Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1861 Page 1
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?? = ?* M <ffrmtt a Star. V36 XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. FEBRUARY 4. 1861 N?. 2.481. THE DAILY EVENING STAR * * r ? v h? rUBLfSUED BYBRT AFTERNOON, WNDAYS EXCEPTED,) # %T THE MTiR BCILDIROS, t>Mf of rtnnrMivmmi* avtnus and 11 f A rt., bt W. D. WiLLACn. Fapere in paoka?ee hi on?rt?rs M |( I Tf *r, or y o?nta per month. To mail enhecriben ltt? pnoe 11 #3_50 a rear, in a4**nc$; 92 for aix 91 for three months; and for !*> than *rea mouths at the rats of 12 oenta a week. Sinfle topic*, o!f? c*st; in wrapper*, two CBirr*. TC7* Advi*ti?k**"?ts sooald he sent to the oBoe betore 12 o'o>ook m.; otherwiee they may not appear " '.ril the next day. i Fon rne Stab. KXCURSIO* FROM WASHIXGIOJI. ft S?rmrir.g the servioea of Capt. James HalBtead as guide, we prepared for a visit to ralstkad's cavf.. This interesting place is located about fonr rnilee north of MillerU>n, in the range of hilla west of the Harlem Valley, and half mile ftouth by west from Capt. Ilalstead's house. Our route, however, was quite indirect, ascending the mountain by the road directly from the house, then going along its side through a forest of about eight years growth, to the mouth of the cave. The party, censistinjg of three ladies and four gentlemen with the guide, were dre?ed especially for the occasion, wearing oloth caps and woolen roundabouts. The mouth of the cave is about one-third of a mile from the road, but our party were more than an hour in going that short distance. It was A 1 Knvi And Vtl Aanm a It* - wmviiwuj auu uvuuKcvuiQ luruui^ ^ twiniag and cutting oar path through the most fngled underbrush that lies iq that vicinity. Ob ?Htr way we came to the 0VE!T, *0 called from ita resemblance to one. This Oven is situated in a large fragment of slate rock, about twenty feet square and sixteen or eighteen high, but rather irregular. It opens towards the east, and is about four feet from the ground. The bottom of the oren corresponds to the dip of the rock, and is at an angle of ten or twelve degrees with the horison, ascending as you go in. The bottom is about eight feet long, and three wide at the mouth, but enlarging to five or six as you enter. All around the sides are holes or pockets, called liv th? nfnnlA noelref-hnlns. iu frwrlitinn mti ? j ?? r ? i 1 i - j ? --?""j ? that in thorn the Indians baked biscuit. Capt. lixlstead informed us that the general opinion ~ of visitors was, that the entire cavity was formed by the action of water, and as proof referred to the appearance of these biscuit holes. Not being quite satisfied with this theory I determined to examine it carcfully and ascertain whether there were any openings through which the water <jculd enter at the farther end of the cavity in sufficient quantity to have made the excavation. On entering I found biseuit holes in the roof as well as in the sides, showing conclusively that water could cot have made them. On examining the holes at the farther end, I could find no opening in any of them, and I also noticed that when I touched the sides of the holes the rocks immediately crumbled and fell, and that I could make any number of these holes with perfect ease The result of the examination proves that the whole excavation has been made by air. The body of the rock is slat?, but has acme minerals mixed with it that upon exposure to the air decays and crumbles to dust, and this mixture not being uniform the decay is unequal, thereby producing the result which tradition assigns to the ingenuity of the Indian THE CAVE sa - r l.i al - a a i is oui a tew r-xjs oeiow ine uTen, ana we soon found our way therq. The appearance at the entrance is that of a funnel-shaped hollow, perhaps twenty feet deep, with a circumference at the surface of seventy or eighty feet. It was discovered many years since by some hunters, and for the purpose of finding its depth threw in their dog, but were net able to Set him out. It was soon partially explored, ut from the supposed dangers to visitors the entrance was filled up by blasting some overhanging rocks S3 that the fragments completely blocked up the mouth. A few years since, however, ft was again opened, and quite thoroughly explored. For a few years following it waa visited by many people, but cf late years few enter its silent halls. Lighting oar candles and refreshing curpelres at a spring of clear cool water, we entered the cave. The entrance is qaite nnrrow and precipitous, descending nearly thirty feet. One of the ladies declined entering altogether, although she came with the intention of so doing. A second lady, on making about half the descent, become so much alarmed that she could not be prevailed upon to proceed another inch, although Capt. Iialstead offered to give her special care and assistance. One repre / _ . tentative ui me la jies. nowever, wns leit to explore these regions of Erebus. Having reached the floor, we tonnd ourselves in a long, narrow hall, about six feet wide, thirty long, and fifteen high. There is an indescribable feeling on entering a oave for the first time. It is not fear or any other single emotion, but rasher all of the fearful, the hopeless, distrust, suspicion, terror, alarm, dread, and impotence combined. A cavity two feet deep may be two hundred for aught we Icdow, and who would ever return fiawi a plunge into that abysa. I did net at all wonder at the decision of the ladies who *?otured not into this dark and silent place, i;k. - - _ uu vuij ii^uicu Kfj jrvur oiugiu iviuu, wuivu ?cow iogly made the darkness visible. I>ut m we entered tfcia hall, and found ourselves on a level floor where we could stand without fear of failing into an unknown depth, all these ind esc rib* bio feelings left us, and afterwards we felt as free and buoyant as if iu the most secure place, enjoying the light of a summer sua. Ihis room may be appropriately called ASSl'llASCE HALL. At its farther end we made a second descent of about ten feet, and came into GOTHIC HALL. As we were descending into this hall we observed for the first tima the beautiful while stalactites. completely covering its sides, 'ihey were not large, but very beautiful and waxlike in appe&rauce. Some were as white a.-: snow, others of various colors, given them by the metallic .substances through which the carbonate of lime passed. This hall was about twenty feet wide, eighty or a hundred lonjj, and seventy high. On ih? northern side, or right as you enter, u a beautiful column, or as it is called, the CHIVXBT. This is standing against the side of the cave, and shows about three-quarters of its circumference. It is about twelve feet in diameter and seventy feet high, beautifully encrusted with earbotete of lime. It is difficult to believe it not a work of art. I think its name inappropriate. and will christen it daja'b colcii, after Capt. Halsiead's youngest daughter. After leaving this hall, and proceeding onward, we enter the oallekt, or dencepd a few feet, and passing several yard*, enter a third hall. The Gallery is about thirty feet over the main ear*, and presents no very remarkable appearance. The third, or r1vbr nkll, is nearly as large as uouic nail, not quite so wide or high, bat of much greater length. In every part o: thu hall the water can be heard running beneath the floor, and by an opening on the left as we enter one can descend to the stream. bat we did not care to venture. as it was rather difficult and quite muddy. Leaving River Hall, we pused through thi GATE This is quite difficult to pasc. We aacend some ten or twelve feet over large fragments of fallen rock. pass Jfrroagh quite a narrow place, and descend into a spacious chamber, with a low root ana aeseenaiug noor. mere is another passage leading to this chamber, by descending instead of ascending through the Gate. In this chamber the stalactites disappeared, the walls were black, and the floor covered with mud. Hastening through, we came to a sudden turn te the left, and leaping down a precipice of four or fire feet, found ourtcires at LOD4 SPR1XO. in Termination C?lt This call, or well, i? qaite small, being eireular, and, perhaps, ten teat in diameter aad fifteen feet high. From a basin ia (be side of ihe rock flowa a us oat delicious spring of water Never did we tad a mora rtfrr'biof draft The wat?r u remark blT clear, and ?o VtTj cold that H benumbed the band to bold it a minute under the little fall that trickle* orer tb? edge of the r>ek. }Ier?, we war* informed br our guide, that we bad arrlrad at the end of the Care. But toma H of the party inquiring if he wm certain, a aearcb vai commenced for some opening beyond. In a short time our guide found an opening which he hod never before seen, and he proposed to enter, lie attempted it, but the parage descended so rapidly that he found it impossible. Again entering, feet first, he found a ohambor beyond, but the entrance was small, and baring no implemfltats to break off the projecting rocks, he was obliged to return. It was aot f ?und so easT a matter to ret out as to get in, and some little time elapsed before he could extricate himself. From the geological indication* noted, there is doubtless but little qf this Care jet explored. What silent halls and cabinets, decorated with as beautiful orystals as the eye ever beheld, lie beyond, in the central regions of these gigantic hills, remains for the future to disclose. We can imagine, but not see their beauties. On our return, the general idea of the size of the rooms was much clearer, and we could but wonder that a place of so muoh curiosity was not visited by thousands every season. The air was quite cool on entering, but we oon became accustomed to it. It waa pure, and of even temperature in all parts of the cave. On coming to the open air a^nin the rummer uoai was oppressive lor a lew minutes, Almost suffocating. At the mouth of the cave the view is beautiful, overlooking the Harlem Valley for several miles. At the foot of the hill we found a small stream emerging from under a rock, supposed to come from Loda Spring. Though quite small it never ceases in the dryest weather to refresh the valley below A hotel in this vicinity having so many objects of natural scenery to attract must ere long be built, and llalstead's Cave, Mount Everett, Bash-Bish Fall i, and the View from Bald Peak have their share of summer visitors. Victor Lacrestz. Bio Waves.?When the (treat ocean is disA V.J ? ~ " iuruea ii iorms euriace waves, which are sometimes of great magnitude. In a gale, sucb wnves have been more than once measured, and it is found that their extreme hight from the top to the deepest depression of large storm waves, has been nearly fifty feet, their length being frum four to six hundred yard?, and their rate of motion through the water about half a mile a minute. Such waves, breaking over an obstacle of any kind, or mingling strangely with the clouded atmosphere rngiiig above, are the wildest, grandest and most terrible phenomena of nature. When they approach land they break up into much smaller bodies of water, but these are often lifted by shoals and obstructed by rocks till they aro thrown up in masses of many tons to a bight of more than a hundred feet. The tidal wave is another phenomenon of water motion of a ?nm?wli*t r\jf. feront kind, producing an alternate rise and fall of the water over all parts of the ocean every twelve hours. In addition to the true waves there are also many definite streams or currents of water convening lxrgc portions of the sea from one latitude to another, modifying the temperature of the adjacent land, and producing a mixture of vhe waters at the surface or at some depth which cannot but be extrcq^ely conductive to the general benefit of all living beings. Ctorm tides, or those waves which occasionally rush without any pause along narrow and confined seas or up funnelshaped inlets, have occasionnlly'provcd disastrous to a fearful extent. Thus it is recorded that upwards of one hundred thousand persona perished in the year 1232; and again in 1242, in this way, numerous complete villages and * A L. ? ? Hjxiu uoiDg wuoea airay oj a wave advancing from the North Sea over the low lands of Holland. Between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick the ordinary spring tide often rises to a bight of a hundred feet, sweeping away the cattle feeding on tho shore.?DicAens' "A11 the Y?ar Round A ''scesa" ix the Cork Couxcil Chamber. We find the following -'scene" reported in the local paper* as having been enacted at the lact meet of the Cork Town Council: When the t jwn clerk read a passage in the minutes,stating I that Mr. Sheehan gave notice to make a cronsiug in a street not named, Mr. Shoehan rose in a very excited manner, and said: That is not truo, it is an infernal lie; yon ought not to b? (Hitting them lies in the books. Mayor: I insist mat you must sit down?you are out of | order. Mr. Sheehan: I won't be put down, and be d?d to ye, ye pack of deviln [Immense confusion.J Major (rising): I won't submit to this any longer. Call in the mayor's men; Mr Sbeehan must leave the room. The mayor's sergeants entered; whereupon Mr. Sheehan rushed towards the mayor in a menacing manner, exolaiming, "I'll see ye all to the devil first; I'll knock ye all down." Mtyor: Put him out. [A scene of terrific uproar onsued, Mr. Shoenan turning fiercely on the pretorians, who presented a threatening appearance, and made a demonstration of .1 : ?? * ? jju > siom loroe, seized a cnair as an offensive weapon, and holding it suspended for a moment seemed inclined to burl the weighty missive at. the heads of the civio servitors. Yielding, however, to the pacifis counsel of some gentlemen around him, his heroic mood abated and bo stammered forth an apology. Mayor (sternly;: Do you apologize? Mr. Sheehnn (meekly): I do, your worship; I won't do it again. The Mayor: He has apologized. Mr. McCarthy At he has apologized, I hope your worship will not proceed any further. The arrest of judgment sued for was granted, and Barney resumed his seat. New Sedative.?A medical gentleman recently put two drops of homeopathic specffic on his tongue, and after a fit of irresistible m?i guuavivuiDsu tor awnue, out recovered on the administration of stimulants. On examining the solution whioh had so singularly affected him, he found that to 99 drops of spirit* of wine there was one drop only of nitra of the oxide of glyoile, which is obtained by treating glyoerene at a low temperature with sulphuric or nitrio acid. The experimentalist conoeired the idea that in yet smaller quantities this drug would constitute a valuable sedative in nervous diseases?and, on trial, his surmises proved correct. One quarter of a drop afforded great relief in a case of neuralgia, which bad defied ordinary remedies; and a second dose entirely oured it. It has since been repeatedly used with great success in nervous BMdaehes and dental n*nr?l?l?' hnt - ??o ? ' ? it is a very dangerous medioioe for non-profewional persons to tamper with withoat medical advice. "Cbeatimo Rousd the Board."?A correspondent writes from Monroe, La ?Some yeara ago a game of poker was being played in this place. Jim C??was in it, and daring the game contrired to steal the four aces ana lay tnem on his knee to be played at the preper I time. The player who sat next to him saw the more, and slipping the aces from their hiding piaoe, put four other cards in their stead. When Jim's tarn came to deal he oalled on all hand* to go bUod " I'll go orer all of you." When all ware in deep enough to suit him he reached for his aces, and brought up something else. Throwing his oards on th? table, in tone of indignation he exclaimed: "Gentlemen, I can't play in this game; there's cheating going on." (ETA Uttle boy kneeling at his mother's knee to * *? bis evening prayer, asked leave to pray in Irs own words, and with a childlike simplicity snid: - Upd bless little Willie, and don't let the Lc jse burn up, Ood bleaa papa and mamma; God bless me, and make my boots go on easv in the morning." in- Mr Mead, a rival of Rarey'a In tha horsetaming line, met with an unfortunate rebuff from an animal on which he wae eiperlm?ntl ng In New*rk N J Tlehoree kicked hin? on the right knee, ' obliging him to dltmlaa hit audience at once and a teud to dr*aalng bla wound* frrTbe Alexandria Gazette nvi that a band ?f men waited on Got. Letcher recently and offered to take forcible peeeeeatea of Fortran Monroe, bet the preooalU** did net roe* With the approval af CLOTHING, &c. NEW *otLclo$I&, CASSIMERS.AND VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS A Co.. 383 Pennatlvani? Avenne, hare Jnst received a lance ranetT of new Fall Good*, to wmoh they invite the att?atioo of their friend* and anetoroere. an >>-ti /GENTLEMEN'S tj RE VDV-MADE CLOTHING. Oar preeent assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READ\-MADE CLOTHING effere to oitixena and strangere wiaiung an immediate oat fit aupe nut uiuuuoiiinnif, eranraoiriK, Al Hill [IIQ6, &11 styles and qualities of Dress and Business Garments aud Overooata In all varieties. Fine ShirU am) Under-olothmc ol all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of beet qua'ity. Scarfs, Tiea, Cravata, Sto.'k*, Hosiery, to., Ao. All of whioh we are offering at our usual low prioes. ID" Clotlnnc in*d? to ord?r in the moat eujenor manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-tf :<aa Pa. aveine. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and citizens generally, to an inspeo'ion of our present new, at m? traotiv*. and elegant assortment "f>H gv?n ctu /i not aV ? ?? ?"** ? * ** i/uyins. r,s, iiutSlkli1!?, |l]i VhSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ao. IT which we will make to ordsr in an^nor"- " *tjle at Tory low (ntfi. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., oo 25-tf 333 Pa. av.. betw. 9th and 10th ats. gasttttingt&c; pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Wonld call the attention o< water takers to their lull asaortnriAnt of Fixture* necessar* to ita introducti .n,s.s follows:?K ITCH KN RAJVGES.BAT H TUBS. CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCIIKN SINKS, PUMPS, Caa| Iron. Wrounht Irm, l.f?ad ar.d Galvanised WATER PIPES. HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHERS. .RUBBER HOSE, AcHaving rmm with I knowledge, w? aro prepared to introduce Water id to dwellings with all the latost improvements, promptly. ana at prices that oannot fan to satisty. 360 Penn. avenue, no 24-dtMar 1 bet.9th and loth sts., sooth side. AW.V1. T. DOVE k. CO. RF. Now pre?irod to exeonte any orders witk Whisn they may be favored in the PLUMBIN6, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. \ZT Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, whero may he found a oomatets assortment of CH 4 N DELI KRS and other 6 AS, STEAM hi A WATER FIXTURES. ia27-ly WGAS FIXTURES. E Hava in store, and are dai.y receiving, G45 FIXTURES of entirely Now Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in strle to anything heretofore offered in tais market. \V e invfte'citizens eoneral It to c\ll and exa:wn? onr stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, foxing confident ti-at we have the best Boiouiru o'.uuk in u nBninKion* AU Work io the above line intrusted to our oare Will be promptly attended to. MYERS Jt MofiHAN. mar S-tf 3 7 ft 1> street. ISNYDEK, PLUMBER AXD GAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorncr of Tveiftli and F its. He is prepared to intr-.d-jce Water snd Gas upon the mo?t favorable terms, ar.d guaranties entire atlafsotionHe ha* cn hand a lot of COOKING ard other STOV KS, whioh he viil sell lens th\n oost. as he wmheg to net rid of thfin. 110 17 /\FF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER | | nv * a ir ? o vr uao ifiDl?iHO? WiiHrneroSi July 18. '560. NOTICE K5 HEREBY GIVES. That, ..nreeabiy to tho provisions of the oidinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12. I860. th? undersigned is now preparod,"wh?nev?r roaulred in writing, and on pro payment of the fan of fifty cents, to inspect, examine, test, prove, aud ascertain the aooaraoy of registrtfction ofaEy gas meter in ure in thie oity. Every meter, if found inoorreof, will beoondemnod, and another, cealrl and marked aa true, wiil b? lotini1' place. If proved to be aoourate in i!s niea.>ur?..T.i?nt of g=.s, it wfll be sealed aoooxdir.jly, and again j>ut in ccsitioa for use. Office No. 410 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel.owr iiali ) Open from 8 &. m., to5?.m, CHAJLlF.H \V. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 13 tf Inspector and Sealer of Gat MeMva. PIANO FORTH INSTRUCTIONS ?The undersigned, loi.g well known to fhe_^?~ Washington cubio as a tetcher of thefESBER Piano, (>ets leave to state that ho is pro "Ii *' " pared to tak? wcho'ar* on terms to suit the exigencies of th? t'ni's Having vacancies in hi* time juat now wliioli he is anxious to fill np, he will toaoh a few soho ars, 'f doair&bie to their parent*, ard tak hia pay In anoh merchandise aa may be agr<??>d on vrhon they are entered with him. fie is wiping to ni iko suah arranceinenW, knowing the inoon^euien'-e inan> whodeairs to have their ohil dreo taught tie Piano experience now in getting money. Mia metnod of teaching has heen high y app oved for y-ara, and hi* references ar? heads of the l>e?t musical fanuliea in Washington. His term-'* are exceedingly m? derate JOHN K. 9CIIELL. Residence?295 U str^t. ja S-lm or apply at Metaerott*?. I dm. O. DKMUTH & CO., MTOKTITRS And Wholesale and Retail Deal em in HAVANA CIGARS, FOREIGN WIRES, BRANDIES, OIKS, fc., No. 40 North Ohaklkb Stbbkt, five doors ahovt Lexington St., no 22-1 y_ Baltimore. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at II A K V fc Y'8, Who has Just receive ! a large supply of fre?h LOBSTERS. FISH, and hne OYSlVBS.Vi^b which h? wiil hat vu to customers at the shortest not ce and oil liberal t?rms. JLS?Oysters sirved to families and hotels are not scalded; tht?y pre only ec&lflcd for persons eatine them at the .saloon. tie8 T. M. HARVEY. Mn'fi/iL" ? il'7 1 IVyTii REMOVAL. A X I# li I have lemoved mr I# If PAWN OFFICE to 351 C Btroet. between tH and 6th streeta, immediateiy iu tho r?*ar of the National Hotel, whore the business trill be oontir.nod an heretofore at the old atand. lnol5-6m| 1SVAC HKKZUKRG. ri^HK. EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. 1. EM RICH, at tne corner of Penn.A . , A avenue and Eleventh street, haa beenyri?Y Kreatlr improved recently an>1 now offors JJ^JBLL groater inducements for the patronage of oitiic*ua and utranrera than any other puhlio house in the cit', hia prioss being loss than those of any other note! An Penn. aveme, and hie accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and reataurant arrangements of the European Hotel have alreadv become *?r? mm lar, bring all that o%i< bo dosirerf by th? mosf fastidious. Toe proprietor plodgea unremitted attention and oontisund liberal expenditure* to giveaatiafaotion to all, And thus renew# hi* invitation all to (ire the European Hotel a de 4-ti Boots and shoes tu suit tmk TIMES. We are now manufacturing all kinds of IJOOTfc and SHOES, and constantly receiving * iijatia supply of eastern made work of every de-s^l soriptiop, made expressly to order, and willw CLJ be sold at a muoh lower prioe than has been * heretofore oharged in this oitj for much inferior article*. Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will always find a good assorimen in store and at the lowest prices. Gire us a oall. GRIFFIN t BRO., i D 1 i- ' - _r*-i ai< rt>mnriv>iiiii aveaao. EMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived thia dar, embracing kit *naii-?wr?? Lie* and aiaea of Sole Leather, Lv)i<tn'B|flf Dreea and Packing Tninka. Onr trnnk"*"*^ aalea room exhibit* at thi* time the rr*<ateet variety of travelmi requisite*. at moderate pnoea. to be found thia aide or New York. Alao, eyerr description of LADIES* HAT BOXES, VALICES, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Jfco. lipoid Trnnka repaired or taken in exohange for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS & CO* Trunk Sale* Room, mar M-tf 320 Pa. *ren?a. FD. L. MORRISON k, CO.. i avid a v n /> r^v?ef? ? * ?. A.ii/ uDiiCiiiAii i;ummi?5iUW MERCHANTS, Aim1, wholesale d?&icrs in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL, fe.. ft., Corner of 12th and K streets, Washington oity. IET Cuh paid for all kinds of Grain, an 25 6m 1,1.s.l4mu. s. a. hon. ?. 1. avtrt. I AM-1I. MOTT Jk A.UTRY, Li iiroJtirjrrs at iaw out Brtuw. Miil. Will jraetioe in the Huh Co^rtof Errors an4Ar poalf at Jaofcson, the Federal Court at Pontotoc. the uoarta or tbe sereatii Judicial Dietriot of Miv ssv.'g&'iei gjgf nfcaaag**1" "Lair W_ _ TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Hare jaat r?o?iTtd the Wrgeet aaiortment ErniiMwMtwMWBi V'AI.ISSS. CAIP|T Bi&S, 8AT0HR?,*?. no *-tf aaa Pa. avmHV 8PSk DENTISTRY. r|R9. LOCK WOOD & DARRELLAREPREUearelto i.eert TEETH on VULCAXy mTj 1TE BASK, a new and unproved nio>le.y?y^r? When idki? on tiin plan they are oom-N ?i? w fortab]e to wear and mach cheaper than any other. A :*o, Teeth icsorted on Gold Plate, and all Dental Operations of any kind that may be de?ired. Olfi?e?R*om No. 6 in the Washington Bulainr.oorner Pa. ar.and Seventh ?t. Ja W-Sw* M. LOOM IS, IL?' ;he lnveptor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, tend* personally at hi* offioo In thia oity ftpfltaP Many pertcax can wear these teeth who**"*3-133 cannot wear others, and no person oan wear other* who oaanot w?ar these. Persou sailing at mj office can be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth th?*y may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that a: t can p rod use, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Kooma in this city?No. 338 Pa.atrenue, between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel phia. oo is tf D DENTAL CARD. R. M UN SON Hu returned and MiiinBd bia profession. Office and honae at 4 A3 K at.,^ JWj third door tut of t*ixth. In addition t. gefcS everyo*lierapproYed style, Dr. M. ha* em**" 11** teeth on vnlcanite for the last three years and, from experience, knows it exoe.i all other*, and it one-third leas in price than gold, ilia old patrons of Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown are reapeotfally solicited to call. au% eoly "TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. ?? ???i???? IJALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. * D WASHiyUTOX BRAXCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUN DAY, November 25th, I860, the trains will nn aa follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: ?irst tr*m at ?.2" a. m. soond Tram at-7.40 a m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m. LpAVS BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 a. m., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at 3.10p. m. I Fourth at 4.*) p. m., Express. I The first, sccond and third trams from WashiniblD aiinBMi thrnn?k: ? ' - v a unouciiriiia buu i^cw York. The second act third connect at Warhington Junction with trains for th? Weit, South. and Nortnwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for Aa uipolis. For Norfolk take the' 4?a. m. trail. tor the aooommooation of the wa? travel t?e- I tw?en Washington and Laurel, a passenger car will he attached to the tonnsge train which leavea at 12 m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goee to Philadelphia only. no a>-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. T^HK STEAMER J A 8, GUY Will rsnuie l>?r tripa dr. TUESDAY, ilst of %, February. 1*0. Wili !watw WASH INttTON eTery TUESDAY acd"*"*?* ! FRIDAY, at io'oiock a.n...and ALEXANDRIA I atiiaif paat6 o'olook, for CUURIOMAN and t'.s intei mediate Landmen. On her return trips, sh* will leave OUR fl iom a m v u r.-v-^uh,.^ ? ui/ii r<Oi/A I and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clock a. ir.. LUCIAN 8. PASE, ProFri?t?T. NATH'L BOUSH, Ac't- A'*ian<fria. fey Ij>RENCH FLOWERS OF TH E VERY BEST quality, &n?i an extensive variety. nA. At STEVENS'S aflgtf Fancy Store. WM no 23 tf 33fi. 9th and lot H ?t*. WATCH REPAIRING AN0SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have oue of the l>est establishment*, and furnished with acoiopiete set of tools for repairinn every description of fine Watches, and particular attention give to the same, by *aNH thorough ooinpetont workinan.and a. work ruarontied Al?o, every desorip ion of standard SII.VER W ARE. plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, whioh my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold !iy dealers in general and r#^r??iit?d_M JUieir v<^u nwiuiauiHlo. n. U. n UUD| ft 33** Pit. ?v<?nn?. n?*r9th ft. REST FANCY GOODS, O AT PRICKS TO SUIT THE TIMES, Akd On* Prick Only, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE, o 29- tf 336. hftw. 9th ana 10th ?t?. piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9200,000. Ofic* citm r C strt'i and Lovtsima nr., over Bnnk oj ira ik'iMtim. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BV FIRE. DimsrTOR*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samnel Redfern, Samuel Croplef, William Wilson, Richard Joi;es, John i) Barclay. Jacob Gidoon, Andrew Kothwoll, Thos. I'arkor, Riuhard Barry, B. B. French. Nooharte for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Aril G. Davis, Secretary, oc 1f>-en6m PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL ivn BLOOD REffOVATER Is precisely what it* aim* indicates, for, while pletiaant to the taste, it is revivifying,exhilarating, invigorating end stren .themng to the vita powerc, and at the ?aine time revivifies, reinstates, and renew* the Blood i >al its original purity, and thua at ones restores an-t renders the system invulnerable to attacks of disease. It is th* only preparation ever offsrw to the world, to chemically aud skillfully combined astobetne n ost powerful tome, and at the *amo tnne so perfectly adapted to, as to act in perfect accordance with the laws of nature, and henoe will soothe tke weakest stomach, and tone up the digestive organ*, and thus a!la> ail nervous a- d other irritation. It is perfectly exhilara ting and at the same tune it is oomposea entirely of vegetables, yet mo combined ?>s to produoo the most thorough tomo eflVct, without producing any injurious oo sequences. bncli a remedy has ioiic t>een leit l<> r>? a desideratum in the medio*, w Uf, for it needs no medioal sk II to ami ths.'- debility f [lows all attacks ol disease, and proceed a:td in daed lay* ths system open to the insidious attauks ot n?n? of the most fatal, suoh, for example, as the following: Consumption, Indigestion, L?y?pepsta, oss of Appetite, haiiitne-s, Nervous Irritability, Neuragia, Palpitation of the boart, Melancholy, Night BWtats, Lanjfor, Gid?Mnees, Retention of, ns well as Painful obstructed, too profuse, or too sc?nt Menstruation. ?d<1 Fa'linc of the Womb These all depend upon general debilitt. This pure, healthy tonio Cordial and IJ'ooU Renova'^r i? a? sure to oure as the sun is to r>*o and set. There is no rais'akv about it . Hut this is net all If the system is weakened we are open to bilious attacks, the liver beoomes torpid, or worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to perform their functions, and we are troubled with scaldir.Kand incontinence of uimr, <> luvviuuutr; uibonaiRe o: me tntne, pain in the back, si.lo aud between the *hou*i?rs. ex oeedincly liable to sjight colds, cough*, and if un o i*elc?a, soon emaotation tallows, and the patient toes down to a premature crave. Hot snve wiil not allow as to enumerate the maav ills to which tre are liable inawoakened cor.diuon'.ol the system. Uut we will say in this Cordial and Riood Rcnova tor yon have a perfeot, safe, pleasant and effeoiua remedy for loss of Appetite, biliousness. Flatulence, w?ak an<l sick Stomach. Lantour, l.ivcr Complaint, Chills and Pever.orany Biliou? attank Coitiveness, Acidity oftlie tH-maoh, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression ofSpi'lts. Sores. Pimples on the Faoe, or any disease arising from impure blood, such as Scrofula, Erysipelas. Bronchitis, Couxh, difficulty of Breath in*, and all that olaas of diseases cat ed female weakness, and enumerated above. We wtllal?o say the traveler exposed to epidemics, ohange of olunate and water, will find it a pleasant, safe and sure remedy, and no one should ever travel with out. Reader, try it, for we assure you von will find |n it a friend well as a friend in need. fi wi'B vi rmoiii&rj QiVDiu wiii ana 11 % per~ feet Preventive ol, &? we:! a? a oare for thoxe ailments which they are particularly exposed Henoe ministers, student*, attorneys, literary gentlemen, an?l ladinawhoare net aocust"med to ruach outdoor exeroi?e, will find it to their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on hard; and above a>l mothers, or those becoming suoh, will go through that most dangerous period nftt only with all their aoousiomed strength, but safe and free from the thousand ailments so prevalent among the feraaie portion of the world, in short, is indeed a mother cordial. Tfy it old and young; no lo> ger run the risk of delay; it will relieve ana prove itself emphatically a Rtntcrativt Cordial and Blood Kmoxalor. O. J. WOOl), proprietor, 444 Broad* a/, New York, and 114 Market Street. St Louis. Mo., and po d ny all good Druggists. Priae One Dollar per PUVUVi PROP. W00D'8 RESTORATIVE CORDIAL un BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in this eitj by C. 8TOTT, 31 i Pa. ?t?u. j. __ ROUGHS, COLD*. HOAR8BNK8B, A*. COMPOUND SYRb$HOF GUM AH ABIC. u>4^ ^Ren^y WOOD AND COAL. V Y, WOOD AND COA I.OU Will surely ret your aootf'i worth bj oallinc at tee PIONEER MILLS. tut ner Seventh and Can*l, |UF,((. PAHK Aiei.t ) They ?eil cheaper ud five better ni*Mur? thaa ur other* ia the eit??oat, split, acd deli*, ered free of ?haat*> If tub dos't helteve it. (ivi the Pioneer Mills a trial, aud be satiated. ja Vl-lyj WO O II a n n SO A k the city, ?t the iowenl pomibl* rate*. T. J. * W. M. SALT, OlRoe 999 Pa. b?tirMB Uth and tfth it*.. im 17-tf north eide. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. D Strtu, Bttwm 9tk and lnU Sfrtti. We hsn? ia?t finished a nomhor of firat-ei*M carriages, rucb m Litki Wntons, Park Pkratant. Pnmil\ Cw-OWft m*??, and Bum**, which ve will eetlaut *~s a ver? raaH profit. Seine pnvctical meoh&riee in different hren?hea of the b*tir<>u, ve i;*r otiraelrea thai we know 1 J + - ? -? d.j.r? uw 01 work Tiiat win rirfl Mbi faction, combining lightness, oomlort tad durabiii tf. Repay i* promptly and carefully attended to the shortest notice and mo?t ream nable char/ee. WALTER, KARMANN A Boff, Coachmaxera, successors to Wa I. Hook* tf r-dir TH CA.1RIA6ES. HK Sibcoriber having ncafe additions to ki tact# ^.making itnow onecfthe arrests in the District, where his facilities forWwP' manuiactnringCAUR]A6t? A L1#HT^^S3*!WA80NS of all kinds cannot be surpassed, an? from his long ezperioure m tts bsemeea, ks hopes t? tiTc grneral satisfaction. All kinc* c.' Gai rU?M &.? Lit It Wageas l*pl n hard. 1 ^ttanSttfV * ' sntlT '*-*< **4 *11 rttrs r?H SM?x4-kM4 Cnrrt*r*e tekra In uttaut fortrw AM. AjfDBKW J. JOYCE, 4 1?-M Mnnif Mtt K eta. D*. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMD BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY tm tk* WORLD, tiud ta<> most Dkliciocs and DKLIGHTFUL * etA EF-ER Haell Ro?, Itmpt- Tft jw Baik, and Dcudtlira it l^fcjp of lUh Btfore taimg.^75^ m ;XlAtitT tak'"?' d'.'illir.r, rr?<l?ti?r > iiciout, .*MUratin( ?p'.m. th? m?tl infcfllbl. r.n>.d? f?r r?n??n...- .k. ? and raatori/if th? ?itk, ?? arujf, tr.d dakilitatad invalid u h tilth aoH atranftb. MrLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will ifaetaallr'.are lrt??r Conplaint. P??r>?p?U, Ja?odi:a, Ct.rcuic or N?r?oc? Debility, D. **?? afthe Eidui^t, end all d>iaaa?> aneiaf from a dieordered U??r or Stomach, Pyepepeia, Hoajlbarn", Ir ward Pilar, Anditv or BiekneM of the Btonjach, Falln??? of Dli od to the K<?a, Pcli Pain cr IviBWui in the Head, Palp*?uoe of the Heart, Pallneee r Weiflit w the JKw??ch. Sow JCracuuone, Choku.f or foea'iKf Feelinf when ltfin<r down, Prrreee or YelloWalii of the Ikln ?rd Ryee, N:ght (?w*?te,* Inward r??era, Pain in tha Imaii ?( iha Pick, O.hi, or Si<1?, hd^ta Plaabee ef Heat, Diprwi of Spirre, Frifbtftl llrcuu, Lupw, Daecaudaucy *r a?y nerreae dliwu, bt? m Blotchea #o lb* fkia, and Perer and Ajca (or Ctulli aud ' OTER A MILLION BOTTLES bara baar Mid dsrirf tba !?.?' til irciht, and In Itif4ACt ku itfaiiad in anlira *he. than, will atfar from Tiiimh or Dabtiity wban M> LKARi trei?ot??i?iiiu cordial win em yo* 1 Mo eao e?"??y ?n adaqcata id** of tfc* imratdlat? and tlraaat miraealami chanfa prodaead by takiaf tbia Cerd'al in tba diaa*aa<1, daUliiAtad, and ahattarad c*r?*a* tyitam, whtihar brokan daan by ascaaa, waak by natara, rr inf rJrad by aicknaaa, ;ha ralnad and anaf-mnf M|uU ti'.ian l> ra?*.ar?t ta it* priaiin* baslth n.< ?ij?r MARRIED PERSONS, ai alhara, cacaciaca af inability from tin'inr mat, wiU tad McklAI't rrUCSiiTKESINu COROUl a tbaraafh rafanaretar of tba ayatam; and ail wta ir.av bar* in J?r?1 th?ni?al't? b? irr.prapar li iv f ancaa will fod la tfcia UarOlal a cana.n and ?f a?d? raznady. TO T"IE LADIES. MrL?AN*9 rTREN'iTHE"'*>i COBniALli HMr txn ru1 apaadr eare f?r lacipiact Corsamptian, Whitaa, OKri*,'.|il et DiBcbSi Manatrntioo, Ineenlinanea of Drioi <t InralCQtary Ducetrjt thtrae', Falling of Lh? Womb, SitdiKU, (' intirf, uiu ail duiiati incidiat If i'liulit. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Catar r.a l?(ar. T-ll il ?ejord'?f la diractiaoa. It will timaiata, a*-M.r*.! i., and inrigornia ya* and caaaa H.a blown af baaKh u> maant r?af chaak again. E?ary batila la warranted gi?? aauafuC-ion. FOR CHILDREN If roar ehildran art aickly, pan- or eSietad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will m*ka thata haallby, fat, and ^aat. Dalay b? a roaman;; uj it, aad yaa will ka cwmncad. It la daliciaaa tauka. CA UTION. Sawara af Jrafc'.'ta ar daaltr* wha may try W pa I n apen y?B aama biuar ar atraaparilla Utah, ahicb tbay caa boy chain, fey aatinr i: ta inat a? rood. Aaotd aacb man Aak fer MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and taka othin* alaa. It la tha only raoady that will pmnfy tha Blood thoroBfblv andat iba aaroa lima atrangiban taa ayatam. Una taaapooofn! taken a?ary moruinf Satin* u_a caruin pra?aiui?t irr ri, i>r. lit ->i.O t arrr. T allow f'Ulr,or HIT rraraltut rtiaataa It la p?t bj> Ir. larft b?'l?t Pnea uly 91 par NKtla, or * Mtlti for $B. J. H McLEA N. ala proprlttor of thia Cordial; alan, McLaan'a Volcanic Oil bicuBtut- i'nncipal Da pot aa tha cornar ?f Third and Fiat alMtt*, ?l. Lam, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BUT LINIMENT IK THE WORLP > Tht tafa and t a ruin cert for Caocart, Pilta, Ta. mart, valiinft rid<.chila or Coitra, Paralraia, Nt?rtif.% Waaknaaaaf tha Maaciaa, Chronic or Ind.mmaiory R'-.aauiMiain, Sliffntat af tha Joinia, Cooiraciad Mnactra or biff. mtntt, Earacht *r Toothacfet, Bmiatt, Brraina, Frtih Cau, W^Bodi, Clc>w,_r>?ir Boris, Caked Brrut, Bon nifipiu, D?n-.i, soiiu, onra litroti, or any lnl?i4i?UN or puo. do d-Saraoea h'? lt>m or 1?j( tha dutut may Lara atittad, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT m a carlata ramtdy. Tboaa&oda of fcaioan bamf* ha?a haan atril a lifa of <1u crapitada and raiaai y by tba a?a of thia iattlubli ramady. McLEAtrS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliaaa pain almcat ioaunttnaoaaly, ard it vill claan, pvrify and haal tba foalaat aoraa in an incradibla ahort tint*. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. ^ LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ta tha aafa and ralnbla rair.ady for tha icra of Spavin, Ruirhoita, Windfall#, ftf Im.u, L'nnatuml, Kodaa or ra It ua?ar to eara HI* Hatd, rallaail, Fiaiala, (tld Racoinj 8 rt?, or Bvtcuy, if propariy appliad. For prai-.t, Brsitta, Sen?t.*haa, Cracbad Rxli, (Jtiafaa, R?<i4ia or Collar Walla. Gat a, Soraa, arWoanda, It to an infa'libla ramady. Apply it aa diraetad and a cara ia cariaio in avary iaatanca. Tntii triBa a* lanrtr vilh th? many wor'hltu Linimtou firil in ?oa. Obuin a npplf of Da. McLfcAN'S CU.EBRATS.D L1N1MLNT li will cart roa. J H. McLICAK, B?U Proprietor, Orutr Third and Pin* (?., Si_ Loau, M?. CHAK1.KS tTOTT, 176 P*. a*., ?o4? tfanl la V>ika| ton; R. a. T. ClS8EL,G???*?tcwn uK-W*lj FREEMAN $ SJMPSOH'X Tb? RboT? PURE W H1SK Y, Copm rmoM 6*jhj?, being aapenor and inrform in quality, uM kiphly improved by K? i? pr^rrad by eoiniwri to ail oth?r W hiakisa. and patUoa larly rMomawnaad by tbo beat phyaioiana aafl ehemiata aa aoaaeeaing all tha rMHP>aMnto of a 7V?i Tobi? ga? mJmml * ?? The SohuylkilT Water oi FESKTVffil. aood ia Iho diatiHatlon of thu Whisky, ia prorof by acaly lis to bo the aoftoct a-i<l purest W".tar ia the 1" r. t*d Statoe; ud to ton may, in a *mat 4e?rt?. U atnbutria thu a*ooll#aor of Una Whisky. For aaleby FREEMAN^ ?ll*TPSON. Pheaix Disti 11 ?r*, On the Bohmylkilt river, ft. &4elytiia 0??o?-96 Wall street, Nov York ; 199 fcoctt Front atroot, Philadelphia. Mr 9> w MH 11.ITARY BOOK* - lartrootmna f?r PkoM Artillery, by a Board of Army Oiot't I to!., res Book of Artillery, by Oa?t. Kob?rto,*U. & A., i vol.. pnoo $1. Horuto'e 1 aotioa. 1 toL. fl *?. ftootfa Infantry Taot^oa.SvoU., $t?0, B^ptionay of tbi Amy of the United States. by * m BLANCHABD ? MOHl'N, jA 91 C or-er off a. IT. au4Eleventh atroot - THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. , , , (tea a?b h# foaad la ur m Fn<Jar norniac. Tnil-Oui, M # 11. 9tagi? ?o?T , pm aana?. ......... ft ? ? r*? ? 4 n top nop!? ?" Twwtj IrrsofM P? it lavanabiy eontaina U>? " WMbinrtcw NW that' hu nt4? TV Dutlf !>??? ? St ? if late - ao (aaarally throat boat U?ao?a try. fT7*Siai'? eofiM (la tmnm > wi ba prm?ar?4 at thacoaatar, lmaadiataly aft*t th* mif ?f li>? papar. Pnaa-TJIREE CBNT* EDUCATIONAL. T? JFKMALK EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish tho.r daughters la raaeive a tuoroagh aad eyetemaUe edacatioa. vheca their phjaioai training aill raeetredaiN and *?*otaJ ttientiea. ander tfcenoet appeared sraie?i of Cell* UWoie* and Gymnaatioa. are retpeetNliy iaritf?1 ? nait the I'cion Female Aeademj. corner r ??er taaoU at. aad NrV York ?t MR. A WHS. T. ilCHAint M ?-tf WWlJl t pEMALE BOAKDING^ANU^AY^HOOL Th? thirteenth ignul mmioo of tlu? Inabtutioa will MmmnM on TnNiltT. 9ej>ta*ii.?r ink. in Uw l^.uiie rwnllf occupied by !*ylrdlter doott, Kh . No. 190 Kmc ilreel The oonrM of ?tody pursued will ?otnpriee all tke hranohe* requisite to athorough English M? nuob^umi j4?n?. FrNM, uhi ud Drawing. if In addition to day eeholaru. Mra. MeConwiek ? prepared toraoeirea limited number of pup.* M hoarder*, who. constituting t part of ber own fmmily, will he under her immediate eare and aupem ion. ?He will eadeavar, a* tar a* poaeihle to ear round them with the oomforU and kiadly ftaeaa? Rer.Geo. H. Norton. Her. IV, K1 laa am ? o-.R er. D f. 8^n<t. William H Esq.,' Hior* Marhaty, Km., Lwii MeKenaw Em . Robert M. Haaton. K . W 1) Wa.iach ! W? ?U??' IjlW ?t* rg. _Ke?.. J aa,<i>M.,uvi.jou ?.ituor,Lot4ou Mwiri. B acklook A. Marshall, Maura Cor Brothers. TlkHK. Board, with Tuition in a/1 the Enfliah BrftMlM, anofor the anaual session?payable semi-annual!}, in ad vane*. Musio and at P'ofessora' jnees. 117 No extra char km. aa S-tf #C*trt C?utk. CM, WwirMiMli, JmJi?nxm. amy /rniattan er Sort of tkf Throat, Rtlitrt tk* HarlciMt Cmuxk ta C<mwmr (im, Brmukitit, d* Am a, t C*t*rrk, Cltmr ANd (in ftrngtk II the rotci ?' PUBLIC 9PKAKE1B Aim SINGER9. Few arc aware of the importance of oheokiof a Coach or "Coamnt Cold in ita ferat ittte; that which in the begming would yield to a mud rewie d?, if nefleeted.eoon attacks the Lanae. BrtmcKuki Troches." con fun it* demuloent infratfienU, allay Pulmonary and U.onofcial Irritation. "That tronhle in my Throat, (for BROWN S which the ' 7V?vA.?" ? Bam troches s&",,,'as^neiHF BROWN'S **1 recommend their nee to Ptbltc Srutiu." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Gretteernoein iiiMamc Hoai?b BROWN? mn.H REV. DANIEL WISE. TRnrnr? "Almost inataot relief in the die TRULMfc. treeetnt labor of bre?thi&? peonliftr BROWNE A'TltKV. A. C. EGGLKSTO!*. trochk- Jisstp "^xvvrar BROWN'S Omul, TROCHES BROWN'S, OR-i^BIOEL^ TROCHES * ??Jf"^riW BROWN'S! iCTS TROCHES WMrruwjfioM^ ? - , BROWN? * "*w* WAEK;7^. TROCHES iSSJ"- " BROWN'? 1 *EV. 8. J.P.ANDERPON, TROCHES' " Enipritli rnony HotrJ' now md Irritation of h? Thrt*t.7r> BROWN'? with bnans uJ 8,," TROCHES Pro?- M. STACY JOHNSON. BROWN'S T WKsk?? of RMM^jCShwa TROCHKS "6r*t t'Tuw^kZ? BROWN'S TROCHES **-' BROWN'S President o[ &S5??tS?. TROCHES de I ly ?pHK ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TR1E#KMAR.1.J a"nT S-Proteetad by Royal Letter* P&teat of England, and secured by tiM Peas of the Koole de Pbarmacie de Pfhs, and the Imperial College of Mediaine. Vtei oa No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and natcrrhea, I and al> physical disabilities. No. 2 oompletely eradicates all traoes of those dieeases that hare been hitherto treated by the aaaaeous and pernici us use of cosatva and cubebs. No. 3 ha* entirely supplanted the injurious use of mercury, thereby insuring to the sufferer sp<~<iT re.ief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting oat the venom of disease. TRIEVEMaR. Noa 1,2 and 3. are prepared in th - form of a lozenpe, devoid of taste and am el' and can be carried i n the waistcoat pookei. told in tir. eases. a*?d divided into separate doses, as ad miniatere<i by Ve.peau, Laliemaori, Konx, Ricord. &.o. Price 93 caoh. or four oaeea for #?. whioh aves 93; and in Mil oestft, whereby there is a sarineof .,i<?. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. KlRRIlW nf IQi ninMktr V.? V?.W Immediately on reoeivirs a remittanoe, Dr. Barrow will forward the '?riMMW to any part of the world, securely packed, and addressee to the instructions of Uie writer. The Book, of all others, that should be read b* men with dam&ged and broken down oonsUtutions is "Human Frailtv, or Fbvsioiotioal Reseereheu." It is beautifully illustrated, and treats ""note! j of all tns eymp oma that invanabi/ develop them e'ves. sooner or later. resulting from the Frailtiex and vitiatir.g habiU of earl*youth, lr.caeaoitatmc the victim from sharing the fruition m the matrimonial state, and. if not checked in time, decelerating all the fcnetions of manho?d. and bringing him, step by step toa lingering and nntimeW death, hold t?p Dr. MARROW, 194 Bleeoker street, fear doors below Maodougai, Mew York. Pnoe 25 oents. Sent free every wher*. Sold also by 8. C. Ford, Jr.. Drug Store, Waehingtoa. D. C. de ? Wn FOR t*TAMPIN? A PACKET OF PAPKK S f AND KNVliLOPItP NO I TO MATCR. CHARGE) METROPOLITAN ^ ^ DOOKSTORK. PHI LP A SOLOMONS. Armt$ Jm Laurent*'t eeltbrmttd Linm fM?n, "Mttropt'tran MM*," *?., kt. MV ?T 33<P*.?t.. bt. *.' ?4 l?tt ?n. _ 1861 D1Ai'B?- 1861 Commence the Year tnth a Diary. A T?lu*fcl? Pocket tomparioB for registering ?>r?nu put. vreMnt, and fitor.; oont&inmc run of poata*^ fcmMM, a bluk rpM f->r owiy-r?ixl? IVI VVVI J ? ; H aaav j w f ua II awa ??u n month, uiuJ seminary of ?uh aoooant Mn payable and reo*irabta. Uoa't be without/>r>e of these useful little eoavenira. The most ooipleta, elegant, and desirableassortment ever iwsm.kri anainc twelve sites and apva'd* of Wty styles, at i?HlLLINGT??N't* Bookstore. Odeon Bundinf, eorner of.4fc ?treet aad _dean renn arenas. Diariks: diaries:: 01 A I I B 1*61. l??t. 1*61. CHEAPER THAN ETER. Wi will take aa extra di?e >unt of tb per #nt off of all lharies ?trcriM?; from as for oa?k. Wear* desirons of eloainc oat the ren *.:?ier of oar terra took of Diarisa of ail kinds lor iMi FRENCH * RlCHflTKIN, JaS if reaa amw. A JUST RECEIVED T FKEN' H * RICH#TEIN*B, ST9 Peon, avenue. Marion ftrsham, or Hi.her th o Happtne?e, b? Meter Lander; latin., ofoth; sej.t bj mail for 91.25 Sabine*a Notes oa Dael* aad Paelipf ; lfeeo . cloth; 91.3ft ?>t mail. . Buosrney's illustrated Poma; eloth ?itt; #?So All of LoncfMlov'a and Ik* M*rr?r* Wrk? Owintl kf?j^l)Mj)Uioi Hooki from the 1 km* ?rwN FRJENCH It ??CH?TF1N, i?7 . iTI fw> >??? ?. f|CHOOL AND COLLfc#*. OUT* I kK uiks' amd Clocking fwr *rk?t mmd -ar^suxv^sSri I ibr tlM ?MM( MW?, W? ??*v?* t~ rnmiw ?r I C^Amimi ' * BUM* HkLL. ^ I

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