Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1861 Page 2
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V THE KVENINCi STAR Tat Militia Foici or tbb CsiraD Btatis.. It sppears from the returns received at the ** ar Department, ttat the militia force of South Cars Una, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi. and .Louisiana, combftit-d. ts 341 .!? ? men. These return* were severally made from tha years 1838 to 1 *.>9 Tbe returns for the year 1860 "wert obU from tbe following inwiuuc ett? 161 8U', Rhode Iiiaiid lft 341: Connecticut 61 574, \ir*lnla 113.155; Minnesota -21,406; New York 419,000 Tbe aggregate of the wholecountry from these Imperfect return* it 3 148,WO. of whicn bout 2,SOU.W*> are claaaed at lnf*ntr\; cavalry 20,000, ?rtilery !3.n?K ilflemeu between 19,000 and 20,000 Real Kstati?One of the moat significant vldeacea of the financial depression here we have yet bad, la afforded by tbe following facta. Ag gregate auction sales of real estate attuate within the city limits, in January, by the leading firms, e.W5. For tbe corresponding months of the four th* ntnlti wrw u fnllnwi- 1S57. *13,0(29; T858. #29,540; 1S59, *10,771; 1WO, $87,416 Jtiekmond Wktg. |fT The Lou'.avllie Journal Mfi that a few daya ago. a feroctoua Kentucky firewater, about tolag $outh, applied to the Mayor, and obtained from him a paaap rt, certifying that he lived in Kentucky, waa a slaveholder, and a friend of the Mouth 8*ALL-*r>x ?The small-pox has created tome alarm la Lynchburg. There have been twelve eases and two deaths H^The Union (Ky.) News aaya tobacco la in freely, but tie quantity la Inferior to that of laat year's crop. irr It la said that the Pop* haa recently dia poaed of aome fine works of art, from the Vatican to the Emperor of Ruaaia. IL/~Eider-down petticoats are now worn by l* r. >11.1. I. Jl a ? A.\ 1 J I'UMiiiu iauic? ia conirqufuuc ui lue com weather U7 Additional evidence continues to bf re ee;ved that private correspondence It violated In South Carolina. C7~ The Naahrille (Tenn ) Banner report! the disappearance of Samuel Jones, deputy sheriff of Maury county, with f IUO.UOO of the county funds. ARRIVALS ATTHE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?R M Magraw, Md: A W Greenwood, NY; J H Adams, Del; S P Noble NY; J C Smith, 111; C Rockwell. NY; J fi Morchead, Pa; C H Morehead. do; H F Pun b?r, Mass; G M Groves, NY; L Clark, do; A Keas by, NJ; J Lattrop, NY; D l.uther, Pa; R Kane, do; W Ritchie, >laas; H Woodruff, NY; W B Mount, NJ; E P Mount, do: H N Conger, do; I) Oakes. do; ti A do; J Hill, do; C H Christ ?haa VV- II VI flfAw A*. D i A*. I D ? ?*? t< i | v >u u?'t n A i* ui*i?u. uu, * t\ Shephard, NJ; Col J K PlWaon. NY; C 9 TH? vrortb, do; W 8 Whitehead, do; M F Mount. NJ; >1 Livingston, III; J B 9eedy, NY; H McCollum, O; J Dale, do; P S White, Pa; L A Plummer, Mw J B Taft, do; G L Reed, Pa; E Croaby, Ct; J T Heald, Del; C E Tborburn and iadjr, NY; W Gray and lady, Va; C H Reld and lady, NY; T C Vulllvan, l'9A; J E 9hiraa, NJ; Ml?a J Floyd, NY, M!u9 Floyd, do; Hon E McPheraon, Pa; H Dangerfleld, Va; A Scheftel, NY; 9 Holman, Pa; C K Lynde, NY; J A Pullen, do; A DHope, NJ; Z Barnum, Md; Col M J Cohen, do; W Locker, Pa; Mia Field, NJ; Min Latrobe, Md; G Newell. NY; B M Porter, Pa; D M EddlDetoti, do; A T Caperton, do; Judge McKinney, Tenn; Judge Carothen, do; O Mlllegan. do; T Marron. do; E M Filler, Pa; C W Greea.Va; W P Halsey, do; H Van Burklrk 111; J Tyaon, Md; O Billing and lady. Vt; Mrs Allen, do; W R McDonald, NJ; J C ilalwy, do; J N Tutter. do; E T Martin, N * ; Rc? B WMiou, Pa; E H Filler, do; R; F C Huntingdon, !?V; F Laner, Pa; J B Bochtel, do; D F TMOpkibs, NJ. C ?V Amory, Man; A L Mason, do; T R Roblson. do; J D Carter, Md; H Hammond, Ct: J Gould, do; U K Horton, C 1> Hum, NY; R Tyler, Pa. BROWN'S HOTEL.?J L Wllion, W Llnnev, C Slack. G Clogg. L Rett*. J Watklna,H Holme*, Ml Aim. M 8 McCoy, J w Jones, Md; T Stuart, WO B Finney. J Morton, J M Farnett, G Boul ware, E McKenny, C H Lynch, B Nash. C Frut er.d. W D Oulmbv. J Chinnrnj 1 n P?nnvh?i>V er, F. WVtsou, J K Beek and ly, C A Crump, W E Wood, W J Dickinson, J Alderson,Gen A A Cbapensc, J T Lockridj<e. Gen J Richmond, G M Potter, G W Ward. C W Green, Va; H Myers, A Jackson. M Ll*tufcStoa,111; J Onslow, R Jones, J Rutcb, 8 Winch's er.Pa; 8 Hoffman, W Aben r?th. W McCord, 8 P Marshall, A Scheftel, NY; Cap* Kingsbury and ly, NC; 9 C Williams, W P Hicklnaon, Tean; J Locke C L Hall, W r John on, Mo; J Patterson, Ala; G Hurlbert, Ct; W H Barker, T M Boulware, 9C; J A Morcell, Kan; W B Atkinson, W D Clarke, NJ; M M Jones and fam. Miss J Snow, Del, C R Jones, Tex; J Chap lin, la NATIONAL HOTEL ?Misses Bowie, Md, r Boiling,G T W hitting ton. V a; N Plummer, Md; * Vy auo?u. rsw; J-* Heald, Del; W Wallack. Si E Carlton. NY; O H Norman, Rl. D Hireeb. Mo; M G Howe, Mm, Mr? Lyicb, Mr* Hey wood, N Y; E Sutro, R Van A me, J J Heckart. E Queries T Devecman, Md, P VoorUls, J Voorbls, NY; A H Stuart, \V C Wlckham. A H Bernard. R Wal Uce.G Turner, Va; 8 R Marshall, Mlaa; Miss Wells, Pa, Mr Blen, Tex; R A F.idy, Ky; Mia Uougenhelm, NY; TT Weat, Va; J Barlield. Mia, H Herbert, En*; C H Hal nee, J B Fuller,G WainwrlRbt, S Cox. B Cnmptoa. H Sage. J Har ris, R H?lmes, Md, W Edwards, NY; II Mclru vrs. Pa; A Gay, Mass, CLAY'S HOTEL ?J<ii McGulre. Cal; J Kane, Jas D'ckson. La; J De Jarneile, La, S C Ames, L Bristol, A Bristol, Mass; L Kirk and lv, NHi JM Poweil and ly, M J Haney, S E Heard, Miss M near a, Ua; S S Hartwell, Ala; \Vm Harrington and ly, S H Morria and aist, Ky, W llllain B Jofcu *on, Ouio, D M Edgiagton. V a. Will lain C Ste venaon, O Lawrence and family, S Summers and oo. Pa. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?P Johnaon, W Wat aou, J M Fant, Va, J B Mason, MV; L K tiowen, "W Gay, C Whitman,Col M J Cohen. J Glttlnger, W H Allen, H Shirla, Md; 8 Hippie and ly, J Patrick, F. 8 Jonea, Pa: M Weddell, NC; J D W Uaon, UhN. ^JOLGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ac. COMPO UXD S YR UP *0^0 UM ARA BIC, Tiaa pie*a*nt and popular Cough Remedy hi been ?<j long kuown and oxtensiveiy used, that mont hare beoome {hnuiiar with ita exiraordiaa rr MOHT. It be h*d at all tiie prino tal drag HnfMataaadjiiMBltahottla. m? c8i?IMHIS10N And wIoi?Mie d?&lert in MILL FEED, CORN M?ALxtc., *c., Corn*r of L2tn nod B street*, Washington oity. fZT C?h pid for ail tacda of Grain- an 2S-6oi i.?.?. i.mss. ?. m. mot*. i.kiinti L""'"?" * "tWkxMn-ATiim ourSniM, Miss,. WUi iz> uie HUb Co art of fcrror? and A** KElSl'iii SHOE me CoilMRM .f ClUW w-tr HEAV1H I? WKAUH. AND WCKNE9S POVERTY INDEED. Kea't %n<J aee if Dr. Ayer'j Medicinee do not do win thin* to em iota mankind. CHiCaoo, I2'.h NoTOmber, 19^9. Da. J. C. At** ? Keeo?ot<*1 Sir. I ?houi<l b? wai>tiu* in oomuion gratitude if 1 did cot acknowl edge to you vhat i<?ui ckii., or more accurately yu?r Ext*act ur ?a*?apa*illa haa done fur my wife. M?e haa h??n fur eome yeAra nfflioted with a homor. whioh oomei oat upon h?r ?kin in the au tuinn ud winter with auch iroiufTirable itching aa to readerai.fealinoatiaU>ierable. it baa never fa led to ouuia upon her m eold weather, nor haa any rem edial aid been able to haa ten ita departure before earing, or to at ali alleviate her tulTeringi from it. Thia attion It bagao in October with ita uanal *ioience. By the advioe of onr celebrated t*nr geoa, Dr. Kiabali, I gave her yoar !*aia<*pa'illa. Ia a week it bad brought the hnn or oat neun her uia >vm iuh f HA irw im it bctore; bat it oon bHU to dtUfntr The itohm; b%e oe?s?d ut Uj* kutor i? now entir elf ?oae, ao that abe 1a completely oared, bat etill continue# tuing the P?ra?parill?, to iciara a complete expulsion of the diMM* from tii? ay item. Youri, reap*?tfully. Biiu.Cutii. Priymd by Dr. J. C. AYKK * CO., UwuJI, Mw 1* 16 eolm 1 JMPOKTANT TO HOUBBkKKPKRfl. K. E. PUR1KB k. CU.'a SBXjSOT ttoaranteed not only AB8OL0TKLY.AND PKRFECTL.V PU*h. Ct ground from frfc.'i Hp.oee, selected twf oleuned aa eipreealy tor tba pnreoae without rrferenoe ?0oaL Tk*y bwnuMlj p&okM in tinfoil, ned with paper,) 9o prevent utjary by keeping, and ir? full wet* at, while the or Ji nary croano Spieee %re almost invariably short. We warrant c^Jwrs^vr*" i wKE e VV??t Kod Dm* 11.1 l'?nn. i RVIM? CAN8' BRANDY PJKj/1 ?ua J 1 BT *KCK|1 hi, ?V g| . UBAB&SHSr1^. 5i-a utC S2Jw..%012rffS5^J?? "'^SK '"tf MISCELLANEOUS. Tbi AmumvoN o? La wee There ill frowinx ten J ?nor in this m? to approyn?t6 the moat expreeaire word* of other lane ua< ee*aixl alter a while to moorparete them into oar own; thae the wo.-d CephaHc, which It from the Greek, signifying "for the head, in new becoming popularized ia , connection wKh Mr. S?al?iEK'i treai Headache remedy; bat it will soon oe need in a more general war, aGd the word Cephalic trill become at oommon u Electrotype and many others whose i distinction as foreicn Words has been worn away by oommon usace until they eeem "native and to the manor born. 1 'artly Realized. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadaohe this afternoon, hand I stepped into the hapotheoariea hand says hi tc the m*n,"Canyou heaee ma o/an'eadachtt"* "Does it haohe '?.r?1," says *e. "Hexoeedmily," says hi, and upon that 'e care me a Cephalic Pill. {And 'pon me 'onor it eured me eo qniok that I 'ardly realized 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaoha. C^Hiadachi is tha fhvorlta sicn by whioh Mature makes known any deviation whatever irpm the natnr&l state or tha brun. tnd viewed in rale light It maybe looked onutuftfiftrd intended to fire notice of <1 isea*? whioh might otherwlee eeoape attention, ml too lata to be remedied: and ita indioa'ion* should never be necleoted. Head aches may be olaaaified uuder two namM.Tis: Srnptomatio and Idiopathic. Symptomatic) Head aohe fa exo*edir.gly common and la the precursor of a great variety of diaaaaea, among whioh are A?"p.oxf. Gout, Rhenmatiam and all f'bnle d-?aaaea. In ita rervoua form it is a*nipathetio dia eaae of the stomach oonatitutinr tick k?mdacke,ot hepatic diaeaae ooaatitutiug bilious k*adntk*, of worma.eonatipaHon and other diaordera of the dow ls,as well as renal and uterine aflVotiona. Diseaaea of the heart are very freqneatly attenMd with Raad aohea; Anemia and plethora are Mao affoctiooa which frequently oocaaion headaohe. Idiopathio Heada3he ia alao very oommon, being usually dis tinguished by the name of nerrou* KtadacKt, eome timea oominr on suddenly in a ftate of apparently sound health and proatrating at onoe the mental and phyaioal energies, and in other inatanoee it iwgin uu iiuvij. uh'biu'm oj uepression Ol l^irid or aoerbity of temper. la most inatanoea the pain Ik in front of the bead, over one or both eyea, and ometi nee provoking vomiting, under this olaaa m?T a ao be named yturiltia. f or the treatment ofeitiier olaaa of Headaohe the Ophalio Filia have Men found a anre and tan remedy, relieving the moat aonte paina in a few minutes, and \fj its anbtie power eradicating the diaeaae of which headaohe ta the unerring adex. Biidout.?Misaua wants yon to wm. her a bo* of Cephalic Glue, no. a bottle of Prepared Pilla,? but I'm thinking thara not juatit naither; but per haps ye'll be afther knowing what It is. Ye see she'a nigh dead and gone with the Sick Headaohe and want* some more of that same aa relaived her before. DmwiJl.-You mut mean Spalding'a Cephalie Pilia. t BrUttt.?Och,' sure now and you've aed it. here's me q uanner am giv me mis ruia ana aon't Mill day About it aither. Ceaatlpatlen er CmUtcmh. No on* of the "many ills flesh ia heir to" ia eo prevalent, ao little understood. and so muoh neg lected aa Coativmeaa. Often originating in oare leaaneaa. or aedentary habita; it la regarded aa a alight diaorder of too'ittle oonaequenoe to exoite anxiety, while in reality it ia the precursor and companion of many of the moat fatal and danger oua diaeaaet.and unleaa early eradicated it will bnna^he sufferer to an nntimely grave. Among the lighter evi'a of whioh Coativeneaa ia the usual at tendant are Headache, Colic, Rheumatism, Foul Breath Pilea. and others <>f like n*ture,while a long train of frichtrti! diaeaaea auch as Malignant Fevera, Abceaaea, Djaentery, Dyapepaia, Diarrhea, Apo plexy, Ep'iepay, Para'ysis, Hysteria, Hypochon driasis, Malanonoly and Insar.itt. first indicate their orHsencw in the stntem by this al&ririn* symptom. Not unfr?quentLy the diseases earned originate >Q Const pvion, but take on an independent exist enoa uniees the cause is eradioated in an early staca. Prom all these considerations it follows that the disorder should rooeive immediate attention when ever it ooonrs. and no person should neglect to gat a box of Cepnalio Pills on the first appearanoa of the oomplaiat, a* their timely use will axpal tt)e ir.aldaona approaches of Jiaeaaa and daatroy this d*ngero?a foe to unman life. A Real Bl*aalo?. Physician.?Weil, Mrs. Jones, how is that heed aouo' , Mrt. Jnmt.?Bono! Dootor. all gone! the pill to* Mntcure<] ms injiat twenty minntea, and I wish tou would send more bo that I can hare them handy Physician.?Yon can get them at any Drue gists. Call for CephsJio Pills, i find the? never Tail, tad I recommend them in ail oaeee of Headache. Mr*. Jotut.?I shall send for a box directly, and aha* tell all my suffering friends, for they are a real bUisint. ?Twibti Millions of Dolljlki 8A*-pp.?Mr. Spa ding has sold two millions of bottl??o[ nis oel ebrated Prepared Qlneand it is eatim*t*d tha.t ?uh bottle limit least ten dollar* worth ofT>rotep furniture, thus making an mire* ate of twenty mti liona of dollars reclaimed from total lots try thia val -lable invention. Ravine made hit Glue & honse hold word, he now propose* to do the world at?U greater aervioe by ourinr all the aching heada with niaCephaio Pille, and If they area* (oodai hia Glne. Headaohea will soon vaniah away like anow in J sly. C^Orea vzcitimx^t. and the mental eare and anxiety inoident to olose attention to business or study, are imunj the numerona causes of Nervous Headache. The disordered state of mind and body inoideni to this distreeelng oomplamt is a fatal blow to a'I energy and ambition, Sufferers by Uus disorder oan always obtain speedy relief from these distress'."* attacks by uafng one of th^Ce phaiic PilU whenever the eympfoma appear. It smctff the overtasked brain and aoothea the atrain ed ard jarring nervea. ard relaxes the tension nt the stomach which alw>ye aooomMniea and if C ravatea th? disordered condition of the brain. I* acts woith Eifowiws.?PpaldtDf'i Cephalic Pi'la are a certain care for SioK Headache, Bili ous Heartache, Nervous Headache, Coativenen, and General Debility. Br bit Diacovamy.?Amonj the moat important of ail the great mertioal dioovertea of thia at? nay b? oonsidered-the ayatem of vaoolflatiac for protec tion from Small Pox, the Cenhalio Pii i for relief of Headaobe. and the uie of Uuinine for the preven tion of Fevera, either of wnioh la a aure specific, whoae henefita will be experienoed by Bafferiaj humanity long after their discoverers are forgotten. Did tou pver hare the Siok Headache I Do rou renkMDMr the throbbing l?mi' * - row, the loathing and disgust at How totally unfit too were for pic Uon or ?ta? ~ ~ tobbing templee, the fevared d dietnst at the eight of fbod. r unfit too were for pleasure, oonverea _ idr- One of the Cephalio Pllle wooid nave relieved yon from all the Buffering whioh too then expe/ienoed. For this and other pi n experienced. For this and other pnrpoaaa yon should a'wajt have a box of them on hand to se aa oooaaion require*. . vxolic 1> 30- cube '/>, NervousHeadache HeadaoJio. By the km of these Pills tbe penodio attacks of Nrrrotu or Siek Hiadarht may bo prevented; and If taken at the eomnnuMmmt ol an at Wok imme diate reliel from pain and liokness will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the JVahim and H?datiu to wbioh female* are eo subjeot. They act gently upon the bowels,?removing Cm tivmut. For Litermry Mm, Students, Delicate F em alee, and all persons ol stttouury tkabitt, they are all valuable as a Laxativt, improving the upptit*, giving to*u and rigor to the digeetive organs, and reetoring the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. he CEPHALIC PI i.S are ts. r?1? i icveeMgation and oarefully oondueted experiment*, ha*ing bMn in aaa many y wi, during whioh time the? hare prevented and relieved a rut amount of pain and aaffering from Headaoha, whether ongt eating in the nervout ijrtem or from a deranged taCe of the stomach. They ara entirely vegetable m their eompoeiUoa, and may be taken at all time* with perfoot alMy without making any ahanga of dial; a*d tka mk nnet of m* ditatruabU ttuU rmdmt it Miy M mdminittm them la thUdrtm. BKWARK OP COUNTKE7K1TB! The genuine have ftva signature! of Heary C. Spalding oa each Box, v % Bold by Druggist* and all other Daalere la Madi A Bos will be Mat by Mil |tpM ? PB1CK. U CBNTS. AlloNanrtMMtoi HENRY C. tPAUNNJ^ ?4*v)r 41 Oatar MA Mmt T?tt* I I . PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. PUBLIC N Otl C E. PiUie notice it hereby firm that boada tad Mtfoni MUMKtd, of the tooriittot hereinafter iot forth, have lately been felonioaaly abetraetei from the oaatody of the Interior ;De?art?eat. the mm being the property of the United Btatee and held ie treat for oertain Indian tribe*. Notioe Me aleo been given to the proper uiiwt of the rupee live Btatee to atop the pay meat thereof; and all peraona are vnrned againet parohaaing or reeew ing any of aaid bonds and ooapona, aa the otaim of the United Statea thereto will be preeeented to the utmoat extent. Eaoh bond being for the cam of one thonaaad dollara, tu : 8u per eent. Mieeoari Coupon Bond a, laaaed ta Jane aad Angnat, 1MT. State of Miaaionri. St. Lonia and Iron UamIui K.I Bond No. 2037 1876 MU6 1997 1998 im 200T 1993 1994 1996 1891 1990 - 1892 Bonds. Bond No. 1823 1827 1822 1821 1820 1819 1818 1809 1817 1818 1815 18U 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 180? 2006 20.H 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 2036 2000 2032 2009 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1064 1832 1M2 1883 1884 1885 188* 1887 1888 1889 1890 3046 3048 1040 3047 3044 3043 J BOB 1809 1870 1871 1873 1873 18T4 1875 3030 3039 3018 3017 3010 3015 3014 mi m 2041 2013 3042 3010 2039 3011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 Note.?Bonds No. 2rcn, and below of this series, tuned Jane, 1857, and bonds No. avn.and above that, dated August. lsSr, payable at ttie Phcenix Ban, New York city, in 1887. State of Missouri sue per oenN ooupon bonds, inv K^nnihA.! ?.nH St. JombIi K aj 1 Tf\*A *4ta4a ijondi Bend No. 1863 Bond No. 162<S 1862 1627 1861 1628 1860 1629 1849 1869 1848 1866 1847 1863 1840 1862 1846 I860 1844 1861 1832 1866 1836 1868 1833 1866 1834 1864 1836 1822 Tft3T 18M 1838 183? 1940 1M0 16S5 1613 1612 1614 1615 1616 1617 1618 1619 1620 1834 1836 1836 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831 1641 1612 1*43 1644 1645 1646 1611 1864 1634 1631 1633 1633 1622 1857 1636 1630 1639 1841 1648 1637 1638 * - 3S 1843 1650 1316 1817 181S 1819 1820 19Z4 11421 1634 1035 90 bonda Noti.?Th*sa boiidi are dated Japoaxy, 1MT, pavabie at Bank of Commaroe, Ivew York* in VivrmMr, IMS?tnteroat payable in January and July of eaoh year. State of Mie??un ?U ?jr oent. Coupon North Mla foun R. R. Slate bonds. Bond No.73953 Bond No. 1649 3940 1638 s 3939 1641 ?V1( 2942 294ft 2945 2944 2943 2947 2948 2949 2950 2937 2938 1563 1654 - 1065 1652 - 1856 2921 2468 2512 1643 1644 1645 1646 1647 1648 1649 1640 1650 2922 2923 2924 2936 2961 2953 1657 1705 1706 1707 2513 3514 3515 3519 3911 3910 3913 3913 3914 391* 3915 3917 3453 3453 3454 3455 3450 3457 3458 ?459 3460 3401 3443 3463 , 2918 24M 2919 24A5 2920 2444 2954 . 2497 2955 1651 80 b?nd? Note.?Th? bonda nnrobarad 1816ftjxl below. ia &aru*fts&%S? Nortk D..J V. WO >. 4* 1 t O Dona no. 2(N 2784 2787 278? 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 2722 2710 2720 2725 2716 2777 rut 2776 2724 2765 mi 2768 2766 3769 2728 2770 3718 2771 J7H5 1714, 2778 27M 1771 17* 1776 27* 1774 27* 1780 1711 17? ' 1 1747 60 2707 60 bond* ?iiassEffiasaif? Boad Ho. 4146 Bond No. MM 6)61 5146 5)44 5243 5)4) 5341 5140 5239" 5138 5237 5235 5234 5233 5)22 5231 5200 5199 5198 5197 5)58 5256 5254 5255 5253 525) 5251 5250 5249 5247 5248 5195 519ft 5000 4999 4997 4890 4998 5310 4889 5136 4888 5307 4878 5308 5?7 5309 5362 51 bondi 5308 wrest payable in J uurr ud J air of mok year. Bonds of North Carolina?Coap^p atx per oont North Carolina m fmr oanU. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 ? . 33 301 32 300 23 297 9 235 7 *U 349 348 34f 346 343 343 341 340 839 338 337 336 365 328 203 166 104 20 19 18 17 15 13 8 11 10 102 101 3? 330 331 331 333 334 227 326 317 318 416 29? 239 238 237 100 99 103 6 28 22 .1# 21 98 97 9? 9b 94 62 ?0 Z30 303 7} bondi Not*.?Th??? bonds are dated January, 1*96 sr7&N,~' North Carolina 8 ftr oenU. Coupon Bondi. Bond Nt. 833 Bond No. 735 832 *36 831 758 830 759 829 760 834 781 836 762 836 763 837 764 838 T90 87J 791 872 792 873 793 874 Aftc 794 019 IV3 87# 796 877 797 878 788 879 799 880 800 881 801 846 802 8iT 803 848 804 849 805 850 806 851 80S 863 807 85 S 813 864 813 855 &J3 856 814 857 8J5 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 823 824 825 826 827 828 839 840 843 844 ftlS iXi ? 734 104 bond able in Sanoary and July. North Carolina fix par oent. Coupor bonda. Bond No. 599 Bond No. 493 600 494 603 495 604 496 605 497 606 621 60T 498 60S 510 511 *91 510 sii 612 613 609 614 623 623 624 626 626 627 628 641 642 643 615 644 462 463 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 538 539 540 541 542 543 530 646 531 647 533 648 533 645 534 649 535 650 536 651 637 652 518 616 629 617 516 618 515 619 517 455 614 457 422 458 545 470 546 60] 547 439 548 440 560 412 430 431 433 436 437 427 429 425 426 ?BU 421 512 601 612 544 491 119 boadi 492 " "iSSSaCOTflfcflwaSTte0 No. 61 62 66 64 M M. Boad Ho. 161 161 161 164 1*6 .1* Bond He. IT 18 99 106 1? 123 m Bond !U Its Ml 164 165 ITS 1* its 1? m }" m 128 km 179 19T 180 m 129 199 iS 4i boLd* 148 J1'**-**' Anil. IW?. MM no. IV Bond No. 1182 Bond No. 1192 1184 H?3 1185 UM 1188 UM H8T UM iS "" I'm 15 ^ Bond &. 217 Bond No. 415 278 419 2?4 476 ??l 911 409 491 413 498 414 723 And of the following cumtora laaaad Jtiiuirr.lMt Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1368 830 And of th* following bora irnod Ju?trr,llH: Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2855 Slip 28vl 2133 2892 2681 3066 2605 3121 And or the following nmmbera ia???d Juutrr, 1896. Bend No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 346? 4200 3466 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4?14 3472 4431 3758 4527 3894 4529 3941 4550 3942 4554 . 3943 456(5 3944 4569 3945 4570 394? 4571 3985 4749 41V9 4751 4200 4881 And of the following number* isaaed J tnuary, 1157: Bond No. 6050 Bond No. 5419 5195 5421 5326 5426 5359 5427 5360 54.30 5361 5434 5362 5436 5363 5437 5364 5438 5365 5439 5366 5140 5367 5441 5369 5370 5371 6372 537* 5374 5375 5378 5377 53T8 5379 5380 5301 5385 53W 5387 MU M42 5453 5444 5445 5452 5518 5519 5520 5521 5512 57p3 5704 5705 67W 5707 5708 5709 ** ? A 5389 5711 M90 571J 5391 5713 5392 5799 5393 5839 5416 5840 5417 6843 5418 OFFICB Of TUS BlCaiTA.1T Of TBI lNTSBIOl. Deoamber ?, 1M0. att dtf J. THOMPSON, Boorytfy. QLDRlCB.M^LyW^D^BB MONOKQAiLELA RYE WHI8KET, Conscientiona'y distilled by Mr. Jamee Bar Sf Allog&ny Count?, Penu., in the old-fast oneet way, from the oboioeet and eieeted Rye. and in ne o&ae ever until ad&pUd to vholeeome bm by onoe the moet paJat&ble, aa it i? em 7;, ,u SrKara".SiSKii Ksy? ^'tne Tta"111* 11'D lr *r*?tl0* wiUith* Acent for the Proprietor*. S94 Pa. ??? ? ?- "* opromtt* WillawU* Hptol. pURkOLD RYK WHiSKY.-Onh?Dd wl JT brand. ofPore Old Rye Cof*efDi? tilJed, fnado by the mort reli&bJe distillers in PetLn V WAU I I UN. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS UllTiiTur oiniiATHDC nc nun int. giunniuncur ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WMJLDALY, SOLE DRriDBirTnn nsainwuttiirNEwm' MX BALM IN WASHINGTON BY f vjr UIROVI ? MKMMR* 8jp.KlM?t 9T? Pi. the o?)y *l*o* U>*M*J ?lwr? iSi'SBS.-ftfcfe rrecsMTO BEiBrE'saptJiKyisstS^'^M?! roft ALL MSBASES OF ud IMPftVDRNCK. LMT no false DKLICACJ fKiriJfT. APPLY IMMFD ATBLY. A9WHK WAKhAKTKD, OM mo CHAM0B, m noM on* to two days r>?? rr r?fi ? ? ? ? ' ' tk* MM. IU1 ?M U lkHr'1 mm MLIomrrvl, >MkM af lk? >*y?1 Cali?M MNrptM, iwtn, ?n>wl? M n< *f Ik* mm i?hm C*U*fM la Ik* l*N*l (MM, 1*4 Ik* (inui part af ?kM* Ufa Ul k**a apaai la * kw Mtaiaaf Lae?ee. fana, FkUa4*Wiia aatf ala**kaw. ka 1**1*4 mm af UM mi w,aki"| am* itai van i kaavn, bu; ir*ak**4 vlik nmgvif la tk* k?4 a*4 2i;riaw.r lr'th rMqaT.1 k*l?5> ir./.TiiVn**?*M??r KM* vkk Iwaiiaial af aM, **n car*4 lM*4kl*lr. Till PABTICVbAB POTIC*. Tn*? Mh *tk*r* ak* ka?a Ui)ar?a hi?**It?i ky kWui prxut* M(l(a4 la vkaa ata?*?* kaMi hnkia. f Warn*4 Ina **U aanpani**.*, at ai **l**l, tk* af**m at klak *r* atfkUf fall *?*n vkaa a*l**p, aa4 If aai *ar*4. raaian anBy tiapaaaikla, aa< l*?m* ka?k a?4 |(ni u? wnVrfikt a* 4 tai alaaakaiy a#? kt a?Ha Itbttt i(tm* n?t Waakaaaa af tka link*, hiM la lit* ??, Dimmm af aiftii.tM* ?f Ma Pawar, Palpttatiao af til* Maart.IWaFapar. Il?r?aaa lr*??M4 If. Darufaaai.! af tka Dtf aau*a faatCaai, ftaaara.1 DaMttt) mjuai af Oaeesmeoee, A*. MUTikLT -Tia faufM afaaw aa tk? mtm4 trt aw* M ka 4raa4*d ?Laaa af M vary. Caarfkaaa* af Mau, Paaiaaalaa af Ipinu. Bail TarWdU fa, A *ara>aa afMaciat?, laH PiautM, J--*? l.TMitr, aw., art ataa af Ik* avtia pM li tka taaaa af tkair 4*ciU>l?f katltk, laaicr ikaii ka ?! ! vaak. paia. airrni u4 aaatkta4, kaataf a liipllI appaaaaaaa inm tka ay aa. cavffe ar aympcaai af mm^Ih ouiCAtu or tMP&euuicr Wkaa tka nafiiiaf ul u. prvdaat wwy af piaaaaaa Mi k? ku IkHM tha aaa4* af l?u painfal 4taa%aa, It vaa afvaa kappaata Uaat aa Ut-Uiaa4 aaiwa af akama a* iiaai af ilawan lawn km fraia i^nn| la tkaaa aha. fraaa a4aaattaa IH raaaacukuitr. ua alatia fctfriand km. Ma h:ia tan aba ku'4i W Ifuwut m4 <Hlnu| ?b*, IKiMkll af cmnof, kick k? pacaawrv nMiuid.ktif Ma irittmf Mik in?r naatk, *r laag ? ika aanallaat faa a*a ka ak Micao, uU ta daapair lu>i kla ?ilk bum< kaaltfc la iM a?a? fete(aUhaf diaftppatairaani; ar k? Ua af Uat < ??.> paian, Martary. buna tk? eawatn?Uaa? I aymmaroa af lkl> iimkto iiatua, iwk u Afatuani <tea iHtt Tkraat, Waaa, Iku,4a., pnrrawitj vltk frifktfal npMMy, (III iaut fwu a and ta lite ln>4fU tifarufi kj aaatdmy Mat M afcai * tatennt awtn fna wkaaa>nio? aa uttalir rttana ml jomontnitDT rot omarc ft? aro mrortmcw. By Ikk nan ia< luiamm >im<; vaakaaaa af ika aaartaa wa ayaiifly aarad m< Ml ?.(? raaaaate. ftinato air ika Mat nar?a%a aad dakilmtad, vka kad teat ail kapa, ka*a All impadiiaat'.a ta Mirriira. Pkjralaa. at Maata ?taaaal? laakaaa, baaa af Pnataalfi Pavai, Bar*aaa liMtaHltV Yraaakliof tad Wnkaau ai xka.aMtaa af Ika aaaaitaarfW kM apaaadJ* aarad. uiK'UENEirrcirriia fit MAWT nOCIAHUI (UK UlkM I i ji?m, ud ik? nutma l?;imil l??it Hi ftnlini ftrfNiMd by Dr. J?4??ii, *iumm< by U? rtMntn af tk* Mkn mum, miUm ?f ?Mk km uMini iftli ul iftn kilwi u* ntIM, H' Mm Uiilia(k| u t [utit*u t( ikuuttiul HUty, n ? fvmm t> U? ilml |m^*T J "Bfffi ATHY THE RMMMDY REJOICE n? HEALTH. Fried, do yoa anffer? An yo? the notim of My of tiioM bidtou ailmecta vhioh vim Iron ip arlty of the Mood? What are tagj, do yon ukr Rather &ck, wh*t are they not? The b.ood la the En roe of life and health, and it la the ftrat element oar being to respond t- u; oaaee which i|mu ? ?ytV?m, aa the vnlee lufvub r atteeu The ever rfT&iliBf Nmrtif I&, the Irritating Lryaipeiaa, U* hbtif ^orotu.i, tb? Moi.f.nt Rl' mati?m, W?r Debility, i>rpp*jai?. Utk Comrlttit viU itt *>r?cr a.nd d?#?eticn, end uw eminbr- eee iilathM fleet U fcrir to, c>r . re their hxJeou* onrln trow the blood. l>ee, >ia?hy the* fcr.dtMtlj wiui Um biooc Um the nteasinf rNPiraia of Httrt for lu wfl. ad innr na to ooapead to yomr ooctd?MiMl m that truly vu?i>.f ibHioairient known m eeiiti merit ui apoten li mMlni, endeooM <n this free! tftotor ere oonataat ovmia of et retire bt reau.ta from its ii? mAJ remedlaa acd the beet medical skill ktn failed. Let ma m, in oonalulon. thM certificate* oafee ?re r<"* aou?ht from the illiterate tad mm Sc;*l, but they ire Toiuatcerel from Um boot ra ajootable fcaroee and juatify the highest tenoa to which it la roeaible t?> ooatmend eo op a tr*clc to approval. We may add alao that the CB rati re propeiiie* of the meaiciae are e? called oc y by ita reetondve effect*, the arcUin reeovw iac from diaeaae with renewed rx.natitntionai rimpt. For aaie by all respectable in Ihia Oltr.and by to- prr>prn?t?;r. MRS M. OOX, None *enu ne nnieea her rune la btown oa U?e bottle and her aeal on the e rk ITr Price ft per l*rtte. ?:j bottle* for |L Aftnt jk. n. f. ClftSKL. DragrM. ?eorgetowr , ft C.. Wholesale Agent lor the Dta tnct^ana will aappiy the trade at my pnoaa. R. J. BOVEE WD* IMPERIAL WlfTE BITTERS. Are bow being aeed from Mauie to the 8reat Ball l^ake, apl the miilrercai ortiiot of all who aaa all etw iMcnif a toiuo, & IE' is iarMwoi* rmzkoor. tea: MOfrfM tLey are a p ieUjutfil rtrrfr^jj .rtyJB, cailttx.luc f a r<iM or Bwn At iryariou ratal t*. Ut aJ l?1 ail adrooaiM of temper tciri thaao rft.iaUc V^ri M*T*l PttlHM aiid ?4wit*rt D1F1ELD - wuKssrtfir* mftkteWmSKS Pot DtMUM of the Kid dm ?,B'?dder %aA Ut Urtui, n.0 eceociaJly for FenaJ* Ob?tr*c ner*T fmJ.1 to ooiVTud are vmmM to give _ ?^U AkLK8 WIDDIFIKLD * CO i# y if jt Acrat. Wuhicctbc. D. C. vv -v " V BOCSOKT1 5* DISPATCH! -?\ TSan the rietci!* At ?cidtmtt mill karrtm, i?m to w*U-rt?wtei?4 fmmitiu. It U Terr 4e?ir?bl? to teve mm otear ana eonvecieat ru (?r m>ifi?|T?iMt?J>.tm. OiHk?^, it. iriLDINS*! rUTiRCD ALH BMta all raoh eioerceaciea. aiid do lineaetoM ?u afford to be without it. It ie ahrayt ready and at to the yokloi point. T?(ere U no longer a m^m ilty for ainyiu oaure.eybntered ~neer?, bwOM Sous, a:.<i t-roStr cr*i m. It la j??t the erftoi? fr r ooflg^a^eli. epd o*. n orcAmeatal vora, eo popaiar * " WSEPIL IN KTMMLT HOWS* {HA nrt b?t? rk?;uti4 fW^j, N*. ?S_C?tor ?trw*, Hew T?l U?T r?l M f?r lwu*n ?a l** copl^K?t?f F?*r, io Sfevv C*rtl toooMyaarmc (*ak r*ckac? CT A mail* frotti* ?f spjl PltfO'S PRE PARED GLU1i 'nit ?** t? Cm iU comt M MJIr U> rr?rj Sold by ?? fromiP'-vl *;atioMr% DmrfUU. Hihrdvtrf * id Furuifeir* fl? r &ncj tttorc?( L^AS?rJL gEASONA B LJi DRY GOODS*! .. Ph?wi?, OitMnM*' u***' . on?*' rmU CV**1'*^ yofUn?. - Irish Li !? ??.r"^* kwtmn^00^' L wt ?y Clot^, Whit* Good*. I.ii?n r.\7c* '?? ?> 8*U, Kmbrotde-iw. Jb ? W.MMwaCMtnioMj-.tuSBt. 9

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