Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1876 Page 3
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DRY GOOD-* ^OHSOLLf'?r M? NISTB 9TBEET. THB CI. EAPEST 8TOBB 111 TUB CITT. UcceDed to tiaj from importers auction, five cum PARASOLS. In ell new ??*!?!?: Pis n Silk. Silk 8'-ge, Tarklsh K?Un brvc. dr, end bctd?r?d. >r? ISa l??it fiMi ln??rt?d. I'd vil be lolditltH Ibtail*; c-ietio BtuifMiai*. A Dither large stow* *of EM8ROI DBBIIS n CtlTwHt<??. ssyltr DiiAi fc ?aK?, " O tOLUhID MILKS, PLAID end STRIPED SILKS Jaat fmm auction forty pieces of BILK, ? tick ?? Me Mill DC nt (n*' bargains. W*. R SILKY, m?l-<t Til Marset 9>?c?. \V1 ABE BBLLIMQ DRY GOODS TBBT " ... . _ < HCAP. ??rt?S Draw Goods 18, *>, ? SI S7,40, SO. Sl,k i*A? ?"' ?T*B* Uood*. ? Black ??V- t> ?? t1 M- ? * n Black Caaba ere, 73 87. # 1 Alpaca. do?ble width, U 31.37. Black Silk*, ?"hair Alpaca. SO, worth 75. Black Or?na.1f ? y M QABTKB<S, 797 Market Space. ElCell, M Callro, 4\ Good Cotton. 4V. ? Wide Sheetir* Ootfon. 0. 'ABA SOLS, P\RA?f>LS, PARASOLS, ?*? Cbc??- Tary Cheap Very Ch~?p. "ffl'V?** I0*rM' *eD *n<* ?0' '* w**r' "i 30' Gcod Stock lav. U, Linen Handkerchief. 6 Liuei Towel*, 1 r, tceli* t He<l Tik. 1?. If m-t omb Qnm*. HB: b antlfnl Lawn*. 12; exc 'Uent on ili ty White P. K., 11; very flue.ail Lia?Q Tab.e Paamk ??. BIeo*i Shlrti, made of WameaUa Ce'.ton, LUen Bo ST*.** mvi tf V^iaCOLt lltfl OP CO PAB IN KB* HI P. . m??k i.\u rixus's roa hale The ce partnership of J.C WISWALL * CO. s^r/ina ( 'J I ".Hat in on July lsr.cur stock MIST CX CLOSED CD ff before rh>r data. *' shall rffer tomorrow, ard continue to sail 30 4m$s, aur large aud compete stock of DRY GOODS At GBKAT S\CR1PICR 0* ORIGIH4L COST and ail tri J, r-n,?ir1i ? on b?n1 June lit, ??lll aold at Al'n l< N W ITIIODT BESBB >'*. In crdar to C7o.<? is 30 Unvs, A REDUCTION OF FIFTY PER CENT, will be mat'e ?n a large portion of oar stock. Prints. 4,1 sl 1 cents per j ard. Urcwn Ootti us, t cen'? *<r yard. Figured Gr? nadinee. ?>?, lo and 12.S cts. Gresariiure la Strips, at Hi eta. Silk Grecadice* If lo ? cost. Summer Htko, 37 % cts ar.d upwards Pare BUck Mohair*. 38cts,. worth 43. PlneBla~k Dree* Silk*. &5 c* .wortlt #1.40 S COO yard* liiack Alpacas, M* to 37H cts, PABAH>L<? at cat. Large lot Tah'e Dar.^aaks Napkins. Vina Cloths, riaoo Oovera. Ac . a' leu* than New York coat. SfGBKAT BARGAINS Ineraryttic? J. C. WISVALLBCO, apI9 tr 310 7th as., near Pa. ats. JDK hi LK ABD DEE*8 GOODS UOUSS or WASHINGTON. Walnsltetha attention of the public to our lm taeasa s?a(rttrent of n?w stylas KIMBKL tILKS ABO GRENADINES of all shadfr. In stripes and plaids. Large ?Utk BLACK SILKS cf al celebrated osakaa. SPRING I R7BS GOODS of the most attractive atylrs ?nd cr 'ots. HOCRN 'NO GOODS. WBITB OOOD8, J ASMS! i;BKS. rCKTAIN LA"KH. SILx ( MBIiCLLA^ and FINSaOSIKS Y tn great le.? tlu.n New Yosk prlcaa. VOLIORR ? BHILBCRO, bit market spacs, apJ9 tr Thlrd^ocr from ?rh straat. ^EW STOCK SPRING"GOODsT" Slightly soilel Bleached Oot^on 5-., worth 10c. Rnds b?et C?.icoes only fic a yard I'laid 1'resa Goods 10.11>4. U, 10. 23c Dreaa Ooc?J? very cheap in varied aaallttes. Wash Poplir.a 3c., worth 12Hc. Bilk striped Dress Goodscbrap. Ah-Wool Drboces. Pong"- Silk*. Cheap. Plegant styles in Lawn* 13Xc , worth 2Uc. A ictoria La* ns 13. IS 20, tic , very low. Whtta Nainsooks, Pi<inea.Tarl?tona, Lace Strlp?s. Black Alpaca* cheap, pure Mohairs sacrific-.d. OCB CaBPKT Bitjl K t > be slaughtered for the CASH Jnst received. Whi'?- ?nd Oheck Ma'tin?. ?i. am deuin.iij<d to meat tne times and sell goods cheap. T. W. RAI'DAM, ?P29 tr T09 Market Bpaoa. M0KE NEW SPRING AND 81M.VSR DRESS GOODS Just overt, d from the Large Aaction P ?lei In New York, Lrptn'? Pn'o Bilk ?nd Wo^l UUck Grena dines, at li.62*,7?canta, ?l, acd ?lJB-a special bargain Black Tami?e Clo-bs, Csahmeres. and ( 4 Drap D eta. Pine BUck M ha*ra and alparaa. c heap. ??^cl21, ?"***'? J? Jlt? Vnt6 a^ks. at ?123, #1-0. #1 >? np to #3 SO. /i? COLOKtD DRESS GOODS. SOykrea stylish Pongees. Mohairs, Plaids. Plain and Stripes, from 23to62.Sc. 100 pi c* handsome La was and Per alee at 12,So, J00 new atyles Parasols and Snn Cmbrellaa. Fine Cloths and Caaaiaeres for niej aid boy? wear, at low prises; with a foU stock of Botmkteilng Goods of the beat claas, at the low eet Market piic?a at ? W. rOLLEY'N CHBAP ETURR, SOT, CORNER are ST., ap29-tr Market Space. WKW PRICJto. 1014 8EYBNTH STREET Beit Bilk atd Wool Pongees, 40c , worth 50c. Goat ? Ualr thai:! Cloths, 30c , worth 37hc AH Wcol Sprit g De Brgee. 40c , worth 30c. Bart Pacific Cambrics u^c . very eh^ap. ^dsad Btiiptd Bnitings, 12*c. np to#0c. J,hl*s Pi ioea and V ictoria Lawns M. 12H- IS,?. 2Sc. ?4>*? che?p, S7H.BI #1 36. OiAu and |2. B T*araaeim?Tes at low p.lcea, a specialty. ?^Parajk li and Bun umbrellas in great variety. ^w*'Ba^- Shirts, made of ten ermpietoig on '* CI 26. (with^nt bt tton holea oalj #l.) WM. BIRu WTLIC, ap29-tr 1514 7th stre t northwest. gPXCLK liiSIS PRICES! BKODHKAD ? CO., 939 rst^t*. avi., between 9th and loth stg., OS KER A PILL LINR op FORE I f r-V A MD DOMESTIC DR Y GOODS AT MOST ATTttAOTIVC PRIUR3 I Afaap Armies kirias 'iten K lur- I m Prtct from _ - ? 14 te *20 Per Cent. Black Iron flr r.acia-s, 3THc.; former pricaSOo. Black Iron Gr?aadtt^s. 60c ; 44 " 7gu. Blaca Iron Urenadiass, #1; " " CI tS Plack Plat M?-sh Gr?nadinea.75c ; former prio?87S. Black Plat M*?h Greondire*. .91 26; ?' #1.40. Striped. PUided and Dauiase Grenadines, also at reduced pri. ee Black Lyons S lk* at 9Sc and np. Inclading B'nnet, Gninet. B 11 ns and Parsons' celebrated uakaa. Beet raciflc Lawn*. 1 fast Colors. > 12>?c A full line cf Linen Laaus, la beaatlfal do igns, from 23c. up A f-'W pieces o* fcnrrmcr Silk, reduced from #:.2Sto #1 per ?ai 1 These goods ar? pare silk aid of the pest T* ales White PP-?titr..l Wcol (Shawls. #1 IS. Stock of Dvta ?tlc ccmplete.asd pttces narar.toed. Ladies aid Gents' Underwear, direc front the matntartn.-ers and in-porters. lower than erer. A most ? :ec? 3 bntion Kid, in all cjlors, (late shade.. ? : 35 prr pair. Wamsutte Kleached Ootton, 11He per yard Damaee, Plain ar-d Btrijped Drese Ox>di, cheap. BRANCH STORE, 1C0S 7 STREET. lltn and M'.h (eld rand./ BBODHEAD * CO apBB-tr t3? Pa. ava.. bet. >ih and 10:h sta. J OHM T SIITC HELL. *31 PES9SYLYABIA AYBBDB, Offers the largf^i and choicest selection of U1ES8 GOODS eier shown in this ctty. Soft dinging all wool Materials, la shid?4 stripes, tor overdr-e?e?. DamUktnes ard Damaase Goods, in all tfc> nsw -j l edrt; Zeahy r Saltings Fts?tM'tfiibrlcs. Percales, Preach Jaoonets. LibeA L4?:j, frta ed Llneos, Glaagow Checks Summer Silkafrom #1 to #1 V. vert cheay. Brocade O * oadinee. la black and colors. Brecede Silk*. Brocade Oashmer.-s fiUk Salt* from #46 to ??> Breach Cambric, Percale, Llnao and Zsphyr Cloth Knits fit m S* to #18. * A^rseattKk'of0Paa'csabrellas and Lace Trimmed An Inspect 1. 3 of eas stock will convince par aaaare tfca: we are offering the he*t goods, te all N?S w IS TorB T1MB. One ?>. 'e chance at tBoaa splendid 7A CENT LRB8S SHIRTS, of Wa-nsntta Muslin and beat twenty-one id LImo Bi-otra guaranteed to be eanal 1a qnality, bet h ot g xj<s aod makic g. to any Shirt now < ?* i?<i In tb? resrket f?r #160 Oely 71 ceats for Biae Drees Phirta. at the Branch Baltimore Shirt Factory. 1013 P street norths arts-la aplS im J. W. DARE.' SOUTH WAtHinaTON DRY MOOOS. Whlts C 14-d Planes at UMc ; beautiful Colored Figured Prune* at 15c.; Vbite Goods, such ae Mar aeUlan, Plai i. Stripe, and PlaJn Baaeooks; Victoria and Cambrtca, from 10c. to Stic ; 1104 yards rg Ed?t .ga from 8 toPe per jard. Spring Goods, PUfd. Plain, and Striped, from UKa. kv 16a and FHe. Black Alpacas te aU numbers na to T5c ; Bptlng Caasimerea, lor boys aac c*nta. Be. to #1; anotberlct otUtom Ma .Kids Agenc* for la* Demoreet. JOS. B. BA1LET, eoroer 7ib and P sta eoetksreet. a?l tr B? Parties wao deetre la dial DS OF WUABISO Aft ABA ahigner a AUCTION SALE: lEmiwr*. |)IBCaBSOB BROS . Aucvioneers. PALS or riKBHT BUILDIB9 LOTS IB THE | CITY. 8ITTATED AT "IBB CUKBRB OF I IftTH AKDK STREETS N<>BTH WMsT. 9 On MOND&I AFTEBNuON. Bar 9th ft o'clock, we will tell. Id front of th* ?atoti. Lot Hand pert lot II,In uivi Ho. 199 Lot 12 hu a frorit of 46 3 11 feet on & street. a an, 1* fivnt i f 73 fe?t at i ha Intersection of K aa 16th ttreett. and a 15.7-H oo 14'h ?trmt. L >t II baa a front of 40 f*?t en Mih street and wl'l ha sub 11 rl.'.-d lr.U> two Ms with frontage of 94 fret each 7 tear iota er?eeth 101 fa t la d->eth . and ara the ni'jat dc*<raMe b?!Mls| ?ltf? In waahlngioa. ?l*t of I his property caa be aeea at tba ofli. > of tha a>irf locrara. and will ba shown oa tha a tmuea on lb* day ol aala. Thin proKriy wl 1 ba offered Mawbolt, and io? a->10 will ba offered eeperatel/, at above. Trim* Oap irwr casn: balance la oaa, two and tarte ye*ra. uot-s bearing alx par ? ??nt. Inter ??t. atd * rural by deed of tra? en th premises aold. A Cepoait of f 2W wll> be rejtilr.d aa aoon aa ?old. PUNCABSON BROS, marl d [ Sep I Auctioneers. H. WARBBB, Otrner 7th end F strneta. TRUSTEES SAL* OfT~DBSIBABLM B^ILD I?? LOT Ol 1HI NCBTKlAKT (HiMBK Of VRRMOBT AVENUE AND K 3T. NOBTH WEST. SBy virtue of ad ted of trnat dated March 10 A. V 1-73, dnly recorded In Liber 709, folio 380 one ?f ? ne la'd retards for the District of <)o< ntobl* and at th? r. ,jn'?t of the car'/ aacared tbetcby. ?s will ?-H a public eu-ttou. In front of tha preml?es i.n tHl R'PAf, day 19. 187*. at 4.30 o'clock p m . tba following <Je?rrib?d B*al B ta'e, ?i nale m the <rtty of Washington, Dlatrict of Oo'nmMa. to wit: All that cartalo piece or parcel of grom.d known and deecnbcd as Lot numbered thirtreniU) i issuers mmi-ered two hundred end sevent*e* . 317 ? acccrd:r? t > J'hn L. Kldwell'jre C( rdtd fjl division ol said senate. Tenu?: One third of the purchase money In caib, and .he balance at eix and twol.e month*, with In teifftut ten <10 per cent, per annum from day of ?ale, at.d recurid by e deed of trust on the property *? M. A depott i f S30C will be r? quired of the pur chaser at tb? time of rale, eud all conveyancing at llifttteixxof th??archwr If terms of tale are n? t complie?l wiih in sever da>a th? trn*teea reaarve tlic rlpli' t.?r? -ell the property at the risk and coat ol the ii?f*ult>? purcbiser. af'arflve days' edwr ti tu,t.t. WILLIAM 8TICKN a?,( Truitaei OIOBUI II PLaNT. < Tru,t??? m'4 ?1 .s.tu J. T. COLDWELL. Salesman. U V* \10 KB, corner 7th ana F streets. TliVeTEK PAtECF VALUABLE IMPROVED BEAL PSTATE OH tJOCT H W EST OUR S E li Of KOB'l H CAPITOL HI RKET AND HOBI'U I r 4 BliEr. IN 1 ITV Or WASHINGTON. D. O. JtH By\lrtne ot a *!eed of treat to me, be-irio* ? itatrMi the let day of Jul*. A. O 1S74. an 1 ra ^iatd in Llfcer No 755 folio 317,? f theland records jar tbe I>i.4triat of Ooiutabia, and by the direct- a of th? iar*y ae<-fire<l. I will tell, at public anctl'*n in front of the property, on wBdN ?;DA Y, tbe 1 7^h dki or m?? ? 5* ?? '? ?? ? - - - r - - ? ot vii " ?l/,' C . I'rt I i I LI t3 J / I Q day of May A.l>. 1874. at tt o'clock a m., all that aarcel of irrvut <i 1 j the city of Washington, DO. known ano d?actil?ed aa lot nnnibered ou? hnudred and alxty (I6ui. it< 8bepbetd> record.d subdivision of ?tuare number d MX hundred arid tsenty three 1633 ?-1< geiber wltb the lniaro\ etnen;t, consisting of a neat tbree-story Brick Dwelling. Tetma: One third caali; balance In six and twelve months, with Interest at eight par ceut per annum, h cured by a deed of trnst upon the property. (Iod veyanciog at p<:rrnaeer s cost BlOOdown at time of sale If terms of sale are not complied with in five days from day of salt. the Trustee reserves the right to resell at ri?k and cost of defaulting pur chaser. WM A. OOKDOB, Truste*? aplS" J. T OOLDWILL, Salesman. WILL SELL, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, OB MONDAY, at ft o'clock p. Si. April 44, In front of the premUes, two three-story Brick Fl snsas, Nos. 144 and 146 3d straet southeast. Terms made knows on day of sale. OBOBOE OOWIB, Secretary H. C. M. E. Aaaocbstlon. DOWN MAS A UBEBN, An its. M 0. L LIT BELL, Saleaman. aplfl-3taw TBI ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONBD nnril MONDAY, the M3d da* of May, aatne hour and placa. GEOBOE OOWIR. Secretary B.O B K. Association. ap?4- M. O. LUTTLELL. Baleaman. DRY GOODS. (jnEalM CHEAP! CHEAP! rBOM* AUCTION? 1 WO yards White Victoria Lawns, in short lengths, fr<m 1 to 15 yards, at 13Hc. worth from 37 to50c. ) ards Twe<d, for boys' aear. at37H. worth 60,-. A Urge a??ortmetit of Casstmeres, frcmulc. t J 03 30 per yard. 13 piece* hiack and Colored Bilks, from auction, at great barsai j?. Dreta Oood< fr< ni 12>* to 50c . in great variety. 100 new ki!p Parasols from 01 to 91. Hlaos Ca?-br>ure an.1 M ?hairs, very cbeip. New Tork Kiniehtd fhirtt at fl 25?best in tho city at tbat i r're Frank Leslie's Cnt Paper Patterns. CEO J. JOHXNOK * CO., a|T3 eo 7 11 Market 3p',c?. ? RAILROADS. |>ALTl.llOKK AMD OHIO RAILROAD, APB1L 30th, 1?7?. A.M. LBAVB WASUIBGTON b:4i? Baltimore. Annapolis, aud way station*, Point of Bocks and intemcdiate stations, Main Stem. T:JO?Baltimore and Alexandria Jnaction S.00?Arir York, Pkilaiitlphia and Boston Er Pullman Parlor Oars. Leaves at 9:10 a m Sunday, atopsat Way Stations, ai.d connects for Annapolis. S:14?CiHrinnan, St Louts ami Putsburt Ki presM srederick, Uagerstown. and Valley Road. P:ilO? Point of Rocka and way stations. t*:4ft?Halilmore and way utatlons. 10:1ft?Balttmota Chliaited Azprasa. Stops a: Re lay P. M. lS:lft? Baltimora. Way Stations, BUicott City and Annar< its. l;30-/tif York, Philadelphia nnd Norfolk Ex press. On Sanda>, all Way Statious and Baltimcre ^nly. S:S0?Baltimore and way stations. 4.30? Kalttmore anl Laurel brpress. Bilicott City, Frederick and way Stations, via Be 1m. 4:3ft?Frederick and Point of Bocks, (rla Metro aoiltan Branch I. 4:43?^Baltimore. Annapolli and way stations. i ii?rhirato, CtH' iMnati and LovisrxlU E-rpress. Except Saturday, da'ly to Columbus. Louis lsville by 11:30 a. m. train oa Saturday. Bag* r*town and w iueheater. PVeplng cars to t bicago, Olncir natl and Louisville. ft:30?Ba timore and Philadelphia Jisprcii. Fred erick and Way Stati >na, r?a Belay. (Con nect* lor Annapolis PiiLdayJ ft 3ft?Baltimore, t'ladessburg. Collage, Baits ?l 1-. Laorel. Annapolis Junction T OO?Baltimore ana way stations ft: 10?Baltimore. Bladenaburg, BeltartUe, Lau r< I, Belay. B.80? Pit'aburg. bat no connection beyond Mar tinsbu'g by train leaving Sunday night Way Stations on Metropolitan Branch. 9 30? Arte York and Philadelphia Hit hi Exprut Sleeping Cars t ? New tork 9 30?Baltimore and principal way stations, 10:30?Marticuburg and way statiu&a, Metropoli tan Brai,ch. 11.30?St Lmn$ Brpret*. Chicago, Columbus, Sandusky. Newark. On Saturday for Lonn yilla. T:'0 ? 00. 9.15,10:1ft a m ; 1:30,4:15 ft:30, 5.3ft, 7:10, ? 10, B:40, 9:30 aad 11:30 p.m., daily. All other train* dally, axcapt Sunday No collection cn Snnday lor Bagerst rwn or Val ley Branch; or for New Fork ana Philadelphia at *a a. and 1:30 p. m. For further Information apply at the Baltimora and Ohio Ticket Offlc?e. Washington 8tatim. and 4*ft, 001 and H03 Pennsylvania iv?noe. wbere orders will be tak> n tor baggage to bs checked and revived at any pclnt in the cl'y. TBLB E. BllABP, Master of TranporUtloa. L. M. OOLK. General Ticket Agent. CEO. 8. K OONTZ, General A gent. aplfttr |JM1 VEftlAL K. R TICKET OFKlti. RAILBOAD TICKETS to or frotr. ail ?olnta bocght. exchang d or so id at f ? _ rvaae A redaction nf t.. ?T* . ? i ?? C ? m- VB VI BVHl ?! reduction of ons dollar. upon any other office or Upoi' In this city. Tickets good till used. Bargagecheekad through. Afply U> M l) WU1TE41DB. apl ly 915 Penn. ava., Wathlrgtot, D. O. 1876 n.^ANu 1876 toon To th? Berth, Weil) ui hillTMtt Double Track, Bte?l Bail*, NjAtmdH Betm ?ry, Magnificent Egwi^saeat. Trnlu leave Washington, olty tli .e, from Depot, corner of 4th and B streets, aa fuliowa: For Pittsburg and the West, 0 a. m. dally, with Parlor Carlo Pittsburg; 7:40 p. m. daily, with Palace Car to Ohlenco, and !1:50 ? m dally, sxcest Sunday. _ BALTIMORE AMD POTOMAC BAILBOAD. For Cannndalgua, Bochentar, Bnffalc, Blag ara Falls, and the Berth, 0 a. ta. daily, exoayt Hun dav; art 7:40 ?. B daUy. exert Saturday, with Pslate Cars to Watklns For Brte, Oanandaigua, Brffalo, aud Niagara Falls, 11:40 a. m. daily, an oeat Sunday. For Bew Fork aad tba Bast, 9 10 a. a. dally, with Palace Cars attached: Limited Express of Full nan Parlor Cars, 9;4S a. m dally, except Snnday. For Bew Tork. 1:30 ?. ss. dally, sxospt Sunday, with Parlor Uara attached. . _ . For Philadelphia. 1:30 a- m. 'ally, rxoept Sunday, and 4:30 and 9:10 p. m dally. Limited Bsprsas, fr8S a. st. dally, sxcest Sunday. Aoocmmodatlcn for Baltlniare. 7:40 a. SS. dally and d:BS P. dally, axeeat Sunday. For Pope's Creek Line 7:4# a. ?. sad 4:90 p. ?. dally, ax oeat Sunday For Annapoite. 4 0S and 11:50 a. ?. aad 4:99 p. ACEXABV>^Ada,FBBDBBlCB8BUBO BAIL WAT AND ALBXABDB1A * WASH1BOTOB BAILBOAD. . For Ataxandria, S, T, 4:41, 9, IS, 11 a.B., 1,1. ?^M,S,e 00, and 11:40 p. a. Oa Sunday at 9a. ? l and 1 p.m , .. * For the Baath, via Blatmoad, 11:40 p. dally, sxospt Sunday; aad via Lynchburg, B OO a. as. aad 11:40 p. ss dally. Traiaa leave'Alexandria lor Waafclnftoa, 9, T. B, ",10,11 a. m . 1, S.4, S.S.aad T p. a. On and ay at 7 and IS a. as., and ? p. sa._ Tickets. Information, Sleeping ana Parlor accommodation can be procured at tha OMoas:? Mcrtbeast ooraer d Thwtsinth street and Penn vyivanla avenae, Borthsaaf ooraer of Sixth street and Pannsylvaala avenue, and at tha Depot, where orderaona be left for tbe checking of " irr 4a 'tsatlistirr fr .m H jtels an J Residence* D. M. BOID, Ja.,0en*l Paaeengey Age at. FBABK THOM!?OB.6en1 Mar?ag>r )an3-ly HOTELS. ^??TBIIiaTIB BOTIL, OB THB BOBOPBAB FLAB, araer lrrtna Place and IStb street, Bew Fork, OaaBMffon Irioa Bjuars aad Broadway. la tba AUCTION SALES. B. THIS AFTIIHOOW. U. WARNEB, CMMfrUHir tALE or VALUABLB OHOfnTD AT SOTTTH BAST COBBER OF SIXTH AMD 8 STREETS BOhTRWEBT. ?I ?il offer Ml* at puldic auction, oa SAT URDAY . the ath ds> of May. 1SJg, at A o'clock V m.. lot fronting MM M "a *th UrMt, coraer of 8 street tortb?Mt. by adeptL of 8?H feet. Terms One fourth eseb; balance in ?,IS, 13,34, and jo months, at 7 par wn. intend. Title per feet CoBT?;aaclu at fnrfkawr't eo??. apM eoidi T T. COLDWELL. Salesman. . WAOOABAI, Baal Estate A actio now. ?19 7th (treat 'J'HOS. S Oa 8ATUBDAT, May ?, at 3 o'clock p.m., I will offer for sale. in front of the premises lota tub 1 aft SO la square Ml, having a front of 130 7 en 10ta ?treet sou; beast aid 57.11 ooB street. Will b* acid separately or aaa waole Term* day of aala. mySeoAds TH08. B. WAQOAMAB, Auet. line. BANKRUPTCY! WASH. B. WILLIAklS, Auctioneer. JHFfTOfX OF A NMW YORK WHOLK8ALB 1MPOHT1NU HOUSE AT AOCTIOX. LA BOB BANKBUPT SALE OF DBT GOODS, Cvtaltt'w iti part of tb* Stock of tbe late Ann cfB MA BJ McStaie A Co., of Maw Xork. IMPORTANT TO THE TBADB AND PUBLIC OVER B173,000 WORTH OK FOREIGR ARll DU?IK?TIC DRY GOODS at aUOTION, At tbelr Large and Spacione Store, COBNF.B 10th aNo D FTtl!7 Washington. D O., Commencing Tl'ESD \Y, April 18. lt*T6. A large consignment of Foreign and Dimes'Ic Dry Gtods, oonsisung of West of England, French ar.a German Broad and harrow W >olen Cloths, of all shades and oolora; French. English and Scotch FanciTweeds and Ca?s1aaerei, K or'jack- Moscow aid Erqnlmaux Beavers, Chinchillas, Testings, Cloakiucs, Ac AIso, Scotch. Preu;h and German FkIsI. ( aslmere, Queensland, Ottoman Lace, aad other fa.-hi- nable and desirable Shawls, BwUs Not tiDthnoi Laces, Ac. DRFSS GOODS in great variety, such as heavy Bl?ck and Orlnrvd Siiks. Satirs, Irish and Lyons IVplir.s. A II W. o) Merino*. D< lalnes, Sateen Cioths, F<rge*. e'<gat i imporied P'alds Alpacas. Empress ? 'lotlis. Ac ,Ac A very rich and rare assortment of LjO! s bilk V-1vets, VelYeteeus a\d fine Plash Suit ings. Prints. Bleached and Unbleached Cottons trom or.? to time yards wide, a lorge tlna of Kngilsh and Anieri -vn Blaiikets. FUnnels. Ladies'. Gent's and Children's Hul - y. CI ves, Ac., together with a very cb< ice a: a well selected ?t-<k of Velvet. Brus sels. Asminster. Ti.p?ittry aai Ingrain OABPET ll^GS. lit Of Ac., Ac., fr^m medium to ttnest im ported Ma'srtL-s and Turkish Quilts, and a variety of ? tier gr*d8 too ro is to mention. ts~ Ski. s to continue from day to day until the en-ire nock la disp sed of. Th? whole to be sold wi h ut reserve. in ir.ts to suit, all for cash Sales commence dally at 10 a. ta., s p. m . and 7X p. n. ap!4 la rpuoMAS BOWLING, Anctioneer. CAT LCCGCK BALE OK A VBBY LABGB AND VALUABLE COLLECTION OF BOOKS, Among wtlch ar? the Library of the late Ex-Gjver nor Francis Thomas,of Mar> land, a jld by older of the Administrator;. Also, two other Private Libraries, contalolng many Scarce and Valu able Books, embracing Early Liocal and State Hutory of America. Illustrated Works, Blof raphj:, Poelry. Travets and General Literature, to be sold at my Auction K ions, southwest Corner Pennsylvania Avenue and 11th street. Ot> MONDAY EVENING, May 1st, 187*. and fol lowing Evenings. commencing at 1% o'clock pro ci-elj-. Termn cash. ar? tf THOMAS DOWLING. Aoct. rpaOttAB DOWLING. Auctioneer. TWO FINE FBENrH-PlTATB PIEB MIBROB9, 8L PEBIOB WALNUT PaBLOB FUBN1TUBE. WITH CEBTEB PIECES, UPHOL9TEBED IN BEPS, MABBLBTOP TABLES. FIN? FNGBAVIBGS AND OIL PAINTINGS, JA PANESE AND OTHER PABLOB OBNA MKNTS, BEP WINDOW HANGINGS. CABD TABLES. EASY CHAIB?. SLPEBIOB WIL TON ANDOTHEK t'AHPETS. BL\OK WAL NUT MAHBLX TOPOHAMREB FUBNITUBB, MAHOGANY MARBLE TOP CHAM BEB FUB NITUBB, eUP?BIOB HAIB MATTB4HSE8. FBATHEB PILLOWS AND BOLSTBBB, SKBVANT'8 FUHN1TUBB, SPBING UNDEB BEDK, EXTENSION DINING TABLE, LEAF AND SIDB TABLES. DINING ( HAIRS. SUPEB10R CHINA AND GLASS WaBI, TABLE decobations, one elb OANT BLACK WA1.NUT BOOKCASE, OF Fl' BTABLKS. DESKS AND CHA1B8, ONE MABTIN GUIT * B, (cost ? i00 io gol I), KITCH EN BIQUIS1TES. ETC., *TC , AT AUCIIOB. Pl Ou MONDAY. May 9th,isr<,at lOo'clock, Vi_ at tbe residenca recently occnpled by the 101 Friiich Minister. No. 1721 H street, be i ? ' ttreen 17th and ISth streets northwest, 1 will sell tfce above fine coll--fti?n of goods This is an attractive *ale ai d should d< mand the attention of rartiee det>iring fine furfcitnre mj3 | B<p l THOS. DOWLING. Anct. rp,HOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer. HIGHLY VALUABLE UMIMPBOVEQ BEAL ESTATE, AGGBEGATING A?OVT 6?l.0riO SOU ARE FEET OF GROUND, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May th? 9th, l->7?. at H o'clock, ou the premises, 1 shall tell the loltowing otucribed property: Lots No. 4, 7, Sand 9 in square 70, on the east side of 22d street, between M and N streets northwest, lot Bo. Slu same square, on the north hide of M street, between 21?t and 21d stree*s;lot No. S3 In same s<inare, on New Hampsbiie avenue, between M and N streets. Tbis propti ty a 111 be sold In original lots or in snbdivl-ions to suit purchasers, and btina ia one of the most rapidly improving stctions of tbe cDy, should demand the attention of parties deairiag profitable investment. Terms: One-fourth casb; balance In fl, It and IB moDtbs. with notes beatiog Interest at 8 aeroent. I per annntn, and secured by a deed of trust on the property sold. B60 deposit on each purchaser at timi ol sale. All converancicg at ooet of purchaser. ap!9 d&ds (Bep| THQ8 DOWLING. Auct. rpuOMAS DOWLING. Anctioneer BXBCUTOB'8 8 vLE ~OF VALUABLE PBOP EB1Y IB SQUARE BO. 99, IN WASHING TON CITY. ? Br virtue of tbe last will and testament of Jamee Green, late of Washington city, de Ceaced. the undersigned will offer at publle sale, on TUESDAY, tha 9th day of May. 1576, at tbe bour rf 6 o'clock p in., on tbe prem ises. tbe following descrioed property, altuated In Washlcgton city, District of Colombia, being part of Lot 4, in square 99. beginning at a point on the east side of Slst street distant S7 feet at d I itches from the Intersection of New Hamp ?hire eve. acd 21st st? atd rnn southerly along tne said Slst street IS feet and S Inches, then east ft) feet, tben north IS feet and A inches, then west 99 feet to tbe place of beginning, containing 1.117 square feet Al<o, all of Lot E, Ming a subdivision of said ?uare the said lot fi on ting 4) feet and 8 inches oa ew Haspsbue avenue, the north line being 97 Teet deep, and tbe sooth line lis feet 11K Inches deep and tbe rear line S7 feat S inches, with tbe buildings upon tbe same, containing 3,881 square Terms of sale: One-third casb^balaEce in six and twelve months, the purchaier giving bts notes, bear!i g 6 per rent, iuteres*, from the day of sal?, a deed given, acd a deed of trust taken to secure de Urreo payments All conveyancing at the ooet of the purchaser. A deposit of |H lequlred when tbe ptoperiy is struck off ? B P. J I'fKPON- Bx?cutor. nijj THOMAS DOWLING. Auctioneer. rpHOMAB DOWLING^Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUSINESS PBOPERTT OH THE NOBiH SIDB OF PENNSYLVANIA AVE M E. H?TWKEN 17th AND 1MU STREETS N < )BTll W EST, AT AUCTION. ? On MON DAY. May ?th, 187?, at fctt o'clock p m ,ln front of the premises, I will sell that v> rv valusble builnee* property ou the northside of Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th aid 18:h streets northwest < No. 1743), being Lot No. 7, In Square IM. having a front of 30 feet by a depth of US 11-11 feet to a *> ? 12 f ot alley, and improved by s two story Biick Dwelling know n aj the star and Garter Restaurant. .... ^ ,a Teims: One third cash; balance In 6, 12 and 18 moMbs, notee bearing interest at 8 psr cent, per nr.num. and secured by deed of trust on the prop erty A dep.sit of ?100 required at time of sale. Allccnvej aucing at the ? *t ?f the purchaser. Ij2vd THQ8. DOW L1NQ. Auct._ nPRUBTEES' SAL* AT AUCTION OF AS 1 BLEGANT DWELLING ON I STREET, DBTWEEN VERMONT AYBNUB AND 16th STREET. SBy virtue of a deed of trust to us, dated March SB, 1874 and recorded in Liber No. 747, 117, one ot the land records of tbe District of Columbia, we wiU. on TII0B8DAY, the 37 tb day of April, 197?, at i o'clock p. m , in front ot the Emises, sell at public auctiou. Lot Ho S3, in J. G. rret's satMllvlkiou of original Lot No.#, inB>inars No 199. said subdivision being recorded tj Liber H. D 0., folio 144 In tbe office of the Surveyor of tbe Dlstiict of Columbia. This lot fronts on 1 street nortb, and runs back to a 30 foot alloy; Is improved by an elegant tnrea story Brict Dwelling. (No. IHT I BMjjt nort!i" vetf,) with basement, attic and ba^k-building, and has eicellent furnaoe and range. Terms: One-third of the pnrchase-monev inoash, iQd talsuoe in tiiree eantl pijmenti tl 6, II Md.18 montbs from dap o? sale, atircbaser, bearing Interest at the rate oc " per cent p?r annum, Mid seoured by a deed of Uust oa the arosert*. shall be given. A deaoett of ?Hl l>e required of the P?rchMer attKume^^le. Allconvej anclng at tbe expeuse of U? purchas?r. If the terms of sale are not complied with within one week from the day ot sale, the trustees reset ve the right to resell tbe property * the risk and ooit of the defaulting purchaser, naoo giving seven days aotlca In the Rational Republic so and Bvenlag Stal GEOBGB W BIGGS. I Trutees ARTHUR FINDMMA. T ' apll [ Bep.) DUNCAN SON BBOB, Ancts. ?TTIB ABOTB SALB IS P08TF0NED aatil TUESDAY, the 9th day of May, A. D. 1?7?, M the same hoar any place By order of GEOBGB w. BIGGS, J Trustees. >pS7 jRep] ABTHUB FBNDALL.t pDWIB i. SWEET, Auctlor T K( STEE'S SALE OF A FINE, LARGE STOCK OF dbogbTtogbthbb wIVhvTHB GOOD WILL ANb FIXTURES AND LBA?B OF rBUO BTOBB AT THE SOUTHWagT CQB NEBOF 7th ANDB STBBBTSBOBTBWBST. n By virtue of a deed of trust to me, dated De ^?Icember 1, A P. 187?, aad duly recorded la Tw Liber Bo. 814, folio 87, one of the land records 2ft for tbe Di'trict of Columbia, I will ^11 at trb'ic suction, on tha premtees, on BATUBOAY, ^prM 89th, U>7$. at ? o'clock p. m , a large aad Jna lot of It rugs. Perfoatery. Toliet Articles. As , Ac.? Ac belpg the entire stock of Diug Store Ho. 19J4t en tlw sSathwwt corner of 7th and B streets aerth W5>rms of ?*e cash. A deposit of fl jm reanlred nf ihe enrcbaaer at time of sale. If tbe terms of lrT. M B. J flBBBf. AaetiJaeec. ?5TTBB ABOTM SALB IS FOBTFOBBP aatil TBUBSDAT, *?F 11 A. mmm hoar ead GBOBQB J. BOBB.Tt?II AUCTION SALES. C'HAELEb S EJRD. AMIoww. ?39 O (trMi, s'tr 7th, aorthwest. L * BQE STOCK OFBEW AND eBCOJCD H \WT? fuKM'I'kl vt Aronov. iillIPtlJINO WiWCT AND ?N>rTAGE SUIT*. 81DE FO&BD8. M T TiBi ll". I.OCNG *8. P VBLoR SCIT8. WALBC * an<! PUPUR RhOSTEAO*. PiRIud WOOD &EAT CHAIRS MATTEa" E8. GLAIS 'ND CHIBA W *R?. ALSO. THE FURNITURE or A Family DBOlININJ HOrMKBlPinn, REMOVEDTO MT STORK FOB OOHVEHIEWCN or AALE ff\ On .MOJf DAT MORRIRG. M?r *>th. 13T6,.*: VH. 10 o'clock, I sbkii tan the *bi><? foods, la MlfrPDt if tuy Auction r>uai-. 639 O illNl I 1 I northwest, wlthont Torts* cash. li Cms. 8. f<?BD, And. THOS. B. WAGOAMAN, A BsalKstate Aactioneer, 819 7thetreet. ? On WBDNB8DAI, Ntr 10th. at 8 o'clock *P m ,on th? premises, Brf'ge street. 8?or|? ?town. between Market aad Frederick streets,a valuabls Lot, fronting00feet on Bridge street Terms, day of sale. ?yM'Mi |)DIOaIBOI BROS., Aociioaeers, Booth*Ml corner ftb and O streets. ASSIGNEE'S 8 A LB OF A STOCK OF CROCK BIBS. LIQUORS. CANNED GOODS, TBAS COFFEE*. 6P1CB8. BOAP. WOODEN W ABB, CROCKERY, SB ELF OOOD8. 8 TO It B FIX TCRK8.Bc .CONTAINED IN STOBB8 ?UTM BaBT CORNER OF ISrB ABD K STREETS NORTHWEST. AT AtCHON rti-t By virtue of ?b iwlnawt rlvea to me, ff!??\l will sell oa W tDN KsOAT MORNING. fci l^'Oth Hoy , commencing at 10 o elock, at ??Bit I. ?b? v named stor . the entire o ntsnt?. cuusUtiLg cf a general assor?meat of Or?>csriee, Br. JAMES L. BARBOCB, Assignee of J. J. Fiok. msy<-3t DUN"AM30N BROS, A act. uttAMAH A GRAKS. D Kll Auctioneers, ho 418 7th street norihweit. yi .'.'if:;; f" "?f'sft" " v? bocks of W sshitgten, D C.. as lot 10 in jVl.V. u* 'tarr's subdivision of lot, 1.1,* , 4.3. <? 7 i?d? In T?frti?a?n BoDI*,Urj' between 13th aod heTnrS,.?'.r?<': On"thlnica?h. of which ?SOmurt flT Si. ''?* ?' "Ale, Aud the balaucv In six and i i .0!iei! 1,1 >'ncll?"f'? o"??. b ir K-g uttn Iter cent inieiest, on the premises g.lj Conveyaneugat purchasers c^t plvatl3ta 8jlJ* M O LUTTRELL. SAlesmau, ^UOUAS DOWLING Auctioneer. " B A J R CLOTH I'ARLORhCIT. WALBL'T ft int OASES. BURBLE TUP TABLB8 WALSI T WHATNOT. LOUNGES ANl) IA,T OHAlis JINK ENGRAVINGS. CSof light, wal' n?n MIRROR, Maviel and OlHIR ORN \M EN'i8. WALBUT ANP M \ R bLE TOP CHAMBER FUBBITUBB. PaINtI EL' COTTAGE FC'RNITCRE. Qr^K ANn hair mattress as. feather pillow? AND BOLStERS, MOSOCITO f ?NilPV bklssblb, THREE PL* AND IMOKaiV ?^XlKZSJ?* D1NIHO T? BL1*! ERATOB, 8 a rE,1VELOCI^Vi?B' H?* T%'b iuCTIofc"1?"*^BEQlflsIfEs"?.! AT Q. t "?f 19.1578, at 10 o'clock, mm. ? 1443 Corcoran itreet oe W !T*n ,4t?f%?d U.tb northwest, the abovo Fnr Terai cash " ?xctll8l>t condition, m>adt> ,"'0' POWLINQ, Ancticneer. fkOWHMAN A GREEN, Anctlonwi, E-T Real Es-ato Aactioceert, Ho. 419 ftb street northwett. IE hiAA wU1 Auction to the highest * bl^,eVh?? eAT.L^DAY. Mar 13th, at A* elk Knnm'nVJLt !i I ^5 " 9,#c* ur ?Arcel of ground, in..o^ n <fe,.rr DT^ upoa ,h" J?ut book*of Waih i?4 7:Jyuar? tMt together with the nrfiVSSrth^!1*-3 ?* r' M ?nd 3d ,0oei 'h'rdicA?h: of which ?90 bom ?oS?hd.,*Uiu^rbT9n??h,l^V,,n^ *^art?T? ancii^at turcli^r\ c^.t 'remi9t8 n)>' go M. O. LCTTRELL, Satosman. caw?ATpw*Vss"^"??^?: lolfavHi" A"D ?*?**" Bifwress ,.1? ,yMn.nB!J,?r^ 4 ?1'?0Cket 14 ?>y the j iiV lice !io!dl"g the E?iulty Term Mw 3d, W76, aaaoiut nf v ???0e,rl'in^J1 Trusteee. we will, on WeL^BS Dai Tii Ma) lTth, la76. in front jf tlio premises, it t> o clfCA p. m., sell at public austion, all fliat piece of i1 0 ^n,,llMtjnkno?n on the plat of ter? ,Wen,v ?'* fMt of Lot norn tereo ten(10). In Sgnare numben-d throe haadr< ,i and seventeen (3L ), together with the Improvements thereon, cocsi'tirgof a two s?or> Brick tlouae i e,asfix'/1 b7decree,?ra: Ono third money iu cash, and the remainder in etjUAlinstailments, at six and iwelre months frc-m ^ "lt' ???'?rretl pajmnnta to fc"ir in^ei^t.andto b?_ secure.1 by a li?n upon the prop S i ,Pne..han'lr?<l dollsis in ca^h mntt be tteluue t,,e Pr<>??rtyis knocks down, and a7 "?* ??'?> Wl'hin one week ' ' property Is to be resold at the rlftk of llie deraultii?g p'sreha^ r ? HBNRT WIS* U/tSMF.TT, i No.2,CojumbiAnCo?ie^LawBuadlng. Trultw,. n Webetar Law Building,) Cut cat son Eroe , Ancts. my6 r|^H0MA8 DOW LING, Aactionoer. tHAN^KKY SALK OF BEAL ESTATE AT ^TBhET WEbTTU* WKST BlriC ?r 141,1 fSS| Of a dccre? of the Fnprem# CJoart of fWMiDiAj Msfed fn e.jnity cau,e g 1 * M4, we will offer for saIo ?? p'ibli ? anction, in IlVa'l?e?, Ml TUESDAY. May 16,1>J76. k! ?. ? !>,'? n?..A part of lot 70. in aquare 2J4, .iT* l?! ,h" **mS ar.a r iat 111 south froa tte northeast corner of aala lot and sqoar*. and ran nirjf thence ? nth on the we-t line of Ilthetraet And .3 j00 feet to the north line of a pai. of *. owned by Marr Hnme?: thenoe dJe west t5.eiT' ,th.eBce north 17 and 3:-'00 feet to a 9?'?? ?'??5??n'h ft"m the most northern line of Skfd lot, aatf being the eouth line of north U ttreer ??.?? thence due east 100 reet to the begioning, an<l improved by a two stor? frame stAble Terms of sale: One-fourtb of the purchase money ca*h on the dap of sale, or within seven dars tnere afier, aid thereeidneiu three equAl Instalmsnta at six,twelve and eighteen months from the day ol sale, the purchaser or purchasers living his, her or ?heir promissory notes lor the deferieo psi meats, bearing Interest fi<>m th?day of sale at the rate of eight per oentum per annum until paid; or the pur chaser or purchasers msv at bis, her or their elec tion ray all cash on the day of sals or within seven dsys thereafter. A deposit <>r?luO will be required of the pur chaser at the time r sale, ir tte terms of sale Are aot c?yplied with, the trustees reserve the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the de t?mM ?dTwtiaMu.M, HIIBY" OARNETT.i^Trustees. my? ^ot*' THOMAS DOwLiHG. Auct. f kDNCAJsioN BROS., Anctloaeers, u Comer 9th And D streets northwest. af'BE WOOD PARLOR BUITE OF TEH PrBOES. IBMAROOH AND LLACK SATIN o. Ffiniy1?' M*DI BY |KIRBE; GRAND BU8EWOOD CASE STEIflWAY PIAPO FRENCH PLATE MIH RuR, bos B WOOD BOO EC ABB OIL P*lN?INGd AND WATER colors. Marble topoentbr and card tables, jardiN1 ?R8.HALL rCHBITCRE DINING-ROOM OAK FURNITORB OCT AND PLAIN GLASSWARE. CHAMBER. W ALNCT AND COTTAGE BETS, FEATHERS, BRUS SELS AND THRBR-PLY STAIR A|D0H?M ?** OARPETS THROCOHftl'T THE hoi SIC. M ATTlhGS, Ac.. TOGETB T. H Wil'H KIIC11EH FPRNIlfCRK.AT AUoTION. On TUESDAY MORNING. M*y ?, cm CJka msnclng at 10 o'clock, at No 14 (9 W street northwest, we will sell the entire furuitnre ' 1 'oonlalaed is said dwelling, ?part or whi ;h is "vi*? eitimerAte'd, all in good oon4Uion, and to a h'ch we call the attention of buy <?ts ?t? 3t DCNOAHEON BROS., Auct. * MLDDLBTON. * Re*l Estate Auctioneers. i? TSsioSfmS:."V? m.1,5 fl And by vlriae or a deed of Irnst to me. ??dated August 12th. a D. 1874, aod duly recotd ? eT?n Liber MB. No. 9, folio 337, et wq.tri^the Ised records for Prince George county. State of H. E . George, Bute of Maryland, known and described as follows B< sinning for the ssm- at a point on the new cat rosd, distant MS Let easterly the insarsectlon of said road with the Dietrict line, and opposite a white oak tree standing four (4) feet within the line of fence on taid road; thence north 77 degrees 13 minutes east 8? feet along said road; thsnoe north IS degrees 45 nil antes west 1 JUS feet; thence south 88 degrees 30 minutes west 6*5H feet; thence south 1,440 feet to the place of beginning, containing SIS actes. more or less; the sal a piece of lend being part of a trAct known as "Ohlllen Castle Manor," and the same land conveyed ta RlchArd B. Mohan by Wm F Johnson In 1846. Terms of sals: SSJ00 la cash, of which a deposit of 8MO will be required at the time of sale; and the balance In six, twalve and eighteen months, secured by a d?ed of trust upon the property sold and the notes of the purehsaer, bearing interest. All con veyancing at the purchaser 's cost If the tanas of sale are not complied with In fifteen davs, the trus tee reserves ths right to reeeU the aropertj at the risk and oost cf the defaulting purchaser. ANDREW C. BRADLEY, Trustee. a?s 8t YOUNG A MIDDLETON, Aucts QEO. W. 8TI0KNFT. Auctioneer. PUBLIC BALE OF AH ELEGANT OOCKTET 8 a AT J CAT NORTH OF GEOROJtlOWN, IN THE DlbTRlcT OF OOLUMRIA. By virtue of a deed of trast, dstad April 1?, Hi 1874, recordej |D Liber 747, f 41o Stft. of ta* land rx lords of the District of Colombia, we will offer for sa*e at public auction, apna the premises, on i*rt*an *mr .. _ j?.. - ' ^ - ' v!* TTERD \Y% the 9tb of Maf, 1871, mi & o'clock a m the valnabie tract of la ad, eitaale la said district and deecrlbed as follows: Parts *f a tract oll.nd called-The Bock of Daabartos," or'-The Addition to the Roak of Dunhartoa," or "Prattr Prefect.''or ' Ciiitoa."or by whatever the aaj be known or called, consisting of fbor several Kiits bow united In one. which were held by Brook aekaU, a lby him sold to Heary Gildermsister, aid which said parcels nni:ed la oaa are oooadW on the south by toe lands of Edsrard Llnthlram, aa consejed to him by Brooke Meckall; on the " ' * id B. A. ? by the landfnf Morris Adh r and I. A. Blisson on the north kf the lands of MArgaret C. Barber, aad Hot^ t Barnard's h?lrs, and on tae east hp the Ian<tsafWm Mortan aLd Rob rt Barnard's hairs, and containina in all forty five acres of laad more or Use, ard heina the ptrci of land eonvaysd to the late Charles SUet, jr., hr Haary Qiidetm Ister. Tfcs property is improved by a com ~ " lira-Ac. Terms of Mia: commodioas Dwsl ^ ? Oea-tklrd oa?fc; balaooe la equal in it alia, eats at twelvs. el<hleeu an-1 months, th? purchaser to give his not-* for the da tetrad payments, bearing Interest at the rata at ?MM percent per anaaru.And secored bv a deed of frost oa the property. B4W dowa at time of sale. ConveyanciaA at cot of porehaaer. . . | Tnutass EVENING STAR BATrKPAT Msr 0, 1S7C. rOITT rOlKTH G*S0tnw C%0*tnp IV*eff4<Rfi rriffrtfcH. PEN ATE ?After our report cloned? Manager Krotl followed Mr. Carpenter la ibe Impeachment trial, but after speaking for a few minute*, stated that he wan suf. r?rirg such physical pain that be was obliged to ask for an adjournment. 1 be Senate. Bitting aa a court of Impeach ment, tben adjourned until to-morrow. The Senate then resumed the consideration of legislative buslaesa, and. a'ter referring aeveiai House bills to appropriate commu tes, on motion of Mr. Paddock, went into executive session. At 5 o'clock tbe door* were re-opened. and the Senate adjourned until to-morrow. HOUSE?After our report closed? Tbe House, at 1:30, went into Committee of tbe Whole on tbe private calendar. Tbe committee, at3 30, rose and retn>rtet to the House a large number of private bills?sixty odd?which were passed. Mr. Blout, from tbe Appropriation Com mittee, reported tbe naval appropriation bill, which was made the special order for Monday next. The bill appropriate* *12.WW,**6. It contain* a provision looking to the sale of tbe naval hospitals at Annap olis and Washington, and directs them to b closed during the next fiscal year. It also cortxlns a provision looking to the sale of ihe navy yard* at Chariest >wn,\ft ashlngton and Pensacola. ami to the recession of tbe naval stulon at New London. a:>d direct* theestai>lishm?-nt of a naval rendezvous at T\ bee islatd or at Cock?om. Ga. It orders th* stopp^ g of enlis mei-ts In the navy until ti e nuu.ber.of mil-led men 1? reduced to 0. Mr. Hut ton. from the Judiciary Commit tee, reported bark f -?bly te ameud ii ents to the Hous hill (tertnittinir Judge McCsndlWN, of Pa . 10 retire on full pav. The principal ani<-L lment i? on requiring the resignation to tie made within six month*. Mr. Holman moved to lay the b;ll and amendments on the table, aa extending the limits Of the civil pension list, which was antagonistic to the idea of republican gov ernment. Without, ae- ion on the bill, the House, at 4:40, adjourned. A Heroine.?At Mendota, III., last week. Mr. \ an Doren and wife had gone out to spend the evening with a nelghW&r, leaving the younger chlldien In charge or their older sister Kate, who Is about 16 years old. Mr. aDd Mrs. Van Doren had hardly departed when some scoundrel, having bis face mask ed, entered the house and asked if Mr. Van Doren was in. When answered In the nega tive be presented a pistol st tne bead of Miss \ an Doren &ud demanded what money there was In the bouse. He said he knew that Van Doren had money, and he wanted it. The girl displayed great coolness, and told the vil lain that if her pa had aoy money It must be In his bedroom, and if he would wait where he was she would go and get It for him. He said tbat was too thin, and followed her Into the bedroom, first putting his pistol In his pocket, anticipating no trouble from such a young girl. She happened to see in the cor ner of the room a rifle cane belonging to her father, which she seized and Immediately pointed at tbe rascal, and told blm to leave. When she pointed the cane at him he elacu? lated, "Hell I a rifle cane! You are a pretty girl! and commenced to back out of tne room, Miss Van Doren endeavoring to set the trigger of the rifle, w*ch she failed to do owing to her excitement. .She backed the coward clear out of the bouse. As soon as he had got clear of the premises be started to run. Slnee then the city marshal has been looking for blm, but has railed to find him. For one so young Miss Van Doren has cer tainly displayed a degree of courage hardly ever exeellr d. Crmbirland Coal Trade The Cum berland Times says ta^nty-four boats left Cumberland on Monday with 2,400 tons of coal, and tbat this may be considered an av erage shipment for the season. At such rate the aggregate for the shipping period will be about 650,000 tons, which Is not more than half tbe amount of last season. Tbe freight upon tbe shipments will be about 1550.000. which, divided among 500 boats, will not be sufficient to pay theTr necessary expenses. The Times attributes this condition to the evasion of the law passed by the last legisla ture reducing the rate of frelghi on t^e Cum berland and Pennsylvania railroad. Doubt less this has some effect In the premises, but there had been trouble and a strike In the coal region before that law was parsed. Tne Tret is that demand for Cumberland co&l Is Breatly reduced by withdrawal of steamers from the carrying trade. No doubt If there were demand for more bituminous coal It would be readily mined. As It Is it is appa rent tbat the large consolidation coal com pany, which now owns the Cumberland and P.edrront(late PenDS>lvania) railroad lsen deavoring to monopolize what business there is. Under this policy the Maryland compa ny has closed up its mines, and others may follow suit. With regard to the suit for en forcing tbe disregarded law, we learn that At oriey Get era 1 Gwinn has forwarded to the circuit court for Allegany county the necestar; legal paper; In the case of the stete of Maryltfcd iigainst the Cumberland and Pi< dmotit railroad company. The suit will be at QLce prooeedtd witb [Bulio. Sun. Gone Wist 500 Strong ?A Black Hills rarty, ?00 strong, from Springfield. Mass., arrived bere yesterday in the Hartford boat, bonod for Yankton, via the Pennsylvania railroad, and thenoe to Custer City and the Powoer and Big Horn dlstrtcts. They expect to be Joined by Saltlel's partv and "Wild Bill's" expeditions, both from St. Louis, and by otber reinforcements, making the party 1,006 men, well armed. Accessions bere and in Philadelphia are expected. There also arrived bere yesterday, via the Norwich line, from Boston, tbe second detachment of the Arizona Colonization Society, over two hun dred strong, bound for tbe vaileyof tbe Little Colorado Chlqulto?near the San Fra iclsco Mountains, In Central Arlzova. The firet detachment left Boston Marct 1, and the third will leave June 19. Already tilrty me i are pledged, wb'le some of the wives and families of those who went wHI go In tbe third. One hundred othsr colonists, bound for Texas, Kansas and Imhot acoom pany tbe party to Chicago. Th'! t?jr? "iriles, making a good tialn, left early f. r Phila delphia, where U:ey will visit 'no Ci iteunlal grounds during the day aud ,eav< for the west in the evening?[A*. 1'. FT ht ?J. Lovb.Whisey and Death. J~*S. Adams, of Chester, Vt., a lawyer, ag? 33, was en gaged to be married to Miss Ltzze Flshtr. ( t North Chester. At times he h;vi tits of despondency wLlch o Tcame Lim, atd when In this mol was 1 able to se< ic liquor to allay them. Friday night she fold him, at thehouroof her slater, Mrs. Finiey, fiat she would not act..?pt h m fur her future hus band If he touc^^d liquor again. He gave her a pledge not to do so. On Saturday ue went to Mrs. Finley'* and howe t her some thirg, he stated, was po'soa, saying he was going to swailow It. Ni.s. Flnley endeav ored to take it from him, but before she , cop id accomplish her purpose Adams had swahowed a fatal dose of c.tratr of potassle, and tell to the floor In five minutes. He was a corpse in ten minutes. A Very Costly Kiss.? John Bunce cf 40 Green wlcu street was convicted yesterday of assaulting Jobn Grams of 28 Washington street. Bonce bad heard tbat Gra-ns md kissed his wife before sbe died, and he flred four shots at Grams with Intent to kill. Bunce regretted tbat he did not kill Grams. Recorder Hackett sentenced tne prisoner to seven years and six months lu state prison. [A1 Y. Sun, 3d. A woman In Washington Territory kept her mouth open long enough upon a certain oocaalon last month to swallow a snake. Her husband betrayed a good deal of reeling In relating the little clrcumstanoe to his neighbors, and coccluded bis narrative wlta tbe remark: "There ain't notbln' hard hearted 'bout me, but banged If I s'posed I could ever feel enny sorrier for a snake." We have tried tbe rag baby In the south. &e tried it in the confederacy, under tfcd m that it would j^ay our debts. It paid nothing. By and b? ft had not credit enough to buy a bushel of beans for a bushel of dol lars.?[Low COurier-Journal. ?7~Sald a Brooklyn school miss to her companion, the otber day: "Ob. Join our church! There Isn't a man or woman In It that there isn't souse gossip or scandal about!" ?"Tbe Rev. Grant Powers, or Haverhill, N. H.. rebuked an ignorant preacher for ex ercising the office or priest. He replied: " We are commanded to preach tbe gospel to every critter." "But,v said Powers, "every critter is not commanded to preach the gos pel." iFWbni Mark Antony threw himself upon tbe "dear remains" or his loved Caesar In a Pittsburgh theater tbe other evening, be struck the "corpse" fair in the stomach, wblcb bad tbe effect ot doubling It np witb a gmnt, that rather detracted from tbe sq iemnlty of the occasion. VTbey suspended a Louisville policeman merely because when be attested a woman at a bail, Just for trying to shoot a fiddler, be held a consultation with her oa the street oorner and then returned to the ball and danced a aet with her. ?7-"Is it becoming to me?" asked she, as sbe paraded in tbe costume of too years ago, before the man wko is not bar lord and mas ter, but is her husband. "Yes. my dear.^ said be, meekly. "Don't yon wish I could dress this way all the time?" she asked. "No, my dear," be answered, "bat I wish you baa Uve4 wbeu that was the style." i f*?? t*? itikiM iMi. ?tnunfM. Tfc kssv* tbe: ?:ika? hisrPel la tkt t.tcft * fh .U?tan1 dager to ?N- boatrt. tbu An* l*n#?r th* vHI of th. ?b! >rr?'rit AH ?'f aifkt, vkikm d b, Wjs, th?t i ? Ki? track. I* viiiil t? Kim who dates attack * rry'41' "** *nrt?m lt~. tat iii* hi* hon,-t. airtiug In onr ^fr% n 12**1 UmLT?** " 'aow^ wfc4*e ?*":n M??? Ilia. *bo?M all Mk npnw tk? mt9H &hu?.aaa?ia..nof th. darkr?tdr?. n?"V*,1 h'"' * M?i?fc?i-1 tli-Hit tnort f?m ?mU M?rt. W l v hi. eod th.. Mo4 .MU., And ? alfc? nuk'iN aini.1 hi. rt..w?-r of .Mn ^^ *. L. Caorxttti. iro? The Star SKETCHES FROM GERMAN LITE. IXi-PrNM^an Milttmrw Almost tbe Oral thin* to Impreesa for eigner In Germany is tu martial appear aoc*- Military la stamped upon everything and each male Individual baa been, it, or is going to be a soldier. There are those. I know, who gravely shake their heads at what they term monarohloal oppression In keeping a standing army that cripples and eat* op the very substance of the land; hot, however this may be, that army Is certainly a magrlflcent and well-regulated Institu tion. The Prussians are naturally gool sol diers, the qualities that make military be roes being common to their race. While their * rencb neighbors work up a won lerful am<uit of enthusiasm over a can*e, aud. with ail their native bravery, flgbt moat < esperately. they ?xerclae that cool-beaded theory in m.litery tactici which ban so of 9n enabled thein to tear off the palms of vic tory. Their common soldiers, a* a txxiv. tossess both obedience and submission. quNiiue* univei>ally c'laracterisiib if sub oruinate Teutoi.s. Petbaps the "Th?-ir< n ?t to roan, in a U\ ; Ttfii" tu! tu d>i ?n-Uli< spirit ammates them, however It Is, manv mo\ fiuents In the late Franc?-Prussian aul foimer wars wlta their lnvetera'e enemy >how tnat they can blindly o?jey a ooramanJ better than auy other clvillred people. N?v eral ext*naive works on the late war have been recently publubed In Germany. The* presume ol course In a great measure, partial, but without glancing at the reading matter, studying merely the maps drawn of .'iiKl',1,!"1 roUng Lbe PWUUve sc'enoe with which they were planned and the dla P?|f" "nd regulation that drew up portl ous *f?y trom all Quarters surrounding a city to be captured, we cannot marvel tbat even so great a nation as France, with all her brave and enthusiastic subjects was coa quered so quickly. J OJ In peaceful times it seemi very hard for lo ^ obliged to render to his oonntry ******* a Xear s service, three years if he Is leas favorably situated. No wouder that this la the great theme In every circle, and that in families where there are sons growing up talked o?0*1 Ujer* i* "ttle else thought or WHEX VOCKG VKS SERVE before they are old enough to take any very rerlous view of life, before they have mar ried or formed any business ties, they are apt to regard a soldier's life In peaceful ILraeT, l*lJ1*r * dealrable one. Lightly considering the sorvloe which they must ran *?d"le lo? of time to all their own in terests, they only anticipate the rollicking leisure which they wlllspend with boon companions It la this period of life whlca the majority select for the time of their ser ln the gay processions which the lower claasea make there la notli ing to Indicate that they, at any rate, regard " * hard of their country, with and ?7,n* colors they march about the streets toll owed by a decidedly ragamufflnthougb enthusiastic crowd. The day is ended up In great hilarity at beer gar dens which reaound with Vieir spirited aol dier songs and the thundering notes of the favorite "Wac/u am RheiH." To live In one of GIRMAHY'S FORTIFIED CITIES, like Coblenz or Mayence, Is little better than residing within the narrow confines of a fort w?s ltselJ. Yon see nothing but gloomy for tifications and hard working military, hear nothing from the time that the rev?illi? awakes you In the morning but tbe bea\ y tramp or soldiers to and from their posts of duty. In an unfortified town, where only one or two companies are stationed, there Is Just brass buttontsm enough to give spirit to the place. In Wiesbaden, during our resi dence there, the military was compose-l of cavalry and artillery officers and a lew men. Their Juties did not seem to be very arduous, for they dashed around on horseback up and down the neighboring mountains all the morning and put In a full attendance to every g*yety of the afternoon and evening hour. A watering plat e Is by tbese officers considered a position prr erreWnre, for be sides tbe amusement which it affords they meet In Its social world so many foreiguers, to whom, by their linguistic accomplish ments, 'hey make themselves very agreea ble. decidcdly so if these strangers be Ameri cans. THE PKCbSIAWS AS A RACK are a people of remarkable fine physique, and their officers seem to be tue very pick of the lai d. Walking or riding on duty or In the ban room, they certaluly are magnifi cent looklrg men, and it Is only to be regret ted that they themselves so thoroughly ap preciate this fact. Those woo distinguished themselves in the late war wear the "Iron Cross" presented by the Kaiser; this mark of honor attracts general admiration to the w?*r?r. A great many ladles have also re ?el.T?d-tl?^ cr0M for ^rvices rendered on batt la fields, In boepitals and elsewhere. To them no doubt It was a more deserved honor t ian to many titled officers. Some old vete rans and honor-showered heroes wear a string of glittering medals across half of tbe breast from the buttons U> tbe epaulette. This looks especially fine on the gay Aus trian officers vbose blonde beauty Is set off by light blue coats with silver trimmings. A PTI.L- SACK UKIFOEX. The Hussar uniform, requiring an almost fauhless figure. Is the finest of all the vari ous bablllaenU or the Prussian army. Tue excessive p< rsoral variety of these Hussars, however, ut'erly extinguishes any admira tion with 'rhlch one may bav* regarded them on Or it acquaintance. They never miss an opjonuulty to display their flue appearai ee, aiid In crowded assemblies strut ttbuitt i fce peacocks; under no elrcum *? mots sittl g uowu; Indeed, in their dress ii dform. I st rio .sly doubt they caa do any thing but ?ta id or move about. A little cap 1* u-ed 0/ ali officers as a head covering tor gtn -al wea.,tbe spiked helmet w hit. gives to a body of men such a sol dierly and lnvlnjibleappearance being worn 0 ily ou espe< ial occaaioua. In order to *eep up this fine and Immacu late personal upptaranoe every high ranked officer bas a son of valet, or as they are called Bethmtr. Tuey, poor, miserable beings, are on the very lowest peg of military pro motion, and thair arrogant masters make such beasts of >urden of them that they are truly to be pitied. They wash mend tbe linens, brush and keep in order the uulfarms ?d run abc I on all sorts of errands How often have w?- seen them rushing madly toward tb6 t' sino with newly renovated unifotms over tbe arm, as If dlr* pai.lsn ment awaited them were thoy five ml lutes lave. A scared, flyaway looking officer's servac t stood near us one day while watching a para Je. 8om<- one eame along and said to 1 lm, ?'your master is looking for you." Positively If that Bcdimtir had been shot out of a cannon Le could not have dashed more wildly to the ?pot, where In a fit of rage, his master stood waiting to dismount. Tais lit tle trifle entirely turned the tldo of favor against the otherwise blaod smiling Herr Lieutenant. P-jm" officers whenever they ride have a melancholy BecUente bobbing up and (ijwn a few yarda In the rear, but tbe generality to unaccompanied. *.XOHO TH* OFFICERS THEMSELVES it Is curious to note the deferanoe which tbe smaller fiy have to show to superiors. Indeed at p romenade ooncerts sometimes I have oeen firmly oonvtnoed tbat the higher officers paced so unceasingly around the miai for no other purpose than to enjoy having all snbordlnates wheat around, teoe them ?J make the aalute. I reoollect at one afternoon concert being jammed down In a aeat, with th* wall on one side of ma and on the other a lively little cade*, who posi tively u h* bounced up ooes dkl so twenty times, and dropped down into his seat again like a Jack knife suddsnly shot to, Just be cause a pompous officer k*pt strutting op and down that aisle. Tbe mansers of tbe Prussian military are simpi;- perfect. Tbe military men of all countries ere universally acknowledged to t* gallant, and yet I cannot but wonder that these Prussians, men who are so st?unch and solid 1* ail th* stem re quirements of war should have reached such perfection of etiquette. Their pol ished manners, brtlliant conversation and gay reparte* mak* th*m the lions of every ball Boom and social gath ering, and their society Is unl venally sought after. Toward ladles, whethsr acqualntau wmoc strangers, they are most g?llanUy courteous. Their hand is tarvtm at the swoid hilt to soak* the salute, and their lips what they mi In meeting a may not se* t the salute, even i they show ?or a of Mar* spring It (Mr h?( anUl IM cr. atcreeaail by. Every officer Will in tbla, I fv?n "^?|h be hat bod iluU u I a trod a* - I Uoo to im lady. It to ont Co bo mImMmI ibrath tbot tbey Ibree U?e4r --v--'ia*** I' or piwum lo tbo ?ll|liim. nr 1iwo i etiquette whidi u vorr etnet lo tbte par* | ttculor, find* tu cloeael odhoroolo In la* | mtiltary They may. a nor oa IntrodW I Uoo. ?bow tbo lady oil u>o po?lb'*defer I ence of ?aluiatl*a. bat ?lit? tberr boo been some alight acouaintaaNBblp tboy pro ! aume so rartbor. Neither will tboy. ondor any n rrumitanoM, jate or Mo* la oon****a with yoatig ladlea ua*coompaalalb?aeM?> i eroo. indeed It la to tbe umo aod tie*, la at families tbot tboir ruoroiaaUoi la pnaet | i>o<l} ad?i reared, on them tboy a bo war ttootr moat daileate attention*, bewtutnng aoaltaa, i and gay w rttlcteme. Vjb woo Id hardly iaa agate U*at tbe fttg bunted UtUa iaaaeei ait Ui I unnoticed at tbo aide of b?r talkatle* mama la tbe one fbr wboaa all Um atioot of tbo gay cavalier are uncortacloua be aqrm? of ber greater bla attention* to naM > more eareieaa bta manner of ntwm asking tf -Prauiela dooa not lb'ok ao aa If it were o matter *f aobltne adlf to him what Krauiein thinks. tbe ooa deeparatoiy. yoo may baaore, la be la lova. Ilieee are tbe tactloa la each aiUira wblab inranahiy paraoa. Ho*' often, lo tbe Wleahadeit ki?r?aal, hare wa eaea utf I lltUe fbrce enacted, and laugtwu over wkai waa to tbom aucb a aertoua and lmportaat matter It la not in he wardered at um tbe arabt tioua mamaa and ootbualaat ic c augbtera of other luda should r< i?ard a I'm urn an oAoar aa a eery eligible ;*rei but thai tbat opta lon should be also neid by Germane la ratbor tr.ore -urprlali g. Not withe landing bow well known a. i all tin lr atiorteomluge io (Mr own rontitry. theae military men ore ctosld ered great "cafbea" In tbo matrtaeoaal market. They Uiem?el vee are ahrewd, aod ?at a 11 to n "y a o?rman girl aoloaa ah* la an h?-lre? a, ot at least nretty well off. H'ltb 'oreigneia sometime* litr-y are aa thorough 1 y taker In oo u>?- il am-lal subject, aa tboy do aetve to be. Their pay. no inaUar bow b gb tbo pool Uoo. taila oo abort of tbe.r yearly ? xpensee they naturally look for aooao one who can pay off t ?etr debt a. Heaidee this, th* Prnsstan pivrnmaut. In order to jrevenl war leaving a number or peoniloaa wldowa dependent upon Uiem. tiaa mad* a law requiring ever* officer whoruarrlaa to lay down thirty thonaawg Tbe Iar? for tola futur* support In ca?e of bladoatn. TliiaMra, of conrae, have not got it. ard ao li c trues dowa to tbe almple fact that wh<?ver in a rr lea oa* of tbeeeeopti vatlng knighia ha* cot to poy iilrty thousand rA<i/?r? f??r him. Now wilb whatever groat <r.aguat wo may look opoo the worldly n>nue?ln**e of tii?o* offloera oa I lb* man imortal sut?j?ct an entirely dtflnraat opinion la held by European* Tor they And It perfectly Justifiable and correct.. I can n.-vor forget tbe surprise with which I (latent 1 to a German lady who waa giving me the popo ar idea on thla enbjeet. "Why" ealJ ?aa, "what el** could you expect There la a young American girl for instance without a I thing beyond ber money. Gne of tbeae blfb ranked officer* fella in lore wltb bar. Ho baa a nob'.e pedigree, name, title, posit! oa, la I short everything l?ut ca?h. la It not <**t that abe ahould contribute aooietblng la return for all be glee* ber" Why If abe did : ot have her money It wonll be on* of tbo moat pitiably une< toal matebe* la tbe world.** The engagement of an offleer oaue*aagrea~ stir In the aoclal world In which be movea. AR BROAOKIBMT II OBBMAMT la at all timea more important Uian * mar riage, and when an offloer la one of tb* la tereeled partlea. tbe excitenaaat run* v*ry high. Carda announcing tbe eveat are aent ont. and there la frequently mar* of a o*l* braiion than at tbe nuptial*. Tb* lady I* then known aa a bride, wbleb title abe taiiaa until abe becomea a wife. Th* wbun affair la looked uj>on in a very eerlona Ugbt, and broken en k age menu are bold aa tba greateat mlafortnnea. Tbe Germaoa regard with poeltlve horroronr American llgbta*** In taking a, ao to them, eacred and import ant atep, and their -ttsguat for co<jaettoa aad Indlvlduala two or three tlmea H knowa no bound*. HCCUT KKOAOBVEKTS All HOT I* raamoar among them, and tbe annonnoement trap, ela wfin lightning rapidity. Tbe betrolbad | conple Invariably publlab It tb*a**elr?* long before tbe carda are pilntad by appear ing on the street together arm In arm and wlthont chaperone. Tnls mnch freedom I*1 granted them, and tbe officers aad tbatr krldes take all poaalble advantage of it. for they give up their entire leisure lo proaa ntiding. Mama, however, mn*l acr unpaay 1 them to tbe tb?tar aad every e\-*ning amuiemeot. bhe seem* to ftsel heraelf in tbe way. is snapplab, eaaliy Irritated, and aa altogether different dame from ber to wlia^ I tbe officer first played tbe acr> eabi ? for tbla result. l. M. P. i in i d. BBAWbrK Irlday. Mar ? h. irt. II >?!?. liasittoLL Vaiu>as, lufaai -Uuihierof Mai Ike aiid U?srr A bravnar, a|?41maika aa* U*ifi.*| y II /. I' aTBICK. 8atar<la> B Tilat. Mar Mb. 1*76 at Pro?td?uea Hot?ital. Jtau Virzi-araic a, Ute ct ibe Metropoltta* Baak,ag?*7V. Kau?ral ? 111 take piwf fro? H Alor*1"- ckur h Ht 10 o'clock a. u. , M tid*>, Mar I- Frtaa*aea1 aa*ealalaucee lovitadto aateei. * I MAt PABLAHU At bl* reat/eaee. 1 TUT P *? tMleklar Placei, on Saturday m- relng, Mar ?. MM, Ji-oeth Mm FaBLaKD. la tbe .Mtb year of hie age Hotioe of fnnaral lieraafter ( Soada; paperaeorr. Ml BBAT Oa the aornlag cf Sa'ardar. ?th. 1(576, at 10H o'clock. Bmma Buxcii, ii daugbUr of Joiin and Maggie A. Murray. agM Friend- ac I acunatntanoee are raep*ctfallr ? vital to attend tb* fauaral. to morrow afreraooa. el 4 a clock. Tram tb* realtence of bar aaraatr la 1*238 I atreet. between 12tk and IStb eta a.*. ? B1CHABDSOB. la tbtecltr.oa tba ?oralag *f Fatarday, Mar 6. 1*7*. erter a ioaa Ulaaae, Mr*. Jasx Bichiiis 'R.wife of tba late AJaxaa " ardaoa. of H am-iiton, Va , aged 7Syaare. Vrk ide are I to ited to attead the ruBerai cn Snadar< the 7tb tnetaat. at So daafe p ? ? * *- ' -e (Mrs "" ? - ? ? j* ? 1 T1EBBBT. !? thin iIm. ? -. 1?76, at u gp . m ?e PHdar, Mar art t.?b rear " *M<?aAa Tiaaaar, la aS ne;^bna??!!3t 7t* iF****" tnm raalde^sa ?o tfce Chi.roh of *g0?i*ryatia.ati W. g.; rrjendaare re.^UoIi^i UNDERTAKERS. it. P. HARVEY, I'nderlaker. ?*. HACbKTT WITB R P. HAKVKf. jj? W. UAKbKR. Cabinet Maker and Cndrrtaker, ? 19 11 th Btaezt Noithwm. octl-ir I'aad Oaatl TBAWLIN TBUMKB, wl LAU1B8' TBAVBL1MQ BATUHBLB. BRAWL BTBAP8 aad POOKBT BOOU. DOCBLB aad BlRQbB RABBBBB. LAP BO BBS aa* ROBBB BLAMUti BADDLBB, BB11/LBB aad WR1PB. Traaka Oorered aad Ecpaired, aad aaad* la aaa 18 B. McMCRRAT, I RI PltkLBa la Bait Vli ICM IA1CBI far Flab. Meat ft 0a pMILADEirMIA 11H1BITIOR, ^ROBBR ft BLACkWKLLI P R pOTTIB BEATS aad PlaM. ^KHllM BflTABB. j^irUUM MALT T1KBOAR, IAMB IBU1BE HABMAUBIf deaa pocertaa la tbe ada. Beery geaalae art tale la label raotu ft bqcai I^UMBSftl LUMBER! 9BMA.T MMDOCTIOM MM ri

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