Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1861 Page 1
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f 9 THE DAILY EVENING STAR u PUB US II ED EVEltY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR. BLILD1NUS, Corurr of r?n/u flvania owenua and 11<A ** ? BT W. D. WALLACR. Pa>oa tNiedia^MUcM br oarrtora at * y<art or 3? oeuta per mqnth. To mail aabeorit>or? the pnoe la a year, w* dtmmr$; $2 for aix Kontiia. .91 for three month*; and for leaa than month* at tho rat" of U cecta a week. 8in*le op***, o*?c sjit; in wrappera, two ctots. I^^AnviaTiKKXZNT^aaonld be sent to tho ofioe More 12 o'o.ock m.; otherwise they may not appear oatil the iwsxt day. V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. FEBRUARY II. 1861 N?. 2.490 T11E WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Tin eseeueat Family u4 News Jearea. a jreatet va/iety of >e oaad la any Friday monua?. Tnai-Oui, Sinn* copy, per aaai Five oopiea . Tea oopiea.. Twenty in .?! * . ? V> , 9 m It Invariably oortaina the " Waahinjton New*" haa made TV* Datip Xtaiiai Star eimiau o f enera-.y throaf host the 00 an try. (17 81 ngie oopiea (ta wrappers) eaa be prooarod at theooanter. immediate y after the laaao of the Pnoo-TH KKK CENT'S TRAIMNG FOR A WIFE. William Newell was a strange humorist. In his boyhood days he had been a very hard worker; having been left at an early age an orphan, his own hands had kept him out of the jwor-house. He claimed to be the smartest boy in town, and every holiday he held himself in readiness to prove his olaim, if any choose to dispute it; and year after year ho stepped into the ring, wrestled with and threw every sturdy young fellow that dared to show him self upon the village green. When he was twenty-one he married, much against her father's wish, pretty Ida Lee, the mille'> daughter. A few days subsequent, he received intelligence that he had fallen heir to an im mense fortune from a distant connection in .England, of whom he had never heard before. The fortune did not change William, al t&oagu it did every one else in tbe village, and peoplo began tocall hiaa Mr. Newell, or Squire Newell, until he threatened to whip any one within an inch of their lives who should call him anything but plain Bill Newell. He 1/vught the large farm formerly owaed by Squire Flanders, where he gathered tbe finest stock of blood-horses and dogs in the country, and the farm of Bill Newell was celebrated for miles around as the best place in the world for tport on a holiday. Tnere was a constant routine of foot races and horse races, cricket and base ball matches, pitching quoits and throwing weights, sparring and fencing, leap ing and jumping, boat racing and wrestling, and. in fact, all manner of rugged, manly ports. One daughter blessed the marriage of Wil liam Newell and Ida Lee?a charming girl, -with all her mother's beauty and all her fa ther's robust health. As young Ida grew, she was lade an honorary member of all the boat ing. cricket, and base ball clubs about the country, and at the age of fifteen she could sit * horse, handle an oar, or fire a pistol, with many an older and more experienced hend. and half the young fellows in tfte country round about had fancied themselves in love with the young and pretty Ida; but their ardor was generally cooled by the bold assertion of Newell. Uiat the man who would marry his daughter must first out-ride him and out-run him. whip him with the gloves and with the foils, and beat him with quoits and cricket l-ftf In vain Mrs Newell ealled her husband's ilA^ioAn ihviiril a nrl fin/1 * rin/i fr. 1? hiin out of it; he was firm in the theory which he had advanced, and the hand of his daughter remained unsought. During the summer succeeding Ida's eigh teenth birthday, her mother decided that she should go into society some; that she should see something of the world beyond the Newell farm; and to this end a trip was arranged to Niagara and Saratoga. Mr. Newell raised no objections, and the projected tour was carried into effect. At the Falls, Mrs. and Miss New ell made the acquaintance of a young gentle man from New York, Albert Whipple, a young man of good family, fortune and education. "W hippie followed the Newell's to the Springs, and bis acquaintance ripened into intimacy, and in due time be proposed for the hand of Ida. Mrs. Newell told him candidly of her husband's peculiarities; she favored his suit. thought him a capital match, would be pleased to welcome him to the farm, but she warned him of what he might expect from Mr. New ell. Nothing daunted, youne Whipple re turned to the farm with the ladies, and was in troduced to Mr. Newell, who looked at him attentively from head to foot, and muttered : " Pooh! a milk sop?a cacdy boy ! lie couldn't run twenty rods to save his life!" ' But he is of excellent family," suggested Mrs. N., in an under tone. ' <roiod pedigreo, hey ' Fine blood you say ? Well, I hope he won't disgrace it." (To the young man)?''Do you ever put on the gloves?" " t}loves t 0, yes, sir, I wear gloves?sixes," replied Whipple. Pshaw, boy, I don't mean that; do you ever put on boxing gloves ? Do you ever spar? practice in the manly art of self-defense ? ' No, sir." 44 Do you play at cricket I" "No, sir." 44 Do you wrestle?'' 4* N?, sir." 44 How ?" 44 Not muoh, sir." 4' Kide V 44 Some." 41 Hunt ? '' 4' But very little, sir." 44 bboot <" 44 A mere trifle." 44 Well, my boy, look ye here; rou're a good hearted fellow enough, I guess, but your oody isn't worth a farthing; your limbs are no lar ger than a bat stick, and yon couldn't stand on your pins against a strong breeze any way. Now my lad if you hare any idea of my daugh ter Ida, I wish you to understand that the man who marries her must first be able to throw any man in the township; he must be the best man with the cloves, riflo and h*t in nnnn_ try; in fact he must boat me with all of these; then I'll talk with him about tho girl. If you like the idea of a course of training, you are welcome to my bouse a* long as you choose to stay; but mind you, don't let mo catch yoo ma kicz love until you are the best man," 4*lJut," interposed young Whipple? There are no buts in the matter, my young man; cither you must train or travel. Why, Ida would make a pretty wife for a young city dandy like you. She can ride, and row, and shoot, and I'll bet a dollar that she can bowl an under hand ball frjuaro on to tho wickel* every time/' As young Whipple did not know what bowl ing an unier-hand ball square on the wickcts meant, he did not accopl Uie wager; but after giving Mr Ncwell's pro|?osition considerable thought, he decided to remain upon the farm, for the ostensible purpose of training, it could do no harm, and something might turn up fa vsirahl* tr> hw J ?- " , ?jw uv iuiui uiou jir. new 11 of his decision to remain at the farm and try a little training. " Well, I'm glad of it," ?aid the "best man in the country, "and as joa may as well com mence first as last, you shall ride with as to night. Ida gees with as, and 70a shall ride Blsck Dick; he is the fastest runner in the sta ble, and your horse mast be rery tired." Away tbey went, fonr miles oat and return, and Whipple in the saddle of the hardest horse he had ever mounted, lie was net very fond of here-baok riding at best, and when he threw himself from the baok of Blaek Dick, who had neither eantered or trotted a single step sinoe he left the door, the joang man was almost inclined to give up training where he was; bat as he assisted Ida from her saddle, and waited rn Kar inti\ tKa Knnsa Ka a? ?-?-.2 ? ??W -?v uvuw, uv WUUIHUCU M/ IOUi?lll f?w days longer, and he retired to his room, decided not to ride Black Dick again in a hurry. The next morning Whipple waa awakened by a terrible pounding on hia ohamber door, accompanied with implicit commands to get up and dreaa, for there waa a fox. Aa Albert did not understand a word that was said, but only bad a confused idea that he waa wanted for something, he dreeaed himself hurriedly and went below, where, in the yard, he saw the farmer and his aervanta leading oat and sad dling horses * Come, lad." aaid Mr. Newell, 41 hurry up; be can't have more than two or three miles the start of us." "Who's got the atart?" asked Whipple, in wonderment. *' The lads and doga by this time, I hope Bat f?t into your saddle; we are all ready. Hardly knowing what he did, the young man mounted the horse neareet him, and a moment after the party rode hriakly off. The horae wu better hunter than the rider; and, in spite of all he ooeld do, Albert kept a good position in (he cbaae Two hours' hard riding brought them in aight of the dogs, and a follow of en other hoar drove the fox to hU hole. By this time Whipple had become so excited in the affair that he wai the first to tpriBf from hia horse and begin to dig oat the prey. From this day he took hold of sport as though he liked it. To be sure, there were times when he felt a little squeamish in the matter?when he ^>ut on the gloves with some one that would knock him out of all kind of time, or bring the olaret too freely; but he took hold of training in good earnest, and iu a few weeks he was by no means a poor competitor. All summer long Albert devoted his time to training, and in the fall he oould show as good work as the best of them. In the closing cric ket match of the season, being married single, his bowling and batting scored better than Newell's; he could ride or row with any man in the country; he oould cover a half dime at twenty yards every time; there was not his match at single-sticks or with broad-swords among their acquaintances, and there were but few of the gentlemen who met at the farm that could be mauoed to put the gloves on with 1_ 1 t/_ VT ?? ?-a _t_ _ .a _ At_ uiui. xoi-vir iioweii wouia uiwsys evnae xno subject of ib?trini0117 when it was introduced, and tell Albert to wait a few woeks, everything would be fixed all right in a short time, until the young wan had grown tired of that story. One evening, while they were sitting together at the ?UDper table?it was aftor the last day's sport of tne season,which had been closed with a wrestling match, in which he had thrown all who offered themselves, and closed by tripping Newell three times, that gentleman remarked : 44 Well, my young man, I didn't ever expect such work from you ! I'm proud of you ! 44 And willing to give me your daughter?" askod Whipple. ^ "Certainly man. But you mustn't marry yet; a young fellow with vour pluck don't need awife; besides, my daughter is very young." 44 So am I young." 4i I know it- anil mnttn'l. (IlillV nf murrrinir yet." " Mr. Newell?excuse mo, Bill Nowell?I came to your farm for one object; I consented to remain here and be put through a course of training that nearly killed me, fur the purpose of accomplishing that object. You know, air, that I am now a Milo in strength, and a perfect Nimrod to hunt. I can beat anything in the country, even to yourself, and now I demand your daughter Ida.'"* ' But you must not marry this fall. Stop with us this wiuter; there will be plenty of hunting and plenty of sport. You may marry in the spring. ' " Sir, if you insist on my remaining single and stopping here this winter, you will be sorry for it; for mark me, I'll run your dogs nnrl hnrisns in 1*1! u 11 a!" ??? vantt) away with me on tho chase week in au<i week out, and when I come home I'll bring all the young fellows from the village, to play a game of ball io the parlors ; I'll convert one of the upper chambers into a ring, and we'll spar and wrest* up there all day long ; and when I have beaten, every one else we'll have you up there ; I'll knock you down till you can't get up again; I'll turn the trellis over which the grape vines grow at ^he rear of the summer-house into a tenpin alley; and I'll make a cock-pit of the summer-house, and have a brace of fighting cocks down here from the city; in fact, I'll raise the very devil about the house unless you consent to my marriage with Ida." 41 But, my dear fellow?" "There are uo buts in the matter,sir; either you must consent, or suffer. I have fulfilled my part of the agreement, you must fulfil yours. ' But Ida don't want to marry." " Yea she does, sir." 41 How do yon know*" * She told ue so horself, this very morn ing." Mr. Newell stood for a moment contemplat ing the matter. It was very evident that ho hud caught a tartar; so he put as good face on the affair as possible, and rung the bell, say ing " If Ida is willing, I shall not objcct of course. Are you willing to marry this rattlo hoad"' asked the farmer as his daughter came into the room. " If you wish it, father. You know I am very obedient." Take hor. Whinnln tnlrn Vnr- ?nn o?? ? ? r ?ri ??w i /Wk* M4V worthy of her. But mind, don't you never knook your father-in-law down, for it wouldn't look affectionate." A few weeks after there wa? an unusual stir even for such a lively place as the Nowell farm. There war a bridal party, and a right hearty welcome for all who chose to come; and there were sooree of iagoers and out, and all the vil lagers wished the young couple a long and happy life.?Literary Companion. Frost Music.?I was once belated in Cana da on a fine winter day, and was riding over the hard snow on the margin cf a wide lake, when the most faint and mournful wail that could break a solemn silence seemed to pass through me like a dream. I stopped mv horse and listened. For Kmc time I could not sat isfy myself whether the music was in the air or in my own brain. I thought of the pine forest which was not far off; but tho tone was not harp-like, and there was not a breath of wind. Then it swelled and approached; and then it seemed to be miles away in a moment; and again it moaned, as if under my very feet. It was, in fact, almost under my fcot. It was the voice of tho winds imprisoned under the pall of ice suddenly cast over thom by the the pe remptory power of the frost. Nobody there bad made air holes, for the plaoo was a wilder ness; and there was no escape for the winds, which must moan on till the spring warmth shoald release them. Tbey were fastened down in silence; but they would come out with an explosion when, in some still night, after a warm spring day, the ice would blow up, and make a crash and a racket from shore to shore, bo I was told at my host's that evening, where I arrived with something of the sensation of a haunted man. It had been some time before the true idea struek me, and meanwhile the rising jnd falling moan made my very heart thrill again.?Once-a-Wee,x. Niw Yoii C km teal Paii.?The fourth an nual report of the New York Central Park haa been presented The expenditure* of the com mlaaion so far for land and Improvementaamoant to f?,447,004. During the post year3 579 laborers have been employed Tn the Park, and the expen diture* during the same period have been 9114,000. The Ice ponds are crowded with skaters dally. The offlcfal returns of persons In the Park at six o'clock p ni , on Thursday night, give the num ber of oedeetrlana 50.000. rauMtrlau <ir? whxU vehicles 800, and sleighs 1,300. At the clow of the Park for the night there were pedestrian! #J,000, vehicles 700, sleighs 1.500 inr A knavish hack driver, at Chicago, having to drive an old lady about a mile, to the house of her friend, persuaded her that it was four miles, as be bad to take a circuit to avoid a broken bridge. Driving her about the city for an hour, he set her down at the house of her frleud, who, being Informed of the chargu he had made, got him to carry the luggage into a dark room, locked him la, ana kept hTm there till he had refundea 9*>.5(), by slipping the cash under the door. Militasy la Main*.?The Kennebec Journal says the Legislature has accepted the bill reported by the Committee on the Mllltla, placing the whole military power in the bands of the Gover nor, and appropriating fifty thousand dollars for iDe pureuaae 01 ammunition lor the purpose of aiding tbe General Government ia contending With rebellion. The bill Is Id the course of 1U enactment, without a word of opposition. }X7" A Mr. Hartley of Southampton. England, rvc-ittly deceased, bequeathed 500,000 for the building end endowment of a literary institution ia that city. Tbe will waa disputed, the matter at length reached Chancery, and in that cireuse locutlou court the 9500,80V was sweated down to ?200 (100, which Is to be applied to carrying out tbe testator's design. C7 Mew 'Hampshire la becoming the head quarter* of American Quarterlies, no Tees than flva Unl Tc.rily Quarterly, and the Mlaing HjT The Kagltab newepepere teem with mei ncbolyMirmtirwfvf death araoogat the poortnm .? to the oold. CLOTHING, &c. WMERCHAITT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CA8S1 MERS, AND VESTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS A ?o., 338 Pennsylva nia Avenue, have juat reoeived a large variety of new Fall Goods, to wnich they invite the attention of thir friend* and customers. an 30-tf GENTLEMEN'S i* READY-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READV-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitizens and strangers wishing an immediate out fit supe rior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities of Dress and Business Gar ments and Overcoats in all varieties. Fine Shi rts and Under-clothing ot all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best qua ity. Scarfs, Ties, Cravat*, Stooks, Hosiery, Ac., Ao. All of which we are uurn iih iu"ur usual low pncoii fjy Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., no 16-tf .i'i'i Pa. avanne. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and oitizens general ly, to an inspection of oar preswnt new, at tractive, and alesant assortment of CLOTHS. CASSIMkRKS, DOESKINS, VbSTlNGS. OVERCOATINGS, ft c. whioh wo will make to order in superior' sty le at very low prices. W\LL, STEPHENS ft CO oo 25-tf 332 Pa. av., hetw. 9th and loth sts. gener?i di GAS FITTING, kc. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON ft; CO. Would cail the attention oi water takers to their lull assortment of Fixtures nooessarr to its intro duction^* follows:?K 1'1'CH KN RAN <iES,BATH TUBS, WATER CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron. I.ead and Galvanised WA m i n v? r? i , /. mm * ? t? v ? * ? - ? - - ? r? ? r.iv nrr.p, in ritAin iu anurAVK WASH ERS, KUBHKR Having fiipermr advantages, with pMcfioal k^owledee, *e are prepared to introduce Water into dwellings with all the latest improvements, promptly, and at prices that cannot Tail to satisfy. U60 Penn. avenue, no 24-dtMar 1 l>et. ")th and loth st*-. south side. Awm. T. oovk * CO. RE Now prepared to exeoot* any orders witk which they njaj be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS ok steam fitting business. C7* Store on ?tii#treet, a few door* north of Pa, avenue, where may ne found a oomaiet* aesortinenl of CHANDELIERS and other 6 AS, 8TKAM an* WATER fixtures. iagT-lv We A S FIXTURES. E Hava in store, and are dai y re^eivinr, BAH FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Des'ecs and r iiiish. superior in style to anytlnnx heretofore offered in this market. \ve invito citizens eeiiMa' It to call and examine <^ur *t?>ek of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beat selected stock in Washington. All Work in tiie above line intmsted to our care will be promptly attended to. U VI. UU *- ILI -42 HIM tnar 6- tf ***. a a J Vb I'lU' 33 >i 1) ft: pet. I SNYDER. PLUMBER AND VAX FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth aim F st*. He is preptred to introduce Water and (iM upon the most favorable terms, and guaranties euure nUafbation. Uehao on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOV K8, whioh ha will sell less than cost, as ho wtshee to get rid of them. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF ?AS METERS. WaSIIIHOTO*, July 18, 1860, NOTICE >S HEREBY OIVEN. That.agree ably to Die provisions oT the ordinance of the Cor poration approve*! May u. i960, the undersigned is now sropared,"whenever r?auire*i in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and asoertain the accuracy of registration of any gas meter in nso in this oity." Every meter, iffoand incorrect, will be condemned, and another, sealed and ir.arKod ae true, will be aetini?? place. If proved to be accurate in its measurement of gas, it wfil be sealed accordingly, and again put in posfcio* for use. Offloe No. 410 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel .ows'Hall.) Open from 8 a. m.. to i ?, m. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, iv 18-tf I mtrnlor unit S?il?rnf<!?? IG. O. DF.M1JTH * CO., MPORTER8 And Wholesale and Retail Deal era 10 HAVANA CIGARS, FOREIGN WTVES, BRANDIES, OINS, 4c., No. 4 0 N'okth Charlss Street, Fife doors above Lexington St., no 32-ly Baltimore. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Who haa just received a large supply of fresh LOB STERS, FISH, and line OYsTKRS,^|g| which he will servo t<> customers at the/ hnrtAat n*vt no ?/! <??? *? ...w. VW uu? v?? IIUCJU1 111 Q* 1'. S ? Clysters served to families and hotels are not soalderi; thry are only ac&ldcd for persons eat ing them at the saloon. de 8 T. M. HARVKY. /0\ NOTICE. /Ov jT*\ REMOVAL. A A W IP I have removed in* WW PAWN CIFF1CE to 351 C street, between 4X and 6th streets, imme diacy in the rear of the National Hotel, where the business will be cntimieO as heretofore at the old stand. [nol6-6ml 1S\AC H ERZHKRG. NEW PAWN OFFICE. XK 6 0 E- W A R D,"Dealer in New? Q and cast Off Clothing, respectfully infoim* the puMio that he has opened a LICENSED PAWN OFFICE at No. 76 Louisiana averue, between 9th and 10th sts., a lew doors east of the new Cen iiKi unii>u*i<"urn>t w noic no Will B>I MI XI11168 prepared to wait on bis patrons with promptness, attention and lUe strictest Jusuoe. N. B.?Jewelry, Drr Uoods, Clothing, Mechan ics' Tools, ac., always on hand at private sale. ja 16 tm* THE INSURANCE COMPANY ov THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 8300,000. Insures Meroh&adise, Buildings, Household Furniture, Ao , a?aiust loss or damage by fire. HEATH A KNOWLES, Acetiti. Offioe?Room 16 over Bank of Washington. ja 1*> T, SPECIAL NOTICE. O TiH>s? of our customers aad friKti.U who hav? n"tMet<l*d their bill^a* presented ou tha 1st J&uu&jy we woa d respectfully liut most earnestly n<ju>st them to make ov.try pffort to do to l>y the brut wrok in February, a* wo are m want of ail the money due us at this tune. Our thanks wo tender to those who have paid their bills promptly, and shaii be phased to serve them in future upon the best teruu. and hope to merit their increased confidence and liber&l patron ace. J. W. COLLEY it CO., jaSO-lOt S'23 Seventh st..abov? Pa av. T*HK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. 1. EMRICH. at the oorner of Penn.A ^ A avenne and Eleventh street, has boenVcTAV greatly improved recently and now offer*JUuHLX greater inducements for the patronage of omz-u.s and strangers than any other public houso in the oit?, his prioes being less than those of any other botei on Penn. avenue, and lua accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already beoome very pojpu lar, being all that oan be desirpd by the most fas tidious. The proprietor pledgee unremitted atten tion and continued liberal exaenditures to give sat awuua vj ui.iiui iaua renew! nia invitation <* tolirethe Enro?ean Hotel toll, rte 4-ti gOOT8 AJ4D SHO^^ TO SUIT THE We we now mamif&otunn* all kind* of BOOTS nd SHOES, and oonetantlr reoeivim Persons in vut of Boots and Shoe* of eastern 01 city made work, will always find a jood assortmea in store and at the lowest prioe*. Give us a oall. GRIFFIN & BRO., a?l-r 814 Pennsylvania avenue. K?1VE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived this day, erabraoim all luali-eee* tie* and sises of goto Leather, Ladtea'Kgol Drees and Paokin* Trnnks. Onr trunk WD ranks r??iwd or Ukan la exohtng WALL, 8T: mu M-tf no 17 ! rtoek of MJ *H5?r,gwswlEeforil" MftrbU Work*. SIS E it. north, ink lud istk?. W reauoea su LTK8T IL IN CLOTH: DENTISTRY. DRS. I OCKWOODit DARRELL ARE PRE pared to insert TfcETHon VULCAN-^ ITE BASE, a new and improved mode.mJBadP When made on this plan they are com " fortable to wear and tcnah cheaper than any other. Also. Te-th inserted on Gold Plate, and all Dental Operation* of any kind that may be desired of fice Room No. 5, in the Washington Buildiag.oor ner Pa ar. and Seventh st. ja 10 2m* M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, iU-j tends personally at his office in this oityAsflsaif Many personfccan wear these teeth whoHttLED oacnot wear others, and no person oan wear other* who oannut wear these. persons oaltinc at ray off. ce can be aooommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; bat to those who are partioalar and wish the purest, cleanest,strongest.acd most Derfm>t dentnr? that art ?an produ?e, the MINERAL PLATE will l>e more rally warranted. Room* in thia oitr?No. 33? Pa. avenae.betweea 9th and loth ill. AJso, 907 Aroh street, Philadel oo 16 If TRAVELERS' DIBECTORyT |>ALT1MCRK AND OHIO RAILROAD. I> WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGK OF HOURS. On and ifteT SUNDAY, Nortmbfr 25th, 1900, the trains wilt run aa follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First tr*in at?.20 a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4.15 a. m., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. in. Third at 3.fl> p. m. Fourth at 4.^n p. m? Expres*. Tl.* r. a ? ? - ^ - - iiicuisi. miunq anu mini iraina Iroai WMh ingtouoonnect throuskit o Philadelphia aud New 1MB, The eeoond and third connect lit Wanhington Junction with trains for th? Wept, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napohe. For Norfolk take the ? V* a. in. trai For the accommodation of the w&t travel be tw**n Waahington and Laurel, a p&saenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioti leaves at II a m. Ou Saturday the 3.1" p. ni. train goes to Philadel phia only. no ?-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. THE STEAMER JAS. 6UY Will ret vine Her tripe on TUESDAY, ?et of February, 1W0. Will lea re WASH - ~i P IN9TON e*err TUESDAY FKIDA ?r, at< o'clock a. m.-and ALEXANDRIA athn.'f-p?.ets o'clock, for CURRiOMAN a:;d the intermediate Lan ims*. On her retain tri??, eiie will lesve CURRiOMAN ercry WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at b o'clock a. ra. LUOIAN 9. f'AtiE, Proprietor. NATU'L BOUSH. Ag't. Alexandria. fe*> F FRENCH FLOWERS OF THE VERY BEST quality, and an extensive variety. nA . At STEVENS'S llWte I'anoT Store, Tflnffi no 22 tf bntw. 9th ?n<< loth *U. WATCH REPAIRING ANDS1LVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the best establishments. and fur nished with a complete set of tools for repair ing every <1r?c> iption of fine Watches, and farticular attention cive to the same, h? norouph ooinpetent workman And a. work Riiaran tied. AWo. every descrip ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my oustomera will find far superior in quality and finish to northero ware old tv dealers in general and represented as their own manuCactnre. H. O. HOOD, se 6 S3* Pa. avenue, near *th at. B EST FANCY GOODS, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, And Oh1* Paic* Oslt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK, no g-tf 336. hetw. 9th and lftth Btn. jjMREMEN'S IN8UKANCB COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital ~..S200,000. Qjfict corn r C tlrttt and Lowisima av., over Bank of Washington. INSURE HOUSES AND*OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Di&kctorr. Geo. Shoemaker, Samijel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, K10hard J ones. Jtshn r? ii? .-/Ox.. Jacob Gideon," Andrew Rothwoll, Thos. Parker, KiaiiarJ Uarry, II. 11. French. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, Presirimit. _ABKL Ci^Davib, Secretary. ool'J-oo6ro THE ONLY PREPARATION WOBTDY OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONA9 E FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in all part* <>f th<< world testify to the etfioaey of PROF. O.J WOOD'S IIAIR RESTORATIVE. and ijentlemen of the l'ress are unanimous in its ( praise. A few testimonials only oan be here riven i soe ci'omar for more.aud it will b? impossible for I you to doubt. 47 Wall Stzxet, New York. D?c. 20.13f?. GentUm'-n: Your not*? of the 15th instant haa ' bMn received, sayinr that Ton had heard that I j had been bonefited by the usaof Wood'* Hair Ke- ' torative, an t re^uestm* ray certificate of thefaot , if 1 had no objection to give it. I award it to you oheet fully, because I think it - due. My a*e i? about 50 year* ; the color of my J hair Aubwn, and inolin"d to curl. Some five or a n* voars Binoe i? began to turn gray, and the scalp i on theorown of my head to ioae it* rensilti ity and laudrnfT U> form upon it. Kaoh of these disagree abilities inor*aat>d with time, and about 4 months fcknoe a fourth was added to tiiein. by hair fa.fli nc oil' the top of my bead andtlircatoniuc to make me balu. In this aupleasant predicament I was induced to trv W0()d'r Hflir R ftaf/irjlti vn m*in!? ?n lalliue iff of iut hair, for i uad really no expeota- ? lion tnat cray hairoould ever be restored to lta original oolor except from dyes. I waa, however, J greatly surprised to find, after the use of two but J tlca only, that not oaly waa the tailing off arioatei. J but the oolor waa 'estorcd to the *ra> hair.-and sensibility to the scalp ar.ddandrufiCased to form I on my hea-i, v?/y much to the ir'atifieatiou of mt wife, at whose solicitation 1 was indue, d to try it For this, among the many utilisations I owe to her sex, I stronfly recommend all uu*t.aii<i* ?ln> va'ue the aunurati-n of their wives to profit by uiy example, an<1 use it if growing trai or n?tti<ii f a d. \ Very respeclfully, 1?bm. A. I.ivund^r. 1 ToO.J. Wood & Co.. 444 Headway. N. \ . My faiiul) arf a'.meut from tho city, and 1 am no longer at No. il Carrol Fi&co. SiAXsro?!, Ala., July 20.18VJ. i To Pxor. O J. Wood: Dear Sir? Your "Hair i Restorative" has done iny hair so rauoh good sinoe i I commenced the use of it, that 1 wish to make I known to the pnblio of iU efleets onthe hair, whieu a mniiw. si man or vonian mv Deneariy uepn vt"d of hair. and by & report to your "U*ir Restorative" the ti&ir will return more beautiful than ever; at leact tins ia ir.r experienoe. Believe it all' Yours truly, W*. H. Kkikit. P. 9.?You oan puhliih the above if you like By publishing in our Southern papers you will ret m ?re patronage t*outh. I se-e several of your cer tificates in the Mobile Meroury, a stronr Southern paper. W. H. Kenkdt. WOOD'S HAIR RK9TORATIYK. Prof. O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Having had the nuafortane to lose the best portion of my hair, from the effects of tne yehow fever, in New Orleans in last, 1 was induced to make a trial of your prepara tion and found it to answer aa the very thin* n*Med. My hair ia now thick and glosay,aijd no worda oan express my obligation* to you in giving to the afflicted auch a treasure Fi.nlx* JoHftaon. The Restorative ia put up in bottles of three sixes, viz: large, medium and small; the small hold h^il a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the me dium holds at leait S?> per oent. more in proportion than the amali, retaila for two dollars pert>>tt!e; thd llLrrA kr.><ia a * ?-* ^a? " ? 1 . p.. ? <r ^ awl v (TV! WVU?? IH" i V iu pi Off Hon, &ud retails for #3- _ . , . ? O. J. wood a CO., Proprietors, 44 4 Broad way, New York, and 114 Marketatreet, St. Louia Mo Sold in thia e ty by C. stott, 375 Pa. avenue, aw n eoly.alw W traveling trunks. k Hare just received tho largeat aa*ertment and now ofTer the moat extensive wiftfn ,u o. SOLE lkathkk. LADIES' dres^gtwh aud packing trunktshat box u vauses, CAKPKT BAGS, SATCHELS, ao., in thia oitr. which we are aeik>uc at very low prioee, wall, stephens * CO , oo as tf *i5l Pa. *r?n?* Dupont'S gunpowder, For eale at mauulaoiitrera prioea, by JOHN j. BOGUE, fiuunomu). Cv , , seb Axeney ft the IHftna if Columbia. WttH. uroera ?nuo MMM t;.?o(Boeof Adams' I Et?w?? Commit WJilintea. D- fes-iwu f A DIES THICK WINTER BOOTS ofKid j Li Moroooo, Goat* Skin, Lutimi, &o.>aA* Bnttoqad, Laoad and Valvet TriLinn^ Mi Also M i*M< B"ota ' fthe iara? Kj riling fiom ? o-nU to fl. jar fair, lawer W*. ITfzMek' WOOD AND COAL. Ywood and coal. OU Will *11 rely set your money's worth by otlltot at tne PlOMEER mills, nmtkietft cm ntr of Seventh rtrtrt and Can*l, (ttEO. PAVK, Agent.) They sell cheaper and tire batter measure than any other* ia the oity?out. ?lit, and deliv ered free of oharge. If tob don't believe it. five the Pioneer Mills a trial, and he satisfied. ja 17-ly.r WOOD AND C O A h Delivered to aU parts o{ the oity, at the lowest possible rates. t. J. k W. M. 6alt, Office 969 Pa. a*., between 11th and lXh uta., ma 17-UT north side. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, '* D Strut, 9tk and 1'>CA Struts, We have jutt fir.iabed a oimbrr of first clfcaa SSiSJS, tint if, anA E*rttn, vhicL wa will sell at? ~ ? ver? amall profit. Beinj practical mechanics in different hranchee of the cusicesc, wo fiatler oirfceivea tuat we ki<o? the etrles aitd * am:'! of work that will give raUa faction, combining lightnees, comfort and durabia tj. Rcsaiong promptly and careful!* attended to the ahorieet notion and moat reaaonahle otiareee. WALTER, K ARM A.N N * BOPF, Coaobmakera, auooaesora to Wa T. Hook, aprrdly TM CARRIAGES. HE Babwiiher having made additions te kl Saotonr. making it sow on* of the larg lathe Diatrict. rhere his ftuuMies ^ manufacturing CARRIAGE A LI6HTjBEsS?^ WAGoN8ofa.ll kinde cannot be surpassed,abd from his long experience in the bstiness, he hepes te gire gsneral aaualaction. Al> kinds el Car nags* and Llgkt Waceaa keptes hand. , ??**!* ?! If t?. 8?Hi4ku4 Ovrltid tokfi in ?nUir> f#r *r* AMDXbW J.mCK, * 1? tt Mrwrtf HUudKto. Dn. j. ii. McLean s STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD FCRIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? ikt WORLD, auJ the most DELiriOCS and DKLIGUTFl'L CORDIAL EVER TAKENr It it itncltt a ?ci in'jte ? <! kl? Ompniid, pro cured k? ib? di?ull? Uw-i of r?K<, ud tarki- Vftiiiw Po<k, Bto'l Rdh, R Bi>:k 5P ft ruU, Will <;horry B>rk,tni Dtrdtlitn aUK* aattrm m?o iu cam- mj: J PhHIm. \i i Tin antira aeti?a c r'mttlnl rnncirl? o( tr.cb lagradianl u "kins liatilling. proOacior a dalicmaa, linlcrattrj aj>trit, and tk? noat infallibla f?r renovating tka d.Miaad yataoi, ind raaiorinf tha aiik, aafarinf, and daktliiaiad invalid to ?aalth and atrangth. McLean s strengthening cordial Will afaetaally cara L'var Complaint, Pyar>apai*, Ja?m hca, Chronic ar Narroaa DabilUy, Diaauaa afii# Eidnaya, ind all diaauaa artaing from a diaordarad Livar ar Stomach, DyipapaiK, laartharn, Invard PTlaa, Audit? ar lickbaaa of fc? Stomach, Pallnaoa af Bleed ta th? Haad, D?ll Pun or Ivinunutf in tha H?*d, Palpitation of tha Haarr, Fallnaaa ? Waigtt in tha Stomach, Soar Kracuiuora, ChokiLg or lafo:>ii<i| failing whan laving dovn, Drynaaa or YalloV. aai af Uia Ikia aid E;aa, Swaata, Inward Pa vara, ra'a tn lb< Bun 11 K til* Uhut, or Bid*. Baddan riui c? af lui, Dapraaaior of Wpinu, Prifhtfai Drumi, upw, Daapandaucy ' ?y mrten diatui, Iwn or nncbu an tin Bkin, u4 Fa*at u4 A rat (at CMIU u< r?Tu.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES iar? baan Mid dmrinf tha Uat a.i inooiha, and In tia In tttli haa it failad in anura a*.tiafactiao. Wba. than, vill aafar frero Waiioaai cr Dabtlity wban MCLEAN'S rrREKaTlKHIHS CORDIAL will cara jh 1 Na Ian jmafa can eau??y an adaqaata idaa af tha imnadi Lta and almaat njracalaaa ebanfa prcdacad by taking tbia >riial in Uia diaataad, dabtiitaxad, and abauarad narvMa 711am, vhatbar brakan dawn by aicaaa, vtak by natBra, ur Iropaliad by aiekcaaa, tha ralaxad aud ana'.nnf arfan: iitiau la raataiad it tla prutina baaith a.nd ? ja? MARRIED PERSONS, it Mhara, taoaeiaaa af inability from arbatavar aacaa, will InC MChlAHl BTB.KHuTHt.JI 1MO CORDIAL a tha W(k ii(? ,imwrf tba ajatara; iud ail vba iu? hava in *r#d lban?aal*aa by im^raair ir.dalgaucaa vill fad In tkia Cardial a carlain and tpaaaj ramady. TO THE LABIES. McbXAlfl BTKEHoTHE'tlMCi CORDIAL la a aarar ilrn and ?p??dy enra far lnelpiaot Cauaaojptiaa, Wliitaa, Jaatraetad ar D'S-al; M?: ?tra>tion, Ir.eoLliitauca of Urina >r Inralarturr DiacbUft tbtraaf, Palliuf ef tha Womb, ttddiuaaa, FaiuUuf, and nil dlaaataa mcidaat to Kantlaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT lafar aa lar.f ar T?.k? it aecardiuf ta diraetiana. It vill Urea lata, traoftliaa, aad uiriforala faa and eaaaa iba ilaacn al baalUi ta ma art yaar chaak ajua. *TtTT batua la rurautad ta fir a aaaafacuoo. FOR CHILDREN lfrMt e hi Id ran ara aickly. paiif ar aSicMd, MCLEAN'S 20KDIAL vill taaka th?m baahbr, fat, and rafcaat. Dalay tat a maDian'.; ttj it, aad raa vill ka cacriccad. It ia da iclaaa ta taka, CAUTION. ivui af draffUu or daalara wb? may try ta palm a par aacna bittar ar a?raaparilla irub, which thay eu bar baap, fry aaauir it tajaat ? racd. A?oid aach man Ah r UcLEAiri BTR?MOTHlCNl!IG COKDLAL, and uka lathiof alaa. It i* tba only tamady that will panfy iha Ho?d thoraafhl? and at tba una ana atranftban tha ayatara. Ona itaapaooral ukan aaary momiaf faatinf ia a cartain >ra?aniiTa far Cbolara, Chi I la and Tavar, T altaw Ft ?ar, or n? craaalant diaaaaa. Uiaratap la Urea boulaa. Prica mlj (1 par bottla, at ( bctllaa for |1 J7 H Mr LEAN, bala propriator of thia Cardial; alao, McLtin'a Volcanic Oil kinimanL Principal i>apot ao tba coroar af Third aad Fiat auaaUi Si- Miti Ma. HeLean'i Yolcanio Oil Liniment, (Tbk'but liniment m th* worlh) Tba or. 1 j a a. fa and eartaiu cnra for Caacara, Pilaa, Ta. aara. aalluifa and Broncbila or Cottra, Patalraia, Naa aifia, Waaknaaaof lha Muac-laa, Chronic ar Iiilaramttor* Ihaarr juaui, Bufuaaa af tha Jouita, Coouactad Maaclra ar ifananta, taracba ar Tocihacha, Droiaaa, prama, Ptaah <(U, W a an da, Olcara, Pa?ar ftoraa, Cakad Braaat. Kora llllrtaa. Hlir.ti. fttilda. Hats Ti.fmi mr mnm i&Iimmiimi m 'in, ne dilareoce hew n*tr? or taiif the diaeaee kit ? eii.iad. McLEANf CELEBRATED LINIMENT ?e l certain rtroady. Tk(<?aende of bintn Mnp bt?i been HT<d t lift of die .repiivde ?iid misery by lit* Ml el U?ie in*alaable remedy. McLEAN'S VOLCAMC OIL LINIMENT NTltl ralieie pain al net inetanuneoaely, and it will clean, mnfy uij : *! the foeleei tor** id an incredible abort una. IfOK HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McI.KAN-8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT ta tlia only aafe md reiiabie remedy for the cure of 3|?nnt KtnrUma, WindfifU, Sf-lin:a, Unilateral Laropi, Nodea or Swelltt.ra. t never foiled to cart Eif Head, Palleni, Plaiala, Old Uouuf Soree, or Sweeny, if properly applied. For Iprama,, (Icratcbee, Cracked Heela, cLafea, Saddle >r Caller Galle, Cwta, Soree, or Weasdi, it te ae Infallible eoedy. Apply it aa directed aud a tare ie certain la every otaace. Than tnla ne lanror wi#! the meny nj>T hleat Llmmenta fared ta yoa. Obtain a tapply of Da. McLEAN* C1U IRATKI) LINIMENT, li will ewe worn. J. H MCLEAN, Me Proprietor, Corner Third and Pine ?u., St. Loate, Ma. CHARLES 8TOTT, F7S Pa. at., eaU ar ant in Waahina an; R.8 T.CI88EL,0a.r(atawn. aeM-DAWly SSfi The above PURE W H18KY,Copr** DttnLLtt r*oM MA.LTKD Bbaih. being aueenor and uniform in ?aality, and highly improved by a*e, u preferred i?y ooneumer* to ail other Wkiakiee, And partioti tarly reoommenaed by the beat phyaioiana u. sheaniata m aoaacaaint all the requirement* of a Tru* Ttmte I**\torMr mmd Remedial ArmU. The t*chn?lkiu Water oi Philadelphia- need in the diauUanon of thia WUiaky, i? proved br aiaay aia to be the aofteet and purest wtlw in the Ur:t*d KttSJ. ?ki * trI tailed tHA W06l!6PC<* UI tills jfv DlfilTT* Forage by FRKEMANTk 91MPSON. Front street. Philadelphia. rnur jo i? MILITARY BOOKS-Inatraatioee for Field Artillery, by a Board of Amy Ofteera; 1 toU ' Hand Book of Artillery, by Ca?L Roberta. C. S. EDUCATIONAL. TV * _ Mire athorough and it their ahy Moal trai ninjt w UUlbon. under the mot > wish their tti|ht?r#to f tematic d???boi. viim _ wi,l reoeire djuly ud i?mW the moat approved r?tem of C%<i attention, BOjlfr them 1 tflenioa and G^mntttio*. are reepeeually luvlyd ? nait the t/nion Fm Tiait the I'nion Female Aaadtni, corner Four teeath at.and New York ut. ^ ^ MR. * MRS. Z. LT'KMALt BOARDING AND DkY *Cll<X>l7 Mra. B.'If'iSo^oKMftffc. PimnfiL. The thirteenth annual eeaaion of thia In?uti tmC will commence on Tueaday,?eptfmt*r ltth. in tha hj>u*e rec*ntl? occupied by rylveater 5oott, CM.. No. 1?0 Kmc atreet. Tha courae of atudy pursued will oonjpriee ail the branchea requisite lo a thorough Ei.tiiar, Kdu oation, and Muaio. French, Latin and Drawing, il deal red. In idliltinn tllllkl uhnlsr, Mr. M ??L - .j . .? . . roovvrniioi " a reports! tnr*ofir?t limited number of pup?la M boardera, wiio. constituting a part of her uwu fam ily, will oe under her immediate o?r# and aupervi *1 OH. ?h? will naiI?*TOf M t?.r as possib'e. U? iir ronnd thorn with U*ooiuforts and kiadlv luiinon of Home. he,frrtn(*r.?R*rw. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Kiias Harrison. Rev. D. F. Spriej. William H. Fowl*. Ism-. K*Uar 8?owden, Em, Kdmurni F. W itmer Khq., Henry Marhary, Km , Levi* McKemie KM-..Robert H. Ha*on. Km . vv- d Wallaeh Mltor Kvemnc Star, Benjamin Waters. Km .Ju Kntwisle, Jr.. Km-.Col. John W.Minor, Load"uc Mt>?ir?. ftadkiook k. Marshall, Mnsn Cor Brothers. Tuw. Board, with Tuition in aJI the English Branches, RSnofor the annuai session?payable semi -annsaiiy, in advance. Kusic and LauirnacM at Profcasori' prioes. r No extra charges. aa JMt lefll. Curt Cough. Cold, NaarMMM. /? >*\W/7k Jitum**. eay Imtaium ?r Sera ACcSMiLiKV ?... .r .i' ** *>-> nrifrff (M Hnrktui Couth m Cemntmp it< ?. Brmttktiu, Atkmm, t Catarrk, Clint nmd ftna Mrtmwth to tk* rot" of IIBLIC SI'KUtKS and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of aliMkini a Uounhor "Common Old'* in itn tret atage. that which ill the begminc woiM yi-.u to a mild reme It, if netleeted.aoon atutck* the Lauia. "E'fwn t Brmcktni Trnrhf*." containing demulcent inrredi MU, allay Palmoaary and H.onchia l>ntatior, I "That trouMe m my Throat, (for BROWN'S whioii the "TVocf < ate a tpeoiho) liavitc made me often a mere wine TROCHES perer. N. P. WILLI**. krou VH M1 reoommeod their mm to PvsLir UKUW.^S 8r|u|u>, rROCUES* REV. E. fl. CHAPIN. "GreateervioeinsnM?iing llnm<i BROWNE ?*?*." REV. DAN1LI. WISE. rnni'iii H " Almost iueta<t relief in the die treamhc lal.i.r of breathing BROWN'S rROCHE? to AeTjUtJL.*1 REV. A. C. KGGLESTON. "Contain no Opium or aaythinf inmn.m." HB * A O TV c BROWN's rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES [IROWN'S rROCHES SROWN'0 rROCHES " A timpte and pi< tion for Cor?H?. It DR. (i n a n* * nV| Ckrmiit, ftiim. t oimt iM F. UI6LLOW, Boston. " BeneficiM in BlcarBm*." DR. J. F. W. lane. Jn f?*. " I hftvo pr oT?d thMB ?xooi>Mit for w,om?ir H*"w. WARRKN. Bumii. " BoiWiom WhM oomr*.)wl to e VTitt frr <D^'ll?0 N. " Effectual in rewnriM Hovm dom and Irritation of ti>? Tfcroab m i?w>n wtlk ft?"? ~ JKUWNTS rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHES BROWN'S l'himivu w * mi vra Prot M. STACY JOHNSON, 44 bcMfit *bM tak? bafor* M'liltor pimctntf.M thiy ?r?mt H'trMMii. Krois tkMr put fUw, 11 think thwy will b? of p? rROCHES niittxr to ma." I REV. E. ROW PrMidmt ot Attveni BROWN'S rROCHES de I ly RO"fe5i?* " pHE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR, 1,3 Md ?-Prot?eud by Royftl ,e*terr Hatful of Entiaud, aou *cur?d by UM *??. a of the Kcole do Pbarraacie de Pttia, ud the m peri a. Coileceof Medisine. Vienna No. 1 ia inva. liable for axtunation and natcrrhea, >nd &!. phraioal diaabilitiea. No. 2 completely eradioatea all traoea of Umm? lisaaaea ttutt tiara be?n hitherto treated by tfea iu ?oui and pernioi?ae cm ot ooaaiva and oabeba. No. 3 haa >'tUrely aupplanted the injurioaa uae of ne?-c?ry. thereby manrinc to the aufTerer apeeriy diaperaicc all iwpantiM, and rootinc oat be venom of dipe*ae. TR!K*KMaR, Noa. 1,2 and S. are prmared in he form of a lozenv*. devoid of taata aadaaawl. .ml can be carried in the wa*?tooat pocket. bold n tir caeee. and divided into eet>? rate doeee, aa ad niniatered by VaJpean, LaJiemand. Koax, Rioord. to Price #3 each, or foar caaea for #9, whioh avea #S, and in #27 oaaea, wbereb* there ia a aav - nr of %??. To be had, wbolaaaie and retail, of Or. JARROW, of 194 piaaekar Hreet, New York, mmediate!* nnreoeivinca remittanoe, pr. harrow nil forward the Tn?*na: to any partol the world, leonrely packed, and addreaaet aeoorc nj to the m truoti 'na of the writer. The Book, or all othera, that afcoald be read by nen with damaf ed and broken down ooBetiUitiona * "Human Frailty, or Pbyaioloiioal Reeearebee." t ia beaatifally illaatrated. and treata niiiwr of il tne avnip.ona UU iivanabli dereloe thai elTea. aooner or later, reamting from the frailUea nd riUatiDt habita of earl* youth, inoafaeltatint tie victim from ahariag the frailion <N the matri nomai at&te, and. if not checked in time, rieaenei .mnallthe function* of manknod. and brinctac urn, etep by ate*. to a hn*erin* and nntiraely death, (old by Dr. HA K ROW. 104 Bleaoker atrNt, foil ' oora below Macdounal, New York. Prioe & enta 8ent free every where. Sold alao by8.C. Ford, irn Drag Store, Waab ncton.D.C. 4e2Mai FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. alike jsLr NO [ l?HARG?j METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PUILP A SOLOMONS, ildUi for Latrrenct'l e*l4br*te4 Ltmen "Mtc rope't<aa MiU*," I j 33*Pwav.q>1.gU aadlQUate. 1861 ?"*?.'? 1861 Commenc* the Year with. ? Diary. A ralu?hla Poeirt iventa past, ?re*nt, 'f pott&R*. *! or mrT da? in aoiitb, annual summary of nA aoooanl faia *yaM? and rw^trabla. Doa'tbs wiUoat oqa of useful little ?onv?nirm. TM no ??aM? and r i ;.#?? useful littla >i*rant. and deain triBing twe.?? at it SHI Recant, and deairablaaaauit??rt a?w ijaaaJ7?BW de*> (Mmb Biudiai, oornw oiK>J ?tr? [) UR1EB! DlillKS:: OlA KIKtK I9*rV*jp** than Jrr*V. L Wa will take an ext'a di ?o >o ot ol * Mr #Ht of >f all IHari?? purenaard (rum a* f r ca?u. w?art l?*iroa? of oloaiDK oat th? remainder of oar tare* >'.ook of Dimim ?'f all kinds for IM1. FRtNCH * MCHBTEIN. ia 9 f Tfc Pena av? \t FIENrtf?R^ChStK^VS, 8T8 Pom. kveoae. Marion 6r*hara, or Hthrr Urn Ha?ii e??. b* N?Ur U'Ctr;Uin.. olotk: aant bv nail ttebtae'a NoIm on Daok ud Dueling; ltmo.. iloth; L? *>v th|o?it*t'? illustrated Ponui cloth pit; #3 40 Lanib'a ob Loli*; Uao, e'oUi portrait; !af of L?>r.jfel!ow'B and Ik* MaryeTa Wo-ki >ar liuJ Mn dieooant oa liooki from the p?.l> Mhera' pnoee (or ?mIl FRENCH *JII1CHJITE1N j>T -rr* Peon SCHOOL AND COLLKek Ot'Tri'lU YnaJkj' mmd Bovt' ClatMmg /or

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