Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1861 Page 1
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? \ (Jftrmttig Star. vei. xvii. Washington, d. c.. Tuesday. February 5. i86t n?. 2.485. THE DAILY EVENING STAR U FUSLKMBD RYBRT AFTERNOON, 'SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) Vt THE STAR BUILDINGS, CejX4r of Pennsylvania *v*nu.t and\Uk St.. II W. D. W4LLACH. Papera served in pookacee t>7 oarrieri it It > ??i. or 3? oenta per m?ath. To mail Mbeorlbera the ?nc? ia $150 a rear, m *dv*net; #2 for six months. *1 for three month*; and for leee than three raonWia at tho rate of 13 oenta a we?k. Single opio?, o'.fB crrr; in wrappare, two cents. IFT" Apvsjit.<ws5Ts Mould be teat to the offloe Vjere U o'ciook m.; othemee they may not appear until the cAttdir A LADY'S HEART TO BE LET. To um her own expression, Miss Tabitha Buckramconld not "abide'' that Mr. Vickery. That Mr. Vickery was a bachelor, verging upon fifty-five, of a retiring and perfectly inoffensive disposition; who lodged in a very white house, with very green blinds, overlook ng Hainp*tead Heath. His means were sufficient; his tastes simple. His name was Jeremiah. He wore very high and stiff muslin Leek-ties, in all weathers; took in the Gentleman's Magasine, and looked upon a day's fishing oat of a punt at Teddington Lock as a yiece of wild excitement, only to be indulged in upon great and distant occasions. The tact was. that Mr. Vickervhad been kent socloselv at work, during the early part of his life, in the well-known establishment of Messrs. Grindhem and Shoddy, the eminent Manchester warehousemen of Cannon street, that by the ?iuie he had scraped together sufficient to retir* upon comfortably, and had quitted the V*sine*3. be had not the slightest idea how to wpeoAhis hard-earned savings, lie was a very lmruileji old party (I use the word advisedly,) was Vickery?a very harmless old party, indeed ! Miss Tabitha Buckram was a gushing thing of?(I am not breaking confidence, for she has openly statod it for the last twelve year?)?of twenty-nine. Sho had been a Itctle fast once upon a time, if scandalous people are to be believed. but she had long given up all levity of conduct, dressed defnurely, affected evangelical tea parties, and had an eye upon curates generally. ;>he resided not very far from Mr Vickery, and the origin of her dislike f jr that w.irrk* ..M ...... I u- ?- - v? viu cvui) i u piaiil cajLUll, CS LX1 i3 ~~IUUI he would not marry ber. Not that she bal a.-kad hitn in so many words to do so, but by ht r demeanor and conduct sh* had given him to understand?m she had many other elderly single gentlemen?that, as far as eho knew, thure was no lawful impediment in the way of tbeir immediate union. Poor Miss Bu?kram wao becoming desperate; her friends, the pardons, wedded pretty young girls?a knack they have?and the wary elderly single gentlemen would not bo caught. She set her cap at our simple old friend; but he, being too stupid, or too wise, or too something else, to fall into ber saares^kept out of them Thus she remained & spinster, and he a bachelor, whom she could cot abide. It wia not from any affection for single blessedness in tue abstract that Mr. Vickery remained in his present solitary position. "Sin 4/! fk nuJJ r" Ka '? ? -* -1 0- - ...vwvwMvac uc nu ucaru I'J eXCI&lQl, when the washerwoman sent home half a dozen of hi* sfhirts. having only seven buttons be twean them?>k Single cusstdiies* ' I call it."' Marriage, then, did enter inte his head more than once, bat only to come oat of it, as he reviewed his scrubby locks and ample waistcoat in the glaae. " Ah. ' he would say with a grunt, (fat single gentlemen don't sigh J "I was too busy to think a boat it when I was young, and?bloss my soul! who'd have me cow Plenty of people, Mr. Vickery?scores and scores of girls?including Miss Xabitha Buckram, who can't "abide" you; for you are & cherry-hearted old fellow, and perhaps what is more to the purpose, a '-warm old boy" and sly old fellow ' with a good account at the bank?eh ' Mr. Vfekery:?who is it for, Jeremiah ? Why don't you buy an annuity with it* cut lodgings, an i have a house of your own, eh' w bo are you going to learo it to, old boy ? Me?or tha Prince ot Wales?or the Hay Fever Hospital, or Thornley'a Mug, or ik< T>llti>. v;.k 1? ? " ?w *oi?i& lau, \ji wo1! : I OU QtlTO l;6llfier chick, nor child, nor rel Stop ! Tin wrong. There's Jack Vesper?the idea of forgetting Jack! ? Jack was the only son of Mr. Vickery's youngest sister. His mother and father were dead?long dead; and his uncle was duly nominated his guardian. Guardian! lis ha! Why, at seventeen Jack knew more of the world, and its ins and outs, and the good, bad, and indifferent people, and places npou it, than my dear old friend will ever know, should ho live to be two hundred. Jaok had been brought ap as a civil engineer, and was doing very #eli; he had chambers in Clement's Inn, where ne fed a bachelor life, very different to his guardian's quiet vegetation in Prospect Hnujtn A mitrhtv V,?. tw f?wo v?^>a, uo v ;uiu color you a clay pipe &.< black as your bat (if it is a black one) in two days; h-s could win five pounds of you at pyramid pool before you kuew where you were; he could chaff any dumber of cabbies, bargies, or linkuaeu blind. But where he comes out * strongest, to my mind, is at children's parties. He is six feet high is Jack, and as hand?ome a fellow as you could find in a day's t&arch, bat he is not above playing with the .Httle ones?not he! He will make himself into I bear, with a great rough coat thai, he has, and V>e led about all-fours by the buys. He will dance with the little girls, doing all his . steps, holding up his trowsws as thev do their frocks. He will wrap himself up in the crimson table cloth?pat the worsted work-pillow on his head, and be conjurer, and right down well he can conjure, too. He will play overtures on a penny trumpet; make bhadew figures on the wall; act charades; dress up as an old nurse, and say he has come for Mi^s Tomkins; make apple-candles that will burn; cut up oranges into all sorts of shapes, from an elegant passion flower spread out on a plate, to a likeness of an old gentleman very ill on board the Boulogne steamboat, with a napkin over his head?besides doing a dozen other pleasant things, that I have nut time to enumerate At | grown-up parties. Jack is very demure; he has * steady, resolute way of dancing. Jack's partner is nover hurt in the wildest gallopade. Jack never runs against other people, and other people, after llicy have once tried it. do not tun against Jack. Watch him about half past twelve o'clock, wheu supper will soon be announced, and if the girl he is dancinir with is not the prettiest in the room, I'll be b<>und she is the nicest. Jack is ready and resolute ?s I have said, but, somehow or other, there is It never room for hiia and his partner at the regular supper table, lie is obliged to lodge her .? in tout corner by the dumb waiter, where she cannot get out. and where nobody but himself (oh, sly Jack!) can gat at her. Then he will ?ay all sorts of pretty things to her, with his back to the company, so that they cannot see the expreasion of his face?notiorgetliag creature comforts the while. Jack never leaves her side to struggle about after plates and disbes, over people a heads, and between their shoul_ ders?spilling wine, and upsettine plates of | trifle down their necks No, no. He is very comfortable where he is, and does not intend to move. lie will tip a waiter a wink?perhaps something else?and that waiter is bit, b<jdjr and soul, for the rest of the evening. The idea o{ that waiter attending to anybody else, or letting even tho4ady of the house have the perigord pie, or tbe plover's eggs, or the peaches, until Jack and his partner have quite done with those delicacies, is too absurd to be entertained for a moment. Taking him all round, then. Jack Vesper was not a bad sort of young man. Some gentlemen, who do not get on in ladies' society quite as well as he does, say that he is a conceited ass; but perhaps they a re jealous Fanny Parker thinks he is the handsomest fellow and the greatest renius that ever breathed: but nerhaDs she is pvlul. Finny Parker hu no clfim to classical beauty Her nose?it is not a snub, of course, only a little ambitious toward the end?would put her out of court on Mount Olympus But the eyt? above it, and th? lips below the *rcat mass of chesnut hair that oruwnsier. nod :be absurd iiUl* feel, upon which she flies along with J?c k ? Vesper in the after-supper galoped*? are wor, | thy the admiration of Jupiter Tonans himself - k.f,,r< all Ui Mis mad coddeeses. Fanny if ** good aa *h<> u marry, an 1 m f pretty & ?he i? good A round little. ?oun.J little body, with kind round face, and white round shoulders, and round plump arm.*?a little ruuud waist, aud a gre?t ruui.d 'rinoliue. A pleaaant girl ui look at, or talk to, i? Miaa fan An ojjou."< little |irt, say iuio? ladies, ? who do not get no many desirable partner* an she does; but perhaps they are jealous. The b?st and jolliest little girl in the world. Jack* Vesper think.*; but perhaps he is partial. It was at a pic-nic party, helq in Eppiug Forest, that the mjrstery began As soon as dinner wa< over, Jark and Fanny went away together for a stroll, and?a* a matter of course, loot themselves. Jack always had the greatest difficulty in iinding his way out of a wood, when he had a pretty girl with him. In the first half hour they sauntered on, side by side, and talked of things in general; the next thirty minutes found them arm in arm, conversing confidentially; and the thirp?well! well! I am not going to tell tales out of school. Fanny was of course very much agitated b/ what Jack told her, and required support. "And must we really keep it a secret?dfr ? dear?" Now Jack had called her by a thousand en dearing names?hi* "beloved Fanny"?"the light of hid eye"?his "own dear little wife," and all the rest of it; bat this one little word, "dear," was all that he had got in return. I do not know what you thought, good reader, (or if your time is not yet come, what you will think) when, for the first time, the girl whom best you lore,- looked you shyly in the face, and called you "dear." I only know what Jack did to the little quivering lips, through which the pleasant sound had passed involuntarily ;?but I am not going to tell? " We must indeed, my own," replied .Jack I to Fanny's anxious question; "for only one week, however On Tuesday I shall be twentyone ; and although my (guardian is good old fellow enough, he is a little crotchety ftnH 1 akAnl/4 rvrtt i;ir? *a a^u w;?, ?-j ? vhvuiu uvi imc iv aoa uiui lUi uis consent, until he hu no excuse for moralizing, and must grant it, as a matter of course." Upon the day after the pic-nic commenced those unprecedented attentions of Jack Vesper to his uncle, which so puzzled the old gentleman Hitherto his dutiful nephew had paid his respects about once in three months. Now he dropped in every evening, and invited himself to nreakfast at Prospect House on Sunday. It was delicious to hear nim inquiring, in quite a casual tone, whether Mr Vickery knew some people of the name of Parker, who lived next door but one. Mr. Vickery did not know the people of the namo of Parker; but he stated, for Jack's information, that the eldest daughter seemed to be a very nice girl; to which Mr Jack replied, "Oh, indeed !" very demurely. [TO BE CONTINUED. J kPKAKIVT. Ulk ui?n Old Deacon llobhouse had a habit of frequently thinking aloud Especially if any matter troubled him, he had to talk itover with himself before his peace of inind could be restored One day he was alone in hii barn, pitching hay from the 6caffold to the mow, when his neighbor Stevens went to find him Stevens heard a voice and listened- It wm the deacon talking to himself, lie was condetuning in the strongest terms the extravagance of the minister s wife. "She seta a worse example than Satan !" exclaimed the deacon, by way of climax. And having freed his mind, he whs preparing to come down from the loft, when Stevens v?a?> v? me uai u, UL.U tHUl* tU JUM as the deacon landed on the floor. ' llow d'e do, deacon?" cried Stevens. "I want to borrow your half-bushel an hour or two " " 0, sartiu. sartiu," said the deacon. The measure was put into the neighbor's hand*, and he departed. 1# was a peaceful COUlUiUuit^ miniitpr'4 wife was an excellent woman, notwithstanding her love of finery, and Deacon Hobhouie whs of all men the lenst disposed to make trouble in the society. Hence the sensation which was produced when the report circulated that he hud used almost blasphemous language in speakini; of that amiable lady. The sweetest ?; ? I J t i: 1- - 4. i r iciuycrcu wuuiau nvuiu iiui ukq iu iienr oi h grave anil influential deacon declaring that "she sets a worse example than Satan !*' The minister's wife, whose ear wns in due time reached by the report, felt in a high degree incensed, and sent her husband to deal with the hunest old inan. The latter was astonished when told of the charge against him. " I never said so !" he solemnly averred. " You are quito positive that you never did ?" said the minister. ' Heaven knows ' It's false as false can be!" exclaimed the deacon. "Whatever thoughts I may have had about your wife's extravagance ?and I am notr free to say I do think she has set our wives and dnughters a-running after new bonnets and shawls, and such vanities? irhfttAvnr tKnncrht# I'ro K?il thnnaK I'lra Ironf 'cm to myself; I Lever mentioned 'em to a living soul, never !*' The good man's earnestness quite convinced the minister that be had been falsely reported. It was therefore necessary to dig to the rout of the scandal. Mrs. Brown, who told the minister's wife, had heard Mn. Jones say that Mr. Adams said that Dcacon Hobhouse said so; and Mr. Adams, being applied to, stated that he had the report from Stevens, who said that he heard the dearon say so. Stevens was accordingly brought ap for examination, and confronted w'ith the deacon. It - an outrageous falsehood!" said the deacon. "You know, Stevens, I never opeued my lips to you on the subject, nor to any other men." 44 I heard you say," remarked Stevens, coolly, " that the minister's wife sets a worse example than Satan; and I can take my oath of it. 4 " When ' where ?" demanded the excited deacon. " In your barn," replied Stevens, 44 when I went to borrow your half-bushel." ' There never was ?uch a lie! Stevens? Stevens," said the quivering deacon, 44 you know" M Oil llll X tApiiUH. lUlCIlUjUQU UIOTCUS. " I was on the barn floor, you was up on the soaffold pitching hay, and talking to yourself. I thought it too good to keep; bo, iust for the juke, I told what I heard you say. The deaoon scratched his head, looked humhied, and admitted that be might, in that way, have used the language attributed to him. To avoid trouble in the society, he afterwards went to apologize to the minister's wife. " You must consider," said he. " that I was talking to myself; and when I talk to myself. I am apt to xpeai my mind very freely."? T-t tie l'lug. ME. LOUISVILLE KRKSTIC* OH SECESflON ?A South Carolina paper advised the State to adopt a tla?j with tbe cross upon it, the emblem of the Christian religion But she has adopted the Crescent, the emblem of Mohammedanism. The Charleston Mercury says that '-South Carolina tt a law to herself." Many would like to see that Law txeculeJ. Those fellows who go for submitting unconditionally to South Carolina have the impudence to call other people submissionis's. Tbe fruits of Secession, which South Carolina thought so beautiful and tempting, turn out to be apples <>f Sodom We hope she may eujov the pies and dumplings they may make. Manvof the South Carolinians not onlv have Yankee arms In tUrlr hand* when they muster in w*rllke parade but Yankee arms around their necks in the privacy of their own homes. |?7"An Indian squaw, roaming around the trarrtsia at Fort Yuma, discovered twenty dollars worth of postage stamp In sheeta In the c fleers' quarters, and a happy thought struck her. Shortly htu-r she ereated quite a commotion by appearing on the parade ground stuck all over with the stamps, regardless of disunity and decency The ot9c< r found that bl* postacr stamps. Intended f<w the mall, had been appropriated to the female. Fight Tal*.?The London pugs seem very hniloiif, apparently, to have another shy st Hee nil Hurst wants to tackle bim, and King it r presented m bring deetroue of IS/hting bim N'?w, Jf Kl?( U realty anxlout.M htm come t>*** here ami nwlre known hi* want# Ueeaaa wiU Bccoaunodate him, tare ? ft. Y. Cliff tr.' I CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILORING. EW KALI, STYLK? of CLOTHS. CAS8IMERS. AND VKSTINOS. WALL. STEPHENS A <?0., S?S Pennayfirani? Arenas, have just received a large v?rietf of new Fall to wnioh they invite toe attention of their frienda mid niatoniers. Ml 30-tf l'mtl t' a* >.? a? ia ft lj tzt;ti Ciii n 1* RE\DY MADE CLOTHING. Our present as?ortment of GENTLEMEN'S KKADY-MADE CLOTHING offer* to oitiser* and strangers wishms an immediate out fit superior induaemerts, embracing, at this time, all tyle* and qualities of Dress and Business Garments and Overcoats in all varieties. Fine Shtrta and Under-clothMig of all kind*. Kid and other Glovo* of best quaity. Scarfs, Tie*, Cravat*, Stocks, Hosiery. Ac.. Ac. All of whioh we are offering at r>nr usual low prices. Clothing made to order in the moit superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., no 16-tf .S'j'i Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customer*, and oitisens generally, to an lnsoen'mn nf nur nr?i?rt n?w ?? - tractive, and olezanf assortment' CLOTHS. CASSIMKR ES, DOESKINS, VliSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. W# which we will make to order in superior style at very low priees. WALL. 8TEPHKNS A CO.. oo 25-tf 3'J'J Pa. ar., Setw. 9th and 10th at*. ~~ GAS FITTING, kc. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would call the attention ol water takers to their lull assortment of Hxtures necessar* to itsintroduction.asfollows.?KITCHEN RAjVGES.BATH TLBS. WATER CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINK?, PUMPS, Cast Iron. Wronsht Iron, Lead and Galvanised WATER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHERS. RUBHER HOSE.Ao. Having superior advantage*, with practical k'owledge, we are prepared to introduce Water into dwellings with al! the latest iroproverrentu, promptly, and at prices that cannot fail to satisfy. 269 Penn. avenue, no 2l-dtMar i bet.9th and loth sts., sooth side. A~~ WM. T7I>6 VE A CO. RE Now ?re?ared toeyennfe *n? nrrt?ra wltk Which they may 1)9 favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM F1TTIN0 BUSINESS. Store on Mh street, a few doors north of Pa, avenue, where may be four.d a oompjete assortment of CH ANDELIEKS and other GAfe, STEAM an4 WATER FIXTURES. ia3Tly WGAS FIXTURES. E Havs in store, am) are <iai y receiving, &AS FIXT V H ES of entirely INew Patterns aud Uesi/ns and Finish, superior in nt^le to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invite citizens general iy to oail aiid examine our stock of Gats and Wator Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beat eeleoted stock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to oui car# Will b? promptly attended to. MYERS ft MoGHAN. mar 8-tf 376 D street. I SNYDER, PLUMBER A.\D OAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introdnoe Wator and Gas upon the mo?t favorable terms, and guaranties entire sati anoUoa. in hand a lot of COOKING and o*her ?1'OV.CS, which he vill sell less thin oost, as he Wishes *) rid of them. _______ r'? '7 Urrtof; ? K INSPECTOR ANU SEALER OF OAS METERS. Waihikotor. Jul? 18,1850. NOTICE JS HEREBY Q1VEX, T&it. agreeably to th*> provision* ol the oidin&noo of the Corporation approve-; May l J. 186?, the undersigned is now prop* rod. "whenever leaulred in writing, and oa pro payment of the fee of fifty cents, to inspect, examine, tost, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration of an; k&s meter in use in this city." Every meter, iffound inoorroct, wnl bo condemned, acd anothar, cealed and marked a? tr#e, will to set in i?? plaoe. If provod to l>e accurate in i?a moasur. ment of ra?, it Till be a6a'.ed accordingly, and acain put in poeitioM (or use. Oflloe Mo. 610 Sevnnrh street,(near Odd Fel .ows'Hail ) Open friim S n. in., to 5 p. in. . Jf"*# w. SV, Jy W-tf Inspector and beater of *)ta ..ISi-r*. PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTIONS-The undersigned, lour w"ll known to the- MJ , Washington puh'ic as a toxcher of theflCpSKa Piano, l>e/n leave to *tat?? that he i* pr* 'II 9.1 ? pared to take ?eho!ai>> on terms to suit the exigencies of tli** timea. HaiuiK vaoineie* in his time iiut niiv vlii^h Iia ic t/? iill ?? * ? .u ? . n ...... .. ? .? ?? Kit nj?| un Will teach a few scholar*. f iio*inh'e to iheir parents, and talc* hi? pay in snch merchandise as may t*? agre?1 on when they aie entered with him. Hem willing t?? nuke <nT?slt arrangement*, lcm>win< the inoonventente many whodeiiire to have theiroh:! dren iaugl.t tt e Piano experience now in getting mon^y Mie inetnod of teaching has t>e? n high y approved lor yard, an<1 his references are head* of the l-e.^t niiieioa! Iimilicii in Washington. lln twins* aid exceedingly in- derate JOHN K HCHKI.I., Residence? 495 ii ntr?vt. J>5 Ins or apply at M*tzerntt'?._ V ?. O. DKMUTI ft OOI MPOKTKRH And Wholesale ami Retail Dealers in HAVANA CICARM, FOREIGN WINES, BRANItIRS, OINS. *r., No. 40 Nf-BTH ClIARLIrs StRKKT, Fir* daws above Lrxin*lon St., no 21 ly Baltimore. IF YOU WANT TO *AVK THK UNION Call at II A K V K Y'SJ, Who liu just received a large supply of fresh l.OIJSTKRS, FISH, and fiue nVs rKHs v wtuoti no will serve to customers at tt.o^i, shortest not ce and on li!>erai t?rms. P. 9 ?OysU?r? served to families and hotels are not scaldeil; th?v are only scalded for persons eating them at the saloon. de8 T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /Ov JLWJL R E M O V A L. Jf \ V %0 I have removed my I# PAWN OFFICE to 351 C street, between 4>S and Ctii streets, immediacy in the rear of the National Hotel, where th? business will be continued as heretofore at the old stand. lnol5- m] ISAAC HKRZBKRU. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMKICH- at the corner of Penn.*A avenue and Eleventh street., hr.s t*enY|7<W?y greatly improved recently and now offersJLUuLL greater iuauoemedts for the patronace of citizens and strangers than any other public house in the city, his prions being less than those of any other hotel on Penn. aveuuo, and his accommodations for permanent or tran?ient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arraignments of the European Hotel have already become very j>(>pn lart being all that oau be dosired by the most fastidious. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted attention and oontiaued liberal expenditures to give sat itiaouon so i*u, ana miii r.;newj i^< invitation tr all to rive the European Hotel a errI. de 4-ti Boots and shoes to suit tme TIMES. We are pow manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oorstantly receiviuc ?aef2le supply of eastern made work of every dn-BSgjl scri ptio". made expressly to order, and wiHw Si be sold at a much lower prioe than has been* Wfe heretofore oharjed in una city for much inferior articles. Persona in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or city made work, will always find a rood assortmen in atoreand at the lowost prices. Give us a call. 6riff1n a bro., ap fr-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. Five hundred traveling trunks arrived this day, embraciat all suali SB. Hi ties and siaes of Sole Leather, LaH:es'|Qml Dress and Packing Trunks. Our trunk^?*"4 sales room exhibits at this time the grr>atest variety of traveling requisites-at moderate prices, to be (?^ndo^?/AmKS^aHATrkROXF^TV*lWS COn OI LA 1/1 PiO HA 1 15UAI!<O, Y AlilvCiSi C^RPK'y gAGSL ^TCHJBLS.Ao. ily viu imum tofmiou vi vudo in ezonufe for aev osm. WALL, STEPHENS fc CO? Trunk Sa;e? Room, mar M-tf P*. >vbih)?. FD. L. MOKKIftON & CO.. LOU* AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL, #*.. *r., Corner of 12th and B streets, Washiuiton oity. ftT" Cuh paid for all kind* of Grain, au 25-6m r.?,?. lajcajl ?. a. mott. i. k am. L?>?. MOTT * oLtT SfKlM, ktllo ff 111 practice In the Hich Court of Errors and Appeals at Jack#0B,th0 FederaTCovt at Pou'otrs, the Coarte of the Sevenih J odioial Ihetnct of Miass&awaS swoufi'LSIst w ?. xSizsavms* ' ' ? " L?iVl,ow?,TWi uia ?r|oii Miurimeni ^apse? wsr ^r^js/va* r tf - riSfl P?.. itynn*. SULTANA RAISINS, ~~~~ LAYER RA|?5IN8. SKKD^ESP RAIS'NS, BORDEAUX PRUNES, CAlffrON GIN6ER * ? SING h BUROH&LL. 1 i DENTISTRY. I\KS, I.Ol'K\V(M>L> A DAKRKI.L ARK PREI" pared toi sertTKETH ?>n VU1.CA.N ITE BASK, a new and unproved mr*l*A?#y^f When made mi this plan they are onm ^'' '? * fortahle to wear and much cheaper tban >nj other. Also, Teeth inserted on Gold Plate, and a!l Dental Operations of any kind that may be de'ired. Olfioe? R# im No. A in the Washington Buildinx.o"r?. t?- ? - - - ?? i ?. ov. una yeventnst. ja lfl-Sw* ~~ TEETH. LOOM IS. 1A. D.. ths.-nventor and patentee ofth? MINKRAL PLATK TEETH, at tend* personally st his office in thu eitr.WMSSa? Many persons can wear these teeth who^* ' ' " oannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persons calling at my oftoe oan be aooommodated with any style and prioe or Teeth th?y may desire; bnt to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect dentnre that art oan prod use, the MINKRAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms m this city?No. 33$ Paavenne, between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Phiiauel phia. oo 15 tf TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. UALTIMDRR iNn nnm >?" _ ?? '/III*/ 1% A I IJIVUA i/i 1> WASHiydTUN BRANCH. a?MSB CHANGE OF HOURS. Onard after SUNDAY, November ?th, I860,the (rami wilt run aa follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Firat train at a. m. Seoond Train at 7.40 a m. Third train at3.W p. m., Expreaa. Fourth train at 6p m LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15a. m.. Kxprens. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at 3.10 p. m. Fourth a' 4JW p. in., Expreaa. The firat, aecond and third traina fiom WaahInftnn nniiriMl Hirnn?li: ? J.?-n- ?? ?' -?M?vumu- v * unouc'Piuik sua new York. The second and thir?l connect at Washington Junction with trains for th<* West, South, and Ncrtnwest; also, at Anuapahs Junction, fur An napolis. For Norfolk take the ' 40 a. m. trai . tor the accommodation of the war travel be tw*en Washington and Laurel, a passenger car will be attache} to the tonnage train which leaves at 11 a m. On Saturday p. m. tram goes to Philadelphia only. no 36 d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. THE STEAMER JAS. OUY Wi'l reeume h? trips on TUESDAY, 21st of jr?h. February. 1M0. Will leave W ASH INttTON every TUESDAY and^?"^"* FK1DAY. at f o clock a. ro .and ALEXANDRIA thalf-pa?t6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the mtnrmediafe Landings. On her return irips, she will leave CURRIOMAN ovary WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at t o'clock a. m. LUOIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ag't. Alexandria. feio L^KEMUH KLOWERSOF THE VERY BEST r ?uahty, and an extensive variety. nA . At STEVENS'S ILgfK Fancy Store, fifii no 33 tf 3314. h?tw. ftfh and 1 ??th *ti>. H7ATCH REPAIRING AN DSILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I havrt one of the t>est establishment*. and farms hod with a complete sot of tools for repairiuk every desouption of fine \Vatche?, ami particular attention five to the same, by tnorough competent workmau.and a. work cuarantied AUo, every desorip ion of a'and&rd SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactu'ed und?r m> own tupervision, winch my customers will find far iupenor in quality and finish to northern ware old by (lM)?fs in general anu represented as tiieir own manufacture. f!. O. HOOD, ?e 6 33?* Pa. avennc. nt-ar9th at. n> L'JT I- a """" Knot I" Ail\j I AT PRICKS TO SUIT THE TIMES, A.vd On* Price Onlt, At BTEVENB'S FANCY STORK, no 22 tf S3t. h?tw. <?fh ana loth sta. OFFICIAL ROPOSAI.R FOR KBECT1NG A COURTHOUSE A\n POST UPPIOC 4V Dim ? i nit. rA. Treasury Dfpartmext, December 22,19fio. Sealed Proposals will be rfoei v<*1 at Ihm Department imtil the 2ia day of February, A. D 1M51, at 12 o'oiock at noon, for the construction of the Philadelphia Court-House and Post OKw.uoord in* to tho plana and speoifioaiions prepared at this L?>2partm?r.t. There proposal! must be for the whole wnk;hot ?*ch portion of the work and the amount t> <1 therefor inuit be ?fparatoi? stated ir the bid; the re?peo tive amount tor eain kind of work carried out, arid the total amount stated; the Department le I nerving me rigtit to rejfct or accept tlia proposals hereby invited. or any patts thereof, it d^ma the interest of the United states require* it; the Department Kino reserves the right to exciudc the bids of any person or perkona whom there is jut>t cause to believe will not faithfully perforin the contracts, or which thoy have a'tempted to obtain by indirection; and ail bids when there *ha!l !?e parties in interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that, upon investigation, are be.ow a lair price lor the work. No oontra^t will lie awarded to bidder* until details are furnished the Department of the priors of the different kinds ot work and materials, which s' all he sut ject to the revision of the Department, o that th* gross hi* shall bee^uitab * apportioned upon the whole work to guide the Department ia making payments. Ninety per cent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract priee, (paid amount to be Mccrtims h? the wtimo.Ai an a*em of the Department appointed fur that purpose,) will b* paid from time to time a* the work projrusses, an~! ten pero t.t. retained until the completion of the contract anil nooeptauce ?>f ?he work, ac.. 1*7 the agent aioreeaid, and he loriaitivi in the event of non fulfilment of contractContracts will be awarded only to master builders or mechanics, and the assignment thereof, exaspt by consent of t'e fecrctary ol the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the ?ame. Each proposal must be accompanied b* a writt- n guarantee, ?ignv?d by two responsible persons (oer tified to be so bv the United States District Ju lge. or Attorney of the said district.) in the sum of $2*i,"On. that the binder will, when required. :f ins proposa1 In accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sufficient securities for its faithful aerrormaiioe. Plan?,"?peoihcafione and working dra*in?a can beexamined alter forty day*, an J otner infonnation obtained on app icition to the Depa-tniont. The proposal must be rent to thia Department, addreaaed to the S?ecr*tary of the Treasury. (e*dorff4"Proposal* for the Philadelphia Court //"?>' and foil Ojjre,") and wii! be opened at 1 o'clock p. in ,ol the Jaatdav named for reoeivinR the aame, in the preaenoe of the biddera. if auj ohooae to attend. PHILIP F THOMAS, de24 6"<13taw Secretary of the Treasury. T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, ttft. Wktrtat, * At the present sn?aoiu> the year CHOLERA MORBUS, ^ DIARRHEA, CHOL1C, DYSENTERY. DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, Ao., Ao., prevail to an alarming extent: A*>a wier cc?# ( It mnct be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE """"""'"l-RKMEOY "<,D0# 1M:&5!irt&D&aui~'or Paris, offeri hi* MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER aa ttio moat CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL * REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition is intended in the sale of this Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED in &U ta$ $ when the medicine (ails to give tfhtire saiislaotio Ask.ttien at any Drue Store for DR. MONTARDE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take m direoted, and if not perfeotly aatisfied P.etnrn to oor Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4H Street and Pennaylvania Avenue, who will refund your money. Prioe? 84 ud AO Cents per Bottle. Por eale at all Druj Store* ererywhere. JAB. MoDONNELL, General Agent, Jyll-eotr Hwbiwow. DUPONT'S GUNPOWDER. For ewe at aaulactm-er* prioea, by JOHN J. BOGUE, Giorsitowb, D C. S*U At*ney fm Ik* District 9/ CoiwmHm. t'lot Orderi oan also be left at the^tfioeof Adam** Expmea CnmiMf. Waahinitnn. O. P. | A DIES THICK Wl.NTKR BOOTS of Kid JLj Moroooo, Gnata Skin. Laatince, Battoned, I.aced aixl Velvet Tn?m><>a. BHI Alao Miaaea Bootanfthe aama atyle?, irtfll I aallinx from ? o?nta to ? l. Mr pur, lover" Mb than elae-where in the oJtr. at ? * , WOOD AND COAL. \r WOOD AM) CO A I.. Oil Will surely set your money's worth by oaKing at tne PIOMEKR MII.L8, svniktetti car nrr of Ztr-mh sirtrt and Canal, jOKO PA6K. Atent ) They sell oheaper and kit* better measure than any others in the city?out. split, acd delivered free of eharge. If tui don't believe it. ctve the Pioneer Miila a trial, and be satis&rd. ia 17-l?.r Wo o II AND COAL D*lirer?d to All parti of th? city, at tli? lowacl poMible rate*. T. J. A W. M. 0ALT, OAoe J<*2 Pa. ar., Lotweon 11th and IStii ata., ma 17-tf north uae. "carriage factories. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " L Strut, 9f* and WU Strutt. We har? juat G niahod a number oi first c ua CARRIAGES, such aa Lxtkt Wtiremn, Park Pkentatu, Pkmtlf On-WI armwrnm, wntoa wo wui Mil ft T*r? im&il profit. Reinc practical mechanics in different branches of the bnaincae, we flitter oarseJrea tiiit we kn<>* the atyles and ^ uh:i?t <>f work that w< give aaua faction, oombimnc luhtaeaa, oomiort und dnr?bili tj. lltfMidr.c promptly and oarefnllr attended to tiie shortest nctioe and moat reaeonabl* oliarrea. WALTER, KARMANN & BOPP. Ooaciimakers, successors to >Vn.. T. Hi ok. p yr-dly T CARRIAGES. F?R S?baer.b?r cAvmc m?le addltienate kl taotory, maJtirn it now one of the ^(ett^JHML tn the District, where his facilitiea (orHnK manataolurinsCAR KlAtiE * LIHHTJ^S*E WAGONS of 11 ki&'lactnnot be argued,*nk from hia lore experience >n u* bastneac, ha copes to fire cqnenu aitiaffcotioa. All kiuJa of Cftmasca aa* klgkt Wcxeas kept e> kand. | JLii KfcFAIKS 17 attends te. r>?NiMMM Ukan in f*i ar* I ??M. AKDBKW J. JOYCL, 4 1?M urMr mt HU tU K eta. Dr J. H. MeLEAN S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t* t*? WORLD, ' BpT\ "~* Ma Conipoond, praunl b; tbi tiitilli Be* lier of raota, fcarba, aj Black' Root. Straapa- jjl ap/ficfis nits, Wild Charrp |HK^ jMV B<>rk, &nd Daedalian rmg ar*.?r? into iu can- J **y riaidn! piycipia ? T * ofaaeh trfraainithTT^^^^^* Before t^jnt*or*cMr",,7i,u-fAner taking. wiviv wuuuy by m/ r.?w of diatillinr, pradaeiar daHeloaa, axhUaraiinf aptru, aad tfea moat infiillibla rarnady for r.nctuuf th. 4iaaaaad yf.are, Ld raatanof tba aick, aaffaring, and dakiliuiad iaaalid 10 h?*.:th and atranct*?. MeLKAN S'sTRENOTHBX1XH CORDIAL Will tfieiull; cici I?'?*r Complaint, Dyiftpin, J?*o die*, Ciir*OIC or NirfOM DaMiiij, Diaaaaa* of th* Cidnay*, * 4 til di***?a* ariainf from a di>?rd*r*d Lirar or Stomach, lj*p*pt.?, Diartbsrn, Inward Pil**, Aeidur or Sickr.*** of th* Htoroecb, Falln*** tf Blcod to tat Htaa, Dull Pain Of wimminf in tb* H*?d, Palpitation ef th* lf**rt, or Waifht in th* Storeaeh. Sow Kiaciation*, Chokiof or Stfoc^UBf Pitiinf wh*n larirr do*n, Dryi.*u or Ycl>oV. n?M of lb* fkin and Er*?, Niri! Driiti, Inward F*?*r?, Pain in tba ln?!l of tb* Eia, Clm, or Mid*. Soddoo Fla?h** of Baat, D*pr***ion of Spirit*, Frtfbtfal Droama, Unpor, DttMudioi.; or *?y r.*rroa* di**?**, Soro* or Blotch** on th* Bkio, an* F*?or aad A(?* (or Chili* and fmtJ nvvp t wffj i rn v mw * * bar* ho*n {old dam f lb* l**t *n mor.tha, and in no initanca baa it faiUd 10 firing *nur* *ati*f*ction. Who. than, will *aff*r from WitintH or D*btlity wb*n MCLEAN'S VRENbTBEMINU COfCDIAL will car* yoa 1 Ho lanfaaf* can cooray adaq**t* Ida* of tba immodt* at* Mid *lmo*t mraeatoa* chanf* prodacid by lakiof thi* Cordial in th* diao***d. dabiliiAiad. \nA ahktt??il n?**Ma 7*t*n>, vhathar krskt^ d?*n by llciu, WMt by nturi. r Impaired by, lha ra!n?il and anatranf argtniHLtt I* rtalarad ta K? rruiina ha?:;h and rif ;r MARRIED PERSONS, a* then, tMaciiu of inability fr? ?h>'t??r caaaa, will ?i.<J MrbEAN* STAEBtiTltKMNO CORUiAL a tharaagh rtfauarrtar ?f lb* ytcau; and all !? ma* ban in )ar*d ibaniaalraa by imprapar in da If ancaa will tad in thia CaiiHal a ??rtaui and J ramady. I TO THE LADIES. Mi LEAN* KTKKMGTHKS1WG CORDIAL U a aa?ar **? and spaed/ care for Incipient Cot.aan.puan, WSuaa, I Uir.nctad ar Difteait Menetraatien,lacontiaenee of Cnna ar Ir.veianury Dteciiarje thereof, Frlluif of tba Womb, iddinoea, Faintinf, and all dieeieee incident ta Femalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar na lauftr. Taka it aecardinf ta diractiana. It will I firnUInfA nfr?ii#(han. *>1/1 in?imr>9 ??. p-J bloem af htnltb la meant tjir c'it'sI aftiu. Every hettl* it vtirantad U ?i?a **ii*f*CUcu. FUR CHILDREN Ifyear children <ri sickly, pan* or tlicul, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will iritk* ih*io healthy, f*t, tn<! ratasi D*Uy dm a namerl; ujr il? uil ye? will kt tei.'ii.ced. It ia deli cieat te lake. CAUTION. Bawara af dnffiat* ar datlar* wba nay try ta palm apeo yaa earn* bitter or atraapanlla traah, which th*y cut try ch*tp, by (tying it is tint a* rood. Avoid *ach >* . Ask far MCLEAN'S VrRENOTHENINti CORDIAL, and take tothiiif alt*. It ia th* only remedy that will rarify tha Bloo<i -.noraafhl* and ttlha atme tin.* *tr*uftb*n th* system. Oo* teaapooofal ttliu ??*ry iiioniiif fi*tinf i* t certain prsT*-i:i?* for Cholara, Chill* and Pavar, Tallow K**ar, ar my prevalent di*aa*a. It i* pat ap In large bottlat. Trie* oly ?1 per bottle, er < b?ttlee for JT H M< LEAN. I* proprietor of tfcta Cordial; elan, McL*uH Volcanic Oil Linin-iut. Pnr.cijitl Depot a* iLe earner af Third and Pine urtsu, St. Laau, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BUT UmXINT IN THE WORLD ) Til* kI; ufi and eirttin car* for Caaeera, Pilee, T?. mere, I?illi!.|iu4 Bronchi)* or Coatre, Paralyeia, NtaralfiK., Witki iii af tie Maeclee, Chrome or In B? minatory Rhearcaaem, Bufneee *f the ioinu, (?.tracnd Maeclee ar bifenitr.u, Earache ar Toothache. Brtueee, pnuit, Pr**b C*u, W*ui.d*, Ulcere, fim Serea, Caked Bruit, Bora Nipplee, Corn*, Sealde, Sort Throat, or u; iniai.imatioc or < pel.i, no difference hew nxri or lour th* diet*** may ba<i eiieted, McLEANI CELEBRATED LINIMEVT ta a etmiu remedy. Thwi^ndi af "hainen bauip ha?e been caved a lif* of dia arepr.ade and mi**ry by iki aaa af thia UtaluMa remedy. MtLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve p*in almoat initaiiUnaouly, and it will cleaa, parify and haal th* foaleet aoraa in an tncradibla ahort una. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia lha orly a.fa and raiiabl* remedy for th* cor* af Bpavia, Ru.rt one. Windfall*, Sjm.ta. Onnatartl Laiupe, Nodee or Bwellinre It a*T*r failed to car* Bif H*td, Palla?il, Fietaia, Old Ranninf Boraa, or Sweeny, if properly applied. For pram*, Bmieee,, Cracked Reele, Cnafae, Saddle ar Collar (jalle, Cate, Boras, ar Woaada, it la an infallible remedy. Apply it aa directed and a care u certain ia every ine tance. Than trila a* lonrer with th* many worthleea Lir.ioiente offered ia yoo. Obtain a eapply af 1)1. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT. It will care yoa J. H. McLEAN, Bole Proprietor. Corner Thir d and Pine aw., It. Loaia, Ma CHARLES 9TOTT, ITS Pa. a*., ecle agent in Waahanf lae; t,l. T.ClttEL.Oewfeleva aeM-DAWI? f REEMAN ? SIMPSOI)^ The above PUEE W H1SKY, Cofrm* Di?till*? ?*5 Ge^ih, beinfwffervor md nifc.rin in iuiiui uw u|OJ7 imfruTru 07 if?, ia piwiiig br oonanmera to all other Whiakiee, and parties larly recommended by the beat phyaiciane and Mmieta aa pcaaeaair.c all the reaair?menta of a TV*? TtmiU /*atf eraior mmd Etmedi*l iinu. The t*cimylkill Water of Phiiado phja. used in the distiHation of thia Whiaky, ia a roved by analy 2a to bathe aoraat and pareat water iathe United Btataa: and to th*a may, in a ireat decree, be at tribnted the exo*i;ene? of tki?Wja?eky. For aalaby FRKEMANTt SIM 1 *ON. Phewi Distillery, Onthe Schaylkih river, Philadelphia Ottoee?Wall atraet, New York; 109 t^oath FronWatreet, Philadelphia, mar fa. i? MILITARY BOOKS-lnatrao?iona for Field lTI Artillap* K? ? UnarA a? Arm? hffiaa-r 1 ??.i kind Book of Artillery, by 0?*l U. H. A--1 Tol., rr o< 91. RtrdM1! T*ot)M. 1 vol., at an. Soo?'. Iaa*try TmA!*, 1 rol?., ft W Diotioaary of thi a'hbj of th? UuiUd Hu?m. by 10trdur. For nliby BIANCHABD A mohcn. ift B C oruir ofTa. n.aJitrwi. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. J Tin ??l iwirt ?- l Waiai ft mMr nrtUr ?( MKMai miM | itea ?a b? feaad ia Mr '? ? HMVM m Friday mortin*. 8?aii??ory. ?? ?? ? Kltt OOflM _ MMi I ?- * 1* Ten oopijx , I* Twenty IntopM 9 ? It lavanablf MBlaiDa tt* M WMkimftov Nm" that hu nad? Tk* Dmib Mmmim OMr itrwiM o (?wnllT throne host the ooutrr. G7Buwl??opiM(la wrapMrai eu b? p?N at th? oomctor, 1?rtimi; titer tM um of tW H?er. rnoe?THRKK CKNT8 1 ^??????? EDUCATIONAL. Tn?? imnMiuiwii ? ..von i WHO Will UMir tMfhtan to I?ceive a thorough and *?*tematic education, vhrt their phjMoal training will reoeiva dam a?d UUatioB, ??der the moet approved nibm of CXu? tn'mo* and Gymnaatio*. ar? reapeothi .y invited ? tait the Union Peinaie Aaadlwy. corner Foar teanth at. aiui New \ ork av MR. k. MRS. Z. RICHARD*, an *? tf Pr i no i pal a. IT* KM ALE BOARDING AND DAY BCloOL M r?. ft. "j Lr2^AEm. V11 pcipaL. The thirteenth annua, eeeaioa of this IusUUtioa vill oommeaee on Tuesday, 9ept*nibar lfth, la the house reoently occupied by sylvdlter SeoCt, Eh, No. ISO Km? etre*T^ The oouree of study pursued will oomprieea.. the brauohes requisite to a thorough English Ma cation^aod Muaic. Krenon, Latin and Drawing, if In addition to day scholar*. Mra. MeCormiok la prepared toreoeivea limited number of pupils a* boarder*, who. constituting a part of her owa M i:y. will t?e aadsr her mm?diitle ware an?l sup?rv ion. She will endeavor, aa tar ae poaaible. to ear roun<1 them with the oom forts and kiadl* imkmmmm i 1 of Hiwn? w. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Eliaa I Htrriion, R?t. D. F. 8?fi|(, William H fowie. 1 P.M.. Edgar r*now?1*n.fc??|-. Edmund F WlUaer Eh., H?*nry Marbarjr. hn., Lewie MfKrnin K?q- R"l*r? H. Hont.m. En . W. D. Wailaoh Editor Evu.ini St?r. Hfujamia Wttora, Km Jm I Entwiele. Jr., F.m..Co.. W.Minor. Loidoun Meter*. Blaoktuck k Marshall, Mtwri Cor Brothora. Term*. Board, with Tuition id aA (he En* leh B-uehM. f lor the annual aeaaion?payable mh in adranoa. Music and Laacnacea at Profeeeora' rnoaa. |ET No axtra chargea. aa Ml #Cttrr Comgh, Cold, Jm fvmza amy irruuti** e? Sort *<<? of 14* Tkroni, Ktlur* rko HKk-ni Couth ta Coufnmr I ???*. ?'rm'k'iw, 4i4?u. t Catarrh, Clear mm4 m? *trem*t4 Id 'U.r?KI of PUBLIC SPEAKERS avd SINGERS. Fair are ?*?r? of the important of oheeKiac a PA?.k ? - will IM wmiinoii cold" in IU ferst ituc; tbt which in the begintnc would ?ield U> a mi)d rwn? dT, if neglected, aoon attack* the Luun*. "B'furn < Br<mck\al Trofkn." containing demuioentiacredl enta, allay Pulmonary and B'onchtal Irritation. "That trouMe in my Throat, (fc?r BROWN'S which the "Trodu*" are a *p*oitici i , harm* made me often a mere whit TROCHEf perer. N. P. WILLI* R o fi\v\'s " I reeotnmecd their nee to Prattc BKOWi* t 8pKAlKES .. TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great aervioein aobduing Ho*ate . BROWNf Hss." REV. DANIEL WISE. tp rir*n irtt "Almoii initaet relief in the 4ieinuciitw trMlslIlf lalwr of braathinc peealiar BROWN'S 10 Ae"?v. K. C. EGGLESTON. TROCH-ES ** Contain ao Op 1 urn or aoy thing injurious.* DR. A- A HA 4 Efe. BROWN'S Ckemut, Bottrm. T*OCH*> uMWXijF*" ???M" ' , BROWN'S * >*. 4. F BlOELgW^ . | TROCHES ' STV.Tim. BR< w N !* ,j h,v, prov*d IM eioe'.faat for T?OCH?jW-"TrtrrV. WARREN. BROWN'S! BotUm m Bentfiottl wh*n eovtiMUed to Mowvf Tanruv* "ErricTtu ii rMwnni Hutn* TKUiUbv Q(>M Md [rrlUtlon 0fih? Throat, ao BROWN'S ?^J?on *llh Bnuu' " 8r** TROCHES rrof. M. CTACT JO.BMWj, BROWN'S T~bViKS5ftrW*' TROCHES 14 Grmt bwfet wbK t*k<m b&fo^ and after pre^chm*. fc* th#r prevent rpnwN-s totvws wim JljuiwsftrTROCHES rantag^to Row..Y, A. M BROWN'S President ot Atiicm Culi?c?, Tacn. troches de 1 ly ?pHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESF.MAR.1.2 and 9-Prateoted by Royal Letters Patent of En*.and, ai o armored by m Sea.s o| the Ecolu de Pbarmaoie de Ffhc, and the Imperial College of Medisioe. Viecna No. 1 i* invaluable for exhaustive and natorrhea, End al1 physical disabilities. No. 2 complexly eradicates all traces of those diseases that have l>een hitherto treated by the uaa seous and pernioi us use of copai va and oubebs. No. 3 nas eutireiy supplanted the injurious u?e of mercury, thereby insuring U> the sutierer speedy relief, dispersing ah impurities, and rooting out the venom of disease. THIEVE MAR. N os. 1, 2 and S. are prepared in the form of a lozenge, devoid of taste and siael , and can be carried id tiie waistooat socket, fold in tin oaaee, and divided intoaeaarate'doeea, lf?*T mimiUrnl by Veipeeu, Lft. Rom, Rioorrf, fce Price #S cach, or four otm for ftt. which save* J3; and in #2?oaaee,wherebv toere la a paving of ?9. To be had, wholesale aod retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 RiMckrr tre*t. New York. Iir.mediate t on receiving a remittanoe. l>r. Barrow will forward the Tnacemar to any part of the world, ecurely packed, and a4dr*eeec according to the inutructi tit of the writer. The Book, of aH othere, that should be rea^l by men with damaged and broken down oocatittiUone la "Huu>ai> Fr*jjtv, or Phvaioiocieal K eeearchea " It is beautifully liluatrated. and treata ""nutrly of all the irmp obi that invariable develop them e'vea. aooncr or later, resulting from the rVailtiea and vit.&ting habita of eerli routh, lncapaottatmg the victim from ahariog the fruition of the matrimonial atate, and. if not oheoked in time, decenerKing all t".e functions of manhood. and bringing m, atep by ?t?p to a [ingenue and untimely Sold by Dr. HARROW, 194 Bleecker atreet, four door a below Maodougai, New York. Price B oer.ta. Sent free every where. Sold aisoDy 8. C. Ford, Jr.. Drag Store, Waeh mtton. if. u. d# 29-6m FOR stampin? r^y> A PACKET OF PAPER Sj | AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH. I ? tfc* " CHARGE! METROPOLITAN Vll BOOKSTORE. PHILP A SOLOMONS. Aieatf for Lamrmet's eMmMI Ltmrm Pap?r?, "MrtroK V** Mill*," tc. e V ly 33? P>.>Th bac 9t> fc?d 10U ?to 1861 oui'"- 1861 Commence the Year wntk a Diary. A v? aftbl* Pock?t Companion fflr r#ciBt?rin? ev?cu put. ?r??ent, fcDd fntor*; poctAioint r%tM oi postage, ftiPUM* a uiiuii >fM IW ( rthb for every day in the year, ot?k aaooact for aaob month, muimU summary of oash aaaoaat Mil* payable and reoeivahie. Don't ba without oh of the?e useful little uventra. Tbe most rv-ir p elegant, and desirableassortment ever leaned.a?? rising twelve sixes and upwards of flAy sty lee, at 8HILl-.INGTON,>i Bookstore, ^ ^ Odeon Banding, oorner of.4^ street and D1 A R 1 E B! DIARIES'! 0IAIIKIX 1*V/teaper eve1**1 Wa will take aa axtracisouunl of B per ml of of a) Diaries purahssed from as for oash. We are desirous nfc.osinc oat the remsoceroi oar tars* tKw. AT PSSIH-tfVm Pm. SSJfc fa 82&fiL,Ste 2.',' Jte. for J* Sabine's Notes on Duals and Daalinc; lias , cloth; fl-ii by mail. Bigourney's illustrated Poems, aloth filt. It V Lanb'a Emn on Loll*; 12mo., olotk portrait, #l36by nail. U of Lor.if?iiow,? aad Ik* Manrol'a Wo'tr* Omr uul bwrr diaootnt on Hooka from Uie ** MM pnoM for ?^hEWB OOL AND COLLMK OUTKI r? b' mmd Clothing fw School mmd jSiSUrtCtflSSiS^i^n.To'.^ { ' for tM oonuac Mtaoa, ut mvi'od to "' If'.Ht G?*yiM.:p,?& ewaw ml oo. C'g&w*' 4*1 uwe 4 KJECHKLL.

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