Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: FS1DAV Frbrup 9. 1861. 1CX" The nf? IWlar Weekly Star, fuller than errr of Metro [ oil tan rtevri and goaalp, and choice lite-ary reading, la uow 01 our counter read? for delivery to the public Km braird In ita enter talnln^'contenta are the following article* : 1 \ A BntmaaoW. * tola nf t Ka U??<4 .-??* Klf K_ M ? - VU if ?: f I. ./JlOi.'V w ?? UUVVM UI^M laud*, Tom Miller, or Who wu the Tkirf? ?:iignlar carrativr, Kv ursion from Washington. No 9. by Wtor Laurentx: A Fishing EifBr?inn-tnlrihmiD(5, The Cotton Supply and the Wants of Enplatid, Fun In the Lindon Skating Parks, Correspondence between Mayor Berret and Major Wetyjhtnwtn; Ratable Statistics of the Virginia Llection, Columbia Institution, ice., <cc.; Full reports of Congressional proofed ings, Peace Convention, ( uiwitr Court. l>ectur<-s at the ttmltbsonian, doings of the Republican Association, Military and Naval Atftirs. Patent Office Operations, Post OdSce Contributions to the National Monument. Criminal Court, Police Afihira, 4c ; Latest Telegraphic Dispatches f'om ail parts of tl* country, with the proceedings of the Southera Confaierati ve Convention, progress of Secession and Abolition meetings, tditorlals upon tbe state of tbe country, facta for Atjriculturaltsta, important Recipes for tbe boose and workshop, together with several colurona of spicy Locals, miscellaneous items, Fun and Poetry Thla Is just tbo paper above all others for per ?uu? wjvuriiiiig in ute ^tanonai nierropoua to aend to their friends at a distance. Price oily threa cents per oopy. or S 1.00 per annum; postage prepaid by lUmpt when ao arranged. rSplrtt af the Maraia| Pre?a. The ItutlUgtmcer, aay* of Gov. Hlcka, that hla policy would lad a sufficient explanation, and au ample justification even if he had not by hia own declaration* and manifestoes given convincing proof of the alncerity which candid dcmocrata award to him. When hla preaent position can no longer be defended, by obvioua coaslderatioua of public duty, he will change hia conduct aa the interest* of Maryland may require. The Republican aaya of Mayor Berret's reply to Gea. W evgutmaa, relative to th? police and the eizure of the District by SeeeaatcnUta: * ''Let him (the Mayor) read the aworn testimony Iof ex Secretary Thompson, that its atiture waa - repeatedly talked ov?r in his presence. Let him read the RlrhmnilH n m tli?aafaa1na tK. ? > * '?v Fsarne thing. Let him, in abort, post himself up, before he writes any mo.e letters for public*Cm.' T?* U.iion Ball Rollixo o*.?While the attrition of the public ia directed for the time be'e.^ very naturally to the Peace Convention now in session here, who certainly have It In their power to aettle the troubles of the times In a trice ?aa every State, including those claiming to have seceded, will sconer or later joyfully accept almost any terms that may be agreed on bv that body?the Peace Convention?the current proceedings of Cou^ress are by no moans uni mportant or uninteresting in the same connection. Thus, In the last two or three days three speeches have been delivered in Hous^and Senate destined to have powerful effect in the good work of enabling the L'niou-loviug masses of the border slaveholdIng States to comprehend th** fact that the secession movement Is neither more nor less than a grand oon*i 1-acy requiring years of persistent labor to bring U to a bead on the part of those agaged In it; aud wrought out as it ! >>>? ? net beeauae of Lincoln's election, but to destroy the Union for the uke of ita destruction only, and to the end of erecting an ariatocratic oligarchy upon the necks of the people of the South for the personal beneiit of the individaal chief ccnaplratora We allude above to the speeches of Senator Andrew Johnson in the Senate and Messrs Harris, of Va., and Leach. of N.C.,iu the House, eieb of which is destined to tell with powerful i ! - effect at first upon the border slaveholding state popular itr.ud; and not long hence on the popular njiud of the seceding States, one and all. Effect or thk Viuuu Clxctios ?How the result of the Virginia election ia working at tbe North, may be gathered from the following extract from the Herald's Albany correspondence: Almst, Feb 6, !{*>!. It has now transpired tbnt tbe two names added to tbe Washington Commission in the Senate yes terday were plnced there through the person*! efforts of Weed. The republican portion of the Commission waa decidedly radical and against all conciliation u n u ?. v(.. iia<4*** ^awi *uc nuii?e, but with tbe two name* sdded tbe majority of the Commission ! now for conciliation. and will to cast tbe five votes for tbe State of New York in that Convention The State, nation and civilized world are Indebted to We?4 for tbia move, and In tbOS.secu ring tbe expression of the State of New York in ftivor of tbe maintenance of the I'nion, and securing to posterity tbe blessings that must follow In amicably settling tbe question now dividing tbe North and tbe South The decisive L"nion vote < ast in Virginia, and that too in ttose sections looked um>n as tbe hotbeds of seosalcn. has bad a wonderful effect In strengthening the baud* of tbe conservative men bere It has. in fact, completely disarmed that radical p"tion of tbe Legislature who declared that the Washington Convention was^klva trick of the disunionlsts to get tte start of^ie North Tbe extremists at Albany have all the time argued mai noiiiiiu; kjotxl could come from the South, ' and appeared to look upon every Southerner as in covenant with the old one himself. The expression! of joy on the part of the conservative republicans are to be met with everywhere at the g flat denial Virginia has given to tbis position; henceforth tnion sentimeats will take the lead here The secessionists?for such they are at heart?in tbis Legislature have had their day. The tablrs are turned, and the New York Legislature will now speak for Union. The two additional Commissioners appointed from New York are Ei-Governer John A. King nd General Wool, and both are conservative upon the question of the times Adding them to the New York delegation secures a conservative majority in it; a majority desirous of coming to a settlement to meet the views of the border slaveholding States Th?t Appeal Case.?The eleven Reprcsentatlvea of Virginia in the present Congress who urzed that their state thnnM " ? ?... >?* KMiuvu.aiCiy W*.XUC t?n<i decline exercising the right of silting la judgment upon what their proposed disunion prr ft majority of the conventlou might do, are Mid to be dolorous indeed over the result of their appeal from the Legislature to the people; who have affirmed 'he Judgment against them with oats, and such damages as were never before given against any such parties, in the Old Domlu[ ? loa Tbi ViismiA Election ? It being settled that not more than thirty straight-out disunionIsts have been elected, in all, to the Virginia Convention, we shall publish no more fragmentary returns of the result In the different counties. When the full official returns may appear, we hall, ?rf eourse, publish them. 1 1 Tbs Okas Game-So T*av Oo 1?A telegram ! reached here to-day announcing that Fort Gibson hsd been seized by the Cherokee Indiana' u?n? hMNi .... Com LavaUtte, U. 8 Nlast the National " Cel. A. W. Doniphan, of Mlsaoarl. is at Brown*'. Ye^erday'a mall brought hither Intelligence of this death of Win Flynn, ar , Em., cf Pituburg, Pa , aged 04; the father of Win Flynn. Esq . ofthla city, a venerable gentleman, univer ally respected and beloved by all who knew him at hone and here. [ The venerable Bishop Kemper, of Wisconsin. waa aerloualv injured bv th? - ?' ? stsjjs at Appleton. In that State, on the 24th ult His shoulder was dislocated, and he was badly Injured In tie Lead f-ce. At latest accounts be was recovering. Gen F K Zolltceffer of Tun : Hons J (J . Goodrich, F U Crownlnshleld, R Waters. T. J* Chandler, of Mass; Hons T O. I'pham, W. C. Noves. J J. Wadsworth, E. Corning, J. J Astor. Gen. Uool. of N Y ; Capt. A Elxej, Lieut* R A rut Id ai.d A S Lot g?V 8 A ; W. H Lawrence, Jr , aud family. W. H. Aspinwall, of N V ; Judge Muoti and ladv, of Ma , arc at WilUrda'. H ah 'ps is we 11 as doctors degree BWhop (Wblttingt in'. <>f Maryland, 1m< written a letter to Governor Hicks, eern'stlv approving the Union stand taken by the l?tie?; while Rtebop Rntledge nf Florida. bM sent five hand red dollars lo the treesurer of ice secessionists to aid la the disunion movement la that Mate The ChiM? ' ay* that Blabop Rutladge Lu n?yer been a IMtn aan, aa h? la on* of tb? only two bachelor b (hoca 1 tba Americas cburch CZ^Gamyter- eoit1nu? U> oj rr?t? auccoufnUy { fa .ww Drlcua I _ __ I IH III fO^flKKMIOWAL. ?I5at?? After thecl se of our report yesterday, j Mr Ten Eyck presented the following resolutions R fotrrd. Thnt the cause of tbe Constitution oo?bt to be tiansferred fiom tbe Inferior cou-tM p- litlciana to tbe supreme court of tbe pfople. from wbom all power and sutboritv emanate*. Rtsolml, That in our opinion tbe resolutions mflrrfd by Senator Crittenden sbonld be adopted by tbe Representatives of tbe Northern States profe>?in? to represent tbe opinions of tbelr constituents, kc Several memorials were presented, praying the adoption of tbe Cr'ttenden resolutions The SDerial orrlpr r Pr^midprit's mes?arr?\ then called up. and Mr Wlgfall addr???ed the Senate at coniidf rable length, after which. The Senate adjourned. Hocfi ?After our report closed? Tbe House went Into Committee of the Whole on the report of tb? Committee of Thirty-three. Mr. Davis, of Md , reviewed tbe causes of tbe present crisis, and said that the Constitution of the United States and the laws made in pursuance thereof must be enforced, and those who stand across tbe path of that enforcement must either destroy the power of the United States or it will destroy them He saw no reason for soch a colli lion . The laws of the United States provide for their own method of enforcement, ana when enforced those who resist them must take the consequences. He thought tbat tbe revenues of tbe country should be collected st all hazards, and if resistance should be msde on land, they should be collected on shipboard Tbe postal service should be suspended, andthe cour'sof tbecountry separated If nerd he. aa they were in Utah. Thes? were regular and peaceful methods of enforcing the laws of tbe United States, and would allow time for reflection to those who had been hurled On under a sudden Impulse, and who were taken unprepared for so momentous a step by the contrivance of those who were mad for revolution. i ne uovernmen: or tbe 1'nited States la vested with adequate constitutional powers to meet every emergency. If the loyal citiien* of any SUite of portion or a State wbo have been unthinkingly precipitated into revolution shall see fit to withdraw themselves from tbelr position and recognise the Government of the United States, the President can, on the part of the Government, recognise them and extend to them the protection of the laws Among the powers created by the Constitution Is the power to suppress insurrection as well as repel Invasion The Constitution s?ys tint no State shall keep troops or Sbipa-of'war In time of pwe, and the Government h?s authority to disperse them wherever kept. If troops should be organized In any State the Government has tue rower to demand their immediate dlsbandtnent f shl ps-of-war are provided by any State the General Government has the power to demand that they be immediately disposed of or to sink them. Ana In this manner, without war, any State or J >Kui|iniig ui uu aania|(( to another?except thos?* who array themselves actually in arm? ?the United States can Invoke its authority and restore its powef. He would r.-.t consent to a compromise that would establish slavery In all territory which should hereafter be acquired. He was willing that slavery should be recognized In New Mexico, where it already exists. The people of that Ter. rltory were ready todecide for themselves whether they would or would not have slavery, and are now seeking admission into tbe Union;'and when they adopt their constitution, whether free or slave, the coatroversv will be settled forever,*lth h'r. Maryland was not revolutionary She confided In the'strength of this great Confederacy to protect and secure to her a continuance of that glory which for almost a century she has enjoved, ai:d the endless bltsslngssbe bad received. Sbe had had no disturbances; and if any wroni; did occur, sbe knew that Congress would remedy it. He expressed himself lu favor of tbe proposition of Mr. Adams, of Mass., and thought It would settle tbe question permanently Mr Sedgwick spoke nntil 1 o'clock, when th? House tool a tece as. I'pon reassembling at ? o'clock, the House waa addressed by M?-?srs Carey of Ohio. Leach of X C., Junkluof Pa , and Allen of Ohio; and then adjourned. ^ Friday, February 8. Bisats ?Messrs Pu^b, Blgler and other* preaeuted memorials In favor of the adjustment of the present difficulties by the adoption of the Crittenden compromise Mr. Seward presented a memorial favoring tee preservation of the Union and the enforcement of the laws. Mr. W ade called up his joint reaolutton extending the time allowed for taking testimony in tbe case of an application for toe extension of the patent for McCormick's reaper. The subject was discnssrd by Messrs NVade, Bigler and Pugh. House ?The Speaker laid b?Tnr? ?.? - communicaion from the Secretary of War, transmitting to Ci n grew a statement nf tbe milltarv expenses for lbflo, laid on tbe table and ordated to be printed. Mr. Morris, of Pa , presented a memorial signed by several thousand citizens of bis State. (k11 of whom, except two, voted for Mr. Lincoln.) praying an early settlement of the natioual difficulties upon the basis proposed by the Crittenden resolutions: laid on the table and ordered to be printed Mr. Barr, of N. V , Introduced a resolution Instructing the chairman of the Committee on tbe District of Colombia to uctify all parties Interested for or against the extension of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad through tbe city of Washington . and to report to the House at an early date Objected to and not received Mr. l>avls. of Ind , reported from tbe Committee tn Public Lands, a Dill to adjust tbe claims of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company with Gre<it Britain, aud moved that It be put upon its passage Objected to, arid not considered A message *js received from the Senate announcing ttie possa^e of a bill for tbe relief of Hockaday k Liggett, maj) contractors Mr. Scott, of Cal , moved that tbe bill be taken undpr ( niiKiHt ..#4 ??.? uitvu ?:IU |'UI U|li)U 212 p39ld^[f<| objected to. Mr Parker, of N. Y . presented a memorial from the citizens of bis State praying an early settlement of the national difficulties upon ttie bas.s proposed by tne border Stat*- "ommittee; laid on the table and ordered to bt printed. Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, presented to the House a report from the Committee of Conference on tbe Loan bill, recommeudiug that Congress reconsider the vote by which the bill relative to tbe redemption of Treasury notes issued last year was repealed; ai.d the report was agreed to Mr. Aidrich. <f Minn., presented a memorial from the Legislature of his State relative to the navigation of the St. Cioix river. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. Mr. Kilgore, of Ind , reported from the Committee ou the District of Columbia a bill to incorporate the Washington and Georgetown Railway Company Objected to. A message was received from the President of the L'uited StaUs, transmitting to Congress the correspondence with Hon Mr Hayne and Southern Senators relative to the dellverv of Kort Sum ter to the authorities of houth Carolina. Referred to the select Committee of Five, and ordered to be printed On motion, the House took up the regular order of business, (reports from committees of a private nature,) and, after the consideration of certain p( Wave bills? 'I he morning hour having expired, the House resumed the eousidcratlon of the report of the Committee of Thirty-three. Mr. Hattou of Tenn , proceeded to address the House; pending which our report closed. The Bokqek-Statk Paoposmos ? Numerous inquiries have been made cf us for copies of the plan of settlement reported by the majority of the Committee of the Border-State members of Congress. We have not a copy of that report by as, but republish from the Star of the 5th of January las*, cur synopsis of Its recommendations, as fol. low?. VI*: tup committee on the part of the Border States (Mr. Crittendeu chairman) held its second meet. IOt( on Friday ni^tt, and at 13 o'clock adopted the following proposition*: Recommending a repeal of all person&l-libeity biiia. An efficient amending of the fugitive-slave law, pr?-venting kidnapping, equalising commission* era' fr?-s. &.c That the Constitution be so amended as to proLTMitt any Interfereuce with slavery In any of the fctttes '1 hat Congress shall not abolish slavery In the dockyards 4c., nor in tue District of Columbia without the consent of Maryland and the consent of tLe Inhabitant* of the District, nor without compensation That Congrraa shall not Interfere with the Interstate slave trade. That there *b*ll be a perpetual prohibition of the African slave trad#-. That tbe Hue cf 36- 30 shall be run through all the existing territory of the United States, and la all noith ? f that line slavery shall be prohibited ; south of that line neither Congress nor a Terrlto.1,1 i 'i *? ? imu urreaiier paaa any law ubolUhiug prohibiting, or in any manner interfering with African flsvvry; and when any Territory, containing amflclent population for one member of Ccngreta in any area of tM.UUU (quare ml lea, auail apply for adniiaalon at i SUe, it aball be admitted with or wtthiut aiavery.^s ito conatitutloi ruay determine i h- committee r?-pre*ant*d at lta meeting Marvla: d, Virgiuia, MIa*ouri, North Carolina, l'ex?a, Kentucky. Ohio, Iowa, lad ana, Ulinoia, Delaware, Aikanaia, Ptufiaylvinia, acd New Jc-raey. Tm? I'.ljibtto at Assuf.ilh -The Annapolis k'publu ao of Thursday aaya: A H\lmrtto Flag wa? bo'.atai ou Tueadny night n ar St A line'a rbnrrh, lit lhi? rlty. it wived .it m ftiorl tin hr.WfVM f. r *non oa the Union ' 1V4 d' m' . V #?/ i4 it ? * ^ * ***? , : ; . - ... - . pinrftiui/ tbav if <1.>*". lud t:,.c me oiiuijf Mullein 111 I ksl viz sw&asc: ? * 0 'w 9 r -i ii ?? DEPARTMENT NEW*. 1 Th* Natal Coc*t of Ixqvtkt asked by Com modore Armstrong, to Inquire into and report on ' the circumstances of kis recent surrender of the Pensicol* navy-yard, consisting of Commodore Storer, President, and Commodore l.svailrtte and Cspt Powell, orcanired this morning in thts city W B Cross. K*q , attorney-at-law, of this city, acts as Judge Advocate. Mcitisa or Convention Delegates is BalTiMum ?One hundred delegate*, representing the twenty wards of the city, (live from earft ward ^ asifmblpd at th# I.?w Rnildlnoi < /?>.?? of St Paul and Islington streets. last night, for the pu'pf>se of selecting. In compliance with the recommendation of the 44 State's Rights'* Mass Meeting, held at the Institute, on the 1st instant, twenty-two delegates?one from each wurd and one from each of the two Congressional Districts of the city?to represent Baltimore in the "Sovereign State Convention" to be held there on the IStb instant. After the meeting had been organized the following lesolution was off- red : Knot red. ThMthls Convention proceed to nominate twenty-two delegates to represent the city of Baltimore In the State Convention, to convene in Baltimore on the 1Mb of February, 156); one to represent each ward, and one to represent each Congressional district of the city, and each ward be permitted to make its own nomination of ward delegate*. After an animated discussion, a substitute providing for tbe nomination of as many aa tbey please, and the election of twenty-two, wu adopted A large number of gentlemen were nominated, and tbe meeting adjourned till to-night, for the elt*tion of tbe parties. Political Msktino# is Maryland?At a Union meeting held by tbe r.ltliens of Washlngton county, Md., Capt Davla, of Boonsboro', delivered a strong Union speech, after which a aerlea of resolutions were adopted, renewingtheir vows of allegiance to tbe Union, denouncing secession. endorsing the course, of Gov Illcks and Maj. Anderson, and expressing a determination to aid in maintaining tbe Government as it now exists und-r the Constitution After a patriotic address from Dr Cbritzman, the meeting adjourned Another was held at tbe court-house of Marlborough district on Tuesday last, at which resolution* were adooted opposing tbe call of a State Convention, ana denouncing such measures as revolutionary, and unnecessary at the present time. A mas* meet)ng of those friendly to the proposed Maryland Slate Convention was held at the courthou?e, Upper Marlboro', on (Saturday last, and nominated the following gentlemen: Gen. Win. D. Gowie, Dr. John H. Bayne, John Contee, and Edward Herbert. JETA correspondent of the New York Herald I mentions an affecting Incident of the departure of the wives and children of the so.'dlers in FOM Sumter as follows: On Sunday, the 3d lnst?nt, aa the steamer Marion was proceeding down Charltiton Lar'oor, bound for New York, and having on board, amongst the passengers, the wives?twenty In number ? and children belonging to the soldiers stationed In Fort Sumter, a somewhat exciting siene occurred. On nearlng the fort the whole garrison were seen mounted 011 the top of the rstr.pirts, and when the ship wis passing llred a gun and gave three heart-thrilling cheers as a par'lng fire* well to the dear loved ones on board, whom they poss'.bly never meet a^ain this side of the gr?Ve. The response was weeping aud ' waiving au;tu? to busi>ands and fathers A s nail band bent up in an isolated fo:t. and completely surrounded br Instruments of death, is five foris could be s?Hin from tbe uteamer's deck with the gUni pointing towards Suratef. Ex-Govbkkoh Lowk and Guvkkmir Hicks ? Tbe Annapolis Republican of Thursday snys: In Gov. Lowe's speech, which we publish today, will be found an insinuation tint he was summoned before tbe Investigating Committee at the Instigation of Gov. Hicks and that by way of returning the compliment, he bsd caused Gov Hicks to be summoned before that Committee. We have authority for saving that Governor Hicks had nothing whatever to do with the summons of Lowe, that he has not, directlv or lndl rectiy, bad the slightest communication with the Committee In reference to Governor Lowe, or any other subject Further, notwithstanding Gov Lowe'i bragging. Gov. Hirks has not hern summoned to appear before the Committee Likewise, when tile gVjbtt is ready, our Governor will be pieaaed to hear further from Hangman Lowe ou the subject of his execution. He would like to have a day or two to settle up hla private afftirs before the Secessionist* hang him. |?7~ The Tennessee river Is higher at thla time than It has been aince the year 1?47. The freshet has occasioned h*avy losses. Many farmers reaiding near the river have been forced to leave their residences. It has not been an unusual sight to see houaes, barns, and in soine cases even restdenoes, borne away by the almost irresistible current. I'Nios Mhtin.?An enthusiastic Republican Lniou meeting was held in Rochester, N Y , last Friday night Kloquent I nion speeches were made by Prof Cutting and J rf Martlndsle, Esq.. and a series of co.ncrvatlve resolution* unan imouslv adopted. nf5?THE HJBSCKIBER TENDERS HIS Lk_3 hearty th-icks to th?* Union Fire Con:pa-y, w!io bo oromptl' and eff-ctuailr protectant ttse dwelling liuu-.? occupied br luni fr?tn dei-truc'ion liy hre ia-^t evening. Amid the hurricane then i nsu>i. .t is truly wonderful that the destruction w?< limited to the stable, where the tire o icma'ed. It* THOMAS BARTl.KTT. Yc-SMITHSONIAN LECTURES.? l.?f Will* \\ Esq., wil deliver h third and last lecture on China and JnanTHI^ (Fndav) EVENi'vG. Subj ct?' Hank of n.e Japanese among Astatic Nations." The lectutc will c ni "i"<cf a a quaner belore R o'clock, > hou t e r d lig"''on th? tuwer will bo extii gu'ihed ai<d the doors cl J?_d. ____ !i_ TKMPERANCK MEETING ?The regn 3 lar inositbly m?eti-g of the CaMio ic Beneficial Total Abstinence As*' oia'ion o: the l?i*trict of rolnir* la wi.l be held on Sf'.M 1>AY. the inst., -A.- - - * " iKr vc-j^ra, in ids society's Hftli. corner of T??n*h ann F s'reet* T)'e memb ri of thi Asxoei*tion and th* fr'.ecdj cf tlifl cause ar resp*clfu:ly invited to atteai. fe8 J. J. KANE. Pec. (V^UNIVERSALISM.-" NOW IS THE lj? JOI#, HMKXT OF TU IS WOKLl>"~ "rjiopnrLrd F.skk will pro?eon HUNDAY EVENINO at th"OM Trinity Churth, thut no jndgem ntday it alluded to in the Bible after the d?sola'ionof the body. Heb 9;27?"And as it i* ap pointed meu once to <!ie hut after this the jud<en>ent." Also, 2d Cor., 5:10?" For we inuHall apr^ar before the judgement teat ol Ch ist,"Ae. Seats fffe fe 8 2t* y^CHARITY SERMON-The R#?. A L. L5? Hitsblb*kge?, t* J., of Fiedarick, Md , by mvitatiou, wnl preach aoha'ity umion in St. Patrick's tiburch on clftDAY.the Win instant, *t trie 11 o'clock nia' belalf of the ind'geut oi-tfis who are in charge of the Young Cathoiie Friends' !?ooiety. The lM~uds of lhft ftiHir. thooe who would lead t<* th* t ord.are re?p*ctfuily iuvi'o<i to he?r this dutinruifhed divice fe 8 it J. J. KANE, Cor. ?eo. GENERAL ORDERS-N\>. 4. Hkaw}C*rtkrs D C. Militia, I Washington Feb. 5,1861. \ Capt. A Thomas Skablkt, regim?iitot infantry, u hereby announo- d a* Aiil de-C&rap to tho General Commanding, witli rack ol Major. All order* by liiiu given ;n the name acd by the authority of ths Commanding General will Be reelected aocorju.ifly. By order of Mr jo.- General Wktghtmax CH. LKE JONE8, fe 8 3t Adjutant GoreralJ-^=?8ENERAL ORDERS-No. 5. Headquarters D. C. Militia, { \V A*H!SGTON, Feb. 6. 1861 s The following named companies of vlont?* aio nijrwiiT or*?nu?u an % tat alion. und?r the { name cf the Ut Georgetown Volunteer Battalion, vis: Potomac Light I>.f*ntry. Cotnp m >? A and B Auderaon Riflemen. Scott hiflaa. Home Guard. J'i'triet of Columbia Itifl?*. II. Lieut Ci. looel J. MoQ. Ho liniaworth, 8th j:?'auiry, i? aligned to the 0"umnivt of the ut Georgetown V?:u Uer Batta'ior .which Umtaoherf. a? an aJd.tiotia! battalion, ?to the B.h regiment or infantry. III. The Georgetown Mounted Guard Uattigned t<> duty in th? 8th regimental diatriot, and wfii be report* d to the Co'ouel of that region nt. by orJar of Major Genera! W kightka.n. CH. ?.Kk JoNfcS. r <6 8 3: Aojntait General. V**" SMITHSONIAN LECTURKS.-L. I ? Wkli? William*, Enq.. wiil lecture on MONDAY, WEDN IIS DA Y and FRIDW VVir ru.MJS, February 4th,6th ami 8th,on China and Japan. Fi>it Leotu:e.?The Literature and Government or China. Second Lecturs.?The Civilization of the 6tune e. Third Lecture.?Rank ef the Japanese among Asiatio Nation The Leoiuree will oom<renoe at a quarter before I o'clock, wh n the r?i light en the tower will be extinguished and the doors oloeed. fe W.Fftt SAY, STRANGER, WHEKK ARK J 9 you going f You e- em to be in a great hurry." "So I am. 1 am going to SMITH'S, No 460 Seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothe*. The people cay he ha* a very nioe a<eortment, and they tay h? oil* them ao cheap." Not*.?The last we nw of the stranger, he was running up Seventh street atel'ng out "SMITH. No 4ft0" fe ?6w rv^5?TpE UNION PRAYER MEETINGS IL3 will be holden every day thie week, in the English Lutheran Church, corner of 11th and H streets. to oomrnenoe at 4 o'oloek, and to continue one hour. Ja7 Q3~ H vXr*-A'" i"? % 9 ? 0- m i lt*?i Telegraphed frail Wukl>|l*a> Washington. Feb. T ?Colonel Havoe, tbe Commissioner from Sonth Carolina, received from the President yesterday bis reply to the ultimatum of ?outh Carolina, prepared by Mr Holt, the Secretary of War He communicated bis rejoinder to-day. Tbe President rejects the demand of South Carolina on the ground that tbe FaderolGovernment tes exclusive jurisdiction in Fort Sumter, which it incompatible with the right of eminent domain la South Carolina. a to aeMnk* Fort Sumter to the State of Srotb Carolina. r? But Zested bv Col. Havae tbe Pre*! dent bti would do more veil fcort Sumter to that ^tatethan be could cell tbe Capitol of tbe tin!ted States to the State of Maryland. He conclude* Lis reply with tbe following emphatic declaration: ' If, with all tbe multiplied prooft which exist, of tbe President's anxiety for peacc, and of tbe earnestness with which be haa pursued tt. tbe authorities cf South Carolina shall assault Fort Sumter ?nd peril tbe lives cf the brave and loyal men shut tip within its walls, and thus plunge our common country into the horrors of civil war. then upon them, and those whom they represent, will rest the responsibility." A dispatch from Baletgh, received here to-day, sa>s that forty-two thousand pounds of powder and ball passed through thai city yesterday for Atlanta, Georgia. The following statement In relatton to tbe snrrender of the revenue cotter Robert McClelland, is derived from an official source: Tbe cutter la one of the largeat and beat in tbe revenue service, juat re-built and re-lKted. Her Commander was Captaiu Dreahwood. of Virginia. On the li'th of January, four daya after Secretary DlX took charge of the Treaatiry Department, be aent Mr. William Hemphill Jt-nea, Chief Clerk in the Firat Comptroller'a office, to New Orleana and Mobile, to save, if possible, the two cutters on service there. Captain Morrison, a Georgian, commanding tbe Lewla Cass, at Mobile, must have surrendered her before Mr. Jones arrived On tbe a9th of January the {Secretary received the following telearaDbic diaoatrh from Mr Jone? Nkw Oklsans, Jan *J9, 1&61. Hon. J. .1 Dix, Secretary of the Trtatury: Capt. Breshwood baa refuaed positively, In writing, to obey any lnatructlona of tbe Department In this 1 am aure be ia suatalned by tbe Collector, and, 1 believe, acta by hia advice. What must I do? W. II. Jomk*, Special Agent. To tbla despatch Secretary Dix Immediately returned the following answer; Treascry Ckpaktmknt. Jan. '2f>,1961. Wrri. Hemphill Jnnes. A>?r Orleans: Tell Lieut. Caldwell to arreat Capt. Brenhwood, assume command of the rutter, and obey the order through vou. If CaDt. Rre?hwn??l- after arr*?t undertakes to Interfere with the command of the cjtter. tell Lieut. Caldwell to consider hfin aa a mutineer and treat him accordingly. If any one attempts to haul down the American flat, shoot him otr the spot. John A. Dix, Secretary of the Treasury This dispatch, It Is sild, must have been intercepted, both at Montgomery and New Orleans, and withheld from the press, and doubtieos the conduct of Captain Breshtfrood was consummated by means of u complicity with part of the telegraph line In the States of Alabama and Louisiana, which latter State has accepted the cutter. Generals Doniphan and Coulter, and Judge Johnson. Commissioners from .Missouri to the Peace Congress, have arrived here. This bod/, after a short session to-dav. adjourned to i*tv a visit to the President, and attend the Capitol The object of Mr. Corwiu in deferring action on the report of the Committee of Thirty-three for a week longer, was to tee what the Peace Congress will do meantime The resignation of Captain In^rafcam baa been accepted. Capt. Shubrick is not now likely, as heretofore designed, to pursue a similar course Major John P. Ileiss. formerly of Tennessee, and inore recently of this city, has returned to Nicaragua to settle there permanently. So satisfied is he with the cotton-raising experiments made upon the high and healthy lnt^ior lands of that region, that it was bis purp?s- immediately to put a hundred acres under cultivation for that staple. There is no longer any doubt that large Jl.t.l A ? i ? ? - * ? 1 ? uiauibM ui vruirai Auicriua arc wen duap^u to th* culture of cotton by white labor, as the table lands, away from the coasts and river bottoma.are at healthy and salubrious as they are rich and fertile. JXI^The w|ve? and children of the soldiers at Fort Sumter Lave arrived at Mew York in the steamship Marlon, and are now at Fort Hamilton There are twenty women and seventeen children They represent that tbe garrison, which now consists of soldiers and 801aborers, it it excellent health, not a ting!* rfmn being upon the tick Hit, and every man of thetn it enthusiastically attached to their commander. Tb# men are busily engaged In mounting the beavy columblads on tbe ramparts, and preparing for a vigorout defense They were supplied with fresh provisions from Charleston for tbe first time on the day thfte people came away. No reenforcementt bad been received when the Marlon left, and tbe captain of that veisel thinks that threat difficulty would he piwr'pnrwl in ?n tering the harbor and communicating with the fort. Tbe garrison is represented to have salt provisions ard camp rations sufficient for a long siege. The preparations of the South Carolinians for attacking Major Anderson are being pushed forward with vigor on all sides, and tbere was every indication that the onslaught would not be much longer delayed TheSlavk Tradx.?Mr. Yancey and his friends vehemently demanded the repeal of all laws against tbe Afriran siave trade as one of the absolute conditions of tbe South'* continuance in tbe Union. Some of tbe chief Secession organs now assure their readers that the African slave trade will be permanently prohibited by tbe Southern Confederacy. Then what will Yancey & Co do? Will tbey not immediately begin au agitation In favor of disunion No. *J ' How thkv Stand.?A Washington correspondent of a Republican journal savs tbe strength of the parties for and against amicable adjustment is W for. 40 against. In this list Pennsylvania is put down <80 for and 9 against. New York 19for and 10 against. g 1 kbAT VlK'ilMA REMEDY for COUGHS U COLDS, BK<?NCH 1 i'ls*. Ac? i>r. > ? ler'i Compound folic, Petertburg, Ya S^ ossificates of wonderful cuie?, to he had at th<? different drug ftr?"? \V holossle acents, KlOWKi-L A LAWKKNCK and J. b. MOOKt, West Knd. fa 8 aw attention : i*lEMBEKS of the NVanhingt >r> Light Ir.fantr*. Union Regiment and all other Miiitary Men, will pl? atse proceod to EVANrt' GIFT BOOKSTORE and provide thcmwlvM with MILITARY WORK.4, -f which he has a large a?sortm ?nt, including lufai-try, Cavalry, and Artillery Tactic*, and is selling *t ?re\tly reduscd prices. rtemeiiil>?r. < 7 6 I'a avenn". fe 3-3* J^OTICK TO MARIN fc.RS.-No. 10S. Lig/tt-honse on Fixgard Is/an//, E.~ qui malt Harbor, Vancouver Island. TRKASCRY DHI-ARTM'ST, ) Office Ltfht-houfe Board. \ Washington, rebruarv 6th. 1>61. \ Official information has beeu received at this oSoc, that a Light u exhibited ia tho Lighthouse recoutiy erected on tho summit of Fitg&rd lalsid I no light ie fixed, and of the 4th order o' Kresnfi!: Shews Bright when bearing from N 2W. to \',#nW " R d " X. t?> w. to 3.6 R. u elevated TO feet above in'an Huh Water Ltvel, ad ? a< be seen tu olaar wf ether 10 miles. (The bearings a 0 magnet o.) Tho structure oonsis sol aK<eper's dwelling of Brick, with a Towe-of the tome material whitewa-lied, surmounted by an Iron Lantern putted It ia situated in laC...48 deg.25 min. 33 a*o. N. long.. .123 dt>?. iT min lOaeo. W. Br order. R. SEMMES, it Heeretery. Boots and shoes AT HALV PRICK. Just received, ca consignment, thirty case* of 600TS and SHOES. Gects' Calf Be ts, double soles and uppers, water proof.... ? S3. %orth $5.50 Gents' Quilt'U Bottom French Calf Boots 04.00, worth ft 00 r? ? r% > ? vsuui >n?v rrooi doom, 2 75, " 5.00 " tbiei/Olid quality Moots... 1.50, " 3 TO u " finer M ... 2U0, M 3 50 " Congress <~*alf Gaiters and Scotch B<X'ts. 91 50, worth $3 00 G?nU* Oxford shoe*, with a la-tce lot of other kinds $1 25. vorth $2.75 GenN' Biogans, ro.-a artio e... .Mo , iJo H js' - " 1.21 Ladies* Cioth Button Boot*,double ooie ,97o., vorth #2 00 Ladif s' Monroe double sole But ton lioou $1 JO, worth $300 Misses' Leather He?i Hoots.... Sjc., " LOO W ith a large lot of other Boots and Shoes equtily ow in prioe, at MARSHALL A PAGK'*, Comimsaioa Merchant*. f-i 8-3t under Odd Feilows' Hall. 7th ?t pii HSTOL _C A P8. _ _ JLJLbtS W liTKH-fKUUF CAl'S. for Colt'a pi?tola,ju?t reomved per Expreaa, ant for aaielow by J K. r-HlKLUP, l?6 St Hardware Importer, 339 Pa av. C~i PISTOLS?PISTOLS! 'OLT'S, Pta* p'e, Stpith Sc. Weekon'#, and Allen1* PibTOl.S.' POWDER FLASK8, MUtfKET CAPS, Ac Fur sale low by J. K. SHIELDS. feti-5t 339 Pa. av.. oppoete B ow'i. THE CHEAPEST STATIONERY to* erer aw.atSHKPHKHD't*. Jairv-Un f ? W t"? "! * V ^ w v VTMPfm I WILL Take KkujcW Virr'ma money for ny Knfik lUKfa ani4 ilr>? Diwvt> QVa?? -< ' * ????? A ft &^?&ds>0iPB,^r|iwu>rt0 ,IT* M<yva>* mn tX^fM't5hi^%?DdniinhleU, BUY THE DOLLAR WEEKLY ST At. BUY THE DOLLAR WEEKLY STAR BUY THE DOLLAR WEEKLY STAR ' a SEND IT TO YOUR FRIEND IN THE COUNTRY. j ( SENDIT TO YOUR FRIEND IN THECOUN- ? TRY. * SENDIT TO YOUR FRIENDIN THE COUNTRY. THE NUMBER FOR THIS WEEK IS JUST OUT. |1 THE NUMBER FOR THIS WEEK IS JUST , OUT. ? THfc MMBER FOR THIS WEEK IS JUST OUT IT IS liRIMFL'LL OF THE MOST INTER ESTING MATTER POSSIBLE. IT IS UR1 MFL'LL OF THE MOST INTERESTING MATTER POSSIBLE. IT IS BRIMFl'LL Of- THE MOST INTER EST1NG MATTER POSSIBLE. t 1 IMPORTANT NEWS, WASHINGTON GO?, i SIP, POINTED EDITORIALS, CAP- j ITAL STORIES AND LAUGHABLE SKETCHES. I IMPORTANT NEWS. WASHINGTON GOS- 1 SI* POINTED EDITORIALS, CAP H AL. SfUKILSAND LAUGHABLE SKETCH KH. IMPORTANT NEWS, AV ASIIINGTON GOSSIP, POINTED EDITORIALS, CAPITAL STORIES AND LAUGH- 1 AKLE SKETCHES ONLY 3 CTS A NUMBER. ONLY 3 CTS. A NUMBER. ONLY 3 CTS A NUMBER fe Theater. SPECIAL NOTICE ' 1 MISS CHARLOTTE CLSHMAN, Sustained by aa Avgmskt&d Dramatic Compart, Jj Will ocmrauMber FINAL EyGA^EMENT IN WASHINGTON | uniwuixuAY EVENING, Feb 11, a* QUEEN CATHARINE. In Shak'p*are't*! Tiagedy of KING IIBNRY VIII. Pontireiy, her only avpearanoe in that character. She will be aided by MR i. B. tTUDLEY. Wfco arreted her in ler Performance* in N?w i York and Philadelphia. MISS CISHMAVS^NGAGEMRNT POSITIVELY LIMITED TO FIVE NIGHTS. Paicu. Drert Circle and Parquet ..... jfl oeott Orchetter Chaira f 1 Private B se? ? I Reserved Sra<s 25 oenta extra. The Box Sheet for the entire five nighta will La open to-rmrrow (Saturday) morning, at Metserott'e Music Stcrr. H . pREAT SUCCESS! I ; NEW TESTIMONIAL. ( i From Ckm. Wi/jo*, Mimbtr qi Camnsii, Stvtntk Ward. I I Dr. Schlotcer hu this day extracted ft oora from 1 the ball of rry grett toe with antir* Mtis??<t:on to ( nywlf, and I take gre*'. pienuri in ?utinimy<?- ' tire 1 elief :n his th'ory, of wh o'i I hftd prenonafy J rerioua doubte. CHAS. WILSON. ] w'ftgiiin(tor,U. i-eb. 7, 1W1 ? I TF ?CHLO?EF. THS Wtl SUf C-FOn CHTPOrODTST, VVHOCIREt*. Fcrmaniktlt *5d Frnci?i#t>ii(, All DISKASE9 OF THE FEET. Can be Consulted at 25t Fefsa. Avmci. fe 2-2t B( t leu 12 h tad ll'h ata. DR8.' OCKWOODA DARRELL ARE PRE pared tu insert TtfcTHuu V(JLCAN-^^k^ ITK BA^K, a new and improved inode gaJSpn* Wh?n male on thia plan ihejr a oon **<JXiD fortable to war and ir.uon oheaj?r than any ether. Aao 'I'^th meet ted on (?citi Plate, and all Dental ??prra*io;n ?>f ar.y kind that mai be dan red office Kt>om No A. in the Washington Building.corner Pa av. an*t Seventh at. ja 10 ?m* CI ARKNDON HOTKL RKSI AURANT.? BENJAMIN H<>BB& 'ega leave^^. ^ i to ltiftrm hia fr.enda and the pu.lic^^tt / _ J general jr that h? haa taken and 6tteo%C\^B# up in a auperiur niaon r the Re tanrant at the tontheaat oorner of enn. avei ue and tixth atreet He wi 1 at all timea be pr par Ml to eerveal who may favor him with a ?f with the beat WINKS, l 1QLOR* awl CIGARS. aa wll aa OYSTERS tiAME a- d other f delicaoiea ofthe aea?oa. fe4-)m I^JREAT RED LLC r1 ON "FPRlCE TOMTIT * r? Timkb. __ a We are offering great toduoementa for oaah. Oar entire atock at a great red lotion. Fall euita of ? U aok, n arte to order, f.r #25; plait anita of Black, r*ady made for $1% with a large luorMMt of e Genu' Furciehing 6ooda. .M i itary Over Coata made to order for # . d WAI.L, STEPHEVg A CO., ja31-d3w 3i-2 Pa ?r.. I?t. 9th and inth ate WASHINGTON AQL'KUUCT. wuhinotos, d. ja?. 39, 1ml Propo?4L8 will be reoeived at tin* Oftoe unti. noon of the 16t h day of February, 1m1, for the plat f?rm ooveriug of {fridge vo. s. The work to bo done will o? n*i*tof the larniihing, cutting aad aettiug of a*)out onbto feet of gra.ite. Specific* Uoua ea? be procured aad plana examined on application at thia Office. _ Each hid muat be acoompanied bra guaranty that 1 the party propoaiag will, if hi* bid la accepted. Mter into oontract within tea day* thereafter. Propoaaia to be aealtd and endnraed "Proposal* for Platform Covering," and addreaaed to 'A8- ?*'' &0RT?Ni. I.ient of Eng'rs Ch. Eng'r Waah. Afd't Ja SO t!6Feb I tfiQTOTHEPEOPLEB'Ci OTHING STORK, IJNo. 480 Seventh it, to get rear CLOTH}>APfc FURNI8H,N0 ? m *? W) V? -WVW ITVfVHNi * # UF?W?P rWl gfe K ? N AT PANIC PR1CE8, FOR CASH Fine Rep Merino*. Figured MwUm, fll Wool Deiaicet.alTk Robee, eaoy Colored aod Back Fie uredand Staple Siike, Ana our vboie ctook ?l Winter Ooode, mvlitd down at reduoea prioee?nuj at leee Uu out for U. .. 'Y^c8J^.y , , fr )-8t *33 Seventh gt. stove pit- ?T. I AO N'T RE DECEIVED. BUT COME TO Kx?.!J,&fe,,A{,8?fTtfS: ifPiifp: enth it ?? ?w A No 1 artio lCSSfliEoSf?DW00D. Alio, pine ud oak wood, prepared or aedverW oord ler.fth. IL /- Terini ouk. ii.T'Atl ord*rs should be aooorapaaied with the money ; drivers don't oarrr chance nnless special orders are left to that effect. T. J. A W. M. SALT, i? (M a&O D? - ? w-a * *?- r*-^r 1 ? -? i . ??.. im. uw wb mi m French a riohotein. are P***. Anni. . An &g*nta for the Biltimor* Am >cu ud Exohxnge, CharWton Meroin, k.o. Hibwcnbert erred ?t low r?tM Pa#o<? from every oitv in tho dniphia, D&.Umor* ud other iMtfi 4?tnr?nd ia the city and uawedutely alter lk? mrnvtlottna*. j> U 1X7 E CAN'T BE BEAT IN BELLING CLOTHoat 13? ?h#M't( ? S?mU it, e^oaita JOHN r. KLLM. " fa I to* P> m., hi itt MiTig[ iu I $oo?a from SSUtevaath atratt to tic MMK I '?* aoaui no* f ?Ln. i?hh, CU M T&i I tnmU, oppo.iu WMkinfU.u Buikhnga. to |-? 3 EvwKtj,Tu"^?ij, sasBR "-{.vfcr, AUCTION SALES. MIS AFTER NOON * TO-MORROW. By J. C NoOl'IBK * CO. AwftoMm. pAERlAOKS AT AlCTlON.-Oi. SATV1 L DAYMORNrvu. F??rMnM,MII front of Um Motion ronM. v* ?k*i| Mil, villi >?t rmrw I 9*??i<-kwd C?'Mk? of "pm Ctrri?(?, I #m*J el OS# Pftaillf CkrrlM* T?n?i cMk. __ J* ?T J_C JM?61'I * K A CO.. AmU_ Mr J. u MOULIRO a. WrsiZtffi irr^^^&sffaaT-iK^K. Tin fiMk^ta of * ?rto?; ?? . T?? P?*r t 4 . I?*a4 II oh ? ?*. \V**h Bnvln. Di?ror?,Com. Tr|?M Cofif ( Mf. Pi? FiAlO". Wtltriai Pot',Or?i?ra, ?*7 <?? ^ c Mc6U*|KE ?j;o . Amc? By J. C. MobI IRE * CO.. Amtxomrnr*. FLUN'TI B K A>D KKFKCT9 OP * P4M 1LT PEvLISiWO W..C?IM?nJi? AT A?CtlOII.-r>? KATOKUAY MuRMNM, Pobr?V7 ?U. ?t II o'clock, in front of th? A i?l on Roowo, *? wi a?n in* rarrsraie mm r.B^a or a immij ?rio? kw k*?pinr, oomprt 111Mah?<anf Hair ?p i^i iwt f^'U, Hooker ?ad Parlor Chairs. Itrb to* Caator a ad Wh Tab aa, WaJnat and M<*h.>*an? Whatnota. Walaat Wotkataad RoeV.iuf I h?'r. Nakocact dioabuard, K <<fn?a ator. L>ak Dirirg Chain, 8id?> Tah'aa, ^ i ;rr?ioa. Dimr>? *a<i I -?-nf Ta?-lo?. Carrots, Oila'otk, Ptair Rod* and K. n DrMaine and I lain Hur< m>. Wuntii, 't. W??dr*>b?, To|1?K *??. Feather Bed*. HMrwMl Huik Mutnnw. CookiPf, Radiator m 4 otker Tof?tb#r witft a iMtrn M?ortu.*u? of KitetrM Rr^aivitM T#f?? oft*h f?T 4 J C. MoOClEE * CO., A?rt?. Bt J. C. MoGUIRK * CO. AaotioMrr*. MAR^HAI.** SAL* OF COORINO ash ''Lrmiif' Matiiul ?On liATl'R DAY M()RNiN8,F*brurt ?i' ?? * m [roi.t ol th? Anotiob Room*, by r rdor of Um tmtrd ?t?Ui M?r*h* .we tt&Il to tb? I.I P,w?b A.J C* ? ? I* HWW VW? CWT ?UU r * A ' ?-?. 4 Hydrants, t B*UT?*<? 5 Mu' lt to* Water Mudi, 4 Water CloeeU. Jfhnwfr Bsihs. in Water Sink*. Chins Basin* for Wster Closet*. ? Iron pu mp*. 2 pieees U then Pipe. Terms e?sh f^id J. C. MoOCIRE A CO.. Aeeis. . By J. C. MeOUIRK * CO . Auctioneers. SUPERIOR AND BEACTIFTL BLOODED O RIDI<I6 Make AT Auction.?OB >ATl/RpAV MORNlNfi, Ket rua'y 0th. at I* o'eioek, is frost of th? Asctioo Rooms, we shsll se I s saperior mm heastifai Blooded Mm- of Arabian *took. very stylist and spirited voder the saddle, and wwta wall ia harness, is of the eai - brated i>i?s*ed *toek f horse* Her owner *eil* hrr on aoaoaat ofl*sr t "c ths otty. Turfpa rtiti f?Yd~~ J C. McQUlRc; A CO., Auota. FUTURE DAYS. By GREEN * WILLI A MS. A NUotwri. UALE OF HORSE*. COW?, HOGS, MAR o KKT Wiftom tun Faihirg Itirmu, I-tbritcbe.Ac, at Acctiov?Oa MONDAY, the nth loatant we *hail Mil. at le o'clock Mr. Jaroee Hawley'#,(krowr m Livibf*toa Kar*.)?B PimUviy <Md,Hi ?il?? U* otaar ??de of the Insane A>ylaro,o*er Mi* An*oo*tia or Navy Yard br d?e. all of the *tock, **tiac of? 2 Hor*ae, toa IlaracM. SO Cow* in fia* or"*r. / eek with eaivM. aed *ix prior era ofa uperior qaality. Hoi*, 2 Market \Vaiunv Harneaa, Carts. Catt'nt box block and la! . P'oo?ha. Harrow*. C ul Orator a and Roller*. Hoth?d - aai and Hox?a in aomaete order .hcytkaa. Crania*, Pick*. &h"V?la and Hya.iee, Sarden *-ed*. Ha?, Sir*w. Fodder and rhaoks, A lot ?f HoiiMh. Id and KiUtiien Purnitara, Aleo, a Hor*e Power haw Mi I of reoeut iiraakM a?J ? * - ? * - ' *? aiuif .? ornifH OlIt'D. 1 II WIH N fll IB Off* ritiAB ob tli# da* of Ml*,) , And mi! other trtiem too nanxrou to mbbmtiu. M Farmwa and dairymen will do wall to iBwd this aale. Terma: All iini of and under $8r oaah, orar fan a credit of 90. tn and 90 day a. for ape re red endoreed notea, bearing internet from day of aale. fe?d GREEN A WILLIAMS. A ecu. By J. C. MeSlMRE A CO.. Aoottoneere. Q PHARE9 OP STOCK OP THP Matbabd tVj Aims Co*r*?v at Aronoi.? * 11 be Bold at public eBction. at oar auction room a. ib thiaoity, ?u TUB*DA Y. the 13th inetaat, at 5 o'c.ook p m . to toe hi* beet bidder f<>r cash. for aoooBnt of whom it may ooncora. 99 ? hares of J* too* of the May sard Anns Compiofe fo&d J. C. MoqUlltE * COnAaM. |^R. ?CHLO?t?ER WILL LEAVE WASHINGTON NtitPofiUrdr NEXT THURSDAY. K?fcr?6n 14th. FRESH TESTIMONIALS or TH? 1'NFARALLELED SUCCESS or 1 R. M. SCHLOSSER'S | TJNERRINQ SYSTEM ^ # or CURING ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET. . The fotlovtac W&thftrtcn Ortifioatoa are imi- ^ ar to tkoinidi in Dr. S.'a pocseenoa. Ft em Major J at. Belter, F. S. Arm*. Dr. SohloMCT liu thu day oparatad apon bit sot. aad, I an tapn to aay, with Ua freateit m?, and has given mo fell satisfaction. 1 Lave rftvred lor several years with eom, and. from Ut? omfort I have already experiecoed, 1 woaM reo mmeed all thoee ssfferuig from that oaaee not to lei Ion iter, end ea'.l at the Doctor'*. JAMES BELGER, Major U. 8 Atbbt. Febrca-j ?:h, lfc*. From Cmpt. S. Burr on, U. S. JVoey. Dr. ?jhloe*?T has extraotad tevera] ooras from ?T fee* *ery esooeesfelJy, aad without paw. t?. RAtanN DR. SCHLOMEK j leepeetfu'.!? unonieM to p&rtiM wlra viaii to ofe I tain t ftrauMt ear* of 1 ALL DISEASES OF TEE FEET a fcror him vrtk ? a?ll vithoet dele*. m tins viU i be hie I LAST VISIT J m ] WASHINGTON, V Bteodloc shortly to retara to Evo?e **4 retire <| COIISULTINQ ROOMS, 1 UT PENNSYLVANIA AVENTTl, (lllfcrtXJ OFFICE B0CR8 Froa lt?. n. till 5 p. a. .EAVE PORITIVfcl-V WASHINGTON NEXT THURSDAY, bl FEBRUARY UTE awinftisagi^JJfu > k* 4 tefep&Sa-jafB I I * 1

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