Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1861 Page 3
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t J , IOC A J. NJSHS. J . i |J> J " __ An f - | ht u'b 1 p*_ Ktu )? printed on tbf MM but i?r*?? tonth of Baltimore, 1?? edition ^ 1? ?" brrqnlre It to be pot to pre* t\ mm brR f-ir'w Ad?trt1*emente, tbmlW*, Ihould be tlcl ? -' te bofnre ti o'clock M < etberwl* they auy on 1 until the t*lt day. N"Tir*District of Columbia Advertisements r 'so be Inserted In theBaLvmofts Svnare received tbe at atd forwarded from Thb Star OMce. ! ? - con ? vrai i.iCTrm*. last jnoHT.?Prof Alexander dellv> ered bit last lecture on Solar Eclipses last evening era at the Smithsonian. A large audience waa In at- >jrl tendance; those who were not present lost ^j0 one of the moat instructive and entertaining lec- r0i urea ever delivered In any city. Tbe lecturer jg having been a witness of the scenes hft described fl so graphically, a peculiar Interest was lent to his tba vivid picture* of polar phenom?yi? and the sub- ter lime grandeur of a total ecllpr-^, 4.q After alluding to the gra-^ system of coopeta- Dui tlon lately Inaugurated -^nOBR the astronomers of dot all nations, the lectr^f took up the narrative Of Ms tbe eipedltlon to ' ^hrador, on the occasion rf the tbe ?r* 8t eclip?e OI jmo amm?w whp ibttonpll u.. 1a . iTj* *** J eonl of the continent to catch the Wil first bad'-^ gtruck our shores; another waa sent ud jnt0 Qj, interior. Beer Lake Winnipeg. ft |',Jl /bo wu unable to reach the appointed apot qua ' json the shadow swept over, and the party of in \ which he wsa a member waa aent to bid It fare- via! well *s It c?re*fTd out upon the wastes oMhe At- aft? lantlc, and stretched away toward the shores of cee fcnrope. r inti The pirty aent to Labrador waa composed of p*j Vrof Barnard, Lieut. Aahe, Prof. Smith, Prof. pU| Venable, Mr Lleber, Prof Henry, Mr. GoodfeU Th low, Mr Walker. Mr Darbockols, Com. Murray4 bat Lieut. Gillla, and the lecturer, Prof. Alexander, the who was appointed to the responsible position of tha superintendent of the expedition. This party did No wot belong to the Coast Survey. Their expenses hoi were defrayed by Government, but they received | no compensation aside from the additional scien- an< tific facts obtained, and the sublime spectacle of a as ; total eclipse The point at which tbey made their of observations waa sb?ut AO degrees of North latl- his ??ide As tbey sailed along at a distance of about 50 miles from the shore, tbey could distinctly see can the stupendous wall of barren mountains towering up til the'r grandeur and desolation, looking J precisely as though they were of est Iron. Not a *' < tree was to be seen upon the dreary wastes. Hut *hi a few small stunted plants and a little clinging !nS moss was all that relieved the barrenness of the 'ai bills, while here and there patches of snow inf tretched away upon the cliffs. te* The aven"^ bigbtof these mountains was about P" I.CCO feet. There were no vallles ncr entrances to 1 for a but the chain seemed to be a sucres- (>si sior of l iyers. which overlapped each other and e r rSRi-rved almost u uniform altitude. Along the '''e twae there rested a dark impenetrable bed of ever sleeping mists which, chilled and condensed by the concealing influences of the mountain range, *rn never lifted their dreary folds. No rainbow hung j"oi ?*bout it; no ray of light crept through the dreary ^loom; no friendly harbor stretched out itsshelter- v,11 tui'ini to protect them from the biting blasts j ^ Ar.d drifting seas; but one unbroken, rock-bound roast, gi rt with eternal mists, repelled them while " ( the sounding line now marked the warning shallows ar>d then plunged down into the cbasics of 1 the ocean bed Here the party began to fear that they would be unable to accomplish their errand? Pal 13-st from the difficulty in lanaing, and next the Jou raist, waich would prevent their liking any ob- ^ servation. They filially f>und an inlet, Into which they sailed, ana got ceh'.nd the mist, where It wa.s bright and clear, when tLey found that the J*1 apparent difficulty which had caused the most ho| ineaslness was really a convenience. The thick- ' 81 "ness of the mists prevented the keen winds from rJr"' striking them very hard, and they were enabled un to keep very comfortable behind the screen; while Pa row and then, as the blast swept up against the rocks, the mists would tower up above the cliffs and look in upon them, and then sink back like a serpent despoiled of its prey. Ilavtnrr th?lr f?nta ??/*>! man Vs/1 hlfl CP particular duty assigned him. One or two were !'n appointed to look for tb? first approach of the *' moon; auoth?r to announce its contact with the I rays of the ?uu; three to note the time of contact, im o ih-t if the attention of one was attracted two thi would remain; one to call the seconds from the de chronometer: another to call the minutes; others Gr ready to let fly the screen upon the photographic de apparatus, so as to catch the first picture of the Hi eclipse; others with telescopes searching for the planets only seen in total eclipses; others, shut in ga a dark room, were waiting to catch the first change th vt the sua'? shadow upon paper: others to mark pr the motion of the magnetic needle; others to note an the changes of the moon; and the engineer of the tit ship was stat) r.ed upon the hill to mark the ha changes of the wind and temperature, while the K seamen and sub-otfi'^r* were on board tbe?hip pmaklng such observations as were in their power b] Here was a beautiful Illustration of fsith in the deductions of science Here was a party of men to eollccted upon the barren wastes of Labrador, two thousand miles awav from civilization, each with bit particular dnty assigned him. anxiously awaittng the appointed minute when the most sublime ^ phenomenon of nature wii to transpire When J)1 the moon first touched the sun it presented a rough ' ' Jigged edge, and the telescope bad hardly re- r* vealed the contact tefore the bright ra\s vanished, * and a sLadow like the early twilight spread over R! tue earth, which darkened with great rapidity, w until the sun seemed entirely consumed and extlnguisbed. Just as the moon struck the sun, and *.r the first shadow fell upon the (.arty, the song of a J1 bird trilled out cleSr and distinct, like the notes nf a skv-lark, and then all wasslleutas the grave. w ?intil tbe first glittering edge of the sun peeped * out from behind the moon, when those strange mysterious notes a tain rang out on the srillaess of " the scene. One was stationed to watch for the shadow, who described !t as a vast column sweeping along ^ with streaks down its sides like au immense rain a, cloud, with the rata streaming down In the dis- ^ Unce Just in the mumt Important *ta_e of the ^ e^llpae, when the sun was completely bidden by v IKa nirnn /I r V ri a atari, r-?# > s? *< .mm tin W<r A V> ?uc un'i'M. a vivuu? " nuiuw i uc *my< v?r- q struct! ng the view of the planet enus. which t< thev were auxious to see, but they were repaid ti for this by the Immediate appearance of vivid red (j ?u around the sun, which without the cloud y miitht not have understood. Whil^ they n were in the center of the dark shadow they could b see a blush of light far away over the plains, s| while overhead the heavens were of a dull copper ? color. Something of an idei of the strength of a the sun's light may be Inferred from the fact that when the first delicate spot of the sun was revealed by the telescope, the light tt is tied out rts bright " as that of a full moon The edge of the moon r; was surrounded by a brilliant halo and vivid red B< spots. The effect of t:,e eclipse upon the mag- d nettc ne^le was singular. When the nioon first 1 pa-sed before the sun the motions of the needle c were very violeut, oscillating upon its nivot with 1 great velocity, and describing a large arc. When the aun waa completely hidden it waa hardly perceptible, but aa the atadow paased off it renewed i'a vibrations, unm the shadow waa entirely gone. wht-a it returned ita uaual station. The wind and temperature waa hirdly affected at all. From their a'atlo.i the shadow swept acrcsa to j; irope, crossing Spain near th- Peninsula, and c?reer:u!j across Africa near the Red Sea, was lost on the untrodden plains of Kthiup'a The Pjsba of tlgypt had ar. astronomer stationed in E hio;va, woo gave a very interesting and important account of it* appearance at that place. The lector-r then described the icebergs of the l' .lar sers but our linMb'd space will not admit of publishing bis retcarks in closing his lecture be referred to the triumphs achieved by the United States Coast Survey, and the rapid march of science under the fostering care or our Republic. His allusions to our past national glory and the dark picture of the future were particularly affecting; and bis prayer that lUi> uw?ci uMirm iin^ut uc?ti ucmujcu was responded to by Xte audience In loud and long a^pUuse Tnt Light Aktillbkt Quaxtxxs ?Lut night workmen under the direction of Mr J G. Naylor swtre engaged in erecting the stabling, &c., necessary for the horses of the hgnt artillery expected here this evening, and to quarter at the City Hall The stable*, of course, will be temporary structure*, requiring to be up In time for tbe ho srs when lu^y arrive They are placed on the northwest part of the City-Hall 1st, extruding about 2U0 feet The work was commenced last night, by laborers denning away tbe anow and t. ? Mr Nailnr fmnlnvM >li mm to do thta work; bat all Swampocdla seemed desirous of engaging In it, and turned out a gang so numerous tbat Mr >s\lor found himself surrounded by a crowd, each individual insisting that be was employed. The* c* en ted so much confusion that Captain Goddara was sent for. He not betng at hand. Justice Donn was called upon, who started witti Detectives Allen and Busber and "Officer Weeterfleld to relieve tbe workmen When tbey got upon the ground they commenced to regulste tbe laborers. Capt Goddard arrived in thr mean- I time, and order was soon restored Mr. Nay lor picked bis men, and Detective Busber enrolled their names Tbe others retired, very disappointed by the loss of tbe job. Tax Howitzkb which baa for some time past been in tbe poeeesalou of tbe Nstlonal Rifles baa been, by order of tbe War Department, transferred fram tbe armorv of tbe Rifles to tbe Columbian Armory for aafe keeping, and the future drills of the howitzer battalion of that corps will be held In tbe Columblsn Armory. The above order, however, has no reference (a? stated in a morals* paper) to tbe company arliM or me national Rifles, which are held regularly in their 1'iaory at Temperance Hall. Ttoopa at Fobt AIcHexbt and rot Winisoto*.?Two cowpanlee .-f L'aitcd States artillery arrived in Baltimore at 4 o'clock yeaterdav afternoon from Fort Hamilton, N Y .commanded by Maj Klastine and Oapt Allen. They Immediately proceeded to Fort VcHeorv, from whence one of the com pa a lea will probably come to Waahlngten to-night It laauppeaad that they will be quartered ? Capttei Hill. ( ?* ' HiAtn ?Tbe a?dleoce wtl confuted with ' 1 Kbter Wet night by the rfepfaeatation of ''Our cod iertcaaLCoaili" Th\a pUy to bo novelty here, nea the " Lord Dundreary" of Mr Southern to In 1 Cand waa ao recognised on all handa. wei e acene in it, that where he receive* the cele- Hij ted letter from hia brother Sam in''America,'* Hlj [led the audience amazingly, and he waa called the to reread It, but he did better than that, by tow plying a postscr! pt. or rather a string of tbem, **oi te aa unique as the body of tbe letter. Tbst n'cl ritorlous. pains-taking actor, J. r. Raymond, formed thepartof"AsiTreachard"somuchto satisfaction of tbe audience, tbat be, aa well m Sothern, was called before the curtain at tbe j icluaion of tbe piece Mips 9baw'* sweet face <hr< i Just the thing for tbe part of " Mary Mere- . b " Miaa Alice PTaclde Maun was vivacious, ceful, and lady-likeas'-FiorenceTrencbard ' i Mann, always good, was excellent ss " Mrs. " untcLessington " The ' Abel Murcott" of ^ii )ts was noticeably good To-night tbe piece o be repeated. C ly tbe announcement elsewhere, It will be seeh to i t an entertainment of an extraordinary charar- adi ia to be given to-morrow night. The play la and ur American Conalb at Home,'' in Whicn Lord 1 ndrearr (Sotbern) ia *a!d to be really atupen- occ ia In the way of eccentric characterltatlon. day nager Ulenn hta gone to great expenae to put for place handsomely on the stage, and In effectneaa it will undoubtedly aurpaaa anything ever P Messed here of the kind. Pol la. Kxknt yesterday morning made tbe ac- con lintance of a New England man named Rolf, by tbe neighborhood of the Patent Office. Tbey or i Ked that interesting InatitutJPn together, and wt r wards left for a trip down town. Before pro- WI ding far they met Air. Thomas, whom Kenny roduced to Rolf. Thomaa wanted Kenny to C r tbe little bill due him. and Kenny Instantly chi lfd out a one-bundred-dollar note, and told ml omaa to take the amount out of it. Thomaa 1 1 no change, and Rolf waa requested to change tal note Rolf only had eastern money, and of "P t nnlv torn# JfcIA nr which he nmrlnr.jHl sooner did Kenny see the money thmn, seizing ^ d of It, he made off, followed by Thomas. Lenny was afterwards arrested by an officer 1 1 taken before a justice, who recognized him * sn old offender. Some three hundred dollars ?* ' worthless bills on a bogus bank wer? found on a person. He went to Jail for a further hearing, 1 hi* confederate, Thomas, tias not yet beeu ?} lSbt" co, Phk Rifreskxtativxr or ths Philadelphia clu !)RIIHomiii. ? This delegation, numbering rty-three gentlemen, appointed at a mass meet- . * : held in Independence Square, Philadelphia, dn t Saturday evening, which arrived In Waeh- oa rton yesterday morning, presented yesterday a of resolutions to Congreas from the Philadel- j la worklngmen. The resolutions recommend Ori Congress the adoption of the Crittenden prop- pe; tlons; but If Congress refuse to adopt any irr asure of reconciliation members should resign ^ lr seats that the people may elect others upon direct Issue They deprecate all hostile col- the ons between the troops of the Federal Gov- ing ment and tho*e of the states; but if all fair and us< norable means shall be exhausted without ef- an< ting the object desired by all Union-loving izens, they (tbe workingmen) will sustain the 1 leral Government in all legal me ins to enforce laws of the land. They left for their homes Bl' 5Y a m to-day. rh? Howitzsr Comtamt lately organized In for Sixth Ward, under tbe title of Howlizer Comiv D, Light Infantry Battalion, held an ad- i rned meeting at the hall of the Anar-ostla Enie House, laat nigbt. There was a full attend- * ;e of members and when tbe Captain (I Cross) ? de his appearance in the hall, he was received th loud checrs lie thanked the men for the ( nor they had b~st"wed on him, by electing him LI ;>tain, and expressed his hope that his * ff rts to I I W A tll.l /?nm MMW MM AAt-ni-ant Ana -"U ? IT >av <mv- v<'i?*^uuf oil CiUtlCllt UIIC WdUlU UC 1 u mimouslyseco. ded by tbemembers. Ttecomnv then listened to a patriotic speech from their lerly sergeant, Mr. Lear; after which they period their organization by electing the following leers: Thos. Stewart, Jas BeacEam, and Wm. ' ade, Corporal*; Samuel Miller. Ordnance Offl- *' r; Wm E Hutchinson, Secretary; Chas Grlf- " . Assistant Secretary; George Cunningham, th< easurer. mc ri'OLrnoss of thi Philadelphia Wobesxiii.?A delegation of a committee of thirty- j ree. representing 50.(J?>0 workingmen of Pbllalphla. yesterday morning waited on Messrs st. Ittenden and Camvron at their respective rest- < nces, where they were introduced by Senator in gler In a brief and appropriate address J r J B. Nicholson, Esq., responded for the dele- f ' itlon eloquently and patriotically He stated '* e object of their visit to be to testify their up- ,4, eolation of tbe Union entertained by themselves v", d by those tbey represent; their desire for a set- _ ment of tbe national difficulties on a aatlsfactory ~ isis; and tbat tbe proposition of tbe Senator from ^ rntucky, whose character they revered, whose itrlotlsm thev admired, was heartily endorsed nc t them, and tbey wiahed its adoption Tbe Senators feelingly and hopefully responded I. the address. . A Th? Niw Yore delegstirn of merchant* and ts ilppers are stopping at Willards' Hotel Th? y '? ere present In a body at the President's recep- 11 on on Tuesday night, and yesterday waited on w 'uator Seward, by whom they were cordially |, celved 1 hey also v)sit< d the Capitol yesterday. t[ h- delegation received a large number of Re- st lblican members of Congress at their parlors in a /illards' Hotei, last night, and held n protracted " inference with them conrerning tlie national oubles. It Is nnderstood tbat the Republicans Id not entirely agree to tbe views expressed by ie delegation. To-day the monster petition hich the delegation bring with thein, Is pre men to me Senate, ana the delegation nave ^one ^ labodytoths Capitol to witness Its reception jr tbat body. C The calico dress ball, at Odd Fallows' Hall, i?t night, wm tcarcely a success The ball was >* rilliantly lighted, the orchestra In their places nd desirous to lend their aid to the festivity, ut no festivities were forthcoming; no calico r ress^s were there The managing committee raited and waited for the appetrance of the two r thrt?f hnnrirf-rl minli whn hnri nrnmlipii In nt. >nd; but no one appeared, and finally tbeorcbes- j a went home, tbe liifbtn were extinguished, and f >dd Fellow*' Hall waa left to repose. 9 We hope sincerely that the public charity bat ? ot dried up tbla early in the season, as there is to * e another ball of the calico dress character 'c bortlv, under tbe auspices of the Ladles' Catholic p lenevolent Society, which we trust will be better ttended. ? Rciiwat?Last night, about 9 o'clock, a pubic back wuseen traveling upon the avenue at a ate of speed that caused pedestrians to sbake j oine In their shoes. Toe horses were without a a river; but they krpt In the avenue from the staring point, at tbe corner of Sixth street, until they ame to the Intersection of D and Twelfth. A arge number of persons were anx'ously watching heir course, which could be traced distinctly t.y 1 parks of fire flashing from their hoofs. Kortulately no one was Injured by them; even the < mck was uninjured. The team belonged to Mr. sailor, me coacn to Mr. Kooert rate. He naa u?t watered his team at the Sixth atreet pump >nd turned to pur the bucket away, when they tart d and made directly for tjieir stable. Fcli.t Committed ? George Humphreys and as. Shorter (colored) were brought out of jail 'or a hearing before Justice Donn this morning, >n a chary* of larceny. It was prqven that thev iroke into the residence of Samnel Keeltr, and itole several article* Two men, C. W.Turner | ind R Wharton, a colored,man. went to stop hem. when the depredators gave the two Inter- i Vrers a thrashing that obliged them to retreat. I Humphreys and Shorter were fully committed for { ourt for trial on the charge of theft, and also lasault and batter v. Stolen Pkopiktt R*cov*a*?.?Yesterday, S Iceman Eckloff, of the Second Ward, arrested leb Hawklna, colored, for baring In his posteasion a verv fine rocking chair, which was itolen from the cabinet shop of E King. The chair belonged to Willards* Hotel, and was a costly piece of furniture' Hawkins was taken before Justice Hazard, and admitted his posseslion of the article, explained his connexion with the apparent larceny, delivered up the property, and proving his innocence of any intent to steal, was dismissed. Wbittkn Down ah A ?s ?Last night the register of one of our principal hotels was honored with the name of a recently arrived South Carolinian. to which name was appended the portentous capitals u S C. A ," understood to represent the words "South Carolina Army " Considerably to his disgust, however, to-day, while in dulling la a rond glance ai ma title, be round that tome Irreverent party bad maliciously added tbe letters "sa" to tbe same, and that be had been, figuring for twelve hours upon the book as a South Carolina Asa": Bbothbbhood or thb Union.?A society of this name has existed and flourished here for tbe last ten years, whoee members are some of the moat rrspoctible citizens of the eastern section of this city The society is secret, and has for Its object benevolence The members on entering the order take a solemn oath to support the Federal Constitution Thev meet weekly, and have lately removed their lodge room to the new Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy-Yard. Cbajbisb, at WUlardt' Hotel, keepa at his stand cockades of all kinds?suitable for all shade* of political sentiment?which he is willing to sell for cash. Stranger* desirous of taking to their borne* specimens of the eoekade* of the different State*, would do well to call on Chandlee We nete with gratifieattoa that In order to supply the demands of tbe public he has to make extra ex ettiona u> keep on hand a sufficiency of Union f Tub N atioral VoLcirrawms, at their last meeting, el-cled the (allowing company officers: Company A?Captain, C. Boyle; 1st Lieutenant, C. K Sherman; id dp,* Cleary: Burg^n, Dr. w^TSi ISC? o w oft? ' Wm- 19* fWier, U. % ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmarntm 'm Ltout Aktillmt CoxniT. Meat Pry unfading, quartered In Dr. Lawaon'a hotiae. r the War Department, paraded thla morning tell an I form, making a fine appearance They G i nt to Georgetown, paaatng along Bridge to (h street, and taking a circuit around the . fhta. entered Bridge atreet at Ute weit end of town, and trotted briskly back through the n. creatine ouite a aensstion aa tbev passed 4 ag. They returned to th?irquartars.\bout 11){ < lock a. in. kckmhaium is Gkoioktow*.?There vru a > attempt at incendiarism in Georsetown this j rnlng About daybreak, one of the font win- |nj of Mr J. 8. Paxter's residence wss broken Mtr rnigh by some means, and fire communicated ata he window curtains. Fortunately the flames sbi re extinguished before much damage was done. p? . P's stable wss burned down a week or two ref ?, and this is the third or fourth attempt to fire prt dwelling. 11? 'imctriT Cotrnt.?Yesterday, after the9tat went R! >ress, the case of J. if. Wynn agt. Jos. Smith, , nlnistratpr of John W. Smith, was taken up, M I resulted in a non pro*. 7, 'o-daV, the case of Staub agt Edas, which has J;' upiea the attention of the court for several , fs, wasagaln under consideration. Mr. Radio, comolalnant.was maklnir a closing argument. " ' ? - - W1 'olick Mattu*?Before Justice Donn ?Yenlay afternoon Charles Barry was arrested by 1E .Iceman Yeatman for profanity and disorderly iduct. He waa required to pay the ftne Imposed P" law. Michael DIamorebad a hearing in a case * wiling liquor without a license, for which be tb< s arrested by Policeman 0ill, of the Seventh . J ird. He was lined S*) 16. Ml 'kimimal Coust ?To-day, Patrick Reagan, *P irged with an assault upon a mall bor, ?nb- ? 1 tted his case to the Court and was flnea #10. rbe case of C. George Porter, (colored,) for ob- th' ning money under fcls* pretenses, was taken 1 fia U'p Uft th? rnnrt.rrvnm II? ? kl Phk Georgetown Mounted Guard* had their te? t parade yesterday, and area line looking body men, about fifty were out. and alter a drill at po Dyers' reat passed through the principal streets m Georgetown, attracting much attention. Ca Itphkms Cockt ?Wtdnttdny.?No. ?ll. Cbas j :Mlcken Pvrrin et al., appellants, agt. Freeman en Caryetal. The argument of this cause was be ltinued by Mr. Pugh for the appellees, and con- ab ided by Mr. Ewing for the appellants. Adj'd. ne Gi Central GcARD-Horsa Casks.?John Smith, ?0 ink and disorderly; fine and costs (4.15. R. w rry, do., do , S*2 IS. fa Holloway's Pills and Ointment. ol, *Hammatitm of the Kidn-ys and Vrino gtnital ra*.<.?In all internal inflammation of the Kidrs, bladder, fco., oau vd by travel or other local w itaiion these medicines will effect a speedy and licai cure Out of five hundred cases of persons CI icted with gravel and pronouno'd by eminent mbers of the faoultr as 'incurable'all who took >se remedies reooverfd but one, and he, despair; of success, discortinued them after one we?k'f *; t. f-old by all Druggists, at 25 ots-, 6i et?M r-i 1 91 per bo* or pot. iaSMw sa ell I"o the Affi.ictkd !?He sure to read theadvar- ?a ement or McLean's Strengthening Cordial and uod PuAfier. in another oolumn. tl Pnmis. ac 'arsons desiring pennies will always bad them Vt exchange at tna Star Office counter. tf ot w Ikadek, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise int in onr paper. Rea/ it; it will interest yon. m ,u ai>-eoly MARRIED.' n< )n the 23th August,by the Rev. F. T. rapsidr, ci IM. H. HENKY io SOPHIA R. DAVIS. - n this city, on Ti'e day, January ?9. 1861. by w .ther Maguire. Mr WII.L'AM J. WARM EN p< Miss EDDIE, daughter of Mr. Edward Times. re DIED, m ">n Wednesday eveuirg, the SHh mutant, MA- aC ION E. FORCE, youngest son of Peter Force, _ eJ 22 'ears. . , rhe friends of the family are invited to attend e funeral, from the residence of hia father, to- *1 ?rrow,(Friday,( at2 o'olook. * a< n Georgetown, on the 3lstinstant, ROBERT >RTER, aged 25yearc. M His funeral will tako place to morrow afterroon, 3 "'clock, from his late reeidei.ce. No.6 Potomac c. , near ihe Market. a| Dn tho morring of 'he 30th in*?ant, at. 6 o'olook, <the 3 th year of his age, JAMES MITCHKuL, ? . fon of Capt James and Margaret Mitohell. P His fune>-al will take p ace at the resideioe of hia tie', on Bridge st., Georgetown, D. C., to moi- r? w (Thursday) afternoon, at 4 o'olook. The rela- U kres ana irie*aa oi ine lamny are reapectiu ly in Bi trdtoatvnd. 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S ' at Union Meeting in Georgetmen?All *' Partis* Represent#/?Considerable Dtferwwa / Opinion in regard to Coercion mmd itker matters, hut the Untfin sentiment p Predominant?A Storm* Time., hut ultimate Harmony, and Union Resolutions k Fa*eed by mm almost Vnanimons Vote. b< Gsoisetow*. January 31. 1*?1. kt the boar appointed for the ere^tUnion meetf lift evening, Forrest Hall w?i crowded to Its tl no?? capacity, every seat and every Inch of ndl?i room being occupied. Citizens of every v ide of polities? municipal and national?were fc eat; and our volanteer companies were well hi >reeented, a great many of the members being went In undress uniform. Esputa's band en- y, ened the proceedings with excellent muftc, rformlng the national airs and the popular j, W*W? tfc rhe meeting was called to order by Mr Jas A. b< igruder; and on motion of that gentleman John n, ckson, esq , was elected president, and Wm. rf iiiu* socrviary Mr t being aacertalned that the Rer. N. B. Morgan hi * preaent, he was reqanted to open the meeting w th prayer. He complied, ana prayed moat c< vently for the preaervatlon of our glorious tr tlon We regret that want of apace will not f0 rmlt us to report the prayer at length, as It ex- ar rased aentlmenta of good will and brotherly tI ndneas, which we have all need to cberlah In se troublous tlmea tl As the tramping of a military company over- {n ad. In tbelr drill movements, was very audible, ft r. Deeble moved that a committee of one be at pointed to Invite the company to the mt-ting, its was carried, and Mr. Deeble waa appointed. f0 a r?rfna a ?i <? 11 ' r^' ? *-** ?urw??j, nuu lucuuiu^aiiy ucpwru UJ Invitation and soon marched Into the room. Mr. Tenney row to offer certain resolutions he rt d prepared; but. at the suggestion of Mr. Jen- d< n Thomas, moved theappolnmentof a commit- h ; of five to draft resolutions. This motion was carried, and the Chair ap- ,, lnt*d Messrs Wm H. Tenney, Jenkin Thorn, Wm. King of Wm., Wm C. Magee, and b ipt. James n. Goddard, (of the Home Guards ) u rhe committee retired; and r< Mr James A. Magruder rose and said that sev- T il distinguished gentlemen had been Invited to n present to address the meeting, but were un- g le to attend He then went on to say that it tt rded no argument to convince the people of r| forgetown of the great benefits of the Lnlon. as a > community in the land was more Interested In n rfWuattng our institutions than tbe people of r, is District, when some one suggested that Mr. a ng, named as one of tbe committee to draft relations was not present at the meeting p Mr. Esau Pickrell nominated Dr. John L. Kid- a ell to All the vacancy. ti Tbe question was put to the meeting by the d lair, and some few vociferous "noes'' were 0 ard. Dr. Kldwell had left the room in tbe mean- r hile. and the Chair said he would appoint Mr. t: ?au Pickrell to the vacancy, but Mr Pickrell f, id that under the circumstances be must de- _ Ine. The Chair put the question, when the me voices again shouted "no " ( Mr. James A. Magruder said that we had met -re as Union men. not as partisans, and ought to n knowledge no creed, party or sect Let us di- U st this me?tlng of all partisan character, and >ject to no gentleman serving on the committee bo is a Union man. t. Mr. J M Stake, r.fter a few explanatory re- (. arka. nominated Mr. Jamea A. Majjruder. fi Mr. Magruder hoped Mr. Pickrell would serve. a Mr Pickrell said be declined, because he bad 11 > ruinated a good citizen, and the Chair bad de- f ded be was rejected, and nominated himself Tbe President (Mr Dickson) said that Dr Kidell had left the room at the time, when he ap- j!nted Mr Pickrell. 1 Dr. Kidwell, who had returned, said his s?lf- J spect would not allow him to serve on the com- ( ittee after what had occurred Mr. Tenney appealed to tbe meeting, and said >me preaent seemed 'o forget this was a Union leeting, and not called for any party purpose et ua forget party asperities, and when reaoluons were offered, let there be no hisses, but ' lopt or reject them Mr. Stake insisting upon bis motion to appoint Ir Jas A Magruder, It was carried. rApplause ] Mr. Mayfiela moved that the committee be intn aaimn an/1 tK?t TW I nKn I L* ' t\ tif< II ruru v^u> biiu iuu? &/ . # vuu u. UiUtti At nd Mr Emu Pickrell be appointed ftereon arricd, amidst great applause and some few exresslons of dissent. While the committee were out considering the solutions, calls were made on aeveral gentlemen * >r speechea, amidst much good natured raillery nd joking. The committee of seven, as near as we can < lasalfv the gentlemen composing it, (and we ] ope they will pardon ua if we do not exactly hit selr positions in thene changing times.) consisted f two straight-out democrats, one Douglas demerit. one independent democrat, one old line rhig, one American, and one anti-democrat, (by , nti-democrat we do not mean republican, be it nderatood ) The committee having returned, reported a srie* of resolutions, which were read by Mr. 'enney, as follow*: Rtsolvd, by the citizens of Georgetown, in own meeting assembled, that we can never adait the rl^ht of any^tate to secede from the Jnion; and that the word secession is used to ?>nraptbe unwary who might shrink from rebellion nd revolution. a. Resolved, That revolution should never be ittempted until all peaceable remedies are ex:rusted; and that it is unbecoming the dignity of i sensime people, ana contrary wciviuzation ana Christianity, to plunge any country into tbe borors of a clvtl war, If Ft can by any means be hon>rably avoid d. 3. Resulted, That we heartily approve the Critenden proposition as a basis of adjustment of tbe oatioiial difficulties 4 Resolved, That we have a firm and unwaverng attachment to the y?Ion under whoso beneficent government this country has enjoyed unparlilnled prosperity and attained a rank among the nations of the earth, In the brief period of its existence, unknown In the history of the world 5. hi solved, That the refttsal of the st-ced ng States, Iii their conventions, to submit their acts 1*1 IUC prvpir, ia I/Uuwai Jf ?w tuv ^ciuui auu nf our free institutions; and that we consider tbe word* of Websttr as an axiom: ''That Liberty and Union are^ow and forever, one and inseparable " ft. Kttomd, That we owe a higher allegiance to our country than to anv party platform, and while we represent all political parties, we earnestly Invoke the Senators and Representatives In Congress to Kink at this time partisan prejudice for the sake of tbe Union [It Is understood that the resolutions were ap proved by all tbe member* of tbe Committee except Menri Kid well and Pickrell, and tbat they were oppowd only to the first one, having modilied the fifth one ao a* to bring it nearer their view*. Tbe sixth resolution was added at the request of these gentlemen, and it was their wish to substitute tbat tingle one for tbe whole series ] After reading the resolutions, Mr. Tenney stated that some of the resolutions were not adopted unanimously; tbat the minority though strong in Intellect, were weak In number. He would submit the resolutions without debate. Mr Thomas moved tbat tbe question be taken on the adoption of tbe whole kerles. Amid cries for question and calls for Mr. Ma gruder, tbat gentleman came rorwara, but decllned speaking, ?o tbat a vote might be had on the resolution!. Cries of (joddard ' Goddard were heard Mr Goddard came forward and spoke eloquently and patriotically for several minutes, spying that no people were more strongly Interest* d In I tbe perpetuity of tbe Union than the people of the D.strict, and that if dissolution Is consummated Washington would not be the capital of either a Northern or Southern Corfrderacy. It was a tlm?* to sink all party feeling and make some sacrifices for the sake of our common country, and be announced himself as In favor of the Union of tbe States under all circumstance! He was warmly applauded. Mr. Samuel Cropley wanted tbe vote taken on each resolution separately. _ Mr.Tenney read the first resolution ? V aKh W U>/\ h sai/4 (Ka pasaI ii t j An i*i? rfuuu *? - a-r iv/iiaucii miu *uv i v*v?u?iwu n uo pood as far as It went, out be, for on?, could not consent to the doctrine of coercion [Applause ] He moved an amendment to that effect Mr. Tenney opposed the amendment. Mr Stake would aak the gentleman If he conceded the right of the Government to coerce weeding dtatea Mr. Tenney would Insist on the collection of the revenue Mr Deeble (republican) ?a!d th?re seemed to be a tendency to make tbls a political meeting I Hisses ] fte was not to be blaaed down while be ad the door. [Hisses and applause ] This bad clearly degenerated Into a political meeting, and if tbe diso derly crowd could not be controlled, be moved tbe meeting now adjourn. [Mr. D resinned hit wat amid a perfect storm or uproar ] Mr Magruder hoped the motion would be withdrawn. He wai satisfied tbat more than nine tenths of thoae present were U?lon men and Uw-and ordt-r men It was natural some excitement should prevail. Mr. Deeble withdrew his motion, threatening to renew it if the disorder prevailed. Mr. Bronaugh having prepared his amendment to tbe first resolution read it, as follows : " But while we oppose seceaion as nnconatltutlonal, we equally oppose coercion ?s incompatible with the pint of our Institution.! " Prom this time out such disorder prevailed that It was hard work to report anythhig. Mr Tenney warmly opposed the amendment, and moved to lay It on the tabic, and In answer to a question propounded by Mr. Stake, asked If General Jackson was right la 1839 Mr. Bronaugh defined bis position. He was In hror of executing the revenue laws Sumter should not be relinquished, nor Moultrie retaken. Mr. Bremmer asked bow would It be If the dlsuutoalsts had taken possession of the Qppltol Mr Bronaogh thought Sooth Carolina had acted la a hast? and uniustllahl* manner. Tbs people ought to come together aad settle thli %m \ oath Cinllii ted sot tiktn that dip' Th? ? ilng would mw bin booa brought to a potat Mr. Stake wiraly advocated Mr Broui|h1 The chair aid the motion wm to lor that mendment on the table, and - pat tbe qaeattoa, ? nd decided the motion carried, la a perfect atom f applause and blma at * M? ? - ? a? ? * Air jrmni i Qomaa io toe peopir 10 j?t eeperde- He ?m bora nodit t mMirchy. bid J ^ ren ? citizen of Georgetown forty nui, ud on BTh?r* took a stronger Interest la the Union than j iut horn on the soil A Voice ?Are you in ffcror of the flrat rssoin- ^ OB ? {( Mr Jenkln Thomas resumed, when Cap* F. a( f Jonea (Anderaon Rifles. Company B.) came te trward and mored to adjourn. [Cries of "put ^ Im out ") ml Mr Magrader would ask the gentlemen if be co1 as a Unionist or BtoMioalit. In a scene of considerable excitement. Captain g,, i>nea was helped on to the platform, and aaid < tat be wanted It to be distinctly understood that r was do secessionist, tbe proor of whicft was mi iwltlon ss captain of volunteer com pan jr. and rr[ adv to (bed his blood for bis country. But ben any man or body of mea won Id ubn ?? ? hli trampled on for tbe sake of a sentiment, tbey Bl ere net men, but dogs. He, for one, would not or( >nsent to be sold body and soul to tbe black publicans Capt. Jones continued, amid calls >r s reconsideration, cries of "no coercion," 4c., < id Cspt. Jones read tbe first resolution witb tbe , * oendroent . Mr. Cropley. Mr. 9take, and sereral other gen- ?. emen got in front of tbe platform, loudly claim- - . is that Mr. Bronaugb's amendment bad not been * , bled by a majority, and Insisting spon i reconderation '. Mr. Jas Krskine Stewart, (an office-holder. M >rmerly of Berkelr eountv. Vi.,) connnrnrrd .. laklng a speech In front of the platform, avowlg himself a States right man, opposing the first solution In toto; protesting against It because it pstroyed the equality of the Sates, and enuncla- .. ng all the doctrlues peculiar to his class of poli- cans He spoke earneatly, and commanded ? mt share of attention. ' It being evident from tbe decided stand taken , y tboae In favor of Mr. Bronaugh's amendment , tat nothing leas than a reconsideration would {"* store harmony, aa Mr. Tenney*a efforts to get a ote on the other reaolutlona. to which there was o opposition, all felled, the cry being for the rst resolution, a reconsideration of the tabling of _J le amendment vr>i had It wm decided car- vr led. and the vote being on tbe adoption of tbs ?' mendment. Mr Tenney yielded the point, and n tbe question being put on tbe adoption of tbe solutions it was carried almost unanimously, rid tbe meeting adjourned. Tbs resolutions adopted are substantially ss rinted above.wlth the addition of Mr. Bronaugb's b<j mendment One thing was very evident; and J bat wes the unanimity of the Union feeling Tbe ifference of opinion seemed to be as to tbe mode , Isaving the Union. J"1 We are Informed that a gentleman holding a ?' esponsible petition under the Government gave bree cheer* for the Palmetto flag, which were ebly responded to; but we did not Leaf It. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS E ?? ? In |^?OUT?TANDlNG CLAIMS. M atok's Office, Georgetown, D. C ,f January 36rh 1W1. < *" All persons holding any olaimn whatsoever (not r* eretofore presented) against the Corporation of St reorgetown for any work done, or *ny materials urnished. on toy of the streets of th* raid town, C< re requested t > render to the subscriber a state n*ntot the sain*. witli the anthority under whioh aid work was done or materials furnished, on or r Jifnrn Thurkiiflv n^Tt f h? llaf inal Richard r. cr'awford. *? ja 88 4t Mai or. cli f ATTENTION, SQL'AD. *b I HAVE Received per expresa from N'W York P* pyeuty four of th? ae eplenaid large MILITARY r* )VK.KCO \TS, which i am prepa.od to tell very ti< ow for cash. m THOMAS DOWLING, Aaefr, ja31-?3t No. 174 Budge at, Georgetown. 1 f~U8T RECEIVED? 10 hhda. prim* Porto Rioo SUGARS, tli 150 bblii. <'.d Ry? WHIfKY, 3 22* bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES. P1 ?0 bbla. Crushed and Refined j?UGARo. 9f\ )iR?i R iik ami Urn rnwi-'Kr d Ifl hhdt.flow pnoed) MOLA43E8. R For fttle hj JOHN J. 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Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between <i aad H. no 15-tf tpOR RENT, in the Firtt Ward?thr^e Muirn < west of the War Department?a small OF- 1 FICE, with back room, or the former may answer for a shop: and I'arlori and Chambers, separate, or uiU vl Koomi. fcmiafted or ui furn shed ; clue* to the A??' lie. Inquire at thia oflioe. do JJtawtf l^OR RENT OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF r YEARS?The HOf'SE and GROUNDS lat-ly ooouned by Postmaster General Brown, and very recently held by Mr*. Smith aa a female institute. For further information apply to CHAS. ABERT, E?q , or to the subscriber. THOMAS I.AWSON, d? 4 eotf Surgeon General U. 8. Arwy. FOlfRKNT-TSie FIRST FLOOR of the baiia uic in rr-*J lately opposite the weft win* of the City he\,rfO?nvr ooenpied by 8. W aJlaaf M an o:Tice. Alao the front room in the ??oon? aWiWriaArt Usiiifw It II tt J^EAUTIFUL AND VERY CHEAP. CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE, The atnek bow on band ft tha o'd atore of CLA8ETT A DODSON ofallkiadeof pretty lid wHrtblt niMiiili for Parlor, Drawing tad other room Curtaina ia alill ver? complete, and is riaw of the a'ate of the timaa will ba aold olfata very rainoua aaonfice. Membera of Coarraaa and other* who wo*W add to the beauty and oomiort of their hontaa will iad a f rea*. aaving and advantage to make their parehaaea here, aa the ooneera meat be cloead oat to aettl* with the eatate of the lato deo^aead pa'tner. la a-aoltn CLAOETT A POPEON. AK NEW PAWN OFP1CK. /V\ 6 O E. W A R D,~Datiar ia Nev& U a>?d Laci Off CloUlac. reeaeetfally loforna the .Hkiu.k.i k. i... n^Sj> rinv>AL'n mrfV wfioit 9 hand Mb ata., airw 0(.<.r? wtofUianrOM tra! Ouard-hooM. vbm h? vill b? at all ban ' ac a?rad to watt ? lui patro? wit* yroaitiiii, l"i ?? * **" ir*f " ?* pnraia aaU. rHE LATEST NEWS I TELBQBAPH10. | Texts Lf|Matir?. ' Viw OUJ4M, Jmm *> ?Otlwmtmm Mm * tte h IiMt btvr been nt*W?4. brlajriag mocmwm* tbe meetiajrortt* L*glaUtare OfNMkM Ijr 17 areeooperatioaiata. ^ special committee ted reported la flror ?f Idlag i CmtmOm. But llttl* iMitlN ?M Id to the Goimwrl mmmgi, wblcb *von de a \o*kg m pcwiblr H? *dmw tb? calling mf )MTr*tim, tud Mrs he tklaka tbe (7al?a cu fWWlt Rf*olaU?M?trff4 for delaying tenlea were twice tabled Tbe m 111 tar r c?m ttee are preparing a bill to put tbe Mate ia a nplete defensive peel Una | ram WW rumor* of s Mr mi m*1i| m b Antonio to take Ikf I' 8 AimbI Umn rtaertl Twiggs had caUod la troops to aroBect 9tate. and iW Knijrhta of tbe Golden Clrrlo i off rod him their sorrier* He denied the wrttf his resignation. bat has laforafd tho rsldoat that be will Mtw Us sword ngaiaot i countrymen Ho Bars that wbea a proper doad la made by Texas, bo will band Uts arsenal ? to the 8tate authorities Tbe Poaluoa at tbe President Elect. ipmmeriBLD, 111., Ju ? ?This moeslag's VAldington dispatch to I be pr?a. atntlng that . Lincoln bad writtm to bis Cwgraaalaaal nidi rteoffiBfidlDf conciliatory wiurs It i tbe country may reat ?iured that ta A bra bam coin they have a Republican Preatdent? one >o will vleetbem Republican adi|iinlsUatlon . Lincoln la not committed to tbe Bor<l?r Ptata mpromtae, nor to any otbar Ha aunda I*. >nblf on the Chicago platform, and he wllT tber arqaleace la, nor caunael hta friends to inleare in, any codi prom lee that surrender* ana tof It. Rif tender of tbe aerelcea of Col Sumner and ijor Hunter upon t^ journey to Washington s made by General Scott I proposition to nrcompany Mr. Llnooin to lianapolla la now being dlaruased by the memn of IK? I ^alnlniitsa Til* Wa?kli|tM UalrrcM*. Uuit, Jan 30 ?The Joist B?MB oa Ik* rglnla revolntlona bare agreed to report la 8atot ending ton Comiriaaionera to the Peace Coalition at Waablngtoa. rbe cominlaaiooere ara to be required to act elf under the direction of tbe leg Mature of tbla it*, and are to ikf no port IB the proceed!no* of t Convention unleaa a major!if of tbe non-*Umolding aUte* are repre*eatatod Meaara McLeod Murphy and Brig ban oppooed la meaaure. but were Toted down The debate laat ni*bt on tbe reaolutloaa of ad ptment wai animated A bo at flfty-#** member* tbe Aaaetnbljr are la favor of tbe moaaar*. Mkaaaarl L?gUl?tar* Pt Lorn, Jan 30 ?k joint r*aolution baa bee* taaed bv tbe Seaalt for appointing Com intent *i to tbe Convention at Waahiogton on tbe 4th of hruary The same resolution wu Introduced the House, and laid on the table. The House adopted strong resolotioaa taking oi'jf grounds against the action of ths Now York d Ohio Legisiaturea In offering aid to the GeaeI Government with which to coeroe the seceding atos. larraUes Called by the PrBMylrula Democratic ( oataatttea. HtiiimiG, Jan 30 ?The Democratic State ommittee have called a bta e Convention on the st of February, Rrsoiutions were adofrted bearing that the Confederation la diaaolvod, and tat it triuat be reconstructed on Democratic 'inciplea. The call for the Convention denonas the Republlrana, but expresses no coademna?n of the aecedlng States Only thirty-throe embers of the Committee were present rke Maa?aeka*etta Peraeaal UkwtrBUI. Boa row, Jan. 29 ?Tbe aecond bearing before te Committee ou tbe Peraonal Liberty Bill taok lace to-day In tbe Hal^of tbe RepreaonUtlvea. be floor and gallerlea were crowded, and bunreds were unable to rain admittance F L. vrd, W. L. Burt, 8 F. Sewell and Wendell nillipa made apeecbea agalnat tbe repeal of tba lw. ??? North (artliaa Liflilatar* Raleigh. Jan 30?Tbe Houae haa jatf coearrtd in tbe Senate amendmenta to tbe Coawaon bill, aad it baa tbua finally raaard It proIdea for pnttlng tbe question to the people at tka me of electing delegates: "Convention or ao onrentlon." It also reatrlcta tbe actio? of tbe onrentlon to Federal affblra. Tbe election take* lace tbe 2Mb of February 'rahtbitlBf tke Sale af Ami to ?aee<lag tataa. Tassros. N. J., Jan 30 ?A bill waa Introneed in tbe Senate, to day, puntablng aa felony be aale or Hrllverr of irmioi munition* of war to ny of tb? States. ia4 ?thor1ilR| tb* Hiiire of tbe nine The offmee It made panto* ble by In prlkonmrnt for wren jnn, and tbe fender to be deprived of cltlsenMtp ( veatloa. New Okl??x?, Jan 30 ?Tbe Georgia Commissioner was received to-dsv by tbe Convention, nd delivered an addrrss, after which, tbe Cob en t Ion elected^John Perkins, jr., K D Clooet, ' M Conrad. uuacna r nenner, uen r. ?p*row and Henry Marshall delegate* to tbe South ru Convention. Tbe Convention then adjourned. reaaeasee to fee Represented at Washtagtaa NitHviLLi, Jan. 30 ? Notwithstanding tbe eronimendation of tbe Governor of Tennessee bat commissioners be sent to tbe Montgomery Convention, tbe L*glslsture to-day instructed the' r ommtssloners to go to Washington, to meet tbe ommissloners of Virginia, on the 4th of Feb usry. rhe British naveraaseat and a Senthera iaaledaraey. Tobohto. C W , Jan St.?The leader of toLay agai n asserts and goarrantees tbe oorrectoeae if its former snnouncement In regard to the policy if tbe Britiah Government In regard tea Southern Confederacy >hle to he Refreseated la the Waahlagtoa Ceafereace _ lOLmin. JU .?> ?IDC ?? mmm iae? adopted revolution* authorising tbe Gowuor o appoint comniaalonere to tbe Waahlngtoo Conference Krjtlnai at H?w OrlMM >'iw Oilum, Jan 28 ?New Or lean* waa eapleodently illumliialed to-night There waa itao a grand proceaalon, firing of cannon, and a Dllitarv dlaplav. in honor of aeceaalon. Virglaia Legtalatare. R ichmohd. Jan 30?The House to-day tabled he Pennsylvania resolutions and referred the Tenneaee resolutions to the Com in: t tee on Federal telattona. I>BKriilt raarea i?a la New l'ark. Aliait, Jan. 31 ?Tb? Democratic SUte Conre ml on met here to-dav- F.i-Uot. Church wu ippolnted temporary Chairman, on accepting nrhleh he made a patriotic apatch Peaasylvaala Stall ( aiaUaeri ta tha r?B??naa H AKBitBrae, Jan 30 -The Houee to-dav adopted the Sfattf reeoluttont for aendlag Comailaeloncri to Waablngtoa on the 4th of Pwrury. ChtIcUm of a *lar4?ror Philaliklimia. Jan. 30 ?Young Armstrong, cbarbed with the murdrr of Crawford. ?m on rlcted of murder in the Aral degree to-day Kr Llaceln to Tlatt ladiaaapalU IsdiasAroLia, Jan 30 ?Mr. Lincola baa accepted the Invitation of the Laglalatara to Tlatt Isdlanapolla on the 12th of February Haxtimobb. Jan 31 ?Fle_r active at a decline of Ac ; larreaalaaof Howard atree* at ?A 41; Ohio held at AS 37 Wheat aieadv; red A1 3oal 39, white Al 43el A6. Cera active,; yellow AlaAS. wbitt 7U?7ic rro?i?mm im ?, . l,?rd log. Coft?eW*dy at llfcalSfcc Wkkkjf dull at lnal0Jje. Raw Tar* Hi*ta?s N'i? Von,iaa 31 ?Floar unchanged Whaat steady. Car* atoady ProvWamquiM Whlaky dull at lfefcatte. Naw Vou. Jan 31 ?Maaay ticburt aa?ltrnd Mocaa bettar Cktaaia and Rack Ural SOU , 1111 not* Certial hares 7?k, da baada M; Mi tii^an Southern 33*; New Vark Ceatenl 7#V; Peea Coel Ca. 00; Reading 41t; Hadaaa ft ft 4?M; Cautoaa 14, Me. alKj Tri?ry twelve* ?/ ? MKTZEROTT. SOLK >?ENTOr " BMIIWtl * AOM'ial U'M.lMMtU* Omtiiai Fiu* rortM. old fium ukN ib *oh?ji^?. PikDc* for ^ mimmm*. y..^BOTmKTf. HIT*;*.! riATOrf t~ th* f*?i nii'f .* 0?M uu* ?iij ?'?t^W J , - * **,? .

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