well out cfaticht place; "IIo, my hi!" A lilack eye an iir,po?<>ibility; \ ' kingdom l?r a hacknny ooaoh; A wane a;peal of & B'ifon to the Bntiah Couetitutii-n; ,-I nev. r 'eard of Bunker 'ill!" f< rnk5th. A!l>any Ftoamboat I,aiding. New York -Oran*e? f*. Canny; Binii* in a Cx: Sweets t-> the aweeU; The e?capod ' W hat la it ?" Harnurn to tne rescue; ( There'* Sim, tho oriental "Know Nothing !' * fcehk6th. run Koom on noara rne 'tPim'r iXfw woriil 5am asleep; Morn invatery: Which i* w) i?h a? ain; A anorer and & *n'ezer; More perplexity; A ui* solving viesr; Sam tpoiled; A dead weuht; Sad catastrophe. Fcks*7th. Thk Prom en* d* Dick ofthk Stkamfr Nbw World - A vojage to Albany with various eff eta of i Fc:?arr, Mooslioht and Ei-.nrn, Grand Dante by all the Ckarae.trt. I M re Mystery; Wio 1* who again.' A oloud in the midctof suna'tin'; The le ter f om Mart; Itad news from hor e; The robbery; De alcalion ard flicht of Mnrcott; T'oubl^a never come nn !e; The telegraph dispatch: Tne cmfla*ration; P??truoti n 1 of Aaa's ?*otton Mill; "Ruined ! Ruined.' Ruined!" Sain overboard; Tableau and end of aeoond act Act 3. i nr. vili.aia huiL.Ki>: Sces? 1ST. Th*Rui^sof Asa's Mill?Asa'sp'uok; A thorough "hurst up;" I'm young yet, and it's a lug country; The safe: The missing policies; No insurance; A wife's devotion; Art s rriefover the treachery of Muroott: l hilwell's dupicitj; The Snake in the grass; The detbetive on the traok. SCKXX So. Room in Asa's House?An exohanga. of oonfid noe; Sam acoepted: A l'i sensation; A pre' soription for love; Dundreary's changed appeara> oe; A startling announcement; Dundreary has an idea; A preposition of Marriage; Sudden apparan.o> of a misguided Darkey; Dundreary's horrid threat. ScknbSd. The Skating Pond! The Pond of th* Anchor Mill*.' GRAND SKATiNG SCENE! Bmney's first attempt; Unole Pete's sliding soale* The ups and downs i? life: Dundrearj in pursuit of Sati; r ara in chase of his brotner; wluch is whioh atd how is it ? Stop him?he's mad! EXCITING AND BEAUTIFUL TABLEAU. Ma?<fer and m*n on a level; Downfall of the ariatocrac>: The air hole: Sntiden disappearano* of Hum through th-> Ioj; Th? keaouo; Tne ducking; Fra'ercal anxietj; A atranre Announcement; The natural conapqu?>noe of a falling iato the water; Hook him up! GRAND SENSATIONAL TABLEAU! 8c*?s 4th. A Wood pear A*a'a Houae?The hidde-> Treaa ur#; Cbiiwell'a plana; "To morrow I ah&ll be oat of dance-;'' Utcle Pete on the look oat; Hunting far Yarba. Ecisi Last. THE TABLES TURNED! A Library in Aaa's Honsa?The settlement; The hoaest man a'd the nyp/enta; A sudden chance in the proape^t; The villain caught; Coyla prisoner; The right Pi e by the aa*; Revar*e! Chilw l's trepidation; Aoa's grief; 'I he man (trusted; Who tri umpha now ? Sudden ai>d myterious appearance rf Ab*l; Dandreary's ?tory: '1 ha old Fort; The hunt; The dead ?I:vc; Tha living tomb; The olonde begin to clear; The musing drafts: Tbe bidden rack't; The mys tery ao vrd; THE VILLAIN'S DOOM ! The old Homestead n?.t <0 be so a; A new firm; A fraud sulurge: 8*in still a myth: A a's sympathisers; (ftneraf joy a?.d END OF PIECE! JET Tha Management bags to slate that Mr. Sotiara's suooecs in thia Diana ia av?a g'fatir than in the original aiaoa. aad as aa eoaentna char a?i>riaatioa. Is aokaowledged by the Praaa anl E?Mtsr " M'~?" ?W*l ? - r - - AMUSEMENTS. J A % H 1^ N O^T O N T H B A iii MuMCf ... !'!? rrr.'.!! IT J. T. Ratwoiib m ^ leWiMl r HmrHBKT Blawb (v THIS EVENING. L*1 I^enM.Qoo-wofthj ? ' ?- -m * J.lL^r.rlu^t? r>f ** * ??*'? "ff'V ?l III I'l" ' ??'?? J LOKD Dl'NDRK*RV. in th<> rOBM^T Of Bo _ Ol R AMERICAN fOI'rtN. v performed hi himow five h u mlretl right* ib >tt the principal citis* of tb? Uaion. 5, 'hiit?-?ve <*oiiioitiv< ruhU vu cncored * Ins j o ebra'ed Irtt, r >eueat Laura Keen*'* TheBtor Ef, <n? i:.e leccnt ainmer ifn 'U, B oo<np]|m-at * ' verbally rctnowlodgnd t?y the preet t<> be orpar- f J! Bled in (he* of the drarta. Tn conclude wi Ji the comedy of IMED 1'^. Cbailee Coldntream ... . Mr. Sothern la rehear ?al the ?uco?*efii1 comedy M "I'R AMKKICAN COL'SlM AT HONK. 'rrdBord with New tooaory, KaBorama. * b. TTT a vmo YT AO. L7 ANTED?A firstrata COOK. ?hlt? T *ol? ored. Af pi* it Twdor Plata, ?~?a?raaa at, orgetown Highta. from* a. w Uli 11. J%? 31* L7 ANTED?By a joanj woman,*SITUATION ' aa nDr?.>. rhairWinaid, or acamaUaaa. Ad )?> Box No. '20 . Star Offio*. ja M L7ANTED?A l ory *ach of lk? Report of tka * raoret* y of th* Traaaury U- S , or tha iaI y?%ra lM6ar.d 18*7. L?.a? e at< hi* Offioa a 31 3.* L' A NTED? A nut and faithful GIRL, ( hue,' to d-> cMmbarwrrk and a?*i?t in thacar* of infant Mu t com* wH rafloirmecdfd. Appl* \d.3h2 MiuiinkuirtU ir.. (Htarran 10th and ? h >U. " ^ MPLOYMKNT WANTED.-A man. f r*miI ly, whose effairs are mch as to enai??hi-nto o?pt of a vrrr amiil ?a a jr. wanta a ?.t ution at me light or activn ?mp!<i)tnriit. Writes a g'>e<l nri. Address, imn.ediatclv, A M., Box 10, Star Bee. ja3l-lt* A I"ANTED?I.AND WARRANTS or SCRIP ? to fi.i a it a 1 order, at ivtrner Seventh aud h v i, opposrt > (iudrtl Post OfT.ce. * LI OYD A CO.. a 30 St* g Att rn*y s for Claims. I ANTKO-A sood PASTY COOK Apply at E Wll.l.AR PS' Hot*!. j% *9 lw M V ANTED IMMEDIATELY?F??m?> 15 to * ftM.nm worth of SECOND-HAND FIRNI I! R K of ail kiiMia. 1.. r whioh 1 will cuaranty to par e highest priocu, and, as u?ualvat the shortest do:?. R. Bt>CHLY. C Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, ft o.. C oo3 4OS 7th U.. bet. G and H wt side. p Y ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. E i'er?nn drcining housekeeping, or having eurp uk of Furniture on hand, oar. obtain the oath id fair prioci by applyinc at 3A9 Seventh *t. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. G LOST AND FOUND. | OST-V hanlaome HANDKERCHIEF was H .i Inst at ths President's Levee on Tuesday G verine !a?t by a lady who pried i'very highy h a iremen'n, y information oonoemint it g sft at No. 15. Winder's Building, wi'l be thank IIv acknowledged. i> 51 81.* * A STRA V.?Taken up by the undersigned, on * ^ Tuesday ?v-<f\-f '?? ,? *tr*y HOKSE|T\_^ nth saddle ard bnale, whioh the 'WD-rjU?n an have hy ?r ?* iitg property a^d payit^ A harges on the tame. ltOKY CK\VKN, 31 st ca?t, b't. Sooth A and Bast H* Capitol ?t?.. Capitol Hi.l. 0 rilllKV I IKT _flr tha 9Q(I, tnnlk nfllia Pu tr ito'.adark Irwn HORSE. wadiiirn ?tv 2?. with ouewhit* hir.d :oot; I ad on * jL??y sudte. n (1 a bridle w.ih doufc'ttrua*, orn :?a?h-r. tha oMier w?-l tirg. t he finder will be pa-d I ly wending to the corner of 8*fc and L ??reet? 1 lorth. JOHN G.ADAMS. >3' St* STRAYED OR 8TOLFN FROM TUR PREo MISKSo' J .hn E Little, on the ?*h r\ net.. fiveFOKSKS ol the fo.lown.p ?ielonptionTwo dark tar horata with^^-*-*vtiite tpotain thtir foreh-a4?; one aorrel mare, ath~r thic; one horse and mare, color nearly > nek. A"T perKon giving information or r-turung the t?id hers*** trill ba rewarded CMNTOPI L1TTLK. j& 31 St* 6th at., bet. G unl I rts *outh. ( \ .> p.?I KAi ? t_air<e to ine prenisea 01 me t\ tuberriber. cimer Twelfth and l> ?t* >aat, a larg? red and vh'te spotted COW.Vu/* Hie owner in re?jur?t*fi to.cume lor ma d.Jbakw rove property, pay charge*, and lake her away. ja29 3t? JOSEPH SH ELTONPERSONAL. V~ J. H. M. Ol' Mutt trll the Co one: that I can't go to Bai nnore to morrow a* I'm going to partake of tha ISH CHOWDER whioh will be served up at Uia tVire Rnonik of the Uni?n Howie, 449 Thi.teentk itreet. It i? tie-top, and yf>u trust cm* to town ind get mme; l.rir c th? Colonel, Captain D., and he yoong Jap&nete wi h you, and we will have a imA lit* i (CD iluvt i ik i # v* mm* r NOTICE. " HIS IS to notify tho publio th*t I trill ray no lebta coctraet*d by my wile. Mi ly er the late ot this notice. SOLOMON El>KY. Januarj 2Jih. 1861. !S!<r BOARDING. "~ \1 RS. JANE taylor haTaeTeral VACANT < l"1 KUi'M". A f w p?rro?i'nt o- transient oan be acci m?rodatrd at 411 3d meet. jail 3t? BOA R U'NG.-Person* d-eiroc* of a ooroforta ? b e iionte oan < bfain erod B? ard atd peasant | ^ partmon's <?u F atreet No. 339, between 5th an'I oth ?U. Tabie Board'ra can al?o be eccoramo- ' lated. Term* reann a! le. ja 3i-3t* |>OARDIN'G.?A de?i-able front ROOM, iinme13 di&tely over the <ar!or, with all the modern mprov (rents. iia? just been vacated, and will be Imposed rf on re&'ouab'e turns. Apply at No. i I53 Ninth a'reet. * i A firit a us CHAMBERMAID wanted. ja 3?-gt? ' Dm; trick, as nkar as possible.CLOIHING. such a* Dress and BuaineM r?oata, Ove*ooaU, Paula, Vesta, Ac., AT GOaT FOR CASH. i.M, ?: A I liUl'W*. CODIIKIBK Ol sill M, I'liilnrahirtu, Drawer*. C:>Ua-?, Neok Tim, Ac., *T REDUCED PRICES FoR CASH. BOOTS and SHOES, of exolu'ivelT Winter Stylsa, AT REDUCED PRICES FOR CASH. H*TS AND CAPS.?Fa?hionabl?S?lk and Cat Miners Hats. Hiack and oolorad Soft Hat?an<t Pap*. for men ai*d lxiva. A C R bDL'CED PRICES FOR CASH. Am. g77ods charged, at regular PRICES 6KO. O. hknmno, Seventh at., betw-an iMaryland av. ja 23 3t and Sin'thm-niao Ground*. _ ? ?v |a ?ci y conspicuous part. irr The ? Smithsonian Report" for 1859, now before us, gives. In concise and well digested form, the operations and expenditures of the institatlon for that year. The Institution, under the judicious supervision cf Prof. Henry, Is year by ymr widening Its sphere of usefulness, while at tha same time keeping its expenditures strictly wlthla the limits of lta resources. This report abounds In interesting and Instructive matter, from which we hope to be able to make extracts soon I IASTOMSH1NG, HI T TRUE : T IS* Very *t.anite that SMITH should set in New Good* wh?3 every body I* cryinz hard timee. Hut ho Bella hi > Roodi at ouch low prioM that the people will t>uv thetn. N rt?Ju*t received a lot of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS, wh oh will be sold at an per cent lev* than their aotua.lvn.luv At SMITHS, No. 460 Mventh at., oppoit" t*o?t Office. ja24-im A HICKORY WOOD. No. 1 artio'e of HICKOfcY WOOD. Alao, PINE ar.d OAK WOOD, prepared or delivered Dcrd length. H^Tarms ca*h. ii_TA lord ra <hould be accompanied with the money ; drivera don't carry otanie aiileaa special orders are left to that rrfrct. T. J. A W. M. GAl.T, j?n ?-? fa iv? tx>f. llth ami i?h ?t? AP'ANO FORTE, (NKW.) FOR tlTy-I have h?<l left at my *t?refor sale a iiaw__?^^ Kocewood Cue, beautiful tone Piano.fBBBI Stool and Cover, which oo?t o&ah fym HI IT! ard the owner, in con?^qn#noe of the hard time*, wil. sell it for 917%, intruding Stool and Cover. Calla'.d tee it JOHN p. e7?lis, ia 2S ??6 Pa- av.. bet. 9 h an* 10th eta. Elegant carpetings at grlat sacrifice. We atill have on band and for uie. eome very superior and beautiful VELVET, WlER. BRUSSELS and TAPESTRY car^ETINqK wjneh mu?t be aold off at toine prioe; ana, in view or the et&te of the *ini#-s, they wi'?l be sold oat without regard to oo?t. Members of Coiigreee and others in w&nt of luoh toodi ard h* imtMl hv na raw rI m. saving of thirty per owt. low than elsewherel" ^LAGETT 4t DOUQON. ja28-10t No. 4, ?oonddoor eaat of Ninth ?C PURK MEDICINES RECEIVED WEEKLY. On hand HpaMtag'a Pills. MoL'an s Cor dial. A tor'a. Jar ce'saad Soheock,BM*d>cin*?,^? Moore's S*dUI D'ops, to. fkystsiar.s'pre aonptions reoeive special attention. Prices to salt the timas. At night ring th? dcor beL. MOORE'S West Had Drag Store. jal? >w Il? Pean.av?aa. CEMETKRY NOTICE. STINKS and MARBLE MANTELS at radaeed arloes for oaah or approvedJM A" early call la u""d- mJt+JkZMl 2&, oe T7 Sm WV?wn Itth and im. Amos kendall 0M SECESSION. These able Articlee, wiUian Ori/inal Preface. "T M&h?.h taSALL' NEVER before been published. celebrated &etter to or*. letter to Weafre?idbnt. Whioh oaa jutlly MUiUd to miio* voiwik adioi.a'ica, hfcve bwi cut; printed in a pamphlet of tbcut forty mn, and tri wow rtMj lot dutriamong ?b? iblut prodaetloaa of tfc? time*, ai.d no on* who deairaa a aonalMiva areamen* aad a luoid axroaitioa- aiaar, aoaoiaa and brief, npon this eabjact, ahould ba withou: a aopr. Tbay will b* farpi.h-d by tha aabaariter at Am followip| irittt.vis: L B? T?Oft. DOWLltfj. ?sa. A I* 1 Mil Itmat M ilw iMtM Imw, Mir ^Mtrk?ud?iirt)>>MwrfntofPMait? 0?x Kje*186" 6 n?r*p?rn wd AtoMatiit CaadU*, B?i? iro?. dro??d P*pp*r. Groud >TM,6?i.?^W?J"r ? ( OI??| T??1, jm cWwie* T"t?eeo, S* S? < ?.. UbU. Wkl.k^. RrWy . Gi?. . fyv THOS. DOWLINO. A?et r. f. A. MnAd Cap*, JUST RECEIVED Another of H1CC8* r. 8. ARMY Ml'SKET CAPS. For Ml* low by J. E. SR.ELDS, Hiidwui Uroirn, Oppotito Brows'*. j? 9P X Ladles, Call Ear! j 8IB8fcB8llgl&4fc V mIt dditina*] inroiMi I act roooirod o* PCow kn4 B*Mtifnl Jewelry. 01) OAN 0,iLV ^ na M'F. LK L? V 51 VS. Ef?WSi|^A.r,|TJ I AMF.Q ?ixl GO?.l? tTONE 8ET9. MSt^w ^WPifffiUco, illf. pi ^ BTl'De (OBL,tT!>. CI I'S. JtO. ETerythirj in the etore new ?nH perfect. ftt<1 uemntied to be euoh aa represented ll_/~ Et*ry mrttcl* mmmfac mr?4 Jmr the retuimr nau trade, end warranted to b" the etme quaiitv >i ie retailed from fire to thirty dol era each. YOL'R CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR. RuasLin OV ConT. Ac thie irett eeie oontieaea l>*t a abort time, nraocadeairinc to eepply tlierrmeivee with Jewelrj .t these unheard of prion* will pleaee call early at ?r ORIGINAL ONK DOLLAR STORE. 302 Peuutyl arenne. between 9tb nnd lot* atresia D W RIDDLE. H7" Remember the Number?SO*?aa we Kar* 10 oonneotmu w;th othera. profeiaing to esil at our irioea, iu t: is city. Rroeived thi? day a larce invoie* of SILVER WAKE, onoaiatinf of Breakfaat and Tea Seta. "ard aud Cake b*?keta; Parent $?iup Pitch era. But'er Dialiea; Fruit Kmrea; Tea Km**a Korka, a 'Inn &*AAna- TaUaaa Ry-tWA?j 1 mu ? w.??vw? 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J METHOD OF CURINO ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. lst ocniuwri mb" ti'tbut puitisnvu m prcmt bumber of oertifloatoa from p?r?on? well known, which full? prov* that he is th? only one who care* the above mentionod diteaart. ANY ONE BUFFERING no* COINS. * BUNIONS. 80PT CORNS. o* ant DISEASES OF THE FEET. Will htrc f biat rto bb iin?rtn U the* tmmtdimttlf pimt* tkem*elt*f tmdm DR. SCHLOS6ER*S UNERRING SYSTEM OF TREATMENT. Without crttine ok cattim tmi luit paih. CONS VL Tirtv ROOMS, S?T PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E. Mvmi uu and 19U trMta. OFFICE HOl'tS ^ From m. tili 6 p. a. FEW DAY* I.OMKI ?N j*? WASHINGTON. i ' ^ * < F ^1/h **? * 'I ^ imesrjS"'. i K~rt~?"Kv m )?m oit oda rWWwt' M*ii T,io:miwr""U( pt c I 1 - i

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