Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1861 Page 1
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THE DULY EVENING STAR l? V JPUBLISHED BV&RT AFTERNOON, SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT 1HE STAR RUILDINOS, l ;T?r 0/ P*nK+fir?nu?mv*nu4 and lliA it., T If. D. WALLACffl. ?** y 3d ia rokMN by oarriera M #4 ? Tsar, rr P eeota per month. To mail aabeerlbere ta- pnee ia #3J0 a rear, m mdvintt; 9? for all mcntha, jl for three man tin, ud for leea than throe months at therato of lioenta a week. Bia*le euptea, umc?n, ia wrapper***wo c*itb. /" Ap??mTT?ww*^T? a*??>4 he sent to the oRc* belo-e ?o"eioek ni.; otherwiaethey may not appear ?iUl the next day. V?- XVII WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 13. 1861 N2. 2.492 THE IVKKkLV DOLLAR STAR. Vila aaeeueet raaUty aa4 Neva 4 laiaiac a greater variety of than aaa he ou4 ta aay Pndey aaonuag. Tmi -Oui w Siacie oopy. per aaaai Eive eopiea - Taa eopiea Twenty ftve . l aa , 4 r> . aa It laeartaMy eoetaiaa the u\ tha^ haa made !\i D*d* i'rniffir Sw ao generally throachoat the eoantry. fT7* fti n( .e oopiea (la wrapper* > aaa at the ooaatar. Immediate y after the am of the Pnoe-TRRER CKNTft THE MAYFItLD MYSTERY. f C0HTI5CBD. J " Mr. St. George," he laid, "we have talked and thought this matter over, and we hare something to say to you which we hope will ba agreeable to yon. We hare no son now"? Mrs. Cattley began to cry. " No son now," added Mr. Cattley; "hot you were the friend of our lost one. You have been with us long enough now to know us, and we &uow you to be as good and kind m our lost .lidward What we have to propose to you is that you should atay with us and take his place in our affections, and become, as he would have become, the heir to our fortunes and to our love. Think of this, and believe that if you say yes, we shall be well pleased." Mr. fit. George could notconceal the sparkle nf his dark eves as he listened to this speech from Mr. Cattley. who fancied he was such a juage ol buman nature, and be replied at once, ~ Sir, and you, too, dear madam, believe that lwuut words in which to express mj grati tude. What [ say, bat, that with feeling* which I cannot express, I accept your offer. And so all wu concluded, and Mr. St. George, late of the Inland of Bourbon, became the adopted eon of Mr. and Mrs. Cattley, of May* field. The old couple heaped benefits upon t'. U eon of their adoption, ana teemed never tired of gratifying every possible wish he could have; and so twelve months passed away since that night of storm and grief, when Mr. 3t. George first arrived at the house on the hill. The Christmas time was close at hand, and Mrs. Cattley had resolved to try to smother her still ever present grief for the loss of her son, and to make the house laok ns cheerful as pos sible. Some ten or twelve guests from Lon don?old friends, with a troop of joyous chil dren. of the Cattleys?had promised to pass th? Christmas week at Mavfield. The 2t?t of December came, and with it eome of that mild, out-of-the-way weather, which, in our capricious climate, will occasion ally make May look like December and De cember like May. It was positively a day of sunshine. The bee-hives at the door of the lodge, by the avenue that led up to the house of the Catt leys, seemed as if they would warm into life dormant tenants. The evergreens that grew by the porch put on their brightest green; and, for the few hours that the pleasant sun shine lasted, you might have walked out in the op?n air and fincied the sweet rj ring time coming. It was nearly four o'clock, and the shadows were lengthening an that brief winter's day, with it* unusual fineness, was about to pas* away, when a young man, leading by the bridle a horse from which be had just dismounted, applied for admission at the lodge. A young girl, the niece of the lodge-keep er's wife, who had only been there about a year, and who knew nothing of Edward Catt Icy personally., appeared at the door, nod looked with a smile at the young stranger and his bor?e. " I want to know," said the young man, "how Mr and MrtjtCattley are?" There was a thickness?a kind of huskinei^ in his voice which bespoke much emotion, and ke listesed eagerly for the girl's reply. " Oh. they are quite well, sir," she said ' <^uite well ?" ' Yes. sir; and so is Mr. Pierre, their son. ' "Mr. Pierre, their son?" said the young man, with such a look of surprise that the young girl laughed again. ' Pierre, their son? My good and pretty girl, what do you mean 7 They have no son named Pierre." ' No, sir; but since their own son, Mr. Ed ward, died, you .-ee, they Adopted Mr. Pierre ?t. George." 44 Adopted ?" Yes,'sir; and he is to have all the prop erty." Oh !" "And he is up at the house now; but I don't like him, and he is a brute, I think; but Mr and Mrs Cattle; are quite as fond of him as they were of their own son, I fancy, though 1 never mw him My aunt and uncle are up at the house, hanging up the holly, you see, air, and thatwhy I am here all alone." Good Heaven!" ' Sir ?" ' Ah! oh! Well, well! It seem3 like a dream; but I auppose that I am awake ?" ' Hit *' 441 thank you for your kind information? very much I thank you. I will go up to the houae now." 44 Shall I take your name, sir, to Mr. Catt ley ?'? ' Ob, no, no ! that is needless ! They know me. or they used to know me." While this little colloquy was going on be tween the young stranger and the girl, the sun, that had looked ?o pleasant, had passed away, and a howlinz wind be?an to j>md nv?r , ? " r - ? the scene. Huge clouds came from the southwest, and in about fire minutm more it was nearly dark The stranger bowed courteously to the young girl at the lodge, and with the horse's bridle over his arm, be slowly paced up the long av enue of chestnut trees that led to Mayfield Hons?. And this waj Edward Cattley. returned from the Mauritius within the three years he had specified, aud this was the strange reception he had got, and the strange news that awaited him. What basis of truth there was in the story told by Mr. bt. George, and how much falsehood was built up upon that basis, we chall toon see. With the dim shadows of the evening gath rncg more and more thickly about him as he weat.young Edward Catiley slowly approached hu father's house, but about half way up the long chestnut avenue he paused a moment, and tfien turned via* into a narrower patb which led to the stables " I will put up my horse," he said, in a tone of some bitterness; " I will put up my horce, on the chance of being made welcome, at all even to, fur the night. The young man thought it somewhat strange to hod the stables so completely deserted as they were; but the fact was, that all the ser vants were up at the house assisting at the Christmas deoorations; so Edward put up the horse himself, and then took his route again to the old house. How familiar to him was every footstep of his route, and what a hoet of recollections came acrom him as he trod the wall-known path to the hall door. He felt as if he had left the house a boy to ooiae back to it a man. and as if half a lifetime had passed orer his head, in stead of a short three years And what was he to think of the news that he had heard ? A stranger held his place in the affections of his parents He was believed to be dead, and with that belief he appoared, too, to be for It ?w in the midat of theae anything but pleasing reflections that Edward Cattlej reach ed the nail of the house, and from there he heard voices in the dining-room; and one voice Id particular,*hich ?aid, 'Don't jrou be afraid, mother, I shall not fall. Now, samuel, hand toe vp the flag " " I am mad !" thought Edward CatUev; " I am mad ' This is aome strange dream ' Be careful, Pierre?be careful!" he th*n heard bia father ttT " Be very ateadj now"* K<1 ward preyed nia hani* on hia heart for a moment or two, to atill ite wild beating, and then he opened the door at the end of the di ning-room and walked in about two stepa, and rani. Father and mother, will jou tell me if mi know me?" There wu bat eleven worda, and aome of tbua illurl oqn oui euro./ umor oiq ioe same nutuhar prodseed equal effacW Mrr Cattley, who w*j *eated on a low tool, Nvitc artifii-ial row> to laurel lrave?, otterrd roi'd hru-k and fill ??omI?a?. Mr Cattlev, with a rash, aad a cry that earn* diiaci from the heart, houaded forward, aud olaapad hi* arms roo&d bit too, aod thao tunt into tean. Mr St. George had been on the top of a very tall pair of steps, close to one of the high win dows of the dining-room: and the moment he heard Edward's voice, he made but one leap through the top part of the window, breaking the frame aud naif a dozen pines of glass to pieces, and disappearing in the gloom of the evening He had not uttered one word. The impetus with which he jumped from the top of the steps sent them back into the room, whore they knocked gown the old butler and two footmen among a neap of holly and laurel. The female servants present screamed. The butler called out "Murder." And such a soene of confusion ensued as that old dining-hall had never witnessed, " Father, father!" said Edward, "whatdoes all this mean ?" "My boy! my boy! my own dear boy!" " Thank God !" added Edward, as he held his father to his heart, "thank God I hear you say so." duties necessarllv required his attendance in town, rrs.d^d during the session. The co-respondent, William Taylor, had been a foo'mau in the em ploy of the petitioner. He was the son of a small farmer in Norfolk. and for bis station had received a fair f duration Down to the month of Novem ber, 1859, Mr and Mrs Gnrney had lived very happily together; but certain matters then rame to the knowledge of the petitioner whlrh raustd bim to dismiss Taylor On the 12th of December the family arrived in town from Tatton, and on tbe following day It was found that Mrs Gurney had eloped, leaving behind the following note : My poor husbind ? I have indeed left you and our poor children; but you know iny heart has long been anotherana, therefore, I could not be happy with yon anymore Please send me my luggage and Vic (1. e. the dog) to No a 15 Mary lebone Road, also the small books which 1 brought from Tatton, and my work Your miserable wife, M J. Gurnet 1 pray God to forgive me. and to preserve you and tbe dear children Evidence was then given of Mrs Gurney and Dtor?cTor my own ooj. un, taw*ra, fid ward, where have you been, and what miracle has preferred you to us?" ' Well, dear father, let me speak to my mo ther, and I will tell you all. Mother, mother, let the voice of your son restore yon to con scieuf ness. I am here. I hare come back to you, to leave you no more." [TO be coxtiiftjed.J The Gcksey Divoaca Cars.?The Manchester Guardian, January 23, says : In the Court of Divorce, yesterday, the Solicitor General appeared for Mr Gumey, m P. for King's Lynn, who sought a dissolution of his marriage, ... t,UUUv. ui ui? nueaiuuivery wim win Taylor, her footman. The lad v. Mrs Mary Jane Gurney, waa the daughter of Mr. Ricbara Han bury Gurney, and was cousin to her husband The marriage took place in the year 1846, with the full consent and approbation of both families. The age of Mr. Gurnev at th7.t time waa about 26, and the respondent about ten years younger There were two children of the marriage still living. FothofMr* Gtirney's parent* werr dead, and at the deccase of her mother in 1357 she be came entitled to very considerable fortune in her own right, and for her life. The parties hid a country house called Tatton Hall, near Norwich, and a'house in Kensington Gardens, where .Mr Gurnev. whose rsrlianientaru i o)iur uavjng resided together In London and l'arls, and Mr Manisty, who appeared for the lady, declined to offer any defense Sir C ('res well said the petition of Mr Gurncy had been es tablish* d The Solicitor General tLen asked the court to suspend its decree until a petition could he heard with respect to an allotment out of the respondent's property for the benefit of her chil dren. AfU-r some discussion, the consideration of this point was adjourned Thk Facts about the Gborqia Musket* ? The New York Express has received from Mr G B Lamar the following statement of the facts In regard to the release of the Georgia muskets : New York, Feb 11,18(51. Gentleman : At your request, i submit herewith the facts of my connection with the affair of the muskets seized bv Mr !*nperl;it^nd?*nt Kennedy, on board the Monticeiln, for Savannah. Messrs Syms, the shippers of the ten cases, told me. on Friaay, that the arms were at their com mand, but that Mr. Cromwell refused to pay th?' A^i?n vh turin. mi L.rumwfii, m?* owner OI tb? strainer, gave me the tame Information on Saturday*. Hence, when I got a private dispatch from Sa vannah on Saturday, that the vessels were to be seized, I telegraphed instantly to prevent 1b* seizure But It had bwn done the day before 1 then telegraphed to Gov Mllledgeville. ' that the guns were at tbe command of their owner?," and he released the vessels You will see that the arrangement to restore the guns Lad been made prior 4o the seizure of the vessels In Savaanah, and though ten cases remain unclaimed, It is becausc their owners and M r Cromwell cannot agree as to settling the expenses Incurred in replevving them. With tbat dispute neither Gov Brown uor myself have anything to do. I take the occasion to state, that though the tank of the Republic Is, by the appointment of the Legislature, the fiscal agent of the State of Georgia, iny connection with the agency of tLe SLltp has twpn a imttvo f?CAr?fi*I1 ?nA nr?t in m.? official capacity; and I am very glad that the question of the arm* bad been adjusted, prior to tue action of Governor Brown, but without bis knowledge at the time It Is an unwarrantable inference that the arms goin? South are designed to Institute war agafogt fie Norlh Not one man In fifty there believes that war will ensue, even in self-defrnse; but many think a show of arms In these agitating times will produce a good ett'*ct upoit any slaves who might lend a too willing ear to the sugges tions of wicked men from the North. 1 am, very respectfully, yours, G. B. Lamar. Gurs and Shell Comino to New York ?The p-opeller Thomas Sparks is loading with guns and shell at Pnliadelphia, for Steven's water battery in the New York narrows The guns came from Fort Pitt foundry near Pittsburg Thers are thirty 12-inch Columbiads, each weighing uine thou ?U..I-4--I 1 1 1? - -? ? - koiiu* puuuurauu taituian u ui mruw a oau a uis tance of four and a half miles The whole amount of abell la 115 tona, # portion of which la atill at Weat Philadelphia. This latter will be brought down to-day, and the work of loading the pro peller will be proceeded with as rapidly aa possi ble. The captain ventured the remark on Satur day he did not wish to be stopped anywhere on hla route, but shotold be be, he would alnk the whole concern, rather than any person, except duly authorized of "Uncle Sam,'" should have them ? if. Y Ezprt**. | Cost or Bombabdihg ?A letter from Charles ton to the N. O. Delta, gives the following item of the expense to be incurred in the siege of Sum* ter; ' Every gun fired from Fort Sumter coats, on an average, thirteen dollara. Every gun fired by tbe State will be an average expenditure of nine dol > a. * . JB * _ m o ?a w u-i _ i _ a pruuiiucui oHccr ui run muuivrie in forma ait that, by acloae calculation. It baa been ascertained that when It* bat terries open, the cost per diem to tbe State, at that fort alone, will ex ceed 15.out) Pretty heavy,that. Bat tbia la tbe aureat way of mastering tbe fort, and we had better spend money than livesln Its acquisition " Ricmmoxd Akxori ?There are now In this armory several huudred pieces of artillery. Iron and bras*, of varloua calibres; but all tbe iron Itana muat be rebored before they can be uaed, and there are no carriages ready for any of them. Tb* force of carriage-makers at the armory la only capable of mounting one gun In efehtor ten days. The armory la now filling up with machinery for thr manufacture of arma but even if the contract be complet d within tbe time specified, a gnu c?Buot be manufactured for at leaat a year to romt. Attkmpt to Blow Up a Geobgia Powdkk Mac ax i mb.?Tbe Charleston Mercury of Satur /4.iv mtlkMaftft\\ 1 nurl n< r r?Am tk?i vnte Utter reoelved there: SaV&niiah, Feb. 9, IMl. An attempt was made to Mow up tb? Powder Mncaslne, containing J OuO ke?<s of powder The parties were detected in the attempt and fled Two men haw been arrested on snsptfelon, and If It can be proven, they will be suspended imme diately." (XT* Last week John O. Reading, treasurer of the committee of lambermen,|*ppotnt?d to tell anrb of tbe logs that escaped the riueqaehsnna boom last spring as were found l>elow the 3h\mo kia dam, paid to tbe parlies In this vicinity about l?l uuu -money obtained by aale of eacaped loga ?uaxuu. IC7? fh? city of Houston, Texaa, narahal* a I pol)ce fore* numbering/#*f. ' CLOTHING, Ac. N MERCHANT TAILORING. KW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSl MERS.AND VEST1NGB. WALL. STEPHENS 4; Co., 38S Pennaylva aia Avenue, have just reoeived a large varietv of new Fail Goods, to wmoh they iirvite the attention of their frienrtaand mmtomers. an 30-tf GENTLEMEN'S RE\DY-MADE CLOTHING. Onr present assortment of GENTLEMKN'9 READY-MADE CLOTHING iffera to oitixena and atran*era wiahing an immediate out fit supe nor inducementa, emhraoinf, at this time, all atylea and qualities of presa and Business Gar ments and Overcoat* in all varieties. Fine Shirta and Under-clothing ol all kinda. Kid and other Slovea of beat quality. Scarfs, 'lioa, Cravata, took*, Hoaiery, Ac., Ac. All of wtuoh we are uanrniK ?i? ur usual low prices. fC7* Clothing mad" to order in the moat superior manner. WALL. STEPHENS A. CO., no 16-tf *22 Pa. avenne. W MERCHANT TAILORTNG^ E Invite our customers, and oitisena generaf Ijr, to an inspeo'ion of unr present new, at tractive, and elecant assortment of LOTHS. CASSIMtiRKS, DOESKINS, hSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ao. hioh we will make to ordsr in superior' style at very low prioea. WALL, STEPHENS & CO.. oc 25-tf 32a Pa. av.. hetw. 9th and l?th sta. GAS FITTING, &c. ? pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would oall the attention of water takers to their lull assortment of Fixtures neceasar? to its intro duction^ follows:?K ITCH EN RANGES, BATH TUBS. WATER CLO8ET8. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMP8, Out Iron, Wrought Iron. l.ead and Galvanised WA TER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH ERS. RUBHER HOSE.fto Havinjc superior advant-agee, with practical knowledge, we are prepared to introdiio" Water into dwethnca with all the latoet improvements, promptly, ana at prioee that cannot fail to satisfy. U60 P*nn. avenue, no 2t dtMar I l*>t.9th and U>th south side. AWM. T. DOVE * CO. R K N'?w prepare; to execute any orden wrtfc Whioh tn?T mar ta flavored in the PLUMPING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. Store op *th street, a few dcor? corth of Pa, Tricar, wr.?r? may no loora a oomniete a?*ortmen1 of CHAN UK LI KR* and other 6 As, 8T K AM WA'i'KIl yIXTIW KA. ia 77-It WGAt* FIXTITKU8. E Hav? in ct?re, and are dai y receiving, ba5 eixtuh ES of entirely New Patterns and Designs ind Finish, superior iu style to anything heretofore offered m tins market. We invite citizens general ly to rail and examine our stork of Gas and Water Fixture*, feeling confident tlifUwe have the boat eeieoted sto^k m Washington. All Work in the above line intrnst<*d to oar car* Will be promptly attended to. MYKR3 k Mel II AN. . mar 5-tf .IT1* L) street. SNYDER, Plumber ayo ua$ fitter. Has removed lo the corner ?>f Tw?if?h and F ats. He i? prepared to intioduoe Water and (jaa neon the most favorable terms, and marantic nntire satisfaction. He his on hsnd a lot of COOKING and other f*TOV KH. which h? will sell lrss thin eost, At he wish** to *et ri'i of them. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF RA8 METERS*. W*?HlM?TO!t, July 18,186.1. NOTICE HJ HEREBY GIVEN, That,a*re? ?b!y to the provisions of the oidmance of tne Cor poration approved Mar 12.18&>. the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever r^utred in writinr, and on pre payment of the fo? of fifty cents, to inspect, examine, test,prove, and ar-certain 'he accuracy of registration of any gas meter in use in this oity." Every meter, iff?n?d inoorreot. will be condemned, and another, sealed and marked as true, will be setini?* r'aoe. If proved to be accurate in its measurement of (as, it will be sealed aooordmi'y, and again put in posttioa for use. Office No. sift Seventh street,(near Odd F#l .owr' Mali ) (Ipenfrcm B a. in., to o ?. in. ClUHlpil IV (TMNIvdllAU jy l*-tf ~ fna^otoT aiiil~&oy er'o? 6 as itfoter*. 1G. O. DF.MUTH A CO., MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Deal era in HAVANA CIGARS, FOKEKiN WISES, BKANDIES, (, No. 40 North Charles Strret, Km doot> <xhor>t LexinMon no 22-1 y Baltimore. o the military: We are offering creat inducements to Military Companies who wish outfits. Being iar<?*ly ens:as?r<l in ann} an<1 navy w.irk, w* pan give e very focilitv in Btyl? and pnoes. Orders from the country promptly executed. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., 3'Ji Penn. avenue. MILITARY OVERCOATS as low as $6. ja3l-.2w IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HAKVK Y'S, Who hail ilist rcoe.ivivi a large supply of fresh LOB STERS, FISH, and fine OYSTER which he will net ve to cu*ton\ors at ? -w? shortest not ce and on 11bora! trrni*. P. S-?Oysters served to families and hotels at8 not scalded; tliey are only seaidcd for perBous eat ing them at the saloon. ue8 T.M.HARVEY. /OV NOTICE. /0\ JTA REMOVAL. A X V y I have removed my (f w 1-AWIM DKHUK to 351 C street, between 4>f Mid fitii streets, imme diately in th? rear of the National Hotel, where the business will be continued as heretofore at the old stand. tnolV6in| IS^AC HKR/UFRG. NEW PAWN OFFICE. 6 ? E. W A R D,'Dealer in New a;d cast Off Clothing, respeotfuil? niforms the pn''!io tft&t he lias opened a LICENSED FAWN OFFICE at No, 70 Louisiana avenue, between 9<h and 10th ?ts., a few doors east ?>f the new (Jen trai Guard-house, where In will le at all times prepared to wait on his patrons with promptness, attention and the striotest justioe. N d ?Jeweln, Dry Woods, Clothing, Mechan io?' Tools. &o., always on hand at private sale. ja 16 lro* THE INSURANCE COMPANY 0? THE STATE or * i nuinuv CASH CAPITAL?? 300,000. Insures Merchandise, Building*, Household Furniture, to., against loss or damage by fire. HEATH k KNOWLE9, Agents, Offioo? Room 16 over Hank of Washington. Jaio THK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EMRICH. at the corner of Penn. A ?. . A avenue and Eleventh street, has b*enV<fa^Y greatly improved recently and now ofTeriijlgjl^^ greater inducements for the patronage oj citizens and strangers than any other publio house m the oity.his prices being less than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and his aoeommodatiocs for permanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hote. have already become very poru lay, bting^ll that can be desired by the most fas tiaioua. I'n? proprietor pledgee unremitted atten tion and oontinued liberal expenditure* to fivea&t i?f<iction to all, and thus renew ? Ki? invitation ??* all to give the European Hotel a call. de 4-ti gOOTS AND TO SUIT TIK We are now manufaoturin* all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oonetantlv reoeivinr a^b3 snppiT of eastern made work of evert de- MBf aortptio^, made expressly to order, and will fBI be sold at a muoh lower price than ha* been* K> heretofore charged in this oity for much inferior * Persons in want of Boots and Shoe# of eastern or oity made work, will always find a rood assortmec In store and at the lowest prices. Give as a call. OR 1PFJN fc BRO., ayl-r SI* Pennsylvania avenge, CM V B HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived this day, embraoin* all iuali-*wr* ties and sues of Sole Leather, La>lies'Bi>n Dress and Packing Trunk*. Our tinnk^^**1' 7ov IWW VAU1UIM {kb MUI UIUO Vilf rrP&ieSl VfkTlCTT ^7?li'^/#V,iL*,te*?atJaod?r**? FrioM. to be fJ^w rURk|1 re,p&irod or *?* ,n Mohanr* WALL, STEPHENS A OOn o?rt 3m y-rtwxm 18tl. and tat, PRUNES OF OUR OWN IMPORTATION MT We are lo-?lay m ret lytof ojir tiauai ?uppj at til* ?eatMJu of first quaijlr Bordeaux Pr?n-?, f ? KINS 4 BUECHELL. DENTISTRY. 1 OCR WOOD*Y DARREf.L ARK PRE Lf tared to insert TfcKTHon VULCAN-^^c^ ITfi BASF., a new and improved mode y riTlr When made on this pan ;hey a?e com s*lllu for tab > to wear and muoii cheaper than any other. Also Te?th insetted on CJo|<? Plate, and all Dental operation* of any kind tha? may l>e denied of fice Room No 3. in the W&chiugton Building.oor | ner Pa av. and Seventh *t. ja io 2m* M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee oftke MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at trad* personally at Lib umo* In thi? oity.JpflBSaf Many person* can w?ar these teeth wh?>^*?' lv cannot wear others, and no person oan w?ar others who oan not wear these. Persons oallicj at my ofllae can be aocommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire: V t 4- iL - " - ~ um w innae wno are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, stromas', a.r>J most perfect denture that Srt can prod nse, the MIN tKAL PLATE will t* more rally warranted. Rooms in this citv?No. 33S? Pa.avenue. between 9th and 10th ata. Also, 907 Aroh otreet, Philadel phta. oo IS IX T?AVEI?JiRS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. 13 WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOUR* On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, 1880, the trains will run aa follows: LEA^E WASHINGTON: Firat train at *.20 a. m. geoond Train at 7.40 a m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p m. Lpavk Baltimore-. First train tl i 11 > m !< ??? . Second train at 8.36 a. m. Third at 3.1"p. m. Fourth a? i36 p. m., Kxorear. The firat. aeoond and third train* from Wash ington oon'ueot through: o Philadelphia aiid Now York. The second and third conneot at Wa*hm*ton Junction with train* for the Went. South. and Nortiweal; also, at Annapoha Junction, for An nnpolia. For Norfolk fake the i a. m. trai >. ?*or the accommodation of the war travel be tween Washington and liAure), a pa?aencer car will be attached to the tonnage tram whioh leave* at ll a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p, m. train *oea to Fhiladel phia only. no ? d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. THK S'CFAMKR JAS. 8UY Will rnnm? har ? tripe on TUESDAY, Vet of JT** February,into. Will ioave WASH JC^naC!fc\: 1NGTON ererr TUESDAY an<< fcl*1"r * FR1 DAY.At o'clock<1 ALEXANDRIA at half-pacts o'elo??k, for CURRiOMAN and tae intermediate Lanilint*. On her retarn tnpu.fhe will ieare CURRIOMAN every WEDNL15DAY and SATURPAY.at5oV.o4k a. m. Ll'CIAN K. PA0E, Proprietor. NATH'L BOL'SH. Ac't. Ai-xandria. fe*> FRENCH PLOWKRSOI' THE VERY 1?E?T l quality, and an extensive variety. nA. At STEVENS'S US** Fancy Store, liCUM no 22 tf 33?. ?* *. <?th nod loth ?t?. WATCH REPAIRING ANUS1LVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have on? of the heat establishment*, aud fur nish"'] with aoonjplete set of tools for repair in? every deeoription of fine Watches, nn<1 particular attention civ" to ?.h? t-aim\ bj nftia mtorourn oompeient wf<rkmsn.*nd a. work gua-^n tied AWo, every descnp i?n of standard SIl.VKR WARE, plani and ornamental, manufactured uiuler my c*n supervision. wliioh my customers will hud In: superior in qnaiit> *"d finixh t" northern war* old by dealers in general and represented ae their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD. se6 Pa. avnne. n<>*r9tli ?t. BEST FANCY GOODS, AT TRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, And Ojik Prick Onlt, At STEVENS'? FANCY STORE. no 22 tf .1.16. betw. !Hh and loth st?. 1,^1 REM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital *'<*00,000. ftflct C0!M r C ytltft find lmtmnmn n.. ?.?. n--i. of Wasktntion. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY"FIRE. lh*BCTOKS. Geo. Shoemaker, Sainti"! Rcdfern, Samuel Croy'ey. Wiiiiam \Vi!?'>n, RioJiard Jones, John D Barclay, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Kothweil, Tho?. Parker, R ichard Barry, U. B. Freiich. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. _Ab*l G.Davis, Secretary, oo JO-eofim THE 0*LY PREPARATION worthr of UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES. CLERGYMEN. LADIPS. ??rf ?Fvr/ fmfv in a I parts of t'h* world testify to the eificacy of PROF. O.J WOOD'S II AIR RESTORATIVE, and rentlemen of the Presi aro uuanuuou* in its praise. A few testimonials on!t can be here given eeei oular for more, and it will be impossible for you to doubt. 47 Wall Stxxkt, New Yokk, D?c. 20.18"?. Gentlemtn : Your note of the 13th instant haa boon rooeived, saying that ton had heivrd that I had been benefited by the uaeof Wood's Ms:r Re storative, an 1 requesting m? certificate of the (act if 1 had no objection to give it. I award it to jou oheei fully, because I think it due. My a?e i? about 50 years ; the color of my hair auburn, and inoliaed to oorl. S?me five or six years since i? b?pan to tnrn gray. and the sea r on tneorown of mj head to lose its sensibi ity a>.<i iaudruff to form upon it. Kach of theeedi?*<re? abilities increased witn time, and about 4 months since a fourth was addod to them, by hair faluuic otT the top of my head and threatening to make me bald. In this unpl?>aKant rredicament I was induced to try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the falling ofl of my hair, for 1 had r*<ilij no expeota uon in?i kr?T 11.11 r oouia tvfr i>e resiori a lo IU original color except frohi dres.* I was, however, 6rfatly curpnsed to find, after the use of two bot *i only, tnat not only was the failing off arrested, but the cior was >estored to the gray hairi< and eusibiiity to the scalp and dandruff c?ased to form on my liaad, ve.y ti.uoh to the gratification of my wife, at whose solicitation I was induced to try it For this, among the ina^v obligations i owe to her sex, I strongly reoommend ali nust anu* who va:ue the adniirati <n of their wiv is to profit by my example, and use it if growing gray orgntt-n. Sad. Very r*sr>ectfuiiy, Ben A. Lavesekb. ToO. J. Wood & Co..<44 Broadway. N. V. My family are absent from the oity, and I am no logger at No. 11 Carrol Piaoe. Hia*-t<>*, Ala., July 20,13VJ. To Pbof. O J.Wood: Dear Sir?Your ''Hair P-sto*ati?e" has done my hair s" muoh good ?<iioe commenced the useoi it, tnat I ?ish to make known to tha public of its effect* onthe hair, whion are great, t. man or woman ma? beneariy depriv- d of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" the hair wi'l return more beautiful than ever; at least this is rr.y experience. Believe it all Yours trulr, Wm. H. Kmvedt. P. 8.?Von can publish the at>ove if tou like By publishing in cor Southern papers yon will get m >re patronage (tooth. I see several of your oar mi or. tea id ute muo?ie Merourr, a strong Southern paper. W. H.he*edt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVK. P*o?. O J. Wood: Dtar Sir: Having had the misfortune to lose the best portion of my nair, from the clients of the yel.ow fever, in New Orhear.s in 1*61,1 was m-'uoed to make a trial of your prepara tion and Jon ad it to answer as the very Viing neriled. Mt hair is now thick and glossy, and no words Mil express my obligations to you in giving to the afflicted such a trraeure Fiitlst Johnson. The Restorative is ?ot up in bottles of thre* sizes, ia : large, medium and small; the email hold hair a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the me dium holds ?t least 30 per oent. more in proportion than the sinail, retails for two dollars p?r battle; the large holds a eaart, 40 per oent mora in proper tion, and retails for 93 O. J. WOOD & CO., Proprietors, 444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Lou;a Mo _ Sold in this o ty by C, STO^T, 37 5 Pa. avenua. a* fT eoly alw boots tlD(s, *0. Trimmed of Kid i adies thick winter v moroooo. Goats Skin, Lastit Hnttoned, l??e<l ?cd Velvet 1 _ Also misse; Boots < 1 the aim* style-, arel selling from 50 oints to #1. per pair, lover' & ian elsewhere la the "ity, at J. rosenthal's. No. 16 Market Space Pa. %y. bet. 8th and 9th streets, lies' and miuts' Lone Rubber Boots. jaSeo e rooat extensive variety hmmhB W? - traveling trunks. e Have j a st received the largest assortment and now o~ ~ " o soi.e 1 ^9' CA u this oity, yrloaa, tmmtf WSlXTMP 190 ls, ac., at very tow is a CO , P?. avenwa. I uaD rDtiopj ki n'a in <i?H KlNi; * HI'KCHKI.L w^Liirg^is siuLxtc^ $6 WOOD AND COAL. WOOD AND dbAI.. OU Will ?nre!y *et your money's worth by oallinz at toe PIONEKR MILLS. imUwh cer *tr <(/ feventk street and Carnal, (GEO PAWK. Atent ) They cell oheeper and cive totter measure than any others in the city?out. split. acd deliv ered fiee of charge. If t m don't believe it. five the Pioneer Mills a trial, and We satisfied. ja 17-ly.r WOOD AND COAL Delivered to ail part* of the city, at the loveat possible ratea. T. J. A W. M. OALT, r., between Office Pa. av., between Uth and litl- ?ta.. tna 17-tf north eiae. OAtfttlAUUi FAUTUKIJQ*. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ?" D Stri'l, Etitttm 9tk an4 IMi Simu, We have juat fcuehod a cumber of far it oiaaa 0AHRIA6M, nucfa m Litkt W?x*cm<, Park Fktaumt, far.iiy Car "???, 25??mm, w hicn w? will Mil a verr nmaU mil. Betnjr pmetical mechanic* in differed hranche* of the bneic??e. *re fiatf" oari?:ve? thai we know the etyiea and tiie-nty of work that will give aatta faction, combining lightaera, comfort and durabm tr. Re?ainng prompt] j and oarefully attended to the ahortcM notice and most reasonable o!>aric?. WALTER, KARMANN * BOPP, Coachmakera, luoosaeori to Wm. T. nook, ap X7 dly T CARRIAGES. HE SabMrib<>T taring made addition* to ki fcotorj. making it bow cne of the in the Diatnot, w jere tin facilities fora^Dim: m?nutftoM;riDcCAKKIA6E * WA0ONS of tli kitxia oannot be eorpaaaod, Mtf SDm hia lone exp*?rioi:e# is th? baainMa, he jnre f?ner?! aHisiseuor.. Ai! kiuda of Ca-.tiacMtc) Llgkt Wh?m kapt?? kan<2. A.i REPAIK.8i:?fttly4?M,a?4all*i4ara?r*vr< It ? . 8?u><i-ut< C?rrUc*? tuis ia uikuctltrin a. AK&RKW J. JOVCE, 4 It ti W3?r af Utk ajU K ?ta. ^?? Dr. J. II. McLEAN 8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PI R.IFICR. 17/? ftHEATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD, Billl VUO IIIWBfc Dklicioos axd DELIGHTFUL | CORDIAL /Jever taken. It itnciW ?ei tnitf.c ?nd fcU <>r>roond, pr? tarcd fcy (b? dn'ill* tion if r*ou. htrb*. ?nd "bsrk?. Yellow Dock, Biwl R^tK, BUck Row, fcrupt nll?, Wild Chorrj B?rk, and r>?nd?ltm trttr* ibta IU cm T*'? tnurt *eu?? rrm?did pryic?pl? cf tech it Before lakin? diatillinr. DrrlaciBi * d?licioB?. ?*bil?t?lin? niaai tofallihla rar-a t? far rtn?T?tm? tbt di?a??rd ivinn, and rtittrin; <lii lick, f?nn{, and dabiuiaud invalid ta batlth and ilranftK MtLEAWS STKENHTHENING CORDIAL Will ifictully can U*?f Complaint, Pmtiwli, J*n dtca, CSranic. ar Itarreaa DfKili?_?, D:<?uh oftha Kidn?r?, and all diiiuia iniir] from * dianrdarad U?tr or Btomacb, I'jiptpiu, Baartbam, Inward Hin, Ati4nr tr Btcknaaa af Iha Ntonif ch, Failoa.* af Blend la iha Dcii Pain cr wimminf in tha Haad, Palpitation af tha Kaart, Fallnaaa ar Wai^rSt in tha Biooiaeb, Moar Eraetatieoa, Cbakin# a* lif?c<'.h[ Faahnf wban larir.a i!?wn, Drrrax or TallaW rM af tha Bkin and Eyaa, Ni(Rt Bwaata, In ward Farara, tcjn Ui tha Small af iha Ck??, or BiJa, Baddan Plaahaa af Baal, n?pr?aainn of Spirua, Prifbtfal nraama, Lanfaar, Daaaandaaey ar aay narroaa diaaaaa, Boraa ar Blatcbaa an in* Bkin, and Fa*ar and Afaa (at ChiUa and > OVER A MILLION BOTTLE8 k?*a kaan aald dar.nj iha laal ail mantka, aad in aa la atanca baa it failad in riT'nf anlira aa'.iafactian. Vba than, wii! amfar fram Wrtknaaa or Oability whan MCLEAN'S IT" rH9TKlCKIH0 OHM AL will car* raa 1 Ha lar.faafa can eat.aay an adtqvata idaa af tka tramadl cla ard olanaat mneilMi ehanjra prodbead by taking ihia lytrtim ia we aiaauea, a?o:.iuu?n, ?na aaatterefl ner*e*i ?y?;en>, whether krtkiu dawn by iimh, tii! by uatvre, r> 'ityfii kj eickneet, th* reined and aneinmf a r f u I - w-iiao U iHtaiel la tie prietine health at,4 ?if ar MARRIED PERSONS; at athtn, tanerieae ef irabtlite frnr< whatever ee?e, will ted MrbCAHl BTEEHGTtf ENIWG CORtUAb a iha re?(h it of the eye:em; and all who -nar have In )?ie?t tlier;?e!*ei kr i.-uprafur Hdalf eucee will led in ifcie a certain *'nd epeedy remedy. TO THE LA DIES. MrllADt BTK.EN9TNEM1NG COHDIAb n a aa<ar ffa *;id care far Ireipient Ca-asmptian, Whitaa, Okeinuttd ?r DiSealt M cremation, Incontinence of Unne ar Inralaa'arr PieebMfe thereof, FUl.i f of tba Womb, Ctdd'naM, Tnlnting, ana til J. ? incident to Female*. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOVT IT (er na lan jar. T? ke I: aceerd'nf ta directions It will elimBiate, ttranftben, and invigorate yaa and caaaa th* blear of health la mount ?o?r chaak ajain. Every battle te warranted te five eattahctioa. FOR "CHILDREN ? -- A Uol V a MM II /? ? VUllUIIH <U* J'*U * wr >UIVt*U( U1LIJ&AI1 O COKDIAL will reaka lliaai h?:lU)T, fat, and rabaau Dalay nat a mficnt; irj it, and yra will ba CMifittil It U da llclrta ta taka. CA urioy. awara af draf fiata or daalara wna ma j try la palm apoc r?a Mm* hittar cr aara*pari!la traab, which ihay eaa bay ehasr, by nniir it iatoat aa rood. A?oid aach Bin. Aik far MCLEAN'S VrRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and uka cnthir.f alaa. It ia tha only ramady that will verify tha Blood tnoroaf h Ij and at tha umi tin:a alranfthan Uia ayat em. One laaapMofal taken e?ery morning faatlng ia a cartatn pra?ar,ti?a far Cholera, Chilla u<t Fa?ar, Yallow Pi>ir, or ana prevalent rfiaeaae. It ia pai ap In Itrrt bottlea. fnca only 91 par bottle, or ( battiaa far 96 J. H McLEAN, Bala proprietor of thia Cordial; alao, McLean'e Votcanit Oil Liuiriient- Pnccipai Parol oa tba comar of Third aad fine airaaw, St Loate, Mo. McLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TDK BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLP ) Tha oo.y a-'a and certain r.cra for Cancera, Pilca, Ta tar n , Bwallirfa ard Bronchile or Coitra, Taralyaia, Naa ralfia, Weakneaeof tha Mnaclaa, Chronic or lndimrMiory fcjvaarratiem. fetifbete af tha Jotnu, Contacted Maaclaa ar rai* miuan.a, v* ?VWiKV,ii?| VI ?*! , VMKUtl, X rCIO < ?, W tarda, Clctrt, Fmr Bortt, Ctkid Brtttt, Port Mippl**, Barnt, Staldt. Bora Throat, or an* inflammation or In, no h*v aavaro or lanr ? dwi>M imt fctT. tu.ud, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i* a etrutin ramady. Yhonatndt of . ratn bairft ha?t bate Mfil a lift a' dlt trtpitadt and mittry by lha ?? of thit inralaabla rtmtdy mclsaits tolcamc oil LINIMENT Will roll*** pain uoott imuauatowl;, and it arill clout, pau/y ud hat! tht foalaat torot in an iocrodibto oiiort tinto. for horses and other animals. MlLEAN*8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT it iht only aafa ted rrlirfcU rtrttdy for Iht ear* of Spavin, Riortoaa, Wiodftllt, Bp'inta, Onnatnral Lampt. Nodat or S?*iliufa. It aiTir failad vo ear* p.f H?ad, Pelltnl, FitiaU, Old Rartur; Sprat, or Swttny, if properly applied. For prama, Brmttt, Seratthat, Crrcktd Httlt, Croat, Saddle or Collar (ialla, Catt, Sortt, ar Woordt, it it an in fail'.bit rtmtdy. Apply it at directed aad a cart ia certain u every taataaca. Than tnla ca loottr vith the mtny worth1 tat Lmitaaau eCtrtd to yoa. Obtain a tapply of Dft. MCLEAN'S CELE BlLATfcLI LlWIPltWT. It Will CTirt T01. J. H. Mi Lt AN, B*lt Proprietor, Third u4 Put ?tt-, fc. Uw, Mo. CHAR Ltd rrOTT, rs Pi. it., ?oit .{? ( IB Withinj lMif.IT. C1BSEL, G*?c*--ovn. ??M-D*WJy \wm ? si|so(j| EXTRa" OLD -AMI1YI [SKIT EXTRA OLD FAMHY RYI svmsi The above PURE WHISKY,Corr** Dibtilub yrom Maltbii Grain, being superior and uniform m quality. and htihiy improved by a?a, is preferred by eon?umer? to all other Whiifciee. anc parties larly reennr.n*eix!!ed by the beet ph??ie?*n? aa<i o.iomiaUm foMMemc all the rea augment* of 7V*? Tcm\f. iK?il?rU?r cn-i Ilrmi lull 4r?*?. Tlie Sehtiyifcilfw?ier o{ Philatelyt.:* va^l in the aiaaHatioi ?f thin Whitky, ia proves! by %n*Jy 1* to be the aofteet and purest water in the United States : and to tais may, m a jrrat decree, be at tributed tfce excllenoe of Uda*Whimjty. Ft>r sale by FRBEVanV rhemz Distillery, On the Pohvylkili river. Philadelphia OMcee??0 Wa.ll street, Mra York ; 101 S<>sth Front street, Philadelphia. mar ? It ii?.?iUEU. ?. i. am. r. k avti WUiprMU m la thtlluh Cwlrt oTiirron ui Miivm. irsiMit kUttkion, ' tfc* B'iUflffcnttS HTtr?u?oiff. fehool B??k? U you h?v? i ?h?ae? to i? i?-lm 1 EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wiak tWr dfcachtara to f ?it? a thorough and ?T?tematie duaatioiv wb*r* tltair phyaia*. training will r*0Mra4*i!r aad i Ktioa, under the moat ayatwn o o? an1) C j, ?r? r*?p?ui..i in vi?it the I'nion K?mal* A .. , tMoth at. and New York ? . L'EMALK BOARDING AN I) DAY CtiOOL Mra. 8. J.' .Nlc/t\< V Ick.jd'mciraL. The thirteenth annual iMunn of tku IuaUtatioa will commence on T uee-fai ,f ayt^aahf IMk. la tfca h<>BM raoentiy occupied by BylrMUr howtt. Cm, No. 180 Kmc ili*t V Tk? oourao of atady fiuiaed will eonjpria?a<i the braoohe^raqiiiait# to a tkoroafk Knt Uak Ma huu^mh .nunc, t renob, Latin ud Drawiai. it In addiboa to ds? eeholam. Mn. MeCormiek le a limited ion. She will endeavor .aa tar a? poeeibie.t round th^m with theoomforUand kiadW mfii ?f|ftr5Si??^-m*T.O?o. H. Norton. KW.IK Kliae Harrison, Rev. D. F.P?ri*f, Wifliaia_p Fowl*. |.. Edgar Snowd^n, Km.. Edmund F. WlUaer 1? Henry Marbary. bn., Lgru IMfW i.,.Robert H. Hmton, E?e .W D. WaliaeJ* itor Evening Star, Benjamin Water*. E?v.J*e twiele, Jr.. Em .Col. John W.Miaor. Loed<>?B lesnra. kaAiocV * Marshall, Mean Cor Brother*. Tnn. Board, with Tuition in ail the Engliek Bruobf*. for the annuel sceeion?payable eemi anaaally, in advanoe Mutio and Langna^ee at Profreeore' pnoea. Er No extra e*argee. (V< C<m*k. CM, H?rsrn* >RV\Vf'\ A?ntt Mt ImlMium m >1. /a *t*l of Ik* Th* o+l, tiohov* lh* Hrndttmt Corns4 m Cmimv lim. jrMriilu, <i???. t Cwmrrk, Citmr ?wf Iti* ttr.jnttk to tkf rote? ?/ V B L I C SPEARER8 AMD SINGERS. onrAiai Trorhet." tontUB'4 dM?ioMitiqr? ?nta, allay Pulmonary and B onohia! Irritation. "That troaMe id my Tkroat, ifor BROWN'S which the "!V*An" area ifMifcel havint mad* me often a mere wkie TROCHES rarer." K.P.WILLIS. ' RROWN'? "I raeomtnmxl their to Pr?tio BKUW* P grBAK?,..? TBnrilL's IKV.K.H TBiHH nwuut- ?? - """" * "Great aerrioc in rabdmot hnuil 8rownt iiui." rev. DANIEL WISE. TRfimtcs " A iwo?t instant r?li?f 1a the 4n rKUCHb. tre-.lnc niKirof braaliiinc poeahar RROWN'S tO AcTHMA.." BRUWNh REV. A. C. eggle8ton. T roc HEM " Contain do 0?i?R> or %artfclM injanoo*." DR. A. a HA* HL brown** Chtmitt. TROCHES browne ttvr t?oc?w "8"''et4"t*r<tlw brown'S TROCnKS w^ft$*ev WARRKN. brown*?1! For**. ' " Bonoftoial wh?? ortapollad to TROCHES iriak.frforint frm Cme " I AeV. 8. J. P. ANDERSON. brown'?I St. Lcwti. trothr? " Err?CTWAt in reftonu Hotrw KUI hls bmi mm Irrit?tu.n of th? Thro*U w BROWN"? tV)m?on W|U? &***?* Bnw TROCHES "W-M. STACY JOHNSON. BROWN'S Tm^fS?S2Sk9n TROCHES "Sr*t bmefct wbea U*?n before fcnd tWT pre^chm*. * tMr ir*vnt brown-8 T.OCB E! ~-B&-E",owwy. A Jt BROWN'S Prmident of Atbena Collate, Tmb. TROCHE? ffT'SoldbyalipriKiBtaMTWEN , TV' FIVE CENTS A BOX -Hi (te lif rpHE ALL. SUFFICIENT THREE. TRTESKMA R, 1,2 ?nd~ 3-Pmt?>t?4 by Ron! Letter* i>.tent of bncl&ad. and by Ui? S?\.6 of the F.coi* de Ptinrmaoie de Pfria, and Qm lniBTial Collereof M*di3W?. Vi?rii% No. I u inr&luKble for fuhustion Mid n&torrbfl*. and all phyaioal diaahilitlee. No.Sooinaletely aradioatea all trace* of Iboa* ditMie: have ben hitfcerto treated by the mm - eon and pernioi n? cue o? coaaiva and eut>ebt. No.3 he.* entirely auppiacted the lajanoaa in of meroary, thereby lurunng to the *ufferer ?pee<j? relief, di?p?r?init all impvritiea, and rooting oat the venom of diaeaee. TK I Ks'KM a R. INoa.1,2and 3. are frnartd li thn form of a lo?e?ige. devoid of taate arffi airel1. Mid can he carried in the waistcoat ponkeL tola in tin oa?e?. and divided into separate do*#?, a* ad miiiiaUrrd b* Vaipeau, Laliemand, Rou. R ioori. A.o. Prioa ?3 taoh. cr four ca#*e for #9. which avcm S3; and in #27 oaae*, wherebr there ta a ear ice or %9. To be had. wnoieaaie and retail, of Or. HARROW, of 194 Blaeaker Hreei. New York. Immediate!* on reoeiving a lemlttanoa. Dr. Barrow will forwara the i rieaemar to any part of the wot d, aeon rely packed, and addraaaec aaoonluw totfca ta atraoti->na oi the writer. The Book, of a'! othera, that ahoaM be read bv men with damaf ed and broken down eoDatitntiona la "Human Frailtv, or Pt)T*ioiO|ioal Keeearchea." It ia beautifally i Matt rated. and treat* >"<aately of ail taa trmpom* that invanabiv aevaloe them ?e ve?. tooDer or later, re?u.tinf iron tM r rail tie* and vitintiof habiu or earlr joutli. inoaeaoitatinf the victim from ?hani,? the fruition of the matri monial state, and. if not e becked id time, deceaer a'infallthe functions of manhood, and brlanM him. ?tep by ?U>?. U> a 11n*er?n* and untune r deetr eld by Dr. HAS ROW, 194 B'eecker itiwt. W doore b-low Ma-xionjal, New York. Prifte 25 >nU. Sent free every where. Sold aleo by S. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Jitora, Wash- - icton. D. C. de??<n FOR 8TAMPIN* JACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH. at the METROPOLITAN NO CHARGE. BOOKSTORE. PHILP * SOLOMONS, Attn is for Lmwrenet'l cilirnW Linen Fnptri, "Mttitpc'itan Mill*," #*., #c. ? K ly 338 Pa. a*.. boC tt> ?d lotfe lU. 1861 1861 Commence tke Year with m Diary. A v?!aabla Pocket Comyuioi for rafiatannc mnt? put. araaact, mm1 fa tar#; oobuidib| mtas of poctaga, almanac, a blank i^to for lorrute of pOttAft, HDIMIH, m UlMtl B^W IVI twW -TW ? for evcy dar i r. the y*ar, oa*k aoaoaat for ?aflfc inon'k, annua lommtrj of omb uwtit bi ll paraM* and rcoeivabla. Don't ba witaoat om of uarfal littla onvpsira Ta? moat (via >> *?. ai'Kf ui. aod dcairabiaa?orfaat avar tMM.ani jn.,., Odaon Bandiac, aoraar ?fi?* atraatand ir ?f,?K ?tr d? ? Fa? niARlES! DIARIES 1/ 0 I A I I K B!" 1M1, IMl, _ ML CHEAPER THAN XfElL _ We trill take an ext^a di?o unt of at per ?*at. etf of %II Diariee yurohMM fro? ae for eaik. wear* doiroai?f?lciiriMttkt r?w>i?*?f of owkrr* "W^AfflcBSTKlN. jH 87? renn a^eaa*. At PREN^t1 ATR*C&rTE?N,a, ?T? Pean. aveou? Marion Grabair, Of Hich*t U -? 1?>>I ! , Meter Lander; lite., elotfc, eer.t bj Mil for flJS SMi ine'a Note* oa Daek tad Dnelinc ; IIhm . eluU; flJft *?? Mil. t^t(oarne)*e illustrated Poem*; elvth n't; #??' Vairh'a Eaeare on Ltalia; oioth portrait; 11J5 by mail. All of Lonffellow'a and Ike Marrefa Well Oar aaaai haary 4iae<>aat on Hooka fruM the pat> Uahers' pnoee for peak FRFN?H A ?1cii?TRIN. Ja7 9T> Penn aw??. CCHOOL AiNP COLUMN OUTFI r? Youths' and Boy*' Clot for &rhe*l m4 for th?oominc im*oc, w?lnTi'?i to mwwow K^'.'riw.^yter'i trz&T*''*' Of til li|M IB ft few BMNtll wlft ?*rt tii i. of R**/1y ?uw1* G?j .? ??. <n Mlwtaa TTJ ou riE*8B.-l ^Awrwu, ^lN BUECMK^

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