Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR, WA8BING TON: RATI*BOAT April 2*). If7?. 4 ROSBT R HOTDIm Editor. Beading Matter on Everv Page CIBCVLATIOX OF THE STAB. Nwora NUtraifnt Monday. April 17th Tueaday. M l*th UM<? Wtdnemiay,44 ir>tb 16.260 Thnraday, ?* 20th 15.000 Frldej, " 21?t H,?0 flat unlay, 44 2M 15 6(0 Totml fir th? Wee* .??,7*0 Ar ray* D?Mg OrruiatUm 15,1 W Jereral Belknap's eminent counsel will CoubtleM make an exceedingly stubborn light In behalf of the "respondent" whose lDtfieisti have been comnnlttel to their charge Messrs. Black aud Blair being derao cratlcln politics, appear to give their special attention to the democratic side of thechana Ler, while Mr. Carpenter, republican. ad Tvclcg close to the foot of the main aisle, speaks eloquently of his affection for t is former colleagues. and feelingly alludes to the respondent's gallant war record. Judge Black speaks proudly of th? virtue Inherent in a democrat, and of his Innate mversion to anything like dismnes'.y and corruption. while Senators smile and a tit ter runs through the galleries. < ne of the counsel virtually says to tbe*?!h?r, "I'll run this side, and you look ai'ier the other." This Is a plea?ant little arrangem ?at but thus far It nas not worked much to t ue advantage oi the respondent. There is a prevailing complaint of the fcarcity of small change. Although Urge amounts of silver have been paid out by tradesmen, but little has been received by the latter In return. The secret of the re tention of illver coin by those who have It is probably its novelty and a general desire to bold it as long as possible. As the supply of fractional currency becomes exhausted, l;owever. It is reasonable to suppose that fcilver will be generally brought out to take Its place as a circulating medium. Bergen. New Jersey, has a sensation of the Enoch Anlen order, but w'th an Interesting variation. A printer in 18ft' w?nt to Missouri to look after some business, leaving his wife and two children behind- He went to New Orleans from 8t. Louis, but, bein,j fleeced on the boat by gamblers, remained in the former city and worked at bis trale for t wo years. In the meantime be had written to his wife to let her know he was alive, but, according to the story, was a?hauied to return to her, which was no wonder, considering his treat ment of ber. He went to Colora lo, ma le a fortune, and having receive! no answers to Lis letters, went to Europe. Oa Saturday last be returned to New York, found that his wife, believing him dead, bad mirrie 1 again but bad lost her second nusband. .She was therefore ready for No. 1, and the frieads of tne family commemorated tae reuuioa by a grand dinner party. All's well that ends vtlL __ Blaine and Brlstow, or Brlstow and Blaine make a team which caunot we.l be driven either tandem or double, in the Presidential race. An old farmer, writing to the Chicago Journal, is lu a quandary because he "don't know which to bitch on tueofl side." He dually arranges It so that Brlstow Is to be President and Blaine Secretary oi State. It is very doubtful whether this compromise would be satisfactory to at least one of the I arties. THOUSAND C"LL\BS IN GOLD will be ? " *iten to ftfijr person ?hj will demonstrate a better and cbaaper advertiaing ni?'Hani in the Pu t-let of I >lnmlte tb%n tb? fin* i)'" fo't in the Va? ? Unttonal He^ub t an It* FOB SALS ? ha-' Chanrt //<?? v>ni? M Su urban Hr.'Vl %" at Hvxlt'fll' M/.-l, C tljatt w?il ffer at auMic an 'ton, on th? a In. 1H t'Bfc t>A Y , M iy 4, at i p m . a n -w a r -om B *a ai d necee-arj cntbcildli ga Fruit tiwi mid lln*ibrnl>rr Teiine at ?al<r. Lot ?*> feet front If not sold wl'l I e rented. ar>19 3t* ^pO M I1UH IT HAY t-OStlUN, All parties indebted to FBANK U FIJI LET are r'.jueated to settle th?ir accounts * itbiu th-' aext ttir'ydsja throO(t) Heear* Writer a Bepetii, .'?01 FennsjUauia a* sane. ? OHBS OETTENGEB, GIO.H B MAaKlOTT, ap29 3t Asslgassa. REFRIGERATORS. m ! U-?f Th- Pry, ?'<>ld Air, and other _ rbaat make* offeree at price* to suit I the times Alio. W ATIB COOLERS nB band, full II' ? ot the V arren and othir fcrat class BAICin. E r. SIMPSON, spl? 7t Stewart Storeb-me. 1003 Fa. are. glLKS! &ILKSI felLKSl Call and look at tha beautiful Striped and Cbfck SlLki that wa areaellin* at 7Scts and 01 per yard. AL*>. The latffee* aasortmaat < f Bla:k Silks and Silk and Wool Grenadine* to be found in this market. FBI'"B ONLY. W. m INI ITCR a BHO U 919 PemajWaniaavenue. JJUTTER LOWER FREE OF 6ARLIC I BEBH ABB1VALS BVgKf MOSMSO, Is Tia?, Fails and Tabs. at lowest pricks. WIBl hkstbi: bg s. By D E. Dt TROW, Oa Coaaimoi, , ? Ufa jt* Corner iuth and C rtre?-ts. THB K1NB-T ASSOBTMEHT CHTcBINA acd ( BUCKBKV. BOilBMlAN acd FmBNCB (XT GLASS FLATED vk a BE. Hnld 'CNI^HIHG QUOBS, and C CI LB BY Ac , At. I'aotcal tow price* at HOLMEAD A tO 'S, apt- St" Mt> 7th street northwest. P'^iaaos and okosns at gbeat bib WAIN >. 40 riAWosfrctii (is to a'oo _ MM 30 OBGANS acd M1LODE058 Jroni'llin ?S to |M New FIANOS from B3UI) aod up, new ORGAN* from fi and ap. at J. F. ELLIN * CO S, 937 F*tin?j.k?ol? a\?nue, pole At _t? > Chtckeiiog aiid Weber Fiano- and tuiitn Aniertcaa Organs. apt* Iw DIGHT TO TI1B FRONT. NET FBK'ES K nlrket l ocker Suits. BC akd 8s. Blaa Fianaal Smta. ? 10 Di st Blue Flaanel Suits. |U St) aad |U B. ra Jacket* ?od Pants. #t ?aed up. tJWap Workinc Pasta,7tc and B> Bits Casaimerea, SI to B10 *' At 1. W. SELBV'S, ]914 and 1910 Penniyltatia avauue. between 19th and 30th atreets ap? tr o V CHINA, CROCKIRY. CUTLERY. 1LATIDWARI, HOI'SEJURNISHISG t.OODS, RLFBICJEBATOhS, ICS CUKbT6, COOLERS, Ac. WEBB A BKVEBIDGB, a?23 tt 1009 Fm? a are . near 11th atraat. [^EW 1UCES. 1014 fETENTU STBBBT. Bast Bi'k aad Wool Poaaeee. a>r . worth 80c Goat s Hair Ckatli aad Sn.tUaa. SOc . w..r;h 37Kc. Ail Wcol Spriag D? Bt^aa. 10c , worth Mc. Feat Pacific Caasbrtcs. ISfcc . vary aheap. F'a'fl aad Striped Suiting, 12*c. o? toluc A* t>ita FVioas aad Victoria Lawn* 14 ltH U.V lie. Mack Si Ik a cbaap; 97H. t? ?> *? 91 f aad ?t Bot a ? aaaimeraa at low prices, a special!r. ?/'Parasols aid Sun Umbrella* la great ?ariet?. 'Baffle ' Bh.rt-. made of 6e.?' ma t' tali, am i onlv BI B. (with' n? Lotion Balsa oaly ?i.) WB BIBU V- YLIB. apW-W 1014 7tb atre?t aortbweat. B? BAkK kCFtt T, Uturtrt of O'/airtfria. $3.: " At WaaaisaSaa. the *th dar of April. A D i?7? aae IKleSmt heret, gives ar-t?c? of h's arp .tat otBiCBABD H TATK1. of Waeklaatoii. p c., who bas baaa adj'id(t~l a bvtk peUUoa, by tha Buprasaa Ojart Miixoa LI10W8BB. Asatnae, ?.?> tSsnrJESL. thofooffkly slaaa aad paiify FoAtTuBB, OAB PBTS wait klad ofjpoffs taf?a>i4 wMk^iotha CatikcK-s it sqlladwtta_|raaaa o* iak, by a new ?*"? al ?rocaas. wftaoat rlpataff or skrtak faff. ? t way affect is f tha work, color or ma teria. ^.:.s, 1414 Fa. it. apll lm JJISSOLCTION OF 00 PABTNEBSHIP. STIM K AM) rixirm FOB SALE The re partter*bip of J.O. WIBWALL k CO. hm'iait m on Jtly 1st, our stock M ? *>T BE CLOBBD on rr before that 1?t?. ? ?* shall cffer to morrow, ard continue to sell Jf- 30 -fay*,* or largo acd complete stock of D H Y GOODS At ?.fcKAT SA0BIF1CB OH ORIGINAL COST wnl til c<>- 4< retnalnlr g on hand Juoe l*t, will b* at AUCTION WITHOI T BBSBKVE i In ? rdrr to Oo?? t? no A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT, will be Dti<r en a large portion of oar stock. I'rtBU, 4. ? and ?'? c*Bti per yard. Brown Cotton*. 4 cent* a- r yard. Figured liren?<lne* 4l,. 10 aud 1!H cts I ? ?reradine* It, >trlpee, at 10 eta. >ilk i.recadne* he-los eoet. Summer Pilks. 37* cte arid upward* 1'or* Black Mohair*. 30 rta . worth 46 FlneBla-k Dress Silks. (C c*? . wnrth |l 4t S UN) > ard* Black Alpacas, HV to 3?K cts, I* 4RA80LS at coat. Larg ? lot Tab'e Damasks Napkin* Wine Cloth-. Pirnio O >*ers. Ac . a? lee* <h?i N-w Tork C.JSt. ?VRKAT I! A i> i > AIN > la everything J. C- WUVtUAO^ ae*9 'r S10 fta St.. uear Pa af?. I^ACGfc AM) ATTRACTIVE stock or Si:w KPBIKU I?KESS WOODS AT r. n towsoji a co All fwlieh hate been ptir<-ha*'d witbi a the last ten Cave, *m ? lh- d-ci.e it purM, thereby ou st !?i r ne to < tier the foil ?wii g indi emects >*vy B ne V 'eld' ?t 25. e<>|d at 37c. 1* *ii> I?res- Good* In ecrti. cre-am Ac., 25c. Scr |i I'ami ?e in ecrw. crean, Ac., Site. re 'I Br .* n 8t- ijes at 28c 8ilk I'ot g-e. in ?t?ipe?, s m?tt ine new, at 30c. ]> oMe width Balerr-. >.af 25c. Black Creusdioes. best make, from 21. .*>,37. 50 52c El tensive se,j- Tin,ent i t new atyle Parasol* In all c- 1 re. ai.d fancy bandl-s. from ?1, (1 26 51 V, ? 3. ?2 50,?3 Be-t Pacific 1 awns at 12o. ? ard wide Pacific Percales, 10c. b>4' pieces new *tvl<> ligb' Caliro, at 5c., 5c , Sc. Gr?at bargains in Black A'pucas. double width at b> auMt al Bio ming Black at 37c., and onr Mohair Alpaca at 60c , ui k*s up lit" ?1 good*. ULACK BILKS frcm ?1 #115. 91 to. ?1 75. (2 Al. these ereat bargain* can >nlr bo found a* (. !H. TOH'SOX * tO.'S. apJ9-lr Pa are (lou'h sidei, nea?-7iint. j'HE blLK AID DUEtS GOjD> HOUSE or w A s II I X (i TON. Wein^itethe attention of the public to oar lm meti^e *'*ortnient cf new stylo t I MHEB tlLKS AHD OBBHADINES of all ^had>r. In *tripee and ylaid*. Latge ?t?;ck BLACK EILKS of al celebrated mekea M'BlSO PBK6S GOODS ?f tbenoet attractive ?tt If* tod colors. BlOl'BMIKO GOODS, WHITB GOODS. CA8H1! EttES, ''CBTAIN LAOBS, f>ILK I HUBKLLAt and FIHB H9SIBBT in great \ariety,at le a than Mew lurk price*. WOLFOBB * HHILBEBSi 817 MARKET SPACB, ai39 tr Third door from 9tb *treet MCE I MCE! MCE! TUB INDEPENDENT I'^E COMPANY retire- to int'<nn Cuk< *?Bs e-r leg that they ?xe now shipping from th ir 11 c*e? on the Rii >IBkc U:\-kh, Mal?k, to tbi* market, the beat ?jnality of Irg, which will be furniahed to oar at the lowest possible rate*, by the Ci>g?, 7 ' or fount, aud will lueur. sa;;*facJoa to all w ho favor us with their patronage. I??pot-9th Btr et Whail Office?1418 P< nn*vhania avenue northwest. W H YKbOK- Superintendent. my Be ture and look for the INDEPENDENT ICE CO'S WAGONS. ar-'J 6t HffiKE NEW sriilXG AND SI MM SB DBMS8 GOODS Justovu <1 fr'tn the Large AO'-'ion Pales In New Yuik, Lupin* Pare Bilk -<nd Wool Black Grena diers, at (0 62H TScen'.s, fl. and B1.35?a apectal bargain B ack Tani'e Clmlit, ( ashmere*. and 6 4 Drap D'ete: fine Black ?< ha*r* and Alpaca*, ' heap. Special Bargains in Fin* Dree- Bilks, at #1 25, #1.V>, #I7?. up to#3 ?? la CO I.OK Kl) UR ESS GOODS. 80 ?1' ? ??* sty llsh Pongee*. Mohair*. Plaid*, PI tin and from 2)to<iSc. 100 yi-< a* hand* >me law * and Per. alea at 12Sc;200 new styles Parasol* ai.dSar i oitrellaa. Fine Ulvtka and Oaaalmere* for i en and b ,?? wear, at low priaea. with afnll atock f Booaak-ei Ini; C.ooda of the beat claaa, at the law tat market price* at J. W. fOI.I.EY'H ( BEAP ETOBE.80F, COBNBB 8tr 8T., ap^ tr Market Spare NOTICE I NOTICE!! NOTICE:!! Don't fall te examine oar stock before yon spend yonr money. Wear* selling cheap and shall con tinue to do ao Have now on htnd a fall stock of all kinds of DBT (iOODB. _v pieces Spring bilks, in handsome shades Juo Sen L"nibr?-lia- and t'araaols. 30 i>tcee B.ack Silas, from 74 cU to B3.B0, all Qualities acd m*kes. > dozen Cor-sta. at 75 cts., worth Bl. 1 vjOO yard* tie Lawn, in rem .ant* from one to ten yards at It', cU , worth 35 ( t* M pieces Black <-renadlnes, all prices. English. Freuch and Domestic Dress <>oe>d*, a full stock, at prices much below th? market. Table Wine Cloths. Hapkins, Linen Sberttrg, Pillow Linen, Cloths Oasaini?res for m?o aid boys AUo. lUO pieces of Pacific I'ercalas and L wis. at 12S eta Yr.a mast not fall to gits us a call. ?y-Pemsmberthalo-ration. W. ? BROWN. ap-1 tr Bo. 314 Hth stra.-t. ne*r I'a. are. NEW STOCK SPRING GOODS. ?lightly soiled Bleached Oot'on Sc., worth 10c. Bnd> beat Calico*-* oil? 5c a > ard Plaid I resa Goods 10.13)4. IS, 30. 35c Dies* Good* very cheap io varied Qualities. Wa,li Pi plins 9c., worth 12Hc. Bilk striped Dress G<x>d? < h?a?. Ali W(.<olDebeges, Pongee Silk-. Cheap. Flfgafat stjles in Lawns ISHc., worth 2l>c. \i totia Lawns 15. Lh 30.35c .very low. Wh*te Nsinrooks, Plgtet.TttMott, Lace Rtripea. Piaik Alpaca' cheap, pare Mohairs sacrillc d. 01'B CAB PET STOCK to be tlaaghtered for the CASH. Just rrreived. White and Check Matting. Mc. Am dettrmiued to meat the times and sell goods cheap T. M. NAIOAIN, ap2> tr 709 Market 8pao>. NEW DKP>3 GOODb FBOM THE HEW Y0BK AUCTIONS. l aiif in search of DBE8S GOODS of th* aewast st> 'es st?.uld not tail to I >ok at onr a?K>rt(nent. Us> nig pmefca-ed very largely at the auction sale* In New York, we are prepared to offor some of the la- bargains we have ever sold in Bl 1Kb. CASBMEBES. DBBEGE8, BTB1PED anJ PLAID CASUMEBB8 Black Grenadine*. Mohairs. French Lawns, Per cales; anC ir, fact a Complete stock of Dress Good* at very low price*. Also, The i!-oft complete stock of Lnpla'S Mourning Good* kept In tbia mat kat and at the lowest prices. Cue ptice inly. 51. BHI RTEB * BBO , 919 Pennsylvania avenne. ?H1*P! CHEAP l CHEAP! FBOM AU(n;?*~ . 1 M yards Whit* Victoria Lawns. ii> "hort IfnEths? from I to is yard*, at 13Hc., worth frOh '' tolOo. 8At\ > ard* Tweed, for boya wear, at 37*. Worth svJ A l?rge assortment of Uaasimeree, from40c. t J #3 30 Cr yard. res Black and Colored Bilks, froa auction, at great bargains Drees G< od? fiom US to 50c . In great variety. 100 new ?tvle Parasol*, from Bl to t'. Black Ca?bm*re and Mohairs, very cheap. New Tork Finished Shirts at ?1.3S?b?at ia the city at that ?r*re. Frank Leslie's Cnt Paper Patterns 6EO I. JOHRBOI dk OO^ apes eo 711 Market ~ SKEFKiGERATOHS ARD WATER vOOLKR8. Large stock of good makes, at' low price*. GEO WATTS* CO, ..M Hoc#! Fck!tisH!!to Sromi, ^ 314 Till ttre?t,iboTe Pean. tTeoae. fAYLOH A HUFTY, BBS rBNNBTLVARIA ATEBOE. BAVB BBDICED THB PB10BB OF THB1B CELEBRATED DOUBLE TO KB BHIBTB as follows : ' Mo. 1, S* ?; Fortaarly gWM. - " 1. B? * ? BMjM. ?? ?? B, BMJB; ? ** M ?. IdB, ? WANTS. \t'ABTEl>-A go d t'OLOBED W031 VN toco >k vv ard assist in wa-hlng and irsnicg App'v at 208* G etreet northwest ap? 2'* tVANTH'-l UILD lornr*- Vi imf. mi k >as * ? B>< nth eld *pf!i it southwest corner lt'.h n?d P wrwtt t r hwest. It* WAMTED-OCCCPaNT!* tor mc-ly firulstied room, With or ?ttbc ut board. prlfat f.iu y. boat* near Poet Office. Addrfe- Check B >1 10. Port Office ap2? St* \VABTIl)-T?N ANTS for three room* for " housekeeping. forr.labcd or peril/ famished, a* desired To satisfactory pertin t?rmi very rea sonable. Apply 916 ?th street northwest. U* WANTID-On 1 sireet. near the Arlington. BOA KPBKS married or siug'.e. or will r nt ro. mi Alto Table Board Address D G M . Star oBo*. apl> 3t* WANTED?A careful and responsible pa-ty vltht to hlr? a LIGHT BUG'i f for a couple of irontls, or will buy if i*>*rfalQ it At dre*s '-Driver." Lock B je 96. Poet Offic* ap*'1' W ANTED?A BTA BLB, with not le? thsn three " or four stalls, r-nt most be cheap TGCKEB k BUBBMAN. apN St^ 633 Louisiana ?'?ant. WASTED?One white Coachmen, two Drese n.akers. three ^eamitrewi, and two Cooks, Natlotal Employment Office. Room 34, 7th and K ?tre*U; gocd situations. Families needing g?>d eery at* please write a?29 if \\'eI?TBl>?By a lady of teflaement, a PUttl '? TION of honetkeeper In e widower's family, or ctbrralse; wages not so much no object as an agreeable b"me; references given and remired. Address N M O . Star offije apt) St* W NTM'? By a y? ung lajy ( Kng Ii-tbi. a B1TU '? ATION as lai* srnaid, or to take cberge of one cr two crown children; is a gocd seamstress, the h'ghest reiererres in Washington given. Address "Minlt B ."8iarf.ffi.-e.citT ap*9 2t* %VTANTEC?To rent secord FLOOtt. furnished rr ur u> furnished. lour rooms, to reliable tenant wtttout children: dtUgbiful residence for snn m?r; lase imiili f, Ac. Addm** n. rtb'aat corner i'h sn I Ka) e(tr street*. G<orget?wo. Also smsll llrlck H(H;r E entire *p29 St" WANTI-D-A KliBMBHKD 1! >UK for g ntle m?t Bid lady dnrfng -nuner; bmr 1 for lady, p r^ata both.) louth txpoMirn trtfferr^d. cojl p:<rt of the c!tr, end in a quiet fumilv. wh> eill u i .d their o?n rflairs, terms must bp nn>-1?r?te; pay Cron>pt; ?p?cify location aid term* AdJrest WIL IAMH. Htftr < f a U \\"ANTKI>?Kor e'm?h?A psrt!*l or ^mp'eto ?? OF KICK OCT KIT. Addr.-s* B. T X . Pt .r office. apSd fit* WANTID?A first-c"ajs G1KL 'o d> K-*tiera! housework references reijnired Call auj time efttr 9 o'clcck I 141* Pennsylvania avenne^ apl-j 2t* \Vr AfcTI D? Ry a respectable yonna whiti tJirl a BITl ATION as nurse or chamt>?rm .il; no obj? rtlon to go rut of the city Please ca!l at No. 1 * 1 "J N street, bet. It b Slid 15th n w. ap2-< 2i* \1' ANTED?Two or three unfurnished common! *" ratine BOOMS, warm bath iu<P-<p''u-i?bl* t?-rm* tnm.t ?? ? l-1 - ? ' ' " F , Cit ap2S 2t* - ? Duua.s. warm haid luanp'uiabl 1,6 reawrable. Addr^s M A. F . City P -st Office .???? ' IVAH1IC-A li-? eip-rienced CAN V AS^K tt * " ?te best cf references re-iuirel Apply at POBBEY'8 Ko^m Ateocy, 9'JU F street n?r?V west. apl" Jt* \\' ANTED?At 309 C street u >rthwe*t TEN *? ANTb for Kotmi on flrat and s'ond tl?><*'? ?. furnish) d or ntjfurtiMhed. with or with nt It >ftrd Kamily private, location quiet at.d beautiful, neiah borboc><l ncelleLt. terms moderate. ap2i St* IVaMTKI ?A sttady and reliable white M \N to " drire and taKs care of ? horse and was >d. tuiut well acqnainted with the city and the groceries and restsuranta; noue other need apply ED aB NKB, 421 9th street northwest ap18 St* tVABTID-Kive CABPENTEBB and several ? LATHEBB. Apply at the TBEMONT HOUBE. ?pt7-St \*7ANTED?Three etperi-ncd CAHVA&S"CB9. ?? Ape1* between 7 and i o'clock,to T16 7th st. n w. AUOl ST LE1FH"LT7. ap77 St* WABTE1: ?Two GEflTLEHEN or Geatlemsj and Wife to occupy nice rooms, with or with out board, cheap in ? private family at No 4*i'J 1 ?treet northwest. apT-St* \%*AilTED? Immediately?Families to call nui " B?<ect fron aiarge variety of first cU-** whit? and colored help, for all kind ot housework. All h?\e go<d references 1 want one white Pr jt-'-itant Chambermaid: must be a good washer and tr > er, to in to I'nilaaelphia. 3 In family Also, 2"> white aril colored, for allkiods of v> go awav a: once. Mrs LOTISE 0. B( TLEB'B Eureka K n ploy nient Office, 907 D street. ap2?-lt* WAN TED-A Dentist, Dressmaker, or Milliner. to occapy the most desirable and lust located KMni* furelrtii r of the above purpobes In tberlty. Apply at ilO 9th street ncrthwest. aptS r.t ABTBD-HOI SE AND FUBfllTL'UE Will pay cash for fnrniture ai d Iea?e of bouse on Capitol bill. Apply to Koom 10, No ?19 7thst. ? irtnwest. ap2? 6t* \% '' AMI ED?Carpets ibfeateil witu Moths to clean " and at the aarr.e time restore them to th-ir or! ral trisb'Leee. with or without removing from the flo<>r. Itk arid greaee spots a specialty . Washing* tonCarptt Benotating Co., 1411 Pennsylvania avenue. ap'J5 ltn WANTKD-Fir?t class MILLlNfiBS at M WILLIAB'S. ap2? 6t U'ABTKD?BONANZA BlLHABD13TS. Me tropolitan Hotel baloon, entrance through Hottl offii e, (ijil P- mrisyIvani* avenne Ptielari's Rent Tables, splendidly fnrnished, Dally Craphic and Pictorials on tile 0?nies. only IS cents, one practice table free. H.B. WALTER ap24 St" VV'ANTKD-BulNTV LAND WAHBANTd *? WILLIAM U BE IK, apI9 1m* Cor. Lrcislana ave and 3.b s'.reet. \\r ANTED?2<J0 Mkft ? Preference gives to tho-"e tl ?i* fe?t and over in height. WIlT be neM'd to ?er*e as auxiliaries in the grand tragedyJulius Ca-aar. ' Apply to Jj H. Ll'FFlELD. Stage Man ager apl8 tf \\rANTkI?? HOBSsS to pa?tur* or feed; farm v? on 7th street road, near Bllgo P. O., Montg ru er Co , Mil C.M.CLABA. ap!7-iin* W ABTED-CAbPETB TO CLEAN at /<>-' < v? St'im li'atixi Works, 490 Maine avenue, between and 4th streets soathwarat. Calbd for and delivered withont charge. apll ly WANTED?Everybody t know that the Mighty f oliar will buy a box of George's celebrated B?C Cigar*. 930 F street and 430 7th (treat north west marSl-lm* WANTED-Gentleman to know that WILLI AM '? MOOBE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 Mew York avenne, makes a specialty of cutting garments to be made at home novl9-ly BOARDING. LX'B BENT?VS nu or without Board?Nicely fur E tiisbed BOOMB; t an also accomm-Miate ten or twelva> TABLE BOABDEBB. 116 C street north eaet. ap29 St l^VrB BENT?With Board?Eles^'.itlr-furmshei E BOOMB,on first ilior: also. Boom* on third floor, at Mrs BINES', Nss ?0<9, *10 and ?ia 13i b st n-rthwe-it itp29 4t* ME< H aMt'fi TAKE NOT ICE-BOABDINQ can now had lor 96 per week, In a linn ? * ith all modern ii.iproveniunU Mo. 131 2d street uorihwest, nenr Pa. avenne. ap2'J St* ^uUTB FBONT BOOMS, Furnished or Unfur Ct nt'htd; wlfh or without Board; *09 E street n rthwest. ap28 St* t^CB BFNT WITH BDaKD-Two Handsomely Kuri i?h*d Communlcatiug BOOMS, with batb, 191? Vtrmont avenue, neat corner 10th aud T etreeta tiortbwest. pleasant runner location; 9th s.teet cars pass wi bin one square of houae. aid 2i* L'OK BKhT ? Hamilton House, 14th and K s?s I Will be v seated by May 1st. several deairable BCITEB and dingle BOOMS with board ap2S St" THE sr. GEOBUB, masoMtr T'mpl<, 909 F st Board at S2U per month. Call and see bill of fa'e. ap24 Iw* J. H. TATLOB, Proprietor. SINGLE taODGlNG BOOM6, AO cents per night. Or from 91 to 03 per week: B'lABD or MKaLH at reaaonable ratee, at No. 4*4 Pennsylvania ave nue. ap20-2m' C^Ol'NIKV BO\KHKs (<. J Booms large; good water, and shade mbtin dant. Afdrtaa JOHN B LUPTON, apl2 lm" Winchester, Frederick Co . Va. PLEASANT BOOM8_ANir~GOOD~BOABD can be obtained at 1009 Maryland avenue, a' mod erate rates, iiiapnv^t^faaiilv tn?r27 lw* gj^OB BKNT?Very desirable newly furnished I BOOMB, with first daae Board, at low ratee, third door north of F street, 609 13th st . north west TraLfci'-nt Board. tebM lUw* LOST AND FOUND. 1CBT?f?n Saturday. a red Leather POOEKT J HOOK, in car 64 cf the 7th street libe. contain itg?'me mine) and address of the owner. Viuder wltl p! ane lea.e it at No. 131 Maryland avenue cast It* IOBT-A small Black and Tan DOG. answer* to J name cf ??Jell," small white matkou4[s~-0 1* t< foro leg A reward of ?S will be p*ld595S?i if retnmed to >04 K street nerthweat apt* if &>)!! BEWABD?Lost, Bata'dav night, a bla k and tan TEBB1BB "G Y P." Ad-a, a swers to the naxna of '-Bo*e." The above reward will be paid and no queetlon* asked ? if returned to 1317 C street northweat. ap!4 6f IOBT-A BOTE for ?4,000, draws by John B. J Greer, at Waehingtoa, D. C., April 9, 1-573, par able to the otder of The National Savings Bank, In two years afterdate, with Interest at ten p?r esntua per annun, payable semJ sntjnally, The ij-debt sl neas avidenc?d bp *a'd cote bivinf bAAn faUf >ald, discbark-ed and satisfied, the nout is of do value. The finierwUl al?a*e return to WMBTICKBEV or GEO. H. FLAMT, Trnsteea. Washington, 11 PERSONAL. DB. J H. DEL'BY, DEBTIST, removed to Ho. A80 9th street nerthweat, St. Clood Build tot- It* q'H.CABPIiTiB WHO BBCAIVBD A KB a VOLVEB of driver of car 38 of the Fatr<e< line oa Thireday ?venlng. the Wihof AprUJwill pleww raturm It to 4B3 ft* atreet aarthwwTr afwtat D*AlOHTSMAN. FOB ElGSt Va.ii.ts employed la the Supervising Architect's Office, provl.l 3 with good reference by hi* f rraer em aloyer. Hob A. B MaUett, having loa hU po-liton br the waat ff political friends anl pr Section, lately for a while engaged at the Bavy Departm-ut. and permitted to refsr to ? Frtedrlch e q Bureau of Tarda and Docks, wishea getting iktiMtk with hi*Kb. to End another place of BMPl.ov BENT, where ther want ? steady, aober a d li.dastrloua mas, looking Mora for eteady employ nsnt than high ?ay. Aap oaelB seed of such help, pieaa-advises?. bp postal card. A G., Washington, B. 0.. No. -sfl-? lAth etreet aorthweet. aaf V ? ?Uert?| Me 1 O etreet. un?r rwlog you of _-j-.iUjfs Ion Ladlei, fl; gentle ee#l ly FOR RENT AND SALE. F'OB BkNT-Furi.i.bed FRONT HOOKS on mco: d story. humf *31 itib ?trMi B(rth??? oype-ite Wornde>'? Hottl B ardifwsnted >23 it' F'OB BIST-Tw> <*r ih ee unfurni-h-4 tniid fioor -will front h ox? ? "otraliy lo cetfd. Addres- ? btck R31 IP Post Offi e ap2l St* I>OK~I.ENT-,l?o'urtii-h-d BOOMS ?*ch gas. hot A d cold water. et ft and #10 ?er monib; No lOSSd itrct EortlivMt ap29 St L"Ok BBNl-The whole or part of HOV4B 913 P 16'b str?-?t. fartiUatd or ptrtl; larnWhed,mid em conveniences. >>29 3 * FOB KlNl-Ncilj Furnished, l?ret front BOOM second floor; to:th Iront, 91!* E str >et northwest ag?-2t* I/O It b*NT?W itb or withont B -a'd two h?nd r sftr.ely furnish-d FRONT BOOM* Terms m-derate 73b 12th s'reet. between O aod H stre. ts n rttwMt. ap29 St* L'OB KENT-PABLOB and BED BOOM, furn r isbwJ or unfurnished No. 613 ?th stres*. op poette Patent Office, between F kid O street* B-nt moderate. ap? St* l/OB BENT?Deetmbte OFFICE BOOMS in the r National Safe Lepostt company'* building corner ISth snet ard N w York avenue Apply at the company's cffirs ep39eo2w L-Ok BENT?On2?th street, near Petu-ylvani* ? avenue, two live room HOUSES. with water, #16 SO per month, one at BUM Apply 7 1 Nm barton strett. c iner of Congrese and Dumbarton streets, Utorgetown^ _ It* FOB Rl NT?A Furnish -d HOUSE o'nlne room* cr h-te Bo >nn, 2d fl >or, suitable for heuse ke tins; ln*nl' be<l c^mplett; convenient to market and cars A pp'y 4 .10 M street. ap29 3i* ? 3OB KENT ? Id th ? c un'ry, p*rt 16 rooms! ot a r Inge H(*|T8E, brautif.ily ti.iatel acr as tbe Vaster' Kraich. Awsly No. 3 St Cloud B 1! d mg. JOHN B1IEBMAN B-ai Estate Ag*nt.e2-.> 3* FO~B RENT-A comfortable DWELLING, ren IrVI) I >catt d, 3'JA Estreat; term* moderate t? ar?liable tenant ApilytoJ. T OIVKS, wjod ya-d .'0 h. near E street apt!* St I/OB BENT-Tbn-e to f..>ir npfurutih?4 BOOMS? 1/ convcnttnt for hon<eke?ping In a plea*snt lo cation, situated <n (1 street m rh*est. No 4 31. In a unlet fan ily B- fernii" r??n'iired It* L-OB Lafurnish-d hOoWH. p'.vn I UMly located. with all tu'?d-<ru c.invealeacss. n >* bnu'e 1ppl. ?t Dju?s'ore eonier if >."*? .1 r sev avenuemJ rt street ro'tbwer?. ap21 It* f>OB KKfi1>-i lillliK H >USE. sit ro.111 v za* 1 and water, ai d cl ?e?sthr ne^ont. lo-inlre at the corn* r ol li Kiidlctli.No 1 Ortrt ?r2? :n J H RM)TT F^OB KtNT-.Ni-w Hol'sE No. 50J Bhc.l IsUe I av enue; built for iMmloit with mx!' rn in prov?nie?.ts, 7 roi-mt, bath rocm, hall anl side al.ey. ttert $30. ap?9 it* F'OB BENT? Twu large i;nfurnt*h?>d U00M8 on second floor, private latuily 1 ca'i n g??nteel, jast atove Fr?nklin p?rk: shaded yard. B->nt low to a good tenant. Bvfereocei exckaug.d A ! Ire a D. 8.', t^tar Office aptu .^i* Jj^^'B BKNT OB fALE?A i:iodcrn ?even room r COTTAGE, with hatidsttne gr< ui>ds. at College b:atKu. car faie cents per dav. Apply on the pr<ci!?r or to U M H FCLi KB V (J M. O., corner 16th mreot i*Dd Pennsylvania >ve. ap29 St* t'OB B?ftT - Two 1 r fir-e nnfnrai-hed Ki'OMS Lav .ng al; the conveniences for hotisekeeplot in a very plea^act L.catIon. Kent low; No. 10 M street LOiihwtf-t, third door frim corner of 1st etr(?t. I'* ?.^Tj"kThKNT-A -mall U(7lT3K Ibtroofhly fnrn l isbed, in the W?st End from th* fir-.twf June ti 1 the lirstof October. B<nt moderate tit 4<',lr.l bio turant Good refernic>?s renoind. Address " Fnrrifihfd HOCPE," S'ar Office aplj 6** Ij^OK BENT-No. lWlh 2i'th strtet northwest * three-story BBICK HOI eE si* rooms.marble ncantds, $3u p> r month Inquire next door or paint store 1317 E street. ap21 St* W BPTH EBFOitP. Ij'OB LENT?HOL SB No .{:?-> K street, ntn* I r^oni? tci IimIIdb bath room, fronts norib and south, all modrrn improvement*; convenient t > market and car ronte, Kent #40 per n^ontb Apply neit door. ap29 3t* ^(.?B I'.ENT?On tb"- l?t of Mav?A rarechtcce? ? A partof a nlc?ly furiiinbed HOUSE for house ke* p'ur in a d>litbt'"nl lor .lity on tbe line of 14th street ra'lwa> ; half ?<jnare from car?; ?ll ths met em ImprovemenU; flne cellar and yard B*-f'ren< e? excbapgtd, 1431 0 street. ap?J lui F'OB BENT?No. 1 Myrtlstreet northwest. 3 rt oms; all modern Impr >vements, t il. No. 10 Mwtle stre- t northwest, S room*; all m~>d?ra imn'ovements: #22 Corner New Jersey svennn ana O street northwest 6 rooms; ttodern Improve ni?nt?; #20 l*iO* 4th street northwest, 4 remit and bas?ment. wa*er and sewer; #11 10.(0 7th street northwist, lu ro'Bjs:all n odern Improve m?*nts; #:?. B to re and Dwelliuglst acd N str?ets soitbwest. g< od biininess stand. (23 C >m?r N'-w J? rs< y a\ i'l.t e and N street d rthw ?t,8: 'e and D?< lling, modern iniprovoments; #22. 1st street betwten 1 and canal southeast, 1 rooms; #4. 17 03 and 1704'iik slrtet nortbwo,t. 5 loom- and sid? alley; #12 34 30 O street nsrthw'.st, 4 room* kilcl n,Md<- allev andwat*r. 91S 9.'ll 1st street n-rtl east. 6 ro tns. ?17. 1111 3-1 stree: north west. 4 ro< mi; #15 House O street, between 1st t nd North Capi' 1 strei-t nort hwo?t: r.ev ? 6 rooms- #1) Abo, b >t <f sni % 11 Hon-'s. from #- to B12 by CII H SHBBVK.B?al Estats and Oen ral Collecting A guicy. 11 33 7th st n.w apU .it (?''OK BENT-s l?rgf.wtll K"irnisjed tt-iUU. at r >6 pu moLtb. No. 337 3d stii-et north west *02^ 2t* i/OB PA L K ? Well luc.ite<l HOL'tJES, at #2,600 r #3 oou, and ?5 ok) ap/?3t E K WILSON, .111 7th stre?t l/OU BENT?Three Cufurnlshed BOOBS, ren r trally located; smtable for bouaek-.t-ping. 614 Masnarhusetts a? enue northwest ap2S 3t* ?.'? H BENT?HOUSE, si\ r?x>ms. war?r aHil gas; r K". 40* 11 stre- t noriliw?st. 8ev bill on li oi-e. No. 1 B street north* a^t. ap2s 3C fViK BALE?\ three story BKIC& HOUsE on r Capitol Hill, larga I .t attached; 3d street, be t?een Massachusetts avenne and C -treet. Price #2.tW. THOS E WAQQAMAM. ai9 7tnst. atS 3t li^OB BEBT-AVENCE 8TOBK, ia OolouiiUion I lluilding. corner Penns> lva? ia avemie and sH -tf'+t northwest. Apply at Boom 1, Oolon r. ttbin building. ap2S 3t* F^rk SALE?& u?-w DOI ItLE H0'?8?, beantl fally located at tbe corner o' Hew Jer-?y aveaue snu 1 strtet, li- K. WILSON, apih 3t .111 7th street. FUM, BBNT?A two-att.rj BBIOK UOL'SS. in gord order; eight rooms, gas nd water; batii room and cellar. Inijcire on the prtiutses. rorth west corner of 11th and V -treats aol' 2t* yOB BBNT?Two Furnisbt-d KOHMS on s-c >ud 1/ fl j?r modern e?-.nT?nieii ^es, one on fir-t flijor; with or wiihont Board Cheap rent and boird. No. 73ft lltli street n. w., between O and H. aTs Jt* IfOB BEN l-HOCSE No 934 K str-et n .rtQ r west, in good condition; moderate improve m<-nts. Apply to WM. OBME A SON',,1013 Pents sylvKnia avenue northwest ap2? 3t* FOB BBNT-a twelve ro-m BBICK HOUSE, with all raod?rn convenletn es; No. 1313 Penn sylvania avenue northwest. Apply at tVT B street sontheast ap2-"-3l* L^OB SALE?FaBMS near Washington?>30, 270, r 140 and 130 acres Also.CLLTIV iTED LAND in inantltiesito suit; or will trade for cii> property. H, 28 St E. K. WILSON, ?I1 7th stre. t. L'nB 1LBBT?Nice st>ry BKU K OWElL r 1NG. with modern improvements; in S;ntb Washington. Bent #55 Apply at 917 Market 8pai ^ nj#g St 1/OB BENT?Willie vacant by May 1st, l*&B a LOB and CHAMBEB.well turnished, witn or without Board, tiocatlon the best inthecity. s pp'y 4 Lafaytti'' f'j'.&re. ap2s 3t* F'OH BEHT?ilOl'SE No. 934 on F~street, be tween 9tl an? 10;l>. contamiug seventeen room* aud bath rt/om with modern iuiprovemi-nt-; s?-o ,d fliK>r ci ntainiui: live large rooms, suitable for ofli :?s. In I'iitt No. 403 7th street nor Imrest. ap2S 2w L'OK BKNT? Forth' kfin m*r?A CP sly Fnrn .shed I HOUSE, nine ro >uis. all modern improvem- ntn; northwe-t To a reliable party, without chi dren, ver? reasonable. M. F HOLTZMAN, 1331 1 str- et oirthwtr t. up ft 3t I^CH BENT? Furnished second-story FtiONT I. KOOM, new brirk, with all motlMrn coaveni enc"s: de lgbtful summer location. #~ per m >nth 107 ti li street northeast, one square north of Es?t Chpttol and I' street tsars ap24 3t* L'OB BINT?A nne three -<tory BHlt k lluT SE, 1. in a very desirable location, corner 12tb and I streets north wist Will be tor rent Mav 1. IS7? For fnriber pariculsrs. apply to Dr. FENW1CK. No. 1316 I street northwest. ap24-3t* L'OB KENT? 110 B street northwtst. six lH AM 1 BKBt ? Saloon pallors, dining room, kltcliea. bath-r. om ?i.d cellar; ra^ge and Latrcbe. Apply t.i GEO. COUBINEY, earner 6th street and I. .uts iana avenne. apl~-St* L^OK KENT?Two very d^siiable BOOMS on tbe r first floor; furniture new K<-nt, to a good Uiant. .tail por month First class B ird furnished it de?lrtd. Apply at 7IS 11th street- between G and H ap28 2t* LMB BKNT?59 H street northwest, four Un r furni-bed BOOM4, for housekeeping sec >nd fl <r; water, gas large bath rcom. and sewerage; Coliimbia cars pas* the door go< d market every d.p Within half a square. Bent #2U In advanr^. apH 3t* nOB BEN??No. S09 Bsli, between B and W r streets northwest, containing eleven rooms, cel lar-, all modern Improvements; splendid l>c?tion, opposite Judiciary H^uare Apply to ANDBEW B. IH VaLL, Corner 4H and D streets apis 6t i^OB KENT?Hir e nicely furnishi-d, communi cating BOOMS, in a private family , on second floor, with gas, water ami be b room Will rent e-para ely or tcgetbfr. Bent #lu pur month each. 310 L< strtet northwest. F street car- ptas tbe door apM It* FOB BBNT?Three nicely Furnished BOOMS, coLsistii g ot front parlor, b?d-room and diniug foom.c. mmnnioating, ba<h room, Ac.( with every co^veplence for housekeeping; to parties without chilur>-{3 Terms moderate Apply at 43# K street, b tween 4t b aT^ Mb streets north wast ap29 2t* L^Ui. BkB'l ?8 to ? * 1J WBULIBG HOU8B, r carter Sib street an? Bh;>de Island avenne. Also, three story BBIOK ^0V9B) oootalntog eleven ro'-ns, situated on tth, next tA corner of P street; will rent the whole or part of Mid house. It.inire ef PAMl'EL 8 HOOVBB, corner of 6th ana M street!. ap3B 3t* F'OB BBNT?A beautiful three story UOUS#, containing thirteen rocms, bath roms, water closet, range, Latrobe. L>t and cold water, #?.; staMs,carriage-bouse, flue yards; Iron railing on marble coplrg, fountain. Ac.; one wtisrs from sirtei cars- street concreted. Bent f?>r all. to a good tenant #M per month, in advance. Stable aud car riage L< use eau be rented. Inijuire of Bar. W. b. BVaBB 333 ISth street southwest. apM it OB BEBT?STOBB 1383 7th street north apS7 3t* I?OB BBNT?Large or email fsrnlsked BOOMS, " with or without board, at 606 loth street, abovs W northwest. apg-3f 17OB BBBT?Thrse BOOMS, neatly furnished for " housekeeping, at T11 13th street northwest; no children. apg?<* VOB BBBT?Beaeonably . at Bo 113 lJtk street r northwest, two newly furnished PABLOB3 en suite. apg-at* 17OB BBBT?A flna BBS1DBICB la ?Mt?e r town, (near beth linen ef horse cava;) large, ? ell-reatllaied rooms; handsomely famished; all modem convenlencee; rent noaissl to a good and careful tenant; possession given 1st iana. Address "CONGBESS," Star office, till May Mb. a pi; st* FOR RENT AND SALE. FR KENT? Fumi-h'd BOOMS with or wi'h oct board Kjtiireat i.J.ll 14th street n >r:h *ft*? ?pt7 3[ l/OK in 9r?a; t .riUW'St. II 1 r M.inii, m.d-rn c ?.? ?i i?ri -es; #70 T W. W ILLfciK A t'Q. 9 'A f w. apTT Jt SIliT?Tlirw turni?b*-d B^'M-". tn: n>i ? floor; convenient to it?qd?cw>. 440 M rtr-rt bop I f**t. ??X7 Si* fpou BEST?A ne%t ?!* r -n Rr k HOTS! #J0 '? adv ?nce UTKit & DAVIDSON, 1449 Pennsylvania avence northwest aj.1? St* L-OB BINT?Fire BOOHS. No '??<34 17th *t.eet ? northwtst, liir |17, modern ia pr .nenjents a?i7 It* L"V>B RIM-Third FLoUB of Hoit?e No 41*6 1 Pennsylvania avenue, m >d"rn tmprovem?r>t?, references re ;nired. ep27 St* L^OK KENT?Three BtH>MN urifnrn'sbed, <%a r er>dwate? <>n feme floor, at 1413 Pennsylva nia avenue. Inqnlre >n second floor. apt St* |/?OB BENT?PABLOB SUITE end other tor ? nisted and nn*urnl-h*d KM>M9; t.-st I .call on In city; car* to door. 619 Fat.n ?. apX7 4t* L'OB BEBT-At ?a? llth street northwest. a I few ftu nt?h?d BOi'Me. i?nt very reasonable, ard location c< m eni>nt and pleasant ap27 St* L'UK BtNT-T?o nicely furnished BOOMS, 1 with liath room, with ur without b >ard. with a irivste fami'y rf a widow; no questions mlo.1. Inquire at Star offce. ap27 St* L'Oh BKNT?A nine r.^om HOUSE, water and ? res, larae yard, fmlt tree*. side alley, on Lin gan *treet. botwoeo let and Prosyect; r?nt I >w Apply 197 Br ld?e street Georgetown apJT 4t* I^OR BINT?Furnished or iiafnmi?hM K jOVS. ? 60? Mew Jersey arena*. betw<ea K and G sfie?ts n"rthw-?t. n< ar the Government '?rin'ine OfEre; r?nt low. ap27-St* IjH B BENT?A hands, mely furnished BOO jiTTn 1 seccnd floor; sonth front; pos??>ssi >? given May 1; reference repaired. 449 Mt<ta avenne. ^pj7 j(? 1/toK KKN r? A now 3 story Brick HOUSE; si* with all m dern tnrpro venient-.. it a B"' d I cation; w ill be ret-ted l*ta ( m4 cnanl A|>;ly corner 24tli and O stieets n w. apif 3t* fl*0B KKNT? Hani)- rue furnished B')OM"4,with cr wi h >nt board. 1414 K street; hon?? has been ntwly yap* red and painted; room* large an! aliy: ev<ry c nvecunce, falling if required wp27 3t* f'OH RENT?By May l.flr?t and ??c nd FLOOK"? of H u?f 343 Penns., Ivania avenne; f.oir rooms on first 11 >or ar,d three on ihe second. in ,l"rn cou venienc s; nil! rent separate or t geth?r. Iii|ii:re Ht the premisea sL? 1^0B 8 A I K?Ttree *tory pr'*??d hrick HOU^E. I l?! hot ai.d cold water, ?r,d in close t > market ai d cam Price jfl-K-V? a Mntll ca?h payment; 1.1' unco in m >n'hl> it.'tals.eLts TllUS. K Vk.Vi GAM* N, 519 7th street. apJ7;t h^t'B KENT?A c rofortuMy furnished BOUSE, (bnrki; si* roouia, bath room. w?ter and b*s. A'.; on line ff Belt railr nd 1-J07 4-h at root noitliWo&t. Ni ne bnt responsible pt r- ?"? ne?d ?IplF^ ap?7 at* L'OB BKNT?A convenient and (jeuteol TEN K I MINT of sev.-n roonis and basement, on I> sireet between Delaware avenue anl 1st s'reet i <-rtLeagt. #i6 por month in advance. Inquire at 484 2d stre?t ncrtbenat. ap27 3t* I^OB KEN T-Two atory Brick HOl'^B eight ? rofffls. hall. c? liar, a;de alle\ . front and ba< k yard; south front; near now State liopa taient, 111' New York :??onue; * month in adv*n?e. Inquire at No 1713. apl'7 3t* ? ?"'OB BENT?Brick DWELLING Nj. 7??? Hth X' sweet northweet, between G and O strwts; contain* 8 rooms, and has gas. wattr. bath r om acd water closet. Apply s?. 1319 8th street north west. ap27 3t* pf B BEBT ?A Inly ba. leg a large and elegant 1 H 'Hue in Philadelphia, with cool anl airy rocm.s, ar.d comenieut to the C> ntena! ?l grounds, will accommodate vi-itor- durit g the reason Ad fre.-s A B . Star Offlce. ap27 3t* POB BENT-Brick BOL'HE, with w?t*r7?a^, I bath and water cl <*et 14 41 6th tween II and H northwest In elegtnt ord?r and nhasantb situated Apply to B W KEN W ICK, lSo( in 4*. Leliroit Building, 8th and V streets, or 1303 N htieet n >rthw?st ap!7 3t F'OB BKNT?A larg> an<i el????t U'll'SB, on lTt Htteet noitbeast, Im uedi:?'ely nor h of tne (lap itol prouLds. with stable and tdde lota attached will nerented low to a good tenant. H)use op?n fren. 3 to 6 o'clock p m. Inquire of T. GaLKI (iAM.'il)" Hth s'reot north?e?t. ap27 ?'? * pOB KENT?Newly and handsomely furnisQed a hOOMB. en snlte or singla. on aecond and third floors; large closets and all modern c?nTenionc?s. cool a. d deligbifnl for sonim* r. having sontb trout. fiinimer price*; beard in same block. 933 K street. ap27-3t* F'OB BENT?Two ncfarni->hed. con_mnn'catlng BOOMS, on 2d fli>or; bath room and w.iter 'k >et on Fano-flotir; alg-?, nicely turni hod Krunt H'?ini<n.V fl'>or, south front, snitaale for a g nt'e man ai d wife or two ?inelo gentlemen, ln iuire 4 4'' K street, near Washington Circle. Term* (13 to ft good tenant ap27 St* t^OK BEST?Very pit i?ant BOOMS on second floor, fninished or unfurnished, in new house, 510 .'11) street nortbweM. ap2*j tt L*OB ItKNT-A DWELLING.8TOBE. bake o?en I at d tixtures all complete, and a flue location; ?n 7th street soutbw*?t ChI! ou TUOM AS FAHEY A t ON, on B street, near luth, n< ap28 5t* F^OII KENT-A deilral le HOC *K or seven room-, modern conveniences; pleasantest loratioa in the city. Iujuirs outhe premie -, No 1406 S stn-et l.orthwest sp2S 4t* f^OB BKNT?D-sir.ble tliree story BKICK , No 411* II ctreet northwest, nin* rooms, water, w.Ver closet, gas. and L;?trobe Stove; BSD n?r month. Apply to WM. McNElB, 509 7th street northwe.t. ap2S 4t* F'OB KENT?Hatid-on e g?< UX1) I'LOUa. un furnished 511 3d street northwest ?p25-it* L'UK hlM?Oi e or two convenient OFFICE a BOOMS. Apply at Second National Bank. ap2? St L"?t B BENT?Ut of Hay?PABbOB Md BED r BOOM, second floor. No. Tl 7 9th st ap2<-lw* L'UB SALE?Two story Brick HOU0E No. ??09 I 4tb street northwest, containing ?evea rooms, wat? r ant ga-<. back and side alley. For particu late apily on the pr*mites. aslt Im FOB BENT?First-class BE-M UENt l, with a l ir -<lt rn ttnori ?er ent?. on Bhole Island are. No. l."?13; will be \ acant some time during the no ntL of Miiy. Apply to J. J SHEOD, 140k l<ih str- ot aptt-l-n F'OB KENT?One of tb' se de-ir*lde new Brick Ut>liSKS. No 435 Til street o -rtt w- t con t*i.s all modern improvements; possession given May 1st. Imjuireat JAMES Y DAVIS' SONS. ar2l 'm 641 Pa. avo . under Metropolitan Hotel L'OK SALE?New HOUSE,hvo rooms, water and r ctber conveniences. No 161*4 4th street, near Boundary. Long time given Prlc? ?2,000 Apply to WILLET A LIBBEY. ap23 Id Cor. Kew York ave. and <th street. F)B BENT?A tbre* story BB1CK HOUSE, ten rooms; has gaa. water, bath room, dumb waiter la ba>em?nt, kitchen, and heater; location. 4143 F street northwest. Apply ueit door. ap!7 tw* L'UB BIKT-HOWK No 61S New Jersey ave r nne noithwrst, between F and Q streets. 9 r> ems, gas and wa'er; good yard, 0SU per month. Apply to W.O JOHNbON. 7 l? 13th street north west; aplS lm I^OB BANT?Three story aLd basement BKICK * DWELLING with brick stable, 1419 loth street noitliwost. For health, architectural design and heme cumf< rts Is nn?nrp?s?ed SMALLWOOD A MOBBISON, apll-lm No. 515 7th street. jL'OB BENT?A three-story BB1CK HODSB, con r tainira ten rooms; modern imarovemema; sit uated on llth street between M and N streets north west. Inqnlre at 1103 M street n. w. ap4 lm* f,'OB BENT?BOOMS in all portions of the city. Description and terms given. Apply to B. F. FOSTBB. northwest corner 7th and G st*. marl-2iu* li'OB BALE? HOUbES for BSU4W0, ?3U4IOO~, r ?19,(HI. BIS UOO. ill.OOO, ?10J*W, ?S.09J.?7/<W. ?? OUO, BS.UO0. ?4#1400, 81,000 Veil located and on easy ? rma. I. J SWBET, octt tr 511 7th street. J^IAL ESTATE BJDUL.ET12I THUS E. W AGO AM AM. 519 7th ??. ClIANQBs MADS KVEKT WIDN?bAT AHD f ATI EDA T. Brick Hmixes far Sale. 71813th st. n. w.. ail mod imps.. IS rs_. ?12.0H0 190 E st. n w , all mod. lmns . 14 rs 11 Ho 111 A it.s e .allmod. Imps .IJr* 10-VJU 220 t st n. w., all mod. imps., 10 ra. 10.300 *13 A st a .e., all nod. Imps., lo rs. 1400 0116 13'h st. n. w. all mod. tmps., 10 rs Oumu 1142 Penn are. n. w . all mod. imps.. 16 r< 8 (WO 3 and . all mod. imps 12 rs li*>-108-llti E st. n. w . all moo imps . 11 rs. 7jM) 10-.-111 D st n. w., all mod imps , 12 rs. 7 OiU 4i7 K st n. w., all mod. Imps.. 10 rs. 6 J4*0 1226 122> llih st. n. w. all mod Imps, 10 rs... law Tii o Story Brick ami Frame Houses J or Sale. 1726 llhb st. n. w..( F.H.) mt<l.lmpe.,7 ra fi t 000 237 ISth st. s. w..i F H .imod. imps., 8 ra. 2 WO 4 6 N st. n. w.,( F. H.imod. tmps .7 rs. ijuo ItiiO 17th st. n w. (F. H.,)mod imps.,? rs. S.AUO Comer loth and Bsts. n.w * F H.lm 1.,6 ra... ? MM 19 Mjrtle st. n. e.,i B 11 ,1 mod. impr> . 8 ra_... 1AJ0 71 l)efri>esst. n.w.,( B.H 1 mod tmps.. 7 rs ...... 1AU0 21 n lb M) rtle st. n.e.,( B. H lm m. Itrps? 7 rs_ l.vm roi Biggs st n.w ,(B.H )m<id imps . Ira l.oso Alley bet. llth and IStb ATA U,( B H ) 4 rs... 7J0 I'nimpror ed Property for Sale. K St., bet. lti.h and 17th st n w . per ft ?1.25 19th st.. bet L and M, n. w., per ft....? 1.U0 (lor. llth and H sts. n e . per ft....-? 1.00 Pa ave , bet. 14th and Mth sts. n.w., per ft..... 1.00 Bat.,bet. 13th and 14tbaU.,n. w.per It?? 75 joib St., bet I atd K n w.per ft 75 Xtb st., bet. B and L sts. n. w , per fl so L St., bet 2ttb and Slat its. m. w., per ft W Huutct for Rent. ?U N. T. are., (fnrn,,) all Bod. Imps , IS ra. ?17> 1114 B. Y . Ave., (fura.)ali mol lmps.krs. S6u 131* Mst n.w , (fnrn.,) all mod imps , 10 rs 75 n;N J ara., (furn .) ali mod laps- * rs no Ml k si. P. w . all nand. Imps., to rs SS 132 A at. s ? .?iC|J.i??s ,11 rs? 75 Cor. Hat and r at? ?.W- mj4* tmps,, U ra. M ? C >r llth and D stg n ? ? 7 r.?? so I Id at a. a., mod | mps., 14 rt.? 60 14Mi Pa. ave. n w. mod, lmpv, n nM 60 1M East Capltcl at , mod imps . 8 rs. ????SxHsf^ssstS >001 Mth st. n. w., mod imp* . 10 rs 40 (V Pa. ave a. w., mod Imps . S rs 40 M0? M st n.w. nod taps., 10 rs.. 40 ?7 High st., Georgetown, ?od imps.. 11 rs..___ M 181 st. n. *., mod imps., 10 rs SI io8 b st. n. w., mod. imps , I rs 30 1(11 P st. n. w., mod lmps,7rs 29 KMX I itjs. w.. mod, imp* ?> ra S7 3M O st s. w.. mod Imps , 7 rs........... lit 10th at. a. e , mod imps.. 11 rs.... M 4( MrrtleSt.,mod im?s..7rs MlB-t. n.w., mod. imps . ( ra 1110 IStfc at n. w , moo imps . 8 rs.. tin 1 at.*.* ,mod imp* ,8ra. 17(1 E at. n.w., mod. tmp*., ? ra ? 107 Sd at. a w..5ra ... Dor M and K st. * w., 4 ra... 1400 Id at. n. w.,( rs. lot Nth *t *. a., ( ra. WU-lOB 4th at. n. v., ( Loaru. ^Mfsmate wlt.lof ?3^000, and I of #N5? I Auction Bale. *?iP4J; **F !*? B 5 n'cloek p. a., tba premises Bo llll (tfe street, between U and B strweu narthwaat. T*rmaat*ale. Ta? tJ FOR RENT ANP SALE. L't'R RI5T-S#. ??T Bndco s'rt-t, ? mtr vt I J>fie-SOB. li r??n.S, With Be^ero couvetii -ir? In B' r itdrr <? <! Jof nc?t t od??e4eo4 --IW. (U?f to kid tenant Ar?l> t-. Dr t'HQIS. " ? ~~ 124 VuDt?tti>iiitir?( ??!' ?j(l FM?B SALE-Two valuable LOTS ? b. I ?> f- i. ob 8th street, beterree P aid 0; 1 HV ?*h b?l ?N?lB6\?!Hr?M?u?f' cent Inter*#' 11 ^txtr* ?1 *'ilT Tth rttwt r ort >? w?at Mil la K^OK HiLI-Ut>l8K MM) H ?tre?t nori tiweat M the mott desirable h?uM In thtl n?l(ii>.>rk ?>i. Utrj Hi^mb foiitciii*i f<', wi'.l M ? Id et ???cr1 tc* Appl) to WiLLr.r 1 IIBilV. Lun.ber M rbmti. nain Corner 4th h. and Hr? York e?e F'OB 8tLI-Orri f .r th?r pr p-rtv?% fn? ot'rliukmt th? cut. end wtth a view ol ? miles d< wn the Potomac All mndern c<nveriei ce* U uuu teet of lend ? end cb food lerma K J SW KIT. spSl t* >11 Tth street L^OB REN T?T be derlrable Hirer at >r< tod beee r meat BRICK H'U'SK. Mo. II itf H atr t northwest, c.-ntelnli-g nine ro<. m? Also. No IWtfi Pth street northwest. containing alee rooate. Ma ,, Mo ^24 10th atreet northweei. contain.u* a->ee rwon TbM h "i:M ? ?ntem alt ttiemadin iro |>M<-nnti. Itijtilr* of JAIU W. H\RKIK. ilOfi B Mrwt n.'ilhvnt aptl tw |>UB BALK?A thro* av?rf ffETTk BK^i" I DKN<'B. >ih ?tr~?t nortbweet. ? rooms b?th and all modern conveniences, price low. terse ew F W MlLLIB A OO.. ap*1 t* 913 Kmrwl uorih*-^ fM)B BINT-rnrel?hfd or uufurnwhxd. th? n.?t <"e*iral ..? at d pl? asant atiberben K KSl t>|N I in the Dia'ricl. 7th a , 4 miles from rtti. VJt )B'd> from Sllv- r Spring d?pot. M. tr p ll'an K K . fr;it', vegrtab'ee. ice and pasture Ic re ?n?. muld tot <t>je>tto reciiug fur ?uoinier b-adding I on**; part of rent taken In b^e-d apl> In l/CB BENT?Thr?e BBIi'KN, ol right rooms * oscb, et BS6 p-r moat* in advance. YOl'Slf X M 1 t>l> ETON. 1(17 erlOt L?Or ii II img h'C'lTKKKT-R OM!i, sir.- i?h?d with everTtbl a lor beu?eke?ping. at No *34 Pennarlvanta evei ue, scutheaa'. c rner 4% atreet._ apis <? >lta* I'"OB SAI K ? In th-? OoBUtry ? A cotnf rtable I>W kLLlNti of 1> r >>,i.?. within llumtintM waik of tnitr.en.iale, Baltimore and Ohio railroad; el-o. flee Building Sites; H -1111 >g anl R?? itifnl ''oantrt . w.ll c?>rad, A.Mr-? IiaMIKL AM V. KM. BeltdTllle. Md apld Im L'OK BKKT??'ne ??! the ? to*' at.d tnoat c?':ire I nirt.t HOD8K8 in tb" I?i?ttlft,?ith all itrnd-rn in-pr-^I'liiMit*. and roiitaiimig t?el\e ro> tn?, Mtu atr-d Corner 4th Atid Uatreoba nti ?-a?t B-tit B t>> Iern i.tith to a raretnl atil *tead> t*o?r>t Applv ' ' i. W . Gl'lM AKI). t i.i LoBi.iatia ?\ecn? north west. apll-'m BKNT-HOD8K 4ii (? itrM tt<>rth?eat. 7 ro"Bi?. waur .tc Large Tat'l. r i it to thr-e lire? of etrt-et cam ?2:> p< r m< u;h ia a-I twicc U W ABI' C CAKBINurOV. Jr., *t t i n*-r at Lav, AH Louisi^ua a*rtri?. <<pr "te City llall ap'.Q lu> L'CB bbnt? boom-4. lurmthM a-d nnlura K libtd. in all part* < t tli- -tt>. fr >r?i 95 to ? toil BTDioLth Apply at I'OKfKV 6 BOOM AOKN ( V, H '. S'JO r a reet nnrth?i>?t. apT l<a* LOK BBNT?BOOMS single ?r en suite. lar r ci?hed. B> a.iuii> Ituiiotng, Oe rg. t.iwu. narSI-lm Fvb suYobixt'HANdiroKrfry psop. KBT*?In KlU\ill?, Priace G?"rge a roust?, Md . 8IXTKKN ACBKS of LAMI>. with d able Tr in:i' Ilocae, good water, an almtidanre of fruit tri-*?. grnp s. 4c ; high and health? I ?caM?>?;twelve m iiutea'walk to the Hiattatllle depot, Haltimora Bud Ohio railroad. A Bb 'tograph >>f tbehouaeran b? aeen and further Infortcatioa obtiiaHl from B II 8TINIMITZ, ta^T Pa avc. m*rV BUSINESS CliANOK* TO LOaM OS KK&L to '?OAH90N. apt.^ Jt - ? a : D ?trecta B >rt 'iweat. & I I fill S l-UOO. TO L" O I 1 I UU, AJ-TATB Apply cii&e. c i>ui eots Bort'lWi K.?0 cash or _ t nhl <? STOBB ?|*U - AL( - rasb or good papei will bu? a nice little Drug Btor* In g>>< d order. Addrcaa "Lruggiat," Citt P.?at Office. ap29 .It* Ulir i)LtlBB-To penoia wisfelug ?< UIT f'LA I ft a to profertf. cosbing throngh l??ni>-l ( arroll. of Ucdaiagtoc, I derire to aiBimnc* that. a? the a$> nt of tbe Carroll Kstate, I will fu'tilsh the*. ? tth ft-w exceptional caaea, at a uniform rate of t< n per cent, on the a??ea?ed tbInation. TH"3. B. W A".i arsjt am Tth afreet. W'JLL BAbOLD i HKaI' Kt>B < AfII ?Toe ol!? >? estublihbed COMMISSION HOl'iK, Mo <?<< Looiri .na i?enu?; good rea*<>na for *<-lllog apti U* bPLEMPlt) BL'HINB-h CHANCK On a /.hi c?th. ti jnire of TUOS. J. CsBKA. 3*0 4S 8t reet. apt- 31 _ L^OB SALE?The <?<> >d will. 8t k and T *t?rea r of afirtt cl i-a ORO* KBT Sfi'oK. n"? doir.a h '.ur bncitiea* App>> at or address tiB<)> IBV. Mo ?:i4 7th atrr-t inmth?-ist. ?p-'- A ' F'OB TBAL'B?A lnrg< . f -t I iau spiritei liObSB, f ir or>e gentle, wi'l atuti'l, au?l Udr can lri??. W M P. HOLT/MAN, 1 <?l r st north W t-at. #?!? Si I^CiTnaLE CUEaP-MKAT .ud PBOT1SION a ST<>BE. gcod n*Ighborhood. house liter ins, wi*h gas. and water in yard; atabl-; low rent sp plybtall Nes 1 T and 4** Center Market. J'illSI M 1)ALT i?ai I* TWO MEW HOl'SES F<>B BALE- At F iila Church, Va . on long lime, n-ar rtio- h~s a id good schooia. Apply toW'ELLS Fi'BIIA^. on the pi>n iaef. or GEO. A. L. HEBKIFIELD, B ? jw 4-?, Peiwion Office. ap2- l a* C; X flftn W AMTAD?For live ?eara. A lor^sa V?i|UUU Bm 4*ti,' tt) poet ? fhce. ap^7 it* y(i nitn WANTED?On firat <1 *-s tecnrity for live VtBia, at 8 per cett per ?u num. H. H . Star ap.T 3 " W^ANT?l?-To i?e- F.ftf sbar?a or leas of ?? 8TOCK In either th?- Columbia or Metro* .li tan BtreetCar Bailr ?d Co. Addreaa * CAPITAL 19T. ' Star (ffice. afi7 3t* L't'l; 8\LK?Severs! very d?~irat I?? Bulmrban I BCILTIMG LOTB, rangrig fmii 3 to Ju at e-, witl'itione mill- of tbe Capitol; will be s. I I cheap, on b>nc time ? . A M< EI EM, aoulheaat corner 7th and B atl<-<-ta northwest apt* 3t* SPLKNDI1)"CHAM' K - FOR SAl.K- Tbe CIGAR bTOBK. Bo. 144 B. lege street, O^orge town. known aa tbe "Isle of Cuba." e<< mddoor fiom tbe l oner iif High at Tbia ia the beat stand b r the bnsinea* Intbetown Tbe present owner Is in other bnalneas. and d?-slraa to -ell this "tit ai'.' t' ^1 "Jl -OM* HINOBEO anl FllfV l?? . V LAI18 C\tiH will bay Stock ind Kl\ tnr.-. f aCI' AB 8T0IJE and M AM FA' TOi;*, Incliid ng ailver ttonnt<-4 Shew > ?ae.M alds.P ess. Tobacco, Figure, < utter, Bc*le, Weights. Ac.; in a good neigbbi'rbood. and doing a fair bnain -a; i m-t be aold in.mediately; good reaaona giveu th-refor. Adilreaa CIliAltS. Star office. apx7 St" O I * linn TO LOAM AT A LOW BATS OF CtO,UUU INTEREST BI 000 at 10 per cent. FKIO. KOoMEd. ap26 eoSt Mo. 1004 F atreet northwest. \1 OMBY TO LOAM OH BEAL B8TATE hE 1?1 cority, at a low rat* ol int?r?t and m<-derate r< mnnaaloB. CA8SIH A LI EBEBM ANN, 13S? W atreet, opposite Bbbltt H<>a?e. npt? tit ^Fecial moticb. Five new and bandaoma COTTAGES for aals at Le Droit Park, at prices rangiBg from 04.100 to B4.7M, one frame and four of brick, finiahe.1 :n an perlor an le and aupplled with all modern conveni ence*. Including water^gaa and aewerage Lots Sli\l2d. Term-to aolt. Taxea law? no aprcial a< -Oienla Two Unas of Street c*es. four s^uarea fro-? marktt. twelve a>iuare* frotn Po*t Office DON'T FAIL TO EXAMINE THEM BEF0BB BCV1MG Yon will fiad they are the beat property for the les?' mob* t now il the market. Apply to B. J. SWEET, President, 311 7th street, or JH. McQlLb, Ar?.bit*ct, ?l?4 6t 33 Le Droit Bul'd-ng. L'OB BALE-i> H1GHTWOUV HA LL?We i w ill receive propoaala for the purchase <-f thia valuable Property, coiistatinp of a Store and tao large Hal la la l< cated on tbe 7th street road, with ii> hall a mile of Brightwood S at Ion. op the Metro Plitan railroad F~r paitioulars appli to YOCMG Mll>ItLEIoy,c<?rn''r t-th and F st?. ap tl 7t W'AMTED? To exchange L*? REFttl'JBllA v v TORS and STOVBS for Old One*, at HUT LP R'8. corner 8th and B street* northwest. Smokv Cbin neya enred. from ?& to #2Si>r no pi? aptl 2b 1^0 PL0PEB1Y OWNAR8^ Owners of Beal K-ta'e DAM AGED by the recent Improvement*. ?*pe< ia'ly by achauire in grade, ?ii| Hod i. to their interest to call oa me brf re making tbeirclaim*. JOHN W. P. MVlttS, ap21_2w Office, 7 IS 15'h street. TO LOAM?On Beal Estate.frobi 1 to & years ? IjOIO at 9 per cent ; ??UU. S*10- ?**<? SlOO at 1J per cent. GEO. TRTKBDECL, apSU lot 603 7th street. Mantels at ooaT, at WM. BOTHWELL'S, aplS-Sm* 11* B street southeast. For sale or exchange bob oity PBOPARTT?A HOUSE and GARDEN at Bladenabnrg Depot, B. A O. railr?a<l. sit miles tr >m Washington. Apply to JOHH W. SOuTT No 1323 Bih atreet nerthwet ap!7 >w* MONEY 10 LOAN?In snmsto suit. OB satis lac tory security. JOHH BU ABM AH, Bowl E-ta'e Agent, aplS lm* Boom 3. St. Oload Building ^TEVENS A BOBEBTS. Reai Bstate, boans awl C9 Insurance 631 V street north west, iBuilaing formerly occupied by Secoad NaMonal BaLk. > invite all persona having Real Estate for sale. Dwellings or Rooms for rent, to record the Mae wttb them free of charge, and secure tbe advantage of their adver ti semen la. apllm 8a GOLDSTEIN A 00., iOAlt AND COMMISSION RHOKMKb, 00RNBB IOtm AMD D STBEETS. ?OHET LOAHED or ADTAVCBS HAD! oa valuable personal ptopettr to any amount, aad for any time desired, oa very reasonable terms. Also, Goods Bold on Oovmissioa. At Private Sale-Very Cheap-A large lot of Da redeemed Pledges and Commission Quods, aew aad ?round hand Every article tally warranted. All basinees strictly confidential. The old est and the moat reliable bouse la tbe merit tr OBEY TO LOAH. of M ?43,000 to loan oa choice real Mhh, to same o4 from |W to gl M, at 9 and 10 per cent, latereet A lew sam* at I per oeat . la &oo ?4^MUo gSAM ar 7tb aad t atreete ? rn TO ?4j?0B IH VBBTBB 1* BTOCE ?3U PBIYILEGES PAYS bABGH PROFITS. Write for 71 pegs book. Hen aad Idltma of Wall at. at WaQ st. Herlow. SBHT FBBE BH HI ? JOHH HICELIHG A OO., srs aad Brokers, YB Brcadway B.Y. jy|lNNKbOTA FLOUK, Wash barn Mills, MlaaeaoTa FLOUB aot oqaalled or excelled by aay ia tbe ooaatiy. I> te ear laua tioe to keep a supply eft biaoaaebrated Fleer always ob herd. All we aak la a trial ta aatlafy tba moat tastidioas. For aaleby 1. B BBTAB A BB9-. BfS7 to MB Peaaayl PRY GOODS. IK KkSIfc I KK KV. RROHH ?.AI? * ?0 , tj? r?**? A i , l*n <n ' ?I ?ftt a|| , ou?k ? m u* or A .*/> I*VM?SriCI*ltr I.'IIODI AT MO*T ATTHACTIVB PRIOR* ,M4h) i>i> In a? * <' ' r*' /? >?i I <? 49 r ? I m Kitrk I' tflr<iKij<(.Tv . tor?*r Klvk Irtii6r< n?/in<? 0c . 'fc Blara ?r.?r ?trnt< *.*. ?1. ?? fl? HI <fc ? la' W *S i. renalii.o*. TV . '?rwe? prior **s Black ? lat Me.h Oraoadii e?. 9< ?. B> ??? Mtipod. I'l.i.l-d Duiiim OreeAdlnea. Alto at r#w?< |>ri.e? BlKk L'?m Sillatl tn4 ?r, i*rl(1t>| R ?art. O lL<-l B- II ?? MI i Pll I ?a* i-rl>bf*t*d m>kw |W?t ?'?flic !.*??*. *Ml f 'l.m ' IIS< A full lii>? of L.u.- t? Lean. la hMatiftl ft 001 IV ay A f ? ,,f (I?11 Bilk. reduced frrun 01 MU #1 por iwl Tl*w |t> li ?rr p?r? -Ilk And af ' ? !??? ? a?e? ? kit* ??b.iiHi'l ?nol fb??U 01 m. ?MH P'oCk of tK BlOat IIV C> niplrt ae.t 1 rt-e* guar*' !~?d LmM' ud G'-O'*' I 111 rwnr direr It* ife( mw?'KlsiN? ind n r rin- |r?. rtkw ? < er A a>< ?? fU'llM* * button kll. til Ml r >1 ?r%. I*'* ? bade. > 11 S6 por i>Ur W *n.?i-tta MI-?. he? Oi'tnl. 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(AKII K N, 707 Markrt Srac* Pn-* Hilk aiid Wool J^prin* trww *><>odi. 17, wortfc O rioM I ron Goofl?, Pialo Pm* O >.>da. Mil. Btrip<d Pr.-ai nl-. Scroll l)raa Ooodi 28 SI.S7. Sli. Ktc< II* ci Oxlico. I\ * Idt- t*h?*tiiif. 2ft. |.< -I H..1 Tickiug 2ft Mm f Dm** Miir'?, mad? of Wam-att* C*tt jb. Lla Mi B *< in . W. riuoat I i n?r. Tal I'an a-k ,S0 Vr.da! gnlltn. ?'ft I rc||?-i t 8'. cktoK*. 12 <'? Hai^krrrbivb.l. Liirn Mapklna. ( a?l? tr N OW IV VOl'K TIHB, On*- IB' "? cbai < ? at tb<>? aploodld 7i CANT IIHBSM shiktu. Mad<> el VV an.-'.tta N'KitmDd Imi twanty oar bgidr'd Linen B>?*> *u*raul?*?d t? bo ?^jual la qnalit- . b< III ot n .?*? at?l tnakit>u ?o an* Hbirt mmm olli-iod in tii?* n.a> ket I r 91 fto Oi.ljr 7ft cont* for Pin*-lirtx* Bhirr*. at <lia Branch Baltlaoro Bblrt Fart.?ry, IIIU F atro?t n?rtbwoat aili in J . t>ABC. "Manayac " SIXTH WABHIN?T??M OH V HOU1M ? - - ? >v bit# ()<>rdrd Pi.jno* at lilac ; t?-aati!ul 0?l Pi til rod Piano* at |{?c.; Wliitr (j mk1?, aurb an Mar ??-illoa. Plaid. Btilpo.and Plaiu Nana.~ k* Vlrtufia Laana aud <'au.t>?lca, fiom >'c to t?c , 2x*? Tard? Hamlmrc riil.ti from u to 60c p?-r ?ard Sariaj '?r?i>ij ?od? Plaid. Plain, aad Btripod, from 12Sc Vic . tbo t?ai tae and S^NiC. Black Alpaca* la t< ? u. all numl. r> tip lo 75c . Hpiluf l'a*?ta>oraa for tKi>? and cronta. t!ic t> Al .an tbor |.? of thoa* KM* A(cnr? for Mm> D*-moro?t J r*8 B. P>AILKV, eorn?*r Tib and ? ?t? aontb?Mi apl tr BANKERS. pUT?, CALI> A: M'KEADS On all I bo afvivs Hurt* at boat markot rata* Wo ^viw ? lien and be* tool ?ktTl oaFKLT Book rITibf lull iul^>r?ation ocM -n P? 1 1 k..i?, acai Ir??e. Addraa- order* b? a ail aud tol> ?ra*n to ?&XTEB* ? O, fiAtiKK*S AN I) HhOKKhb, d ar2' ? ? h .?A K It IT Wall straat. Maw York HEJTTLES1W8 Ol Every Department Well Supplied. VARir.RTN IO MEAHI BE A largo a?*orti[iont, prjbabljr tbo largaat la W K-biogtoti, <f ?o !d? to K'-|or from. Pino Platd Pnitiof*. Plain anl Baact W.> *tod U.?t inn* and Hu|iiuf?, Bin* and Black Plannol*, bluo. Black. PUtd and MIx*h1 Cbociut Anit Imk?, Blue. Black, Brown Olive Dablla and Jlixed Clotb* and <?omMi>c*. Hand*'>a?o Pania loon Pattern* Whit*and Patu j Vm'Im*. Contlomro of qnitt tavtea are par'.lciilarlr ta rlud to ib*poct* mado to nxa^nre from 9* ui-aa'd Order* p. mptl> fillud. and la tbr i?**t namoi ?EABY MADK UARBEXTB Good Oait*. roliablo good*. doatraMo and now ?t>loa for ?!?> Black Woratod Coa.*. with Ve*t? to matcb. froai 917 Win ?Sf> Ha>id*?aM i'antalnuij* from ?5 upward ^trlOvei coat*, in cbolco a-.ortn.ent. trou> 912 t? % . Bine and Hlack Planum Suit* Blae Cheviot Pint*. I>r?p d Bie OoAt*, Vwti and Pauta >??. UI6ERIE. Ptrfootly flttln* M.lrt* White and Colored Mlk and Llnon Uaudk< rcbiaf* Oollara, t'nft* Bcarf* and T i-? Q*ar?, li'>?uior, Merluo. Bilk, flannel Joan. Lioon Tbroad and oth?r Ccoloraear of approved n,ak?> and qualiti**. Kid aLd otb?r OI ?v<? Pretch aud Bngli.h B(l*pondor? an<l Rri ? fr >m S6 i-onta to %? Plain and Fancy Half H >*e from ? cont* to ?1 ? per pair G>m..a*t 8hirt* Tight* and Irutk* Boating aad Yachting Miirt*. B.o/ art .clt* aot p i*>ibla to enunorato. ONE J'BICE ONLY, in EVERY DEPABTMEyT. OEOROE O. HENNINQ, 410 NET ESTB STBEBT, ap? tr SIGH or THB QOLKKN PLBBCB yilE iiEaT SODA WATER IB DlAWl noi BLOI k-TI.1 LINED STEEL FOl'XTAIXS. Poalora wi l do w?U to aeenre a *npplr for th? >*a aon from NAI L C. PALMER. DEPOT, i7 OUtKNB HTBBKT, GBOBQB TOW*. D C. N.B -MW roi"NT*IN9 now bring racairad. COUB IBB APPABaTCB for sale, rvai. or loan apBTtr K**1' a PATENT PARTLY-MADE LBSSS SHIRT*, Tbo Oreateat lavtatloi of the As* Big fin* D Shin* for aiidt-lUr*. (9< 1 Dot to b* had la otlior gtora ii. thia eft) Iff W c at* Bole Agenta. No. 99B 7th ( ft|ir? No TM E CENTENNIAL BAHRAIN'S AT HDLBKI7RB SHOE d99 TTB feTBEIT BOBTHWIBT While (boa* for Nat Ball*, at m? m Mao * Ktitrbad OMtar* aad Ttaa m*M fnarh Eld, boat mmm. Kvtv* ||* Bopg* ana Nlaaaa' Bcaool C liSSSSfiSKTftSSS fcr -*& Ww^ilttB Ofclldra^',

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