Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS Cf b?a*u Ths Stab Is printed on the tartest steam press in use aoum of Baltimore, Its edition t? so lx-^e m to require It to V rmt to press at an <?" !? boar; Advertisements, therefor*, should be t-nt In before 1-2 o'clock m.; otherwise they may set appear until the next day. None*.?District of Columbia Advertisements tc be Inserted in the Baxtinoxk Srnare received t and forwarded from Tnx s*tax Office. RiLmmra ?Yesterday the various churches w?re well attended. Capitol ? Rev. Dr. Gurley prescbed from II. Timothy, l.M The Rer. speaker cited the many miracles performed by oor Saviour In substantiat ing hi* omnipotence, and Id showing the reasons for Paul's Immovable faith The same God who wrought those miracles, and who then went about doing good still existed and controlled the affairs of men. Tbe voice that once quieted the raging tempest and railed the dead from their slumbers, !s as powerful as It was then, and mercy Is ex trnd'd to the same Infinite extent that it waa when the Son of God was upon tbe earth. There Is but one name whereby man can be saved, s"d the Wms of salvation are simply a sincere turning to God and faith in tbe rfflcacr of the stonement. Through this faith man was able to give up all bis worldly aspirations, to surrender all his de si rrs for gain and honor, to sacrifice even his life, If need be. in the cause of his redeemer. The word of God, history, and experience clearly establish this, and If our confidence Is strong In God we shall ever come off more than victorious Graet Churek ?'Rev. Mr. Holmrad. the rector. dlsrotrnfd la the morning from Daniel, 4.30. Tbla chapter afforded a striking example of the unlimited power of God. The preacher gave an animated picture of the extent and magnificence of the city of Babylon a id of tbe power and worldly exaltation of Nebuchadnexxer, whose exulting boast was chronicled in the text. Bnt tbe result showed the utter worthlessness of tnman joys and hopes Drawing an analogy f>om tbe tree of Daniel's vision, let tis humbly pray that though tbe brancbes of our own na tioral tree may be lopped and its leaves and fruit stripped, its roots may not be disturbed. Mtthodisi Church South.?Tbe morning service wss conducted by Rev H. W. Hllliard. of Ala bama, who discoursed from tbe text of Romans, 1 13 and 16 The sermon was a comprehensive dis"nsa!on of tbe Word of God the power of Sal vation. At night. Hev. J. A. Proctor, the pastor, preached from the lU2d Psalm, 16 and 17. Witlty Chaptl.?The service was conducted by the pastor. Rev. Mr. MeCauley, who discoursed In the morning service from the text of ColoMlana, 3.*, upon the subject of the proper direction of the affections, contrasting thlnra earthly and spiritual. English Lutheran Church.?Rev. J. G. Butler preached, at the morning service, an appropriate discourse on the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, text from Exodus, 11 28, and at the close admin istered that ordinance to the members of the church. St. John's Mixtion Church?Rev Mr . Schloegel preached yesterday afternoon in the First Baptist Church, Tenth street, from St. Johns, 1 3, In behalf of the missionary cause The discourse was delivered in the German language. Methodist Protestant Church, Ninth Street.? The service was conducted bv tbe pastor. Rev P. Light Wilson, who preached in the morning from the text of Joshua, 24 15. At Bight, from the text of Proverbs, 3 17. Anemblf,t Church?Rev Mr. Collins preached in the morning from Romans 11:2?, and at night from Romans 14:11 ?cddi* Dbath ?The c'.ty of Washington was grieved and shocked this morning on learning that tbe Hon John A Rockwell, of Connecticut, was found dead in his chamber, at Mrs. Ulrich's boardlng-hou*e. last night On Saturday he com plained of what he regarded as a neuralgic sff c tion in his breast, but was out and about yester day, apparently well. Between eight and nine p m. he was In the rooms of Baron Grabbo, of tbe Russian Legation, (In the same house.) and smosea segar wnue mere anoruy after retiring to bis owo room, feeling unwell, he dispatched a servant for Dr. ^tone, who promptly repaired to btm Entering the chamber, he at tlrst supposed that Mr. Rockwell bad stepped into some other apartment, and turning to leave tbe room to In quire for him. he discovered bis body laying upon tbe floor by the side of tbe bed. Mr R bad undressed, turned down tbe bed clothes, and, evidently, when in the act of getting Into bed hsd fallen forward; bis bead lying against tbe wall and bent under bis breast, as It w?ere Life was q<iite extinct when the body was thus discovered by Dr. Stone. His death was evidently caused by apoplexy Mr Rockwell had served some years in Congress, from Connecticut, and his age is supposed to have been about flfty-eifrht. He was a trentleman of line inind and attainment* high character, and was well known, to the public men of the country especially. Novel Civil Suit.?Saturday afternoon, a case of a novel charaotercar ie off before J ustice Donn The an it waa brough by a Mr Kurtz against officer A E L. Ke<-se, for the recovery of certain goods or forty dollara, their value in money Some time ago Kurtz was robbed of the article*, and employed Keeae to go to Baltimore and cap ture the tbief. He did so, and placed the thief in the atation bouse in Baltimore for security. Wnila there he threw the stolen property into the privy of the atation. After Keeae return with the pris oner, Kurtz again requested him to go to Balti more and try to recover the goods He did so, and went to some expense; but secured the prop erty. The amount he received was five dollars; but as this did not pay, he retained the goods as 1 M AI u. 1/ t a wxunij iui ?up. [HYuicni mr. rvurtz maue a demand for the poods tlirouj(h his attorney, Capt. Jones, of Georgetown, and being refused, be brought suit for tbe money, as a constructive ? tle. The w.tnesses were mostly German, and their examination occupied mucn time. The argument of Mr J one* for the plainUiff. and tbe defendant for hims?if, was quite animated, and almost ended In a fight. The justice gave judgment for the defense. Fcsibal ?The funeral services of the late VV. G. Ridgely, Chief (bureau) Clerk in tbe Navy De partment, at bis late residence in Georgetown, yesterday afternoon, drew together an immense concourse of citizens of Georgetown and Wash ington. Among tbe distinguished persons present we noticed the veteran Com Smith, Gen. cstone, District Attorney Ould, Col. Cox, and others Tbe burial service was read by Rev. Dr. Norwood, of Christ Church, after which the Rev Dr. Tllling host of St John's Church, (of which the deceased wasa vestryman. )del I vered an impressive sermon. At be described the character or tbs bl^b-tonrd, warm-hearted christian gentleman, without fear, and without reproach, all present were deeply af fected, for they recognized the portrait as a truth ful one Win G. Rldgely was a gentleman of the old school, and his death is a loss to the commu nity Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Norwood closed the errice. The deceased was Interred in the family burial ground at VVoodleigh, north of George town. GatTTiKK's ?Elsewhere will be found some announcements of Gautier in relation to his well known establishment As stated In bis advertise ments, it is quite unnecessary to say to Washing Ionian* aught respect the superiority of bis ar rangements for the public accommodation as K<wlu hW?jtiar? ftiit snnnAM "i C?CI i1 wu j uric ?u<?t v>wu?i?i oupj^ia, "Ointld'l creams," "Gautler's confectioneries," etc., etc , are indlspensablrs when the verv best to be had it dnlrod. Citizens know well too well that notwithstanding the excellence of the c*umm at Gautier's, and the taste with which it la served, that hla prices are remarkably low. But strangers may not be aware of all these tacts, and for their benefit we refer them to Mr. Gau tler's advertisements with our hearty and un qualified endorsement of all stated therein. A great convenience at Gautier's is a printed bill of tare with the prices of each article thereon placed opposite. Militakt ArrAifts in Gbosoitowh ?Major General Welghtman's general orders No. Sorgsn Izing the volunteer companies there Into the 1st Georgetown Volunteer Battalion, and assigning the command thereof to I.lent. Col HoUlngs worth have tlrea grnt aatiafation to the com pan tea con cerned. The Colonel (Coxe)and the Lieut. Colo nel are very popular with the force* already or ganised. We understand that the Anderson Rifles, Scott Rifles and Home Guard* will prob ably receive their arms to-day. The flags of the Potomac Light Infantry and the Anderson Rifle company , were at half-mast on Friday and Sat urday as a mark of respect to the late Wm G. Rldgely who was an honorary member of the flrat named company. Joan Csowlbt ?About the busiest man we see In these dull times Is Crowley, the card writer. whose facile flan era torn off the most beanttral and Intricate specimens of callgraphy as If by magic. All styles of penmanship aeeni equally at his command, bat some pen and Ink xw.utioB of hla uDon Bristol board we lately witnessed, certainly surpeaaed in elegance any lb lug of the kind vre have ever aeen We m w him buar too, engrossing In auperb style. aom? collage dlpu mas and similar documenta. In fact, where beautiful ornamental penmanship of any kind la required, Crowley*a services are apt to be railed into requisition. He may be found at Brovrn's Hotel or the Natloaal. Guuti Scott, In a letter to the oficers of the Scott Life Guard, of New York, wbo tendered their services for the ds/rnee of the Capitol, stale* that the government doea not contemplate calling >?? tmaia to Was hi as ton other than the militia r Ex-SKimiT Floyd ?It to uaoaieal that ex-Secretary Floyd will b* hera la a couple of vreckt to demand an Immediate trial of &? In dictment whieb hw beea fooad ayaiort kin bjr Th* Pbac* Coitasctt ?We publish below i ! lltt of the CommlMtoner* to the Peace Congress (now being beld at Willards' Hall) who have arrived here, and, so far u we are able to ascer tain, the placet where they are atopplng : A?*e Hamprkye?Amoa Tuck, at Benj B. French's. Capitol Hill; Levi Chamberlain, at WilUrds'; Asa Fowler, do. Vermel?Hiland Hall, Lewi* Underwood, H. H Henry Baxter, L. L. Chittenden, D. B. Harris, all at Willards'. Rhode If land.?Samuel Ames, at the National; Ale* Duncan, at Willards'; W. W Happln, at the National: Georse H. Browne, do : fcamuel G. Arnold, do. Mauaehusetts.?John Z. Goodrich, John M. Forbes. Rtch'd P Waters,Thcopholls P. Cband lee, Francis B Crownlngihleld, Geo. S. Bout well, Charles Allen, all at Wlllards' Ccmturticitt? Roger S. Baldwin. Cbaancey F. Cleveland, Chas McCordy, at Wlllarda'; James F. Pratt, at the National; Robblns Battelle, at Wlllarda'; Amm }*. Treat, do. Nfto York.?William E. Dodge. David Dudley Field, Wm. Curtlas Noyes, James S. Wadnworth, James C. Smltb. Amazlah B. James, Krastus Corning, Addison Gardiner, Greene C Bronson, Ex-Gov John A King, Msjor General John E. Wool, all at W1 llards'. ?? Jersty ?Charles9 Oiden, Peter D.Vroom, Robert F. Stockton, Beni. Williamson, Joseph F. Randolph, Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, Rod man F. Price, Wm. C. Alexander, Thomas J. Btrrker. ail at WUlarda' P- nnxfr/ranta. ?Tho? White, James Pollock, W M Meredith, David Wllmot, A. W. Loomia, Tboa E. Franklin, Wra. McKenna, all at WU lards'. Ohio?John C. Wright, at Willarda'; 9. P. Chase, do ; William 8 Groesbeck, do.: F. T. Kackus, do ; Reuben Hitchcock, do.; Thomas Ewing; V. B Horton, at Wlllards' Indiana ?Caleb B Smith, at Wlllards'; P. A. Hackleman; Gordon 8. Orth, at Wlllards': E. W. H Ellis, Thomas C. Slaughter. Illinois?John Wood, at Wlllards'; 8. L. Lyon, do.; John W. Palmer, do ; Burton C. Cook, do ; Thomas J. Turner, at the National. lovra ? James Harlan, Joseph W. Grimes. S. P Curtis, William Van. Dtlmcnrt.?George B. Rodney,at the National; Daniel M. Bates, Henry Ridgley, John W. Houston, Wm. Cannon. Marylmd ? John F. D?nt, Reverdy Johnson; rLk Iff n_ 1 _ii l J if > hi i ? . tir it J juuu i? . v/rimcia. ai >? uiaras ; Aug. VV . Brad ford, do ; W T. Goldsborough, do; J. Dixon Roman, do.; B C. Howard. Virginia?John Tyler, at Brown*'; Wm. C. R1v?*8, at Mrs. Ulrlch ?; Jno. VV. Brockenbrough, at Browns'; Geo. W. Summer*, at the National; Ja* A Seddon, at Browns'. North Carolina?George Davi*, at Willards'; Tbs. Ruffin,do ; David?. Reld, D. M. Barringer, J. M. Morehead. Kentucky ?Wm O. Butler, at Willards'; Jas. B. Clay, do ; Jobn F. Bell, do.; C. S. Morehead, do ; James Guthrie, do ; Chas A. Wlckllfle. Tennessee.?Sam'l Milligan, at Willards'; R. L Caruthers, do ; Thos Martin; A. O. W. Totten, at Willards'; R O. McKlnaey,do ; Wm. Hick erson, do.; F R Zolllcoffer, do ; Joslah M. An derson, Isaac R. Hawkins; Alvln G'ullom, at Wil lards'; George W. Jones; H. W. Stevens, at Wil lards'; Thos. Mucler, do. Missouri ?Jobn B. Coulter, A. W. Doniphan, W. P Johnson, Aylette H. Buckner, Harrison Hougb, all at Browns'. affair or hosor -Friday night, a very salty discussion occurred near to the City Hall, about eight o'clock, between two v??ng gentlemen, who, from the (act that they left tbe National to gether, after a conversation In tbe hall, appeared to be intimate acquaintance*. They began at Sixth street the diacuuion of the absorbing topic, and got along smoothly enough till at the corner of Fifth street, when the argument of the L'nion man being a little more than his secession com panion could manage, the latter answered with tbe somewhat personal remark, 4< Oh, you're a d?d fool." A short halt ensued to afford oppor tunity for a retraction of the offensive sentiment. About twenty steps further, the Union man de clared that "all secessionists are traitors, and ought to be hung." Tbe secessionist baited, and asked "do you mean that for me?" The Union man replied that he excluded none, they were all alike, and he would "like to be Jack-ketch for every d?d traitor." This wa? more than he <>f Dixie's land could stand, and be faced about with the exclamation, " 1 can lick you. by G?d." and flred away with his fist at his opponent's face, but he wasn't fast enough, for the return blow took him full on the proboscis, and he commenced falling and catching to save himself, until he brought up against a tree box, from whence he., took a start and ran like a race horse, with one shout for the watch, (which wa* not answered, of course.) When he got off a safe distance, he halted, gave a shout for the Southern Confede racy, and then kept on running. Perhaps he's at It yet. Polick Mattsks.?Effort Justice Barnarlo ? Ann Kirhv v*crr*nt- a*?nt tn th? trxr cm* daya Julia Penny aliaa Douglas, (colored) ar reated for steeling afaoeaand clothing from W . M Isaacs This cuv was beard, and the accused dlamiaaed Shortly after Mr. Isaacs got home from tba magistrate's office be went into hla yard, where be found a pair of sboea, a lot of linen, a velvet clock, and other articles, all cut up into small pieces They had been thrown over the fence from the yard of Julia She was re-arrested and committed to jail, as well as her husband, Fete Douglas, for a further hearing Wm. Moore, arrested fcr stealing a coat from Mary Conroy; committed for a further examination. Thomss Furguson, arrested for stealing two pairs of gait ers from G. G. Fun; committed for court. Wm Welnn, arretted for stealing forty bushels of corn; committed for court. Thi Isck??i>i**t Cask.?Thla morning Noble Grayaon and Faunce Grayson, colored, who were arrested by Policemen Ginnlty and Urigbt on suspicion of setting Are to the (table of J. H. Sbreeve, on Seventh it , !n?t week, came up for a further hearing before Justice Clark. There wai strong circumstantial evidence connecting Noble with tbe act. but tbe only positive testimony wns that of VV. D Bell, who testified that by promise of befriending him, he obtained from Noble the confession that while Faunce was engaged in his work in the stable, be set It on fire The evidence being sufficient to justify a commitment, Noble Urayton was committed for court. Faunce was dismissed. Mkxtixo or thk Howitzer Compamt ?This company lately organized tn the Sizth Ward, under the name of Company D. Washington Light Infantry, met at Odd Fellows' Hall, navy Yard, on Saturday night. Some fifteen newjnembers i_. J ? J - l J m wrr? rfceiT'a, ina a large numoer proposeu ier admission Into the corps. The Captain and three Lieutenant* were constituted a committee to wait on the President, to ask for a Dahlgreen naval howitzer In place of the mounted howitzer as signed tbem by the Secretary of War, the latter being of too heavy caliber for the troopa. The company then went Into drill practice, which waa kept up till 10 o'clock. A Plxasant Arriii ? Lieut Sam. Owena, of the Prealdent'a Mounted Guards, (aa stated In the Star already,) was, on Thursday evening last, duly elected captain of that corps, vice Peck, pro moted to a colonelcy In the reorganization of the loilitta of the District. After the election of Capt. Owena, a large number of the members of the corpe, accompanied bv Major Watt, Councilman Powell, and other gueste, repaired to Field's Hotel, where they enjoved a capital impromptu aupper, prepared in Maior Field's well-known capital style, wblrh was duly washed down with a basket of the Major's famous "green seal." 4- - ? - Rowdtis* asd Robbkky ?'Thursday night, be tween II and 12 o'clock, Mr John Davis, master painter at the Capitol, wu knocked down while 011 hla way?bome on Four-and-a-half street, near Maryland avenue, and robbed of a amall amount of monev and a K?ld ring. Tbe blow which filled him wji ao severe as to knock blm aenae lesa, and be laid a long time In the street before he recovered sufficiently to find his way home. Since that time he has been confined to hia house in consequence of tbe injuries he received. Thbxk was a Puss yesterday afternoon in en avenue hotel, between aeveral attaches of a foreign Minister on one side, and e few Washington bruisers on tbe other, which attracted quite a crowd thereabout Tbe affair grew out of a amall dog fight, and resulting in a general breaking of the heads of the participant, one*of whom, a hostler, was compelled to visjt a neighboring apothecary shop and have his wounds dressed before he could go home. W1 uhdsestard that the Good Samaritan soup bouse, recently established under tbe cusp ices of the Knclish Lutheran Church, and which has hitherto been opened on three days every week, will In future be opened every day at the usual bour until further notice. On Saturday last the committee relieved 475 applicants. Non-commissioned Omegas of Company C, W L. I.?Recently, the following non-commis sioned oUlcer* were elected in this corps ^Or derly Sergeant, R C. Lewis; 2d do., J. A. McDer mott; 3d do., William Ferguson; 4th do., O. T. Basaett; Third Corporal, J. F. Stalling*; 4th do., E.H.Slpe. Mitbofolitan Rifle* ?The order having been given for the equipment of tbia new eorpe, under command of Capt . R. Allen, the arms will be obtained to-day, and the future drills of the company will be In tbe manual of arms, aa well as the company evolutions. Fatal Accident ?On Saturday last, Mr. Jef ferson Goaltn. of this city, whilst cutting wood at Woodland, in Fairfax County, accidentally cut himself with an aze.and waa injured so severe ly that In a short time he died from the effecti of the wound.?At**- Gaztttt. Com pah y P..?Wi w b? Zouive company tb? WuhiagtMi Light J purE. Good! then la to attaebod to EhrricvLTT Adjt?t*? ? It la reported that the difficulty between Senators Jobnaon. of Tenn . and Wig fell, of Tezaa, baa been amicably aettled by the frleoda of the parties, and that no hostile collision need be apprehended. CiacoiT Cocbt.?To-day, the case of Owinga ?Rt J. 11 Haw was up, In which action waa brought to recover the amount of certain promi sory notes. A grand rosriir and premutation of colors to Company C, \V . L I bnttalion. Will take place _i iv ai- tn ? - ? ? ? ? - ? * ai iuf siniiuionian on i nursaay aigm. Bear 11 mind Hoststt**'* Stomach Bittk*?.?This prepa ration hu acquired its immwo celebrity not by flowery advertisements, bat from plain statements of its properties and effects, verified by every indi vidual who lias (i ven it a trial. What the adver tisements of the proprietors promise, the medicine invviably performs, and hence the popular faith in its virtues. It aots as a gentle stimulant on the stomach and subsidiary organs, communicating in this war an amount of vigor equivalent tT that of whioh th* patient may have been deprived by sick ness. Their nature is sustained, while the tfit'ers as an alterative and anti-billious medicine relieves the system of all morbid matter, and imparts regu larity to the secretions. This is the simple phi,oso phy of the cures of diarrhtra, general debility, in termittents, liver complaints,chronic melancholy, hysterea. headache, ch^lic, flatulence, Ac., whioh are creating a mingled feeling of astonishment and srrAlifnria in ' I na v/*f fW? ??? ??????v V a c?i MJ w? ?UO WVUUHI jr For aale by druggists and dealera generally every where. fe 5 eoSt Covshs?Theandden ohangea of onr climate are eouroe* of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved that ainple remedies often aot speedily and oertainly when taken in the early states of the dneaae, reoourae should at once be had to " Brown's Bronchial Troches," or Lozengea, let the Cold; Cough, or Ir ritation of the Throat be ever ao alight, aa by thia precaution a more aeriona attack may be effeotually warded off. Public Speakers and Sinters will find them effectual for oleanng and atrengthening the voioe. See advertisement. del-ly MARRIED. At the Ebenf zer M. E Church, on Tueaday night, the 5th inatant, by the Rev. l)r. Ryan. Mr. GK??. H. KI.INEHAU3E to Miaa MAKY E.COOK, both of thia city. * DIED, In thia citT. on the 10th instant, EDITH BELL, eldest daughter of Albert Gteenleaf, Esq , aged 16 years. Her funeral will take plaoe on to morrow (Tuea day) afternoon, at 1 o'clock. The frienda ot the iainiiy are invuea to attenu. w On the llth instant, DANIEL FOLEY, in the 55th year of his age, a native of County Kilkenny, Ireland. His funeral will take place Wednesday, the 13th, at 2 o'cock p m , from riis late residence, No. 366 Eleventh st. At the Soldier'* Home, in the Distriot of Colum bia, PATRICK phelan, aged 27 years, a native of Ireland, and formerly a private of Company B, 1st raiment infantry. * Boots and shoes ?. AT HALF PRICE. Just .received, on consignment, thirty oases of BOOTS anS shoes. Gents'Calf Boots, doable soles and uppers, water proof.. 83. worth ?5.50 Gents' Quilted Bottom French Calf Boots.? .?*.00, worth ?8on Gents \V at*r Proof Boots 2 75, " 5.00 " think arorvri n!is.litT iinnti 1 SO " <i r*i " ' "fTner"" ' " 2 00, " 3 50 " Congress Calf Gaiters and Scutch Moots 91 50, vorth 83 00 G'nts' Oxford Shoes, with a laree lut of ether kinds... ..#1 25. worth $2.25 Gents' BroganB, gooa artic e 38o., " 1.50 Kits' r .620., *' 1.25 Ladies' Cloth Button Boots,dou ble sole _..87o., worth 82 00 Ladir ' Monroe double sole But ton Boots ... $1.50, worth Misses' Leather He?l Boots 50c.. " 1.00 W ith a large lot of other Boots and Shoes equal ly ,o* in price, at MARSHALL & PAGE'S. Commission Merchants, fJ 8 3t peder Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th st J NEW HOOKS. L'ST RECEIVED AT FRENCH A KICHSTEIN'S, No 27P Prnn. Avenue, The Shadow in the House, a new novel, by John Saund*ra, 12mo., oioth; 81 by mail. The Dutch Dominie of the Catskilla, by the Rev. Davri Mtfnoci', D. D.. 12:no..oloth; 81 2S by mail. The Romanco of an Irish Girl, 12mo., oioth; 81.00 by mail. > i a 11 tcHiunnioaioi me oosi jii irtrr worn pghli-thed. ja24 A HARE CHANCE For bargains in School 1 Hooks. Blank Books. Miscellaneous Books and Stationery, Writing Paper, Envelopes, Ac., Ac., at sHEPHKRD'S, corner Seventh and Dsts. selling oat to reduce stock. ja 19-lm JO THE MILITARY! \V# are offering great inducements to Military Companies who wish outfits. Being largely engaged in arm/ and navy wcrk, we can give every facility in styte and prices. Orders from the country promptly executed. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., S33 Penn. avenue. MILITARY OVERCOATS as low as ?6. ja31-2w IN VIEW OF THE EXTRAORDINARY stringency of the times, and wishing to close out our heavy stock by spring, we will sell trom this date as follows: HICKORY WOOD, $6 50; OAK, $5 50; PINE, 94-50. ~KKD ASH COAL, all si*<w, #6 25; WHITE ASH COAL, all mt'i, #6; CL MB^K LAND, *6, 2.240 pounds to the ton eua anti<-d iu all ca*eg, Sawed &ad Split WOOD all sixes. DICKSON A KING, _ ja 2fi-co3w Yard?cor. Vermont av, and 15th at. W WINDOW SHADE*. ARRANTKI) Gold Band Window Shades. Buff, Green, and Blue Holland Shades, all aiz?a, made to order. Fine, Medium, and Low priced Paperhangings. At j. M AKKKI TKH'S, No. 4S6 Seventh st., 8 door?above ja36 eolOt Odd Fel'ows' Hall. I^EAUTlFUL AND VERY CHEAP. CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE, The stock now on hand at the o'd atom of CLA 6ETT Sc. DODSON of all kinds of pretty and de sirable materials for I'arlor, IVawitig and other rooin Curtains is still vert complete,and in view of the state of the time* will be sold off at a very nun ous sacrifice. Membara of Congresa and other* who would add to the beauty and comfort of their homoa will find a great saving and advanv?re to make their pur h Ar a ? a tWa nnsf lul ? *"? - -1 WO >1IW 2 |UOh UW WiWOVM "UK W settH with the estate of the ate deceased partner, ta 22 eolot CI.AGETT & DOPSON. raTOPUAM,S PREMIUM TRUNK QElFD M Ai\ V FACTORY, 499 SXVBKTH fcTRKET, WASHINGTON, D. C. Silver Medal avardod by Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7, I860 Alao, Medal b* Me r<>po!it?n Mechanics' Institute, Washington, D. C., 1857. I am constantly making, and always have on hand, of the beat material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladie>' Dress, Wood Box, and Faokine Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet, and Canvas ravel mp Bags, conooi ffaiontue, <c., At Low Prices. Meipbws of Congress and travelers will plaase examine n.y stuck Iwfore purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are mads in other cities. Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to or^er. Trunks covered and repaired at sliort notice. Goods deN vered free of charge tj any part of the ?ity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. ja23 lyeo JAMES 8. TOPHAM. W910.000 ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES ami. TRUNKS, Of all Styles and (Qualities, AT a eKMT McairicK on cost. Stor* for Rent and Fixtures Jar Salt. All the Stock in S. P. HOOVER'S STORK, vnftlroii Hall,embracing e^ery variety fiHflof Ladies', Gents', Children's and BB J ^ MUSerranu; SHOES Also, TR A v fll KLIINU TRUNKS are now being sold, for' W? casket treat sacrificeson usual retail sellingfprioes. indeed much below original ooit. The attention of the public is solicited, aa great inducements will be made to purchasers. 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The town meeting at Forrest Hall on Saturday evening, to which the friend* of ''Richard R. Crawford, E?q., the persecuted present Mayor," were invited, was fto us? an uncommon phrase) * large and enthusiastic one. At the appointed hour (7 o'clock) but few were present, but before & o'clock the halt was llled. Manv of oar most respectable citizens were present, and we noticed in the crowd democrats and anti-democrats, re publicans and anti-republicans. Unionists snd dis unionists, Crawford men. Addison men, Williams me(|, Magruder men, King men, and anybody's men. The first incident was the arrival, preceded by a drum and flfe, of a small delegation with a large transparency, on which was inscribed "For Mayor, R R. Crawford." The Holy Hill band then made their appearance, and after tuning up, Commenced to play "Dixie's land " This was received with applause from one portion of the crowd, and hisses from the other. They then played in good style one of their popular tunes, which had a soothing effect, and wnen Mayor r> ?... / 1 ?? J i? - - - um-iuiu cuvcrcu u? wa? ^re*lea wim hearty applause. ?quire Jor N. Fearaon conducted Mr. Crawford to the platform, and In stentorian tone*, nutated by a few raps of hia stick on the table, peremp torily called the meeting to order, and the meet ing came to order. Sir. Pearson said this meeting waa called to nominate R K. Crawford as a candidate for the mayoralty at the coming election "As for the cand'date already nominated,'' said he, "I was much surprised that b? would stand a nomination, after hla printed declaration of two years ago, that he would be a candidate no more." Mr. Fearson then read from the addresa to the citizens fmbllshed by Mr. Addison, that portion stating bat he was not the candidate of any party, sect, clique, cabal, Ac , and said that thls'same gentle 1 t -J * ? * ? - * ~ man ubii own a wmg, a Know notbing, and It ia now said is a member of tt<e black republican nigger party. [Applause and hiwes ] Mr. Fearson tben read the conclusion of the ad dress In which Mr Addison stated he would never be a candidate again, and after commenting on it, Eroceeded to speak of Mr. Crawford, who all knew ? be a t&leutfd gentleman, reared among us. a citizen of our town for forty yean, and who, when he presented himself before the councils two years go, with the certificate of hlselectlon by the peo ple, and demanded to be sworn in, was buffetted snd scorned by the Rip Rap, Plug Ugly. Know Nothing party. [Laughter J He then touched on the sums of n.oney paid Mr. Addison bv the town, to defend his suit, Ac.j after which he Introduced Mr Crawford. Mayor Crawford had not time to prepare him self, as he was only Informed of the meeting in the course of the day; but it was due to the ex ertions he had made the r*?*t tun ?? ? oua champion of popular rights, ami a defender of the liberty and elective franchise of the people under the charter, that he should speak of the opposition he had encountered from a usurping legislature. He spoke in eloquent terms of the itorm he bad encountered, and said be would let them into something of the secret history of the two years contest for the mayoralty. \V hen chosen Mayor at the last election, he liaa presented him lelr in the Council Chamber, with the official certificate, and desired to have the oath of office administered to him. The boards refused to ad minister the oath, and constituted themselves judges. "ltiey set aside his prima facie title, the* judges, and he had given way and sought legal redrrss, and his position was sustained by the local courts of this District. Those Impartial judges of the City Councils only examined one ballot-box of tbe four, and decided that Mr. Ad dison had a majority of one. A single ballot-box only was looked into, and tbe rights, liberty and franchise of the people violated. rAnnUuae 1 Another fact which had never found ft* way into the newspapers, and wa> only known to thoae gentlemen who wer-? at court. This first precinct was a greater myiterv than the second There wfre at least three vote* more in the ballot-box than the judge* certify to have received Thoae judges he believed to be honest men Two of them were political opponents; and tbey had iworn In a solemn manner before thecircuit court that they bad completely emptied the ballot-box, counted its contents ticket by ticket, registered the total number on the original certificate and du plicate, and they had no knowledge whatever of those additional votes. He had weathered the storm, and had legally triumphed over this usurp ing legislature ana usurping Mayor. They had no right to sit in judgment on the truth or falsity of the judge*' return. It was matter for a higher tribunal. ' They then," said he, ''passed an ordinance (these judge* wbo ought to have been Impartial) appropriating fS<)0 to pay the counsel fee* of my opponent, and by a supplementary resolution too* that much of your money, the DeoDle's monev. money of the majority. [Applause ] Have you sensibility to your wrongs? These facts consti tute a great public as well as a private wrong. The charter has been subverted. The humblest man's home is his castle. \V bat is the town Louse 7 Is it less sacred and Inviolable than the home of the humblest man among you ? You oc cupy it through your representatives; it is an linage of popular sovereignty, and thus you your selves were ejected without color of law. It is a maxim of F.ngllsh as well as of American law that every man's home is his ctstle, and the Eng lish jurists say that in it he may bid defiance to the forces of tue Crown. [Applause J There was done in this town what a King of England dare not do. The provocation was great, but as an officer looking to great public interests, and de sirous to prevent strire and the etl'uslou of blood, I sought peaceable redress " Mr Crawford then spoke of the greit glory of success. "Great," said he, "when we consider that we were opposed by both board* of the Coun cil. with tbe Mayor at tbeir head and the town treasury to back them, and that we conquered under tbe banner of tbe people's rights. -Rome again Is free,' and with your help and God's help sha shall remaiu free " He then said be had already alluded to 9.500 of tbe people's money taken without warrant of law, and would now go on to other wasteful and profligate expenditures of that dynasty; and In relation to the ?500 paid to Mr Addison to pre vent a dismemberment of tbe town, would say that the Senator from Mississippi (Mr. Brown) said that he (Mr. C.) defeated the dismemberment project, and he had a letter of the Hon. Senator to that effect. "1," said he, "did not, but my opponent did set S500 of vour monev When Senator Brown" beard that the Corporation of Georgetown waa going to give Mr. Aadiaon S5U0 for doing what be did not do, bla exact expreaalou to me waa, "If they are damn foola enough to do It, let them do it " Mr. Crawford then, for the benefit of the butch ers, told them of Senator Feaaeuden, who, when he heard the '-high perfumed ariatocrata on the highta" were for the diamemberuieot, said "that must mean the butchera." "Aa to that $o00," aaid he, "whether you have bad the value of it or not yau muat decide. He then apoke of the *500 appropriation for pap?ra In relation to the ainking fund, which Mr Addlaon claimed aa nrivatv papera Mr. Crawford aaid be had oppoaed the appropriation, becauae the law woula have compelled Mr. Addiaon to produce theae papera. He then apoke of the 3M-30 to the committee and SoO to the clerk for examining the condition of the ainkiug fund, and aaid here waa 9*2.uoo gone without warrant of law. He then aaked bow uraaf^ful AvnofiHihiPAa wova *a W Ul^V f*n?>v?u* W*.S*j> U1CI) auu poke eloquently and at length on tW subject of taxes, qui) tin a Lord Chatham a celebrated produc tion on English taxation. He aatd tbey were opposed by one they had fought fnr fourteen years; they ought to know hltu well by this time, and be on their guard against him. As a sample of his inconsistency he would read hla pledge of two vearn ago not to be a can didate again This reminded hlmof tbe Vicarof Bray, who, first a Catholic, then Protestant, tbeu a Catholic again, and so on, managed to keen his place througn the changing reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth, and, being charged with inconsistency, said that his prlncH pies were "to live and die Vicar of Brey," and be bad been true to them throughout. Tbe election of 1&>7 bad proved that this candidate was not Invincible, and that? " The day of his destiny's o'er, And tbe star of bis fate has declined." Let every man do his best, and on the fourth Monday in February we may exclaim, as did tbe immortal Perry at Lake Erie: "We have met the enemy, and he la ours " Mr. Pearson then put the question: "All who are in favor of the nomination of K. R Crawford, Bay aye." The ayea pretty strong. ''All opposed say no " The noea not quite so alrong. Mr. C. C. Callan then swung his hat above his head, and called out, "Thn-e cheers for R. R. Crawford;" which were given with * will, and the meeting dispersed. What effect it will have on the convention to-night, remains to be seen. ^HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Victims of Self Abuse and Secret Diseases should apply at SHtMAN'S Southern Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, corner Sixth street and P*. avenue, immediately opposite the National Hotel, and try Dr. Southey's Celebrated London Medicines. Th<y are warranted toeare the most iraient form* of Gonnorrh<B*, Gleet. Syphilis, Nocturnal Emissions, Strictures, and \V.?kness of the Bladder in from j to 6 daya. The Remedies oo mm By auu:. UICC0 hour* iron Ikn to 10 > m. ja, ?-i>f TJ. A W. M. GALT Dimii m WOOD AND COAL Of Ail kinds. ->198 Pml i bMvteg 11th ud 12th Offio*-)I99 P?an ?veaaa, itrMU. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS J-jf-GBOKGETOWN MAYOKALTY. G ioiditowk, D. C., Pibniry 9, IK I. Hon RuMard K. Cmwftri, #i??r of &e*r$eio*em : A Dxab *t*?T have tn? aatiafltotiOB to mforir tob th?", at ? verr'? (tf p. at Forrvat HaJI, thi? trecinc. . f th? citizens of til* town. iarotabl* to yoor r?-?le<riori to Um mayoralty, at whi ifa I frMKei, yon w*r?, with great enthn?ia*?, nomi nate i< * Mn 'Mat* for tut oSee at the ensuing .ection. Very r*?p?ctft?lly. JOSEPH FT FEARSON. Chairman. Gmnirowii. D. C? February 9,1M1. To Josrpk N. Fe*rt?m, Chairmmm, etc.: Dcak m*-1 aooept the nomination bT thepeop'e. Mi meeting it Forreet Hall th<e evening. at to* mae* meeting , . ? aa a oandidate for the mayoralty at the en?uinc lection, whioh yon have juat announced to me, with the gratitude which this token of the renewed oonfidenoe of my fellow-ottizena ineairea. and with the aaauraroe. in the event of my election, of the sealoua dedication, in the futare, aa in the paat. of my huniMa ahilitiea to the publio aervioe. Very reepeclfullr, It R1CHA.WD K. CRAWFORD. VALENTINE 9! VALENTINE BS A large end h-ivutifal aaaortment of Sentimental and ( omic Valen tinea, new atylaa. Alaoafiteva 'riety of ,Lace. 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Dr. Sohloaaer haa thia day operated upon my feet, and, I am happy to a%y, with the greatest eaae, and haa given me foil aatiafaotion. I bare srflered for several years with oorns, and, from tne comfort 1 have already experienced, I would reo ommend all those suffering from that cause not to deiay longer, and call at the Doctor's. JAMES BELGER, Major U. 8. Army. February 6th, 1860. Prom Capt. S. Barron, U. S. Navy. Dr. Schlosser has extracted several corns from my feet very snooeesfully, and withoat pain. 8. BARRON. DR. SCHLOSSER Respectfully announces to parties who wish to ob ttL\n A. B?rmRB?nt flura nf ALL DISEASES OF THE FEET to furor him with a Mil without de.'ay, u thu will be his LAST VI^T IN WASHINGTON, Intending shortly to return to Europe and retire from professional service*. CONSULTING ROOMS, ?#T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (South side,) between 12th and 13th streets. urnuis bulks From 10 a. m. till S f. m. LEAVE POSITIVELY WASHINGTON NEXT THURSDAY, f?7 FEBRUARY 14TH. CLARENDON HOTEL REST AURA.N 1'.? BENJAMIN HOBBS Ftfi 1mvc t) i'.form his friends and the pa ho generaly that he has taken and fitted liD In R ann*ri<tr m&nitAr th? R ? > M rant at the aoatheaat corner ot . eon. avenue and tfixth street He will at all times be pr?pardto unreal who may favor him with a caifTwith the beet WINES, t 1QUORS and CI GARS, aa well aa OYSTERS GAME a d other delicaciea of the aeaaon. fa 4-1 m JUST RECEIVED AT FRKM'.B A RK H STEIN, 978 P*nn.avenue, Waahinxto*r'The Pickwick Papers." being the ferat of the elegant houtehould edition of the work* of Cbadea Dios fm; illustrated by T. O. C. Dariey aad John Gil bert. K iveraide jr aa. Call aed examine them. Alao, a new aupply of ?arley'? Illustrated Cow per. the &neet edition pabliakad. fa I BALTIMORE di m-m OVA1H OUUDA. 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Ed"** "WaikiHftom Star: LtaTidaon county baa about S,U0t for tbe 1'nlon, and not boot* tbaa 700, if ao many, for aeceaalon The r?4uraa from adjoining count!ea, a? far aa received. Indicate that the* have all followed tbe exam pie ?f Davldaon Na?hv:ll?. Tenn , Feb. 10.?Tt tkt Editf / Tkt Stmr: We have received auflcient returna by telegraph and railroad, from dlltoeat quar ter* of tbe 9tale, to warrant oa la aarlBC *? you that Tenneaaee baa goae for tbe L'alee by a eery beery majority. Tbe dieaaloaia* haee with rnge and roortilcatt? to-day, North Ala. bama la rapidly working np to the point of rw olutlon agalnat the revolutlonarr deapotlatn MW straddling >er neck. NaaHTiLLK, Feb. 10?4 p. m? Simr: The lndlcatlona from all quarter* of tto? State tbla afternoon are that Tenneaaee baa voted a majority for " No Convention " The dlwatw party bare been completely obliterated nil o?tt tbe Ptate. Kxoimu, Tenn , Feb. 10 ? IT. D. WmiUuk, Wafktntton, D C.: Tbla ronaty baa voted aim oat unan; mom nvninat urau'nn i .4?1 ?-? State bu evidently gone Lead ever heels against disunion. Ualiiut Ceaveatiea Nkw Obleaks. Feb. (-The Convention to day passed an ordinance continuing m Uwa of Louisiana all of tbe old Federal law* relating to Circuit and District Courta A resolution waa offered Instructing tbe Caaa mtttee on Finance to report aa to tbe expedleacy of a modification of tte revenue lawa to Unit India bagging and otber article* used la dealing In cotton, free of duty; alao, aa to Imposing a ape elic. Instead of an ad vmlertm, duty on foreign sugar, with a view to protect tbe augar Interests of Louisiana. A resolution that tbe criminal laws of tbe Uni ted States Courts remain as now was ordered to be printed A resolution will probably be offered to narrow to abolish the Legislature Fre?i PrMMla. Mo>r?o*nr, Feb. 8.?We have received let* nfwi from Penaacola. Some few, er perhapa a dozen of the aoldiera who were etatlooed at Peaaa cola are here now on furlough. Theyaay that there area few United States armed veaaela of the port and more are expected there. All waa quiet. It ia true that the Poetmaater-General haa abol ished the Poat Office at Penaaeola, but there haa been no material trouble experienced about It Mailt are made up and forwarded, Independent of the Poat Office Department, and ao ft will be wherever the Poat Officea are aboliabed. Michigan Democratic ttaleCMveatla, Dktkoit. Feb. g.?The Democratic State Con vention to nominate a candidate for Judge of the Supreme Court, met In thlsclty vesterda jr. Reso lutions declaring devotion to the Union, opposing COfPf ion ?nrt fnwnHnrr /.Am - ? UWIVUllOC w1 Tbcsr rr?olutioD??rr"to be for warded to Washing ton, the Convention claiming to represent a ma jority- of the people of the ?tate The Convention adjourn?-d to the 7th of March without making a nomination. Stizare ef the I sited States AtmmI at> tla Keck, Arkaataa. NiMrm, Feb 10?The Little Reck Arsenal, Arkanaaa containing nine thousand stand of arms, s large amount of smmunltlon and forty cannon, Including Capt Bragg's battery, was surrendered to the State authorities of Arkansas yesterday,aad Is now garrisoned by one hundred volunteers. Ps|aacieas Legislators Cikcikhati, Feb ?Messrs. Heffron and Moodr. of the Indisns Legislature,left this city last night for Kentucky, to H^ht a duel st an early boar tbla ninmlno TK. 1? *- - * ' ?." * ?. ? . * MC wr?|n/iii were W oe EfllTn- I QC police are on their track. Ktptrtfrtn IIIImIi. St. Lock, Feb 8.?The Springfield correspon dent of the Republican, aaya prominent Republi can member* of the llllnota Legislature arc In favor of (lining a remonstrance against Senator Seward going into Lincoln'* Cabinet. United State* letter Lew la Cm Niw York, Feb. 10 ? Lieutenants Rodger* aad Scbumaker, of the United Mute* cutter Lewis Cass. have arrived here from Savannah The Commander of the cutter was re-appointed by Georgia, after the aeiture. Captain delates Pardoned. Portlakd, Me., Feb 9 ? Captalan John A. Holme*, sentenced to the State prison for lift, for murder on the high sea*, ha* been unconditionally pardontd by tbe President. Texas. Austin, Feb 6 ?Delegates are to be SDoolntwi to the .Montgomery Convention u nembfti of the Conference until a vote la taken on the Ordinance of Seceaaion by the people. Kesteratiea mi tke Market Seized at New Yerk. New Von, Feb IV ?The m nketa aelsrd bera by tlie police have bt-en seatored unconditionally toG. B Lamar. who telegraphed the bet to the Collector of Savannah. Frazea ta Deatk NotwiLi, Conn., Feb.?Two Eagllakmen named Week*, father and aoa, were froten to death off Round Beach laat night. Their bodies were found today Baatea Baakara aad tke Crisis Boston, Feb. 8 ?The traveller state* tLat bank J --- - - - ... m u^ic win uui wftr vur iwn> f'l ia^ Dtw Aa ministration uuless affairs at the South sstlsfacto rlly settled. Stcfuin PrKMtUi la Memphis. M mnHis. Feb. 8 ?Tbeff waa an Immense se cession torchlight procession to-night, the largest ever held here Great enthmiasm waa manifested!. Release ( the Vessels Seized at larauili. Cba*l**ton. Feb "10 ?A dlapatrh waa received here by Got Picket* to-day from Savannah, stat ing that the New York Teasel*have been released nlttnasrs narktu VUTinoti, Feb. 11 ? Flour la dall and base; j Howard at. and Ohio *5 25, City Mills 95 IS. but no sales of either Wh?l dull; red 91 Mai SO, white ?136aieu Corn steady, yellow 58a?lc Provisions steady; mess pork fl? 74a# 18; rump 1.1 .141 l^rd 1(1 k CnMmm wtiva it HwilV W hitky dull at IHc. Wow Wrk narktu. New Yobs, Feb. 11.?Floor 4ecUiii| toadea cy. 5c lower. Wbeat 4a 11 mod le lower. Cora declining tondmcy. Provisions doll. Whisky dull at Is*. Fiaaacial. Mtw Yoac, Feb II ?*tocas daU aad h?avy Chicago and Rock lalaad M: Illinois Oarbal lUmTtj do boaditt; New \ ogk Central Vt% ; Reading 4**; Hudson River RR'O; Vs.??s74*; Mo. ?'s?5#. Tn WiiTlU -Tbe foUowiac report af Oh weather for tke morataf la made froa tbe taa lcaa Consolidated Tel eg rank L.lne to tbe iMnltb soalaa Institution. Tbt tint of about ?a?na to about 7 o'clock. Fmtili 11,1681 Burlington, Vt. overcast, *7?, wlad * Mow t ork. N . V. rlMt warm vtni ak. Washington, D. c f loodf, wind 8E Richmond, V*. cloudy. M'. P<-i?-rebui*, Va. cloudy, S?3, wind StV Norfolk, va. .cloudy, 5S' Raleigh, N. C ?rercaat, tt?. Wilmington, N. C........cloudy, in I id ChnMta, ft. C cloudy, * > Aanib. 6*. ...rainy, warm. fcs;Tunnak, Gt. M-, wind SE Macw, fiL rainy,1 Griffen, Ga. rainy Colombo*, ? ... raining Montgomery, AJa. el?r, c?t. Frederick, Md. cloudy, warm. 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