Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS C7"Thk Sta* publishes the L'.rt ttf Letters rr-maLninn In the Washington City Post Office und*r the proTliloni of the law directing them to be printed In the newspaper having the largest circulation within delivery of the office. Its rotal /aily circulation is more than dduble that of any other Dally printed In the Dlrtrict of Co iumoii. Lkctckk.?Rev. Mr. I*ord lectured at the ?mitbaonian last night on Bacon aad Phllcaophy The lecturer denounced aa unjoat the worda of Pope, in vrblch Bacon had been handed down aa the "VTlaest, brightest. mtatHtt of mankind," together with the description a of Lord* Macaulay -nd Cninpbetl, which repteaent him as being the -Judus lemriot of the levente-nth century. Bacon bi eminent ra a lawyer, statesman, and phlloao ' ^ hrr, and until hia Ignoble fall there was nothing lo 'm peach hia honor or integrity. We received the liveliest impression of hia character when be Wsbut a youth at the Court of Elizabeth. He waa "noted, as a courtier, for hia wit, politeness, and love of truth, and, in after years, when he occupied high posltlona in the government, whenever his nrin'.^n waa asked concerning anv atat* nnllrv h? Would Invariably advocate the aide of truth, even though it was in direct oppoaitloa to the wishes of the Queen At the age of ten he forsook the gayety of the pa tare to atudy tbe cause* of a celebrated echo In tbe vicinity. At thirteen he wni sent to Cam bridge, and at sixteen was so disgusted with its pedantry and learned dullness, that he left it and took up alone tbe task of mastering the mysterle* of knowledge At nineteen he was found smong tbe philosophers snd learned men of the day, a vo-ithful competitor for the prise of dis'lnction. lie studied law at Lincoln's Inn. and mastered *verv lejjal technicality, fobjecta which he always hated.) and at the same time was deeply versed In proaeand poetry. He was made Queen's Coun sellor at an earlv aije, and when forty-seven was *lev?*d Chancellor, from which he soon became I-nrd High Chancellor. His corruption as judge was no greater than that of his cotemnoraries. but hi* adv?rs?rv fnk? through envy and vtndictlveness, blasted Li* rep utation Either Bacon or Buckingham had to fall, and Kim; James was mean euo'igh to sacri flre th? Chancellor to save his favorite. His bribery was no greater than that of his associates, ?i d it was no wonder that he fell In with the customs of the a?e, practices no worse then those rt city fathers .Vi.o give out contracts to scoundrel friends. I'he lertnrer defended Baron from the assaults that had been made upon his integrity and private character, and considertd the attacks of Lis co temporaries and historian as being the result of malice and an inability to appreciate the man. H* dweit particularly upon the peculiarities of his philosophy, and considered the progress and improvement of the present time, as being the developments of those mysteries which his phlloa VJIUJ ? 1 U?pru. Gi'4is House ?Be fore Justice Tkomp'on.?J. Murphy and Wm. Lichfield,arrested aftsuspicious characters and for disorderly behavior, wrrecom vr.itted to tbe work bouse for 00 days. Susan Berry, drunk and disorderly; committed for 90 days John G Stafford, a county constable, was J>roJghtin for assaulting. beating, and threaten ing to kill his wife, ana in default of {500 bail wis sent to jail Wm. Gilroy, drunk and disor derly: fin?d 51 94 Jenny Young, (col'd,) found out alter hours; work house 30 days Tat Rady -was accused of profsne language and disorderly betavior, and was Hard ?5 94. and in default cf ecnrity and coals was committed to the work txHiae for 30 dajt T. W. Williams was con victed of an indecent exposure of his person, and fined fo and SI 91 costs?the full extent of the law In such casts On the person of a prisoner, arrested yesterday in a bouse notoriou/ as the resort of thlevts and rowdies, was found a gold fob chain, broken n^ar tie middle, and tied together with a stri.ig. In this bouse the officer also foand two volumes of Scott's Infantry Tactics, and the second volume of Hardie's Infantry and Ride Tactics. Mr Mike Br.lden made the following state ment to Justice Thompson this morning, at the ... J W. *- - ? * riuniu uouic. long man naired jock, (often & odger at the central ^uard bouse,) baa stolen ?o< ut forty dollar's worth of copper from Mr. Pelller and ?old it to him for f 12 15 It weighed eighty-one pcumls. This occurred Yesterday. Th'.s morning. Bclden and Pelllar went to George* tiwa and found Jock, and engaged Llm In con versation till tbey saw two police constables wear ing stars Tbey called these officers to comeand arrest Jock, and tae officers refused, saying tbey were not on duty to-day. So Jock escaped from justice, while tbe two men were (fying some officers who w?r? on daty. Thkatcr ?Perhaps tt^ most brilliant audience of tbe season waa that of last nl^ht, made up very largely as it was of ladles, who, by tbe way, are Tuuallv drawn out tn force whenever the romantie and affecting pl?v of ' Tbe Stranger" is up. Miss Cushman drew largely on tbe sensibilities of her audience in tbe part of" Mrs Haller," and not a few bright eves were dimmed with tears. In compliance with tbe reauest of mam leadinu Ren. at or* Representatives, and citizen*, Miss Cusb mii will appear in her great part of "Hamlet'' to atgbt She will also appear on Monday and Tues day nights of next week in favorite pa>ts. being tbe last opportunities the public of Washington -will have of seeing ber, as sLe Is soon to retire Anally from the stage. We bear that the beautiful and sprightly come dienne. Miss tiou^eahiem, woo succeed* Miss Cushman. will make ber debut in one of Tom Taylor's best comedies. Some Things that Might Be Doxb.?Among tb<- numerous complaints of the neglect of the city authorities to provide f?r tbe beaitti and comf rt of tbe citizens, souie are certainly without real foundation, but there are others based upon facts tfcatcannot b- denied. Among these are many frees the eastern section relative to the exposed ?ood ition of property to tires by reason of tbe want ' of w .iter at different noinU: ?n?i frnm ?Vi? rul and northern se< tions relative to tbeclean of tbe afreets Tbe difficulty of keeping j|ter? open and the crossings clean in such a I * tbe present is Dot small, but it might be 1. and it would give employment to men ire really ?u<IVring At any rate, the carrases Id animals now noticeable in so many locali ,1vb?re Jiey have remained exposed and rut , f - weeks, should be removed at once; and jVonid ot require any extra labor, or Involve riity In debt ML* Editor : Can you Inform tbe public what tM programme is for tbe military parade on the 234 February? We think it duw to Georgetown that tbe parade ihould include that old town in ill limits, for her military have always joined in Ikeparades of ber sister city, and there are many 'JRBer H??^ ?ld citizens who would like to see -which is anticipated to be a grand military wh< ? fowlug iuiou^u ucr nrrca, lay u nr as the Colleee W? have no doubt but tLat the mil itary ardor cf Georgetown It equal to, if not Bur p#aswig that of Waahiriglon. * Bv giving thia a place io your column*, it might -*Mjrcttj[ht under the ere of the commanding officer Military SuBsraiazK. Georgetown, Feb. 15. A Daxgikou* placb Rbpairid.?Wednesday Co?mr. saion^r Own of the Fourth Ward, while exadMntnt; bia recent work in Swampoodle went ' v 6k? bridge over H atreet and the Tiber, and q4tter*>-d that the current of water bad uoder Wiwm the new embankment ao that the tirat per mm (do *-t foot on the aurface would have broken abrtm^u and been Injured aeverely if not fatally. Ha took hlaaeat at the bridge to warn paaaengera, and aeot for workman who immediately went to k^ptafeand made the bridge **fe for paaaengera. It 4*Mfcjfertunate that the Commiaaioner aaw the %#S?r%rfore any one had attempted to croaa the Irtdjl t: that.point. mi vu??i?maay ?1100. Li PlOUl, 01 , Hamilton Ward, Ksq , of New York, enjamln F. Slocumb, Kaq., of Mississippi, admitted attorneys and counsellors of this ~~I ^ Tbos Meeban et al , plaintiff*, In error, _obt Forsvth. The argument of this cause omrnenred by Mr. Hallance for theplaln n error, and continued by Mr. A. Williams ke defendant In error. Adjourned uutil *J To tub Ladies or Waihikstox Citt ? We wish to call the especial attention of our readers to tbe advertisement of Beekman k Co , New . <T#rk city. In to-day's paper; this kelng an old tt'ablisbed firm, there Is no doubt of tbelr glv i l?g every satisfaction to wboerer patronise tb> m There are, In fact, manv ladles In our own city. ,, safco can bear witness to their good taste and skill . |v their efforts to please. y Subside to Miss Crablotte Ccshxas ? Vtturrs' Band paid Miss C" us h roan tbe com pi 1 as?t of a serenade st her quarters at the National ?* !, laslalgbt. performing some of their choicest ; Aas.c on the occasion Mr Glenn responded in .fcofcalfof Miss Co htnan in handsomest\le indeed; - 1% fac t. G lemi Is a capital speaker, as well as actor Hf manager. fc Attempt at RuIiiktLaet n!jjbt, the office of Mr W wood and coal merchanla, cor 'Wf *f C and Thirteenth atreeta, waa broken Into thing* turned npelde down generally, ad pt waa made to open the aafe, but falling In , JNfe, tbe rial tor contented hlmaelf with buruing lot of old paper*, kc No aerloua damage waa to the building or Its furniture,and nothing yet been tolaaed faun M?TTM?-fi<i/iri Justict Clark ?Peter fidlgnck, charged with keeping Ma tavern ?pen Mlt#undiy. waa fined *25 58 George Jac?b< uf profane iwearlng, waa lined ?4 ?' Jefcn Vauaklrer, accuaed of occupying a atall in tto :nariie: without a Hoenae, waa fi.ed ftS.Tu J*tn Drank, tctwrt of proiaaiir, wm naea ILL uv.1. tt&SSUfttfSfe '? Tr* !*AtatiATio* Ball Room ?The contract for the erection of the building In which to hold the onion Inauguration ball has been awarded to Mt~mrt Angus A. Lewis. The building is to be built In rear of the City Hall, and to run parallel with that building. The length of the dancing saloon is to be 250 feet, and the width 80 feet Ad joining this, and opening Immediately Into it, Is to be the supper room, which Is of the name lenzth. The bight of the danrinfe saloon will be *J2 f-et, and the main entrance thereto through the Yestibule of the City Hall Opposite the entrance door Is the orchestra. It baa not yet bern de termined in what manner the interior of tbe hall room shall be furnished, the question of drapery and hangings not yet being settled. The Common Council chamber and the rourt room of the City nan are to be the ladles'and gentlemen'sdressing rooms, the entrance to them from the ball room being by a stairway and through the Urge rear windows. The time being snort it which to complete the work, It will be commenced on next Motidav morning, and will furnish a short job for some 75 to 100 sarpenters. Messrs. Angus A Lewis have determined, if practicable, to employ an equal number of hands from each of the seven wards of the city In the execution of the work, so as to average the employment Airly. R eohoa.hzati<>h or Tim Constitutional Ocaid*?This company, composed principally of residents of the Third Ward, assembled oh Friday evening for the purpose of reorganising. Mr Dell wu elected 1st Lieut; Mr. Cavanaugn, 24 Lieut ; Mr. West Scott, 3d Lieut. These gentlemen thanked tbe company for the honor conferred. In neat and appropriate addresses, which were loudly applauded. The reason for the reorganization of the com piny is, that a lsrge number of persons beinc desirous of tnininir company, toe officer! elected on a previous occa c sion resigned, 10 a* to afford an opportunity to the new members to vote for officer*. A rommu nlration was receivrd from Captain Edward C. Carrinjjton, Inviting the company to join the Union Regiment; which was declined. This company now numbers seventy odd member*, and continue to receive accessions nightly. At a late hour the meeting adjourned, with three cheers for the nrwly-elected officers, three cheers for the Constitution and the Union, and three for Gen. Scott. A $irncrLTY oocurred last night in the hall of the National Hotel, between the Hon. Mr. Kel logJ|, of Illinois, and Mr?jMedill, editorial cor respondent of the Chicago Tribune, in which the latter received t.tine pretty severe blows about the head and face before the bv-standers could Inter pose successfully. The affair, it appears, grew out of what Mr. K considered personal remarks about him. in the Washington correspondence of the paper above mentioned, in regard to his late course in the House of Representatives with ref erence to the national troubles Last night the >?uinn?iuc .isuoDii. ana Mr. iveilogg requested Medill to itep aside with him, as be alleges, to remonstrate with him about the matter, and try to brine about an understanding. Medill refused to enter Into any explanations, and evinced 110 dispo sition to accord the interview sought by K., who tLereupon administered the blows above noted; and thus tfce matter ended. Rocqh Btrglakh ?Last night, the offices of Messrs Coyle A Uro. and McLenn, lumber mer chants, Canal street, near Thirteenth, were broken into and the desks ransacked, papers scattered over the Door and papers destroyed. AttheM?*srs Coyle's the entry was made by bursting ? panel from the door. A lot of pap?rs were piled upon the desk and saturated with oil, and set Are to, probably for light. A coat belonging to Mr A Coyle, and anothT belonging to the foreman. w?-re stolen The scamps bespattered the wall with Ink. and battered the iron safes to get In, showing th*t their object was money. Not suc ceeding, they departed after scrawling their ral lying cry?l,Oh, y?,u Night Owls!''?in large characters upon the wall. This is the third re ceut attempt upon this office. At Mr. McLean's, they entered by forcing the lock, scattered and destroyed his papers, but did uo other damage. Ixckndiary Attempt ?Lag? night about seven o'clock tbe?table of Mr. Gardner, on South B St., between New Jer?ey avenue and First St..was stt on tire A servant girl seeing a man lurking about the premises and ^olngoutof th? vard. called Mr Gardner's attention to him. Mr G supposing It to be some wood thief, ran down in the yard and reached his stable in time to discover the flames bunting out of the door With the aid of the servant be succeeded In extinguishing the flames A few minutes later, and the lire would have done considerable damage, as there are sev eral sUbles adjoining, all wooden structures, and but a poor supply of water in the neighborhood. Laud W?u?t? axd Mo*ikt ?The market has not been exceedingly lively this week, though the indications are still favorable. Land war rants are rather scarce; the buying price for c*? to 160 acre warrants is 57 cents per acre; selling 65; 4<) acre warrants 85 cents and SI The exchange transaction shows New York city banks par, State, X per cent discount: NewJermev. Delaware Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, 4}$; Virginia, 4^; Indiana, 5; North Carolina, S; Illi nois and Tennessee. 10; Louisiana, 51; Baltimore city and District banks, 1^. Odd Fsllovvs' Funeral ?Tbe Grand Lodge nnd Oriental Lodge. No. 19. I. O. O F . yester day afternoon attended the funeral of their late fellow number, Mr Martin Hetzel. The funeral services at the Hall on Seventh street, were con ducted by tbe Rev Mr. Finckel; after which the corpse was con?eyed to the Congressional Ceme tery, where Mr. A Eberly delivered an appro priate discourse in the German language, and the impressive ceremony closed by the Grand Chap lain, Rev. P. H. Sweet. CK!tTee Market this morning had a good at tendance; supplies and prices as last quoted. The quantity of fish is evidently Increasing, and the uem<:nd at this (Lent) season improving Small fish (ro k, perch &c ) were selling at 37 cents per b'inrh; shad, 91 per pair; large rock, ?la.4 There whs a small lot of pork at the s^ale house, selling at Sri ptr HXi lbs There was little doing at the uajf lauua, j/ji'.c? uucuuii^ca. Lent is Georgetown?The ifrtlen in the Catholic and Protestant Episcopal Churches 111 georgetown are of an Interesting character. A spiritual retreat of eight days will commence at Trinity (Catholic) Church to-morrow, the services etch day being he'd at 7 o'clock a. in and 3)< and 1% p m., except Sundays, when the morning services will be held at 1u^ a. in. Thi Coxcert at the New \ ork Avenue Church Inst night, was a very successful one, indeed. Amont:st the really good things of the evening were the ''Gaudeamus omncs in Domino," by Dlabelii; 4,The hast Rose of Summer," "Mother de*r, oh pray for me." "Vive l'America," and "Grotias animus tibl," with tlute obligato. The Metropolitan Rifles, Capt A. R Al len, paraded last night, making a soldierly ap pearance. Eighty-lire men were in the line, more than half of whom were In uniform. They marched through the principal streets, and after wards drilled in front of the Patent Office. Drilling ?The officers of the sixth regiment M D- C. are now drilling regular three Mines a week. The suggestion to parade on the 4th ?f Mnrch next as a company, in uniform, is beim: considered by them Col. L. J. Mlddleton com mands the sixth regiment. Tux Republican Executive Committee of tbis city met last night at tbe Avenue House, and appointed a committee to receive tbe President elect on bis arrival bere B B French, fcsq., waj appointed chief marshal of tbe Inauguration procession. To-xotiow afternoon, tbe Sabbath School of tbe Fourth Presbyterian Church hold an anni versary meeting at 3if o'clock p. m , when ad dresses will be delivered from aole speakers. An Interesting time may be expected. Have you seen those Album Cards, taken with a beautiful fancy background, that Wbitehurst, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, is dally making? Re member his prices are arranged u> suit tbe times. The Deasoom Compact, from West Point, mentioned In yesterday's ?jtar as on Its way, reached here to-day, and Is Quartered an Four teenth street. Thb List ow Lbttbbs remaining uncalled for at tbe City Poet Office Is large beyond precedent this season, and the public will do well to consult this list as advertised in the Star on each Saturday. lex dbalbbs will aee by advertisement In an other column that there is 3U0 tons of ice for sale in Georgetown. The srfbbb ruio used at the concert of Com pany C, Washington Light Infantry, on Thursday night, was kindly loaned by W. G Metzerott. Stkam Pcocii<io. Gentlemen. 1 am prepared to and Re-prees your Coata, Pants, and Vesta in the very best man ner Give me a oa I. W H. Whbatlbt. No. 393 (sooth side) Pa. avenne, fe l*-3t Detv een <}* and 6th sta. WILLI** TO Dth fob thb Pbom.% I shall he pleased to Lhre for tha people of Wash ington all eo.ors, on all kinds of material. W. H. Whbatlbt. Steam Dv*i*t and Scouring Estabhsknunt; fe M tt 303 south side Pa. av? bet.4X audSth. .? # V . .r [Vl '"j" pioilj.uawj It i* n fact, ??.taoli?htd br mtdioal atatiatioa tnat t'ioa??t da of p r.ona oi? from ?he?r debility, with odt mortal diaaaaa. Every Ml oh dteeaae might an queat ocabW b* prevented if nature war* aiaiated tj rally with that mo at Bonder f 1 of all invirorv tore, Siomark Bitttrt. Whan tha flame of ifa wanea aod qui vera from exhaustion arfiniDiafc r thia nwnoua reiterative. It will onoa mnr* baaome ateady and atrong. In tha dabilit* whiah foliowa vioiant fever; in alarrhoBa d?eante> ry. dyap?jptio oomplainta and oholio; in tlia wak na?a ooneaquent upon natural deoay, or i exulting from frea living or over axartion, a?a aiao m thoae p infol and too much aaclaatad aiimeata to wbieh ladie? ar-exciuaively ?abjeot, the Bittera ara era KTSJMSi j5sasi& 'BK?- - Persons desiring peanies will always find tkem for exohanxe at the Star OfLoo oouuter. tf To th* Afflicted !? He *ur? to read the advar tisemeut of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Puffier, in another column. tf homxopathic RKKKDtSt All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s rpeoi&c Ho meopathic Remedies put np express;* for family nee. in boxev. at 25 and .V oenta eiok. Also, in case*, oontainicg 3D vials, from J4 to %s each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. I). Gilma4i. 350 Pa. avenne, wltoieeale and retail agent; V?. A. FilzeeraiTl. -I$3 north K street; al?o by P. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Witch 2 axel for internal and external inflammation* of I kinds. Sold as above. roa9-ly Conen*.?The sudden ohangea of oar climate are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Af'ttion*. Experience having proved that simple remedies often aot speedily and oertainly when taken in the early states of the diaease, recourse should at onoe be had to Brown's Bronchial Trochtsor Lozenges. let the Cold, Couch, or Ir ritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off*. Public Speakers and Stnfers will find them efffeotual for oieanng and atreagtiiemnr the oioe. Sec advertisement. del-ly Rxadih, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Kea/ it; it will interest you. au 20-eoly DIED, On Thursday night, at II o'clock, JOHN WAL TER. infant s n of K. W.and Anne Johnson,aged 14 months and 14 day*. The friends and &aa>iaintji.nn?a of tha ? invited to attend the fuiiersi, on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'olook, fr"m the residence of tbo parents, 8th treet south, between 1) and E sts. * On the 16th instant, after a painful illness, IDA ?HHA!XNAH, beloved a;sd only daughter of Geo. W. and Melvina Rose, seed 11 months ftad 1G days. The ro?e we gather in the morn, When it the due is drinking, May trampled l>e beneath the feet When stars above are blinking ; And when, br cdld and angry winds, 11* leaves from us are driven. We feel, though earth i? beautiful, There's nothing true but heaven. The f ler.ds and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on to morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 3 o'olock ; No. 4*3 Kigth st., between li and H. * In fan Francisco, Ca'ifornia, on the 19th of Jar nary,WILLI AM GASTON PEARSON,of Brent wood, near this city. Ark wright SHIRTING COTTONS. Those of our customers who have been waiting for ?ome rfays fur the celebrated ARKNVKIGHT SHIRTING COTTONS are now informed that we h%ve just received several oases, and a* they ar* very tcxroe (the mills not being able to supply tne d*ir.and) we would advue those who want them to call on na early, as we are the only paities who have a supply. 1<M pieces of Warnsutta Mills 4 4 Cotton, New York Mills and bflish I one Clo'h, 9 4.10-4 and 13 4 HaraMiii Cotton Sheetings, Ext & heavy and fine Brown Minting* and Sheet inge.' Splerdil all Linen Towels at 91 50 per dozen, Damask Napkins, beautiful quality at $1 and ?1,50 per dozen. Table D*ma*k, brown and white, 5-4 Shirting Camtlrios at all pries, Huiliants, Dimities. !"eid Cambrios, Jao^netsand all other kin?U of fine White Gooda, Irish Linens and Lir.en Shirt Fronts, Ac , Ac. A'l offered at wholesale Drir.e* fnr o?.?h C LAG ETT A MAY. * fe !5-6',if 324 Pa av., bet. 9th and 10th its. v Wood and Coal. GALTS' (ITT STEAfl FIREWOOD HILLS amd COAL DEPOT, Foot op 9kv*ntbe\th Street. Be'.ow War Department. ID" WOOD AND COAL of all Kindt. Wood prepared to suit the wants of each customer, or de livered oord length. irr Coal kept in Coal Homes,delivered free from slate, dirt, nn<\ other impurities. f-> a _ . ? ? ..... v. ..w .. ? v u gi *?71l VU Oil VIUOIOi fe li-tf T. J. t W. M. GALT. G^REAT bargains IN I damaged CLOTHING. AT THE UNITED STATES CLOTHING STORE, '276 Pkxji. a v unci. fe U lw Betweon 11th and 12th st? Birds, birds for sale.-i :*% ? ja?t r? o >i - ed a splendid aacoi tmeut of Bird* from a*/* Europe nfGerman Cana i-i, English Baok%?> Birds, Thrushar, Hull Finches. Gold Finohes,-'* L-iuets, Mry Larks, Yellow Hammers. I have Pa. M.<jue"s, Java Sparrows, Stailrns, the Hod Moc*w Parrot an-1 t'een ana grer. 1 h*ve M ok inc Birds. Red Wing Black Birds, Red Birds, Doves, aud Hobo'ink* l'rio^ 25 cents to $50 Cases of all kinds f oin 10 conts to .%! >, ai JOHN O'mkara'S Bird Store, No 566 Pa. avenue, at the Capitol sate. fe 9-1 m I HOOP SKIRTS. H*VE Jnst reoeived & new supply of Ladies' and Misses'Hoop Pkirts of the newest and heat styles. Ai? >. * new supply of Frenoh Corsets. Jou?in's Kid Glovea at our ii?nal <o? Drioes. HENRY EGAN, 323 (pouth side ) Pa. av.t brt. 6th and 7th sts., is 11-6t New Iron Boil 'ings. TC PIECES SPRING CHINTZES > OPRXED THIS DAY. 25 dozen Fine and Me'Jium Shirt Jtoxores. SO doz?n Gentand l.adirs' I.inon Pocket Handkor chief* some at 81.45 p<?r dozen, whieli are a verjr Sr??at bintar:. Rich D-Vaiiies, Ropu, Poplins, and ilK ?io<'ds at co?t lor cash, to which we a?k the sprci&l attention of the ladies. J W. COLLEY *- CO.. f? 11 6t ",'i Seventh st. ahnv* Pa av. k. I/V I." V P U <'P D * ' L"T m i i ??!.* ii ci ncirii! kV 1 t/'/T Btttc-n Louisiana nr. and D st u'Jt A frosa Bupply of Oiootri"! just receive*!. A go'i'l article"! Brown Sugar at 7 cnts pu-r pound, 5 i barrel* oxtra Flour,,'. hraods. at $7 pi>r bai rel, b> d? Family Flour, heit br*rd?, Old Bourbon vVhisk} and Rye Whisky, for mod innai purposes, Old French llrsndv, Port Wines, Maderia and Sherry Wines, pure article fo. sickness, Cordials of various kinds. And a general assortment ?.f goods utually kept in a first class Grocery Store Ca 1 ard exapnne. felistawuw 1SRAKI. DEM1TVO. IN VIEW OF THK KX I'RAOKUIiXAKV stringency of the times, and wishing to close out our heavy stock by spring, we will sail from this date as follows: HIOKORY WOOD, 3G50; OAK, $5 50; PINE, 9<Jn. KKD ASH I'OAL, all sir?s, $625; WHITE ASH COAL, all m?i, #6; CUMBEK LAND, $6, 3.S40 pounds to the ton gun antied in ail cases. Sawtd and Split WOOD all sizes.. IIIUKSON A KING, ja S8-eo3w Yard?cor. Vermont av, and 15th at. WIN l>?> \V~SH A.OK"*. ARRANTED Gold Hand Window Shadea. Uuff, Green, and lilue Holland Shades, ail sizes, made to or<ter. Fine, Medium, and l,o?r priced i*aperhacKin*i At J. MARKRlTER'S, No. 4t*6 Seventh Ft., 8 doors above ja26eo)0t Odd Fel'owV H?ll. STTCH TOPHAM'S ETlS 9&3SL PREMIUM TRUNK GElIU MAS U FACTORY, 499 SlVMTH STRKKT, WasHIKOTON, D. C. Sliver Medal awarded ty Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7, I860 Also, Medal by Me ropo'itun Mechanics' Institute, Washington, D. 0., 1857. I am constantly making, and alvaya have on hand, of the best material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladtet' Dress, Wood Box, and Faokinr Trunks, Pelliaier. Carpet, and Canvas traveling Baga, School Satciiela, sc., At Low Pnees. Meuiberi of Congreaa and traveler# will ploaafl examine my atock before purohaaing elsewhere Trunks that are made in other oitiea. Superior Leather and Lrress Trurka made to ? T*&nks oovered and reonired at ahort notice. Goods delivered free of oharce to an;|part of the ity. Georgetown, and Alexandria tf.j?23-l7?o JAMES 8.TOP HAM. IfOR TWO WEKKS LONGER W K SHALL oontinue to run off our whole atook of rich Dreaa Gooda, f liawia and Cloaks, in fact, ail VVin ter Gooda at ooat, m\ny at leaa. for cyii, in o der to oioae out thia month. Call at onoa lfTb" wiah the artiolet at the loweat prloes. J. W. ?;OLLEY & CO., fe II *w ft'J3 Seventh at, abnv* Pa. av. JU8T RECEIVED AT FRENCH 4t RI<_J1 BTEIN. 978 Penn.avenue, Washington, The Piokwiofc Papers," being the first of tit* elega nt househould edition of the works of Chad** L>iok? ena; illustrated by T. O. C. Darier ami Jonn Gil bert. Riveraide pr- aa. Call ard examiue th-rn. Also, a new supply of Darley's Illustrated Cow par, the finest edition published. __ fe 1 nn B ni'B HT ATra . TDPIn nr. ? " _ -.?? uoi ? ur,il\ run C.A A. and duty in the present disordered ronoition of the oonntry; by the Hon. John 1'. Ken?e*iy. Srice 10 oenta; >ent by mail lo* 1J oenta to any au reu. BLANCH&RD A.MOHI N, fe? Corner Pa. ay. and Eleventh at. DONT BE DECEIVf-D, but COMfc TO the right j?laoe to set yonr CLOTHING, HATS and CAPS, At SMITH'S, No. 460 Sh eath It le 2 8w Avery fine seven-octave piano, having be*n in aae a f?w week* only, will b<? old for oaehacdred dollars lees than tne original ooat. the owner tearing the eity. To h? ie>?n at the Masio Store of W. O. METZEROTT. fell smith'S. No. 460 Seventh st. fr? 8-fiw /\>FICER9, PETTV OFFICERS, AND Sea \J men who were on board oi any U. S. thips at Scapture of any slaver oan have their olaima for nty and Head Money promptly attend<vl to by yiac to or addreesint C. P. Wai i ar>i.* WMhiigton, D. C. j? A N8W LOT OF, SPRING HATS JL'*T Remaining" KVoriffiK. wukiD(to> City, D. C., FebnAry TllO. (Ordered to be inserted in the Kvenule Sr*.a, it being the newspaper having the largest eiron atior of any daily paper published in Wa*>in?toa.] ID* AH persons applying for letters in the follow ing list, will please say they are adtkktissp. LADIES' LIST. And<T?-m, MriEM GriCLh.MinEI u'th Prtut, Mr* M*fy Allen, Hall, Mr? U W Ptnninftoa, J*M _ nu?>-~, aM?r njjn, mri mirj r?aoiii?oii, mm M BiiwiiMreHuriit Hall, Mim Jim C Pnce, Slrt.MiryAnn M Ha je rt J,M:uN? bb JRobtnaoo, MimIm'!? Birneu, Miu Calk Hirian, Mm A E Robbio*, Mrs A H Eill.Jclu Harleaton. Sarah O Robin*o?i,Mr? AnuE Bu?l". Mr? Refu Jontt, Miu Kffi* E RiJjrelj, Mri Ptnnr ( o Joho?too, Mr* J** Robey, Mr* Marj A B <k<r, Miaa Eliu Joho?on, Mr* P M Rafetta, Mrt Blanche!,MadanaL Jnhnton. Mim Hal* Stripp, Mr* Saaan Barron, MiuVir'aP Keller, Cathano* Steel, Mra Martha Bronocr, MraPan't Low,Mr* Elua*ih Shaw, Mr* Mary E Bro*nan,Mr*Dan'IALhannj, Mad A Smith, Mr* Mar* O Cowen, Miu Rou Uurmcr, Mr* R S Smack, Mi** Salli* Cobi.hoff, Mr* Pam- Mile*, Mi** Jolia Smith, Mr* M S lint Moore, Mr* 8 Scott, Harriet Corbtn, Mi** Tir'ia Markin*, Mri Tlllejr, Mr* H Cla((tU,Miu Elii\ Elizabeth Tucker, Mr* M Jr?? ford, Mr* C MiddUton.Mr* 8 E Theeker.MrsAnaaE M P Minot, Mm Caro'c Tiilon, Ml** May C L'ollint, MliiEmou Murphy, Miu Kat* Waltb, Mr* Lbc/ Carpenter, Mra Muraj, Mr* Jooea Jane Anna B Morgan, Miulitor- Weir, Mm Elua Clear*. Mr* Eather fine Wil)iam*,Mr*Mar'a >wi, Mil E 4 Myer,Mr*PS Wither* Mr* CaptD Joodr, Mr* McK*nti*,Mi**JantWilk*r*oa, Mi** 3altoa, Mi** Nelli* Newman,Mi** Kat* Aiijgiia A Emmerson, Mri D Wilton, Miu Heut* Rebeeca Nicholton. Miu SC Wilknu.Mr* Em'a J fituertld, Maria Otborn, Miu H P Whitmore, Miu fritbr, Mr* M J Oiboru, Mia* Mar* Sarah E :rn.?.y.luM??? "'I M...M W--I " ?' ,7^ S**4 v n Kmiurioa, i'l ill hrotr,MiuAnntD Ptrrf,MiaiVirf'?8 Harriet GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Iterj, Wm B lllen, Wm H t mold. 8 ti tleiander, Loon I mold, J no lleia'ider, Jaa d I mold, liuc N Ulen, Henry kndrewa, U W k I elan dm. Q W kndri*i, P?2 U.en.Chaa A Inderanit, Chat kdama, t B Jrooka, W Ifnuttt, Wm iuainr, W P Surridge. W H iurton, Tlioa J Hack, San. I M ieall, S-tinl W Jerry, RT iringhnrsi, B W iraden & Miller !ro?n, J W Srowo, J L tell, Jaa W Itlu, Juo 8 Indford. J D Heard, M A Piatt, Hefty Hitchcock, L B Preutie, G A Hanchet, L?4 Pike, P A Hobba, Jaa H Potta, D R Holltue, Jaa P Page, Chaa H Harria, J Q Pendletou, A W Hnerna, Jai L?2 Porter, A (? Hinkley, J C Parker, A J Hamrer, RerJP ttuuiter, H Harneon. ltaac Rea, K J Hickey.Jno Rwb, RC Herrick. Juattia Reed, Dr R R Hayborn. Juo Robinaou, J H Hunt, W A Roberta, M ? Hoover, Johu E Raotch, Jaa Hunter, Joe C Reed, Juo W Halliday, Jot C Reed,Jaa H Hough, H Reed, Juo Hilla, (jeo P Rolhr.rer, J W Hartacrofl, Geo L Robley, J Hume, Prancia Reynolda, J A Holhngawurth, E A Roiltua, J S Hai.nan, Danl Roberta, H M Howard, Dr A Mre Robinaou, Henry Harria, Haul L Ricketta, G C Hunter, Lt D Roe, Edward Houae, C C Reynold, Enoa Hunt, ChaaP Ruaaell, C A Harria. R I) Rnn le-ll. I. H Jird?sre, J U latllc, Jno Jigger, Jno iariengsr, Lt J W iarbour, James J.?ner, /no A Jutler, Re* 0 H Jrook, Honter Honci Jurgewyn, H K 3enedict,DW*GG Jideain, O 5trry,G R Icaartiui. G T SrewMer.F C?4 Jr.meoti, E H?2 3etile, Edward Jegdon.C H-a Jr.idUy, Cyrua ierry, Ben) Jlanchard, A J?3 ilack, A 8 :ock(,W A /lark, W H "h?rltou,W W Jhurchill, T J -unninghain, Tun "orcaran, T im Harding, S F Hall, A C Iddiua, J as V?2 lmiey, Clara jce Jouti, W Carry Jonea, Thoa Johnson, D P Johnson, Robt Jonea, Perley C Jonea, M 8 Jar Tin, Lewie Johnaon, Capt L Jouett, Lt J E Johnatou, Lt Jaa D Johnson, J M Julian, U W Juatioe, Geo C Johns, C R?'2 Jacoway, B I Johnson, Col A W Hoo*er, A J Keouey, Geo Kohl, Wra Ktstey, Wrn Keller, Win Korcliuer, 8 C Kearney, R F Kerr, R H Rand, C W Rundell, Chas Sutherland, W J Shaw, Wm S;urri?, Wm T Smith, W W Singleton, Thoa D Stetson, Thoa D fltrjker, Thoa J Stearns,T M Smithsou, Tlioa E Elevens, Dr P M Sedgewick, P C Shea, Pat Stockton, Phil Sleek, M Sweeiser. Madison Sullivan, Mr Sehall k McCamly 2 Steever, Col M Snead, Jno T?2 Smith, Jno S Smith, Re? J C?3 Sands, Lt Juo T Swan, J R Smith, Jno H Shanka, J P C?3 Speaks, Jaa H onley, Baiul ampbell, R T ol ins, R W ulieicn, Pat lute, Jno l.?rk, J T oonifi, Joe W, Juo uptou, Jno P outre, Jno ochr-ue,J W lark, Henry F aWert, H 8 ruet, H K am,on. Geo hass, Henry owan, K tuesiiran.D W?i ollius, Daul?2 uoper, D H?3 saacll, C r*iidell, C P ollUCail, C lark, A W aid wall, A J firm. A H Knox, f?t Keuuedy, Pat Ketcriam, O C Kidd, M Y Kmj, J A?2 Kennedy.J P Keobe!, J Keller, Dr J Kallooti, J 8?2 Kerchuer, F W Luc us, Nace Leech,Rev 8 Lewis, Mils Lmugstou, M Lapier. La Liule, juo O Laauti, Jno E Larkeo,Jas T Luf i!.heel, Juo W Leonard, Euoch W Leroy, Daul Little, C M LindI ej, C P Ledney,A Long, Aruasiead Lo?. A A Simpson, Joauh So'.hron, J B F Shoemaker, J K S.tnderaon, J?ta Silence, J no Stevens, laaac bterem, Dr Jos Shepherd,J N Stew.trd, Jss Snedlir, J Stevens, Henry Storr, Geo W Strahu,Geo A Stahl, Geo M Stott, J K Swarm, Geo T Seckendortf, G K 8utier, G Steel Franklin, L fi Stockton, L C Sells, Elijah Story,C C Sargent, Cyrus Sniih, Chaa T Sionders. C M >ickcrinan( W R 2 , W S JeBuesl. Win )a*i?, W Morris )eUney, Tbos Htu, How T ioifhertj, Risbd )ejroUndo, M )ickf j, I Jiou, M )ciili?, Michstl Juiey,Juo A Jaiile 11 Jos H >avejr, Ksurj )ickerson, E N?2 >avis, 0?vid Jeelnig, Chas A T Cu.ti., W W H-? Libert, 8aml H ~!i Cnimoni, N 1 Edil, Mr Undress, Juo M tingle, Juo Lberinan, Joo M Eliot, Geo tberle, F Ccklry, ? R tsterbrook, E raisr, Win D ruth, W S r'lournoy, Tbos 8 ^ ncgan, T O r'un, Thos Lone, A H Monroe, Thos Moore, Thos Moore, Thos J Miller, Thos W Murphy, Tho? Maiou, T B Mil.ij hi, Sam?3 Matherson, Rod?2 Merrick, M Mackall, Leon Moore, Juo W Morae, J E Murray, Juo R Mouldeii, J A Myeri, Juo Murphy. Thot Mitchell, J J Murpny, Juo Mot,?hao, J Marini, Ceo C De Moore, Corn E W Mifltt, I) J Moo:tr, D Moore, D.tul W Morehead, Chas S Mitchell, C W Milieu, C H Mann, Chas Meeker, B B Morehead, A Mc Daniel, A E McKee, Andrew McKenua, Andrew Snow, C H Sel loii, Carry Sully, Alfred Sloan, A a?2 Bpefford, A K Haunders, A Stevens, A R Skinner, A P Thompson, W J Tucker, Wm Turner, T J?I Thompson, Richd M Trowbridre AlrRCt Taylor, >T Thompson, J E Turner, Jno A Thoipeon, J as T Thompson, J C Tuel.J E Taylor, Juo Thompson, O W Taylor, Dr G W Tal bott, G W Thompson, Ulo Tenpr, tieo Thayer, T Thomas, F W Taylor, Dr D T Turner, Chas Tompkins, C M Titeomb, C G Tan Mai k, Chas Van Zaudt, Ch^s A Vau Martee, W r ucn. i not fuller, P Pahey, Pat F*i^eu, Dr P B PiithugU, J W Fletcher, Jno freeewi-JooC?? h'orreat, Henrjr ^rrov, I) H Poard. A J iun,Thoa fl J * rwood, 8.*rnl N 8yl?ester ialf.irher, P H jo do. F W Liiddiuga, J R jeorge, Jno R liibauu, Jno jrerory, Jno Srananj, Cap; Juo jreriioug'i, I I liibb?, Geo liinkiua, lieo iih-t nt, L Jurat, D W lieddes, C W Liarriaon, C K liuronaki, Count?! Jawler, Alfred H lialpin, K N >U??,Lt W Howard. W L Hill. W H Hepburn, W P Hawks, Waller Howe, T O H ill, Lt Hughe*, Robt W ! Hllorh#a Rnhf xviccarmy ft Co IMcCook, D.iul--4 IVIc L ?ufhim, Jaa McOinney, Juo McLean, Dr J McC-wley, J M?? Mcllhanme, J ia cKee, Jaa W C Kr una, P.?t. McColluru, il McKee, Roht McKcntun, Win McTique, W Ncble. W P Nuea, J A Nfwiiun, Henry Nicolaa, Jacob Nnutt, Henry Norton, Edw O'Brion, Mat O'Brion, Ntch O'Brion, .Mtriiu Onkuey, Jul O'H tllorau. Jaa O'Leary,C Pre at on, W m B Puwell, T K Peirce, Thoa 8 Peyton, Dr S D Pet era. Strpheu T Plummer, StinJ?2 PulUim. R P Porter, R H Petera, Richard Plammer, L A?3 Powell, Jaa Porter, Jno L Parker, Jaa P#rhim. Inai .k *ogt, J Verree, Jno P William., W O Walker, W 8 Willmn., H Wataon, Win J Wbiteiiill, Win Webb, Wtn H Wiktouui, Abra*m Warren, Thoa H Winter, Tho. I) Wo.ix, Ti bias Ward, T A William., S T?I Water., R P?J Watera, Robt White, P S Wilcox, Col N G W?ppich, Max W a | Jo, L P Wentx, J M Wenxel, J W W fll.. Juo Wng-ht, J C Wal.h, Capt Jno Wone., Jaa Wad.vorth,J 8 W jlliain., Jo. Wilaou, Juo K Weigand, Juo C Whitney, J S Wal.h, Hugh S William., H T White, Henry W Winter, P B Woodbury, Danl Walcou, C P?i Warton, Cart \A/ ! I D Hitchcock, P W Fitment, Jacob Wilkina, BP llotcnliae, Mr Perkiue, J A Wheat, A S Hirri.un, Mich Pfrhani, laaiah Warteld, All Hifgine, Mol.m Piper, Henry Walcott, A H MISCELLANEOUS ?Hon the Guatemalan, Hon tha Sio S?Wa<1*nan; P M Ann.icoan; Uft.ce of the Momhem Leu* Meaaenger. HTLlITllI MUST IN ALL CASKS IX PKKFAID. Feb 16 W\f. JONES. P. M. rjKKAT BARGAINS IN DAMAGED CLOTHING, AT THK UNITED STATE* CLOTHING STORE, a76 Prhh. AVI UK, fe 14-lw Between 11th and 12th ets. FRAMES, to. 4:86 Different stylos and sizes OVAL FRAMES for Photographs, _ PICTURE CORD and TASSKLS, aW sizes and colors. PAPrRHANGINGS.all grades and profs, remnants paper hangings, at one fonrth less than oost, at JOHN MARKETER'S, No. 48# Seventh st., 8 doo s above ja 2&-eol0t Odd Fellows' Hall. IV! I L 1 T A R Y TRIMMINGS! Gold and Silver Army 1 acea, Alili *ry Button of all kind*, Go d and Silver Fringe*, Stars, Corda and Tassels, Gold and Silver Bullion. gpanglesand Hraida, Mill ary Worated UraiJa and Beltinga, K> galta Trimminga, Saatiea, Kp&ulettea, Banr.era and Flan made to orrfisr by MRS. LOWE, a97__P*MN. Avne* S9T fe 9 lw South Side. rpHERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! V ioti ma of 8el f Abu ae and Secret Diaeaaes thou Id apply at SHUMAN'S Southern Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, corner Sixth street and Pa. avenue, immediately oppoaite the National Hotel, and try Dr. Soutney's Celebrated London Medioiuea. Th*y are warranted to cure the moat vimieut forma of Gonoorrhasa, Gleet. Syphilis, Nocturnal > iniaaiona, Striotnrea, and Weakness of the Bladder in from S to 6 day*. The Remedies oiin be sent by mail. Office hoars from 9 a. m to 10 P m. ja ?-)?t* V A It PWUMlk! If/kT I o ???'" - ?"* C BENJAMIN HOBB&n to inform hia friends and the Ifctlio^^ /Vj generally that he haa taken anjnftod up i? f.fa**rior. tin Maun- WMT rant at the coutheaat corner of . enn. avenue and sixth etreet He will at all timee be 'rr^*It?vto.L,erJ< 91"?' lum with a oa r. with the beat WINE*, LIQI ORS and CI Iw^aMS. mo... to, m. bookfjtoto^d for Boou,Shoe.,and Trunin. Afl periona indebted to me will please oaU and aettle "y* F%NS V? 215 "O CAP*' C*U ?? B, No. 4*0 8#vecth it., opposite Poet ?->moe. fe Mw nVUIWDIXn . J ' . GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Tb* GEORGETOWN. P?b 14. IK'. JoF Wm. ClaBacgh, E?q , President.?!Mr : From what hu trau> pired mi DominftU?ii for the Mayor*,tr. | am led to belie** that the oibsena are not yet prewar* d to etohew polities; aod p e ferrinc that th? f -rmer eoateet?Bt?, who are again eardioate*. ttoold have a fair tnal of their recpec tite clMint to tba office, I re?pacf?I y withdraw nay 1 n?m~ from tbe canvass. Very respectfully. < lt? ROB'TP. DODO K. [f^VMtSkfSWN TRINITY CHIRC0. 1 nj n. c-riruuai Retreat will oomm'nw on TO Morrow (? ui<ay ' in this cherch, and Iwt dir ing n:ht days. Tha niatrnctmna or i*-monion the two Sunday* within the Retreat will be at o'olock a m.and at iS o'olook and 7.S o'clock p. m.; during the week at 7 o'clock a. m , and at s>? a'clock and 7S o'clock p It* L>?' GEORGETOWN M AVORALTY.-To |Ljf prevent any donht, at the instance ol my Irienda,! hereby fire notice that I shall net wnh iraw aa a candidate lor the mayoralty at the ensu ing election. fe 14-tf RICHARD R. CRAWFORD. COLD FOR freight.?Eight'bbla. APPLES o and ONIONS received from Boston tome two aonthaaince, marked Francia Carter to A. Uw enoe, in atore, aud if not oal<ed for immediately, rill l>e aoid for freight and exaenaea. Hartley a ukother, fa U-it 99 and 101 Water at., Georgetown. POTATOES! POTATOKSf 1,500 buahela Mercer and Jackson Whit* Potato*! low landing from aohooaer Mlver Cload, and for in lota to suit purehaaera. Alao, 2 0 boiaa Kline Scaled Herring, t>? J. G. WATKR8, 109 Water at.. fel?St* TJ.M MAY. High at. 17 A L E N T I N K 8! ? VALENTINES!! A large ami h^autifui aaaortment of (Sentimental j>d Comic ValentinM, new atylee. Aleoafiteva ietjr of, Lace. Fancy. Note Taper and Knve.opes or aate at half pri?e at MISS THOMAS'S. fe 11 High atreet. near Fixat. LI ACKERFU HERRING. I ANP ALEWIVE*. SI barrel a Extra No. 1 LABRADOR HERRING, 50 do. No 1 do. do. 17 de. No. 3 Small MACKEREL. 72 do. No. S Medium do. 15 hlf. bbla. do. do. do. 5 do. No. 1 do. 5 ar. bbla. No. I do. loEitaNo. 1 do. IU lIHbil *'IB .10. i OO. 10 do. No. I SALMON 10 kita No 1 do. Ail of whioh we look for next week per schooner ilary Ann Macee, and will be aold on pleasing erma on or before arrival. Aiao, in atore? :.&stport and Boston Herring, Gipped Herring, f*reraichi Extra No. 1 A'ewivos Apply to HARTLEY A BRO.. fell-?w 99 and 101 Water at.. Wforgetown. PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?Wa are L daily taoeivi' g fresh supplies of Masse*, Col n? *. Co.'a unrivaled Philadelphia Draught Ale, rhioh we are ready to deliver to cnaiomers fcr ashj (fog) ARNV A BH1NN. klONEY, MONEY-?All persons who have the "1 cash oan bay a superior article ol unadn tera sd CIDER, guarantied to be the pure juice of the pplea, by applying to fe8 ARNY A SHINN. IUBT RECEIVED? f 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 1CA LLI. < - i I* **' ?*? *' uw m>!?. uin i\tb w mr?n Y , 8Sn bl>U. HKRRIXG and ALEWIVF8, M bbl?. Crushed and Refined Hl'GAKS, SO hftRii Rio and Java COFFKK. 10 hhda.(low jiriced) MOLASSES. For aale by JOHN J. BOGUE. ? 1# One Dollar. si?si?8i?8i?si-8i?8i?8i-8i?8i: 81-81-81-81-81-8 l? si? 81?81? SI: T6Pa.Av. EVANS'S. 4 76 Pa.Av. YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORE FOR 0!<JE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. 51e*ant CARBUNCLE __Set? for ?1 Siegant L.WA ...? Set? for 81 51e?nnt GARNET ? S*U for fl Slegant COKAL and GOLD Scti for )l ilegant MEDALLION Eets lor 91 Siegant RIM MOSAIC... .? .- ? .Sets for 81 ilegant PLAIN GOLD Sets for 91 Ladies' GUARD CHAINS for ?l Ladies' CHATELAINF. C H AIN d for *1 Ladies' NECK CHAINS for ?1 Gent's VEST CHAINS, (10 different patterns) .for 91 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE, oonsisting of PABLE.TEAand DKSERT SPOONS, FORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKKTS, CREAM LADLES, TEA ?*ET? OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS. Ao., *0. Uso; A Large Assortment of JEWELRV, whioh we oan sell at 5n cAits ptr *rtitle. BOOKS-BOOKS. JLOS'NO OUT OUR STOCK AT a GREAT SACRIFICE. >1.00 BOOK8 Selling for - JOoenta HJS BOOKS Selling for V 4? to is c*nt? >2.00 BOOKS Selling for #1 to (1 25 NOW 18 YOUR TIME to 0?t BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. CALL EARLY AT >76 Pa. Av. EVANS'S. 47fl Pa. Av. fe 13 tr Ladles, Call Early RIDDLE'!* ORIgInaL 91 STORE, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL #1 STORE. No. 30a PENNA. AVENUE. No. 30J* PENNA- AVENUE, Lddition&l invoioe* juct received of Nev &n<l i i ? JlUttUbUUl Fb?m Oce Extieb Stock fOU CAN TaKK YOUR CHOICE FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR. 'ORAL and GOLD SETS, iN AM ELKO TWIST SETS, 1ED.\LLION sk i s, IEAL ROMAN MOSAIC SETS, RUBY and VASE SETS, LAVA and BEAD SETS, VASE and BRILLIANT BETS, RUIN MOSAIC *ETS, :AMKO and GOLD STONE SErS, IARCUNCLE SETS, 'LAIN GOLD SETS, JOQUKT and RIBBON SET*. LADIKS' NECKLACES, LADHS' NKCK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S NKCR CHAINS, CHU.URK.Vb ARMLETS, iENTS' VEST CHAINS, JENTS* WATCH KETS. iENTS' SEALS and CHAINS. JEN TS' eLhEVE Bi TTONS and STUDS, rHtMBLES. FENS, PKNCILS. ONGS, SILVEK Pi.ATED SPOONS, iObLETS, CLPS. Ao. Everything in the store new and perfeot. and guarantied to b? such a* represented ICT fi>rry article mmnfar ttrtd f*r tkt reruiar nail trade, and warranted to b the same quality ts is retailed trom five to thirty dollars each YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR, Rkgaedlks* or Cost. As this great sale o?ntinues hot a short time, persons desiring to supply themselves with Jewelry LL thrtftA linhM.r<1 nf nrinas will mImia s>m 11 aarl. ? 5Ur ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORK. 302 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th streets D W. RIDDLE. fir Remember the Number?30*/?cm we have do oonnection vith others, professing to sell at our pricea, id this oity. 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Oiown, :ate of Washing onooeo ly, deoasrd All parsons having Cams against the laid deoraard.are ^r*by warned to exhibit the tame, with t^e vouchers thereof, to the snbsoriber, jn or before the lith day of August next; they may >th*rwi*e by law be exoladea from all benefit of the aaid estate. Given under mr hand thi* 11th day of An gust, '?. CHAS. ?. CRAG IN, Admin'r. . B.?Person* having busm?**with the aetata rin ?kp>7 w hit Kvuraej, i* r jftonon. fe 9 lawSw CHA?. H. CRAGIN. |?EAUTIFUL AND VERY CHEAP. CURTAIN MATERIALS AT A SACRIFICE. I he ctook now on hud at the o'd store of CLA* TT A DODSON of all kinds of pretty and de treble materials for Parlor, ftrawing and other room Curtains is still reri complete, and m view of the state of the times will be sold off at a very mis sus saonftoa. Members of Congress and others who- would add to the beauty and oomfort of their homes will find k great sanni and ad rank* re to make their pur chases here, as the eonoera nust be oloeed oat to lettle with the eetate of the fcta deoeaeed partner. 1a a eoliit CLAQETT A DODSQN. Dr. M U N SON BMnmtid hit Oftoe to No. 304 Penney I vania areaae, next door wost^M^ of Ellis's Musio Store. CB5S (eleu 'viMU G^rLSL"1"0'8' / . THE LATEST NEWS. TSLEOEAfBlO. Later f reaa Cvtpf New Yoke, Feb. l?.~Tbe city at B*lt??or? arrived up late l*at night, having Ufl Liverpool on the 3Ut ult Cotton bad declined If d on Ike weak, bat do ling with a better 1 nquiry Floor and wheat w?re ateady hod quiet Corn waa Arm at (id advance Provlalona dull and quiet Purer quiet Cottr* rl Till Dm4b im n?l .It.. .. ?, . W ? i?*? Spirits turpentine dull at 31* The money market was generally unchanged. Conaola 91 \ afil \ . Mr Seward's speech had been published at full enirtb In the English Journals. and Its merit* 'rrelv dlacu?aed The Timea kpplauds his arga nenta. tbat South Carolina Is guilty of rebellion, ind says thev are tbe principles which should iirr enianatrd from the President Tbe Amerl' >n crisis Is tbe leading topic of all tbe Journals infl among tbe basin res community Tbe latest from Gaeta says a fl*g of truce *ru eat to tbe fleet from the fortress, and shortly after. rards the Bring waa suspended on both sides, 'rsnt ls had sent circulars to hit ministers abroad bat he was resolved to meet to tbe end all th* >erUs of hts position. In tbe English Royal Geographical Society pa ters were read relative to tbe surveys aad route of be projected North Atlantic Telegraph The important case of PnWson vs Bonaparte rms argued la tbe French Tribunal on tbe 23th i decision was expected during tbe month of Vbruarv It ?u anerted that Prince Mrttfrntcb bad nott M Thourfail that Austria will coosl<ier an tUck by Garibaldi a* rm>u* hlU against PUd jont The negotiations t>etvreen the bank* of France nd St. Petersburg ff?r an exchange of gold for llrer, was broken off It was reported that at be laat moment the Emperor of Russia refused tsaaactlon. It waa reported also tbst Russia ha* ordered brw corps d'armee to be ready for serrlca by the t of M arch Letters from China state tbst Minister Ward >-as to leave Hodh Kong the 15th la the Niagara The (J. ships Hartford. John A dams and Sag iaw wet? at Hong Kong Dec. 1Mb. Virginia ( artstita Richmond, Feb. 14 ?The session to-day waa eroted to perfect hi* an organlxstlon The cre entlaisof the Commissioners John * Preston, om South Carolina, Fnlton Anderson, from liasisslppl, snd Henry L. Bennlng. of Geotgls. 'ere received. snd a Commlt'ee appointed to iform them tbst the Convention was ready to reiTi idv communications mey may barf to At iver at such time as thev may prefer Tb?ywer? ivited to take seata on the floor of the ball. The onventlon then adjourned. Richmond, Feb IS.?Tbe Southern Coonmia onera have been Invited to address tbe Coavca on on Monday Mr. Conrad offered a resolution to appoint a ommlltee to whom ah all be referred all Federal >?ttera Adopted. Mr. Wllaon offered a resolution that the Vlr 1 ula Commissioners In tbe Peace Coagrssa be re nested to report whether. In tbelr opinion, anv -suit acceptable to Virginia may be expected om the deliberations of that body. Mr. Clexnena objected, and tbe resolution lies ver. Wjratt M Elliott, of tbe Wblg. waa sleeted finter to the Convention without opposition Ei-Governor Wlae brought to the notice ot the onventlon Mr Stuart'a resolution in tbe Senate. Native to raah and Ul-advlaed persona conteta latin g an Invasion of Washington He vlndl ated Dimaelf from auch a motive', and asked Mr tnipf tn Avnlsln His ? !??-? .Mr Stuart disclaimed the remotest reference to (r Wl? in his resolution Mr. Wlae tben read a letter from two citizens of taunton detailing a conversation with Mr Stuart, rho had assured them that the object contefil iated In the Convention was to remove Governor .etcher and put him (Wise) in his place, and tjat Mr Wlae was aware of It Mr. Stuart replied that he had only mentioned t as a common-place rumor, attaching no lmpor ince to it. Governor Wise emphatically dented any knowl dgeofsuch an extraordinary project till be re vived this letter In closing his speech be aald r the Commonwealth ever aubmlta to Black Re ubllcan rule, he would turn from ber and beg ome slater Commonwealth to come and aave the [?other The galleries applauded this remark nd a proposition was made to clear them but rltbdrawn. SiBthera CMffdcrtcr CfigrtM. MoMTaomiT, Feb 15.?Congress to-day ap pointed a Committee of all to make arrangements or the reception and Inauguration on Monday ext, at 1 o'clock of the I'reaideat drat The Chair atated that a communication had teen received relative to the purchase of vaaaels or the Provlalonal Government Referred Mr. Fearn presented a letter la reference to a ew projectile, approved by acientl&c military nen. Referred An official copy of the Tezaa Ordinance of eceaston waa presented, with the credential* of lie Deputlea of that State Only one of them haa rrlved. Objection waa made on the ground that the "exaa Ordinance waa not yet ratified. The df legate present, Mr. Gregg, waa iovlted > a ??-at on the floor, and his paper* were referred The Convention tben went into secret session nd passed an act and a resolution, the secrecy on rhlch waa removed. <Tne act continues In ofB e the officers connected rlth the collection ef custom* at the time of the aopiion or tde conautution of the confederate tetea, with salaries and power as heretofore. pro Id rd said compensation doec not exceed *5,000 'he CollTtora are required within two weeka to recute tbe same bonds as heretofore, and sub rdlriatea are to give bonds In one week after tbe electors. All offl. ert are required to take an oath to dls hirpe tbe dutlea and aupport tbe Conatltutloa of ne Provlalonal Government. Tbe reeolatton adopted contlnuea In office, until therwiae ordered, tb? arreral officers connected Mth tbe collection of dutlea nntil the 1st of April, nd tbe Secretary of the Treasury la Instructed to port a plan, to go Into effect on tbe lat of April, finishing tbe eijienaeaof collecting tbe revenue* teach Custom House at least 50 per cent. Arrival of tbe Callforata Express. Foit Kiak*bv. Feb 15 ?The Pony Express as arrived with California dates to tbe 30th Tbe larBfM wrrr uuu r*?;rjn iut uuw^ui. pruuutw. 'wo ships bad sailed for Liverpool with corn ud rhest, and two others had beea charted to take readstufl* to Liverpool The California Senatorial question, was still oubtful. A coalition was probable between the Republicans and the Northern Douglasltes, with rbt>m Denver stands the beet chance The South rn Do i * las and Breckinridge men would probe \f coalesce Jap <n advices to December 3Wh bad been ra ti ved R uasts would probably get a treaty bat aot such i was desired Mtchtgaa sad the Virglsla Ceafereaee. Dsteoit. Feb 14?Governor Blair sent a mes in** In to the Legislature to-day, accompanying rblch was the joint resolutions of the New York nd Indiana Legislature* for the appointment of ommisstonertto the Washington Peace Conven on. He says: |" Being aware of the previous action of the legislature upon this question, I have hesitated efore calling attantlon to It, but it seems to me ast the cl fcnmatances affectlnc the propriety of sndtne the commissioners are so fhr changed as - ?? . .a _ _# >| ssilsa MMiy iurmcr con?n?rr?wwu <n +mm ^mmhw It wu believed tbat tb? Lagialature would re on aider 1U action and that commlaaloaera would * appointed to-day. W>rk?|a?'i IIiim C?it?atlM Philadelphia, Feb 15 ?The Committee of Vorklngnea appointed to make arrangemeeta w a Union Convention In thla city have arranged ?r holding aald Convention on the iUd laatant >elegmtea from other Mtatea In leading to parttel >ate are reqaeated to notify J W. Vanbartea by elegraph North Caraitaa L-glalatare Ruiigh, Feb 15.?The Senate flntahad the alllUry bill to day, having made many inal lent* ' The bill in reference to md aeiaeaa* tax, rom the Honae, waa alao dlaruaaed Mart rail oad bllla were paneed. Several Important bllla re yet to be perfected. MenBeat af Araa?, etc. Nobfolk, Feb 14.? bay ateamer brought yea trday to Fortreaa Monroe lee large caaaa af nuaheta manufactured at Harper's Kerry Tbe surveying acnoooer urawrora w prepa'iag or aaa at Go*port N?ry Yord. Reject!** of t Pears C?aaiMt?Mr Aluii, Feb 14.?The Senate to-dar, br ote of 15 to 13. rejected the aornlnattoe at tho loa Prueti 6r?i |?r d a petet eonaMtw b iVaahlngtoa. Tie 15 arc rabid npablteua. Tree pa for Fort Plckraa Niw Yoai, Feb. 1ft ?The Journal of Com neree avi tbo ateainer Da ate! Webster will Mil o day with one hundred troopa for Port Pichea* KiitiaoU, Fob 16 ?Floor dull; Howard d. tad Ohio SS.1S; City Milk tft sales itaad y; red 91 Sftal W; white ?1 -35a? ? Cera U dull; yellow OB, white ?3a6fte. ProTialoes quiet, M 917.75. Lard 10*10 *e. U3c W hiaky doll at Wc

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