Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1861 Page 4
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: THE EVENING STAR. f For ts? 9ta*. ' DOM'T DU THAT TILL I AM Dt'AP " Y^*r? ! wMitonrn %o4 troat. 1 joiaol tiir li sv (1 rotid band Who b* lie 1 ? ith (* t*i&nt f)? (For freedom t? <wr native i-n I : ^ Ere t-.r* p r e> iioon we ? ug'M, In maot &harrf-vca fi? d ?e Med , A'4 would jou now l-s*. ?t ' or wori Oh, d?.L"l do teat ii iiamd Oi'r fee? were m?nf. * " but e?, Yet tri'bk in !ot? of Libeit). Finn ard aniN.t't ?or rijht , We atmse'ed and at la<t were [><? . Tb? Imttle field* of **onth and North With blo<>d uf martyr,d on?e were rel; Awl wrethe./ la-riii.-ed 111 vain ' Oh. wi it not till 1 am tirad! i - Omt Waehingt'T, who ie<l u? on To battle and to victory. Marked out lor t!m, his oiierislied land, _A great and ?lo: de*tiay To vi oar Stat?s belonged th* grave * Where our wor*iuped Cftieflaii'a head ; Will you relinquish Georgia'sc Sims.' Ot>, wait, at itMt, till 1 am dead ' I'm lived to see our I n 1 on spread "rom t>i 5<v n Stu.u to thirty-th'ee ; Wi.#] yfn! heirt lVewntohou her growth !ln power and in prosperity; But uow h t ttioac it'^a i em dren strive To ' raeh the h ?s;ngs <-ne ha* shed ; 8ha I Ge^r<ia join in tuft work ? !Oh, not, 1 pray, till I am dead ! It was a soldier patriot who, WJioc hi t ho s.eard the dixefn! tale Tt> vt men woulJ Wai his own dear State from oat the shrlfring Union's p? e. Wit* filtering vojee ail trerab ing lips, Wn t? lovn hischeakslarge tear drops sped, Li.ting hi* hoa y 1 ?a>i- exo aimed: * On, don uo tail till I am dead!" Lillii Lin wood. Washington City, Jan. SI, 1861. I Editor of the Star: Thefollowlng it the incident from whi h the above poem is taken : On the d ly the meet!nt; of the ?ere?sion!?U at Kingston. Georg'a.a revolutionary soldier returned to his resilience in Cobb county on the railroad, though his eye* were so dim that hs could not see well Fa^r.istoldthevweretryihfctoKettbepeople to dissolve, or secede from, the Union. Whereupon h? dropped bis withered fare, and seemed to be in deep distress fur one ?r two minute*, after which he raiaed up bis h?-adtand with a faltering oiee, aaid : " Oh, dont do that t 11 I am de.;d! While he uttered th-s? words, the lsr*e tearg chafd each other down hii worn cheeks He waa told that a great number of men would try to CTent them ; to which be replied : 44 Don't let in do tost till I -in dead!"?y. Y. Mercury. Iirr A man ahorel n* mow from a roof In Pertland, Me , with a rope round his body, slipped with a mora of snow the other day, and bun^ dangling 'n tbe alr until taken into a window. Fenny bathing-houses are proposed in Philadelphia fly" The deaths !n New Orleans for the week ending Tuesday la*t numbered UK. 1 ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. W ILL ARD?*' HOTEL?W B Stewart, V ; AV H Lycn, do; A Child. NY; H, Com Armstrong, I :*N; N Ualsted. ?to; K Cooper, NY; J R Weeks. NJ, J Wood. do; j* l.ogan. Ill; J M Palmer, do; R Cook, do; B F Duranir, Pa;W Clark, Conn; M Glbba, NY; J S Hedges, Del; J M Gait,USA; F M Clotkev, NY; Capt A Eliey, ISA; L* A t* Lona. do; J N Casareva. N Y; A Dal, Md; S Limmond. >lo; G Sandford. do; S S?nrfer? r ? NV; C H Brown, Pa; 8 B Montgomery. do; C Albright, do: K C Hin*, Ct; J H Wblteiriore. do: E H M tiler, NY; Miss S Cameron. Pa; Mlsa J Cameruu dr; Miss A; A B Warford. | da; J Murphy. Va: S Zander* and ladv. N J; M m L Sandera, do; S B Purnell, Md; J P Hoilidsy. do; a Withers, do; I- K Zoliccffj-r, Tenn; Mrs *A Bradford. Me- Miss Bradford, do; C 1.eland. NY; IW LeUnd, do; H Craiidall and lady, do; H T I?raft on, do; H P Jonnson. Kansas; A Weslle and )xlr,NV; Miss Wealie. do; V B Andrew. Conn; 8 Oardv, NY; H 8 Karnin<, do; J F Kennett, do; Com stover, LSM, Aspinwall; NY; Hon J Goodrich. M.'sa; Hon F l> Crcwuin and chlid, do; Hon R P \Va>rs, do; Hon T J* Chambers, do; T I'phxnt. N Y; Ci Field. do, VV C Noyes, do; J \YadsMrortii, do; Grn Wool, do; E Corning, do; J J Astor, do, R H McCuidy, do; C J McCurdy, do; J H ltwia and family, Pa; 8 B Ir? ln, do; U Hroskt. do; J (" L?odi;e. Mass; JudijP Mason, Md;; Miss; \\ B Lawrence, NY; Mim Liwrauue, do; Miss C; ii Taylor ai d l*dy, do; 1) Lonjj ireker, Pa; Lt R Arnold, I'dA; \> & Thomas, Md. bkuw > ? HOTEL.?H K Bradshaw, P Poindier. 11 R Johnson. 11 B Woodson, Gov J Letcber, Col T 8 Havmuod, C Collier, \V Arnold, \V B Hackly, J E Coillus. X Riddlck, A Rivea. 8 B ady, t> Petera. A Pricbard, W Kerr, J Thompson. SL Reid, N B French, B R Link, W Newton, W Locke, R Lear. J Ci Turner, J N Smith, R A Booker, I* W McKinnev, H Ilolloway, \V T Jones, C R Wood ion, 8 Wii:ian.?, J Brannon. J A Cowardla. W ^ Unman, J B Timber lake, J J 8 Hoffinio, L H Carrier, J C Houston, Mrs Carbin and ehlld, J B Murpbv, J B Jett. Va; J C Grant, NJ; J H Moody, J F O'Brion, Tex; 8 P Johnson, Pla; J W Bronberg, A 8 Black, NY; W M Corcorua. Minn; \V Rice. J f. Casset, A 8 Hackman. E 1 8ayder. Pa, C H McComlck and . ly, 111, A W IK.mphm, W Bernard, J 8 Chick, A Bradford. J B Lonb^rver, A H Buckun, Mo; A Pone. IN; H Keyr, II \V Jones, E Davis. L M B?~be snd ly. B 1* nrcoke, F Va'.denar, A Musamuae. H McAiear, Md; J H Robertson, lad, H 8 If u - r.<4.. 1: * S s r* - - - .. .1-1- -, nau, i. j u iprcr. >v m stepbena. A W IO Totten. J M Andesou, If A Allen, Ttm>; F F Bir-L. W 1a, A M Noble, NC. NATIONAL HOTEL ?A Spatea, Md; F 8eyb .?i aau ?y, >V; K P Kuv. I( u i-oiiit, t*a; J il Worth. NV, T J Turner. Ill; T Brevard. Fla; J Rntin*e>.>rlt. M.n J II Moncfleld.C N llali.Vv la. K H Ill; L Bolitn, Pa; S lieldln, Ct, CB Peatt"id. DC; Coin l.avalette. USN; J I> Coulton Mo, A PI un: titer, J Curntnlngs, Mr Adama. Pa; 8 Pluntiuer, Alin, L Lui^'.on, jj \Yaru?r. Md; J Jainaon.C ll.iynea, V?; L>r Chapman, NV; E B Tboiu.a, J D Smith, O; Mr Partridge, Md; Mr Jonea and ly, It Vcoivaf, A Stuke, Va; H Tuttle U V\ h'.te, (i Cbaae, N Y; A Abbot and fy. Mlaa Pluntmer, Md, L? Smitti, E Ward, Pa; E ti Roberta, Mo; A VV Berry, Masa; <?eo Atwater and ly, Ct; N llpbann, S H; Mra Corbit and child, NY; J Gentry. W Quarlea, A T Caperton, Va; T T Martin, Md CLAY'S HOTEL ?S M Petetand ly,P Hogge, L Harnaa, Pa; J J ilnweaud ly, Maa?; M * arliab. Col Long, USA; W C Swvenaon, Pa: J Sanford, Vt; J Howard, NY; E Anderaon and ly, D Noye, E L >brd. Mr.aa. K M K*nt * \i v Hi S Laude. J M Joam, Md; Mis* Wells, L Ramsey and ly. D F Ksnnaev and ly, A Banner, Fs; 8 M Vanned, W Gordy, Md; J J Coleman and ly, HI, O W Wallare aud ly, HI; C Morrow and ly, NJ; J A Retinoid*. SC; N Brln-lum, NY; G F Andrews, D Murpty, R Murpby, G Murphy, Va; M Coleaiun, Cal; 8 Miittcaon, Md. KiRKWOOl) UOL'tfK?W Robertson, R B Raqall, W H Haxall. i> Fitzhugb. J Bovvt and ly, Mim Caldwell, J Och"ther, C Bradley, ? Harrison, Va; J Evans J 1) Gardiner, J R Donu J S Gaary, NY; G E Lockti<--d, J B Gulhrie, W Mus^rave. F?; N f Johnson, Ark; H Brown, W G Joaes, Md; A C Gray, Bel f"*OUUJia, COLDS- HOARsbNEsS, tea. TYLtiR'S I COXPOCXD SYR CP 0* UCM ARABIC. sad popular C'<a?b Rmwtty baa been so lo known a til axieiMivoi'y use-U, i.'.it most , <a~> h%ve ooevnie la.u. i&r vitu it* ... Iij nmti. I oaa bo na-i at aU t.i pr?:to pai liruf tores at A a^'i .* ooiu *tn>iU?. ?? A dim A. so4ib* i? U. L MORRISON A CO.. r LOUR A>0 Ot.NiCK.AL COMMISSION MKRCUAMS, Am wuuU-?a.e U?aifr? in MILL Fh ED, COH.\ MEAL, fc., Coruer 01 12th and B tt/MU, >V aauiugtoo city. Try Cash sawl ftwaH fcm.ts of Gram au 2&-ftin i,t.?.ujuL . a. fti/tt. i.kAtnfi 1 XKAk.MOTtfe AVTRY, L An*Jx.*M rx-AT-LAW HOLLT 8?&I2M, Mis V. Wilt VTUckM in U0 Hiifc Cotsrt of Errors aad Afssaiu Jaoksou, the Federal Court at f-jz:to.o?, us Courts of tb? SeveaUi J udicni D.stnct of M.l?s.Ai.aad will attend to in? Coiwusn of ClauM fkX?Uil WI(OmI??I hM-lf |MfO*JANT TO MOUrtKkKfcyKKtt. BIJDOT co.'a 6"?r*aU?d feHHF^" pa'? ^7*tUI^LCO^AS^&!4T0r' ?>i?-tf.rK? v/.?r *H SSKft.y&y sav.? " CANNON GINGER I .1*22 KING fc BI RCH KI.L. D! K- MKUIUINKt) RK' K1VKD WKKKLV. Jr o-i ) ?' "ng'g Hu.?. Met.-tic Cor-^^ d i ath'#. - Poh?.? .k'? M I>op* Ac. . kyuciA 'pr* ? rtpt- i.? r-^iv ?rNM*l AHrcti-n.. f*[ I0*? to suit tb-Un.?*. >1 ntjjil rt .# Ih- } or J*!;. . MOOliK'i W *t V. ?1 Dmi Scat*, kiarv | -_ inr oa KIV8A'nf-RrhKi.!.. jCsT EC^VEg BYllc|wri!INi ? ? W7B PKKS ATWH, Btttera'a MM*# B#W Bo?t<>n f itervj \n'Uk'' rT2I *mmis*2!&S^nisn>rt?* #* * MISCELLANEOUS. Tax iKiUiMATios or Lui?l|isi*<-Tkir? lit growing t?ndenc? ia tail t(? U> appropriate the tnost*spr?eaiv? worda of other lutuitMMd altar a while t> incorporate them into our owm thaa the word OeptVic, which ia from the Ureek, aiguifyi&j "for the head,'' it rn-w becoming popu.ariied ia oon?eet<on wvth Mr. ?eali?ing'a great Headache rwnedy: bat it will a?'on b# nwd ia a wore general w*y. and tne word Cephalic will beooai* aa common aa Eieotrotype and many othera whoae diatinotian aa foreign worda haa been worn away by common uaaee until they aeem "native and to the man"r born. 'artfly RnlUMli Hi 'ad "n 'orrible 'eadaoho this afternooa, hind 1 tepped into the hapothecaries han<1 eaya hi to the man, "Can job heaae me of an 'eadache.'" "Doea it haohe'ard." ?ay? >. "Hexoeedwaly," win. and opon triat ' nave ma a Cephauq Pill. bajM >on ra? 'onor it cured me ?o quick that I 'ardly realiied 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadache. GTHudachi ta the favorite sign by which nature makea known any deviation whatever from the nataral state of the brain, and viewed in thia light it may be looked on aa a safeguard intended to give notice of diaeaee which might otherwiae eeoape attention, lill too late to be remedied: aad it* indications should never be necleoted. Head aohea mar be classified under two namee. via: Symptomatic and Idiopathio. ?ymptomatio Headache ia exo*edinglr o?unmon and fa the preoareor of a great variety of diseases, amoo( which are Apoplexy, Gout, Rheumatism and all f?brjle diseases. In ita rervous form it is s*mpatbetio diaeaae of the stomach o<instituting tick ktadackt, of hepatic disease ooastifuting bilious ktadackt, of worms.eonstipahon and other disorders of the well as renal And uterine alfeotiona. Diseases of the heart are very frequently attended with Headache*; Anaemia and plethora are also alfeotiona which frequently oooaiiou headaoha. Idiopathic Headache ia aleo very ocmmon, being usually dlatingirtahed hy the name of nervous keadnekt, eotrail mei coming on suddenly in a state of apparently sound health ar.d prostrating at once the mental and physical energies, ar.d in other instanoaa it oontaa on slowly, he-aidod by depression of spirits or aaarbity of tamper. In moat instanoaa the pain ia in front of the head, over one or both eyea, acd provoking vomiting, cnder this olaaa may a'ao be named Neuralgia. For the treatment of cither olaaa of Headaoha the Cepbalio Pills have been found a aara and safe repiedy, relieving tha most acute pains in a few minutes, and by ita aubtia power eradicating tha disease of which headache ia tha unerring index. B*ido*t.?Missus wants yon to mod her a box of Cephate Giue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? bat I'm thinking that's not last it naither; bat perhaps ye'U be aP.her knowing what it is. Ye see che'a ni|h disul and tone with the Siak Headaohe and wants some more of that um aa re 1 lived her before. Ih-utfist.?You must mean Spalding's Cephalic Pills. Briign.?Ooh' sure now and you're sed it, here's the qnarther and fir me the rills and don't be all day about it aither. Censtipatiea er Cestlveaeaa. one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" Is so prevalent, so little understood, and so mnoh netlooted aa Coetivenee*. Often origination in osweiecsnees. or sedentary habits; it is retarded as a shcht disorder of too ittle oonsequeuoe to exoite anxiety, while in reality it is the oreou^sor and companion of many of the most f%tal and dangerous disease*. and unlesa early eradicated it will bring the autferer to an untimely crave. Anion* the lighter evila of whioh Oativeneaa ia the uaual attendant are Headache, Colio, Rheumatism, Fool Breath Piles, and othera of like natnre,while a long train of frightful diseases stioh as Malignant Fevers, A boos ses, Dysentery. Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Apoplexv. Kpnepav. Para'yaia, Hyateria. Hypoohondnaaia,Melancholy and Insanity, 6rat indicate their pr-senne in theayatemby this alarming aymptom. Not unfrequenUy the disease named originate in Const pation, but take on an independent exiat ej'.os unlesa the cause ia eradicated in an early stage. Prom all theee oonsiderationa it fo Iowa that tne disorder should receive immediate attention whenever it occurs, and uo person should neglect to get a box of Cet>ha!io Pius on tho first appearanoe of the oomplaiat, aa their timely use will expel the i< sidnnva approaches of disease and destroy this dangerous foe to hnman life. A Real BIsssiaj. r*H>uurn.?Well, Mrs. Jones, how ia that head Mri. Jma#.*.?Gone! Doctor, all gone! the pill yoa set t enred me in jnat twenty minntes, and 1 wish job wonld send more so that 1 can have them nanny Fiyictam.?Yon <v?n get them at any Druggiata. c?il for Cephalic Pill*. I find they never fail, and I reoominend them in all eases of Headaohe. Mrs. Jontt.?l shall send for a box direotly, and hall tell all ray suffering friends, for they are arsau NHIMI. ^ TwjtKTV Million* ot Dollars Bavyp.?Mr. fpa'dmghas sold two mi'liona of bottle* of nia omeGrated Prepared woe and it u eatimated that each hot'.!* caves at least ten dollars worth of broken furnitu-e, thus making an aggregate of twenty million* of dollara reclaimed lrom total loaa by this valuable invention. Having made his Glue a honaabold word, he now propoaea to ao the world atill greater service by caring all the aching heada with hi* Cephalic Pills, and If thay areaa good aa hia Give. Headaohei will soon vaniah away like anoW in July. |r-^ llitvn ? ?- * u/ ... ? >11,11 mi.iti nuu mo menwi otr* ana anxiety inoiaent to close attention to bui'ntu or ato<ly, are among the numerous oauces of Nervoas Heaoaohe. The disordered state of mind and bod? incident to this distreeslng complaint ia a fatal h ow to al energy and ambition. Sufferers by this <Iiiorrter oan always obtain spoedy relief from thasa distressing attacks by using one of the Ce phaiio i'l'ls whenever the symptoms appear. It su>i*re the overtasked brain and soothes the strainH aii'tjatring nerves, acd relaxes the tension of the stomach which always acoomoanles and aggra rates the disordered oondition of the brain. Fact* wostu i!towii?e.?ppaldlng's CsphaUo Pills are a certain cure for Bio* Headache, Bilious Headaohe, Nervous Headache, Costivonesa, and General Debility. Grbat Ducovwxy.?Among the most important of all the great medical discoveries of this age may be oonsideredthe system of vaocination for protection from Small Pox, the Cephalio Pill for relief of Hrad&oiie, and the afce of (Jnicine for the prevention of Fevers, either of wnich is a sure specifio, who%e beuefit* will be experienced by suffering humanity loug after their discoverers are forgotten. fE^I>id tou ever bare tha ?iok Headache > Do jou remember the throbbing templea, the fevered row. the loathing and dianuit at the aifht of food. How totally unlit you were for pleaanre, oonveraatiou or atudv- One of the Cepha 10 Pills would have relieved yon from all the aufferinx whioh voa then experienced. For thia and other pnrpoaea yon ahould alwaya have a box of them on hand to use an oooaaion ro^nirea. Wllb NervousHeadache Headaclie. Br the km of tham Pilla tha periodic attaoks oi Ntrvtms er Sick Htadatk* mar be prevented; and if taken at the oommeneement ot ah attaok immediate retiet from pain and eiekneea will be obtained. They seldom n. ?mmm? ?- * Htadatk* to whioh females are bo aubjeot. They act g*ntly upon the bowela,?removing CoiNmmii. , For Literary Mm, Studmtt, Delioate Females, &od *11 peraona of sedentary .k&bxtt, they V* aU valuable as a Laxativ*, improving the ?ppsMu, firing tone and vigor to the difeetire organ*, and restoring the natural elaatioitj and strength of to* whole ayetvm. he CEPHALIC PI L8 are to* r**?it of long investigation and oarefally conducted experiment*, having been in nae many year*, daring whioh time they hare prevented and relieved a va*t amount of pain and Buffering from Headaoha, whether ongl natiug in the acre on < ay atom or from a deranged a tat* of the HMMi They are entirely vegetable in their eompocition, and may be taken at all time* with perfeot aafaty without making any change of diet, mmd tlu mb t'tu* of any ditmrtmbU faita rtndmt it mty to mdmtnistor Hum ta tkUA*-* BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! Th? k?obib0 hare fiva uiaUai?i of Hmrr C. Sp&Idiac oo each Box. Jtoitl by I>r ufixti and *11 other Dwiwi la ModlOIBM. A Box will b# Mat by mall ?r?paid oa raaaiplol *** PRICE, ttft CENTS. A" order* ahotld b# addraaMd to HENRY C. 1PALD1NO. M1S-44VW 49 Cedar lire**, New York, PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIC N O TJ C E. Dvutiiint or rn Wtskinctm, Dtc. 36.1W). ( Pubho notioe ia hereby |lm (Ut bond* and oouponi annexed, of the deaoription hereinafter eet forth, have lately been feloeloualy abetraeted from the oaitody of the laterior ; Department, the aarae being the property of the United eta.tea and held in trnat for eertain Indian tribe*. No-ioe baa aleo been given to the proper ofioera of the reepeotive Statea to atop the payment thereof; and all peraona are warned againat pnrohaaing or reoeiv ing any 01 saia Donaa ana ooupone, aa uie oiaim of the United State a thereto will be proeeouted to the utmost extent. Each bond being for the aum of one thousand dollar*, vu: Six per oent. Miaaouri Coupon Bonds, iaaued in J une and Augnat, iMl. State of Miaaiouri, 8t. Louia and Iron Mountain R, R. State Bonds. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1823 1876 1827 1996 1822 1097 1821 1098 1820 2b08 1819 2007 1818 1993 180V 1994 1817 1995 1818 1891 1814 1nun iuii A?r<Mv #011 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 2O06 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 10W 2u:tt 2000 3092 2009 . 1820 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1884 1832 1882 1808 iron IhAO A17W tWf 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1S8Q 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047 2010 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1K2.S 99 bonds 1824 Note.?Bonds No. Srw, and below of thi* aerie*, iaaued Jnne, 1357. and bond* No. jooi, and above that, dated Auguat, 1897, parable at th* Phoenix Bans, New York city, in 1887. State of Miaaonri au per oent. ooupon bonds, via: Hannibal and St. Joaeph Railroad State Bond*? Bond No. 1863 Bond No. 1626 1852 1627 1861 1628 1860 1629 184M 1869 1848 1866 1847 1863 1846 1862 1846 1860 1844 1861 1832 1864 1835 1R58 1833 1865 1S34 1864 183* ^ 1823 1837 # 1833 1838 1834 1839 1836 1049 181W 1*40 1827 1036 1828 1012 1829 1013 1830 1014 1831 1015 1041 1010 1042 1017 1643 1018 1044 1019 1045 1020 1040 1021 1547 1011 1048 1804 1037 1634 1838 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1622 1650 1857 1816 1636 1817 1630 181B 1630 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1625 90 bonda Not*.?TbM? boiula are dated JaQaary, LMB, 5arable at Bank of Co mm-roe, New York, in foveinber. iwr>-interest payable in January and nly of each year. State of MiMotf l eix ?er oent. Coupon North Mlatnnn R . R _ Kniuta Bond No J 2952 Bond No. 1*a? 2940 1538 2949 1041 2941 1042 2942 1643 2946 1644 2946 1646 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1040 2950 1660 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 * 1654 2936 1665 2951 1652 2953 1666 1667 2921 17*5 24flR 1706 2512 1707 251*3 246} 2614 2463 2615 2464 1616 2455 3911 3464 3910 3467 3913 3468 3913 3469 3914 3460 1916 3461 3915 3463 3917 2463 3918 2464 3919 2465 392U 3466 3964 3467 2955 1651 80 booda Not*.?Tha bond a numbarad SSMaad Mow, is New York oily. MiMoari ?lx^p?r o?l c^ou^ow jtond?. tie: North Bond No. 2713 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 278? f 2730 N 2781 2717 2782 2734 277V 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 2722 no 2720 2725 2716 2777 2727 2776 2724 2765 2731 mm** *'<W 4(DB irw 2729 2770 2718 2771 2716 2786 2714 2778 27(14 5772 2728 1776 2728 2774 2723 2780 2713 2732 * 2787 60 bo>4f I . _. ^ , r i mm?*Xi ^ Bute Bond No. iU* Bond No. 52W 5259 5261 6345 5256 5244 5256 5243 5254 5242 5255 5241 5253 5240 5252 5239 5251 at.JO :>1X? 5237 524? 5235 5247 5234 5248 5233 5195 5232 5194 5231 5000 5200 " 4999 5199 4997 5198 4890 6197 4998 5310 4889 5238 4888 MAT A QTm wvi tojn 5308 525T 5309 5)82 61 bonds 5300 Not*.?These bond* are dated Marah, 1851: payable March, Wt, ?t Pbcaaui Bui, New \ ork; mtareaf parable in Janurr ud July of eaoh year. Bond* of North Carolina?Coapoo aix per oeat North Carolina us por cent*. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 305 33 301 32 300 %'J ?rt* 4Vi 9 / 235 7 234 349 203 346 166 347 104 346 20 343 19 342 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 ' 11 336 10 336 102 328 101 329 330 90 331 # 103 333 6 333 28 334 22 227 16 328 21 317 98 318 97 318 96 296 95 239 94 ~ 238 *2 237 60 236 ? 303 72 bonds Not*.?Thsae bonda are dated January, lftSfi, payable January, 1886, at Batik of Repufriio.Nev York. Interett payable in January and July. North Carolina 8 per oenta. 'Joupon Bcnda. Bond No. 833 Bond No. 735 832 73* 831 758 830 759 82V 760 834 761 835 762 836 763 837 7<u 838 790 871 791 871 792 873 ;793 874 794 875 795 87* 7<W 877 7V7 878 798 879 79V 880 800 881 801 840 802 847 803 848 804 849 8?5 850 80? 851 808 851 807 853 811 854 812 855 8U 856 814 857 815 858 816 860 817 861 818 862 819 863 820 864 S21 865 822 866 824 867 824 868 825 869 826 870 827 883 828 882 fc.19 884 84/) 885 843 731 844 732 845 7:13 ? 734 194 bonds These l>ond? aredated July, 1807. rayable July, 1W7, at Bank of Re??biio, New YorV: mtoreet payable in January and July. North Carolina aix par oent Connor I onda. Bond No. 599 Bond No. 493 600 494 603 495 604 496 605 497 606 621 607 498 608 510 810 511 11 481 AI4 613 483 609 484 <14 486 633 436 623 48T 624 488 626 489 626 490 627 63* 638 639 641 640 642 641 643 643 616 543 044 630 646 4H 647 632 648 533 646 6*4 649 636 660 636 661 637 661 518 616 69 617 61? 618 616 619 617 466 614 467 411 468 470 646 601 547 439 648 440 560 443 563 430 471 43! 473 433 473 436 474 437 475 437 476 439 477 iM *<o 426 479 413 480 421 511 601 513 544 491 119 bond* 492 M0^^uAMW2^o8S^2^!ttTo<' m 5 Bond No. 51 load No. 151 51 151 6.1 153 5 .* 155 M 1M I n II 11 I * Bond No. tT Bond No. 161 96 163 99 164 106 165 * 122 178 123 191 124 192 125 . 193 126 194 127 1#5 I? 19* L*9 Iff ISO 199 129 199 130 200 1ST 144 45 bond* 140 Two boa^e for 1.W*1 each. dated April, IW. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 FilU?n bcnde fur fl.oon eaofc,dat*d October, 18ff7. ?: Payable at Bank of Repabiio, Ootaber. 1W7, ti* : Bond No. 1163 Bond No. 1192 1184 1193 1185 1194 nao U95 llflT av? 1 IfTI 1188 1197 1189 1190 15 bondi 1191 T?nn?*?M six Mr oaot. Qoatoa Bond*, of A\jmo caoh, of loan of 1** p*j%bY 1S93 la New York oitjr, of tli* to: li winf Bimlxn, and dated Jim arj, l?M: Bond No. 217 Bond No. 415 278 419 294 476 297 ? 477 409 491 413 498 414 723 ad oftb* following cam bar* itaaed Jannary^M* Bond No. 828 Bond No. 1278 829 U68 830 And of Um following camber* iwatd Jtnn&rr.ltM; Bond No. 1744 Bond No. 2656 2110 28Sfl 2133 2892 2681 3066 2605 3121 And of the following nnmbora lac nod January, u?. Bond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4208 3465 4209 34ft6 4210 * , 3467 4211 3469 4212 3470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 * 3894 4529 <V4I 4*50 3V42 4666 3943 4666 3944 466? 3946 4670 3946 4671 3986 4749 41?9 4751 <20$ 4881 And of tbe following numbers iMatd J&nntry, iw?: Bond No. 5066 Bond No. 6419 6195 6421 6326 5426 5359 6427 SXfirt ym w MW 53411 5434 53#2 5438 5437 53A4 v M38 53*5 5438 5368 544fl 5367 5441 5383 5441 tm 6453 5370 5444 5371 5446 5372 5452 5373 5518 6374 551# 5375 5520 537R 5521 6377 5522 5378 6703 .SH70 KVtlA w * ? in 5380 6705 &38I 5706 5385 5707 538* 5708 5387 6709 5388 5710 5389 5711 5390 6712 5391 5713 5392 5799 5393 5839 5416 5840 5417 6842 5418 0*Wiri 0? TH? gftCRKTAKT OF TBI INTIRIOR, December 86, lwn. a 12 dtf J. THOMPSON, gecfttary. OH LD RICH, MRi.LOW AND PURE B U MLN SIDE'S MONONGAHKLA RYE WHIBKEY, Oonaeientionaly diatilled by Mr. Jiiiin Bornaide. of AiWany County, I'enpa., id the old faahian*! honeel war, from the ehoicert aud moat carefully aelected Rrr, acil in no oaee erer offered for aale until adapted to wholesome nae by a?e. It laat opoeUie moat palatable, na it ia empkatioally one of the ptirea? bevoitfee in the reach of the pablic. To the Invalid, a? well aa to t^oae in health, it commend* itaelf for ita unrivaliH *ua!itiea aa a Stimulant of the safoat. aureat. nnd nioet beneficent ebcription, and many of ?ly? inoat dietinxDith** hyaleiaca are nain^itin their practioe with the happi^at rem: ita. CL.ERY & 9TOCKDALE. Proprietor*. 328 Walnut atreet. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVEK, Agent for the Proprietor*. 2'ii Pa. a*., ae 8?-6?n oppoafte WiUarda' Hotel. Pm UKE OLD RYK WHISKY .-On band Mvera I brand* 01 Pare Old Rye Whliky, Copper Dii tilled, made by the moat reliable dmuliera in Pena rviTania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted par*, Alan, Imported Hrandiea, Henneeay, Otard. Dtipuy ? Co , Ju rp Kobip*. to. Alao, Peach Mi App.f r?ranciT, purs Holland Bin, old Jam&ia* and r*t Croix Ram, and WioM of ererr wioty.ui oi t&nflivrd bread*. Achwioefotof Ockri ?td Tobtooo. YOUNG A KKPHART, Atacto, a* 14-1* 3*8 PA IT.. hatv.MJi MtiifAth ?' ?. ,$ | I 0 VI ?u7><A/Wt?V 1 fcffil / IfW'-vAi ?0 /" Jl ? 2 0 ^ T"f~i b JF T*"* ? fr *?"? ? **"*- giL 212*2 MMS14! ?tI Mr ~i~ tir; hmytk, VmlU, fn^W>. ? *, rortf w Stu * *Uly ik* butt* wV. /i ?'#?? .y "jmO .^1 InaxiMlf ll> /M n?nw uV 5 _* #fv1 (y u< cw> ?*<<.?? MJiiciti ? Jf | CAUTION. MIDnilPfM NlfllM n bc Mtnpnu rvnvfiA9tno ofiuuuj Dt UAntruL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS . juwiMYWHIKEY WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THF ARflVF WMICKTV W1LHJDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 S06TH WILLIAM SINEW YORK. MI SALE IN WASHINGTON BY V *-H liliova * AKMMO 97? Pa. tba onJjr fUce :n the oily tlirrt EasBKsi<5!!Pii*2ts,ts,is 2"w?> MBPIOINKS. i ' BAiTlWHll Lor* m??riru h*mtd% * tii l<i i FOR ALL DIPKA0K9 OF IMFBUMENCL* wo fjlsk flirljmct rk.grkxt. APPLY IMMKD ATBLY. A 9WRE WARRANTSU, nj% jwu i rrjiniw. IS FROM OX* TO TWO DA YS WmIiim ?f IM tot. hrHiim llituwtdtlirhtn 1*4 Bit alar BlWhf, jirNMHI,l>*IMM?.klCfil'.W Iwftl C*m f?n Pilymlm Tifct l?f, Dia*i?<rii|<tiif jioa : >* *, Piuui r>iiM(,n>wta Bwi 9t B*>n. ti t*? U? it ' < ?#>? ll?M firrMi IWn<<n ? '>{ frt? li'iun l>k? ( T * i*mi r>???<ir? ii< Onvkum vk<'? rn <w lapaMikto. u4 k*u |W? 1 MM rowui ?k? ba*l fc??#fr? i4? B? I %ry ?l*?, Un trtffal end 4**<r?*li*? k?kn vli# UnHll? tvttp* t* U BUmtly fr-'i tl>?w?4i if Inff IU? ?ftk* Mil ? lill4 lllnia tn4 bnlitat thi r>?n?i ?*???4 iw?t;i?| lm im *nt U? ????r? ?r ?! ? i? ?? v*k*4 m tMui) ik? ii?M>g fr*, at; ?*U vnt Ml m*?if kft. fcoaf ivvttf ??? *? llfiiiuw.fa twii.' i iw< fea fkl i'.um kYoaalf ar4?? tka KM af Bl ). ?? Ml; imUi la kit kaaat u a |iMlaa? u< M*l4Mily rw tfn Mi akill u plnHlit. urrici. ? t RofTB moituiim in M Iu4 ai4armttg Dm Itltfaan airiu. * ( ? iM fwa tka Mttw. rati >? la rtHr'i Ma* u< iiatn. fclNiM MM ka ftM iW aaaitia a waf M joanroa, af U# Baya Caliifi riiifiMi, U-lw, tn<M (Ha aaa af tka Mat iBma? iXlafM M tka nue B?f, ui tka (mur part af ttati Ufa kaa kaa? apart la taa Mr mta>a ?f tardea Paria. PkiUOaLptia aa4 i.n*kan. tai a>hiiad waa af ui mi ihh>ui>| taraa ikat van a?r? k?awu; bu; traakiad vtt% iiufm* la tka ka?4 u4 aaaa vkaa aaiaaa, rraat ttr'Mti aM, ka.rg ?klua< at alMat aaas4?. kaakmlnaaa ?"KS fra<]a*ri klaakmf allaatH naiIk* trtofe 4awat??aat af !><. vera car*4 Mattl" TABI Plinciku ROTICK. Tt?-| Maa u< atkm ?hi kaaa .i.laraa If imiurM ky iAiUiii ort e tir m in Kam u. . a t.wa. IM(m4 frwn t?li CMflMM, at U NkMl, t*t lfl(? M vUetin fkUavaa ?Nac i?n<. rtodtn marr.tft lnptwtkli, ul 4??Uw M ata* t?d kadr, tbaa11 tpply inaadlataip. IUi u? mb? af tht ud >ad at?uitoi? inMmI kt aari* IhMu WnttL ru; V?tkM? aftfca ?'il ?< link. riuut is (k? Ictd, lhantH ?f lifkLLm af MmMii N?m, NlfiuUM tftki latn.IViprtt NirxM IrrtVW 1 If, Daruftati.! af ilia Dif a?t'.?? raoMiaM, (Ktni PtMMr iyaw?ni ef CmaaMMi.. *c. MXHTAU.T.?Tm tfaataaa tkt vud art M kt drodid?Um af Mart try, Onfaataa af Matt, Dapaaaataa rfipritt. I'll rtrMirn, AnniMa(lN?t>>. (iK lMiM, bar a af ?aUtada, Tnajii:*, tu.,trt ma ?t it arlla paw|f||^a UTOH DUlkrrr -TkMaatdi ui > < ItOf vfead la Iht ttaea a< Uif.r daci.tnf titllk, iMItf tblit rkjar, katantaf vaak pala, narraaa and Muciuad,><'?| t atplu tpftaiuii aaaal tfea apt*, CNft at ?jn|iirin tf (taaa?pilaa DltKASSa OF IMrtVDUCl Vkaa Ut anpidid ud t? pradaal hut; af paaaaar* to** ka kta licklktd iba aaada af Uia pamftl dtaaaaa. It laa aflat kapptrt tWt it ill-uload taatt af afcatna ar draad a/ dwcararr dtwrt Mm frata tit v .t la .ait vha. fraat a data nan a ad raapaclaktiity, Itu 'tUnt kifriMi klm ? Kit* i?u U* haodf af .f f.t CtHfiii :.g ptwMtn, *k(, MUtkM af (in*/, licb Lm ptciaury RMluc*, III; bin uilt'f oth *n?r aanth, *r il tanf n a* aivailaat ( cu k* *Vtainad, and in d??p*ir ! ?? lilni witb fair, *4 **?ltk la *trk ?ir hi* p.lw | ditappatotmant; if tf tka MiafllMlinC i paaaaa, Martary. baataa tka e*winr.i*i>?l ar?rtataa af tMa NfnUa tftaaaaa, aack aa Afrcuai rf<a Haarv.Thfaat.INw. tkin. Ac., prarra** ' | ?i h frtfktfal rapidity,UP da*tk pat* a Mfwl ta bit araa<!*al ulancii Iy aaoibt.f bia la ?b%t aaitaaararad eaar.try fraia fbtatNVM oa uavalar raiaraa ML JOHmOHVB.CMKnT P"? "UIRIC ? UUEM AHV IHrOTBWV. By tMa rraat u4 Impartial r?n>*iy vaaknaa* a< tka arraa* wa ipa4U; tln< ?4 Ml tiftl ifaw*4. TwaiaSi rflM Mat aanau aud da.mutad, trka bad .art all kapa. bar* baaa irsiaadUtaly rait a* ad All Mapadtataot* ta Mirr >|i Pbraiaal af Idaata. DtaaaaltM - - * - - - .1 ? ? -?-< TtMtln(Mi W ntiHi N tUmiiM ifiki ktad afHi^v (ini CHDOUIMKIT Or TBB HLTm. TIE MAHT rNOBSANi* car*4 inlm i'.ntwuH ?>ifcto l?? Iwt imhimi run, and it>? .-.risaraaa inpwual h?r Ml f?ra'.i<M.? f*rUrm?4 ky Dr. irtmi, >i'jihh4 ?t Ul n^tfitn ?f til* pnn ui ?uf tUn MittM ?t * ?? U?i imutd trill ?n0 i|Ui k?fw? lk? frt'li, V? Mm kU niM ?| u t pitliriiil ikimut im n HIH;, li i naiiitt pin>iii ti tki if liM ? ?!? ( J0Y m AMY THK HEMEDY REJOICE i"HEALTH. Fnec.1. oo yon Ar* yo? Uie Tioti?a of *a? of ctioM nnmerooe ftilni?cta vLioh frrwa trow I a purity ofthe Mood? What are tier, do yo? mw f K&ther Mk. what ?r? they net I tm blood la tS? k>b:m of liieand h?*;th. And it i? the fir*! 6l?m*ot of o?r boipc to roepord t<? *ny msm whioh * (>?*th? ?r?toic, as th? fnixo lr.?:fiMr TM?*W prerv. Neurit *, iue imtattoc Fry?tpe?M. tM* nbtlo Sorr f-.i i*. th* *fo uis lc t K b*n m\L ?in, > m *?* Debifity, l>y?p ?p?<?. Lirer Complaint vtU itn wreor ana oflwucc. t art tiw namberjeea tUa that f.Mt ' heir to, derf"e their hidefn* o 'i(ir from tl?e Mood, I>?a tiiKfiy thea and ?erii>7 with Um bU-o-l Dae the .-itahairj reeovroee of nature for lta ai>.. and aulfer u? tr. com m wad to roar ccrftdr- &aaa ue tut trmlr Taionliie medlQQm*ct known M INDIAX rt ,-iv LMDKCQCTIOJf. W itu regard to thia a-moet mfaiiiMe itwil* potc ar nop time tit ha? ?-t?ket In decided ttfrma. ana the evidence* >( trie rr-*t cfawr tre Hi tain~1 !'? oonat&Bt erowais of ei rati*e "ffTta aod th? hM^Wt rec?:u frym ite see are after ali outer rented tea ar.v' the beet me-i ioa.1 akm have failed. x Let oa car. ;d oonplnaion, that c*rtu o?taa onrea are not aoucht from tee illiterate aod aueer Poial, t>nt thej are volunteered from the mocf re apeotaMe aenroea end jnatifj the Hgheat teraa in which it it aoasi^e U> oomtnend eo va'saMe a apecibeto pcbito approval. We ?r<ay add aleo tbet the curative properties of the medicine are equalled rtr' h* ? ? *L? "* %/? / * j ..r li ? "in rrMWT^f iu lro!*?Oi?Wi with renewed cou?ti*.u1<o;;ai vtcor, Pot m1? * ? a' I re-yctable Drn*fl?t? ia uii city.ard by tne fvpridnr, MJti*. M COX, Knee tannine un.'r?a her rune it Mcvi on the bottle and her seai on the cork ir~r Price 91 per i'-otue, ?ix bottle* for gf. WtoUnaU Ae*m. R. S. T. CIS8KL, Dri[(|it, Georgetown. 0 C., >\%oleae!e Agent for the D?e triet, aod will enrrly the trade at n-y price*. Miatr DR. J. BOVIiK LOD't* IMFKKIA1. WINE FITTERS. Are now being need fro ia Maine to the Gre*; Bait Lake, an 1 the aniveraal ??rtUc.t of aJl wiio a?s . them eiihrr a* a?r^?fr*4 or as a * ? #? that I they are eaaarpa?-f 'E {fee r-or;<{. Pr. fx?3? a?efl thwi aso?r?*/*!!y .3 h ? *er H year* befo-a w poreriasM *' *"'( ?.|Ut to niar.ufaotare Ad pr*eenl M?u f?r m t? 4;?* pubi'.o. Korthe ovreoi iMiptevi Uannw?>,w, lad I'thon, I>> peM-a, rt<a?, r>!T??? resale Cow plainta, and all cmm r?r? ritj i torao, u??h are baLonc tfoatt aice?? izr$. eeHsreroe^y. Andefrom lair aroye.ti** t.Vry are a prr??, whol?>- I ecir.e i no tlflituir'1 Producinx a . the pleaaant oxh: i& eaecu of Drai.4r or Wtno 1 WUiomI Ui?>r iaj?n >?.'? riftB.U. Cet a?l fnende of * rn-afilty an-i all s<. vocal?* "f temperance aaeu OB in aabrtitaiuc the*:e Talaable Vegetable Bittern for the ? ? '?( pwifms ard (Miftstd Liiuort witk which tbe ooautrT ie flooded, acfl t!ieret-y effro'na.!* aid la bawiir.c Dieeaee and Prinlidwi irooi t?e land. CKAHLFS WlDl?IF!ELn * COPrepr,*t?re, 7* \VU,:an. etreet, New York. ). ^.'I WAHZK, Aajmi, Wu* ntion. D.C. .._PIi.ivBOVKB IX)DH* IMFMtllA.1. GIN BITTERS, For Dimmm of the kidtej a, Bl*J4?r ar.d Urinary Organ*, ud T lor > en:a)? OtatrootioM, nerer ail to our**, unci arc v?rrutt4 to (ir? mXi? fflSkLE. WIDpIflELD ft CO.. profiiotori, T? Wuliam y..^Mr^*or^. ^ }e? If j Audi, Wutnniton.D.C. /4^,ln,^A / ?ocia*Ti *t\ v A f*5V<f Oi?PATCMI ^ ik?_pui6fJ i ^BSSS^HKEteSttS 1 iriLomo'i nutrtiKB SLOTS |?ti all ?mot eir.erf ftrt?, Wj<1 so ho?eohoW n*c IlAo -a to b* Without it. It i> H?*T? rt?dy Mi m to UMMwklaC *Ot?t. iWlilM SSftSfe 3QE5???^ ? **** ** " nxrvL itt Era*r mownmr M?MByauec M?t b#Ui? W\?Ufi4 r?r??, n?. 4? C?4*r MrMt, Ncr T?r*. / !' Vj *-'* " w Bbov C&ra leaomrurai ?%M ?*okrx?. II f A tx>!J< <rf HPJJ B1S8*8 tMMFAR SI1 tfiJuE will nre tor. tiaw i* oort l? aally loar?iTl??tt?H?oM.?/ji HoM hr iU f rem next $H*.Uow*r% I'nntMk Hirtn^ and Groom, AM V?o) sitoraa. Courts r^rr|,?nt? sU?fctd Mt< a e oift 8TALfilJfO'S fjCSjAllEi.' UlrX.wWo makta. ?? &-tU?V U wHI Ptand a.r* ?Urr?^>ft O Ift ^fci?ONABU DRV O O i> ft ! Cloak*, Sksvlt, Ktaaaala, Mennu*. (HtwMtM. Blanket*. Fa'l CMli*. Linaaja, FarejStlka. -i k R<J?, , Popiu.?. Val?aoia?. ? ?, 1 Varna. fcooMd Kfc.r*. ^ ' t ?? ? VA' F.NTINK?! VALKNTINW KofclBtirj Th? Uii* mm'"' *< l-"i ww?>< Nt? Y ui k k>m?. ^=ss?r^~*9

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