Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1861 Page 4
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I, O C A L NEWS. - , ... . , m ?.? IP" itco^L Tub Stae la printed on the fastest rteozu f-r-*p In nw south of Baltimore, its edition It so Urg? m to require It to be put to press at an ?*rly boor; Advertisements, therefore, should be sent In before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may aot appear until the next day. None*.?District of Columbia Adrertlsements %o be Inserted In thetBaXTMou Suw are received at and forwarded from T? Sku O Ace. L?ctci? Last Nioht?Mr Williams delivered bla tecond lecture at the Smltbaonlan last night, on China and Japea. He eoafined bis remarks to tbe civilization of Chlaa. Its products, and national characteristics. China bad been twice nhdued by barbarians like tbe Gotbs snd Van dali, bat she had each time overcome her con querors and resumed her station as an Independent nation. The reason why the Chinese are treated with such contumely, especially In this country, ts that the minds of the civilised world have been prejudiced against them by reading the false re ports of travelers who really knew very little of the Chinese at all It la very seldom that a foreigner learns the Chinese language. It It gen erally the case that the Chinese pick up what Kngllsh they can, and those foreigners who have intercourse with them converse in their own lan guage, thua rendering it very difficult to obtain any correct idea nf their peculiarities, and being Ignorant of their language the views set forth by roost writers are extremely superficial The Chi nese are very uncleanly In their persons, their bouses, snd their streets, and are cruel and vin dictive when Injured. Yet they have cultivated the arts of peace to the almost otter neglect of thoae of war. and military officer* are far below elvll officers in their rank and estimation of the ppulatlon of Chins is about 360,000,000. They iffve records ?f n census taken in the fl st century of the Christian era In the sixth century their population was about fifty or sixty millions. This population is divided over a territory of 1 ,UUO,COO sqnare miles, and comprises many differ ent customs and usages Great respect is paid to women Her influence la as high aa in any Chris* tian nation, and there are books held In high es teem written by a before Christ. Polyg amy is practised but very little, and there la do such thing as fl st and second wives. Persons often betrothed when not more than six months eld, and frequently never see each other until after marriage. The women do not wear veil* aa in other parts of Asia, but walk about the streets vhii ?cry iiiuuu a* iufy ao in our own coun* try. Th* members of a family all eat at tbc Mine table, and their Intercourse among friends ai.d re lations is perfectly free and unrestrained. Gam blioti Is practised to a great extent, hut they gamble In such a way tbat there Is nocbance for cheating. Their religion la divided into three classes?tbe livratti. the rationalist*and thebhuddlsta The: r principal products are tea, cotton, silk rice and tobacco Their < otton crop is much larger than that of tbe United States, and when the modern appliances for tta culture and weaving shall be In troduced It will exceed that of the South In quan tity and quality. Cinnamon, camphor and other apices are raised to a considerable extent, tod tbe varnlsb tree here attains t's full growth and vigor. Larue quantities of silk sre exported from China. In 1850 tbe amount was about *0.000 bales Tbe opium trade ts carried on extensively. About 11,0UQ>0W) pounds are imported into tbe country from India by tbe English annually, and sells for about 53 50 lb. Tbe lecturer explained, at great length, tbe ceremonies of marriage, of burial, of worship; tbrir manner of printing, preparing tea for mar krt, te . which our limited space will not admit of publishing. Tub Fkdbbal Rifles ?This company met last night at the old Union Buildings, the full roll of members present They were called to order by Capt. J. H. Du bant, and a large number who had attended fur the DUrDOtf of Wnminu , , ?v ? - WI UIJ.U1 ration came forward ana M^ned the roll The committee appointed to draft a constitution reported tbe preamble of tbe President's Mount'd Guard and the constitution of tbe Washington Light Infantry, with certain amendments, which were discussed, further emended,and passed. The committee on resolutions submitted the following : W hereas It has been Intimated that armed bodies of men h tve It in contemplation to visit our city for the purpose of committing riot and disorder between this and the 4th of March next; and whereas such reports are calculated to make a wide-spread impression abroad, and have a very injurious tflVct in the present excited state of the country : Be It iberefore JUjolvtd, Tbat we, the citizens of tbe Second \Vir/4 K.--4 1? ! > * ?? vumtvcw iwjcvuci jnto a military organization, for the purpose of protecting the property of our citizens from armed invasions, come from what quarter they iray Rttolvrd. Tbat in thus banding ourselves to gether we repudiate all party feelings, and look to the perpetuity of our glorious Union asof higher Mid boiler purposes than mere parUaplatforius. Rtsoivtd, That we act as an InaPpendent com pany. having no connection with any military or ganization whatever Kitoitet, That under the star* and stripes we march, and shall ever be found battling for it as loug as the Federal Government uses its power to give Justice and equality to every sectiou of our common country. The report was accepted, and the resolutions i ne eiecnon 01 an orarriv sergeant was post . pontd until the next regular meeting of the com ptny. The following efflcer* were then voted for and elected . Second Sergeant, J. H Posey; Third Berueant; J. Sharkleford; Fourth Sera?*ant, Chaa. L Bart; Recording Secretary, J . A Baker; Trea surer, A S Dent. Capt here stated that be had b*en elect ed rummandlni; offl -<-r when the company was first formed and had few members. It had now doubled Its original membership, and it was fit and proper that the c mmanding officer be a man of age, and experience enough to command the respect of the corps He therefore resigned his office of exptaln in favor of Capt. Stewart, who was an officer In the Mexican war, and understood ail the details of the pcsition. The Secretary took the rhair, and the question was called on the resignation of Capt Dubant *U-S Jk - -? ? i7*rw?r???iru ?ua? unun 110 uircuaiBwinc^l could be accept the command of tbe company. He was bere to be a bigb private, and would con tribute bis knowledge and experience freely in tbat position, but could not think of accepting any olBce Tbe question was tben taken on accepting the resignation of Cap* Dubant, and was unanimously voted down. Tbe company tben adjourned for drill. CoLrxaiA 1 institution.?This institution for tbe deaf, dumb and blind, la now lua prosperous condition We quob? from Its annua? report Its officers are tbe President of tbe United States, fttron; Hon. Amos Kendall, president; William '.ickn r, secretary; and G^or^e W Kiggs. jr., tr?Miir?r It h?? Kna?<l r\f Mi>u ? ? ? ?? ?... a ? 'i u v* M Utl< < ?v| * , ailU 11 A Instructors. uuder thetuprriuferndence of Edward M Galludet, >1. A. Ttie institution has two buildings?one frame, valued at UUO, tbe other f f brick. valued at S7.000 and a small lot of two errs, all furnished by Hon Amos Kendall. Tbe receipt* of the past year were, from tbe ITlilted Matts So.?5? MH, from paying pupils, S3U>; and from private lulx, ription,' #400? total. 169 26. Tfn patients have been admitted Into tbe lnstitu* lion during tLe past vear, and non? have left. Tbe number now In tbe Institution is as follows: Deaf mutes?males, M, females, 10; blind?males, 3. ferrules, 3; total, 3D In tbe schools tbe pupils have gained rapidly In knowledge, manifesting for the most part a strong desire to learn, and sn appreciation of the privileges thus afforded them. A good gymnasium, for the boys. Is connected ?i T_.?I -.*! J St? ?a ? - wim iuc lUMauuuu, buu iu? giri* ire aiso rur nit bed with appliances for exercise and diversion. At the last examination tue blind were exam ined In reading, geography. universal history, and music. Some of the pupils exhibit very good power* of composition, and under the care and training of the institution promise to become wor thy and intelligent citizens It la urged by the examining committee that more extensive accom modations be furnished,aa the continued increase renders it not only inconvenient, but Injurious t* the health of many la their now comparatively crowded condition, and It is hoped that Congress will take the matter la hand, and lend assistance to a work so nobly began and sustained by j ri vate munlicence Scram Cooar? Wtdmttday.?No- N Wm Wiggins etsl , complainants, agt. John B Gray et si This cause was argued by Mr Cushlng and Mr R.J. Walker for the respondents, and suhmitted on a Drlnted argument bv Mr Bavard and Mr Collier'for tbe complainants. No. 70. Tbe Union Steamship Company of Philadelphia, claimants, and owners of the Steam ship Pennsylvania, her tackle, Ac., appellants, agt the New York and Virginia Steamship Com pany. This cause was argued by Mr. Watson for the sppellets Adjourned. A Srsciaia ?As s specimen of the sort of "in formation" furnished by some of tbe Wssblngtnn correspondents of southern papers, we clip the following choice bit from the Washington letter of Feb. 4 of the Richmond Lhif+tck : / ? To-morrow being the day for counting tbe votes of be elector si college, a company of dying artillery has bees posted at tbe ferry bridge to pre vent tbe tagrea of tbe Virginia Minute-Men ~T J-J l_*. Could more enwi ut uvwum iaw iuc niuc IplM? Ciumiim TH Piocm.-L. M Brown, who bad Um arr-ated by policeman Bettaall, for vio lating tbe-eitjr ordinance* by arlllag Itqnor wltb ont a lleeu??, and ruled bia caae f*r trial, wni helot* J artier Donn thla morning, walrad an luveatlgattoo. coofesaed judgment, and wu flned *+> M. By tbia proceaa be and tb? additional 1,1 which ml?ht be tilll aa Item | That Counroiwiici inwni 0tmu j v? KIBMTMAN A NO NATOl tJSBtKT ?WS aUM some dap ago that a correspondence of rather spicy nature had taken place between General Weigbtman and Mayor Berret, relative to the r?. pectlvo jurisdictions of the municipal and mlll Ury poweri here. Thl? correspondence la pub lisbed in thla morning's Inttlhgeneer. Major Weightman addressed the following note to Mayor Berret: "Fkbkcakt 1,1801. "Dkar Sis. Be pleased to send me at yoar ear. liest convenience a list of the names and resi dences of your police force for day and for night service. I f the assistance of the police should be required ? U ImrvA-*..* W..? 4k. -V ? *1 I i* ! nuj'vi rant Ml ua?c IUC UiMMUl icauuilijj 1 LI C lift u early at practicable." The Mayor replies tbat be baa been requested ' In the note In the absence of any reason whatever to virtually relinquish one of the moet Important prerogatives of the Mayor's office, and in so doing to subordinate the civil authority of the city to the military power of the District. He was not sensible of tne eilstence of any legal provision which empowers a military officer, however high in rant, even In the preaence of tbe moat imminent danger to aasume command of the police, or to make requisition upon the nnyor lor 11a service; oui loai 11 is uuiversauy conceded that the military 1? required to be beta Id strict subordination to the civil authority, except when martial law has been proclaimed. W'ltb regard to the rumora of an attack upon the city, every agency at hia command bad been put into requlaltlon, but up to that moment, no evi dence of such a plot had been elicited. He de clares his entire disbelief of the existence of any combination here or elsewhere to interfere with the operation of the iawa In the District of Co lumbia, and expresses his confidence in being able te vindicate the lawa through the agency of tqe present police force. Gen Weightman replies that the Mayor haa misunderstood the nat-ve of hia request. Be has no desire to Interfere wi'h the duties of tbe Mayor, but simply wished to know, In case of an emer rrunotr toIs* ????!<1 < <.* ' ? ?? ??? vthcic m*, tuuiu iuc Btrviucv ui unc or officials in the shortest time, and reiterates the request for the information desired. To which the Mayor replies, insisting that the language and tone ot the letter of Gen. \V. justified the in ference he hod deduced from ft. He informs Gen Weightman that while he should not hesi tate to detail at hia request as a private citizen any number of the police that might be deemed ne cessary for the protection of property or to enforce the laws, he could not consent to furnish him in bis military character with the Information re quested, believing that the principle which re quires the military to be kept in strict subordina tion to the civil authorities, would not be the less violated by placing under his command any por tion Instead of the whole of the police force. a nm j BAva vu.itk^tios. ? i werasy, wr. Guthrie offertd a resolution calling upon the del egates from tbe State* represented to choose one man from each delegation to constitute a com mlttee to consult and report to the Convention a plan of adjustment of tbe pending national diffi culties In offering tbe resolution. Mr. Guthrie made an able speech, eminently patriotic and con servative He was followed by Judge Ruffln of N. C., ex-Gov. Chase of Ohio. Mr Rives ?f Va , Mr. Tuck of N H.,and Mr Smith of i:>d of whom supported the resolution by conservative speeches expressive of a determination to waive all party issues and apply themselves steadily to the great purposes of conciliation and adjustment which have brought them together. The speeches occupied tbe convention till a o'clock p m , when the resolution was unani mously adopted The committee on credential* reported, con firming all tbe delegate* who bad appeared, those from Maryland Included. A proposition was submitted to have a synopsis of the prot-.eedi ngs prepared every day by one of tbe secretaries for the public pres*. This proposi tion was referred to a committee, who were to report upon it tbis morning. To-day ?After the return of the members from visiting the President they organized, but tbe committee to prepare business not being ready to report, they necessarily adjourned for the day after being in session but a few minutes. 1* thi Wkosg Place ?Yeeterday morning, ?.? ? <4 M- * j?.< uviu.t ua), mi. u. mdinn^iy waa arcu?f*<l ny a servant inf 'rmlng him that tome one waa in the houae who didn't belong there; she bad been awakened by the stumbling of the person, wbo waa in the room below. -Mr M. took a pistol and ran down, and on reaching the lower floor beard lone one moving In the parlor as he opened the door. T1 reatonlng to fire if the person moved, a light waa obtained. When he discovered a man in the U 8 artillery fatigue drera, and arreaUd him. He said he belonged to Capt. Barry'a com p 'ny, quartered at the Arsenal, and that he waa b'ought to the house by a colored man, and got in by way of the kitchen window. He waa turned over to the watch, to be taken to the guardhouse. The circumstances 1 ndlcated that while in a semi stupid condition from liquor, he had been intro duced into the houae by somebody for some mis chievous Durooae. Moie Militakt ?Company E, Second Artil lery, which recently left 'he arsenal at Augusta, Ga', when It wa? seized by the Georgia State troops, arrived tbla morning in Washington, and are quartered In the second floor of the southern wing of the Treasury building, (extension ) They number between ninety and one hundred men, and are comcnauded by Capt. Elsley. They are acting as Infantry. Accommodations have been provided by the <4oartermaster for a cavalry com pany numbering eighty men, who are expected 10 arrive from the cavalry headquarters (Carlisle, Fa ) to-day. The men are to be quartered In the hall over Burcb's stable, which has been com fortably fitted up for them. The horses of the corps are to be stabled at Burch's, Naylor's, and Bush's subles. Titmita UTha fin t' *11 ? > . XV *wotvswv* >uv m uir? WCIII off with jrreit effect at tbe theater last ni^ht. and will be related to-nigbt Mr. Sothern's "Kin cben" waa great, stupendous, "A Big Thing!" Never waa actor before an wonderfully "got up" for tbe part, or waa capable of making ?o much of it afterwards. Very good, yea exceedingly good, waa Mr I'arker's "Cheap' John " Mus !?baw made a delightful "Starlight Bess" Mr. Bangs waa very tffectlve iu tbe part of "Lemueland Mia* Mann thoroughly heroic, self-sacrificing, womanly aa '-Cynthia." Mr Sotbern's engagement la rapidly drawing to a close, and no oue should iciss the opportunity of seeing him. 0 Cbmtsk Mabikt.?A stiff breexe from tbe north west prevailed last nlgbt, and bad tbe effect of drying up tbe roads,giving opportunity for many to attend tbe market who have been prevenjed for a week or more in consequence of tbe muddy roads. Tbe supply was about tbe average aa to nnintUv and in ***? ?AsnAA>a I ? vj iwiiti'j | >? w??uj a capiv?m mi imi'i VTClllClli iu quail y We notice a rather good supply of poultry. Tbe average price waa l*Jk ceiita per pound Country pork, not very abundant, aver aged $7 per lOl) pounds A better display of wild fjwl waa offered than before during the aeaaon The hay market was well supplied, but the de mand had not improved; prices unchanged. Meeting or tui Directoe* or the Chksa ritiK aid Uhio Canal?\o Advance in Tolls. A meeting of tbe Board of Directors of the Chesa peake ana Ohio Canal w?a held in Washington, yesterday, when tbe following resolution was adopted, by a vote of ayes 4, noes 3 : Heiolctd, That in the judgment of this Board, any advance on the present rates of tolls would be Inexpedient and unwise. rv - - ? ? n ? ala_ VUIH ur AKVJl.UVyUl.UBKD nO?l.V. l/Kllll Dynes, a very old colored woman, died at the Washington Asylum on the 'id of February. The certificate of her admission to the Asylum states her age as 105 years; but the order for her burial makes it 96 years. She was certainly one of the oldest of her race In the District. 8be was taken from the Asylum by her friends, and Interred In Mount Olivet (Catholic) Cemetery. Mossy Rial Estati ?Since the last quo tation of prices there has been a little improvement In the demand for land warrants, but the prices remain the same. The exchange business is still dull, without alteration of rates. There is nothing doing in real estate Shies. Corporation stock is not offered for sale; the last sale was made some weeka ago, and tne prlcea obtained waa iw to 95 centa . Cbij<I5al Oovkt.?To-day, the court having met. It waa ascertained that the buaineaa of the term waa closed, except the caae of the United Statrsagt. Wm.H. Ruaaell. 'Thiscaae waaUken up aud conaultatlon had upon the queation of bringing It to trial.* It waa finally agreed to post pone its consideration till Saturday next. Ws would commend to the favorable attention of our readera the fair now in progress at Thorn's building, Seventh street, for the benefit of the poor children connected with the Sabbath school of Providence Chapel. An hour spent at the fair to-nljjbt may add much to the pleasure of the viaitor, and comfort of the needy. Circuit Cocbt.?To-day, the caae of Werner ast Johnson waa before the court. (Mt . i . . > A. % i ne contested mayoralty case was on u?e as signment for to-day, and if not reached to-day will come up to morrow. It la understood that an effort will be made by the counsel fur the re spondeat to have the case postponed or continued. Bad Cojidtct ?Last night, policemen Bright and BelUeil sTreated Jno G Stafford, a county con?ttble. for betas drunk and disorderly, and abusing his wife The parties reetde In the Seventh Ward Stafford was Uken before Justice Dona fur trial, who seat him to the Central guardhouse. The aaLK of wind prevailing to-day is plaving me miacmei aooai w?wu, auiungn ouer Hpioia . Iwlnutff i considerable patch of stucco from the front of Wall ft Stephens' building, on th? vena*. Tut old va*bio?bo cotillion party to-night at th' Assembly Rooms premises to be on* of the SKAMHAM.B Abticb ?Our reader* will not think that we too oflea call their attention to tba unparalleled cases of permanent cures of eorna, bunions, and other disease* of the feet, which are dslly performed by Dr. Schlatter,as such medical rfvIrA IbH artr?nr<4lnavw akA*.l<l W a - J for the benefit of every one who 1* affscted bv dts e*aea of the feet Dr. Schloaser'a great akllt In thia branch of anrs*rv 1? proved by the many tea Ximonlala of wonderful curea, which are In hla posacaaton The opportunltlea of consul tin* the Doctor are now very few, aa he Intend* leaving tb? city in a few dava. (t would be judicious f r thoae who are Buffering from the diaeaaea which he cure* to place themselves under hla treatment before he leaves the city. If you have not read hia testimonials, they are worthy of peruaal, If only for the sake of curioaity. Excjtbmkht in tbk Capitol.?About half paat twelve to-day, a portion of the old derrlcka over iur wuhj wing hi loeuapiioi WU OiOWfl on to th6 roof, creating a succession of thundering reports through the Hall of Representatives. It being auppoaed that the roof waa falling In, a ruah wai maae from the galleries. and Jot a few momenta great excitement prevailed, Business waa sus pended la the House for a short time, until quiet was restored. Bcbglakt.?Between eleven o'clock last night and daylight this morning, the residence of Mr. Allen, on 1 street north, between Eighth and Ninths was entered by a bnrgiar, who went into the room of a gentleman, a brother-in-law of Mr. Alien, ana atoie i gold watcb and chain valued attlOU. No clue to the burglar baa been aa yet obtained Akbial Navigation.?One of the large can van tenta in front of the Capitol, erected for tjie pro tection of the atonecuttera, waa torn from Ita ra?t tenlnga to-day by the high wind, and caught up Into the air. A amall boy, who waa holding on to the ropea, waa carried up aorae fifteen or twenty fe?t, and in foiling upon a large block of marble received a aevere wound upon hia head. Mim Charlotte Cushmax.?We aee by the Baltimore paperathatMlnCushman la performing to overflowing bouaea at the Holllday street The ater. Her "Lady Macbeth" of laat nivht la com. mental upon as a performance of astonishing power. Thk Metropolitan Police Bill before tbe House of Representatives proposes the oamet of John Wilson, James A. Wise, (Seventh street north,) Robert Clarke, and James Lynch as Po lice Commissioners under the act To-night tbe young ladles of the Third District Schools give a Concert at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, under the direction of Prof. Daniel. A good time Irrxpected. x. Thk Rxv. Jacob Sichlzk, Well known and much respeoted among the Ger man population of t his country, mak*? the fol:ow ing statement (or the benrfitofthe afflicted : Hanovir. Pa.. Feb. 16.1 R.W. Messrs Seth TT. Fowl-; t Co , Bostin? Dear Sira: Having realized in my family import ant t.enefiu from the use of your valuable prepara tion? Wistar's Balsam of Wild Gfcarry?it affords me pleasure to recommcnd ittotNi pubi c. Some eif ht years ago one of iny daughter* teemed to be in a decline, and litt e hopes or her recovery were entertained I then procured a bottle of your ex cellent Balsam, and before ?he had taken the whole of the content* of the boitle there vat a great im provement in her health. 1 have, in my individual case, made frequent use of your valuable medicine, and have always been benefited bj it. I would, however, caution the public against imposition, be cause there ts a good deal of spurious Wistar's Bal sam of Wild Cherry afloat throughout the country. Jacob S?echlir. \\_J~ B'trire cf vile and worthless counterfeits ! ^ Th$ only Genuine, Pure and Medicinal Balsam has the nams of "I. Butts," written with a pen, and the printed name of the proprietors, * S. W. Fowle & Co.," on the outer wr^pp^r. Prepared by ?eth W. Fowle & Co., Boston, and for sal?_in W ashington citj G. Stott, S. B. Waite v.. u. unman. John i?chwarze. Nairn & Pa.mer, John Wiley, J If. Moore, and H. H. McPheraon; in Georgetown by R. 8. T. Ciss*U, and G. M. k. J. Southron, and by druggists everywhere, fe 4 l w/ Hollowat's Pill* a:id Oiktmknt. InHimmuion of the Kidntys and Urtno- tenital Organ*.?In all internal inflammation of the Kid neys, bladder, Jtc., oaased by cravol or other local irritation theae medicines will effect a speedy and ra<tica< our* Out of five hundred casea of persona affl cted with *'*vol and pronounced by eminent in>*mbera of tlie faculty as 'incurable'all who took tbese retnedies recovered hut one, and he, despair ing of aucces*. discontinued them af'er one week'a use. r^id by all Drug^i^ts, at 25 ots , ?2 eta., and f 1 per box or pot. jaSO-lw Consns ?The audden changea of our olimate are aonrceiof Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic ajfOMtvwa. riAp'siioiiOTJ lltviug prUTCU in&l Bimpio renirt'iiea ofi^n aot np?odily and oertainly when tak?-n in the carl? sta:os of the disease.recourse siould at onoe be had to " Brown's Bronchial Trocketor Lnxenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Turoat r>? ever so alight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off*. Public Sptakrrs and Staffers will find them effeotual for olearing and atrengtheninc the voioe. See advertisement. de 1-ly Homkopathic Rkvidiu All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s speoifio Ho meopatmc RenWies put ap expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and ao cents each. Also. in oases, containing 3) vials, from 94 to ftf each, with book of full directions. by Z. D. Gilman. 330 Pa. avenue wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitsgeraivl. 333 north F street; a'so by F. II. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Alao, Pond's Extract qf Witch Haztl, for internal and external inllimmations of all kinda. Sol J a? al>ove. maS-ly MAKRIED. On the 6th instant, in Tlaltimore! Ml., by the Rev Father VelUger, JOHN PaTTFK^ON PEP Pr R *nd Mrs. HENRIETTA PIERCY LEE. all of Washington, D. C * On the 6th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Noble, Mr. fiKOR'JE C. HE^CUS, of this city, to Miaa HANNAH P. TOWERS, of Philatelptua. (Philadelphia Ledger copy.) DIED, On the 6th ina'ant, at Georgetown Co'lege, Rev. JOHN AIKEN, in the 47th year of hi* age. ilia fun ral will take p ace on to morrow( Friday) exactly at 10 o'clock a m.. in Tiinit* Church. JOHVIN'S BEST KID GLOVES. IN BLACK, white &mI all th? p.opor shides, whi?h we con fidently recommend as ttm bent article soid in the market. J. \V COLLKY it CO.. _fi 1 5t .V.I3 Seventh at. above Pa avwue. JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH* R1''H STEIN. 27S P'un avsnue, Washington. "The Pickwick Papers," beinic the tirsf of the elegant househou'd edition "f the works of Charles Diok ent; illustrated by T. O. C. Darler and John Gil bert. Riverside pr ?s. Cat! a- d examine them. Also, a new supply of Darley'e Illustrated Cow pcis the finest edition published. fe 1 BUY YOUR stationery and School Hooks at SHEPItERD'S, while yon liave a chance to save your money. j* 19-lm OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the very latest style<, and in all cases inade^^b of tha best material. Call at once and xet^Kf ohoice. 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As this great sale continues but a short time, persons desiring to supply themselves with Jewelry at these unheard of prioaa will please call early at ?Ur ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORE. 303 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and Mth streets n w. mnni.K fTT* Remember tbefSumb?r-30-J?aa we hare do connection with others, yrofesiing to Mil at oar frioN, ib Uii city. BuktU; Patent gvrup Pita her?; Fruit Ksitm; Tm Kurei; Forki; , IM Te? Spoons; Tobacoo Boxee; "?F5jJRE .jufCma Spooiie; Itm, in eeti tad infle; aMoiCr eta;loa Cream, Pie and Fieh Knivee; B Cufii *o. AH the aBove arttiee to be sold wiuTlI out Regard to original ooet, at from 91 to i WArrutad tn h* whal the* are mural . tally 108 Mr o?Bi. 1m> tku th?y mm bm bouhL k j?IMr *?9f?.ftY..b?.*haAdl0tiiata. i AMP8EMENTR WASHINGTON TIIKATKH! ,?.W. Gnr*w Ao'inf Man&cer.? ? J. T. R&tmoit* 9 - THIS EVENING. Tnurhut S?C0?M of M R. 8 O T H E R N. Who will appear u KINCHIN. In BrikitoM*! beiutifal entiiUi! FLOWERS OF THE FOREST. Received last sight with ihouta of laigliter and III MM To conclude with the 'Wtini Faroe of WHO POISONED SUSAN' Beeiwing Mr. Sotheru In nhHrnl the Romuti of POOR VOUNO MAN. To morrow (Friday) benefit of Mr. Sothern, and p?itivelf hi? la?t np>ear?noo hat one. It ? O N C E R _T^ _ YOUNG LADIES OF THE THIRD DISTRICT SCHOOL. by a QsiiTiTii or Yorsa Siiitlixu, At ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Nary V*rd, On THURSDAY EVENING, the 7th inat, Under the direction of J. H Da.nikl. Teeoher of Muaio in PuMio Sohoole. Tiok?ta 25 oenta: Children half prioe. Piano farniahed by John F-. Etia, Ea<. fe 5 at f RAND MUSICAL SOIREE VI at thi SMITHSONIAN, Fibruart 22d, For^ke Benefit of* ST. MATTHEWS WASHINGTON INFANT 8TLUM Corner of Thirteen and a' ha f and E a'.a. This Inatitation. under the change of the Sisters of Charity, if of recent orif in in thia city, and haa for ita objeot to alleviate the physioal aiff rims and to avert the spiritual ruin of inlanta wh > are abandoned by thsir natural protector*. It now con - tain* twentv-five children whj ara nursed and in ever* way provided f r under the maternal oare of the Si ?tera. Aa this tood work depends 'or ana port entirely npon the effort* of the charitab e. ita conduotora appeal with confidence on this occasion to a ben-volent publio for that patr>nace whioh will insure the aucoess of the proposed musical en tertainment. Programme in a future advertiaeraent. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS euh : to be had at the Muaio i?toroe, and at the establishment* of the ' Si*tera,on 10th ?t.. 13>? ?t , ard 18th st. fa5,7,12,14 (Intel, State*, Confed.) BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. Old-Fashion Sociable Cotillon Party, TO BS GIVEN AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, THURSDAY, Fkbkuakt 7th Nett Proceed* for the Orphan Boy*' A*ylum. Tioketa #2, admitting a gentleman and ladie*. No Tickets sold at the door Can be had by per sonal application to any of the following gentlemen, who conatitnte the BOARD OF MIXAGIXS. lames 0 Btrrct, V McNer1??oy, P O'Datinoghn*, W T Do?e, ]u8 Hariet, Ja> H Shekell, to* F Brown, Thoa E Lloyd, 8 V Noras. Hndwtn Taylor, P Mohnti, J C McGrnre, J P Pepper, Jaa P Hilid 17, A B Bio'urhtoo, Gregory Itnnia, A B Greeuwood, Wm H Ward, Alex Proeeat, J oh 11 P Ellie, Htmuel Levia, Wm Morgan. Richard WalUch, Edw Hall, Wm E Stubba, H B Sweeny, Jonah D Hoover, R H Laakey, J C titipamck, Ed Towera, Wm Beldeu, Edward Binama, C Wendell, Wm P Bayly, E C Dyer, Dr A >1aO Davie, Tho? Pernio, R P O'Beirne, A L Newton, Lem Towera, J J Kane, Andrew Joyce. John P Brule, , L J OT0.1Ie, H O Hood, W W Laakey, Richard B trrr, J .a L Barbour, P Cltiry, John Alexander, W W Webb, John E Leach, John A Markriter, B P Richatieua, Wm J McCullom, Dr Toner, Jaa A Tate, 8 M McGraw, rtln King, G W Hiiitoii, John M Keating, A P Hoofer, P H Kmc, Theodore Shekella, L Ntwmtjer, Jamea Lackey. C 8 Jonea, C D Martin, Dr Ridgley, R C Stevena, Dr J C Riley, Albert B Norton. Win Will, John P Corle, Thoe J Fiintr, John F Callan, C W C Donnmrion B Bayliaa, Henry Willard, Tho? Berry, R B H?ll, H J McUorhlin, Geo W Cocnrao, Chae Gilleapie, L F CUrk?, R Eichoro, TB Entwiale, I>r O A Dally, Geo F Alien, W H Philp, Ju Skirvmf, John M'lwell, Dr J Hellen, Jerome Digrea, Frank Brooka, Richd H Clarke, Dr Jm Walah, Eorene Caruai, C E Green, F Gallant, P Thy eon, Thoa Stephene, Joa Peck, Wm E Howard, V E Kinr, John McDermol, Dr J McCalla, Hiram Richer, W McC'nrmick, Dr B C Mnjor, J W Mankiua, Geo Patlon, Walter Turpin, Fred ll?r>?y, P C Howie, P J MeHenry, John F Ennie, Jaa Cheaner. Jno Carroll Brtnt Jacob Vichmcytr GMWirbt, P White? John W Bottler, V Becker, Dr C Bojrle, Geo Jillard, Dr Jonea, Dr F Hill, Thoa Barchua, Ben) Naar, * M H Stevene, Geo Obiter, B Robiuaon, J C Birrett, W J Dooohoo, rw (ii n?inuiwn, j i uivcDf Harmon Burnt, E4? Hhiffer, C R Biahop, Doritjr Berk, R Lynch, CW Coouinfbam, Andrew Carroll, Join. Lincoln, Dr R C Griffin, PM Henry, Jo* M Kennedy, J Fmdtll Cain, A V*n Boiium, Thoa Gallic an, E 8 Allen, M W illiama, Dr W G Palmer, E E Whit#, Dr Thompaon, A 8chwartaman, T C Col, W Comiolloj, M D Rnaiell, Zach B Brooke, Dr Kid well, E F (U?u, John Dowling, W Albert Kinr, Edw N Roacli, L J Middleton, John J Buka G W Millar, W J McDonald. Eapma'a Full Band will farniah }h? Muaio. Mr. Sohaflield will fnrmah the Confectionery. Mr. John Thomp?on. the popnfer attendant of Odd Fellowa* Hall, will have o?re of the hat and ooat room. fe 4 4t WANTS, \T|7ANTfcD? By a tpapectabie girl, a SITUA "" TIO.N as aeajpsffeiia, nurae, or chambermaid. Good r'conimendaUODa given. Addraaa Box 1, Star Office. It* WA NTKD?A SITUATION aa babr'a nurae, br a Protewtant English woman, who la alao competent to take charge of and give early inatruo tiona to one or two grown children. Beat referenoe can be riven. No objection to traveling. Addreaa Box 3, Star Office, for four days. It* A YOUNG LADV FROM THE NORTH wonld like a Situation in a dry goods or fanoy 11 T?. Addreaa V., Star Offiso. fe 6-2t* BOOKS WANTED-Wilkinaon'a Memoira Moultrie's, Dravton'a. Gardner'a Anecdote* of the American Revolution. Heath a Memoira of the late War. St. Cla!r'a Narratives of hia Expedition Againat the Indiana, Early Volumes of the Globe, 3d volume ?.f Nile*' Regicter, Patent Of fice Report. My ALFRED HUNTER, Old Book Store,od Wiliarda' Square. fe#-3t* W| ANTED-Agood CONFECTIONER. On? who underatanda hia bnsiaeaa mar obtain con lta.nt UmBlnvmPnt liT ?r.nlain? immo/iaUU u A. ED.Vl't NsTONtKrm High TT6'<>rg?-' town. fe5 3t AN FED?At No. 4*4 North E street, a young WOMAN , to do the cooking and housework ofaamaliiamiiy. K acorn mentations required; none need apply witnout thein. fe2-tf WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From 95 to Aiojwn worth ol SECOND-HAND FURN1 TURK ofall kinds, for whioh 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as usual, at the shortest no tioo. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves. Jto., oo 9 409 7th tt.. bet. G and H east side. RNITURE. or having IVANTED-SECOND HAND FUR] ? Persons declining housekeeping, a surplus of Furniture on hand,can obtain thecaab and iair prices by applying at 369 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ k. GRIFFITH uoktu. 101 uis lOMuuau'Ot i0?hiV gCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYR UP. S*. 8CHENCK, of Philadelphia, find, it impoe to viut V\ Mtaiuftou every week. and Mi made arrangements to poaitively be in the city the thitl Wednesday of every month. * He Iiui suit of rooms at toe Avenue Hone*, where patient* oan obtain adnoe free. He only charge# ?h?n it is neoeeeary to make a thor<u*h examination of the Lance vith the Keepirometur. 8. B. W<ute le afent for Sobenok'e fWlmooio Syrup, price ?1 per bottle, for the oure of Couch*, Cold* and Consumption; Sehenok's Se* Weed Tomo, prioe 91 per bottle, for Oyepeesia; Sohenok'a Mandrake h*.lis. srioe 25 oenta k*r hni. fnr I.iwm Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the Bow ela. Dr. Sohanok would be graWu: to thoa* who Sve been oired by hia reaspilies if thej would it* their oertifioatoe of oure with 8. B. WAITK, corner Bert nth at. and La. av. de l?-Sm rpHBRK'S A BfcTTER TIMK COMING! Vietinu of Self Abate and Peeret Oieeaeee should apply at BHUMAN'S Southern Medical House. Inder the Clarendon Hotel, eorner Sixth street and arenae, immediately oppoaite the National total, aad try Dr. Southey'a Celebrated London Medioines. They are warranted to eare the most "'Wit forms of (jonnorrhcra, fileet, 8>phi!is, ?te'gta^t?lsm^Me6s eaa be aent br mu!. (Ifir* kauri from t m tn in LOST AND FOUND. WANTED?B> a re?p?ctab!e woman, a SITU ATION aa chambermaid ; hu no objection to atsiat in washing and ironing. Addrea* Box 8, at this office. It* A1A REWARD.?I^oat. this morning, my amaU $IU bla-'k and tan SLUT "Flv?'^ \ w-igha aHout 8 pounds; has on a goilar? with my name; no lock on the oollar; hat " a imali acar on her aide. The above reward will be given if returned before Friday night, as the has ?oung pupa winch reuuire her attention ; if re urnM alter that, I will live 95 tevard ard ask no funtiom. JAME>. T. I.LOYD, f?-j 9t? ? I V 1 ft. ?TCUUO? BOARDING. CF.VKRAL GENTLEMEN OR- FAMILIES ?7 can be see inn<>dat?d wth pieaaant Room* and Board at Mrs WFHT'S, U ?t, between 6th and 7th Alao, Table Boarder*. fe5-l??teo*_ BOARDINO.-Peraona deairoua of a oomforta b e home oan obtain good Hoard and pleaaant Apartments on F atrert, No. 339. between <?th and loth aU. Tvble Boarder* oan alao ha aocoinmo A.tnl IT .1.1. ? - GEORGETOWN. Uorrttjfnd**** / Tks Stmt. Gbobcktowr, February 7.18M. At tb? meeting* beld in tfae roar prectn< u of >ar town, last evening, "for the election of dele r*W to nominate a ticket for tbe mayoralty and be following'delegate* were elected Flr*t Preclwt?RUey A Shlnn, J M Rellly, rbomcs Dowltnj, Wm. Crowley, and Alexander Jlle*. Second Precinct?Wm Clibtogb. Joeeoh L. Slmmi, John 8. Berry, C. MclWaln Matthew*, nd Prancla WUeatley Third Precinct?T. F Boucher. Samuel Cr?p rjr, W. o. Drew, Joaeph Reynold*, and Jane* tideway. Fourth Precinct?John Fowler, R. R Pheck 11a, C. A. Offutt, John Trunnell, and Daniel Irown. We understand that the delegate* will meet In onrention at Mr Drew** residence, on Friday enlng next, when we luppooe nomination* will c made and the ball fairly opened. TW. t l_w. ? ? aw; i uhjuiil mraniry, uiipt HcHfftry, araded through our principal streeu on Tueeday 4?ht. and ahowed or their credit* He drill, In he mod, which waa lock deep, tUat tlwjr are not lere ' holiday" aoldiera Company A, Anderson Rifles, Captain C. Henry lodier, were oat last night, and aeem to be rapidly eqairlnf a knowledge of the military art The iirchlng and wheeling, we are told, waa very rell done The attention of members of the Yoong Catho ca' Friend Society la called to the advertisement elow. We are requested to call the attention of reader* > the advertisement below calling attention to a teetlng of the Georgetown members of the Na nnal VnlnlL?. .# r??? '? w?ww a wi i w* ncu, m 19 \ PTening. hey hare engaged a room in the third story, we pi 1 ere, at a drill room. We understand that the funeral of the late ather Aiken will take place (o-morrow morning There waa a meeting of the Convention whir h omlnated Mr. Addison, last evening, to Mtot ate a ticket for the City Councils SointlnM * "antl.Addlaon" delegates withdrew, and bo cket waa made. A child's cloak, two pair of gum aho<%, and an mbrella, sopposed to be stolen, are at Justice ing's office for identification. lEORftRTOWW a iwwDT'krra T ? u v I ? A.1 Ul/ T UJJt A itt A IJ TH R M KM HERS OP THfv YOUNG Catho ica Knead ik>oi t) of Gcorf eUiwn TIT mwt at their hall, opposite the church, on O MORROW (Frida))MORNING.at9o clock, > attend the funeral of the lat?? Father Ai?en. It ATTENTION, NATIONAL VOLL'N -5 TEKRS?The member* of thia Aatocia on reeidinr id Georgetown and rioim.y will meet a THIS <'f hurxlajr > fr.VF.NlNG. at torrcct Hall. .V/? o'clock ttuainea* of importance claim* tout ttention. l et every Volunteer he punctual at hit 3?t. All who with to join the Volunteers are re >eotfully invited. B) order of It COMMITTFE. CAUTION. auii rriKJO" arc nerfOj CIUIIODM tfUMI D?fO ating for Certificate No. Ill <on? hnodred and even)of three sharesstock in "Thirl Baildicg aaocia'ion o" Georgetown, D. C.," ti uid oertifi ite hu been lost or mi*lat . SAMUEL C. PALMER. Pebrnnry 6th, M61. fa 7 3t* 9-20,000 MPORTANT ANiNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduoe our large and veil aeaortad ock of DRY GOODS we will, daring the next an its,deduct 10 per c?nt. from nil rn?A pu'eha*ea of 5 and over. Save your roon?jr and call at 9* Bridge ., for bargaina. SPILMfiN A HUNT. ja7 eolm G*o'g?own. D. C. [UST RECEIVED? 1 10 hhda. prune Porto Rieo SUGARS, 150 hbls. Oi?1 Rye WHISKY, JSObbla. HERRING and ALEWIVFS, ft (ib a. Cruahed and R>?fin <d *UGARS, 30 baga Rio and Java COFFEE, in nno*.(low i?rice<1) MOLASSK8. Forsalebr JOHN J. BOGLE. Mil FOR SALE AND RENT. For otktr ilFor Salt and Re*t" mdv*rttttm*ntt, Mjlrtt fagt ] ?OR RENT?The food BUSINESS STAND, No. 101 Bridge at, Georgetown, now oocu ied by Mr I. Jar vis u a fancy and trimming store. All at Stand No. S-JO, lower end of Center Mar *t, near 7th it., next 1i L Neuweyer. fi6 tf SAMl'KL SHOEMAKER. 70R RENT?A very comfortable two story BRICK HOUSE, formerly owned and ocou led by the late Capt, Thomas R. Gedney, L. 8. avj:. No. 155 F street north, two s^n^res weit of le Navy Department The house contains nine torn* It ha? a kitchen, eel ar, and servant's room; is nxf res.ana an exoellent ra:n water eirtern. ossessicn may b* l ad immediately. For terms pply to tr.e subscriber, at No. 157 t street, next our t i the premises. fe6-St* JAMF9 L EDWARDS. r*URNI8HED ROOMS FOR RKNT-No 433 Seventh st., between G ana H, a lev doors bove the Patent Offioe. fe 5-lW ?OK RKNT?Four FRAME HOU9E*. oon tainiDf 6 rooms ecoh, situated on Masefcohn stts avenue and Fifteenth st. For pxrtiou ars in-> aire on the premises. Rent 96 per month. fe 5 6t FOR RENT-TWO ROOMS,and use of Par lor, in a pleasant and heaith> part of the city, nfuire at the corner of Tenth st. and New York venue. ja?-tf a XT A t IT s n? r* ? r? ?? ~ - ? m < nuLADtr. rAIV."*1 rUK PALf. OK fcX \ CHAXOE FOR CI IY FKOPERTY?Con fining 181 aorea, situated 14 mil0o from Alexan riason the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, under a?d culiM atior; timl>er, *? er, fruit and all build uga necersary fhra firat-iate form. Inquire of (i. V. HRAV, at the Jewelry Store. 916 Seventh it, Vaahingtoa. j % 21 lm* FOR RKNT-The three-atory hnok DWKLL i ING-HOU8E. with haaement, No 305,on K, etween 2d and 3d ktreeU, at present oocupied by >r Lewis Jouea. Possession given on the lat of 'ebruaiy. It haa all the mortem improvement*, rater, caa. Ac Rent $ilt\ per year. App j to I EN RY KGAN.5U1 beventW ; or W. KG AN, 03 E st..(r,>;Xt door.> i Intel.) ja'8-tf JOR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOUSE?, containing aix room a, aituated on Maaa. ave __ j r. i? ?l - * in buu ruioeuiu street; pump oi good vtwr IB ?e yard. ja5 BURNISHED RUOMS FOR RENT, at 40b U 17 atreet, between 6th and 7th ats. do 4-tf POR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE, oon . taming 8 rooms, in good order, with km ix ires oomplete, on H street, between 4th and Mh. lIso, a two-story brick COTTAtiE, with large ?rd attached, ooruer of F street north an ' 14th st. ut. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms nil be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, etween G aad H. no 18-tf OR R ENT? A comfortable two-story RRICK L HOUSE, on Missouri avenue. No 10, fronting ne of the improved aauaroa, and it farmshed with as and water. Apply to D- A. WATTkRSTON, jo 464 at- Mtt tn^ lUtr?n?k 'Bit. ja 3l-*weo* an office. Also the front room m the second lory and the third floor of the tame building. Foi >rnis apply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. * OMisiana avenue. in U d 7UK RKN r-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. r 100 West at., Georgetown, at present ocou led by the subscriber. It bas 12 ro.>ns, with km nd water throughout, a fine yard, staMe Ac , and > iu a good neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. MA RL'DHR. oo?tf I NEW BOOKS. ' U?T RECEIVED AT FRENCH A RICH8TEIN*8, No. 4T0 Pixr. Avenue, The Shadow in the House, a new novel, by John laandrra, 12mo , cloth; 91 by mail. The Dutoh Dominie of th? Cs.t>kill?. h> tk* ? >avH Mar :och, j>. D.. limo..eloth; S>1 tS by mail. The Romano* of an frith Girl, 12mo , oJotb, #1.00 Vtarg'e assortment ol ths beat Military Works nMiohed. & A RARE CHANCE For bargain* in *obool a. Hooka. Blank Books, Miscellaneous Booka nd Stationary. Writing Paper, Envelopes, Jtc.. ;c.,m 3HKPH KKD'S, corner Seventh and Data. ailing oat to rodnce a took ja Ifl-lgi r^O TO SHKPHfcRD'S, 7th and Data.. ,T for h*rc?in?. j? W-lni JkJ #10.000 i* ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES awd TRUNKS, Of all Styles and Qualities, at a exsAT uairici o? coat. 8tort ft Rent and Fixtures far Sale. All the Stook in 8. pT~HOOVER'S STORE, BIron H*ll,embrA eve?-y of ladiea'. Gente*. Children'a and 1M1 Serranta'SHOES Alao. TKAV-fl :i.ini; TinNK?>MM-u..Mu / ?* ??. itkM treat aaonfioes on usual retail efiindpnoea. ideed much below original oost. TIm attention or liepubiio ia solicited, aa feat inducements will e made to purohaeors. The above comprieee a large atook of the ?n??t.t uality Frenoh aud Amer can Gftiters,Shoes,Boots, io., *o., for ladieeaad gentlemen Th? Store i? for rent and the Fixtaree for sale. lssIj on tie preimeoe, Iron Hall. S. B.-The above stock, either in whole or ia art, will he eold at privata aale. To an; one de iroaa of entering the Root, Shoe and Trunk Boai oea thia alorda a better opportunity thaa may ^ain bo presented. r'miii inaomoa win comer a lavor DJ ironitl; ailing ud settling their aoooanu. ja 7 tf po THE MILITARY? We are offering mat indooeaienti to Military tompaaiee wfco wiak oatfit*. Being en ft id armr ud aary work, we eta fire erery facility style and pnoee. Order* Treat the eooatry romp r execated^^ THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. Nbw Ouiixi, Feb l-Ai lairodocod to-day > tbr Lo?tataaa Coai Suard U>? (Mat# frooa loraaioo by m, by later Ictlu ptlok from c?aiactii| ra ?wcli tt t?|h tbe MlatiMlpp; puM, aad authorizing tW to reaiove tbe bnroai and landmark* Ai w4iuaef mrt4l*| for tbe MbbUibMt of a regular mlltwy farce for tbe Nab paaaad imooaly A rraolutlon was yrwitui ucMlac all tbe New England MMa froan tbe aew Confrd^*. until tbetr lawa aad CoaaUtatiooa ab* 11 eMtlbrtn with tbe CoMtitatloa adopted by tb^t iaia?a? t at Moa tc ornery A better feelli Df preralla far reeatobUabtag 1 I'nlon oa tbe baa!* of a foatbera CoaMarnr Niw OiLtiit, Feb I ?la tbe Coaeaattoa to day, a reaolnUon to appolat ConmlaaloDtn to tba Hag Houtbera Htatrt waa laid o? tbe Niw Orlba5?. Feb ton to tbe 5tb tun bma only [" negative tbe enle of the people nUmM, and Hi la to go Into effect on thett of Marcb. Onenrnar Hooaton recognizee tbe Convention ?M bj tbe people, derlarea bis attacLnient to tbe Hovtb, and rxpreaeea a drat re to Join tbe Southern toaMr racy, and if one la net finned, bopea Tens will form a Republic Tbe iwlnn newt caueed grrat rxritement In Northern Texan Tbe Hoase bad pnaad a bill eMabllablng patrol* tbreugboat tbe State Tbe Male Convention bad pnaeed military bill providing for two new reflunab, one of artillery and tbe other of Infantry, to owaW la all of about 1,6l)V men M ADito*. Wit , Ftk 5.?The Legislator* waa 1b at-salon durlDK tbe entire tAeriooi ot rariar dar dlecusslng tbe question of seudlng delapsu* to Washington. No decisive actios baa ritWn taken MiLWAVKti, Feb S ?A large and entbnalaalte. meeting wal held at tbe Ao-d-my of Music last evening. Resolutions were sdoplad ex pressing strong attachment for tbe L'alon. diss to win* any Intention to Interfere wttb tbe local Institutions of tbe South, recommending to Congress a modlfi ration of tbe Fugitive slave lew, ao as to do away with tbe offensive features, without las pairing its efficiency; and recommeadIng tbe Legislature to appolfft delegstes to tbe Waablag ton Conference ^ ?- ? n?riis| at rrMerick. Frkduk k, Md .Feb 6 ?A* immenae neeting of Union men wu brld here thU iftmow M the corner of Market mod Pttrkk atreota, wboa lorua America* flag with tktriw-ftmr atara w?a unfurtrd, diluted by the band with "Hall Columbia'' and the singing of tbe "Star UpangWd ttannor" by a number of gentleuea, tbe crowd jdaliy entbuai aaUcally In tbe cborua SpoecbM war* mad* by Meaara F J. Nelaon, of Mlaaoun; Elcbelberger, Hobba. and laiptr, of tbla county, (iroat en thualasm preva ><l and tbe moetlnff adjournrd with tbree cheera for tbe Union, three for tb? na tional flag, and three for Got. Htcka Old Fred erlck county evidently standa Arm and troa to the Union. Laur fraaa Ear ope. Poktla*d, Feb 0 ?Tba ateamer An<lo Saxon, from Liverpool on the ?4th till hu Tbe steamer Vigo bad tailed for New York with i.5?,UU<i sterling to sperie Hostilities recommruced at Ga?U on ttarfid by a heavy fire from the besieged, to which the tJar dlnlana promptly replied Later adTlcea from China represent all quiet there. The first Instalment of the indemnity bod been paid. It waa expected that the Brltlah five per cent Indian loan of ?3.UU0,UU0 would not be delayed beyond the 2*th of January. The Saitkera Confederacy ( MTeatlM MusTeoxiaY, Feb. 6. ? The Commissioners from North Carolina preeented their credential* to tbe Convention to day, and were tendered seats :n the Convention during tbe open sessions Tbe Commissioner from \ lrginla ts also In the citr. "fl.e comm!tw appointed yalerd?y In arcr* aeaaion stated through their chairman. Mr. M?a> minger, that probably they would report on Thar* day a plan for n Prortiloua] Government for tbe Southern Confederacy. Lnnceater Election. L*n<~aitik. Pa . Feb 5 ?At the election for Mayor to-day, Geo SudcnoD, tbe In ion-Demo cratic candidate received 7*J4 Majority ever Alder man Wiley, tbe ultra-Republican candidate Tbia reeult la a compliment to Mr. Sanderaon'a eficleocy, and an evidence of tbe otrerwkelailii^ Union f'-elinf In tbe city of Lancaatcr We ar? almost unanimous for the Union, and pray God a peed tboae who are employed in iti preaerva tion. Connecticut Democratic State Convention . New Haves, Feb ?Tbe Democratic State -wwwwvw wet ib Mii* cut tuii room orKiDliM by the choice of Wm ti BurrlU u President The a<ornlng wu occupied in the appointment of tbe usual committees Hon J C Loom Is Is prominently named as Ujc candidate for Governor Tbe Cooveutlon Is a full oar. It is supposed that a majority of tbe Committee of Twenty-one on Resolutions are Douglas men New York Msbiripal Eleciieas. Rocimtii, Feb. 5 ?Tbe entire democratic ticket wm elected at tbe charter eJectioa la Pal myra yesterday, by from 30 to 40 majority. Bihouaiiptoii. Feb. 5 ? At tbe charter election 1). D. Denton, democrat, was elected president over Robinson, republican, by 100 majority Four democratic and two republican aldermen were elected Tblrtv-four cans were tired be the den. Thr AwltrMa( im. Tobomto, Feb S ?lo the Aoderaon cam, pre cedence bat been given to the Canadian over the Engltab writ of habeas corpoa Tbe caae will be <j ft >d on Friday, before tbe Court of Comoi Baltta*r* nimm Hutomii, Fob. 7 ?Flour ataodr: Howard at. Ohio and City MillaSftjM. Wboai dall, rod ?1 2ft al white SI .47al M Cora T ~ and lower;yellow SSaSOcAProrlatow n?w t New Van. pak 7 the bbl WbMlCMMnllf I eoc.jr. Cora to MMVkil ?... ProTtotona generally arc quiet. Wklakjr la quiet at 18alPXc. Fit N?w Yiu, Feb 7 /all. Chicago and Rock lalaad 3d. Coal Co. 6; IlUneto Certial i 88; La Craaae and Mill 17#; bi aifta 32; New York Central T\, Pa CealSD; 43%; Med*?6?. AT ~ C O 8 T i AT COST! la order to r?<*uo? oar atook eievioaa to ayinc is oar yriif aappii*a, wa will m?m thia cm Lr at vareh, aeli oar eaUraaiook of DRY HOVV* at ?o?( for tmtk. Faooi (tt Ik* aad Silk * obea we oflar for seek laea than ooet. Muaauu, Barege aad LAwa Robea at Ofptiea. Bifea woaM do welt to exaaaiae ear ateek be forerk' ?',?rwnara,ae waaradetarnuaed to TTt It SreM voac i? > tay LOST*^BUTCB1?ON. . A8TUM8HINS, IT f Mto : AT it*V*ry at rang* Um ?MITH thooK im iu N**r G<kk1? vb?:ii>fr) Ik>;It |<? yinf *?-?! urn** b?! h? ? !! hit food* it kuok 1 ? prie-xi tb?' *"*?*! will bu* iheir. N H-luii rf????i a lyt ) bu? MM. ft H - luM I of CLOTHING tr Fl'R- UM: wk'tth will b*>V.,c3 oent I* tfcta th-if toal raJno *t *MITH 8. No. ?M N? *?c w* : 275 ocrats over theii^lctory >?rth ( krtliu Legistaiare. Riliici, Feb 8?Tbs military bill passed the Houm to-day It provides for vmliuf Ux volun teers and thoroughly reorganises the militia Stronger hope* are now entertained here of a *ettlement of Federal dlflcuttles, and conserva tire men are more cocldeat, but everybody is for a full and final settlement. or separation Arrival ml the Wmra lUUrta Irm Fart Saat*r. New Yobk. Feb 6?Tbe steamer Marlon rived from Charleston this afternoon. baring on board tbe wives aud children of Ifae cSccri aud men at Fort Sumter They were transferred from the steamer Columbia, which trot aground in at tempt lng to get oat of Charleston harbor som* days since Discrepancies la Past t'ffiet MiLwaraic, Feb & ?Postmaster Sleever. of this city, h.'S been removed on account of some discrepancies in his accounts Mr. D M Bull. tDM'lu >u*n( ftf tK* rUnartiiiAdt Km ?tK^

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