Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 17, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 17, 1842 Page 1
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>' TH] Vol. VII.?Ho 304 -WhoUI*. 1074 PUBLISHED DAILY BY JAIRB GORDON BEIIIVt, No. ti ANN STREET. TERMS or aTVIUTISINO^-TIm extaoaive oirovf taUoj of the Hkuald, both iu town and country,makei It nperior channel for aJvertiaera. ro? twcltc likki om Laaa: t Ooy, $? *0 | 4 -Jay , $1 14 I 7 daya, $1 87 I 10 day a, *9 91 9 " 0 7* * u iwa" toon" 9 tr I " 1 00 I ? 44 1 7A | 9 " S 19 | It M IN rot nokt line* ot tut: t weoiu, j on I aonlkt,... ft o* I mouth a 00 | 6 month* 10 Of All advertiaementa to be paid for before their is eertion Advertiaementa inserted in the H?*al? at f) per equate every maeniuu. MoaNina Hepild?Imiod every morning?price to* (? !? per copy. Country ?ub*crib*rt furma'aed at the aame rate, for any cpeeilic period, *u a rem ttance is airanee. No paper ?ont. mleea paid iaadvatc*. Wtrii-T iiar*i.u?isau-id every Saturday morning, *4 Bine o'clock?price iir cntit per copy furntahod to Coo>| try nbKriberi at $.1 per annum in advance. Coaacrro^DrvTi ^re requnated to addreaa their letten to Jimm Gordo* Be*** rr,Proprietor and Editor: and *1 Order* on hnstne** mn?t be noat neid jSul 0SSS3LA -G&M* -'iOTr * Ta f DASSAt.t. M FtitM iLHSY TO NEW YiiRK,*ia -T BPKINOFIKlD HAMTKORO, and NEW HAVEN, rawengen laaving Albany at 2| o'clock, A M.evrrv mora inp, (Suiulij excepted} in the can, for hnnDgfieltl, arrire there at 12' M ? dine and take ?ti?r? for Hartford, where they arrive at | paat 4 urtt morning, tax* cara at peat a for New Hereo,from th.nre by Meaner to New York, where they arrive at | pail 2 P. M. , or it pancmgtn prefer, they can take cara for New .taveu, on their arrival at Hartloid, and leare at 5 P.M. Ifthev leare Albany at t P. M. ia the can for Springfield? they will arrive, there at 6), and at Hartford at 11? take ear* next morning for New llaven alt), and reach New York at 1 paat 2. Returning, leave New York atT A. M-per Steamer, fool of Beekman flip, for Ne * Haven, arrive at 121? Hertford a- 3? Springfield at 8?next inormug take carl for Albany or Boeton, and rearh there at 12) M. Ticketa to be hail at. (i R. P\YNE'S Office, 2| Broadway. Albany,orat the Irrecubueh Depot; at New York on board the (teamen. Freight by thi* line will he Iran*ported betweenGreenbueh and New York fir $12 |ier 2000 Ibe?light article* and parcel I to be charged higher at dieeretion. in ? IT. rfwvr SIXTY A1H.ES i.aaS Tti.t u* AXY O THER ROUTE. -a THE MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE ALB ANY, via BRIDGEPORT?Fare jt?J&Jt-tli-oueh 94.50 The eleamuoat i,KO t O.N or the NIMROD. leaver Catharine Market nli|>, Eit?? River aide, for Bridgeport,every moraHIK evcevt Sunday. at 7 o'clock. From Bridgeport, pveaengera will be forwarded hy the Houaatonie Railroad to Weal Oauaan. (73 mrlea) to lodge, th'tiee to Chatham (<7 milea) by oUgr. and iheuce to Albany (70 milea) by Albany and Boa loo Railroad, arriving at 11 o clock. A M. OQf- The Railroad cara are well warmed by atorea. For peerage "r freight apply ou board of the boat oratthe York Houae, No. 5 ourtlandt atraet, where ticketa can be procured. " Mf. BASOAGp. vim nn.eiuo-1 in >i?c..iiiu g |H|ket brie NORTHER VKR. Capl Rice, will have im* JHHiimedute deep itch for the above port, hiving (uperior accommodation for a few c bin, and eeeoad cabin paaaeiigeri, which wili be taken at moderate ratea, if'early application ia made to W. k J T. TAP8COTT, 40 9outh atraet, Pentona deairouaof fending for their frienda to come out from i he above port, cau m ike the necaaaary arrangement, by applyiugaa above rf?- passage for >f.w iuiu?..v.n-i?,i.~i igfJWthe 70 ill Janu try.?The tplendid packet ahia LOUIS 4KHbVILLB, Opt Hunt, aiila ooaitively a> above, having iuperior ac'ommocaiiona for cabin, aecond cabin, aud ateer?gepaaaengera, which will be taken at moderate ratea ? For parage early application ahould be made on board, fool of WalUtiect, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. 44 Si uth alreet. or 43 Peck Slip. The packet vhipHUNTSVlLLE will eueceed the LouiaTllle. and aai1 on'i January, lorre-uter **v. ilT g|Nh P.ASs iGE Kttn LiVcKrudu?racic. oi me S^Xllth.?A r polar p eke* ah-p will he diipatehed aa JHBSbabove, having aupen r accommodation for cabin and ateeraga, which will be taum atmodvrate ratea, if early application ia mad*- io W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 4? South atreet, _J17 pe <3 Peek ?lin. FOR LIVKRPt iOL.? The aupcrior hrai .ctaaa tailing chip SCOTLAND. Robin.on, Maatetj will AHM^havr immediate dispatch lor the above port naviug ipleMiTaecornmnda'inna for c-hin, second cabin, and eteerace passengers. Pertous about embarking ahould make early application to GLOVER fc McMURRVY, in Pine street comer of South. P. S.?Per*'as wishing to eend for ilietr frien"? residing in the old country. can have th-m brought out by the above rJiip, to leave Liverpool on the l?ih March, and pwittoil with pre. visions bt her, if rrqu rtd, on the most moderate term*, by applying ai above (if by let erpoet paid.) FAjTTaOK I t) AMI) FROM UllEENOl.g AND UL \SGOW ?The fi .e packet ship OGLETHORP. Capt.Cwson, whicheaila from New York oot'ieWih January, ami will leave Greenock and Glasgow early iu the *pri> g I Pereonr wishing to rmbark. and Ihoee about tosrnd for their fnettde to come out dirrct f om Scotland, should not fail to embrace thin favorable opportunity, ae the accominodatioaa by this ih'p foi cabin, aeeonil cabin ?ud steerage passengers, are very auperier. For l?nns of pa??age at ply to W. fc J. T. TAP-UOTT, ? Smith vfeeet. j!3 ar t> Peck tRp. _ lit fo^ nkw uaLlA.NS, ILuUiBI .ltd a ?vl JSjffWNEW YORK I.I N v .?Positively First R.gular ^liAbPuket?To tad thi 20 h January ?Tne eplendid fast ailing r?c?et Hup I.' >1* I "? V I Ll,K, Capt M. Hunt, will |a>aitively sail ae above. Kor frriabtor portage, having epleudiJ furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall itreet, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO. 54 South street. Gmal care will be taken to have the goods ny this iliue car recti, meaaared. Agert in New Orleans. James C. Woodruff, who will promptly forward a'i grx dv to his address. The packet .hip (IU NTSVILLE. Capt. O. R, Mumford. will ?ne?ed the LotiivVille, ami sail the let February, herr-gu ar day. jIT "iffjf PACKEln K i > R H A V Kfc.?Second Line.? li JWl. new ship ST. Nl1 OLAH, J. B. Pell,matter, will JjUMSeavait on the 1st of February. liOYD fc HINCKKN, Agents, jl4 _ No. g Tontine Building. e* u 1.' ifi VI. I' t'l till... Paeket i,l Ih, J amiimi v I V ? lSVQvTh* I'liv rmr limt claaa faat failing packet ahio I iKN. JBlMlnPAKk llll.L, Cup'-uin Hoit, will .ail an aDove, Iter Millar (lay. Sue i < eri?i veormi'wnti n> for catin. ?rcnulrabin, ami ?teerage p aeaugerg. Pc-raona wiahing to a?eure bertha abculd make early ajplica ion l* J )HN South atreet. N B ? Irrangem-nt* pan, aauaud. be made with the ?ub eriberfor poiur fro n Liverpool, of tliote who mar beornt for by their f. i nda here. Drain can aim be furnithed for any amount, parable throughout Ureal Britain and Ireland, on api plying aa above. >14 .NEW LINE OF LlVtMfOUL fAtakbiB ? afJ^V Regular p.icket of the?5lh Jan.?The iplendid pocket dBMNLfhip SHr.HID.AN, Captain Depeyuater, will sail ai above, her regular day. The ahipa ol tin* line are all lvoo 'on* burthen and over, and their acoominodaiiona fur cabin, aeeood cahiu, and itceragr paaaeugera. ii ia well known are aU|>erior to any other line of packet.. Panacua drai'oua of <ecuring bertha, ahould not fail i to make early application to W ic J T T APSCOTT. 4? South atreet, y 'corner (Imverneur lane, or 4S Peck alip. P'rmna'leairoiM of aeuUingfir their frienta can have Ihem broup tout by tlua favorite hip, or any other hue, vailing iruiu Liverpool weekly ?' d on favorable terma. Urafli for aay amount, payabb on the National and Provincial Bauka of Ireland and their Brim- ; ou Meaari. Jamea BreluSou it Co. Banker*, Lj.... , Ktchiajr ami Diaeount Bank, Liverpool; which ore payable ia al. the principal towna of the United Kin. don; can he had by applying at Tapteott'a Ueneral Paa age Office, 49 South atreet. it 4 fdkfc- "^'t>R LONDON?Regular packet ol the Uoth mat. aMfy-Th.-well Known faateaili .g packet ahtp Ol, A HI A JBHLTll|(.ha|t. Bi -ion 1 iir-hen 10*0 tone will imaitively aail aa above Thie tine ahiphaa accommodation, fnrcalun, econd cabin, and alter*!' paeaeng ra.fullv equal to auy other pacaet.aiid bertha ci-i be ercuredoo moderate terma, it immediate application he m?lr on board fool of M video lane, or to fH.OVr.K Ik VeVrilRAY, too Pine et. cor of South at. P 8.?Peraona wuhing to acud 'or ilirir frieuda, can hare them brought out iu the above fa> urite ahip. or any oflhr regular line vaiiioc f.otn London on tlie 7th, I7tb. aad k7ih of ach mon'h. and ihnarwiahiMj to remit money, can procure drat la >11 .Yle??r* Chilli;* mitl t'ij U<!y of LodUou, paj ai Mfht, by mi p>\ f l' ? < >lv r?- jit TAPsC.ij T's mKNm.kal PASSAGE OFFICE, FOR PA??AUE F OM AND REMITTANCE TO ORE TBRITAIN AND IRELAND. By the >ew and IJnite-l or Ltrerpool racsett. The I'ltxcriher- M( t inform Iheir frienili and the (CJ|Wy piMti. that they continue to makr arrangements for JMHtflhathe hriiici'iK "nt of passengers on very farnr?ble terms, from ifv-fctt of'aud, Ireland, ami Scotland and Wales, in Arm o ?... American packet ships, commanded bj tfr gertsnted eaulaina >n<t will sailfrom Lirerjiool ersry tn days throughout the year Mi Thankful firth- I b-ral patronage tliey hare hitherto receired. the aubteiihria iinp- hy I heir coDtiouiag to feifil pr?tsptly, asd with satiaUrtio'i. all their e gageineuls, and hy the ntenaire arranfeine. ta they hare nude in their business, to retain that popularity the* h ?ve liith-rtft et j -yed Pr'tos* tending for their trie nda mar rely that the name a,. , teu'iou will be imi.i to the r <mf<rt of pass.tigers which has inT rartahl) been eaten e<l .11 wh ar passages Itara been engaged at thia oITi e. and i.,l| cue* when those aent lor decline rosing, the pa?? ite i> oner w ill lie r> funded to the parties who paid it be*e, without a* y d-din ti?n Those wishing to tend money to their friends, csn be sup plied withdraws -I sight oat ih'e on demand, m all lha priiicipal towasol theLiuiteo Kingdom, aud at tin- following banks. *fn Knglsnd?M?aara James Rult.Sna It Co., Bankers, London; Kac htnge an.I -iscount Bank. Lurerponl. In Inland?I he NtUoual and Provincial Banks and Branches In Scotland?1 he B?.ik of Scotland and Branches. The subscriber- bar. aim a regular succession ol firat 'lass peekrts. sailing to I.undo i tlirer tunes errry Lleeri pool firr times, o New O.Iran ai? limes, to Mobile. Saean ah amt Charleston wirh'y. hy which | arsagea eanjDe at all tisaea secured on eery la?orable crms. Tlie public will ptriwi take, nance that the only ships comI po'iij the u w li e of Liverpool packeia are? The fioseiua. ollius, The hh ridan, Depeysttr, V,'1'.' j'i_ 'urnrn okioav. rb? Lo"?d Lid* of I.orrpool P?h.u are? Tn? B.HhfOfr. Woo II, um, l'ue Wm r),*?irr, Krrri*. Broil ?ad. ( nilinto, Smith, "rthewr I'j mw. Ilibeinii, Wilooo, rv'Sji *J h' ? omul of f'*rrolltoe, fc.2l?JCrrh- HUJ.OB.PB.. Miner. BnUin. Proof. '?? ?: Utittiifurr.Cnbfrrr. T-ik.T' J. ' ' "*" l'-,n hl?. <*"<" okn.ou, I)i;?<f?L'^f "7' Brooklyn, llichnnlnoo, N l lr i , Wennn. Willord N Biddle, T rur man, Tbl'lb^rir.-r?*; .. u Eut?w- Korkett. Th? :riW/"}"wmto rnqa.r? comment for Ik* i * * ' 1 '>* . Mptrl ir arnnarmnnti Ti^uh io VT n 10 ?rnn for th-.r fn. n.U. T*" yWvT6^?? ottas. '* ?or Unurrraru M.? T?* E NE Ni FOR NEW ORLE 8?Packet of the ?d Jan iffFFk uw\?The fir?l tUu tut eai'iig pocket ahip ST. jNhaLM iHV, I'apiaiu Footer, Kill soil u above, her re gulardiiy, and cau in a auperior manner accommodate cabin, rod cabin and vteeragr i>naaenfera, if immediate application be mode on board ibe ?h .p foot of Fine at , or to jt? J HKHUMaN. 81 South at. I? PASSAGE FOR 8AVAN.NAH?Firat FackiflWyet.?The apleodid packet brig EXACT, Captain jQHmBbJ ihnaon aula poaitively aa abort Thia reaae haa aplendid aeeoinniodatioaa for cabin, aecoud cabin and steerage | .laaeugera. For paaaagc. oarljr appltca tion abould be mode to W. Si J T.TArSCOTT.O SouthatreaL J? U Peek alip. m-m dft L^^^"a B LI SMKuT A 8 S AG^of'F1C ^lor 5ILi o. " aec ud Cibiu,*nd alrerage paaai-ngers. from Great Britain and Ireland No 81 South atreet New York. The aubaenbera continue to makr eugagrmenta iu thia city for tnaaagra from Livetpool of peraonv rcauiiug in Eugland 1 rclaud and Scotland ana Walei, whom tlieir friends in thia couatry may wiah to end for Th> ahi|?a compriaing thia hoeaail every week; thar are all of fi-at claoa. coppered. and American built; eonunvaded by Careful aud akil'ul inen; and the Irei; ency aad pu dually of their departure preveule lh-heavy eiprnaee which often occur by delay >n Liverpool, porticularly aa agenta ol the fint reapcolability are now cng ged there, who can be depended on Persoua who eend for their fnenda, may rely that every attention will he riven to them to promote I he comfort ?f the paa a< ugeri nieamboata are regularly runuing to Livernool from the vannua porta of Ireland Scotland, Jkc? by ?hichafr e paaaage cau be pu iraute'i . Tl.e tare fiom Livrr|ool to New Yoik ii now coueiderably reduced. Urafte of any amount to auiit in preparing for the 'oya e are gtreu at lira otfiee payable throughout the United Kin*Join, toplitatiou. from jieremia rteioiug in iheeouotry.p ut paid, will b; promptly attruded to, and pneagee from New York to Lirerwool can aliu beeuatged on the moet rraaonable term.. IOIIN HbRDMAN. j|3 gt South at. one done ael rf W it[ B 11.1,1 Attl)S ?OTIS Kir.l.l) will le nappy la a call iron hii frieuda at Baeeforu'a Billiard Rooini, otree the Climax bat in. Home, where are e-pht aplendtd tablea, with elate and utar'd.: bed*. India rubber, cloth, and epring Heel cuehioite? Iron and iiieh'gaic fntmea. Kutraucc 149FultonHrert, and I] Auu|atreet. Table* ami clothe for aale. * it Im* mi KOH sXLK.? 1'lie etuck and fixtures of the CaijT and rating eiloon 318 Broadway, the haeement of the JHIfLOothtc Hall, together with fouryeare uneipiret term ot the leaee from lite hret of May next.eaid ealoon being one (4 the beat location* in Broadway and now doing au excellent buaineaa and will be aold at a bargain, an the preaeut owner i? o aitaatcd that lie cannot attend to it. Kor particulaig and term* impure on the prciuiaea. or to S.AMUbL DAVTuh, 4 Kultou fi?h inaraet. il? ?" T1) 1.K 1?Two coir.lotta>l? UUICU lu nun ?l jjf!-' South atreel, and immediate poaaeaaion givoa.hy apply.i' \ ing to JOHN Hr KDMAN on the pNoiMee. Alae. atoragc nan Le had <-n aiH'ltca'iui aa a hare. J| asu. CoUnTHV tlt.Sltrik.Ncb WA.n thP.-Wn.lcd %|| to hire, ou or before the lat of April nex\ a conutry reAgLeidrnce. aituater*. wilhin 70 milea of New Yark, wrh a farm ol from 20 to ltOacrea attached One comtnaitdiu| a water view nreierrid. Addrm* A. L. M . per ma4, at New Hochtllr, Weitcheatcr Co.iuty, (poet office) N. Y.,gie ng a uestrii'inin "i me jrriin.?r? Ju 1 THREE DOLLAR HATS! THREE HULLAH AHA'I'S !?Jam fini-hed, the most rpleodid article tver offered to (lie putilic. Elegant short nil moleskin Hats al the low unce of >3 Also au article ai $3 SO, equal ill durabil ly and lustre to those coinmoolr sold at $3 , dli Im* BROWN, Practical Hatter, HS Canal st. "DOCTOR BELL. DOCTOR BELL dtrotes lus personal atteation (daily until t P. VI.) to the removal of private diseases in every sums i All suffering under protracted eases,aggravated or unsuccessful ly treated by inexperieucidorjueleudrdpractitiousra ; those la | boring under the ilestructive effects of mercury or quack DOS I trums.aadall whosusiiectthe remains of diseaseluiking in the system, may consult Or. B. always with a guaranteesf cure.? jjf Persons contemplating marriage, who have been the subjects of delicatedise.ises,may consult Sr. Bell with hooerabls confidence. Pott raiu letters, describing thscass of persons si adistance,have his prompt attention. Dr.B.'a treatment nsvei exposes to suspicion.end is well known te be safe and penna asnt. Iff Private officss 4 COURTLANDT STRUT two door* from Broadway. jHm* pxR^TXYDln'S BALSAvToPnCTv t RWORr.-At ttw i-J old establishment, 375 liowcry.?The person advertising in Soring street, lir.t UDder anonymoua initials, thru as W. W. Taylor, and again as \V. W. 1'haver, has not now, nor never has had any connection with the eiiahlisbment at No. its Bow?ry The late proprietor, F A. Thaver, had hut one brother, named William W I'hayer? he has not been in the house >< Ins deceased brother for sereral years. About four year ago he opened a store at at I Spring street, and advertised Rog'rs' Balaam of Liverwort, and near two years ago came belore the public in support of Burritt It Co. in imitating L)r Taylor's Balsam of Liverw.rt?and again comes lorward claiming the proprietorship of aai<l medicine, when it was wellWooo n that at the time the proprietor, the Nte F A Thayer drat irtrodnced this celebrated medicine, W W Thayer was ab >ut fourteen years ol age. Be e r< ful where you buy?Purchase only?mind this Ojii.v ?at the old office. 375 Bowery,, between Fourth aud Fifth gtreets Our agents will ol-*se *,t?t-e?s ?? form.Hv. ?toa i?' tlFHITWELL'B OPODELDOC, wt.icn i< couetdcrcu lj I " (kciral fhyiiciiuiin Ike U.K. I?k?tlwmy bntcok ! Maitun ia eaietaiice fur Hi eumatiam, Mprtiu, ChilUiiu. I Chopped H.tuds, t'ump, Numbness, Weakness of Limns, etc. N B. It is three times the strength of any other kind. B< aura and auk for Whitwrll'a Opude doc. and receive no oteer uuleea you man to prove the truth of the remark that *' Plraaure ia at fatal Of being cheated aa to cheat. KJ- Price 25 cents. Bald at Wnnleaale and Retail by A.B.k D. Sands. Drug fiats, No.79 and 100 Foltou a'reel ; David Sauite and Co., No r East Broadway , Abr'in B. Bauds 5; Co. .No. 273 Uroail way. corner ?f Chamber atrert. Alao.foraale aa above, the " AROMATIC SNUFF," lor Headache and Catarrh, comfoeed principally of roots, ahruba.aud recommend* d by Dr Waternouse, late Professor of Cambridge University <& Piic 2' rente. wt? bale e|?e "sC'PEKflNE DRESS COATST BEST "qUALI r T, othaato workmanship and materials, for TWENTY FOUI 30LLA11S ; also. Pautaluone Ten Dollars,at PHILIPS'C?l rail on ng es tablislimant, 141 Broadway. If. B.?The abovegnnneutsare ganraotaedto be equal It or* -y respect to thuee made by the most espeuiive honaea Um ity. This ia no empty f(uaransea, bet oua that the adrertmel ledges himaalftofiiml. tiarmeiUi ifaacondaryquality prnoet ienihl" lower >m MR J. sivli'MIN pegs leave teapectftiijy lo iiilorni his friends and Hie public H at hit Innrfii will take olaee on Tuesday even! g, January lb, on which occasion will be tier 'ormed the coin-ill's of London Aasurauce and What Wilt Die World d iv 7 with othre e- ter?a|in?- u'? ht RAfcOMN ?ay oner oi iue Durrogaie ui tfuc?a . t the-ubicriliee will sell at auctian on the premises on the 14th du of Febtutrv unit,at 12..'clock, noon, the very deal able Farm, CJiitaiuiud aereuty.four acres, more or l?aa, situated midw iv net Ween Flu hiug and Jamaica, fronting on the m.iu road b twe-n the two place*, bounded by the farms ol Hrury R oeandU orgeVaudever , K.sqs ,occnptedby C. Dsnton. For particular* see Long lal ind One hall the mount rau remain ou baud and mortgage al low interest Enquire of JNO. B/BUMMERB, jt Slaw toFlt* Kieeiitnr |an Water at (5J N.NDS ft '.MrUt FOR sal 1' .vl?Ball avnciun. ' IXIIlgwOrm, truer, "ttiu ucau. uarurre vr txuid ll?h, Kcarma. I'-"ait-i* Pilmarit. and other diaeaaea *f thr kin. are safely, certainly, and rffrctuall? eur?d by the use ol Sruu'c Remedy. which ha* now been teeted in more than twelre thoutand diffe'eut ca*et ef tin- above oirma-e without having Tailed in au> where the direction* are attended to. The untMrallaled cuTem of thin remedy in curing the diteaae* of theekin i? without equal in the hiatory of medicine. The Compound Sirup ?f -tareapa ilia it recommeuded to be need with the remedy. a* it ten in to throw out from the blood and yitem general!) all the unhealthy humor connected with tlie discs*** and the application ol 'he remedy externally at the erne time, entirely eroli ates it fiom tne eyetem The remedy ie perfect'y harmles* in it* operation*, and may be ap plod wit!' perfect euf't) even to the akio ol the tenderer! nr taet. Teelimontale of ita efficacy are daily recuse*', and the followini ir> Mlrclrd tor publication, which, it ie thought, will eatiify the muid oi'evrry candid peri on of ite extraortle nary virtue*:? Meaam. t B it D Send*?(icntlemen. I certify that I bare beru cured of tin halt Rlirum ot ten yean tlaudiog, by the uae of your rrmrdy and Syrup i.f Saraaparill*, anJ I with rvery perton trwu >Ird with thie dreadful aiseaae in any form would call on me, and I will aalialy them that your medicine wit cure them perfectly. Youre, truly. ANNA MARIA WKIBALL. retid'tice l?o Nunu street. New York, June 3, 1140. Store MS Kullonetrect. Meter* A B. AT). Sand?fh-ntlemm. I procured a box of your valuable r-mrdy for Salt Hhrum tit months tinee lor my on. wlio wat then icvtrrly afflicted with llie dieeaer en hie hanrla, ami after a: pli it.g the rimed) a very thori lime, naiav leea than one. t> nlh of the hox, the desired effect was produced and the cure complete, einre which time there hae been no return of thr complaint. Your*, respectfully. JOStPIl U. sTANTLEY, New York. Oct. 17,1H40. <5 Dclaary itrret. Mretr House riot Perking?Hreing heard from one of my friends at McDonnugh. that you had an infallible remedy for the Svjt HI uin. I procured *ome lor my wife. She had been to in'orm you tin' the remedy hae entirely i ured her All I vavr to Mill. II any yrreoiii# tiffined with Inn word of all aed UM Seod'a Hun?<l> for the Malt Uhrom * The above certificate win eeut to our Agent Route k Perkin?. OtlorJ. l'h?namto eo. N Y Prepared and told at wholesale and A. B fcl) Randt. Drujgiti. 7? k IOti Fulton ttr?rt, N. Y.: alto by David Snitdn k Co. 77 Broadway ; Abrm. B. Haoda fc Co *73 Broad ?ny ; al*o told by Druggitta generally throng hewit the L'nllrd 4U*et Hit |m T"b A,Nr> trin'1 iLi.Kn?-'l'n, -uktcriStu offer tortile all that valuable property. tiloaird in Aubura, aad known at Walton ami Mori't Brewery and Oirtillery.with a Dwelling H our, nutt-uildininb machinery aud fitinret connected lb lewilh. Maid projierty r ?f about two arm olland, lying t>u Ihetouth tide of the Oeaten river ia taid filiate, a buck dwelling Inline, a dwelling houte. a dittillery capable of ditlilllng ISO buthelt of grain per day, a large and coatrnien' and malt twniae. Willi twn kilnt at feel aquarranoi i ti- iagefor SO.ouO bmhrlt of grata, a barn, atiedt.ttabh- ?' hi : jr Sou In-gt, and an oft J floated therroa. Contacted wal. n.e daetillerv aud brewery there it a ttram engine ofte horee po wer Willi two rylladrie?ample maehinery for grinding, and a euprrtor rectify ing ealakliehmenl. contain ing ore of juliti VV rub I't patent alcohol copper tliUt. The whole reUbliahinent it of a ?ii|ier?or kind, wed fintilied and convenient iu all ite arrangeinrnti, titnated in a nrh and flminthing grain growing cOnntry, ia now in complete order, and in full operation. It having become necrntary to teH the tame in ronaeqneve of tne deeeate of II. Watmn it will be lUepoerd of at a bargain One third of llie purch-te money will be required on the delivery of the deed, ai d the balance may be leA on bond and mortgage for a term ?f yearn if detierd. Foe rifeeeoer inquire at ff? Iretich'e, 70 Hudeon ttreet. New York.or of the tulMeribtrtin Aubum. N. Y. UKOKOK K LFTTCH. dig liu* R k V. WATSON. \IIHi II-.H li All rv I II I UK l.i > VKits OF KI.9HA I M^Mrs. NIBLO li l>T' NLAP would mo?l retort fully in far-mar niie men wanting b m-pieta. that Ui'f are fully preparril to au ply order* to any ritent. and on leaannnble term*. The Lnuaerrato')- and grean h">i?ee at 87* Broadway. and at Harlem, avail conrinre any laity or yentlrrnan who will the proprietor* are pr-pireu toei?e'it?e>fdera. winch will be at all timra attended to with iiralner* and darpaUh. Uai.'i apr ngemreea or ball-ran be aurplinl with |lai.ta o( large oratnall ?l*?. Alio, cut flower*. which will be amused in the mm I laal-ful manner by Mr. T. Lino hip, who haa been loni.' and Tarerablf hnownto the loaera of plant*. The ' onaerratory at Niblo'a Utrden will a way* be namn to the I.die* for promenade. and etery attention paid them? (here are now ttirnaand* of that aplendid flower, th* C amellia, remind into bloom, many of which are of the heat arte 10 preeent to the ladiea for derorating their wiadowa. and which witlheiold at moderate pneraJwithtrrry other article in their "*Kre?h Bird Seed*. OaM K?h CHobe*. kt. dM W V () ==========^=================== :w YORK, MONDAY M( llarrtslmrgk. lCorrc4pou'ieuct|?rthe Herald ] Hahkishuhoii. Jan. 14, 1842. Jamt* Burhiman?State Trtamrtr?liank\l)irtctort, 4 c. The 8th of January celebration, which was attended here, by the politiral.leaders'from all parts of the State, has decided pretty elearly who is to be the Pennsylvania candidate for the Presidency. At that celebration, which waa a large one, James Buchanan, and James Buchanan alone, was toasted ? His name was the burden of their song, and in his praise each tried the other to excel. The whole proceeding was like the Paddy's three meals?"meat and potatoes, potatoes and meat, and meat and potatoes." Here we had it?James Buchanan, Buchanan James, and Jaines Buchanan. Last night, in cuucus, Col. Win. B. Anderson, of "Democratic Bossy" was fixed upon as the candi dale 01 me Democratic ferry, ior oiaie irrumci. This ia another radical triumph. J. Sidney Jonr*. and Alexander Cummings,?have just received the unanimous vote of the Democratic party in the House, for State Directors in the Philaphia Hank. Thia is a good selection, and in making it the Legislature have acted wisely. ^The first named gentleman, Mr- J.Sidney Jones, is u man of great business talent, and is in every way qualified for the sta'ion. lie is a genuine democrat, and will mike such a director as a'! State directors ought to b?. He will make it his care to attend faithfully to the interests of the State, while in the place he has been salected to fill. He occupies the same position now thathedil in October, 1H3S. At that time he wnt the only State director in the State who enterei a protest at a board of bank directors, against a suspension of specie payments. Asa commercial mm, he is remarkable for his strictness and punctu uality, in all his business engagements; and as a director, will be such an one as the State requires The election returns for (Governor were counted in the Hall of the House to-day, and were? For David tt. Torter 138,504 " John Bank* 113.463 " Julius F. Lswerwyne 763 Scattering 03 Gov. Porter will be inaugurated on Tuesday next C. Buffalo. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Buffalo, Jan. 3, 1812. James G. Beskett, Esq. Dear Sir, In the Herald of the 30th ult., which reached here this morning, is an editorial paragraph which leads the reader to infer that your agent had complained of mismanagement by Dr. Haddock, Postmaster in this city. I must therefore request permission to state that I have mad- no such complaint. No man can labor harder than he does to accommodate the public and discharge his duty. He can be found in the ofiice from 7 in the morning till 11 at night. The regulations he has adopted seem to nl?w the nponle of the citv generally. And - t?r as I have observed, his business is done in a systematic, prompt, and business like manner He adheres strictly and conscientiously to the laws and instructions of the department, as he understands them. I receive daily a large quantity of papers, and the Postmaster has permitted ine to occupy a favorable situation, free of charge, in the front part of the Post office building. He ha-: extended to me all the facilities I cou'd reasonably expect, and even more, by delivering my packages to me whenever the mails arrived after the Postofiice was closed at night. ,\othing but a sense of duty impels me to make these remarks, as 1 am sure the paragraph alluded to does Dr. Haddock great injustice. Respectfully, your agent, and obedient servant, Thou. S. Hawks. Bnffklo. | Convspondtucr ol thr HeraliL] lltrrALo, Jau 10,1^42. Patriot Operations in Bufliifo? Hanks?x\tw Year's Day? Ij'idies? OJfire Seekers? Politics. Of course you cannot, at tbis season of thoyear, expect much of interest from these parts ; still it may not be uninteresting to you and your readers to know what little is being done hereabouts. A strong effort has been 'uadu to break the dull mo* . iann? hi- witv of ervinir un something in the ? of" Patriot excitement.-!," and the "Israelite" leaders have been on the qui vive here and thsre, that something might be brought about. So lar it has been no go? the people on the frontier being very cautious how they are aguin caught?however, (here still hover, about a band, consisting mostly of banished Canadians and refugees, who look wise and insist that ere long a blow will be struck?all which, of course, goes for nothing. Madame ru mor say* that the two British steamers, the " Minog" and " Toronto," laying at the mouth of Grand River, in Canada, are destroyed, by some sublime Patriots, and the report is quite generally credited ; of the truth you will be advised before many ?lav*. "Gen." Sutherland, in bis "Sublime Patriot," seems more to bu anxious to repair what has ah ready been done, than to advocate any new movement*?and 1 imagine the "General" is about correct. The Commercial Hank has not yet resumed, and will not?so that now all the Banks are done away, we m y look for a more healthy state of thing* the earning year. Active preparations are making for the opening of navigation in the spring. I say active?that is, lines are being formed, and all that are now idle arc engaged in securing births and shipping crews for the opening of navigation, which will long be anxiously looked for. The lake is still open, there not having yet been cold weather t* make much ice?in fact it is looked upon as an extraordinary mild winter?no sleighing t* speak of. New Year's passed oil' here as the day generally does?except that the ladies, to a great extent, abolished wine, and suostituted therefor coffee and lemonade?so that we saw but few " influenced," compared with former years. New Year's eve there was a grand ball at the Theatre, giveu by the "German Grenadiers," a fine spirited company. Resides being attended by great numbers of our German population, many of the elite of our city were present?the uhois went oil' gloriously. There were several other balls. The last assembly at the American was, if auv thing, more brilliant than the other. Messrs Hodges ii. Oshoru, the enterprising and gentlcm inly proprietors oi the American, get up the assemblies splendidly. The ball ronin is one of the most magnificent in the State?then the suppers?I cannot dcscrihn theru; I only wish yon would come some evening; and paitake?next winter you can, and then l?e home to issue the " Herald in the morning. The manic i? a detachment of Frank Johnson's celebrated baud ; the same employed heretofore at Saratoga?of Course excellent Now for the ladies ; they seemed to be animated, I am somewhat disposed to believe, fr m being mentioned in the " Herald," and strove each to outdo the other; they turned out in icreat numbers, and I can assure yon their splendid dresses gave but little evidence of hard times- There were the three Misica Mi?i Miss T~**, Miss B , Miss B'***, the two Misses L. , Miss N , Miss A., Miss P., Miss R , dec Ate.?all fair. There were something like forty present; all enjoyed themselves ; the gents, were nut strong^ the officers were there in force?by the bye, Lieut. W. is a good sort of a ehap?says he bad as muoh right to sleep in the hall room as to do any thing else, particnlarlv as he was a stranger, and the managers were se'forgeiful of their duties as to forget him. Your obliging and attentive agent T. S Hawks, Esq., II engaged constantly serving out the " Herald," of whirh paper ho disposes of six where he does one of any other paper, especially when there is a Huftalo letter in any one. A gentleman by me suggests that you bad hotter establish a branch of j tlie * Herald" here, and senti tr jrimemtreurf 10 pre aide over the saras ; we bring innch like a New ^ ork population would give bimagood support.? Polities arc a drug?ollice seekers few. Gem. George P Barker, of this city,is thought to he the most prominent candidatcfor Attorney Gene' ral. I suppose new Canal Commissioners will he appointed Several aspirants in this quarter, but it i< generally supposed that A. Clark, of Orleans County will he successful: he is a first rate man, and will make a rood commissioner, and is well qualified for the duties in this section W. P. 8 ?A card from the President and Caahier o( the defuaet Suspension Bridge Bank is anything hut oonsoliag to the bill holderi bills are not worth thirty eeata on the dollar. The Niagara Dock Company, another Canadian wild eat,is down, down dews. WT. RE E 311 ETl\m T A VTTT A 13 V IT 1 JAi^unni xi, i Albany. [(' rrei|>OBilenee ol the Herald.) Albany, Thursday, January, 13,1442. Those who have attended in the Assembly for the purpose of hearing Major DAvixar'a speech on his glorification resolution, I opiue, must have, ere this, come to the conclusion that their chance of 'getting it id rather slim. It is now said that his friends bare induced the Major to let them sleep on the table, as his chance of getting them through was extremely poor, and on the whole, at this late day, it would be rather bad policy to get any more glorification projects in regard to the old hero, whose measure of glory was already full. This is the report, how well founded I am not prepared to say, although Vireuinstanees would jus. tify the supposition, that such was the case. Active exertions are making by his friends, who in this particular section are very influential and numerous, to procure the selection of Major General Genet, for the post of Commissary General. The General is a strong party man, with considerable influence iu the county of Rensselaer, aud a great lavume tu iununiuiiini.ii?v?.ij. Connor, of New York, is alio a candidate, and be too. baa a great many fricnda to sustain turn. It ia understood also, that be la backed by Uie New Yoik delegation. T tie re baa not been a large amount of buaineaa dene in either branch to-day, but there haa been some able speech making The hour of meeting ia a Terjr injudicious one, und should be altered. As it ia now, both houses convene at eleven o'clock in the morning, and before any thing haa been done, thediuner hour of moat of the members arrives, and, accordingly, au adjournment takes tilaee. Scarce a sitting as yet, has been protracted beyond two and a half hours, which is rather too short, if the members mean to carry out their professions, and have a short session. In the Senate, an able speech was made te-day by Mr. SH?HWOOu,on bis resolutions in regard to repudiation and the State dcbis. Mr. Sherwood is one of the new members from the seventh district, and kis effort to-day, shows hira to be our of the moat talented members of the present Legislature. In his remarks ui to-day, be took stroug ground against any increase of the State debt by iutrrnal improvements,without at the same time, providing means for the payment of that debt, lie discarded the idea of repudiation by the State of New York, and charged upon Governor Seward and Simon B. Kuggles, theouium of being the hrst to broach the doctrine of repudiation?as both of theiu in '8S and '39, scouted the idea ot the State of New York ever payiug the United States deposite money, though they were aware that ttic Stale hud given her bonds,attested by every formality, for the repayment of that money. The Tresidi u presented a communication from the Secretary of the Board of Kegenis of the University, announcing the death of James King, Cbanceller of the Board. The communication was referred to the committee on literature. Mr. Baktlitt introduced a resolution providing for tbe appointment of a committee to visit thu State Prisons, for tbe purpose of collecting facta and information iu regard to the labor, discipline, and management of the said prisons. Mr. Koor saw no sufficient reason for the adoption of the resolutinn. lie said he opposed a similar on* last wiater, and he should oppose this. This taking of members of the legislature from their officialduties, for the purpose or sending them upon an exenraion of pleasure, ut the expense of the State,for which they rendered no corresponding services, was not what was expected by tne people, when they chose them, the resolution was adopted. A petition w. s presented from the .tmerican Institute, praying for a topographical survey of the State. In the Assembly, a great many petition* were presented and referred, moat ol which related to prirate business. Among them were the following from your city:?To renew the charter of the North River Bank, and for the abolition of all civil disqualifications on account of color. After the consideration of aome private hills. Mr HorrM an roae and raid, that several dayt of the eeaaion had now elapsed, and the mcaaage of the Governor war still in committee. No doubt member* would prefer, before disposingof the subject, to have have an opportuniiy of looking at the Comptroller'* report in print, as well a* that of the Coinmiaaioner* of the Canal Fund; the former waa atill in the hand* of the printer, and tlie latter had notcome tothe Houae yet He moved, therefore, to lay the several order* of the day on the table, with a view of going immediately into committee on the message. Upon tliia, Mr. Hoffman took the floor, and delivered the most eloquent and able speech of the session, occupyiugthe floor until the hour of adjournment, in a review of the financial condition of the State, und ita future prospects. Mr. Huffman estimates the debt ef the State of New York, on the first of the present year including the old Erie and Champlaiti Canal debt, and the loans to stock companies at the sum of # 27,552,727. The amount of the old debt, moneys for the payment of which he affirmed were delivered oyer by the last democratic administration, he states at ?2,082,187. The temporary loans at the end of the last fiscal year, cl >sing on the 30th September, he states amounted to ?1,856,000. The same loans have been increased since the close i f the fisevl vear?tha* i?. there is i| ie to coolractor*. ?1,875 000 He alio sta rs th*t *t> ck h >t hid i sued sinco thecloieot the last fiscal yiartotbc New York and Erie railroad to the nmount ?f ?900,000, and to the Troy and Schenectady Railroad, ?100,000, in all ?1 000,000 The public debt falling clue in IPKJ miim imo, nr emiiuncca ai upwarui of $5,000,000. In contrast to this he asserts, that, at confessed by Gov Seward, in his .vlessege, the public debt at the time the whigs came into power, amounted to only $0,700,000, not including funds on hand Mr. IIoi i h cs exhibited in this speech a depth of financial research and acumen rarely attained by legislators He is, beyond question, the ablest debjter in the House, and this, joined with his independence and stern integrity of character, places him high abuse ihe common order of mere politicians There was last evening an interesting exhibition given by the Young Mens' Association at the Middle Dutch Church. There was a discussion hatween Mr Grimes and t wo yi ung gentlemen of this city, relative to the merits and claims of the sci ence of phrenologv to public approbation and confidence It ie the general opinion that Mr. Grimes was rather discomfited. Besides this, several original odes were recited, and musical exercises. ("ave Ulciscah. Court of Common Pirns, Before a full Hench. J ax. 15 Decision. ? f.nit* Ji Tuoktr vf. Darul C Sluti.?The defendant bought of plaintiff,at l-tti Fulton street, a horse which he warranted to be sound, with the exception that he was sprung in one knee?and thai "he was addicted to kicking." The animal, after the sale hud been made, and a note given, was brnugh f oin Xeiv Jersey A witness testified that he " was a brave looking horse, with his head up," but badly sprung i i both knees The defendant refused to pay his note, and action was brought, which resulted in favor of plaintiff Application was then mule lor a new trial. Verdict set aside?costs to abide the event. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. J ax. 15 .?George Kngrrt vs. J irnh Arker, Sheriff, aiui I'hillip Y'erck -Thiiwasan action of replevin. Mr. Charles <J. Smith, watch maker and jeweller, occupied e small store at 248 Blo cker street. He had bought of Mr. Verck about $1300 worth of imitation precious -tones, but becoming unfortnnate, assigned his stock and furndire to plaintiff. Tbe defendant got judgment fur $*150, (the balance having been paid him by Mr. >mith) and the sheriff levied on the property assigned, which tvae replevened, and action is brought. Mr. Rogers had not removed the property, sir. Smith had a wife and eleven children, the oldest about fifteen, and had experienced much sickness in his family. There was also about $000 dne to the landlord, and ik> is taint iff had not thought it best to distress the family by stripping the heme and store. The defence wee the uwial one, that tha assignment was merely a cover. The jury, after being opt for nine time, could not agree, and were discharged. For plaintiff", John Cook, Esq. .V. II. Hluat, Esq. for defendant. Improvements in Miohiosn-?According to the Governor's meesage, the whole system of improvements commenced in this State, embraces ?*> miles of rail road ; 233 miles ot canal, besides the improvement of rivers and roads ; the whole estimated to cost 000. This is a pretty fair pattern for so voung a State, and conclusive proof of the improvident recklessness of legislation in that quarter. The whole indebtedness of the State now is, in round numbers, 96,200,000; most of this amount at t> per crnt interest, though a portion of it draws 7 ner cent. The in-erest al nr on this, presses close oe J400,000 annually. No wonder the Wolverine are ta trouble. k - I ' ?' > ? . I 4 * I " II IH, [ERA 842. City Intelligence. Common Council.?Both Boards of Aldermen meet this evening, and in joint ballot a Justice i? to be selected in place of William Wiley, and a Collector of taxes for the Sixth Ward. A Physician's CEHTiriCATK?A Physician of this city, or one who calls himself (o, gave a certificate to a family iu which u death had occurred underhia practice a few days since, for presentation to the Coroner, with the nature of the disease, registered as follows 44 Without a cause she died." Drowned.?A man named Dennis O'Connor, a native of Ireland, while engaged in loading the towboH? Orleans, lying at the foot of Chambers street, on Friday night, accidentally fell overboard and was drowsed before aid could be rendered him. lit'sred to Death.?A child aged three years, aon of Mrs. Sharp, No. M>7 Oreeenwich street, was burned to death by its clothes taking fire on Saturday afternoon. lie had been left alone by his mother far a few minutes, and during her absence succeeded in reaching a box of loco toco matches from the mante piece, which exploding, set fire to his clothes and burned him to death. Children should not be left alone at this season of the year. .{Died without Medical Aid.?'The Coroner was called yesterday to hold an inquest on ihe body of a colored womau named .Tune Rickets, aged 35 years, who died from natural causes at the house of Ifenry Rickets. No. 65Lewis street, on Saturday Also, on the body of an infant named Susan Oakley, daughter of Klizu Oakley, at 312 Greenwich street,aged nine mouths- Verdict "Utath from tabes mesenterica." A vv OMAN HURilED TO UK atii ?J\ W'niBM [imncu Ann Judge, who resided at No 78 Forsyth street, was burned to shockingly ou Saturday evening, by Iter clothes taking fire, that the is not expected 10 lire from one hour to another. The accident took place in the absence of the remainder of her family, and while she was laboring under the effect* of au exciting drink, ller hody was one entire crisp when discovered, and it was almost imposeible to distinguish her from a colored person, except from the hair of her head. All her clothing was burned while on her body, the latter of which presented the most distressing sight weaver witnessed. Police.?The police offices yesterday were as quiet as could be desired by either the public or the magistrates. William Fitzsimmons and Robert Mitchell were arrested by officer Stevens for stealing an overcoat, valued at $20, from Charles j, 1'enrwan, No. 93 Mulberry street, on the Hi of.lunuary last. They were both committed. CeMing out and ooino in?During the pnst week the doors of the City Prison received 129 white prisoners and 27 black?discharged, 115 white and 37 black?remaining, 71 white and 32 black?total, 108. Divertimento Terxo. " Let thole tesch others, whom themselves excel." To HkNRY C. WaTSON, Ksq.? Since Mr. William A. Kino has raised you publicly to the title of an Enquire, and given you the dedication of an " imitation in thtntylr of Tnalbtrg," I hope you will now endeavor to assume a musical character, behaving con amort to all composers and performers, both leminiiie and ma-culine, in the nmnivA /litu I wnnlfl hnv*? nrvfirrrpH if IVTr Iviwn haif" produced" an original traJlz lor you to caper by. Some friend of mine ha* asked me en ;mi?unt, whether you have taken the title of Esquire upon the merit of your score, or the score of your merit t You adopt the (iualiti'8 of a chameleon, especially in the case of Mr. Horn. You first depreciated his abilities relative to the opera " Ahmed al A'awiel," and then like Punch in a show, turn round to the opposite side. It i* well known that you briBg a party to assist you in hissing public masterly performances ; such as was, among other instances, evinced at the concert of Madame Spohh Z aun, when Mr. Houciiek, the only violoncello virtuoso whom New York can boast of, had kindly volunteered with the rest of the performers, executing a solo of much difficulty and beauty with great skill, precision and feeling, to the pleasurable suti-factien of the audience, which, notwithstanding, you afterwards so disgracefully denounced in the 'New World " You mistook the name of the instrument,viz: " violincellu," instead <>f violoncello, as the latter term is derived from ciolon, and not violin. This and other cases shew how deficient you are in inu sical etymology. You scouted, some time ago, uu admirable performance of my valued brother in music, Mr. Ehnst, the eminent flutist, who deserve* unqualified approbation and patronage from the public Likewise did you recale rny very talented friend, Mr John Willis, with a puerile, uujust review concerning his ballad?" O, say not that this heart is false"?not to mention manifold other proofs of your illiterate fligrancy in the art, allied to spleen and ill nature. Pray, Mr Esquire, by what sagacity do you ascertain the defects of haritiontnna nnmhinations ! Admitting that you have extraordinary tart, will you stand a professional exanuniition with any of those respectable persona, in tktory orpractice, whom you have most unwarrantably insulted, and would nave injured had it been 111 your power! Can you even discern the key in which >1 composition is performed, and when a transition takes place, or what do yon know ? 1'ocip mec'imax of your darintr, you vitupemte the i r de of lli.lunl, Mr Bkaham Next you ihr.iw 11)ut iku* s t ll c'ed criticism on the compositions ot vi>ss Aiujuma hk wm. | finve kti> ?n this young lady almost from her iofaocy. and witnessed the progress of her talent- I ler effusions are in my humble estimation, tar superior in melody and harmony, to any of your works, which I have had as yet the honor of becoming acquainted withYou have declared " that of all the music you ever heard, the performance ot Mr. Uox.n'k oratorio, the " Remission of Sin" was the vilest, und even surpassed that of the " .Sacred Music Society" at the Tabernacle. You allege further, amongst many other crooked insinuations, " that not one bar, throughout the oratorio, was played as written by the composer, and that no idea can he formed ot the wretched scraping of the violins, the impotent fumbling of the basses, wholesale Massacre," tec Can you take any part iri the next representation (fiat may better its condition 1 If so, you may claim a /mm part. Your *' Imperial Majtuty," as I have heard you complimented, rather in i.ditule, is very autocratic, in commanding the leader where to place the instrumental performers at the Oratorios This i< not so had a proclamation Irotn the King of the Lilliputians, tn which you have given evid> nt tokens that you are well acquainted with the effect* of bran. The assertion of yours (" that your Suggestions, which any person moderately acquainted with his hnsine-as would not have needed, and which wou'd never have been cnll< d for where Mr. Horn was the presiding power,") r> tiding much on Mr Hdl, the very sensible and judicious Mantra di Coprlla ol the " Sacred Music Society," is too laughable to require further comment. I warrant that through my influence you shall ce put in front of the Orchestra, exposed to ihe gaze and admiration of the ladies and gentlemen, it you will, as n newly created Enquire, make your splendid debut with the grand wahzlor the pianolorte, hv tfiliinm A King, alluded to. This " L-ihor of Love" you owe to your natron the Royal If'illmm, and vou will thereby prove to him, nod to the WVaterm hemisphere, how much your fingers may be " improved mid >trengtlimied" since the aunpieinu* [nnlieation. 1 advise you,however, to get ine wall/. first mio your cranium, and that will prove you have aome intelbct. The hands and feel will ilien most migically act in their pi ices, and make the "Woodland* ring' ! In ancient Mythology, we are informed that " vlr/?*carried the World on his back," hut how " I'icrolv" in the ijualiiy of Reviewer, can sustain the musical reputation of the " New World" is involved in mystery, and remains to be cleared up, as it is certain that he came from the " Shakepeart Clijf" minus all nrn*teal Cliffm of Science, except thai ?f the Banc Cliff. You nave a jxirtinilar fnrndnhip for the word " execrable'' as identifying it with ytmr conduct, I subscribe niyeelt mint nolilr Knquiie Your obedient servant, Artrosv Ilcinan h. Iwrcnam r.,?The Morris Canal Company has refused to give the Jersey legislature a statement i f their affairs. Annual. InvnDATion.?The ice bridge is nuiv farmed across the 8t. Lawrence in front of the city aid up to l^aprairie ; its formation ban not, however, on this necsiios been accompanied by the calamity of an inundation, as has be, n the case far several years past ? Montr-ml Herald, Jan 11 Court Calendar?This Dor O a .a. /' %3.-m (Ml - ? - . ,1 I 1 i lit t. . ... incluaivo, lift to 134, incluiiv#, 13d to 141. incluiltr*. Cmel'ir cooiit?No*. 4. 110. I'm, 136. 73. 71, ISP. >7, 117, 142, 143, 146. 146. 146. 43. 31, 91. I3x 70 140 Ccrnr or ('Ommoi Pi *???P?rf 1 ? 10 o'rlork A M ,h? fare Judge Ingraho**?Mo*. i, 3. ?, T. t, II, 16, It. 10. 360, 31. 33. 34, 111. 37. Part 1-4 o'clock P M , b?for^ lodge 1TUho*#*r?No* 3, 4, 6, ??, 8, 10, 13, 14, 308, 14. I 18, 31, 34, 36, 36. I LD. * Mt? Two cwia J'?u?rir? or . TAT* fiuiuMi ? i nrif uit tuminal.t confined in the fifteen State Penitrntisriee, throughout the country, la nine of these institution", there is an actual gain from ennviit Ut.?? ^ fltttS.ttW 88 above their expenses, and in five there is au annual loss of #14, Hl-I 02 ?Phil I'hron. It is evident that State Prisons are more profitable than banks In point of morals we do not ruppoae there is much difference? or, if any, the hanks beat the Stale Prisons in the quality if not quantity of rascals they contain. The State Prisons are tew, but have several hundred small knaves worth five dollars each ; the banks are numerous, and have only a small number,Jeach worth the price of $52,725 to #500,000 each- Probably in the aggregate of villuny, both are about equal. They are different on one important measure?the Panks tire opposed to a Bankrupt Law, the State Prisons for a repeal. Hurra! The Home Ssjuadhon ?Where are they 1 Loss or thk U. S. Pea<o<k.?(Ireat doubts are expressed by nautical men of the truth of the story published in the " Journal of Commerce," detailing the loss of the U. S. Peacock in the mouth of the Columbia river. The story, as told is very mptobable, and " looks very much like a whale." Theatricals. T- rr> ?" Air ii>r.vmr?ins Mi-pinom Husband is repeated to-night, and wr hope it will goort* better than it did on the first representation- We notice the papers generally condemn Miss Biiloid's performance of Mrs. Strictland- We are sorry for this, and in u great measure it is unjust Thg piece was generally played badly, and Miss B. was not worse than the rest. It is poor encouragement to u young actress to be condemned, end a great deal of precaution should be used by the critics in speaking their minds. They are delicate subjects, and should be treated with care, at all events with some gallantry. The new farce of My Wife's Dentist, concludes the performance. Bowkhv AMriirrncATR* ?This arena still maintains its well earned reputation, and nishtly com?8 in for a share of public patronage. Novelties are all the rage there ; the admirable skill evinced in the equitation of the various artists, the excellent extravaganzas, and the comicalities of the clown, all combine to make the establishment moat popular. Saturday next, a day and evening performance is announced. Arcadian Circc*.?The commendatory manner evinced in conducting this establishment, deserves all the applause it nightly receives at the hands of its patrons. The performances gooff with much rclat, and the inhabitants of the village and the neighborhood nightly assemble 'neuth the tent. Chatham Theatre?Mas. Thokne's BritrriT.? The guardian angel of the patrons of this Temple of the Drama summons herfrivnd* to do battle in her behalf to-night. Her benefit takes place, and in announcing this we have almost said sufficient to attract an overwhelming audience. In our opinion Mrs. Thorne i? one of the best actresses now on the hoards of the city?respectable ineTery thing she undertaken, and most zealous to win thie good opinion of the public. Her performances are most fin,shed, and invariably she receives that applause her efforts richly merit. l>n ao accasion have we ever known her to come forward so well recommended as on the present Night after night has she toiled to give delight to the numerous pmrons of her husband's home, and always has she succeded in a manner commensurate with her undertakings. And what friend doe-she possess who will not consider it his duty to be ?n the spot tonight 1 We feel snngutne in the prediction that they will all be there, and of course the house will be crowded to its utmost capacity. For particulars of performance see advertisement ?? ? ????-Mgn RK9T*tT1MNT FOR LADIK.H AND GENTLEMEN. 573 Broadway, oppoeita Nibto'a Garden.?Tina KreUiirant n abore th* Ice Cream ttaloou. Ladiee will liud. at thin ratabliehment, a private eating room, and a bvl ol fare mp. plied withevery thiug that rtiemaikrt ca i afford?the Subecribrraliope by their punctnality, giving all aaxefacfiou to the pcre.m that will gire them their patruuage. I'rirale roam fur dinner partiea ran be had All ordeia reeeivnd to irnd out?dinner pertie* halle.ioireet, &e. ornamental pyramid ; a'l kind* p*rro<* of augtr, char* of liberty, fancy cake*, Charlotte ro?fe, jellir* ire cream, bitcuile, glace*,nombea agrenadaa. the only manufacture ra.fcc, On hand trulfra. pate dc faie* grai, and )bc periguttiy, petlia poi*. champaiguniia. H aimliei will fun:, at any time, a ?.irirty of diahea ready to end out. Their prire* will be moderate. MAG,VAN U JUUEN, jf lm" French Cooke and CoulVctloner*. ?|?U THh PUBLIC ?Lli* 5 ttCIAlS.? I he uudrriiritfj 1 bee* tear* reapeetfully to iurile tie atteniiouof teaeapaiu*. merchant*, and all outer* iutereatrd in the- navigation of bo<te and v?eerie, to hie newly inrrnted life boil. Tneee Life Bocta are made npoaauentirely different principle from thane now in uee; thry are warranted to la- every way adapted to the purpo*ea for w hich tliey are deaigued, and termed "Fihhcm' Lile Boat " 1 hoae feeling imereatrd on thia auh.)rcl, ar, invited to call at the ealaMiahinenl of the undesigned No. to* Water itreet. and examine fur ihemaelvra. CHANDI.KR L. INOfcRSOLL. There itoN now build ng, which the public are invited to examine aj the work progrcca )? WITHOUT MKRt-Utlt.-iiH. L' nit-, vrv.? iiaa .lie nmior ?l informing tne ciuxtm ?t New Vora. thai he curea radically, on the homroiiatiiic ayaum, *nu in a lew dava. every deacnption of ayi>hilic diaeaae, whether reeeat ar of long atanding, without danger of relate, which vary often ocrura by Uie uae of mercury. The remedy of Or. Brenin doea not contain a particle of oMrcury. ar aay other corroaira or iwiaounua uiiueral, and therefore cannal pnaaibly cxarciae any delatennna influence on the body. Iteaa be Conveniently admmietered; ita operation ia alwaya eafe. and no bad eonae.jurnrra ran follow from jieuae, ho-.aftr critical tha circumaiam ea under which it ia t4ke*> jOf- P?ti*utfl wichinc advice rnn consult nr Br?un* M hi* office. Orauile Budding, corner vl Broadway and Cuaiunera tract, eulrancainChamberaatra I. at anv hour from 10 A >1. to 1 P.M. j3 In XTOTICK.?IMTUKTA.-Vi IU Mtnl HANTS and all other* lending letter* to England by the MOk'AL MAIL BTEAMfcHS from Bo?toa. MeHra. Haroiien k Co. would re?pectfiilly give notice that they ilo guarantee that all letter* (retired at their office. No. ( Wall ttreel. New York up to the day prerioua to the Departure of the boat from Ho*ton, hall be plaeed in the Kngliah mail ou board the teamrr before ihr tail*. ***? in rate of accident or detention to the bout* on the Hoand, enleia the delay (hall be inure than twenty-lour hour* orer the ordinary running time. N. B. Meter*. H. Ik Co. would alto give notice to their fnead* and tlie public that they do not giv* the above aaaaranee without power to fnlAI tl>c tame. S HARNDKN It CO. BKINSMID'H HOMUPAI 1IIAN \M1KTABLK PILLS? Anew fountain of health I* opened and* forth tnhealiiig atreanie?a briaht and glorinn* ?t ar ha* arweti? and ii cheering thouiauda with renewed health and 'of* It it the liar ol Hemopathian medirioe. Th'ie pill*, let it lo ,In liuetly under* tend .cure dt?ea?e by aiperificliom palluan power, which instantly put* a itop to the action and progre** ?-f 'he dtaeaae. A* loon a* they hare operated, you (eel that a heavy 'oad ha* beeu lakeu from Ihe hody. ami the trai?|iiil, buoyant feelmgr of health, iiainediately iprintt op in it* place By (toping the action of the di*ea*e. Ihry retlore heali'i, and atengtn. and appetite, and all the 'iiuetiou*. to their ualtinil state; and the recorrry i* rapid. perfect aud eninplrte. Their oper ition on the bowel* i* abundantly free, out ideaiant Had natural; they never ?iokr* the itninarh or cramp the howri*. hut cerate i>|ea?aiit aud agreeable enaalioa*. and. what i* a great object in the*e Fill*, they are alway* aafe; they may he taken on all occasion*, and trader any circumalaneea, without rrg-ird to the name of the di*ea*e, for the operate opou the general con t tuti'iD. eapelliog dweaae from the hody wherever it may he rented. Krery one wlto keep* thr?e pills by thein will alway liara a lareily physician in hi* own hou*e and when oeuig them may confidently reply upon a jun k reatoraliou ol heailh They may he had at OT3 and J7* aud ,t|o rtowery *6 and :*# Hud*<ui elrret, 77 Ka*t Kroedway, 7? h'u.ton treet, and 260 Greenwich *tr*et. f oruer ol Warren, jl Im* Dll RICHARDSON'S SHERRY WINK. HI I'TEHs*Kir.ha d?o.i'? Killers^ advertised iu another column, are highly *pobenof in thi* vicinity by grutlr' en who ate net in the habit of drinking bitter*, (any more than the good girl wa* of going to meeting ) for the plraiure of it We have no taste for these thing* oonelve*. being quite hitter enough elready . without the aid of rue. wormwood Or jiiiou Never iheles*. if afflicted with the prevalent di?e'*e? enumerated in the advertisement and ob igod to beeome either " put a val I lower,"or a tubbier, wr should he inetined ta call at llnnl's. and impure tha way to health ao<l atienelh ol Doctor Richardaou -KmIw (N. H.) New* Letter. i-tiranr Wine E'lTTraa.?Thenar* vry tichty and ?cry jmtly raroonneoded by phyncian*. < > of (re at uiSia ry in |ina| itrriiftli to the weak and debilitated Tlir nee of > ear* li? aaiiafac-only prnred their virtue* I'ntinrtund by the *li(htea deletertnua matter, they rnimnunirat- the healiiMI powere of th* beat mediriool mot* an I plant* Thty rratnre. and, if not hud mele. pr*a*r*r ?he whole animal economy in a late of habitual hea|thine<a tThey raun ,t be tju frcpn ntly commended t" public o->lire by joaf encomium* from the preaa [A B it D. Sajida. 7t and I no Ku'ton atreei. Acuta (Jt^ In apeakiaf of the eacelleiic* of the Gharry Wi-ie Bit eera.of wliirh Vteae a. A. B It D Manda are ,(.nta. we meant thoac prepared by Dr. I*, tl. Htch*rd?oo, of smith Tl ading, Maaa.?Kre '-(rial. V. Mold at who' tale and retail, by A BAD. Rand*. Oru?yiela, 7t and loo Fulton at ; Daeid Hauda k Ga?. 77 h aat Broad way Ahm. B Mandate I o 173 Beoadwoy ; ( od hnyton. jay lludaon atrnet; Mora, Ml tJrand, corner of emtio i at. ; Hint, *4? lianiy _ dm la* flaXi..?Tt?* tBaiTin aid of ihe^TITTTrt " Klre Dopa intent Fund wiU lake place at the Park Thea-re .41 Monday lomu Jan. Hat I ickeia J,* Wi towftw * ta tw ^ i .imum M, v/^ M. M. m m?M MA Uk7, VfADAME C0flT?L.I,0,KaniftU Phyaiciaa, ittil erxitin i iircru nil oieeaaea (xruUv Hupytnytoty iiTMuUntr. obatruetioa |U: , t.y v>hk?7?r |-?um l*i>4<ic?<1,ta? beremorH by Madame C. in a vary ahoat Madame C a medical eetabliahment Harma HO'WriOM (Vim. Ofh rcV-.ra *lxl alterative fcc the Utt r ?c,n?^\7Mi^ bar iKUk'rou* i?ikhU, the now v,r., w d t.. m-oi Ul.w tm tSepotpt of loalWwfut or thoae A, wp,U lo 0? I.e.. Led for ' Itanr monthly Miml. " ***** ***?* V f Ndnlte.l a I her r*??Unre. No. b4 LianaAlleoamnBiMttwa^kiUrafcualbeyoalJaHi. 4*4laa* il,i |

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