Newspaper of Evening Star, May 25, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 25, 1876 Page 2
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WAS HI NO TON: I THrigPAT ?5, Mm Average Daily Circulation over being more than three time* that of any other daily jmjper in Washington, The Star for tl>? Hammer return* leactno U* city tnay ***** *** 8tab tent to i/mr cxkJtra* by mad, pottage prrpafl. far mteh period of time at they <*enrf, at the rat* of 15 cents per week. SO rent*per month, gl 75/or three months, or 53 for mx month*. MT The money to pay for the tent rvpdred tmmt .in ad cases accompany the order. Other. tcite the paper cannot be tent. AM published in yesterday's Stab, the statement th?t Mr. Conkllng, on Tuesday last/reported ad Tersely from the Senate Com. ml t lee on Commerce the bill to Improve the harbor of Washington was a mistake. Oie of the bills before that committee proposes to authorize the West Point (Virginia) Commercial company to deepen the river channel, and gives them in consideration a large amount of land, some at present under water, and some bel) g mud-tlata, upon Which the company intend to balld wharves and other Improvements, which shall be free from taxation for twenty years. The hill la a fraud on Its face an<l ought not to pass. The Improvement of the harbor of Washlrgton should be made by the general government, and not by private corporatl >ns. Congress annually appropriates millions Of dollars for the Improvement of rivers nut harbors, but studiously omits to do any thing for the Improvement of the harbor of the capital city of the Union. Meanwhile It Is gradually filling up, and It Is predicted by exf erlenced river men that In a few years it Will be impose, ble for boats drawing more than two feet of water to reach our wharves from Alexandria. Government and other Teasels frequently run aground at low water between Waatlngton and Alexandria, occa ?lonlrg delay and expense, and heavy draft Vessels bound for Washington are sometimes compelled t. uncharge the whole or a part of Uielr cargoes at Alexandria. We trust the appropriate committees of both bouses will *>vf the matter careful consideration and take the necessary steps to glTe us a harbor a orthy of the capital of the nation. The >S cretary of the Philadelphia Board of Trade -ei ?n us a circular, In which he states that. ? i aving made the necessary inquiries of the '? a.Jlrg hotels of the city," be Is ln atrcc*. . - t a deny the reports that have been put It. i iculatlon of exorbitant charges said to be by hotel proprietors" there, and tossy t M-'bere has been no Increase In cur L' ?t.-rges, and there will be none." To a i .we reply: The proprietor of the West hi d Hotel charged two prominent clesg: * - u o! thla city, who were in attend ance a:"-* peolng of the Exposition, the mode?t m of eight dollars for the privilege of occui li g single cots, for one night only, In a room In common with a number of other lodgtrs, bat finally consented to accept ST.00 lnpajrr.?ct of the bill. Whether the "West Lnd ' l.? (>Le of the leading hotels of the city, or whet'.er or not 93 2) Is Its ordinary price for a night's lodging, In a room occupied in eommoa by a half dozen or more guests, we leave for the Board of Trade and Its secre tary to determine and report. The Sprlngxleld, II}., correspondent of the New Yurk Tones, describing the proceedings of tne Kt publican State Convention yester day. sajs that the delegates stand forty-one for Blame and on* for Brlstow; and that the Brlstow c*rlegate Is Judge Baker, of Alton, who was presldlr g officer of the convention. The correspondent says:?"The matter of most interest la how Mr. Blaine succeeded I in espturli g the state so completely and snditLiy, i >r H was believed three months r go ttat ue ha J comparatively little strength In Illinois." He adds: "Thespeech of Mr. Cullom, belnt; real In stead of spoken, was not very well received, and It was reserved for Gov. Beverldge to let loose the pent-up enthusiasm of the as semblage. In closing be was describing the klLd o( man who should be nominated at Cincinnati when somebody crl-vl out. ? Blaine.'' It was the first time the name of any candidate bad been mentioned, and there Was great cheering. Beveridge Improved bis opportunity, and said if he were a member or the convention ue would offer a resolution Instructing the delegates to Cincinnati to Use all honorable means to secure the nomi nation of Blaine: but, not being a member, be called upon those who would favor such a resolution, If offered, to rise and cheer for Blaine. In an Instant all the delegates, with perhaps thirty or forty exceptions, were ?landing on the chairs, throwing up their bataana shouting for Blaine. This Incident ended the convention, for It was not the Blaine programme to have the delegates In structed, and there was an abrupt and final adjournment.' It la now pretty plain that the vote on the Question of Jorlsdletiou In the Belknap Im peachment case will not be a party one. Nor should it be. The question is one of law and precedent, and not one of politlca. It was generally supposed that the democratic Sen ators would vote soL lly In tavor of Jurladlc. ilon, but a representative democrat, Mg Baton, of Connecticut, yesterday spoke on She other side of the question, and it is to be presumed that there are other democratic Wen a tors who concur in his view of the case. On the republican side a nnmberof Senators, among them Messrs. Edmunds, Morrill, of I Vermont, and Mr. Mitchell, have made ar gvmenta in favor of Jurisdlction.whlleothers have spoken against it It will thus be seen that there is no party division on the ques tion. How to Sbcxbs HacaarY.?Mr. Clapp the Congressional Printer, has been exten alvely Investigated, and some damaging evidence has been produced again t him, which Inclines many to the belief that under bis management the Government Printing Office la an extremely costly affair. There is one abuse peculiar to the establishment, however, which has received but little atten tion. We refer to the sale of Information de rived from documents printed there, many of which are ntcesaarliy of a confidential nature, and not destined for the public. Among these are reports printed, but not adopted. A recent instance In point Is the report of the Committee on District of Co lombia Affairs, which was published In the newspapers before It was submitted to the committee. The matter Is to be mveatl i gated, and If the search is a close one It will I undoubtedly be found that the dec lment was sold by some one eonnected with the printing office for a good round sum, as ~~iy another "Pub. Doc." haa been before it i made public legitimately. As long as I are enterprising newspaper men who to outstrip their rivals, Just that long Will such Information be obtained In this Way, for It Is simply impossible to secure | enough honest government employes to rrent the practice. The only cure for the _.ll will be to entrust the printing of such documents to private job establishments. The proprietors could not afford to betray ghe trust rsgoeed in them, and would keep too sharp a lookout to permit their em ployes to engage in any underhand buslnsss at thslr expense*?{C/?rt?ucle. We bare nothing to say in regard to the ft efforts to take the government itlng from Clapp to some "private job iment," further than to suggest that i above la not Just the way to set about It. i la not one word of truth In Its allsga ir Insinuation, as to the manner In Tub Stab got the report in ques Mr. Blaine seems to be picking up dele itta every day. At this rate be will get the ree hundred votes claimed for him on the baiiot at Cincinnati, and something re*. _ _ The Cincinnati Vazette (Brlstow paper) i It teeth at Conkllng thusly 'With Cockling as a candidate, Ohio democratic in October, even with rilllam Allen on the other side. He has weatera interests so psrslst tly and so bitterly that the opposition to wonld be mast determined, bQth on the i of republish* and democrats. Besides, loobtfui vote would be cast against s. or not east at all. But, regardless of this, a determined effort Is to be made nominate Mr. Conklln*, and.if New York Per r sr 1 van la can do it, it nomi likely i mil fee dona" 3 '?? ' "**?? HQ W PARIS KID QLOYB DBPOT. W _ ??? Pf*a**;r?ste Artn*> (Mtlfat, 1 * .4 t-kttloD CLOVES It Itra, (ir?r. DUt*. Hgit Ovlora h4 MUrk at *1_f I ? and 4l ? ? y?Yt E'V* iSXSSUSH.KS,"""" " MOBD4T, WBDnlSOAl u4 SATUBD1T TCTfiiui"To"?* kMlPM"^ d" ?? FR1SH 1G09. . COBBER IQth AIW 0 8T1BBTI. [\<2!?* ?Th?flr*o|J. ho Roy vnrth A Broker, Oronn,?M this do MWOLTBD by mutnal BBYWORTH bv JOHR rt*^'corm#r ,U"J D JOHS KBYWOBTH * BBO. ..H?aSK/EK K*58.VSr3LPTS' jy?ft.?'?>?.?, gatysfgy ?* * F P. KBYWOBTH. ^ 1SIT0B8 TO P*HI A* B LP HIA viU Cad a UEO B. f'OCHB&I A CO'S NfOBI attbeOBAHD AMRRICAB BB8TAUBABT, to ?id* of OntMiltlSrouM.*k?? Clears of *v.ry dee<riptide, can be had At the prioee Use larre ?r? told for kere Bf 1 he ORABD AMSBIOAH BE8TATBANT is ?>tuated Wtvira Horticultural And ttticoltvil H?.l? ?i?Nckoa?iiiltirT.ud su'r^uuded br the or!- One gr > re ofatale twd inside lb? groan is. D1J15 ?< Nr?? HATK! X All ?te leading etyl-s of CAS9IMBRR DBRttD H ATS, verioa.kitdsof eTRAW li ATS, GBKCINR Mackinaw, milar bkmd,lbohorr.Ac UAIK CLOIH mod KNOLlfH LIBRN HATS. Anenotii and Ri g l.h S1L&, ALPACA ud 01 'UBi" TMBHIlLAS L'<Hee' BOB I M BBKLLA8 and PAR ASOLS l'MI!HELLA8 and PARASOLS covered aud re p?;r?l in tbe beat manner ?KB dfc Gim. _ 1?1? PBHBSYLVaBIa aybhub, it.) W tr AboTf Wlliard i Hotel. VATTAR'I VKGKTaHLB CATH1RTIC 1> AMD AilTI.BlLIUll PIU? 1 be demand for theee Pills baa largely Increased. W o therefore ca'l public attention to tbeir merits aa a g*< ?ral fnmiiy physic Prepared with tbe great eat care, they pieeent tbe following good qua:itlee Ttey are warranted wholly vegetable. Tnetr ac tion la protrpt. certala and effectual. Thar are pea leg to the sUmach They etart the liver In a healthy and active operation. They core bUlooe ne?a. aick headache, and co?tivenese They are la valnaVlA l*. Al a4l _ _a M m * valuablefor Indlgtatlon and dyspepsia. They tbor otghly cltnnee tbe entire system They do not criaa or gi?e pain daring th-ir action They areadaaUd for general nae Children anl delicate peraons can take tbfm aa well aa ths strong and robust. Homt malt, they are always freah, (while patent pilla ?nera:iyare not )acd oneequently nnifonnly ef Z foT?kr "TTWiJS Phariiiactat,^' my 15 tr Corner ?d and D streets norihweat. ( 'OAL: COAL! WOOD! WOOD! Vy fhW DMPAKTUHB' aWnJrfnD'*10* OF POXL' CHEAP I HEAt' FOR CASH' Boy now and save monthly advance. Thousand* cf tuna t rdered. Arriving dally, carg >ea of beet varie lea of t 'oaland Wm^T. Bead! R^Sd' AndTy ns. Adraatagea aowoffered never before extended cop*nni#re~I clear aave of BO cent* to 91 per cord m-Is Wood direct from oar wharves and vea 5ood on J" to ?? 00 per ed. Burn ?' ** 4 79 to a do ? Oak Wood ?? Vj?to ? Delivewd at a email advance on above prices. Coal at correeaondingly low rate*. Carlo- n na Dn-rcna, tence delivery very cheap. Bavins two of MV! ^haivea lathe DI strict, and all the fa cilltiee thereto annexed for the delivery of Coal dl wct'rem onr veaaela to the consnaiera. we can ter talily offer satcial lndneements. 1M0 Iba. clean Coal always gfvt-a to the too. ? . r? JOHHIOR BROTHERS. r Deait at Jobneoc'a Wharves, foot ISth and IV.b street? a. w. Offices, 1309 K st n. w ; 1119 9tk street n.w ?y23 ectr A?UlROrOR, D. O^APBIL 24,187#. Tte firm of A.B 8HBPHBBD A CO., cansist ?S? ?f A * ?fd JHOM48 M SBBPHiRD, waa tfcla day by motnal ronaant. THOMAS M. 8HF.P1I1BD withdrawing from the km. Tke kaalnaea will be ceaUnsed by A. B. 8HBP Hk RD and FBABK JOMBB, under the name and Mjle cf A B. 8HBPHBBD A CO;,atHo. HIT Ptntsjlvania avenue and Bo. 40T 11th atreet, mht-re, with increased and ?ftltrged stock oi uercttftudiM, they will eitdeifor to merit a con* tJuMtce of the patroatge heretofore extended. m> 24 at (^iVDl HilE FOR PHILAPILPMIA KBUVCM1) KATE ON HORSES. Fright receivrd on board Bteameron MONDAYS aoi FRI DA YH until 7 p m time"'8bt rec*lTt'J 'Q waaahonae at any O P.H1DB. mi?4-1m S'i Water street. Georgetown, D. O. (JHiAP LUMBER. " ""I o' Spruce Lumber, ve have eoj.cludtd to aell at tbe following redactd pri^ea T"alit?lL U wlk,er^^eeaaoned, and of the very b?et 2x3,?i4.andtx4,any length, BU per thousand lx(. 16 feet rails, $1S per thouaand, iLCh boards, ?15 per tbouaand; S inch ;oia:. *13 and BM per thouatnd; S inch jolat, fl4 ud ill per thousand; <H'?el pickets! pall ugs) #15 per thousand; 4u H feet, rough. 3 inch. ?7 50 per thovand; f\3 and 3*4. Sd goality, 912 SO per thousand; > spruce tidings, 8or 7 inch, |U per thouiaad. A l*rge stock of Lumber of all kinda always on haiid at loweet varket pricee. IIDW. CLARK * CO , YARD. WHABP, 4BD PL4NIBG MILL, Poet of 4th street eaat, near United State* Bavy *?rd. anytl lw B E m? VTir, STYLE AND EXCELLENCE, II CBSTLBIBV'I DB E18. FOB HOBBY ST1ER Will: FreLch Woolen 8ulta. Fcgllah Woelen Bulta. Scotch Woole. Suit., WsMPlMdSotta. Oxford Mlxad BuiM. D-BPWdB^ta. MotUed Mixed 8uiU. Bread Plaid Suite. American Wooien Suit* rark Mixed Bulta Hair Line Caaa. Suite. Light Batiste Baits. L,fht M,Xed 8ult" Mohair Womed Suitt. Sa,t' Stylish Frcck Suite. Hobby Back Suite. BVBBY STYUt OF MIXED SUIT. FOB DBMS, OB ETESlKti PBOUSADE riagonal Worateda, ? ? . J la Coots and Teste. Pi<jue Worsteds, . I? Coata and Teats. Bird e Bye Worsteds. . . _ In Coata anl Vesta. I larcoLd face Worateda, ? _ . . In Ooate and Vesta. Tricot Worateda, la Ooate and Veete Cr.aa bar Worateda, la Ooate and Veete. Bvery Dealgn of Woratad, IX COAT A.XD VKHT. In every conceivable pattern. HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Pine Clothiers, mylt tr Oorner Seventh and P etreete. W4TCMMB. SB9LISH, SWISS AMD ARMinan Watches, B* ALL THB MOST OBLBBBATBO MAR BBS Major, COM. BETE1TH AID H STBKRS, HAB THB COLDBST AND BEST SODA WATER IN THB WORLD. Rya iR TRY IT. WANTS. '??T? I*. .itb?r 1.4, o, mU? nam, with IS or *m euk.ti u lat?Ujgei>ce a. . w vk?Kwysgfcariiaiaaa iioMr; B? to the souatry. 1H? I?h lt?H. bMrun I U1 O It ?^1' ? color*<1 iiM.t^ITOiTIOV M c< a hmiD rr wtlii r in a privet* family. Tm D**t of references given. illNN 0 stre?t northwest. ?>??' WANTID? Ingi dititj-Uo^ OOOE. WABU ? Raad IBON KB, and CHAM 6BBM AIP.f<-<r swell fsmtiy: bin come *mI r*ouoia?i><l<d; Irish preferred. Ipgrtw mi M?<? W?*j >t. K* tt/AITip-ty > respectable tin girl,? 8ITU '? ATION as cook and to essHt in vuklif *ad I oniog. i||Ir for two fan at 918 1st strsst ncrthwest. It* WA8TTB&?A food COOK, to go abort dUtaace In the coaatry. to do th? onotini of a Urea board to g school- also. a WAITER and BOBVB MAM. Apply 9i? D a tract, tear f:h, between tha hoars of 9 aid 12 a. ?. It* llfAIT?I>-Ir a C4r?fil t?UDt, a moderate ? ?'i?4 rarmlabad HOUBE la tha northwaat por tloB of the city, for the sumoaer asonths. rant meat ha low; undoubted refereacee If reqalrad, Address 1. J , >?ar office. with terms aad locattoa. m? ft* aNT*D?lma?edieteii ?Families to call aha d?ilr? good colorad or whlta Help, for tha city oc country, aa I bar a a large nan bar oa hand with gocd references Servants can And good homes at tba Bureka Emp'oymeat Offica. 9*7 O street. mylSSt* MBS. LP CIS B 0. BDTL11. \Afrespectable white woman, a '* 8ITC ATION as chambermaid, or waltraaa, or nurse, and to do plain seaing, la aoma respectable family; no objection to travel; beat of raferenera Jr. m present employera. Addram Box IS, Bur of flc?; mySA St* \V'A^T*D?At Union Hotel, Georgetown, D. C? THA *LkXji* DBBM; ato, S?S tHAMBBBMAID. References required. myStft* WANTED?More PUPILS la my Drawing a..d Paint ng Ctans-s, and at prlra'e r-?l lenoe.. ranching exccraioLs. #2 SO per month. Call 1031 e- h Hr? t nortbweiit, ccro^r L after 4 m>2? ?* [Bop] THoB. SEATON DOM0H0, Artist. VV4i""D?Farnlstet BOOM, by a single geo v v tleman; southern exposure, onulde blinds, an 1 located between the blocks brnode.1 b? B and L and JSth and 17th streeta northwest. Adiress M. T , Starcffice. mJ4H* YV^f? to 'l*? ??outry in Mtsloi land, a COLORED WOMiH to do general hooaeworh. Call at 1315 H street north w<Ut. ha t?e?'D the hoQM o! 9 iod 11 a. m. Good city refer* required. m>24 3t? VyABTBD-By a reap^otable girl, SITUATION ? * aa child a nnrse or do cb*mberwork and asslat mfih 'MhiDCjDd ironing; Hefe ence c%o be uvea Ifraauired. Please call at Mo. 1641. corner of Wth and L s'reets northwe>t. m>24 ft* W ?To A?** charge of a Furnished '" HOUSB for the summer, by a small family aithont children. Wonld be to pay a avail c?n ponsatkn. Can give reference as to care, Ac. Addiess H , Btar < ffica. my24 Ji* WANTED?Immediately?By a small family, ' * Furiilshid DWELLING of eight orten rooms, in a good location. Wonld not object to boarding mat atd wifa. Bent most be low. Beat of refer ences given and required. 0BBL8FOBD * MAIM, Agent, in) 21 ft* 193 Pennsylvania avenue. %M/ANTED?By Jane 1st, a small HOU3B, sqita "..M* /or ? family of two persoa*, lacattd in north wsetern part of city. Bent not to evoeed lit per month. Address W18T BSD, 8tar offica. my23 at VVnnnlS-^0 ront to adults. newly fnr(ilsne<l v v HOUSE, nine rooms, all modern conveniences, i r Slimmer or longer; rarecbanoe for persons wlsh itg to sseape coiflnetntit of hotel or boarding bora*; parties having meals served preferred; aae of piano to rel'able part lee. Beferences exchanged. Addnaa FUBNIBHED HOUBE, Btar office m!3 3t \VAMTED?TOUNO MBM for tali road and y y bnslaeas porposea. Good salarlea when gualf fled. Telegraph, phonograph, banking; bnstaeaa iiiatrmotlons aen'frtoe. Addreas 8opt. Polytechnic Co., Baltimore, Md. myU lm A** HUMAN bbino with * ? BBAIM8 nn maka f800 a month aelllng onr Letter Copying Book. Any one tbat has a letter to wrtie will buy it. Mo press or water used. Bend fo. circular. XXCXL8I0B CO., 16 Tribune Bnlld lng. Chicago, 111. mayl-lm* VVAMTBD?Carpets Infested with Moths to clean y v and at the same time restore them to their orl Lal brighttesa, with or without remoylng from the floor. Ink and greaee spots a specialty. Waahing ton Carpet Benotatlng Co., 1414 Pennsylvania avenue. epa-tm X/LIAMTBD-CABPET8 TO CLEAN at Rut't vv Sieam Bfating Work*, 490 Maine ayenne, between and ?th streets sontbweat. Called for and dellyered wlthont charge. apll ly iVAMTElMlsutlaiiMi to know tbat WILLIAM " MOOBE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 Hew Tork avenue, makes a specialty cf catting garments to be b^le at home. noylt-ly LOST AND FOUND. ^TKAYID OB bTOLBM-A SOBBEL MABE, 1' y bite face, bliijd in right eye. two white t bird st?kltgs. Liberal reward If returned. TLM ACGl ST EBhIO'8, 737 Korth Capitol st.,^CSC opposite Government Printing Office. It* rOST-ILI SCABF PIN; fnly one in the city. ' A liberal reward paid If left with the owner; fcRAD ADA MS. ?ia r street. m'?3 3t BOARDING. t^LEOA NT SUITES Of BOOMS; also, 8INQLB Cj BOOMh, with BOABD, at 1336 I street, oppo site Franklin Eijuare m> 25 6f C^BhTBBBIAL ?Parties yisitirg Philadelphia s can find tood BOOMS and BOABD at No 9036 Motth Uib street, within short ride of Oeutennlal grounds and placee of amnstinent. Terms, Bl so to ?2 per day. |mU3t*] MISS A DIGaEN. ST GEO BOB BEHTAL'BAMT, 909 F at-Try tbat excellent B >ard, enly 920 per month. Mo* quiet and attractive for ladlea espec a'ly?all aball be pleased. myll-tjonel UIBGLB LODGING BOOMS, 80 centa per night, O or from 02 to f 3 per week; BOABD or ME 4.L8 at reasonable ratee, at Mo. 486 Pennsylvania ave ana. ap20 2m* PLEASANT BOOMS AND GOOD BOABD can a be obtained at 1009 Marylaiid ayenue, at mod erate rates. In a private family. marS7 9w* COUNTRY BOARDING. fOUNTBY BOABD.?Twoalagle gtntlemen, or v/ gentleman and wife (wi'boat chiidren'.oanae cq re pleasant Boom, with Board, at Con tee's Sta tion, Waahlngton Branch B.tO. B.I. For fall p?rikulars call or addteas, with references. Mrs. AMELIA BBOWN, Coatee's P.O , Md m* ft* IJOABD1NG roB TUB BtMMBB ONM M1LB '?north of Faiifaz C. II. Apply to Justice E. O. ^ EA\EE, 7th St., opposlje Patent Office. m24 St* f^OUMTBY BOABD?Large Booms, abondancs cl gocd water, mllk.ftxlt, vegetables. Ac ; Ave minufes'walk from Bockvllle depot. AddreaaMas. MAB7 HOBNEB, BoekTllle, Md, my? St* (^OOD COUNTBT BOABD-Leaa than ten mln F utee'ride from Washington by Met. B. B. B. Btation on the place. Addreas Box 839 Post Of n e^ mrSSft* { 'OCKTBlf BOABD- For Snmmerand Fall, from V June 1st, in a private fa&ily on line B. A O. B. H ; most healthful aid pleasant 1 cation. Terms n ode rate. _ Address, with reference. -HOME 81 hAl>," P. Q. Frederick, Md. myC-tu,th,?t SUMMBB BOAPD? In a large heme, pleasaat y located oa the Wasbington and Ohio Bailroad; twenty minutee' walk to atatlon. Terms low; rater ? t cesjlvtn and revolted. Address "BLOOMING DA LB," Falls Church P. O., Fairfax coanty, Va. myM 6t^ IkEFIBABLE COUNTRY ROAUC-l arge room7, mw large rard, two miles from Snlckersvllie, at base cf Blue Ridge. sollcl'nd my9 2w* L. WITBEBS,Bnlckersyllle. PERSONAL BS. BBAf'KBTT, HntiHft nni Tut Mvltum, <191 lltb st?e*t. between L and . mrM It* BTBOLOO 7 BABABEB 31 This telebrauxl Lady Astrologlst and Heallag Me dium can becoiunltod at No. 901 D street, ewraer of Id oorthwetrt. She baa no saperior In delineating the Fast, Preeent and Future. In lore or builoess ber advice Is Invalnable. describing yoor friends, pointing oat yoar enemies, and informing you of the sore way to success In all undertakings. Con sultation strictly oonfldsattal. Ladlss, |T genUs 60. sepl-ly PRIME OLD C'llEESK, 1 8UITABLB FOB BB8TAUBAMT8, FOB. SALS CH BA P. BABBOI B * HAKILTOI. WHOLESALE G BOG BBS, mi25 ft feST. '39 acd '41 Lonislana ays. CIMMBB CLOTHING IN LIGHT WBIGHTB.? ? 82 Black Alpaca Ooat; MS (0 and #S, better. MS to Svrge Coats; BS aid BS 80, best. 78c. Pfflce Coats; Bl 81 80 Dusters. Ml Boys' Llcen Jackets; Ml Linen Pants. BS 80 Boys' Oottonads Baits; Cass. J4 to (10. If JO Men's Caaaimere Pants, to BfT B9 Bias Fh-anel Salts; bsst, f 12.80. Il 28 Llasd Linen Shield Boeotn Shirts. ? huts, 78 cents, M[M. and 81?great job. At 1. W. BBEmV'B. 1914 and 1916 Penna. avenae, between l?th and 20th sta ssvU-tr <Srr E7E GLASSES AN DSPEOTAOLB9-3?^ VL^ln gieat variety. A largs stock o.'CE^ WTTCHlkB aad JBWBLBY. Special attoitTun paid to repalrtag Baa Watches aad Jewelry. Hair Work made to order, at PBIBOB A GOLD SMITH *8^ 917 Peaasylvanla aveaae. ayB-la i \ PTIOI AM B OTICB?Having dlspenesd with al xs'rjSiA'sasSrtifi kaowtsdgs of optics saablss ps to mm* oaly the bsst goods for tlx MAN VFAttv1?llfoa'o] apl-tr 488 Pa. ave.. sssi LUMBSB1 LPMB1B1 9MMAT MMDUCTIOH IX FMI CMS. rtr ?>. ^ V ?ALA Wj^t bMCBKM 8AM jgfggiASSSSSSu * vmwftm y mm I strati Borthvtit: t?i?co ApptyatBo 13Q4 tthst a w. FOR RENT AND SALE. F I* ?*HT?famished BOOMS, saftnMe fjr 1 i?il|?H^t; ??1|||||W. 1194 lvfc Hlwl DOrinwfH ttfTT it* 'BBALB?HoUen.t roj?s Alao,on HOOKS cf I rtoM for rrut. Inquire it tk? earner of pOB BhMT-lllcelj ? pi-ale bed BOOMB * reaeosahle l?*w. *o. 938 p itrMi nortb ?yn-w 13th itrrtt. t. 0 M l? al myU 2t* F*!!L?51f?Z?!&j Md furnished BOOHS. * n T^lfwr.V^" ^,.d y'n *?lte or single. m vitro ^.TESEL* ^ 21,h board. term* to *7^*.???t?bl? Bttck HOUPB*.? ---. to market saiBf.Ji1803 ?,;??? K? ILf?-.J.7.-.J ? three delightful floor^SJr ^ U BOOMS of trst ^agy fcH{itBilT-flT?or Mi fpmUhod amm* adrsB 1491 Tat my26?t ?4*0? or two firiilih?4 bnnm ? he S^sS^f V0^"00 tb" mo*t -5"-"?h *fa a*to s$eir*h122?*er Tern" '??*>?? aoie. Apply at 1391 B ilrw northwest mtt 3t* FV&MlFiEJ* V"h' two de>ig*itfu| cool ri.hL ^? Kf,V*n* "f ban lamely ft? gas,t-atb, wat*r c owt isiq #??, i orthw<at pw of piano atlowed 1 ^ Ai F?* ?V. UUU8?- u room*; .onth" rassx.isres." FSlVKV?.?<L [ht> ?"ma">r- newly forrittbei *>r ???* * 'I?*,1' modern improvement*: u?? tf Piano, to reliable adults, at fow or nominal trios. A,,') at ton* Ho. 1914 12 h stieet Erth " '? my 16 St 4!i9 >fth street norta*e?t, be Avenue and E stree* t?o ivi* e m munlcaMng frcnt end back ROOM". farni.h??l 'fMrste or tr^lhfr? n? lecoud floor: gv> K%th room and water: clog# t on *am< floor. m-? 2t* L^uB KENT?1531 Col am bit street; 5 raoau Jrll*L' 8M lc^ i?th room; 3 stories; pre?s brick ^r, ?t. 030 per month Tcij^fre on th* irpmiM or pmn,?r?r*11,17 *,,r#etwM ?r.j?SH! FH.? jyT?Two ROOMS. furnished or anfar . hi" . ' one on. and one on second fl?or" ?ill rent separately; bouse has modern Imrrnve "? ,?*ce* "changed. 1319 Verm >nt avrt,ue. Oall l>et?oen? and 7 p m. mrts Xt l^OK BBMT-No 140*} 8 street nortbvoat, be J?,'T^?t l4tb Md. W'h streets, two-rtf.rr praa?< BKIOKt7 rooms and bath rotm; modern iraorore jn?ita; bay window: front anl back rarlr rent mi r*3ft? on prbmU?*'or Ko- lTs?i Uth street, L^OK BINT-A lix room 1I0U8V, Mo. 943 r r atiMt nortLwesti water and gas. Inaairc at 919, same sqnare. my 1 "?* KVrx mb*.'?^0 furnished w(S,rif;f?1k Ininire *t store soath west oorpsr cf 4th and W streets n w. myH-lt* l^-OB BXHT?Two' opmmnnicatwg BOOMS; third fctory; with or witbont board; in a srirati fa<n ^ p?ly at 1399 lltli street n. w. mr2) it* HODS*. ?33 Uth, bet. W Ft 1 Sa?^?*S^2? northwest; contains 8 fooni. K -j *? O street. mySJ-ft* F V^TB!H*ifnV'irwe"lr*blS PRI *. .*^1? BBoIPBBCB, or a choice Suite of Fur i<i"h 1889 N ,tr*et- ?*?" the corner of 131 n me<>i. my 14 3t* P:? bint?A smUlfnrnlshed Brick HOD8B. for |V, to a family without children; hat nil DK-actn lmtrcvemei ts. It>qnire at the pretni <*? fcf^er >> ui 11Q7 8 street n, w. m???sr f^OB BINT?For threemoniIn rrom June 1st?A u fijiaw' fnrnUhel six rooa Prsme B0D8B, rent B28 per month U a careful tenant ln<iulre at No. 1904 B street n. w. m>2< 3t* * F"ri.JffL?^rSi'D1'T^" "8iU*B0B. north of * Pnl?fn* O. H ; garden full and fruit of all vr*? vLb *bnndance. Apply to Justloe B. C W?A\ BB.7th strett,opposite Patent ..?!'?> 3* FH'KBBNT-No. IT K street n. e : modernini frovements; in good order; rent ?? ? *. W. MILL,IB * OO , Ho. 919 f street n. w. F,(iinfSX?iTT,?ome . nic?'y fir?i?hed FBONT ^ rent 'ow t0 ? ?vo<l tenant. AH > some klcgle Booms, with board for ?18 p?r mo. In uufre fct 4 17 11th street i. w. my24 31* F rtK^,RllT^torer.h',,fJ(u', furnished) of a foar r?nh'L. JICK, c,>oI nnd airy; all the improve A)*?< ,w"? boauufoliy r>ir pi?he<l BOOMS. IO0S >tli street n w. my2i 3t* ^^^-"'?jTToorrto'r BB1CK HODSB Ho. Bast Cspitol street, all modern c>nve Liences; rent reasonable. Kcquiro at Ho 11 4th ttrcet soothe ast. myJ4 2t* ^HOCSB cobTMiienthr locatod. with ?odS^D ??Pror/mei,t?. Also/a PUlo and Bew !r.^: wu??? s<< Cr?fp *?r perticulars apply *** "? WBOB, corner of O and 2d streets northwest giccery store, or at 415 New Jersey ave m?2* jt? FtinnMl?HT.7,VrVi*llr<1 PAHLOK and Hkljl Rn^n^tVr1 ? teth nt*ached Also. rRONT St , !fi M8 n"iflo?r; * '"lor suhmt board Apply fct 1*18 O street northwest, after 4 o'clock p m-: my21 2t* ' ITOB ^yNT-HautfRomtly Purnished BOOMS 1 private family; modern conreni*noes; south IT?.k,;-Co^!ufo^ ?UB,ni?r; near three lines of cars" with or withoat fine class Board. Inquire 94 l m my24 at* B.Tr??e new three eiory Brick HOCSB, ,. , nine rooms, bath-room, concrete Crrn*rat ?B, deirn ,n3Pr<>v?ttents; Ho 690 2ld I S? lil' '".mire at the corner, or 403 7th st. a. w. The chariot mnnlng to the house, m;24 2w Ij'OR BBNT?334 Missonri avenue?A f ^nr-storr Fi ?T^i?rn i? containing thirteen rooms, wlt5 ? I modern improTements and southern exposure APfl, to Mr.. M. H. 8TBVBHS, 33T C MnStm. mr24 8t* Fi?S fT_A new two story HOUSB; just fln Md varnish^TPotoml:^?&FTn^ klTchen an" b?h '*rge garden and some frnit treee, snfflcient for shade: on 3d street northwest, between o?nd * "'iTim.l'"" A"" ITOJH klliy-UoUS* Ho. 1949 Hew Jerser r ayenne, between M and N streeU north ?!? containing eight rooms, with range ncd (strobe stoves, bath room, hot and cold water' excellent in a streets a. w. my24 6f ^?'OBBlHT-A very desirable brick HOUSB of jS Mo? 1??*^' *J1'1 **Jand water and front rard ii"j'?a.k:cr "?? ?? aami-: FSiorn???^T*1? T?r7 desirable HOUSB H> B ?90 L street northwest, containing 7 room, baring cellar, water* tas, bath and all th* m de-n la proreiLejts; rent ?35 ~r month; >re7m?enda il?stjj^'4? T1, A,p1' T"?3 B. PBNKJK? 61s s.w. mv24-4t* K^OB HBHT?That new ard commodioai three f storr Iron-front WABBHOUSB?Ho. 313 mi i',r,'k ? ? ? doors north of Pennsylvania avenue with Bates Patent elevatori gas, water. Be nil in complete order; terms moderate. Apply to ' n w. 3IGBLOW, n?24 lm National Bunk Bepnbllc F^ffnnUnh!0' BBl B street-has ten rooms; Fbftwron^t aid1?' 1?01? '"i? "'r**1 nor^hw?it. snd lar,fc ?00M8 L ,trtet?*>"r "'Hurnlshed f4 Vor d*,|rable location In the city jooVJaa srjtsasr Pa avtnce at)d 8th street M WlLLI F(ifdB,s?rU;2?llJ<?UB o< rner #th * "???? streetsn. w.; possession June 1st. ?)...*? ss* M. MCNB1B. Agent, -BByCit &09 7th strsSt n. w. FannW1"??" v#ry largs, airy, forni.hel lor atd?.?.? iDe7.,r ?*"rrSd ?"d palnted. uss of par Kife7''"'","'?': iS l'^^sflh i pil? ta pJiiwV#" F(i,1BBrar,7 ~ I'fHghtfnl 8L'MMKit ScsT knna. ui farnish'd or ut>fart>li>hed?the well 'enwick Ootiaae,'' In Oeorgttown. Iar?e n??? ?? C AMr*? *VANB, 1443 I strset. i<MMt>rHn,o#."?J?,S,e I#t~A. three story Brick balking kM.L J5*1 B?rthwest; eleven room*, ' b?t and cold water, ranie and latrofte ifn mn .?..^1**.D. OLa p p, am ?tn street northwest. my2S-St* F^??,.BT-?*7 H008B of six ro miT^iTh * ?*?*r in yard, frnit tree?. 12000 feet'T garden f i??}1 t*<we*? Uth and Uth 'tree's of ? "MMto a good tenant, inquire Hold ""***? 1*1? *?? a?e., opposite WiUard'a "riSL mil gt P?Aisu!k^l!!U ro?" Brick HODSB, Ho. Wth etrejt northwest. Inquire of i ? GMBH. Bo. 1080 14.h strtsi n. w. my? k* POB BBIIT?#2&?H0U8B. 7 rooms, water. >u *o ; doable yard. 390 South A street r??i to! HlU. Inquire 919 Q streSti w. ||^OB BBHT-BOOMS soluble for ? dentist?IT OALLBBI, 14!2? Psnn syivania avenue. may22-lw. K?JL?V 3 ? ?K'*t oorUweM, *^r ranMjlrnnla avenuj, all modern lm * ?***r f?|jwlmla avenue, all modern lm Vovwets; 1J rooms, and tiled with lodgers; rara chance tor good tewaat. cheap rant. HnVa *t ^zr* oars. Tlss rooms can bee J * y 4 ? streets northwest, containing all m?tor> i?ovemenu. Inquire at ilBS M sfreet ?s?0 1? my20 Is FOR RENT AND SALE. COM ItVT-i n-w HOC8B Ho. 309 B r m k?Mt, W row end *11 ra >l?rn \m >rotfW>l Imlw Mt 8th itrNl s. ? intj Iw* P't KUT-BOv/MA, rtriltinl with mrii (dt kou?kN|il| At So. 114 rHHrlnu* imi?, KitkMM tonrr of 1H street my at mIb' F)B BFNT-0JflY#40 PKH MO*TH-The three siory BUCK KODSI, Ho 1191 Fatraat acrlhwrs'; hMtm rovms, tiur, gas Mid mod'TB improvomenta. Apply neit door. sayB) 7t* i p-? IiH>B EBBT?BOUtB Ho. ? II. oa F street, *? JT twwi M and Mth. ooatalnlng NrntN* rooms end bwb-roai wits modern tmKo?MMit*; ssooe# lloir rontiUlit (vi itrft rooa?,iaiUM* (ot oIBm. Inquire Ho. 403 7tb street r rthwwt ml) !( FOB BALE?4 HODBB tad GABDBM, at BU drvfean Depot, B. ud O B B , In Bisnuw' walk Itos Um station: good stable tod c*rr iage b< trttt inn Md anwr. WtU M i<id oa too terms or traded tor Aocoakmd city mi ?rtr. Aptly to J. W.ICOTT, Bo. 1?83 8tB street torthwel. COB BALB OB BXCH ANGE-334 AO BBS, sit u r rnd li Montgomery oeuaty, containing tee ix om bow mid bars; M (era la choke fruit, farm In bl?h stale of emit!ratios ud worthy of attention of purthsssrs Half cash acd balanee la city prop erty. SAMUEL O PABKBB, Baal Batata A??ot, Ho 889 dH atraat north war ?ySB' ra^irSKVAV?"eisr?,.trr.ri atreet n< r b? aat, aaitable for a_r irate boardiac b u?e; near the Capitol Atao, for SUe?A mall FBAMB HOCBB.ob Ctk atraat a ?u'beast. emea nient to Baat Capitol atreet. Inquire of AMOS BUHT, J notice ot tha Peace and Ooaveyaacer..Ho. 135 A street north'aat, Oepitol Hill. nn? 7i L^OH BJNT-No 10 Grant nlae*. ei?rea rooms; r #70. No. 1913 I itreet northwest, eight reoaa. furniebeo; ISO 884 1st sirteteoatkeast,nine rooms; f4A 308 7th ? reet south w?st. tan rooms; #?". 37 7tb street southwest, nine rooms; #36 1443 T street northwest. tii rooms; |B 1434 Q street northwest, sixteen rnoni; #75 146 Delaware attLne n'riheaat, eix'een rooms; |K 1114 *( ?feet no tbweet, nine rooms; |71. F. W. MILLBB A < 0 ? 913 F str?et Lortnwe,t. m?*>-4f _ L'OB RiM-A pl?a?at.t seven room COTTAGB, r wllli ten acres of (round, ore and half miles frrm citv I'mlti. ItlistableMlOttMldlsti on Blacersburg toad. Aodrtse '? Farm," Star office. m< H lm* fr?0B L ENT?H'>C9E 1303 O-rc <ran street. To a gc,d ai d carefm tenant will iftvelong lease at moderate r?nt Apply on ihe premises. myUtt t^OR'BKHT?UOl>B No 1 T41 .?< r h^aat corner if Q ard ISlb st:eet* northwest. Kent #li00 per jeer. Inquire on the premises. myiSeoTt F'0B"REHT?HOU8B No 17 39 O street north west. Bent #3u0 per year, Inquire on the prtmisea. ? myl3-eo7t C^'R BENT?An elegant nmoroxn BitI K r l'VS ELL1NG. all nudern improvements, near str??tcais S30permnrth. myl8-lm BOB'T A PHlbLirS 6031?thst n.w. BKUT?bMALl F AB31?11 Acres?near this city; pl?nt* of lruit; six room b^nse bocau^n p< rf*cly healthy. B. A. PHH.LIP3, my 18 lm 6t)3 l?,h gwt LM k BENT? 1.13b 1 street, near tha Arlington P Hct< 1. large and well furni?bcd BOOMS on 4th floor, suitable for gantl< men. my 17-im BSHT-HOl'SB 52207 U street. Posseaiion J uae lat. F?? App'y to M. TBIMBLB, my l7 3w <14 Uta street. l/H'B BEHT-Three st rr BBICK HOUBB, with 1 back buildlna; Bo 8104, on I street, between list and Sdsto. Iminlre at Ho. 8131 Penna are nee Price, per month. my!3 tjanef L->OB BALB?FBA1B DWBLLINQ, 7 toot**, r ball, oellar, sumniT kitchen, ba.h. caa. water closet, bay window, Ac.; near 14th at. ears- 1181 Pierce Place n.w., betaaen B and T st?. tnyll ?w* L'OB BKNT?Cnfornltbea BOOHS, en suite or r single, pleasantly located for unmawr; new bouse, with modern conveniences, one square faom can. Apply 1134 18th street. mtll 3w* F OB BALB?A new and handsome DWELLING, _ 10 roc ma, a few minntes' walk of Belay; admira bly tuited to any one doing basinasa in Waakingtoa. Terms unnaually 'asy . Tpply tO(0H&RD80|r myll lm* Old Hotel, B?lay. B. A O B. B. l>OK BEST?BOOMS, furnished and anfurnlsb r ed, in all parts of tb? ctty,rrom ?? to f WO par menib. Apply at DOBBBfB BOOM AOBHCT, Hq. 980 r sueot northweat. mylO-lm* ti^OB SALB?At a great bargafb.LOT Mxll3 on r 9th street nortbeaat, between B and 0, close to street oars; wonld mak* thre* go-wt bnildln* lots. BMALL WOOD I MOBBISOH, mylO lm Hi 7th street. F_,OB BENT?An t-leaa^t aeven room pressed brick DWkLLIHG; bath room, gas.wa'er, haU, Ac ; desirable neighbor hoed #30 pM-month. Key at *38 P otreet n w. &. A. PHILLIPS, 603 llta street a. w. mylU lm FOB RENT-A large and elegant HuUSE ?ith stable, and side lots attached, on 1st St. north east, immediately north of Capitol grounds. Will be rent, d for #76 per mouth House oa*>n from 3 to 6o'clock p. m Inquire of T. GALL1GVN, 309 12.h <treet tioithweot. myH> lit I.^OB SALE OB EXCH ANGE-For city arop-rty, ??Angicourt" FARM of V5 acres, highly im Jror?d, with Una orchard of imported fruit trees, wtllicg house and barn; situated on New Cut R 'ad, one mile from Insaue Asylum. Inquire of K. JACOB, Mo. 980 17th street aortbweet, between 1 aLd K atrtets. my8-lm? FOB BALE?Tliree derirable lots of IMPROVBD PBOPEbTY; good Inresimentsf >r the money. Irvjnl.e of W N.BOACH. at Citizens' National Bsnk, 15th at , opp Treasury department ml e >Uc F'OB BBNT?50 AC'BEB of choice gardening Lend,f room Dwelling, Barn, Ac.; admirably adapted for a dairy; located at the flrat station out , it'e of the city on the Baltimore and Ohio rallroal; tent rery modtrata. J STANLEY JOHE8 ml lw i/UBBXHT OBStLE-A HOUSE In the coun I try, ire mMes from Washington, will be aold or exchanged for city property, or reited furnished or nnlurni?b?d. 60 acres of Land, near Soldiers' Home, on the Point of Bock* Ballroad. Apply at 1331 1 street northweat. my#-lm i'OK BAIiE?llOL'SE 1006 H street northwest eleven rooms, range, hot acd cold water in bad rooms, marble mantels, ? very modern convenience. Price #1 AO. Injure of _ FBAHKLIBBET, Lumber Merchant, my#-lm Cor. I<h street and New York are. fWR BENT?BOOMS la all portions of tha city. Description and terms riven. Apply to B. r. FOBTBB, northweat ooraar 7th and U sta. m?2-22t" COB BENT?A comfortable DWBLL1N O.ia r tboiougb repair, centrally located. 989 B street; terms moderate to a reliable tenant. Apply to J T OlYXH, woodyard, 10th, near B street. Bent #80. ap? lm l^OB BA1B ? In the Country ? A comfortable r DWELLING of 13 rooms, within five minutes walk of Ammendale, Baltimore and Ohio railroad: also, fine Building Bites; Boiling and Beautiful Country; wtU-watered. Addrsas DaNIBL AM* MEN.BeltsriU#. Md. apld 3m COB BALB OB BXOHANOB FOB CITY PBOP P ERTY?In Ellatilia. Prince George's oonntr, Md., BIXUBH AO BEB of LAHD, with doable Frame House, good water, aa abundance of fruit trees, grapea, sc.; high and healthy location; twelve minutes' wslk to the HiattsrUie depot, Baltlsaore and Ohio railroad. A photograph of the house ou bo seen and further Information obtained from B. H. BTIHBMBTZ, 1837 Pa. ara^ marf7 b ?11 7th street. KSTATS BCLLIT1N or DIAL BSTAT THOB. B. WAO?AMAH. Ill Tth It. CBAN6BS KADI IVBEt WaDXKSDAT ABB SATUBOAT. Brick Houtet for Sale. SV E at n.w., all mod. imps., 10 rs... ...#10.600 sxt A st s.e., au mod. imps., 10 ra. ? 7juuj >143 Penn. are. n. w . au mod. imps., if ra...? loot ii st. n.w.,all mod. lmea.. 11 rs.?..7.000 il?4 6thst. n w.. all mod impa ,11 rs.?? 7JX? 3 atd 6 Jd st. s e , all mod. Imps . U ra 7 J00 B4-101 E st. n. w.. all mod. impa -11 ra. 7AO lo?-in D st a. w., all mod. impa., 13 rs. 7.000 417 K st n. w., all mod. imps., 10 ra 6 J00 Tu<o Story Brick and frame Houtet/or Sale. 1461 8 st. n.w.(B H.), mod. imps..7 rs.? $4.100 627 G st. s.a. i F.H ). mod. imps.. 10 ra S.ttO 1Z33 B st s e ( F.H ) m d. imps.. 8 ra? J.rou 456 N.J. are. n w. (B.H.I,mod. imps..7ra.._- 3.4U0 SM) L st. n. w.,< B H.i. mod. imp*..! ra 3 S??u 199i bth st. n.w (F. H ). mod. Imps ,8r? SJOg 431 Q st n. w , ( B H.) mod. impa , I ra 3JOO 1314 a.a.,(F H ,) mod tmpi., 7 rs..?.. SAW Homes for Rent. 10t3 Vermont are. n.w., a imod. imps., 11 rs.... #178 1716M st.,a. w.. rurn . all saod.imaa.. Mrs?. SOU 109 M at. n. w . all ssod. lmae ?? rs 100 ISIS K St. a. w.. faro, all mod Imps . U ra...... 176 918 17tb ot. n. w.. all mod. imps . IS ra WO ?-S Utt st n. w.. all mod. impa.. U rs 100 ?39 B st n. w., all mod. impa.. 10 rs. KU Utt Pa. ava. n. w. a'l mod. imps., 13 rs ...ffl.SS 107 E st. a. w., all mod. imps.. 13 ra S3 19trl I st. n. w.,fura., all m?d lmss. II rs 100 lS'l M st n. w . turn , all mod Baps., 10 rs?- 76 O-r ISthand K sts. a.w .all mod. imps., 13r?- 90 >lo B st. a. w., all mod. ima* . B) ra. 3010 F st. n w., mod Imps .B ra? >23 A at a. a., all mod. imps.. 10 rs. 3>1 Bst.n. w., mod Impa . B> re...? 163314th at. n.w , mod Impa , s 710 B at. a.w.,mod. imps., 10 rs 11 K st. n. a .mod impa , 10 rs 473 C st. a. w. mod. Imps-. 8 rs sa 181316th st. n.w ,mod. impa .8 ra lo 3)1 Oat s.e.mod.imps., 7 ra? *) 1010 H. J. are. a. a.,mod. Impa., IQ ra ilr O at. a. w., mod impa.,? ra.. W4S T at. B.w., mod. Impa , T ra-. 4> Gay at.. Georgetown, mod. Imps., I rm.._. Ill Sd al. a. a., mod. Imps., 9 r? 484 O st. 9. w.. mod. faaas , 8 ra...? >116 Pa. are., store, mod. maps., 3 ra. >701 * at. a. w . mod imps . ? ra 474 Hat.a.w.,mod.lmpa ,7ra_ UM39U at. a. w., mod. imps . 8 ra 668Bst.i.e.,mod. laps., 7 ta 803 B st. a. a , mod. taaps.,1 rs 1414 lampaoa at. a. w.,mod imp?., 7 rs.... 90 U99Sd st. n. w.,8 re..?. 18 140310th it.?. a.. 8 r* . -?? H Cor. N. Capitol st. aad Boundary.Irs. ? li 3d at., bet. lit aadH.Capitol at*.,mod.lm.,6 ra M M13-10B 4th at. a. w., water, ? re?. Id MM tth at. a. w , water, ? ra tt 1803 4th at. 9. w., water < ra IS ror. Mth and Hew York are. a w.,4 ra u 171A1701-1709 Bigss at. n.w., I rs M 17o7 Biggs at. i. w . ? ra 11 19)9 C?aar sta. w? ? ra? 13 Ml Pol. B.w.,4ra. S Auction Bale. Oa MONDAY,May f o'clock p.m .en the premisea, Mo. 1M4 Mkat. a. w., a 3-story brlek Bo , 1 of #BM #9t AOa^J BUSINESS CHANCES. A?AM.CHt|C| TO ITAWBIIIWIM - J'l'JSZS*4? g*ocbbt ? bat f^r M0*ir?ow <ciaseg>ndt>?.< rjjfl 2." 94 Mi* TW rxvul three aB.otalDg rooa for rsat aUnm"Hv?. _ - ? AMrat fi,sr olw. i ? >' IIhw'T*" ** BfBit. *13 Tttm. * \ LB-With (tack :?ch? r Fixtnree. Th?_ diy. Apply ?? 4*9 aaygjst pBOTUlO* BTOBB FOE !?VLB-With - * ??. 1 aortfcveot. ??!? M* * Ice mll.M4 letcher Fixtnree. Thte ?? the law location la tbe ?'??. ma? MnkvMi. BlUH' PVJo8iV,-JfrJ*?lreb*a BU1aJ> ?W>0 MTM betww. Mu4 dlate Improvement this mtc4. it tb? JJh ???llUk?bl* ~~ m*u '?? M. m. IQBUE, in Tth ?t !?>**.*&k*r\ ???o4hi >4Uir cuuu' * fv WlMUDnrt laitritoMi ? ? w*f Bladeaatart *?'? ttoew" ?rtMl TOt'?P A ? lliDLETOM. tq nnn wa,t,d '?? fivbtbabb-ob Ci7,UWU prr^rtr worth m re than r*lca that amount. JTIbcihIc ayp'y to J L . R>?r nirtl L',OB VAi.K-tf -4 BCSlHlM.tNlliMtbiMM, I on fair t?nna and tin*-, loiatioa exoelient an! rMit reescaab e lull particulars given la Ina-r view. Address* L . 3>ar i ffi ? mrtz ft IF Tor have momt ro i oak. ok want TO BOBBtiW-Pa'loe J'tjlN VtllKBIII.R al Bet ate Ag< tit. kt. Cloul Butidiug. Money I oared in sums to enit niHia' l^t'S PA LB-CHtAI' F m rtsH-9* an) r KlJtnnt of aOIUAB HTOBE d -tr* a f?:r bu-i nass Call or adiltra >01 B itnet torCi'm, city. ?>? 3t' fOK bA LB?The Mi,-, k, CtM.d Will ?w) Ftxtar ? r a. C1GAB 8T< KB doing a first clsss bosi n?ss. Good innii for selling Apply at Star cBice M>t3 3t A FINK GBAS8 AND FBI IT F A B N. NBAB the city, may be purchased lav. or suitable city proprt) ticktuH '?r i?. Apsly to _ . . _ B m. PAW BS. lentlst, myMltn No Itf-Jl P?mi' Imia atwnc. Ij^OB 8ALBJIK rBaDB-% g<x>d BOKdB BOl" GT and HaBNBBS. (the owner leering th<" city.! Will la (old ch*ap. or traded tor a good Ptato. Cau to seen at EABLE S Stable. cornSr of 1MB ?tri et and Penuev Ivai.ia ?r?gg? m\33 St" FobJOTHJ ackeb of mabkbFVaF DMWt ftfi biA itite of cqMIfaUod, with ?boi dat e* of all kinds of vegetable and fruit, with a t- n room bona*. Ice.sni'k* anl chicken li>w ?lt aatcd In Biadensbur* part of tb? farm of Mr. II nine. Inquire on the (lara, cf WM. CBOFPIN. A GBBAT BVBlNEkU I'UAIGI ?Fur r?ut or ?ale, HOCSB No.ai7 13th atr??t northwaat, containing 14 roiBt.wltball modernImprotomacU. Alao. the Furaitura now |u ium being neaMi now And in perfect oid't. H?a?a and Furniture will b? ?eld or rented ttgMh-r or daalrad. Location beat in clt? f >r ?-i<at* raaldence or tor renting rocma Puce an<( tenna low and e?ay In nu Ira oil preaiw i tmmedlatcli. mySU lm jnvnTMMt IB^I BHIBI FOR City of WAsblrgton au-y ar Gold Bottdi. do do. old goarterlf Stock. Piatrict of f i'InBkblA 18 yaar 7 par cent Bond*, do. do. 3 GB Bonw. guarAaraed by United Ptttw. w y!8 K>t LKW1B JOBMSON BOO , Baakera. F'OR 8ALB. OB BXCBAHOE FOB CITT PBOTKBTT.? Haviug raMoved to Waahlngton I will a?II or eacbAoge one of the finest Couatrr KB8IDBNOK8 In the state of Mary land, aitaated \ ot a a tie Boat b of Hagentown, ooutatQlnc 1< acr?-e llaeatone land, 3 acraa of wkick are in Gr*p??. 3 in Frnlt, tbe remalcder In Graaa Improred with a new 3-atory Bilck Boaee, 48 by A3 feat, containing 13 rconj?, with gaa and water, and all neoennry ont buildlaga In excellent condition. ?nch aa stable*, carriage honse, ise bonse. Ac. Address A. B. AP PLKMAH, Cltlrena' Natunal Bank, WasLlngton. 1> C my81m WO NEW UOUSBS FOB 8ALB ? At Fills Cburcb, Va . on long time; near chaicbea aid g<od schools. Apply loW'BLLS F0BI3ES, on the preBiaea. or GEO. A. L. MBBBIF1BLD, Boom 43, Penrlon Office. apg Its' WABTBD-To exchange new BEFBIOBBA TOK8 and SIOVBS for Old Guee.atBCT LIK'S. corner Bth a1 d B streets northwost. Hmoky Chlmneya tared, from |1 to fa or ao pay apll In* Mantels at cost,at Vm. bothwell*8, spla-lDi* 113 B street soutbeaut. ^ GOLD6TB1B B CO., LOAM ANV COMMISSION BKOAKRS, OOBBXB lOxa AMP D 61 BEETS. MONBT LOANED or APVABCES MADB oa saleable peraonal property to adt ao. r.t t, autl (ot any ttnie desired, on very reasonable terau. Also, Good* sold on Gotrmiesion. At PrKAte Bale?Very Cheap?A large lot of Ca redcm?d Pledges And Com mission Oood*. new aad trc- Dd hand Every Article full? warranted. All basineas strictly confidential. The .oldeat and ths most reliable boose la the city. oiarld tr j^fOHT TO LOAB. #43.000 to loan on chcloe real eetau, la asms ot from #301) to 01 (M), At ? and 10 per oent. lateresi A lev sama at 8 per csat. in from (?j** to B30 JOO B. &. WA b N LU< marll eoraer Tth and F streets. iCA TO BA.000 1NVB8TBD IN BTOUK PB1TILEGE8 PATS bABGB PBOF118. Write for 73 page book. Men and ldieaia ef WAli at. andWaUat.SVtaw. BBNT FBEE. _ JOHN HICK LINO k CO., ?ct7-ly Banker* And Broken. Ti Broadway. NT. COAL AND WOOD. (JOAL AND JOKDLDIQ WOOD, Otsr stock of OOAlt la now complete, aabraelaa all tbe choloe qaalttlaa. aad to vklch ws lntlte tkt attention of ooaaaaiera. Oar PATBBT BUNDLED K.MDLU0 WOOD, vltk a fire lighter la every bundle, la the beet la .-ue. For aale by all grocers?try B. Mo akavlags aapar or keroaeaa oil required. CHEAP. SAFE. 9LEAB. Mill aad Depot 7th stres< Wharf, ladSt-ly Branch Oflos 1H16 Feanaylraala avents EDUCATIONAL. ^OUTHEBN H?ME SCHOOL, 107 A 199 N.CHABLBBST . BALT1M0BB, MD. E<rABLISUXD 1944. B0ABD1NG AND DAY BCHOOu FOB TOUNG LADIBC Fall acsslon begiaa TU1BD WEDBE8DAT In Eepumbtr. pk i\riuu <?*. and Mas. W il*o* M. Caket. PRi5ctrALa. ^mas.okx Jobs Peoaa*. French tbe langaage spoken. To accommodate parties Tlsitinc the Ceateaalal. yonng ladies may be entered prior to tbe boglnniug of school term. atyll eoSv U/BBT BND INBTITDTB. Family 6aom /sr ?' Ycunr Ladxu. Mrs. B. L. GaDT, Principal Nev Haven, Coan. Bead for circular. marS 6m EW&ibSttrASf&Slt'iZSiiiJ?. ?S2 ATeaaa a. v.-Mra. ANQELO JACK BON ,~Pr1ar"lasir~The el* h th' aaanal^seeslo ir'^* on tbe 14th of Bsptember, 1S7I. Atigti-lr PIANOS, Ac. fJ,HE HUMMING B1BD (OOLIBB1) PIANO. The smallest aad ths cbeapsat first tave PIANO ever Mde. gTl. WILD BBO . Bole Agents, T93 7th street,betvei G at'd H streets north weet. . ? ? Piano, aad All laatraaaeati TUNBD and BB FA1BED. IsbSB-tr HALLET DA TIB A CO *8 OBAND, SClUABB and UPBIGHT PIANOS for aale os_. mi ^ Baoatbly In-talmet.U Celebrated for pn lOBB lit) and eweetnees of tone. See Ageet, SI 1 ITTVVl Bth street aorthveat. decM \V Vo-flS tr.1. mm Vpn?m' Tbe farortte MoOammoa Pianos; Shoaengsr'aaaf eh rated Organs, asw style. Alao, a Urae_ ?a ^ jrtmeat of Pianos vhich hare been Ia|EaBBa a short ttane, fcr sale aad real tlrmlll *11 ? Mmimr at., a fev doors akaea Fa. at. I to, at PI AM octU-ly 493 lltk Wo bfo aalllB|, Bt greatly rodacod prleoa, CSITES COUP LIGHT LANDAUS, and FA1AAKQ FRONT BERLIN COACHES wrt Utt 1mA * (kg dMd /m ? + H. KILL AM ft OO,. BS CMK8TN0T ETEEET, MATMM.OONB. 8@S?SesgSi.S25ri7!S ?fail. FOR SALE. A* "PB? irooi BOB 141.1 CHEAT ?' J dreoaBoa ? * our p o. ?>?? (7*oB Bam ii?%? t?khMIH l*ii B <rm ?y>?? 5?=-* P)B IALB-A jDBOr M Cef. tn oriw, will b* ioMtwt ik??? ?'j;H Tt> my M M PBI ItlJ-A Im *m ef DOrBLB B lUllC . ilver bm?i?4, iMrit ?| i Mti ? m ?>M| mm 1k> n(Mt kM It' aa fat ??? Am, y ore* A cv>B ?lI*^?TK>3ETT!7Es^we?~e-e33<i r rv4 ?Ml - ed r- ii AnmMi hit 1'iw m4 '*w? BTIU b? -Itil* INimi JOBBK'B. I??r -T r?t i. ? ?m Hii P>B IALB-A 7 orfet* Bm-rmr+ P1A?U. ??? U M?M ?MT OtMT h*?i?g ?<> O'c-SEk for It. ?iU Mil t*v y l<?. ?v *<iM uk* ?kml (MX M* B?fM Ml WMl 11 f t*4rwO C E Btar m<B? It" L'cklUI-i dart ??> BOUI. U% r kith, at? 1Mb end of gojA?ett.<a.? mn I oM. kill Milt, Ml *?*"'> m*M, MMi HtutifM AIm.iIm >Mof HaBBB JI MP BEAT. bat ittOe omI. Ia*air* M ... ?tier* tfrikvU. pHHr PAfK^Aoittintvsss m >nl A atre*ii ?tiki?I. fBl> |**OB ?ALB?A Im.iovm Btdtag wl Drlvia* r HOI HB light bay: to he MM M lk?(j\ Tkii?i How* mM?, i >r?? fth ?od rjuS *NiiMtkv?i ?rBr I^OB BALI-Owe ?*r? light mom kwl. fitT ? (lit; oa* eaceUeat aide ?p*r Top Hl'w J u\.?m _A1??, k immt of eeeond fc> OOOPlid tMl OAS' HI AOBS of iTfrj tMcrittioa el very |o?m(,m lo fli?? o?t. M Iho i?MH ?( B U tiBVH\M. lit 111HklltM' BKtiifH ?fan t'OK BALB-A ind'ill nt<* family U??BBE.~7 ? T< are Old, waM, A go?d I ravet-r. aad I* fV ^ ftbttlj ??'? for ? l?d? to drive, will t>e ?>ld J|n>V . m tUovnrr bu t<' (ar^kw u* (?* I i|?liMl?o 1011 mil it uorthw?t. Mr* f * >k PAt A?One MH at ?tfltoli b*%rk MOBSfcf, *eli matched. 7 atd 8 ri?r< old. aoatd ?v Dtl lt?(; ilio, ? lire mr> ,?l <tii|M?HA|l' M Hi.'Addrnw H * . cor ner ? . euc B ?U.*" . *7*' im C^A BBIAOEA. iJikBbi AUKt*. OABB1 A UBS - ?> Ttoe largeet and but Tar tod Mauri ? C.eoi cf uveal Hilt ?l tvriMM. (Vnpee. BoCkaaaia, Janipeeava. Par* Ptuel?>aat Jx<l?nt TO| Ml toT ) Baggie* AI?o MVerai flue a- cond baud Panel (<arriiM and Buiim oa baud at P. D BCUM1TT A X>>., maiLitr Bo SI ? ?th at . twt C and D . ? w ?.X?B BALB-NOW 18 THE TlMB. ~~ r 1 haveOA haa-1 *0 SPUING UAOOKB. Ball* IntkrtNttdilf.vltktk* Harris vkMl,, Th|m1 Bo toy BIOQIBI for mIini ninthly payment*, At aj oe? Fee. ry.J 37 Proopjactat., witrwm ? market, Georgetown! Buf-kt' ? O. J ^surwiSonr-^^lSSSL *' ten ^AOu'f U(,mt IB AM Ootmt of Im. AT*. Md cOBITH. PROFESSION'A L. A LBFHT B BOM*. A ABt HITE'T. Mechanic al ra*reH B)?9t 1100 E 8'riet. ? 1BKTIHTPT IP I HATE BESrMED PBACTICE| ?t 1110 IT ktrcet Bonh?M(. < Bft Un J. B Ol BBS. D*utl*t. t*m? > m ? f? 1). BARKKY. J. ATTOKNICY AT LAW, I rtfe?Mtoor. La. at*. *nd7th*t, Boom ?, ??3 Vn WaeLluAt.ii. p. O tr Vt A B 0 W&lnBfeBOBS*. !><n llthftreet n. v. Alac.Uold rilUitC* at re*Huliable prion, kod MllrfMloB (ivaa. a>13 ?o8m* IVE-V~T7r^TT?bir^?i7T7r?E??-5*ia IP Bo 17 31 P*nu? lvantA AT*nn*. Nitron* Oxide Can admli>l?tered. tyl ICDWIU EIBIIUII. a JUSTICE OF THE fEACB, Bo. ?0? Ttfe I'M a. ojytMlM UalMd PtttM Patent Office. 1 Art 4* fmr?tiurtmm fymnrmu.) itaU-lf gO. IT TAR I BE84 0. HEOOBATIVB And er*rr dMorlnM^ Ol OUB A MENTAL aad PLAIB I'A IN f INQ, Til? 9tb*tr?et tortb?e?t. BPECIMEB BO<' S* 7 IO K Olreet MortbwMl, )Al>21 ljr WASUINOTeN. D.O. PIK PIT ruM HATH. KirHAB Oraduat* uf 47 Piu pit Fob tibtu / b> Dt. E I. PBATT. Ol t)fcl? ' o!'e?e of PentAl PorirerT. and ol _ B>:?b MedK Al Cullece c>f Cnlo*C". 101 7tb iu*t, < a?1 *1de. < orr.? r of D One and chlorofonD wwl is citrActlcc ffh an?H lr MEDICAL, &c. DB. BrCKbEB JOB??Twwtf ?mh-*i?r: ? ei c* in leaiale PMMM. Irr.^alariti**. Ova rian Tum^n?Guarautace aatl^fai tv>a,or bochorff*. Ba-tb-M confidential. B ona far yAttocU I*-4 N ? H?*ard <:reot. Baltimore. layM-laa* IAR. LlbB. Th* OMtu Enmbi**A*t m%-i 0*4 \f tiii\abU Lahti' P*?Ji"*? <a tk* (Vly, OAS b* : utolied ever* Taeada) and ht'urlar M Bo. ?>J0 tl ?tr*?t trotti I to I o clock. All leOAle UoMpiaiatf inirtij cured Offioe and KaddObO* Ho. 7-J w. Lombard ?troot, Baltimore mjtS-to' Iapiei* mat toariPEBTiiLLt vonTTlt a PB BBOTHIKS on all irreculaiitla* aad dU tatoa of A c? rortc cr d<-1 irate aatare with the M u raticeof relief. 905 B ttrtot acatliviat, oap?il* Bxlitaoiilaa myll l?* I'CiTlBIACTlOH"?A aonlttT*ctir*, B1 ?wM ?3 tie. Prepared acoordlnc to w original form ola by Dr. Dart r. at ll*tn rtmt, cor. of Pena arlTaula are. Oonaal adoaa fre*. apl ?m* f\B B0BEBT80B, from ??*;rtmor*. can bo ooa I ' (tilted at ?S? lfl;h atreet acn nw*at, near It c? Mltr the 0m Offlce, every WBDVB8DAT a;.d BATUBOAT, from B to V p. m., la all Dlaiam ,1 tk*Crinary Organ*. OoaorrB<ra, Ole?t, Btrlotore. al.illa and Byenaatarrboea. Oaaaa of 0 tuurrbot rxratlr eontracted cared In S to ? daya. BypBllia!i all Ita atager ynickly cared, and tl?e aoteov *atireiy eradicated from tBe aratem, aritb^at tbe nae of Mer cary. Spermatorrhea, broaght oa by eici ana* and aboM In y*nth. canalng Iom of maaaury and laaaU t> . general debility, organic veafcaeea, Unyjtaucy, Bervonalrrftabiiity.aymatoaaa of oonaompuon, in dlgaetlja. yalaltaiioa of the heart, yaiaa In back, dlnmeM of algat or :iii?a*. eril forebodin?a,eetf dl?imat, Ac , *pe?dily cured by newly diacovered ren.ediM. Oeutl.-r. -n placing th"i*alve* la Dr. B ** nand oaa rely np< n UalaB aclaatlflcally and hon orably treated Befera to tb* high teatlMoalala ahich be no* bolda Ijtm tbe kedliit phyaiclaoa ol Balt1mcr? Ofioe 111 Hit atreot northwk*. froa I loll a. marBUy M ADA MB EBBTELL. M P., a thoroughly ei - ?erieao?i andacientific L.ed;.V PbrOciaa ami Mldwtfe of B) ?ea?a" practice, attend* ladiea at tb-tr bometi or comfortable private r ?? :?*, curefal anra ing. aad tbe beM medical attendance at the D.>e tor"a private rtoidence. Ladt*e pladag tbeaeelvea nn<"er tie care of Madanx Bratail are gaaraakool ?clentlflc treanaeat and a speedy care. Office r ?l!"ei:ce, cvmer of Bou:l. SLarpaad DoTer otreeta, Baltimore. oeplT ly HOTELS. RIOGS HOUSE, I'LI NLR dk NPOITOBD, Proprletora FIFTEENTH AND Q BTBEER. mrll ly WaaHiKCTo?!. D C. yyUTBlllTII BOTIk OV TBB BDBOPBAB PL AM. Ualoa B? > moot iaaul, aad pi Convenient to tho great Blorator, aad all m 1 to all parta of tho atty by O. B. FBBBIM, MEN'S WEAR. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MAXB TO MBABOBB. SUITS TO ORDER% FIOB ts# UP. READY-MADE SUITS, FBOM tl? OF. SPRING OVERCOATS, IM OP.

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