Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1861 Page 2
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# B UC UV Wi>a> " ~w ~ ' ?Ttr of Metropolitan new* and gossip. and choice literary reading. Is low on ow coeater ready for delivery to the pub ic. Lmbrved In Its enterblniBt; content* are the following articles. *Bn?n of tbe He* i Hole?a thrilling legend of Ireland. Excursion fr>>m Washington. No fe? very Interestng, Fashions for January. (fVoan La Follet;) Escap* of Lions from a Menagerie; Scandal in High Life; *' Tali Hj1*. Better than no Holt"?a sldcsplittt r, Foil report of Congressional Proceedings. 9uprenor Court. Southern Conventtona, Railroad Convention, Speeches of Casslus M Clay and Hon Green Adams at Odd Fellows' Hall. Lectures at tbe Smithsonian, Republican Meeting, President s Levee. Ac , Jtc ; Editorials on the Topics of the Times; Operations of the Pstent Otlce; Row In Boston; Worktngmen's Meeting In Richmond; Letter from Key West, Lord Brougham on American Slavery. Emperor Napoleon on Dttunlon; Reinforcement of Fort Sumter; Lola MonUi; Latest Telegraphic Dispatches from all parts of the Country; Several Columns of Agricultural a w ?ai >4 i aai ^ti _ % 1A n Buu norucuuurai :?i!sceu?ny, nouseauiu i\c ipes and Recipes for the Workshop, Misceilaneoua Items, Local News. Chipping* from Vanity Fair, Fu?, Poetry, Ac., Ac , *a well aa everything else found In any family journal. This !t just the paper above all other* for persona Bojonrnlng in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price oaly three cents per copy, or SI 00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when ao arranged. Spirit sf the Morning Press The Iaulltgtmctr opposes the repeal of the duty on sugar, and aays that such a measure cf punishment would be inflicted upon the heads of men whose position is rather their misfortnne than their fault. The Repu'tltcnn opposes the scheme of the N. Y Tribune for extinguishing slavery by paying for the alaves of such masU rs as are willing to sell nut of ih# National Trmmrtr nnnn th? rrrnuntf . . J , -| ? ?V .. that it will not be acceptable to tbe free Slates, and those who bold on to tke system of slave labor will not consent to be lax*d to enable other* to get rid of It. A Field Day it? Washisoto:* ?Yesterday wis field day iu the Capitol. The conservative speech of Mr. Chirles Francis Adarna was the ftaturt of the proceedings of the House. It was certainly an oratorical effort worthy of the statesman's blcod that courses in its author's veins. Its vigor, tone, and temper were In excellent keeping with the vigor, tone, and temper that characterised the eloquence of bis grandfather when (struggling hand in hand with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to work out the liberties and construct the Government, tbe continued existence of which be?tbe gran<#on?Is new so patriotically, ably, and eloquently defending. Iln the Senate there were three several features of the day's proceedings which will long be re Imembered by those who were present. lit The brief speech of Mr. Seward, demonstrating Irresistibly that the Idea of the permanent I destruction of the Union is a palpable delusion, because there are peaceful method* of preventing such a calamity to all man kind, of easy application and certain effect. Also, that parlies, party platforms or party men assuming to be of more importance than the preservation of the Union, must inevitably be swept away like straws floating upon the foam of rushing Niagara aqq, two, mere is 11? ???g wtatever left of toe territorial slavery queatioa which a continuance of the squabble of the North and South over it can possibly effect in any way whatever. Hi* demonstration of that 'act was as conclusive an argument as ever was spoken before the Lnited I? No '"an North or $outh can read It without realizing that the continuance of the dispute over slavery lu the territories to the point of the destruction of the Union and civil war, will appear as monstrous to generations to come after us, as the history cf Germany's never-to-be forgotten thirty years of civil wtr, centuries ago. appears to the world at this time The Catholic doctor* insisted that the br?*ad and wine was irnnsubstantiated into the bodvand blood of Christ; and the Protectant docto s iusistrd that tbe bread and wine wore ecuubstantiated ?eifA tbe body and blood of Christ Tbey wrangled for years and years and years over tbe question. Finally their respective adherents caxe to blows over it?got i Into a war over it of thirty years duration. In which hundreds of thousands of lives were sacrificed, hundreds of millions of money expended, nd all Germany was put back industrially bv it 1~ - * -J lot a century after its close ' Mr Mason'* bold attempt to mibrepresent Mr Seward'* speech, was alio a notable feature of the Senate s proceeding* of tbe day. inasmuch as !: demonstrated beyond pretence of denial, tbat be is (imply bent on the destruction of tbe Union, by a resort to even tuck means of inducing tbe people of Vlrgiula to liuk their f ortunes with thoee of the South Carolina oligarchy. The third notable feature of tbe day in the Senate's proceedings, was Senator Douglas* merciless XDOiliri of tha Durnui? nf Mr Muah tk? means be and the rest of the camarilla have been resorting to to destroy the Union Wc quote the p?ulltg*nc*r't report, as follows: Mr. Douglas was surprised at the trustor from Virginia when be said that no couccseU n was desirtd by tbe South?s sentiment approved bv tbe Senator from New Hampshire Ibis showed that extremes met, and tbi t those Senators bad come to tbe s*me end; which was inevitable disunion, now and forever. \V ben the Seualor from N ew York made a speech of a conciliatory and patriotic character, desiring to settle matters amicably If pf?*ible, that speech was repelled on this side He (Mr L> ) bad not been able to conceal tbe fact that there are gentlemen on tbis (democratic) s de who do not want any Union They agree with the on that side. There were men on tbis side who refused to vote on the Clark amend Imrst, and tben immediately seut ol!' telegraphic dispatches telling tke people of their State* taut titere w?s no hope, because -the black republicans bad voted down tbe Crittenden resolutions " Be bad no reason to conceal tbe fact that there are extremes on this side, wto are- in eonccxt with men on that side Mr Mason.?Does tbe Senator mean to my tbe parties ar? in consultation ' Mr Douglaadid not s-.y consultation, but that they pursue tbe same object, and botn desire disunion instead of compromise. He felt Justified In saying this, wUii be saw- bow tbev ace ni pltsbed tbelr action, though governed by'drftereiit motives He could not tell tbe motives of every Senator, but tbeir declining to vote and permitting the republican Senator* to carry tbe amend ment of tbe Senator from New Hampshire, locked to blm very like a purpose. And this result, so obtained, by Senatois on this (democratic) side refusing to vote ajid defeat tbe amendment, \v; ? telegraphed all oV?r the country as a circumstance taking awav all ground of hope for the t'nion He (Mr. D 1 wmiM nv Ik i? k , - ?^ ? J ? ?. ? V 1? uvp , uc iiidlcatlona of tt dow and every day; nor doe* be think anv man proposes to save it by war War maH result in disunion and tlnai separation. A Fobobst, run hiricr o.i the Vi??:.ii? Elbction ?The Charleston Mercury publishes just In tlms to got it before tbe people of Virginia by Monday morning nest, a letter purporting to hove been written by Lincoln on the M of last month to a man n?medaJ. A. Spencer, In Whee;tng "a , declaring that in his opinion Jobn Brown I " committed no offence against the General Government meriting such severe punishment"?and *11 that sort of thing. Of course, this alleged correspondence i* a bold forgery to aid the cause of dtaunion in Vlrg.nia on Monday next?desperate, Indeed, to require suck assistance, wkick ' "? j ??) wwwwj it ill ?*CCUflll keeping with a portion of tbe means taken by letter and telegraph to palm tbe reconstruction dodge upon Virginia's voter*, Ac., kc. Every line of tbe alleged letter lu question embraces proof to aay honest rniid that it Is a base forgery, to conipta aa end that eaa only be possibly accomplished by tbe be seat conceivable practices Ml Lincoln Dm j RacuaaiiD Conciliation mCoMfioMUi ?Notwithstanding the guarded dealal of tbe Springfield papers, the fact is unquestionable that there are lu existence not only ae Nit srvcrsi letters from Mr Lincoln to friends of bis la this city, recommending conI?Ulatloa aad compromise as a.m....? B?6Urin.~"?pMkm|t "at 'wMideu"KhUHpe late demonstration Id Boston, says: " We frv that before society can be peaofully ru?m?tnund, ud tbe liloi made to take the Mdlclae that u honestly mesnt for lis good, ml *< FktlUft mutt bt tmffrttfd "? " ? COlfORi?1QWAL. Sinati ?When our report rloced yeaterdav? Mr Maaon. of Va., wu addrecaing the Senate. At the coaclualon of hia remarks, Mr. Hale took the floor npon the subject of seceasion. Mr Wirfkll said he was In favor of the Uaioo if it could be adminiatcred accord* ng to tua nnderatanding of it He said that republican Senatora bad voted against every plan of adjustment, and Mr. Lincoln had declared a*a! ngt all com promts and for co*rcl?-n What, then, was the use of talking about th*- Union when nothing was done to save it. The Senator from Illinois (Mr. Douglas) came forward with his great principle ?his specific, before wblrh Dr Townseod's sar saparilla paled?and arcaaed him of favoring disunion This conies with a bad grace from a man but for whom and his great specific a democratic President would have been elected, and the Union saTed. He intended to give in bis adhesion to the government to be formed at Montgomery, and the seceding States never would come hack into the V nion He defended at length the rights of the South, and justified the course of the sectding states Mr Douglas said the Senator from Texas threw the whole blame for the present condition of things upon his doctrine of non intervention, whereas it all grew out of the contest between the Northern and Southern Interventionists He believed there was a Union sentiment left which Wnnld nnt flntarn th? #vtr?-m?*i r?f l.nth irrtintu Mr >Vi>jfall rejoined, and in the course of hts remark! ;?ked Mr Douglaa upon what he rested bit hope of an adjustment * Mr. Douglas said he thought he taw a disposition on the other aide of the chamber to yield, and the overture* from thereahould be met klndlv. If the Senator frotu Texas would remain he would make him an efficient agent In the work of saving the Union [Applause J Nr. Mason said be would move that the galleries be cleared. Mr Wlgfall wanted facta He wished to have a spec He statement of the senator as to what measures the republicans would vote for. Mr DouglsAald he did not know that he was called on to tell the Senator what took place in the conclaves of the Union men He never asked the Senator what sort of dispatches be sent to Pensacola and Knrt Snmt?r Mr Wigfall no objection to fhecontt-nU of auy dispatches he? sent otl' it wm just as L?.' exjiected VYhcn he asV?*d the Senator ?i?r his grounds of belief la an adjustment be could not tive any definite answer. On the principle of Micawber, he was waiting for something to turn up. The Senator sent off dispatches that matters looked bright, but all these statements were tha merest fudgeand balderdash He could not name any proposition which would command a tuothirds vote In Congress The following message was received from the President of the United States, laid on the bible, and ordered to be printed with the documents accompanying It: To the Stnate of the United State* . In compliance with the resolution of the Senate of the 19th insUnt, requesting a copy of correspondence between the Department of State and Ministers of Foreign Powers at Washington In regard to foreign vessels In Charleston, 1 transmit a report from the Secretary of State and the docu menu by wtUch It was accompanied James Bcchaxax. Washington, January '26, IWl When, at 4.4 o'clock, toe Senate adjourned Hocsk ?Mr Aduns, of Mass., addressed the House upon the national crisis. Mr. Adams, of Miss., considered the prtsent outbreak at the South as the consequence not of mature deli be ration, but of haste and passion. He was not ready to take the responsibility of absolutely closing the door to reconciliation, but believed the counsels of wisdom and conciliation would prevail. He considered the personal liberty billi as perfectly ineffective with rega d to fugitives, and thought that the South were?taking their prosperity and existence upon a mere abstract question; that both pariits were sacrificing the L'nion for ?t species of legislation which never rrevt nted nor iwiumI Him ---1 - W . - vv 'V.J w a oniric lave '1 he South complained of exclusion from the Territories?they coulil now go wherever they chose with the'.r slaves upon the public domain, and yet none weut If they would not go, if they would not leave the rich bottom lands of the ?outb, why raise such aery of oppression and exclusion He d;d not believe that New Mexico would ever be aslave State?she only had twentytwo slaves on a surface of '200,000 square miles, and but twelve of these were domiciled there, the remainder being simply transitory. He would not consent to the extension tf slavery all over tue continent by this Government, and in case of d suniou Government interference would not be avoided whenever a citizen of one section suffered at the hands of the other section. Tbe consid ration of the Deficiency bill was re turned In Committee of the Whole Mr Sicklea advocated tbe amendment of the Senate appropriating ?.*AU)?A) to carry Into effect the conditional contract between tbe Secretary of the Navy and Ambroae \V . Thorn paon for certain privilege! from the Chlrlqul Improvement Company On the conclusion of hia remarks tbe Committee roae and reported prcgrns* The Houae then, at 4 o'clock, took a recea* till 7 o'clock Erenimg ?The Houae was called to order at ' o'clock p m , (Mr Burnett, of Ky., In the chair.) Mr Logan asked leave to introduce a bill relative to tbe saline landa of lllinoia. Objected to and not received Tbe House waa thtn addreaaed by Mrsars. Fanaworth of III , Avery of Tenn , Nl black o 1 i Ind . and Ldiitrton of Ohio; When, at Ave mhiutea paat ten, the House ad i~. A i juuiuru Fkidat. February 1. Senate ?Mr Ten Kvck presented certain res I niutlons of the State of New Jersey, favoring the I adoption of the Crittenden proposition The resolutions were laid on the table, and ordered to be printed Mr Green movfd that the Defl-iencv Bill be made a special order for to-morrow af 1 o'clock, which was lost. Mr. l'earce moved to make the bill a special order for -i o'clock to-day. which was ai;eed to Mr. Ten Eyck, of N J ,took occasion tors | press his dissent from the resolutions of his State I Legislature, and argued In opposition to the ri^ht of instruction, taking the Humiltnnlan ground as to the construction of the Federal Government. H<>r?s ? Mr Conway, of Knns&s, rising to a privileged Question, asked of Mr Hindman tils <easou* for introducing bis resolution of the previous day, relative to the legality of bis (Mr. Conway's) lection. Mr Illndman sa.d it was not from any desire4o refii ct upon tLe gentleman from Kansas, or bis Stitr. but was to test tbe legality of a Keprcsentative's election by tbe people of a Territory. Mr. Grow referred Mr Hindman to bis own State. It was tbe ius torn for tbe people of a <er ritorv to elect their State officers prior to their admission into tbe Union, as tbev would have no government at all If tbev waltta until tbev were formed into a State before tbeir officers were elected. Mr Kellogg cflVrpd a substitute t-> the report of tbe Committee of Thirty^three, and asked that it might be printed, so th*t b" could brin? it nn before the Houie at an early date. Agreed to Peracnal. Ex-Goveuior Lowe, Md ,?J E Jouett. t' S.N, are at the National. Hon. J W \'*mlth, C.I Senator from Oregon, in place ?>f Gen Joseph Lane; Col. Sumner, I' 8 A ; Ilei.ry Stu*s;a. Switzerland; S Franfauelli, Rome: James Horner, of Alb*n),are at Willards'. Strket Rkn'omtrk iktwhn Editors?On Wednesday l"*t Mr. W. \V. Holden, of the Faleinh (North Carolina) Standard, asaaulted Mr. John S pel man, of the State Journal, In Fayettevilli street, Kalei^h with a can*, inflicting several evert wounds Mr Salman drew a reVdltiur *'1 ** ^ 4 L * * * * _uu uf-u imrr liit-urtii?e tools at his assailant before friends interfered to separate them Tbe cau?< of the quarrel was some Intuiting epithets applied to Mr. Spelman through the editorial coluinr-s of the Standard, and the refusal of Mr Holden toaccordfo his stigmatized brother of tbe quill the '-satisfaction of a gentleman'1 or to bold any correspondence with him. The bearerof Mr 8|>elm:?n'schallrnife magnanimously offered to assume tbe quarrel of bis principal and to take bl* pla< e upon the Held but tbls cIlW the challenged gentleman bad tbe good a*-nse to decline. CtUlL ?Tbe Kaltimore American, under the ! bead "A Good Sli;u,M bas tbe following:?Tbe Washington Constitution, the weakest at well as the nrU'St violent ?.f ? ? -* ' ? ?.?untvu oaa uiPU. There wm to? much patriotic oxygen In tbe air of Washington to sustain It, ami It has suspended 1 with tbe hope of revival somewhere "wltbln the j limit* of the Southern Confederacy " " I go hence," exclaims the editor, let u( add. In pl^us hope. tbe eplLiphlcai conclusion. " to be beard of no more forever.M Perhaps It would be proper to suggest tbe prayer tint the Southern Confederacy, midst the trials aud dangers that wait upon tbe birth of nations, miy not have the crowniug misfortune of th<- Constitution for au organ. Tax Axkbicax Bomapaete* ?A most IritfW eating case is uow pending before the TrtbOMQ?T First Instance, at Paris, relative to tbe legality "of tbe marriages of tbe late Prince Jerome Bonaparte. Madame Bonaparte, first wife of the Ute Prince Jrroute Bonapirte, ex-King of Westphalia, and uncle of the Kinperor Napoleon, snd Iter son, bv her marriage with tbe Prince, claim to Inherit their part of tbe personal property left by the Prince Madame Bonaparte waa a daughter r.t v uiiani Paltrrinii, of Baltimore, and this catr la of nnw I. interest to many of that rltv I HI >1 At Kl?>*lA1 AT PVNUArnr % -A tHffc-TlI'fc dia^atrh t the Mobile paper*, d ?tnd at PrniM-ola January 3?'h, states that It was there rumored that the ai< op-<T-war Macedonian, which sailed from Portsiiu'.itli ,N H , wtth aealed orders on the 11th lnat , hid arrived iff the harbor of Heusacola with an Luudrtd boots for ths r?U?f of Fort Pickens i *6 * # "frW w 7 PlFiiTOMT HKWI. Resigned ?Lieut Wm. J Hardee, of Ftr*t Cavalry, U S A , < of Georgia,i ha* resigned HI) resignation makes M?jor Wm. H Emory Lieutenant Colonel of the Firat Cavalry Feom CHiELibtos.?The Charleston correspondent of the Baltimore American says of matter* there: Atth* A ntfna) thr tM-rnltanf th#> utAnritno armv are undergoing tborongb training at fust as they enlist Tley are retained bere and instruct;d In the art of war until a company la formed, wben the wbole lot U transferred to one of tbc mCltarv poata in the harbor, wber*tbey l?ecnme a? qnalnted with the pleasures of a solder's life'inthe trencbca The mwt of the enlisted men are a jolly, bard art of cases, and it is exceedingly difficult to restrain tbem from drunkenness and riot. This fact is so notorious that Mr Cuuningham. Colonel of the lTth Regiment, brought the matter to th4 notice of tbe Legislature lsst week, snd likrd to ba*e embroiled himself In a personal difficulty with Lieut Wa^iier, of a company of enlisted men, stationed at the Arsenal Mr Wagner, who Is also a Senator, denied that the troops were beyond restraint, licentious, and drunken. Col. Cunningham, on the floor of tbe House of Ronr/kfi?iikt(l?M 9Morl*?l thai %*-?. p? U? Wagner uld 11 w?? a "misstatement Col. Cutoningbam called fur an explanation. Lieut. Wagner aaidhedidn't mean to impeach Mr Cunningham'* veracity. Mr Cunningham asked him to publish this fret to the world and to say so before the Senate. Mr Wagner compiled and the personal difficulty was nettled; but Col Cunningham till maintained that hi* statement* were true, and called for a committee of investigation, but the latenea- of the hour precluded the examination of the nunif rou* witness* *. so the matter continue* over until the next *e*sion. The floating battery, of which you have heard *o much through the medium of the Philadelphia paper*, i* not yet completed, and from the Incipient stage of the work I should iudge it will take fou or five weeks to be finished. The bntt?ry, as described in the Press, exists only in the brain of nmA I'Hi l*^ul l\KI? lm?n(na*n - ? mm >>w\avi ^uiu * ui U^i <l CM J nuiri f\\ 1117 time lie pave ?n account of tbe work It wa? not commenced, and up to yesterday nothing more had been done to it than putting togKh^r cf Ore or tlx beair.s of heavy wood. The spallation that the battery is to be 60 feet high, and to be constructed of cotton bales, is all both. How, in the name of wonder, could sucb a contrivance be managed? Before an attack can be made with success, we will Lave to possess several floating batterles,c*>mparatively light and e:isv to manage. The attack will be desperate, and celerity i.f action on the part of Carolina troops is absolutely requisite. Major Anderson, It is believed here, is adding greatly to the s'rength of his position He has dug a mine und^r tbe causeway leading to the ?j#te of his "donjon," and will blow up the first company that attempts an escalade This he can easily do without injuring himself or bis fortifla nuit ni me ^-vims, towever, mill t>ear upon r-umter, South Carolina still continues to conrentrate her forces, and when the struggle do<*conie it will be terrible The Brooklyn Bor^n Soctji?Capt Dex'er, of the schooner Louisa, from Ssntee to Charleston, reports having Sfen off Cape Romiin, at nine o'clock a. m. on Sunday, a large man-of-war s rew steamer. She stood til. uiade Caj>e Romaln Light-house, took her departure, and stood sou'hwest under all sail and steam The distance from Cape Roman to Pensicola is about 1,10(' miles The Brooklyn will probably be at Pensacola by Friday evening ?Charleston Mrrtwy. Clear*n Direct?The brig Maria White, Capt J S Billings, cleared at Franklin, La , direct for the Republic, of South Carolina This is the llrst vessel has b?en clearf d dlfid for this port since tbe secession of South Carolina, and ber papers wfte m;ide out by tbe t'nited States Collector at that port.?Mirtury Stectai. Mkssk.ngkb to\t asw.ngton ?Mr.C. T. Haakell baa been dispatched on a special mission to Washington, with Important dispatcbaa and instructions for Colonel I. \V Hayn?. Mr Haskell, it is thought, will reach tbe above city to-day Mr. Ilayne will await tbe receipt of these before taking any flnal action on the subject with which he is charged?Courier, 3ittk. Thk Skcoxd Victim or "thk War '?Private | Strawlnski, of the Columbia A i tilery, who was so severely wounded on Friday by the accidental discharge of a tire arm. died at the Roper Hospital on the *J?th. 1X7" The amount of coal annually taken from miues in Ohio, is estimated by 'he commissioner of statistic! to exceed 2,000 000 -V^5="TKACHF.RS' a SSOCI ATION.-The 'Jof Teachers' Association will h"idthe regular mouthy meeting TOMORROW at Ida in. It J. fe. DeIIART. Sec. flTg*COMPANIES A AND U. NATION'A' _L?f On* d wi 1 meet in full uniform THIS EVENING. February l?t, at 7 o'clock, at Co'umbian Armory, 'or inspection. By order. K. BARTL.E, O. 9. Company A. II* THOS DUFFEY.O. ii Company B. rv-*"YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOCI 'l.x fcTY.?'rhe regular monthly meeting of this Society will l>e held at St. Aiojsms Church. Sl'N DAY' AFTERNOON next, Fel>rnaty 3<l, at 5 " fe'l0 ' nilLIP J. McHENRY. Rec. Ser^ [r-g??An Mjo?rn<*d meeting or the L ? citizens of the Second Ward will tie held at H& mnoj Hall on FRIDAY KVKNlNG, e? 7!, o'oio-k, fur th* purpose of perfecting the military o'ctnizatiou of th^ *?id Ward. Bt order of the Cat tain. It* Vb-iniveksamsm _/v there Thill I 5c 1* another woul.d -THEorHiLCs Ft^kf will anKWdr tHjn que tion in *he negative on SUNDAY EVENING, at the o'd Trin't* Chutob, on Filth street Luke 16:2^,23-" he rich mvn a!?o died an-l wag buried; end in he!: he lift d up his e?ea b?*mg in t rrn-nt." This u the !f ia?sate in the Bil e whi-:'i alludes t'< tmser? after rteatn. an) it will !>e tlt. wii that it Jia^not ti e remotest eilusion to us.ort i tha liters'doai'n ol t ? l>o.iy. Scats free. I-1 (y-=? smithsonian l e CTURK8-L. JJ? VVmi.!.? \Villiams, Esq.. will lecture <>u MT)NMAY. WEDNESDAY ai.<1 rAID*\ EVKMl VIi?4? ~ ' .iit "?r? and '* 'i.< t. C'lima tn-I Japan. Fi nt Leotu e.?The Literature anl Government of rlnra. Second Lrcture.?The Civilization of the Chin* e. Third I ecture.?Rank of the Jspaneee among Asiatic N&tioi'S 1'r.e Leoiures wiM commence at a quarter before 8 o'cli>ck, wh-n the r?<l 'iiclt mi Uij tower wil! b? exMnsuiahed and the dcors closei. fe l-F.y.\1.\V.F--t (V^y^NOTICE.?The firtt monthly nipcnur of I < theCuar Maker'? A'soc a*ion <?f the District of ? ol urn In a will be ho d at Gaorge S< h-ell'* H-t?l, K atr?'*r. near 14th street, or FKIDAY E VENI Nti. at o'clock. M?mt?era, anil alt those w shine to beoon e n ?mh?ri are invited to attend, i%31 2i* P RITTER, Chairman Trustees ATTENTION, TUTNAM MII'I.HS. Oh IL3 THE RKVKNTH WAR D. TJNlON RKGI MT'AT.? I ho (/ompin are r"quested t<> meft at the Island Ha l ou FRIDAY EVENING, February let, at 7>? o'clock, to - lect the officers of the C"mp?n|. Br order of lb** Company. N. B.?None hut members of the CoinMnT wjll be a lowed admittance. ja 31-3** YyTHK UNION PRAYER MEETINGS '1^5 will l>e holuen every day this week, in the F.nniish Luthrrau Church, comer of Hth and II streets, to ocmmencfl at 4 o'clock, and to coutr ue one hour. ja 7 fY"S=?l)EMI'SEV 4. O'TOOI.E, JJ5 WEDVINU ANU VISITiyii CAHD EyUKAVERS. Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY. WEDDING ENVELOPES, n _ the mopt beantifu! stylat. uxo r&> a v., ueiwren 9th and t<?th st? , * . Washington. FOK HIRK?Two SERVANT MEN Iiiivm.) Address J. A. B , tieorgetown Poet Off oe. fa 1 -2t* JO"VlN'S B?-*T KID GLOVES. IN BLACK, white and all the p'oper shades, whi ;h w o" > fidentl* reoomtmud a? th* best a-ticl* id n;the inarke-. J. W COLI.KY Jc CO. fe 1 5t .">33 Seventh st . above Fa ave* ue MU^IC AT HAt.P PRICE -a large iotofn?w ai d fashionable Munc, slightly damaged, telling at La.f price. Call and ste it. JOHN F. ELLIS, fe 1 306 I'a iiv., I??t 9th and jih it? W V Kti tr??i r?ri #? ? ? ........ . - Miiw i n,r. ur KMtmvAli RNRY EfiAN Ha1! removed In* ttockof Pry liooda froin I Sevent atreJt to h * -new l>uildin<, 323 # uth kid-* Pern, avei ur, l>et?een 6th and 1th trefU, o p po ?it e W ef hint ton Buildii ga. In l-Ot SELLING OFF AT US PKE CENT. LESS 'I'HAN COST. Retraining iit stock a few tine ("loth Clo?k? and SI awl?. Th-? apeoial attertion ?,(t ie Indies are rei|ii-at*d, a* we ?i>li to o o?e them out at onoe for oath fe I St J W C<)[,I.F.N' ? CO. J I sr RECEIVED AT FRENCH * Rlf H ST KIN. 'i7? P'li'i avenue, Waehingtoa. -?Th<s Pickvloc Paper*," bein< the hrat of 'he el~#n'>t hou.-ehon'd edition of Die work* of Cha lea Diokene; illustrated by T. O. C. Dare? and John (jil bert. R ireraide pr aa. Call a-d examine th?in. alto, a new *upply of Darley'a Illustrated Cowper, the fineat edition published. fe 1 l A T PANIC PRICES. rk. ' for cash Fine Rep Merinos, Fiitur^d Meruos All Wool DeUires, Silk Robes, Fancy Colored a d B ack Figured and Staple silk*. And our vhote stock of Winter (Ju'ui, marked down at reduced prioes? many at less than coit-lor the money. in order to reduce stuck. J W. COLLEY A CO, f - 1-gt S'i3 Seventh st. ah. vf p% avjQISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. I'lie firm of Adlb a Biothxk is this day diesol ved b) mutua' oonseut. / dolph a dler, vtio will continue the bonnes* st the old stand. No, 4JI Market Ppaoe, is autbonxid to cettl? fie attain of the farm. AT>??lph aUI.kR, HENRY AHLER. Waalungtoa. I- euuai j 1st, MSI. Persons wishing to buy eh ap go.xls ar<* requested to oil; on h e I am nJin? sasr" I >..* usAffstutix. i tA - ,A ' ? . / # (ten* telegraphed (mi WuklBft*!. WaaaimToa, Jan. 31?The United Statea iloop-of-war Brooklyn ha* probably joined the | team frigate Macedonian at Penwcola,and ?boUid , an attack b) made on Fort Pick*na. which ia not j now improbable, within a abort time, contldrr- I 1 np lb# r\f nartiM <)ic*ant frnm t\\m art>n? I these veaoets will co-opei'tc with Lieut bleiumer la Its defence, although It te (apposed bert that be would be ablr successfully to maintain hit portion without additional sooeor. Hon T. J J'idge, Commissioner for Alabama, appointed to treat with the Federal authocKlrt ia reference to public property ia that State, baa arrived here, a*d ia eorrapoodence with Col Hayne, at South Carolina, and others ? The Sel?*ct Committee of live have namined about twelve witnesses u to an alleged conspiracy to seize the Federal Capitol. Nothing startling or convincing has been elicited. Lieutenant-General Scott was before them more than two hours to-day He said there was abundant evidence to D's mina. u> juauiy mm in making military preparation!. Capt Randolph la tbeoiily naval officer of that rank who baa realgned, and he wag on tbe reserved Hat HSa resignation waa accepted btfore the Information waa reached tbe Department of tbe aurrender of tbe 1'enaacola Navy Vard. More care ia taken than heretofore bv both the Navy and War Department! to prevent their ae<ret ordera from obtaining premature pnblMtv. which haa on aevfral occaalona fmatraUd tbe dralgnt of the adminlatrat'on, to tbe public detriment. Applications continue to be received from poatiraatera In tbe aeceding State* for auppliea of Vl.nk. W..a aiMp*, uiauu, wiappiii'^ p?prr, rr; , uu? ioc?f are furnished on the condition that the postmasters will acknowledge and conform to the laws aff-ctinu the poatal service. The telegraph furnishes a synopsis of the correspondence between Lord Lyons And other foreign Minister* and the Secretary of State, in relation to the collection of revt me at Charleston, and the inconvenience and damage that may result to forelen commerce from the anomalous condition of affairs there. The Secretary, In reply, asserts that no authority but that of the United Mates can be recognized in the collection ? f duties at Charleston, but declines to aay whether the state of Hffalra existing there will be regarded as a sufficient reason for not enforcing the identities of the law against foreign ships and gooda. He declines giving any assurances on the points preafirl nv? th*t V* mint when it arises on its particular merits Capt Meigs, who commands tbe Uutted States forces in tbe fort at Tortugas. dispatches to tbe Government that he is now sufficiently reinforced to defy any |<ower, While the Government steamer waa landing troop* and supplies, tbe steamer Galveston, of New Orleans, with a force on board to take tbe fort, appeared In sight, but upon discovering tbe steamer, and probibly understanding tbe object of her visit, did not approach or make any demonstration otber than to put about and disappear. It is also statrd tbat Fort Taylor,-at Key West, is well manued and provisioned. A special messenger from South Carolina has arrived, bearing dispatches from Gov. Picker.s to Col Hayne It is supposed tbat these contain the resolutions passf-d by the Legislature of tbat State on .Monday, when the demand wai made In tbem for tbe surrender of Fort Sumter; and being tlit* s?nt, that they contain also advice? to him to act In accordance with tbe aplrlt and intentlou of tlics* resolution* Gov. \Vi?e having advised his son-ln -law, Dr Garnett, to remove bis family ft">m tbe city, It Is probable Jlr Garnett will be summoned to ?p|*:ar before tbe Howard Committee. An important dispatch bas just bee 11 received in this city from Columbia, the capital of South Carolina. A plot has been exposed by one of the llPHrOM. ghovtflni' an attainnt Li Amutrmr ?Vi? t ?-?* ?r -?r 1 k ? ?r- ? w: ?? ~"u l?V fire and sboct down tbe citizens as they appeared at tbe doors of tbelr dwellings This plot was exposed by one of tbe negroes, and a white stone-cutter wbo Is Implicated, Is to be bung as soon as examined and all possible testimony elicited The event has created a good deal of alarm among tbe inhabitants, and especially among tbe women upon tbe plantations TNPRECEDENT SUCCESS! LAST WEEK or PH. SCHLOSSER I IT WASHINGTON. THE ONLY CERTAIN, PERMANENT and SAFE CURE for CORN*, BUNION*. WJFT CORN*. AM? ALL DISEASE* OF THE FEET is the INFALLIBLE SYSTEM PRACTICED BY DR. M. SCHLOSSER, * SURGEON rHTROPOlUST The rollowioc \Va?hin*ton Testimonial* are identical with thousand* in yotMiiioa of I>R SCHLOSfEP. WASHINGTON TESTIMONIALS. from Hon. R. reomt!, 1. S. S. Dr. b":h'o8ter h v< this cay taken out a % teat uum ber of Coma from my f?ct *!th jut any pa'.n, at"' !t teems to be efT?s,-tiia! January !2,!<W). R. TOOMBS. From U. S. Vatis, Esq. f)i Schlosser has this day removed from my leet U Corns. ? hich was doce without pain, anil to my ???IB satisfaction. I cheerfully rMommend to all parsons, and espco ally my friend* whv suffer with Corns, to oall on th* Doctor. H. 8. DAVIS. Washing tin. from I. S Hall, Esq. Dr Schlosser has this day operated aoan my feet, acd hit rr^da?ed entire satisfaction. !. S. HALL From Tio;. F Lereit, War Dtvartmmt. I certify ttiat Dr Sch.osscr has ski fu !y ;xtraotod tevera! ao'ca from my feet, end vithoat pa*a. TH08. F. LEW!?. trcm. cart. S. Burton. Dr. Schioc&er ha* extracted revert! corns fir?in raj feet >ery eacsessfully, &ul without tain, Wath nston. !9,126-.'. 8. BARRON. ? Frcm Lb. T. S. Virdi. I testify that 1 have t>?ea vet? euooesafuily ope ra'e-J upon by Dr. S*eh!oeaer without ?a:n of any orf. T. P. VERDI, M. D. Testimonials from m'mbers of th* Imperial Royal F&milna of Europs. ai veil as numf*rless one* from Statesmen. Uiplo i &*ista, C eriymon. fbyai oiaua 4c ,4o., <?f t ie country and Lurop? uat ce i?en at ni? cifco*. DR. SCHLU83ER CAN BB CONSULTED WASHINGTON rom ONE WEEK LONGER, AT HIS CONSULTING ROOMS, iil PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (Sunth aide,) betwtea 13th and 13th atreeta. OFFICE HOURS From in a. in. till 5 p. m. N. B.?No professional conneotion wi'h any one; hia method la different from thoee pertona who pretend to eure coma, by outting or plaatering thoee give only a abort relief, Lot not a permanent cure. LAST WEEK IN fel WASHINGTON. r?ANLLEMAfcS DAY, SATURDAY, Febbo V> ARv 2D. 1861. AI-TAR C*N1)i M, i eat quality. PAR IFINE WAX CAND1> 9 lor altar uie. cheapeat and bMt aMieie Tor the purpose, uied in all the citiea In tbe Union For *?!e at No. 4S9 Penn avenue, near Ti l d street. jaao-as GRP. SAVAGE. GRE*T REUl'C f'ON " P PRICE TO.UIT THE TIM KB. We are< fTeriog gr?at iaduoamenta for oa?h. Oar entire *t?ok at a grrat red-iotion. Fait ??it* of B ack, ? a*e?o order, f r #/5; p!aw auita of Rlaok. r?ad; mail? Tor fl", with % large uiamment or Genta' Furnitbini Good*. Mi.itary Oyer loati nude to o d?r for % . WALL. STEPHEN'S ft CO.. jaSl d3w 399 Pa av.. hot. Jth ami 10th att. rp O THE MILITARY! M. ? W? are ollenng gr?at indc^anente to Military Companies who with ontfitc. Being largely engaged 1" ArniJ aid nary work, we oan fire every faeility in etyle and prioee. Order* f.oiu the country promptly executed. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., JUIL1TAEY OVEECOATSa* lo^Mf*""*" M * a? . f J ^ l. * j * - t I > . Tm Miiiicmnri Dblm&tio* UrS 8**- | *tom 9rx!iik ?It appetri that thf n^u?t of Virgin:* that the different States tppotnt com- I miwionni for the porpcae of meeting other com- 1 mimlcaersef that State, In Washington. on the 4tfc day of February, waa la'd before the Maam i chonetts delegation. tad a letter waa prepared and igaed by moat of the member* of the Hew, ad- > drafted to theGovernor, asking him to recom- I mead to the I<e*taUture the appointment of eer tain eminent cifixens from Massachusetts to take part in this (realconsultation II f? stated heMeved that .Mr S*ena'<H Mim net,, hearing of tbia pap*' took strong ground against it, aid pr.teated to Hon Charles Francis Adams against his baring s-guM tb? document In question The Utter, in a very prompt sttd somewbat Indignant manner, refused to be con- . trolled by tbe distinguished Aerator, and itai'd that b? waa for his country and hiawbale country, I and would do everything to maintain the 'j over oment nod aettle existing difficulties It is due to Mr Adams to aay, that the example | of bl? Revolutionary fathers. aud uf the patriotic ! I'.t-President. Jobn l^ulncy Adama. wbn, amid all hi* eccentricities, waa nevertheless a warm aud , untiring friend of tbe 1'aloa. ta ardently cher- | la tied by blm. Tbe son of aucb father* cannot do wrong fn a moment of gloom like tbe present. Tm Wnrwt -The following rrport of the wemther for tbe morning la made from tbe American Conadlldated Telegraph Line to the Smith aonlan Institution. The time of otaNrvattoa > about 7 o'clock Febrcaht t. 1861 Burlington, Vt overcast, 15?. New \ ork. N. Y pleaaant. \V:whington, D C clondy, wind NE Richmond, Va cloody, KJ' Peterabure. Va clotidv Raleigh. N. C rloudv, 49*. Wilmington, M.O stormy Columbia, 8. C cloudy, pleaaant Charleston, S. C cloudy, 50? Augusta, Ga . cloudy, cool. Sftvannah, Ga cloudy, wiud K .Ma<on, Ga cloudy. Columbus, Ga ........... cloudy. Grffft-n. Ga raining. Montgomery, Ala. rainy Jackson. Aim ?...rloudv. Mobile, Ala.... cloudy, warnt from thl west. Pittsburg, Pa cloudy, . bar?mrt-r at the Smithsonian at 7 a m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,101; at noon, 3!?,0T?> Thermometer at 7 a ra , 23"; at noon, 31 . Maximum during '21 houta, ending 9 a m today. 33lf ; minimum 15 AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON TH EAT K R 1 Lf?s?? .. .t*. W. Glimi Ao'inc Manager J. T. Raymond stme Maa?i' r...? himnikey Bland THIS EVENING. Benefit of M K. ? O T H E R N. First reprea. ntat on of HUD A VI L' li 111 i M I'l ll'.l W t'l UOML w?? *? iv ui< i va i * ? ' v_? vci * n t ? *' j?i r< ? Or, l?ORt? Dr>'I)KK*RT AbKOAD Pr.dtiord with er;tirci* Sew ro*i?ery. Panorama of the tudaoti River, Skating pocd.&e.. painted )>v Meiers. Ja?. i anil* a-d Jo? Parker. Mr. i&othemas Lord Dundreary and his Brotler Sam. (lis wonderful transformations a->d onrinal eonorp ions of tli??e parts literacy took Phi aielphia h< Ktorin. ar.d evt-ry critn in the city stamped him an tit Eec?utuo lomeuian of the age. The performance will coniirenoe with a favorite Faroe _ it O N C E R T J ?orth" B?nrfi?cf ST. JJHX S UERMAX CHURCH. Hy thCHOIROF ST. Pj?UI.'8 ENGLISH LUTHERAN CHURCH, Assisted by Hi*? celebrated "PARTK'-LO FAMIl.V.'tlie "AMPHION OIAHTKITK (' I I'M." atd other niutical talfn*. will t>e gi?en on MoN DAY, Krbruary ith, iffril, in th? Fibst Baptist Church. Tenth *t.. Mwcn E and F TluRKTS 25 CTS ; CHILDREN in CTS ; !Q~ For i aid tt U.o usual placet, and at the door. \U~ The Piano osed on the occasion is kindly loaned by Mr. F. C. Reicheutaoh. fe l-3t BALLS, PARTIES, kc. (1 R AND FANCY B ALL " * at oft FOKKEST HALL j? MO\i)A\, February 4th. / Tickets $1. for a fctmtieinan and ladies.|flA Cot turner and fancy dresses cor Id H? had next Monday at LauK'? Hotel, No. 129 Bridge stre?t, Georgetown. fe 1 WANTS. V1tANTKD? A first rate COOK, while or eol" ore?i Apply at Tudor Place, ?'on*reas at, Qeorgetown Hi?ht?. from 9 a. m till 13. j a 31 ft* WANTKD-B? a jounic woman,aflTl'ATION aa no rue, chambermaid, or ecamatreats. Ad dresa Box No. 'JO . t>iar OfTic- )? SI St WANTEU-A SITUATION by ae-iberani mduatrioos 11 an, who u capable of takii* charge of a market ean'en.and underatanda the tn\nacement f a farm. Andreas Boi Ibatthia ^ y 3fg* U'ANTF.C?A (?tjr<ach of the Report of the eeertta ? of th? Treaaury L'. t* .or the fi? cal year* 16ft aid 1H<? Lea- c alt In* Office, jai' 3. * U'ANTED- f-AND WaKKANIS or SCKIP to hi a i?i 1 order, at e -ruer Seventh and h ?ta , opport Gsner* F'o*t Office. LLO\ D A CO.. ia st* Att rue?a or Claims._ W A*'I ED-A ?o<?<l PASTY COOK Apoly ? . W1LLARD8' Hot*L )\ & Iw WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Fro? fS to flOJM. worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of all kinds, for wlucli 1 will guaranty to par the highest prices, and, as n?unl, at trie shortest notice. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves. 4-e., oej? 40? 7th ?t.. bet. G and H east side. IVAN TED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Perswiia deo mm* housekeeping, or having a surp'us of Furniture on hand, can obtain theoash and fair priocs bj applying at 369 Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ & GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On fhe right of the inh January. on I or Seventh street, a CHILD'S CLOAK, bsloneiiik tu a widow woman. The finder will be suitably rawargeq uy leaving it it B?TW? W. It* LB OST?On the 3th January. a 'arte yellow j with short ear* ami tail. > on a learner ooUar. A liberal reward wt '| J , ? ? ho i ?id to the finder on returning him lo " the J4tore oppobite the (ia; House. First Ward. fe 1-lt* II Ori I ?Oii Monday last, a black NfcWFOl Nl> * LA.NL) D06. with whit? 1 -|S white^^^* neck, And the lio of hit tail white. An iwe'i to the n*i 0 of "Carln." The find- ? er will n>>i'ab y rewarded by leaving h:m at *0. ? orth A street. Capitol Hill. fe l-2t* II OST?At rise eonoert tiven by the choir of St * Peter'* CI u ch, in Odd f e[lnw?' H?ll, Nsvr Yard, on the iieht of the 2ith January, ?L*DY'S FIR Th* finder will lie su tably rewa-ded on irnvinc km #u routin lireet eut, lapitol Mill. fsi 3J E^TRA V ? Came to the p'emiaea of the aubaertlier, oraer of Teiith and hast a?itol atre la, a stna.1 milk and cider dKlFKK.p yr* about 3 *ear? old. The owner ia rrqgM'od&A* to com* forward, prove property, pay charges, and take her away. It* O. L. BALDWIN. REWARD.?Stolen frometsble. on ElsvV euth at., between E and F ata . <ev In.and, on Saturday. January 19th,aB?^ H -.1* MARK, blind in the left e?e; two white^EZ^. hind fret. 1 w:IJ fire ?5 if delivered to me, on t < maiana av?;ne, between 9th aod Oth ata., and >25 for the thief. (fe 1 3" > K. \V A Rp IOST-A han3aome H ANDKKRCHI KF waa J loat at the Prendent'a Lev?e on Tuesday eveninc laat by a lady who prised it very hichly I a* a memento. Ay information oonoerning it left at No. 15. Winder's Building, wi.l be ihankfully acknowledged. ia31 at* STRAYED OR STOLEN FROM THE PRE^ MIHESof John E Little, on the g*h r\ inst.. five HORSES ot the followisg de ~1 ?Tf* seriptionTwo dark hay hnrs?s with'^^"WMte spots in their for*h<ad?; one sorr*l mare, rather thin; one horse and mare, ooior nearly blaek- Any person giving inrormation or retiming the said horses will he rewarded CLINTON LITTLE. > 31 ?t* 6th at., bet. O and I eta south. BOARDING. \f RS.JANF. TAYf.OR has eral VACANT ^ * tegfe 1 ?IliE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY Tebrmmrj 1, 1*61. t* tk. UUf n?n? K wklr stir taller than i'l KUUMI*. A lew ytnuvBt or traaaient Boarder* can be acoommodated U 411 M meet. jaSl St* BOAF DING.?PirioudMiroia of a comfort* b home oan obtain ?ood Board and p>auat 1 A part menu <>n F street No. 339, between 9th and loth *u. Table Boarder* can alto be aocomaodated. Term* reaaooable. ja si-** BOARDING.-Adeairablafront ROOM. iminT d lately ovar the parlor, with all tha modera impior- menu, baa j?*t bean vacated, aod will be dt?po*ed of on reasonable t?rma. Apply at No. 433 Ninth (treat. A firct ola** CHAMBERMAID wanted. ja 30-4t* QEORGIA STATE LOTTERIES. Manater't OJl't cj tkt Gtorfim LMttrxt*. I *k.vnnnA.H. Hi , February 1st, 1MI. \ Our three number lotterie* are drawo daily Capital ptisae front fS.iro to ftt.m TiekaU from #1 to f V Prue* of tljtoftaad under paid immediate- 1 l? aftar ihe drawin, *; other pctaee at Siday*. The arawtbfe of ourT?ttariaa will ha jmbhah?d daily in tt,? N* i .nai lni*i .(teuoer. For tiofcet, aa aefc*iD?* ?b any o'oar k>u*ri?i *ad,-p? 2W MoEINNEV * * IJ m ? % Br WAIX ? ?AENAKD. A-ttuwT" * n*T ?OOD?* DWT GOOD" * D*V GOOD* JLF*r ArcTtoa[ *.* Muk; I' O C'Of? , Wf VII! Nil ? iP^C- ' j th# AoHM ??< t t*rf? iwctmMl of Or ifKxif, FtM^Md ft-?t e ? ? H tam f*TM flMk f*J WALL A Bf GBKKN A WILLIAMS, A??tloMer?. N? >9*. re*** ~!k D Mf?l. E\h:n?i\f balk of hahdwarf Ctortut. 6ut? *Jtr Wiimw W *>?. Ar.. *t ATrrioB ?O* . t * tlk iinan I# o'olock a. m . *r? ra%Tt ? Sto-e N?? lY* FnotllrtliltfHff, M??N I** *? # !?# Firtlwv^.t 'iirtr'irt <-i tK? 'ciniwJvi: ol?*. ?on" li* of - _ ivur*, Rack. ?nd C??c?* ffud'ed Kr'w ?;^ Fo*k?. P M?d. A lb*'*. m4 o?b?r t*K>or>? *?d F'?rki. A FiR*M*<>(lm -it! <>f M "Unci' Tualturf Hfd triw*. Fa?mir* *rd Uc4?( Imr ?n?<*rt? ChtM*? hrtn tl Twwi. 41 kid SI ?irr#?. Chin* P *<? ?nd UnliMtll Tmnbicrt. G?>>i*t*. \Vi>*>,ii'i 1 ?w?tr>iu<eM Toii?9^i, White and Ce'oni Evtn Md BMia*. Un' Vel'ow !?.: K. ok nuh?in Wirt, 'I'm P?m, Cup*. LUIm. Hnckott. an. Buiu, "r*M K>'ii4 v!"*v PuaN Water Oaoket*. Tah?. K < *!#'?, Wa?bbo?r?( and Wooden W?rf a ii" iii?i * i'him ftl'lul'i h?v bb ? ?i w vw?... r%U> Terms ?a?h. fe I GKKKN A WILLIAMS. A wet* Br WALL A BARNARD. Auotioneers. WALE OF FINK OLD WINKS. PURE IM roui" Huxct, WaukiT. *!<B oran Li ocoks. Kmk Bat Cairiagb or Black Sadmi Ho??i. w*oo>, c*imi4r.?. he. at Arcito*.Oa Tl'KSDA V MOR I >?. the 5th of Kebraarj we will I at the Auction Rooms, a *oo4 assort rwIof W in**; Hnnd). Whiskey , Ae , ii wood ?ri<] |la?<i.bsini th" st' ' * off*. P. Hiirpiao. En . dM'irraa busmen*. aai o-mprieiniDwH Gordon sod Tope* PMrrj. Port, Claret, aM Cha? ps?n >. _ _ Roebslle.*'Jules R obi a. "and Rrandies . l*n?er and So toh Whisker. and pure Holland 6in. is word and f1 v??. Clears. Staid Casks, B- tt'es. Pe*k a-d Stow, And other B'Uoles nteay k'rt in a fine Li??or Store. 1 Also, at Twelve o'c'oek M 1 fio* Ray fifriite Horse, 1 ine Black ?ad?Me Ho'ie an excellent Paeor. 1 Kip en Wacnn and Harness, I Carriage ard Harness. Terms #* ca*h; over tlat am <tnt a credit or S" and 00 days, for sppioved endorsed aotea. bear iog interest. I* 1 WALI.ft BARNARD. Anets By THOR BOWLING. AeoUoueer. BKHK II IWL fl. C. _ nROCKRlF.8 AT AFCTION-Oa SATt'R ** DAY MORNING.ttieM in'tant.M in o'clock. I elia I ?el; in front of the Auction Rooni, BMt the Market, a ilesiraMe assortment of Fam j Grc oere*. eor.fsting of? BM?. Sew Orle^ne Sugar*. Bbl*. Crashed 8e#ars, Of M>> a?*es, Sack* Rio Cofiee, a?? pounds N? w Bacon, i Box** 8perm and A<tainantins Candle*. Box** ?oar. Htaroh. Ground Pepper, Ground G mcer. Clove*. Gurp'>w<1?r and Clone T?a?, B<>x??? Chewirt T- t>acco, JSai 8oda, 20 Bbl*. Whi-key. Branny, Gin. kr , J'okson Whi?ke*. French Br*i <lie?. 3 Ca*e< Jamaica Rum. K rooms Booker*. Ac , ke. i* a' it THO!*. PAWLING. A not By GREEN k WILLIAM*. Auctioneer*. A'*. A26 Sircntk WHOF.S AT AUCTION ?On WEDNESDAY. O the 6*h day of Febmary next, we shall sell a? onr A notion 10 o clock a. m , a large lot of 8hoes, viz: 284 rairs Men'* Kip 8hoe* &R ** M 7 Boys* >hanchat Shoe*. 1<?4 Men Shoes, ? " Boys' J*haa*hai Shoes, V, " Men'* M"uroe *' W. Hoy*'Oxford Tic " 46 * M?o's ** ** 479 * ? m iS - Voeths'M It " Bom' " %? " " Monroe ** S? ** V i tfci' " ? " in'*ed ** M " Voothi* Shan^at 14" " *( ?' " TS? * Boys' ** S " St toh-d M?n's Sheiifhai Shoee, ?' ' Men s Shots, 9S ** ** M I ^ ?? if ' ' he above rtoo* is ol a fin* *se!itv end exoellM* order, from the Shoe Factory e' the United Ptates Penit?*litiar?. Washington. i*hoe merchants and dealers are respectfully in n'mi to attend th? sale. Te-??.: All sums of acd under ?2* cash: over S*Sa T^itr 11 and 4 months Jor approved endorsed i*o es, b? arin mtereet Ht order of r-% t? . w * ?- r. r?ri>u?i Atn. n ?roen GRfcEN 4 WILLIAMS, Am?%?. j*? 3 aw&d? I*. 9. A. Musket Cap*. - JUST RECEIVED Alir^mtjSup.jy of HK'Ki*' r. s army muskkt caph. For ul* low by J. K. HHiKLDS. Il?it w iti liiroRrn, < >pp?Mt? Hfiwri'i. i& sn 3* Ladle*, Call Early fidulk'* original si store. u IDOLE'S ORIGINAL *1 STORE, No. 30.1 PKNMA. AVENUE. No. 30* PENNA AVENUE. Additional invoice* >uet received of New aci Henutiful Jewelry. FKOM O't KNTIII Srmi VOl CAN I AKK VOI R CHOICE 1 OR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. CORAL und GOLD SETS, ENAMELED TWIST BETS. medallion sets, " REAL ROMAN M??*AIC SETS, RUBV and VASE SETS. LAVA and HEAD SETS. VASE and BRILLIANT SETS. REIN MOSAIC ^ETS, CAMEO and ?iOi l? ?-TON t ^Lfv CAK uUx CLE SETS5, Pi .A IN GOLD 9KT8 BOOl'LT and K ! H B< ?N PET"?. LADlKB' NECKLACE*. I-A 1)1 * S' NKCK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S NECK CHAINS, CHU.DKEVfe ARMLETS, GKNTS' VKHI' CHAINS. GENTS' WATCH RETS. GENTS' SEAL* and CHAINS. ?ENTS' hLtEVK Bl'TTONS and STUDS HIMBLES. PEN J*, PENCILS. aBlLW! INGS. HILVEK PIRATED SPOON> GOKLl^TS, CI PS. Ac. Everything in the store new and perfect atd tu*r*ntied t>i be such a* represented IET Evryariitt' ma*urac ?tt4 ft ike rtniic rtim-u ireuit. %na warrauted to b* the Mme qualltv ti is reiared from five to thirty dolara eaoh. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR. rk,ti.Jii?< or Cost. As this great H e o<>utinues but & horttime. persons ilesiriDg to tup pi; themselves with Jewelry at these unheard of pncas will pleaae Mil early at ??r ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORK. 30* Pennsylvania ?r#nue, between ?th and 10th streets D W. RIDDLE. (IT" Remember the Number?304?as we have bo connection with others, professing to aeil at our prices, in this rity. Received this dav a large invoice of Si(.VRR WARE, oonsistiug ol Breakfast and Tea Sou. Card and Cake Markets; Patent Svrup P*tehers. Butter Dishee; Fruit Knives; Tea Knives; Forks, Tabie, Dessert, and Tea Spoons; Tobacco Sutar and Cream Spoons; Napkin Rings; Batter Knives, in sets and smile; K'lives and >"orks. in sets; lee Cream. Pie and Fish Knives; Breakfast and Dinner Castors: Double aad Single Halt*. a larce variety of Plain, Chased, and Gilt Gobets. Cup*, Ac. All the above articles to be aold with oat regard to original eoet, at froa ?1 to Rao, and warrarted to be what they are repreeented, and * fatly loo per oeat. leea than tWv oao be boukL jaXtr 308 Pa. av., bet 9th and Mthsts BALT'M?KfcB1;TTKa HOU8E. Daily reoetviag fresh and iwmi, m Goshen paokIt ?s ae Kswhange Plaoe. WalMmrwa. JgLF.GANT CARPETING* AT GREAT BACWe sUll have oa hand awl^r sale, eome rery su eerior and beautiful VELVET. WIER, BRl r*BELB and TAPESTRY CARPETING*, which must be sold off*at some pries; and, in new or the state of the liases, they will be sold out without re gardtoeoet. Members of Co agrees and others in want of sneh goods oaa t>e suited by as bow at a caving of thirty per eeot. lees than elsewhere. CLAGETT A DODBON. ja 23-K*t No. 4, seooad door east of Ninth st. <i..l I----' J "-r? Tl J vivi % ai # wf w v nwio K 9 MooiVa S^mill D'op*. 4a. Fh? ici?u?' M H sfcr Tsssrs^v"wr~10 ~rt MOOHt'8 Waat Rad X>rM Store. j?l? >w 11S rm. >tw?. ? IT Sm Mwmi \Kk*M4 lit* I7RENCH t EICHBTEIN. _ r S7*fm. irorei, ^^E^2K^'T8!s3& MmdnlovntM fM*riih)amn?trU tk? SffSwrsi' ifivw d'iphit. Btitiwor* ud oUmt i?iih Mivarad la th? oitj and 6*org?towm UHMdUMiy iter tk? tr n*al ol trai?. )* 15 T"^?S1kWBtftVT,0,"l,v r fa ?* 49 ??] U,!. .

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