Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1861 Page 2
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TilE EVENING hTAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THt'RftI>AY Frhraary II. 1W1. Spirit of lb* Morning Pref* Tbe ImttlUgmctr questions tbf reliability of Mr Lincoln'* late speech at Indianapoll*, as re ported in the paper*, and thinks it doea not repre sent bis deliberate sentiment* nor In any way foreshadow th* policy of Mr. Lincoln, relative to tbe recapture of forta and tbe public property of the t'nited State* Tbe Ktpubhca* ?aya that the Yancey*, Cobb*, Toombs*-*, and others, hare usurped the name and authority of sovereign State*, bv fraud and violence, to cover acta dictated by their own un bridled ambition, and that It will not be long before the people of those States will call for aid in expelling thfse usurper*, and bringing them to that condign punishment they so richly de serve. Tm DEridBSCT in ths Uxitkd States TttAiriT ?The act of Mr. Oarnett In the Houae yesterday, in objecting to the Introduction of the bill reported from the Committee of Ways and Means to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to pay out Treasury notes having twenty years to ran to auch creditors of tbe Government as may be willing to receive them, is likely greatly to depress tbe value of all United States securities; necessitating as it doesfei new and Immediate Gov. eminent loan for eight millions of dollar*, which, under existing circumstances, bids fair to be ex tensively speculated upon by the money brokers In bidding for It. It seems that about eight millions of Treasury notes, not yet matured, have been patd in for custom duties of late, Instead of coin. Had coin bern paid Instead, as heretofore, the Secretary of the Treasury would bayc been able to have paid off by the 4th of March all the demands on tbe / Treasury on account of the Government's transac tions during the existence cf tbe present adminis tration; leavings balance on band for the new administration use, to begin upon. Such was cer tainly his design; which h.-s been frustrated, as explained above, by the Interposition of Mr. Gar nctt's objection in tbe House yesterday. Thkatkb?Vet another immense. Intense jam at the theater las: night, tbe attraction being Miss Cuabman as " Lady Macbeth." No such furore bas been exhibited among play-goers here for year* before as now distinguishes the engagement at MIm Cuibman. Great paint bad been taken to put Macbeth" upon the stage In good atyle, and the reault was lta rendition with much effective ness, the stock company sharing largely with the leading characters In the credit therefor. The music and other auxiliaries also deserve compli mentary mention. To-night, by request, Mine C ashman repeats her great part of "Meg Merrilea." We bmr that a large number of the leading mem bers of Congre^a, and other prominent personages now in this city, have signed a request to Mlsa Cusbman to give her sublime rendition of " Ham let'' before leaving the city. It is to be hoped he will find It possible to accede to this request T?i Puck Cokvs^tiok.?There Is no ? sub" committee rannfrlnl with th? nrrrm ? - ?v v.^ouikdllVII VI this body, u alleged by many newspapers The duty of reporting a platform of settlement for the trouble* of the time* la in tbe baud* only of their committee of one Commlaaloner from each State Yesterday tbe committee obtained leave to delay making tbe expected report until to-morrow, (Friday,) and continued diacuaalng and voting upon tbe various propositions before them. Their proceed!nga of ttie dav rendered it evident that their report will be in favor of the adoption of measure* identical In purpose with those proposed by Mr Guthrie, of Ky . and will be made with much greater unanimity than was thought pos sible forty-eight hours ago. <4 i { 11 t C i Kisa Cottos ?The proclamation of Gov. Plck ns declaring martial law over Sullivan's Island. (to Charleston harbor,) grew out of the Impos sibility of restraining the South Carolina soldiery In the us* of ardent spirits. Charleston's whisky trad* with Baltimore and New York for the last three months has been ten times as great as ever before. If contlnuiag much longer In Its present huge proportion, Got. Pickens will have to declare the whole city jjnder martial law, or give up all idea of the exercise of any other authority about Charleston than the will for the time being of th? bands of hiccoughing young volunteers that now threaten to undertake the work of assaulting Sumter on their own book. Trx Pbssidkst ow the Vikoikia Cohvbstio.i. The gentleman yesterday elected to be the perma nent President of the Virginia Convention, Mr. John Janney, of Loudoun, is one of the first lawyers of the State, and hss long been a noted iraatr 01 us anil-democratic party. He ia a mem ber of the Society of Friends by birth and asso ciation . rr Shillington sends us tha fresh and luter?st loar March number of Godey's Lady's Book, also, " The Little Blue Book," a vastly convenient affair just now for politicians who want a register of Federal offices and salaries. Tm I ivasi.?We regret to have to state that the last California malls brought no tidings to the Navy Department of the missing United states hip Levant, as was expected. Personal. Probably there were never before collected at one time together under a single roof so many mei of note In connection witb American public affair*, civil, military and naval, as are now so journing at Willards' in thla city. The list In cludes nearly all of the P foliowlnjs-naiT'ed gentleman are a few of them :? Com Stover, U ft NHon V. Corning, Albany; Gen. Garland, U. 8 A.; ex Got. D. A. Keid, N C , ex-Go*. J M Morebead N C ; Judge Tho?. KutBn, N C ; A. Duncan, N. J ; Judge G.W. Heiden Ohio; Gen. W. O. Butler, Ky.; Got. C. F. Clearland. Conn ; Got. W. B. Lawrence, H. I : Hob. Jm. Guthrie, Ky ; Thurlow Weed, Eaq., Albany; Hon J a met B Clay. Ky.; Col. Alexan der, N. J ; Com Stockton, N J.; ex-Gov 8. P. Cbaee, Ohio; Got. Hicks, Md ; Got. Bucking ham. Conn ; Judge Ainei. R. 1.; Got Pollock, Pa ; ex-GoT J. VV. Crlrtela, Md ; ex-GoT Vroorn, N.J; Prof Weir, West Point; Oeorge Bancroft, N Y ; Got. C 8 Peden, N J.; ex Got. H Hall, Vt , Gen. A B. James, R. I.; ex-GoT. Baldwin Conn ; Judse Alion n v w?? ' ? ' ? . - ? I ^* I Maj Kintzlimar, U 8. A ; J. J. Wadawortb, N. Y.; ex-Goe J A. King, N. Y.; Dr J. Fowlkea, Tenn ; lapt Eliy, V. $. A.; Col Morrta, U- !*. A ; Edwin Crrswell, N Y ; ex-Gov. Wlnalow, N. C ; Gen. D M. Barrlnger, N C : Com. Arm strong, U. 9 X.; Judge Meredith, Pa ; Hon. W. E Ik>dge, N. Y ; Dr laler. Tenn ; M Gibba. N. Y ; Grp. Snath, Philadelphia: J. Hoflner, Cin cinnati, O ; C. H H Baxter, Vt. A Cabd rioa Ki Goviiaoi Flotd ?Ex-Got. Floyd, who la now la Virginia, baa directed a personal friend of hla In thla city to make the fol- '' lowing publication: To tJu Fu^hc.?Tb? numerous aaaaulta which have been made upon nay character for aeveral weeka peat in the newapapera. and which, from their aonrce and nature, could not be replied to, have at length culminated in a report from a com mittee ol the Houae of Representatives, submitted to that body on the 12th Instant Thia ?? an ix frtt arraignment of my official conduct, upoo *x part4 tml atony, taken In aecret in my absence It la a labored attempt, by Innuendo, aad by meeoa of clreumataacea. In the absence of proof, to fix upon me tome undefined complicity with a robbery of tbe Government, of wnlch I bad no knowledge until about tbe time it was Cblidy disclosed. Now that these charges have rn pat la form and have emanated from a re sponsible source, I pledge myself to meet them by a fuh response, ss soon as the report of this com mittee. with the evidence taken by it, hhs been rrn>d, and can be examined. February 13,1861. Job* B. Flotd Tin Gkbat Ccaa roi Dyspepsia ? One of the most terrible evils la the community Is the wide . spread prevalence of dyspepsia It is to be foood la almost every family In our land, aad tbouaanda are suffering from what they believe to be the alU | .< .lT- V -M ' ? ? v. u,r urnu, mt nean, ine eimt, the liver or bowel*, which are In reality but symptoms and tb? results of- the presence of dyspepsia So many forms does this dire arrangement of the animal functions aaaume, that a thousand different cases might be cited la which the complication or com bination of symptoms is entirely dliTereat Prob ably the moat efficient remedial agent known Is the Oxjgtnafd Bittets, prepared by 8 W Fowle A Co , Boston We have seen letters from ladl vlduals whose character and position In society ei.title then to coafdeace, and the article has brrn approved br some of our most professional . 1h* ?beve expmm oar opinion of, Xhlt well jnown remedy. CONARESSIO.IIL. Si* ati ? After onr report cln?ed ywtcrday, the Senate having returned to the Senati chamber? Mr Trumbull, of 111., from tb? joint commit tee, reported a resolution Instructing tbe Senate to appoint a committee of one member to Join a com mittee of two from tbe House, to wait on Mr. Lin coln and Mr. Hamlin, to Inform them of thftr ^lection as President and Vice Prealdent of tbe United States; wblch resolution was adopted. The Vl^e President laid before the Senate a communication from tbe Secretary of War. trans mitting modified estimates for fortifications for tbe next fiscal year; which was read and referred to the Committee on Military Affair* TThe .Sec retary cava In Lis communication that ft will he perceived that all worka south of the Chesapeake are omitted from this estimate, with the excep tion of Forta Calhoun, Taylor, and Jefferson. The defences of the two latter having derived addi tional Importance from recent eventa, he recom mends the amount estimated may be appro priated ] Several Senators presented memorials relative to the state of the country, and reported a few unimportant bills from their respective commit tees; after which The Senate reaumed the consideration of the tariff bill; and after aome discussion laid it orer until to-day, (Thursday ) ? On motion of Mr. Wilson, the mlll^a bill for the District of Columbia waa taken up, debated, and referred to the Committee of Military Affaira. After soine discussion upon the resolution allow nig mcniDFrioi lie rrace tORTenuon 10 appear upon the floor of the Senate during ita teuton, the Senate adjourned. Hovsb ? After our report cloaed, the House Im mediately adjourned. THtrxtDAY, February 14. Sbmati ?Mr. Blnghsm presented Union res olutions advocating the enforcement of the lawa and tendering the aid of Michigan In their en forcement. Mr. King presented a memorial opposing ma king the public land an article of traffic. Mr. Johnson, of Ark., introduced a bill making further arrangements in regard to the consolidated land offices. Mr. Johnson explainrd the bill, which was read a tnird time and passed Mr Green moved the appointment of three Sen ators as part of a joint committee to make ar rangements for tbalnauguratlon of President Lin coin; which was patted. Mr. Green introduced bills to pstahllih t??rrt. torial governments in Nevada and Dacotah. Hocak ?The Speaker laid before the House a communication from the Secretary of the Interior, transmitting to Congress the report of the Super intendent of Indian Affairs in Washington Terri tory. Laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Mr. Morris, of Pa., presented a memorial from the citizens of his district, praying the passage of a tariff bill; andisked that it be read Mr John Cochrane, of N. V., said be had no objection to Its being read, but he desired to offer in the meantime a similar memorial froin the Chamber of Commerce. After some confusion. Mr. Morris's memorial was referred to the Comittec of Ways and Means Mr. Morehead, of Pa ., offered a resolution In structing the speaker to make xrratigements for having Washington's farewell address read In the Hall of Representatives on the :fc?d of February, and that tne President and Vice President, the President and Vice President elect, beads of de partments. military and naval officers, and others (va 1 n ?? m A V. ? ^ * * ? ? ? - ' w inviicu uy%ju iuc uuor upon 100 occasion, no jected to ana not received Mr. Curtis called for the regular order of busi ness Mr. Leake, of Va . offered > resolution instruct ing the Speaker to appoint a select committee of thre? to inquire whether the Niperintendent of the Census Bureau or any person employed therein were engaged in forwarding political spee> hes and other similar documents to heads of families in Virginia previous to the late election. Ob jected to. Mr. Carter asked leave to present to the House a communication from the Secretary of the Inte rior, to the Chairman of the Committee on the Dls'rlct of Columbia, recommending to Congress the passage of a bill making appropriations for the Government hospital for lunatics in ttie Dis trict of Columbia Mr Craig, of Mo . said be sbt>uld object to any hill) V> ** w ? v?w?uu? iu mc rt^uiar order. Mr. Curtis insisted on taking up the regular order, the Pacific Railroad. Mr Pryor, of Va , rising to a privileged ques tion, bad read a paragraph from the New York Time*, stating that several thousand dollars' worth of books had beeu taken from the Congressional Library and removed South by mcmlx-rs of se ceding States; and offered a resolution instructing the Speaker to appoint a special committee of three to investigate the matter, with full power to end for persons and papers; which resolution was agreed to. After several explanations of a personal charac ter relative to the revision of speeches for the Globe aft*r their delivery, and a protracted dis cussion upon points of order, the House took up the regular order of business, (Pacific railroad 'bill,) and proceeded to tbe consideration of cer tain amendments; pending which our |report closed Tn WuTHia.?Tbe following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amcr lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The tkne of observation la about 7 o'clock. FzBauAav 14,1861. Burlington, Vt clear, 88*, wind N Washington, D. C .clear, wind NE Richmond, Va cloudy, 47*. Petersburg, Va....... cloudy, pleasant. Norfolk, Va cloudy, 45?. Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 58?. Wilmington, N C cloudy, warm. Charleston. S. C..... clear. Augusta. 6a. ........cloudy, cool. Savannah, Ga cloudy, Go'. Macon, Ira. cloudy, cool. Columbus. Ga. raining. Atlanta, Ua raining. Montgomery, Ala. clear, pleisaiit. Jackson, Ala. clear. raox thi wasT. Pittsburg. Pa cloudy, 40?. /1 wtvTcmuu) * OVPrCMl Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m., (cor rected for temperature,) 30.113; at noon, 30,093 Thermometer at 7 a. m , 3??; at noon, 48' Maximum during'21 hours, ending V a. m. to diy, 57 minimum 35X'. Main* i7i Motiok.?A memorial has been for warded from Portland, Maine, to Senator .F? seen d?n, for preaentatlon to Congress, earnestly pray ing that oody "such measures of conciliation and compromise aa aball heal aectlonal strife, restore public confidence, and cement for all coming time those bond* which, in the earlier day* of the Kepubllc. constituted the baais of our national strength, and upon which rest, nnder God, our only bope and faltb for transmitting to posterity the precious inheritance achieved for us by the common efforts and sacrifices of a wise and patri otic ancestry " The memorial which indicates no preference for any particular measure of com promlae, Is subscribed to by 2.500 signatures, col lected In a very few days, and representing all shades of party feeling. The of eight In fluential clergymen, and of the Rev. David W. Bacon, the Roman Catholic Bishop cf Maine, are appended to the petition. Washington's Bihthday.?The approaching annlverssry of the birthday of George Washing ton will doubtless be cel#hratf>?l I n more than usual enthusiasm Thus far it la quite probable that about twelve volunteer companies will parade with full bands of music, wbllat tbere will oerivic observances of the ever-memorable day. The s udents of Loyola College, In accord ance with h time-honored custom, will give an Intellectual feast, accompanied with Instrumental music- The affair will tike place in the main hall of the college building, on North Calvert street As for the military display, It Is pro(>o*ed that the Baltimore City Guard and .Maryland Guards will uuite on the occasion and parade tinder one command. This would have a good effect, as harmony among the volunteer soldiers Is essential to success.? Balto. American. Th* Sscbdiss Statu ?The population of the six State* which have already seceded from tbe Union, Is given as follows, from tbe new census : Free Slaves. Total. South Carolina ... 306,lHfl 497,165 805,371 I MiSSiSSiODi 107 AM ?*=? Florida .. Alabama Georgia Louisiana 2,387,647 63.809 145 694 435,473 955.017 487,461 1,CJ82,7!?7 312,1* 000,430 2,265,721 4,543,368 81. W 521) 444 615,336 354,245 la amd Oct.?In New Orleans laat week a newi ptper reporter, balling from tbe land of Erin, ruabed hastily to takeout bla naturalization paper* aa ? citizen of tbe United St<tee. Just as be bad signed bia name and pocketed bis papers making him a citizen of tbe Raited States, tbe bocmlng cannon and tbe ringing of bells announced to tbe people tbat Louisiana was oat of tbe United States. Mediation or tub Bpideb Stats* ?'Tele graphic dispatches are pasaing between leading Border 8tat*? politicians bere and tbe Montgom ery Convention It is understood tbat the former are urging moderation for tbe purpose of gaining time. It 1* generally remarked bere that in Alex ander H. Stephens' speeches be carefully avoids any expression inconsistent wltb tbe iaea of re union , Rcbawai Slavbs ?One night recently a num ber of runnwav nei/roM from ? >- k... *' 9 WIU^J iuuuwr? of Maryland psaaed through Vork comity, on tb? Ir way to freedom. The next day tbey were pur aued and captured in Adam* county, and taken back to their old quartera. No oppoaitlon w>i made to tbelr return by Il>e cllizeu* uftue village In which they were captured ?Hat Ttl. d^Thej wealthy capita 11 ?ta, tboa? of Hebrew birth particularly, Me withdrawing from South DKPARTIWEJIT SEWS. R migration or Southern Ci.sdks in the Is tkbiok Department ?J - W Moselv and Col 8. Perry Kill , of La., A. B. Jordan, of Va .and J. B Fiell and ? Yatea, of 8 C , clerks In the Cen ua Bureau; aud W.J. Ptowers. J. A. Barksdale, J. W.PulltaD, H. C Worthington and H A. Klncannon, of Miss , B Allen and E M Har rold, of Ga., clerks In the General Land Office, have, In couaeqnence of the action of their respec tive States, tendered their restitutions, and In most cases departed for their homfl Others from the South have announced their Intention to re sign during the latter part of this, or the first of next week Items Telegraphed Irani Washington. Washihotos, Feb. 13.?Owing to apprehen Ion of a conspiracy for the purpose of seizing the public buildings,they have been privately guarded though not In Targe force, for some wwki past. In addition to other fears, the blowing up of the Capitol was regarded aa an event not improbable, ana hence every night a thorough examination of the celfars and vaults of that building has been made by the Capitol police, to be aure that no explosive materials had been there clandestinely deposited for such purpose. Governor Hicks, of Maryland, was examined to-day by the Special Committee. His belief that a conspiracy existed In connection with the Fede ral Capitol, was, he said, superinduced by private and anonymous letters and newspaper articles; and that auch a combination did not exist in Mary land, but in other Southern States; thatat the time of bis publication, about the beglning of January he was satisfied there were existing organizations, having In view an Illegal interference with the Federal authorities and the seizure of public property, but for some time past, whatever may have been the designs of any secret confederations or association, he was satisfied that such purposes hfifl Wn .ihanHnn?H The Special Committee are unanimously of opinion that whatever combination! or interest* may have existed at an earlier period, that for the last six weeks there ha* been no appearance or vestige of an organization with hostile Intention against Washington or the public property therein. The Gaines case was up in the Supreme Court to-day, Mr. Perln opened the argument, stating that Mrs. Gaines hrretofore appeared as heir-at law, but now as devisee. Messrs Cuthing and Magruder are associated with bim. Messrs Javin and Henner represent the city of New Orleans. In response to the statement of Senator Benja min before the Select Committee of the House, that he had informed the President that Secretary Floyd was issuing acceptances, it Is due to the President to ?ay that he immediately thereafter sent for Mr. Floyd, and inquired by what au thority he had issued them Mr. "Floyd said there was no law for or against it, but it had been the practice of the Department The Presi dent said the practice was wrong, and Instructed him to pay what he had issued, but no more, which Secretary Floyd promlied to do?the n. i j ? * V..I- * * ... rrraiurm unn^ nnaer idc impassion ttiat only a small ?um of money wai involved Governor Hicks arrived in the city last evening, and has been cordially welcomed to-day by Mr. Crittenden and the Southern Union members, especially thoae from Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia He was served with a summon* to ap pear before the Committee of Investigation to tes tify in relation to the alleged conspiracy to seize the capitol The speech delivered by Mr Lincoln at Indian apolis. on the subject of coercion, has had rather an unfavorable < -fleet on the Southern member* of the Peace Conference. Mr Hutchin*, a member of the Kentucky I*ef>tslature, says th.:t Mr Lin coln evidently hid ailiuion in this speech to the action of Kentucky, and that he had recently re marked, In private conversation, that if Kentucky wa* in earneet in her anti-coercion reaolutions we had better prepare for war. This is seized upon by the extremists, and the proi?ct of settlement has been somewhat retarded. Hii apeech at Cin cinnati la. however, well rt-celved Souie of the more moderate republicans condemn tu? Indian apolla speech a? Impolitic and uncalled for, though the full reports of it by mail are deemed lew ob jectionable than the telegraphic sketch. Mr BrcHAjiAs'a Authorship.?The Historical Magazine say*: "Since it la announced that Mr. Buchanan will favo.' the public, after hla retire ment from office, with a aerim of sketchea of rn?n eminent In political lif*, of whom there bos here tofore been no fitting memorial, It may not be a violation of anv confidence to say, th3t It l? believed be will undertake a more formal work with re gard to President Polk " O. O. F<?GRAND LODGE.?Past il ? Granda: Attend a epeo'a meeting of the R. WGrand Louge of t.'ie District of Columbia TH IS EVENING, at7 o'olook, to tn&ko arrangements for the funeral ?f our lite Brother, P.O. Martin Hsetzkl, of Orien'al Lod<e, No. 19. it J. T. BANGS G. B. rr5?i.. .F-Th? m-mbera of ORIENTAL js_3 luuuKi 1X0. 19,1. O O. F., are notified t" aeeembleat the Hall TO MORROW (Friday) AFTfcRNOON, at S o'ciook, preparatory to at tending the fu>eral of their late Brother. P. O. Ma* riM Hitzel. Members of sinter Lodges are fiatercaliy invited to unite with ua it P. DKCKF.R. N. Q. fTS^JOIlN B. GOUOH. lL2 THE GREATEST LIVING ORATOR. WILL LECTURE IN THIS CITY fa lt-5t yOON. Y^* SHOO N n W A R !>.- FEDERAL RI'-'LV.S, lI < ATTENTION.?1Th?re wi l l>e a meetiug ofthe company on FRIDAY. F? bruary 5th, at the armorj, ( f r.ion Buildinca.) f >r tie trail act.on of important business Punotual attendance ia re quired. By order of J. II. DUBANT, Captain. A. J. BAKER. Sec. to 14-2t* rt^traaRMITUsnVU v * pnwun ??r. ?? j y n? ? mi h'? b r.V/ X V li fiS ?-i 111 l* Kl J 9 DAY EVENING Rev. Joh?i Lord will l^otnrc un "UililM and Sci*noe " (..retare to com menca at quarter belore 8, wnon the door* will l?e clored. f" 13-3t ?y-*?J. O O. F.?WASHINGTON I.OIIGK, No. 6 ? f'he mentliera of tl? * lo<!jte ar? re quest?dto m??>t at 'ht* Hall on FRIHAV EVE NING, the 15.h iin tant. at 7 o olnck precuely, to par a Fiaterna! Visit to Ea?t? rn L<xlc- , No.7 fe IS 2t* J. I*. McKKAN, R?c. Sfc. fr**ATI KN riON. OKHCKR8 OF THE II.R UNION RKGIMENT OF WASHING TON ?I i-b?erve tht? rriorninc, for the fir?t tune, tnat the officer* of ihe m>venth Ward or-mpmydid no' wen my roooinmendation to the president for th'> offioe of Lieutenant Go'onel Commandant of the Union Regiment. I do not desire t<? hold that position unien^ there id Drtrfont Iinnimti. -f ? inent among the officers I am wHl aatirfird with m? pr?n*nt position at the h<?ad of mj gallant com pany (A ) That oompant mo'>inoo*ol ofmy nettk bor* and frtendt, ana perfaot uoanitnitv of aenti mrnt exist* among ua. I hopn the offioera will a?Bemt>le at Temperance Hall on THLKSDAY, the 14 h instant, at 7 o'clock P. in., and make noma other neleotion agreeable to the whole regimen* In addition to the onicera pretext at the la*t meeting, Captnin Duhant, of 8*?<>nd Ward company, and hi* lieutenauta, And Cap'ain Allen and hia lieuten ants, of the Fourth Ward <-ompany, are reapeot fullr invited to attend The Cap'aina and Lieuten anta are all earned y invited to attend, aa we have no time to loae. felS (Repub.) HOWARD C. CAR KINGTON. GENERAL ORDERS-No. T. Hkadquaxtbrs D C. Militia, ) AUIUT1.1T UIXIIU'I OFFICt. > Washi/ioto*. Feb. 12, 1861. N I. The Washington Light Infantry Battalion it hereby recognised m a ?eparat? organisation. anil will he from thm date attached to the commani of Colonel ia nn Y. I)avU, 3d infantry. II. The National Guard Battalion is recognised an a separate organ sation. and in attached to the or mmand of Colonel James A. Tait, lat regiment ufMtn. III. Captain Henry Daldvin, Jr.,7th infantry, is anr.ouncxl a* Aid dn-Camp to the Major General commanding. with the rank of Major; and ?! or der* by him given, in the name and by the authori ty ofthe Major General commanding,wi iheob yed and re?pected accordingly. lly order of Major General Weight***. CH. lek JONFS, fe 13 3t Adjutant General. (V"5=?TO OI'R fki low citizens of IL3 the district ?Tke Federal Rxt**, a new military organisation, (ha-ing for ita obiect the protection of the live* and property of tneir fellow citisens,) has been formed in the Second Ward, and is oomposed of a large nninberof its citisens. Many of them are now oat < f employ ment and oanuot properly equip themselves They would, thera'ore. throw themselves upon the lib ralitv of the citisens of the District tor ma erial aid. The lollowing mejnbera have been authorised t >aolioit contribution*: W m. Gcx'drioh. A. 8. Dent, James H. Posey, R. E. Mooney, Wm tshedd. By order of the Compa y. fe 18 at* ? v.w.j ubj tun wont, in infl English Lutheran Church, oorntr of 11 th tnd H atreeta, to oommenoe at 4 oolock, and to ooutinus on* hour. ja7 nrs5*"*4! say, stranger, wherk ark Ik < you goir.g ? Yob atom to b? in a great hnr jy!" "Ho I am. I am going to smith'S, No 460 Seventh atreet, to buy a auit of Ciothea. The ?eo ple aar he haa a very nice aaaortment, ami they aay he aella them ao cheap." Hot*.?The laat we aaw of the atranger. h? was running up Seventh atreet inging out "'SMITH, No.4ftO" fe?-lw nrs?ClTY HALL, Pkbkuart 9th ?1 ho Aaaea IL ?< aura having fiuithrd their annual aatraa mentof real and per?onai property, wilt meet at their ioom, (City Hall) deify, aa a Board of Ap pf all, frum th" 10th to the ?6tn of February, inclu hear all oomplainta and to make anohcor reotiona in over aaaeaament aa they may deem neo e"*9Ttd ABO THOS. STEWART. Beo. at DKMPSKY * O'TOOLE, WEDDING AND VISITING Q4RD ENGRAVERS. 8TAT10NMV 3'JO Pa. A?.t batVMB ?ii)an^loth,S5Lrt,toi" m J7 tun Wahikwoh. f RKAT BAKUAIN9 IN VJI DAMAGKU CLOTHJNG, UNITED STATES' CLOTH I NO STORM, 916 Pb??. Amvn, ( 14 lw BHwmb Uth Md ttth 4 l PROGRESS OF THE PRftftlDEST ELECT Departuks nox Ikmasatolis. I*dia*apom*. Feb 12.?Mr* l.lncoln and her two sous arrived this morning, and joined her husband. Previous to Mr. Lincoln's departure from the Bate* Honse he vm again Introduced from the bak onybv Hon Sol. Meredith. Mr. Lincoln Mid he had no speech to make. If he made *pee> he* wherever hi* friends deaired, he would not be able to reach the National Capi tol at the appointed time He thanked the as semblage for their reeeution, trusting that they all might meet again under one flag of our Union, and bade them an affectionate farewell. At 10 o'clock Mr. Lincoln and his iiiltr w?? escorted by the Governor and a committer of the Legislature to the depot, amid the shouts of the multitude. Gov. Morton, of Indiana, welcomed Mr. Lin coln on his first arrival at Indianapolis, the fal lowing being the concluding words of the Gov ernor's welcome: Our Government, which but yesterday was the theme of every eulogy and stood for the admira tion of the world, is to-day threatening to crumble into ruins, and it remains to be seen whether it possesses a living principle, or whether In the fullness of time, the hour of Its dissolution la at hand. But we are full of confidence that the end la not yet, that the precious Inheritance from our ftthera will not elude our grasp or be wrested from us without a struggle; that we are but passing through one of those civil commotions that mark the history of every great nation, and that we shall merge from the pfesent gloom Into the bright sunshine of peare and fraternity, and m*lPrK ? #I ?K J ? ? ? ?1 * ? 41? .VI nom m?u awcici avcu l|'CVU 111 kUC paths of prosperity and power la response, Mr. Lincoln said: Gov Morton and fellow-citizens of the State of Ind'ana: Moat heartily do I thank vou for thla magnificent reception, and while 1 cannot take to myself any share of the compliment thus paid,' more than that which pertains to a mere tnstru ment?an accidental instrument, perhaps 1 should say?of a great cause, 1 yet must look upon It as a magnificent reception, and as such moat heartily do T thank you for it. You have been pleased to address yourselves to me cheerily In benalf of this glorious Union in which we live, in all of which you have my hearty sympathy, and, as far *a may be within my power, will have now and inseparably my hearty consideration. While 1 do not expect on this occasion, or upon any occasion till after 1 get to Washington, to attempt any lengthy speech, I will only say that to the salvation of this Union there needs out one single thing?the hearts of a people like vours f Applause l When the neonle rise" in maun la behalf of the Union and tfie lib erties of their country, truly may It be said " The gate* of hell shall not prevail against It." newed applause ] In all the tryiug positions In which I shall be placed?and doubtless I shall be placed in many trying ones?my reliance will be upon you and the people of ti e United States; and I wish you to remember, now and forever, that It Is your busi ness and not mine, that if the Union of these States and the liberties of this people should be lost, it Is hut little to anyone man 52 years of age, but a great deal to thirty millions of people that inhabit these United States, and to their posterity in all coming time. It is your business to rise tip and preserve the Union and liberty. For your sake*, and not for mine, I desire they shall be constitutionally pre served I, as already intimated, am but an accidental Instrument, temporary, and to serve but for a limited tiine, but I appeal to you again to con tinue to bear In mind that wtth you, and not with politicians, not with Presidents, not with oflic? seekers, but with you Is the question, "Shall the Union and shall the liberties of this country be preserved to the latest generation?" [Loud and prolonged applause ] EXCEPTIONS ON THE BOCTI. Lawbencebcrg, Ind . Feb 12 ?An immense crowd wu gathered at the depot here on the ar rival of the train. Flags and banners were sus pended across the track. Lincoln appeared and made a brief speech. He hoped that we were all Union men here, and friendly with our neighbors across the river He was frequently Interrupted with cheers. The train moved off amid the firing of salutes and tumultuous cheering. The national airs were played. ABKIVAL AT CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, Feb. 12 ?The train with Mr. Lin coln and partv arrived here at the appointed time The foot of Fifth street was literally blocked with people, and the locomotive was compelled to stop; the crowd was so great that It was impossible to ?Ck vut ui iur way. */v \ iqp aepoi 11 Wfll round necessary to briug the military and police forces Into requisition to clear the track. On tbe arrival of the train Mayor Bl?hop was introduced, and he welcomed the President elect to tbe city In a few appropriate remarks. Mr. Lincoln was escorted to tbe barouche in wilting, which was drawn by six whit* horses. His appearance was hailed with deafening applause from the vast concourse of people. The procession, which wis under the chief marsbaishlp of Miles Greenwood, then took up Its march and passed through the principal streets, amid tbe cheers of men and tbe waving of flags and handkerchiefs by tbe ladies, to tbe Burnett House, where It arrived at a quarter past five o'clock. Mr Lincoln entered the hotel, the band playing Hail Columbia and tbe Star Spangled Manner. After a few moments1 rest, Mr, Lincoln made bis appearance on the balcony, accompanied by Mayor Bishop, who made a abort introductory address. .Mr Lincoln then spoke as follows : 1 have spoken but once before this in Cincin nati. That was a year previous to the late Presi dential election. Ou that occasion, in a playful manner, but with sincere words, I addressed much of wbat I said to tbe Kentucklans I gave my opinion that we, as republican^ would ulti mately beat them as democrats, but that tbey could postpone that result longer by nominating Senator Douglas for the Presidency than they could in any other way. They did not, in any true sense of tbe word, nominate Mr. Douglas, and tbe result bus come, certainly as soon as ever I expected. | 1 alio Md tbein how I expected they would be treated after tbey should have been beaten, and I n?w wish to call their attention to what I then said:? ? When we do, as we s?\r we will, beat you, you perhaps want to know what we will do with you 1 will tell Vou. as far as f am >nthnri>Ml tn peak for the Opposition?what we mean to do with you?we mean to treat you, as near ? we possibly can, at Washington, Jellerson and Madl sou trmted you?we mean to leave you alone, and tn no way to interfere with your institutions?to abide by all un<l every compromise of the Consti tution. In a word, coming back to the original proposition, to treat you. so far degenerate men, If we have degenerated, may, according to the example of those noble fathers, Washington, Jfiferson and Madison, we mean to remember that you are as good as we; that there i* no dif ference between us other than the difference of circumstances We mtan to recognise and bear In mind always that you have as good hearts la your bosoms as other people, or as we claim to have, and to treat you accordingly." FelloW-Citiien* nf K?ntiirV???r?Unil? D..?. ren?M?y 1 call you such? In my new position t s?*e no ocrasion, and feel no inclination, to retract a word of this. If It shall not be made good, be assured that the fault a ha 11 not be mine. Theae remarks were received with great en thusiasm In passing to his room, those that could, rushed at Mr. Lincoln, throwing their arms around him and patting him on the back, and almost wring ing bis arms oil . Politicians are numerous; amomg them Geo. N. Sanders and others are noticed. This evenjug the President elect will receive the people generally in the hall of the Burnett House, which baa been decorated for the occasion. Mr. Lincoln looks well and is in good spirits. DirtRTCEK noM Cincinnati. Cincinnati, Feb. 13 ?The President elect, Mr. Lincoln, and suit* left here In a special train at 9 o'clock for Celumbus Areivalat Coltxbcs. Colcmbu*, Feb. 13 ?Mr. Lincoln arrived at 2 o'clock, and wu received with a national salute and every demonstration of popular enthu siasm He visited Governor Dennlson In tbe Exe cutive Chamber, and was subsequently Introduced to the members of the Legislature In joint aeaslon where he was formally welcomed by the Lieuten ant Governor, to which Mr. Lincoln responded as follows : It is true, as has been said by tbe President of tbe Senate, that very great responsibility rests upon me in the position to which tbe votes of tbe American people have called me. I am deeply sensible of that weighty responsibility. I cannot but know, what you all enow, that without a name?perhaps without a reason why I should have a name?there has fallen upon me a task such as did not rest upon tbe Father of his Coun try. And ao feeling 1 cannot but turn and look for the anpport without which It will be impos sible for iue to perform that great task 1 turn, then, and look to the American people and to that God who has never forsaken them Allnsinn has twwn nutria t? IK* #-1* ' relation to the poller of tbe new Administration In this 1 Lave received from some a degree of credit for having kept silence, from others, some deprecation. 1 atlll think I was rlghtln the vary ing and repeatedly shifting; scenes of the present without a precedent which could enable me to judge of the past. It has seemed fitting that be fore speaking upon the difficulties of tbe country, 1 should have gained a view of tbe whole field. To be sure, after all, 1 would be at liberty to mod ify and change tbe course of policy as future events might make a change necessary. 1 have not maintained alienee from any want of real anxiety. It Is a good thing that there Is am more than anxiety, for there Is nothing going wrong It Is a consoling circumstance that when we look out there Is nothing that really hurt* ....W.-l .. If* A 4-1- J ' * uTvuwy. r? e entertain amereni viewi upon po litical queationa, bat nobody i? suffering anything. Thla U a moat consoling circumstance, ud from it, I judge, that all wa want Is time tad f'liw. and a reli ance oa that God who baa nartr focsahea tbn paople. Great bargains ih damaged ci-othing. UNITED STATES? CLOTHING STORE. 8ts Pun. Atiti, fe 14-lv Fetw**a ll<h ??d l?ih ?u. M OST POSITIVELY. LAST TWO DAYS lit WASHINGTON. INCONSEQUENCE or NUMEROUS ENGAGEMENTS MAPI WITIi SEVERAL FAMILIES BERK AND IN NEIGHBORING TOWNS. OR. SCBLOSSER WILL REMAIN TWO DAYS LONGER 0 IN WASHINGTON. 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Oir entire stock at a great roriiotion. Fall ?*iu of B<aok, n ade to order, for #1S; plain auiu of Blaok, ready made for fin, with a large luoruMBt of 0?bu' Furmahinc Good*. Military Otw Coau made to oider for & WAlX.SI'KPHKVSfcCO.. jaSl-dSw 3?a Pa ay- helMh and )<Hh ?U WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE take pouoe. aa it will be to their tntoreet to do e?, that Vt. H. Fl'.ADB COMPOUND SYKLP OK LI VER WOR T for Courkf, Coldi, ?/eon?a<??. Crimp and other fleet.out of the throat and okeet, aad aleo hi> SORE THROAT PoWDER, aro two of the moet imallible rem*diee of the oay, aM o family ehonld to without them; and boeidee, the* are eo oheap a* to bo within the roaoh of all. We do not expert stranger* to believe what wo write in retard to our ow? kmIhik? 1* wa refe.-yoa to the following well known gen tlem?t;'* certificate*. wMoh oac N" ?e?n at tfce r ri| tore* where tb? article* are for *al?; they ?r they are the bMt Couth and *ore Tnro*t NmIioimi they have ever known : V er. Ju H. Brown. Per. George Hildt. R ?r. Sam'l A. Wileoa, Re*. Wm A. Hick*. R?t.W*i. A. Smwlj, Rot John Pole*. Key. if S MoMurr*y. Rev. W?. R. Nulla. Of tk* C<mfr**tu*. Each artioie 25 o*tiU a bottle. WkoltMl* by w. H Rttd * Co.. DratflaU. 63 Broadway, Baltimore. . _ _ At retail by R. ?. T. Ciaael A Co., Drnfiriat, Georgetown. ?arl>* Sw?tt, Druggist. 37* Pa. aranae. a. 8. Thompson. Driqut. FiftoMth st. and Nov York avenae, Waahincton. John E Bat-a, Draiiiit, Nary Yard. jaU lm THAT NOTICE ABOUT persons call A ing to pay up we find by many disregarded. W ? vast it aac*ratood we are in earnest; we wast the money for all bill* da* ue. T. J. A W. M. GALT. Dealer* in Wood and Coal. |aS ? Pa. atr., b*. lltfc Jui ata. n ?hvb wnui VIN? ob hMd a y*rj koarr *09k of DR1W 11 offor ti? sam* vary obeay for Ah. NOSjwiU OmP tf ^SfiKSwya 75 nr. 36 dona Fim and Milium Bhirt Rojo*m. sn doi?n Grat*' ?d Lkdi>i' Limb Poek?tHm*k?r er ?f? aom* at ?1.46 r down, wbiefc ?r? a * ?? (r?( bvnii. 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