Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR I w ? Tat ErrtcTt of 8bcm?ior.? Dull Timut ta ftrpiiii?Ippltr^titm for a Stay Lmte ?We per- ^ eelw that aeeeral petitiona bare beea laid before * i the LegUlatnre of Virginia for the paaaage of a wo tay law R?f?rrinj{ to thla movement. the Rich- "ft mord oorretpendent cf the Alexandria Gaiette J?j n Tb? pee pi? In seine of the counuea, ? nw cuenca of tLeir inability to sell property, find dii tnemaelvea iDorh embarrassed Land that cost a by ear ago, in one county. 17 per acre, w? tried at th? auction and all that was bid was gf 65 per era This ia tha caae, to some extent, with negrcea Tbeir value is greatly reduced. Par ties cannot aell tcba*eo in the interior for cash,' and the manofactiirera find It very difficult to Hi realise on It. as the rnrr-miasion merchants will ate sot grant the usual facilities of four months' aceeptaacea Thus it is that the? ask for this law. ^ The application is not general, however, and > the propriety of granting it very questionable *^bere is no difficulty In selling wheat, and It is bringing fair prices; rales In Richmond at gl 40a 91 55 for good to prime white. Corn is also bringing fair prices, and from the sal-s of tobacco | making here, of which a great deal la now ceming na in 10091!, one WClllU luppt?? IBai 1UC pricn u?/- r? tained must be remunerative. N'egroea for hire IJ* re very abundant, and many of thoae lending ^ them to the city for btre In tbe tobacco fkctortea, it* have to take them home again, aa the manufac- ao turera, until matt-ra get aettled down, are not dla- 8j poaed to hire M an v are now at work at present *4 for tbetr victuals and clothe*, the ournera hoping y that by April matter* will rttume their usual Jj] activity. en, -?????? he C7" It la atatad that Mr Thomiwon. cotton- w< aptnnereof Bolton. England, baa expreaaed himaelf willing to allow h's working people to inveat their aavings wltb hio), for which he will pay w them liberal interest, and a moiety of hla concert^ <A la addition *Ti ICT'The New Orleana Bulletin announcea ttot Meaara George H. Rozet and Paul Queyrouae ar ^ aKllaKAil * mannf.irtnpv 1 ?i th*t An Km ?viisuvvt ? wiu^un- hiuwmi-.V ? j ? city which already turn* out six hundred per day, pi su?d Is expected when In full blast to make six- !" teen hundred. |0~The Boa ton Transcript says. "The Hooaack tunnel shaft ia now *Z25 feet deep, and 1UU feet re- C< main to be excavated. Vial tors sometime* go J? down In the huge swaying bucket, but they seldom wish to repeat tne exploring expedition " ID" The Paris Flag of the Mb, aajs: A lar^e lot of mule* sold at the auction sties on Monday last for S1U) per head, that coat f 132 some time since. The coat for feeding makes the"'loss per P? head about #50 ? H7" A new Ruaaianloan amounting to one bun- ah dred million silver roubles baa been contract'd at and completely raised by subscriptions among tbe merchanta ana other classes of the inhabitaiita cf p Russia r !T3" Lord Panmurev the heir of the late Marqnis th of Dalhousie. receives, by the death of th?* Mar Quia, an addition of some twenty-live thousand <1 Allan a ?*r tn hli inrnmA UZ^ A perty of Germans hu tailed from New Orleans to establish a colony in Nicaragua, where Mr Audleburg, a wealthy German, has' bought 160 square miles of territory. ^ ID" The present Czar of Russia is said by a le 8t. Petersburg correspondent to be the most llcen- si tious sovereign in Europe, though he affects the (utmost coatinenee. A bill Is now before the Pennsylvania bi Legislature for tkeauppression of the disgraceful li swindle of fortu e-tellin^ ID" Judge Manlerre. of Chicago, has decided tr that the perional liability of stockholder* for the a redemption of Illinois currency is all a humbug, p \n- Thomas Lye, one of the minstrel* of the Christy company. cut hi* thro<t In London, a few ^ week* ago. No reason Is given for the act. C 117" Only thlrty-llve men were killed last year In duels In the U nited State*. ? ? : e A URIVALS A T THE HO TSLS. * WlLLARi^' HOI EL.-S H Cochrane, Md; ii J G Llghtbody. NV; A J Williamson, A Thachu d and lady, Va, 6 Sbillenberger, 0;SA Bowman, do, J S lioode. do; F Nlse, NY; J B Murray, do; H C Phillips, do; S B Jones, do; J F Morris, Ct; W Hitchcock, P D Boyd, NY; R P Parrott, do; P M Barry, U5N; Capt Kingfbury, USA; C G Pearoe, O; X 1) Thompson, NJ; J Macduff,NY; a SC Jenkias, Md; G Parsons and lady, Mas*. A l>ardner and lady, ,\ J; T M Edwards and family, * <j U Kuayon, .NY; L M Kerria, do; J F Hun- {, newell, Man; S Culdw?ll, Pa; Mrs Ledewlck, NV;CF Haskell, SCA; A Caldwell and ladv.Va; { W i Simpson, Ale; S W Tvaon, do, H De.Milt. r MY;-J V Kennedy and lady, do; J Jetfry, Md; A "Wa t and lady, va, Dr J Cummtngs and lady, * do, W S Fogn, N V; 9 H OlWer. Md; 0 W Uwli, 4 Mim, G S Hale, MY; L Fellow*, do; J M Cooper, do; J R Taylor, do; Hon A Wakeman, do: A s Larsin and lady. M??; Mlw Canter do; A War- t f rd. Pa I IIIRR WOOD HOUSE ?J T McLean, G Han- { on. C Watrous, Cal, W 8 Brown and ly, Mo; J \V Van Houton, T MoDonouit h? J A Nicholson, ! ^ J B (Joniad. J Christy, R J Magee, P Lowry, J B Nlcholaon; J Blakely, K Mohlneaux. F Rrllly, 8 < Whiting, VV Otdyke, G Austin, H Kearney, C \V Fr:<ley, H Garton, J D Smith, J B Hancocs, J A W S lple, J Kuaey, W H Con^rlil, D Conrad, 1 J Armstrong, H Osmond, B F Larry, F Smith, J L Fravls, P W Hawkins E W Shippen, Pa; J JfkpDtmon, U >v siaitn, Vat C Wall, 1-a. ( NATIONAL HOTEL ?J Shower, Dr Brooke, i E L Palmer, W Gunnison, R T Kerts, .Md; Juo Corson, ?; A Turner, F S Stevens, H Crier, A W Grlswold, NY; C Chunny, Va; B F Tbomsi, D Handall, Mass; G G Fog/. NY; G A Grim.j. R Burr. NY; 9 ? Maffit, V Brout. J H Wood, M 9 Pluuamer, Md; J Murray and ly, J Men fort and ly. O; H B Sroaliey, Md, J Claj>p and ly, Mrs A Bust, J Bnsb, C Strong. A H Buckmas!?r, M I' Bush, N Y; N Wheeler and ly, Ct; J Kolfe. NY; W Owens, NJ. BROWN 9 HOTEL ?J Smith. C Dlgges, R Hopkins, D E Brown and fam, W A Posey, H H: rr son. Md; W H Dulany, T Klngsiy, FMcCarthy, G P Haen. B F Cowan. Va; T Judge, Ala; J Peck, J tuck,-NY; JE Blieui, F N Buck, G Dunn. Pa; D Baldwin, Cat; J A Gallengan. and fam Mils A S Harris. Mo: S Churchman. NY: H M Miller, Mua " Of EAii S TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS FKOM tbb UfirmB Statu. Lmc'. ftr. DivtCanadiac Portland Liverpool.... J?u 36 Ktiinuurc _.Me* York. .-Liverpool Jaai<5 John UeU... ?....New York.. ,*i.a?*ow._.. J?j2? tiia. New Yom_ Liverpool J a. a ?? eatom* ..New York?. South'pton. .Feb I !i?*ara jjoTon...... Liverpool Fob 6 Fbom Entor* K*dar..?.. .Liverpool New York.?. Jan S Arun . -!k?ttth'pton?.N?w York ...Jan 9 North Briton Liverpool Portland Jan lo 1 he California man eteamera leave on the 9tJi, l'tli, and ?>ta of everv month. ill KAi TH IS WEALTH, AND SICKNESS Xl rOVUTT INDKfcD. Rea* aid aej if Dr. Ayer'a Mediomea do not do om thing to en ica mankind. Chicago, 12th November, 18'9 Dr. J. C. Atkk ?Kesoeot d Sir. I shou.d be in oomnioa f raticu<)<? if I did not anknowl? .? > lojnu what 70m akil>, or more accurate jr >uur Extract or Sarsaparilla ha* done far mjr wif*. Mi* baa been for toot year a al&iuted wnh % hvmnr, whioh eomei unt upon her akin in the aut'jinuau i >? r.ter with such in?ctf?rab-d itching as to r< iitlrr? I fe almost intolerable. ! . baa i.ever fa !ed t>> oome upon n?r ;n cold w-at/.er, nor has any r?me?t:a. aia be*n ah!e to hasten ita departure before yriai, or to at all alleviate her sufferinga from it. Tata e-aaou it t-?gan in October with its u?ual vioienoe. By the advice of our celebrated Sirceon. Dr. Kimoali, I cave her your Sa aapaulia. In a w*ek it had h? ought tue hair or out npon her Rin worae than we haa ever rean it belore; hut it aoon began to disappear The itching h%s cased '' Aiul tKci n 11 m nr 1 haw ? 4L-- -1-- - _ _..... . ww ? vumicij ?uuo, iu umi ino is oomp.eteir cared, bat etui ooatinaee lAKing the ?fr?M?rill?, to luart s oomplfte expulsion of the dnetM from the ay item. Your?, reep?otfui!y. B*m. Gabti*. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER A I Uowfil, Mm 1* M eolm Valentines ! valentines:: Po* 1??1 T The tnd e say plied m tue oweat New York pnoee. A beautiful aeaortmeat of Sentimental and Ccinio of au sty lea and pttterna, at FRENCk A RICHSTEIN'S, -Jfei 27 8 ? enn. >'tnu?. THE INSURANCE COMPANY o? THE STATE * o? irv n ^ f t A . EflMtniA. CASH CAPITAL #300.000. InaurM MvrohardiM, Buildinga, HouMhold Farmtvra, Ae , a<ainet Iom or dama?a t>T HEATH A KNOWLE8. Ainto, ?>?o0?Rooit. 16 or?r Bank of Washington. in 10 y LOIR, BUCKWHEA? POTATOES, AP1? bbla.nsw Riohmoud V ami If and E*ti a Flour, JJW lbn. Freah Gioand Buckwheat Maa . S00 Kuih'.D Whit* Mercer Po'atoea, lm do. Hia? do. do. S do. Chaatnuta. Reoeived to-day and for aala low in lota learnt by D. L. MORRISON A CO. yi PnfWT of Twelfth %r:d B ?U. jot ?Tbicii9tk1n Piji*. Avmi, UiAA - A? ? ? ? ? _____ . .. .??w, n?w o"?uin t^wnn fcdition Ritw aids Pthi; ton?d paper; prioo fj.75 by m?U Th b?u&' heavy discount at our ?u>f?. 275 A L L K N 275 J A C K8 O N, * X. AST B n B B 6. Petv??n Uthati Mta. ) U : MISCELLANEOUS. 'u knkiMiUATion o? LiMfiMk-Thinlik I ivtil tendency in tut if* to kfprOfHtUthi * ?t worde of other l*aya??,*yi iwr rhile to lMor|iBt? them into o?r own; una Um rd CepU* 10. whieh U from the tf reek, igiufrinf >r the hMd," i? now b^oornim popni?ri*ed ia M neotioo wvth Mr. bp*l(?icf'? (rw BaulMshe nady; bat it will aooa M waM taaaaore faiwrai ? y, and tli? word Cepd?lio will become u tr mob u Electrotype and irany othen who* m tmouon aa foreign word* hM bMn worn 4W?; w common uuie uutil they imh "natiT* and to . ) mar.or bora." * * ? * * 'ardly RftlllH. || 'ad *n 'orrible 'eadache this afternoon, hand I a TMd into the hapotheoariea hand ?aya hi to tJM ?l in, "Can you heaae mo of an 'mdaohw" "Dom rshe'ard." aaya'a. "flaxseedincly," aaya hi, 8 upon that 'a Rare me a Cephalic Pi IT hand Sin* 'onor it onrad me ao auioc that 1 'arJ.y xed 1 'ad 'ad aa 'aadaohe. 8 DTHsaoachk la the favorite urn by vhioh ture makea knowp any deviation whatever_irom s nsnrsi stair <>i me Drain, ana viewou in ini? ht it may be looked on aa a eafecuard lutmided Kive notice of diteaae whioh might otherwise aape attention, till too lata to be remedied; and indioation* ahould never be aecleoted. Headbea mij be c.asnified under two namea, via: nptnmatic and Idiopathio. Symptomatic Headhe ia exceedingly oommon and {a the preoaraor great variety of diaeeaea, among whioh are >op!exy, Goat, Rheumatiam and all f?brile ieaaen. In ita rervoua form itia a?mpathetio di? e of the atomaoh oonatitutinr suk ktadarh*, of patio diaeaae oouatituting bilious k'tidacki, of arma.oonatipaMon and other disorders of the oovi.&a well aa renal and uterine affeotiona. Diaeaaea the heart are very frr<<>i#ntly attended wiUi Headihea; Anaemia and plethora are alao affeotiona h.oh frequently oooaaion headache. Idiopathio ea?laohe ia alao very common, fcsing uaualiy diaigiftahed by the name of nervous KtadacKt, aomemeaoominc on anddenly in a ctate of apparently and health and proatrating at onoe the mental id phyeioal energiea, and in other iaataqoee it m?a nn ilnvlv!ml ht dAtrAimnn of BsiritA acerbity of temper. In most instanoea the pain in front of the head, over one or both eyea, and roetimea pro#>king vomiting, under this olaM ay a'so be named ymraltia. For the treatment of either olass of Headache the cphalio Pilla have been found a aure and safe raedy, relieving the moat acute pains in a few loutea, ar. l t>y ita asbtie ptrwer eradicatirt the cease of whioh headache la the unerring index. Bbidoit.?Missus wants you to send her a box ' CephaUo Glue, no. a bottle of Prepared Pills,? it I'm thinking that's not jnst It naither; bat perips yeMl be aflher knowing what it is. Ye see te's nigh dead and gone with the 8iok Headache id want* some more of that same as relaived her (fore. Druggist.?Yon must mean Spalding's Cephalie iils. Bridget.?Ooh ' sure now and you've sed it, here's e quarther and giv me the Pills and don't be all ij about it aither. lonatlpatien ?r I'HtlTeaMt. No one of the "many ills fleah ia heir to" ia ao revalent, ao little nnderatood, and ao muoh negcted m Coativenea*. Often oneinating in oare?sneaa. or aedentary hahita; it ia retarded aa a lght diaorder of too 'ittle eonae^uence to exoite r.xiety, while in reality it ia the pr^outaor and irapamon of many of the moat fatal and dangerna diaeasea. and vnleaa early eradicated it will ring.the sufferer to an nntimely grave. Among the ghter evila of which C-ativeneas ia the uaual at>adant are Headache, Colio, Rheumatism, Fool r?Mh Piles, and othera of like n*.tiire,while a long ain of fr;phrfui diaeaaea auch aa Mftliguant Fevera, b.-!es5?3. Dysentery. Dyspeps.a, Diarrhea, Apoair. Para'yma, Hysteria, Hypochonnaaia.Melancho'y and Insanity, firat tndioate their i>aen->ein the ayatera by thia alarming symptom, iot uafrequeu'ly the <lia?a<if?8 i.amed originate in onet pafinn, bn* take on an independent exiat use unless the cause ia eradicated in an early ataae. rom all theae oonaiderationa it fo.Iowa that tne iaortier should reoeive immediate attention when v :t it occurs, and no peraon should netleot to get box of Cephalic Pilla on the firat appearance of ie complaint, a* their timely u?e will expel the laiduoua approaches of dueaae and destroy thia acgerona foe to harnan life. A Real Blessing. Well, Mri. Jonea, how ic that headMrt. Jcnes.?Gone! Doctor, all gons! the pill 70a eut oared me in jnat twenty minntea.and 1 wish on would acnd more so that I can have them andy Physician.?Yon can ret them at any Dmifiats, ?all for Cephalio Pilla, I find the/ never Tail, and I eoomroend them in all oaaea of Headache. Mrs. Joh*s.?1 ahall send for a box directly, and hall tell all my suffering friends, for they are a real ksstnt. Twisty Millions of Dollaxs Saved.?Mr. <pa diij^has sold two millions of bottles.of his oal oraici rreparea ui?o ana 11 la estimated that eaoh >?tt?* mvm at laast ten dollar* worth of broken urnitnre, thus making an aggregate of twenty melons of dollars reclaimed from total lot a by this ral *iable invention. Haying made his Olue a houselold word, he now propoaea to dp the world atill greater service by ounng all the aoniog heads with SisCepha'lo Pilla, and If they areas good aa his Hue. Headaches will soon vanish away like snow In July. IlX'Ovn KxriTixETtT. and the mental oare and iax:ety UMt^Ml to olose attention to basnets or tnJy. are smong the numerous causes of Nervous Headache. The disordered state of mind and body incident to this diatreeatng oomplaint is a fatal blow to a'I energy and ambition. Sufferers by this uiaorder oari aiwa?a obtain apeedy relief from th?se dist-esai-g attacks by using one of the Cepr.alio Pi la wherever the symptoms appear. It quiets the overtasked brain ard soothe* the strained and jarring nervee. apd relaxes the tension of mo lowaon wnica biVVi acoopiaaniea and AC' graiatu the diaurdered oondilioo of the brain, h acts worth iKowyia.?Spalding'a Cepballo Pills are a cenain cure for f*ick Headache, Billon* Headache, Nervosa Headache, Coativeneaa, and Genera! Geut DifcovxBT'?Among the moat important of a;i the treat medical diaooveriea of thia age may i be considered'the eyatem of vaocination for protection from 8ma!l Pox, the Cephalio Pill for relief of Headache, and the ueeof Ooir.ine for the preven- i tion of FeVera, either of which ia a aura apecifio, whoi? heuefita will be experienced by Buffering humanity long after their diaoovarera are forgotten. (IT Did you ever hare the Sick Headache.' Do yon remember the throbbing templea, the ferarad i row, the loathing and diaguet at the eight of food. On>lnl>ll.>n(, 1 .. . w ?v?wu/ >iuii? *V/H wt??o IUI pioiKuro. oonvers*- , tion or I'udr On# of the Cepha io Pills would hare relieved tou from all the suiTerinc whioh tou then experiecoed. For this and other purposes tou should alwar* have a box of them on hand to sse as oooaaion requires. Av wv CURE "07 NervousHeadache Headache. By the nae of theee Pills the periodic attaoka ot tftrrou* or 8ttk Hundaeke may be prevented; and II taken at the oommenoement o! an attaok imme diate relief from pain and alokneea will be obtained. Tir-y seldom fail in removing the lYaiUM and Headache to whioh female* are eo aubjeot. They aot gently upon th? towel*,?removing Cottivene**. For Literary Men, Students, Delicate Female*, and all peraon* of sedentary kabxtt, they are all valuable aa a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and cijw to the digeative organa, and reateri&c the natural elasticity and atrength of tbe whole ayatim. he CEPHALIC PI L.8 are the reault of long -- > ' *- * * mmm * vstijavivu OUU VAIU1 117 iHiuuudwa experiments, ha?ing ton in bm many ;Nra, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved ft va?t ftmoant of pain ftnd eaffering from Hetdtohe, whether ongi nfttinc ift the nervout ?y?tem or from ft deranged etftte of the ttomatk. They ftre entirely vegetable in their eompoeitioa. ftnd may he taken ftt air timee with perfeot aftfatr without making any change of diet, and tk* mb tract 1/ any di$agrttable tail* rtndtrt it taty to adminitttr them te tkildrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genaine have five aigafttarea of Henry C. Spalding on eftoh Box. 80id by DraggMte and ftll other Dealer* ia Medicines. Box will be aent by aflUi prepftid on reaelptof tk* PRIOR, CRNTS. 11 orders ikoaM rnAA ? ! HENRY O. SPALDING, m 11 4*wi* it c?d?r rtrwt, Now York. PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. * ) U B L I C N on C E. Pnblio notice it hereby dm that boats aal >apon? lamed, of the 4?criettoa benlaaftw >t forth, have lately been felonionsly abstracted ora the outody of the Interior Department. the ' Me beinc the proportr of the U at ted BUIae aal ?ld ia traet for oertain Indian tribe*. Notion has leo been given to the proper oAoers of the run n statea to at09 m Miwii mrwi; Ma an iraoaa are warned eeaiuat parohaaiai or roomie any of ?u4 bonda and oonpoaa, u Ue olaim of ta (Jilted BtttM UaraCo will bo promoted to tko Cm oat ?xtnt. Book bond being foe tto au ofooi lonaaod dollara, n?: ix per eoat Miaaonn Coupon Bonds, laaued ia June ond Aucuat, 1857. tate of Miaaiouri, Bt. Louia and Iron Noutui R, R. State Bond a. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1823 18T6 1827 hW? 1822 1W7 1821 1 m 1820 #H)8 1819 ?07 1818 1993 1809 Mi 1994 1817 * 1995 1816 i 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 181} 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 20.% 2000 2032 2009 182ft 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1884 1832 1882 1808 1883 1809 1884 1870 1885 . 1871 lOOl 1Q7Q ioou lof * 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 3046 2029 2048 2018 2040 2017 2047 2018 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds . 1824 < Not?.?Bond* No. WOO. ud below of thia aerie*. liiuod Jane, 185T, ??d bonds No. am, nod above g?yL*sriSi %.'? fiSKi "sa Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1036 1852 1(527 1851 l?28 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1840 1862 1845 I860 1844 1861 1832 1856 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1854 1836 1822 1837 1823 . 1838 1834 1839 1835 1649 1826 1640 1827 1635 1828 1912 1829 161S 1830 1614 1831 161* 1641 1016 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1631 1842 1635 1843 1622 1650 1867 1816 1686 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1625 90 bonds NoT?.-Tbeee bond* iri dated January. 1&T7, HTtbii at Bank o? Commerce, New York, in Noyember. im?interest payable in January and J bIj of eaob year. State of Mjeeonri iix per oent. ConponNortb Mieeouri S. It. State bond*. Bond No /2952 Bond No. 1639 2946 1638 2939 1641 2941 1*42 2942 1643 2946 1644 2945 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2918 1619 2949 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2021 1655 2951 1652 2953 1656 . 1657 2921 1705 246$ 1706 2512 1707 2513 2452 2514 2453 2515 2454 351/ 2455 ?ll 2454 '~?10 2457 ?I2 2458 2459 2914 2440 J916 2461 2915 2462 3917 2463 2918 2464 2919 2465 2920 2*66 2954 2467 2955 1651 80 bond* Noti.?The bond* number Ad 2516 And below, leaned in January, 1857; No 3910, an-] above that, issued In Au/rurt, 1867, payable at Phoenix Bank, Nev York oity. Miseoart elx per sent. Coupon Bonds. viz: North Mieeotrl R. K. State bonds. Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 27*3 2784 27H7 278? 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 Y711 ?vtoi 2710 2730 2725 ri? 2777 2727 2776 2724 2765 2731 2768 2766 2769 2729 2770 2718 2771 2715 2785 2714 2778 2764 2772 2728 2775" 2726 2774 2723 . . 2713 2733 2767 60 bonds tS&JXeaOSSi? )m?mi K> H-nffi M Ho UN UM 5181 6945 * 5158 5144 5156 5148 5154 5141 5155 ? L?K9 6340 6152 5139 5151 5138 5150 5?T 5149 5135 5147 5134 5148 51M 5fl5 &?} 5196 5?1 5090 MOO 4999 5199 4997 6198 4890 MOT AOOfl I ? WW www 1M M10 4889 \m 6396 4888 5307 4878 5308 5357 5399 5X1 51 bond* MM londa of North Ctrolin*?Coxpon ux por Mat. x North CiroiiM cut par ooota. Bond No. 35 Bond No 303 33 301 33 300 33 197 \ 9 135 T 234 3411 J03 348 1WS 347 104 34? jO A 343 1? 342 18 341 17 340 15 i 338 13 338 8 337 11 330 10 335 10J 328 * 101 A 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 333 28 334 ' 22 227 IS 324 21 317 W 318 97 314 94 294 95 239 94 238 42 237 40 * 236 ? 303 72 bonds NoTB.-rThe?? boada ire dated Junarr, 1896, tftvfcbla Jann&rv. 1M. AtRuk of RaHihtin. Nav ITorT. TatorwTp?r?bleln /mnafy'tnd imlrV" North Carolina 6 p?r 001U. Coupon Bond*. ^ Bond N?. R33 Bond No. 735 833 739 831 758 830 750 830 760 834 781 83.S 7<*2 836 7<W 837 764 O'JQ OOO (To 871 701 872 792 873 793 874 794 875 795 87? 7?? 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 800 881 801 844 . 802 847 803 848 804 849 80i 850 804 *51 808 852 807 8.S* 811 8M 812 865 813 856 . 814 867 815 858 816 860 817 861 818 862 819 SMS 820 864 821 865 822 866 823 867 8824 868 825 8M 826 870 827 WW ATS 88J 884 840 880 843 731 844 73} 845 733 ? 734 104 booda Thee*bondsaredated Jaly, 1M?. parable July, 1887, at Bank of Repnbiio, Nov \ or*; interest pay? able in January and July. North Carolina six per eest. Coupon bonda. Bond No. 599 Bond No.J45?.'i 600 494 603 495 AAi iiM vv* fru 605 497 606 621 607 488 64)8 510 610 611 611 481 612 482 613 483 609 484 614 485 622 486 623 487 624 488 625 488 626 490 A 77 t,\ta 628 539 641 540 642 541 643 542 615 543 644 530 646 531 647 532 648 533 645 534 640 535 660 536 651 537 AM HQ vlO 616 . 529 617 516 618 515 619 517 455 514 457 422 458 545 470 546 602 547 439 548 440 560 442 562 430 471 431 472 433 473 t-tn 474 437 475 427 476 429 477 426 478 429 479 423 480 421 512' 601 513 544 491 119 bond* 492 *ot??Tbeae bond* are dated Jaaaary, 1M7-jpay (Me January. 1*?*. at B&nk oiKuBuhir. N?w York. iBtcrMt payabia in JMuryud J ml jr. NorUi Carolina lix yer o*nl Coiyon Bond*?Con pons payabla la April and October, n? j Forty five bonds of fl,MW ?aoh, ianaad by aathority of an aot to inooraotato th? WNUrn North ifc;,sri:1.ic.r (aviffl rfiivKss i* : Bowl No. 51 Boad No. 151 br * 153 53 153 54 154 95 155 n J* Bond Ho. 97 M?i Ho. ICS t8 1M 99 164 | m iu l 1S3 m i? it! B 114 ltl _ 125 1? r 1* \9i v m i?i i? lie*' 1T9" 1ST A 18? 1?8 129 199 130 J00 ? 137 ? ? ,, 144 45 bcikdf 146 Two bon-fa frr lfmn rack. daUd April. 1S9T. t Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 * ??,&&& : rr, tix: M Bi?il Kn 1 10.1 Rnnrl Na HOT ll 1184 liM 1186 1194 1188 1195 1187 1198 1188 1197 . 1189 ? 1190 lSboad* 1191 ?AS?IM?R oity.of ttw lo loving lumbar*, ud tetad J in irr.Mti Bond No. TIT Boad No. 41S 173 419 ?4 47# 297 477 09 491 413 498 414 723 nd of the following camber* '.saved iuurr.iak , Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 13*8 830 L?d of the following nambera laeaed Jftaa*ry,lMfc Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2656 21 lp 2891 2133 2892 2481 3066 2605 3121 .nd of the following Dumber* isened Juatrr, IMS. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 ; 3894 4529 i 3941 4550 ! 3942 4550 3943 4560 3944 4509 3945 4570 3940 " 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 knd of tli? following numbers tuned Jinntrj, 1157: Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 6326 MM 6359 6427 5360 5430 * 5361 5434 5362 5436 6363 5437 5364 5438 . 6365 54-tV 5366 5440 6367 5441 5368 5442 5369 5453 5370 5444 5371 5445 6372 5452 6373 5518 5374 5519 53T5 5520 5376 5521 'VI f 5378 5703 5379 5704 5380 5705 5S8I 5700 5386 5707 63*0 5708 5387 5709 5388 5710 5380 5711 5390 5711 5391 5713 5392 5799 5393 5839 6416 5840 5417 6843 6418 Office or thi Skciitait op thi Ixtekiob, Deoemb?r 26, laea. a 12 dtf J. THOMPSON. 8MretAr>. oLDR,OB,mT.^rRK MONONOAEELA RYB WHI8KBY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. June* parotide, of Allegany County, Penna., in the old-fashioned honeet war, from tbeohoioeet and innet careful,* selected Rye. and in no eaee ever offered for sale until ad&pud to wholoeoir.e use by age It is at onoetbe most palatable, as it is emphatically one of the puresj beverages in the reach of the public. To the veil as to those in oommends itself for its unrivalled qualities as a stimulant of the safest, surest, aud most ben?fioer.t description, and many of th? most distinguished pbysioians are using it in their praotioe with the aappieei reantia. CLERV * STOCK DA L K? Proprietor.. 336 \N fv.r ut etroft. Phi lad* la hi a WM. C. CONOVER, Aient for the Proprietors, 226 Pa. at., *e 34 *wi opposite Willards' Hotel. nUKL OLD RYK WHISKY-On hand aerera & bnadi ofjPore Old Rye Whi?ky, Copper Dia to lied. made by the moat reliable distilieri in Pennsylrania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pare. Also, Imported Hrandiea, Henneeay, Otard. Dnpoj Co., Jalee Rob:na, Ao. Ala?>, P?*ach and Apple Brandy, pnre Holland Bin, old Jamaica and St Croi* Rom, and Winee of every "variety, al: of atandard branda. A choice !ot of Cirara and To baooo. YOUNG A REPHART, Areola, ap 14-It JN# Pa av.. betsr.&th and loth ate. \-H mWml MpTlil I? A in **.* */uctmrra *fi C \A v?iwa|f/?r m (faf ?'^i# /nrf'/xir ft m y c' y fy vt *** ' % *f *1' Mm+vfik' ?,) j* ^ 0 ?&/*?/*'* QmoHIv ?f *rf , / r+r*tmi b* jP if? t? <ls #/? 3v?*" 4rt**4 (> ?<* ?? ? ? ?-*r.'?tf wim o?* * ; tki r?tu, fri-w . -J. r?5C'y fitmmldlvtl* Bntt't oa ?. (f ii ? > ' .fci , >/rt?rtfriVnt* i?\ r dj_/ #tfO * ' |JU r??? ?<i. .u M^t:u*l . rf I CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY" WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS NSWMYllllElf l^^^G^UREOF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHtWs ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.KDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR M aHHWIUIMIS: NEW YORK. rv* b?mi ui irwiunffivii w Mr BAB. BOWK <i MEM If It* 9TB Pa. avenue, U tlM only plaoe in the oity vfctri d&ily pmwiiumriiikI frc.rn**?ry gta'eaad otty la tMUuoa. New York. Phijide.jbta. udPi.ttnor* ?r*n delivered la the citr and <*?or<etfwt,immediately on the arrival of the train*. A.1! the Monthly and Weekly Pafer?aod Hwuidm. Now l? the tune to labaenhe. with the ^|tiaU(M UM ^.1 % * O I ^ ? A M- - AL? ? ?t??k- * m - i vw poifMiBii inr ipf tntriMino flier- i wry. 4t|e __ . mDlOXMB. I ?* wa7SnMu I OB ALU W> or IMflBIMWCf. LET HO FALSE DELICACY FEE*EWT. * APPLY IMNED ATELV. CWKM WARRANTED. OA JCO CHAEO P. IHT PJOJf OJfEJ-b TWO DAY* 7j?*y * M H fciftln rf Um' Urfk ItMMl * m TtmMt Dwardan iraatf n?a trnluy Mm # NU-|te<DnUfiiu4 Pmi??ir?? PmwwtH* rn Nhlb vMItrt > ?? a? mtkHat Mtt^ THi, 3 ^ i*-J * * ? ? ? - ? . . ?. i M4 MiMM S Mlk? ?toM(k< ?? >?? ? fi mmm?4 U? >? iNyw W "">a I ^jrU^iow iti. MT |M Mi r"4*"*' "<' l*,m,mlt omciib.TiomnuwBaioimfir, A > < m4? Mi| fna |?lit?iii ? m. ftm lnn ?? M MU^ItllHI MM U4 HMW ll?l ? h.- ^Ik< ? ---?-- - -- MM M? W tk? MM I?Im3 la & fclul Mm, *4 tM HUM Mil ?f ? > I Hfc M> Nw i ( ia IM fcaaMate rftiitn , r*na, rMfefelaMa u? nut mm af ika mm wwcf tw? mi >m r? ??ti, aaay u?aM(4 vitk M|ta( la U? kwl mm I rkNttlttn fmt Mraww, Umf ?U?m4 ( wWw ' ??<?. MnbMI *U INMMl klMbMI. IMM MM Ibm *Dt hnifMM W au?4, *in ti/W laaiMml?. oi ranctui mortem. -* Tn>| Mm n! Mktn *?< >?* i?w?(mi bf I MAMa fnidea Mtl(i4 la vkta alar. ?a kaktt >niw f | Hnid (ran ??|J nnp?aiwi, at at Mkaal. U? ml rtkt art il(W; Yak fan *hM aalaap, u.4 if aat aara4. raa4ar> iMrrofi lafM?i?U, u< <iKnji katk ata4 m4 m<4?, itiaH rp'T UKMdUtal*. 1 rUat u? wal Wlha ial a?kl?W>T alltainlMM >y Mil* kakua afaaalk mi VuIumi aftkt lul >a< lata, ISt. la ika Din-??. W h(kLUi af MihiUi haver, PfcljMUUM af tki aan.Drapapav. Nirtaw lrr!U?'. I If.Pat?nya??Mlaftfia P?f aati?a faa?MM?, aaaMJ DaWlHy i^innMia af Cacaaniptwi, ?. MIWTaLLT.?Tm faarfai afata M Ika aM ata aaat ? M dra*d*d?mm m Mrnwi,UWinn w Mat*. UtnioM lllpma. K?il r?rMinp, i'mmrfIkIic. kmt( MMi.Tlaifl);, au.,tn mi af tk* pt'T5&T0?? DUUTT-TkMuliMA II*!*4|? vM I* tk? wwi ( tktir <iiIIM| kmli. Utiu ikib >im, ktIMlf VMLftlt. *tr??M m4 iiutuud. bl 'lOf I M'.plu iffmnmi imttlm <7m. *(*> Miypf i ?f imiMftll DlflKASU OP IMFftVDBHCB. VkM lk? Mami4i4 in< inlr?4i*t ???uj af jlimii kM M ku ImMM*4 tk? m?<U iftMiltM (Mm, h im afta* itat a Ul-uia*d umi if ikiai m 4im1 *f d iKt'irf IwnUa fna ifyl;u>| u iMm* iImiim i<) WfNHMUtr, Ml fen* Mb. hit* Im* A* k*a4* at tfmrtui and 4?tntvg imhIiii, wk?, ka<*f*kl* f ttnnf, lick ku ^icuun MiMi.lui kin uill*| wit iflil Math, w hu u U>? *m*jI*m hi m* kt *kuuicd, ud la (Hftir lun lla with taia*d k**UM la Mfk Mat kU nllin* MaAatetel mm Km ika >f (Vai i?Wl% ym?. Iircny. bw? lk? eanKttattanal i^mum af M iamkli Oimi, ml u ir?eu?i?'il>i Ihii. Tknti,llaaa, Bkui mrMUf viU fnflufi! ripi4itf, till paa* a miw4 ta m* irttM iilwun ky initn| ha ta that b?lUMfirtd cmbit; fram vNuMtM P? traaalar rataaaa N.JOIMOI1UMEDT FOR OHW/.WJC VBAHMH ilD UtrOTEfCT 7 tfcU fraat i>4 lai??m rtaity vokUM ml tfca unai ut apaadDy eared ana fall nga* raeiaaeO TWoti rfM MM nerraae aad dekthwted, vka M? 1?M all kapa, be*a kaaa UMetfUtely relieved. All taipedinecia ta MarrUfa. rsyeiaal at Maatal PUtM? taatiaaa, U? af Pnwtiliti Naif, Ha>r>ai WHiHiiit Traaklui ud Wiitiiu a* tiuwrn aftaa bmi tM epaeedily mat KHDouuixjiT or rasa*. m M Attv TIOnAIM cini at Uae inetttaetaa vMM tka lut iiTUUlo ? ??. uJ tki iiwama ucparart lirV. aaj lywad?? firinait n Or. Jafcaaan, vitnaaaad ky tka raaartere af tka fipn aad May Mk*r aeraaca. aatiaaa at viiak k?te aapaarad >{i'i aad iftti eefare tka nMi, ka mv? BU I?MM| u i ? W?P?I?V ut rn^wp Hilly, h I idlllltt ftuudf III tilMtl ftk-tf joy at irfffiis mimmekao: AFN.Y THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. Friend, do yon tirer? Are y>>?i tb? eietun ofur of th?ne nnnwrons nlmerU which mn trow tnCirity of the biood.' Wheiara they, do yot M? 1 nther Mk, whu ?re they not! The blood la the ^ eomroe of lit* and hanlth, and it la the ftret eletpect of onr being to rery r.d to fuij omu ^Oicb nleela in- *j?*- fuer in j g n? ?tft jrerailine Neural* iiv, Urn ii r<t?UC{ l'rr?;??.&#, flie ebtle Bfrofu tho :rin* thwitlw, ISer*p?f Debility. '>7 f p?r*:% Urar Complaint with its lm oraor ao<1 deject ;ir, and the nanberinM iLU that CmIi la Leir to, derive ?h?"r hni !*>:, or.ftji from the blood. Deal kindly the. uTikiIt villi the fcooc. U?? the itaJistEc ree:>uroe? of nature for ita aid, and ecffT d? to oomraend to you- eoc.fiden6fc M iw that traiy n'nv !e n ^'fwnsrt known m INDIAN ribsjrjfiLM ns morion. V* i tli regard to tbi? Liiaoct Infa^iSe epqcite poyulax aratiment tor e^oker. in d> fj^Mnui, asd the evidenoee of Uua jreat eff o&c> are eae oii nMi by ooMtartavowa;?ofe?.rat??? effects aod th? hapeieet rwuii from its nee are aftar all other remedie* and the be*t medicnTakin have Jvi>~1. Let ui mt.ic m ion, that oertWioatee esrea an* not eowgct rr<<m the ilhteraU aod aaaer Boial, but they are ^icnteered frym the momi re | P*o<ad ? ecaroea ana jciu^ u? rugbaet tern* to which tt i> powili.6 to co?j"?kii<i no nto>Hi a rp^niVc to pat?>ie a?pr< We mt? ad a also th*i the curative properties of the o? are eqMft.llwl only by 1I4 restorative eteotr. Ute sy pt*m rwwar \ in* from disease with renewed ooiistuatiooa* visor. For sale b? ali resectable Draftists in this city,aiiJb* tre proprietor, MKs? M. COX, None renutne uniee* her name is biown oa the bottje and her s?*l on tii? oork irr Hnoe ) psr bottie, six bottle# tor ft*. WAcl'trU Afcnt. rf. T. CI88KL, Knrciit. Oeorcctown, D C., Wholesale Agentior the Die trict, and will supply the trade at my pnoaa. an 18 tr DM R. J. BOVE.K LOW'S IMPERIAL WISE BITTERS, t A^re bow betra ayJIiopi Maine tc the<Sraat 9tJi m M14 uiv vvruvk vi hj vnv irv a em either u a riMtetei or u I (imtmi. la tfcal ej are innrHcri ta the wond. Dr. 0oc? need them moeCMrattv ta K'a *ri?:tl?e for l? ruara before we pwhw ?i ktw tte ao>? nctt ta nar.cfhotara ad freest: liau Lr ? a U> ut public. For the 5 ccre of I t! Cosa^.Qattoc. ladiaeeticb, I>r? peaaia, riiaa. iii ? ?> l><aea?*?. fcef.ale Con flair it. and all oa.aai ra?*iru* a to rue, they are tolocd tfoabtaa<*ai lav^aah'a mne?r. Aaideircia lieir aMdioiLf' ?ro?f .-f.ea ihe? are a fere, wkoio ora? *od fie or era* a, aro^salac all lk? j flauMt exjnleratin* eSVe'a of Urandy or Wim 4 Without tiiotr icJsri'>ta reas'ts. LM. a., Ulottda of uc anty asd all a>'^ ooat*a of t-mfprw** aa#ia a la aebetitairc t: *ae rataaKa vegetable BiUera for the aiwwai rrut?; aw! %.' witr+n.i I.h??i 12. whioft tho ooactry la _ fioooec, aadjiaeraby ?#- ^ mu ia iii Muui ijimrmmn *.i?i rnikirirn fa"MB thftlfB4. _ C^ARLFfj WICDIF1BLD * CO., Proprietors, 7!? Wuuib *v?ei. Nfw V*rk, J. K'IPVARZK. AtMit, WMpita, B.1X % DR. J. BOVRK IKJD8' IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS, For Dimum of the Ri<Sd?t <B,Mder m><1 Urinary Orcart*. arid eisMiaJlr for Fhhl? Ot?in?>iioM oarer ftiil to oar'e, &r? vi riattt! t? gi?? m-Ua ^StPSVl E** VIOniKIELD ft CO.. rropriBttrs. 1 ? William rt.,N??Vnrl. J. SCEWABZK, je7 ly.r Agent. WMhiocton. D C. y<Tv ^ X ^ *?c3cxn v\ [ ? DIC*ATCHI ^ \>'T St re tk* fiwei! At mmidmti wxli k*rr?*, Hi aaeJJ rti+Uud fmmUui, t la nr;<M.^i! ic hare amae Qt>e?t *rd rr-rrrtrnt war far renames ranulara, Vera. OmfcKTi *?. ip&LL,iRfl,i ratrmu ?ldi - 1 maetf all avob ?Df's~Bcica. and do Iwm?>oI< wt flnri to be without It. It ia alwara rwwiy ul e? to tfcr pti'k .r t r<v,r.t. There ia po longer a own It? for rirr.j;cr chfciri, ?p irt^r . ~f>e?ra, baaAieaa dolle, mm krok? rrvd .9*. It la iaat the irfwlt for om. aheil, and ether orr.s.mecU4 work, so poft ?j with lax! iee of reLaerofciit aod testa. Thia admirable prep?r%tion la seed 00id, Mm " ehe-n"A.lj h?W ia mianoi., *nc toeeeealDf aE tie yalaaMe *eaJitiw cf the teat of! .net n.a.krra'rlae. It pay be aaed in 0?e flace of ordicary Mdi TMt!' mora Mbaalre. - vsffvl in etbry HOWna." MCOCrU-M MOfc batta mm mr?in?.?o vwiw nrw, nrf ItfL A4"- mm r Shim*. &s*u. ^aAsma^Bacttaas: M Prow Card aooorai^tr^M each r*-rk?ie. 07- A eiui.9 bottle of SFALVISV'S PRE PiHEV PI. Pi? will eare tea times its 00?t an ally to erery boc*eliold.?d Bold by all ?r?>TTUB?~t t*tiU?oii*rt Dn((litL Hard war* and Turnitsrs Dealers, Grooere, aM rane; Stores. Qoutir ir^rohanu sbonid oiske t note of SPAL g'XOS PJtKPAK.ES ULVE.-Vb** a*klnc it ?B-Mr UW- H ?i I t1?HG on?af f*w I' AI TOBIOGRAPHY OF THE RKV. ALKX?nder Cferljl*. Minister of lnv*f??<fc cwntan ice M?ai?ri*i* "('no M?n ao?t Evmta ofliia Tim*. 1 rul.; priM f < W. finoul IlUtorr o ' <?r<J Hvc<>?. front m-pahliih?l m*rt, uj Wm. H<*p?o.tli Diivi, of Ua Ibmt Tn>il?, 1 vol.; pne* ) 1 3S. Bi.ANCH AHl) k MOHIN. jt IS ot. and H?.. a?. ULTANA RAUMNP. 1.ATKR RAISIN*. ffFDuKMi IMS N|. BORDEAUX PRUNES, 5 CANTON 9IN6KR 4*g KINO h ?M K< MRU.. | P''~'>y?T?>_tr tweg-ro y IT TH> ] JL 1 I mull w8 IOTOwQ. IIOT9 vOO IB1QA err>v4M; ww ta tbe tiiw to ton coate. <* 9' ?W r*. IT^Wtttk ?of wjf at . *

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