Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1864 Page 2
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THE*EVENING STAR WA6HIN QTOIT CITF: TUESDAY .H\(IC(1 ??, IS6-I, KEADINt* MATTER ON EVKJJV PAGE SEX OUTSIDE FOK ISTKREiTrNO TELE OhAi'IIlC AND OTIii:a MATTEli. W ashing toil Money Market. Quotations for stocks, coin :<nd uu current money, furnished by Joliu>on A. (Jo., Banker*: Brrin?. Selling. U. S. Conpoa Bonds, I6?1 112# 1 3,<< TJ. S. 7.30 Notes 11ll:}? Qnartermasters' Checks 5Hi^ ? ^?w Certificates. Oi.itfM, ? American Silver 150' _ American Gold lo! ? New Yobk R*ikb?Firht Board. Coupon 6's, 1831, 113. 7.H>s, U3; Uertifi jates of Indebtedness, 8 ?j^; Gold, 165 <*; 5 JO'*, I10\. DESERTERS. This morning eighty deserter.-, wua bare been inmates of Forrest Hall prison tor sev eral weeks pa.<t, were -ent to Camp Distri bution. * This sqnad had hardly left the prison door before a batch of sixty, forwarded from Phil adelphia, were committed. A YISIT TO PRESIDENT LINCOLN A large number of the navy officers now in the city called upon President Lincoln this morning in a body, and were introduced bjr Secretary Welle". Among the party were Ad mirals Paulding, Davis, Siringham and Greg ory. ORDERED. Lieut. Commander Samuel Mrlliw hnsbeen O tiered to the command of the X'. S. steamer Cambridge. Fckikal or Owkn Lovnjov.?The funeral ?f the lase Hon. Owen Lovejoy took place yes terday afternoon at Plymouth Church, Brook lyn, in presence of an immense crowd. The officiating clergymen wer* Bev. Henry Ward Jioecher, Rev. Dr. Storrs and Rev. Dr. Chee vor. The coffin was made of the finest rose wood, and bore the inscriptiont???Owen Lovejoy, died March 25th, 1*64, aged 53." Upon the lid rested a large cross, composed ? ot cameliai, evergreens, and other flowers. The psll-bearers were as follows:?Wm. Cul Itn Bryan', E. Tappan, J. H. Bryant, Win Davis (colored, and formerly a slave), Dr Bitter, Carpenter, Rev. Mr. Jo^elyn, and Drs. Dext?r and Fairbanks. Rev. Dr. Cheever briefly reviewed the life and character of the deceased, and pronounced him a hero, which the cour.try could ill afford, at tl is conjuncture, to lose. Mr. Beecter fol lov ed in a similar strain, and closed by an nouncing that a Committee from Congress wcuid to-day take the remains in charge, and -jorivey them to Freeport, Illinois. Hon. Schuyler Colfax has written a let ter to his corstituents in Indiana, agreeing to the use of his name as a candidate lor a re nomination acd re-election to Congress from thel'th Indiana district. Promot?p? J. H. Wilkinson, of Ohio, has been promoted from a SI, 100 to a #1,600 clerk ship is the Paymaster General'^ bureau of the War Department. t&~Frank Wood, a well kaovrn dramatist and wr<ter for the New York city pre?s, in dead. THE ESCAPE OF THE FLORIDA. Official Report ot Commander Preble. Commander Oeorge H. Preble, writing from the U. S. aloop of-war St. Louis, under date ot March 1st, to the Navy Department, gives the following account of the last escape of the plrste Florida. He attributes the escape to the fact that the St. Louis'was not a steamer; for the Gov^rncr of Madeira adhered to his de c'ared intention, and would only allow the Florida to take on board twenty tons of coal? sufficient to take her to the neamsi port. Her ^ Kiw?a rv? OA Vi-J M/MW) MUAfc 1U1 ijrt IkM* <erting that be needed that much to ballast his vessel. The Governor told him, at the sug gestion of Mr. Bayman. that be came In with out it, acd he thought he could go without it; but if ballast was needed, there was plenty of stone on the beach that he might take. The re port of Commander Preble then continue > thus: ??As it was snppcfe l that she would go to sea during ihe right, and certainly in the ip.orniug and I bad an intimation that, in passing us, ste might pour in a broadside, 1 shotted and cast oose my guns, and liad men to man the-n; got a flip-rope on he chain, and stationed look outs ail over the ship and in the tops; cautioned the officers to extra vigilance, aid was repea' edly on de.k niyreif to watch, i.nd see that iry orders vere execued. Trie night da.k ana sqt ally. The Florida lay clo-e into the ; b act), and under the huhlan"-, with all h'?r r^hts covered, and, notwtnsnndifig all this vlgua tee,the cr^ptont, unse?n, to the east ward, nnd her departure was aot discovered until th>-moin ros.', a ihw minutes ?ince A Mcckade rutn?r, the Julia, wneh arrived' in ih? afercorn, reports the Ki*Rrsaf-e a; having j 1? ft t' >cJizthr??* n?y*aeo, destinatu n unknown. '1 fcf Morula gave out ttiat they vere going to 4't'diz lor coal*; but 1 think not, and stiall go to 1 em rifle. bopit jr. ?f I do not tii d hor tnere, 1 ti. { i t th?? Sairanaento on uer track. "lie prevailing winds would not permit me to to t adiz trom M^d^lra in season to do h?-r any injury, even if I :hought thae port her de>tira ion ??The authorities here have don* ail the7 ? o?: d to batten her ceparture and prevent her > 1uM f-uppl', and I do not imagine tL-it ths | i lend will be troubled by the presence of rebel V"^?fc< of-wnrvery soon again. 1 wa.vd on ' ? Ot vri.or, to tufQTtn hioi ol heriut ntioc j t > ship me;? to eomi lete her crew. Mpas>ur??t*. r e t; ?t i jfco'Uit r.ot oe allowed, thouch it j irigM t.e ota clandestinely, which he eouli. j riilel;.. 1 have reason to relieve that stie irtit e no Pd"ition to her i r w, and known from tbe s u ? n.?nt i f n.y ?ig : ciew :bat tnrfa ox Uie treti tti- i.toeght with her deserted. Her crew i* deeini^ed 'o rue as niiu'e up of Spun : at, Fr i, hrren aud Portuguese, wish a!>% f't.sri ftrr.*!:, rtpd but ocj American. H'r iir?. I.enenant is Thotr as A, formerly a mid? ipm-n tn our sorvice. ? ??! i v'tte i>o change in the app^araace of . i! ? Fn ri a clo 1 'ast saw lu-r, ex< ept ths'. ! < - .if h .t } a-f's in 1 tr mm iuia>t; then ^he | b i oi , M.U 'fce ha< cHat'ged h-r bille' h ad ; ? r a !.i?!d -l.rro. n ti .1 f >? scroll work, :n ? t? t- ? o tli r- i f tnf> reb-*l Statea. : i*. ? ? ' h ? (of <in I I dr j> !\J s'iot j 7 - r i tint -t.r ?' ?_/ J.- t.c in, />artng tfi ii, in . I r ' .' ??????'. f>v ./ Jtfs into h<r ail'iout ? m-'t. ' ??.' :-r-ri the , < Jiti t\ y c, thk.< port. One *r ic ( r it,!1.' 1 toii t-t, dc ?? u^t in.jud to r tn ' -?|. ,1; iic '.> :?ro largely in Iter lot. or *t?' u'-i'iiitd tuny l'rom the o'.d St. Ri Ri 1. AT f At K l? \ I-A our AH. Oiiirial heportof flfi-t Inpiaii PeitBtrk. i!.? -clh wing tele, rin hiv been received ^ v fcff'.Ty ol th? xrotn A. 51 Pca o. l*. lie c >p aiii, dated Cairo, durch i6: '? t :. j . n , .is eriay. the rebels m<de tn at ' t'i I? pi!dtu-a?!, art! the strainer* P^o^ta, v j- 4-v ?n?l Fort Hinilm in t.t cuca o^ned l?.e. t t loiiH liic'is holds th?? Tort. Ta>* fro t V ' < f 'h?* i ity i? destroyed, our shells s^ttlnr; f r to iltt bou*?s en the .evee A b":*k eta i on ?1 i-t wa< cost'nued until about l ?. p. m., v.' ec tie tire of t*e rebel, sensed Th<> attack r ey ba -e b< r-n rt-n'-vied *h;<? moraics Our tit j Bti*i f.? ar,- received hy b"a?, telegraphic eorrTim lea'.on l)N?m? lieen destroyed. The j< rt ma< e .i dt?^p^rate n-.-etance. [>uoM) Die ?Atcn.J 1 i.hvi jtifc"- leceivt-a nforniation th?t the trfr y cr?- etill tn fcj e o i our front, at Padu ? cab A flar of truce ?* as sent la by the-n to ?e g?. lste an exebanre of piWortre, wni^h vras refueeC. Thay twice d. mandad a sarrend-r, ) sa>:igthev votld piv- no qaarter II refused.. Qtvual Forr n his five hordred prisonnr's lr< m I'r.'o ' City Kolalorceoeits are going Toraard. T>r.' L> no dang, x of a surrender. (THIJtt DUrATCH.J Fadvcih Is safe. The rejeli< ieftatmidaight [FOrETH DESPATCa 1 information has juu n J?n received tha* the Ttl retx^a;e't ficm Padacah. Re??el lo?- It f hUPcJred ?--lied?numbs??;f -roundel unknown. Fori*sfe ion* is sals to b? ?ixty. Ilrr tuncnf, with four pi'o; artillery. 1 te rebel General A..B. Thompson l? reported kllhd. ? . XT' The famous oak tr-e, i ?cer wtil ;li leni. n d ivmbertiri m-l audi up .n Teries for 'I t "?? der cf Tu ksb.trr, on the ad A /u Ja^L ? a ? o cot to pieces by ^OiUtor* < jrt>o ?? ?L:d to aatu.:r. soartalrs of n ' rsbi, . i c\ The tru.tranc,,.,? 1-JIingtjd sappl t! t ">e fr-'t". A*r? tip. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. H.RTHfit frHUM ? AJH'l %M. raopr-.Ti i?f.stuv> IP CY m* rebels TIlltEK HUNDKhD P.KKELS KILLED. c *!K<\ Mirch *J0? particulars have b? > r re ? ivrd from 1'aJucab. Ttaereb?lsbnru^d the railroad depot, Uit? quarter meter's build iD?, tmd the eteamer Dacotah. nor Arizona, on the marine railway. Tb^y pjundered stables of a lar?e number of horses. About fifty buildiDRS -w*re burned, including hospitals, jros works, and numerous private residences. The custom house, post office, and Continental hotel were not injured. The colored battalion iu the fort fought with great bravery. Three hnndred d-ad rebds were left in front of the fort. PRICE OF GOLD. [By the People's Line.j N*w Yop.k, March 29?9 a. m.?child, (V5 ^ a P.50 a. m, 66>{; 11 a. m., 6jH ? * The Department of the Frontier. Fokt Smith, Arlc., March26 ?Thuold Army of th* Frontier, now the right ?* ingof the Armv of ArkaDsas, under the command of General Thayer, left here yesterday The troops are In fine spirits, and will eoou be in Northern Texas. All the troops in this department are said to be moving. JOURNEYMEN HOUSE PAINTERS At= SOCIATION.?At a meeting of the Jour tiey men Ilou^e Painters Society of Washington. Li Id on the?3th inst.. it was resolved that on ami after the 1st day of April next, the whjm of all Journeymen House Painters be $2.50 per day; and in the event of the Bosses not complying with this demand, it is made the duty of each Journeyman to refute to *o to work until such demands are complied witn. The regular monthly meeting of the Association will beheld on FRIDAY E\ E NING, April 1st, at fi o'clock. oih 2? 3x* C. POLE. Seeretary pro tem. IY~^=* GRAN DBA LLATTH18PAT EN TOFFICK LLf BUILDING. TUESDAY. M*rch ?. 1HS4. rROORAMHX. The room will be open for the reception of guests st 8 o'clock. The entire west wing of the building will be ap propriated for the dressing room of the ladies. The east wing to the gentlemen. In consequence of tnere being no convenient room for a set supper, the refreshment rooms will be open to all during the entire evening, each on* pitying for such entertainment as* he desires. The designations will be as follows: Managers?Blue ribbon worn on the lappel Of the coat. Committee of Invitation?White ribbon Floor Managers?White camelis. Tickets will be for sale during the day at all the Hotels and Book Storrt. and in the evening at the Ticket Office of the late Fair. mh 28-2t B. B. FRENCH. President, ft n. or NOTICE TO THE PUBLIO.-The supper which is to take place at the Infant Asylum. stthe Circle, on Easter Monday. 2Bth MarcV anl to continue for three days, the public are requested tc attend, a? the splendid set of silver which was ; for raffle at last festival will Ve disposed of on the last night. There is a few more chances to be taken. _ nar 25-4t? i fW<B=*NOTICE.?The members of the Columbia U 9 Engine. No. 1. are hereby r.otiiii d that an ? election lor seven directors 'if the Columbia Li brary Association will be held on MONDAY EVE [ N1NG. April 4. If2<>4. at the Engine-house. Polls ' open frem 3 to 5 p. tv. _ _ CommiFsioners of Flection-Francis C. Jardella, I Jos.R. B. Tait.M.N. Bass. tt. m WILLIAM P HICK, j mar36-4t* Librarian C. E. Company. ^ fyS2" REGISTER'S OFFICE. March 25, 1861. i Notice is hereby giver. th;it the Licenses is j sued to owners of ff.iscn?. Carts, ami Driiyi will expire on the first Mondny iu %pril. and that ?aid Licenses must be renewed in compliance with law, at thih office within ten day1" after that ti :ne. SAMUEL E. DOUGH S3, mh 25 dtaplt) Register. [Y-'r*' EXECUTIVE ENLISTMENT COMMIT TEE ROOM MAVOR'S Of VICK. ClTT H U.L. H'a.v/.ms/o* D. C. March 24. 19^1. The following Committees have b<>en appointed for li.e GRAND ENLISTMENT BALL to be heid in Fair Room of Patent Office Building, THURS DAY EVENING, March 3i. 1364, to aid the fund for the encouragement of Volunteer Enlistments ; in the city of Washington. COMMITTKK ON KFCVPTIOX. Hon R Wallach G<?n P F Bacon BP French Gen KC Weightnuac W W Season C S Noyes, W N Haw ley George Wright L J Middleton W W Moore C Ii Utermehle Jas II English Jos Platz J B Ellis Geo P Ontl John Sessford Ward H Lamon <'has Riorum Geo R Wilson Hudson Taylor Asbury Lloyd Wm E Hutchinsoo Alex R Shepherd John H Semnies Paymaster Cunningham, U. S. N. ! ^ ^ --aMITTElS ON POLICK. vapt teneetz _ '*vv-.?? r. s wickiiu OMMITTBK on rkfhrshmhnts P M Dnbart A C Richards N D Lturner C H Anderson Samuel V Noyea COMMITTKK ON PKCORATION3. Adolph Cluss John B Turtoa Tbor .at Lewis Henry Lyle A B Norton COIIMITTFd ON MT8IC. Coi J Y David S V Noj e# COMMITTER ON 1NV i I ATIONH. Hudson Tay;or Crosby S Noyes Al^x R Shepherd FLOOR * WmG Mo?.r? W O Stoddard John W Boleler H C Wilson Tbos E Lloyd D McCathran Jss II Enslisli S Y Sylvester Johu Dudley N D Lamer S C Culverweli j T Hal leek A C Richards P M Duhant L A Keall tJ I Canfleld Snowden RobinFon f! P P Wroe John B Wbeeler O K Harris Gwynn Harris 7. Downing Andrew Noerr John II Blake Wm K Mcl/ean Harvey Rob'-rts The various '?omtnHt'e? will be designated by suitable rosette?. Gentlemen desiring invitations f< r lalies will please send names and address to Hudson Tavlor's Bookstore. Pennsylvania ivenne, between 9th au4 ls>th streets. Tickt ts for sale at Hotels ar 1 Bookstores. [Chronicle. Republican. Intel!igeucnr and Times.] mh 2i (Y*^*GRAND BAIL IN HONOR OF TIIK LA I L TOES OF TUB FAIR AT TIIK PATENT OFFICE MARCH '29 The f< ll<?wing Ker^ tlei ien hsve oeeu app dnt"d a < oniinittee on in? i tat.or \ii : Samuel ". B-li, K?ra L. Stevens. D W. BliSri and Charl.-s /. Stansbury. The headquarters of the Comn.ittee will be at the mHnng:>rs' room in the Pstei't OPce building, where applications eai be ?ent for invitations for ladies, and tickets for the ball can be procured at all time ; of the day. Tickets are for jale 81 the bof kst<?res and hotels. n>h ?2 B. B. FRENCH, President, tee. rrS^NOTICK.- TO THE TiX-tAYEt.S OF Uj IV .4 SJU AG TON Assrssor's Ok/h k, / WAt-niNGTOif. March 14. 13-J4. \ The Beard of Assessors, having co-npleted the Ci ueral \sseisn:ent for the year HiU. hereby give notice that tbey will sit as a Board of Apf-aN. and for the i>urp< se of uakii ? an y correctu n, from Monday, thi 21st day of March, to T iesiay. th) 26th day <f April, inclusive, (Sar.dajrs ex'efted,) at th-vr room. No. bf ser.ient story, we-t wing City Hull, from 9 a. in to 3 p. m. eacn day. Ly order of the Preh:dent : JAMES W. SPALDING. mh li tAy23 S.'crr tary Board of Ai'peal. hr^ iCE CKEAM..OONfitJ'.HONMRy, Ac Kec^ptiocs, Parties, Weddings. Bills,Sup pers. Fairs s,nd other enterxainn.enth furnisiei at shortest notice and roost reasonable U^rini. Ice Cream anc Water Ic-?s iDitd,> by steam power, war ran Wd to oc the best in tie citv, wholeg*le and ra ta 1, delii ered to any part of the city. Charlotto Rusce. Jellies, pyramids and Weddin< lakes made totrder. at J0SKPI1 BHAFFIKLD'S Ooufeciioa ?rv.3-fi Sixth ?t .brt.G and R. fe 11 .' m* WASHING AT SHORT NOTICK-Th* lls_5f Natunal So am Laundry has chaoued bands, and is now I>? full operation Rr ui'h dry washing for families at fl'ty cents per dsren. Goods will be called for and promptly d-ditered by leav ing an order at the of9ce a^nto side l'enn?yl-ania avenue, between 13th and 15% streets Washing for hotels, restaurants steamboats. Arc., done at short notice |mr 14-Ira*] PERRY COLMAN. M ISSES O'BRT AN, 1107 WALb UTST., PniLADEL 'HI A. WILL OPS* ^0\ PARIS MILLINERY, FOR SPRINn QB} THURSDAY, March 31st, 1B54. mh?-5t' STEAMER JAMES P. GREEN HAS ARRIVED ' this a. m. C< nsignees will please attend to tbn^flia of their g'ocs immediately. . nih *. Jt Foot of High street. PRAGUE'S 8 AND PACIFIC PRINTS. We are bow opening more than MO pieces of very choice styles of Sprague and Pacifle CALICOES. These goods are nearly equal in quality of doth, styles and colorings to FRENCH GOODS, end although tbey cost us tlS cents per yard by ttie ease in New York, yet we shall bell them at 23 o.nte. FRENCH. ENGLISH, AND SAXONY DRESS GOODS. We have 'uet returned from New York and will tc-day and tow.orrow many very elegant esGoods.from auctions aci from importers,. ? al' of which we wIU sell at less than the market ? ' - _ ' ; ffi*- i **U*' JOS. 7. MAY ft CO., ' JOS I> t.r .?. ?t, 9th anO KUi ??,<? or Fit; I A L. | IMPART* #WT Of ST.1TT; ( j Wa*&iiiot6>, Mwrcfc 5S, ,a?M. S I In form aiicn has be??? ree^t ^d at this l)-n*rt- j treat from Alexander E McK?e. V q., U. S. Ocdkqi at Panama, of u?e deit i oi thv fouow- : its? pprsctj. ?!?: ?William Enmmon, re-L'enW DdMa^I. ' ax-ed about 36 year?, eeam%n os: bjtrd of tbc Atr.trioan steamship I'custitnticn. Killed i on tbavsd of Febrnary, 1361. by the piematore explosion of a cinnon. W UHnm Hartley, a colored man from Vir ginia. Found in a weil on the r?d instant, snr> poeed to b&ve committed suicid*. Inventories of the effects left by them bare also been received. WASHINGTON THEATER. MR WM. EDOAR MORGAN L'hs ihi- h-iDor to announce that at tli?? solicitation of hi" inasy friends. he will give <i Ballai Enter tainment at the above-named Theater on WEDNESDAY. March 30th. Mr. Morgan trill be assisted by <everal of the ^nest in^truiru-ntal and vocal performers of Wa=h incrton and Baltimore. As this concert is almost entirely by subscription, a great manv ticket* havine already been secured, those of his fri?nds in Washington wishing to be present will pleads call early to avoid confusion. mh y-2t* CARET VGES! CARRIAGES CARRIAGES: On hand, a fine assortment of first-class CAR RIAGES. consisting of two and four seat Rocka ways. Extension and Half-top Boat and Jersey Wagons. Topand No-top Buggies, Ac.,Ac. Also, Grocery and Express Wagons. ROBT. H. ORAHAM, Coa-hraaker, _jb1j 29 3t* 3T4 D. and 477 Eighth street. JNEW GOODS?NEW GOODS ! UST Received. a fine and handsome assortment of f Hrasnls and Sun Umbrellas of late styles: also, Quaker lloop Skirts. Dress Trimming*. Bugle Gimp*. Quilled Ribbon. Dress Buttons. KM and other Gloves. Braids of all kinds. Hair Nets, Head Dresses. Magic Ruftlinir. Velvet and Belt Ribbon, Ladies' and Gent*' Collars and Cuffs, Undershirts and Drawers. Handkerchief*. Stockings. Seeks, Neck-ties. Combs, Brushes. Soaps. Extracts. Po mades, together with a full assortment ot" Fancy Goods, Toys, Musical Instruments, Ac., Ac. Come every one and get cheap goods, at ROSWELL'S Fancy Store. 30:1 E street, near 14th, Depot for Boswell & Warner's Colorific for col oring the hair. mh!Noo2w kooks" In new books. Polko's Musical Sketches. Translated by Fanny Fuller. Price f 1.25. Ramble-i Among Words?Their Poetry, History. ai"l Wixlora. By W iiliam Swinton. Price. #1.50 The Country Parson's New Book. Counsel and Comfort, rooken from a City Pulpit. Price. $ 1.5". Rob< rt Browning's New Book. Sordello. 8traf ford, Christina* Day.and Raster Ire. Price.$!.V5. Thackeray, the Humorist and man of Letters. Price, fl.25. The Wife's Secret. A Novel. By Mr?. Ann 8. Stephens. Paper. Ilj cloth. $1.5'\ Annie Warleigh V Fortune. By Holme Lee. Pa per, price. 5" cents. Private Miles O'Reilly's Book. Price, fl.?5. Also, all other new and recent publication1?. All books sent by mail, free of postage. For sale by PHILP A SOLOMONS, Metropolitan Bookstore, rob29 St 332 Penn. ave., bet. 9th and 1"th sts. IN OTICE TO FAMILIES AND CITIZEN8 OF WASHINGTON. FA' EArCHCO FFEE. This .lastly celebrated Coffees in ale f-om pure ?celfee ard coffee malt, as in Paris.) has gi v u great -atisfaction to all families. Those who have used it pronounce it the hest ever male. Itis healthy and nourishing in the extreme. It toes not affect, the nervous system; promotes dig'-stion. and is tre nd for dyspepsia For invalids its nourishing qualiti"" are wonderful. Various hospitals sp"ak highly of it. The French Coffee can be obtained from the f.d lowing-named Grocers of Washington at the man ufacturer's price : Harbour. Semmes A Co., B. L. Jackson. E. E. White, FniithA Morrison, Middleton A Beale. EganA Perrie, P. White ,V Ce., Ornie Son. Edward Hall, John Farrell. mai ?-4t* Unite# States 10*40 Lean. jay OOOKK A CO., 468 Fifteenth Street, Rkcbivh Subscriptions fob trk hfEW NATIONAL LOAN authorized by act of March 3, 18W, and known as TEN-FORTY BONDS, being redeemable at* the pleasure of the Goyern mect, after tec years, and payable forty years from date to coin, bearing Interest at FIVE PER GIN f A TEAR, payable on bonds no orer fldO annually, and on la-ge bonds seini-annually, IN COIN. The COUPON BONDS will be ls?ue<i In *V?, *M0, ? wn ..J C< t? The BEGI3TKRED BONDS will bo Issued in |50, f 100 *!*>, f 1.0(0, ?i 000, and f 10.000. . These are the only gold-bearing securities of the i Government now procurable at par, and, yielding i at pretentralue of coin OYE& EIGHT PER CENT ' PER ANNUM, offer a very desirable investment | for large or acall sums. We Buy and Hell, at market rates, ! GOVERNMEA T BONDS, OF ALL ISSUES, TR KASVRY NO TE S, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, ; mid COIN, and pay the highest prices for QUAfcTEBMA/JTER'B CERTIFICATE CHECKS. mtt 29-tf ~JAY COOKE * CO. TIME! LIMK!LIME! Orders received for fir^t J ?juality Pennsylvania ALUM LIMK, at the Lumber Yard on Indiana avenue, between 2d aud 3d streets. 1.<X*J bush- Is now in stor->. roh 2e:W _ <*EO. W LIN V If,LEA CO. EA PRESS WAGONS FOR SALE.?One two hors? jind tw<? single EXPRESS W ^GONS. Alsn, ( ne r: HUCR They are all platform spring, of the best >'hilade!j>hia rrake; have been usid about six months: are in complete order. Also, four s stts of g> od HARNESS. A good chmce for an ent<-r prisi"g null to start a city evnres?. Inquir" ;>f JOHN KIN(i ofWni.A C0.,*?1 Louisiana avenne, betwee i bth and7tl. streets. mh 2i-3t" fVOTJCR.?Thr Public is respectfully informed ? ^ thiktoi and after the first day of Apri!.8>4, ail Wood, Coal, and Lumber lande-l ?t our whar.-es will iesubject to wiarfage as follows : For Wood, p.*r cord inrpnts >or Coal, per ton fteeuti Tor Lumber per thousand 20':ent< All to b?- removed from the wharves within tire day*, otherwise ba'f the a'ove rat-?s rcspectiv -ly will be (barged for every 24 hours it mayrenx<in after t iat time. CiRP.KN A SI.KMM >V? BICH*RI?S& G (TINAND, mh rV?t? WILLIAMS A JOLLY. F NE PIA.KO AT A GREAT SACRIFICN. \fe )?ave left on salt for cash at our sto.-e the fn<1ov ing fine Pianos. ?ju. Ms; nilfeei.t 7 O'-taves. iron frame, besn-iRa9H| tifjliyaod expensively carvt d, < x inisite tone nr:! tr ueh. cost or.ginally ? i(?i bean carefully us^d k - out IX years, will be sold for f:<75, and is a great. . ft"gh.ii?. 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(fl,'00,) Fiva Thousand dollars, >}oOV,) and Ten Tbousnnd dol-ars. (flr ,(?*).) aud Ocutou Bonds of tbfienomi^a^loos of Fifty dollars. O e Hund-ed dollars,/f 100,) F.TeHandred dollars, (f5 0 J tn 1 Onf Vh..iwicd dollars, 11 .coo.) Siibfcribers w'll be required to pay inadiiti .n to the amount of the principal >f the Bonds, in lavful n.oDey, t??- seersed inufrest in coin, (or in United Mates rotes, cr the notes of National Banks, aiding fifty per e*nt-for premium until further notice I from the first day of March or S' pteniher, ?s th > ease mav be, until the 4ayt<f s-Jbs?iipti>T and par me it t pi n receipt of subscriptions I ^ill i*aae my cer.-f.cate of de^os.t iherofor i^ duplleato. th?? o !*iua'. of whir.h will be forwardeu by the sut? fcii er to the Xecr?tay of the T.-wasnry. Washing ton. with a letter atat'nj the kind*(Registered or Coupon,land the denomination of bonds required. _ F. E. 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ARRIVAL OF PRIZE* Last evening, the TJ. 8. steamer Shawstieen arrivd at the Navy Yard, brtociiig 'ip a am ill schoor.? r, a small slod,t?, thirteen b -at*, lotofoys i tertonts, ^ait, vbea?, oats io>)tcco, plo vs. an J | plowoasMn.:s. These bwts and g-xwis were i capuiredbi the steamers Morse, Capt.B*t?;ock, ; and Crusader. Small boats to the ou ab.^r of ? ov>r 3", with oyster tonrs, were seized by the j Crusader in Ware river; but durin* Ui<j receut i storm all of ihrrn save fourteen, drifted \way, j and one ot the remainder w is w ished tway :n | a gah* of wind fts the Sh&wshsen w&^ oa her j v.ay up the river. The other goods were taken I by the Morse, in York river, when she went up to communicate with Gen. Kilpatriek after his raid to near Richmond. Acting Ensigns R. M. Wacrstaff of the Morse, and Henry Tay lor of the Crusader, came up in charge of the goods. The following are the officers of the fehaw j sheen : Acting Master Henry A. Phelon; Act j ing Ensign and Ex-officer, Charles Ringot; | Master's Mates, Wm. Rushmore and Henry Finn; 2d Assistant Engineer. Richard Ander j son; 3d Assistant Engineers, Charles Hlckey and Henry Marrow. I The Shawsheen was bronght up the river by . the captain without the aid of a pilot, although | he never navigated this river before; and he ; touched bottom bnt once on the trip. As the vessel rounded the Arsenal wharf, j some soldiers were firing at a target, and pne ; of the minie balls strnck the pilot bouse, in i close proximity to the heads of the captain and ; the man at the wheel. ? { THE WILKES COURT MARTIAL To-day the examination ef Acting Master ; Fred. D. Stuart was resumed, the witness tes i tifying in substance that Admiral Wilkes was j nntiring in his efforts for the capture or destruc i tion of the rebel pirates or blockade runners; * that he was deterred by no dangers, state of the ! weather, or intricacies of the channels on the i Spanish main from the pursuit, day or night, ! oftbeae vessels; that the Admiral did not in crease nis personal comfort by the change from the Wacbusettsto the Vanderbilt, the cabin of that vessel being small, without windows' and only an air port; that Admiral W. was not in the habit of divulging to him or any other officers bis plans, movements, or the reasons i therefor; and the Admiral was assiduous in his ' labors, frequently working at night as well as I by cay to further the objects of his cruise, as the witness knew to his cost, having frequent-' ly b"en compelled to work all night in conse quence of the activity of Admiral W. TAKEN POSSESSION OF. This morning, by order of Gen. Martindaie, the house No 256 I street, lately occupied by Richard H. Clark, was taken possession of as confiscated property by a portion of Capt. Do lau's force. The building will be assigned to Col. Richard Rusb, commanding 1st brigade Veteran Reserve Corps, as the headquarters of lxin command. RELEASED FROM IRONS. A private letter received in this city from a prisoner in the Richland jail at Columbia, S. C., states that Acting Ensign* Willi ms and Porter, of the Navy, who were captured in the attempt to storm Fort Sumter, have been re leased from irons and restored to the usual lib erty of prisoners. ADMIRAL DAHLGREN. The steamer Harvest Moon left the Navy Yard this morning for Fortress Monroe with Admiral Dahlgren on board, who it is under stood, will await the arrival at that point of the next flag of truce boat, in hopes that the re ; mains of his son will be sent down. j Skhatob Hicks.?Senator Hicks has so far recovered lrom his late illness and from the effects of the amputation of one ofhi? a? to enable tum to be taken to his home at Cambridge, Md , and yesterday ha left on the steamer Baltimore, Acting Master Mitchell, which will land him at that place. He is rapidly convalescing, and he hopes to resume his duties in the Senate before the cloee of the present session. Thx Grbat Ball in aid of the enlistment fund comes off on Thursday night, 3lst instant, in the fine large hall of the Patent Offl.-e lately used for the fair. Tickets 82 each, admitting a g? ntleinan and ladies. The affair has been go1 np on a large scale, and excite* general inter est. Washington Money Market?Latest Quo tation*. Furnished by I^ewis Johnson & Co., Bank ers : Buying. Selling. U. s. Coupon Bonds, 1*81...... 112^ i::jw II. S. 1M Notes ...112* 1,-3* Quarterns asters' Cbeck3 ? ._ New Certificates 99 American Silver 150 American Gold ,104 WHW YORK RATKS?BBCOHI> BOARD. Coupon 6's, !?*1, 113 Certificates of fud^bc ediese, Gold, 1B5*; a 2U*s, 109%; quick silver, T7^; Erie, 124j{; Michigan Soutneru, 116. COWGRKSSIOWAIi. XXXVIIlTH CON ft K EBB .?FIRST 8E8SI0N, Tuebdat, March 2!). StN/T?-Mr. Sumner | rrs^nted a po'ition ir m ihe German National Club oi Philadel phia acvnse to the President's amnesty proc lamation and plan of reconstruction, 'vnich W-<s referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr Ramsay Introduced a bill authorizing the Se. retary ot the Treasury to pay to tbe Gover nor ot Minnesota the further cos', ch-trees and expenditures ot the Indian war of l? in tti it S'ho, w huh was reftrred to the Militiry Com mittee Mi. t'owan introduced a bill for establishing a r.avy yarci and nival depot on the Delaware river. Mr. Foot called np the bill relating to the office of Commissioner of Public Huiidinrs in tni-? ci'y. Ihe amt'i dm reported by tti? Comm tiee on Punhc Bu.Hmgs w-ie adopted ? one ol tLem excepting the bur.dlLgiand grounds connected wi b th* frra-ury extension irom iho.-e which are put under th* control of tne Corn mis wmr- and the other requiring tha-. ih? charge ot otlifr publi.: building-* aul eroi id-, and the ilisbu .seuwnu ther-f >r, on ti e | art of tlie Commissioner, shall b<> un l-r the cupei vision of the Presideutof the Uuit'd S<a es ins'eaii oi tbe :;ecr??tary ot tb<* Interior, as f .i prts nt TLe t-al iry of the C >mmis-ioner j is put at <?;!.( oo per a.i.ium. and he is to disburse tb lunds f? r the Capitol police. Ac. FJr Foot said he was aware ot th? difficulty of t'titinic rid of a uet-lt-ss office, especially wfceie the eulary was a good one, ana little tj <*o or. the part of tbe incumbont. He said that tbe .Secretary of the Ir.'enor, since July last, had han a geiural stip-nn end'nt e.nptoy>-d at ff2,500 1 er annum, with a cleric at #1.5i>0, lor thesrf p ublic wcrkj, a-.idthe committee thougnt the du.ies could b=? as well p-rforiinvi tiv tne Ccmmi3siouer of Public Buildings, fnstead of int reaFing expenditures by this *1,000. He held th.'it there u-as no lawful authority for th** Sec rttary of the Interior to make thi? appoint ment, tte salary of which wa* p.ifd ou<. of the tunde Icr tbe Capitol Ex'ension. Formerly ti>e only had been committed, when the worit was in charte of the War Department, ;o an >>ngin**r of tne army, without other than his military pay. Mr. Hendricks said that his was not a bill to r? more tie superintendent for cans-*, but to take ibe charge of the work trom the Interior Department and give it to the Commissioner, because tbe Secretary had thougnt proper to appoint a (superintendent under himself, and by whicU, the official report on the subject i>fcowr,gocd results had been attained. Mr. H. argped that by tbe same authority under which tbe Secretary bad formerly appointed superin tendents or t< remen to different branches of tha work, be coald appoint tbe general superin tendent, if deemed necessary for better and more economical management; and read from the report to show that there had bean ? 18,000 more work performed in a given time, and at a reduced cost of S3.000, than undor the previous system, and at a saving of over 97,000 per an num, leaving net about 86,000 after the aapfr intendmt'a * alary la paid. He stated also that Capt. West, the euperinteadent, acted ai his own ehief clerk, and was a men of experien ce in the duties, and gave <75.000 bonds on ac count ef tbe larre d' -b?r?em*nt' that he ma-V. Mr Ij>rr. o| ]rd., tcok t>untl*r grnnnd,'aad ? j declared if at the &wK>mtaeul ha?t been mad^ ' ir, aecer?iap.-?) with a former rt?romp%^ndnian ? J o*,Mr. WiMer/*iie Ar4nnte-j, and Mr; Ftaach.} ; the Cs?BiaiA66j9cer gf Public Uiui V ?? If. Th? Secretary fennd tiie.n boto or. fiie to tlas f3>M t Wimcut further action, the snbjeot went ov-r. J ? resolutions from tbe II oo ?e, in regard to r * w j Lotejov, Hie member f... ? tTtfffl Illinois, w. re then tatfen *T. u -ylr Trumbull pa*j-ed a nea; eulogy on ibf lif?* and character ot tue u?c as-d. He wa* followed in seine rntnarks by Mr. P(Wi?J". nud more atUngth by Mr Sumner, In extoiiation ot the consisrent anti slaverv views s: ci coarse of Mr. Lovejoy. from early political lit". Th?? u>nr.l resolutions were adopted, and the ^enfite sdjonrned. Mop?.-(?b motion of Mr. Steven* of Pa., the jo nt resolution introduced by him yester d?-y to amend th*> coustitution of the United S(att * f o 88 to prohibit slavery in all the St.ves ai??J Terri'orie!-, wa- postponed for two weeks. Mr Wasbbiirne, of 111., from the Committee ol Commerce, reported a bill providing for the collection ot hospital dues of vessels sola or transferred Id foreign porfs; which wa? passed. Mr. luce, of Mast-achasett*, from the Com mittee on Naval Affairs, reported a bill, which was pasted, regulating the appointment of assistant paymasters and cadets in the navy. Also, a bill araendatorv of the act to establish and equalize the grade of line officers of the r-avy, and providing for promotions through an examining board. These bills were passed; also, a bill to classic fy clerks of paymasters in the navy, and fixing the date of the loss of the brig Bainbridge at'2 let August, 1-63. Mr. Pike of Maine, from the Committee on Naval Affairs, reported a bill authorizing the appointment of acting Lieutenant Commanders and Commanders, during the present rebellion, at the satre rate of pay as such officers in the regular service, etc. This was passed. The House passed the Senate bill regulating court-martials, after striking out the section requiring volunteer appointment* to be sub ject to the action of the Senate, the same as regular appointments. The House resolved itself into a <k>mmitt?e of the Whole on the state of the Union on the amendatory National Bank Bill. Among the amendments agreed to, was on? providing that banks with a capital of not less than 950,000, may. with the approbation of the Secretary of the Treasury, be organized m any place of which does not exceed six thou^. tuid inhabitants. TELEGRAPHIC NEW?. LATEST FROM EIROPE. PROUR^ri OF THE WAR IN DKNMARK. THB DAN JOS STlLl HOLD DUPPEf. PRUSSIAN SUCCESSES. Nbw York, March 20.?The steamship City of Manchester, from Liverpool on the l^th and Queenstown on the 19th, arrived at S o'clock this morning. The London Times of the 17th, in its city ar ticle, says the idea is prevalent that a reduc tion of the bank rate of Interest to 3 per ceut. may not be far distant. The Times and Star advise the Dane* to ac cept Ellen borough's advice and submit to the terms proposed by Austria and Prussia. Copbhh aobn, March 16.?The enemy yester day kept up a heavy fire against our left, and the ships toward Londerbei?. The result was unimportant. Livkkp?k>l, March 17.?The cottou market is buoyant, with an advance on ail quantities* closing quiet, but steady. Breadstuffs quit and steady. Provisions steady. Produce steady. ?London, March 17.-ConsoIs 91 for money. Accounts from Sheffield state that 173 bodies have S'.een recovered, but 25S persons are re turned as dead or missing; consequently *0 bodies are washed down the stream, and will not be recovered for many days. Bbrlih, March 16.?The Prussian* com pleted the erection and armament of their bat teries at Grammekark, on the Wemmigbuud, on Saturday night. The Danes immediately opened lire from their entrenchments at Dnppel. The Prussian bat teries replied the following day. Vi*5BA, March 16.?The Austrian Times publishes a telegram from Berlin, stating that Denmark is disposed to accept the armistice, and conference propositions in th elr essential points, but only disposed to accept part of the conditions attached to the armistiee. me j^onaon rosvs raris correspondent says it is evidently the intention of Austria and Prussia to eventually occupy Copenhagen, and there dictate peace. Hbiliubhhafbv, March 15.?At half-pasJ five o'clock this morning the Island of Offemen was occupied by the Prussians. The whole Danish force on the island consisted of 100 men who, with the commander of a gunboat, were taken prisoners. CAVALRY EJI ROUTE FOR THE FROST Trbkton. March 29.?The 3d cavalry regi ment was reviewed this morning by the Gov ernor, and then left for Washington, crossing the Delaware at this point. They go as fur as Bristol to night, Kensington to morrow, and pass through Philadelphia on Thursday. TUr rppiment is twelve hundred strong, and is tae finest yet sent from New Jersey. Col. Morrl son is in command. 6 ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. General French's Farewell to liif. Corp*. Headquj.rtr> s Third Army Corps, Brandy .Si-: ticn, March 21, li-64 ? General Orders, No. 2?> - Having teen detached from the Army of the Potomac in consequence of its reorganization into three corps, 1 deeuc to express th=> p-rsonai .eelii es of regret with which the ord-r is re ceived. The consolidation of the corps gives this array gr> ater strength. The (Generals to command tr-em are conspicuous for ttieir gal ? la;itryand abiiitv. Oclv Kuown in the depart ment where hnl'ets whistle, there is * strong probability that I piay fcoon meet in the field tf.ose brave soldier* with wlioin I have been so long associated with pride aud di*tinc*.iou. Wm. H. Fukkch, Major Gen. Vols. General Newton's rare well to his Corp*. llradquartrrs Fir ft Carps, March 55, f-i>l ? In command I take occasion to eyjire^s the pride and pleasure I h ive expert enc- d with you, and my profound regret at our separa'ion. Iden'ified by Its services with the history of thi- war, the First Corps gave at Gettysburg a trowuing proof of valor and endurance in saving from the enemy the strong position upon wbl< h the bat. le wp.s fought. Thai, temi?l ? looses suffered by the corps on the 1st of July attest its supreme devotion to the country. Ti orfh the ti'le of the corps may not survive the prefer t changes, history will not be silent up'-n the ma^ni'tid*' of its services. Jons Nkwtoh, Major General. Gen. I?l<>a?nnton'? Farewell to bis Corps. Headquarters Cavalry Corps, Arny of t\e Po tomac, March 25 1861 ?General Order, No. ti. HiiTini b-^n relieved from duty witn the Army ot the Po omac, the regret of separation from 'hp tnai y personal associations established in the. * 'aval ry ?'orps becomes morn impressive bv the devciion, generosity, and noble daring t^a* nave Ve^n exhibited throughout one of the m; st t vf ntfnl periods In the M; torj of th* war The brave seek no bi<rh?r tribute tian iae con fldei c3 of tf eir commander. You- glori ms deeds testify to the trust yoa have maiatained so sncredlv. Continue to be animated by the same sprit that now guides vonr colors to vic tory. and you w ill r-ap the reward of duty to yourselves, your country, and vour fHvi. A. Plbasanton, Major General. fiOCAL NEWS. Thb F.BiiCCTiON Off Fbidat.?Friday next, betweeu ?he hours of 12 and 2 o'clock, is the time appointed for the execution of Jeremiah Hendricks, convicted of the murder of Dennis Sheban. *nd of Emanuel Pollard, colored, of the mnrder of George Butler, and preparations have be*-? made for carrying the sentence of the law into execu'ion on the two unfortunate mfn?tte scaffold wbicb has been heretofore u?ed baving been erected in the jail yard north of tbs building. . The two men, aince the sentence, have shown signs of contrition, and bave given up almost all bop* of a pardon or commutation of sentence Lfforts are about being made to have the sentence coirmnted, although then are little hopes that the efforts will prove sucoessful. TI?# Marshal (Col. L&mou) for booh* days put ha* Iwd overwhelmed with applications from parties desiring to witness the execution, but lie has determined that the eiecnttoa shall be bp private as possible, and the number to be admitted will be limited to those ha vine basi net a there. ~ The Marshal, by refusing to grant permis. fritn to t? e pirge number apply inz ro witaess 'he fubtfrom motives of idle cotiosity, will be raii>tng out tb^ letter and spirit oftbe law r?>w?d by ?!o???re?.s soma few years to ma*f f *Mrutio!.-s m tU* District private. GKKxnaL Law Kt.* Tn? CuuJu'r.'otr ..<? (JtM > BafTBiOT OK UOLUMHtJ ?4r. UJej introduced la the Seoity.j-w. vraay, r i air iiriVifca rri r ''"rtrrt' ? ft * '11, it theratureof code, (*erf rainmiaoue,, uiHituig a K'. ut-ial Uv uncJ-r whIch corpora ?t 101:9 of the following character*: I. I?lat ufactnrms: or icsuriug. ?. Savings in.-;lt uticns, savings b <nks. or bank?ex"Iusiv? ly ot uieconnt and depoalu S. EstaoJ: amx bo'dp, e-<s works, wst?*r works, c> mo'erifi or :t'uiiduH' associations and inntt'tlDxtiie bu? Vnees pre] erly pertaining thereto 1. T'niversi ii?e, colleges, n\ ailenalee, seminaries, or in ftitrstior.e for the purpose of teaching any brar clie# of neefui infornmUon or Wanting, or promoting religion, morali j, miliary science n<1 discipline, or Jhe rfiftusion of knowl >d<e, inc'nflinp library con*panie.-= and litera*jr aad t^cirntiflc associations. 5. For henevoieot as eoeia<ions ard neyiunisforthebiud,?teaf mute, lunatics,and for hospitals. r?. G>:nnajli-' a* fCietions. 7 And for nny oilier purposes or busmen useful fo the public, for vrhioh a firm or co pnrmcrrhip mnv be ia ^rfutly fonnsd in the District of Columbia; but not for a back of circalation, or of a company for the con^tro ? tionorany work cf internal improvement, or ofanyclJnrch or iohgious denom.ins.Uoii, nor ot any company for the purchase of lards to sell and reeoll for proflj. The bill then goes on to specify how p< rsoa? may commence opera'ions, kc., <fcc. Gboboktown Apfaibm.?The wc(r has boen resumed by the bands at the coal docks, and basinets is as lively as conld be expected. The egents refused to yield to the demand for f? per day, and the men returned to work for *1.50. The gangs at work are principally col ored laborers. The following boats hare arrived since yes terday's report:?Jno. H. Piatt, Ru'jy and Alex. Welsh, with coal to the American Uoal Co.; Hanpv Traveller and Jacob Brengle, do.; to Bait. 'k Hampshire Co.; David Lynn t J.T Cbapllne, do , to Borden Co.; Forrest Rose and George Waters, do., to Central Minint and Manufacturing Co. Departed?Clipper, Boose, Cumberland; Oapt. Jno. Short, Crampton Union Boose; 11. F. Kindle, Calbnrt, do ; Col. Moore, Kelley, do.; Golden Eagle. S**ppe, do.; W. Hatcbem, Norman, do ; J W. Schanck, Colbert, do.; all light; Chas. Ardinger, Wolf, WilJiamsport, with guano.; Ceres, Dowling, Cumberland, with salt. All beats on Ute canal leaving ftoorgetown with cargoes, are required to obtain permis sion from the military authorities. The coal barge W. B. Bramhall, with eoal consigned to tie American Co., sprang a leak about twelve miles from Georgetown yester day. and sunk near the Logwall level. Th* sunken barge does not obstruct the navigation, and will speedily be removed. CmMIHAI. Cocbt, Judge This morn ing. Angelina Gaekin alias Loda OasEin*. in dicted tor keeping a bawdy house, submitted her case and was fined 8200. .lulia Dean, indicted for a similar offense, submitted ber caee and was fined a like sum The cape of the U. S. vs. E. W. W. and W. T. Griffin, for forcible entry and detainer, wan closed this morning, th?> jury, after the coun^l bad argued the case, bringing in a verdict of guilty. A motion for a new trial was Imme diately entered. Attractive Sale n? Works or A at. - The great *aleof|Itf.lian Marble nnd!Alaba?ter fleure". croups, vhses, urns, and other bearti ful woiks of arr, for account of Sigs. Giav> c noni Jr Zannom, will bo continued by Mesar .. J. C. McGr.ire A Co., at tbPir auction rooms, this evening at o'clock. The sale th?<? morning, though -.veil attended, was n>t asuc. ce?s in prices obtained, many beautiful arti cle? roing off at but a small advance on cost of freight and package. Obfhans'Cot ht , Surge Purctll.?This morn - ing the will of ue late Ellen Leu was fully proved. The fret and final accounts of Marcia A Johnston, admx. of Johu R. Johnson an* guardian to his orphan?; of James B Munro. exr. of Joseph Hutchinson, and of Eliiaty.h Bepborn, admx. of Joiiu H?-pborn. wereap. proved and passed. Sfxlino Liquor to Soldiebs.?-This morn ire Capt. Dolan s detectives arrested A. 1) Kaulter, No. 054 Seventh street, lor s-liinj liquor to soldiers. Justice Ferguson fined tb-* accused 820. FOR SALE^A cT^Tplete SODA FOUNTAIN, at StiO Pa. avenue. oih 23 3t* rTORgALE-A R EST 4 URA N T now doinr a troo 1 hnsiness; also, h Bairatelle Table. Apply a' \he Star Office from 11 to 1 o'clock. mh ?-.7t* B0APD.?Five or six "^ABLE BOARDERS ''an b< acconimc<date<l at Mrs. Fi-her*F, 261 Q -treet. Terms, f4.5Q per me*\. tiIi g>-3t* BBGOOD WILL OF A GROCERY AND M AT ^TOFK for sat* at i Mrsa'a. In^'iire ot" JOS. F. KSLLKY, No. 303 lighth stroet, near 1 street north. rob a?-3f tffc C REWARD ?Los' on yesterday, Zit'i. a bun<'h of SMALL KEYS. T)ie finder will rfc.-ivo the atiove reward on leaving them at theoflic* o; Willards'Hotel. It* B UTTER, CHKBfcE AND EGGS. liOkf gsof fine New York Butter arriving- P^r: in store and for sale by D. E. DCTROW nth 29j6t* 4 50 3th street FOR fALE?A covered three-si>r:r.? WAtii N nearly n^s, price ?!?;?<). One set doubl" 11AK NE^S. #25; also, two liyht work or -jartdle HORNS' atS'Oand f5i>. Apply nt No. vil t<th *tre?t. be tween N and O ets. north. m!i 29 Si* FOR SALE?A new Grand Square PT ANO I'uRT L at a icreal Kacrifice. 7'4o?Utm, e!i:-_^aK cantly rarvrd lees. etc.. by h KentleniHiiEBBIK leavinK Washington, ?nd i-s toTi? rte? n atrT* *?' Prof, Alex. WolowskiV room*. No. 31C F ?tr,-et corner of 11th st. Hours of reception only from - to 10 o'clock m. daily. mh 29-6t Dairy-farm porsai.eoreent, contai^T^i 86 acres, near Fort Slocuni, four miles frcm Washin<jtoi:. 20 acte^ of which is ifood ?Ardenini: land. T wo never-!a-.linjr streams run tb'ouKli th? farm; also situnt, d therein are two never-fail In# springs, a comfortable house and barn. Will h ? sold cheap or rented low. Apply to S. W. WII LI* MS. Attorney. 432 Pa. h\ enue. mh :*)-eT3t* rpH18 IS T'? GIVE NOTICE. That tbe?nb*<v; I ber ban obta n??d Tom the Orphans Court ? f Washington con Jty. in the I istrii-t of Coluin'ji-t letters of a^niini.-t-ation on Jhe perKocal ealste i/i William A lid red, 1 at 3 of Washington c?ty, l> C.. d? ceased. All ptmji.h hav^i < claims akmusI t?) said decrased are hereby wi.rued to exhibit t:i? nume. with th?- vouchers ther of. to the 8 jl ic.riber, on f>r h?'for? 'hv Kth day of Varch neit; they ma wire by law Le exclude! from a 1 benefit ? f the said estate. Given under ?ny hf.ud tli'R 2T>th dav of March, A. I). 1864. JOSEPH HAULER, mh ?9-l?w3w* Administrator U ICON O GRAND BALL ^ op THK INDEPENDENT SOCIAL CLUB. To be given at the TEMPERANCE HALL, E street, between 9th ani 19"h street?, oft TUESDAY EVENING. A-il 9th; MM Tlit- members of the Club return tboir sia?er,> tlmnlvS to their frienis and ihe pnblic "or p.i t i.i vots. and respectfully solicit their pi?tron.iif ? - our Second Graud Ball, ana we promise thosj will favor us with their f-resence an evcainy oi p t-:??ure. Tiekets One Dollar, admitting a gvatleia'in and ladies. Py order of Committee. mite 7t* ?_T- E. CL\RK,S c y. IIOW TU LAY OUT A dAilUtK. Br Mfit II &?mp. 01' ti y 'n Bad ly Book on Gardeniig. L^aloa. 1-uiNt'a family & i t hen Gardenar. F ??rti for the Parlor ai d Garden; iliaa-taleJ. hrai.hra LandsesteQa aenio ?. (->ud'urx for Ladies. Mr?. London. Ward*' to U-dae* and kfir,rr?>. Gls- ny'? Projerties of l ot rs. Londw. Tt?Man'sGaiaer,. Lcnlon * Ibe Patl. r (indenat. Gieun^ ?? G*r 1< u ng for "be Million Lm4 n. Bfptcc ou Laudseape Ga:dsio?ng ?,on !o j. n.bst FKANCK T4(u0t. PporObiEB"~WILL BI B1CAIV1 T at TUI Major''' office until U .a .on WON D4Y, t*i i i'b ray ot April nsat, tor jrad agand gr^v-lli ig NjrtS Cap lei street, trom New Irra *y?naa to 'as toitSe-n bi.unaary Ttie gf ?yel to be nias it tkse^ntre, tap rir>* oJ to four ta'he; Urrari th? ?L?.t;er lite; t? be weli rcL'ed with a t'?ar? r'l l?r atur Kr*** ling a^Q tt b^ re*'eveJ of all Son. ;er of aa improptr ai*a, ai tbs J.i-retioa o U: Coicsjias oner. No part of tke ajtproarn will be pail urt' tke work 1? ?v?roT?rt t.y the Ccaam'seonsr ?a< 'i?;b ? ?>i?tant C- tDsrUaioaeri. Bidders will 8f?t? ttepric^ per <mbio vari for ?? Coamissionsr of tt>? Thirl Wrard. C.J ULLMaN. &. C. WAItTMAN. EhH-eotap4 Af a'.ntaat OommiMioa^rs. Hy J C VetiUIItl A CO., AaeUai?*r? NOt ICE ?In parsunjee oi aa orlsr of tfc* Or pbasa* C< urtuf Wa>bicg'o? ssun t.6mir '?"? fled ?sd eoaflrmed by the rspremn 0,<tr: of tse District of Colnmbis. sluice in equity I ?h?'l? tke Buaidiaa of Tkorras H , sal BMzab-te 0. DeYao?kaa miner h?irs oJT>oa?? S. :) Van?h'a dfreatei, sell at nabliosnetlon, on tke vraUe* FB1DA1. the ad day of 4?ril n? it, at AS o c oe* P. ?., all tks r<ght. title. iat*reat, alaun, aai? mard of the said ssinor hatm of, in, aad .0 soatk part of number II in a?uare namSer 61. in tke alan of Vie elty cf Washington, tef?tii( tilth their ?nte? sat ia tha imnroTementsoa ?il W{* Terms: Obs third eas>; aaian?e in fnar losu| K?bts,pmkle K*s?#?tlTalr te t r??.?is ? i?^ s? twelve Mtstti; the deferred ?*ycno?u to be se cured by ideen io tnetonUe ? A'lecrve?ao?t*?,inSledir*r.v?^.^iUnts nt tha mmh* rf Cbe ftr?kMers. T . ? so; V b* prepared a#de*tka diroe'iioa of ia the caasa fT ,ZABBTH D?V*T7i?B AN GaerJtna ?f Tkooaa H. st?? B itabsth 9-* 1 C McGPIEt k CO . Aaojfc. r"OrR PIANOS. .. . . , SRCOKD-HASD PIANOS. Tbis cay received from Boston four v>*rb4A rood e^eoaiJ-bandPituoe. For sale ctaeaplfHVI and ou eaey tarn:8. "i 1'" JOHN P EtLIf. SCh Pa.- a* , near Vnkft., sole ajencv far i't. Phicterinp * Sons' P:vc<* All. ElMW OF WOEK A.Vl> FJMfLTSi* ?It.f der.eio or,!er in firet-ciase ?0,'Y#r w neeiK-A- VFiiaor.Vsew?r?c maieuae^/op *pot?? E ?t^*t bitav .a iSl tMi r.iarte* LUU IS ft

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