Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1873 Page 1
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THB EVENING STAR. riUbk?4 Siaityt (U(|tc4, [ AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, '(?Mjltula AvniMi e?r. 11 Ik SL i ni in*n? mi "isispirii cwm. j a, m, KJ rj'wu.v.v, ? TH* BVKNI.NO STAB ta aerred by curler* to I ke4ranbertbenietT**C?'rra r*mMm.or Pomrv- i roc* C**t? fii th. at tbe counter rwn C*rr? Hfb. By mai'- (hr?? miUi, |1JI; la month*. 93M, one r*?*.. fa. | TH* WIMtT 9T.? Ift-Pnblhhed TrMar?SI ?> i i T?*r. ?S^In*nr1a?*y in advance, in both caaea. and M paper Mat looraf than paid lor. o* a4v?rtMmr fnr%l*b*d ws nppflcnHov. LA PTES' GOODS. t^TARPlNG PEPOT, | 617 Sk/fntj* StiEff, i frr'''''' OBc*. fll ISB ?rCOJUMP'iT , . I f f 'jii'j.'iA-mtt'i*W SiatrtK l? ix r*-?irt of a rtn'it rf IMPORTED 5f '? Gedtn-y . of N * V rk 2k Au* R yr-pfiTi ao m? fercorly n 713 U'.b >i. 4kSflr * uCiurton. ?kloS 1ALTES NOUVEAUTES. PARIS. COKTB* Tit.Ns SI BuBES DC BAL ncms rr linoerik FKtWKKS, FEATHERS. LACES, Ac. Th* lai?i? of "Wa?h!;,gton and ricinity are re jper'fuly invite"* to call uul tiniiu good* before purchasingleer-here. fll It '1'HX LAK^?>Y sr>)?'K ASP CHEAPEST 1 GOODS IS Til* CITY. fi l an eatei.eive and Select Stock of aaefll IASUT GOODS, at L?<we?t It ?rk?t Trier* cal* at the SKVT YOHK BAZA AH, <41 Sh-fmh Stiekt. N-:ak E. tur lr_ YOUNG k BEIIRE^SO. f? 1 E.NZBLRG * CO., A 0 belltoj rut fiitire atcck of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, at at.d t*low coat. 7?7 Market Space, jar* ?!>i b- iween 7t!? ami ?th street northwest. 1 si pouter or hitman hair. GRAND BARGAINS AT 91 A D A *1 K E S T R E N ' S, ? I? 13ik afreet, Krtmd iter f-'om ft strut. M?ir.-<ait-?r the name and ona>ber. Ch ip Cnrla. P?tYrh>?.Cb;*ti' n?, Brule, Puff*. Krizzettee, of ttM iat?*t ?t> 1m?. Call and see our new itock before pnr rKmi.i.v i l#whiT?. decU-tr ? ? I A PIE.*' " I * ERFNCH STARCH ENAMEL I# the *e?t article in th* w rid for doing "P Ltnen ?r V* p?Iin It inicuti a beautiful gloea to the fabric. |< i ikl^ by aU Grocer*. BURN HAM A CO. II amfaetnrera, 1 (K) Wr?t L< tnbard ?treet, jar 14 lr Ba!tim ?*??. Mar> land. BANKERS. J I . HRuUHt tl). BROKER, No. y.39 Penna. ave., R.M.m }. WcUhiDjttxDi P.C. Special attention giver-1<< invf-tm n' ?ec?ritie?. Ii.\ ite? atl?n>li<-n t-> securities ii"? "(l 'r?t at pric < ?k.rli?ill|*> lot<> IS |M-r cent, in an*>*u?ta and "f i< r.Kthoi tinietonmt itn e-t- r?. Saje.rwliabl^, pr-iflf ?l'l-' a?!<l jr mpt. nt tkin^ tlieui 111 ovi-rj tmpnt KIKST ? LAS?? SE?TR1TIES. R-.-rs b> p. rni<~ei<>ii t<> L>-wm J. Iiu-">n A Co.. Maaiiiiiston, D. C.: M'we# K-Hy, E^ |., Caehif-j National Metropolitan Bank. Wu>hingt<?. D. C.; II- ii. J M Brmlnend. S? c?ud Controller, Wanhi'i:; ? ' D. C.; E'lwardClark, Ee^., Architect U.S. Cap it. i. Wf?>iiB|l< n. D C. mar 17 3m 'I BE NATIONAL BANK Of TUB REPUBLIC 1 tOoTm ?of 7th ai:<1 D (^reeta,) OPEN EBOM 1? A M TO 4 P M. d^r^y CHAS BRADLEY. Cvhlor. A 'KRJIAM AMERICAN SAVINOS BANK, ^1 No. Aid SKVK5TH SrKBKT, Orroiu uu Posi-Qfiu lit tat tm-nt. Ba^^ hniri: 9 a tn.to4p tn. Sa;urJ*y? cpvn on ?? ? p n- , to receive d^poaits ot It. I:.t. iea< r>?'l on dtpoeiu. C?ll?cti >n* mrvie ar.ij nrhi-i 8fe fnrni'h- 4. JOHN llITiZ. Preaid.Tit, A. EEERLY, V. Pi st, W . E MATTlNtoLY^er .,1 |fc. PUENTlSS.Cat.hV v\Hi I l> HB BEtUND NATIONAL. B\NK, V STREET, Sitia *??! StViMiM St'ttts. OC'lhit'ona made ?t,d Kxctarge lurnished on all HMl ??? tf D L EATON. Ca?kiw. 1. ?? fwi-liR, sen. Aittia* a. root. Late C<d*r Ititcrnai Be*., Budalo, f Ali KING HOCSB or SOtlER * ROOT, Hit fRNNtYLVAHlA AVENL'I, tOppoaite H illardV Hotel,) _HA&HINoroa.D. 0. Sti per cent. Interaat allowed en boaineaaaceonnts. I liit per rett intereat allowed on (lep->?it of one n> nth or more. Colle^iona ma.le everywhere. aitJC 'I'KE IReeDMAJII SAYINGS AM) 1 THIST CO.HPA.IY. Banking Bute, No. 1W7 Peunayhanift arenue, r pp -alte the Treaanrr, PA YS PI a PEB CENT. INTEREST, Jm j. iM i>- ?ta.? tkt F>rtt if Kar.K Miiat*. PAYS rtUB PEB CENT, on buaiuuaa accounts fr. m date of depoait. i* '*tj Crrfts.4r?*'., af Drror>! bearing 6 ar.d 4 per cent. ln:*r??t, availHble anywhere. HA6 BRANCH orPlCKS Hi all large towns and ettiee of the P?ath and Sonthweat. Bn?k kowrs. 9 ?. wt. to 4 p. m. Open Wedi<e?da> aud Satut<la> nixhta from 8S to t ?'cl?<ck, lo recen e dep. ?eii? -nly. Call at tit Bank ur ?ebd for a crpy of the Charter and By-lawa. jU-ly lAVlOORKktO.T BUY AND SBLL rOBEfGN EXCHANOE ai.d ISSl'K C1RCILAB LETTERS OP CREDIT tor Traveler*, tr flahlt n way far: tf tkt world. Oar Drafta on JAY COOKE. MrCULLOCB * CO., LONDON, are Cached In any part ol, IlllANbaMl ekargt. may 13 Wa\mIN?TON CITY SAVINGS BAN*, Cotmt 7tk finti an t twt-xma arnua, PAYS ? PBB CENT. 1BTBBB8T ON DBPOSIT. bitereat ccnunoiioM fro?> date of depoaita. IV?o?ita can be wade and drawn at will. niBtf J. A. Bt rr. Treaanrer. J? A R I. Y S I* R I N G W E A R JC*T RKCE1V i:D, .?I fcT KKCE1Y k.D, JIM kkCklUl), FOB EARLY SPRINd. FOB EARLY SPRING, >0K EARLY fePBlNU. MIDDLING WEIGHT hi ILlLLINu W LH.iir 1DBXJNG V. IluUr DRESS AND BIS1NES9 SUIT . PRESS AND BUSINESS SUITS, DBESA AND BUSINESS SUITS, LIGHT CA<SIJIERE PANTS, LIOHT CAS^lM KKE PANTS. LIOI11 CASB1MERE PANTS. AT USUAL LOW PRICES AT USUAL LOW PBICES AT C8UAL LOW PB1CBS A. STR Al SS, A. STRAUSS, A. BIRAIIM, 1*11 PBN^STLYASIA AVI M E. 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, (?11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. P? TbiM D?or Baat <4 11th Street Third Door Eaat of 11U Street 7 atid Door Eaat of ll'.k Street. WBBrUL OPEBA GLASSES. COM BIN ATlOH SPECTACLES M. M. BRMPLER, OPTICIAN. ill Pnu.*m?,mMr4Hi n>1-.? Br?Ut? Pabbl* Spactaclaa >anW-ly The CAP* ANN GEAN1TB COMPART, eatal liahed an At ncy 1b tbia city, are praparad to ruriroh. i th? abi.rtMl notice, ail kiuda of OUT CBAMTE WORK wtocb My be required by arek? tecta, bnildtra or cfmtractora. at the I * rata*. We have cauetanUy on band a ?tear of praalf* Cnrbing, B<^fiaa ~ ? Window Stlla, ? - Baa* Conrsea lIVw ?* Wdiiirt; Mrii'-tT pARRRLin %ffauint ?()c fticttitifl Slat va. 41?IN?. 1288. VISfflHSTOft D. C.. H ESI)AV, MARCH IS, 1873. TWO CENTS. A * SPECIAL NOTICES. Tkr pres-at .???' bw thimushlj tfst-d the virtn-a < f Mrs. ,la*? r.Kirt Mriture?thowaaada of bottle having been u*?d ?ith certain *uece*?. lu trial baa been mort thor. ngh. A mrrr cold ?>r ccitgh or the mo* ?IP? vated r.ise* it ha* cured * ith e.tnal success. It is n-^t ? b>.-ctionable toth* ?a*te. and can therefore be readily u*?d for ? Hildreu aim I peraoiM who object to nan?cntinjz mixture*. yarti'ularly M its doses are ,-inall ai d ev *ti coutt?n4 the i" of ad ulti r..ate core. It* value in advanced ca>"*s or lh<Me v? rgit.gon cor?fcumptl' n niu^t n^t b* under ??tiiHitw. M*ny ?uch it ha* entirelv cured. even case* of *?; k nowledged cun*uii^iton. ^ hilo it do*n note ure, it greatly relieves, and a large number "f those unior'K in * u*e it for the great relief it an<>rd- them. For a C..ld. C.ogh. luflienza, Bronchitis, II >arse re??, er anv tlf clion of the throat ir luujl you can n*e nothing nsore reliable. . r ri< ri? !arg- ?i*i, ?!. ?wall? SO *t?. F-t ?ale only v ARTltl'R NaTTANH, Druggist. n.K tr CVrner 2d and D -treeta north?<?*t. Satchel ar'a Hair Dye is the b?wt in the world; the only true and perfect Hair Dye; no rid'cuious tint*, no dinappointro- nt, harnileea, reliable, inaj<?n tar*t/us black or brown; at all druggists .and lb Bond street, New Verb. f S-eoly A Card. A Clergyaian, while residing In Booth America, a* miiwivnary, discovered a *ale auj simple remedy f T the cure of Nervous Weakness, larly Decay, Dim-aae of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and tho wb< 1* train of dieorders brought on br baneful ami virion* habit*. Great numbers have bees cared by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the afflicted and onfortnnate, 1 will send the recipe for preparing and using this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any on* who needs H, Frrt of fharft. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN. Station D, Bible Boast, l-ly New Tork City. AMUSEMENTS. \V ^ALL'SNEW OPERA HOl>t, JOHN T. FORD.?.... Proprietor and Manager. r.BASD E.SOLISH OPERA. wm*wb BKG'uiM'rz:?:! Dlr,>ctor* F. CRARE Tr.aaur?r. t.EoKGE W CuLII) Bunines* Matiag r. SIX NIGHTS ASH M \TINEE. COMMENCING MONDAY, MARCH ?4. MISS Rt SE IIERSEE. MISS EMMA HOWSON. MRS ZELDA sKGUIN, MISS MONIi A NEWM VN, Mil DKODKnorSE BOWLER, MR.EUGENE CLARKE. MH., . H C1I ATTERsOS, MR. EDWARD SF.Ot IN, MR. OISTAVC8 HALL, MR. JOHN E. CLARK, Mi T. BATTLKMXN. Mr. W.WHITE, M.,i PHILLIPS. Mr*. MASSES*. Mr. NICHOLS. rtLL CHORUS AND ORC HEsTK\. S. BEHREN9 Mueical Director. OPKNlMi NHJHT, MONDW; LKIA 111 LAMUTKMOUK. Chants of Opera eYery ni^bt. tft of Frfofp^AdMu^ioB* 75 R - a - Balcony Circle, !?l;Orche*trs, ?1 w. Saleot ?e?t- will commence at Ellin' music store, an-j .it Opera H>>u?'-- Thur^lay . March jit. ml"-.*' WALL'S SEW OPERA HOISE. JOHN T. FORD Proprietor and M?<?? Krca??-ni?nf ??f ?b''1 iintinirnished S^ci, !y Artist, >iiss a?se* eth?:l, In the fai .uns N w S-'i-i^-ty Di:,ma. I'V \ ;ct ? . n >ar?l?iB, I tli?' French dramatist.) written ?*\|,r<!?.y ioi l?-r. fiititl, d _ Alii E 4, after a rontinnon* run _?I 1<? nij?ht?. at tie' I i?i> n Square Theater. New Y'>rk. On Wclne#d.iy. Mi"> Ethel'- gr at o;i?inal?u ? r,-M, FROU Fftnr, r?-i r tI? her neai l* an entire *ea??n in New Tork ?My. . . Admi?sion. <&? ent?. Re^ervni -???!*, Mlcmiy cin le. SI. orcln-ftra < hair*. ?1 Ml " Seaia ?:;>? be secured during the day at tli? ortice Cf the new Opera H >"-e. inlT-t* \ATASHIMftTOl THEATER COMIQUE. II (Eleventh ?tre?rt, South Pcnns) Ivania aveune.) THE BEST YET' THE GREATEST ENTER TAINMES1' IN AMERICA. K'tol our lift of attracti"!'* attentively. First, we liav e ? i (r:ixe<t Mr. DaN IEL D. N \SH, who com "n f . n* hearal-l int-? ? aorM-?ide p^pnlarity. Ab??>. Mr FRED LEVANTINE. ?h<> ia a i{\miisstof lain, . aud fft!,'! ni- hi? beautiful and graceful act with ihe crjatal pyramid!', alone w.>rth the price- f a,|i'ii!>i>icn. The ch.irmltiK - Queen i>f S?-ri >-connc ? o cidialii'' i"al?o retaine<l, POLLY DALY, ?l?o will api?ar in new and la-autiful vocal gems. Mis CLARA MOORE, the champion liehttiiu* Gliange Artiet. al?o eabibitr a rrp^rl-ire ot n?w and dajh in* navelties. Mons. ALEXAN DER BLASDOSI - SKI the-Maitrede Ballet" and distinguished male Dancer, with hi? greatly auemented B-tllet Troup*-, will produce several new and h?'*iitiftil sensational Balb ta, introdacinic the fami-d and dashing Hun garian Dane* rs, the KIRALFY SISTERS. Tlve pleasing S?>ubrette and Actress, M is? JtsSlK HOW ARD, w ill appear; a- al*o tlie favorite Wasbinftou Sons and Dane* men. the COLLY KR BROTH EK&? Dan and Eld:e. Tien we have the pxpulai eccen tri" Irish Cotm dian and Vocalist, Pat K'x>ney, the great Banjoi?t, Di< k Parker; tli? great Ethiopian ierfortuer. Ott ? Bnrb.-nk, the Teraatile Aclur. Ja?. l<>Uffla*Mi, and R. Jean Be? kl? V ,tlie univ er^al tav,?r ite. These, with Harry R,*?-se. Husten Brother*, nni oisr entir'- mammoth novelty Troupe, will ?ipi-'ar in a gi'-at and rare melange of fun, frolic, mirth ar.d niu-ic. Tie evening ent.-rtaiuiuent* to r,include with the ndlicking Farce of the IRISH Tl TOR . einbratiiig tTie eutir,* *trea^th of :he Com pany Friday. Marih 21, Grabd C?mp:iiucbtary Ben-fit t? Mi-w Cl?ra M<?ore. Matinee WEDNEODAY sud SATCRDAT. n.17 Old Ho. I Ua EvhlMtlsa IHtwSo. 46* S aad ftala { 43? 'th St.i at (Tth St ' MARRR ITER'S, _ Ho. 43V 7th Street, between D isd ? streets, eight <loer* above Odd Fellow's Hall. Choice Oil Paintings, Engravings, Chromos. Ac. Aiso, largest stock Pager Hanging*. * itidow -oiada*. Pictures, Pram?a, Picture Cords and Tas Mls^Ring*. Kail*. Ac., iu the DisUkt. SrTaBaS C AsQ. Please remember Name and Hnrnber. )el !y JOTICE?That E.S Jl'STH. 6I? Dstreet, b~ tween 4th and 7th streets northwest, sella cu? N SECOND HAND CLOTHING ?t lea* than halt the coat ot r*>ad> made new an*a. 6ILK DRESSES a specialty. feUUy LD GOLD, BILYKR, BRASS, COPPER, Etc., J bought at fair prices for a Hew Tork houne. domteb 'ld Furniture bought and sold. Notes by mail >r<mptiy attended to by ADQEN8TR1N. 14?9 Psnnsylvaniaaveuue sll-ly* o BALLS, &o. ^K.V>U I IIARlTV BALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL for the Benefit of THE < HI I.DRESS HOSPITAL v* ill l?e giroij, under tiie an-pictr- tl?e Director* of l!?jt in-ti?i:iion ii. MASONIC TEMPLE.on to evening "1 T I'E-DAY. the lAtli of April next. T icket>. admitting a gentleman and lady,-Jf 5 00 ach ml7-tf [Chron R' p. A Sunday paper* copy ! LECTURES. u/'IKKKSI'Y LEi.laLATL'HE' -LECTURE \ by W ALLAi'E P GMOOM, Prevalent New York M-r. liantile Journal Ooaspway. at MASONIC TEMPLE. SXTl'RDAY, at-'h 21, MS, at ?* p m. Public are jm ited. ml7-M* | STEKEST1SG LECTCRE. At the rennM ,>f the National Labor Council. Captain SAMI'EL APAM5 ha? on?entad to deliver a Lecture at Odd F How * liall, WRDNE9DAT EA EN 1NG Ma-, h 19. 14ft, at So'clock p. m > ( a J ECT ?Hi* Exalorasions in ami w?*t of tho Rock) Mountain* in^ the Mine* of Pre, iou* Metal*, Vallev*. Ai-i tent C;tie?, Ac. of ths vast territory ?Iraincil lit the great Colorad" River ol the Meat. Tli-ie are important matter* lo lha Mechanics, gamer*. Me:chants, and Statesman of the entire natimi. who now have an opportunity to haar of the inefffraustihle reeourcaa 'J Ini* central and rsauux ahle coiintry. fr- tn one who has l>een flve vears In that sscikui. Admiwi-'0.2.'. c? nt*. mn-3t* rgiyLE&'S LUXCH MILK BlSCUfr, The choicest, most d-Heats and Bnely lavorad ! Cracker In the tnited Statss. Cn i THEM A TRIAL. Ergurtally adarisd for Ll XtB. TEA TABLE^^D THE C? IN For ?ale iy Grocers geuerfcllr. Trade inpplled by TTLERABROS, mil lm Sole manufacturer*. Baltimore, Mi. t^'ALlToN JAMES F. BRIEN. Pnr??s<' m*? bat Fitur. ... ^ve,!u, Plwiubiug. Cas Fitt.uf.jrKl M>-n<pt!y ail*uded to ?-n reas, uabre term*- ^Jo. K.%ia ?Vej^, near 6th street, north *-4e. Rr.kionee. *tre?t. aonfaeast- ?]?_ | IMF. : LIME : lime : But w??1 burnt LIME at ?1 por barrel, Jrliverdil ia ail pacu ot tiie cit>. .... . . THOMAS FAHKY.Wkalreet. mll-l?.* near La avenw. n >rtbi> e*t. t^CALR i? eOXLERs" I wit! ItTiiTe and Frerem SCAiHi in a??y #tesi? Beilers.or make no vlsars*. AdCre*., , UEt?. W. LORD, fc! 17 Sa * PLUadelpl-.s, Pa. EVENING STAR. Vashington News and Gossip. IITl iSAL RiTBHCK.- The receipts from this source to-day were i132.VW.84. Thi Fkcoipist saw Senators Stewart, Patterson, Robertson. Logan, Cimerou ami Spencer, and a number of Keprcseutat:res this morning. N AfAi Of'ficsr Chapman, of Baltimore, wa* at the Whit* House to-day to sec the Preei dent with reference to retaining hi# present po sition. ______ Fiftt peiztkep of cigars and tobacco, made in the Ar?t Louisiana collection district wilhin ?ome months pant, were to-day reported to the internal revenue Senator Boctwell's skat in the Sonata is on the left of the chair, and in the rear of the row of desks formerly occupied by Mr. Hamil ton, of Texas. ________ i.'iiRirAi Promotions.?Allen Wall, Win. La inborn. and Panl Hersh hare been promoted to fourth class clerkships in the o:llco of th<> Register of the Treasury. Resigned and Ordered?The President has accepted the resignation of Asnlstant Sur geon Charles K. Winne, U. S. A., to take effect October loth next. Captain S. F. Barstow, a?si$tHnt quartermaster. is ordered to duty with the military division of the south. The Cabinet meeting to-day wa9 attended by all the members except Postmaster General Creswell, who was represented by First As sistant Postmaster General Creswell. Prior to the meeting the members were sworn in by Judge 1>. K. Cartter, Chief Justice of the Su premo Court. Rear Admirals to be Ritiiip.-Rear Ad miral Alden, now in command of the European madron, will soon be relieved by Rear Admi ral Case, chief of the ordnance bureau. The ?uoceseor of the latter ha* not been decided. Hear Admiral Scott will relieve Hear Admiral <?reen in command of the North Atlantic sta tion, on the 5th proximo. An important decision was ma-le by the United States Supreme Court yesterday touch ing the operation of the bankrupt act. A suit had been brought to make void a sale of land in Missouri on the ground that it was in contra vention of the bankrupt act, it having been made w ithin st\ months of the bankruptcy of tin- party who had reasonable cause to suspect that he was insolvent. The co:irt sustained th ??ourt below in liuding that the sale was not based on the idea that the party wa? insolvent. Incidentally the court said that all sales were not forbidden by the act. but only such as have a fraudulent object, and that it would be absurd to suppose that Congress intended to set the sea! of condemnation on every transaction of the bankrupt within six months before bank ruptcy without regard >oits character. Navai. Orders.?Commodore F. T. Nichols is ordered ?i? member of the examining at;d retiring board; Commander Chas. -1. McDonga! to temporary command naval rt ndezvou*, San Francisco; Lieut. Commander John McFar lai'd to receiving ship New Hampshire; Hear Admiral G. H. Scott is detached from command na\al station. League Island, and ordered to command of North Atlantic station, per steam r April 5, relieving Hear Admiral -Joseph F. Frecn, who is placed on waiting orders: Hear Admiral Charles Wilkis from spccial duty at Washington and placed on waiting orders: Commodore .lames II. Strong from duty as inspector third light-house district, on :>mh June next, and placed on waiting order*?he will l>e succeeded by Commodore S. D. Trencli vrd, who is detached from examining and retiring board, ilst May next; Captain Fraucis A. Poe from command naval rendezvous, San Francisco, and placed on waiting orders; Lieut. Commander.Geo. M. Bseho from social duty and ordered a* equipment officer, navy yard. Philadelphia. Nominations by the Pivksidext?The President sent the following nominations to the Senate to-dav: Frederick A. Sawyer, assistant secretaryof the treasury: J. D. Webster, assistant D. S. treasurer at Chicago; E. A. Thomas, of New \ork, associate justice supreme court, Wyoming territory; Jason B. Brown, of Indiana, secre tary of Wyoming territory; Latham, survejor general for Wyoming; B. F. Camp bell, regi.-ter laud ottice, Vermillion, Dakota. Cellectorgof Infernal R'rtnwr.? Isaac H. Du \ all. for 1st district West Virginia: P. Sh*ft"ey Lewis, 5th district Virginia; J no. H. Burrows, Isth distiict Pennsylvania; S. H. Bailey, 4th dbtrict Michigan, Alexis Cope," lGth district ? diio. /WsMirf'r*?W. O. Bigelow, Annapolis, Md.; Rel>ert S. Kindrick, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Ebe ne/.er Ellis. Bath, N. Y.; W. S. Krake, Raven na, Ohio: Wm. Jackson, Rock Island, Illinois; James fiewbv. Cambridge city, Ind.; S. O. I pbaro, Walt ham, Mass.; H. L. Grant, Golds l oro', N. C.; S. Pearce, Wilkesbarre, Pa.; dno. W. Clark, Montpelier, Vt; H. C. Johnson, Ver L'ennes, Vt.; P. Cuneo. Fpper Sandusky, Oh!o; T:. J. i'omkins, Mount Carroll, Ills.; F. M. Cas siday. Wlnterset, Iowa. The Pressure in Behal# or Collector Thomas The White House was beseiged this | morning by live Maryland delegations, number ing in all about sixty persons, who came to ask the President to retain John L. Thomas as col I lector of the port of Baltimore. There were lour delegations from Baltimore headed respect ively by Dr. R. M. Hall. Wm. M. Marine, Bishop Wayinan. of the A. M. E. church, and H. Clay Hawkins. An uuopolls delegation was also present, headed by Dr. W. G. Tuck; also one from the 5th Congressional district of Maryland Leaded by Andrew J. Kelley. About half of those present were colored men. Just before the Cabinet convened the President granted them an interview, when Mr. Wm. M. Marine presented petitions, chieiiy from Baltimore, and made a few remarks saying that the papers lie banded him wete signed bv every leading business mau in Baltimore, ami that there is a remarkable unanimityof sentiment among Baltl ?eoreans in favor of the retention of Collector Thomas. Bishop Wayinan then briefly ad dressed the President saying that Collector Thomas Is the choice of the colored people, and tbat thev would be sorry should anv change take place. The President promised to give the matter careful consideration, and after shaking hands with him, the members of the delegations withdrew. The Caldwell Case in the Senate? When the door* of the Senate were reopened yesterday, after our report closed, Mr. Bayard look the floor on the Caldwell resolution. He argued against the power claimed to declare the seat of a member vacant, and said there was never a more dangerous proposition enun ciated than that contained in the resolution re ported from the committee on privileges and election*. It was an assumption of power which did not pertain to the Senate at all. The time and manner of the election of a Senator must be In accerdance with law, and Into this the Senate could Inquire. But the Senate had no authority to Inquire into ?he motives of a legis lature In casting their ballots or declaring their wishes. The Senate could not undertake to try or punish members of the legislature for briber/ or other crimes. The 8enate could no more sit on the qualifications of members of the legisla ture than the latter could Judge of the action of this body. The Senate could inquire only whether the legislature wm chosen in due form, and be vend this the Senate oould net go. Be was satisfied that money had been used to se cure Caldwell's election, and the cause of pu rity end the good name of the Senate called for his' expulsion and the expulsion of all like him. Tbb drama "Amsbs" written by Vietoiien sardou for Mia Agnes Ethel, was performed in this city for the first time at Wall's Opera House Inst night. The play is decidedly frenchy in tone and treatment.particularly in its sugges tions. The dialogues are witty, and the situa tions are dramatic in their conception, and shiHfullv worked up, mahing a very interesting play. Miss Ethel is a handsome actress with a pleasing face and fine figure, and in her role of the faithful and loving wife, managed without any rant, or stage affectation to carry the sym pathy of the audience with her to the end. ' Her quiet style Is in pleasing contrast with the i tailored melodramatic eflorts of some of our ac I tr? sees, because it Is really true to nature. This I was shown in her femiuine indecision in the tierce conflict between lore and jealousy; her i?solve to reclaim her truant husband at any eo?tr*?d her timidity when the crisis came; the womanlv tenderness struggling with wifely dignity all through. Vairy was very good as the prefect of i*?lice. aud Miss Ethel's support otherwise wss good and a'?ove the average. The ??lay is well mounted, and the scenery and ros 11.mes all that could be desired. ??Agnes" will U. < e pea ted for the last time this evening. EXECUTIVE SESSION OF THE SENATE TrMDAY, March IS. Sir. Bogy rose to a personal explana tion. He alluded to the charges involving bribery and corruption in hi? election as Sen ator from Missouri. as contained In the memo rial from members of ihe legislature and other citiiscnsof Missouri, laid bemre the Senate yes terday by the Vice President. He then gave a detailed account of the circumstances attending tb? election of Senator, and the raising of a committee of the legislature to investigate the charges of corruption. He read from the report made by four of the five members composing the committee; he (Bogy) was completely exonerated ftom all suspicion of using im proper means to seenre his election. Il< h id afterwards requested that the investi gation be reopened, and a report was again mide exonerating him. He (Mr. B.) felt morti t e I and humiliated at being placed in this position; no such charges had ever before been made in the whole history of his state. He asked the committee 011 privileges and elections to investigate the charges at once, and to sum mon everv one who professed to know anything ab*nt them. He u:d pot wish their stain to remain u]>on him or uport his state for one moment longer than could be a Voided. In con elusion Mr. B. said that he would rt^t vote on nuv questions affecting the ?tatns of Cth^r Senators white his own waff nnkoMed. The resolution declaring vacant the seat of Mr. Caldwell, of Kansas, was then taken np. Mr. Norwood took the view that in this case Senators should judge of the law only; they had no right to consider anything else. No parti san considerations should enter into the case, no fear as to any prospective danger to the right of the minority should be considered. As to state's rights he claimed to be as much devoted to the proper maintenance of the rights of thfe state*, but be coui'i see P9 question of state rights involved in this matter. The Senate had the |>erfect and absolute power to declare void an election procured by bribery and fraud. ??? ? ? tormpondenee Between the Presi dent and Mr. Bout well. The following is the correspondence between the President and Secretary Boutwell on the ret'rementof the latter from the Cabinet: MR. BoriWELL TO THK PRESIDENT. Washington, I). C., March IT, 1KT3. Sir: Having been electci to the Senate of the United States by the legislature of Massa chu.-etts, I tender my resignation of the office of secretary of the Treasury. In severing inyotti cial relations with you it is a grc it satisfaction to me that on all occasions you have given me full confidence and support in the discharge of my public duties. In these four years mv ear 1 tr acquaintance with you ha* ripened into earnest personal friendship, which I am conti dent wil! remain unbroken. J am yours, very truly, tiEOR. K S. B<">rTWEt.L: THE rRF'IDENT IX REPLY. K.VKCCTIVE MaX^IOX, t Washington, I), c., March IT, 1ST:;. j linn. George JS. Bu ill well : I'var Sir : In accepting voitr resignation of tin- office o'? Secretary t>f the'i reasury?an office which you have filled lor lour years with such satisfaction to the country?allow me to express the regret I feel at severing official relations, which have been at all timcsso agrecableto me, and, as I am assured by your letter of resigna tion, to you al>o. Voiir administration of the important trust confided to you four years since l:a* I e< n >o admirably conducted auto give the greatest satisfaction to me, because, as I read public judgmc-at and opinion, it lias been satis factory to the country. The policy pursued in the office of Secretary of the Treasury l?v your successor I hope may be as successful as yours has been, and that no departure from it will be made, except such as experience and chinge of circumstances may make necessary. Among your new official associates I trust you will tind the same warm friends and co-workers that you leave in the executive branch of tlie govern ment. Von take with you my most sincere well-wishes for your success as a legislator and as a citizen, and the assurances of my desire to continue the warm personal relations that have ex.sted between us during the whole of our offi cial connection. Very truly, your*, l\ S. Grant. Claims Re.ik ted?The Commissioner of Internal Revenue, acting under a late decision <f the 1*. S. Supreme Court, has rejected sev en claims made by railroad comiionies for the refunding of taxes"paid on interest, dividends, and protit?. These claims aggregate PUi*;,iAm I Ills ruling applies to all corporations who make dividends and have bonds and securities on which they pay interest, or where thev carry surplus profits to a special fund. The estimated saving to the government by this decision is about $5,000,000. The coal trade continues more and more encouraging as the spring weather is more favorable. There is every Indication that the production will be large and that there will be demand for it all. The demand is strong, on the strength of which we have reports of a disposition to advance contract prices at the collieries. The tendency of such a policy cannot fail to be detrimental to the b?st interns of the trrde, and especially to the carriers and the consumers, who are most profited in the largest tonnage and the largest supply of coal. While prices will probably rule firm "through out the year it will be a mistake to make them high in advance of any necessity to that end. ? l')>ila'ielihia Ledger. A Steam Propeller goes d?>wn with Ai.l on Board?The steam propeller seen to founder ofl' iMixbtiry, Mas*., was the Grace Irving, a small pleosure boat of 25 v ton-, which has been running in Boston harbor for the past four years, carrying excursion parties. Persons on shore witnessing the catastrophe are certain that the foundering of the vessel was sudden; that no time was permitted for the err.w to save themselves by boats or otherwise. It is feared Ititchie, one of the owners, is lost on the steamer, as he is known to have left his house Sunday morning with a carpet-bag, and lias not been liaard from since. Tne others on board were from New Bedford. The vessel was valued at ?4,000. Mr. seems probable, will re sume the British Premiership, as there is no prospect that the opposition will assume the res|(onsibiIity of forming a new government. Air. Dbraeli stated in the House of Common* yesterday that he had informed the ^'ipen that tie was quite prepared to form a uew Ministry , but could not undertake to carry on the Gov ernment with the present Parliament. Mr. Gladstone stated that he had placed bis servi ces at the disposal of her Majesty, and he was now consulting with his colleagues as to what course they would take. At his request the House adjourned nntil Thursday. Mr. Allen not Blown i f Hiram Allen, of Hartford, Conn., very narrowly escaped death on Friday last. A box was sent to him, marked as by express, which was found to con tain about one pound and a-half of gunpowder, ard a quantity of mate hes and sandpaper, so arranged as that the drawing open of the lid would be "very likely" to fire the powder. An early discovery of the matches led to the avoid ance of the intended catastrophe. The Hart ford Times says suspicion rests upon Allen's wife, who is described as a woman of jealou disposition and violent temper. The conflict between the Pope and the civil ?overnment still goes on in Switzerland and in lasle, Geneva, and even in the Catholic canton of Tessin. The civil power refused to ac knowledge the snpremacv of the Pope in the .appointment of church officials. The Genera council have withheld three month's salary from all the Roman Catholic clergy who hare read without permission from the state, the Pope's nomination of M eratillod as Bishop of Geneva. ' Th* Creditors or Bowles Brothers & Co?The first meeting ot the creditors of Howies Brothers & Co. was held in Boston yes terday before the register in bankruptcy. There was a large attendance of creditors and attor neys from Boston, New York, Providence. St. Louis and other cities, representing abont ?l.r0,000. Helen Josephine Mansfield's claim was for over #11,000. Henry J. Stevens, of Bos ton. was nnanlmonsly elected aseignee. Alleged Cheating or Uhcu Sam Pro ceedings have been instituted against a mem ber of a wealthy and htflaentlal firm in this city for alleged false income returns. Inspector Sanborn, of Boston, has had the investigation ot the case so far, and on Us information Su per visor Hanghev has the matter under inqui sition, but he nas not been able to establish auy fraud as yet?,V. I*. Stpr. " The Carlirt Defeat in Stain?The Spanish government has received official in formation of the defeat near Pampaluna of the united Carlist bands, led by Olla. Ferula and Darregaray, by a force of Spanish troops, nnder Costrano. The insurrectionists ware complete ly dispersed. "ft At a Cavalry drill last week Mar Fort Scott, Kan., the horse of private McGee became unmanageable, and dashed furiously against the su ed of Sergeant Maber, both riders receiv ing injuries which proved mortal within a few hours. ark mm* ?illl AMlkfr criticism. TV, 'ht Editor nf tk* Star: I obwrw in your Issue of the "th an eitrKt from the ToUdo BlooU, entitled ? ? Modern Criti ci*m." I can offer jobc more modern, being ? criticism of that article. I cannot call it an imitation, or even a plagiarist, except perhaps ol' idea; but 1 can show that a mnch more mas terly criticism ot' "Jack and Gill" *i? written before the author ot your quotation was born, unless he has outlived the allotted term ol lite At the beginning of the pre?etft centa^jr a lite rary paper was started at Philn^^hia. called thc"V'< rfjolio. It nas. tor it* day. ot" a high or der, and?t.< a valuable contribution to Ameri ca* letter?. Its editor, .Joseph l>eiinie, ol Cbarlestown. Mm?., was a man ot much ability and genius, but unfortunately, like I'oe. ?ai a victim ot intemperance, and died in l??t-, after a short career, at the head of his pa|?er. He it ?i< who wrote the ??criticism" of which I speak, ? few extracts of which besides being oj literary interi st. will suffice to show its supe riority ovar the modern article, upon compari son with It iu your issue of the 7th mst. * * ?lack and Gill. The first duty of the poet is to introduce his subject, and there is no part of poetr . more difficult. We are told by the great critic of au ti<|uity that we should avoid beginning .?ft ?ro, but go Into the busiiiemi at ouce. Here our aa ;t?or is very happy, for instead of telling us, as an or "'U?rv writer would have done, who were the ancestor* Of Jack ami Gill, that the grand father of .Jack vTas a respectable farmer, .Vc., he introduces them atonce m their proper per sous. * * * * ??Jack and Gill Went up a bill. lU-re the imagery is distinct, yet the descrip tion concur, ^ ? instantly figure to ourselves the two persons traveling up an ascent, which we may accommodate to our o? n ideas ot de clivity, rockincSb, barn-MMse, sanolnesa.iKC.. ail of which, as they exercise the imagination, are beauties of a high order. The reader will j?ar don my presumption, if I here attempt to broach a new principle, which no critic with whom I am acquainted has ever mentioned. It is this, that poetic beauties may be divided into nryativt aiMl positirt, the former consisting in mere absence of lault, the latter in the pres ?lice of excellence: the tirst of an inferior order, but requiring considerable critical acumen to discover them, the latter of a higher rank, but obvious to the meanest capacity. To apply the principle m this case, the |??et meant to inform n> that two persons were going up a hill. Now the act of going up a hill, although Locke would pronounce it a very complex idea,comprehend ing person, rising ground, trees. &c., Ac.,?is an operation so simple an to need no descrip tion. Had the poet told us therefore how the two heroes went up. w hether in a cart or ??? gon.and entered into the thousand particulars which the subject involve#, they would have be? n t? dlous, because superfluous. The omis sion of tlx se little incidents, and telling us simply that they went up a hill, no mittcr how, is a verv high jo native beauty." Another extract shows the author getting classical in his criticism: ?? It lias been objected (for every Homer lias his Zoilus) that their employment is not sutli ciently dignified for epic poetry; but iu answer to this, it muat l>e remarked, th:?t it w?' the opinion of Socrates, and many other philoso phers, that beauty should be estimated bv utility: ami surely the purpose of the heroes must "have been beneficial. They ascended the rugged mountain to draw water; and iirawinx water is certainly more conducive to human happiness than drawing blood.asdo the l?oasted heroes of the liiad. or roving on the ocean and invading other men's property. a> did the plou* .Kneus. # # ? Is not our author more ji' dicious than Apollonius, who chooses tor tie heioes ol his Argonautics a set of rascals nn dertaking to steal a sheepskin? And if dignity is to be considered, is not drawing water a cir cumstance highly characteristic of autiquitv? I >0 we not tind tlie amiable Rebecca busy at the well? Iioes not one of the maidens o* the Odys sey delight us by her diligence in the same situ ation? And has not a learned I lean proved that it was quite fashionable in Pelojieniiesus? Let there be an end to such frivolous re marks." One extract more, the ouiy p.ut perhaps o the masterly whole the KOi-1* may lie charged with imitating. It is the conclusion: "The subject is the jail ?j subjec' high, interesting, worthy ol a j?Oct: the heroes, men who .io not commit a single fault, and whose misfortunes are to be imputed, not to indiscretion, to destiny. To the illustra tion of tlie subject every part of" the poem c in duces. Attention is neitht r wearied by inulti plicity of trivial incidents. nor distracted by frequency ot digression. The poet prudent l> clipped tbe w ings of ima^iuation. ami repressed the extravagance of metaphorical docoratlor. All is simple, plain, consistent. The ino .il. too,?that part without which |>oetry i- useless souud,?has not escaped the view of the poet. W'h.u we behold two young ineu. w!io, but a short moment l?efore, stood up in all the pride of hea'th. suddenly tailing down a hill, how must we lament tlie intlabilitg of all things," 1-srtieularly (to carry out the moral to our par l*ose) of literary ownership, for Joseph Dennie, dead and gone three score years ago, is forgot ten, and another, even a writer in the Tvh <'o Mad', aspires to the title of commentator of Jack and Gill. The last effort, however, is not without merit, and as it word's in 5 is worthy to stand beside the original articlc In the pages ol" literary cariosity. HOLLYWOOD. <inv. Dix Sat* Fostkr Mi*st 1?ie.?Cjv. Hix has written a letter to Key. I>r. Tyng, giv ing his reasons for refusing to commute the sentence Sf Foster, the car-book murderer, iu which he says: "So far as de|?end? on me, the supremacy of the law will be inflexibly main tained. I?very man who strikes a murderous blow at the life of his follow mm must be mtde to feel that his own life is in peril." The New York correspondent of the Phila delphia Ledger says: "The governor's decision is said to have struck terror mto the hearts of the other prisoners coutin&l in the Tombs, awaiting trial lor murfer. Deputy Sheriff See baclier fc authority for the statement that. *>re vionsly. these meii had been laughing and jest ing. and openly boasting, even, that their live* were in no danger. To-day they are verv quiet, ai d, in tlieir expressions of svmpathy for Fos ter. a feverish solicitude for their owu safety is manifest." Six.rLAR RtSfLT or a Mcisi?ei: Tim\i..?A letter from New York. dat.-d March 11. says: The Cowes murder trial has end<*d iu a verdict of manslaughter in the third degree, and the sentencing ol the prisoner to four years at Sin* Sing. Judge Brady, in delivering the judge ment of the court", said there was no doubt ("owes was intoxicated when he killed Down, but tha t was no reason w hy he should not sutler the severest penalty attaching to the crime. It was time that an example was mad.i in these cases. A curions incident followed this, when tlie case of John Fit/.patrick and John I.ynu. also indicted for murder, was called. It had been arranged with the district att iroev that a plea of manslaughter in the third degree would be made in each case and accepted. Tint, when the prisoners heard the Judge give Cowes the full extent of the law, their eotiraff.* forsook them, and, declining to stand bv their ploa. irucb to tbe confusion ol' their counsel, they were remanded to jail. Graveyards are just as melancholy places of resort now as thev were when the sons itive Gray wrote his Elegy; but In Kansas :t ceme tery" must be a particularly doleful plwce. bishop Vail of that diocese teus of walking in one little God's acre there, and of being Inform ed bv tbe undertaker that the occaimnt* ef twerifv-si* graves?there were faly twqntr seven'iu all?were billed in affray*, or, as the guide neatly put it, "died and were buried with their boots on." Curlonsrtr enough, tbe only tenant of that graveyard who enjoyed a natu ral death waa a littie'chlld. ? ? An affectionate AND SENSITIVE W)V in Detroit recently came to the police office with iiis troubles. He stated that his widowed mother was about to be married, and, as h< didn't want a stepfather, be did want the aitali arrested according to law. Being informed bi the captain that "getting married was theclti f aim of all human beings," and that, in the case of widows it was even more so. tbe vounz uen tkmaa departed dreadfully discouraged. Rose!A S I?mi?ks o* iKtfffc?It been again asserted, and this time with an air of i?> itive authority, that an agreement does exi* Iter* son Persia and Bnseiafor the puriMme m facilitating Rnssian advance into India, anc that It Is the desLrn of Russia to cause a mti flirt between Petiia and afgfc??i^.- out 1. which RnsUa ho^s to^eri^Sfvaata^. A TwoiVEAca' r&ASca^At Furvnie, ley-on-Thames. agtrl of eleven, atfltoted with spinal disorder, fell Into a trance on the lutb r?j May, 1K71 since which time only breathing aw pupation have showed her to be alive. Fhe?ch tkoofs Imvo beea scat to Hie ftpnu isli frontkr to aid the local authorities in rh< execution of tbe order that all Carttae wli< cross the line shall be interned. VBisbop Gilmevs. of ClerelaiMl. Ohio. ha? issued a peroral letter demanding separate schools for i:on^ai> Catholics. TELEGEAK8 TO THX ST AS. tbln iltf raoou'i Dl*palckea. o associated rnkss reports. ? Yvrfc UOKTR < ?" B Ali-UOA I* KOM?? ?T<>LBS. Ntvv \ >KK. March 1*?A robbery of bonds aim tinting to ^MS.MO from the office of the president ot tbe Pennsylvania Wwtcrti rail road, on Saturday, is rei-orted this m >rnmg The thwwr. u' ?bom tbert were ttn.nkmi fbe office wh.le the president ?.i? at lunch No irTftJ biv? h?vn Tht l*'ing of :br rt<wp?nT. will be difficult or AKOTHEB 1IM* FBAt l? l*VB*Tt??ATI<>*. The Ward ot su|?ervisors aie to nicest .gate 'he clerk i Yon lie.' wlio if charged with Compli city in the ring frauds. Tiiwiniior THr Ji*.#i*ttw. The ti-lni ff schooner losoph U?rUiid, ?li ?b was reported lost in a I*ort?m<vithdi?paVh. h ?d teres of twe've men. No tiding* h ive been heard ot the (itrUadmaM February Aid. A portion ot the * eck was ?upp*?*fd to ha*: boeu seen by a steamer on February 2?:th. I TOTS SHOOTfNfl BY STREET-CAR RTF VI AS*. A party of dmnken rowdies boirded a Third avenue railroad ?*J?r this morning, and 'ipon 'he conductor and driver attempting to |>ut the in ofl. drew their revolver* and llre<t several shot*. A ball struck the conductor in the hip, causing a severe thou eh not dangerous won ml. .luliu Mctiuire, alio" happened to be pacing at the time, received a budet in the leg. One ot the ruffians, who gave his nane a? -Tohn ftrbaklt, was arrested and ideutitied. The wouu lediu.n were taken to Bcllevue hospital. O Horrible (ate of Lyachiu; iu Call* for* in. TORFET, THE VTOhAB MCKDEnER, MAN'fKD ET A MOB. Saw Frakcisco, March IT?The lynching or Torptv. the murderer of Mr?. Nicholson, near Monterey this afternoon, created great excite, roent iii't'uat city. The m??b tautened a roj^ around Torpee's neck, and compelled him to stand on the box ol a * agon. He was tlien told that he mnst say all he wanted to. for hi? time had come. Tocpey addressed the crowd for halt an hour. The lynchers then drove away and left the man hanging by his neck to i limb of a tree, hLs foet almost touching the groiiud. when a ciowd seixed the rope and drew ror per biglu r. Several of the lynchers drew pistols and tired into the body of the dying man. At last account* the body *u hanging. and a mob watching the place. The arta.r caused intense excitenn nt. For several hours armed iu n held ntoirmion of Monterey, ai d declared they would take Torpey safely to Salinas for trial. The jail guards otlcred 110 resistance. No shot* weie fired and noonewa* injured. Torp-y's wife, si.ster, and mother were near the jail and witnessed the whole aitair, and begged, witu prayers anil tears, the nx>h not U* iti.:<ire him. The leaders promised that Torpey should n it l?' hurt. Tie mob initnl?eied over .UWI. ;ial were heavily arumd. Torpev's reiat;ves lire wi ibi- city. and are well known here. ? From F.?ir<?|?e T?-?l?y. ,?AT1S| Ae"T?'U V CO>DITIOX OK i'UiW II Fl VA*< B?. Yebsailee*. March I*.?Tbe annual budget whs present* d in tlie national H^m'ily yosier dav bv M. l>eun*av, minister of finance. It shuws'a ujost gratifying condition of the public funds. There Ls now In ttie treasury half of the miiu of money due to C.ermany, and no loan will be ri i|uii'nl to complete tbe payment* ol the war indemnity at the dates designated in the convention signed on Satut?iay last by M . Ttiieis and Count You Arutw, wrmnti ambas sador. the pre?* taw. Pari*, March ls._The manager* ol 'he rrnewsp.i|?er have been summoned 10 an ~wer a charge of violating the laws i gulattn^ the press. THE POPE AMD THE ..Ol AVE*. Komk, March 1<.?Tbe I'o|?egavean iudi nee \ester?lav to one hundred Canadian* who s<-rve<l iii the P<>ntitw :?l zouaves Hi* lloliie-s congiatulated hi# vusl'or? upon tUeir ?'ea<l:afet ?le\ution to the i burcli. The Irrepren^ible C'o??lli?*t i?? I'lKh. KKKiOtl* KKSI LT* ?>F THF <H?MIMI ::K TV. ??;> THE KCt>KR A! ?NI> C<'f?T* Salt I.akk Citv, March 17?The coii.lie relative to jurisdiction between the Mum >n and teileral courts i* daily ^ wiw se rious, bv the rtb a<e ot' criminals convictM l?y tlie probate court. To-day. .fudge llaaley.on a writ of lia!?cas corpus, di*ck?g#d .l ime I?unn. sentenced to two years in the petuK'ii tiarv for nd>l>ery. on the ironwd that the su preme court of 1*1 ah had twice derided that the probate court of I'tah hud no crimina authority. James K. Thurbut, who was n tenced bv tbejuMiee ol the probate comt to work out a tine of r*10u, has jJso b<>en relea.*-d on a writ of habeas corpus by the rnited States court. The attorneys generally arc mu>!li per plexed at the condition of afltlrs, and fear the whole legal machinery of the territory will be come a dead-lock. All the liberal members of the bar approve .Inri^e Haw-lev's course, it beinjr the only one he could legally take nuder the circumstances. ? Another Burning Motel Uorror. T?. st. JAMES HOTEL, ?<>XTBICAI., ??> KlBit? il'MPlKS FBOH A riKTa STOBV Wl* IM ?\V. Moxtbbat, Msrch 1".?At one o'clock thu nMtriiiiig a lire broke out in a buildiug behind the St. J a me* ilotel and communicated through the laundry into the passage of the fourth fiat ami from there to the etatrway leading to the fifth tiat. where the servants ot the establish ment were sleeping. The girls, finding that there escape l?y tbe stairs was cut oil. lied to the windows, ami three of them threw them selves to the sidewalk, where their fall was partially broken by mattresses and other soft material. Thev were taken to the general hospital, where they now lay in a precarious state. Another girl, uamed Matilda Saver, liung out ol a window twenty minutes, and was final ly rescued by h firemaii, who brought her ?ate ly to the ground amid cheers from the en ited multitude. Notwithstanding the efforts ot the firemen, the fourth and tilth flat* were com pletely destroyed. Tbe hotel was utsuroi to a lane amount. T he low is not vet ascertained. o Affairs in Ohio. A sTE.lM EK SIM. CikcissrATTi,Match 1?.?The Steamer Ciark ville, in Arkansas river and New Orleans tra-le, owned bv Samuel B. Adams, snuk ysterdav thirty-three miles itelow Pine Bluff. She had sui bales of cotton on board. The steamer w as valued at *1 j.msi ami is insured. The cwttttu is being removed from the ?reck. l?BSTBf*CTtVB riRKS. fleorge Niemeyers carriage maiiuiactory in this citv. was destroyed bv tire this morniug The lot* is wd less than 930,VOU. The insurance is not ascertained. A large tire is reported raging in the town ot Centreville, tiallia county, Ohio. Ten build ings are entirely destroyed and tbe hre i* still burning. A high w ind prevails aiat the ckiaens are so exhausted frotn their etlorts to evtin ;;Bi>li tliv tlaiues that very little property will be saved. ? KailrMd Inve^ticatlon in the Jersey Legisialare. Trintov March 1*?The house adopted a resolutioir ap|K>lnting a special commirtee to investigate the cliargestbat improper iB(1uenoe? have been used to Usluce members to vote for or against railroad bills. A resolution for a committee to ascertain whether Senate bill chartering the New Jersey railroad and the Pennsylvania railroad project had been prop erly advertised. was laid on the table by a vote of '32 W ? ? So the matter still remaius in doubt ? ? ? ? ?Work of the Fire Men* M Cedar DrargrB, lowA,>Srch IS?The third in ceudiat v Ore at Codar Falls Iu leas than a week ocraired last niftit, by which the dry food ?nd boot shoe stoiee of fr .J B. Thorpe. Jr., wort bnrnWT *20and tZo,0tt; insuraaee aboat au.?nri iraaee aboat 914^100 Five men were buried ia the ruins bv falWnr walls. Two were seriously, though it U not thoofht fatally injuml. * ? 4?f MedienI (irsAnBin In Tare Wt PuiLaDBLPiua, Match is?At tho TIf Ot r harmaer in this ?A tOKlfy- ** *?dents gradaated. Ttiis eom pletcs the number of >hiladelphla collies , holding commencemenU within the last two weeks, adding in all 480 j rrrr??o ? larrniiavj Fira l? tho Cool *Urcil ,9?A at Mahouv l?i tho Anthracite KsUl. We??>?fWHaioUOfil^.igh \alley railrsod irvtght depot and one dwelling. Thaftreteaap l1*^ to he the work of an incendiary. Loss partially insured. < \ o RaB PbAk iko, March 17?A water spoot b?rst near baker. ueld. in this stata on Bandar, aBd formed a fha<m si*tj feet #oep and BfSsea f?*t wide. A part> Of men narrowfy snasmi death, the failingovtatuo'coaiplctel) ir^nch ug Kr<T??.llirrh 1*? |)wi*| ?k# aaai.-h m* ?? T ]r,v,?>i i. ' anibrt4fe yest< til.' I? ur hoear-? attarlr^sl to ? burwueh.- he<*?in? ** and da?t.xl through and over the ervwj at a fear: ? | ? ?. , r ? d'?gen ) ? r*?n? ? rrririJyH Auntif tb^m ? w Jnkn S?n>ari, a apectator. who lio tf.1 down and ar rt, ?i?l> hi'rt He ?* i*>! .-ipx-twl to re<<nvev. '<?<> wax kuivi^ off hi* liorae. the ?ntm?l tal'il.g kiwi. Innrinf him ?f?ito > lOely. ar.d causing the Joa- of one ere ChA*. \ M. ? onnell. a m*mi?er ??i Hrm.nerd ? hand, w t? knocked down. reeadvtag rat* abotit the h cri. lfcoms* GwllagUcr, also a mrabet or tie **? l?rii.xvl rnrneliw Ik had three ribs l?roken. and was otherwise la ) re 1 T*at->1 Mnrrltl. ?ge?t ten. atwl a girl a.nted Jennie StWrin. thirteen vwwfw. were k'.torkfdilo?ii aixl rf(fiT?l ?ltght brumes. ? D<m?mralir \?aiiuali?a? la K?????!e ??taai. r. 15 I , Maroh 1*.?The leni.v etatir state ?mvrnti.?n m?*t in this oft* to-day. and the followmg c><>n i cations were iwa?ie Far Governor, Charles K. < n'ln, tor I kutount ? loveinor. S?m jcl IT. W'.Uev tor Secretary ??! *?tate. Wan. .1 Milter: i->r Attorner <? n*ra' ??"'ff N Bl -a, i?r tfrcm ml Trenwitl, W J" Ovafaw. * ? Haadred H?rkmraOai?< Lm ploimri l h) m Ft re. N'rw H*wat a?i. N V March I* Th. dve 1 (mwol the hntrluit I'omi amki, it Map ' Falls, wa?4iMnivei by fire tl :? m. >n inj. lr>?? ?.v ?a, paitialU i:i-ar?sj. IWtaera - ?. arxt trri-n hnmlitii hands arc timoi .t.'.j br??n out of eiophvnient. Hie I'.rle latr?rigailMi ni Alt??sa>. *ii > \ v. l!*r b 1* The v, ? >f the axM to Investigate Krie : *1 ? r? | in?Mcr?. o inni nA it tlii-ir !al?>r? tlii? I Tmr;i li.\i. S. kx?'??There ia an eien: n* o ilttUU-lilkC terror ui lh>' lolluwuig adventure which betel! the .. loaatl It< .idet oa tlie o ?.?? mirof the late vice-regal marriage f(??t> .? ? 4lra. A putmn a?>v ?*? gi?cn ?i .? Sunday in the H ip| odrvme by an An*..? Ficutfi troui>e. < ngi.a< ?! by the hhe*Uve ??l f"?rj i-t. to w J.I. 1, the pjbllc had free a<iiui>*.ou A M?ng the attract tot s presented hv the per imwn> w a* the ballon >???-ent of the ? eona^it thnul?iit. Ju4 aw- lie *-Kio <1n Otel," ir few halJooli ?a? liatiK'd. *??> alntut to ri?' n|> tnto the air, Iiou?M liw>t>-r?-.J hia trapeie u< the oar, i'l inc to it ?rttl one h;?i (t. am! <*rie?l ? li<t |o"' The i-ailooti ron t?> a I'ujrht of alHMit ?<?' yard* . ?'iei? a ery of horroi ImrM trow the <-n??*t. a tr.'UH n.loux rent l>?t iik- u |>ia?-e in Ute flol?* ot the "Uoi du I'iel.** 1'he l?lli>oa U<weeu?led ?bwlrti tirK. hnt thj wind ?o>m ru?hej tnto the ga|'i%: a|MTt>ire In it? ai.te, and tnm?d tt literally iu?i>l? ont. ?h<>i<?n|ioii It fare oot a rknid ol >ra<?ke *iul took the lor in ol a t *<? riM1. The imtia^pv ? ronaut now loll aim m l?Ypetidtrntar y; ev??r^ h<-*rt xtnoit atilJ. Il ? ?let, however. k? f?t hi? head, he actr<-d the h*r of hi!> tra|M'te with tiotli liaM-U. and liuii( oil, trii?Uiitf to the olight re?i?taoee alill o|>|mmws1 14 Tfcc airl>y the I>miK?hi, hut it* *|>e<vl la eveaard. he ahat hia e\?> an<l lei h1iu-"ll' {?> hilt not to deati net .?>ti He feH tw.-nt\ earda on ?eft ground, and lh<>m;b aenaeler* when tale* up, ut) hhmi wovervd. Atta< rrr? *t HvinwrHoru Ai rrt S' vt VfcaSK We learn t nw a j:?*nMein 111 wkn re tinned on .Mondi> Irom ital?nill<', Ti'< mi'?i U au couiity, ol" a nb|iUr aud aaeianeboly ?>. ? ejn-nee. A f?riu? r roJiiu near ?i ?U'*? U',e, liy the nam*' 01 M< rolltim. oa* *i*zed w.rh In ? lro|>holoa on S^tiiflav e\enid(. S?turilav Woruin( he wax in In* good h?-altli an I spirit*. Toward cveti.UK he r>'ui?rk"d to h' ? ife that he did not t'e< 1 v?-i\ well, Mut ?u,i I lie dow t<. and di?l *<?. Wferi, Mipper u*?re*'y 1 tlie wife went t? the t d ;hkI a?k*d him tf lie would not get up ard ea' the uai ly H? anmrened iTal lie d<d nor c.iie 10 eat thca, an 1 , would ket p <|irift. I" . l w inmute- h" cillnl ' lor water. tig thai h?- telt < h?k?- l ij> M ?. ' McCdIIuhi liaA nad lo lmu( hlia a drink.bat Ma>ii a* he cot * gin " mi w ater to- w u* . n - I 'ii a spH?fu. i?r \ 'un^;- ?a'Ud in to ?*e the 1 iltlirt'd mm. and p< ?titium-i-d him in. arable. Mr. Me? ?illnru w*> bitten i>\ i>l f n'li" vnr? I mj.o. hn?t until s?tanlif ?ia* wat, we K?Uev e. f?*lt hiiv iH'efi.e?a Iron the bite.? /.a ? c ( M |m*t. Mai * It. sturt or a I'l ??*vova*T.? Th* f-?lV?w ? ?j rtthci a*hy ?l?i > i< id r<' ativ 1* to th*' eaptm ? ?I Win. IHidt *i suid r->n, wiio *??!?' 1:1 it?e?! .? tfw day* ;w<, wh i. n>bh 1 ^ th-- Chi.-Wtu o>"|? <1 a Mr. l?l*on. in Itnxil!/*. Mr. I? .<>n l..i l, lr> in time to lid' l??-t 1 ? "n?l..-r of v.-rv \ il ? able fowl, which bad turn niif*?rte?t tnnu K.. rti|-e, aiid Ml? l?i*on. who had *ouie laith 111 lair\o\at:t?, w?-nl t?> on ? ami ?|ue*iion?,i| li?'t 11 repaid to the Mildarry. Mi?- d> ~ iiln-?l 1 ue tUieve nd told lier the\ wot Id r< turn on th>' ni^Ut of :h<- lllh trixt. Tlie |?o1u*e w %i * nottti?-d an.t ke;.' laithlul wateb. an I. aeeonlitig t?? th" |?r?.|di ? ol tae e? pom tit or Ui<- pr-'phetio ai". *Ue tli'Hi* appeared :il ihe lino >:nviDe<lau<l wtie ?ai.(rbt. The pri~.ia r. w re t ik.-n into co.. ^???^t?rda\ at 1 I rouimt'ted ?"?it trial ? \ 1". v ? ii ???'. Arct ?KD or Pui?<iyi.v< kkk lli ?itlP. VI.1 ut iiiuewe? k> ag?, rlam*> M. Tliom??, o ?Vi? ki?*rd. K I.,died xuddenlr ai^d wa- hurled Since then upl\ ?u?pirioii? having l?<?eii arau^' l 111 the intiidf. ot hia in-iglihvra. the body waadi intiticd and a (>u*t uiorU in ha* been ill p.a f^re*-* at Prorldt uoe s^\.ral <laya. l-^-t KruU) h rcjort wa* mid?- that fx?.x.)n h^d lto?-n foil 11 I in ihe atoiuacli. It u> ?ai I t!iat the wile ol th * fioiMiiM-d man ?a- <-oa? eri(e-l in kit death. SUa 1a now living in knijatoii. Jcalouay ife tae ai leg?"?l cau*c. A 1 nt'i;? m liiruiutn k kmun AI tk-? ?wilting 01 the New \ ork l"rewl>ytory yi>t?r.l *y, the committee to Inveatlaatr the d t'erciii-'** iKteeeu Kev. W illiam W. N'ewdl, jr.. and h'? <i)'i|iM?l?a re|K>rtot that the trii?tee? he d .? eipUHiu tor creating; ti.e di*alleeUon which 'ed the church to a*k the r< -.^nation ot th< r pa?t?>r. and the re^ne*' of X- well to have h paxtoral re|-it?on* ?e*eee?l. wa? not aeee.l>?<l to The re|?ort. alter a dchate, waa a.1 ip'e?l hy li e 1 ?real?vtcry. The Sat.1*111 kv. Mi?? l aauaor Ki:n *Tk.r? *T tiVKAil hk, \. \.--Ail?eit Koeler, agt-l twenty-one, j?->t?.r<lay'.l Ida Spcaear. age<l onrtcen. at'Syracuje. N V. The in .rl t?t *a* a eon*lnof the girl. He Itelonje.'. tot'tna la. .tiid had been on a viait to hi* uncle, the father <?1 hiavicum. Alter the uiuriier Koeler li*?t<-ii -d 'othe railroad depot with the lalentiaii to leave own on a train in?t atartitijj. but tu ^'njr !'<? i?old as he alfujitdl to ?<-t on board the n? ?\ n-a train he fell hack on the track aud hi* n.-ek Ltoken. Sttikk <?r Kaii i:??at? K>mtrt l?Ri\rr.?. I?i*patches troui M. Luuia atate that tl?. engno' driven 011 the M Ja>uik, Kaiiaaa ? ity an I Northirn railroad are on a strike, growing out of the 111.ringeneat of the nt1e? of the Broth .t liood oi iMMMlivt Kng.neera. thereby cau*in|> *<-riouKlela>*ol the Irani*. A notou* d>*non Miatioii was iuiiuineut, hut was quelled hv *uf>etiiiteiid'>ut Van Horn'* energetic a lton. The dbaiflbcted ciuploy- s were diaeharged. Thusi HAiB-riN* xeeiu to he eatremely dan gerou* thinga. We have already 111 'Uiiaard the eaae ot a lady wounded by one ot" them while engaged in tailing down a'taira. Now we read ot a tmor girl w ho liaa auddenly di?ai in KortviUe. N. V. In her t-touiach wa* louml a tucdiuia-Mnrd haii-piu. It ap)>eara that *?!??* was rabject to tit? Ot aouiTiauihulIsm, in on' ol* which she ia >>t|.po*ed to have ?w allowed the pin tu question. The Istbxatiosal* <?s CarrTAL Pt"\ lanwKKT.?In the Federal I'ounci; of the I. w. A., aection \eater<lav loorntug. at IS' S|#i?/ atid't, the coiusuittee 011 capital puu.*niaeut rejorted that they were opiosed to it, ou the kroitrd that ft never elf< rted lt? ol>ject. thit the haviiig of tbe |?ow?*r of life and deatii in the li.tialsol any utdivhlnai wac a relic of the old feudal and barbarou- agea?A. I*. &??, I,tk. A >1 na. Sfk hr, in a weat?-rn city, r?*rv uoat ty lost the t igkt ol dower in her husband'* estate, anionnting to ?4ii.n>iN, lor lack of a uiartiage ftrtilcalc. It may k well to aak how maav luarrietl ladiee in thia couutry arc belter on than Mrr. S|>ieer".' The ni inner la wbi'*h tbe regivtratton of iuarriag<*? in aoiae portion* of tins country u iuauagc<i ought to oiake lad 10a iMtv?ri. _________________ A> E*-Editob IttATi:* \ *|?eelaldla|.atflh to the New Vork Time* ironi New r?rleai?? 4arch W, aaya.?" K. C. Hantoak, New Vork Herald eoi rea|K>iMleut, and ea-edttorof the New ??rieati" Time*. It ia re|>orte?i. wa* aaaaulted night be tore laid, at tbe St. Charlea hotel, and i"rribiv beaten, by aome frienda ot Mn. W. 11.1, tv-n^, proprietor of the ?revived' Titea." lira mow has witbdrawa fro a the Coaiiuou cicaet IV Cincinaati. If this thing continues, there will be much truth la tbe Ei? |ttlTer> assertion that a " search warrant will be pe<|ttire?t to find the ttckat Mow tbe the reasernsWinj ' 01 tba iiberol lOfHsbUcaa CO??IIwu DtfiM* th* ?rott>.-<l?W?w?. --.?CI to divxto IU town oActaia OduaUr ke I"-? -^otiatk and republican candidato*. tween -s?i ahall alternate every w it h the proviso i_. *? ?nU btee a chano^ year, aa that eaeh In tin.. at Ute lafteat ptckiag*. Taw Brobi Ntaan raoRiatmar coirAr* ti<*. which inateU the aanse Ucket tar atoto oftoen aa pre viously nominated by the rapuhiieaa ousveu tH>n^e^eept^"^ ^the candlOatM tor Ucuiaaaut Fx-roaTMASTica Low kul. aS, Orloawa. ^fterTfulfh^ar nl r T ro?umiasiouer Welles, SK?ti^!^.^.i 'alF' fr?m^4" ?"*?*t1oii of ab atrscting pout elfice books to conoaaJ enahaa J *??*?? him by Special Agent k Mrapmara?JaaepL Aaaea. a PhtiadHphla boy, pinwaag a kaifb to tke hlTT la ? Ml II IdwiAl Firnii mn#kft l^t vMferr ncriucal l 1* Via?n5i*? Coaiauble J. B. ^?rw*e w? fatally atohbed at Fairfield Tarern, Henrieoeounty, \ a., a few davwsinoe, kv a man I tamed Chandler, la a personal Uiflkult*.

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