Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1861 Page 4
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WSA,' % mni I ,1 ,1 III r nil ? THE EVENING STAR.) MOW. fl'tntly don, jrw^fnllr down. 0?r t*ifo'we%i1 oror (h? titi> I RoMd* th# In ft ? ?? w!m?? town. W?ft|njc to and fro ; Drim?c. ioui*>. C?n*i tie ( ??Mry ?k>w. , " ntij (ftlf?, fft'Ii. k.-t- ?,.l unvrrim kftil*. Guiding lU Miaiature cilie* an1 walls. Ow the nrth b?.or : Ppresdiag aa ?hee*s, roi inr a balls, Danoirg. fro'ieki s>k>v. Cold and bleak. fro sea and bioak. H)ih aboat la a inerrj fresk, Tvirhiu an>aad the moim'sia'a p*ah Dow t? to tuo valley U'ow; L osier iteelf la th* iipplioc ereek. Fiokia ami Smiidi mow. Over the ijMnd, the frcgeti (round. IT he orr atal flakea cl.a-e eion other ronnd Forming a*:lley or bnildieg a n oaad, hen the north winds hlov. With its ?er 6re?th aarf monrring sound, Druling the virgin enow. Clinging to treea, the evergreen t;a?s. Forming lac Ut tie images, J??atw?d again aa the merrj breage (Kasung onwara aom go; Losing it?elf in t.ha ino*j se&s, F?ir and fragile mow. away, m-Iting aw??, Wi.eAlha ?an with iU co den rat Into Up arbor creep* to play. W here the violets grow; Msiting. wasting, hiding away, I Frail ana beautiful anow. SacEsaiox Mkbtiso ?a sprinkling of tbe eiti*ena of Prince George county, Md.. held a meeting at tbe court bouae on the 20th nit., at which resolutions were adopted indorsing the Crittenden [proposition, and claiming the District of ColumDia In caae a new Confederacy ahall be formed. They deel*-e themselves fully Identified with the Interest* of tbe South, and appointed tbe 13th of February for the meeting of a State Convention. A committee of five was appointed to prepare an addreaa to tbe people of Maryland, urging immediate action and cooperation with Virginia. rr-*? I s% 4K* P?wrf a# f21 ^ sail nri nf V*ur ^ # ?u ?UV w ? V* IVV wotivu* W? ? ' v ? York on Thursday, the Grand Jury made a preaeatment In which it 1* said, altuctinsj to Mayor Woatf'i recent Mctn^r: The seditionary doctrines enunciated throughout tbe recently published paper* of the highest executive otfWr of thla city, we look upon a* being too well calculated to pander to the worst passions of dangerous combinations of persons in our midst, by no meant i inconsiderable 'n point of numbers. and at times exhibiting riotous profligacy." While felling trees in tbe swamp at De Glaite. I.a., Robert Guunigan met a horrible death; a large cypress came down on him, cut hi% body In two, and ground it three feet Into the awampy earth. ILf A terrible retribution has fallen on Bill Bright, who seduced a woman at Central Hill, Cal , recently. His body was found on the evening of the *1h ult., with seven balla through hit heart. [l/~ A Charlestonian, who was called upon few daye ago for ccntrlbutlon to the State, offered a thouaand dollar State Boud. This w*s refused. Tbe tecedert, like sensible doctors don?t like their own medicine. ?7~ The donations to tbe American Board of Missions from August lat to December 3lst, I860, amounted to#7b,000. Thia a much smaller amount than wa? anticipated. There la such a aearelty of allver at the Philadelphia mint that sufficient cannot be procured to alloy the more precious metals in its coinage. ITT" The Senate of Alabama has pasaed a bill requiring all free negroes to leave the 8 late of Alabama by the lat of January next, under ttie penalty of being sold. A citizen of Chicago. 111., has presented a liver-mounted, pearl-iiilLid sewing machine to Wn. Lincoln ARRIVALS AT THE HOTBLS . W1LLARDS' HOTEL ?W Butter, SC; A Schell. NY; E A Study. Mass; T S Allison, NJ; XV A Button, do; E H Smith, do; W Cbeucy, Ct; L Hubert. NY; M J Webb, do; \V E Jones. Va; J MlUa, Wis; A Ely, NY; J H Rar.som, do; Hon J Guthire Kyj Hon J B Clay, do; Hou W Alex nna?r, im Y; Miss Gray, NT; G Gray, do; T A Whitiker, do; W C Samaon, Pa; W P Noble, O: Mrs Dana, lud: Hon C S Morehad, Ky; Hon J F Bell, do; A S VValbrldtfeand ladv, O; Mlaa Walbrldjre, do; W D Canes. N J; T P Carpenter,do; C P Stratton, do; A B Hay, dc; W Pklpps, Mas*; R C Harper, do. P A Sprining, O; Hon J Randal, do; H Randall, do: s Williams, do; Hon T L Franklin, Pa: T B Lawrenceand lady, Mass; E Marsh, NJ; C 0 Olden, do; Hon F F; T F Randolph, do; H Mulford, do; B Q Petrlken, Pa; J H Caen aad lady, do; B rMb'.y, NY; J 8 Moody, Va; J WiUbam, Mm: T Alexander, DC; A J Caes, do; Hon T Ruffla, NC; Hon J M More bead, do; Hon D a R eld, do; J Murphy. Va, Hon C J Gardner, do; M Dancll, ?iik; Gov S P Chase, NY; T Chatnbera. do; Got R Si Field, NJ; R M Price, do: C Van Vorat, do: Hon K Hitchcock. O; B HolUdav and son NVt A M Hughti, do, H F Quackenboss, do; A E Knox, La, D F Apple ton. N V; C Davie, dc; W Porter, Pa; C H Carroll, NY; Hon W C Burton, Ky; G Gibson. Pa; Hon J W Brockenbou^b, NC; Rev M Harris. i:SA; G W Martin, O; T B Edwin, l.bA; C II Smith, Ind; G D Orth. do; F J Buckens, do; J C Wright do; C J Wright, do NATIONAL HOTEL ?C A Washington, Ca; \V P Connery, Del; J Stephenson. Teun; H Foet?r. Pa; T Clark, B S Sevmour, NY; N Wheelei and ly, Ct, H Lourev, IU; T M Stevens, Md; G W Summers, Vs; H P Cochrane, NJ; J Crenshaw. Mo; G G Lynch, NC; J D Brown, Min; >1 B Friersou, La, W G Tyler and lv. Miss Tyler, Miss Wilson, NY; A E Hoyden, Va; M Ronier, ?DC; J Piatt, Mo; J Medlll and ly, 111; J G Johnson, Va; H tinker and ly, Mias Baker, Md; L 11 Mattel, Fla, W B Ingram, Ky; F McCarthy, Va, I. C Gunn, Cal; C W <#?llerpe, U P I*es. Maes, W W Hoppln, KI; D Dlackson, G Russum, Md; J G Rust, NY; G H Brown, S <? Arnold, Rl; J It ' /4/4 in < n r, J _ * ? ?vr, km u i\auucy, j >v nouaiou II 31 Bain, Dr Rid^ely, W Cannon. O Rota. Del; Alex Wilaon, ?, C Moore, NYi V Doraey, Mia Doraey MlaaDoraey, Md; W U Van Injjeu, Pa; D Carney, Del: R Hatcbktaa, Ct; J Kubertaon, 8 Olcver, Va; J Mvera, Maas; CaptTodd, FtR; Jno C Wright, C Wright, O; W J Walker, La, 0 Bar tholomew, 111. BROWN S HOTEL?J C Foertach, E Bently. F Kepbart, J B Jett, G H I'arker, P A Moore and ly, Hon J Tyler and ly, Maater Tyler, Hon J A Leddon. C Bruice, A D Dlcklnaon. Va; J Oyer, L Bitting, H C Stonua, J Salada, Pa: 6 Mony, J T Stuart, Mas*, J 9 Norrla, DC; F H Hatcher, R J Pal but, L'?N; M Ha*rburger. R W Brlnahurat, ur 1? m-v.?? - ? - n nuBocy, J => .>olan, E Hond. A E Knox, ILa, W J Crlnatock, Geu W Butlar, Mlaa Adtm*, K). 11 Brown, T Brown, Mlaa Brown, J H Cook, A D Barry uid fam. M J Kelly, J B Pelt, >ld; U Parte, NC; C Llchtenbur*, C F Cox, Nv; A L Oliver, O: A Goodrich, Minn; Mr* Woodson, Mo; T O Smith. S>C, R F Armstrong. Ga, J Bradley, DC; Mr D^rteb, Eng; H Hall, J Stone, NJ; J H Lewis. J L Hawking, F Fargabou, J Mcintosh, Wte. CLAY'S HOTEL ?S H Hamilton,SC. S Moullon, A Flanders, W Moulton. A Harris, J no Flanders. A Hale, J Fr?nch. 1* Grtinea, Ct; J Rodger* and fain, F L James, NH, L Woodbery, Va; J L Longfeilow, Kjr; VV H Burnrld^e, O; George W Cheek, Tenn, R J Hnller, Va; J Ordway, A Drew, Matt; J M Roaa, NY; T R Jones, Va; J P Drew^J W Hlnea, J Harvev. 8 Drake <? i ~ w I. *' * Ue*n *?d IjTi VI. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?J Stewart, T A Cunningham, A B Human and lv, Md; L UambrUl. Oi, l)i Ntcbolaaon and ly. Va; a H Palmar, la; F XV Dorr. E P Heberton, U 11 O'Neal, Ha; J Dixon, M E Eaton, NY; J P Foater, USN; O Taiter. Pa, W W Montgomery, Ark; J Petttt, Kan; J W Ford, O. THE ? INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL #300,00*. lonm Merobaodieo, Baildiaga. HouaeholJ Firuttra, Ao , iftiut Iom or tentiit by Ir*< HEATH A KNOWLES. AgOBU, Ofioo?Room 16 ovor Bank of WMfcincton. Ja? rp SPECIAL NOTICE. 1 O Thooo of <>ar euatoinera and fnmda who have I* n^teottW their biliaaaprreeotod on the let January we wo?ld reaaeetltill} i.ot moot earneety re^ueet tti'jni to make every effort tn Ho ?? > ?* L * ?rtftSSSTS u? t T'SSM* Jfji srcir .... F'"W8Sff|. * CANS, I OR A N 1>^ F?U|TJ? -AS ?!H2SfiPk z:ms^r^ MISCELLANEOUS. Tmi aiamhution o? Lutvoair-Tlwr* tea growing toadenor U thia age to ?fjroprI?te the Boat ?i?reeai ve words of uther langUK?>?nc after % whiie ti> moorparate then into car own; tbu? the *oid Cephalic, whioh i? froa the Greek, eiguifring "for the head, is mv beoommg *of?iari?ed in <soo?eotion w?4h Mr. Betiding'a treat HmiIuIm remedy; bat it will aoon be used in a more general w&y, and the word Cepbano will Mooim aa ooutmon as Eleotrr-type Mid many other* whow distinction ae foreicn word* h?? been worn away br common usage until they s?em "native and to the manor born. 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadache Uiia afternoon, hand I stepped into the hapothecarjes han<1 says bi to tbft ??>an, "Can you heaae inc of an 'eau&ohtt"' "J)oe? it h&ohe 'ara," says 'e. "Hexceedin*Iy." f?ye hi. and npon that 'e n??e me a Cephalio PiLi. hand 'pon me 'onor it enrcd me ao quick that I 'anlly realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. C7*Hba.dachk is the faroritc sign by whiek nam re bium mown an/ deviation wuum irom the nateral state of the brain, and viewed in this light it mar be looked on as a safeguard intended to (five nubee of disease which might otherwiae escape attention, till too late to he remedied: and itaiadioationa ahould never be nesleoted. Headaohea may be c!ae*i?ed under two names, via i mptpinetio and Idiopathic. Symptomatic Headache la exceedingly cmmon and (a the precursor of a great variety of diseases, among whioh are Apoplexy, Gout. Rheumatism and all f<*br}ie diseases. In its rervons form it is svmpatheOo diaeaae of the atomaoh oonstitutins tick K(<tdirht,ot hepatic diaeaae constitution bilious hmdncht, of worm?,conatipation and other disorders of the Bowels.aa well as renal and uterine affections. Diseases of the heart are very frequently attended with Headaohes; Anaemia and plethora are also affectiona which free iiently oooasion headache, Idiopathic Headaohaus also very oommon, being usually dtstingn-iaheoby the name of nrrrous ktadack*, aoiretimes coming on suddenly in a state of apparently sound health and prostrating at once the mental and physical energies, and in other lnatanoea it oomee on slowly, he-aided by depression of spirite or acerbity of temper. Inmost instanoea the pain is id ^(vm ui uie nfwi, OTer on* or Dpm (JN, UO sometimes provoking vomiting, under this class mar a! bo he named ilcuralgia. For the treatment ofcitherc'.asa ?f Headache the Cephalic Pill* have been found a *ore and safe remedy, relieving the most acute pain* in a few minute*. and \>j it* subtle power eridioatins the disease of whioh headache is the unerring Index. Bkidoit.?Misans wants you to send her a box of Cephalio Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thinking that'* not just it neither; but perHap* ye'll be either knowing what it is. Ye see he'* nigh dead and gone with the 8iok Headache and wants some more of that same a* relai ved her before. Druggist.?Yoa must mran Spalding's Cephalio Piils. Bridget.?Ooh ' snre now and you've sed it. here's the quarthnr and giv me t-he t .lis and don't be all day abont it atther. t'enstt patten er Ceatlveaees. No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" is so prevalent, eo little understood, and somooh negleoted as Co*tiveoes? Often originating in oareie**ne*N. or aedentary habit*; it l* regarded as a MlvaawiwrM too "ittle consequence to exoite anxiety, while iu reality it it the precursor and oompar.iun of mauy of the moat fatal and danger oua iliprarer, and naleti early eradicated it will bring^h? sufferer to an unt;inely gr*ve. Among the lighter evils ?f which C"stivones* ia the usual attendant are Headache, Colic, Rheumatism, Foul Pile*, and other* of like nature,while a Ion* train of fr.zhtiui diseases such a? Malignant Fevers, A!xi?*sses. Dysentery. Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Apoplexy. Kpi;t'p*y, Para'yme, Hysteria, Hypochondnasis.Vola'.choIy and Insanity, firat indicate their presence in the system by this s'ariripx symptom. Not unfrequeiitLv the disea?eg named originate in Const pation, hut take on an independent exiat ence unless the cause is eradicated m an early stage. From all the?e considerations it follows that the disorder ahonld reoeivo immediate attention whenever it occurs, ai d no person should neglect to get a box of Cephalic Pilla on the first appearance of the complaint. as their timely dm will expel the insiducas approaches of disease and destroy thia dangerous foe to human life, A R*?l Blstsiug. Fkyu-um.?Well, Mrs. Jones, how is that hecdM?. J or.-*.??one! Dootor, all gone! the pill jrou sent cured me in just twenty minutes, and I wish ?ou would send more so that I oan have them Phvsicutn.?Yoncan cot them at any Dntcgiata. Call for Cephalio Pilla, I find they never fail, and I reoommend them in all cum of Headaqlie. Mrs. Jont3 ? I a hall aend for a box direotly, and hall tell all my Buffering frienda, for they are a rial b Us tint. Twuwtt Million! of Dollam Bavjb.?Mr 9?a din* has aold two miiliona of bottleeof hia celebrated Prepared ftlu* and it ia eatimr.ted that eaofa ho?ti< ;aveaat ic*?t ten doliara worth of broken furniture, thus n.ikn t an a*nre*ate of twenty mijiir.naof doliara roo.sirned Trom total loaa by thil 1 . a! invention. Having made fci?Gluoataouaehold word, he now propoeea to ao the word atill cretitnr ??rviA? t.? curing all the tolling hood* witi ,< hia Cephalio Pilla, and If thay are aa good aa hia G:>ie. Hmulacaec will aoon vanish away like enow 1 in July. fI7*Ov*a ixciTKMH^T. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to close attention to bus nest 01 stuJjr, aro among the numerous cause* of Nervoni Heanwhe. The diaord??red atate of mind and bodj incident to thia diatreeclng oomplaint ia a fatal ijlow to a t enercT and ambition. Sulterera by thli diaorder o&n alwaya obtain ejeedy relief from th**e d)atreaai?K attacfca by using one of the Cephalic Piila whenever the aymptoma appear. 1< quiets the overtasked brain ard aoothea the attained and iarnn* nerv?a. and relaxea the tension ol the a;< : aeh which alwaya aooomaaniee and a* cravaU?a the diaordered condition of tbfl brain. b?rrs woitd titowm*.?Spaldinj'a CephaUe Pilla are a certain oure for Siok Headache, Biui>na H?atiacho, Nervous Hoadaohe, Coativeneaa, and General Debility. r r?-? I urn- vi*co7kkj.?Among the most important jf a ! the ere?t mMical discoveries of this M? maj bo oor.sideredthe system of vaccination for protection frr m 8ir.aH Pox, the Cephalic I'ill for relief ol He?.J?ci.o, sod the nee of Oninne for the prevention of Fever*, either ?t wmch lis euro specifio, whose b?ce?ts will be experienced by suffering bumacttr long After their discoverers are forgotten. JO" Did Ton ever have the Sick Headache I Do yo? remember the throbbing temples, the fevered row, the loathing and disgust at the sight of food. How totally unfit yon were for pleature, conversation or studT One of the Cepha'io rills would have r?:ieved you from all the suffering whioh voa then experienced. For this and other purposes you should always have a box of them on hand to use as oocasion require*. ^V-CURE^V* CURE NervousHeadache Headache. By the ut* of tham Pills the penodio attacks o| Ntrrtm* or Sick Heeuieuke nay bt prevented; ud If takes at the oomraencement ol an attaok inme dial* relief from pain and slekneea will be obtained. They seldom tail in removing the Na?jm and Htitlark* to whtoh females are so subject. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing Cttirttutt. For Liitttry Men, Studmti, Detioate Femalee, and all persons of tedentart habits, they are all valuable as a Laxative, improving the a*m*io* imni ttne and t>uer to the digeetive organ*, aad rMtorlag the natural elaatioity aad atrength of the whol? ayitoill. he CEPHALIC PI L8 are the remit of long investigation and oarefully oonduoted experiments, having heen in uie manr years, during whioh time the? have prevented aad relieved a vast amount of pain aad suffering from Headaohe, whether ortfi ating in the airtou ayatem or from a deraaged tat* of the Ktmati They are entirely vegetable in thair eompoaition, and may be taken at all tiaaea with perfaet aaMy without making aay ehangeof diet, and ti* -> iim? v My dii*tr??*bl4 mm rnuUrt it M<y la ftkiwuiir Mm 10 tkildrtn. beware op countbrpbitbi, Tha laauiaa bar* fiva alfaaUrM of Haw? Q. S|?I4ibi ob aaoh Box. Bow by Drufgiata and ail ottar DwUara la Jtadi Boa will fca aaat ay aaU pnyald oa raaaiftaf Ik# frick aa Am?mm All onfera OotUi b. xldrMMd to * ' PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. poiiiic n or_ice. Pvbiio notiM ia hereby firen that bonds u4 ooapon* annexed, of Um deeoription hereinafter v.* -?- Ikl?1^..!. .1? from the custody of the Interior; Depstftcoent, tlM mm twine the property of the United States tsd held in trust for oettain lndiaa tribes. Notioe Ma also bees given to the proper ofioers of the respective States to atop (he paymeat thereof; aad all persons are warned against purohaeins or reemviag any of said bonds aad oospons, as the olaim of the United States thereto will be proeeoated to the utmost extent. Eaoh bond being for the mm of one thousand dollars, vn x Six per oent. Missouri Coupon Bonds, issued in June and August, 1981. State of Misslosri, St. Louis and Iron Mountain R. 1, State Bonds. jjona no. m&i cona no. 18X3 1875 1827 1W8 1822 1997 1821 1?98 182H 2008 1810 2007 1818 1993 1800 1W4 1817 1095 1816 1891 1815 1090 . 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 Aaaa ?AI IBll 1992 1808 2006 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 203ft 2000 2032 2009 1826 187T 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1884 1832 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1OOO % Ow4 low JO It 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 20li 2038 1825 99 bond) 1824 Not*.?Bonds No. JOOO, ud below of thu aerie* uaned Jane. 1?J7, and bond* No. 2001. add above s&.idteWffi'1" - * pk a %. 'HSR tsvzL,bBi& Honda? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1020 1852 1827 1851 1628 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1?47 1863 1846 1862 1845 I860 1844 1861 1832 1866 I 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1854 1836 1812 1837 1823 1838 1824 ' 1839 1825 1649 1826 1640 1827 1635 1828 ; 1612 1329 i 1613 1&30 l?14 Ia31 1815 1641 I 1618 1642 ' 1017 10? 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 ! 1611 1648 , 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1 1622 1650 r 186T 1816 1636 1817 1 4 'J A ? A < A IOOV ipi? 1630 1819 1841 1820 , 162* 1821 1624 . 1625 90 bond Notk.?Th?ae bond* are dated January, 1891 payable at Bank of Commerce, New Vork, ii November. 1866?interest payable in January aw > July of eaoh year. r Mate of Miaaouri six aer oent, Coopon North Mir ronri R. R. Slat* bond a. Bond NoJ2963 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 AAiA aw+O 1044 2945 1646 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 2938 2923 1663 2924 1K4 lOJt ZY30 1656 2951 1652 2953 1656 1657 2921 1705 3468 1706 1512 1707 2513 2453 3514 3453 3515 3454 3616 3455 3911 3456 3910 3457 3913 3458 3912 3459 3914 3460 ?1A *4Jtt 3915 2443 3917 3463 2918 2464 2910 3445 2920 2406 3954 3467 2955 1651 80 boadJ No^s.?The boada Dimbtrid 3516 tad boiov, lean 0d in iwuarr, MS7; No 3910, and above that, rk unm^BSk. Miaaoari j*(P?r o?n^ ^fm|oD Tlx: North iiuuu iiv- ?<id uona no. km 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 , 2719 2711 v 2733 2712 2722 no 2720 2725 2713 2777 2727 2773 1724 2733 JT.n 2738 2733 273? 2729 2773 2718 2771 2713 2/1* 1778 3764 3771 17* 377b - 1716 3774 1713 3780 3713 3733 1767 SO bonds ?i&2ti2?tR?!&jGr** ?117. llWWPVfpuJHWJIM^IIT. ~ r Bottd Ho. 6346 b?Ho.IIM IM ISB1 iMi 5)68 5144 5156 5143 5154 5141 5156 5141 6153 3210 5Z5Z 513? 6161 5?8 6160 5137 6249 5236 6147 5134 6148 5133 6196 5131 6196 5131 6000 5100 . 4999 6199 4997 5198 4890 5197 4998 5310 4889 5236 4888 5307 4876 5308 5157 5309 5262 51 bondi 5306 Bond* of North Carolina?Coapon aix per oeal North Oaroltaa iii per oeaU. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 33 301 31 300 13 197 9 136 T 234 ?4? 2U4 348 lfi? 347 104 348 20 343 19 342 18 341 17 340 16 339 13 A K>0 Q 337 11 m 10 335 102 328 101 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 333 28 334 22 227 1? 328 21 317 9* 318 97 318 98 298 95 239 94 OQ tt t% 237 60 236 303 72 bonds ; North Carolina 6 p?r oenta. Coupon Bonds, i Bond N?. 833^ Bond No. 735 831 730 831 758 ! 830 758 1 819 760 834 ^ 761 835 7?2 836 763 837 764 838 780 871 791 872 792 873 *793 874 794 875 7?5 87? 7?6 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 800 881 801 84ft 802 847 803 848 804 849 805 850 806 WI 808 851 807 85* 81I 8M 811 855 *13 856 QJ4 857 815 858 816 860 817 861 818 861 819 863 820 864 811 865 821 866 823 867 824 868 815 869 826 870 827 883 828 ftft) O 'Jft OOF 884 840 885 843 731 844 IS !S J 734 104 bonds 1 The?e bond* are dated July. Uff?, payable July, 1887, at Bank of Reaabtio.New York; Intereat payable in Jannary and July. North Carolina aiz per oent. Conpor londs. Bond No. 509 Bond No. 493 600 494 603 495 604 496 605 497 606 621 607 498 608 510 610 511 <11 481 613 483 613 483 609 484 614 485 622 486 623 487 624 488 625 489 626 490 627 538 628 539 641 540 643 541 643 542 615 543 644 530 644 531 647 532 648 533 645 534 649 535 650 536 651 537 652 518 616 - 617 516 618 616 619 617 455 614 457 422 458 645 470 646 602 647 430 . 648 440 660 442 562 430 471 431 472 433 473 4 9J ?? ? w 474 437 475 417 478 420 477 426 478 416 479 423 480 421 512 601 613 544 i? 4ti 119 bond. 492 York. Titwwt fMifi* tiiTJiiiiry'iS'rJ'y." " (forth Carolina fix 71r Ml Con pom Boa4?-Coayou wabMla April uiOXobw,via> C?'oIib* Rati road Comp*.rj. oUfttr n, dated Oetobor, UN, HjaU* it IMS, at Baak of Rvfibtia, Bond No. 61 Bond No. 161 61 152 63 163 64 164 6 166 WQ IN p 2 lM ! 164 !2 il2 m !? iw >1* 1*1 1? 193 ltt 194 I ij7 m IK 196 179 197 189 198 129 199 130 300 137 ? 144 46 bond* 146 Two ton-4! f r 9\/? wit, dated April, H5T. Bond No. 9 Bond No 10 Filt?*n bonds for MtLdtUd Qotobar, 1?VJ.T *: PaynbUftt Baak of Riftblso, Oct->b?f. Kiki Bond No. 1183 Bond No. 1102 1184 1133 1184 1104 118? 1105 1187 U0? 1188 ^ 1107 1180 1100 15 bonds 1191 ?,ty'?LU# to lcw,n? mbor*. nnd dated Jmb ?ry, 18321 Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 178 " 410 ?4 478 197 477 400 401 413 498 414 713 And of the followinf cmnbtri iuaed January.lttfc Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 839 1358 830 And of tba following namheralaaaod January,WAS Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2056 21 ip 28*1 2133 2892 2581 3066 2605 3121 And of th? following nnmbora iaamod January, 1*56, Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 2466 4210 3467 4211 3469 . 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 3894 4529 4Aia '? ?* '?*? WW 3942 4556 3843 4566 3944 4568 3945 4570 3946 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4t?l And of the following number* laaned January, 1M7i Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 6195 5421 6326 5426 635/ 5427 6360 6430 6361 6434 6362 6436 6363 5437 iu v? 6365 M38 5366 6440 5367 6441 6368 6442 5369 6463 5370 5444 5371 6445 5371 5452 537* 6518 5374 6519 5375 5620 537# 5621 5377 6522 5378 5703 6379 5704 5380 6705 5381 6706 6385 6707 5384 5708 5387 6709 5388 5710 538# . 5711 5:W0 5711 5391 6713 53UJ 6799 6393 6630 6419 ' 5840 6417 584J 6418 Orrici or thr or rn? 1*ti?ioe. December 38, I860. ? 13-dtf J. THOMPSON. Bocrotery. QLD RICH, MflLltfW AND JURE MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conaoientioualy diatii'.ed by Mr. Jamei Bn reside, of Allog&iiy County, Tenpa., ic Uie old-t&shionM hr>ne?t *y, from th? choioeat and moat aarefally selected Rye, and in do o&ae ever offfrwl lor aai* until adapud to wholesome uae by a?e It is M opcethe most ival&tahla.aa it of the pureaf beveragea in the reach of the pnblic. To the invalid, aa well a? to those in health, it oommenda itself for it* unrivalled qualities a# n atimulant of the a&iest. a?r*st, and moit beneficent description. and many of the moat dntingiiisbeH phyaiciana are using it in taeir practice *ith the nappieet.renuitaCLEKY * 9TOCKDALE. Proprietors. 3io Waluot street. Phi!addpnia WM, C. CONOVEK. Agent for the Proarietora, 323 Pa. av.. ae 24-6m opposite Wizards' How. PIHUKE OLD RYE WHISKY .-On hand aavera brand* ofPure Old Rye whi? ky, Copper I>i? tilled, made by the moat reliable diaUllart in Penn aylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted para. Also, Imported Itrandiea, Henaeeay, Otard, Dupay * Co., Jalea Robina, to. Alao, Peach aad Apple Brandy, pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica and IH. Croix Burn, and Winea of every variety, all ot etaudard braoda. A ohoioe tot of U'gara and ToYmfVin VnilMfl ?- irrntl a * - a vuiiu a iv r.r n A n 1? AC^DW? M u-lv 4^9 P* ? ? lietw.Mn vod lock ?U. llflllll? lyfei&l 10 A tfl f V UL 7lii M iat* ' ? *cf*- V ^ # 41^ uH Uiin)W/(ir nw i/ < 'A* '< ? ul '^C?f < r rml^f *4 tke S 'a 4^ ^1 i/) dtprtU *mv <mn<a w? Mr *?" '*"?? * '*? TatItf Wl.Jtr*. ?J. r,^lTj04^ jjii ii WW J, il? IKTm1!, hirni' 4*10 .fjk W V >?, Ar<W.i i?Mr #rff? w, a? rw* CM tu MJwt XJ f M i | #5^ a Bolel^^iHetor.sL f^lETi I CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY UiutPvrv t? ?ri- ?' * "* nnisiVEl IU9LL IflAI II 19 IMMrwhot WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HDA1Y, sole: propriftop 19 S80THW1LL1AM STHEW TORL POM BALM IN WASHINGTON MY t Mr lUMOW > ?IUIIH? af8 lh^ gwon? J Bat Dtmmmtd MU T k/nimj Jtm^r M u? r?rtf, rOR ALL DI6KA8RS OF IMPRl'DCflCC. ART JTO FALSE DTLICACY FRKTEtTT. APPLY IMMED ATE1.Y. 1 a cwru wakkalttkp, or wo char* a, in mem ohm to two days. Wutew >f tk? ltl? tlr.l.Ml ihWN. 1 ? KKMfl U< IM4M, HMUI iKiMMT. ? *> ! Dtaam ( h(?i ? 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IMM, h? 4aa?* lw to* ? ? ? r?il ? witotni mm u4 ??r>?. tIU?* ML lutima, Bw>m *<U? ??yil CaU*f* *f?arg**aii. ! ! , ??* * bta * *f U* mm ta*at OUafa* to ik* t?l**4 tot* la4 to* (THUI p?n ( *kni lift Cat hn apam la IM ka* Mai* iflato, Nn?, rVutdi^it u< ilnikm, ?u tth Wtoid aaaia af to* aati tat?r taking tar** trat ? * a*a* kaawa, aw^ ir?akl*4 vnk nagir j la to* kaa4 *o4 aara toaa ul**?; pttl ri*rvaaa< a** aau.f liuml at *ai-taa ii*???, toikfau vW fr*caan( blrAii|. *uaa4aU ? 1*?~ ftto lin?t?a?iii af mb4, vara car*l laaa4taHlti TAKIPA.aT1C?kAE ROTICB. f Ttmtg and ato*n via h> ?? i: taraa i<v*ia**l*a* ?f Mittia prattle* to4alg?4 to ?k*a *laa *?a baVii ft araaa f laaraai fraaa ml c?paalana, at at achaal. to? afat'a af kith in alffctip hH a<aa wkaa aalaa;. IT nai aaaa4. rao4ar? r??rru.fa lvpa**tkla. aa4 tfaatnia kato 1*4 aa4 ka4?, *kaal4 apply iMNtoUlT. TVaaa ara aaaaa aftoa *>4 aai ailaaaMr afaau *r*4?ta4 kp aarip haMu W/aaafc?ia i W**ka>**a aftoa latl a*4 MM. nma > tM 1'ianw af H MMVM Nvi>, Mrtmiw i(tk< ImtaM I Q, D?9t(?aMt i(tt< Nmimm, h?iril D*MUif pww of Cmwmio, 4t MXRTAU.T.-Tih (urfil ifnum ifct ali4 in M kt 4r?di<- Lm af Maataty, Canfaaiao rfMiu, PttnwM af ptnu. Bril rar^adinf*, AxniHtflKWIr tt'.f [WrMi, U'ltf itlin4t,Ti?mt, IU.,111 a/ |M iTtll pr?4a??d BftTOVS ntllklTT-TWModiwt ttvlilfi vtat llUtwiMrfibili 4aeUnUf kftllk, lutnf Utlt ?? ! ? w*?k. fa\*. aarraM and a?a<latai. a??tnfa alrfTla# IffWtUM l;u. t??|6 ar af MMIVfUn DStJEAIEfl Or IMPKVDKSCnE. Vtu Ik* nxfaidtd u<mp??4?i ^lirnM M ka kaa lia^iktd t>? aaalt Wtt;a painifcl dwaaaa, Kim tflH k?ffi?i tfcat aa ill-ur-td hum af afcair ir drtC. af <1tata??rT Ituri km lmi >.pplrtr,( u Jimi ??t,frm (iicttiN ul fMfIcutuny, MB alana kafnar.d fc-ir.. ? fal.a lata ?M baada af ijr.aram *ad daaifoicf ^li'jadan, wta. intapafcla j mm ??t ?? ? MMft !? * BWb.Mtl lHl(Utkl fll ? ? kl HiM(, ud it dnpair Im'I Mm vM rilnid tMlll M iufk ? > bu n:lii>( ar kjr iti mi ?t thai ? <!.? Ka, Mircar?. bai:ia tki c?.?ai''tn! (jrcjumf i?l? Hi iiMui, rack ii Aff?cuaoi*r w?i Bun. vktnt, Km, Kw.kl, fmfTii?m? vus frifhtfi. repidr?. i, Ji->f?ui Ktf I* bn irMdhl k; landing ktic ti tliii a?? ?irid CNnur frani ikoiMnM aa In'tlir titrni ML JOBHCUHt EEMEDY rOK OftSAElC WEAENEM A ED larPOTEMCT. By tkU rntl u< lnM?ui rimiy viitaamf Ui mi?m 1*1 ipudHr land en a Ml tijit iiitHtil. TNn??d? r'M mi air^iai iad dikiltuwd, *kt kid Uat ail kifi, kar? kiaa tamdUuly rallmd. All lafidlDi: u vi Marnifi. PlyiSail Miaul Dti?aa!iI fcaflan. ban If FmiMlt'i P*wr. Kirviei WI|iiUii| Twaklirg icd VttUm Eibtatun t< Hsd AE??<i UDOUEMUT Or T*B P1.CM. nK MANY TBOl'a AWnB ?ar*d nan in*ui??ss VMM III lultiTMtuae ?i?n, uil ik* esn)?r*a* latparMst lintWl iftnttm f?tfnoM ?y Pf. JdMW. ?? M rtMrnri ( tk* paper* t>4 ?; ?Mr ?m?oi, o*ti*** at vIkI kir* imind Iftlt ud 1|UI ktltn tl* ?iMm, !? MhIU*Iu!|iu|U* [?ktl**>tll tllHtUIOl IMM* MHtf, la * Htiliii piiutt* I* Ik* ilt*iit. Wa M-It J| HOY FOR THE HOK AND SUFFKKJNtt. LET ALL WHO A HE AFFLICTED aj-KTTZM.m.DT' REJOICE i> HEALTH. Friend,ilo you erC>r? Are you tim victim of ur or those nnm?ro?B ailments which arise iron in Kity of the blood.' w hat are they, dc yoi ask f ;r.c- ask, vLkl are they not? The blood ta th? onroe of life and keaitix. and it it the 6rat element of dar bem? to respond to (icy cscae which %neeta th? system, ? the false intalubiy attest* The erer ravailict Nerraifi*, the irritating Erysipelas, the V eot t? Scrofula, the aeoiuzir.s Kheomatiani, Ner- < to we Debility, Dy?s*peii. Lirer Complaint with its torpor and dejeoucn, and toe camborieaa jlle that >B mni kj. un tt <uoir DiOWU OT1IUI DOMIim biood. l>fi! klnoiy the* sod gently vA the h." ><xl. U?? the vitalising re?oei >oe of nature for tu aid. and editor as to oommeud to to or confident and km that truly valaab.e roe^ioament known aa mrs. m. cars IX DI AX TEQETAhLE DECOCTION. With regard to t:na a moat i&I&IlilU aeecifte .aqaalar eepn merit ha t apokec in deoidad term a, ana the anclercoe of tine treat effioaey are aaetvned by oonatant avowal* of curat, ve effr-cu and th? happieat reaaita from ita em are after a., aywr nofdin and the beet mec akin hare faned. Let aa aay, in eonoiaaioa, that certificate cere* are not sought from the li,iterate and eaaorftoial, bat they are roiaateerod from the moat roapeotabie aourcea apd Justify the hia'teat torna in which it ia possible to oom?r>?nd ?o valuable a rjifce to paoiio approval. We may aid alao that on rati7e properties ej the medicine are equalled only by its msiorativeefleeta, the -??*nn recovering fionidise*w;e with r?nowe?. uonautatinaaJ For aai#> by ali rrepeotaMe />'u;ei?U u ijai eitr, and h? progrii?tor, MK8. n. COX, Sore y?ucin? nme?a her name it btowa on U< bottle an<! her e<ai or cork inr Pnoe 01 ?ct botue, six bottfee for Wirt-,*:, AttrA. K. f. T. CIMEL. Drncglat. Seorjetowi:, 1) C-, Wholcs&ie Agent for the I>i?trict.aad will tuppy the trade at ioy fnoM. ?Utr DR. J. EOYEE iKHVB IVPERIAL WINV BITTERS, Are now Ml( *ae<< (rair Maine to the Great Salt Lake, anl the crj^e'sai ??<-dku of all who nee thsir. either at a wutl<'+i or m i trrva**, t? thai ?h?r are r\?tr>asei la the ~orl<5. I>t. Pod? need Ihosa rcceanfiiiT ?a bi practice far t> y?w? befora q we pvror.a?e-. ?! fi< n she ?r? net: in cianuiaotare ut prf?*i ?.h'?TT> f?r ??; to the r?blte. Forth* oare o: lBAifi*!.* GaMtroHsm, Indirection. l>y?Tiiea, lie, ?s? L-ff****. t emale Cora lltolDlA. ind t, Qfljk:m Tr?n* a ? **? rond goabtacoct IgiSmiS A?tdo?rM| heir ir<xliCin*j jroir' fj itor a >?'?, vflolo- ^^ orr.* and csiiftt-i' JJarerice. orodcoinc all ti? "T ploiMMt euii.en'lnc efeeu of brawny or Win* 1 wnLout their ir.'?n->?? r**a'.ta l.t>t ail fnonda of I aum*r. ty *D-1 til xl'to? of temferanoo M*1' I M in ttwntainx thoo?? fainat'e Vcf>t?Ne Bitter* I for the arc md*itir*ud LtfUft I with hich tite country U noodoa, and thereby a#- f fr?orue.fy a?d in baa.3k;Lc Dimn^acd DmnkenrM from tkt land. ckAKLKH WI.0DIFUSL1) * CO., rroyri^^rt, 7?? Wiiuftro ?troot. Nrv York. J.E'HWAKRi:. A coot, WMhinctoa, D. C. /jtrFPkijiL0Jf^rE Jrr$Rs. For lHtf%rea of the Kidney >,11 ladder Md Urinary OrfMa, and eoeoiallv fur !Vm?? aerer fail to oerr>. amd ?ro warranted *9 {iw iatie"Sffiv LF8 WIDDI FIELD * CO., Prof ricion, Wffham <k&>j k Atent. nu?iii(toii. d7C. r /^V K"CKT' | f ^ 4f oupatcm: ^ ^C/*T StTf. thj_fimi! I At mmidmui mill |MMifll <a wU-nniMl ij f?Hlii, It it T?rf 4*lr?ble tr ka*e K>? rt?M and Miminl i?a> t*t nuliit; Firlm. wr*< I Or*ary,A?. \ iriLDUIfl1! PBiriUKP flLPB Mu all each emerzeaeie*. and ao boae?hol4 oar afford to he trtthv??t it. It < alw?r* ready and iy u? the etjokipt jo'.-.t. TW la bo tourer a mm eta for TirariuC enure, eputt*red ~wr%, headieana?, and broken orac?e*. It ie ieet ?k$B " t^Si "1 Tbl? Adaurfh.e ^ro^sm'uon U ?d aold. tyipt JtlSffiiuSuUT ??th? S& f " rSJTFrL /.? STiRT HOWKM." frT-* B?Mh uto?Hc!<i "Ml tote* I Dtrn, no. 49 Od?r vtrmt, Nrv TmL rn * tif i>? ?" ' ~ ?&?*iSKs2s535S5s?? e?l!y U) errry toeaebehl.^j M M* fr&r* *?? Kervssra ^K'^"fra^rsLa?t lit. It w. iI%b.) >rT oitmax* gKASONABLK DRY ? O O D ?~! cic*k., ehawifc ^ r?phM. y ? Iruh Ll JLr~ ?klru*^ SSP-s'S-- J. rij^-tasaJEhe. ? VA1.KA riNKV! ViLKNTlNR*" I _ . u f o? ie?i I aWS^oaaass I , . , ffiBNClfV IUCMTK1M* ! 1

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