Newspaper of Evening Star, 5 Haziran 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 5 Haziran 1876 Page 1
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47?IN2. 7,2*). WASHINGTON, 1). C.. MONDAY. JUNE 5. 1876. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING PriLI>HED DULY, Sundays c\ctpt?4, AT OIL STAR RULLDINGS, Await, HiHr uiii lUMt, ? T Tbe Sti* ?laws??p9r Compan/, ?. if. u lrrmjurw, Pr**>t. Tir* Fnsixo htab It *rr*ri op ean&rt n Wsfi nVrt a* Te-i Onta p?r week, or Korty Itoar l>* t? morib. (?/n't a/ 9ounf?rt Two C^rU ?ra. ity mcU?fto^tagt preprtui? Sixty Cent* a oaocUi; or? jaar, ??. Tux WfHLT star ;>uUuhtuon Friday? 91 a year, po*faff? prrpnitL MTAU tufaerijitiona invarUtbiy in rufurnee. %r Rtvn o/ ft- fr^imj*g /urmi/trfl on apptomtiem. < :te>t ? n 1 ? y * ?ait SUMMER RESORTS ^JWlST U> Hoi sc. CKSSSOX SWINGS. 0? r.'rt/i C ?<???, Pa. JIM EH BESOBT wiPi te < pet *d frr !tn rtceplloa of ItMil JIN* !Jtb, "6. - V t- -f the Alles'iecy Mor.? iJtiu-,, ? j tpif dtsirs' I* i w to bo f?nnd wijit' f#, P. r, Ac , ni<ire?s ? :_lm I D McCLBLUN, Snpt. t K I" HAIU1NU, _ ro ST tOt'KOFT (tl MXIR Br90B'p, Hot*! aod ?*? l<1|? ; !?n a . , A OPtNJlNKI*TH f^mf A<c*?s per lower P'.toaiai ?T<-a-rers irsl J AS. R MlbBURN, ProprHTJT^ j?Mb* Pt t>r-okont S W>rr'iCo., Ml t'AS'lI Hul >?.-1hn [ktmol Hotel. p ea? * ai.rly ?i-nv. o ?hc Juoi.v ? river i . . ^ aad Prnn?- lv??na ra':ro>d, I* u w . prn^ : II A' :? r r unr?. v.: , ** . drt-s ?aNTT k ?PoVt? jel ?*>" Wew-p-irt, P?-r? contty. Pa. 'ANSON ll.-r.Hlt. ; MANASSAS, VA , Bitniteri o- the b'sl- st P lot on :bj M'riland ral' r. ad. 22 m:lt ? ?r< ni Washington, vrl'hi n ? g nd MfPir.g ' ,.?ii ^ ench w?\ ^ tv r rr c-.rf tip ?17J. "The li"t-li?^_ i a* , ? ith doob t ^ r^h'i the entir I ontn iu> r< i ri> are well fnrnl-bed. and itc nmfng room cool ?ad airy. Thscouatr) is aa beal.b' im any lath-1 ?. r!d. and there ar-? do mo* juitces. Boatceri wr.b oat rbiklin rT?f^rrad jel-in.* > KANC13 J.tMHWOS, Prop-i^tar. ti I OKI A UOTAL, FOBT MUMBJl, *? OLU POln T COMFUhT, I "A. Th'a J l?f tf :.l fnmtrer R??crt. c mnBri'1 af %a*? r ? ??? n t I'-d n the AtUntic^' rcaat. fr.rniib< 1 with i'l vod-'rn improve Miti. ti<i an I KKctric Belia ia eaary, r< < n.. and Wa?t-r cn *T?ry tl^or, an.i > apab>a ct ac c< n IB'darict ((U a^rTix, ii now ???ii forth* ra ctptu noi ?n?aU for th? Bnniinrr i>?aaon. Wharf 1W/ yard* dutaut, at whtcb 15 to 20 at imiiTt tonch cailj. affordipa rpyortnoity of coin-nanlca lion with all p"iBta of tba conntrr 8ap? i r baarh for bathtrg at the doer ?t?p-??iw>d front Bay antil V'ttBitr. Cuasual facilities for Boating iad Fishing. T? nra? ??r week and n?war-l?, acenr<ling totorMtoc. Spacial tarma to fartiea ramai:iiag a ?koath or loBgt-r. AJi'reea jel lm H PHOBBTP. Prop'ietor. The parish hotbl. CHAKLOI TES VILLI VA . ('ffera PnniBier ti ardera superior .tccomtiDda tiona Pricea t*ry moderate. I r farther p<-ticul^ra addreaa. Bj>XI X-.v j . M Pai.E jt CO., Propa. PUIUMII HOIKL. M BT. GBOBUE S ISLAND. Hear PIN E T POINT, Md Th'a tnicmer raacrt will be open for reception of *i?itrr- Jane 10th. f Visitors by Totovac atfaaiers will be^ ?Jet ?roaiptly at Piney P< r ? . r >1 mren-*11 a wharf with conveyance. Tablo a'.waya aupp it-<_ with dtlicaciea of the ?-anon. Boats for fishing an 1 ?ailicg tree vf (harge. Aldre^' B J. ADAMS A RBOS . ? ylO la* Plney Point P O ? ?t. Mai y'? Co , M'l. ^OlCOl'JI MMEKAL IPHlldS. HAM1LT0H. YA. Thla p'ea?ast Sammer Beeort will be open for the re^p'iou o( gaeetfB tbe let of Jane. t Theccnt:t..i y tothe dep<,t and telerraph' ? S.-'i# t ??-?*? r - i? L * *.- r? par- j tiea of th-aafr r"nd?n this one cf the moat t_ .. able attDB'it na i n the coaauy. for person* ? ^king T??t. rfcremtion and health. T?*rma moderate. Addrm, B 8 RISE. Proprietor. tBySi lm* Damittnn, London Oouaty. Va. WBA GBcVB. CAPE MAT POINT-Tina ,1a 1 *htfi:I Si n mer Beaort ia Dow open and pr<sects Mktunal attric'looa. Cot tacea farciahed ?r atfurcii>hcd. for tale or reat. B. K WILSON, m> 29 lm All Tth itrwt. THB"ALi;EM VKLB rtXALI lSariTCT*7 CAor !ot!etrii!t V* , Rrftted last fa'i wl?& elegant aew Ittrai tnre at a coal of ? 12,COO, ?ill receive SUM- , Ml H B? ? A BMlt.> from the 1st of J nee to ? th> ?Mb< f September. Nj extra charge f r tio: o. eold batiia, nor for n<e < f n> w ten pin aileya. my29 UlLtUTT 9PHINW.?The ?ti,o*< riber'? bond cpen for toardera dnriug the s .m ? . ? a Keracaacn. 3 m-lea *.,ntb of P'lrneilTiile,^ L t.don c< CLty, Va. Adi)rea? W. B MAR PHALb. b'LC9lO, LooQ'.bOo , Va mjSti Xawiua M |^L I E P INE IINMIT "-Tw.lre or CODilll MB* fa! rn ror tDo ton Joa^eTir 1mi T 9 DODf O jmi !al :*er: B.arJer? caa te acc >mmG Blted,on reaactatle t?rm? at theahuTe^ reside tee fr, B3 the r 1KST MUNDA Y IN Jl NE. Ibe attract: n* at C-ol, pnre ni uuiam atr. with a fine patk fronting the hon'.a. This la the Wio-t elevated stopping point on the Western Mary land railroad, by three tendrod feet, and is within tbn e bonrV ride trcm I'.altimore ror pa'ticalara apph toJObN LKEOIMPMAN Flue Bidge Sora B.'.t P ?t Cfflce.W^stern Mary'and Rsilroad mIS lm WTOihIO.I HOTKb. CAPE MAY, N J. ortMS yf.Yfri5:*,i?7i ? I! \ Ki t s BUTT, (Of Contiaectal Hotel, Phila J Proprietor. tr) 2V Ith |^IT1Z SPRINOA IIUTtL. Tte cew managemen' beg leave to inform the waniercn* aLd patrona of tbia weul ?_ ? A kii?<wii and poaolar J t&t SI y MEB RESORT I1"BBT Th-vt the Hotel has b*en moat thoringhlyrTfur tl't * I end remodeled fro a top to bottom. A liberal patronage is solicited TERMS MODERATE Apply to AMMON A J4COBV, bltiz, Pf noayl r an la. r|'HE BAbTIMOKB AND OhlO RAILROAD 1 COMPANY'S HOTEL, AT DUB PA KR Will t? OPHV ro* TI0ITOHS on the 10th OF riu V a. ^ ?* m war *? ' <"?? ? - ? ' w - - am ? IUI t V IW 3 1UC ? _ jr.NI.a.d trelr NEW H'-TEb at Otk 1^.4 land oa tbe 1?T OP JCLT Applicants ft^Af "t lufopnation address the no der.t,r>?l at Oakland. Usrrett conntr. Md .!?? JOKB PA1LET. Manager. I'HE GREAT ANODYNE AND NERVINE. BELT'S STOMACH AND TONIC BITTERS. !Vr.?$f5,.llrf^F>'4!i,or OT8P*P31A and t-TiS/M every saectes of IN IsTlON. It la ihe only enra for HICK H*M> lt la as ac'alllni blVfB COM DIGESTION. A' H K It never fails to ral|eT? la M1A8MATIO PEVERt*. PEVEBanl AOUB. COLIO. Ac It la a swift and Invariable enre of the DBlilLITY. DEPKBSSlt'N. and HBAUA<'HB which follow I Ml B STIMULATION. It overcomes tmos d'.ataly all SI E KVn ISN E."8 aid removea all traces cf a stgbt's DISSIPATION, ft doea away with the c-e of OPIATES and to tboad addicted ta tbe VP!( M HABIT: It la a pleaaant and perfect snb WNbIs. rortng the bad effects of this drug aad de stroy ieg all desire for It. Te '? kri<t at aJ Druttisa am i Urortrt. A?a-/ /of BB1.TB B1TTPRS DEPOT, 13 Camden street Baltimore, Md. Sin'L TTLER, Jr., WUOLBSALE AOENT, ayLJ im' w-J-i lttn street. Washington. D O. 'JMIB liKbT IN TUB DISTRICT" < l.NCIIIJIATI UOX LiUCR AND I>11JIE3ICB BECK, la Dork 8topper*>t Bo'tles, per dozen piata. f I -JO With Patent'-LightulagSt >pprra. .? 160 Clrty iat: eents par d. i*a allowed for Bottles wi'b "blabtBlc* 8t< ppers" wbea ratnrned. other Bot tles bought at enrrett prices For sale by Dealer* nt the District; or DEPOT, AT OREENB 8TBSET, OEORQB TOWl, D. O. ;el tr IAB1II C. PALM EK. nHI( K ! KKII R 5-4 Ost?ssM( RmslsOos.' Mnelimt b'tfks at Low Pri?? ' Oome and sea the great trlnmsh In the maanfacturaof Bricas at the Centactial Brick Tard. corner of I3'b *t.d D ?treat Bcrtbeast All kinds of mold?d hr'cks at one price. Cheap ('r^h Orders prcmp-ly fllied, may be left the c.!Tee, corner of New Jeraey ?vetis tsd D atre? t n r. h i. r cHibos. J ?COB CHlb?*. JOSEPH WILLIAMS. ?^"Coktracta mads for fomUhirg a-?d tayug I rlcX, and for all otLer classes of h u?e building, JtMBfH WlbblAMS, fosiKaest corner Brw Jersey aveans and D ureal north. aytl tm K E A U T HIS Pr> n this day 1 aha I givaa DISOOLHt' of iO PEB CENT off tbe cast price o? all ? PABABOLB, good o"ly for ltdays As I aaver id vertue to misrepresent atythiBg, 1 Inv Ita all to call aad cwtitxi themselves CHAKLES BACH, jel ? 4f Tth 8TBBET N. W. Notice-arbi>e daily at tub nob FOLK OYSTBB DEPOT. 6S1 B ?treet northwest, Soft and Hard Crabs. tors. Clam, Tnrttea, Be. _ , aart iB B WHITE B OO. WBCOSD BAND CLOTHIBO, FURHITUBB O Oarpeta, Bedding, O'tohKfca, and goo* of every fimlpOoa bought and tbe Alffbeat caah prices paid. Orders by aail proaptly Blialil to. . H. OOLMAB B 00., lilt* SPECIAL NOTICED rrf TllK ANNC&L DUSTING Of ( API k7 Tot iiill c<>.operative bpiloin ; AliSOClATlOB will te held at McOanley ? H?U tfOQ Perms?Iranla aifiinr ?outhea?t. MONDAY IV IN IS' .JuneS, at 1 o'clock. . It B. B FERGUSON Perretarr. A SPECIAL MEETING of the B HI' K? L \ V IKS ASSOCIATION will b? bell W KL'N ESI)A Y EVENING. Jn*.e 7th. at Lycena II*11, cd K. between nth and 11.h street! aorta w eat. at 8 o clock. All luTit?d. jeA^ GEORGE T. K TAYLOR. P"~S* 1. O. O. F.?A full ?tt. a?!?nce i? de-lrei at u ? ^ the regular meeting of N&OM I LOOGS. Wn. 1. Degreecf Rebekah. on TUESDAY EVENING, ?th instant. when the Grand Visitation wlllt!?ke place. /II Brother* and BiMers of the Degroe are fraternally Inritol to be prewnt It A. E. SIMOBPS. H 9. N0T1-E, VIRGINIA BK PUBLICANS. Tfce V I KG 19 IA REPUBLICAN ASSOCI kTION of Ibis District ail! boM their next m >nthly meeting ?t ball Bo. 39. Le Dr It Buil iln*. corner 8.h and F street?. on MONDAY. JaneS, lfc7?, at 7:50 o'clock p m. JOPIAH MILLARD, President. F M HUNTER. Secretary. It the jackson demu*'rano asso ClATlOH will meet at Beck's Hall, Lontsi a> .? ??eeu? r>?t*ten 6th anl 7th street*, on TUES DAY EVENING, ?'b in?t .at 3 o'cl .??* JOHN E NoBRIS, Provident. je3 3t* | Mortilrg News copy.l GEOK "JET* ?WN acd TEN N ALL Y TJW N VSr RAILROAD COMPANY A me?Uii(t of the stockholders of the above-named e. m?r>ny will be h?ld at Laog's Hotel, Georgetown, on MONDsY. 12th instant, at 4 o'clock p m., for tb? pnrpose of electing a Board of Director*, aa<l for other bntineeo. je3 6t A. P KARDON, 8ec>. NORTH WaSH INGTON BUILDING AS SOCIATION ?The fourth sn iu?l and f >rty nicth t> guiar monthly mating <"f tne North Wash i g'on Ballding Association will be held at Davis' H 11. No. 615 7th st. northwest, on TUB8DAY. 6th instant, at 7X o'clock p. m. The Secretary will ?ubn.l: his annual report: amendments to the con s*rution will be presented tor consideration. anil officer! elected for the ensuing year JNO. W. PORTER, Acting President. JNO. A. 1'RESCOTT. Secretary. je3-3t HOME MDTUAL BUILDING ASSO Uj-y CIATION. (organized January. 1876 >? urtb regular meeting for subscription t* st^ck and paxwent of dn?o will be held MONDAY, June Sih. at S p m , at B.V.NUERBUND HaLL, cor ner 8th atd E streets Northwest Entrance on 8th ftreet This aeao< intion is organised upon the pest plan, and presents rare advantage* both to the lo itMi>r and borrower, Shares |V0. Dues 91 P*r month on each share. No premium until farther pitir*. KOWABD OLAHK, President. jel-4t IRVING WILHAMSON. Secretary. |Ta? COLUMBIAN UNIVERSITY WILL (?>?yr give their annual excursion to Glrmont on the Tth ok Jctg. Extensive preparation* are bting made *.o aecure one of the happieat tripa ever taken .lowu the Potomac. mv31 r=sa AT AUCTION -The EBT1BS STOCK of IL5?H. U. HBMPLEB, OPTICIAN,433 Penn syTrania avenue, EVERY EVENING at T* o'clcck. myJAtr FEDERAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION" c# The Brat monthly meeting of the FEDERAL BUILDING ASSOCIATION will beheld for the rtyment of dnes on MONDAY EVENING, June to, l?76, at Davis' Hall, No. bid 7th street north wen at 7H o'clock. B<>oks for subscription to stock (shares one dollar tarn i are now open at the following place*: August Getsdorff, Vice Preeident. No. 1S04 7th street northwest. JJirtctoTS. Joe. R Kdson No. 711 u s*reet northweet. J?mr? H. Edward*. No. 4*?i Louisiana avenne. C. W. Bchell, No. 311 D street. Job Barnard. City Hall. M. P Oallan, No. 613 7th street northwest A. B. Kelly, VVashington Gas Goinpan* Office. 0. l>. D?nenns<>i?. corner 9th a*d D streets. Berna'd Kilmartin, No. *10 New Hampshire Henry Straaburgtr, Soe. 904 and 90b 7th street northwest. And also at the offices of? John Joy Edson, No. 711 O street northwest. Cba-. E. Eraser, Co. 4T6 Louimaaa avenue. Gen ?'m. Henry Browne, La av. and 4K street. Milton 0. tarnard, No. 4*6 Lonisiana avenue. JAMBS ERASER. President. No. 617 G street northwest. F. G. M1DDUKTON. Secretary, Metropolitan Bank. JOHN A. PRESCOTT. Treasurer, Horn No. 68, Secnd Comptroller's Office. my*) TIMM JSJnnel 3*8 T. M. O. A . OPEN AIR MSITING!* Every Evening, st 9 o'clock, corner 7th itreet aid Pennsylvania avenue. BABBATH AFTEBNOONSERVICE IN LINCOLN HALL, At 3H o'clock. ?^Everybody invited. my2'j tr THE BEST. ? II.BURN'S HODA W ATER NATURAL SPRING WATERS on Draught. ICS-COLD TEA, COFFEE and CHOCOLAT1. 14*9 Pk^milvakia Aviici, apU-tr near Willards r5>l W. WHITARER, (imffli Claim and Collection A teni, No. 714 14th street, near Treasury Department. District Claims, Pension and Bounty Claims, ? ifoilnlty. apll r-3? NERVOUS EXHAUSTION.-A Medical Essay, comprising a series of lectureo delif trod at Rahn's Museum of Anatomy, New York >n the cause and cure of Premature Decline, show ng indisputably how loot health may be regained, iffording a clear synopsis of the impedimenta to xarriage, and the treatment of nervous and physi cal debility, being the result of ? years' experience, Price, 22 cents. AddreM the author J>r. L. J. Kahn, ?ffice and reoldence. 41 East 19th rt, N T. apl-gw P=J?H D COCKS, Jk A OO., BANE IBB. apH tr 14119 F street ra? BTRATKOBD FENDALL, 343 4H street, ATTORN & Y-4T- AA W. LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., BANKERS, 4/10?A Sir??i and P.aiu*.?a*ta Aesmws. Dealer* In Government and District Becnrltloo /oreign Exchange and Ocld. oepl4-ly |-H?BAMUSL G. YOUNG, NOTARY PUBLIC, oetir-M Qpyicg?Bran Brum. BETTER OFFERii THAN THESE CAN NO MAN MAKE. ir, AFTER THIS, YOV DO HOT OBEB8 WELL DOFT BLASE TS, FOR WK OFFER YOU A GOOD FULL SUIT for t? IS ?S *S ?? SS is fio $10 S1G? sio flO?sis ?la?112?112?sia?912?913 SUITS GOOD ?BOUGH FOB DBBBS for ?U?914 914 914 914 914 9is 91*?SIS 914?914 91S 918 SIS 91*? 91*?918?919 EFPBt l! AND 'T(L!S9 FJKR LI. i U1T9 fwr 920 S20 B-G K2 O 920 at <1 S22 922 822 822 922 922 atd 92S 929 823 #23 823?933 HOTS' i'LOTHIHG TOO CHKAF TO Jtf KNT IOX. HABLE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors and Pine Olothieri, joatr Oocntir Toatn B*. INT PinmriTdiii A< EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Government Ricsipts To-day Inter nal revecue, -*617 3^7.51; customs. #120,601.54. Attorney Gisekal Taft is constantly b-sicged by hosts of applications for par dons, heretofore refused. Tni MISSI88IPPI Is VE8TKJ ATINQ Com mitted Senator Bout well chairman) which intended to leave for Jackson this afternoon will not leave until to-morrow morning. Thi U. 8. Steamer Marios, recently sent to the Illo GraDde for tue protection of American interests, was on Saturday ordereJ to sail for Europe. The intention of ex Speaker Blaink to publish the Mulligan letters and real them to the House created a consider able revulsion of sentiment in his favor at the enpitoi. The talk among the politicians row Is. that Instead of Mulligm's testimony damaging Elaine, It will help Mm. Amojo the callers at the Wuite House to-day were the Secretaries of the Navy and Interior, Gen. Sherman, Senators Sargent, Cameron. Cragin, and Wadleigh, Representative Wells, PUtt, Elklns, Mor gan, Page, Wallace, Bennett, Phil Ips, Ham ilton, and Kidder Personal.?Chief Justice Cartter goes to Ohio this evening to accompany his wire, whose health demands a change of climate at this reason. ???? Mr. Paris, the artist, salIs on Saturday next for England, where he expects to remain until fall, when he pro poses to return to Washington and resume his profession. The Belknap Impeachment Trial ? The Senate, sitting as a court of Impeach ment, meets again to-morrow. Several Sen ators said to day that there seemed to be a tacit understanding that In case the mana gers on the part of the Home ask for a post por.ement until next fall, or concur In the request of the counsel for Belknap for a postponement, it will be granted. Raised it ? Hundred.?At the last mail lettings G. R. Harden, of Reidville, Ga., was the lowest bidder at f 249, on the route from Mount Vernon to Reidvlile, In tnat state. A contract was sent to him for execution at this sum. He returned It to the department properly executed with sureties, but wLth Mie amount erased, and the sum of #3?9skill fully inserted Instead. The attempt at fraud was however discovered In the department, end the acceptance of his bid promptly re voked. Naval cadets John G. Mason, of Ohio, and W. B. Osterhout, of Pennsylvania, who with six or seven others, were recently re quired to resign on the charge of stealing, were not accused as principals, but became Involved as witnesses before a board of tirst clHssmen to whom the examination hal been intrusted. They have asked the Secre tary of the Navy to reinstate them so that they may answer such charges as may be preferred against them. It is understood that their request wilt be granted. Exoneration of Mr. adams, Clerk of the House.?The sub committee ap pointed to Investigate the charges agilnst the Hon. G. M. Adams, clerk of the House, have been pretty thorough In their inquiries. The charges were that he received portions of the pay of men in the employ uauer him. > early every employee in the Clerk's oifi:e has teen sworn by the committee, and all have testified so fnr directly to the contrary of the charges. The committee are of the unanimous belief thai the charges haye not the least foundation. A question of U.MFOkM.? Seanf? Committee on Military Atrairs held a meet ing this morniDg and agreed to report ad versely tfce bill Intioduml by Mr. West, on the Ut Instant, repealing section 1.212 R1* \Ued Statutes, wuich provides that an offi cer shall not wear any uniform other than thbt of his actual rank. Mr. West's bill pro vdes that an ollii^er may wear such lusigula to indicate his brevet rank la the volunteer as well as in the regular service as may be directed by the Secretary of War, with the approval of the President. The Chinese Question - Mr. F. M. Pix ley, of San Francisco, had an Interview Willi Attorney General Taft this morning, in which he strongly urged the Intervention of the government In the Cninese-luestlon, In behalf of the citizens of San Francisco. He stated that the people there have become so incensed at the constant immigration of the lowest classes of Chinese into California that they have formed themselves into nu merous societies it, and that un less government aid is speedily granted they will take the law Into their own hands. The question will doubtless be brought before the Cabinet, where it will receive serious consideration. Suicide of the Late Sultan of Turkey?The Turkish minister In this city yesterday received a dispatch from tiie Ttir?Uh minister or foreign affairs stating that Abd nl Aziz Khan, the late sultan, wno for some time p?st unfortunately gave evi dent signs of mental derangement, having locked Llmself up yesterday morning in his apartments of the palace of Tcheragan. committed suicide by openlug the veins of bis arms with scissors, which he had con cealed on bis person. The dispatch aids that ail the ministers, the high officers, both civil and military, will be present at the luneral of his majesty, which will take place with the accustomed pomp and honors due to the deceased, whose body will be laid in the mausoleum of Sultan Mahmoul. A Sensation In the Home. MR. KLAINE TAKES THE FLOOR. Ex-Speaker Blaine made a decided sensa tion in the House to-day by his personal explanation relative to the Investigation of his connection with the Union Pacific rail road, and was frequently loudly applauded. It was not generally known that he was to speak, the fact being purposely kept quiet, In order that he might not be choked otT by the democrats. He arose to a question of privilege at about a quarter past oneo'clock, and everybody was at once on the qui vine, and the House became bushed to silence in a moment. He began speaking in a loud and distinct lone, audible ail over the hall, and sketched the investigation by Gen. Hunton's committee, and boldly charged the latter with endeavoring to do him injus tice by burying him under an Investigation into extraneous matters, which Inquiry Gen. Hunton confessed would take three months to finish. He spoke of the feeling against him on the democratic side since a certain debate early during the winter, and of the fact that be was being investlgat *d by ex-rebel soldiers. He said be had deded the committee to a contest to decide whe ther or not they were entitled to his or the private correspondence of any Ameri can citizen. He dared them now to the contest. (Loud applause.] He would like nothing better than suen a contest He was called to order by Mr. Hamilton, of New Jersey, aud was cautioned by the chair. When he came to the polntof pro ducing the ?-original package' of letters which he obtained from Mulligan, and held them up to the gaze of the Hou?e and gal leries, asserting that he proposed to rea i them to the House to silenoe s under an I cbtck surmise, there was another decided serration, and conslderabl applause. The Chat r threatened to clear the galleries an I Mr. Blaine in resuming, turning to his aide of ibe House, specially requested his friends to make no demonstration. He read the let ters rapidly, but in a clear tone, occasion ally slopping to make necessary explana tions. and as he concluded each handed it to M r. Sherman, his private secretary, who oo cupled a seat near him. It was generally *gre*d that his speech produced a most ex e?!h>nt impression and entirely relieved Mr. Blaine of the charge of having seized and retained eorrespondeocs which, If disclosed, would be damaging to him. But the mo?t decided sensation of the speech was when Mr. Blaine, advancing towards the democratic side, boldly charged Proctor Knott with suppressing a telegram from Jo slab Caldwell In Europe, entirely exonerat ing blm, (Blaine.) The greatest excitement at once prevailed, and members and persons in the galleries broke out In lond cheering and clapping of bands, wblob lasted for several minutes. The Llaiiie Roud Business. Two loiuuilUeea Investigating. After our report of theBialneInvestigation closed on Saturday? ?,,h*.r wa8 called, an<l Identified the pnbluheu letter from Mr. Blaine, a copy of which he said he had giveu to Mr. Adams and destroyed.the original and toe receipt when be settled with Bialne. He never knew why Bialne was able to make the offer to let them In so low, or whether he was acting for bimaeiror other parties; Bialne had always I old h i m he could not be Interested In these bords h'mself. and that his offer to them was an act of disinterested friendship; it was neverunderstood that Blaine was to be ben efitted by commission or otherwise; the let ters in the Mulligan package ma le no refer ence to the Northern Pacific railway. Mr. Mulligan being recalled confirmed this statement, and added that there was no letter referring to the Fort Smith and Little Ro*;k road In Its connection with Union Pa ciflc. Last Sunday he kdi Fisher selected the letters to be brought here; he brought them to relitih his memory. Bialne ha 1 on one occasion done tbe witness a slight Injury upon a purely private matter. 1*0 MEETTKG TO DAT. The sob Judiciary Committee, investigat ing the Bialne bond transaction, held no meeting this morning. Mr. Blaine having now, as his friends say, shown the country how an American citi zen can proceed to right himself when he cannot get justice otherwise, will. If he ean get the tloor to-day, read every letter he took from the witness Mulligan, from his seat In the Honse of Representatives. He w '1 also make a speech, telling the country why be took them, and will defend bis ac tion. -MR. HLAIICE AND THE REAL ESTATE POOL COMMITTEE. The Heal Estate Pool Committee had Mr. Mulligan before It Saturday, and he was questioned as to the relations of Mr. Blaine with Jay Cooke A. Co and the Northern Pa cific railroad. It is alleged that at the time of the passage of the Northern Pacific rail road bill Jay Cooke iV Co. purchased for Mr. Bialne a quantity of the Little Rock and Fort 8mith raKroad bonds. Mr. Mu'ligan knew only of these matters by hearsay, and could give the committee no information. ? <?? The Charge Against Speaker Kerr. Testimony Before (be InT?stlgMtlng Committee To-day. Hie Speaker'* Statement. The Committee on the Expenditures of the War Department resumed their investiga tion of the Harney charges against Speaker Kerr this morning. Messrs. Clymgr, Dan ford and Blackburn, of the committee, were present; also Mr. R. K. Elliott, counsel for the Rpeaker. Mrs. Mary J. Murray testified that she had resided at 23'J >orih Capitol street, on Capi tol Hill, smce m'5, and kept a boarding house: In December, l!"6.>, Lawrence Harney hired a room at her bouse. In 140t> be also had a room there with his wife, aud both took their meals there. (Harney testified that he was married in l?tT ] Mr. Dauforu raised the point as to how far the committee should go into this inquiry. Mr. Blackburn said he saw no reason why tbe testimony should not be heard. If the w ltness came here and committed deliberate perjury, tbe committee and country should know it. Mr. Clymer said the testimony would show the character of the man, Harney. He thought it competent to prove general char acter. Mr. Danford said he did not think this was legitimate or proper testimony. After further dlscimsion tee testimony was admitted. Mrs. Murray said she would not have boarded Haruev h%d she not ttioug a that he was married to llie woman. U id* rstood hat Harney was au assistant doo keeper of trie House at the time. 1 >o not rem :jater the names of her other boarders then. Loptuin A. P. Green testified thai be never heard any conversation betweei Harney and Mr Kerr except the fewworis spoken when Harney introduced him to Mr. Kerr. Mr. Kerr said at that lime that he had no time then to speak. He said he would like to have fonie recommendations, but did not say that he (Kerr? would like that he *,t?reen) should get letters from prominent remoerats. Never accompanied H<rneyto Mr. Kerr's residence, and never au-horlzed Harney to buy au appointment from Mr. Kirr or any other Congressman; to speak plaiLly, witness would not attempt to cor i npt at y Congressman. Hal an latervlew with Hon. M>er Strouse, of Pennsylvania, but did cot say anything to htm about money. Never mentioned the transaction with Harney to any oue. Was not lavlted to the New York appraiser's office by Har ney. Went thereon his own volition to In form him that be (Green) bad received a subprena. Harney asked what he was in such a hurry to go to Washington for. Wit ness invited Harney to go to the depot with h'm, but Harney refused, saying be had an engagement with Judge Dlffenboffer, and that ne Intended to take legal advice. Har ney said "they bad been crowding him," or words to that effect; that there was a pres sure brought on him; that they bad blm at a meeting In tbe appraiser's office. Supposed that his patron, Win. A. Darling, and others were meant by "they." Never sent any let ters to Mr. Kerr by Haruey. Told Harney that Kerr said there was a vacancy In his (Kerr's) district. Kerr never asked witness what bis politics were. Has forgotten tbe character of the recommendations that be received; thinks that wheu he was in Wash ington before that, Harney suggested that the quickest way of getting an appointment was to purchase It. After that went to New York, and soon received a letter from Har ney telling blm to come on. that he had ar ranged it; witness did corde on and Harney introduced him to Hon. Myer Strouse ! laughingj, but nothing came of it. When Harney asked blm for money afterwards witness said he did not have #500 with him, but had 9460. Harney says "I'll take that and I will try aud get it for that." Mr. Kerr requesied that witness gel letters from prom inent New Yorkers, addressed to him per sonally. recommending him. By Mr. Danford:?My memory has been refreshed since a week ago in regard to the amount of money paid to Harney by con versation wlih and reading the testimony of Harney. Think tbat the balaueeof #?0 was sent to Harney through the mail; do not remember whether it waa by postal order or registered letter. Tbe witness then gave an amusing acoount of bis interview with Represeniail ve Stroase; said be found that Strouse had made an ap Eointment; bad a pleasant talk with him, ut did not put mucn confidence in the prom ises of Strouse. Also applied to a New York Congressman named Hon. Morgan Jones tor an appointment, but Mr. Jones put him off, saying be had appointed a one-armed man. Witness said to nlm, "I am glad to find that one Congressman looks out for tbe men who have done good service for the couutry;" was perfectly satisfied with it. There was noth ing said abour money in tbe talk with Mr. Strouse. who was a Jolly good fellow. Never spoke to any one except Haruey about money. Had strong doubts that Mr. Kerr was a party to any money matters. Judged tbat by his (Kerr's) vigorous examination of witness. Witness received for S4A0 what was worth one or two thousand dollars, and be waa not a man to kick. Witness said be did not believe tbat Mr. Kerr ever received one cent of tbe money, and never did think so. Never Intimated such a thing to Harney, as be (Harney) bad rendered blm an lm portant service, and made blm very happy. J. 8. Moore testified tbat on the I8th of April. lt*76, he was in the Speaker's room. Mr Kerr said be wanted to see him as soon a* be organized tbe House. Mr. Kerr than said be bad received a communication from New York setting forth tbat tbere was a rumor In New York tbat be (Kerr) had re celved #450 from Harney for an appoint ment of A. P. Green. Mr. Kerr said he re membered having appointed Green, who was unknown to him, out was well-endorsed, and a fine looking man. who bad done good service in tbe army. Mr. Kerr said be did rot know Harney, bnt remembered Green. Witness said be would go to New York and see Harney and ask blm what be knew about It. Wert to New York and aaked Harney what l.e knew about tbe matter, showing bim a copy of tbe anonymous letter. Harney said, '?! don't know anything about it; my llpa are sealed; you bad better go and sea my lawyer." Told Harney U was an important tblng. Harney said be knew Kerr and be was a fine gentleman; tbat bej Haruey) had been a doorkeeper In tbe House. Har ney asked tbat they botb so and eee his I lawyer, bnt witaaasoald he bad nothing to do wltb lawyers; tbat be wanted to learn what be (Harney) knew. Harney said tbe y?ing TJL. * ?*andal, and taat he was crowded; ?"">* Bliss. got hoi.I of it and was crowding him, and uat Bliss was a d-d f^K?rel ^ ? d-d ??*cai. WiUMM gave u-L'I5 an<1 ,eft '* m< and then wrote to Mr.??rr? giving him the Information that a 1 vising him to Jn?m F*i ?? tbe wUo,? matter. n?S??S??rwanTshe accident* ly met Judee iJinenbofTer. and from him learned that the judge was the counsel for Mr. Darlli.g. th* appraiser in New York, in tbe Third Avenue ?*hnt Su that Darling told him about tte fhi,fun1 114,1 ""Prosed the whole thing had been dropped, that he was uot Ha-. n?^?i^W,e^.and he had advised l>*r ifus i r matter, as it would not he p tlirr2*.?.?fy ?ay- Ia a coaP'? Of days re tiirrert to thlsrity and relate.l the facts to at \^narr^ Hr!.V?irin.d''1 who beM a kh?. m i ote1. It was screed that Mr Sidney Webster, of New York, should he ? imaged to prosecute the writer of'the anon onTeVr*rJn tbe crlininal courts." We't mad SZnE* t?!L cour?e of days una sec' red the services of Mr Wch?i?r Me?H?r?ev i h8v tngx-tbe niatter looked up! r? ,tr*TDeS In New ^ ork the same day U\ I avir^rt'ar He sald tbat Johnny i'a\erport ard diss were crow line him it\ ard s^r'hl?^^pAtal outof tnl? conspiracy ^ ?! * 111 be (Harney)nil nn't t?m? lili ave anything to do with them; that both were bad men and d drascal? and scoundrels, ai d that he (Harney) did not want to be a witness. ??"??> > uia Wto&iurinf,, proprietor of the Little Eb fh!I ^?>U8^' tes.iiied that he had resided in hi since 1867, aiki that In October. ISC.;, he received an appointment as lieutenant' was examined by h board, but failed to p*?s onaccountof physical debility. Was Intro duced to Hon. Myer Strouse; told him tnat he (witness) did not think that his member would do anything for him. HejStrousei examined the papers of witness, and a few rl8.>rr*f,r''" revived the appointment. Came here from Missouri; money t>4ss?>d fiom witness through a Mr. Oppenhier to Mr. Stronse?>300?to pay nectstsary ex cVr'"K.e.hlre- Ac The appointment was handed witness before he paid ont the money. Afterwards, when he failed to pass, Mr. Htrouse returned him the full amount. Speaker Kerr's (Mat Anient. Speaker Kerr then came In the committee room. He was very weak, and had. the fol atuinfeytatemerU read by Mr' E1"ott, his ..When 1 entered Congress ia 18CS I nnder stood some kind of reorganization of the army was in progress, aud that a consider able number of lieutenants would be an pointed In some way. I did not undena 'd that this was to be done under the provis ?LRT),y Pre-existing law or any depart i on authorized by such law; but d?De undersome voluntary ^g,D'lV?n.malle y the department. I did not understand that the appointment was a diftv irrif^L^fUDg 1 k."1? rePresentatlve or a duty Imposed upon him by the law. like th* appointment orcadets to the academies but rather a privilege given him by the War department. I remember seeing in tbe pub fi?,rr.Cw 8 .sonie department order on the sub i the terms 01 which I do not remember. J well know that I regarded theappoint ,as nue.i?,ny dlstrlct or state in prefer ence to &11 others if application were niadp r remember quite distinctly that ihl recommendation to two or my constituentji at different times in imj CoL ThM i Jack another whose name I feel qtil te SJik r ? was Major Thomas Morrison? bo.h of whom had rendered gallant service in the volunteer army. I am pat m doubt the fifcl thiV hf ltie pl^ 10 Morrison, by ii?. S. 1 he' Rs * learn through my law partner at home, thinks t.ue oiler or tne afe1 ?"? mace 10 WmK? m! stead of ir I am mistaken at all. it is I only as to the time. I am clear in ray rtcollection that I oll'ered It to two ex fcler al soldiers, whom I retried as wirthyand competent. These gentlemen, however, both declined. I am not aware that any demo cratic soldier ever applied to me for tiie place. I absolutely kt ow that i Leld tne appointment at the service of the peoolaof I my distiict or state, if any should an piy. But noi;e applied-sot ^-av" 8"?htc*t reoolltctlon WLen the joi a f<essioh 61 Congress was well edvauced and the time for these appoint ments was passing away, I was called upan, as has airealy appeared, by Augustus p. Greene, of New York It is possible t!i*t he was first Introduced to me by Hurney, bul it be was 1 have no recollection whatever of the fact- This only I koow, taat I did never, under any circumstances, or at any period I of my life, consciously know tha man Har ? ney. I never talked witn him in any con I vcisation that could have gone beyond the tneTest expressions of the day. He never w is at my room: he never visited me any where ,nr?r'.Vkea wl'h me on any business rnu . cever paid or proposed to lay me one penny of money for any pur ??e.i1.lll#KTor,d- Hls wbol! "'aietnoni th?t subject is utteily and wlck t Si i. '' simply impossible that I could have talked with him on a mat Ja*al,y involving honor, oilieiai de ~r.,y a. re"004' safety, and not have Mm i <ft vivid recollection of the fact. But I was introduced in some way to Mr Green and my recollection is that the first inter ^C.^ad ? as OD one of th? sofas In the ?f the House during a session of the Home. I listened to bis story: I witnessed Qi8a.nxletTlOKet back Jnto the army, and v,. 8 enthUBla6m with which he ^ services in tbe volunteer armv He exhibited bis testimonials to me?those I mean, filed by him early in the Whether he exhibited to me the originals of !b^f,paper* or copies of them I do not dis . thi remember, bnt I do remember that flhf? ??eiT? re^ar0?d by me as highly creli ? also remember having said Midil^Jilnn0.lbat 1 admired his soldierly bnildand bearing, but said to him nuitiVf comParatIve|y a stranger t^ me, most of these gentlemen whose reoommen ?Jatious you produce are strangers to me ir you can get some recommendations from persons in New York whom I know in per son and or by reputation 1 will feel incllued to consider your application favorably, and saying to him at tbe same time that lha l to application from home, and thought it ^afe,t.?^aM,umeal 'hat late day that there would be none. Mr. Green states that I went ^!th him to the War department' My recollection Is to the contrary, and that every intercourse with the depart ment was conducted by letters. I feel tjulte clear in the impression that I required Mr. Green to i;o to the depart imnt and get a precise rorm of words, tnat would meet the requirements of the depart ment for roe to endorse on his application ?I b? ?!.! dld V.Inply ?>Py that form on the hack of his application. It is possible, how ever, that In tnis I may be mistaken. I de sire to explain briefly to the committee wiiv it was that I took the steps I did in referent toHanrey and Green In New York. When l received the anonymous note in an euvel ope poet marked New York, I real it and Vhft' j rfca,lt^1 the recollection or the fact that I had recommended a man named Green for a lieutenancy in the army who had been appointed. But I could recall no recollection whatever of Harney; I aid not know, therefore, how to luterpret the anonymous note except by the assumption that It meant blackmail, in which opiulon my friends almost universally concurred. Mr. J. S. Moore happened to be In the city at the time. Our relations had been exceedingly friendly fbr manv years,and my mind at once turned towards him, knowing him to be au officer In the New York custom house as the only man who coald likely secure some lnformotion about Harney. If not also abou t Green. Soon after the receipt of this no'c I attained torn the War department nil Mr. Green bad been dismissed the servicd ..n the verdict of a court-martial for dranK su ness. It occnned to me that he might since have been become a wreck In coaduct and Tl?otjQld be used by wicked J P"P<*e? ? I therefore de a?.u? hl^m. imd re^ieeung^M?. M^uof only to get sneh information conoeraing Hsrrey on bla retnrn to New York af be conld, but also concerning < ireen. I gave ^ of the auoaymoas note tbe original, for what tnnt place in New York afterwards as to ^e^St ploymeot of counsel and the u* of detS tlves, I refter the committee to the tentl moi?y of Mr. Moore, which, 1 >b!n* isT-rv substantially correct and fall on tho?e yoints. The recommeodatfon of Green for tbe appointment was made on the 12th of Jnte, and tbe time allowed for presenting these applications expired July 28, is?>; mSnwm5&tS. ^ *dJOarned an4U to" 4 Hobkibuk Dbatk.?On Monday last a colored man named William Qibbs wa. caught In tbe gearing of a huge pnneblna machine at the Edge Moor f nm Worfcf pear Wilmington, Del., and bis arm tocn manner tltat death malted a ftw FORTY-FO l liTil CONGRESS. Monday, June 5. SENATE.?Tbe Cbatr laid bef.ire the sen ate a communication rrotn lb? Secre'ay of Ite Treasury. Inclosing a copy of ? not# from tbe British Minister at this capital, setting forth certain aliened it erect* m tbe laws of tbe liuted states, concerning the shipment of dttngcrous material on passenger vowlr also. enclosing a draft of an act on the ?ut?- I Ject, Ac. deferred to Committee oo Com merce Mr. Clay tor. from Committee on Military ATalrs. re|<orted. finally, House hill for re lief of rapialn A. F. M. Mlllan aud others. Mr. R|<encer, from the some committee, I favorably bill for the sale of the Fort Kear ney military reservation. Mr. Irgails called up the Senate bill to carry out in part the nrovtslona of the act to abolish the tribal relations of the Miami I indlars, and for otner purposes, approved March 3, li-TJ. Passed. Mr. Sherman called up the concurrent res- I olut.on proposing a common unit of money and a.vx>unta for the Cultei Slates aud t-reat Britain. Mr. Morrill (Vt.) said thla was too lm- I poiiant a bill to be passed la Uit morn In* hour. It was a bill which ought to be thor- I onghly discussed. Mr. Sherman said there was no proposl- I tlcn which had been more carefully con- I sldered by the Finance Committee than thla. I it was recommended by tbe Treasury de partment. It merely proposed to open nego tiations with Ortat Britain to Ascertain whether she would take our gold dollar or a common unit,equal to on^ fifth of her pound. I It won.d involve some change la the coin- I age of that country, and also some change inocrs, In making a slight reduction in the | value of our dollar. He did no not know I that tte negotiations would be auccessiui, but If so, the results would be very Impor tant. The close assimilation of the French coin to that of Gnat Britain would make it so tfcat Ave franca would be one dollar, and five dollars one pound. Mr. Morrill did not believe that Great Britain would consent, but il it did, there would be necessitated a change tn all our laws relating tooolnage, legal tenders, Ac. The resolution then went over, Mr. Sher man saying that he would call it op at au early day. Mr. Logan, from Committee on Military A trail*, reported favorably the House bill to retire Col. W H. Emory on the rank aud pay of a brfgadler general. Also, from same committee, adversely on bill to amend section 1,012 of the revised Statute*. Mr. Wlndom introduced bill to provide for the payment of the ciaima of citizens of the I nlted Hiatus for supplies furnished to the Sioux and I?akotab Indiana of Minnesota pilor to 18W). Referred to Committee oa Claims. Tbe Chair announced a new committee of conference on the consular and diplomatic appionriatlon bill, to consist of Messrs. Sar gent, Howe and Bogy. Mr. Mitchell called up bill tor ullef of Thos. B. Phillips. Passed. Mr. Norwood called up bill for the relief of Peters and Reed, naval contract Mrs at New York navy yard in 1*?; whlca was laid over. The unfinished business, being the legisla. II tlve, executive, and Judicial appropriation J bill, was taken up. The pending question was on the amendment retaining the sala ries and clerks of the Interior department; which was concurred Id. The amendment appropriating sionoj for rent for building for the Pension office and the Bureau of Education, and authorizing the.Secretary ot the Iaterior, If he can sec.ire a nre proof building for a rent not exceeding that paid for the Seaton House, to take the same. Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, moved a substl- I tote appropriating ?2?),000 to rent the base ment and the upper five stories of thefire j roof building at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 12th street, and a further appro priation of ?lo.ono to pay the ezpeases of fl removing the books aou papers of the offices aforesaid. Jlr Hamlin stated that the proprietor of the Beaton House had represented to him that much injustice would be done him by lemovlng from his building. If the govern- I ment continued to rent his building he was willing to make it fire-proof. Mr. H. then submitted an amendment, that the sealon I House shall continue to be rented if the proprietor makes it Are proof. Mr. Morrill said he did not wish to d"? la justice to any one, but the insecure condi tion of the Seaton house was well known. In case of fire, not only would the valuable papers be destroyed, but very likely two or three hundred of the clerks would perish. He sent to the de6k to be read a letter from the Commissioner of Pensions gelling forth the I advantages of the Shepherd building. Mr. M. also expressed the opinion that it would be a very difficult matter to make the Sea ton house flre-prool, and it was also very in- I convenient on account of being cut up luto so many small rooms. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. - The 8pcaker pro tern. (Mr. Cox) called the states for bills for reference, and under it tbe following, among others, were intro duced and referred: By Mr. Cntler (fc. J )?Authorizing the Bureau of Education to occupy the Armory building, and making an appropriation to fit np tbe same. By Mr. Vance (N. C )-To refeT tbe claims of settlers on Cherokee lands tn North Caro Una to the Court of Claims for adjudication. By Mr. l>ur*.am (Ky.)?T? amend tbe Re vised Statutes relating to internal revenue. Also, bill to amend the act to protect the sinking fund and to provide for the expenses of the government. By Mr. White (Ky.)?To smend tbe Revis ed Statutes to provide that pensions shall I commence from date of disability. Also, bill to provide for reducing the mini- J berof Representatives In Congress to two hundred. By Mr. Goodln (Kan.)?Authorizing the President to appoint a commission to ascer tain the losses of property In toe Indian ter ritory during the late war. TilE TARIFF. The House then proceeded to th? conslder 8' in of the resolution offered by Mr. A lams I (N. Y.) on Monday last, declaring that. In the judgment of the House, legislation af fecting tbe tariff Is at this time inexpedient, because it is apparent that all branches of manufacturing,mechanical and mining pur suits are at tills time greatly depressed, and that ail legislation which lenJs to embar rassment by the unsettling of values is un wise and injudicious. Mr. Morrison moved tbe reference of the resolution to the Committee of Ways and Means, which motion was agreed to?yeas. 114; nays, ?J. The following democrats voted against re. ferenee: Messrs. CIvmer, Cochrane, Harden bergb, Hopkins, Jenks, Maish, MuLchler, Powell, John Reiliey, Rollins (Pa.), Ross (N. J.), Stenger,, Walker (N. Y), and Walsh. Otherwise the vote was partisan. Mr. Haralson (Ala.) offered a bill to de vote the proceeds of the sale of pabllc lands to purposes of education. Referred Mr. Neal (Ohio) moved to pass a bill to re peal the specie resumption act. A point of order was made that the bill could not he oonsidered oo tbe day of intro duction. The chair sustained the point of order, and on an appeal the decision of the chair was sustained. Mr. Blaine arose to a personal explana tion, and read tbe resolution of May 21, au thorizing the House to Investigate tbe sale of certain bonds to tbe Union Pacific rail road. That resolution, said Mr. Blalae, was evidently Intended to ascertain If any wrong act had been committed by the Umoa Pa cific railroad, and incidentally to ascer'ain tbe person with whom tbe transaction too* place. When Mr. Tarbox first introduced the recolatlon be (Mr. Blaine) was nol pres ent, and his colleague (Mr. Hale) objected. Afterwards Mr. Tarbox informed Mr. Hale that the resolution was not at all aimed at him (Mr. Blaine), but was intended to ascertain other facts. He was incredulous of Mr. Tar box's state ment at tbe time, and as soon as tbe investi gation began it became evident that it was aimed at him and blm only, and that tbe Union Pacific road was a secondary and un important consideration. He did not ootn plaln of this. Indeed be did not know that he had any reason to complain. On tbe first cay of tbe Investigation Harrison, tbe prin cipal witness, was examined. He was fol lowed by Mr. Rollins and Col. TbomM A. Scott, and tbe testimony of tbe latter com* pletely exonerated blm. FnaiiHOBrou Coottty?Oa Friday last tbe extensive shingle mills of Baud A Boss, in Norfolk county, Va., were destroyed by fire. Loss ?l?.QSt>; insured tor n.oao. Thi spbxxg kacbs at Jerome Park, New York, opened Saturday. Tbe Winers were MadjjajXjxxie R. Fiddlestick, Ore Know ana Telegrams to The Star. VRHK or A BTKAMnVIIP Ikbt w?m l*h?rf la Haaiaa I la a F?f Foerow. J no* S?Tne ?n?nKt OrMM rapt mar.e. ?.i the KtnuioM and Bostooi liue, ?u wrecked hi lb' har'*>r lut ? iMl | lDf > The TfWt left Htvtaoth la TiiwOf bastard ?i|?riwf?l heavy wind* aa I t *1* HMMtm. >b? Batunlay nigh* w% U?itba>l.oir Uw ViMyaM.aUI(?lb| down and the ?ieen?er r*iMlMd at M there orn ni?ht Yau-rAv mornin| tog lifted and the steamer started Mr Bnstoe I avtrg clear weetber < m paaalng Cape OeAJ t. ? ards evening the fag ?<<??> NlUHB them. and nbwqMBll; kMMM so that r.avigat'on ?m klnoti Impoaalble. The steamer bad lu pilot, and be l?t? W rnn opto tbe city. aWieagh It wee ll^B aible In see aryih'? g ahead. AkMlTkpb m. the ?learner ?irnrkon Harding'* let|a about three ml lee out from BrnknliftiiaM Immediately bilged. A fleblng tcbMMT reeooed tbe peaac rer?. t we.f y In hi I who wttb their iiuai* reached f aboat t o'clock this morning. Two tag were dispatched to the wreck to aave ae roucb a# possible of tbe cargo an 1 bring ofl tbe crrw who bed been left behind. Tbe (>-irnta! waaata>v an i i.kit'ail cargo of general merchandise. Whether tbe vmt-l and catgo will tiee total loea could not be ascertained before day light. ?OKI I?.\ RCWN. ?r Margnry Murder*-* l.y (k| Tieepa. Loffooii. Jnne 5.? A mxn-lal dispatch . Calcutta to tbe Tmm aajre-Mr Urm.w o' liumktn arrived tl Rangoon on Krldtf ia?t K< Mara, (irravmor end Bailer rw mMined at Manualay. Tbe erldciic* ibowa clearly that Mr Margery wat murdered by t 11.e?e imperial tri>?ps. Ii is eiperiad that I/e?eetai ee. tbe Chriw general, will be ex* i. wveted from complicity In tbe artair. Tbe t btneae autborltiee will await Mr. Gme Tfnor'i report before carry lug out th* execu il(? of tbose impiicatM in the murder. i ii?: t csimiUL Soles Ta-D*y riiUDtn in*. June '..- There la very little chat ge in the attendance at the expo sition thla inortilug, tbe number of visitors being about 3B.4M. Owing to tlx- onoi, pleea ait weatber. MOP' p<?ople were aeen oat ol (loom rambling from one hunting to aa otber, and along tbe |>romenade?. The cele brated Castellanl collection waa opened to llie pnhlic tl.ia morning In tbe Italian de partment of the art gallery. It embracea statuary, Ac. Ilealb of a Telegraph Operator. ( 11 ATTA NOofJ A. Tic:**. June S ?J iCOb Uroi' a wetland favorably known telegraph operator. died here yesterday. His bodj will be taken to Baltimore for Interment. The Boom Bill HARRiKRrKu, Pa, June k.?The toon bill bevsme a law today by limitation, witboul action by the governor. TIM larkcta. iULTIMotX. Joue I ? Vl'KUiia Him, def..rrad. 6; Vlrgluia cdls itdaiea a?\. go sac *4 -Ttaa, *?. North Carolina alxa*. old, l?. dj n-v, e.go. lerltltti.l bid to-dar. BUM ?na1| aad fca, ?kale. Haltimoss. Jnne ? -Oottoa fira^r but jitat mldddnc. 11'.allS flour dull?HoaaM street sad weatarn mrr. t X>a* Su. extra <!M*: be. 'airily , ? ?t*7 f*>; City Mills super, 1 teat SO; do. <-\tra. 4?a7W. do. Hi ( rands. 7(0*7 71. Co. fsmiK' 8 75 \V h*at doll asd bea. \ -a aters red, Bomiiiai. Prnna) Irauts red. 133. Ma->iaad rsd, i.Hal.Sr.. lo au>bor. ifn) si. do. whlta. I .Mailt. Corn??o<ithera, obadr Orm?i, ?.atara staadr aad f.rm, m bfrn * bit* and fallow, 57, ?mWi Bixad. r\. srot aad iuae; MS Jolf. Oat* dall?ajath rra good t? prima. ?la*I. waM?m whlta,S7a?. waa era nilird. l<a*. Hj? a?aiiDallr 7W? Hay dull Mar) land and Pt-DD?>|Taala. 17 OUa.T 06 Pro ?latins doll aad es?irr. Purk.atai B ilk mxats ? h< uldcr*. ?\ rib stdaa. tVaW loaaaiVM all l4 pactrd Bacon??h"ul.l*T?. ?a?'?; claar lib aid-?. llal''? Ham*. !4WaU%. Lard dull?ea ftnad.lJ. Butter aeak aad lawar? wastara rood to pries. 15*1'. r?*?ri>l?ticn u.n?ettl*d. imS'xttb'a to ilva arrnrats gti -atl?n?. Uoflxa qaiM aad ?'sadT ? ,lo car* .-, l?*aaUS, j bblag. UaUiS. Wa*sky oall bit stctdy, HIS Niw Ion, Jtia<> I ?Stocks acti>s and srroag. Mccry.lH O ld. 12'. gicuauge, toag, sdB. short. <W Q>jy* < ci< Dta actlra a* <1 stroaa Stw Toxx. Jnn?- 8 ? riour gutet and rtaady. Wheat 1 cant batter, g >od expert Inquiry. Oora scoiid and a shad-* firm* r. The Fast Tbais is k*r k?Attcraco Ahkap or T:**.?Tbe fact train arrived at the end of Oakland wharf, which la with in tne cu^limltH of Han Franelaoo. at a. in. yMreerdav, x minutes leu than M hours. Arrival at tbe wharf on tbe 8au Francisco side at 91' a. ra . and at 9 32^ the paeaengers alighted in tbe court or tbe Pal ao- hotel in good health and spirits. Knglue No. 44 brought the train through from Og dep. with the assistance of an additional en. glue in croaking tbe Slerraa. Tne time from <>gden to 8an Francisco wa? 23 hours and 52 minutea. Tbe Actual average running time frnni < >?deu to Oakland wharf waa 411 ml lea per hour. There was no accident of any kind throughout tbe trip. Bbortly after ar rival breakfaat waa aerved, to which promi nent citizens, army and navy ofllcars, rep reM>ntatlvea of tbe pre*>? and tbeatrlcal pro. fewilon, railroad offlctala and tne mayor ol tbe city were Invltel. A aalute of 13 gnna was flre<I from tbe roil of tbe Pacific notel ou tbe arrival of tbe train at tbe wbarl. Political Notes.?The Marengo ooanty (Alabama) colored men bave repudiated tne Mpeccer state convention of May .'Itb, and endorsed tbe antf8peucer ticket. ??? Hon. A. M. W add ell has be? u nominated for re election by the democrats of the fourth ooo ^6f>ional district of North Carolina ???? Hon. John Itobblna. now repreaentlng the tilth congressional district of Pennsylvania, baa issued a circular to his constituents ad vlalng them tbal the state of his health and the demands ol bla private buslneaa ieqalra h'm to retire from Congreaa at tbe cloae Of bis present ttrin, acd that be baa oonee nueutly decided not lo be a candidate for re election. Cextkmmial Jotti sus.?The a imlaaiona on Friday were as follows: Kxblbitora, at tendants and complimentary, 1.1,167; cash, 26.t3T. Tbe attendai cc on Saturaay waa as great as on Friday, if not greater. ? Fred. Douglas was a visitor to the grounds Hatnr day. ???? A line model or solid metal of ln> dependence Hall bas been placed on exhibi tion. Us weight is l.iOO pouoda. Ko com plete la tbe entire work In all lta details that if Independence llsll should at any time be deatroyed by fire or otberwlae, tbe exact re finduction, as it stands to-day, could readi y be made from tbe model. Mori 8lac?hteb8 bv the litDiAva.? A dirpatcb from Cheyenne, Wyoming, aaya Uiat three men were killed by Indiana yes terday morning forty miles south ol Sidney, thought to bave beeu by Cbeyennes. A courier in at Fort Laramie yesterday from Red Cloud agcncy reports additional de partures of young warriors for the north. Eight com pan l?a of the Bftli cavalry hare been ordered from tbe department of Mis souri lo Fort Laramie to oo operate with lien. Crook Hsventees PuiestnOkdainkd.?Aa nn. usual event look piace yesterday at 8L John's Catholic church, 8t. Louis, toe occa sion beingtbe ordinal ion of seventeen pr.etts ten of whom were atudenta who l-tl tier many because tbey would not submit to Bismarck's policy towards the Cathollo church. The ceremonies ware very impos ing. acd were conducted by Rt. R 'v. Hlsbop Ryan, assisted by several prominent clergy * men of that d loceae. A DB8PEKATE FlouT IK CUBA.?The town of Clego de Avlla, In the Jurladictioo of Kanto Spirit ii. was attacked ou the nigbt of May by tbe insurgent leader Maximo Oo me i, with l,oo<i men, most of them mount ed. Tbe place was defended bye garrison loo strong. Tbe insurgents were repulaatf afier deeperaie fighting, and retire! without being pursued. Tbey lost 30 killed and aboat 70 wounded. Tbe Spealsb casualties were two officers killed and three men wounded. LAYIHG OP A COXJTXE BT02TKU?The cor ner stone of the cborcb of the PaaUet Fathers, to be erected at 8?th street aad Mb avenue. New York, was laid yesterday. All tbe Catholic societies, exeept the Ancient Order of Hibernians, wbicb are under ben of church, turned out about 3 ouo strong. Tba ceremonies were oooducted by B?ght Bev^ Bishop Oorrtgan, Cardinal Mocioskey being unable to be preeent. STt'BBORN Iff dians.?A dispatch Crottf Han 1m? go says several bands of Chlrleebaa Julians in Arlrooa refuse to be moved to hao Carlos reservation, aad intend armed resistance. Ten eompanles of cavalry era In the field, besides armed Indian scouts, to be brought into action In case of en < Laud is Bum wiKiiumCa^A J. K. Land is, who o^nfurder ^^Camber a.iSs; for liavlng causal Oarrutb s death, Tiib Dmath or A glO^WOxJTooanty Coi irctor Moore and Charles Stone of New Brunswick, N. J., iroth ox that weighed o*?r 5 <m pou i !?,ar t shipped It by train to tbe centennial to auo v u there When the train reached ltiitedel^ phia the ox was dead. LioHTWiffG avreck en all teak at <*tCUy, Pa., oo Saturday last, nontstfnlwg ki ja?e-r? relaof oil, which, exploding, set Ore lo othsg tank containing ZiMf barrels, each V wbich were consumed. The loa 1s eslUMIKx' at tioo^oo. A CMIOAOO mam, noted for his Infidelity, wee married e tow loottbs ago, and et lest accounts had so Ou modified hi- r Mgtoee rotioneee to ex pi ass bis fine bat"; la Ikg eiutenceof a tl SI anas I dawiL

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