Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1876 Page 1
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)t fneuino JSfal 47?N 2. 7,219. WASHINGTON, D. C.. TUESDAY. MAY 16. 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR rtBLISIEI DULY, Su4ay> AT THE STAR BUILDIXGS, Ptiatylraaia Aunt, earner 11th ?treet? ?f The Etening Bt*r Hewrpaper Oomp&ay, M. H. M.A VWWMAJfWt Firm**. ,B, Etthijvo ftau u imwf ft* earryn to MMmtm at Ten OraU }?r*Mk;w Forty fbar Onti par mootb. at the emrvtr, Two CnU e*eb. By WKoC-pntiawe prrpmO Blstj OntJ * month; anb j?*r, 36. THK Wifklt Star pubUihed <m Friday ? ?t a y?*r, prepaid. mrAU mbfrtptHmt invariably bi artcam. y Rate* of adctrtirtmQ ptntit/trH <m apphctXion. STECTAL NOTICES. THEBB will ?? A XIITIN0 nr ?Lj? the btOCKEOLDlkB of t^ T?*?ITa bT - L SaViNGS. LOAM *BD >PlLllMQ*? CI^TIOR at l>?n 17 Ij" Dti It talltitf. WEDBBBD?Y EYtBlBO- V 7% o clock p. a. It IV^> TBAH?s POB TU? ?ACM AT BIB u-iy BI>G S kav" the Baltimore and Potomac Byroad D<-?ot at I 3?. J aad 3 ?- ? ; returning, lea* e DtulD! ! at the coa?l?uloa ..r tha Barj, aach dgf ?'*, o- lOl Slf* a im A? Is'hat r.ea'i Pa*<eager Agoat. HitMk ? bii hi ? BaiTINO 0? *^?he VIKXUHt STATE BEPUBLIQAN ASSOCIATION at &ocm 3:1 L* Droit Betiding. TUESDaI. May l?:h. l*T?.a? 7:* p. ? All Ver mouter* temporarily rwilli g in th* city are cordi ? ly lav iteO to b? present. The co?*tltutl 'a will be rea<*y %r> receive the signature* of the member*. By order of the ? resident. ? jic?| CHAHtCf I PKBgr>N3. Secretary. . ir'S* 1 HAT* THI? DAT BOLD TO Mr 8\M ttJy PELT BCBOPIElD aad P J.DCPrYmy attire Int. reat in th* American H?tel. Failing thsnkfni torn* friend* an I tha public fjr their lib eral patronage. I would aolicit a conUoaacce ?f the asme * r my ?n'C?**or* Mr Bchofletd I* a gentle Kan wel ltd favorably known her*, having been f, r * ten.her of tear* connected with the Bureau of Bis-raviog e??l Printing in the Tre?anry Pep*rt Beit Mr Dnffy baa been in my employ for the past tan ytare, during which tlm*. by nio coureou* treatment, be ha? mada a ho->t of friend*, all of whom be will be gUd to ??*. B B ? All pereons having claim* against me will present tb?m for settlement at oase. Tbos* i tdi btee to me will pl**s? pay t ?>? same t-? M^ssr*. Bcb IMd A Duffy| JOHN B SCOTT f^a THERM WILL BE A MEETING fcr tbo anrpo-e of ortaviitil a Nl* BOILBINO aWoCIATD'H on tl ESPaY. May 8 o'clock p m . at l>avi* Hall. N? ?1? 7tb street northweet All f?rw>M wlfhiag 1* connect th mealTe* with ?nch aa aa?"Ciatioa are InTlted to attend. mria at y. M O. A . VS109 KIV1VAL BBRMCB3 in L1BCOLM HALL BAVBATH APTBBBOON, AT 3>a O'CLOCK. Mn*ic led by COBHBT. The antiaal n 1 eettag for election of officers will ba held on MOSDAT. Ulh ia?t .at 7% o'cl -eg mylMr TUB B B B T. ?1LBUBB 8 fODA WATBB. BATUBAL SPBlMO WATBBB OA Dranght. 1CB COLD TBA, COKPBB and OBOCOLATB. 14BI pi.i?TLyiyu Ariwi, apis tr near Wlllard *. r^l. W WHITABBB, _ ? Gtnral Ciain ami Cb I itrt 1 <m A tut. 9o. T14 15th atraat, near Trea?nry Department. District Claim*. Penaioa and Bounty Claims, a cialty. M? - BKKV0C8 BAHArSTlON.?A Medical r Baaay. c mpri.ina aaenea of lectp ea delW otu at Sana ? Maaenm of Aaatatay, Naw Tork cn the caoae aad cttra of Prematura Decline, abow* MM lodiapatably how loat health mar ba ra?ainad. Aflordiag a clear synopata of tha napadlmectg to Marriage, and tha tfifiDt of nerroua and pny?i cal debility, being the reault of? year*' experience. Ftice, 16 casta. Addreaa tha anther J)r. L.J Kahn. 1 and residence, 31 Bart 10th M. T. apl ^ D. OOOBB, Jk. A OO., BABBBBS, gpH-tr 1489 f treat BTBATFOBD pbbdall, ? LEW 18 JOUBSOB A CO., M A K K M M 8, r g/ 10:* Strttt and reata i??W. ,1 ?i n ta Oorerament and District Baetuitlaa Beraign Bgchange and gold. *epl4-ly ? BAMCBL 0. TOCHO, BOTABY rCBLlO, ?cU7 tf Qyyick?Bigk Btrn.i>:if. OPTICIAN.?To tkt Public.?My newly Invented By* glees, which 1 now manafac tare with eight workmen, ?urpaeaea^> any Bye-gla** in the whoia world. Thar can be regulated by two *tnAlI acrewg to exactly lit the Boee without any pain or nnpleaaant feeling. Thay Are made of Braz<uaa pebble and tha newly discov ered Bnatia ruby glaa*. Por nearness and llghtnew they cannot be turpaased. Meaanra taken and order BUed in fifteen mmntaa ISAAC ALBX AMDBK. Iiii9 Penna AT , Ap??-; Inventor. Patentee and Manufacturer. Be. 1MT Fka3?Ti.rA!i:A Arnm. leaalne BraxUlan Pebble Spectacle* datf lyjatp fiir? jt wa r YOUR OLD CLOTHES, ASD TA h B ?8 ?? 1* ABD BI T ?U 111 fl 3 *13 WOBTH OP HBV 09BS. TABB ?!? 110 ABD BUY ?18 BIS 910?ns W0BTB OP CLOTH1BO TABB ?14 914 ?14 *14 AND BUT WOBTH OP CLOTH18U. TAKE ?IB 111 ll< tl? AND BUV ?33 123 I'U ??? WOBTH OP CLOTB1NO. ?33 WOBTH FOR liV B40 WOKTH FOR 9JO. B<?Y'B CLOTHISU AT SAME LOW KATKS AT HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Fine Clothiers, my 12 tr Oorner Bevwth and D streets. JL bl'RlNG HATS. QL Oer rnpply of Spring an l Bummer HATS sow ?caiftoe. ENGLISH DBBBTB, all new color*. ?OPT PBLTS, all aew c ?Ion aad shapes. DCBLAPS NBW TOBB NOVELTIES, .tut MISSES AND 0B1LDBBB4 LE9HOBB. Ml LAB ABD WABTOB BTBAW MATS, la all mrovn STOCK IS THE largest willctt * Bvorr, ?tay? Jw Pg^wsTtrA^ia A'-nct. \|/B ABB BBOE1Y1BO DAILf PEOM OOB rectory, to Baltimore, frsah aeeelie* of thoae BLEOABT t? DEBT GBPlBlBaBD. end fl ft 1BIBHED SHIBTB, made of the Beat W amaatta 1BABCH^ALTlifoiS fiffBTBAOTOBT. Bo! ?13 f ktceat. Vl ? I J W. DABB. I DBBB8 BE a<tb* IT DEB8B BMIBTB MADB TO OBDBB ma&Aer "fir *Tat"tlWrB*BABC^^AL?lM?EB ClBT BAOTOBT. IBIS O ^ijia'T," Vc 'l* ?BUad >e b?Jnse* prntm^jiy. kr' ssaagssarssisa ?asfeSj with all REFB1GE&AT01C5 in WAT MR COOLERS.! of food makes, at UBO WATTS b CO , Horaa rnnaiM Srou, tr ?I4' - EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. A srw petition for the pardon of Wm. O. Avery Is being prepare! lor presentation to the Attorney General. The win of Vice Admiral Rowan, U. 8. Navy, died at the Rrooklyn navy yard oa morning, the 14tb inst. WEfcT POINTERS AT TH* CENTENNIAL? Tbe steamer Powhatan baa been ordered to convey the West Point cadets to tbe Centen nial, and will leave on her mission July 1. The Cabinet mieting to day wasqu'.t* a long one, the recent troubles In Louisiana between the blacks and whites being the sut\jeet of consideration. The National Banks?The Controller of the Currency has called for a report show< leg the condition of the national banks a*, the close of business on Friday, May 12th, 1*76. C?EN. SHERMAN AND SECRETARY TAFT bad a conference yesterday on the proposal to arm tbe friendly Indians In Arizona to help subdue the hostile Indians. Tue matter was referred to Gen. Kautz. The Commissioner of Patents has written a letter to the Secretary of the lute rior which exonerates Senator Conkling frrira charges against him in connection with the chronometer lock Interference case. MR. Orth, our minister to Austria, Is here to settle his accounts. He expects to have tLem adjusted within ten days, at tbe ex. piratlon of which time be will tender bis resignation and proceed to Indiana and en ter actively Into tbe gubernatorial contest. Doobkeeper Fitziiugh ?The Commit tee on Rules took up Doorkeeper Fitzhugh's case to day;but reached no decision. Several witnesses have beeh snbpo nead, and tbe In vestigation promises to last several days. Meanwhile Fitzhugb sticks and declares that he is all right. TheIndian Bureau?A provision trans ferring tbe Indian bureau to the War depart ment will be tacked to the Indian appropri ation bill by tbe Committee on Appropria tions. and at, tbe point ol' order made against It in the legislative, executive and Judicial bill will not bold against It In the Indian bill, it will undoubtedly pass the House. Personal Miss Minette Thompson, the promising young Washington actress, is playli.g with great success in Philadelphia, In conjunction with John Owens. ????Treas urer New has returned to tiie city from B js ton. ????Constat!line Maguire, who failed to obtain a pardon, left the city last evening for fit. Louis, where be Is to be by Wednes day. Mr. Gibson, of the New York Sun takes exception, it is understood, to that part of Mr. Riddle's statement which makes him appear the author of a garbled account of Knowlton's story about a supposed transfer of bond* of tbe Kansas Paclfilc railroad to Hon. J. G. Blaine. Mr. Gibson has demand ed a correction so far as the statement con cerns him. War Department estimates ?Judge Taft, Secretary of War, was before the House Committee on Appropriations this morning ard submitted tbe revised esti mates made by bira for tbe support of the War department. The reductions aggregate 5.000,oco less than Secretary Belknap's pre vious estimates. He Informed tbe commit tee that these redactions could be made without injury to the pu bile service. ? Nominatiozs?The President sent the to', lowing nominations to tbe Senate to-day: John S. Braxton, to be consul of the United States, Montevideo. John J. Reddlck, to be associate justice of the supreme court of New Mexico. Postmasters -Thos. N. Lee, Hancock, Mich ; Robt. W. Els ton, Duquoln, III ..Revenue Marine service?Thos. S. Flood, Charles C. Fengar, and Samuel Howard, all to be 3d lieutenants, and Wm. K. Orcutt to be 2d lieutenant. A.Grant's Charges against Judge Wjlie.?In the House of Representatives yesterday, after our report closed, on motion of Mr. Knott, the charges of Albert Grant against Judge Wylie, of the District of Co lombia, were referred to a select committee ol seven. The Speaker pro tem. (Mr. Cox) subsequently an jounced tbe committee as Messrs. Warren of Mass., Finley of Fla., Le Mojneof 111., Williams of Ala., Cutler of N. Y., Crounse of Neb., and Leavenworth of N. Y. The SrpREMi court Justices?Chief Justice Walte left here last night for Ra leigh, North Caiollna, to perform circuit duty. From Raleigh he will return to Rich mond, and thence to Baltimore, where be will preside In the circuit court. Justice r.radley left Saturday lor circuit duty In New Orleans, Galveston and Austin. Jus tice Strong will go to Pennsylvania on cir cuit duty, and Justice Field will go In June to California. Justice Davie went from Philadelphia for circuit duty In Chicago, Indianapolis and elsewhere. Justice Hunt has gone to New York on tbe same duty. Justice Miller will go to Dubuque, St. Louis and elsewhere. Justice Clifford to Boston and Portland, and Justice Swayne to Colum bus and Cincinnati. Naval orders?Commodore George B. Balcb, ordered as a member of the light house board, 1st June'next. Captain Walter W. i^ueen, to command the reoeiving ship Worcester, at Norlolk, Vs., 1st June next. Commodore Alexander Murray, detached from duty as member of the light-house board, 1st June, and ordered to hold himself In readiness for sea service. Commander ( has. H. C'ushman, from tbe command of the receiving ship Worcester, and placed on waiting orders. Commander William W ill Le tt e ad. from the navy yard, New York, and ordered to the command or the Yantic, ast atic station, per steamer of 1st June next from 8an Francisco. Ensign William P. Halsey, from the Mahopac, and ordered to tbe Alert. There ip a "right smart chance" of a serious disagreement betweeu the House and Senate on tbe legislative, Judicial and executive appropriation bill, whieh is now being considered by a sub-committee < Messrs. Morrill, of Vermont, and Wlndom) of the Senate Committee on Ajpprlations. The bill, *s it comes iroin the House, cuts down tbe aumber and salaries of all persons employed in tbe civil service of the govern ment. Tbe sub-committee will finish tbe consideration of and report the bill to the full committee In a few days. Tbe indlea tlons a.e that the committee will raoom mend (disagreement with the House on many material provisions or tbe bill, and that tbe Senate will rdopt the recommenda tions of toe committee. Some very curious testimony wm given before the Special Congressional Com mittee on Louisiana Affairs yesterday, by Major Seeiye, an ex-United States marshal, to tbe eflect that Congress Morey bad sug gested to blm to steal the bond of t^e de biting Postmaster Lowell at New O.leans as the easiest way to settle that matter. He also said that, besides directing him In tbe j? rformanee of outrage* apoa ihe liberty of citizens for electing purposes, Moray na?l )i.strncted him to take a rerialu Isaac New ton Glover in tbewo^i* aid kill him. Glover coui<J Lot conveniently be arrested,however, tut be bad uo intent >?a of Killing him, tl ough be left Moray under that Impression. Representative Moray was present before the committee with counsel. He Indicates that he 'can destroy the value of Seelye's testimony. Seelye is at present employed In the New York custom-bouse. Tbe commlttec met to-day and eon tinned the examination of Selye, who testified tnat he bad made arrests at tbe Instance of Moray, on blank warrants, of persons guilty of no crime, exeept that they were demo crats. When he left Louisiana he went to New York, and had with him documentary evidence to injure Moray. The latter agreed to give blm and did give him siso in cash and five notes, of t1<M each, to give up (lie papers. He gave them up. bat Sept copies, and because Moray failed to pay tbe three notes last doe be considered that be bad violated an agreement both bad entered Into that be should say no more concerning the Matter. The War in Louisiana?Srri<ms Cm ill ti'<n of Affftir* ? A dispatch from Lieutenant Governor and Acting Governor Antolne, of Louisiana, thin morning, sets forth a most a-r1on? condition of affair* In the parish of Went Felt Plana, and all along the Ml<slsslp pi line. Much blood has alrealy been abed, and mncb more will be sbed unlesa prompt action Is taken. Gov. Antolne Is unable to respond to the call of the sheriff for military ai<l. since tbe last legislature failed to make an appropriation for mllltla purpose*. Conkling vs. Edmunds ? Quite a shtrp and somewhat acrimonious passage took place between Mr. Conkllng and Mr. Ed munds In the Senate to-day, whlcb created for tbe time something of a sensation. li grew out of a motion of Mr. Sargent to refer bis Chinese bill to the Committee on Cajn inerce. Mr. Conkling, who Is chairman of that committee, suggested that If It met with ihe wishes of the Senator from California the bill bo referred to the Committee on For elgn Relations, to which be tbought it should go. Mr. Edmunds Interposed an objection, cr ntending somewhat sarcastically that It shonld be referred to the Committee on Com merce. Mr. Conkling in reply, in his pecu liar manner, arraigned Mr. Edmunds as a chronic objector, and intimated that since Mr. Sargent was willing to allow the bill to go to the Foreign Relations Committee be (Mr. Edmunds) has been guilty of adiscour usy. Mr. Edmunds made a mock apology for havlngoffended tbe gentleman from N-iw York, and promised never to do so any more. Tt>e matter ended by the reference of the bill to the Foreign Committee, as Mr. Conkling desired. The War Department Investigation. TBE KENTUCKY CENTRAL RAILROAD CLAIM. The Committee on Expenditures In tbe War Department met to day and resumed their inquiry Into tbe matter of the Ken tucky Central railroad claim. General W. M. Dunn, Judge advocate gene ral of tbe army, testified that during tbe years 1870 and 1871, while assistant Judge ad vocate gene, al, he was on duty as law offi cer of ibe War department, and in the fall of 1873 this claim was referred to him by the Secretary of War, In the ordinary course of business, for examination and report. The papers remained in bia office from some time In November until tbe next May. and n ceived a very careful and thorough exam ination at bia hands. As tbe result of tbis examination he was clearly satisfied that It was a Just claim, and therefore he made a favorable reporf, which being approved by the Secretary of War and afterwards by the 3d auditor and 2d controller of the Treasury, procured its payment. No effort was ever made in any quarter to influenoe his Judg ment. The Secretary of War requested him, a hen he received the report from tbe Quar termaster General on the subject, to forward a copy to Mr. Pendleton, who forwarded an argument in reply. Pendleton never tried to influence him except by one brief oral statement and a written argument. Tbe matter was then left to take its course. Wit nets bad served with Mr. Pendleton in Con gress, but his acquaintance with that gen tleman was limited He had no reason now to change his judgment as to the claim being a just one. In response to further ques tions Ger eral Dunn presented a written ab stract of the chief points of his rep jrt on the claim. Quartermaster General Meigs, who was present, was asked by Mr. Clymer wnether he desired to say anything in regard to tbe testimony of General Dunn, lie replied that be did not consider it necessary to do so, as bis c (tidal action concerning the mat ter was fully set forth In the record. Tackling "Johnny'' Davenport Again ! The Committee on Expenditures of the Dei artment of Justice this morning resum ed the examlLatlon of Mr. John 1. Daven port, who produced the law showing his au thority for getting pay lor indexing his books. In the index books there are, inclad it g, nearly eight million words, and witness charged for these words tbe sums allowed by law. This index was simply a I ci py ol the registration lists alphabetically hi d orderly arranged. In all his charges for tbis index witness never made a charge not warranted by law. Tbe Indexing be con. ceived to be a necessity. The indexing dl I m;nished the labor of the office very ma I terially. I In reply to Mr. Meade, the witness said I that prior to May, 1871, be was a member of I a law firm In New York. Tbe first work be I did after the dissolution or the law firm was I to take a copy of the census. Question. Where did you get that copy of I tbe census, for as I understand it tbeoensus was not then printed? Witness could not answer that question as I put, unless he was permitted to make an ex I planation. Some charges had been made against blm of wrong-doing in connection with that census, and be would not answer unless be could explain. He was willing to I say, bowever, that be got the copy of the I census from Marshal Sharpe. After some discussion by tbe committee he was permitted to explain that be made his compilation in a room of the United States court house, and when be said be got the pa pers from the U. 8. marshal, he meant only I so far as his clerks were permitted to handle them. His compilation was not made from tbe regular June census, but from a census taken in October, on acoount of a feeling that tbe June census was incorrect. Witness was examined at some length In relation to his compilation, the manner of doing it, 6 c., but no new facts were elicited. ? Conventions tmis Wiik?Several im portant political conventions are to t* held this week, besides tbe conference of reform republicans in New York city, at thesugges gestlonof Messrs. Bryant, Woolsey, Bullock, White and Sebnrz, and Nevada Democratic State convention, in Carson, both of which met yesterday. Today the Alabama Re I publican State convention meeta in Mont gomery, called by tbe reorganized state committee, of which ex-Governor Wm. H. Smith is chairman, and whlcb is opposed to Senator Spencer. To-morrow is a big day for conventions, as the following will meet: National Greenback convention, in Indian, a polls, ind; National Prohibition conven tion, in Cleveland, Oblo; New Jersey Re publican State convention, in Trenton; Ten I nesaee Republican State convention, in I Knoxville; Ohio Democratic State conven tion, in Cincinnati; lowt. Democratic State 1 convention, in Des Moines. On Thursday the Delaware Republican State convention, I in Dover; Kentucky Republican State con vention, in Louisville; and Kansas Demo cratic State convention, in Topeka, win as semble. Municipal Election at Cumberland. There waa great interest evinced in tbe elec tion of mayor aud city council, which took place at Cumberland, Md., yesterday, with the following resultMayor?William A. Withers, dem., 840; Wm. J. Read, rep., 839; Withers' majority, I. Councllmen elected? Messrs. Fogtman, Greenfiald, and Morgan, dem., and Messrs. Spier, Wiehel, Shuck, Cromwell and Bynon, rep. This makes a tie in tbe next council. Three republicans were elected to tbe council by 2,3, and 9 majority. Tbe republicans will probably oontest With ers' election. AH Editor in Jail. ? Letter E. Ross, editor of the Providence (R. I.) 8an, was ar rested again Saturday on a criminal charge of libel on a police officer. Falling to get ball In S3.000, be was committed and re mains In Jail. Several other warrants have been Issued against him, one on the oom plaint of a lady. Children Kidnapped in NfW York Citt?In New York Thfo. Leontiefl, a Russian doctor, reported atpolic* h?adquar urs vesterday that his two children, one aged two years and six months and tbe other three years and ten months, have been lost since Saturday. He thinks tuat they have been kidnapped. Two Mors Victims op Coal Oil.?By the explosion of a coal oil lamp In Baltimore yeeterday morning Mrs. Thomas T. Catlett, residing at No. M Saratoga street, was fa tally burned. Her daughter Mary, In at tempting to extlngulah tbe flames, was also fatally burned. Spain at it Too.?Grave financial Irregu larities have been discovered among the Treasury officials at Madrid, and inquiry has been instituted whlcb will lead to very very disgraceful develop menu. Dom Pedeo visited places of Interest In and around Cincinnati yesterday, and In tbe evening left for the Mammoth Cave, in Ken tucky. The blackballing of Bristow by the r Dion League Clnb Is an advertisement that there axe members of that elnb who would like to steal something.-(On. cttnmeroM. The B??Im IiTMttpiUM. IHTCBSSTIHG TESTIMONY. After our report of the Blaine Investigation closed yesterday, Mr. Harrison was recalled, and having been asked the question by Mr. Hunton whether he could tell tbe proximate value or the seventy-five bonds, replied be bad heard them spoken of as valueless bonds. When he made a motion In the. board of directors for an Investigation be believed them to be valueless and thought It strange they should be Jonnd among the assets of tbe Union Pacific Kallroad Company. Mr. Blaine called Mr. Harrison's attention to a point in tbe latter's testimony which Mr. Harrison explained by saying that after wbat Rollins had told him be aszed Mr. Mil lard " to stick a pin there; thai such an In vestigation as be had propoMd would Involve Mr. Blaine and might come up in future." He meant come up in Congress. Mr. Harri son said that when Mr. Rollins was on the stand before the Credit Mobllier Committee he telegraphed to Jeremiah M. Wilton, tbe chairman, to ask Mr. Rollins certain ques tions about the seventy-live bonds, but the questions were not asked. MK BLAINE COK.tKKS MR HARRISON. Mr. Harrison, In answer to a question by Mr. Blaine, said: "80 far as the books and papers of the Union Pacific Railroad Coin pan; are concerned, yonr name is not con nected with these bonds." Mr. Blaine?Have you any reason to be lieve that I was corruptly associated with them? Mr. Harrison ?Only from what Mr. Rol Uns stated to me. Mr Blaine?Have you not said that yon held something that would blow Blaine sfty hlgh whenever you chose'.' Mr. Harrison I only repealed what Mr. Rniilns told me. Mr. Blaine.?You did not speak of having dynamite that would blow me up'.' Mr. Harrison.?Nothing of that kind. I have always had a friendly feeling for you, and hope tnat you will come out of this m it ter satisfactorllv. If you bai written to me I should have told you In reply that the books of the Union Pacific Riliroal com pttny did not show your name In connection with the seventy-five bonds, or In any trans actions or.tbat kind. All my information came from Mr. Rollins, who said an Investi gation would ruin you and defeat your elec tion to Congress. Mr. Blaine When 1 had been elected two days before? Mr. Harrison That's wbat Rollins told me. In further answer to Mr. Blaine's ques tions Harrison said be told tbe editor of the iLdiabapolls Journal that If Blaine was a candidate for the presidency thU matter ought to be cleared up. Mr. Blaine replied that Mr. Harrison bad never afforded him an opportunity to satisfy him of the truth. Mr. Blaine, addressing Mr. Hunlon, said that although the resolution of the House under which this investigation was held did not refer to him by name, the proceedings had been conducted as if he had been on the stand Mr. Huntoa said that while It was true thai Mr. liialue's name was not mentioned in the resolution, there was not a man, wo man or child but knew tbe investigation was designed for him, and so Mr. Blaine mast understand it after his conversation with him. Mr. Blaine thanked Mr. Hunton for his (?curtesy and kindness In opening doors to ibis investigation, and said that on Colonel Sctt'.'s testimony this case must stand or fall. TESTIMONY OF COL TH08. A SCOTT. Col. Scott said he came before the commit tee according to the summons, and not on anybody's 6ide. While here he hal heard evidence on points Implicating his own per 8od, and therefore he wanted to testify; he could explain not only all transactions with reference to himself, but everything about the 75 bonds; this was a correct and proper transaction, based on equities due to him i>elf, and with which Mr. Blaine hal nothing to do; he desirtd to be a witness in this case, so tLat bis testimony might go to the coun. try In connection with tnat already laken, Hud pei baps after his testimony thera wjuld ue no reed of other witnesses. After a recess of an hour and a half Col. ?Scott was sworn, and on being examlnM b> ! Mr. Hunton testified that he formerly owned these 75 bonds of the Little Rock and Fort j Smith railroad company, and boo?ht them a year and four months previously to bis selling them to the Union Pacific railroad company. He bought them from Jo?iab Caldwell, Who was negotiating bonds for that company. Caldwell belonged to Bos ion, but he did not know where he now was; he understood, however, that Caldwell dur ing the panic of 1373 went to Euiops after his railure In the west, and was there now. He gave Caldwell ?0 cents on the dollar for the bonds, and paid him In currency or chesk or draft; he did not remember which; the pur chase was made in 1870, when he had nothing to do with the Uulou Pacific railroad com pany; he gave *00,000 for the bonds and sold them to the Union Pacific railroad company, through Morton, Bliss A Co., for nearly *64,000. When In March, 1871, he entered upon the duties of president of the company the stock was low down and everything con nected with It depressed, but it was not long before there was a marked Improvement in all Its affairs. He had believed the company would give bim a liberal compensation for his services. He was pressed for money, which he wanted more than the mere salary, and it was finally suggested that tbe company should buy these seventy-five bonds of tbe Little Rock and Fort Smith railroad company. He was to have the op tion of buying them back. Tbe executive committee agreed to buy tbe bonds at the price fixed, throngh Morton, Bliss & Co , and tbe bonds went to tbe Union Pacific railroad company In this direct way and in no other. His year's salary had never been paid; that would be (8.000, with Interest If the Arkan sas road bad been completed the bonds would have been worth from 90 to 100 cents on the dollar. He bad rendered the Union Pacific railfoad company a service for which there vA no market value: be was satisfied that If the Little Kock and Fort 8mltb rail road bad been built its bonds would have been as good as those of the Union Pacific are to-day. He repeated that this purchase of the 75 bonds by the company was In con sideration of valuable services rendered by bim. Tbe investment In these bonds was because tbe company wanted to do an equit able thing Tor him. The company did not display the transactions on their books, and never expected that it would become the subject of Investigation by a Congressional committee. _ q. Do you know whether Mr. Blaine had any part in lbese transactions? A. 1 never had any relations with Mr. Blaine in Little Rock and Fort Smith rail road bonds, directly or Indirectly. By Mr. Lawrence:?If I understand you correctly tbe sale of the bonds to the Union Pacific Railroad company was adoptei as a means to compensate you in part tor extra-' ordinary servloes? A. Yee. Q.' How does the compensation you re ceived compare with tbe compensation ot other companies for similar services? A. Tbe Reading Railroad oompany gives Its president jwo.uoo per annum, the Pnlla adelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore S31.000, and the Erie *40,000. but when you come to consider how low down the stocks of the Union Pacific Railroad company were when I became president, and the prosperous con dition of tbe oompany goon afterwards, my compensation was worth double tbe value erf tbe .5 bonds of the Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad company. The reason wby compensation was given In this form was the exeeatlve committee did not wlsb to In terfere with or disturb the fixed salary of 98,000 to the president. _ o. Have you any knowledge en* informa tion that connects Mr. Blaine with tbe 75 bonds? w A. None whatever. I always believed that Caldwell, from whom I purchased the bonds, was tbe principal man in negotiating them. By Mr. Blalne:-Did I ever speak or write to you in behalf or Caldwell? A. Yon never did. By Mr. Blalne:-Have you any knowledge at aU that 1 was interested In the bonds before you purchased them, or was In any way Interested in the proceeds after you sold them to the Union Pacific Railroad Company? A. 1 have no knowledge or belief whatever that you had anything to do with them. Col. Seott stated during his examination that be was the president of fifteen different corporations to-day. JOHN M'CLXJRk, 0? ABKAWSAS, was rworn and testified that be was ac quainted with Joslah Caldwell, who was connected with the Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad Company. He was asked tha?ueetion: Did you ever bear from Cald well the disposition or any bonds of the "jfrTBUine interposed saying that he had suffered no doubt in tbe estimation of good people because or the allegation that he was Intereated to the bonds that went to the Union Pacific Railroad Company, as there was rotblpg elM In tbe resolution under which Uiii investigation was held, be was entitled to a report on tbat subject alone; be did not want It complicated with anything elee. be wanted it unmixed wltb any other question. It should stand exactly where witnesses left It. Hi thought he bat the right in the name of Justice to make this de mand. Witness McClure said be knew nothing about tbe matter tbat would be testimony. By Mr. Lawrerce:?Have you any knowl edge or information aa to tbe;sale of tbe seventy-five bonds, concerning which testi mony has been taken? Answer?I never knew tbat any bonds | were sold, and all I know about them la what Caldwell told me. It waa decided tbat hearsay testimony eon Id not be taken, and tbe committee so journed. . *0 MIXTIXG TODAY. The Sub-committee on the Judiciary in vestigating tbe ft>l,000 Arkansas bond trans action did not bold a meeting to-day. War of BaeM la Lwlalaia. ? LARGE RCVHIK OP COBOKKD M EN KILLED. A New Orleana Times special, datet 8am mit, Miss., May 13tb, says information waa received there of a riot between negroes and whites at Larrel, West Feliciana parish, near the Mississippi line, on Prlday night. About thirty negroes went to scare off a wblte man in that vicinity, and called him' to tbe door and riddled blm wltb bullets, a posse from Bayou Sara went out in pursuit on Saturday tor tbe body. Tbe negroes would not give It up. A fight ensued, and three negroes weie killed. Two white men are mUsing. The negroea are gathering,and, as they are aald to be underarms, tbe whites are goiDgdown from neighboring counties in Mississippi. A serious fight is expecte4. NCJIKROCS BLACK MKH KILLID; BUT 2VO WHITES. The New Orleans Republican corres. pondent at Bayou Sara, Louisiana, May 13th, telegraphs aa follows: This is what I consider as reliable as to result of Saturday nlgbt'a doings: Eight colored men bave been shot down end fo.-r hanged. About twenty were wounded. No whites were killed. Per sons Just from the acene report sixty blacks killed, but this statement la considered as exaggerated. Twenty colored men are re ported beld as prisoners. Their fate la un certain, but tbe auppoaltlon is that they will be killed; alao, tbat the number of negroes killed will never be ascertained, precautions having been taken to remove the dead se cretly. THE Sl'MBEK OF REGULATORS UNDER ARMS is laid to be 500, from East Baton Rouge and hast and West Feliciana, and Wilkinson county, Miss. The colored people are said to be arming for self defence, and Saturday night nnmbera of colored men are said to have crossed to Point Coupe to escape those who are bunting them. MILITARY AID REQUESTED. A latter dispatch says: There has been a regular engagement at Laurel Hill between white and colored men. Three whites are reported killed. God only knows where this will end. The country Is ablaze with excite ment. All the whites are armed and in the saddle. Acting Governor Antolne received the fol lowing dispatch from Dr. Kaufman, sheriff of East Feliciana parish, dated Bavau Sara to.d.ay: "In reply to your telegram I have to say tbat seventeen colored men are killed and many wounded. A large number of armed white men are approaching this town I cannot summon and secure s posse coml tatus for tbe support of the civil authority ar.d the suppression of the riots and the pre vention of further bloodshed. Nothing but the military will keep peace here. I there fore respectfully request tbat military aid beplaced at my disposal." The dispatches have been laid bafore Gen eral Augur, totnrnandlng the department, who has referred them to Washington. Sports ok THETuBr-7Vo?i>u7a* phOa it'lphio.?About a thousand persons wit nessed the trotting races at Suffolk Park, near Philadelphia, yesterday. In the ?1.000 race money waa won by Nellie, of Phil adelphia; Florence, of Boston, second, and Fleetwood, of Patterson, third. Eleven in effectual attempts were made to score in the third heat. Tbe driver of Faughaballah was reprimanded by tbejudge, and was finally fined $28 for disobeying the order of the Judge. Best time, 2:31. Kansas Chief, of Lexington, Ky., won the first money (900) in the Fl.^00 race, in three straight beats. Ade laide and Karus second and third. Best time, 2:2r, ,-> Lady Daniels took first money in the last tl.OOO race; Trio seoond and Dora third. Jiaciny at Ltmuville.?The fine racing season which closed at LexiBgton, Ky., last week, waa followed at Loul*vllle yesterday by the inaugural of the spring meeting of tbe Louisville Jockey club. The weather was fine and the attendance large. Tbe mile and a quarter daah was won by Brakesman In 211, beating Weatherby aDd Whisper. The Kentucky Derby, for three year olds, mile and a half, was a close and exciting raea and won by Vagrant in 2:38*, beating Creed raoor and Harry HilL in the mile beats' race Nipper won tbe first in 1 40, and Emma C. the next two in 1:45^ and 1:46. A Double Execution?-The two negro prisoners, Paul Campbell and Prince Rober "on-, convicted of the murder of Mrs. Coch rane and daughter, at Eden, Effingham eaun \7?.G*j were hung yesterday atSprlngfleld, Effingham county. Three thousand people were presenL The condemned men were *u?.I2ed by thirty armed men. Both were indifferent, and vehemently asserted their innocence. Robersen died easy from strangu lation. Campbell died hard. Anotber pris oner sentenced to be executed at the same time waa granted a new trial. The Pressure on Turkey.?The memo randum agreed upon in the conference be tween OrantAndrassy. Prince Gortscbakoff and Prince Bismarck has been certified to tbe guaranteeing powers, and while main taining Andrassy's note as a basis, it con cedes the reforms demanded by the Insur gents. The French and Italian ambassadors have given notice of tbe concurrence of thetr respective governments In tbe results or tbe conference. Tbe German fleet will proceed to Balonica next week. Killed Her Husbahd. ? Yesterday morning Mrs. Ellen Jackaon, a woman 40 years of age, residing in Brooklyn, E. I)., nad a quarrel with her husband, Jas. Jack son, In regard to her keeping company with a woman whom be disliked. In the beat of the altercation Mrs. Jackson pusbed her hus band off tbe stoop where be was standing into an area-way below, where be fell ou his head, breaking his neck and killing him In stantly. Mrs. Jackson waa arrested. . Vetebars Going to Philadelphia ? The annnal reunion of the army of tbe Po tomac will be beld In Philadelphia on tbe Gtb of Jnne. Major General John A. Dlx has consented to deliver the oration, and Mr. William Winter will read an original po*m. The Society of the Third Army Corps will meet on the 5th of June, and the Society of the Array of tbe Jameson the 7th: so that a very large gathering of veteran soldiers is expected. A Memorial church to a. T. Stew art Ex-Jndge Hilton and Mrs. A. T. Stewart visited Spring Garden, New York, yesterday, for the purpose of selecting a site for the erection of a memorial ohuroh to A. T. Stewart. Tbe bonding will oontalR a tomb, to which Mr. Stewart's body will be removed. Tbe denomination of the church will be Protestant Episeopal. Dollars Talk.?It was a happy and con clusive answer which tbe prelector Vau cluse made to tbe member who objected to the objeeta of the Franco-American Union on the ground tbat America showed ingrati tude to France daring tbe late war. Tbe prefect pointed to coot from this country to be devoted to the ears of the French sick and wounded?liV. Y. Herald. Killed by Liohthiho?At Hagers town, Md., during the rail and hall storm last evening. John Ingram was struck by lightning ana instantly killed. He leaves a wife ana three children. He was a laborer, and his age was about thirty-eight years. The accident occurred in Jackson lane.intha western part of the town. A 8CHOOLHOUSE STRUCK BY LlOKT ?i?G.?At Rondeau, Oat , the achoolnouse was struck by lightning yesterday. The child ran were playing In the yard at tbe time and nearly a dosen were knocked dowa. One named Tnomaa Scott was Instantly killed and six others seriously, and three slightly injured. *7-Gordon W. Ratlins, a Wail street bro ker, has brought salt against the New 1 ork Herald for gfiw damages tar saying that he was one of the American bond forgers ar rested in Parts. FORTY-FOURTH COXGRRSS. TriKDAY. May 1'V. BEN ATE?Mr. Tbnrman preeentei re monstrance of eminent medical men of Zaneeville, Ohio, remonstrating against the passage of tbe bill to Incorporate the N? tlonal Surgical Institute. {Warred to tbe Committee on tbe District or Colombia. Mr. Sherman, from tbe Committee on Fi nance. reported adversely oa bills relating to receiver*. Mr. Kelly, from tbe Committee on Public Lands, reported bill in relation to tbe pre emption claims. Mr Edmnod*. from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported tbe bill of 8enator Mor ton to amend lid, 4th and .Mb sections of tbe Enforcement act. with amendments. M r. Edmunds said this was the bill Intend ed to meet the objections suggested by tbe Supreme Court to the Enforcement act. He gave notice that at a ve. y early day he would cmli it up for action. Mr. Sherman, from the Committee oo Fi nance. reported adversely on tbe bill of Mr. Wri(ht to reduce the Interest upon tbe pub lic oebt, provide for a safe and elastic cur rency, for the speedy appreciation of the valneof Treasury notes and national bank to that of coin, and to guard against panics and Inflation of bank credits, and It was in definitely postponed. Mr. Dorsey introduced a bill for the relief of the Industrial Home school of tbe District of Columbia. Keterred to the Committee on tbe District of Columbia. Mr. Dennis Introduced a bill for tbe relief of Wm. v Rpe.icer. Referred to the Commit tee oo Military Affairs. Mr. Mitchell, in accorance with the notice heretofore given by him, proceeded toadlress the Senate on tbe Cbinese problem. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES?Mr. Vance, (Ohio,) from the Committee oo Printing, called up the motion ofTeral Fri day last to reconsider the vote whereby tbe report in relation to the government print ing office was recommitted. Mr. Holman (Ind.)sald be would be com pelled to raise the question of consideration of the Post Office appropriation bill, unless it was agreed that tbe printing bill should occupy only two hours time. Tbe agreement was made bv unanimous consent. Mr. Hopkins (Pa.> asked leave to offer a resolution netting that It was alleged that certain leading railroad corporations en gaged in the transportation or Inland com merce bad combined to oontrol that trans portation and had made unjust discrimina tions. whereby certain Industrie* were crippled and prostrated, and authorizing the appointment of a committee to Investigate tbe allegations. Mr. Payne (Ohio) objected. Tbe House then proceeded to tbe consider. | at Ion of the resolutions reported on Friday In relation to the government printing office Telegrams to The Star. e THE PRESIDENCY. I/BEBAL REPUBLICAN ADDRESS. OHIO DEMOCRATS. THIR1AN AM) HARD IIMI AHEAD. BARNUM ELECTED SENATOR. METHODIST 6ENERAL CONFERENCE. RICHMOND RAILROAD ACCIDENT. THE PREMDCSl'V. Address ef tbe Liberal Kepnbllcaa Nrw York. May Itt?Tbe political con re) ejee resumed its session this morning at the Flltb Avenue Hotel. The meeting was railed to order by President Woolsey, who announced that the oommittee appointed yesterday was ready to rejort. Mr. Carl Scliurz, chairman of that body, then read tbe following address and resolution, whlcb are tbe work of that committee, and which were adopted: Aildress to the American Peo^??Fellow Citizens A conference of citizens assembled in New York, sincerely desiring to serve tbe best Interest of the American people, beg leave to submit to your candid consldera lion the following appeal; A national elec tion Is approaching under clrcamstances of peculiar significance. Never before in our history has the public mind been so pro- | foundly agitated by an apprehension of the dangers arising from TBI rUYALUCI or CORRUPT TENDE5- 1 CIRS and practices In oar political life, aud never baa there been greater reason for it. We will not display bere in detail the lug catalogue bt the which for | several years have followed one another in rapid suoeesslon and seem to have left scarcely a single sphere or osr political life untouched. Tbe records of ojurts, of state legislatures, and of the natloual Congress 8PBAK WITH TRRRtBLR PLAIN 1*RS3, and still they are adding to the scadalous exhibition. While such a ttate of things would, under any circumstances, appear most deplorable, It is peculiarly so at the present moment. We are about to celebrate the one hundredth birthday of our national existence. We have Invited the uatlons of earth on this great anniversary to visit our lard, and to witness the evidence of our material progress as well as tie working and effects of that republican government wbicb a century ago our fathers founded. Thus tbe m"sl Inspiring memories of our past history arc rising up before us In a new glow of life, lorcing upon us the comparison of WHAT THIS RKPUBLIC UNCI WAS, what it was Intended to be, aid what It now Is, and upon this we have rballenged the Judgment of civilized mankind conjointly with our own. There is much of wbich every American citizen hat just reason to bepioud?an energy and thiitt, a power of thought and action; a progressive spirit, which in magnificence or result have out stripped all precedent and anticipation; a history abounding in Illustrations of herole patriotism, fortitude and wlsiom; a greater freedom from foreign wars nnd revolution ary changes of government than most other nations can boast of?our rep lbllc but a cen tury old. and just ls-ued from the only great civil conflict we have bad to deplore, so strong In resources and organization tha* it stands In the foremost ranlc of tbe great powers of tbe earth; and yet with all ibese splendid results on record it cannot ee de nied that at no period during the oentary behind as the American people bare been less satisfied with themselves and that THI CKXT1RNIAL AMUVRRSART of the declaration or ladependence In so many respects to all Americans a day of slneerest pride and rejoicing, 1s felt to be in other respects not without self reproaca and bamUlation or the corruption revealed in our political life is the cause. To the honor ol tbe American people be it said, every par 1 trlotie citizen feels the burning shame or the spectacle presented In this oeutannlal year. ( There tbe mementos and monumesu of the virtues of the past, and hers the shocking evidence of tbe demoralisation and corrup tion of the present. Tbers tbe glowing eulo- 1 glee pronounced on the wisdom and purity of tbe fathers, and here In mockery contract tbe verdicts ofeoartsaod the reoord> of leg islative bodies illustrating m POLITICAL MORALS OF TO-DAY, and this before all mankind, solemnly sum moned as a witness to tbe exhibition and a guest to tbe mst Never was tbere eaoss for keener mortification, and keenly does it strike every patriotic heart. Bow ean we avert such danger* and wipe off soeh shame? By proving that although tbe grrernmsnt math nery has become oorrupt, tbe great body of the people are sound and strong at the core, and that they are honestly deter mined to reform tbe aouses of our political lire, and to overthrow at any oost the agen cies of evil that stand In tbswar. Only soeh an effort, well directed and sural/ perse vered In until sneesas la sassrtil, will save THR GOOD SABR OF TRR IATIOX. Prevent tbe prevailing illsiasi ttmn be coming fetal, and restore to its old stianctb tbs feltb of our own people In tbalr Institu tions. At tbe impending national election various unsstions ef neat lmnortanos will be submitted to mt Judgment. Tbe SSttle ment ol tbg etrll war as onwMtiHlwllj fixed But be cocsciseUou?Iy and at Uw mom (la* tM ?<n itmftiMMd ii imml eoaflden* strict obeii itnenrfdnattilB tonal [ tod UMoUbro'hCTbood of the people ml< by a policy ot mutual Jaal c* end aUcB. The ?ddrwv ipMki of the "ourse of oor f diiiNtanl imdmMhii ???w eurreocy.' ud of eetflsfci ea and greed aa molivw or potUl eal action, drma-xm Uw taxlug oT officials tar party pqrpaM. and the spoil* ijmi I ererally; rails tor reform. *c. iTbs mtalDdn of tbe lnn| aMnv Ikd the resolutions bad not come to haod at tie hotir MptUt pw? J The reading of u>? add with applause throughout, when Ux> fumocy qatfUoa upon. lion. C. P. Atlanta, jr . aroee and a Ivors ted the rialtrs or Serrrtary Brlsiow tor ttf Pr* aides cy, and ?a< warmly applauded. tub hbphombt cescbil RALTHfoas. May it. Biibup AniH pre. ?Med tn the conference to day. Biebop Bar. rta announced special commtttaea on tloci or (turrh property and on the Metro politan cbarch. J. U Oentral Illi nois. offered a ntoloUoo that the book ^ ba Instructed to furnish untvarsitiae colleges with a copy of sash book HHV pamphlet laaued from ti eaget.rise at New York and Cincinnati Referred 10 commit u. on the book MMMB SHALL WOMfN HE BLtOtBt.* TO Orr!( I IW 1 HF CirRCB. T. Haniou.of New Jeraey, submitted the fo lowing: W liereaa. The scriptures do aai prohibit penooa on account of *ex froaa entering tLe wider Or Id a o' opportunity tor ? very (tod word at d work, and whereas it would greatly aid to the working i trees of the church to admit certain rbrtstian women to certain offices of the church, aod where a* many women of our etiurcb are now practically doing the work of aald officer a without official recognition or au thority: There'ore. Br it JCrmihnrl. That paracraphs 77. 7*, SB, ViT, 2n7, i *. 290, art that wesnen shall be eligible to tba offlceof leader.etrwarJ, exhorlereod local preacher. Rer#TT< d to the commute*' oo the state of the church. FQl" AL17 ATIOJ* OP BAt.ABlKS. J. L. Rmlth, north weat Indiana, pre sou tad a resolution aaklng for an equalization of aa la ties of general eootoreoce offl'vws aod pastors In the regular work. Retorred to the com m It tee-on the aiate of the church. A luotlon of J. N Price, of Philadelphia, that the book agent* desist from publishing hooks not oT a religions character was re ferred to the committee oo the B >ok Con oern. SOW!* Olt THE WBSD. N. M Carroll, of Baltimore presented a resolution that In order to disc >u rage and aliollah the nae of tobacoo, the general cob ference do liereby recommend and adeiae the annual conferences not to receive Into full connection nor ordain any preacher to deacons' or to elders" orders unless ba ab stain entirely from the use or tobeceo. Re ferred to the committee on temperance. BALAsnta. Henry Coleman. or Wleconaln, submitted a resolution that the annual salaries of the oBetn or the general conference be publls^ ed In the church papera during the first mix months of each quadrenuian, and that the amounts paid each officer oo account or sel ary be reported to the next general coofer ence. After considerable debate the reaolu tlon was adopted. OHIO BEVOCBATIC rOITESTItl. Tbnrsaaa aad Hard Money CIKCIHWATI, O, May i?' -The bot?ls be gan to fill up last evening with ablegates and others who will be present at the democratic state convention tvmomiw. The lodica Uens are that the attendanoe will he large and the proceedings interesting. John G. Thompson, lu an interview, claims the con vention for Tunrman. and that the platform of last year will not be adopted, but that the pn-sent platform will declare for a repeal of the resumption act, bnt with the substitu tion or another date, thus making it for bard money. Oorernor Allen has rooms at the Burnet House. His friends are strong In the belief that be will carry the con vent ton. The result of the primaries in this city yesterday indidate 19 for Allen. 17 tor Thurman, and 2 doubtful. A meeting is called fur to-night for all delegates who are in favor of last year's platform to arrange a plan of action tor Io-morrow's convention and orrantxe the friends or currency re tor m. reposition Hall was decorated and aeated yesterday, and will be fixed op for the reception of the convention. The convention will be called to order promptly at 11 o'clock. It Is con ceded that Hon. George H. Pend'etoa will be the permanent chairman. THE AfClDEK f TO A RAILROAD BXflRftloa TRAIN. Rsss R(Ileal-Eight srllscWsaaM. Richmond, Va , May 16.?Later and authentic reports of the accident to the military excursion train on the Petersburg road ahow that the report teles rapbed last kight was considerably exaggerated. The news was based upon information received from the first parties arriving from the scene or the accident. It is now known that no one was killed. Borne eight or ten were more or less injured, but none fatally or svan dangerously. All the excursionists, Inclu ding wounded, were brought to this city before 1 o'clock this morning. rise Chi Id 1 Cikcibjiati. May 16.?Leal Sunday morn lug eighteen children, whose ages ranged Horn 8 to is years, got Into an old leaky skiff in the Ohio river, a short distance from Vo> ray, Ind., and started out for a ride. Wbsn in the middle of the river they discovered that the skiff was filling, and ahrleked Cor help, at the same time using every effort to reach the shore, bnt the skiff soon want down. A gentleman on the Kentucky shore jumped into a small boat aod attempted la rescue the cbildreu. but before he could reach the scene five of them, all the children of Charles Irwin, were drowned. Ooe of the three reaened waa so badly frightened that It la feaued he will not recover. Bars sua Elected raited states Beaa aler. Hartford. Co**., May I6.-H00. f?. B. Barn urn was to day elected United Htatea Senator In both houses of the Legislature. The vote In the Benate was. Wm. H Bar num, 17; Henry B. Harrison, S; Jsmaa E. English, 1. In the Honae Barnum, l.V; Har rison. 81; English. Governor Ingeraoll. 2 The election la tor the unexpired term or the late Ben a lor Ferry, which ends la 1?7E ? ? e - Aa Objeetlsa la the Hawallaa Treaty CiaaLima, 8. C., May ls.-Tne daaae* ber of oommsyBB lo day aeoposi aaeof J lutlons opposing the paaaaca of the Mil to carry Into effect the Hawaiian treeSjr, 00 the ground fhat the r-moval of duty on rloe will seriously injurerloe planters and throw oet or employment thousands or colored la bar era. a delegation was appointed to prices* to Washington and lay the facts before UM Benate. ?ULTtMoas. Mar IS.?Vtrglala lllaasi Waat Virginia. $)?. Mortb Oarolua sixes, old, 14, aewb bid todar. Safer qulsi and-:? *!??fk til. Balttmohb. Mat 16 -Cotton doll *l<3 w?tk ? -. - - Mcbaaead.* J: lJtol^. ji mtdduna. 11X Fl nrflnn danaadf^r; ciirhsi v> b*at uuiet hat irm ? Ro I wastera winter 1 isl 47. PrDwrltuia red, 1 ?6al 49. Rarylaal UtalJR do. assber. lABal IB, do. wbtte, 1JB C!om-aootb?ra. atiady aad Br*, w??4aia max and lower?aootbara wbila, Saaft; sovtbara raum. aaaSJ wssasra mixed, ?, spot IT. bid Oar; ? > Jane. Oats <iaM aad aneaaAged Bra dall aad i<nMiaal-7aa7S Bar dallaad uacbas?ad. Pro I *ialon? mora act its and Irsaer. Pork, BJBaHJB. Balk meats shook*?r?. 8; claar rttSMs, DTEm SMailM. aaekrd. Baeoa sbauldass, tfeMa. rit aid* ? U 4?UH Uams U^M LardM UM BaRhr steady, i?aad mod good to pi ima ra>a. BaS do taa, Mm. ?.uasir < ir aaob uigsd Ooflae ?olat cnctaaged W biakr Beo n OSS corn, UljOW. ekijmsats?whaa ]|I3 oos. ,'oZJlZi 5TM?anR"fc4!S:,''aS; "S!ia3s?ls?jk, r iP* Bih oonatflar tbraa moatba blil la lha yaaartuii StTITR AO A1 Wm. M. Tweed hers gl van not lea or B tlon tor leave to file a to the suit or the aonati Tweed, brought by Rich corporation counsel. An i in this soli alnoa. That the Judgment in over ,000,000 s_ and ber to the older son. 8ricn>B or a Mclleda, e nronalnaait BMeaha of I Brotherhood, nommltted snlok York by shooting hlaaaslf tm Ike I revolver. MuUeda lor eoaaa a bean jmffarlpg frona^aarsrs rendered delirto^^y^heSSSuf'iLhrmtS he Buffered. Itloauppoaed that durlM M or the paroijias he r^mmltlart am^Ti^ noihing In lt which was not egmett br his

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