Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1861 Page 2
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1 J '1 iJE EVENING STAR. {WASHINGTON C1TT: TUESDAY February *, 1961. <pirit of Ike Mtralai Pre*? CThe IntelligeHcer argue* that If the present government baa proved a failure because of its Inherent weakness. It will be impossible for the South to build a stabl? structure of government without discarding the principles Invoked for the destruction of the Federal Government f The /UjfMbltmm sajrr "The men who dislike to ?ee troops here, are thoae who perceive that these troops may defeat their designs of selling npon the city of WsshIngton Here is where the shoe pinches, and there can be no better ear mark of a traitor, than clamoring against the n?ea*ures which can posaik ' bly produce no evil, but which Insure the safety If tKs trrtAnc nftt rtbey may, at'least, aa well be here aa anywhere elar ? Tm? Viaatma Elsctio* ?The returna ao ftr (received. Indicate that Virginia haa rolled up an lamenae majority against thoae who have eaaayed to precipitate her Into revolution. The following are the facta and figures of the result, received at the Star office up to the hour at which we go to preaa to day: Alexandria?Brent, (Union.) 681 majority; and for reference of fhe action of the Convention bock to th? people, 1.014 majority. Airtnarii?noicom (secessionist) ana souin&i (Union) elected. CkttterJUld?Cox (Union) elected Augvca?Baldwin, 13aylor, and Stuart, (all Ualon.) ?WW. Prin-t William?Hunton (secessionist) elected. Cuiprptr?Barbour (Union) elected by three or four to one. tiapj'akannocJc?Morflt (Union) elected by about 400 majority. Ornng*?Morton (secessionist) elected. Faultier? Scott and Marr (Union) elected by a large majority Fairfax?Dul&ny (Union) elected. Richmond City ?Johnson (Union) and Randolph (seceasionis') elected. It w*s not known definitely last nljht whether McFarland, (Union,) or Robertson or Ste^er, (secessionists.) is elected. Richmond elects three, and the contest for third on the list was very close JfoiMta?Wlckham (Union) elected. C*mpb*ll?Speed and Slaughter (Union) elected. reter>eurg?Brairtn (Union) elected by 11 majority?427 Union v?tps( the exact number received by allace, the seres*! on candidate.) were thrown awav on a second Union candidate in Petersburg Dinu-idf e, Print* George, and Greensville, alt elect Uniou sta Cknrlotu baa elected a secessionist; and the returns frcm Am'lta and Nottavuy indicate that they bave each elected a aectsaioniat Sorfolk has elected Blow (Union) by 481 majority Portsmouth haa elected Holiday (Union) by 787 majority. Pittsylvania, Halifax, and the city of Lynthburg, Lave elected Unionists Ok to (co ) haa elected Sherrard Clemens and C. D Hubbard (Union) by about 500 majority Princess Anm ?It was believed in Norrolk laat evening, that Burroughs (Union) b^d beaten Henry A. WIse in Princess Anne. Jtaricm, Taylor, Wood, Brooke, and H'incotk .? ? ?- a - - nave vi exec tea l monisu. J*ffersen ?A. W Barbour and Osborne (Union) Jested by about ?3U majority. Frulerick bas elected a Union man. Lvudoun baa elected John Jantiey and another Union man bv an immense majority. These returns indicate that the disunionists ftr it have teen beaten in this Virginia election overwhelmingly. The majority in the Convention of 152 members againit them can hardly be less than f?0. On the question of the reference of . the action of the Convention back to the jeople, they are certainly beaten somew!yr? between 30,tM) and 50,l*A? of the popular vote' They (the * disostcnlsU j"T tt) every where voted against the proposition to refer. !*ee our columns elsewhere for later returns W?at Dou it me4h T?We are beset on all Idea verbally for an explanation of tbe meaning of tbe recent overwhelming defeat of disunion j>tr j? In Virginia. It has a significant meaning, Indeed. It tells of her abiding devotion to the Union as made by our fathers?to its principles and the result of their supremacy in Its government, Just ss her equally-unexpected rebukeof the revolutionary madness of Kcow-Notbingi*m told the same Ul?s a few years siuce It tells of ber abiding confidence In the patriotism of tbe?at the South?so universally-abused and misrepresented North. Due umm urviared by a majority u? irom thirty to 41ftv thousand toU*i. In ih*? t\f t?v? m/>-? siitent aud truculent efforts to work her loose from her traditional 1'nion-loving mooring*, that she baa an abiding confidence that the North does not Intend to revolutionize the Government so that it shall hereafter be an abolition Government, wielded palpably against southern Interests and southern rights under 'he Constitution. S^e has proclaimed her belief that the great controversy of the age rcay not only be settled honorably and fairly in the Union, but that the (for the mot', part) experienced, patriotic and able retired American statesmen, now assembled here as Commissioners of the several States, trill settle it upon terms that will not only keep her people and the people of all the border slave holding States lu the attitude of staunch defenders of tbe Union, but will enable them speedily to bring the tlx seceded State* back without firing a gun; a victory to be won for the cause of the abiding character of free principles, a thousand fold more glorious than any that history tells of among all the thousands of bloody victories by which civillied governments have been strengthened, from the days of Athens's greatest power, pride and strength, to this 5th of February, 1*61. It proclaims that she doe* not believe that " coercion ' will either be needed, or be justifiable. It proclaims her guarantee that if the North meets her and the rest of the border slave-holding States la the Washington Convention In the spirit la whieh she met tbe North yesterday, in three IPfintht frAm thU ?4?4 ? .. .. ? , .*?? i?< vtuvtvu a^Q I UBi IUC iCVOlstlooary authorities in all the weeded States, will make Aaron Burrs of them in the estimation of their people It proclaims, further, ber abiding confidence in the fairness and propriety, under existing circumstances, of the proposition of settlement upon which ber Unionists all went into tbe contest?the Crittenden propositi on?as a basts of a settlement ' of tbe whole trouble. She has resisted the torrent of disunion, that up to yesterday had swept ail before it like a tornado, that she may bare the right to demand in such a vice of thunder as that in which she yesterday spoke, that tbe North, sinking all party consid aawu uuite wna a?r to secure anotter century of Internal peace, prosperity, progress end universal happiness under tbe government of tbe United States, by at once coming up to tbe settlement of tbe dangerous question, on terms tUI will instantly sweep from under tbelr feet tbe ground npon which the disunion conspirators of tbe South have stood In tbelr so lung snd desperately foegbt, and so nearly won, battle against tbe oontlnuance of tbe best government that man was ever blessed with. TBS Closes Dooas or Tit Puci Convention ?It U understood that Gov. Price, of N. J , yesterday moved that tbe sessions of tbe Peace Convention be held with open doors, at least until after tneir permanent organisation ; and that Mr. 8eddon,of Va .resisted tbe motion, on tbe ground that giving such publicity to th?t r - - ?... , ?i* woukl toad to embarrass the freedom tod con 11dence of dlacussion which should characterize thetn?their proceedings. The views of Mr fVddon teeming to be generally concurred In, Mr. Fries withdrew bia motion. Believing that a large majority of tbe Convention are bent in good' faith on aettling the trouble*, we see no reason to regret that they have determined to consult and confer like members of oue household upon metiers of common interest to all of them, rather than I m pern MB politicians striving to make political capita] for sectional or party advantage. Elected?We have a private dispatch from Montgomery, Ala., tb'.s moraine;, announcing the j unanimous election of Howell Cobb, of Georgia, j to be the President of tbe Southern Congreaa that BMrt featerday for the first time These gentlemen I are sharp?thai to get him oat of the way aa an aspirant for their Secretaryship of the Treasury, so promptly. It la evident that ' burnt children,'' ttea of their age, "dreed the lire " ICT A Union pole 114 feet high, itirmounlrd ; toy Um AOMrlcan 1*K, w" raised at the "Four ! Lock*." Md , on tto? Ut iMtut Spwchwtato*. b?U <4 U? Uiloa ww? waUm . * ? ?. * * # COFIARKMIONAA.. ? our report closed yesterday? The special order (President'? message) w?? taken up. After a nrntn?<?)l itatiab Hatwren Senators Cling man, Hale, and Lane, the bill for the organization of a temporary government for the Territory of Idaho was taken up. Mr. Green moved ao amendment so aa to bring the western boundary of Idaho further east. Agreed to Mr Wilson moved an amendment, changing the name of Idaho to Colorado; which was also adopted The bill was then read a third time and passed, and the Senate adjourned. Hocsk ?At the close of our report? Tbe House was in Committee of the Whole on the deficiency bill. After a lengthy debate, the committee rose and reported tbe bill to the House with amsndments On motion of Mr Sherman tbe House agreed to take a recess escb day from 4 till ? o'clock p m., ..Kill A tk. _ t ~ # TWi.?.. 4U ... limit tur icpvi * Ul lUQ VVUIOiUVCC UI A UII?T-*UI cc hall be disposed of. The House then adjourned. Tuesday, February 5. Senate ?On motion of Mr Trumbull, a joint resolution was passed for the meeting of the two Houses of Congress in joint aession to count the votes for President snd Vice President ou the 13th of February, instant. Mr. Fltcn reported a bill from the Printing Committee In favor of printing 15,000 extra copies of the (mechsnlcal) Patent Office report; passed. Messrs. Wade and Ten Eyck presented petitions urging them to stand tlrm by the Constitutlon. Mr Dixon presented a similsr petition from I0.(i00 persons for the "border State'' settlement Messr* Bigier, I'olk, Cameron and Crittenden presented other compromise petition*, ere our report went to press. House ?Tbe Speaker laid before tb# House a communication froin tbe Secretary of State, transmilting to Congress tbe annual report on foreign commerce for tbe year 1360; referred to Committee on printing. Several memorials were presented from tbecitixena of various States, praying an early settlement of tbe National dllficu:tlrs, and laid on tbe table. Mr. Faruswortb presented to tbe House tbe certificate of election of Cbarles Morgan, of Idabo Territory, as a delegate to tbe United States Congress; referred to Committee on Elections. Mr. Ely. of NY. Introduced a bill to lunend an act to limit tbe liabilities of sbipowneis. Referred to Committee on Commerce. Mr Taylor sent to tbe Clerk's desk a copy of the ordinance of secession pass?*d by tbe Louisiana State Convention.with tbe request that it be read Mr Spinner objected to it. He thought it was time to put a stop to sucb treasonable proceedings in tbe Hall of Representatives. Thk Cloud Dispelled!?'Tbe "Mother of States and Statesmen" bas at last spoken, and in tones tbat prove to all tbat ber sentiments Lave been most grevionsly misrepresented (when to mlsrepresent tbein thus has helped to cause ber people the loss of millions upon millions of dollars in the depreciation iu the value of tbeir stocks, lands, negroes, and otber property) by a large majority of her representation in Con^rets. Vesterday, in the face of the ten-signed manifesto of her senators and eight of her Representatives, and of the similar manifesto of another of the latter?Mr. Smith?published only four or five days since, she deliberately pronounced by a popular majority of lietween thirty and tlfty thousand, somewhere, against the disunion policy they have been so assiduously laboring to Induce her to adopt Their advice and entreaty were that she should Immediately secede, and should not de mand the right to sit In judgment upon the acts of her approaching convention; against both of which she baa decided by the immense majority indicated above About the worst beaten gentleman among U>em it Senator Mason, whose congressional district? the district in which he resides?baa probably thrown the largest anti-secession majority in this contest As his dlsunionism has waxed more and more rampant here, the Unionism <>f the Winchester district has grown warmer and more all-pervading. Verily, ke is not a prophet in his own hoine. How atrociously he has been misrepresenting hi* constituents in his late ultra disunion course, could not be made plainer than by this popular verdict of Virginia, by from 30,UU0 to au,uuu majority igiloit the Tiewiiod ldeaa Mr * Mason baa been so grandiloquently laying down aa thoae of "My [bis] honored State," In tbe Senate chamber! Tmk Ei?ict.-W# never witnessed so much heartfelt joy displayed over the result of a politlv^ma uvukvst mw * * uv tt Vvtu^ ?? a0. - ? A V j kk.. Unionists In Washington over that of yesterday's contest In Virginia. They all duly comprehend that its efl'ect cannot fall to be to bring the North, In tbe Peace Congress, up to th-: sentiment for which it was so glorious a vie tory. To that of tbe absolute necessity for making a full, fair and final settlement of all the slavery questions of the times by such Con. greatlonal legislation and Constitutional guarantp? tnr ?h? ? ' J * ' .va ?ww u*uiv j D3 (ydiiii anu patriotic Q1SCus* Bion In the Peace Congress may show to be necessary. Every Union delegate elected by Vlr giuia yesterday, planted himself upon the po- I sitlon that when the North came to speak through her representatives selected to give the country .peace, prosperity and a renewed lease upon a grand national existence, sh? would frank ly and patriotically concede all that the Inlonloving border States regard as necessary to crush out thtsplritof disunion at the South for a century to come, not only within their owu limits, but In a brief time, in every seceded State They all held that It would be quite time enough for the border lavebolding States to consider wbere their future destiny out of the original Union should be, when the North, In the Peace Congress, had deliberately elected to refuse to aid Virginia's patriotic work of bringing l>ack Into the Union, by peaceable I means, the seceded States. W? h?v?. I - ?."g faith that the North in the Peace Congress will, indeed, meet Virginia'* confidence <u manifested yesterday. in the spirit < baracterizing her glorious work of that memorable day. Aa w? eo to rasas to day, Mr. Bouligny, of Louisiana, is refusing to vacate his seat in Congress, and is making a Union speech. ftritaal Hon. L. Cass, jr ; Hon. John W. Brockenbrough, Va., are at Browns'. Capt R.O.Tvler, U 8. A; E C Doran, Lieut Fauntlerov, U S. N ; Capt. Jno. Graham, Edward Howe, jr., N. V., are at Willards'. Terestia, tbe daughter of Garibaldi, Is about to be married to M. Lucian Blanc hi, a professor at Sieiiu* Hon. J . T. Pratt, Conn ; Jno. Robinson, C Grlihu, A. Piper, H C s*ymor.d?, J S Webb, U 8. A ; Amos Tuck, N. H.; Samuel Ames, R. 1., are at tbe National Terence B. McManui, one of tbe Irish exiles of 1?46, who escaped from Australia to California iu 1857, died at St. Mary'a Hospital, San Francisco, January 15, aged fifty years. He occupied a prominent position among the Irish population there. The news from Panama announces the death of Mr. Joseph L. White, of New York. Mr White left that city on the 2t?t of December last, for Nicaragua, via Panama, ^ud took passage on the Panama Rallro*! Company's steamship Columbus on the 30th ef tbe same montb. His business In Nicaragua was to purchase certain exclusive privileges of the government for the * ??iurri ug ot iuaia rubber; in wbicb enterprise he I was connected with a New York bouse. On tbe Stb of January, st Point Icaco, Mr White encountered one Jonathan Gavitt, a Bostonian, who had been unsuccessful in a negotiation similar to that In which Mr. White was engaged Entering Into a dispute with Mr W , Gavitt finally procured a revolver, followed him as be went to his room, and shot him. The ball took tffect in Mr. White's leg. The wounded limb was amputated, but mortification ensued, and Mr. W. died on the evening of the 24th ult . ICTAdvlcrt from Vera Cruzstate that Secretary Toucey's orders to tbe home squadron were received by tbe commander of tbe squadron, ou tbe 19th ult?*nd be immediately proceeded to execute the ore. sent, wbicb was to send to Florida tbe steam frigate Powhatan, tbe Sabine, and tbe sailing corvette 8t Louis Oil examination, however, |t was discov?>rMl *k?? ?n ? " " " .... >u ius icarii OI IDe I!(*t were so burl of provision* us to render It uiiadvi*able to send miy of tbe vessels on special aervlce l<ef->re tbe stores were replenlahed, and tt waa believed ttat tbe veaaels designated wtould fl st proceed to Havana for that purpose. Tbe order from tit* Navy Department bad created tbe greatestt excltem-nt In tbe squadron, and some disaff-cllon exlatei smoiif th- officers of tbe Powhatan, of wtom tt.e First and Third Lieutenants, and tbe Purser. Immediately resigned. Their resignations were only conditionally accepted, and they were refnaed permission to leave the veaael "Fiuiid imto tbb Skevicb ?The little United States steamer Ida. sttac bed for some time Mat to tb*- rivet dredttai service, has been taken in po*? session by the iutt authorities, Is now plying reguteri? between tbe city and Fort Pulaski.*'? S*rannnk Htpmbltrmi% f % PEfARTmEST WEW>, | The Niw Postal Ekv*loi>*.?The new potUl envelope rem* likely to tucceed beyond the expectations of tbe Government Tbo New Vork I Commtrtial Adttriiftr thus announce* the >nc im vi Iur due tcui ucuvuuiiauuu juok iNueu Q> the Post Office Department: ? "The lnue of the one cent stamped envelope by the Post Office Department baa recel ved the practical endorsement of the great commercial metropolis. It has thoroughly penetrated the coaotI ng-rooms of the city, and Is besides extensively used for circulars. The prestige and popularity of the new improvement of the dissolving lines, combined with this envilope, seem likely to secure for it an unparalleled demand fbr commercial correspondence '' Vk*dict m thk Cask op Jackalow.?'The trial of the Chlnainan "Jackalow," indicted for the murder of the captain of the sloop S*prav, and /?. .aKKu... ...a. T? ? _ avi vwvci y , wm tuutiuuru av a ictni'ii on r^ttiurday The Jury returned the following Yerdict: " We find that the prisoner called John alias John Canoe, alias Jackaiow. Is guilty of the robberv charged In the firat count in the indictment In tne manner therein, and that th? olfence was committed on board the slpop Sprav, which at that time was lying on the watera adjoining the State of Connecticut, beetwen Norwalk Harbor and Westchester county. In the State of New York, and at a point five mile* eastward from Lyon's Point, one and a half miles from the Connecticut shore at tow water mark; and then further say that the defendant is not guilty on the other counts In the indictment." An appeal will be takeu. m a SOCTHEKn htmpathiz1e shot dead is Ohio.?The Zanesvllle Courier of the 1st instant, contains the particulars of the shocking murder of William Wilklns, a few days previous, at Sewellsvllle, Belmont cotinty, Ohio The murdered man was eneaged in a heated discussion of the national troubles, during which be earnestly sided with the South, and exhibiting a pistol expressed his willingness to fight forcer One of nls companions, who had taken part in the?dltcusslon, requested Wilklns to let him see the pistol, and upon his compliance with tbe request, remarked that If those were Wilklns' sentiments, It was as good a time now as any other to make a commencement, and placing the weapon at tbe breast of tbe latter, fired, tbe ball entering the heart and killing him Instantly. No arrest were made. Fo*t Scmtkr ?Tbe anxiety in relation to Fort Sumter begins to retire, InSlew of the preparations looking to an attack making by South Carolina. An officer of the nawv. inat nrrlvwl frnm th. neighborhood of Charleston, declare# that an aunult will be made on the fort In the next fortyeiglit houra. A private letter from S;imter states that Major Anderson la fullv prepared to resist any attack. The columblads, wh ch were not mounted when he took posseMlon of the fort are now all In readiness to give a good report of themselves One of these gui:a was discharged the ( ther nighl to try it, and all Charleston was immediately in arms, the brave South Carolina militia believing for a time that Uncle 8am had opened the bill [Y"5=?NKW CAVALRY CORPS ?Th? citixeni U_3 of the oity and county of Washington iii? pored to form a Cavalry i;?inpany are r-?prct(ully rAnllMtikH tA mAik? 4 -W 11 "-? u*",; " >v ui?/v> u>v viai ft 1*11116 ciu i??, tin lilt lilad"n?t>ur* turnpike, vu THURSDAY EVENING, the 7th limt., lit 3 o'elnek p. rn fe SEVERAL COUNTRYMEN. r5=? TO ARMS, VK BRAVE !?55kcf)sd ? ward haufh for the fray-m adjourned meeting ofihe Cit zens rftn? ' eci nj Ward will ( ? re d at the Hall in tne Old Union Offie*. on K gfrret, etwe0!! 13th Rnd I4'h etw , on TO MORROW (WednestiRT) EVENING at 7S o'ol'?rk. The jonn: men of the W*rd favo'aSle i? a military orranizati"n ar? invited to attend, & thf ejection of offi .erg will tain place. J. A. BAKER. Reo.See. TjaPHfKMX BUILDING ASSOCIATION lk_3 A npeci*l ine^tmc of t!i? ?tockh< 1 er< ol this Assoc:atioi will be nel.l at Temperance Ha I, Ei<tTCet.on vv EDNESDAY EVENING, theBtti ingt , at 7 o'e'ock. A lull atten-lanus ih r^quflft-d, aa important am-.iidmontH to the con.Mitution will be proponed. T M. H \NSON. Sep rrs=""l SAV, STRANGER, WHERE ARK ^jou^goitfi ? You ??eni to be in a *reat hur tj.- -mi i ain. i?mjwni[<u!<MlTH'S. Nu 460 Seventh street,to buy a suit of Clothes The peofile say tie hai> a very nice a<sortr.:ent, ari'l they say i? sells them no oheap." 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Feb 4 ?Tfe* executive department of Soulb Carolina baadrfined the position Of that State <11 tHe subject of commercial ai ran^ements. regarding it aa'probable tbat tbe paymei>t I of duties and clearance of Teasels will be interfered i ?r4?h n?.?-a-? i- ?... w. ** *'* wy ?uv uuvri^iuirin a\ n uuiti^mu in wivu | manner u to render the transaction of bnaineas at CbarUiton difficult and embarrassing The exposition of the l-.wi of nations, aa made by tbe former and present Secretary of Stat*, In the Pern case, affecting the vesaela Georgians and Lizzie Thompson, Is regarded aa aound doctrine, applicable to South Carolina, which will permit of no Interference by the Government of the United States with such regulations aa it may adopt. Nor will the authority of tbe Federal Government be permitted to be exerciaed within the limits of tbe State. It will be for tbe United States to impose upon vessels of State* atill members of this Confederacy such penalties cs it mav choose to . provid* for what it may consider vloiatloas of its municipal laws Tbe revenue cutter McClelland, which has lately fallen lutotbe hands of Louisiana, is one of the largest and best cutters In tbe reveuue service. 4Kn Kaa inat voKnllt ?<! UMV un? J WTII ir VUilt UliU irutlTU . Senator Wigfall and otbrra have telegraphed to Montgomery urging tbe appointment of Alex. H. Stephen*, of (ia . a* provincial president of tbe southern confederacy, in order to couciliate tbe southern conservative* Col. Hayne intended to leave for Charleston today, but having been informed that tbe President Is preparing a reply to bis communication demanding tbe surrender of Fort Sumter, be will delay Lis departure till Wednesday. No reinforcements have been sent to Fort Sumter. Tbe nomination of Judge Pettit for judge of tbe district court of Kansas has been determined upon Judge Black. Secretary of State, will probably soon be nominated for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, in place of Judge Daniel, deceased. W SPECIAL NOTICE. E return our ainierc thanks ?o th?tecfour eu*?oir.<-ra who have ruled and settled their ac count*, ar.d we tru?t that all who hue not will oall without delay and settle up. WM. R. RILEY ft BROTHER, No. 36 Central More, tetw?*n 7th and 8th a'reete, fe < 3t Opposite Centre Markets ODRV GOODS I'R Stnok ofa'l kind* of Dry Goods it well *es >rted. and ?e invite all pertonn in wanttooal end lock thronch.aa we are determined to sell at the low?*t marke' ?rie??. WM. R. K1LEY ft BROTHER, t No. 36 Central Store, i between 1th a?>d fMh ttr?ets, fe 4 St Opposite Centr* Market. CLARENDON HOTEL RESTAURANT.? BENJAMIN H'>DoS egs leave ^?v [ t.? inform hi* lr end* and the /_ .} general y that h " has taken ard fitted %. y o bu^iii'i iiiaiiu I iiio I\rukflUrant at the southeast corner ol Perm. ' avenue arid Sixth street He will at all times be i pr-'par'dto serve al who mar favor him with a ; ca'lTwtuh the l*st WINES, LIQUORS and ClUARS. as w*!l a* OYSTERS. tiAME a d other delicacies of the seavon. fe4-lin EOAN'TBE BKAT IN SKLI.INOCLOTHING chtap, at No. 460 Seventh St., opposite Post Office. 1*2 6w PATAPSCO, NEW R'CHMON 1>. AND ISABKI.LA Mil.LS F< OLK. BUCKWHEAT MEAI., ONIONS, Ac. WO bbls Patapsco Family Flour. - arrautod eupe i nor to auv otiier bra"<l? in this market, i IHO bbls. N*w Richmond XXX Rxt>a Flour, 1 3*1 bbls. Isabella Extra *nd Superfine do. i 6,uki lis. nuporior Penn?> 1 vama Buckwheat Meal, i 50 b(>ls. < inions, in prime order, 50 bbls. A pp es ? Rec ivod this day. and for gale low. ui lots to i suit, by D. I.. MORRISON A CO., fe2 6t Corner Twelfth *?.?! B tts HICKORY WOOD. No. 1 artio - of HICK?'?K\ WOOD. Also, f PINE aid OAK NVLOD, prepared or delivered O'jrd length. ff7"Terms cash. U A!I ord-rs should b? a'vinmninipl with th? money; drivers don'toarrjr chango unless special order* are left to that effect. T. J. 4. W. M. GAf.T, jaZ> Pn av.. I>?t. 11th and 12tii fts W 910.000 ORTH OF BOOTS. SHOE"* ASD TRUNKS. Of all Styles and Qualities, AT A ORIAT SACRIFICE ON COST. SioTt for Rent and Fixtures for Salt, All the Stock in S. P. HOOVER'S STORE, actrTTslron Ha'l,e?nbra In* eve'jr variety C\^?-?ol Ladi'.s'. Gents', Children's andmKj 1 *8KK?*?rraii?*' SHOES AWo, TKAV-f ?1 EMNG TRUNKS are now Mm* sold, for 1Mb eafk,at tr??t *aoi ifioes on unual retail ser inrjprioes. indeed much below original cott. The attention of the public is solicited, as g'eat inducements will be mad* to purchasers. The above emprises a large stock of the finest quality French and AmerioanGaiters,Shoes,Boots, io., Ac., for ladies and gentlemen Th? Store is for rsnt and the Fixtures for sale. yy i j uu v"B pron>iwi| 1TUQ JTl^ir# B.?The aSove atook, either in whole or in part, will lie aola at private aale. To any one deaironn of entering U? Boot, Shoe and Trunk Buuneaa th:a afforda^a better opportunity than may I aV<?r8ona'in<1ehted will confer a favor by promptly ' calling and aettling their aooounta. ja7 tf F'RUNCH A RICHsTKI*. 278 PKJIW. Avknuk, Are agenta for the Baltimore Ann lean and Ki\ change, Charleston Mercury, As. Subboribera ssrved nt low rates Pape * from every cit? in the Union?weekly, monthly and quarterly. ?;&<! and subscribe. Now is the time. New York. Philadelphia, Baltimore and other papers delivered in the oity and Georgetown immediately after the ar rival o| train*. ja 15 Wash!ngton aquikuimvt. WABHtseios, 1). C., Ja-i 29. 185L PloronLi1 w I! be received at thi* Office unMl noon t f the 16!h d*y of Kobruary, US|,(<ir the plat ( >rm c<.vcnng ol Bridge N o. 3. The w"rk to be uvm win ornsiac ('i me furnishing, eu?ti' e MMl setting of aSout 4.2IH) chImc feot of granite. Spocihcatious oav ho procured and plans examined on application at tins Office. Eaoh iiid must be accompanied bv a guaranty that the |>aity proposing will, if bis bid is aoo-pted, enter into ontract within ten days thereaft-r. P.-oporais to be eeakd and endorsed "Proposals for Platform Covering," a'd addressed to J AS. m MOR TON. I i*ut of Eng'rs Cli. Eng'r Wash. Aqd't. ja 90 t!6Feh (^OToTHE PEWLES'C- OTHING STORE, 1 No. 460 seventh it., to get your CLOTHINU, FURNISHING GOOi S, HA I -1 and CAPS. fe2 Osr BALTIMORE BUTTER HOUSE. Daily receiving fresh and sweet, in Goshen packages. Aiso, Oluo Butter, at and 12>, cents. KLLICOTT A. HEWBS, It M M Kixhsnr* Plane. Haiti more. EH)K CLOTHING H ATS and CAPS. Call at F SMITH'S No. 460 Scvecth st? opposite Fo?t Offio9. f? 2 6w At panic pricks. FOR CASH Fine Rep Merinos, Figured Merii-os, All Wuul Silk Robes, Fancy Colored arid B ack Figured and Staple Silk*. Aud our whom stock of Winter Good*, marked do?n at reduced prioee? many at less than cost?lor the money, m order to reduoe s'ock. J W. COLLEY A CO., f? 1-8t 323 Seventh st. ahave Pa av DON'T UK DKCElVrD, BUT COM K TO the ruht p!ao?> to ret jour CLOTHING, HATS ad CAPS, At SMITH S, No. 460 Se< enth ?t le 2 6w Anew lot of s-ring hats jlht roemved and for tale at very low piicer, at No. 460 Seventh street fe 2 b?r ASH1NGTON - am; utiORUt lUWH PEOPLE take notice, a* i' will be to their Intereat to do ao, that W. H. READS COMPOUND SYKI P OK I.1VKRWOR V for Coughs, Coldi, Hoarseness, Croup and nih<r aOotiona of the tnroM aud ohrat, aud al?o hi? SORE THKOaT PuWDKR, are two of the most in allible remedies of the day, and ro family should be without them; and beaides, the> are ao oheap a< to be within thereaoh of ?ll. We do not expect strangera to believe what we write in regard b> our own iredicnea, oonarquentlr we refer you to the following well known gentlemen's nertifioa'.ea, whioh c%n be ae<n attae rug atorea where the artiolea are for aale; the? aay the? are the beat Cough and Bore Throat Medioioes they have ever known : Vev. Jaa H. Brown. f'ev. George Hildt. Rev. Sam'l A. YVilaon, Rev. Wm. A. Hioks, Rev. Wm. A. Snively, Rew John Folev Rev. Ja* 8 Mo\lurr*y, Rev. wm. R. Mills, Of the Baltimore Confer met. Etoh artioia 23 o-nta a bot'le. W noleaale by \V. H Read ft Co,, Druggists, 63 Broadway, Baltimore. At retail by R. 8. Y. Cissel ft Co., Druggist, Georgetown. Charl s Stott, Druggist, 375 Pa. avanaa. wit.h. Thompson. Druggist, Fifteenth at. and New York avenue, Washington. John E. Bat*a, Drncxist. Navy Yard. ja39-lm MOS KENDALL on I SECESSION These aiile Articles, with au Original Preface, BT MR, KKNDALL, whtoh has | NEVER BEFORE BEfaN PUBLISHED. CELEBRATED LETTER TO ORR. AND THAT LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT. Whieh has justly excited so iruion wonder and adnara'ion, have been neatiy printed in a pamphlet of about forty pagts, and are now ready fur distribo'ion Thssaare among the ablest productions of the uiuou. ana no one who desiras a oonolusive arguinen' and a lucid exposition oiear, o'-noise and briar, upon thi? subject, should bs wnhuu' a oopr. I key will bsiurrut-hcd ly the subscriber at ths following prioe?. via: 19 CENTS a Sin*!* Cosy. 910 a HUNDRED. " #*0 a THOUSAND; delivered in Washington, Bal imore, Philadelphia. New Yo-kand Hoiton. ^ WM- fTlCKNEY. i Washington, D C. Ia ASTONISHING, BUT TRUE! wUSVf f**!* **?" SMITH should cat in M.TTk?0*^* ?h#n T*r7 trying hard tunas. But he sells his goods at ?uoh low prioe? that the "am. N B ?Just reoeired a lot of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS, wh'oh will be sold at 30 per oent less than their ao issaffwyss '-N?-,M ns&M AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THKAt ElI! I.e?sre ? W. Gl*K? Aa'injr Mtnacer J. T. Rat*ow? 8t??e Muter Hrariiif Blasb THIS EVENING. Imniena* Pcccfl'i of M J5. SUTMKf r? Ac DunlraarT ?nd In Garlor's ComMy entitled OtR AMKK1CAJV COl^lN AT HOME. R*??!ved with fhouts of |?nght;r And rrr ?c*e. grand skating scenk. V th* lludnm THAT'S A JOKE. Where'* Hi ay f i^rand musical soiree u if til* smithsonian, FmriiT Bn. For th? Benefit of 8T. MATTHEW'S WASHINGTON INfANT ASYLUM Comer of Thirteen and a' ha'f and E a'a. This Institution, tinder oha-feof the f later* of'Charity, is of reoent origin in this city, and h?s for lis object to al.evi&te the phftieai B rices and to avert the npir.tua' rain < f mlants wh - are abandoned by th'ir n\ urai proleotors. It bow ooot&ins twecty five chiMron *h>we nurreJ and in every way pruvidfd f >r under the ma(*rn?| care of the Si t ti. At ihi? good work depends 'Or e??port entirely upon the eflortwtf th- chantal) !M oondooto, s appeal with confidence on ihu ?oe%?iofl to a 5>en'vrfent publ o lor .hat patr- na-e whioh * i 1 insure the cueoess of the proposed icusioai entertainment. Programme it, a future advertisement. TICKETS Fit TV CENTS ejeh ; ?o t>e had at the M iisio Store*, and at the e*taMishmeuts of the W> ?>.. / > lA?k .# lol/ .? UiL .a "? "u iviii e? ( i.rt 'i , ftiiu ion f<6,7,12,14 (lot*!, State*, Confed.) Concert bt thb YOUNG LA DIE? OF THE THIRD DISTRICT SCHOOL, Aasiitrd l?y a Qc*kt*tt? or Yocso Gkxtlembx. At OUD FELLOWS? HALL, Narv Y*rd, OnTHURSUAY EVENING, the7th in.t, Under the d:r*ct;on of J. H D&NiSL. Teacher of Mm ic in PuWie Schoo ?. Tiok'ta 25 ornta: i.hildren half pr:oe. Piano furnished by John t - Ei'ia, Lw|. fa 3 St 1 KALLS7 PARTIES, &C, 013-Fajihion Soniahli* Cntillon P?rtv. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? rf ? TO BK GIVK3I AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS. THURSDAY, FtBtcav 7th. IVett Proceeds 'or the Orphan Boy*' A*ylum. Tiokeu $2, almitting a c?Dt>man and ltdi**. No Ticket* sold At the door fan h? had by per onal application to any of ttie folio vine f?ntlnnen, who constitute fie BOARD OF MtXAGKBs. i lames (j Berret, t' McNerh .ny, P O'lVtn.ofhut, W T Do*e, J??8 Harvey, Jai H8hekell, Joe F Brown, Tboe K Lloyd, 8 V Note*, H\i!?on Taylor, Win feel'Jen, John E Leech, K M Kdvard Sunuae, J??hn A Mirknier, J C McOuue, C Wendell, B F, J P Pepper, Wm F Biy!y, Wn J McCuiiom, Ju P HaliJaj, KCI'ver, Dr Toner, A B B'.ourlitvot I?r A tMcD Davu, Ju* A Tete, Or?(for/ Kinie, Tltoe F?rr?n, H M Me(ir??, A ti irffnm.Hjd, R KO Betrnf, Martin Rinf, wm n warfl, A Lnewtou, O *? Hmton, Alei Protest, Um To??ri, John M Keating, John F Lilts, J J K ue, A P Hoover, M?mnel Lewis, Andrew 3nfce, P H Kiuf, Wm Morgan. John F Bridget* Thttisri Shthtllii Rchari Waiiach, L J OT<hJ?, L Ne*meyer, Edw H *11 f M O Hood, James Lacker, Win L Stubbi, W W Luk'), C 3 Jour*, I H B Sweeny, Ric* trd B ?rrr, C DMirun, Jonah D Hoover, JL B rl-uur, Dr Ridfltjr, R H L<?kev, F Clo?ry, RC8ie*eo*. JC Fuzpairick, John Alexander, Dr J C Ktley, i Ed Towers, W W Webb, Albert B Noctoci, Win W*11, Jerome Di^res, f C Howie, Johu F Coyle, Fraiik Brovi*, F J Mclltury, Thj* J Fisher, Richd H Clarke, John F Eumi, Johi. F Pi Him Ur J??s Wal?h, J.\? Chesuev, C W C Dunninftou, Eurene Carusi, Jno Carroll Brent, R Birlui, C* E Cireen, Jacob Vichmeyer, Henry \l ilUrd, I' Gallant, O M ^ i^ii, Thoe Berry, P Thyson, P White, R B H ?il, Thos Stephens. John W Boieler, H J McLmrtiiiu, Peck, V Becker, iieo W Cucnran, Wm E Howard, Dr C Boyle, Cbas Gillespie, V E Ku.r, Geo JilUrd, L F Clarke, John AflcDerwet, T)r Joues, R Ei -horn, l?r J McC*IU, Or F Hill, T B Entwtsie, Hiram Richey, Thos Barehus, l)r O A Dailv. W McCsmick. tteni N*ar. Geo F Allen', PrBOM,)or, M H emm, W H Plitlp, J * Mankuie, Ceo Ot?"' ^ Jm Slrirviiift liiu P-ttou, B Rotiiieon, John M?I? ell, Walter Turpiu, J C Birrett, DrJOelleu, Fred, W J Douohoo, Win Hamilton, J T Gi?eo, Harmon Burn*. Edw Shaffer, C R Biel.op, Doraey Bock, R Lynch, C W Cum. ::.jha?, Andrew Carroll, John Lincoln, f>r R C Grifiit. P M Hcnrj, Ju? M Kennedy, J Kendall Cain, A V*? Bhhki, Tliut Gill.i.m, E S Alien, M WilliaiM, . Dr W G Pi liner, E E White, I>r Thoenpooe. A Schviriunu, T C Co*, M Couuo loy, M U Russell, Zach B Brooke, Dr Kidweli, E F Queen, John llqvlm*. W Albert Kiaf, i'i. v n..,k, l J Sliduletoei, Join j auk, O W Miller, W J McDonald. Ksputa'a Full Hand will fj'cuh the Misio. Mr. Schaftield wi!! furnish the Confeotiouery. Mr. John 'I hompson. the popu'ar attendant of Odd Fellows' Hall, n ill hare oareof the hat and cost room. fe 4t WANm WANTKD?A SITUATION by a^tabie woinw as chain!) rmail; has 110 ohjeelionto iii ? Biiiun on - iiu i iik. o?i rcoonmit irli n . Adticsa Box <9, at thi? < ffiee It* WAN i'KI??A g?*1 CONFECTIONER. One who underitanda h:a bn*iEn?a ma? obtain oon?t^rt Piiip!ovmriit by itppltine limnediatriy to K. A EDMUNBTON, No. 134 High at, Ueor*etown. fe 5 WAN ' ED-At No.4*4 North E street, ijoiwu WOMAN . to do the cooking and houaework of a?nia!liainiiT. Ke?ominendat;oua required; n>ne lioed apply without tlirin (e2-tf WANTED?A wlut-COOK that i? willing to do part of the washing and iroMng. Note need arply without good relertnoes. Apply 292 H at., b iwwn 17th and 18th ata. fe 2-3t* _ \JM ANTED?A good PASTY COOK Apply at ^ W1LLARDS' Hotfl. jaS? lw WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From ?b to Sio.nmi worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI Tl'RR of all kinJa. for which I will *u?.r?.nt? to ?** the highest prices,and,asu? tne shortest notic*. R. BUCHLV, Dealer in Furniture, Stovea, fco.. oo 9 40? 7tli -C, bet. O and H east aide. WANTEIX-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Peraor* dec :mng housekeeping. oc having a aurp u? of Fdrmture on hand.can obtain the cm n and fair prioos by applyin* at 369 Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ A. GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. PSTRAY.-A lirer-colored POINTER PUP. A Hj liberal reward will be paid for hi* re a turn to No. 31'i F atreet, between 'l'li^^^^L and I2?h. It* ? LOST?On Mot-day la*t, b*tarern Riggt's Bank and tin War Department, a pair ?- ? ?? GOI.O SfKCTAPi TK- C..<>. .. m. nnuvi 'L" ^ will be ouitaMy rewarded bt leaving them a? the Oflicejof the isa'ional Hotel. *e 5 2t LOS I'?In goin* f-om M street, on Ni nth. to the Northern Liberties Ma: ket, a ? ?? ?I GOLD SPECTACLE* Tbe Smler'P^^* will be suitably regarded by leaving tnem at *77 Seventh at., between I and K. It* O.) REWARD.?Strated or stolen on the 34th O ? ot January, from No.297 New Jer-^^wM ?ejr avenue, between K and L at*., a red mt buffalo CALF, with tlit to the right earJh?]L? and white spot on the bag. The ai.oY* reward will be pa~d if returned to me. It' D. W. DIXON. tf>C REWARD ?Strayed away from the snbeorifcer, on Saturday ? ori.ior, a larger ) NEWFOUNDLAND DOO. b aok. withJ^y a wnite rim around hi* neck ; had on a ~r E leather oo lar. The fencer will reoaive the above reward on leaving him at my plaoe. on Boundary it (It*) J B. HAW. PAME TO THE PLACE OF THE 8UBVy eoriber, on tne Washington and Rock Hie Plar.k Road, near theFiret Toll gate. VMr on the 3d inatant, a black and white horned&a^tae CO W and a rad CALF. The own*' u raq vested to c^me forward, prove property, pay char gee. and take them away. fe 4 3t* D. 8. HOLLAND. ?C RKWAR D?Lost or stolen, a black and tan terrier, oa Ifd "Yap." 'I he plate on?^_i the ooilar ha* the name of "Mabel Bv ard." Anv one returning him to No 184 * ? F street will reoeiTe the above rtwau, fe i at* BOARDING. ^CARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED ? ,.u. ti.u4 ou?ra an rruoubii torn* *t *7^ Eighth at., between 1 and K. ftMt* SEVERAL GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES oan b? soo mmodated v th pleaeant Room* and Board at Mn WKS i '8, 4'i5 H it, between 6th and 7th. Alto, Table Boaroera. fe5 lOteo* BOARDING.?Pereona deairou* of a comfortab <a home oan obtain food Hoard and pleaa vnt Apartment* on F ?tr^t. No *39. between "<h and 10th it* T?ble Hoarders oan also be aoronunodmed. Terma rea?onab'e. le Hw ST It ANGERS DEbiRING BOARD CAN BE aoooin wodated, in a rente?! private family .with pleasant Kooma ai.d excellent table. A few Table Boarders taken on rexaoi.abla terme. LoaaUon convenient to the Pnblio Departments. Inauire at the Star Ogee. re Ht O THE MIL ITA R Y t We * WALL. STEPHENS * CO, ttlh-i!**7 ov ^ooAifS K?* AUCTION SALES. Br CLCAIV IM frtmrk rtrit UOl'aEHOLD AND KITCHEN Ft'lNIIA rr?t, Hmii' ?n) Wa#o?? *t Arcnw On I HU ASDAY MORNJNi?.tk*nk iNtMt. w? w\ I *11. i? Nal rfomr AVJom * * o'?loofc. a good Mcrtmer.t? f H*?a?bo'<l , ??ch tall ?h? iu< Pofea. u4 Bvrm%. | IX. ffedatMda. Wuhitu^iMOjklw. LTC* V/W? ? ? ? CKnr*. H Lou<t|?', Mirror. ColtAte Mi Htir Ma'trr** Fe%OtO' Ktdi, Together m?ni olh?r ?rUcIm tno pnw -j Af ll o'?iork w? ?tH ? !!? T?e food Two f owl W??l Hum. _fc S4 CLKA RV i GWEKN. At?t? B? J. C. MoGl'IRK A CO. Airti?*m MARSHAl > 8ALF OP COOEJN6 8t<>r?, iru ''Lriim' MaTMUL .?Ob HATl'K PAY NOIIMN6,P?briir'%*?^/V^? is froi t of Anotion Room, by wr of tlM (JaitM MMn MviU . w ilt+U ?<1 to tM knh?t bidtiOT I" M* Cook Fjnr*. * W 1 .'rwu. J fUU Tu!? _ I Mtf?l? fo? Wfctrr MM<|, 4 Wltor CImMi. ? fc igSHtSVSS^i. 4 Iron P|?M. * PieoM Ct then Pip*. T ?'i^t nab r-Bl s. c. Mesrmp a cp.. amm. By J C. M?CL'IRK * CO, Aa8tH>M?r?. UQ SHARES OF STOCK OK TMr ?Ami? nO Amm? roiirt?t at Arorio".? * i f ba Mid at i pah'ia faeti< a. at on'aartioa tooma. m thraett?, #1 TI'E-Ua Y. tha llth loatant, at 4 o'o.ook p ra . to the hichaat WdJ?r for ca?l?. lor tcoo?it of w>?m it iM) ooDc*rc, >3 Share* of Stoak of tha Majnarri Arnia Coniani. hi d J^O. Mcr.lMR K A CO.. Aaola. By OREKN * WIL.I IAM8. AaeCJoaMra. JT?. i$6 ronwr 7iA ui D ttrett? THrSTEK'A SAI.BOF HOt'SEHOLP AND Kitcrbk h tRMirn ?On FKIDA Y, th? *>a inatant. at l<? oVl.xsk ?. m , wa will aall at 'h ? raaiH?a*? -.f a I dr d-c lan# BoaaahMpmg.No 4*4 Pann*? iranla *tm.u s b?t?a?r, 3d and ?V? ? r??ti, ) y virtue of t*o d?M3aoftrnat.oM b**r ac at? Mi h K?at 186'', and r*ei>rdeu in ib?> J A. (* . IW. folio M.awl th?oth?r t*a i*f data tha M ?f Janaan . 1KI, and daiy raoor "d and bvordar of tl?? t'?ifM, ali ilia H-a ahold and Kitcnon Furniture in tha Hunt. W???n??r*M if ??rtM?h (Ml ??<1 WilntBoni, Chairs.and Tfc&le*. l)o DiYssmg ?n<l other Bureaai aa4 Will lt?r>"a, i?anT L n<l end other Bntiiwli U4 W? h tarda, Feath-r Bod* ?t <1 "attressw. A lAr*e lot ol Bedding. thiu (ilui, and Crockery War*. Ivory Handled Knives. Pi?t?d r??">n Forks, acd Spoons. Tnree-plr. ln?ra?r. .srJ other Ca'aeti ul Oiloioth. Fine R'lnjarttnr, Cookinc tnil other Wiki lsr?e lot of other articles, ? hioh we deem ur neceesarr to enumerate. Trrmc All ?sma of aod snder ?y* oa?h; erer > >. a credit ?.f 3? and 00 dats for aotesMMt tori It endor ed hearing interest. fefd CREEN A WIL' 1AMS. Ascts. By WALL A BARNARD. AseUnoeeea. WALK OF FINK OLD WINES. PURE IM POITTP BbsKDT. WaiMIT. AWD f>T??a Ll umis, t <51 Bit i^ituci and Bi.acr H*ddli holu. Wa?0!?, cakbiaftk. Ac at acctw?*.? w r? <a ?k a > ss< kas a SL _ > . l _ # f> _ k un I I fcfDA > MIIR I <W rror??ry, we will #il?t the Auction Mooma, a tool aaenrt me^t of Win*", Brandy. Whirt'), 4e , IB wood a*d ciaaa, hein* the ttnck of ?. P. S.mpaon, Eaq.. deo imrg haaineac, *od o?'? Gordon and Topax Sherrr. Port, Claret. nod ct*" fMn?, _ Roehtlla.' Jnlea RoMn,"and Hwnneaeey Rrandie*. L'nrer and t*ootoh W hi key, and pare Holland in. in wood and f la*a. Cmara Caaka. B ?tt'e?. De*k and Sio?e, And ? thar a-t'olaa uanally krpt in a fine Lienor ?U re. Alao. at Twelve o'clock M.-? 1 line Bay Cnrriece How, I fine Black ?a<idie Ho-ie an excellent Pacer. 1 Erp eaa \\ aeon and Harnrra, I nr.! Htrnoai. Term* #39 nMh: over tkat mount a credit r?f S"? a>d ? ?ia??, for approved endoreed no tea. bear ids lut-reat Jej WALL A BARNARP. Aaeta Br GREEN A WILIIAM*. A uati -neera. A'?. S'rmtk Strut. CHOKS AT AUCTION -On WKDNEUDAY. Sj the 6th day of Feb'uary next, we ehatl aell at oar A notion Roomi. at 10 o'olook a. m , a large lot it Sboee, vii: 2*4 fhirt Men'a Kip Sboec. 56 '* *' .? CT ? S""' "ban?b? shoe*. J? 4 Men iKfuei. ? ' Boy a* nn&otitai t*boea. 56 ** Men'* Monroe #? i Boya' Oxford Tie " 4b ** Men'a " |f) H e M < 45 M VoMtha' M M 1A ? 44 44 ? uw y? ?i M * Monro* ** S? ** Yoatha' " 3d " auxed " " 13 " Vouthf' !*h?nth?' " 14" " MOIHM " TV - Both' 5 " f*l;tch'<1 Men'a Shanghai I' " Men * Shore. ^ N *i ? )<9 ? 'I he above rtook is of a fca* goaitj uJ nwIlM' order, from the Shoe Factory at the U 'rt ftttn Pen t'ntjarT. Waahiagtoa. Shoe merchant* and dealers are resf?ettally it> vited to attend the sale. Termc : All lumi of and bnder 92* oa?h ; ?ret $7S a eredit of 4 and ? months lor atp'ored Mwrt?l no er, bfariug interest **j order of ?: 1* MiXGSTAcK. W?rdw GREEN A WILLtAMM, AMU. i> aittwtdi JJNPRKCEDENTED MIOCUP! LAS*T WEEK of DR. t?Ci!LOS?E* is WASHINGTON. THE ONLY CERTAIN. PERMANENT ahp SAFE CI KE rot CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS, . AMD ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET IS TH? INFALLIBLE SYSTEM PRACTICED BT DR M- SCHLOSSER, SURGEON CHIROPODIST. The following Wt*hint ton Teatim->ni?Je are ideutiofcl with 'h<n?ar.<1? m fo*aoution of DR SCHLUMKK. WASHINGTON TESTIMONIAL*. From Horn. R. Toombs., V. S. S. Dr. 8eh)oaMr has tbia <"?y t?ken out a gratt cum bar of Corna from my fret without any pain. u4 tt reewa to be effectual January I2.lw?. R. TOOMBS. Prom hi. S. Dmri?, E.<?. Dr Sehloaaer h*a tbia d*y removed from my feet IS Corna, whicb wa? done without paid, ud to nr entire ntnlaction. I cheerfully reooromend to ail peraoua, and eepeetally my frienda wko auffer with Corna, to oftll on tli? Doctor. H. 8. DAVIS. Prom Tkoi. P Lewit, War Department. 1 otrtiiy tSat Dr t*ohio?a*r hu ckl fo ly xtrartot HTtnl oo'M f. om HIT foot mH without paia. THUS. P. LEWIS. From Cm pi. 8. Barren, Dr. Poklooaor bu extractad r?r?ral erst ftna ny fMt ?ory iMomhll?, tad vtliwat nil. WMkioctoB. 1?, m?. 6. BAJtRON. From Dr. T. S. Tor4i. \ I tMtlfr t)uu I k?T? bMB r?rj ?oo??fally Of*raUd nyon by Dr. SofaloMor antkoat pata of aay or'. T.f. VERDI. M. D. Twtiaoattli from a*abm of Um laytral Royal PamiliM ot Euro ye. a? wail ac aaiharia? mm fro* Piatoonaa. uiyloraMtt*, C orfyatca, fhym| oiana Jto ,4a., of t*ia oountry aad Ku^m M mm ?t his oflat DR. SC{ILOS8ER CAM U CONSULTED m WASHINGTON rom ONE WBER LONGER, ttui CONSULTING ROOMS, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (AuiUH4?,) M*nd litii LStii atrMU. OPF1CE HOURS Proa io t. a. till 6 p. n. Uewgtve talr t ikoct niMC M Mt i'ptnMMM I LAST 1 IN I III WAM1N9TON. ,

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