Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1861 Page 1
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* * " * ' i-j , ** (Kktmig $tar. yg* XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 6. 1861 N?. 2.486 J__ ????i^??? THE DAILY EVENING STAK n r FOB LUSHED BVBRT AFTERNOON, > (5UNDAY8 EXCEPTED,) f} AT THE STAJl BUILDINGS, CV^Mf of rtnnrylvr:ma*v*nit4 andWtk ii , T W. D. H4II U H Papers *e?red IB by oarrten it I* * >ni, or Tl canta per month. To mail sabaoribara the prsee it f3j? a rear. * n*vr\u; #2 for six month*; ?1 for three months; and for lew than three souths at the rate of 12 cents a week. 8inf' * pies, oni carry; in wrappers, two cxkts. C7* A jvi* ri-Kxx.-rrs saoaid be sent to the oiler be! ire 13 o'oock ra.; otherwise they may nut appear next day. A LADY'S HEART TO BE LET. fCOSTIHVBD. | It wm not with unmixed satisfaction that Mr Vickery anticipated the proposed visit of his nephew. His landlady, Mrs. Nagger, strongly objected to being " put about," especially on Sundays, aud Mr Vickery foresaw, that to provide breakfast for a hungry young fellow, who had walkad from Clement's Inn, and who was acciutomed to grilled fowl and deviled kidney# for his matutinal repaat, would be sure to "put her about" to a very considerable degree. Poor fid Vickery! He was a miserable serf in his own stronghold. Worse than all, he had himself forged the chains that bound him within the power of the remorseless Nagger, lie had given her notice to quit about nine times during the first two years of his te nacity, but bad always invented some wretched excuse to withdraw the notice. He hated moving; he hated finding fault. It was "of no consequence;" thank you; he would rather take r tbiugs us tliey were ; and so on. The Nagger r "*n found out his weakness. and aoted accordingly. She was a lady of spare and martial aspect, addicted to a highly aggressive style of head-dress, which she bobbed at you whensbe was "put about," as though it were some novel weapon of offense, bhe had, also, a habit of wrathing her arms about, under her apron, which mide Mr. Vickery nervous; for, upon one occasion, he had ieen her launch a slopbitsin at the head of a refractory maid of allwork; and when she entered his presence with her hands in the above-mentioned position, Mr. Vickery never felt quite sure that she was not provided with some similar appliance for chastising him should he too deeply offend. It was, therefore, in the most submissive and repentant tones that the mild gentleman broke to his tyrant the iutelligcnce of his nephew's contemplated invasion, casting the while furtive gUoccs at the covering under which the angry Nagger's bare arms were wrtb>g con < Hieivvijrt nuu inmiig US1 O IU piBOl li' 1118^11 within dodging reach of a large arm chair, the hi^h back of which might serve him as a rampart against the expectsd bomb .iment Mrs. Nagger heard him oat. and when he had quite finiihed his suggestions for a breakfast, together with his humble apologies for giving ber so ma:h tfoa^le, she looked him up and down the yearns of ni? trowsers and the buttons of his wiUtcoat three times, sNwlj finishing off cach furvey with an <%)gry bobof the highly aggressive cap. " Well, I'm sure' well I'm sure! Anything else'" ' Oh, no, thank yon. Mrs. Nagger; nothing, nothing, I assure you", cleaded her lodger ' Hi? I 'uuably return vou my duty, sir," ejaculated the Nagger, making a deep curtsey. ' I thought, perhaps, you'd like me to make my apartments into a public ouse, at onc't, for you and your nephews to get a guzzling in." This l&it observation was caused by Mr. Vickery having ventured to requst that a half dozen pint bottle*- of bitter ale might be sent for. " My good Mrs. Nagger," replied Mr. Vickery, "really, if I thought " "// you thought; but you don't think, Mr. Vickery; you don't think nothing of * putting me about." Deviled kidneys and bitter ale for breakfast. Where do too expect to eo to. Mr. Vickery"' 41 Well, then, Mrs. Nagger, suppose we say a cold pigeon pie instead. Mr V ickery thought this a master piece of I diplomacy. " lie calls himself a man," said the landlady, looking solemnly out of the top square of the window, ' and wants me to go sitting up all night, baking him pies." ' No. no. no!"exclaimed Mr Vickery, '-you misunderstand me. I mean a pigeon pie from the confectioner's I'll order it myself, and it 6hall be sent home. Come. come. Mra , 7 > don t be vexed; it's only once in a way; we wil! not give you any trouble, I assure you." The auiocrat of Prospect House would not, however, "come, come. ' Dire threats did she mutter concerning what she would "up and tell'' the offending Jack, and criticised, rather freely, hi* uncle s conduct, in encouraging his 'guzzling and his muzzling and it was not uutil it waa arranged that all the viand9 for the contemplated orgie were to be ordered from the pit try oook'd, ready dressed, that her virtueus indignation at such *'goins en" in her house abated. As it wu, poor Mr. Vickery 1 ,.J * #_ ?i * - icw evrrj iue oi n ior me rest oi mat week, a rejly to the important question, "Where he expected to go to V' being constantly demanded of him, when he expostulated about having to ring seven times for dinner, and at finding Tta bed in the same state upon retiring to rest -that he had left it in when he rose the same morning. He was, moreover. to!d that "if people would put other people about till they didn't know if they was on their head or their heels, they must not expect to be fiddle-faddled after all day. Mr V'ickery feebly intimated that he didn't require 10 oe "naaie-t&adled alter' all day; that if his rooms were made commonly habitable, and his meals supplied within an hour of the time at which they were ordered, he should be content; whereupon Mrs. Nagger angrily retorted that she was not going tobe put upon by him (Mr. Vickery) or anybody else, and that if he couldn't behave like n gentleman, he'd butter give notice and go. I repeat it? it was a sorry life that the kind old gentleman lei for the rest of that week. Saturday wa; washing day in Prospect House. The rain came down from morning till night, so ihat Mr. Vickery could not go out. The steam came up from Mrs Nagger's boilers fiorn morning until night, *o thxt he wi>8 half bmlcd at home, llis mutton chaps?ordered at four?were served at seven, all raw and frizzled, as though they had been cooked in a candle. His fire went out. for want of coals; hit lamp refused to burn, for want of oil; and when, after having rung and called till he was tired, for those necessaries, be ventured to seek them for himself, in the lower regions, he was driven thenoe with ignominy, by the wrathful Nagger, who asserted that it was like his " iinperenee," coming peering and prying about the house like that. It was not in the most contented spirit, then, that Mr. Jeremiah Vickery sat down to the perusal of his Times that evening by the light of his bed-roem WNM. Mr. Vickery was very partial to that mysterious leoond oolumn. lie always read it firat. He liked to know what waa loat or found. He said somebody might have picked up something belonging to him?not that he missed anything, but that did not matter. " Ha!" he reads. 'Humph?' let me see. 'Tom, who left his home on Tuesday, is implored to return ' Yes?that's one side of the question. I winder bow many Toms there are whom people would implore to be off and keep away. ' Dog lost.' 4 Horse found ' Ha! nothing in t. "Oh. continued Mr. Vickery, glaucing down his favorite column." "Gwdnessgracious' what's . ? -? ? - ? tnis Ad the advertisement taat occasioned thiii <3icI Munition w<w a curious one, ire copy it re rbatim: "A LiXtr H Heart to be Let.?A lady of refined ide*s and domestic habits is desirous of meeting a partner for life. A personal interview is requested. Address Constance, Post 'office. Hampstead " "What a very ftanny person Constance must be," thought Mr. Vickery. " Let me now see what the leading article says," he continued, unfolding the paper, and reading : " The latent intelligence that we are enable to lay bef>re our readers upon the subject which now so completely absorbs public attention. is the announcement of " | TO BK f?!ITtlHI?.| fr-? a .irw>_ aii IUm D..I. \^ / n irw *?r*- ?"?? ?? "** ?? 1 *' ' Awmen w*c? called ?> . to *-itIni<ul?h twenty fir * j? cbitnruv* and *vc in bolldiiwt ThU quite bnts Nf? V?>rk. IW Huw do tdoM who w*nt to serede, u the )Mt w?.y to ncotMHDCi ttt Union, Uhl Ifcf ?ttlt jd* of Pootb Carolina now ? I - m m ANTECEDENTS OF THE DELEGATES. As a mutter ?#interest at the present time, we give below the antecedents of various prominent delegates to the Peace Convention, now sitting in this eitj : ILLINOIS. Stephen S. Logan is known in Illinois as Judge Logan. He is a strong, warm, pergonal friend of Mr Lincoln, and has been urged for a position in the Republican Cabinet. He is said to be a conservative man, and in favor of the Weed compromiaa. John Wood is an ex-Governor of the State, and was succeeded by the present one. He is a strong anti-compromise Republican. HEW VORK. James S. Wadsworth is a wealthy gentleman ui luo western pan 01 mis Mate. Addison Gardiner is a Democrat, and former Lieutenant Governor of the State, lie stands in high reputation with his party. Greene C Bronson is an eminent lawyer of New York city, lie was formerly Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal?, and Collector of the Port under tba Pierce Administration. He vacated his place rather than to be the medium through which to reward the Buffalo Democracy of New York. lie is a strong national Democrat, and now holds the responsible position of Corporation Counsel. Wm. E. Dodge is a prominent merchant of New York city, and a member of the house of Phelps, Dodge A Co. lie is an ultra Lincoln man, and during the last campaign spoke in public for bis nominee. 13 *. /-i - - * ? i us v. rmng is a well known Democrat, financier and railroad manager and politician, lie ia the member of Congress elect from the Albany distriot. Win. M. Evarts, recently on the anxious seat as the suocessor of Senator Seward, is a New Englander by birth, and early came to New York, where he has pursued the legal profession with ability and profit, having amassed a large fortune. He early linked nis political influence with the Republican party, and was one of its advocates in the recent campaign that elected Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency. David Dudley Field is also a New Englander by birth and education. He early adopted the profession of the law, and took up his abode in this city. He ia a lawyer and Republican politician, and, like his iatimate friend Evarts, is anxious for a public position. Win. Curtis Moyes is also a celebrated lawyer and Republican politician. OHIO. Salmon P. Chase, one of the bright and shining lights of the Republican party, isanatire of tue fctate of New Hampshire, where he wa3 born in 1808. He early removed to Ohio; he subsequently entered and graduated at Dartmouth College; he qualified himself for the legal profession in Washinzton. D. C.. and in 182V was admitted to the bar of the District of Columbia, and soon after returned to practice I in his adopted State. The Southern and Western Liberty Convention, (anti-slavery,) held in Cincinnati in 1845, originated with him. Iiis action in that body showed him the avowed enemy of slavery and pledged to the overthrow of tne slave institu- 1 tion. In 1848 he called the Buffalo Freesoil I Convention, (anticipating the whig and democratic conventions.) which nominated Martin Van Burcn for the Presidency. In February of the same year he wae elected to the United J States Senate, where his growing anti-slavery sentiments were ventilated <ul libitum aid naustum. He opposed the compromise meas- , urea of 1860. In 1865 he was elected Gover- < nor of Ohio by the opponents of the Pierce Administration. He is a republican of the ultra 1 1 ecuvsui. Thomas Ewing was the Secretary of the Trei^ury in the Harrison Administration. He is an old line whig, and cherishes a strong desire to make the incoming administration after his ijleas of whiggery As Lincoln was an old line whig, Ewing is in hopes to induce him to return to his first love. William Uroesbeck is an ex-member of Congress. PENXSYLVAKIA. William Meredith was the Secretary of tho Treasury in the Taylor Administration. Jus. Pollock is an ex-Goverior of the State David Wilmot is the author of the celebrated proviso bearing his cognomen; he refused a seat in Lincoln's cabinet, hoping to be clccted | U S Senator in Dlace of ex-(Jov. Bi^ler ft. S - ? O~~~ ** this hope he was defeated. mew hampshire- , Amos Tuck i> an ex-member of Congress. new jersey. Got. Cbas. S. Olden is the present Executive of New Jersey. In lfSO'J he was elected by the opposition and the American parties to that post, lie is a moral and upright gentleman, and a representative of the New Jersey conservative sentiment. Richard F. Stockton is a nativo of New Jersey, and in 1812 entered the United States Navy as a midshipman lie participated in the naval operations during the war with <i reat Britain in tbat year, add from that time he waa rapidly promoted until he rose to the highest rank in the nary. He reaifped in 1850. In 18ol he was elected to the United States Senate, where be displayed splendid natural talents. Roman M. Price was formerly a purser in the United Stated Navy. He nmaased a fortune in California, and returned to New Jersey. where he was tubse<juently elected to the Slate Legislature, and atterwards to the post of Governor of the State. Peter D. Yroom is an ex-Governor of the State. RHODE ISLAND. Samuel Ames is the present Chief Justice of the State. Mr. Hoppin is an ex-Governor of the State. Alexander Duncan is one of the wealthiest men in Rhode Islaud, and father of tho senior < member of thefirmof Duncan, Sherman & Co., the celebrated bankers. KESTUCKr. Jas. Guthrie was Secretary of the Treasury in the Cabinet of President Pierce. He ia a native of Kentucky, and was born in 1795. In 1853 he entered President Pierce's Cabinet, where his talents became more apparent, and where they had full scope. Since Mr. Guthrie's retirement from public political life he hasderoted his time to railroad enterprises, and to the enjoyment of domestic and social intercourse Jas. B. Clay, son of Henry Clay, an ex-member of Congress. Mr. Morebead, exGovernor. Chas. Wiokliffe was Postmaster General under President Harrison, and subsequently Governor of Kentucky. Wm. 0. Butler was one of the early settlers of Kentucky, and took an active part in the Indian wars in the early history of that State and in the war of 1812. He was nominated for the Vice Presidency in the Convention that nominated Gen. Cass for the Presidency. VIRGINIA. I r % m ? a ? ?? - j on a xyier, ex-iresiaeni 01 mo L niteU States, the chairman of the Virginia delegation. Geo. W. Summers, a distinguished 'litterateur. He is a graduate of William and Mary College, and was formerly a legislative repre- 1 sentative of the western part o7 Virginia. A few years ago he delivered a very able address before the Old Doninior Society of New York on the subject of the "Union." Ex-Judge Broekenbrough is one of the most distinguished jurists in Virginia, and is a descendant of a distinguished family of that State. Ho ia m. Tlamruiril in nAlitiAfl mw*A mmmm 1 ?r w m-m WB " WM>VV> ?? ?? *4 " ?J *l(VU|IJ urgt-d fi?r the nomination for Governor in the Convention that nominated Gov. Letcher. Win C Rives U an eminent lawyer, and formerly represented Virginia in the L' 8. Senate. He wsf also a Representative in h<)th Houses of the Virginia Legislature, and was U. 8. Minister to France under the Harrisoa Administration. On his retara to this country be was NORTH CAROLINA. David 8. Reid, ex-Governor of the State. Mr. Morehead, ex-Governer and ex-United States Senator. Thoe. Ruffin, ex-Chief Justice of the State. D. M Barringer is a native of North Carolina, and a graduate of the University of that State. His ancestors, both maternal and paternal,were among the early settlers of North Carolina, and favored the Revolutionary War. Mr. Barringer is a lawyer by profession, llis early political career commenced as a member of the Legislature of his native State, and he was subsequently elected to Congress,where he continued during 184.1-5-7. Tn 1919 be was appointed Minister to Spain by President Taylor WiRTLAKD. Reverdy Johnson is a distinguished lawyer, and an ex-member of the U S. Senate and House of Representatives. He was Attorney General in the Fillmore Administration MTSSOI7RI. Alex Wm Doniphan is somewhat celebrated as the Colonel of the Missouri regiment of volunteer cavalry in the Mexioan war, and wns in command at tho battle of Brazito mid Sacramento, in Chihuahua; he was also in command on the famous march from Santa Fe. by Chihuahua and Monterey, to the Rio Grande, by water home to St. Louis. CLOTHING, &c. MERCHANT TAILORfNl*. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSIMERS.AND VESTINGS. WALL, STEPHENS 4. <5o? 32? 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Offloe No. ft 10 Seventh atreet,(near Odd F?1ows' HallJ. (?peu from 8 a. m., to 5 ?. m. OHAKlJES W. CUNNINGHAM. Jy 18-tf Inapootyr and Sealer of Gaa Meters. 1G. O. DKMUTH ft COMFORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Dealers in HAVANA CIGARS, FORKIHX WINES, /{RANDIES, GINS, ft., No. 4o North Chahlks Strbet, Five doors above Lexington St.. < no 22-1 y Haltimore. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Ca.ll at H A ft V K Y'S, Who has just reot*iv?*l a !ai"?e nuppiTof fresh IUSTERS, FISH, and tine OY&TKR*,W^SST^ which ho wrl serve to oustomera at the.^Q^iJ&? shortest not ce and on liberal trrrn. F. S ? Oysters eervoil to families and hotel? a'O not scalded; they are only acaldcd for parsons eating them at the saloon. >Te8 _ T. M. IIARVKV. /**\ NOTICK. 1*A REMOVAL. A X IP V I liav? lemovod my U V FAWN OFFICE to 331 C street, botween \>i nnrl titli streets, iminerliatoJy in the rear of the .Nations! Hotol, whete the business will be continued as heretofore at the oldstaud. 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Dihkctors. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wileon, Richard Jones, John D. Barolav. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwefl, Thos. Parker, Riahard Barry, B. B. French. No charge for Polioies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abxl G. Davis, Secretary. ?>c I0-eo6m rnur n UUII;S j RESTORATIVE CORDIAL < AMD BLOOD RENOVATER Is precisely what its nam? indicates, for, while Icasant to tne taut*, it is revivifying. exliilvatirig, , nvicoratinc and stren therm* to th" vita powers, < ,nd at the nmn time revtviiios, reinstate*, and ro i>'W! the Blood ia a I its original pu it*, and thus ,tono? restores and r'tiders t\e system invulnerable I oaltarks o) disease. it is th*? only preparation ? ver offered to the world, so chemically and skill- ' ally combined as to In-the n.ost powerful tomo. ' ,nd at the ka-ncv time so perfectly adapted to, as to iOt in perlert aocrdaaoe with the laws of nMnrn ,U'l hence will tootk* Ike weakest tlomaeh, ami ( one ap the digestive uigans, and thur allay ail nrr- r 'ons a id other irritation, it is perfoctiy exhilara ins anil at lite same time it is composed entirely of n-getables, yet ao combined a? to produce the inodt horough tonic effsct, without producing an) in- . urioiiB consequences. Snon a remedy has lore J iceii felt to b*? a desideratum in the medicai w Id, f or it needs no medical sk.ll to see that debility c llows all attaoks of disease, and proceed' and in i leed lays thts syitein open to the insidious attacks it Tiany of the most fatal,such, for example, as the | ollowing: Consumption, Indigestion, ljyspepaia, a oss of Appetite, Faintnen, Nervous Irritability , M?ura sia, ValcitMion of the heart. Melancholy, I Vicht r?vr> at.n Langor, Uiddiness, Retention ol, as tail as l'aiuful obstructed, too profuse, or too ie*nt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb These all depend upon genera! debilitf. i'hi? pure, lealthy tonic Cordiai and U'ood Renovator is as >iirc iucuio sh wit: bun in 10 run and s*l. i'tiere is 10 nmtaks about it . But this is not all if the lystem u weakened we are open to bilious atacks, the iiver becomes torpid. or worse diseased. 1 tie kidneys refuse to perforin ilieir funotions, ami J re are troubled witli scaldm* and incontinence of irine, or invowntaiy disoi,urge ol tne same, paui ; n the back. Ri te and betwu^u the flhoukiert ex , >oedin?ly lial le to sliclit oolds, coughs, mid if un . deoked, sooft ejnai taf. o.i follows,aad the p.itiei.t { [oes down to a prenaturs crave. But spatse wi.i , lot allow us to ei ui;i?raio t!.e man* i:is to winch wo wre liable u. a weakened condition ol tlie system. ( l?ut we * i.i bay in this t'oidisl and B'ocwt Renova .or yon Iiivh a perfect, sate, pleasant aud etfmjtna erne*iy for los3 of App.tite. hiuouNiiees. Kiatu- ^ eiioe, W'-ak au<i sick stomach. i.anfcour. i.iver 1 'omplaii.t, Chills and h over, or anr Billon.. attack :?>t tiveness. Acidity oftheSt >iuach. Nervousness. Senraicia. Palpitation of the Heart, impression , >f Spirits, i*o'es, I'nnpleo on the Face, or any dig- ^ ?ase nrisine from impure bioo<i, such as Scrofula, i (Srysipela?., l>ronchitis. Coo*h.d flioulty of Breath | lie, and all that class ot diseases c.v ed female i reakness. and enumerated above. We willnl?o myths traveler exposed t<> epidemics, chance of i ilimate and water. will find it a pluvsar.t. safe and i iure ren-<dy, and no one should ever travel with ' >ut. Ke*d-r. try it, for we assure vou yon will t ind id it a friend well as a lricnd in need. I All persons of sedet.tary habits will find it a perec' preventive ot, as well as a cure for those ail nents which they are particularly exposed lleaca ninisters. slu<l?nts, attorneys, iiterar* genMeiuen, i knd ladies who are not acoust med to inach ontloor oxercir*. will find it to their advantage to teep a bottle constantly on hand; and above a'l notners or those becoming such, will ko through hat most dan?er<>u? penod not only with all their hcousrnmed strength, but safe and free from the Jiousand ailments so prevalent among the femaie >ortion of the world. In short, is inde?d a mother lordial. Try it old and yonng; no lo ger run ihe irk of de^ay; it will relieve ana prove it*?lf?iupliat~ cally a R?*torativ? Cordial and Blood Htnorator. U. J. Wood proprirtor, 444 broad *aj, New krork.and 114 .Market Street- St. I.nnii Un..snd toid by all good Druggist*. Pnoe On? LMiar per Bottle. PROP. WOOD S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AND BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in thia city by C. STOTT, 375 I'a. avenue. an ao-erly. aiw w TRAVELING TRUNKS. ' ' K Have just received the largest aatortment ind now offer the most extensive vari??t< i\t il SOLE LKA rHEK, LADIES' DRESsgtwl ind PACKING TRIJNKS HAT BOX ? VAI-ISEs, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac., n thia oity, whloh we are aeU-ni at very low prioea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO . or. w tf syj P*. ITUfkv T?a GITMD/\urT\E>B I |>n Vl? I SJ W* VT *T U For sale at manufacturers price*, by JOHN J. BOG UK, 0*O??*tow!?,D. C., Soli AttHcv for tk* District of Columbia. A larre anpp.y, embracing arery variety, always an band, and delivered free to all parts of the Dist-ict. Order* can also be left at theo?oeof Adams' Bxprw Company. Washington. D P f*S-1awl> | ADIRS THICK WINTER HOOTS of Kitl Li Moroeoo, Gnats Skin, Lastmcs, Buttoned, Laoed and Velvet Trimmed. J Also Misses Boots of the same style*, are V Hi lellinc from SO oents to fl. per pair, lower* Mb than elsewhere in the city, at J. ROSENTHAL'S. iSBSfe. i WOOD AND COAL. YWOOD AND COAI.. OU Will surely i?( jour none?'* worth bj otliiot at Ids PIONKKK MILLS. *mUvmi c?r ntr v Sertntk and Cmmmi, (6KO. I'AtiK. A?ent-) They sell cUeftper aiiU five totter iu?Mur< than any others in the city?cut. split, delivered free of charge. If vi>a don't believe it. five the Pioneer Mill* ft trial, and be satisfied. ja I71y,r WOOD AND COAl> Delivered to all part* of the city, at the laweet possible ratee.. . T. J. A W. M. 6AJ.T. Offioe tfStf Pa. a*., between 11th and 13th its., ma 17 tT north aide. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CAHRIASF. FACTORY. D Strtft, fifitrttn 9th and 1W& Strmit, We hare ju?t finished a nnnhtr of first e!aas CAR K1 AG hS, such as Lttkt f'-yryJ?. Wagons, Park PKmionAmw'v Car-SjKXj9: riartt. ami Butews, wluoo we wm sell at T?n inuu. proiiv. Ueing practical meflhacica in dilTeroct hr?noh*?* of the t>u?icea?. we flatter ourtelvet that we krow the styles and quality of work that will rive ?*t:t faction, oombiiunc uthtneaa, comfort ana dirabili ty, RepaiunK promptly and carefully attended to the ?norle?t n*. tioe and reasonable oiiarree. WALTER, K ARM ANN A BOPP, Coachmakera, sucoeaeora to Wm. T. Rook. at *7-dly T CARRIAGES, HE Sabaonber having made addiOct* te kl factory, making it now one of the laiieet^^n^a In the Diatriot, where hia facilities forvBOHX uwuttxavkuriiiK^An I^ZACfL & WAGONS or all kicda nasnot he trpMtMl, ar.? from hia 'onj experience in III r>a*ineaa. ka teciTe canenU aaU*fvitiou. All kind* of Carnac* ut klfkt Winu tapt kaod. Ail REPAIKS neatly 4?w,aa4all ardors lT?a*ad^kaad Cirntfti taken le exekanxe far srv w. amdrew jTjoYoii, 4 U-M mrmmr mt Utk aid K da DR. J. H MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a wn or ar-% a.iv Diivuu THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD, TAKEN. n iincilf a act- f JjM iff Diifc and Vifiubla Cacjpt-aiid, LT#" Cartd by (hi diatiTla- gEpHrjl Don of r*OU. herb*, Eltck ^>?t, BaraapaBerk, and Dandtlian KM antara into iu em- M j Tin antira aeu?? __y^ L rcmadiaj princirla cfaach infradiant la HITflM roirina I ? '"? 4 - I. - - - distilling, pradicia" a dalicioaa, ax.hiiaraucf apint, and tha dm: infallibls rsms-y f*r rsnovatirg tha fliaaaasrt aystsra, and raatorinf tha altk, aifsriof, and dsfcilitatsd invalid to h at lth and atrangth. McLEAITS STREXCTHEPTIXG CORDIAL Will llitlitll; cui Li?ar Complaint, DyiMptIt, J?mndics, Gnrsotc or Kim? Dabilitv, Dtsoasss ofths Ki^mri, and all disaiaos arising from a disordered Liver or Stomach, Dyspepsia, eartfcarn, Inward Pilaa, Acidity or Sicknees of ths Stomach, PellLSaa of Blrod to tfca Hsad, Dali Pain or Swimming in the Mead, Palpitation of tha Heart, Palitioee ar Weight in tha Stomach. Soar Encutiru, Cfcrking or af Mating Peeling whan li?mr down,Dryness or TslloW. nata of tha Skin and Ease, Night Sweate, Inward Perore, Pain in th* Small of the Sack, Chest, or Side, Ssddan Plaehea af float, Dapraaaion of Spirits, Frifhtfal Dreamt, Uar.gaor, Deapendency or say narvoss diaaaaa, Soraa m Blotehaa on tha Skin, and Fe?ar and Apt (or Chills and r,T" > OTKR A MILLION BOTTLES Uti baan Mid daritif the laat an u4 la M tear lit baa it failad in anura antiafactiaa. Wha. ikao, rill anffar fram Wiiimn or Dability whan M< LEAR'S ITREHBTRERIR9 CORDIAL will ear* yaa t a lanf aay can caa*ay an adaqaata idaa af tha troraadllu and almaat miraealaai chai.fa prcdscad by taking thia Cardial in tha diaaaaad, dabilitatad, and ah&uarad nar*a*a iTitsni, vhathar brakan dawn by nc*??, w?ck by natara, it lmp&trad by aiekraaa, tba ralaiai and ai t-mtif ryanllalian la raitarad ta iu prUtina haaltb and ?ifa? MARRIED PERSONS, >r atltara, eaoieiaaa af inability from whaiavar eaaaa, will tod MrkEANt STEERGTilENlRG CORDIAL a it*- 1 ??fti rafanaraiar e( tha aya'aia; and all vbt rati hava in uad tkamaalTaa by imprapar ludaigancaa will tod is thia Mhl a cartaia and apaady ramady. TO THE LADIES. McLEAN1* STRENGTHENING CORDIAL It a aerar ilfn and tpatoy car* far lr.cipiant Couaaioptiao, Whitti, ?S?-r?ct?'J or D'Seall Maoiirartion, Incoiiuuauc* of Dnna r liralantary Piaihirfa tharaaf, Fallir.f of tfca Womb, liddlnaaa. Fan, ana all diaaaaaa mcidant te Pamalaa. THERE IS XO MISTAKE ABOUT IT la far na Tska i; accarei' f ta diractiona. It will umalata, atraoftban, and ioviforata ya? and eaaaa tha ilaam ! haalth ta maar. i yemr chaak afiun. Eaary battla ia rarranlad la fi?a aatiafacuon. FOR CHILDREN If raar ehilrtran ira aickly. pan/ or aflietad, MCLEAN'S yOEDlAL will raaka tbam haalth*, fat, and rabaat Da lay iat a nmiaat; jj it, ud yaa will ba canuitad. it ia d?lct?M tauka. CA UTION. la vara af draffiiu ar daalara who may try ta pain apao I 1 rei aama bittar or a&raapanlla traab, which tbay can tar hasp, by aaunr it ia jnat u food. Avoid aaeh man A it or McLKAN-8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and taka lothir.c alaa. It ia tha only rtmadr that will rarif* tha Hood tboroaghl* and at tha urn* urn* *tr*ngth*a di? ajittm. On* l?a*pooni*l taktn *?*ry oiorniiif fa*Ubf I* a cttuin I >r*??nu?a f*r Cbolar*, Chilli and F*?er, Y allow P***r, or ' n? praralaru diaaaa*. Il i* p?t up Id iarr* bottl** Pric* I ul; |l p?r battl*, n I baulti hr |i JT H McLEAK, 1 lola propnaior of thia Cordial; ala*, McLaan'a Volcanic Oil | Lici.naot. Principal Darot *n tha earner *f Third and ( P;u* air*?U, St. Una, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, J (THE BEST LINIMENT ? THE WORLD ) Th? aniy aaf* and ctrulii c*rt for Caocara, Pilaa, Tm- ' an, 8%ailing* aud Eronchil* or Cot'ra, Paralraia. Na*?!('.?, Wraakiicaaof th< Mnacl**, Chrome or lnflamn.alorj Ut*ar a<iam, lufiim at Oh* Joint*, Contracted Huc!*i or igbmauta, E*r*6h* ar Toothach*, Bmaia, Sprain*, Fraah '?( , Wo arid*, Ulcar*, F???t St-r**, Cakad Br*a*t, Sor* lyria*, Bern*, Scalda, Sor* Throat, or auy itiBair.roauon or < lain, uo daffaranC* h*v eavar* or long h? diar may iara an.tad, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* l caiuun r*m*dy. Thnuand* of l.cman h*iog* have been a*?ed a lif* of di* r?m:ail? r>i) miitp* k? ;ka BC a mt fkia in?aU*kl? > McLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT IPili ri'ini pain tiiRott iomuiUimomI;, and it will elm, tarifjr uid baal lb* fsalaat ac.raa in ax incradibla abort tin*. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLKANH CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tha or l? aafo T.i ralir.tla rainady for the cva of Spavin, Rjnfl?a?, HTindfal'a, Hj 'mta. llnnararal Lamp*, Nod** or Iwtllinn t ntrar fai'.ad to car* Big Haad, Poilanl, Piatala, ?Jld lanoinf Surta, or 8wttny, if irapirl; acpliad For lpr?>na. Braiaaa, Hcraiehaa, Crackta Htela, Cnafaa, 8?dHla ir Collar Oalla, Cola, Aoraa, or Wonoda. It la am infallibla 'araady. Apply it aa diractad and a eara ia canain ia a*ary utiaca Than trila do lonrar with tha many warthlaaa Hfarad to yon Obtain a aarrly of OR. HCLKANt CELEBRATED LINIMENT. It will cara too. i. H. McLICAN, 8ola Propriotor, Coma r Third and Pino au.. Be Lcaia, Mo. CHAKLES STOTT, I7S Pa. a*., aola agaot in Waahtng M; R.8 T.Cl88EL.Oo~cataw?. aatt-DAWly nmui &ciudcau> | jikLmnn ^ oimi 0U||^ TR^\ iFAMIiy RYBl FAMHY RYlf ^rfflSK^^wniSKF^ TheahovePURE WHISKY,Corn* Piswlleb rmoH Maltis 6?ain, Seine anperior and nnif<-rra in quality, and highly improvedbjr ace, ia preferred by ooneumera to all other Whiakiea. anJ i*.rtiou ? recommended by the beat phyaiciana and ata aa aoaaeaainx all the r<?auir"meuU of a remit lnrifrmtor m$U R*mtA\a.l 1 ttnt. SohaTlluir Water of Philadeiph*, used ia juration of thia Whiaky, ia proved by ac\Jy ai? to be the aofteat and purest w?Vr in the Urjtod State*: and to thia may, in a great decree, be attributed the excellence of thiaJVtuaky. For aaleby FKEEMANTt SIMPSON. f*erJ* Netit'err, On the Sehvylkili riyer. Phi:?i1e>h?a OBoea?96 Wall atreet, Nn York ; lo? South Front atreet, Philadelphia. f*' S? l? MILITARY BOOKtt-lMtraotiona for PVWi I"I ArtiM*rj. by ? B"*rd of Ariuj G*e*rm; I w?l., pn?JS Book of Arttllory, fcy Okft. Moborta, U. 8. I ARirdt?ci, 1 rol.,^1 SO. Ooott'a lnbitrj Taotioanvola.. #*? . D?c^onifc^oVtheV??b^ of the t'nW ?"' * ?. hf ' T **BL^NCHA1D* MOHUN. jl I (. OTl*j of I *. IT, ?i 4 Klovf nth itmt. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR ST JUL VkU OMUMt ruily m? Nm Jmtui-m mmu ft (TMM WMty Of HIM?nil IMilM ttea MB b? foud I* u? Umt?is r?>liftfc?4 ? Pntey aomac. * SiBj.e oofj, pmr > .. ... ? Fir* ocpim t ? Ten oopiea. - - __ , 9 V Twenty ireocpiea r * It laeen&bly oontaiae the *'WMhiafftoe Newt" that hM made TV Dm*!* Kmmimt Stmt atrMltu bo fMMrftliy throeghoet the ooaclrr. Singieooptee (ta wrappere) oen he ?ro?reg et the oointer, Immediately after the teeeeef the paper. Pnee-THREE CENTS EDUCATIONAL. FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSR Parent* who wiah their mmMw to re eeive e thorough tad aratemetio edooetien. where their phjatoel training will reoei ? dei 1 end arecie attention, und^r the moat approved avatetn ei Cel?a tJemo* end tiymnaatic*. ere reapeetfeliy invited *> lait the Union Fair ?..e Aeedeny, corner Fe?r teenth at end New York av. IT* EM ALE BOARDING AND DAY BCftOOL T m__?4LgljMRJS* TA. Mrs. D. a. MoCUKNICK. PaiUCJFfcL. The thirteenth ibbuJ leuioa of this Inatitatooa will oomnrno* on Taaaday, Septfmher Mk, >nthe hpuee reoently oooupied by ?y lraater Soott, Eat-. NoTTtM) Kmc at ml Tba eonrae of atndy puraued wi oonipnae a the branchee requisite to a thoroach Eiu-iah Ua cation. and Muaio. French, Latin tad Drawing, if deairrd. In addition today aaholar*. Mra. MoCormick ia prepared to receive a limited number of pup it aa hoarders, who. conatitutinK a part of ber own Mi ily.will be nnder lier irnm?!i?U care aud (uperv* aion. ^ne will endeavor, a* lar a* poeeibla. to atir round then with the oomforta aud kiuil ? lufeaeuoaa of Howie. htfar-nrtf.?Rer. Geo H. Norton. Rer |)r. Eiiaa Harriaon. Rev. D. F. Sprue. William H. JKowte, E?q., Edrar SnowdenTliea.. Edmund F Witmar &}:: fiSS .*<?"!, WEB Editor Erenini Star, Benjamin Watera, EM-.Jaa Entwial* Jr P.? ' -.i ?~i? ??* " ? . ?? i ? n ??*( ? \^?n ?* . iQ i nor, | /ODDoff D Miliars. 6lack4ock ft. Marshall, Meaars Cor Brothers. I Tun. Board, with Tuition m a/1 the En< liah Bruobtr, fann for th? annaal eeeaion?payable eesni annual! j, id advance. M aaic and l^ninatM at Profeseora' pnoae. 117" No extra charcea. aa ?-tJ #fWr Couth. Cold, Nmtmm*.*, In / Mdza an* 'mMdm ?r Sri ?"i of tk' Tk*mt, Rtlirr* the ittm. hrmmcLux*, iaw?, t Catarrh, Clomr mmd rtn urenrtk ta the tout Few are aware of the lmportanoe af oheoaine a Conch or "Common Cold" in ?U firat atace; that which in the be*inine woald yield to#mi.3 rente dr, if necleoted, aoon attache the Laa**.'' Brtxr*'t Frr-nskiai T'orKe*,'" containme deirulpant luereuienU, allay Pulmonary and BionehiafVTiUtioc. "That trouble in Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "jVoeh<*'* are a apeoifcc* having made me ofleif a c ere whie TROCHES perer. N.1?7W1LLIS. BROWN'S g^ESTSP**4 tbWr #U> Pr*L,C TROCHES " REV. E. H. CHAPIN. BROWN* .^T'Ttlv.DTSI{!??%?* T.OCHE, ^arsursftssrjsfi; BROWN> to Asthma." ?* *?? f*o 1 REV. A. C. EGGLE8TON. TROCffES "Contain no Op mm or taythtnf BROWN'S DRFA.A 8 , ^ Ckemitt, Be",oil. TROCHE? tion^C^iloT"' BROWN'S DR- ?- * DIGKL^** TROCHES " B*n*fioi*J in Btonntr.." DR. J. P7W. LANE. BROWN'S miu Bcntm. TROCHES BROWN'S ^ * WARVmm?. TROCHES ^Bk?.&"in?Tr^ cSS#** ? REV. 8. J. P. ANDERSON. BROWN'# 5i. Lmu. TP OT* H KB " KTfiCTtil. IE rMTOTlM TKUtHKP neeeand Irritation oft he Throat, m Brown's ?"m!?on Wlth SPBAisas and 8inaTROCHES "'I1"* * STiCTJOHMSOIJ^ BROWN'S TROCHES "Great benefit when taken before au4 afVsr the* present BROWN'S Howmmm. K'otn t?etr gjefeot. 1 think they will be of ^ rmuiriit adTROCHES nntiuc to me." REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Atbens College, Twl TROCHES fnHt^MTUSSF4? I If rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. _ TRIE?EMARV1%I and J?Protected by.Roja' Liiiwr* rurci ui r.u ma, una wcmw cy tns Seals of the Kouc de Pbarinacie do Pirn, and the Imperial Culler* of Medisme. Vienna No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and aatorrhea. Mid al physical disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all traces of those diseases thai have been hitherto treated by the sau seoas aod permoi as use of ooeai va and ovbebs. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the icjot'.oiis ore of mercnrv.thereby insuring to tiie sufferer speedy relief, dispersing all imparities, and rooting out the venom of disease. TR1K?EMAR, No*. 1,2and S.are prepared in th? form of a losecge, devoid of taste ana sine! ' ind can be carried in the waisiooat pocket, bold in tin oases, and divided into separate doses, as ad ministered br Ve?peau, i^allemand, Kou, Rioord. to Price 93 eanh. or four oaees for #9. which saves 93, and in 927 oases, wherebv tueie is a savins o< 99. To be had. whoieeaie aod retail, of fir. BARROW, of 194 Bleecker ?treet, New York. Immediately on receiving a remittanoe. Dr. Barrow will forward the Trieeenter to an; part of the wor d, lecurely packed, aod addreeeec aeoording to the mitruoti^ne of the writer. The Book, of all othare, that ahoald be raad by men with damaged and broken down ?oretatawoii* is "Human Frailty, or Phreiolocloal keeoarehea." It ia beautifully illuatrat-d, and treat* ?*>mat*-ly <T all tne #rnp om* that inrartabj dev??r>o tbern>e; re?. sooner or later, reaalting from the I rail tie* ind vitiating habiu or earli routh. incapacitating .he Ttotim from ahartug the frni*ion m the matrimonial atat*. and. if aot ekankari in limn kt. iting all the function* of saphuod. auii bringing iim. utepby it?( to a lingering mk! untimely death. Jola by Dr. MARROW, 194 Bleeoker ?tre?t, four ioor* b?low Maodougal, New York. Prrae 25 je>iU. Sect free every where. Sold aleo by 8. C. Ford, Jr.. Drug Store, Waeh ngton. J). C. <1? atnr FOR ST AM FINS A PACKET OF PAPER S f AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH. ICHARGEJ METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP * SOLOMON*. Atmts fm L*Bf?wi'f fl0rar*i Lrmtm Pfrri, "Mttto^ 'unm MOi*," tc., tr. t* * ly 338 Pa. * .. blPt1 and lOtii it< 1861' 1861 Commence the Year witk a Diary A vftluftbl* Pooket Coumiui for re? i atari tu Bv?nU put, treMnt, ftnd fatarr; oobtftlmac lift r>( pontajce, liMtMc, ft blftnk iffto for ?rftnd? lor every dfty in tka year, oftati aoooaat for ?ah month, annual ammftry of ?ft?h ftoooant btiie parable and reoeirabie. Don't be witfcoat on of theee uaeful littia xwivenira TM moat complete. *>cact, and desirable assortment erer uuM,*na ruing twelve usee ftnd up?? <i? of fcftr ?tykaa. at SHILUN'UToN't* Boofceure. Dm.w(... *XS .Li vrwwH M9miwtiiCi WIUWI u vn ?uu P?ap n1A *1K1;, *?, k sd-1 *m 1" 1 ^chXAPER KTKlR*1 We will take an extra discount of as per o?at. off of all Hiariee mwmiK froen for aaeh. We are deetroae of oloeinc oat the ren>ainder of oirltri* look of Diana* of all ki-d? lor 1M1. FRfcNCH * (tlCHSTErN. ia? <7* Peen anw?? Ajupt rkcfivko t fren' h ft bichtfthtn*. 91? port avenue. Marion 6rabem, or Bicker tb n H?ppne?e, br Meter Lander; Ism. elotfc; sent by wail for !_* tfebine'a Not** on Do* la lad Da?ltnc . ISmo, oloth; ?1J? by Mil. Afi^rit) ' tUiiatrBtod Poems, oloth (tit; ft* .* ^.E ob Lalia; 12mo., oivU porlW. 91 .36 by ? 11. All of Lor.ff?hov'a ia4 Ik* Miml Wo ka Oar ?n?J hetvy <Ji*ooant on Book* fr?>? th* ?-' lMtera' pn**a for twk. FRENCH A BICHSTKIN. 1>T tT* Prm ?? ??*. ^CHOOL AND COLLMK OUrKli* Yotuki' mmd m fwr Srio+i *?4 JKWtst^'i^lJrirswa for tk* somiBi atwon, w? i>ivi?*d f fc;afoti?.ss5sr? ffsrss orill IM IB ft frw raoiwi ? wit* ??n iifOr oft of R^dy Md*??nrent? of t??ftitifti a.i.4 ? ?"*""**' KIN9 * PURCttklX.

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