Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1861 Page 1
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THE DAILY EVENING STAB IS rotushxr bvhry afternoon, <aurn>A.YS excfptbd.) 4T THE UTAH 3LILDIXOS, crmar /pen^rf.venuiaventi* tnd UfA ft , *T W. D. W4LL4CH. *>??? in psnk&ceo by oarr?or* at #? a f*r. or r c~ot? for -r.cnth. To nuul nlxorltri tb? prico It f Sjn % year,?? mdvnnct; #2 for ?ix iroctiv?; -51 for three months; and for ls?a than threes month* a?thonts of 12c#cta a oek. ECn?> ?i-a, oiti c?t: in two ccitts. Aev?tifkm*mh ?oou:d be seat to tb* oAce boior? 12 o'ciock it..; ciberanee tbey may not appeal a-'jl ?kf iwxMiy. V-?4*. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 9. 1861. N-. 2.489. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. rtn aseaUaat Fajatly a?4 Nm 4 *iaiif a irattar nriMj of (tea au bo foe ad la Knter Moratac. Tmi-flw*. Pin?ie oopy, per aaama. Fit# eopiee ? Toe otfiM Tweaty five . t ? . 4 T* . tea It iavanably oontaiae tbo tao mart. t\* dmtip oo |?If throatkoat tba eoaatry. H7,SiB(i0oopiM(ia vrappore> oaa at the enactor, Id.mediate y after tbo of tbo P?l'CLI AR1 TIES OF PARIS A correspondent of the Philadelphia Ledger, writing from Paris, in November, 1860, nan the following : THK RIVER SEINE. Here is a fine river, some 180 miles long, be tween Paris and Havre, on the ocean, that is almost unused. If we had it in Ameriea, what uses wc should make of itIt has a depth of water equal to, oertainly, fire feet, up t* Paria, yet it is not used, we may say, for the trans portation of merchandise. The Frenchman has some idea of a steam-1 ship, but none at all of a steamboat for navi gating inlsnd streams with shallow draught of water. The steamboats that do nlv upon the fceiae get along in the following primitive "way In the center of the river, aiong nearly iu whole length, ia a chain, moored to Heats at proper distances. Each steamboat has a side drum-wheel, afound which a turn is made of this chain; and the steam-power is used to wind the endless chtin around the drum, and thus wsrp the boat forward ! This being the mode of river navigation, it ^ri'.l not surprise any one that the railway car Ties the merchandise. No wonder fuel is high in Paris, and manufacturers are Jt disad vantage. Wood Uchiefly used in families, and its retail price is half A cent a pound ! The quality is but middling; it is mostly small sticks of beech wood. Fuel can bo eheapened by doing as we do at V V t_ 1 ? - - iitw iur&, vij: nuvinz Doau to ruo trom tne mints to the port of consumption without breaking bu'.k The coals of England and Belgium are almost on the ocean. Boats of proper construction to carry 600 tons can be made to load at New Castle, for instance, and thence to go, without breaking bulk, to Paris. The English channel may require, at times, a center board of large dimensions, which can be provided. In this way only can fuel be brought to re:sonable rates in Paris. It may be mentioned that the coals of France are far from this center, and the quality is inferior. The enterprise of America is making itself known on the earth. In Russia we build their railways; in the Crimea we raise their sunken vessels; and we provide all Europe with sew ing machines. It would be a paying specula tion if our people could get a concession for the steam navigation of the %ine. THE KKTIRADES OF PARIS. All over Paris, in the greatest profusion, conveniences are provided for the private re tiraey of the passer by the way. Along the carves of the boulevards these useful arrange ments consist of hollow cylinders of iron. The part towards the street way is open. They af ford barely sufficient concealment. The whole surface, exclusively, of the actual retiracy, is let out to advertisers. The interior, ftoing the person, m is also used by med ical advertisers of a certain selection. In other parts of Paris, wherever a eorner can be made, (and a three inch projection of one wall beyond another is considered a oorner,) it is arranged with otf-flows for the purpose. You can scarcely go three squares in any direction and not find one of some sort. There was, to our eye, at first, an indelicate exposure in all this. But we have got used to it, and it no longer offends. At first it does seem out of all propriety that women are ever brushing up, as they must do on narrow pavements, against men so circumstanced. Bat as they don't mind it at all, neither do we, after a like train ing of habit. Indeed, all their statuary is open to similar remarks. We look upon the institutions we have named as so essential to health, and so demanded by a reasonable regard to deoenoy, as Tiewed from another aspect, that we may appeal to our American city governments to say if they are not behind the age and behind the reasonable performance of their duty to the publio in omitting all provision for this purpose. Cabinets (d'aitanee) are also numerous all over Paris. These are kept in the neatest or der, and are frequented, as occasion urges, by both sexes. They are always in charge of women. It is in very few things that we can learn from KnroDe. W? are iyen?ra!lv ahcnrl Hut when we fini anything that can be commenced for imitation, we think it right to mention it, and we trust the service well intended will rover any unavoidable exposure if separable from the description. PORTABLE GAS. There is a company whieh finds extensive business in Paris supplying to families movable gas arrangements. Their large wagons are freighted with numerous cast iron jars, holding Sas, forced in. A flexible pipe is attached to le customer's receiver, which is replenished from the wagon. It is common in Paris to light shop? and all halls with gas, direct. But few apartments are fitted with pipes and fixtures for gas This peculiarity gives business to the Portable Company. The price of gas direct from the works, is $3 per 1,000 cubie feet, [the price in New York is only $3 per 1,000 feet,J and one is amazed how liberally it is used in the street lamps, and in shops and plaoes of amusement. We boast of butter in Philadelphia; but it is better made on the continent It ia rarely you find butter not presentable. l? is al ways made without salt; hence the necessity of working all utilky particles out of it. The result is, that'it is always like putty, and that it keeps sweet much longer thau ours. Philadelphia butter is justly cele brated for its delicate richness ot flavor du ring grass time. But in two or three days it is ancient. We find that when salt is applied, as occasion demands at the table, it is quite the same as when originally worked in. If persons of delicate organs would order their butter made without salt, and corresponding ly better worked, they would find it au im provement. But Americans are apt to like it unsalted after a training. Nobody in Europe would eat butter salted. As theTurkslook on sugar and cream, as exactly spoiling th? fine bitter of coffee, so do people in Europe look on tikA lilt of Kntti*r ai ita Fres Masoxkt M*dc Hast.?Joseph Gandy, a mulatto, was brought before Justice Brennan, at tbe Essex Market Police Court, yrsterday, on a charge of fslse pretences, preferred agaiust him bv a number of free negroes from Louisiana, under the following circumstances: The complainant*. It appears, were about emigrating to Haytt, and Wfore starting were anxious to be initiated into the mysteries of Free Masouary Gar.dr repre sented that he was master of s lodge, and agreed to iaitlate nine of tbe party at the rate of three dollars a piste Pome of them objected to the tariff, however, when Gandy reduced tbe price just ene hundred per cent , and charged them a dollar and a half all round. The initiation was performed in Gaady's bedroom, sad Uic mockery la said to have occupied the fellow an entire day. Subse quently the aaptraiMa far Masoni<- famed c overed that they tad bcea most egreglously sold, iiq} made a complaint agsint Gandv accordingly. The in igistrate committed the prisoner for exami nation ?iV. Y Htraid. UJ~~ n? uoicb^o 11ihct mmjm toai lue re poo licana bin to xerrvmrndered the SUU u to require but Ife.iHJU republican* to elect a Repre sentative and 51 (<U0 to rltcl a Senator, while ttorv require nearly "27 00o democrats to eltt a Repre sentative and W.iOO to elect a Senator It it ?u?b an apportionment bill which the Leglslatore la ? aked to pa an. and which the democrat* bar- de termined to defeat by absenting themaelvea from the legislative aaMiona. ICT Of the Territorial Legislature of Utah, or panix-d !a Drr? mOtr Uit, all hot oue are Mor roooi The aaae??d property of the Territory, evcoptlag Oreen River and Canoa conntt**. a;noanta to S4 673 Preparations b lajj made to fcrrak up Camp Floyd In the spring, bat It is thought that military statioas will he aatabliahed long the route for the protection of emigrants IT Half an acre of land is on Are at Perrvsville. lad , aad Las b??n burning for mom tlons Tbm ?>ll U a klud at marl, and tb* airfare |?covered with er?to /rata it tre*rb?ro<ia oaaia ta tbe d par ft tor vhfB the rattU go t? grazr. ?h*y a. rauiUl way with wcr<*ta*d and nu*rt ITd K7- Tb? Baaia la \?vr V oil t? bow ,1MfiT i h~ - ? ? t - MY FIRST FIGHT WITH THE TIGER. I wu only twenty when I first went to St. Louis. St Louis is, and was, even then, a large town It bad a good many people in it of all sorts, especially of bad ones. Mind you, that was long ago. Well, I went thero. I thought I knew a ? few." I wasn't green. I never was, as I know of But . However, the reader may judge for himself. I put up at the "first hotel.'' I doa't ohose to say which it was, for fear of consequences. I had money; that is, I had six hundred dollars, confided to me by an indulgent parent for mercantile pur poses. The first day I spent in "looking round" and " taking drinks." The second day I "took drinks" and didn't " look round" I so much. The third daT . Ah! th?r?h-r hanprs a tale ! Ahem! The third day, I made the acquaintance of Elverly! Elverly waa a splendid fellow, and boarded at my hotel. Elverly was introduced to me by a mutual friend whom I did not know?much?bat believed in a great deal The day wore on. (I believe that is the proper expression for saying, "It got later ") Sup per was ready. It is, perhaps, needless to say that we had ''taken drinks before tapper. Elverly, in the course of cold duck, said "Champagne." We did it. When we arose from supper we were in just the state of mind to welcome 44 secession" and a " bloody time'1 generally. Then we "took a drink" again. Then Elverlv nronoaed "jminir snmnwhorA " w r- m ? 0 0 *' ?" And we uproariously consented to "go some where." When we say we, we speak in an editorial sense, because tho crowd was soon re duced to Elveriy and the subscriber (who don't subscribe.) Well, we went "somewhere." - Somewhere where there was a long table? and a lot of cards pasted on a green cloth. Elveriy told me he was going to bet. I said, "All right." Elveriy bet. I watched Elveriy, but didn't see anything further resulting from it than the fact that a man,who had a box full of cards, scraped up a lot of irory things with figures on them, and chucked down otber sim nar ivory mings. well, arter a while Elverly said, '-Lead me ten dollar*." I had faith in Elverly?I lent him ten. Then, after nnotber while, he said, '-Why don't you go in?" I had faith in Elverly: so I went in. I got twenty dollars (by Elverly1* advice) changed into ivory things that Elverly called chips. Then I pnt them down on cards, and between card?, as Elverly told me. And sometimes I took them up again, with some more ivory things oh them. But, generally, I didn't. Then Elverly said: 44 Let's go and take supper." And we went and took supper. Such a?sup per. A?a?a?every thing (rood to eat. and to drink! That's the best description I can give. Then Elverly said: ** Are Vfiii alvAnAv?'9 ? T^ ~ n o v ? * And I (influenced by the supper. Ac.,) said, "Of course not." So we went up to the table with the cards pasted on it again. And I bet ?that is, Elverly bet for me. And I got fifty dollars changed Into ivory thing* and lost 'em. And I got a hundred changed into ditto; and lost 'em. And then another; and lost it. Oh! I lost it all gradually. But I lout it! Yes, sir, I lost it, as it we*e, insensibly, sometimes getting a streak ahead, sometimes behind. But I Tost it! Then I counted my money. I pretended I wanted to go out, beoause I was too proud to count it before the crowd. And I counted it. And I had three hundred dollars left. And small change. And ssys I to myself, I've got enough of this. And I made a motion to go. But Jtlverly overhauled me. and, sajs he? " You ain't going ao early'" ' Early!" says I; ' well you're right; it is early; hut I're got enough." " Well," says he, "I'm sorry if you've been unlucky; but 'suoh is life.' Let's take a part ing drink." And I took a?parting drink And that drink knocked me ! I pledge you my word that I don't recollect a thing after that drink. I don't say it was dragged. I wouldn't say it But I awoke the next morning in my own hotel?in my own ohamber?with all my usual clothes on the accustomed floor?but icithout a cent of the six hundred dollars confided to niA h V ?fl Indnloont no ranJ o nA Some peirons might draw a moral from this true sketob. Let them' I don't prevent ilium. But I?or we?as yon please?prefer to leave it just as it is. Hani matters at New Yark. For the first time in a dozen years, it mav be said that all the seafaring vessels at the Hrnoklyn navy yard are almost ready for service, ritiil. tbe force of workmen em ploy < d is far below tbe ave rage: and the disbursements, which would amount to about *35.0<>0 monthly, if regularly paid, are lower tb-vn they have been. for a considerable period. We append a list ot the ve-s?Is now in tbe bay. with a brief statement ?f their condition. The steam frtgats Wabash, 12 guns, 3 200 tons burden, calculated to carry 4u0 men, is at tbe wbirf, having been some two months on hand She I* in go<>4 condition, and awaits b?r ma chinery, in which considerable alteration had to be made. If harried four weeks would suffice to m.ike her tit for commission. The Wabash was last fla;- shift of the Mediterranean squadron The steam frigate Roanoke, same class and armament with the Wabasb, is In the dry dock, baring unsound timbers replaced. Over fOO.WJO will be expended in reflrthiir her She Is now pretty far advanced towards completion, and could probably be eqnlpped in a month The Roanoke last s<rv?d as bon:e flag ship and brought h?re the Japanese. The corvette Savannah, which recently returned from tbe Home squadron, of which she hi d the Qa/ temporarily, has been striDDed. dismasted. and pushrd into* a corner of the bay, with a pun on hoard for self-defense She lately sur veyed, nod could be put In commotion properly Intive week*. The Savannah la 1,728 tons bur den. carries 24 gn*s, and was a llrst-class frigate until loSS. The Brtndvwine. rated to carry fifty guns and 500 men, Is rotting fast. Lafayette's old ship de serves a better fate. Thore are lound materials enough in ber to make her a useful, sea-worthy vessel There Is neither anything being done to her, nor likely to be. .The brig Perry, of the Paraguay expedition, has just been put in the naval "ready state," that Is, sne is in a condition to be prepared for service without docking. She is rated Jdti tons burden, and c&rfiei ive irons, ber sailing Qualities arc bid; but is sound, and a good ' tack craft " It la understood that she will be cominiaaioned tbia month. The f igate Potomac, 30 guns, and 500 men, al. though "aoond aa a bell,'" has been left idle for years She waa painted, covered, and placed in the stream eight montha ago Her rate la 1,7-29 tyns. She eould be got ready for sea In a few werks. Tbe North Carolina receiving ship Is still In her old berth, and has aboat 300 blue jackets, and a ?ood troop of marines on board, who expect to be rafted for service ere lone. There are bealdes several revenue cutters, and tbe storeshlp Supply In the stream, but they are sot mea of war The marine barracka are garrisoned by nearly on* hundred men, independently of those who have arrived from Pensacola. They are, as stated recently, commanded by Captains Brevort and Doughty, and subordinate officers They expect to he transferred to their new quarter* oa FHubing venue, next month. A New Piaiio? the Cauda. Exteaditio* Cass ? According to the Montreal Commercial Advertiser of the 2d Instant, there will be tome d'fflrultr tn conveying the fugitive slave Anderson to Entrlsnd The aavertiser says: "It Is under stood that the next steamer will bring an oflleer of the Court of Queen's Bench charged with the i service of the writ of AaMks tor put in this case And tt is to be presumed that the administrator of tne Government wtil at once cause the surrender of Anderson to the bearer But in that case how is ha to be taken oat of tba country at this season? I He cannot go through the Untted States without cert.tiuty or capture, and the land route to Halifax I is atterly impracticable. If ha is, however broug ht in VI Miitroal In tftut litimA Ia tunll ?W log of MVlgfttlon, tbe friead."of f^dTaTCn will m opportniHr of brining him on writ of rorjmt before tbe Sn perl or Conrt of ?b? district, and Ife derl.lon will reader bi? IT r'.Mlon to EagUod uootMUr aud vindicate the o%Mwt*m mi mmJmAwmtnm tUnfm-ck bright n It by tbnlr brrthaea at Toro#*T^ * CLOTHING, &c. IVKW F^ffl!'*TY L Ksrot^.oTrS, CASSI MERS.aND VESTIN6S. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 329 PenasyiTa aia Avenue, have just reoeived ft lanre ranetT of new Fail Goods, to wmeh they imrite the attention of their fnendmtnd gwtwiwft ftu SK-tf P'ENTLEMEN'S Ur RE IDY-MADE CLOTHING. Onr present Miortment of GENTLEMKN'9 RKADV-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitixona and strangers wishing an immediate outfit supe rior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and saalities of Dress and business Gar ments and Overcoat* in all vari'tie:. Fine Shirt* and Under-clothing of all kinds. Rid and other Glores of best q unity. Scarfs, Ties, Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery, Ao., Ac. All of which we ara offering at our usual low prices. IE?" Clothing inade to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., jis* rv avenue, W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our oustomers.aDd citizens general ly. to an inspeo'ion of our present new, at t* tractive, and elegant assortment o CLOTHS CASSIMfcRES, DOESKINS, W\ VfcBTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, 4o. ft# which we will make to order in superior style at very low priaes. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., oo J5-tf 329 Pa. av., hetw. 9th and loth sts. i GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON & CO. Would oa!l the attention ol water takere to their lull assortment of Fixtures necessarr to its intro duction^ follows:?KITCHEN RANGKS.BATil TU US, WATER CLOSETS. HT)T WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINK?, PUMPS, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, I cad and Galvanised WA TER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH ERS, RUBBER HOSE. Ac. llavin? superior adv&ntaces, with practical k?owled*e, we are prepared to introduce Water into rfweiiinsa with all Die latest>verrenta. promptly. and at prices that oaxnot fail to satisfy. 369 Peon, avenue. n?24-dtaiar 1 het.9th and 1 i'th sts- south side. Awm. t. DOVE a CO. RE Now prtjp.vod to exeonta any orders wltk wmch ther may be favored in tha PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING ' BUSINESS. ILT Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, where may be found a oompjete assortment nf PII A Mnff I L TJ U -4L ^ ? o om?? . ?? ? vi -wuni~< i/uuiuno awi vuivr UA>7> O X r<A HI BUG WATKR KIXTIJRKS. ?a*7-ly We AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are il&i.y receiving, OAS FIXTVRESu{entir*<i New Patternsai:d DoeiKn* and Finish, superior ia style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invitocitizens for,era. Ir to call and examine our dock of Gas and W'atoi Fixturos, feoiin* confident that w? have the l*st selec'ed stock in WaMiuicton. Aii Work in tlie&Uivo line intrusted to oar ear* will be proftiptly attends) to. MYERS * MoBHAN. jnnr5-*f S7*? I) clreet, SNYDER. VLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to rho corner of Twelfth K eti. He is prepared t?> ln'rodnoe Water and Gas upon the rr.o?t favorable teriae, and guaranties entire satisfaction. He ha* on hand a lot of COOKING ardother BTOVK8, which h? will sell lest thin oost. as he TllllOC tn Vf*t riii of tham ? ~ "* uu a f OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF ?AH METERS. Wabuinstom, July 18,1W>. NOTICE B5 HERFBY U1YEX. That, agree ably to the provision* of the oidinanoc of the Cor poration approved May 12, lsra.the iuderBigned i? now proparfl," whenever ro*iurod in writing. And on pre payment of the fee of fifty cente, to irapeot, examine, teut, ?r jvr, &uda*ocrtain the aonuracy of registration of any roc meter in nee in thin oity. Evory motor, iffnnnd isoorrect,will be oondemned, and another, sealed and marked a* true, will be etini*" place. If proved u> l>e accurate in its meaeurt-niciit of gas, it will bo sealed aoo&rdingij, and again pet in poafcioN for use. Office No. 4l0 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel .0*1' Hall ) Opon fiom 8 a. m., to 5 p. in. .CHAKI^KS W. CUNNINGHAM. IT U-tf inspector and Bwlcr of Uw Meter*. f G. O. DKMUTH * CO., IMPORTER* And Wholesale en<l Retail Deal ers in HAVANA CIOAKSt FOREIGN WINES, BRAN DIPS, GINS. *e. ft ? No. 40 North Cimrles Strkkt, Fivt rlonra above Lexington St., no22-fr Baltimore. 1 F YOlJ WANT TO SAVE TUK UNION Call at H A R V E Y*S, Who b&a Jnr.trPC'-iveil alft'ne nuppiv offresh LOU STERS. FISH, ar.<l fine OYsTHTRH.^J^IHk vhioh he will serve to oostnniers ai the tshortent not oe auct on Ill-era! trrms. F. S?O>stors served to fa ml lias and hotels are not soal<teil; tliey are only eoaideil fur pert-ons i?at iu? them at the saloon. d?s T. M. HARVEY. /t>\ NOTICE. /t?\ A A H E M ? v * I- A A V w I have rennviid no O O PAWN OFFICE to 1131 (J ttreet, between IS andbth "troeU, umne diaMy in the rear of the National Hotel, whore th? husinos* will Ite oouttnued a<i her?tof >re at the old utan.l. 1ii .I5*i.ti| IS?AO HKKZHKRt;. NEW PAWN OFFICE /^v E W A K 1), Dwi.l.'r in Now? 6 aud ut?t Off" Clothing. respectfully infoim# the he haa opened a LICENSED PAWN OFFICE at No. 7?? l.<?uinaia aver.ue. between 9th and lotti b?r . a :cw doors ?'a?t of the new t>n tr&i Guard-hou?.?. where lie wiil I*? at all tim?a prepa'ud to wait on hit ra*r<"is witn promptnesa, attention and the ntnote*'. justice. N B.?Jewelr?, Dry CJothin*. Mecfcan icr' Tools. &0., a! wh) s on hand at privaio aals. ja 16 Im* THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 9300,000. Inanres Merohandtee, Bmldinga, Honsehold Furniture, 4.0 , against los* or damage by fire. HEATH A KNOWLES, Agents, Office?Room 16ovor Hank of YYaahington. la 10 rp SPECIAL NOTICK. 1 O Those of .mr customers arrl friends who liave n?t settled their ImI!k a-> pr> seated on the 1st Jaunary we W0'i!d resprctluily I nt mn?l enrneat'y request ^hera to makr every effort to do rO h? the first w< elc in February, as wo are in want of ail tho money uue ua at thin time. Our rhanks we t*nder to those who/have paid their bills promptly, and aliail be pi aned to serve them in future upon tin* beat terms, and hope to merit their increased oonbdeuoeand hlienvt patron ace. J. W. UU1.LEV St t O., ja30 10t 333 Seventh at.,al>ov-- Pa av. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMKICH- at the oorner of Peno. A . . A avenue and Eleventh street, hat h?enVcjAV greatly improved recently and now offers greater ioduoements for the patronage of ciux*i,4 and strangers than any other public house in thf oit?, his prioes being lest than those of anr oti.ft hotel on Peiin. avenue, and his acoommodatioLs fur permanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel hav* already beottme very prtpn lar. being all that can be desired by the most fas tidioue. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted atten tion and oontianed liberal expenditures to give aat lslaotipn to all, and thus renews hi* invitation ?* all to give the Karopean Hotel a eall. de4-U gOOTfl AND SHOK^s TO SUIT THK _ We are now manufactunng all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and ooi>stantIr reoeiving a^fig supply of eastern mad* work or everfde-^^"" vcrrnuu". nuvue oxprresiy w oraer, ana WUIV be sold at ft ?aoh lower eriee than h&s been* Mb heretofore charted in Clua city for moob inferior *^ereone in want of Boots and Shoe* of eastern or oitr made work, inll always find ajood assortxnen in store and at the lowest VmMKT ul-r 314 Pecnsylyama avenue. 16 TRUNKS aaiMuroom exhibitsat'thls Ume the f r*atert variety qT traveling re*jysitee._at moderate srtces. to be York ed or taken In ?x?hi ropmioa or token In xehnnje WALL. 8*1 CM. took of MA ft . , B8. GRAVIS AN'*'J5l8 i iwi 11 aw MnrbU '1 qBO?AXnftT..?A*?4LULSLIN_CLOTilr DENTISTRY. M TEETH. ilk rasas Tflwsss^i oannot vmt others, and no person Ma wear others who cannot w?<ar these. Persona calling at raj oflloe oan be accommodated with anj style and prioe of Teeth th?j may desire; | bat to those who are particular and wish the pur??t, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect dentare that artoan produce, the MINKR&L PLATE will I* more fuLy warranted. Room* in this oitr?No. 338 Pa avecae. batweea *th and 10th ats. Also, 90T Arch street, Philartql ?hia. oo 15 tl TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. DALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. I> washington branch. CHANGE OF HOUR8. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, I860,the tra<u? Tilt ran m follow*: leave washington: Finit tr*in at a m. Seoond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m. leave baltimore-. First train at 4.15 a. m., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at 3.10 p. in. Fourth at 4.20 p. in., Express. The first, second and third trains from Wash tnston connect tlirouthi o Philadelphia and New. The seoond and third conneot at Washington Junction with trains Tor th* Wait, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis J u nation, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the * 40 a. in. Uai.<. h or the accommodation of the way travel be tween Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leave* at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadel phia ouly. _ no 26-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent T'HE STKAMF.R JAS. GUV Will resume her I trips on TUESDAY, J!st of ?? February, lew. Will leave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and1 FR IDA Y, at oolock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-past o'olook, for CURRIOMAN end the intermediate Lar-lints. On her return trip* she will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY anrf HATIIR l?A V ? t ? w - ? LUOIAN 8. PAGE, Pronrir-tor. I1SU A ?? A lATSnrlrtA <? vl NATH'L boush. Ar't. Alexandria. Alexandra. fe tt RENCH FLOWERS OF THE VERY BE5T WATCH REPAIRING AN !> SILVER WARE i manufactory. I have on? of the best establishments, and fur nished with a complete get of tool* fc>r repair >v ill? every description of fine Watches, an<1 l?i] particular attention give ?o the same, hy Afin thorough competent workman,and a work mnu tied AltO, every descrip ion of standard SILVER WARE. p^ain and ornamental, manufactured utider my own supervision, which my oustomere will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware ( -?1,? ?- * ' At STEVEN^S. Fancy Stofe, aw Mw. <?th an<1 10?h *t*. e^'s a% icy Stqfo, IMS no 22 11 gv>u u; iioaicin in (gucriki &ua rep reus: iw.ii a$ their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, , *? 6 S3S Pa. avenue, near ?h ?t. JEST FANCY GOODS, 3 AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, A*d Oh* PsiciOklt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK, no 23 tf 336. h?tw. fttn and 10th ?t?. POFPIVIAL. ROPOSALf* FOR ERECTING A OOURT HOUSK AND POST OFFICE AT PHI1.A PHIA, PA, Tkiasvkt Dipakt.xent, December 23.18P0. BiAt.KD Pbofosals will be received at thi? De partment until the 22a day of February, A. D 1*61, at 12 o'olock at noon, for the oonttruotion of the Philadelphia Cnurt-Houae acd Pott Offioe.aocord inn to the plan* and specification* prepared at this im&i [tnoci. These pr^po?ala mnat be for the whole work; hot k nsoh portion of ihe work and th? amount b d there- g for mmt b?a#p*n?te v stated ir> the bid; the reapoc , live amount (or eaah kind of work oarried out, g nnd the total amount stated; the Department re serving the right to reject or aoo?pt tli- proposals hereby invited. or an* parts thereof, w ->n >t deems c the interest of the tinted States requires it; the Department also reserves the right to solude the bid* of any person or pernor* whom there is Just v oause to believe will not faithfully perforin the con tracts, or which the* have attempted to obtain by indirection; and all f>idn when there shaii be parties in interest who do not join iu the bide, and all bids 1 that, upon investigation, are be.ow a fair prioe for J the work. iNo oontraot will be awarded to bidders nntil de tails are furmrheJ the Department of the prices of the diflerent kinds of work and materials, winch s*all be autject to the revision of the Department, so that the crods bill thall beequitabjr apportioned upon the whole work to guide the Department in making payments. Ninety per cent, of the amount of wc^k done aod iiiNteria'iH delivered, according to oontraot priee, (said ainonnt toJ>e ascertained by the eetim???ol an a.E<Mi' ci me i>epar;i;it-uL sppoiiitod for that pur- ' po?e,) will b-> paio from tmis to time an t!-e work prosreases, an?tten pero^nt rotainod until the coin- 1 pii'tion o{ tnt contract ac?! acceptance of the work, (to., by the a*e!>t aloresaiJ,and be lorfeitcd in the event of non lulGlment of contract. ( Contracts will be a\rnx'iod only to muster build- r cr? or mechanics, and tho assignment thereof, ox- I oept by consent of t^e fecretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the sr.ine. F.ach proporai must be a< oo.i panied br awritt-n 3 jn<irantf>?, i igned by tworrsponsibl* persons.<oer < tilied te tie so bjr the United elates Dutriot Judge, | or Attorney of the *aid district.) in the sum "I i 92nl"U), tint tiie.bidder will, when required, if his 1 proposal Im aonepted, enter into a contract and hoiid. with proprr and sufficient securities for its I (a thful p-,. -r<i.!? oe < Fians, apeoihcations and working tirawin/H can j be examined alter lorty days, an 1 other inform*- 1 tlOII obtained on HlllliiniLlnil llllh" n???r?irinnt 'l'he proposals must be sent to thia Department, addressed to the heorotary ol the Treasury, (en dor tfA" Proposals for tke I'htliddpkta Court Her*** a ml Post ajfirt, ) and will be opened at 1 o'clock p. in .oi the iastdar named for receiving the same, in the presence of the bidder*, if any choose to at tend. PHILIP F THOMAS, de24(SVlStaw Secretary of the Trea?ury. To PROCLAMATION THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, *0. Wktnmt, At the present season o the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, Ao., to., prerail to an alarming extent: And ulurttu, it muit De oruie F'RBT CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of A REMEDY " l*S": or Pa?i?, offers hie MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the moat CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to mtinfr THE PUBLig thnt do imposition is intended in the sale of this Great Medioine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED $H dll td$ S when the medioine fails to (ire entire satisfaotio Ask- then at any Drar Store for 0R. MONTARDE's MIRACULOUS PAIN killer, take as directed, end if not perfectly satisfied """WbUAUK, ESQ.. Street and Pennsylvania Avenee, who trill refund yoar money. Prioe?9ft and 60 Cents per Bottle. Pot sale at all Drug Stores every where. jas. McDonnell, General Aiert, iytl-eotr Baltimore. WTRAVKMNO trunks. R Have just received the largest assortment una cow offer tne moat extentive Y*riet? " ~'BDoVr ??i, 8ATCHEL9, &.O., ?L**? "*? WWA^L?B^PHK"ftsVc3 'OW prions, ?* AJjiif b 1 Cti tiiiiiiC c vU i .tf Xt9 Ph. Ei?mi Coibimt. Wuaiutna. [). C. (at-Uvh I ADIES THICK WINTER BOOTS o(Kid Li Moroooo, G?ui Skin, listings, Huunned, L?ced and Velvet T'imnied.BMI Aleo Mines Boots < 1 the same stila?.?rer ? WOOD AND COAL. Ywood and coal. oh Will aarely your nonii'i worth by ct:.M(?tU? pioi>KhR M ills, ><mtkt*en tm net ef Srrentk Hrut and (UKO. I'A?i K, Acent ) They ?*.i cheaper and aive better meaaure than any t-thera in the oitjr?out. uplit, and dslir ered free of oharre. If T?*a doa't believe it. five the Pioeeer Mill* a trial, and We aati ifd. WO O II AND COAL Delivered to all parti of the eity, at the lov?et poaaibie rateo. T. J. A W. M. salt, OAce 998 Pa. av.. between tlth **><< CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Street, tktuicn ?(A end Strut:. We h&t? just ficiched a aamh?r o( firat cImi CARRIAGES, moh m Litht ry Wanmj, Park Pke*t<mt. fnmtlj/ C?r-V9g% rurti. imm< ?wrui, v blob w? wiil c*ti ?tKs3c: ft w fm?!! ?roit. Bains practical mo^kaiiioe in different bran oh-* of the basices*, we flatter our.eivea that *o know theetyioeard *narity of work that will rive sat:* faction, oombining i:tbtne?s, comfort ana deralili *y. Repaint promptly and carefully attended to the eborieet notice ar>d :uo?t roaa<nable ciiarcee. WALTER, KARMANN A BOFI\ Coachmakeri, uooocaon to Wn. T. Hook. mr T CARRIAGES. he Sabwribar C*&i m?<le mKUimm to hotory, nitklnc it now on* of the u;??ti la the DictrioU where hi* fooi:itie* fori utsiaotariBE carriage A LI6HT*=-? WASONSo*all kind* cunot be *ar>*8*cd,u? from hi* Ion* eipen?soe in tfc* bmmse**, h* left* I* riYe g*cer?! s*ti*f?ctioE. All kinds ofCamat m u4 Uilt Yf &c*r? ttyl m Ai^RKP AIR8 iMtly 4?fi?,u4tll ritri pr**?t ku<l C*rrt?t*? Wnlla wcte&fe f?r ?r? 1111. awdrewj.7oVce, 4 M-tf mtmt ?f Utt r. ?t?. BMIW Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL and blood purifier. THE GREATEST REMEDY tm tk* WORLD, and the moat Delicious ash DELIGHTFUL cordial EVER TAKEN. It i? ttnctW a ?ei nufic ax.d ta ble Cctiifound, pr? ortd t>y !b* dittilU tier. ' fwjti, harba, ead bi.rki. Yaliov Pock, blood Root, wn\ 9trupa? "jf 7g T*jKS\ ri.U, Hi!d Gharry \W\JS A 9 Jr B*rk, aod Dandalioa /, <n Af ?n<?r? It* CM* h.. J ft. * Im fMltlM. r I If . 1M *->tira ?e?ira * t/PyL^? r;r ' ' rnr-.'r' C^S3l? of aecb ii^rtdai. ,* Before taking ^V-lftfr takinS liaullinf, pradccia ? ? <lalicicaa, axf i!?r*tinf apirtl, aa<? tbt DHt infaliibla rimi'j ! ' r??o??t'n| tha dtaaaaad :nd tha aUk, aaSjriuf, aa? dabihtatai tiTalid ta iraltb and airanjih. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Ui'l affaetaa'ly eira L:?ar ('-ooiplnal, D??r?p?i-i, Jaan lica, Cbraoic ar Narroaa Liability. l>iaaar?a'af U?a Kidnaya, od all diaaaaaa ariainf fro at a dwrdarad Uiar or lloaaa, >rtpapaia, aartbarn, Inward Pilaa, Actd-tr ar Sickaaaa a? ha rtvir.acb, Fallaaaa af Blrod la tiia Hair, Dall Pain ar u> tha Raad, Palp .-.iMm rt tba Haart, Pallnaaa T Waifbi ta tha Iwuch, Bow kractuiaaa, Utatiar at l>fccaU:if Paalinf whan latin* dawn,Orynaaa or l'aliaW tu af lit Ikia li4 tyii, nipt Rvku, h atri Farara, 'ain tn tha mat) af tha fU'.k, Ct-aal, or Sida, Paddan 'iaat.aa af Baal, Dapraaaio;. of aptnu, Kn(Ltf*l Praawa, ,anfa?r, Diapandauar ar u; aar*oea diaaaaa. Baraa aa llatchaa an tha Bkia, aad Favar and Afiaa (ar Chiiia ud truJ or ten A MILLION BOTTLES lira kaac aald danrf Ui? laat nx lawtti, aad ta aa la ha? It failtd in fivtnff antira aiiiafaetfia. * ha, tbao, rlli <(? frani W??l*u?m or DtMlity ?t?n MCLEAN'S [TRi;W?T?EWma CORDIAL W-Ill c?r? yn. 1 H* lanfwag-a eu ?at.Tay ?u ?d?7?*t? iJa* of tba inuaadl U Mid almaal aumolaaa eha n prvdacal t>? taktnf tkia Cardial ka ibt diaaiaad, d?bilii?uaU, ?ud aliauarad birrtu yittw, wbatfcar brokan dawn by asctaa, ??- ? by netvra, j Imfalitd by nckr,i>? tba niiMl ai?4 ?r.itnaf n|ui. uiaii li rtiurid la iti piiauea kt&l'Ji a.,4 Tfat HARRIED PERSONS, t athtr*, tM'Ciati ?t loabtltty tra-n ?hri?><r ca*a?, wtll nd Xcktid > KT&k-HuTftlkNlHO CORDIAL a tto atfh rtfauaraiar af laa aytiam; and all who nu ban to nt \ tbamialraa by Irrprasfr ir.dalf aacvi will tod la lilt* ;?dlil a tannic and tnaaay rai/itdy. TO THE LADIES. W-VWAtH lTREKafll?X!N<} CORDIAL la a ?Mr J . - ? ? 1 .VI i V"'r| WB119I, )i>nr?e(?(' or f>'J*:alt Manafaation.liir.ofitirtnca of Crfr.a r la?o!an:-rj r.!jcb-rj? fhar???, Pallu g si tha Womb, Paiam.f, aa.1 ail diiimi mcidout to Pamaloa. THERE IS ffO MISTAKE ABOUT IT tsfer no lM[ir. T. ka i* icctrdinf to diractioaa. It will umn>t?, iirtofllM, and lr>i(ortl< fH and r&aaa till ilcorc of honith I* tuaarst yoar chtak afai'a. Kfan batlla u raxrt-r.'.ad la [ifi a-.uaf-.ctirn. FOR CHILDREIf If roar ehildran ara aicki/, pan* or aSictad, McLEAlV*S /ORDiAL will inika Ciam haaltCT, fat, and robaat DaLaf iat a moroant; Ur It, and yoa will ba cacTictai. it ia da iciaat '.a lata. CA UTION. Bawara of ilri((iau or daiiara wbo may try la palm apoa roa aacra Mttar ar airaapanlla traah, which lhay can bay ihtap, b* atuiif il lajaat u oiwxl Avoid aaeb man. Aak 'or iWcLtAN^VrREMOTHENlNG COBIJIAL, and uka io<hlng a'.aa It ia tka only ramadt -hat will parity tha Rlood tr iroagtilT and at tha aaaia tiiaa afraagtbaa tha ayatam. Ona taaapooafal Ukon a?ary Banting faatiaf la a cartain pra?ar,u?a for Cholara, CMifa end favor, Yallow Ka?ai, or tor rraaaiar.t diaaaaa. It ia rat ap la larga botslaa Prira ml; |l par bottla, or I bcttlaa for |5 J H McLCAN, lola propnator of tbia Cordial; alao, MeLtta'a To4canic Oil LiotiRaat- Principal Papat oa tba coraar of Third ud McLean'* Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BUT UHlMEIfT III THE WORLP ) Tht only taf? no* etrtatn cnra far Cuciri, Ptlta, T? un, *wal!ic<i and Bronchia* or Coitra, Paralyaia, Naa ralfia, Wnki,tn of lh? Mudit, Chrocic or lalucaiwr; RKamn-;itin, Btifr.ttt of tht Jo:nu, (Contracted Mvaelt* or kiftmti.u, ttntlii wTootluelia, Dntua, IpriiM, Fmk Dili, Wnnii, 61sin, Pi?tr Foru, Caktd lriut, Bora tlipplt*. Bur.a, tcalda, Sort Throat, or any ialamasauoa or ?, no Ijo? lion or long the diataat may U*a tiiittd, Mi LIAWm CELEBRATED LIN1MKNT a c a rutin ramady. TbnasamU of ha man btmp hart ban aa*ad a lift of dia irapt'.uda and maarj by tht oaa of thu inralaaM* ratnady. McLEAtTS VOLCAyiC OIL LINIMENT Witl raliava oxia alirnot IninntiitaMalv will parity u< haal the fnltat corn in ta loeradibla abort tint. fOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMAL8. McLEAN'3 CKL.EBU.ATEn LINIMENT ia tha only ?l< u4 riliat: ramadv for the curt ei Rfario, Rmr^ooa, Wmdgil!?, Splint*,"Uon?<?* I Laupa, KM?? m SwiVu.n ll aarar f.ilsl ta cur* Bif Ha ad, roiit'U, Fiaiala, tJld R-autung Sort*, or Swaauy, if properly tr} liad Tor ?pr* i, Hraittt, flcrateoaa, Cr^ekad Haala, CtiaTaa, Ssd.:.a r Collar (JaSia, Cwi, Eoraa, u Wnndt, niiu infa'Hht* nnil;. Apply it aa diractad and a eara u canaia la a?ary loataeea. Thau tnS? a* lanfar vita tha many *?rthlaaa Liimnaa'a farad t? tog Otuin a amply of P* MCLEAN'S CELE BRATE!) UN1MKNT It will cjttt rua J. H McLKaN, Sola Proprietor, Cornar Third cad Piaa all , 8t Loaaa, Ma. CRAKLK8 STOTT. T. S Pa a*., tola artbLaa Waahma Ua; a. e. T.Cia8k.L,C*-'(?t?v?. EXTRA\?F'EXTRA' OLD W OLD rAMIiy RYEXFAMIDf Ki msi Th? ?bo*? PURHWHISKV, C err u lit F*eM M altid Ghaix, Imibs superior and uoiTi rro .lity.fcm) hJ?h!? im?roT?>d t.? i? r*f#rr*.l ST1LI liOifl KD IB by boneamere to all other Whikkiea, an.1 p&itico ' lariy recommitted toy the best phy?iei??wi an I rhmniiU m ionniuii *11 the re?uir?roerts of * I Am Tom/it Jkmittrtuot mnd Rrmnftai A it mi. The Schuylkill Water oi Pkiladeipr-ia. aeed ir the ais'iKation cf tku Whiiky, ic irorM by at?jj els to be the ecfte?t and ?fcre?t vater is the U ruler State*: antf to thia may,is a r decree, be H tribute the exoeilenoe of this Wblrtj For aaieby FRELMAN^fc SIMPSON. Pher-.x DietJllerr, . On thegehOTikili rirer, F tiiadetptia OftoM-96 Wall rtreet, Nnr Ywk ; ] 09 t>o?tt> Front street, Philadelphia. \|1LITARY BOOKS? lcctruoV>n? for Field 1*1 Art'Oofy, by a Hoard of Army Oflieera; 1 yo1., arMM #0 IA Hand Book of Artillery,by Cajt. Robert*, U. 8. A . I vol.. pro* $\. "trdt#1! Tootio*. 1 *?UI1A ftofcU'a Infantry TtMMt, Ivat*., f 8 SA, < - avairv Taouo*, 3 vol*. ^I)ij>tion*rT "i^e Aricr of th* United % MOVIUTf, Elovooth tr?fl(. W IH RCtA EDUCATIONAL. Tho?e wire t tlKimuit! ud iT?toiMUic dM<MO?oii. vW?r* thair phiHow iraimn* will rMMT?iUili Mtool their ph) mo*, irfttmnc wiu r?Hlwd*ili ? fcUentivD. under the mod ippr< r+A aritMn or O *? tlvuiM ud OrmoMtiM. v* rNMWln i " ~ ?_ rMMtiea. are reereetfeli? ? n?it the Liuor. Fein* c Ao*Jeaf. ntmi Fow tmU at. ua Smw Y*rk H. W?. fW ?. Jj'KMALK BOARDING AN1M>AY RcflOOL Mra. 8. "5. McA'<H "SlSk. nipctrak Jbe thirteenth annual mwob of thia Iaatitatioe will eorameao# ob Taeeday. September Ifch, in the (* ?* reoeptly ocrupted by Byleotter Scott, Ee^ No. ISO King itriii The courM of atndy puratied wi oompn^r the branches reqniaite to a thoronfh Eacliah Eda oat ion. and Mimo, French. Labs ana Drewlaf. il In addition to dav aeholar*. Mrs. MoCormtak la prepared to reoeirr a limited numWr of pup< it aa boarder', who. ronatitutn.t a part of ber ewa m ily.will l?e under i?er immediate oare ami any m n ion. She will endeavor, aa lar aa poaoibte, to ear round theia with the ooraftirta aad kladlv iellaeneaa '/<''*?*&*.?Key. Geo. H. Norton, Rn. IV, Kliaa Harrison. Her. D. F. >*prirr. Willie* JB.fowle. Esq., Ericar Snowden, &e?.. Edmnm* F. Witmer ^...Robert H. H dr,ton,*F%' .H\^ usaa Aesars. B *A?ck A Marahall. Me?ara Cm uroueri. Tun. ?d, with Tuition ib a<i the CnglUk BruohM, rth*ua?l cecaion?payable eemi-ar.nwaUj, 111 idvUM. Mumc and Language* at Professor*' pnoee. No extra chargea. M M-ti Cttre Coutk. CM, Mmtmmii, fm Jimtnxm u? (rrtiaiiM ?r S?rr ?" mf tk? Tkreu, R*i*m tka Hoskmt Coufk in Cernwiy Hex. Brtmsitlt). At*m+, # r?t?rr4, Clear mmd nw ftrmttk te lit r*K< ef PUBLIC SPEAKERS aire SINGEkS. Few are aware of the importanoe of okeeKinc a Cough or "Common Cold*' in ite t??t etace*. that which in the beg imag woaM yield to a dr, if neglected. eoon attack* the Lenta, "^rowe'i B'ontk**! Trocktt." oontainiac deai enU. allay Pulmonary and Bi If BROWN'S T?nriir? " That troahie in my Throat, (for whieh the "Track**" area epecitt) harmj made me often aijerewhie BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES MI rwo Sruiui i*. r. niLUP. fcair dm to Pr*LH REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great aeroo* in ?aMatnc Hotiti mt." REV. DANIEL WISE. " Almost lnatast ro.iof in tte dta tr??~<Dc labor of braatninc pocaliar to Asthma." REV. A. C. EG6LESTON. * Contain no Opiam or urUM injnnoui." DK A A HA> E?, Chemist, Amin. " A aimp-e and titwut tniHu uon for Cor*BB, ko." DR. d. F. BIGELOW. Jwtw. Braefieia! in BmowcBiTH." DR. J. P. W. LANK, ?>0 J1 OH, "I hrrefrovBd thorn eace'Tontfor W'wstm wa??m BROWN'S TROCHE? BROWNf TROCHE? BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S I TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BsnofiouU whm tomytlitd to w Eftbctcal is rMMTUU Hovw d?m ?nd 1 rntAtion oftM Tbrott. M oommon with Bruiui im Saw ***Pnit M. STACY JORNBQN, TMoher of ft/sai*. SoatWii Fmm1? CoU?v*. ?HH to at*. REV E. bmeftt vhM t*k?a Mtra blDf. M HOT p * preaching think uSr wlllh? Present of AuSff ItTSold brftll Drifditiu TWKN de 1 It rpHE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIKSKMAR,1J and V-Protected by Royal Letters Patent of Knclana, and s<X'nred by Um Sm'i of the Ecole de Pbarmaoie de Ptu, ud the Imperial Ool.M* of Mtduine. Vienna. No. 1 is invaluable for exhaastion tod liatom.e*. &nd fU< DtlTftlCAl dlMlbilltlM. No. 3 coirp.oteij eradioatea all traeee of tfcop* diMMM that hare beoc hitherto treated br the ut se"Bt and peraietoas sse of comiti and ectoebe. No. S hat entire, j supplanted the injnnoaa see of meroorr. thereby insuring to the sufferer speed* reiief. dispersing all imparities, and rootiag oat the venom of disease. TRlF.SEMA R, No*. 1.2 and J. are preaared in the form of a 1<xecge. devoid of teste arZ smalt and can be narried in the waistooat pockec bold in tin cases, and divided into separate doses, as ad ministered bj Vlpeau, Latlemand, Roax, Riooyd. rnc? navee * i; aod in #27 oaaei, whereto tnere te a mi inf of k*. To behad, whoMe an?i retail, of D . bA.RROW.of 194 BUMkM street. New York. Immolate!* "n receiving a remittance. Dr. Harrow will forward the Trieaonlar to any part or the worull, eoarel; paoked, aod addrMMe Moordm* to tho in tri>eti?na of the writer. The Book, of al! other*, that shoald be raarf by men with daraaced and broken down oonstitBliMe >s "Buinar. Fruit*. or Ph*aiclocioal KMMrakaa" It is N>aattfh!ly illurtrateJ. and treata ?"nateij of ail tn* cymp om? that m*anab> denial Um el w. sooner or later. reemunc from the fYaiH and ritiauu habiuof ?*r,i toath, the victim from sh&ueg the fruition nonial state, and. if notoheoked in alms all the raaotioaa of mai.r, <><!. , kw atan (a a llMevi &l<i by l?r HA M ROW, 194 6lMok*r iVMl.TTr door? below New York. PnM ? Miits. Seut free every where. Sold ?i?? t?j 8. C. Ford, Jr? Dm* ^tora, Wash iacton. D C. 4*94m s NO FOE STAMPIN9 A PACKET OF PATEE AND ENVELOPE? TO MATCE. I^HARGEj METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP * SOLOMONS, Atmtt /or Latrrtnct'f ctUkrmttd Umm "Metrorc'ttan MtUi," tc., tc. _ if V ly 338 Pa. nr.. bl ?t> lad 10th la. 1861 1861 Commrnr# tks Y*ar with m Dimrf. A rt'aahle P*ok?t CoapMioti for n MU put. ?reeent, Ui fuu?r?; odli*ii.;n r?t*? : C. %. nr.auao, a blank ifU for bmoiuIi for every day im the year, o*.?h uooiot far ?A month, uml ummary of e*A uooMt MUa Mkbl* Mi reopiveble. DobTm tnUioat mm of m !?(* t. priam* <>d*on d?? in uni* Kunw. iMnxiiiocapiaw. fccd de#ir*bie uiwfuit tw?l?? ficec and u?wa.rd? r f 6ft? *tj . *, Diaries! d I A I I I > DIARIES!!' 1MI. 1S61. 1ML CHEAPER THAU ETKR. \V? will tak? m utit divo'Hint of *? Mr ?gK. of of all DitriM jt-c; v?^d from for o?*k. W 9f >ii?irouinf?hMuioattk? riMwin rf wrlm* It 9 ? tT* rWW MUM. At FRKNrt?'Trich?tkK*8, tr% itwii. Htrnw >raM. ?r uimot it't ll?ff d*? , ht Mafter L*ixJ?r;W., oTotk; *nt by Mi Note* on DmIi ud I>i*Uk , Km , cloth: ?IJt ?> Mdl" MUO^iNf'l lliMtr?Ud Pomm; doth (tit; f?? on Ulifti Umh o oth portrait H3 I I ftJibr hmL U of Loncfaiiov'a ?a4 Ik* M*rv*l'? Wo-to Oar aaaaJ hf*rj diaooant on Book* frua U* t?' J?L FEBNCH ?CHOOL AMD OQUy Ot?TM re.

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