Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1842 Page 3
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niil Ifff'#** over, tor -ah th?ra .cV^whoShad growth soonaf'iftheirf M x, end mow monwolimty}" jfah southern gtutll? with a f He read to as sxtnets from the t Hamilton cuunrmiij the tariff 'ould not consume tie time oi the ter The Kuglish it their manuol protoctiou, reflated high vannow about to ?hrov off that proad nothing to Tear hut the cempe, But it waa pruxwteroua for na her example in that respect, ai .he flrat round #/ the ladder? J down acme <unclnai>e argnthat when thi amo?nt of to e was a perfelt right to diaori he Preaident t?idestly admitted like to hear almftiens of thia the whole ex/laiaed away. The out to expire,aud the great expeea of 3<i per ?a(it dutiea ia about many in thcl'ith who believod <nt to ana wet the country, many ib dutiea w?uld be too burden :a, and thai the hoaae valuation :able. Thy believod that the try requited a higher protecTaey belirre, alee, that the agri.oeiitry wmld bo also involved in they did,-hat it could not be carts unequil and unjust, they deull, can^d, and lair hearing.? rd and taey had a right to tie. It ght belonging to every person of a ho willing to commit so much of aa a.lalarf In Mrimillnni to the re, snl ao much thereofas related mitteeon commerce.andsoinuch mntottrct, to the oommittee on 'resident had alluded to mannfac >s?<l U indulge in warning ; the auch of that; but yet he would are how they treated the voice of t. If they would not, it would n thunder touea. He claimed >tr? a faithful hearing. If gent lain!# down, in heaven's name let trice. Give them first a delibefiat when the House adjourn it n the present exhausted state of tall for the yeas and nays on the g sustained, the yeas and nays lotion was agreed to?yeas tinned. Iludelpbla. dunce of the Herald ] ifhic, Dec. 31,1841.?P. M. it weather last night was very ng at the County Coart House, liable purpose of urging a repiygtenis, for sustaiaing the ind ror advising a disposal oi c works, was very iargergnd i. The prominent getter* up irs. Dallas, Kane and Leiper h more formidable opposition ? And the sptech of Mr. D. opted with hisses and impreal and prepared resolutions, of the meeting declare, were joriiy?far whieh reason, as hey allege that these who are idged W bigs, took part in its be call was for " Democrats" il after the first organized d, and resolved as follows: lly sad determinedly resist by I legitimate means the eollecany future tax levied for the her the Merest or principal te debt,' and we do hereby Legislatwe, that the true inity thay represent, require an ill laws pasi-d for that purthnsr V the duty of t(a Legislature, at e period ef '%? session, to ce payment oufof the money all persons to whom the indebted for rnhul labor, ly tu pps* oVer o Commis Assignee*. all thi properij th, reserving sushonly as ii to thy transaetiqa # the Wgi ivernmcat, and to Wo vide to: oi the proceed*ors?ch pre "J"' Ok pro r, ahull be claim* aaly ?m we do farther l^-^Md perhap tCSusjesu 3&&SZS anweaSth to coao to this d, ' "Hleed the pro hetrJthJSdStbJ'^u I 2lo??? ? '*** of dis |hng '' "d ?? filing L^b??u1- meeting, ore ?! who were instru "p? w*r? peblished in th usstzAmr* Itimer*. :nes of the Herald. | IVoodbury lectured, l?t Wjlaad Ineliiutr of Eluca oee of education, i.c , eat turrit, -ad gained .?el 10 had the pleasure ofbeiof eight, at th, ' ember, cf the Vigils, \T , v#ry, I *"d ro?J faced ' "t'M ia D0" Performi., ?ed do,Bg . ba,ine#i ?*i no oppo.itien oii., Hm'Ja11" ma#aSenient ol f.;:;bu75"bii^? pbitii?"?L ' ,om? Tears, bo ec^nr.gpj Ter7 cle"e, a the flou, " , trice. 8oa^krt> and a H at $5 to. j$V, of Wwwbo given as theVr,? ho,r* H?*tation n?e?tle<t, #nd wheat >. . tad white at J30 to 1* t?; old whn,^1*;. cents; oats 48. 44'?"*' inaction, in Pei??i The provision 1 ELr\" 30 Pcr bbl; nV> .-Vbiskey 1. ,n^mite?d, in -anus, auu zajt a t* I jr is inclined to rise. 1-8 prrm; Philadelphia 1 8 a 2 7-8di?; specie 3 3now in our city, holdin ard with great success ?ge ia eateea?o>1 by th per. 1 hare no high opi so far aa it goes for con ae- We shall hare an in sumbeot, his Excellent; days. orlanee was transacts day A hill has been ol insent for debt. re, Twist. a.reeo^nixed by ihe Presi Consul of ihe .SwUs C?n f Pennsylvania, New.fei at Philadelphia, also been recognize* >d Nt*way for the StaU "im[?hi?e tj|d Maine, ti zztz.vzmi Wiety of pettsrmair,,, ?|] trs daring ihe <lej eT( rill commence at thm, lock, sad will consist t* i, Tsnkee oocenir?ciii?s, to try the celebrated tonkin o isdy, and Ma?1ot Polhni i*he hoan?ry where n < Hy erptCfitsbly speal the ts , . y * / s? ji Ik 07- CHATHAM THSaTOB.-At M t?bil?hm. re such various and splendid Mlirttnijpita offered those announced at this elegant and well conducted th< tre. Taste, refinement, novelty, all combine to rend the holi.Ujr performance at the Chatham the moatattn tiee in the city. This being Now Tear's day, User# Is ai>ernocn performance oIf.'red, consisting of the beautii romance of Cherry and Fair Star; which has been I vived lor the occasion, with all ita original splendor, a the moral drama of G?orge Barnwell; two highly po| lar end favorite, caat with the entire strength thstalented corps drammltiptt. In the evening two m dramas of intenau interest are presented, entitled t Wraith of the Lake, in which J. R Scott. Kirby, M Thorne. he. appear ; and Scuinderhaimes, the Robber tne Rhine. Added to which is the Eastern drams of BI Beard, cast with equal etticiency, and which must tract crowds to this popular reaort. 37- Rockwell's Bleacker Street Circus (git the best holiday show this evening. The giant, andh a do/en celebrated amateurs, aru to spar upon tlieoci sion, beside* feats of horsemanship that cannot be equ led in any country. OCT" Di Tmoi's Balsam or Livkrwobt.?This 1 lebratod vegetable medicine has been in use for the 1 nine years, with wonderful success, in curing all cougl colds, and diseases of the lungs and liver. Pain in the Side and Breast?Theae diseases ha eaused me much trouble, and often prevented my tepding to business. Every medicine I heard of 1 trii but found no reliel. As a last resource, I concluded try Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Ai *ood m'" I grew I tetter, and have been gaining ever since;! now in good health, and can trulv recommend this B a am aa being far auperior to anything elae. A. L. GREF..V, 4 Pitt N* Buy only?wind thia?only at the olhce 37S Bowel A? counterfeitera have imitated the wrappers and labe therefore place no dependence in the outward appei ance. {0- Bowser As?rHiTH?**f ?There will be great:i .ng? hem to day. A *plcudid perfonnflucc coinos off 'breo o clock, aud auotber at the uaual time in the e' tBing. Thia ia poaitivelv the laat night of thoae unrir led darkies Diamond, Whltlock and Booth. The mm gerie of wild auimala will be open day and evening. {vfc Da- Tavlob's Balsam of Livibwobt.?Tickli in the Throat.?I know Dr. Taylor's Balsam, from! Spring etreet, to he a certain remedy for this complai I have used it myself, and found it effect an imtnedn cure. M. Henshaw, 11 Mangin street Severe cou| and violent pains. For several years I was much tn bled, and found no relief until I used the Balsam of . verwortfrom 341 Spring st. Through the blessings God 1 hare been eutirvly cured. Catherine Fowler, I King street, near Hudson. Consumption Cured.?I thrse years I was severely afflicted and given up by a ny physicians, who had done all in their power for I recovery. For six months I was confined to my roc and every week threatened to be my last. I had no i petite, and daily I wasted, until I was a mere skeleti In those dark hours I saw my hoce, though all seem blank, and at once procured the Balsam ef L rwort from 341 Spring atreet. Through Divi Providence I daily improved end gained strong and appetite. The first bottle made me very comfu able, and three bottles cured me. William '.Wee! Sands atreet, Brooldyn. Reference can be ms to many medical gentlemen In Brooklyn, and 1 Rogers, N. Y. Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, p pared from the original recipe, which was used the fl . .five years by the present proprietor in Spring street, connection with his brother, now deceased, in the Bo ary, and which established this medicine in its high putc. Any information wanted, great numbers most r pectahle persons can be referred to in town and count; All communications addressed to the proprietor, W.' Thayer, at 341 Spring street, will receive prompt att< tion. QCf- Hkaoachks will be in the ascendancy to-morrc and Sherman'sCamphor Lozenge* will cure them. Th ii noming mat puis a roan on bis ie<c after a little di pation so soon as they do. Every body knows how s( the Cough Lozenges cure coughs and cold*. T1 1 are sold at 108 Nassau street, and by agents 110,373 I 159 Broadway,77 East Broadwaj, 188 Bowery, and Hudson street, New York ; 68 and 139 Fulton stri Brooklyn. nOlfEYM&RKET. Frliln y, Dec. 31?0 P. M The transactions at the Stock Board have been lai and prices have generally gone up, under the poculli heavy dema.i'1 for delivery to-day. Delaware It Hud rose 1} ; Indiana i't, 1 percent.; Illinois 6's, lj ; Har ll ; Stonington, 1 per cent; Canton, { ; Bank of C< meroe is quoted 83 a 84, div idend 3 per cent. off. Messrs. Stebbins and Mc A lister, who failed recon in their obligations to the State of Illinois, have this i resumed their payments, and taken their places at Board. 1 The transaction with the State of Illinois has b I nearly settled. It appears to have been entirely mists r ogement from llrst to last, and may be briefly recous I as follow. ?The State had in July no means to med - liabilities then duo, and the come- ssiouer was obli| r te borrow the money on the best terms he could, ml " IN flnStly arranged with the hqusc of Suhtolns and i \ Alister, stock brokers, that the* should prtcurt and 1 { him fMI^OO on a pledge of isoieoo of bonds, being at a rate of 40 cants on the <follsp? 'By th(, termg of thi< ( i" tract Messrs. Otebhins k dt'Alister were to procure money, a Clear admission on their part, that they did L . haye 11 toJpnd,ont|tit of the commissioner that hekr B they*W4rs to gel Igem some other source, and that by a nsa of the bonds, Which he delivered to them before it recaivedhis money And the contract contained no r atrictien against their hypothecating them. In the f qjiel it appears thst Stebbiss & M'A lister did hy pothei ' them, bat failed to raise as much for the commissions thay agreed to do. The State, on its part,failed to redi B the bonds at the ejptra'iou of the time. The bonds I fallen very heavy in th. market, and the house failei b The commissioner taking advantage of the fact, that hadnst received quite alihe money agreed upon, app! I for an injunction, to pmvent innocent third partie ^ wlvm the bonds had beer hypothecated, from dispos !? of ham. That injunction was most unjustly granted,i g hai the market price of the bonds been sufficiently h to cover the bonds at the time, would Have b >f a irttter of serious loss to the parties. The c l" misaoner then called a meeting of the holder*, andm e a proposition, which we believe has been agreed uj II as foiows The holders to deposits their bonds w the 'iust Company,and to get from the receiver a rec i, for number of bonds. The State is then to pay maclasithas received, (lap,000, within'30days, to bt videdpro rata among the holders. The parties will t get, i the State keeps the contract, mors than they co get b( selling the bonds. The injunction has now h . dissolved, ami Stabhins k M'Alister, being released fi the list lities, have reiumed the payment of their ot en?Cgetient* and are now doing business at usual. 1 * whola tiousaction La*, however, a very suspicious 1 about it. 1 Thernha* been a fair business doing in billi for I f packet, '.'he lupply haa greatly increased from the Sat which,aith the scarcity of money,has tended to dec re 5 the rateafrom those^urrent at the last packet day, pa t cularly tlnseon France. 5 The present rates are as follows Rstk* orfostKis Bii.i.1 I* Nrw Yoas. Aon. 15. N*r. H Dec. is Dec. t I.onuon. 10 a ISl 84a ?) fa 91 g;a ' France, 5 SO a* 31 5 33JaS 35 5 25 *5 261 J 30 ,5 , Amsterdam, sole 4)1 40 a 4U a 3?{ 3|ia Hamburg. 36ia 3"4 Ufa 361 a 34 jjJ, ? Bremen. 7S]a 78t 74 a 78J 77>a 741 77 a r One reason ior the decreased demand for bills is t far t, th3t so many of the States have failed to provide their interest. There will probably be $1,000,000 less 1 warded than usual for this purpose. Specie is in ti little demand for shipment ; that for the Fast Indies ] 1 subsided,and all that exiita to remit the proceed* of atei sold on foreign account. The sales are as follows : Fitters or Sriris irv Nrw York. fiov. IS. A'ot.. 30. Dec. IS. Dei Specie. Spent. Specie Spt Spanish Dollar* Sa S ? a 5?a 3 3a Meticaa do 1| a 2 la t |* i 1 a Half do la J ? a par ? a par par Kirs Francs ?S a Stf ?a M; ? a 84 93, a Sovereign* 4 84 1 1 li ? 1 4 15 - s 4 84 par 1 1 Spa. Doubl'a 14 38 alS so ? all 54 ? all as il >s all t [ The State stock market haa preiented nearly the aa * | CVoral feature#? vis : a continued disposition to t*- W *n<' therefore a decline in price*. The comparative table oi ratea 1 saoino Svocas is tiie New Yoaa Marie , \ Redeem? Vnited 8la'rs?\ Rett. Me. Jtuf.39. Dec. IS. Dec A xv aj 1444 100 alO(l| 87 *?* 94| New York StaU 1844 - a- t? alOO *7)* " S*. >aaa lOOalOOf 80 akS) 88|a S " " > ~ 8lf?i2 *11 aM *84 I " ? 5 ) * 83 aM 80 a82 81 a e S Hit? H lM 88 ?87 85 a ? 5 Th? H aM 84 *87 85 a f ||K JJ ?Sj lit 47 SJ a I- " ' 5 1848 Hill 781 a |. ? " 4} 1 III 6*1*81 7?ja _ City I fire 841V. 3! 7" a feu" 5 water 84|?8V J* " ! TT a " * houda, 4 1 year ? alO) ^ 7#ia d Brooklyn C'ljr, 4 U " IDOaiiS T ST * r. Pennsylvania 4 - 78 *80 -*? ? a Oloo 4 1840 94 846 83 if. "J ? 4 1849 94 ass 81, ax.,: ?.? ? 1*M 84 atS BllaSai * I 1840 44 *86 8I|a*3l 71 " ? 1844 841 a** -a- 60 I- Kantocky 4 ? 84 all 74 a7l 70 ; ' 4 booifg 4*s ? a? a? _ Alahams,dollar. 4 1864 ? a? 44 afl 44 At. ?A*o? 4 24 years 44 a42 30 a44 27 i lodiaaa. stoning, 5 ? 54 a4T 27 *271 I* 1 . 5SR - 54 alii M a2*i I In . uiaoa, TOjniw I 1M0 - ?- - ?- - lfi2 l?i> _ ... ' " ? ?? > ? ?? ? * . ?d<^v. , 1W? iSi>H f-?i '?? o Dal. k Hitdaoa. hi?.U, C 4 ran 1M?I08J Mk of Coiamercc, S.Y. ? -iM N. lf.L. kixl TnutiM?i'*' Lou Dud TrW. 58 It Ohio Lilt u4 Truat, 74 Bukof Uuiud Hum. II "*!*.?! ?** * I J ft. R. k Tr*o<'pit?tioo C> * Mohawk and Hndaoti HaHroiu' Utira *- ?tkh?' <ci\j) " & liu< "UliM n, A' ? n A > t i nm taDMprjdtnis a universal 0<-f una, aua may u erihad uImm % tka iadispoaitioa of paliUelama. whathar * *r etateorfedervl,to meet the question of taxation and to levy (| ic sufficient to inset the wants of tka several government!. 3 an This rsluatauco to meet the question of taxation h?? uo si doubt bsea greatly enhancea by the disposition evinced p B<l by thu people not only to scrutinise the transactions for >u- which they are called upon to pay taxes, but to reject a ?' those bosds which were not negotiated according to law. ' This disposition to borrow instead of raising the money > ^ Tt by legitimate means, is what strikes down the credit oi tl of not only those States that have hitherto stood highest n" but alio of the Federal Government. The States that ^ * will be delinquent in the January interest, are Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland and Arkan'Jj? saa The first five fail from absolute Suability to pay, and J 5i. hive made no provision for that purpose. The last men- _ al- tioned State fail* from accident. The bonde were iasuad to the State Bank and the Real Estate Bank of Arkansas, ce. and aro secured by mortgageaof the property of the bank p a?t stockholders. The banks to declare no dividend until the iV lis, bonds are paid. The Real Eatate Bank baa sent to this " city some bills which mature in this city, and which the Phenix Bank was to have discounted to meet the Jsn ( ad, uary interest. The pressure in the market, however, F to prevented them from so doing. The State Bank has ship- jj I'm ped ?nacie which is on its way, but will not arrive nntil C al. the latter part of January, when the interest will be ? paid. * jr. In relation to the debt of Maryland, the following l< Is; passage from the Message of Governor Grayson, will * lr' afford a full explanation & The nature and extent of otar pecuniary embarrass- ^ in. ments are so well understood, that it ia only necessarv. r "gt at the present time, to notice the new aspect which the'y 1 rp. have assumed lince the leit session of the Legislature.? ri The law, then passed, for assessing and taxing the whole i ia- property of the State, was intended to provide a perm a j nent revenue, of sufficient amount to pay the interest of & the publio debt punctually aa it became due. But aa It A RR waa known that aoae time must elapae before the pro- 141 ceeda of the tax could be collected and paid into the J nt. treasury, the Commissioner ol Loans waa authorised to * ate borrow Ave hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of g, (h, supply ing the deficiency in the revenue for the present _ >u- year. Loans were obtained, principally from the banks, d Li- to the amount of about four hundred thousand dollars, n of which enabled him to discharge the interest of the pub- ~ 106 lie debt on the first of July and the first of October ; but ^ 'or it was impossible to borrow a sufficient sum for the next < aa- quarterly payment ; and 1 regret to say that the State is n ny without the meant of paying the intciest which will be >m, come due on the first of January. It will be understood, 1< ap- however, both athomeaud abroad, that the Legislature, V >n. in laving a permanent tax for pay log the interest of the _ ied public debt, and in authorising a loan lor supplying the j iv- temporary deficiency of the revenue, did all that was ? ne then in their power to comply with the obligations of [th the StateJ The assessment returns have not been receivrt ed from all the countios, and the amount of taxable proIts, pertr in the State is not yet ascertained. It will probaide bly fall short of the general estimate, and in that case a , Jr. higher rate of taxation, than is provided for in the bill of re- last stasion, will be required to meet the increasing de- b rst manda on the treasury. The public debt is bow fifteen 1 in millions two hundred and thirteen thousand dollsrs, of w- which about ten millions may be considered aa bearing ? re- on the State. ^ e*' In relation to the Baaksjhe haa the following a ^ The banksof this State have persisted so long in refu- jj snl sing to redeem their notes, that there is no reason to ex- 4 pcct that they will return of their own accord to the o ,w path marked out to them by their charters. It is now a erB' question for the Legislature to determine how muchlon si 8rr it'ey are to be permitted to disregard the laws of the yija State and the rights of the community. iey The opinion may atill be entertained, that the State lnd hanks can never be properly regulated without the'aid Yfl of a National Bank ; and that, at thsirlpreamit condition ,et is attributable to the want of such an institution, ho re- J ' medy can be provided by State legislation. A reference _ ta the banking system ofEugland, will show how far a " great mouled institution, connected with the government, haa had the effect of limiting the nudnber, or rel gulating tha issuea of local and private banks. ire. I, h. ,> fr\r iV^na., * 1 ? ' ik nvytn we ?/ u..?.w??k ivi iiivyuiciuVliVNlUW 'ly how a National Bank would compel Ufco bank* to ratume. 'on That waa a feat that the late National Bank (trove (even lem jerra in Tain to aocompl^ T*"> Weatage oppoaea a ?m- protective tariff *t length.I The State of Pennsylvania. in addition to the above, "y will undoubtedly fall, but^?r debt ia not due nutil Fe- , i?y bruary. She haso^'hand, according to the atatoment of the Treasurer, $900,000, and that ia not sufficient to i pay the nec?*sary reP?ir* ?P?n public works to enaecn bis them to commence the spring business. In 1839, the *n' state had $1,100,000 on hand, and failed after all. ltt4 - Sales at the Stock Bnkaage. t its Mooo Illinois Bands 20i 25 do do atmoa 04 red $<000 do si* 20j so do do snw 971 ' ib. I3000 <lo 140 9B do do so i Saooo do 901 60 do do snw 971 i Mc- $10*0 Indiana 8tg Bonds 2t)| 75 do do lw 971 . $9000 do 20 900 do U. 8. Bank 31 phd $1000 do SO 90 do Greenwich ins Co. 90 the $i*oo do snw so <s do Canton Co 201 $(000 Indiana Bonds 90 96 do do 901 jeaeo do anw 90 US do Mohawk eti 1 f!??? S* ... ? * 2M do Harlam 104 $iuoo do anw i*t >aa da. do 101 ' not $avoo do isi 200 do do 1, ... $jo o do aoo lot .. ? 52 , . \\ $2900 do 201 100 do rS, 015 ? the $5i.o W?1cr Loan 7Tj lus do L 1*1 and *4aios 611 50 ill** Del fc Hod 97 60 do do ISO 52 96 do da 971 56 do Patersnn R B-. | re- too do do uw 971 lo do Stonircton tito ia l 95 do do 97 J 10 do do 15 ;ate Cotton Trade. r ai This market,both here and at the 8outb,hao been heevjr em for tome tima. The prevailing feature in all the marhnj kct* io bu absence ef any great demand for the Engliah ona market, while that for the Continent has been active.? 4? The news from Liverpool to the 19th November was rehe ceived in Mobile on the 19tb ioat. and caused a cessation i: ,i of business?huycra demand a reduction of $ a $. The continued gloom of the accounts received from England, t0 and the large receipts here, induce th? impression that ing prices will rule very low this year. The following is a SI,d comparative table of the Receipts, Exports and Stocks of . . Cottan :? Riciivts, Esroari as? Stock) or Cottoiv iw tiik U sen ^tatvs, from 8?st. i, to Dre. 25. on, Receipts Ex to 0 B. Rr to Fi ance Total ex, Stoe k . 1641 485 814 199 067 81,713 527,50 1 255,693 ade lev) 404 624 139,870 38 636 106.5(4 174.703 m 1839 416,794 115,938 95 192 915 596 215,911 i rith The receipts this year, it will be seen, are thus far greater than ever, even in that ptolific year 1839, and e'Pl the stock on baud is accumulating. The following is a ' s a UbMof sah s, stock >>-d prices, at the different ports,lor .ji he weak ending on the dv.e affixed : - . Sales, Stock* **n r?icri or Cotton. hf Stock. SuUi. Piica. Rrrnarki. aid New York, Dec. 31 ?? 4,350 T?n! Decline! N Orleans, " it HMU 17,000 7|?u ' j ecn Mobile, " 32 41 949 4,200 7,11 " la] om ApsJactiieol* " 20 4,745 ? 7Ja8| " l N??hrillle.T. " 19 ?? 7ia8 Declining her AujusL, Oeo. " 20 S|?7i Decline } Die Columbus, " " 20 St71 Savannah. " 24 91,900 4,6*0 6;t8, Firm 81r Charleston, " 24 14.391 6000 DecLuinf The receipt* at all thete place* are reported *4 larger this than ever known in tho*ame time, particularly in Ten,1 notice and in Georgia. The quotation* are for currency, ' in specie the rate* ?rele?*. For Apalachlcoia, J,a Flo ,the rate* are 7| a 8J tor Uooigia luuds, which conirti stitute* the local currency, and 7} a for specie fund*, making a difference of lc per lb.,pr 7 |>er ct. The following is a table of the quotation* at the leading point*, Liverpool classification :? Pbices orlCoTxofr. " NVork. JVOili. Savannah. Charlaton AtohiU Ord. 7.8 71*8 5*1 71*71 7.71 *t MnffiH- ?1*?1 *1*?? ?-?i 8.91 2, Mid. fur, 81*81 81*9 7|rTj 81.91 . "} Kair. 9.*J 9|*|0 h,s| J.jJ 9J,i Oood fair. 9|ato 101*11! 8i*8i OJaS, |? the " <k.6or I9|*lll >3?? ? ? n for Corn Trade. forThi* flour market continues iuaetivc. Few sale* are sry made at six dollar* a barrel, nnd even a little under.? ! has There are orders here from Kncland, but not *o hiich a* , :k( the prea.-nt prices. Sale* ol wheats have been this i week at $1 24 up to $1.28 a bushel. < Nearly every market, north, south, and east of us, are 1 ,. in the same condition as this. Small sales and declining J prices. At Baltimore on the 39ih, flour was quoted at j 6 $6.87 to $4 a barrel?at Boston on the 91th, at $Q .17? it , i Mobile on the 99d, at $7 24, and New Orleans on the 15th, ^ at $4.94. The supply every where is good. I N Provision m arket. _ Meat Is about the same in price as last week, with the exception ef first cuts of Beel, which are sold for 13 to K*1 U cents the pound. Poultry is dearer; the price having iol- raised on account ofthe great dtmand for the tables of 1 the rich, which will no doubt groan to day with a su- < perahandanceof sirloin, turkies, and all the good things 1 r" of this lift , whilst the poor liborer may thank Provi3l dence if he is able to fare sumptuously on goose. As } ?7 this is the season for miaing up a quantity of cakes and ' 9?j puff paste, we may as well caution our readers against ""I the too free nse of these contentions, aa the bakers use ? 177 (and wo will mention the aiticle next week) a drug I a! very delettrioua In its effects, in their composition for at bread and cakea. ' s raters or rsovrstom. 77 Beef.peelb ? ? 'J. Venis?n. lb 13 a 1*1 ? 77 Bsef.ioo lbs $? ? 7 rarindges 35*371 . 75 Multoo, " ? I Woodouck.pair J7l? 50 ( " LamlTpertb ? ? Cabbage,.... g.a m Pork or iw* 4a I Beets, bunch, ? a J 1? BlCiCb.* Hooeylb.. -a 14 0 Fl< Hinders -?? Pork, IW lbs, $4|*$| r M Halibut, " ???>. 'A '2' ,*,1 * 71 rHrired Rus, lb. Sa? Fresh Cod..; ? ft L t ) CapScotl Lobsters, lb. 8 a - f>IUry. Imncli 8 a I St * i Crabs,*. 35 * ? Hickory Not*, ? a I . 'If Rata, .. t a 13) Wateri. mesas. o? ? a f 'If ludi, 50 a $1 Potatoes, bushel 37|a 50 ' 7J .Cwle a $1 Swrrt Potatoes, 1 p"k? * 50 Turk .35*50 Turaije.bushel i 30 Pies, foe 'outers, - a at ' '* ft""*?? Tripe, lb . t to Squashes.' ?' BY THOMAS BELL. (StirtlNul. It A an and ll< fSitiunitrtaU.) TUEHDAV. Al 16! o'clock in ite aale room*. 8*1- of Jry go 'dm, clothing, fancy and yiedgrd art.clre, j w cly.fcr. A'?o. toaaliafv a landlord'* wunant. a etoek of milinery *r (idea; I' a h|.lend id new alyl* and faahiooabit ladlea hate, full tiwiBid with wraaiha. lie. me Alan, tilk*, arliua, liueoa, I oaiery, Ac. AI*n,|u,oco Principe #n*ri' W < DNF.HDAY. AI 10* o'clock at the stJe room*. 8plcn 'itl lurititurc mile ~ PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILM. THESE far-lamed ano r. lebrated inila. from Portugal, arc we perceive, to br obtliart iu thi* country Mr? aJrtrtiaeir.nti m. the laat r.olninnof fourth imge, Hi# Im'ia "MEW YORK AND ALBANY ?u KR! IX lEPOfc'i J9BK @S89^ H iSmW . On and after Monday, December 4Tth- tli?- Paaaenger Train of Cat* on the Mm* atonic Hailro. d w ill run between Bridjeport and North t'au ian a* follow*, via: Leave North Canaan daily. (Sundayawcepted,) et 4 ' 'cl ick, A, M . and arrive in Bridgeport at 9, A. M, Leave Bridgeport at i P. M . < r on the arrival of the boat fioin New York, and arrive at North Canaan at S. P. M. I'aaaciieem from New York to Albanv hv tliia route: leave ' via wrmmj, vvo. si, r w miiuvi r. nd Alt ay daRotalioRobid^HJHrar ears andir months The friends and acquain^Wce of tne family are repectfully idvited to attend her funeral this afternoon, at o'clock, from the residence of her father, No. 13d Hicks treet, Brooklyn. On Friday morning. Doc. 31, SoruA F., daughter of Landal and Catharine Smith, aged 4 years and 1 mouth. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to ttend her funeral this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from No. 1 Park Row. On Friday morning, Dec. 31, Benjamin Jlomaine, Jr., Lttorney at Lrw, eldest son of Samncl B. Romaine, in Mldfc year ol his age. On Thursday morning, Charltt .V. yeoman, in the 36th ear of his age. Funeral this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from hit latn resience.No 'JdRe.nwick St. At Morristown, N. J , Dec. 30, in the 43th year of his ge, Afr. Franii H I.ynch. late merchant of this city.? lis remains will he brought to this city for interment Paaocnarera Arrived. Havrk?Ship Charles Cai roll?Arthur Heltham, of Virata. Bar avkah?Brig Kxaet?D Leland Jr, A II ChilJt, J M louigomery?4 iu the steerage. Foreign Importations. Havrk?8 nip Charles Camll?Consignees: P J Biijae?V X iffinglceo?H Dcraiames?K Soueiii?( arpenter k Valanc? A Lohse?T 11 k II Mahler-Bailey. Ward kco?D>*touet k rot?Lambert fc < roqui ttc?Jaciiueliu fc AMisD?H Babad? evnard k co?BConaier?Mrran k iselin?St Felis?Vame, alliens fc L??rerc??K F O Monr-ise?II Chevoralet k copies, Christ kco?Mouuiop?Segcrel k 8t? idler?J A Voisin . co?J C Krnemiytfch?H Wut??r?Sehleasinger k Hrnschel Loeachigk k Wisciiduiick?J II Albers k Burn?F Cottinrt -F Thiirspeeken?Bourry d'Lernoisk n-P H Wright?F.dw leti?C Dortl?A A Me llv?F Mclly?(relaton Ladd fc eo? lariank Bernard?Meckc. Plate k so? Brui'tlrin. Koop k co J O fc K Biker?C F Leescher?A Mathey?W II llartsinan . co?W Kenrick. Newton Ma?Lane, Lamsnn k eo?Fellows, Fadsworlh k co?ItfcH Haight & r .?W F X Meyer? Boirau k Kuech?A k It M .per?D Ball?J Belliol?(.} Knapp? Htrmmv?Wiley k Putnam?E Bossanire?J H Roberta?C i aiwtr? onermeriiorn k oierm?a rienuin?p w ncnrniai ft r>_Il ,o'itn Grave* Aco? A Lagoine?Derainne* A Boizxid? irinnrll, Minium k co?W A Si A M White?Bouchaud A 'hebaud?KainaeyA< rook*?C Mill' r?M WmkmeUter? H louremct k Augur?Morgan k Monlant?J H Faber? Koiaier ; co?Bcylard ir, Pnila?Remold* Aco?P 1) Muller A co-^l) l de Plata. Philv?Merime. Mulering A co?4.\>rill St Fleming -F Shcldeu?Colli t. Davit St co, Phila?Wm B Drapei^-E abreiiueltc A ee?McAllister A co, Phil*?Tiffenng, Vounc . Elli??U Von Bin-?F Bnudard?Soucien k Mallard?G IrarrsRcp?H E?cher?C K Domer?H Bndrrer jr? Bcaksrd . Huilon?John jM gain Aco?C Bignourc k co?J B hasflla Creigh k Hryderkcr?Malmazet A Smith?J R Fellow?Ulierwood, Trlrrel k Ulain?M Laclmi-e?Willioeliain?Delauay It co?W ACclrmau?A R Therit? P Schmidt It Andre* P A Merrier? Brigdue A co?Maaliore?G Ro<|uet?Coutan , I'illtruyt?M Martin?Bailey Ik Ketchum?Keailer A c,i?F mtier A Dambmanu?T G Uhlli-m?Poricr A co?M Cnff- A Muller?F A Ariwll?K B Strange?M Cuttiug? l)c la I tine?C Grille!, and to order. Poar au Prince?Biig w Ngilron?5T4 bag* coffee 31 ton* igwood Skeiding A Feriii?300 bag* coffee Geo I.el and A co 90 K Hoppock?39 Allies A Hood?73 Wilton, Mill* A co?31 I H Underbill?1PH Hathlyal*? <3 M Drury?18 J 8 Hal-trad -11 A C Rotaiere^-lS Tlio* Woodward A *oii-70 Brush A co I bale* inanilla Meyer A Siucken?50 log* mahogany HAW lelafielii?l R Willi*. Domestic Importations. Bavarnah?Ship Celia?45 catka rice Huett A Mill*?27 ale* cotton Buck A Co?47 H Coit A Co?79 B Deforest A !o?48 8 8 C Bealea?24 J Brown Smith?83 J 8 Chapter? 90 J H Tallmau?25 Mckeon A Sherman?143 J P Swain?t ox A Barkiey?1 pkg Harper A Broth*?2 C Bolton, Fox A li nog ton?32 c tab* to order SATatin.tH-Brig Exact?50 caak* rice J P Swaine?55 do 1 org an A A very? 20 nalr* cotton Wm Harriman?20 do Return A Rodger*?71 do O Collins?8 A O Miller?27 do Boart A Kneeiand?140 Boorinan. Jolmton A Co- 30 C Bartow A Pmpe?34 H W A S Hill?13 Tail ACo?93 Smith A Co -4 boxes W Hiiguer? I Holbiouk, Nelson A Co-5 boxes J H ielnian? 1 hex J Mc Culey?4 chest* tea Buckley A Craine? barrel* J Fool?I box 0 C Th^rburn?171 bale* cottou to rdtr. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OF IKW YORK, DBCEHBER 31. VR ansa 7 28 I MOOR 10 24 OR 4 34 I M?a 11 46 Departure off the Atlantis Steamers. psom LirrarooL. mom sostor. Columbia- - Jan. l Britannia Jan. 4 Feb. Caledonia fab. 4 Mar. 1 A>?di? Mac. * April 9 Packets to Arrive. | Packets to Depart. wr-Hi__.?_l^E?P*;-t. - }c. . V.O|?IJOR. ww s>nui|?ii!,v?iviiiti, !-<?*.xu m. jamea. new*, Jan. I Quebec, He bard, Urc, 1 Montreal, G rifling, Jan. 10 uvnarooi.. Livaaroot,. it. America. Cole, Nov. II Cambridge, Btiraley, Jan. 1 [jeo. Washington. Not. 35 Kwtcoe, Huttlesun, Jan. 7 MAVKK. HAVRI. Duchrsse d'Orleans, Not. 80 ITtica. Hewitt, Jan. I l^iilljr. Thompson. Dec. 1 Albany, Watson. Jan. 8 To Hasten of Vessels. Commanders of vessels will confer a favor by having a list jf their cargoes, passengers, and a report of vessels left at the port whence they sailed, anil the vessels spokeu, ready on their arrival here for Commodore Basset i, of our lleet of news schooners. Ha will board them immediately on their arrival. Cleared. Ship* Cambridge, B.imtnw, Liverpool, Goodhue .k Co; St lames. Meyrr, London, Oriuurlt. Minturu It Co; Utica, ilvw: ilt, Harre, Boyd k Hti-cken; Mary Frances, HubayJ, 1 oil Lena, Kla. W W Pratt-Sriss El Ca.??,ev. O *?'???),M': rheleus. La Guayra, J Duraud It Co; Apgler, (Br) Aitell, St Johns. #JF. Dui-scombk Btctrwith: Ntmrod. O'Brien, do do. Kifilsfl lb A nth -nv * Birlv.iri (Br) AlkiiiiODi lWifw. 1 WmuiMt* CliArlc#. Ne?mith k Lerdt ? Schri Wiimsett. C''fffcfuue M Diego Bay J*. 11 Underwood; Bow. ditcn, Slo.c. Wilmington, N(.. R r Buck; Ann Haym?u Tot ten,Newborn. NC; Ri-hmood, Cheeter. Richmond; Drboial Ann Sotnere, Powell, do; Kegulus, Hawkins, Wilminotou, NC D. lie, Soulc, Philadelphia. ArrlTSd. Packet ?hipCharles Carroll, Lee, Iroin Havie, 16th Nor, with mi!?e. to Boyd. Si ilinclceii. Ship l.ounville. Huui. New Oilcans, 19 days, cotton lie to K K Colline k Co. ShipCelia, I hatcher, from Sui ancali, 6 Jays, cotton, kc. to Scott It Morrrll. U S brig i iniphin, Lieut Cotndg McKeon, From Carthageua, via Havana, Dec IS. all well. Sailed in r i. from Havana w uh ahio Hellespont, and a brig IbrNYork. Left birk Louisa, for Philadelphia, 3 days. Brig Win Neilaon, Morns, from Tort ati Pnnca, IS days, with coffes, to Skewing k Ketris Left brig Mary & E ir.abeih, Trsthan.fnr N York, lani day; schr Harp. Kir? an, Baltimore, 10; Vaudaha, Oorman, do. Ids; I'anU oon, WcMlr, do. disg, Eliza Ellen. Merrill, for NYork. Idg; Mahala,Churchill,frsat It",ion, dug. ISth Dec, off ' ape 91 Nich das, schr Baltimore, rm Charleston for Kingston. Ja. BiigChrctaw. plitaer,from Msltga 14th Nov,and Gibraltar Nov 34. win-, kc. to the master, bailed in co. from Gibraltar with brigs Carrier, Winship from Malsga.for N York; Bourne, IWur. Leghorn, for Philadelphia. 3d insL lat 2S 10, loul4 3S. spoke brig All>?rlinet30d.?ts tin NOrle tnv for Mara, illee 30ih lust ESE trom BameRat, 31 miles distant, fell in with the wreck of the WBstaa ship " E smt L,'' full of water, no person ?B ilishbrig Helen Anus, Hugh's, from St Kitts, IS days, in ballast, to muste-. Left^ un American vessels. IjriK rr ?>VH xunwuit, ?ivi? sj.t.Hiiau, BUAfl, UIUUU, IO Ollirgea k Clearma. Brig Almeda. Aahlay. from Mobile, 17 daya. cotton, to Win Nrlaon lt>th iiwt. lat 2J. Inn T? 40. (poke ahip Cabinet, from NOrleaaa fur Liverpool Itth lat 47, Ion 79 31, waa in co. with Iiip8hakep? are, fm NOrleaua for N York. 27th. lat 38, Ion 75, poke briji Uulnare, (in Turki I laud for N York. Hrif H>lma. Smith, from Mobile, 18 daya, cotton, to Story"* k Clearman?7 paaaengrra. Hire New Jtraey, Brown. finm Parieu, 10 daya, cotton, to R M Drmill. lltli inat.olf S??aiiDah, law ahip Ntwaik, Iroui Savannah f?r NYork. ? Pchr New I iiu it, ' h* e. from Jarmil, 15 day a, with 400 baga , r,(T,e 00 n-La k^i;ovoo li. li.ii bn.:rl..ti. Left uo American re tela. Schr Antarctic, Thnmr>aoi\ from Baracna, 10 daya, tobacco, to Aymar k Co. Lett echr (ril U!aa, for N York. aooo, the only Anericin. Schr Itob'rt Milla. Mon. from St Louie, Texaa. ,i daya, with 300 b?te? cotton lOOli.dra to J H Brower. Lett no Auieneanveaaela. Srhr Taaao, Burdrtt, from Franklin, La. 19 daya, with 112 hhda molaiK I 170 do augar to Trek k Say re. Be loam. JJohip IlrlUapnnt, from Havana. Wind W. Ueucral Record. Kormo* Ltrrtn Orricr.?Liverpool, London, aad flarre pneketa will aail to-day. Letter bags at Uilpin'a, in the Lxehange. f*b!?ch ?Hir Oaaviii.* ?The Oraville, i.a Plume, from Havre and Ouadalouie, in bailaat, went aahore on the 92d ln?t. on the South Breaker, near > harleatoo, during a drnae fox ? The raptiiu remain d on hoard until Saturday morning, lining every exerilon >o get the all p off. and all attempt* proving rrtii'lrei, and the veaael having aeren feet of water in her hold, and the crew ronaidering il no longer a?fe to remain ou bo id another night, fee ret at high water making a r iniple e breach jver her. he abandoned her. The Ural iMe waa a ?hip ' f -00 lona, built at Havre two year* ago, and fitted up in magniti ent ityle. She *> once in the Union Line of Havre paeknr. and run once or tw i e fn m New York for Havre. Her cabi.i waa Ike moat apli n iJ we ever aaw. and aoe waa decidedly the eraek nerchai t ahipoi Franre Smr Fk.arrki iv.?Tnia ahip. 33 dav* out from N'Orlcana for Liverpool, pot li,to Iter nuda about 15.h inat in digtreaa, with of a of rudder, ami other damage. Spoken. Plutua, for Neu Brur?wick, Dec 21, ?ff 8 Shoal. Foreign Porta. Arx Cavtca, Du In port, Monliegati, Lee, of and forN York. ( da; An< ro?- gri i, Churchill, fur do. Idg; Wampanoag. 3i,l?on, dieg. Sid Waieon, Douglass, fur New York; Joshua 5row n. Boaion. Briaoi Aran. Oct Jl-.n port. Hoppett, Theo Heinrich, itermauo. Veeta, and Maria, all liar Nk'ork; llennetta Louue, or Boatou. (Jnltod State a Porta. Bath. Dae 25?Old Bordeaux, Matanzaa; Alcrnar, Havana, lb' Mih, Beta?y,a"d Lincoln, Havana, Saml N Ooti, Weat odiaa. foaTLaivu, Dec 29?Arr Clari. a, Norfolk; Wm k Sally, fm Jaltimorr OnoL-crari a, Dec 27?Arr V inula,fm Camden for N< rfolk; 8th, Louisa. Buck sport tor NVork. Silkm. Dae 29-Arr .Mary,Helen, New York; Phebe Elixa, leorge o tu I)C. Cld Cavalier, East Indiea. Boaroit, Dec *??Arr Shawmnt Hlo Janeiro: Confidence, dalaga; Democrat, Jaemel; I'orto Hieo, Philadelphia; Cardeia. Savannah; Uuaky Sally. iluinplirey.NYorh; Lady Watkngtoa.with tr.e remainder ol the cargo Irom ahip Mohawk iC'Pt Itir ifiu. nniyrqi; Faroe, Antwero Am,,. A, M.iaanilla; Rub), St Johna PR; tharl.atwi, Sirannal. lla, I liiladt-'phia. a phar-ioww, Dec 33-Arr Clarendon, and GrnI Warrm. N ' >rk for TIiobih on; 3?th ttllm. NVork for Portland. Port M, Kred*rie?eburK for Bnatnit. aid 87th, Ellru, and other' ort 3ttb. Cmpian, and Kort Hill. Hoi.e, |)r * Sid llaireat, Harraaeeket. * <H,, * "r and ithrra for ?r. 8h??l - I New Yoak f>um Catharine Market slip at 7. A. M? bv steamboat Io Bridgeport, ttieiire by Railroad to North Canaan ? Leave Nortli Canaan ueit musing bv a'age.17 miles In l int ham ; theuec by Western Railtoad, !1 miles to Ureeubush? arriving at 11,, M. From Albany,leave (irernbiish at 1, P M- by Westers Hailenad to Chatham : tbeuee bj stake 17 miles to North Cana in Leave North Canaan next morning at 4, A. M . by railroad to Bridgeport; thence by steamboat to Ne<v York?arriving from 1 to 3, P. M. Fare through $4.60. A Freight Train will leave North Canaan daily (tSimdajs excepted,) at 6, A. M , and Bridgeport at 9, A. M. Freight by this route will be trtnsiusrled betwe'nN. York and Ureenkiish for $11 per ton of SOOO lbs Light articles, bundle., and valuable parcels will he charged higher at discretion. A line of trains are now on the route for the transportation of Freight between North Can .all and Chatham. R. B. MASON, Superintendent. _Bridgeport, Dec, 'S5tb_, 1841. tan agt MAIL LINE F0R~ALBANY. and intermediate plaeee, or aa far ae the ice will per-JnC3r init?Breakfast on board.?The steainhist EMERALD, Capt, John Krtcbatn, will leave the foot of Vurrav street, this morning at 9 o'clock, For freight or passage apply on beard, or fo CROOK E, FOWKS Sc CO., at the corner of West and Liberty streets. _JI /KM FUR aOANY?And intermediate places, P?Jpor ait far up as the ice will |>ermit?in connec-CJaT tionwith the Stage*?Passage $2?The ale.un boat RUBER I' L. BTEVEN8. Captain Mabey, will leave Murray atreet Pier Sunday momiug. at o'clock. N. II ?Tins boat came through from Poughkeepeie ou her laet Inn. For Passage or Kr'ight, apply ou board. orofCrooke, Fowks (M o. at the corner ol W'stard Liberty street*. jt -tyw sii\ DAILY LINE TO ALBANY AND BOHCv-?-Tj-" U*TON.?Through New Haven, Hartford aud T ~ gp-'?b are six Dollar*. Passenger* may leave New York by steamer* NEW YORK and KOSCIUSKO dsily, from Peck dip. at 7 A. M. arrive at New Haven ?t halt past 12; tnence by railroad to Hartford, and arrive at about 3 P. M.. where stages are iu leadiues* to take them to Springfield, aud arrive at about 7 I*. M to lodge. Leave Springfield at 7 A. M? by railroad tor Boiton or Albany and arrive at either destination at noon. Returning by same conveyance, leave Albany or Boston at 7 A M .lodge at Hartford,and arrixe at Nsw York jetweeu 2 and8P.M. following day. Travellers are assured that this line will be continued without interruption through the scaioii, and the proprietors will use ' heir utmost exertion to make the route the most comfortable and pleasant of any for the winter. d3l g?? -jZgg OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS? JnffW Regular Packet of 3rd laniary.?The new ami eleJBSGaLvgiini pacaet ahip ('AMBUIDoK. Capt. Ira Barstow, will sail positively en Monday, the 3rd January, her regular accommodations of this line for passengers, IS well known to be superior to auy other. 1 hose ahout to embark, should examine this packet ship' before engaging elsewhere. For terms ol passage apply ou board, loot ol Beckmau street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO. jl 15 Fulton st. next door to the Fulton Bank. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS ? JBBL Regular packet of ibeSth Jan.?The splendid packet JKBKshipSOUTHERNER, Capt. A 8.Palmer, will sail as above, her regular day. The snips ol this line are all luoo Ions burthen and over, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage is well known are superior to any other line of packets. Persons drsiryus of securing berths, should not fail to make early application to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 49 South etreet, corner Gouvenieur l?nC, or 43 Peck slip. Persons desirous of sending f >r their friends ran have them brougot out by this favorite ship, or any ether line, sailing from Liverpool weekly aed on favorable terms. Drafts for any amount, payable on the Natinual and Provincial Banks of Ireland aud their Branches; on Messrs. James Brrlt.Hon kCo Bankers, London: Exchange and Discount Bank. I.irrrponl: which are payable in all the princi|>al town# of the United Kin, don; ran be had by apply ing at Tapecott's General Pas sageOflicr, 49 South street. ,Ja\ &f3b~ "PASSAGE FOR NEW oHLEANm. Oily ldpWPW Regular Line?The splendid. Well known fast s*|!iiil> JSft^Lpaeket ship PANTHEA. Capt. Ooodman.on sailt positively on Saturday, 1st January' her regular day. Tim ships of this Line sail every five days, or passage free. Having st.|wrinr accommodations for cabm second cabin and Steerage passeni era, at Ibe lu-r??*'**. _? *" ?ffe|iitre't>ordto* " ?"&& J T TAPSCOTl' d8t ' 49 W. u'h *trot, or S3 P.fl, Hljn ?r HE vtlT I'AM fcS TO EN ?Ln<Ni? lur.LA.NL fit OTLAND.AND WALES?f'ersoiis troceediua flBjUHLcr remitting money to the ir friends residing ia hhv Sri of the old country, can at all limes obtain from the subscn bers drafts at sight, lor any amount drawn direct ou the follow ing banks, lflo Ireland, ou the Royal Bank of Ireland, anil or Messrs Prescott, Grote, Ames Ik Co., bankers, London, whicl >*< i.'iisl friti> tif Hiarniint nr anv pliari'r wli2tgn*vsir in >? town t'.irougiiout Oreat Britain'and Ireiaud. For terma, apply or address, if hy letter noot Mid, to KOCHE, BROTHERS A CO 34 Fulton if. New York, next do >r to tlic Fulton Bank. Ferions desirous of sending for theirf ienda or relativ es, cat make the necessary itrnngrtnen'a with tte subset ite rs, auc 1 have tlo m brought nut iu first class American packet shin ailing from Liverpool weekly, during the coming year, 18ti and one of the fi;in. Mr. JAMES It. ROf.HK. ii there, ami i will remain to arc all those w hole passage* are pai I there, for wanted with care and deipatcii. For passage,or further paiti -eln, apply as above. d'3( TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. ~ m. m. MFOITv!l M'.K AND^Wn'|,TANM!^r<> GREAT BRITAIN AND IllKLANl), BY THE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Tli- Suhgcribera continue to make arrange incuts fur the bringing Oil of paaiengera. on the moat liberal terms from all Luis of Enolaxd. Irkland. Sioti.axii and Walks, via ,iverp"Ol, in firat class American packet ilups. commanded by ex wrier.ced captains,sailing week y throughout ihe year IM4 Persons sending for their friends, may rely that the same attention will be paid to the comfort of pass-nger*. w hich ha* obtained for this line a de< idtd preference i itlierto.auJ which will continue to be the aludy of all connected therewith to promote; and should the persons sent for not come out, the p'Siage money w ill he returntd to the parties who paid it here, with ut deduction 1 hose wishing to send money to their friends, can bt sup plied w ith Hi afls al sight, for auv amount payable at Die National and Provincial Ranks of Ireland acd branches; M-ssri James halt, Son It Co , Backers. London; F.vcliaige and Discount Rank, Liverpool, which are | aid on demand in all the principal towns of the United Kingdom. N. B ?A regular succession of lirat clan p ckets are dca patched from the above utflce. <0 London, Liverpool, New Orleans, Mobile.Havannah anp Charleston, throughout the rear to eitii) r af wli-clt ports passage can at all times be engaged ot the most reaionablc terms. Apply (if by Utter, post paid.) to W. h J. T.TAP8COTT, jl ft Sonth street,corner fionvencur Lane l'1 THREE DOLLAR HATS! THHEE DOLLAF ^kH ATM '.-Just finished, the most splendid article erarof fered to the public. Elegant short net moleskin Hats at th< low price of $3 Also au article at 50, equal iu durability and lustra to thoae commonly sold at $3. dlOlm* BROWN. Pncticd H>bsr. lit f'smlx US! AL FESTIVAL.?MR. C. K. fiOHN nap-cituilj to hia friends and the public in general that h< will have the honor of giving a selection from Ida Oratorio, th< Remiesionof Sin, the worua aelected from Miltnn'e Parailur Lost, with a Miscellaneous Act ol Vocal Music ! rriucipal Performers?Madame Spolir Zabn, her second app? aranee in thit country ; Mr. Brshain. Hignor da Bcgnia, Mrs C. E. Horn, Messrs. Maaaelt, A. I'hiliips, C.Horn, jr., C. E Horn.and N. Btroiig. Mr. W. Keyrer.on the \ iolin. bis fiest appearance these fur years, at the Tabernacle, on MONDAY EVENING, January 3L_I M i The principal members of Ihe New York Sacred Music Society, have kindly consented to render their valuable assist slice to support the chorusses. The Or-liestra wlll^be fu I and efficient,supported by the priurip->i rpoi.igaor* oi uieeiiy, anil mt inner* ol the F'.utrrpean 8" Mty. Leader-Mr. IT. C.Hill. Conductor. Mr. C. K. Horn. Dr. E. Hodge* will prcai le at the Organ. r?*T I. OrrHu'o deacriplive of the Sleep of Adam, with an kiro-atio.iaunK hjr Mr* Horn,Mr. N. Strong, Mr. C. Horn jr. and Mr. vlaaartt, and the " Revolt af the Krbel Angela," C. E. Horn. R*r ?Say firat, for heaven hideg nothing from our view. C. Horn. Bong?The internal Borpent! he it wai wrhoae guile, Maaactt. Chorua?Him, the Almighty power, Ifnrl'd headl<itg tl <mit>g tliro'tlie elherialaky, Ceonu. Rec., aceomp ?tii'd?sweet thou yrn dreary plain, auu wild, B rah am. Aria?Karuwell, happy field*, whrre Joy forever dwtlU, Braluun. Muartetto and ClioiuJ?How overcome tine dire calamity, . . . . ( honia. Rec ?Leader of thooe armie* height, Maaaett. Bong?Prince*, Potentate*, Warrior*. The flowtr orn?avro C. Horn, jr. Rec.?He now prepared to epeah?attention held them mute, . Bpohr Zahn Song?Thriee he enayed and thnee in *pit? of corn. Tear* inch a* angel* weep, hue*! I' rth, Bpohr Zalin. R?e. Bong? Satan* addrva* to the Hon, irteetad from'he lerand part, Br.ham. Rec.?The*ettiog *un alowly deaeended. Mr*. C. K. Horn. Bong?All but 'he watchful Nightingale, Violin'"* _ obligato, Hill, Mm. C. K. IJC Bi.lo?O. Myriad* of immortal Spirit*J * Chorn>?War, thro war, open and uiuleralood, Vu. Mr. H.C. Timm will preaideat the rtanoTertg/^"* lhe econd | art Paar II. a Qua? t*tf??Mri Horn. A. Phillipa, C. HorVfu?_ Maaaetl?Natiom.1 Melody? Naar S / ? i> _ Word* hy O P. Morr-a, arranged h&jT lj b,??7? Aria?SiinorDe Be,nie-/Vidc ^uj* Ior g?? * B"'"Roinance?Mad Spr hr Zekn?' ,i n Pa^V^v* MaSra*Tlm?J^ 1 L Bpohr. V^^-Wa\r^' "'O-panied by "".'ilK^ Solo. I. Bpohr.' ^ vTirn?Th? Wanderer?Ty role '-'ite aecwnpeiiiment, Lilt, d signor l>e Begin*?All "idei ?? the Barnerof Seville, Koatim h?pe*re'? EpitapharlaplVd ?tra, meethoven'a C. E. Horn I.Mr. C.E.HoJBI.. Bpohr i?a*jeular "' elf Beethoven Bmlntr Moi.rt WKt Wl'C THIS EVENING, Ji*?. \?Tb?tocrfotto will mioimcii With Itir ruii.rd > I LONDON AM91 ilA.V K Sir H*rfourt ?;?urt cy, At P1>.<-kI* I D?7t!i*. Mr Si'iipn..!! I tf*ddl?. CAri|>prn>WU M Si>*uk*r. W II Witliuu* | 1 lark*way Vitlmr 1,-nly *? ) Spankrr, Mia* Cu?t.rn?n (Jr*ic Hirk?w*y Miu Buioid To b* followed by THE BOARDING SCHOOL. A Mm (troUfmp, Mm Wlnutlry I Mary Mile. Kl.oehoua I Mm> Oijii. Mm. Vernon I J*u?e* ' I by W H WiMium I To eonclo'te with 1 TAM O'SH ANTLK Jt TwO'klitabr I'eereo'i | SouUr Joouic Poery Boxm SI?I'll SO eente?Gallery OS cent*. [I, ?fg n| ili. I'l ruiaiirn mUH'licr* ?t 1 oVloe* II ATIt AM TilKATM.Mi. THIS AFTERNOON,Jan. I ?The preloronnrn mil c ,Ui mrur- with i'HERRY AND FAIR STAR. BuiRuinbaek Kirby I H<u*aub*<i Herbert cherry Mr* Thome To eouHndr with GEORGE BAKNWEM Georle Barnwell Kir>y | Thurougbgond G'odeuow Millwood _ Mr* Blake THIS EVENING, Jau. I?The iierlorfimncet w,, comntne* , WRAITH OS THE LAKE Allru Al>iron Scot! | Tlir Browme Kirby Jeenrt'i ... MimFlyM AOt wliirh ^ . | Belli ndcrannia Kirby I Peter Steveui Hi| Mri Lew it To conclude with BLUEBEARD. Blue Beard Kirby | Faluna Mu Thoeoe Aoitl loceotl.fd and Id tierttt. fit lit fUUlery it, Doortopen it 6): Curtain rjtea ' T| nrecioelv IIITCIIKLL'S OLYMPIC THKA'f?* THIS KVEMNU, J.ui., I?The i^rlaniimci Mill no .nam the Wiltl THE C|liEKVH OWN C?|it Bnmmrrvlie Home attic | William fill liner firth.m Lame la Muu Singleton To he followed hr 8AKATOOY SPRINGS Tint Taywell, MitohfII | Mri Tapeweil. Mri Tumi Altee which. ALDGA1 K IT VP. Broomy Swash, Mitrhell | Sarah Sirubbo. Mri. Tuna To coneliitte with THE TWO (iKERNS. Jamn (ireen. Hnrucastle I Mrs Green Ytre TUha Adtnitaiou?Dretactrcle SVccul*. Lppee bone at ctuU ft!S| centi. Private hove* $3. (hv>r* one.i at half poet tie. '2"r'Rin ritet at aeven BOWKtS.) AM I'll ITHKATKB, A'o 37 JHoU'riy. THIS EVENING Jan. I?The it Tin-inmrr -rit' n nil lot K.KST APPEARANCE CK MR TURNER. with a grand eutrei eulitled OAI.LOPADE f NTREE. Keata of Horirmanihip by T V Titrutr. Negrodancing by the unrivalled Matter Diamond. Ml Sauda will introduce an impaling Eijueatnaa Act. Vaiil'itig by the w hole company Matter Rivera1, whole wonderful performance! defy Am rfomemauthip by Mr Buckley, t 'oaiic Song by Mr Booth. The celebrated Kit era Family go through their Much admired feata of Uymnaita. To conclude with OLD DAME THOT. During the evening a variety of other fut?rt*H>meu*?. Doora open at Sf?performance oomineucea at 7. Bnvet 50 cents. Pit 93 Ceutl. The animala helofgirg to the Zoological Inatitute, will bo open for exhibition during the hohdaya. Eutrauce No. IT, ut Chrvatie-at. Admietinu 93 c*nta. ' NBW ARCADIAN UAHDKH, ATo. 255 Blrrrktr xtrtrl (Under the direction of Mr. H ROCKWELL.) THIS EVENING, Jan.* 1.?The eutertaiuinaut* wM cost meoce with a grand WALTZ AND STAR ENTREE! Led by Mr*. Oullin and H. Rockwell. POLISH BROTHERS, bv Mr.Riiley and hia Sml ACT OE HORSEMANSHIP, by M-ater Stephen. Comic Hong, Mr. T.O. Booth: Juggling, Plate Spinning, fce., by Mi C. Sauda. Fashionable Monatroaiiiea, by Mr. O Sand*. The Ooddeaa Diana, by Mr O.Stone. Negro Melodiea, by Billy Whitlock and hia Banjo. Ole Wirgiuny Breakdown*, by Maater Diamond. Grand Ethiopian Trio, by Maater Diamond, Whitlock, aad T. O. Boolii. The Amaaoaian Maid, by Mra. Gullin. Mr St' ne will appear in the character of an Indian Hunter. The whole to conclude with a Laughable Alterpieco. Door? open at a quatter paat I; performance to commeaee at 7. Boxea SO eeiiU; pitSS centn. AMERICAN MUSEUM, Comrr Broadway and Ann itrftt. Manager and Director, __ Mr. P. T. Barn urn. . NtW YEAR:' WEEK. Extraordinary Attraction!!?'I liree Performance* on New Year'* Day. The public ia respectfully infuimed that an nnuaual degree of aplendid attraction will be pe produced thia week, with extra mui'c anil extra peilurmancn. by Mr. JENKINS.the eelebrated Vocaliit. uuequalled ''ai jo Player, and delinontor of Europeau, Ethiopian. and Ai. icau Eceentricitieo. Alao, the celehrattd ALP' \0 LADY, who, a* n vocalist and natural curioaity, itilf rcmaiu* unequalled. L'kewiae, Mailer O W. PELHAM, the greatcat of all Negro Dancer*, who will appear in all the favorite dancea peculiar t> him?elf. The performance will commence every evening at half paat tiM&nMM&SJttVri a y. being New YeaCi day. when P. M? another at 7 o'clock, Jo'cloek, the evening. ?? < - -lock in The aplendid painting* ia the Grand Coemoramv will eihibit an entire change on New Year's day. Thia Coamorainaia tlye moat elegant alul coatly in the United Statei. Principals of School* and their pupila admitted on liberal terms. Admittance to the1 Muaeutn and all the entertainment*, M rent". ' hildrea nndrr 10 year* of age half price. dil MUSIC. VfESSRS. G. WEISS k GKAHM, member* of tlio Gar , ' iVl man Muiical Society, beg leave to inform th* faakaou able society of New York and its vicinity that <bey hav* I formed a full and effective band of instrumental performer*.of I twenty in number, if required. They have all the faakiouablo i new Walxea, Galopa, and Cotillions of the colokratod eompo eri .Straiua. Lanuer. Labittky, Musard and other emiuont I profewor*. and hold themaelvea in readmen to attend privato parties, soirees, kc. They will attend with two instnmkaMB. violin and piano forte, and any additional number that may bo required. Favor* will be promptly attended to by applying at the music store No. tia| Broadway.aud at their reetdenceeNo. gT Oelanry i?reet. j| |m DAFFLB AND EXHIBt t ION OF POULTRY ke-At lv Harare's Half-Way Homr, Yo kville en New Year'* day. The poultry cnii'ii'l o' turkeys gee?c and chiekena. j| u? OA ILL.? 1 he fitm ol 15All.LV, Wa)IL> dny by mutual co.umi, Laurence A. MillaBdoQ having w'lllidraw n from it. W k S. BAILLY, . M |jAK'?iS6Ar,!"ILtANI>0"The remaining partn'ra will continiie th* burineai under th* amr fiim. S, BAILLY. By AUON. H WARD, Attorney. A DOS H. WARD, O. D. WARD, Jr. New York, Dec. It. INI. j| gw' TaISsoLTTTION ? In Conarquei ce ol ilied<a>hof Mr John !J I H"b?ria, the partnerihip heietofore rusting under the e*"firmofWAKir, bll.L it KOBERTS.ia dia.olved. The bn ineaaof the firm will be fettled by theaurv ving tartnera. RICHARD WA?D. HENRY W. SH.L. i MASON THOMSON. PARTNK.RSHIP.?The aubecriberi will continue (be importation ol jewelry end 1'anry rood?, undtrthe firm ol WARD SILL t* THOMSON, at No Fa W,|h,m at RICH ?RD WARD, f HENRY W.BILL it 3f MASON THOM8QN. ' i ?luAl-lUhL ? i Ii? brat feach 0 chard, afloat, V on board echnonrr t harlotte, of Cape May, at Humer'a Slip, eaat river. Broken and Egg foal $7 o?, Lamp <,<>al f?.t? To beaeld without reecrve,wcigli(d By arity weigher. 1 II ?t' > OIlVRK PLA I E.-WM. THOMSON l? William ' eontinuee to mmulneture Silver Ware of rv?ry deerriptioa' ! of the lateet patterne, and 1 a> now on han tea trite. coffee a pote.pi chere cu[ie, waiter*, fork', apoone, of lich aa well at of the plaiu<et ?ti lee. The whole or tbe'e artic re, brum man- M ufactured upon the premieee, from aterling nver, no peine or ' ' evprnee will be epared in the beauty of the wn-Yaunebui Jl am , MUSIC. . ' AAICSSR8. 9 C HNEIIIEtt k R E B II V N. directum i'l of the well known German Baud, b-g leave to inform the faahionable eo ivty of New York, and iu vicinity the? their ftill and effective Bend, eonaietia* of twenty leet.-u'mental performert, ie now ready lo atiend private patina, eoi-eea. fcc. They here all the lateat and moat popular WaHnee Cm tillione and Oaloue ef the celebrated compote-*, I aim f Strauaa and Labitxny. and will attend either with two mains ' loenta, vit: Violin and Pianoforte, or any number that inay he required. All ttvora will be promptly attendee to by apr*., iu? at Mr. FKANTZKEK'S b or Store ito Broadway, w ,ier? l.adiea and tteutlcmcn are leqacaled to inject the inoethplen did aaaortnvent of Fi ra, Hkiue, Cape and Hobee. r?er4fKred m the city of New York. tjmamw* | ALHEm' NUR9K?The Widow ol an eminent pnyateien la elf ere her aervieee to li.e ladlee of ihie city/beu* laity ea paeitated by loot eipeiience. Brat of reference* eiyen to the > Medical Faculty, if required. Apply at No. IT JameeetaweA ^ di lmia* f MONKY TO J.EiXI/. ABRAHAM J. JA< KBON. hbroker,MlUndertyeeg nrar Broadway, loane ' large or vaead! atone, m ear he required. no fere 1 " de?crltO;me. tee fjCrHTrvVrnL H oFiP^-OOl., which la roneidered by W the lirat Pbyaiciay1"'hr ,r s lo be the rrry beet com povition in aiiaten^f'''.. 'Spreina, ChHbiaMm. Chopped RandNumbo.en Wraknene of LimknTU? N B It lays,1!!?1,^ ?> other kind. Be ire and aell^iu^ !* Gpode doc, kad rrceire 00 oteer uuJea* riv/un ,oi'r0TI ,n *niin ot ui< remark (Jut ' " rtraeure fa ar great X fbainf cheated aa to cheat. ^ Pncr IS (t'jfa. JTicI at Wholesale and Retail hy A.B V D. Drw a'ele. No,7f and KM Fnlloo r reet; David tande aad Co., No rf Kaat Broadway ; Abr'm B. Hande It Co. No. 871 Broad way, former nf I hamhrr atrret. Alao for aala aa elmve. Ika - AROMATIC SNUFP." lor Headache and Cnte.rh coaE Hoard Principally of roota, ahruhe. and rrromaeeadid by Dr. Walerhouee, late Profeeeor of Cambridge I'mveretty. -m. p. if <1 rente. dltgUaeWtkw oil..." or lilt. Ha. ?nIn?>i UN. Hooaatoeiic Rati mad! I) Buffalo,and all the aafrtvfuod banlu; ale* Ht I.awreacc Olran, and all the free or red Wk hanbe in thia fttate taken at par for rial ha, raoeimorre veetinye, Mannela.he at the loweot caah twee at t*l <Ireenwich atrret near t anal dlt taaw* FKKE LKCTURKH and PHRKNOLOUYtewmT bygnklic aiaminatioa of Heada. by K. < oomho. airn Monday and Thureday eveainc, and l^ctnrea on Matetaaoay every Tueaday and Friday, at 7| o'clock, at hia oilier, gM Btraaa??y To Matrimony Wf crnta. Private evamiaataoao warran rd correct, with hooka, he., aa abort, vary cheer. 4> J U.\ ouum.i ti up tlVhjtWUiiT.-iiiN Rr or aril will he paid to any perron who wii| pmrn the aeeeitione of the " Widow in the Bowery'' (n br tme, Ifcat I em not Ihr brother of her late hueband. F A Thayer, or that I do not poeirae the original re-ip* for Taylor*a Balaam of l.ifrrworl or that I a?rer madr or aold thia mrdirto* at my late rceidroce, 31S Bowrry. W W Tatirt. * Carrioa? B?ware of the elatemeiila of ike' fraudulent ! Daily tnrai ahamrful attache w t'J t" deceive purchaser. and othera. ?? W rieh'fol proprietor of ell ihair ja. t claimr i? ko' our 01 iginal recipe in meting# ' Trim wb rl t'r medicine w?e nririr la w> B . rry, an 1 ratabl t'an lb ate. Tope.i none made ky llioe vn I, 1*1*. ?-ee t'< ^ ' ..i - |

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