Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1861 Page 2
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the evening htar WASHINGTON CITY: MO!* DAY ....T>br?n 11 l?*i. Spirit ! the Yl#mtnc Pren TV. " Metrnnolltan Police bill" for the city too exp?naive, and ex prtsara the hope that the friend* of the District in Congress, wtil protect the peopl? from the opera tion of a measure which instead of tending to Increase order and peace, will hive a coulrary Th? h'publican *ays of the Ordinance? of Louisiana and Mississippi, that they have never been ratified by the people, and those who are to conduct this Government neither abould nor will act upon any other theory than that of the return, at any early day, of all sections of the country to the old condition of harmony and union. * Co*i!*o Evkiits Cast Thkik Shadows B? yoa* Tffxx "?We have for some time past fore teen that parties at the North, aa throughout the South, are rapidly dividing under the banner* of Into? and Disunion. The recent Virginia and Tennessee elections tell how true it la with refer ence to the South; while the triumph of concilia tion and compromise in the councils of the Re publican party of tbe .New York Legislature abow that auch la fast becoming the case at the North The New York Htrald't Albany correspondent explains the fact as follows: " As I have stated on former occasions, every thing is pointing to a complete remodeling of par ties 1 n this State Greeley and his friends to be at the head of tbe extreme and no conciliation re public* ns, whilst Tburlow Weed, carrying tbe oanner of compromise, will lend the conservative republicans Into a new or Union party, to be formed out of the moderate democrats and Union repubMcans. There are daily signs of tbe ap proach ot this event Not a day pas*:* but the political waves are adding material to that new combination: and von nwd not he anmrtard t? ?> in the next State canvass a radical democratic, a radical republican, and a Union or national party In the field steering betwe? n the two In time* of revolution and peril like the**, parties and <;cm blnatlona are formed rapidly. The nucleus of that party haa already lura formed; It la only necessary for coming events to cement the par ticles, and the driftwood floating upon tbe politi cal currents will then find a. lodging place and form a powerful party " Pee, also, the New York Tribune, for proof pos itive that It has throwa away tbe scabbard in Its war on the expected Union proclivities of tbe in coming Administration. Giowis# Dispbkatk?Yesterday we saw a private letter from a late Georgia member of Con gress, a rabid aeceeasionlst, in which the writer raved like a maniac over the impending reaction In the popular mind of tbe Gulf states. Mo bed lamite waa ever more furloua, incoherent and venemons In hla expressions cf hatred and raire He boldly intimated that the people were to be kept in subjection iu those States by a resort to the mod despotic means, ar i that it is the pur pose of those who have u? ..rped the government of those States and deprived their people <t Amer ican liberties, to make war on their foror er breth ren, as the best means of preventing the masses from stopping to reflect. His whole tetter was in fair keeping wltb the following brief extract from the Washington correspondence of the Charleston Afcrcury . 4' Washiswtos, Feb. 4, 18#1. 41 The border States will be 'placated,' and then your reconstructionists will begin howling for the Union a^ain. There's the danger The only hope now is in the smssbin^ up of toe Peace Congress and getting Virginia out." Apropos?They evidently look to Messrs Sned don, Brccktnbrough, and Tyler, of the Virginia delegation, to uxomplish this intended "smash ing up " Our opinion ia, however, that these gentlemen will decline to accommodate them. Sout r err ww. mm uciinB vuu^rrH WDal 1* kllOWn U ttjf '-Chlriqui contract," for a supply of coal for U. | 8. Government purposes, and tbe transit of the mails of tbe United States across tbe Chirlqui Isthmus. According to tbe report of tbe Government's agents who investigated tbe subject, tbe contrac* is destloed to be of Immense value and impor tance to tbe Government In reducing its steam ship and mail expenses in that quarter; while car rying it out also bids fair to end In competition a greatly reduced rates In tbe buslnessof carrying passengers between our Atlantic and Pacific porta. Hence the tremendoua t(Torts being made by tb? monopoly through ita lobby army to defeat its consummation by Congress. A SlTTLSMMT " * Lincoln pronounces the letter published by the Charleston Mereur^ Just In time to operate on.the Virginia election, (and republished as true by the Rtekaoad Inf?ir?foi the day before that event,) alleged to have been written by him to a Mr. Speaear at Wheeling. Va., Justifying the John Brown raid, Ac., as a rank forgery Wesopro nouaeed It, on sight, the 8tar'r reader* will recol loct Tax Gaiaas Cask.?The celebrated rase of Mr*. Gaines la expected to be taken up by the Su preme Court to-morrow (Tuesday; or next day. Feraoaal ' T? ii I w?? *?? - - . ??11 c air nappy to luve it In our power to say that the Committee of one from each State represented In the Prare Contention are expected to report to-day or to morrow, some plan for the settlement of the trouble of the times, with unanimity rendering It very probable that it will be promptly adopted by a large majority of the Convention, from both tbe North and the South. Our impression la, that it will be a combination of portion! of various plans the committee now have before tbem. though we are unable to say with any degree of certainty what details It la likely to embrace a h/w? tate what is evidently the general understanding to-day among the members of the Convention ViMimi ?We are satisfied that in the ap proachlng Virginia election for Congrna (tooccur. In May next, unleaa a called aeaaion may make it mi i?i j to bold it sooner,) parties will divide In every district upon the questions of Union and Disunion. And, further, that no man who haa directly or Indirectly countenanced the propriety at the redaction of the people of the South under Its current despotism, and placing Virginia under Its yoke, will be elected to represent her In the Ueuee of Representatives of the United States Til ClAlLMTOl " misa LitiiuTiitciiXA<i.? This distinguish ed actress, in genius all American* feel a just pride, commences to-night a short engage ment at our theater, In which she wlil appear in her moat renowned parts. The Washington pub lic warmly appreciate the enterprise and good taste displayed by Mr. Glenn in making this en gagement, and will, we trust, demoustrate that appreciation with proper heartiness The ola* for this evening is Sbakspeare's " Henry VIII.," in which Mio C ashman takes the part of "Queen Catherine," a character which od>rs the vrid^st range for the display of M ss CushmarTs great capabilities. In the celebrated trial scene," tbe proud resolution, the lofty bearing, the dignity of conscious Innocence with which the injured Queen confronts her* are depicted by the greet actresa with a power and earneCTOess truly Irresistible. Mr. J. B Studley, an actor of whom report speaks highly, has boaa especially engaged to sus tain Miss Cushman during her engagement here Tex Cbikkjim Coxtkact axdtkb California MosaroLT?The California steamship monopoly ta evidently bending heaven and earth just now in ?-?- " " " * " r<?q , reached this city tbla morning, and la at Wllurda'. W W. McCreery, U. 8. A , John Janney, Va , arc at tbe National. Hon Moan McDonald and Hon. \V. K Ktrr.bell, Md., are at Klrkwooda' - It la not tbe intention of Gen Case to leave W ashing ton before the ?tb of March, being de termlccd to aea President Lincoln Inaugurated. He aaya It la tbe laat ceremony of the kind be a ball probably ever are 9. C Bamaem. A C. M. Pennington, J.8. Conrad, A. J. Foard, R. O.Tyler, and O H. Hartauff, U. 8. A.: Hon W. B Preaton.Va.; Hon. A. R Boashter, Hon J. K Roblaon. Pa ; Judge Allen. Maaa ; Commander Ward, U. ?. N , are at WlLUrda'. COMMMIONAL. Smtn.?After oar report closed Saturday, the Senate took up for consideration the Indian ap propriation bill, which bill was diacuased a short time and passed with amendments; and the Sen ate adjourned. Housi?After the close of oar report Mr. John Cochrane, of N. Y., offered a resolu tion to the effect that the Secretary of the Treasury K? 1a Inlfttm LfrtiiiA tffh?ths>p antf an/1 MII\V?VW IU1VIU1 ?UV Bivu?v was vuv what Information baa been received by the freaa ury Department with reference to tbeaelzure in the port of Savannah of any rwla and ahl pa. and eapeclally respecting the aelsure of tbe brlva W. A Kobbe and Golden Head, the barque* Golden Morning and Adjuater, and the a?hooner Julia A. Hallock; and, if ao aelzed. by wham, and by wbat authority they were aeizea. Mr. Pryor auggeated that tbe Inquiry be directed alao to tbe aeiiure of any properly belonging to the State of Georgia by the State or municipal au thorltlea of New York. Mr. Cochrane aald be had no objection to the amendment if auch Information waa In poaaeaalon of the Treasury Department The reaolutlon being objected to, Mr. Cochrane gave notice that he ahould again offer It on Mon day. Mr. Hlndman Mid that gross criminality ex isted In one of the Executive Departments of the Government, and aaked leave to offer a resolution for the appointment of a aelect committee of three members, with Instruction to Inquire whether any officer or officer* of the Executive Depart ments have lately been guilty of improper inter ference with elections pending in any State; and that the committee have power to aend for per sons and papers and to report at any time. Objection was made to the resolution. On motion of Mr. Corwln, the House agreed to Kpone further consideration of the report < f the imlttee of Thirty-three (after Saturday) until Thursday next. Mr. Hutchlns, of Ohio, then prooe?d?-<l to ad dress the House upon the report of the said com mittee, and was followed by Mr. Simms, of Ky ; after which the House adjourned. Monday, February II. Sxjiat*.?After the presentation of some me morials? Mr. Wade moved to suspend the order of busl nrss for the purpose of taking up a private bill, wuicu motion was io?i Mr. Crittenden presented Union memorials from Massachusetts. Mr. Green, of Mo., entered a motion to recon lder the Indian appropriation bill Mr. Bragg, from the Committee on Claims, re ported a bill for the relief of Duvall and Brothers; which was read a third time and passed. Mr. Bayard, from the Judiciary Committee, re ported a bill to amend the act extending the right of appeal from the District Courts to the Supreme Court of the United States; which bill was read a third time and passed. Hoes*?Mr. Martin, of Va . offered a joint res olution instructing the Committee on the Ju diciary to report a bill authorizing the Legisla tures of the several States to call a special election by the people to vote upon the adoption of the Crittenden resolutions; referred to the Commit tee on the Judiciary. Mr. Cralge, of N. C., offered a joint resolution authorizing and Instructing the President of the United States to recognize the independence of the Southern Confederacy, and to receive and treat with Embassadors from that Government. Referred to the r?inmttU? nn I>?i4>i..? _ ? ?- --- - - ? ??v ouuiumt j.. Mr Morris, of 111., offered a resolution Instruct ing the select committee of Ave to report to-mor row (Tuesday) at 12 o'clock, relative to the ab straction of toe Indian trust bonds; agreed to. Mr McClernand, ef 111., ofl'ered a resolution In structing the Committee on the Judiciary to In quire into and report to Congress the facta relative to the seizure of the Federal property In New Or leans; adopted. Mr Lovejoy. of 111 , presented a memorial from the citizens of Lis district, praying Congress to maintain and enforce the Constitution and the laws aa they now exist Laid ou the table Mr. Ferry, of Conn , otTered a joint resolution Instructing the Committee on the Judiciary to report a bill providing for the amendment of the Constitution so as to forbid the secession of any State without the consent of two-thirds of Con gress. all the States, and the approval of the Presi dent. [Great sensation.] After considerable excitement, the resolution was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. Rout*oi thk Pus; t>i?i t-elxct toNiwYohe. The following schedule?showing the srrivals and departures In and from the various cities h#? tween Springfield and New York, by Mr. Lin coIh?baa been arranged and publlabed by Mr.W. 9 Wood: Monday, Feb 11?Leave Springfield at 9 a. m. and arrive at Indianapolla at 5 p. m. Tueaday, 12th?Leave Indianapolla at 11 a. m. and arrive at Cincinnati at 3p m. Wednesday, 13th?Leave Cincinnati at 9 a. m. and arrive at Colambua at 12 p m. Thuraday, 14th?l^eaveColumbusat 6 a m. and arrive at ^teubenvlUe2(i minutes pa?t 2pm, and arrive at Plttaburg at 5 p m. Friday. 15th?Leave Pittaburg at 10 a m. and arrive at Cleaveland at 4 p m Saturday, 16th? Leave Cleaveland at 9 a. in. and arrive at Buffalo at 4 p m Sunday, 17th?Remain at Buffalo. Monday, l*th?I^eave Buffalo at 6 p m. and arrive at Albany at 3 p m. Tuesday. 19th?Leave Albany at 10 a. m and arrive at New York at 3 p. m. . ii. .. in hi uaa mnnr men arrangement* as will lmure both the comfort and safety of those under bit charge. Special train* have been provided, to be preceded b\ pilot engines all the way through. Cards of invitation will be Issued by him to all participants < n the journey from point to point, and only holders will be found on the train State nnd lo^al authorities and prominent per sons, without distinction of party, will be invited. To avoid crowding and annoyance to Mr. Lin coln. representatives of the leading papers only will be admitted in the different stopping places The Presidential party will be undfr the charge of the local committees, and no party coloring being Intended to be given to ttie trip, wide awake and other demonstrations of partisan character will Military escorts through the (topping placet will be accepted, but none on the Journey. The invitation to visit Boston by the executive and legislative authorities of Massachusetts has been declined by Mr Lincoln for want of time The following gentlemen will compose the suite of the Presidentelect:?Col. Snmner, Mai Hunter, R T Lincoln, (Bob.) J U. Nicoly, Private Sec retary; J Hav. Assistant Private Secretary; E. E. Ellsworth, of Zouave fame; Col. W N. l.nmon, Gov. Yates. A!d-d?-Cam;>; Judge Davis, Hon. J. K Dubois. Hon. O. H. Bownlng, E. L Baker, editor of the Springfield Journal; O. C. Latham, and R. Irwin. Miss Baker will accompany Mrs Lincoln, and assist in doing the honors of the White House. Mrs. Edwards and Miss Wallace will not be In Washington as heretofore reported. Mrs. Lincoln will stsrtforSt. Louts on Monday evening, to make additional purchases for the White House. Thb Gzobsia Gcxs.?The seizure of the New York vessels in Charleston, make* a great nolae In the city, and la almost the sole topic talked of. We learn upon Inquiry, that the guns belonged to Mr Syms. a dealer In guns, pistols. 4c.. 4c. The police tendered them to him, In case they would pay expensea. The offer was made IWore the seizure of the vessels was known. The guns seem never to have passed Into th?> possession of Georgia.?but. it is rrobahle, thev were seized bv the pollre, in trnnritu, when In the possession of Mr. Svms If "the cartage'' had been ptiid it Is not probable that the seizure of our ahlps w uld have b*en made. Thus ureat things from little things do grow?4V Y. Express Col. Hathk's Last Lbttik ?Colonel Hayne, upon leaving Washington. d'spatched to the Pres ident a letter declaring that south Carolina was an lnd#n?n#4?nt ? * vrv,.?w.i< v?v*ci KUICIII, rAviuiain^ Luiupic?D ATeretgnty over every part of her toll except Fort Sumter, and expressing bis surprise that the Pres ident has failed to recognize it aa auch. He con aldered tbe occupation of. Fort Sumter aa an evi dence of hostility to war da South Carolina, and aa tbe highest Insult which one Government could offer another In conclusion, be expresses him self as being " unconscious of any responsibility for consequences resting upon South Carolina." A* UswolTbT AND UNMGXIVIKD PlOPOSITION. Tbe Richmond Euqulrer of Saturday aava some membt i of tbe VlrKlnla Legislature are desirous of Introducing a reaolutlon. requesting General Scott to return the medsl and sword pr*-sented to him bv that State Tk. - - - General Scott la preparing to draw the ?word againat bia native State, perhapa a rr solution of the kind spoken of might not be deemed tnappro prlate.'" llf The Democratic and Bell-E?erett partlea of St Loula bare fused and nominated an Antl Seceaalon ticket In oppoaltion to the "uncondi tional Union" one of the Republican* y-f* ATTENTION, FEDERAL RIFLES.? I 7 MrinK-m a e requested to aasemble TO NIGHT at the HaM. <old I'mon Buildings,) at 7H o'o ook, f r d ill. Be punctual. By order of i ? VajUin J. H DUBANT. , *- Ma SUM NOTICE?Tn*re will be a re* " ul\rio<>nimoiii(9?U"a cf anon Lodge. No. 16 at Masonic Ha.l. m Mr Ninth and i) atraeta, THIS EVENING. All Maater Mason., in good ?t?# dK|, ar< frat an ally invitad to attend. .. b. U BAKKKTT. H?o. ;r company c. w^l J. .... U 9 Mertat your armor r To NIGHT itTK o?o!o?k. in winter urif?<m ltd faiioa F. dre?? d. ill and night parade. By Ca plain 81 EVENS. E C. LEWIS, o. a. lt_ ,vw- A TTENTlpN !-Th*o?o?raof th? Union Ijjf R giin?nt of Washington will m<Mt at Tam Ha I o ? MONOAY EVENING, Pabrwry lith.At7o'clock. A full aadpro<B?tafeodaioa la 'led**"1, ** ''""J*** r' imp****??*lr"' ^S^R*" Item Tflfsraplifd frsai Wt>liin(t?ii. Washikgto!!, Feb 10.?rome of tbe tnra.brrs of tbe Montgomery Congress have justadvlstd their secession friends here that com mi Mi one re or ministers have been appointed to represent tbe In terests of tbe 8outheru Confederacy in Europe. Nearly all tbe late five million l<.an bet been paid into tbe Treasury, and very much of it tl> ready disbursed. Mr Russell's trial, in connection with the ab stracted bonds. hatf>een postponed till tbe March term, although his counsel were ready and anxious to proceed with it now. Mr Morris, of Illinois, chairman of the committee to investigate the In dlan bonds abstraction, declined to Uetlfy in court, as a report on tbe subject will be raada In a few days. Private letters received In tbla rltv from Mont gomery, Alabama, atate that with In* exception of South Carolina, all the membera of the South ern Congress contemplate in their hearts a re union to the old Union. This is especially the case with Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia. The adoption of the Constitution of the l.'nTon, the continuation of the enforcement of the laws of the Union, and the election of Hon. Alex. H Stephens to the Vice Presidency, as announced by telegraph, all signify reconstruction South Carolina,it Is presumed, opposed all these propo sitions, and the Southern snip of State has started on her voyage with one pilot, at leaat, longing for hrr return to the old anchorage. Important questions arising in the General Land Office in relation to land in the seceding States, have been referred to the President for Cabinet action. The land operations in Florida and Louialana are nar*lvi?tl Th? ?o?nt in i I f j ? - ? is trying to arrange wfth the State Government, but tbe President declines, and contend* that the title of the United States, like that of Individuals, Is not effected by change of jurisdiction. The President has approved and signed tbe twenty-live million loan Dill, which passed both Houses as originally reported, with amendment* firovlding that the revenue from the loan author ted by the act of June, 1800, or so much as may be deemed necessary, shall be applied to th? re demption of tbe Treasury notes issued under the act of last December, and for no other purpose. The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to exchange par bonds of tbe United States for said Treasury notes at legal interest, and shall not be obliged to accept the most favorable bids at pro vided for, unless he shall consider them advanta geous to the United states, and any portion of said loan nat taken under the tirst advertisement he rnflV Oirfttn J 1 - - " ...... ut?*niioc accuiuiii^ iu uiB aivcreuon. Col. Jud^f. Commissioner from Alabuna, Ins Been the President, who received him si a dis tinguished citizen of Alabama, but not, ?f course, recoynizinc hiin in an official capacity. Nor could the President agree to enter Into any dis cussion whatever relative to the object of hi* miuion, namely : to negotiate for the transfer of the arsenals and other public property belonging to the United States within the limits of Alabama. GENKRAL ORDKRjJ?No 6. Hkaiouarters D. C Milttia, / Washixotow, Feb. uth. 1861. { By dir*otion of the Hon. Secretary of War, all that portion of the fifth regimental district Inn* outside the city limits will hereafter be embraced in the seventh regimental district. By order ol Major General W kiohtman, CH. LEE JONE9, fe 11 3t AdjufntG neral. (T*?TO THE PATRIOTS OF WASHING II Ef 'iTiM ? ... ... iiu.i - l>> iitoH Krftm'nt, Washington city, conM*t? of upward* of a hu.-dred young men of ti.e First Wa d. and aie being prr lsct?tl in their drill every night, hore 10 irake a c mpany creditable to the city. Hut we rued some material aid, and npp a! wi'h confi jfti.ce to the oitizen* of Washington who love theirc uu try. th-ir c usututiori and the laws ot the lard. Some of the members are poor, but proud, and we wo would therefor" ca'l upon theotiaensof Wa li iogton to give as libei&ll? as they ran. The com mittee authorized to col.eot contrihu icns consist 01 thef 'Mowing : Capt. Jainos Kelly, J J Calvert, H. u. Wi'son, Win H. F<-rtt, J. Bartiett, Col. J. W. Irwin, C. T Porsett, Jacob Cars. These will wait upnn the oit.z ns ot Washington with a suocor:ption list. By order of the company. fo 11-St* WASHINGTON I.1GHT INFANTRY, IkJ? ATTKNTION?Companies A and B will moot on MONDAY fcVENING, February 11th, at 8 o'olock, at Coombs' Building, Pa. avenue, be tween 9ih and li'th ttreets. A fur n.ttend.-?.n?? i? particu arly desirable, f" 9 2t' Co Ul"i ?l A M. i" - * ? I' - Col Commanding \V. L I. B JAS. V DAVIS, rrs?*ATTENTION. No. 5.-The members of Ujf the Ferseverance Fire Company, No. 4.are hereby notified that an adjourned meeting of the Company will be held on MONDAY EVENING, the 11th inst . at 7X o'clock. The memb'ra will be punctual in their attendance as basinet* of great importance will be brought before the meeting. f?J-2t* GEO. FLETCHER. & <>. fr-5=?SM ITHSONI AN LECTURE? -Rey. J sc. II ? I.ord will deliver a course of Lecturra at the Institution on "The Great Representatives of Modern Cui izvion " First Lecture, on MONDAY EVENING, Feb ruary 11?"Miohnel Antelo and Art." Doo's open at 7 o'olock ; lectnre to comm'noe at a Quarter t>?for? 8, when the doors will be olosad. '<w?C1TY HALL. Ffbi?*ht 9rn ?The A?w< I L < sors ha vine finished their a.: nn?l ?< ? * ment of teal and personal property, will meet at thoir room, (City Hali) 'laity, as a Board of Ap p*als, from th? 10th to the 26th of Fetrv.ary, inclu sive, to hear all oompUinU and to mako sueh cor rectiora in over aaaektment as they may deem nto essary. fe9-td GEO THOS STEWART Sen. jJj|=?GENERAL ORDERS?No. 4. IIkadquortkrs D C. Militia, I \Vashi.\gton. K?b 5,1861. S Capt. A Thomas Bp.adi.ey, 2d regi<iier..t ol in fantry, is hereby annouco- d a? A id de-Tamp to tho General Commanding, with rank of Major. All orders by him given in the name and by the authority of tin Commandite General will be re spected accordingly. By order of Major General Wriohtma.n CH. LKK JONES, fe 8 3t Adjutant General. GENERAL ORDERS?No. 5. Headquabtkks D. C. Militia, I Washimgto.i, Feb. 6.1B61 { The following named companies of vlunt^era are norenjr organized as a bat alion, ond*r the i.amecf the Ut Georgetown Volunteer Battalion, vix : Potomac Light Infantry, Comp-ni^s A and B Anderson Riflemen. Soott Kifles. Home Guard. I'HU' ict of Colombia Rifle*. II. Lftut Colonel J. McH. Ho lingsworth, 8th in fantry, is aa*igned to the q<>mmwi<i of the 1st Georgetown Volunteer Batta ion.whioh is Attached, an an add.Uoual battalion, (to the 8.h regiment of infantry. III. The Georgetown Mounted Guard is assigned to duty id the 8th reunnental dis'riot, atd will be reported to the Colonel of that regim-ut. By order ol Major General Wf.iohtma.i. CH. LEE JONES, fe 8 3t Adjutant General. SAY, STRANGER, WHERE ARE J*? you going ? You seem to be i n a great hur rv?* "So I am. I am going to SMITH'S .No 460 Seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothea. The peo ple sa? he haa a very nioe assortment, and they tay he Bella them to ohsap." Note.?The last we saw of the stranger, he was running up Seventh street singing out "SMITH, No.4tt0" fe2-6w lV5F?THE UNION PRAVK.B nuvTivna LL3 will be holden every 3ay this week, in the English Lutheran Church, oorner of 11th and H streets, to commence at 4 o'clock, and to continue one hour. ja 7 Avery fine seven-octave piano, having been in nue a weeks only, will b old lor one hundred doi ars less than the original cost, the owner Uavine the rit*. To he s-*en ?.t the Music Store of W. G. METZKROTT. fe II T HOSIERY AND GLOVES. I HK Largest and best assortment of Ladies', Gents', and Children's Hosiery and Gloves, kt wholesale and retail, is at HENRV ROAN'S. 323(sooth side) Pa. av? bet 6:h and 7th sts , fe ll-6t New Iron Buildings. 1HOOP SKIRTS HAVE Just reoeired a new supply of Ladies' and Misses' Hoop Hkirts of the newest and l*ut styles. Also, a new supply of Frenoh Corsets. Jonvin'a Kid Glovea at our usual low prices. ti L' ft? n t* * ** nciiiivi r.UAl"l, 323 (louth tide) Pa. av., bet. 6th and 7th ate., lall-6t New Iron Builjinaa. POR TWO WEEK9 LOGGER WE SHALL I oontmua to run off our whola atook of rich Dreaa Gooda. Phawia and Cloaks, in fa?t, all Win tar Gooda at ooat, m?njr at lea*, for o&ati, in o r1?r to o oae out thia month. Call at onoa if joa wish the artiolaa at tha lovaat trloes. J. W. COLLEY k. CO., fa 11 xw 5*23 Seventh at., ahovi Pa. ? . "rCL PIECES SPRING CHINTZES / O OPENED THIS DA Y. 25 dozen Fine and Medium shirt Hosoma. CO doz*n Genu' and Ladire' Linen Poeket Han^ker ohiefa. tome at ?1.45 per dozon, whiofi are a very 6real bargain. Rich Be,aiue?, Repa, Poplins, and ilk Gooda at oo?t for caah, to vhioh we aak the apcoial attention of the ladien. J. W. COLLEY A CO.. fa 11-6t 3*23 Seventh at, above Pa. av. - SEVEN fH STRHET._ CO4 m neiwctn Louisiana av. and D *t i/Ol A fresh supply of Groceries just received. A good artiole of Brown Sugar at 7 cent* per ponnd, 50 barrels extra Flour, best breeds, at #7 per bai rel, 60 do Family Flour, beat brands. Old Baurbon whisky and Rye Whisky, for med icinal purposes, Old French Hrandy, Port Wines, Maderia nod Sherry Wines, pure artiole tot siokness, Cordials of rations kinds, And a general assortment of goods ntnally kept m first class Grocery Store. Ca 1 and examine, fe 11 StavSv ISRAEL DEM1NG. C DINNER PARTIB8. IT1ZENS And Sojourners In Washington ars respectfully reminded that the mbeoriber i? pre nsred to famish DINNER ENTERTAIN ME >>TH. for an* annhar nf ?* eatabliahment in th? United tttatea. and on vety moderate terma. Hi* aaitea ol Parlors and Dining-room* for tbe aooom modauonof Dmrar and Supper Partiea hit l abia arrangement!, Cooke, Servant*, 4c., are unaur much celebrity. He respectfully aaka a oontinuanoe of &*^?>n??* of the ?uwio heretofore ao liberally beat owed c ton kim. at d aledcea hia beat exertiou C, ?AC TIER. i J , 1 THE SOUTHER* CONFEDERACY. Eltctltn ( a PriTitUiO PrnUral and Vies Pretidrat. Montgomery, Feb 9 ?The Constitution of the Provisional Government of the Southern Confed eracy bat been printed, and U now made public. The preamble says: ' We, the deputies of the sovereign and Inde pendent SUtes of South Carolina. Georgia, Flor ida. Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, invokine the favor of Almlchtv God, do hereby, in behalf of tbeee States. rraalc and establish this Constltu non lor ihe Provisional Government of the rme, to continae one year from tbe inauguration of the President, or until a permanent Constitution or Confederation between said States shall be put in operation, whichsoever shall first occur." The seventh section of the first article provides: " The Importation of African negroes from any foreign country other than tbe slaveholding State* of the United States is hereby forbidden, and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same " The second section provides :?" Congress shall also have power to prohibit tbe introduction of slaves from any State not a member of thla Con federacy " Article fourth, third clause of second section, provides:?"A slave in one State escaping to another shall be delivered up on claim or the party to whom said slave may belong, by the Ex ecutlve authorltv nftb* Hlii* in ?' ? be found, and In cue of any abduction or forcible rescue, full compensation, including the value of the slave, and all costs and expenses, shall be made to the party by the State in which such ab duction or rescue shall take place." Article sixth, second clause, provides:?"The Government hereby Instituted shall take Immedi ate steps for a settlement of all matters between the States forming It snd their other late confed erates of the United States cf North America, In relation to public property and the public debt at the time of their withdrawal from them, these States hereby declaring It to be their wlih and earnest desire to adjust everything pertaining to common property, common liability and common obligations of that Union upon principles of right, justice and equity, and good faith." All the otner portions cf the Instrument are almost Identical with the Constitution of the United Slates Montgomery, Feb. 9?Unusual interest has been manifested by outsiders to-day in the pro ceedings of to? Convention ?n<l th? hull ? >?< lery have been crowded. Mr Memminger presented a beautiful model of a flng for tlif new Confederacy, made by South Carolina ladles. It consists of a blue cross on a red field, with seven stars on the cross. It was highly admired Mr. Meminlnger also presented another model by a gentleman of Charleston?a cross of fifteen stars on a field of stripes A Committee was appointed to report on a flag, sent, coat of arms, and motto for the Confederacy The President was directed to appoint Com mittee* on Foreign A flairs, Finance, Military, Naval Affairs, Commerce and Patents. ELECTION OF PRESIDENT AND VIC* PRESIDENT. Montgomery, Feb 9?The Convention has unanimously elected Hon Jeff Davis President, and Hon. A. H Stephens Vice President. A resolution was "adopted by the Convention, appointing a committee, consisting of three Ala bama deputies, to inquire and report on what terms suitable buildings in .Montgomery can be secured for the use of the several executive depart ments of the Confederacy under the l'rovisional Government. # An ordinance was passed continuing in force until repealed or altered by Congress, all laws of the United states in force or use up to the 1st of November last, with the Constitution of the l'ro visional Government It is understood that under this law a tariff will h? laid on all goods brought from the United States. A resolution was also adopted Instructing the Committee on Finance to report promptly a tariff for raising revenue to si^pport the Government. A resolution was adopted authorizing the an pointinent of a committor to report a Constitution for the permanent government of the Confederacy. About two houra were spent In secret ses?ion to day. The balance of the day was spent In open session. ri'BLlC DEMONSTRATIONS. Montgomery, Feb 9, p m ?A great demon stration is going on here in honor of the Inaugu ration of the new Confederacy. A complimen tary serenade was given to Hon. A H. Stephens, which brought him out in an eloquent speech. Messrs. Cbesnut and Keltt, of 8 C., Conrad, of La , and others spoke The demonstration is still propressing. A salute of one hundred guns was flred at Capitol hill this afternoon. Speech ( "Vice-Prssident" Stephen*. Montgomery, Feb. 10.?Mr. Stephens, last nijfht, In response to a complimentary serenade. Gentlemen and fellow citizens : For although we met here as strangers from different Independ ent States, we are once more citizens cf a eom moucountry. [Applause ]_ Allow me briefly and mcrreiy to eipress my unreigned tbanks for this compliment; but tbe state of my health and voice, and the night air, apart from other considera tions, prevent me from doing more This la not the time or place to discuss tbote great Questions which are now pressing upon our public coun cils, now In the process of formation It Is sufficient to say that this day a new Re public bas leen formed The "Confederate states of North America have been ushered into existence, and bike their place r.mong the nations of tbe earth. [Cheers.J Under a temporary or provisional government, It is true, but this will soon be followed by one of a permanent character; which, while it surrenders none .of our ancient rights and privileges, will secure, more perfectly, we trust, that peare, security, and domestic tran quility which should be the object of all govern ments [Applaust?]. What is to be the future of this new govern ment, the f?te of this new republic, wiil defend upon ourselves. Six States only at present constl lute It Hut tlx states a* yet appear in our con stellation Afore, we trust, will soon be added, and. by the time a permanent Constitution may hare been adopted, w??may have a number greater than the "original thirteen,'' with morethan three times their population, wealth and power. [\pj p ause ] NVith such a beginning the prospect of our fu ture presents strong hopts to patriots of the past of a prosperous career; but what the future will be,as 1 before remarked, depends upon ourselves, and those who may succeed us. Our republic, and all republics, to be permanent and prosper ous, must be sustained by virtue, Intelligence, Integrity, and patriotism. The people themselves are the corner stones upon which the tempi* of popular liberty must be constructed, to stand se curely and permanently. Resting ours upon these we need fear nothing from without or within. With a climate unsurpassed by any on earth, with staple productions which control the com merce of the world, with Institutions (so far as regards our organic and social policy) In strict rnnfnrmiiv In naturo nH k? n 4? ??.j v/ ?uv j? *? vi iuc \yicaiur, whether read iu the Mook of Inspiration or the great book of m in iff station! around ua, we have ail the natural elementa essential to the attain ment of the highest degree of power and glory. (Applause ] These Institution* have been much assailed It ii our mission to vindicate the great truth on whica they rest, and with them exhibit the high est type of civilization which it is possible for human society to reach. In doing this our policy should be marked by the desire to preserve and maintain peace with the State* and people. If it cannot be done, let not the fdu'.t lie at our door. While we should make aggressions on none, we should be prepared to repel those made by others, let them come from whatever quarter tbey may We ask of others simply that we be let alone, and permitted to look after our safety, security, and nappipeas in our own way, without molest tug ui Klvi"K uueiice ki oioer people L>et. tben, peace, fraternity, and liberal commercial relation* with all the world be our motto. (Cheer*.] With tbese principles?without envy toward* other States In the line of policy they may mark oat for themselves?we will invite them to generous ri valry In all that dtvelope* the highest of every nation. [Applause] And now, with the best wishes to you, gentle men, and success to our common governmentthls day announced, I bid you good night. As the speaker retired, three cheers were given for "Hon. A Stephens, of Georgia, the first Vice President of the Confederate State* of North America." S Q A li TIER'S RESTAURANT. OJOllRNKKSln Washington are rei informed that GAUTIER'S RESTAU RANT. on Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13th itreeta, i* one of the complete*!. n?o?t elerant and agreeable estab isbmenu _ _ kind in the United State*, bei * at al< time* pro vided with the best to fe obtained in the market* of a! I the large cities, forward^ to him regularly by express, til* prions are mo derate and hi* ac ' 1- D ? iceotlu; y fait U^OMU v miiiujiaiivua W lUiUI?U 0(0nti??| UinilOr, T6ft tad Huppoi a to gentlemen rooming out, are un equalled br any other# in thia city. H? tdJreuea thia notice e?peoiaily to (trangera.aa all citiseoa and freenenter* of \Vaih:.%tn know w ll the superiority of hie house. He ia prepared to ac commodate to their entire satisfaction any nnmoer oi gentlemen who d?aire to take their Mea a away from vhere they lodge. te 11-1 m "? HAVE SAVED FIFTY PER CENT," A 1 gentleman remarked * day or two ainoe, by baying my Stationary at SHEPHERD'S, oorner of Seventh and D atreste. " TH AT'S SO I1* The same iatrne of Si:H<?OL BOOKS, BLANK world, everybody aaja. fe?-lw A MKRICAN AND FOREIGN AGENCY, A WaaBtKaroM, D. C. ,nU?SMlUilKUU^ LAND WARRANTS FOR SALS. AMUSEMENTS. J. SPECIAL NOTICE ' MISS CHARl.OTTK CI SUM AN. Sastai^d by an AcexBKTSD Dbamattc Co?r*wt. Wil. of ram?Pfx> h?r FINAL ENGAGEMENT IN WASHINGTON THIS (M cd*j> EVENING. Feb 11. QUEF.N. CATHARINE. In Shak-peare'e Hmt?rieal Trajed* of KINO HKNKV VIII. Po itira'y, hrr only ap^?ruof> in that character. She will He aided by . MR J. B. 8TUDLKY. MISS CUSHMAnTESGA6EMENT it POSITIVELY LIMITED TO FITE NIGHTS. Paicn Drere Circle a-d Parquet. 9n pent* Orcheater Chaita Private B' Xem. Reeerved Seata 25 eenta extra. The Box Sheet for tba entn* ftra nighta opea at MeWerott'a Muaio Store. It li AC O N C E R T, ? r<*r m?? warm ui Washington ?t.. below Fifth, (near the Chnroh.) Admimon 85 oenta ; obi dren 10 8>?t? to Vtt* Grand Concert and Presentation of Colors, BmiriT ?r COMPANY C. W. L. I. BATTALION, At the ?mithf>oni*n Institution. THURSDAY EVENING, February 14. The mnit eminent Sincere of the city and Georje town have very kindiy volunteered to aid na on the oeeaaion. Programme and fall particular* in future a-lver COMPLETE tis?m*nt. Order of Committee. fe 9 2t raits patjt,ii4,? ir/% A A % JL.% JL JL JL>K_7 j V.V Mahqu er a d k 1 aY l or th* Washington Turn-Verein, On tuesday. F*b It. AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS. The Wa?h:nstrn Turn Verein will give a grand Masquerade Ball at the time ai <J p ace, <>U to which the publ'c is respectfully invit <!. A JCL f II orche?t*r will be in attendance, and nn/TM efforts will be spared to give universal satis-USA faction. Tickots $1, admitticg a gentleman ar.d ladies. ndMMITTKR. Mr. Ch. Wernrr will furnish refrcsnmenu And upper. ft 11-tt WANTS. WANTKD?A YOUNG LADY, with a knowl edge of inlmery, t<?attend inaaUire. Address D, Star Office. fe 11 8t% WANTEIV-A SITUATION, by a respoctable ' ' young w ir.iii. a* cook ; ha? no objaotion to as?ist in waslii ic and irnmnK. The beat of refer ence can be *iven. Apply No. 349 L it., between 18th and 19th *ts. It* RKVOl.VFR A\n TRAVELING TRUNK WANTED AT SECOND HAND fRICE ? The former (one or a pair) to be left at Kmrich's, on Mth itieet. in rear of Star Offe?, with note statins lowent price. Of the latter (?o be note If ath r; about 20 by 12 ilichee) address "Traveler" as atova or through City Post Oict, paid. It WANTKD-A YOUNG MAN. competent to attend on the dininc-room ud wi line to be generally useful. Most be well recomm nd?d. Ap ply at this office. fe 9-ltt* VIZ ANTED?Six competent TAILORS immedi ? ? ately. App y to G. Wall, Stephens A Co.'#, 3UU Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. fe 8 5t WANTED? B? a younr woman a SITUATION mm nurre. chamee' mail, or to do housework. Her object is to get a good liome, and 'he will do her best to give entire satisfaction to her employ er* Pieare address * cote to Box No 21. Star Oflio*, and >he will call. fe 8-3t WH ANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From SS to JlO^Xin worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TL R E of all kinds, for which 1 will (uarantvto pay thA hichAat nnnAfl *.nH asmiitl a? tioeZ" t'BOCHLYr" Dealer in Furniture, Stove#, Ao., oo9 4 os 7th St.. bet. G?nd H eMt side. no IT bontz A GRIFFITH FOR rfALE AND RENT. For rent-two fur wished rooms ar.d sta ble. near Wi la'd?' Hotel. Apply to KIDWKU4 LAWRENCE, Drucciets. Pa a*. and 14th st. fe 11 t7<or RENT-A handsome furnished par 1 LOK an<1 CHAMIikR, vith fu, No. 4*a Seventh street, be?wean '? acd H ??., near the Patent or Posi Offices. Thi house is in a quiet neighborhood. fe9St* I Seveatn ?t.. b*iwnea (i ana H, a lew doore abr,ve the Patmit Office leS-lW A V i I IT A III I.- P A U " n ^ Aw m<i /i im <ii r /v *v :ti run nALt UR hA CHANGE FOR CllY PROFKRTY-Con ??.'nine 1<U acrea. aituated U mile? from Alexan dria. on the <?range and Alexandria Railroad, under pood culti? atio^; tml-er, wa'er, fruit and all build inga neoeMarj fhr a first-1ate form. Inquire of <? \A . RR AY, at the Jevelry Store, 510 Seren'h at, Washington. ja.21 lm* FOR RKNT-Two frame COTTAGE HOUSES, containing six roomi, aituated on Man. ave nue and Fitteenth street; pump of good water in the yard ja& FURNIHHKD ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D atreet, l?etween 6th and 7th ata. de 4-tf FOR RENT?A three etory brick HOUSE,con taining 8 rooma. In good order, with gas fix tures complete, on H atreet, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-atory brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of F atreet north an ' 14tb at. ?a*t. To punctual and reliable tenant* the terma wi.l be moderate. Appiy at 446 Twelfth atreet, k.t 1 ?? ucmgvii u RJU r no 13-U I^OK RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the boild ioc immediately opposite the VMt wini of the City Hal., reeantly occnfi e l by Chas. 8. Wai.act ci an office. Also the front room in the aeoond atory and the third 2< -or < ( the Mme Nu'.dmi. For terma nppiy to RICHARD WALLACH, No. Louisiana. avenue. ia U tf FOR RENT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West at., Georgetown, nt preaent oooi pied by the aubeonber. It hne IS rotwaa, with faa nnd water throughout, a fine yard, atnble Ac , and ia in % good neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MA SRL'DER. oe?-tf BOARDING. SEVERAL GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM mod&ted with apiecdid Ri>oma and exorllert liuard. between 13th and ou I> atreet, three d ora from the corner. fe 9 St* SEVERAL GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIE8 onn be aoc uiTodat.*! w th pleasant Rooms and Poard at Mrs WKtSI'8, MS tl at, between 6th and 7th Aian/Table Uoamera. fe5".0teo* |>t?ARD!NO.?Peraons rieairous of a on?nfort? D bf home oan obtain c<*ud Hoard and ple?a\nt Apartm-nja on F atre-t, No 339, between 9th and l<Uh tli. T*ble Hoarders can alto be aooommo dated. Term* reasonable. fe5-lw LOST AND FOUND. LOST?t>n Saturday morninc last, in Center Market,a b:aok wood set HKEaSTPIN. The finder will be rewarded by l*avtnf th* same at the Jewelry Store of H. O. HO" P. *36 Pa. av. If f^APE LOST.?Ob Sunday .in oominf fr m St V John's Churrh. by we* of Pa. amnae and 6 street, to Ninteen'h and H. a ehild's blaek eloth Cape, trimmed with bla?k en-lied ribbon. A reward win be (iren if left at 1ST H it, between 19th Mid 30th. fe n at* I ASTRAY.?Caire to the subeeriber, living near A Tenallytown, D C . on the 4th Febru a y, a red COW. with sharp home; no earSU^ marks; thin in fleeh; suppoeed to be 4 or bMmJmm yarsold. Br paying for this adeertiseneot the owner can take her away. fe li-8t* HENRY C. DAVIS. | FOIJN D?This mo mine, a POCKET BOOK. ' The owner oaa have the same by pro n eg prop erty and p%yini: ohareee at this mmm fi?? LOST-A HAIR BRACELET, with a go.d cla*p, and tse likeness of a gentlemaa la the cImp ; vaiuaMa to the owaer m a fuuly relio. It vu )oat either in a Mmntk street omnibus or on I street between 7th and 9th its., on Thar*day laet. A liberal reward will be paid the finder by 1 raving it at 431 I street, between 9thand 10th. fe9 at* ^ i.i ^|1L1TARY TRIMMINGS! Gold and Silver Army I aoes. Military Buttons of all kinds. Gold and Silver Fringes, ?tar?, Cords and Ta?Is. ?Jo:d and Mlv?r Bullion. t?}>*o*l?*s and Braids, Military .Worsted Braids aad Brltii aer BIRps, MIRDS* FOR SALE.-I tare just ra 041 ed a splendid as>orimeat of Birds froasat^ Europe, of tieriuan Cana i*s, English BiaokU? Birds, thrashes, Hall Finches, fi'ld Kn.K- t MA ViU 9f ail kmda fom M mbU tn fit', ai JOHN O'MKARA S Bird Store, Na mRitmh, at tb? Capitolrat*. f%-\n EVERYTHING In th? Btat.onar, Lia?at ihom Ml* to mt th? ti?. at Shaphard'i ia If-lwi b ftrauvskagars ss& st TOUWMT. >a u? in 4 ^ AUCTION SALES. By 1. C. WoOUlRK * CO.. AmAmmw*. OOl>EHOi.D Fl iNlTTRK. a?pK1Tthi;I? n *?Qn.:T?, at Arcrio*.-p? THUMOAY MORNlNOiirit, Fckmtrf Wtk commencing at in o'alook. ? auaM > !). at th* residence i*ta tlemiii dtc'intn* hneaekeepi-r, M No 'Tl L rt . between lAlh ai d lftlti ?U., H?ueeb<?M Farmtar* and Ki tehee Ee^nnltee We en?m*raU. 14 jart Mailt Can# a??t and Pniated WooOeeaJ Cfcaar* Mail"* AG? Oinmr and Sid* Dr? and Painted Sint mt Km ker. Paintod * ubi'mdi air, Rmk. and Cotton and He?k Matti r-.t?af? ltf :?i?ai?, F'<>? ~r Beach Stai rTarpi. ft raw Matting K*d *ior Wow. Hia Kath _ Ookmt Store and Kitchoa Re*at?t?e. Twii each. f*lN i. C. MeGt'lRE k CO.. A Br green A WILLIAMS, AnUohw*. Household and kitchen purni mi. Piano Foam. ?c* at apctio* ?On THURSDAY:eh*^ ?'o!o?k i. hi., ?t i|i? r**<d*nM of Dr. l. I. Dm, No 44? nor*h aids o'H . h?two*?> ?th and Ttk atf.. an UNllrat a*aorta??at *' fwiitin, Til: Fit* M>vn-oeteTi Pi*no ForU, mMt by tub* Mahof?r.y**a?d W?inut Sofa. Ara and Parlor Spring Chairs, Mah^canr Ottoman* MarMa-tap and othor Ta Dainaak and Lao# Wirdow Cartataaand Fixtara*. Mar)>1?-toy i>r**aing abd othor Baraaaa. and Bat Oil , Mart?. Vun ud Orraneata, <"hina, G an and Crookery W art, K"ira-. Pork* nod Syoona, Fib* Pa in tod Cottac* Chaanbor W aad Ward - rob**, ran* and WtxH-mt Chairs, Waakstands and Toilat Hot*. f Mth#r RmJi And RmlHin# Hsir avmI otK^r UrI Jenny Land. French ud other Bedttead*. Bru??e'? and other CarpeU and Olloioth, Cookinc, Radiator a?-d otter ?tore?. With a good lot of Kito en H rquiaitee, and Many other art o ei whioh we deem oLceceeeary to ennmerate. Terror: All of #sn and ander oaah; om #30, a credit of 3u and 60 dare for botee aauafao torily *rdor*ed l>eaiin? interest. _fe 11? ORE KNJtWI LIlAMff, A acta. Br J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO., Aactionaara. oQ SHARKS OF STOCK OK THJi Matwabd OO Aiki ? o*r*"T at Arcrioi*.? w 11 be aoid at pab:io aaotion. at oar auction room*, in ihiaetty. on TL'R^Da V, the i?n instant, at 5 o'e.ook p. m . to tnehieheet hidier for ca?h. lor aoooant of whom it may oor.eern.b3 Shares of Stook of the Maraari Arms Company. f6 5 d J. C. Me?UIRK ft. CO.. Anota. Look at Thli. THE EFFECTS OF THE PANIC! Artiolea of JEWELRY That asue'lv retail from 93 to 92". now MillBC at ONLY ONE DOLLAR EACH, AT TBI OPPOSITION STORE. 476 Pt)i|i?TlUlliiAriKfi, Call and examine BOOKS'! BOOKS'! We am olounr out a !arge atook of Standard and Miscellaneous Hooka at one-half of the regit ar prioea. 1 BOOKS SELLING FOR ftO CENTS. 91 a* BOOKS SELLING FOR 60 TO T* CENTS. -.> BOOKS SELLING FOR 91 TO 91.34. ALL DVFUa? Received m toon u Pnbiiahed. and Sold AT K ETA I L. frt the Loictst Who Us die Price*. REMEMBER. YOU CAN GET BOOKS from * to 90 per cent- le?a than Publuher'e jr.oee, and ELEGANT SETS OF JEWELRY, LADIES' NECK, GUARD.*id CHATELAINE CHAINS, and GENTS' VEST CHAINS, Ao? for ONLY ONE DOLLAR EACH. G. G. EVANS. 476 PeanrlTMit Areaae ?4T6 fr 4-lni,r Ladies, Call Early R mm (1DI1/1 v > I mt c vnav , w--, - !! % W| Genii' Fvrmiskinf Good*. Military 0V jaSl-d?w 388 Pa. > .. hK.Mli >m Wli eta. Wasui'ngTON AQUEDUCT. '' W inifteTos, D. C., Ja?. J#, 1KL ? " be reoeived at tlua Oftoe antil Piorn?iU will be reoeived at tkii Office aattl El of Um Mtk d%T ol February IMt, tnr tbe plat - o?v*riM Bridf* No. 1. The work to b* i will o>'naia< of the furnishing, ca'tibj aod MU tine of a*>oat 4J*neabic feet of granite. Bp*eiioa Uom mi be proca red a ad puueitamed onappll oatioa thi? Office. Each bid mast be aooorapaaiad br a (Miutf Ut( the party propoaing will, if hie bid la aooeptad, ? ?- oootraot *? *? C' VvIIOI Uf D' *U? * W? W* A WVI K Ml will O' nui' of the fornithine, oattiuf Mid MU tine of a*>oat 4J*neobic feet of irtuU. Bpeeiioa Ma Jm pmoared ft 3d p ui eiaasined oik^U nit be i iv pmuy proposing ?iu, ii iui vta i? wgc) iter into ountraot within ten day* thereafter. Propoeala to be aMled and rn<i?raed "Propc. Tor Platform Covering," a* d addrMeed to JAJ*. ft \ MORTON. Meat of Eag'ra Ch. Eag'r Wui A?d't ja 90 UCFeb T<HAT NOTICE ABOUT PERSONS CALL 1 mc to pay ap wa find by man? <1iar?f ardad Wa not it uiwar>t<K>d w are in neat; wo ml to* """"" ""Tuw. m.oalt. Putin ia Wood and Ooal, ia ft KM Pa. ar.. boc 11th and 12tk ata. KJ ONE PRICE ONLY? Having on bud a very bun ?took of DRESS TRIMMINGS. I will offer tba aaine rary aboa^^r Caah. and Oaa Pnoa Onjjr, R. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa. tv . toB tf Utmii th aiwl mi ata. j^CHENCK'8 PULMONIC BYRUP. Dr. 8CHENCK, of PkiMslpkU. fioda it tmpoa ib<e to Ttait v\ aabiaiton a<-ry weak. and aoa nade arnuianteuU to e"eitiveiy ba ia Ua city Ut third Wadiieeday of a vary nontb. Ha baa a aaitof rooma at the Arena# Hoaaa, raora pUiaaU oaa uMaii. advioa free. Ba ou!? ibarfM wh?s it ia neoaaaary <o make a tbor ?ck kiilattioi of Uko Uanr? witfc taa ? _ v. ??i ? o. ivAUi la AflMl for MtMts i rtlaoix brif, priM tl ptiwttl*. for tM ex* ol Cot|k*. Md> ud CotMllfttOB i ikKMOt'l Im wiM Ionic, prio# flpWbott- .for KyiftNMiMmmI'i udrtkt fijii, priM 8 msU btr box. for Lirtr Vui(>|iCoiulutlstid('oxtanlMaw ltv i. Dr. Sek*Mk worm bo irM*n< M> tliooo vio ttn boos oirod by kit roaodioi if tbw voa.d otvo umi oorbftoMoo ol oar* vilk S. B. WAITS, wmr wpi| m u retried lrotu ?ve to thirty dol.are eaoh. YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, K EOA.KDLBRI OF Co?T. At tiiia great aal* onntinuea hat a ehoi time. Cr?on? deeinng to (apply ihtmMlrM with Jrwelry theee unheard of prioM wiil pleaM oaJl early at ?Ur ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORR. 302 Peonrylvaata avenue. between 9th and lot* etreets 1) W. RIDDLE. we have ICT Remember the \ut* no oonn*otion with others, profeeaing to nil at oar prices, in this city. Received thin day a large invoice of SILVER - WARE, ooneiating of Breakfaet and Tea seta; r?- i ? j />.i? ? - " - ? >'?u buu i.u< uim u; ra<ent :?*rup 1'itehera; Butter Dish**; Fruit linivea; Tm Knivra, Korka; Table, D*aaert. an<1 iraSpoonr; Tobaoeo Boxee; Sugar and Cream -poont; Napkin Kiaga; Better Knjres, in ten and untie; Ki u-ei and '?rke. IB b*U: lee Cream, Hie and Fiah Kmree; Ur*akfaai and Dinner la#?orc; l)<>able and Single fa<te, a large variety <>t Plain, Chaaed, and Gilt Gobieta. Cum, to. All the ahovo artielee to beeoM with out regard to orifu-al ooat, at from 91 to 990. and warranted to b? what they are repreeentad. ana (ally 100 per oent. leaa than they nan be bought. 36-tr 302 Pa. av.. bat. 9th and 10th eta. I^REAT REDUCT'ON "F PE1CE TO^LIT THE TIM ICS. We are "faring great inducemeata for eaak. Oar entire stock at a gr?at reu-iotion. Pali aaita of B aok, aa^eto order, for fib; plain aoita of B.aclk. r*ady made for tit. wit t ?. - * -? RiEdLE'Si OHldlNAL Si SfoKE.' Ro. *0* PENNA. AVENUE, o. 30'i PENNA- AVENUE. Addition*! inTf>ioe? j'??t reoeired of N*w aod Betntiful Jewelry. F*o* Or* Entiei ? YOU CAN TaKK YOl'K CHOICE VOR ONLY ONE IM'LLAR. MEDALLION SETS. kb\l, kumam MOSAIC ki nv ai d vase sets, l.ava and BHaD hktg, VAbB and brilliant sets, j *fin mosajc m-jts, cameo and gold ?*tone SETS, Carbuncle sets, plain gold sets, boquet and ribbon *ft*. ladik6' necklaces. i ADIHJ' nkck chains, children's nkck chains, ents' vr?f suaw1** arm'-k"> ps' vf?t?hhkktI: ents' seals and chains. 9TUDe' fePOON everything in the atore new and perfect, and guarantied t?> n> aneh ai represented. |L/~ KtvrvmrticU mmAc wted ft ruaii trade, and warranted to b> ikm

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