Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 24, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 24, 1842 Page 1
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THI Vol. V U.?lie . 310 '-Whol! No. 107 NKW YOKK AMI) NKWAHK. CE83 SSS ( are reduced to US cents. from the foot of Courtlandt etreet, New York. (Y.rery day?Stmdayeeacr] led.) Leave New York. Leave Newer*. Ac ? A.M. At 2 P.M. At H A.M. All) P.M. u ill 4 do 9 CO Ij (io 41 do 104 do (do T is I# do ON SUNDAYS. . From the fwot of Liberty etreet UiteNcvvVnrk. Leave Newark. A- I A. M.aud <1 T. M. At 1 P. M. audi# P. M. tWW YORK, KMABETHTOWN. RAH WAY AND NKW BRUNSWICK, bare reduced. Prom the foot of Liberty street.daily. Leave New York. Leave New driuiswick. At ? A.M. AtTiA. M. 41 P. M I P. M. AOMERVILLE .iiageecoiineet with'hese linos each way. ."err betweeu New York an) Siynerville, iOeentf. jo do No* Bnouwiek, TS cents. 1 lhway, to cents ? lixabe'htowu, 25 ceu.'i. Tri? fare iu the T? A. M. tram from New Brunawick, and 4) P M tnin from New York, has heen reduced between New York ami New Brunswick to 5u cente. ' riinl Ruhway t? IT| " ft>* Philadelphia irtuiliuia puM** through New Brunswickfov New Yorkeverv evruiug at?o'clstk. <>u Sundays the 7i A. M. triyfrom New Brunswick ia omit4M[ Passengers who procure their tickets ut the ticket office,react r- a ferry ticket prat is. Tieketnare received by theconductoi oolv on ti.r iloi when oiirchaenl. m: TID-. -'.ASTERN DIVISION OK THK NKtV YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD. T^RAINS wit, hereafter run between New York and Unslien A according to the following arrangement, stopping at Ihermoot Blaiii eltvillr, I'.iecae, Suffrrne, Ka-rauo Station. Moonoe Works, Turner's, Seamanville, Monroe Village and the* tar. FROM NEW YORK A passenger tnin every morning (evcept Sunday) leaving of Albuiy street,at g'( o'clock, A. M. iuthe ooinpnuy's JitUa'uboHt Ulica, Cayl \. H. Sehnltx. VoiirPWenfrr train every Welnesday anil Saturday afternooa, ? o'clock, from the foot of Albany etreet, iu tho steamboat tin. A freight tniu every Monday ruesduy. Thursday anil t ridag iftrruo n. at 4 o'clock, from the font of Ch unbent itreet, by the steamboat Uunm KKO* GOSHEN. A pisscnper train M-ery moriing, (eaerp! Sunday) at Ss'clk. arming in New York, by the (teamboat Utica, at lite foot of Aitreny street. A p ws-ngtr train every Wednesday aud Saturday afternoon, t 1 o'eclolt, arriving in Nevr York by the atrainboat Utica, A freight train every Vtonday, Ttiesnaj . Thureday and h ri4ay., at 3 o'clock, arriving in New York hr the steamboat nion. and ba'gea at the foot of Chambers street. Freight -vnt be rec iwed at the loot of Albany etreet on Wednesday and Saturday, and at the foot of Chamber* street am Monday, Tneeday, Thursday and Friday, until 3 P. M For freight or ps*sai:e. iiujuire at the Company'* Transportation office, coreer of Liberty and West *treet*, and at the roriuu* depot* on the line of the mad. H. C. SKYMOUR,Superintendent tgTIin K?*tern OivirjonNew York *nd K.rrr Railroad. VIA STONINUTON, DAILY. na*A HAltNDEN 8t CO'S American and Foreign Express, Foreign Letter, and General ForwardJBHRRk ing Office ?Package* of all kind*, (ample good*, specie. and bank note*, will be ree lived and forwarded by Express, to and from the following places:? From Boa ton to Liverpool, London. Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds,Ung.; Dublin aud Cork, Ireland; Glasgow and Oreenock, ScstlaiMr; Paris uutl Havre, France; and from Boston to Providence, New York, Philadelphia, and from Troy -cad Albany, having recently mad* arrangement* with the Peo ytek Lint to that effect. , RARNDKN A CO will attend to collecting or paying Droit*, Notes, Bill* or Acceptance*, and the purchasing of g?M<d* of every description, or transient business of auy kind, wk. ck they undertake promptly. Letter Bag* will be kept at their Boiton.New York.Philadelphia and Albany offices, for Canard's Royal Mail Line of atromahipt; alio, lor the steamer Grtat We?tern,aad the epilog packet* from New York. TSkE NOTICE.?Package* lent to tither office,for Kngi?J a... waiIw, nlm-e must not. in anv case.contain letters N. B. All j?wil> must be nurknl H/illNDtN & CO.. who ars alone responsible for the lose or injury of any article* or property committed to their care: nor i* any risk assumed by, not can aay be attached to the B. ft P. and S. Railroads, or tna N.J. Steam Navigation Co., en whose roaile, or iu whose steamer*, their crates are or may be transported, in respect to ten or their contents at any time. RmrcaeRcrs:- Messrs. Klotcher, Alexander ft Co., Lirerpool and Loudon: Welle* ft Co., Bankers, Paris, Frauee; Thomas B. Curtia, F.s<j., Boston; Oaodhue ftCo., New York; Carey ft Iiart, Philadelphia; and Thomas W Olcott, Esq., Amijr. OrncaRi;?No. 238 l*.;rer street, Troy; 11 Exchange, Albany: 43 South Third 'eel. Philadelphia; 11 Church street, Liverpool; 8 Court stieet, Boetun, Union Buildings, Provi WYMAN, Ageut, No. I Watl *t.,New York. jr? harnden ft co. Tor bhreWsbLRk?fall aKSgMiSt RANOEMENT?The steamboat OSIKI9. 3Cw3^3E>Capt. J. C. Allaire, will commence running on Saturday, Sept. 15th, as follows;?leare Fnlton Market slip, tan River, every Saturday at to o'clock A.M., Tuesday. Wednesday, and Friday, at 8 o'clock A.M. Reluraiug, leaves Red Bank every Monday morning; nt Id sftUok A.M.; T uesday, W ednesday. and Friday, at half-past o'clock P. Vl. TV. W..t will runas above nntil further notice,navigation ?md weather permitting. olSin* ReH BIkDLINK Tit ALBAN V, oil the East side of the rirer. having better stages JwTt ar***JWfc and teams?asking no higher fare.?Otlv-r, Howard's Hotel. 178 Broadway ? Passengers will be forwardan bv Mare to Albany by th s line from any point on the East aide of the river where the bo iU may be compelled by ice to jjgent* will be on hoard each of the nail boate to give assistance an i information Th?? lute eilends to Montreal, touching at Albany, (office tauter the Museum) and embrace* a rery direct and commoffieua rout* thither. The stages anil hor?e? of lm* will be fouod really the boat ou the Albany route,and no deception. The strident attention will be pain to the comfort, convetester and all who may give ne the preference. Wh> a the river shall lie shut up tnti-elr, Ited Bird wfU run ail throach from New Vork city to Aluany. 8. HOLT, J* At. H. BAXTER, * Aer'"f L V B.XKF.R. Proprietor. c8*1 n The cheapest and most iwpeclitiou* Koute TO BOSTON, Pia Hudson, Tit tsfield, Springfield and Worcester. For HUDSON and intermediate place*. *t-.l The new and elegant steninhoat COLl/MCspt. T.P. Newbury, will leave the foql of Cedar s treat e very Tuecday, 1 hurtday and atnrdsy at S P. M. Off" Fare troin New York to Boatan, if paid on board the Tlie raseage Train of the Hudson, Berkshire and Western Rnliand will run in connection with this boat is follows Hudson daily (Sundays eicepted) at < a. M . artire at IWtd at half past 8, at Springfield at IS noon, at Worcester p. tc-aiiil at Uosinu at half [mat i r. at. Or?- Tickets for Boston must be procured on board of this fco%t odI y. For pea*age or freight, apply on board, or to CROOKE, FOWIlS It the corner of Woat and Liberty streets. ?8 Sot 'PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, nil THE new and commodious ateataboat ttdfcy3eNORTH AMERICA, I apt. M H. TrLte^K^R-JSC-dell, leaves the steamboat pier between CortIbndt and Liberty streets, on Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 8 o'clock. For passage or freirnt, apply to P. C. Schullz at the office on Cm wharf,or on board. N. B. All kioda of property taken only a', tie risk of the senses thereof. dlt_ PALL AltRANOF.MK.VT?POUOHKEF.PSIE AND NEW YORK, sat The fast sailing steamboat OSF.OLA. CapS^r-reptain Verdtoe Trueadale, for the remainder of jpC^FL?iZ.the asason will leave the iteamboat pier, foot sfChambers sireet, every Tnesdwy. Thursday and Saturday aftsntocue, at 3 o'clock?landing, up and dnwu. at Caldwell's, West Point. Cold Sp, in" Cornwall, Fishkiil Landing, New Hmnborp. and Altitun. Returning, leaves Poughkeepieererv Hswday, Wednesday and Friday morning, at T o'clock. Attar tha 1st of November, the Oscola will leave Potighkrrpsie at sVloek m the inorniug. For passage. apply to the Captain. * boor,I. or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. ana ill We?t it. ~ajj. ilMil LAK MAIL LINK KOK PROVl A *" *. jL' r>L V,',g AND BOSTON, via STON1NO3K.-L*J-2L TdN AND NEWPORT. toinrn*ed of the Inflow supetior ((camera, running in connection with the Seeomvton and Providence, and Boaton and Providence Kailroad M ASBADHU8ETT8 .Cant .t'omatodi. RHODE ISLAND, Capt. Thayer. MOHEOAN. . . NARRAUANSETT.Capt. Woolaey tea of which will leave New York daily. Sundayaeieepted, Sva fi'rNo.l North River.Battery Place,?t t o'clock P.M. ^rrratraml. The NARRAOANSETT.on Monday* and Thoraduya.for 8ACHU8ETTS, Tueadaya and Friday*, for tnarDttou, Ne?nrt.and Providence. five RHODETsLaND, on Wednesday* and Saturdaya.for Btauinytoa. Newport, and Providence. naaanoer* on the arrival of the* (earner* at Slonnvtaa. may take the Railroad Law and proceed immediately to Providence amdBoeton, or whea they go round, may,if they prefer it, re aaah on board and take the accommodation train from Providay to Boaton. freight taken at tkefoHowingrednced rate*:?To Boaton .on meaaorcracni good*, a cent* per cubic foot, and on merchandire #anerally, aevm d.illara perton. To Providence .on ineaeiire?aot good* ? 1 \ ccnla per ruble foot jy U T STATUS ISLAND KEMJlk . Foot of Whitehall ataeet Thwateam-r 8TATKN ISLANDER . Leave* Htaten lalaad Leave* Whitehall At a n'ciork ? h. At o'elo:k a w 10 ., ,, " I " r.M. - a - r. M " s| " " 14 it " ? 4 ? ? ** 1 " On Scrday there wilj be .two boat* to mo. The laat boat r. rowKi.L k o-s LINE. ' M P()R NEWBL'ROH, Undine at CALU WELL'8. WEST POINT 5LND COLD jEi~?J?LsrKINl>?The steamboat HIGHLANDER Cut llobrrt Wardrop, will Irare tlx foot of Warrra street flaw ^ nrk.erery Mouday. Tl?> *J*y and Saturday ifti rnoou's at to'Hntk. Returning.the Hig* s-n-Si will leare Newburgb MHIJ Mnn.lsy morning at I o'clock, ou < i U'lJa) and Kriduy Mssiioon at S o'clock. fm freight or para-age, apply to the Cnptaiu an board. I*. II All baggage ami freight of erery description, hank Mia 'irapircic,put on boardthi* boat.muat t>? at the ri'li of tha mntfi* thereof, uulrai a bill ofladmg arrccriptia signed for RMjktM n,M lit fASSAUK PROM ENGLAND. SCOTLAND AN[) WALEfl.hy first Spring !< {?.?ThesubacriflHKabrni arc prr|>arcd to make arrangement* for bringing ptSser^femfrom I guidon, Liverpool^ Bristol and Orconock. * lw cms Amerieanpacketahipa.tosailfroinraoh oftheuboee parts ttic first of the Spring. Persons wishing to send for their ""? to sin part of (treat Britain, can make necessary ar If,.. . TAPBCOTT. t? Bond)it. corner(JotrenrvUr. swat fordrokw unMug tbr money 3 NE1 NKi Nfc-W YORK AND HA* ItF. PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) The nhip* of tHu line w til lirrrHIl: r Unre New \ >rk uu the 1ft and Havre eu Lht 16th of each month l'olin?i: INvn New York. Fiom Havre. Th? xw fhip ONEIDA, t let March ( lttth At ril Capt. < 1st Inly < istti Annuel Jtnirf Kiiiick. C Ul Nutember ( 16m December Ship BALTIMORE, (lit April ? iBiii May Cut t. ? 1st Auguet < Kith September K.lwaru Kuuk. ( let December f 16th January Ship UTICA, ? let May ? 16th Jnue Cat*. < l?t September ? iiith October i* red Hew it C l?t January f 16th February New ship ?T. NICOLAS, I 1st June ( 16th July Cant. < Ut October < I8il? Novtmhtr J. B. nil, r i*t Febrvuf ( 16th llafdi The accommodations of tiu*?? ships are not surpassed, rum binh.g all that maj Ik equired i i tin fort. The price of ca biu passage is $100, Pu*?ngeri? will bt supplied with ever/ renuunte. willi th* exception of" wines and liquors. Goods intended for tii#^- vessels will be forwarded bf the subscribers. free from any other th?u the eiiewti actitaLyi neurrtd on them. Kor irnubi or passage apply to BOVI) H HIN( KEN, A jr'nts, g3 o Tontme RiiiMiniv PASSAGE K k JM UKb.ii nui i an^i *ah if& iMt The nulncriberi continue to make eiu;*igein*tit* to bring out passengers In m the old country, by ship# <?t the first class. all Aineiirau built, and commanded by meu long at d favorably boon i the trade* The reeeels c mpoi thie line %il weekly from Liverpool, constqucutly all unnecessary delay to p tssetigers i * a voided IVr#ouf about to make engagetrenl- for their friends to mieinte the enduing season, ill study tin ir own interest and the iu'crest and c uifort of their frieuds, by making such engage, incuts with the subsctih.-r*. aa no evpeiijc or pains are spared to cam that preference which has for in uiy ycaia betri ntcndf 1 to tti? n, As i?io< always been customary with this line, when the parlies settled for decline coming out, the passage moti?y is promptly refunded to .hose frouft whom it was received, without reduction. A 'ree passage p?r steamboat from the various ports of Irelaud and Scotland to Lirerpool, can likewise be secured, f or further particulars, Apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON, Old establishe d packet office, 273Pearl st. C. OR1M8HAW Ik Co luliorce Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts or rvch iouc at sight and for any amount, arc also furuished on K. 1' Glyii St ?>o., banners, London, C Onrush** & Co . Live?pool. ?he Northern Banking I'o and National Bank, oi Irda d uid National Ba k ot Bcoilaodi ;-i able at their t- '.v - h met i s i. as ab *e Aw i?ir NfciW kORk 1SD LtV KPtitffTREt:i LAR OK PACKETA , jJIk i& Ak ilpL. i he subscribers conlinuc i o make arroignineiitt; for brining out t*usseugcrs fro in all parts of England. Iceland. Scotland ami weekly. Mr. W. Tapscutt beii g mm in Liverpool will ace thai Ml th-ic wlius*'passages are engaged Hi this <>rfi< r are for warded w ilhcnre ami despatch. Persons wishing mn ney to their trieuds to prepare for the voyage. chii hare drafts for any amount |My?blu im ail the principal towns of Gtrat Britain ml Ireland. In all '.-ases where tlneieseutfur drrliue coining out. the pannage money will be refunded to the partie s who paid it here. For terms, which will he very reasonable epply (ifhv let paid) to ___ iwJr I'At'KEJ'rt FOR HAVuK.?fire mil Line.?XI i new ship ST. NP'OLAS, J. B. Pell, master, writ flftraAfi i*""' on the lit of February. " BOYD It HINCKKN, Agent*. jl t ____ ' Tontine Building -??** " :>kvv iTlS'fc of livkmT'ooi, i'ak.Kr.'l's ? I''gular pHcltet of tneSSIli .1*1.?The splendid naeket i>?.'us??h:p bH r.ltll)A.\. Captaiu Deicyestci. will eail Hi above, her regular day. The ehi|>? ol this line are all luOO tone burthen and over, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage ia well known are superior to any other line of packet* Perseus about to embark and drain n? of 'eeuring bertha, in taia fa'onte abip. should make early application on boaid. lout ol W ill itrei t.or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. 49 South alreet, corner Gotiverneur One, or 43 Peck ?lip. Person* deeirona of sendingfir their frirnda can have ihem brought out by thia favorite shin, or any other line, sailing from Liverpool weekly and on favorable (erins. Lrails Air any amount, payable on the National and (Toviticial Banks ot Ireland aud their Branches; on Messrs. James Bult, Son St Co Bankers, Loudon; Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; which are payable in all the principal towns of the United Kitty don; can tie had by apply itig at Tapscott's General Pas sage Oifice, 49 South street. jit PASSAGE FOR LONDON -Packet 1st Kebrua ePjwy rv?The splendid packet ship MF.DlATOlt, Captain Wi8Ni&Chadwick,sails positively ss ab >ve, her regular day. Having splendid accommodations for cabin second cabin and steerage passenger*. Early application should be inade on board,or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, jl I 49 South str>ct. or**43 Peck Slip. PASSAGE TO AND FROM GREENOCK wfSfJVAND OL \8GOW ?Tlie fiue packet ship OGLEJ#?8??.THlJKP, Capt.Caraon. which sails from New York on t .e gsth January, and will leave Greenock and Glasgow early in the spring Persou* wishing to embark, aud those about to send for their friends to come out direct f. om Scotland, should not fail to embrace this favorable opportunity, as the accommodations by tins ah-p for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, aie very' superior. For term* of passage at ply to W. Sc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 49 South street. j90 *>r 49 PrNk slip. jtfflP- FOR NEW ORLEAN''-Packet of the Md lau nary?The first class last sailir.g packet ship ST. RV, Captain Foster, will sail as above, her re gular day, and can in a superior manner accommodate cabin, 2nd cabin and (teerage passengers, il immediate application be made on board the ship foot ol FVr at , or lo jlS J HF.RDMAN 61 South it. " PASSAGE FUR SAVANNAH.?First Pack f*3tW 1 *' paean ling r-Anoi, papism JSJS??li?J>hnioii awls positively a* abme This vessel has splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin null steerage passengers. Kor passage early applies tion should be mane to W. k J. T. TArSCOTT, 4? Soulhstrret. jS U Trek slip. 4*fc- KOK LiVKKPOOL.?l he superior first (clues urtTW oiinjf ship SCOTLAND. Robiaioti, Mastes. will JIMwsCnhavi: immediate dispatch tor the abort- port Having IpMMd iNMHMMlM for c-hin, Second cshiu, and e'eera;.e pvsaeugens. Persons about embarking ehould make early application to C.LOVKR k McMLRRAY. 100 Piue street corner otSouth. P ? ?r?rs iis wishing to send Tor their friems residing ill the old country, can hare them brought out by the abore iliip, p ieare Liverpool on the 19th March, and provided with pre. visions bi her, if rinu red, on the moat moderate terms, by ?PP'> ink as above (if by leper post paid.) isf RK WIT I'ANLKB TO EN'tLANl) IRELAND JWk SCOTLAND, AND WALES? Persons I roceeding ffj* *. - sending money to their friends residing in auy part of the old eountry, can at all times obtain from the s ubscrihers drafts at fight, lor any amount drawn direct on the Koval Bank of Ireland and on Messrs. Present!. Orote, Ames It Co., baukeis, London, n hieh are imij free of dise.ountor any charge whatever, in every town throughout the United Kingdom Kor terms auolvjto KOCHE. BROTHERS k CO. 35 Fulton at. New York, next de ir to the Fulton Bank (fly- The subscribers have a regular di-ecl succession of first class American Snips, sailing from Liverjvnol every sin dsys. and rvtr. JAMES It. KOCHE, one of this Aim, is there, and will remain to sec all those whose passages are pai I here, forwarded with care and despatch. For passage apply ni above jl PASSAGE KOlt 8AVANN AH-Kiret PacketsSMjyTbeaplendid packet eliip CELI A, Capt 'I hatcher; . WBsfceiihi as above, having gplendiil accommodation* for cabin, em-nod eahm, Ik ati-i-ragr laaeenaere. K?r paeeagr. early ,?jC*o NEW VOKK A.V'n LIVERPOOL KECiULAlt tftghyCOMMERCIAL LINE OK PACKETS-Sailin* flKJ%?eWee.klr?Paeave from Ureal Britain and Ireland, Tia Liverpool?The euSarribere rontinue to bring out pwaern(ere who may he engaged by their frlendi here, on very Boilerat* terme, for tiret clam :<hipe nailing from Liverpool weekly.? Draftj for any amount can alao be funnelled, payable tlirouchout the United Kingdom. For further particular* apply, if by letter poet paid,to oM JOHN Booth nt_ JU j> eon i.u-e? ItrRiiiar faeaei V*UVof '15th December?The eplradid parked ahip HlD :J(?*DON8, La; tain E. 11. Cobb, of 1000 toni.wiU sail U above. ?er regular day. Forfrrightorpare-ge.riaTingaceommidatione unernailed for ipjondnrnr comfort,apply on buani,atOrleas* wharf.footol wall at.,or to E. K.COLLINS k CO. II Southatraat Price of paaaage 9lno The packet ehip SHERIDAN, Cant. K. A. Depeveter. of 10CO tone, will eucceed the Siddone, and tail the aStli January, her regular day. Paaaeucera miy rely on the ehipa of thialineaailiug piractually at adrertieed. _ nil "PASS.aOjC kro.m Hamburg, oekMank ? wjea DIRECT ?The auhernbere have a regular eucreaJaKMWeaion of ft ret claea veaaela, leaving Hamburg twire a montiu TVraotia wiehing to rend for thrir friend*, rending in any part of Oermauy.cau arail theanaelveeofthie arrangement. Draft* fur any amount can ale* be furunlied, payable in Hamburg. For furtlier particular*, apply (if by letter poet paid) to HKRDM AN k KEENA.V. ?! South at. ai' WILLIAM (MB SON, Eeq., Agent at Htmbvrg -Cifcg DRAFTS TO ENGLAND,IRELAND, St OTMjWyLANI) AND WALKS.?Fi-reoiit deeiroue of tendJfiMwKw"'k' ruonry to their friend* in any pari of the old country, eau be aupplieil wiibdrafle at light, payable at the National end Provincial Bauka of Ireland ant Branrhee. Meter*. Jem** Butt. Sen k Co., Lundoo, and Exchange and Dieeount Bank. Liverpool, which are paid on demwdTia all the txinripal town* in the United Kiagtnnv JFocHrme, lie.. appiy to " * J i. i Aro< ui i, General P.uiM( Office, 41 South atreet. Where. alao. arrantremeota can be made for paaaengera to cmf out froin the o|J c ountry. in firat claaa American packet hip*. commended bv ecucnenced raotaina, one of which will leave Li?> rpool every *11 da> throughout tlie coining eaaaon; and peraone about iroiling lor fheir frienda mar rely that evert-care and attention will be paid to render tin yaaaeage comfortable. Kor particnler* rlv a* above. dl? ^ff?k~TA3SA<i*'. 'Ok BRISTOL?1 he aplen?-.d picaJJ^Wet brig NORTHER VER. Lap! Riee, will have im JEMMbmediate deepitch for the above pert, herring "uperinr acccmino lation f ir a few c ?bin, and aeeond eabio piaaengeri. which Will be taken at moderate rate*, il early at |>liration i* 11/ a. 1 T T A P41i'l>TT mace to vv ? ? ' r?< ouy ' * l? Sou'h atreet, Peraona ileairou# of rending for their friend* to torn' cut from'he above port, can make the urceaaary arringftnent, by gpftyiigg* abort. jIT <jUh KOK LONDON?Regular pivket of the inth inat l*JWW?The well known faataading packet ahipdl.Alil AJjUMKnTOM, Cant. Britten, hur'hen IIXK) tone will poailiyeIjr rail ;*? above. Ihi* fine ahipliai aceomm.xlaliona forcahiu, aecoudcabin, anil aterrag- paaseng ri,fully aqual to any oihrr packet, and bertha eau be aer.ured on moderate termr. i' immediate application be made on board foot of Maiden lane, or to OLOVKR It McMlRRAY. 100 Pine at. cor of Houlh ?t. P.9.?Prraona wiahiog t? aend for thur frietxia, can have them brought out in tht above favorite ahip. or any ofthe regular line-ailing from London ou the 7th, 17lh. ?tid 4*ih of 'aril mon'h, and thoie wiahiogto remit money, ran proenre dead* on Meur*. Phillip* and Tiplady of London, pa) able at e?ehl. i>y ar pUwn a? above. jH ?frfC; t'oR Ll^r,ItlfttOL?New Line? ifeguUr I'aeae KMrdrV 'he J*tk Januni jr.?Toe aplrndid fx?t nailing'-nehel >?* ?* itiip 8HLHIBAN, Opt. V. A. I)*pey.ter, of lOOO looiTwilT (ail u above, her regular d?y. P*r Height or pa*? ^e, having aaeommodntiina une (ua'led TP ,r """fort, apidy on board at (Irleanr whai f. foot <4 Wall ilerl* K fe. K. COLLIN* k CO.. _ , 04 South Itreet Ptk* of pMnn J) i a*. i.1* *""*3 C'Pt - Win. -kiddy of lO<M t o*, wall aneeeovl the Hkeridau, and awl on the ilttt Kebrnary, her regular day. A** lW" +*** * ,Km a-H^aag JtiU> mmmmmarnammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmammmmmmammmmmm iV vo IV YORK, MONDAY MO IViKKHNTILK AOKNCir.-TIi- nu.ln.uned beg* leave 1*1 la lubn it to the Merchant* of New \ ork, a plan lor au ml .b'iehineut v?ilh the above title, embracing. mirh hraneht ? ol t. ii*in<*< a* me now undertaken by an other rndividu ,1, *ud which lie believe* of milliciei.t inii>ortauce to the iwerciutile codiiiimity to receive and inert! their patronage. Merchant* are often at a lo??, in the hurry of husio'ft to know where to apply fortlie Keaiiitanre llie> n eel III* tie ubiectof this eatui'litluneul toallard theui as little,> r as much at they may require. 1 heDiuineaf of this estaMi*! inent wilt include all nipple*tiona winch merclioita and other* in** desire to h.irc couti i....,..ii,.......i,.,i..,i ?,,.i ? in .... i.,.i. Procuring Partners, Negotiating with Manufacture's. Supplying Merchants wi h Clerks, < otiu mniising with Creditors, Inflecting Marine and Kire Insurance, drawing Commercial f'outnictj, ftic. kr. and for the pur|?o?e of profiling temporary occupation fo? Clerk* who are out of employ merit. All kiuds ol'writiig, bookkeeping collecting, fee. Ti e plan ot providing intan* b> which persons desirous of couikcting themselves in business. may learn something of the i ,?t ics nl t .? businessj i i po ? ). i in nautei are ghea. or ihs i trties introduced!) udi istifts wlich can never pe obtained iro.i a n WHpaper in the common mode of applyiug for panne*. The subscriber who hai h?d iniicli experience in trade, ;uid was educated a inerchaut, fee!* assured tint he is competent to conduct this part of tin business to ?he satisfictioQ ?>i the Berties intereat 6d, and will In enabled 11 prscurs MStlMfl il ttBHMtlVM : raip-u bssfotlf, wkich Will > u Id lair r muueration for risk and uss o * sadttli I Manufacturers and merchant a from tnr country who have I business to transact in the city, will find xt this agency means, it aiitnn*-?. of obtaining iatrodoctiua f?? m rahugi oi |osd I standing. Whe e responsible ag?nt* or partuers are wauled, every facility w ill be afforded at I s? expense than they will incur.for board and less of time, while attempting to carry out the negotiation themselves. The pro post i on to give temporary employment to clerks who are out of place, as it will en.blc them 10 earn a subsistence nutil perjismut sii a.ions < an be p oeurcd, (thus con tinning llieir regular bus ton* Iwbits, and guar ling th'in from the evil teruptat ois of idleness) w il l no doubt m?et the approbation of those engaged in activ business, and r ctive an I secure from'them as a body, sucti enr lira.em* lit and support as will enable the subscriber to give the phtu a lair trial upon iUiuent'. A register will be kept at the Mercantile Agency wh re clerks who are in want ofeniploymer t can enrol th< rr names, ages, (publication*, reieiidenre, nairas of former employers, referei.cefl, and such other informal ion as isMcsiralde; which w ill beexhihited to merchants wanting assutaios. and pro;? r measures w ill be taken to obtain situations lor then* with ail reasonable <lespatch. The aavsntaa* s afforded to merchants at all times to eta mine free .if charge, a register containing this inf. ?rination will readily be seen slid appreciated by them. The merchant finding < li trader, rrt 111 es, nn I Ml other tilings s.itisla* tnr> , can be iutroJi.ced o the clerk,ami m kc l is own bar^siu. 'Jo th? c'.ers i li* oil* r* gieit facilities?ir rn k*s his waut of a situ itioii known to the |?-rsrn w.-ntiug a clerk. ?nl the fecrc.piinil f r registering will nor exccitl the xj< of an ordinary ad ertu* imnt i ? ouc nensnap'T- psliifaih uu nb r of I'C * spanre in th cii y U so wrenl tlia; <t cl? rk \vli ? attempts to * er-i in a'1. w i'l pay .? targe sunt. and not then t>r? <.*r* t ill of reaching the indivicual who wiibrii to give him ?yinent. nl the same ti ne if he desire* to advcitis" hecoido so through the Meicuitilr Agent, ,\\ ithout publishing hi* name, and thus ensure a m. r-certain application than it he rctjuir d anaiHvrer addressed t.? uiv lettrroi the alphabet.?box infthe pi at office, or lic'itiouv signature. Connected wi'h this branch ?I't e husiuc-s*. it is pressed | to fur Din > temporary *mph yinetif to clerics v ho are out 01 hu | sines*. and to this end it is requested ot mere 1:111 * who have | extra writing or wlui need extra heIpduritg tl?t bu?iii<M * aI son, or who ?vi?h their hooka examined written up, | ogtcd, ha lauced, accounts made out and collected, at any stason ol the 1 year, to apply at the Mercantile Agency. I Personal attention will l?e given to submitting propositions tocredi'ors for settling insolvent estatm The uudersigued will endeavor togive satisfaction to all tin se who may confide his department of busi>.e*s to his'oare Marine and Fire assurance will be effected. The subscriber feels confident that his knowledge of this branch ofhiismfs* w ill great value to those reqtrriug Insurance, and he enMies employ men! as a ni ney s\bip operation. His faun lianiy wi h tl?e business will enable nln to procarg risks at the lowest rates. 11* w ill also give his a'tenii 11 to preparing stat"ii.ents of vnd adjust 1 g 11? cMleetir.g claims for I ##??. all kinds of mercantile contracts Hint agreements will be carefully drawn on application, under the advice of an e*i?rienced legal geutleuiao,embracing eicry variety'of trarssctsoos. AiteiitiMu w ill also be given to examining au 1 simplifying complicated iccoq&U 1 rtta itig administrators, partners and debtor#' accounts, balancing merchant's books, making bahmce sheets ami statements for opening new sets of books, a neglect of which is often th* cause of much uneasiness, while the r :oottarv enables the merchant at all limes to speak cniiffilemly of ike correctness of .his books, a gratification which may be cheaply purchased. Mauy nit-rchvnf* are too much engaged to do this themselves, and are uuwilting to trust it to incompetent persons, who make simp's errors more complicated Krrors will he detected insets o! banks wherner made inteutioually urthrough carelessness or ignorance FraudjI rut errors made by one partner to deceive another, or hv a fraudulent debtor to deceive his creditor, w ill be searched after and exposed. SUtrinont# of debtors' accounts made, and dividends proposed for sett letnenla with creditors Confidential loins for merchants will be negotiated. A method is her* suggested to the msrchanf, who should at all times be jealous of his credit, to obtain money upou any emergency without appearing as a party to the transaction. The Mndersigued proposes also to attend to > ny other honorable branch of bus nes* requiring the. intervention of a third party, th* nvture of wtiiclt is too promiscuous to be particularised* All matters entrusted to his caie will he tr ated confidentially and arranged with prompt 11 ude. fff7- References exchanged. W. A. WOODWARD,. Mercantile Agent and Negotiator NT/* O PvcK ntuo Ptirn Pitrn?>r nl Hauntfr ulri ol SwSlaw ClO.M MISSION rAI'iU IVAUbNJUat., 1U< m. > s:-riberi keep constantly on hand, and offer Tor tale, iu lots to luit purchasers. Wnting Papers of kit kind*. Also Robin scn'i Blank Book Capers, ol all kinds. I Priutiuz Papers of all qualities ana sixes on baud, or mad* Is ir'er at snort notice. They also keep on hand a large assortment of Wires. Kelttil, Blue Hmalts, Bleaching Powder, and Soda Ash, lor Paper Manufactures, ?Inch they offer at rerv low prices jet* PK.RHHK, Ik BHIIOtk. Hi t.iloirly s' Timber for thk u. s. dry dock, Brooklyn Sealed Pr po-als will be received at theoffireof the Nary Aemi, New York, until the 1st day el April, for furnishing at the U. H. Nary Yard, Brooklyn, the following tiuibc plank for the foundations of the Dry Dork. viz 4900 spine r piles of length varying rom 01 lo Ji feel?to average not lrsa than 29 feet; and to be not less thin It end to average at least 10 inches in diameter, 4 feel from the butt, evclueive ol the bark. 3.000 liueal fret white pine timber, foot square fur Boer tim . hers. 13.000 lineal feet white pine do, 1 foot by 1 foot 3 inches square for floor limbers. 041->00 fed board me,-sure of 3 inch white pine plank for floor n{t75 ooo feel board measure of S inch yellow pine plank for sheet piling All the above limber and plank to be of perfectly sound and durable quality The spruce piles te be as straight as ran be procured, and in *11 reaperls prepared for sharpening and driving. The white pins timber to lie free finm shakes and large knots?to lie tawed straight and square edged to the di urnsions above liven, and of the following lengths. viz: one half of each lot to be in s'leks 21.05.3d auil 31 It et long. The remain mghalfol each lot ill stii k* 34, 37, 40 and 43 feet long,?the number of lineal feet of each length to he naarly the same. The white pine plank to be entirely free from large knolssquare edged?la lengths of 21, 24. 27. 30, 9Jor30 feet?toare rags not less than 27 feet, and in widths from 10 lo 15, to are rage net less than 12. 'I he yellow pine plank to he straight and square edged, suitable fur driving as sheet piling in lengths ol 13 or 24 lert, and in wilth from 10 to 12 incites?Ui artrnge no. less than 13 in All the ahove timhrr and plank to hedelirarek on sueh wharf orwharfs within the Navy Yard as may be designated by the K.ugim er of the Dry Dock subject to the inspection and approval of such person as he may select. The pil-s (o be oelivrei! in sueh quantities and at surh times between the 1st Say of July and the 15th day of October as may be required by the Nary givuig not less than 0 weeks nonce. The white pine timber to he delivered between the 1st day of September and 3l?t day of Uc'ober, and The whilr and yellow pine plank between the 1st October and 30th Noieinkrr. The pr iposale will st*te the price per stick for the piles? per rude foot for the while pine timber, aud per foot boaid aira?ure, for the 3 and 5 pine plank. The ruht is r served to assign less^Dian the^ whole quantity oi earn kino oi iiraurr 10 ?? uur inuuu??uu rUt? received Ifr any |??rli?n ofeithet kind Proioeala l<> be ?nilor??d, " Proyoeala for Timber, lor Dry Dork. Brooklyn N. Ageut'e office, New York, Jai 3d. 19tJ. ROBERT C. WfcTMOKK.Nary j9 jtUwtAlat CHAPMAN'S ALE AND CHOP HOUSE. No. 251 Hl'Daoe aTRBfT. J H. CHAPMAN rr?|>r<Ifnlly inlorma hia frienda and Die public hi general, (bat lie coMjnura to aerve up in hia uaual excellent manner?Stteaka.Chopa.Cuticle,broiled, fried, etrwed roaatrd and raw Oyatera, Wrlali lUrebita, Peached Kgge, he ? together with hia euperior Sparkling Ale, brewed eepecielly for thia eatabMjhmeiit, which la tiuequalled in thia city. He will alao aell by the gallon or in d.mGohna thechoieeat Winea and Liquora.(the celtbrityol which taao well eeublieked,) al the lowrat caah price. N B. Juat received and for aaie a aupeaior lot of Din Small Still Whiakey., wnich he will aril cheaper than can be purrhe ted nt any ether home in thie cite ail it AMOH U, HULL fc CO. t Veae y at reel, Aator Honae.nia madecomaiodiouaehangea is their eatabliahment for the iileand application of _ TRUSSES AND SUPPORTERS. They hare now an areorttnen t .toil* irwrule entrance, each* '^The'sdnr* for th*aala ofTmaaraand Surgeone'Inatrtnoentj, id for mercantile buaineaa, laeutirelr diatinct frern Die rooma under the ehvye of the Burgaou for the appiketion of Truaeaa and Sunportera. The surgeon reeeireene othemticnlethan thoar aentte him by the medical faculty ferralieffroro Rupture,Varicocele.Pro T OCKi7LlTCKS.LOt;lf>?.-ANDRKWs k MAURICE'S 1j Combined HimH Wheel Locka ?nd Combiealioe Padloefci. ?Theee aupcrior Loeka. cnaaiating of Store, Door, and llooae Locka; Locka for Iren Cheeta; Book , uighi Lalcliee; are decidedly auperior to any in market. While perfectly ample in their operation and uae. they are equalled 10 aafrty L?? I n?'l ""In aa.a?r. xaoil Kv ?Kp rsl#bral#d ( om. b'nation Lock of the nunc inv'nlor. "the" irincipleon ntueh they ere eonstrneted if entirely new. and it it belter* d to be unequalled in affording, at a trifling eont, the mat ample aerunty. Tlie price of (tore door Loeka aia be to til tacit, Padlocks. to tit thedmen. A fupetior article of radii rkt for Rail Road# and fhlp'f me, worthy the attention of persona interealed in ruclt hminesa. Kor sale, ui any quantity. to tht trade, or for private ure, by WADH WORTH k ft* mi. dtt Agents frrthe Manufsetii'srs e J. lira'Lane VfOTTTR.?"fbe subscriber!* i educing hi* large .isaortrm lit n at uaiiiually tow miree. ttich at murt please all who wi?lt to purchas* ?oy rticles. eiihrrtn lite saddlery and coae-h buai aeaa,and particularly the fn lowing articles Webbing thread bitti, lirrnps, bells. Pv ent leather. R clom bows, lampa, knobs. Laces, tack" roUks, buckets. hinges, atles, (tpringa, easUncs, kc .INO. ft. Pt.'MMERR. j 4 Slaw im 1 ?? nATEH WAREHOURK.?IT.RSSE U UKOOKK, No. II t Lib rty atieet, offer tor rale the following atsortmenl of Paper on tns m?#t reasanuMe terms : 100 resins 3D 1411 I ( *00 reams 14 a 14 100 do RlHIU,,,,,-, "? *> ' ??'?? nvi do mm i *"? !> **< go? do sum os do I t am do j?t.s ins rcorns I Srg4, Book Together wrfh doe astortment ut Wntingiod Wrnpgdni Kfitmtt Pance of anv'siae or on elite mad* ?ei oeder nl fbnrl JMMUA 111 Shall..ATTUTkma f*. No. 17 Roria taith street.* fan donee wee Market. Phm. incLfRU. Mnpenbnl ita.alee w u*im? m/mttom irom other Antes. ? RK E iRNING, JANUARY 21. IjOuiHvllle. iCorrMpoudt-oce of llie Iltrald. 1 Ijoumville, Jam. i??, ltG2 Robbci i?.? in [MuitvWc?Medical Disputes?Smrolw ?Hhrtr ibtgy?Dvo you. M.i l.ii'/tr you'r uut I)k.\h l!i;vvi:rr ? List the- most damning robbery ever committed in tnis, city, transpired. The jewelry -fore of R. E. Smith, was entered, short!)' after ilnrlt :inil rilled nf iv.itr?hre. rutin, nml other nrti cles of great value, to the amount of seven thousand dollars; who the burglars were, has uot, us yet, been ascertained. The villiana engaged in this hold and daring theft, must have been well ncqu.tinted with tlie premises. An entrance w?9 etIVeted through the back shop, attached to the store. Over Mr. Smith's store is a boarding house; tke family were nt supper at the time the robbery was committed. An alarm of lire was raised, doubtless by the burglars, who had committed the deed. This, however, led to the discovery ; instant pursuit was made ; no'clue or suspicion remains as to who were the rascals, or what direction they took in their flight. Various conjectures were made um to their probable route, us is in all cases of a like kind, and persons sent in immediate pursuit. This is the third burglary tint h is taken place within two weeks: one gang his been arrested. Ttiey broke into a grocery of F. Hoonev's, rubbed the hulls* of all tli it w is 'vabi ib'e, and then set tire to it, with tli- it ip' i I' .-. ere ting thtir crime ; our watchmen must either be drunk or asleep, else such frequent hnuie-breskings would not occur. The controversy between I)r. Simm and Dr. RueIonian, the one a Phrenologist, the other professing Neurology, which I stated i:i my last, would soon cum* before the public, has taken flaee. At tli*ir first meeting I>r IV b-cauie h*ated and augry in Ins arguriien', whilst Dr. 3. remained cool and calm, asH placid lake, without on* agitating bree/.e to rulile its surface. D,- P. on this occasion was declared succ ssfnl by the audience. l)r. IV said lie would prove to Dr. S experimentally,that which he could not by argument. Four witnesses were to he present, chosen by Dr. IV: none others were allowed entrance- To this Dr S strongly objected, mid desired the privilege of admitting four of hi? friends wi h those ol Dr IV Of course, to this arrangement Dr R would not agree This project was, finally, abandoned. In lieu of this meeting they were to appear again before the public tier was, accordingly, given in the papers ot t city.Hnd'a general invitation tendered to the citizens on Friday, the 1-lth. Th tore Room ot tin Medical Institute was " fi to overflowing," and yet rijuads ot five or m- r were constantly crowding into tiic house. Some he professors invited the new comers up to the .phitheafre, as it was a large room. The two Drs. left the Lecture Room and repaired to that of the amphitheatre, win people, who were crowded in the former heard that the lectures would be d*livered up a general rush was made to that quarter; cro and elbowing became the order of the night: lu. 1....1 ik.:. .1.... lorn oil their hacks, a-.d themselves squeezed tighter than ever before. The gentlemen found it little bet ter, for they had their hats knocked off and toes trampled on, and freouent was the cry 41 get off my corns," in that motly crowd. To proceed up or down was utterly impossible. The stairs threatening every moment t? give way, tilled those who occupied them with fear. An old, but very respectable gentleman, abont midway up the stairs, expostulated and begged those below him to return, so as to afford u passage for those whose lives were in jeopardy so long as they remained in their present situation. Several others who saw the perilous condition of the crowd, aided the old gentleman in his efforts, and) they finally cleared the crowd, that all might come down from above. No other alternative was left them, but to return home, in disappointment, and many of the fair vowed they never would go to '.he Institute again. But to return to the lecturers, who are the heroes of this epistle. l)r. B. first obtained the door, and was to speak only for an hour, as had been previously agreed- After speaking for half an hour longer than his time, he expressed hia regret to the audience, that his remarks must be so soon brought to a ch ? ?, as he had a great deal more to say. but that'his time had already expired l>r. S. stepped forward and told him to proceed; Dr. 15. then remarked 4,l)r. S has kindly prollered me the liberty of proceeding with my remarks, and tells me to have no regard to the time agreed upon. This, I must say, is the only kindness lie lias shown me during this controversy." Dr. S. smiled and said nothing. Dr 15. however, had verv little more to sav: he imd exhausted his reservoir- To save appearances, he began to detail gome experiments he had made He stated that there was a young man who had been given up by his physicians, as oast recovery ; but that by his aid, he had restored fum, as it were, from the grave, [Dr. B. and Dr. R. two of the physicians who attended thtsyenng man, have since denied the statement made by Dr. Buchanan ] and that in four days after he had visited him, he wus able to go about This he unwittingly contradicted, for he afterwards stated that the young man was unable, a week afterwards, to hold an umbrella over him, in order to go and see l>ra. T. B. and It. In speaking of'this, ne said?"Theyoung man, I believe, is present in this audience : ne can testify to what I have said." The young man being there, cried out: " Y*s, here I am." Some mischievous fellow in the crowd at this critical juncture, bawled out, fc" Does your mamma know >ou're aut 1" This query, so appropriate to the occasion, called forth a general laugh, Dr- B. not excepted. The Dr. shortly afterwards closed his remarks Dr. S. came forward to answer Dr. B. He (Dr B) had witnessed one defeat, and would not stay for fear of another. He accordingly took his hat and cloak and left; Dr S politely requested him to remain ; hut no?Dr. B. retired amidst the general hiss of the audience. Very little time remained for Dr. S- to speak ; he said he wou'.d lecture again and again, till he pulled down the slight foundation on which Dr. B's science was erected, and would not let one stone remain top of another -The audience were dismissed, after an invitation being tendered to them to attend his next lecture. Tints a stop is put to this controversy. Neurology, ven-us ohrenoh gy, and phrenology versus neurology, i? the topic of conversation among all classes. Every thing is given up, to make room for this allabsorbing thente. Lo Via vn i.e. Altwny, I<.orrr>pMMWtkt? ol uic Herald | Albany, Friday, Jail 21, 1W2. Tha mild weather thai has prevailed here for the last three day*, atill continue*, only to day it haa been accompanied by a storm of mingled rain and aleet, rendering our street*, never, in the best of weather, noted for their cleanliness, almost impasse ble. A much longer continuance of thia weather, and we shall have a boat at oar wharves again from your city. There is spirited competition going on here in n email way between Boston and New York. For some years the citizen* of Albany have derived their sources of cheap reading from your city. 8ince the opening of the Western Railroad, the Bostonians have flooded the city with the publications of their own press,' and " Daily Mails," "Times," "Notions," Jce., mty now be found about our street* thick as hops, and an agency office for the sale of (hem ha* been established. The Bosfon'sns j seem determined to rival New York in ivery leI sped, and (he New Yorkers must have a <-Hre, or they will not be unsuccesslut. In the Senate to-day, Mr Fusmi* enquired why the Jodiciary Committee had not reported on hi* resolutions in I elation to the repeal of the Bankrupt I^nw. He aiid that they had had the subject h>r g enough before thtm to have come to sonm conclusion on the atthjeet ere this, and he bail delayed calling for the consideration of them lorlhe purpose ol hearing the report ol that committee. Mean while the Iloutte of Representatives had pa a. d the hill repealing the law, and if the resolutions were not aefed on tinmediately, they would be of no avail , Mr. IW? -aid in reply, that the tfumuan of the Judiciary Committee trne not ui Kin scat, but he presume*! he committee was seatiy AJter aoote [ERA 1842. liirihT d? bate, the ciitnmttrr wi re iii-uuclttl [< report on the subject. The bill authorising the ifitrd Associate Reformed Church vt ih<> city ot New York to adopt a more eligible cite for their edifice, wae ordered to a third fading After a considerable amount of business, not of very jjenerul interest, hud been ^ot through, the Senate iook un for cohmderation the resolutions on the suhj-ct of the public faith, which have beeu under discussion f?r the last f J V .U?. i"iji i-i u?c uaj a r l"iii mr ui i Hint jm.ii'o u.icHouse are more equally balanced, and 'hat the minority are much more tulented, ihe discussions in (his branch are much more obstinate and protracted th in in the lower House. Mr Tambun'i joint resolution, proposing to reduce the number of copiea of documents oruered, was received from the Assembly. In the Assembly, the business has been almost wholly of u private character. Mr. Townssitd's bill providing that the rotate Printer should publish a weekly newspaper w hich should contain all tire legal adveitisiug, was reported with amendments, by Mr. Tamiimw, from tlie Standing Committee on Public Printing Gen. lhx presented a petition from Jonathan t/uirence and others, of New York city, praying for a recharter of the North Kiver Bank In present ing.the (leneral remarked that the petition had ber n sent to him by some gentlemen in New York, with whom he was acquainted? that it was signed by a large number of very respectable citizens. He was not aware however why it was sent to him rather than to some member of the New York delegation lie observed that the application was for an uncoastrtutioaal renewal of the charter of this bank. While, therefore, he performed the duly the petitioners had assigned to bun with pleasure, he must say that he should have discharged it more cheerfully had they asked for a continuance of their franchise, wiiii modifications adapted to the existing s ate ( f thin." An Act to repeal the Registry Law was taken, and some debate ensued on a motion to rel^r; when Mr. CmaMes, from Saratoga, afiersome remarks on thesubjeci, said he was 111 favor of amending (lie Constitution ho as to tlit* rii^ht of suflragt- lo the poor unfortunate African. This is the first A -olinon movement or demonstration that lias been inane in lilt- House this season; how it w ill be followed will aooube developed. Mr. McMorhay nude a most eloquent speech on the subject of the repeul, and the matter rested until the subject was taken up in Committee ct the Whole, when, after a short consideration, the Committee rose and reported progress on the bill. Mr Towkskwo's bill in relation to interest on tnouey was taken up, and the Committtee rose without tak.iti" the question. The House concurred in th** jo m it ton from tne Senate, relative t the r> . it;..hi- turn of the Congressional Districts, with m iMiduient increasing the Committee on the part 1 louse to one from each Senate District, roUS petitions tor aid to the New \ ork and krie : a I road; to Thompjoniun practitioners: for the suppres- i nt licentiousness, etc., continue dutly to be received. The Military Convention is in session again toilnv, in the spacious rooms of the Young Men's Association Their proceedings are highly interesting, ind several very patriotic speeches have been made, i tiysomeof the more patriotic of the representatives I our " citizen soldiery" there assembled. The i in their honor, passed oil" very well last There were a Urge number present, most htury gentlemen. The spacious hall . ot with the assembled beauty of Albany, it will be strange, if some of the delegates do not reach home with their hearts behind them. A number of our legislative solons were also present, and they appeared to enjoy themselves mightily, llesides the ball, there was a soiree or party given the same evening by Van Rensselaer, to which a great many of them were invited, and attendedThe State Printer gives a dinner party and ball this evening. It takes Thurlow to do up these matters in the right style. At his entertainment to-day | will be present all the big wings of the city, heads of departments, small potatoes, etc- lie has two daughters, charming and amiable young ladies, who would grace any halls, and who will no doubt be the centre ot attraction this evening 1 shall endeavor t* get the particulars of this atfair, and transmit them to you in tnv next. I observe present <at the ^deliberations of the House. Col pjtorme, Stevenson, and others, candidates, who of course are there trom purely disinterested motives- Derrick Wsbley is also he.rr, and being seen so often as he is with his finger in some members' button lioles in bye places, it looks very like as it he were on hand as a member of that distinguished body, the Third House, so flatteringly alluded to not lmig since, by Mr, Hoffman. A new movement has been made here by the abolitionists, which in no less than the establishment of a second weekly paper, devoted to their cause, and to be under the direction of three " colored citi7<-nj " nailiev alulf themselves. The rtaner is Culled the ' Northern Slur, or Freedom'* Advocate," imd the fir*! number epeuks well for the ability and talent of lis conductors The came of abolition cannot certainly be retrogading in this section. Cart TJlchcar. BMIOR. [tyornwpandence of the Herald.) Hotrow, Jan. 30, lSld. Fkikwd Bwktt,? As our New York brethren appear to set great value on our western railroml, I will augment to you a mode by which your migbtv city may be auved fiom ruin, and the tablet turned npon us. Tnis is to a-nd on here and buy ud the stock of the road, a majonty of which can be readily purchased at75 per cent, or 35 for 60 paid in, and then you can do with it as you plraae, or we should be hi1u lukk^vrnfu,...^ ... ... ... and Providence railroad, and pay you 10 per cent per share in exchange between Western and Providence; and as we now have a majority of 1,000 shares in the Providence road here. I will let you into the secret. Our plan is to get the stock here as fast as possible, and I believe almost every sale of the slock in New York is parchaaed on Boston account. This road can easily divide H per eent, but our policy is to keep it at 6 per cent till we got most of ihe stock here, knowing your strong dislike to any stock that pays less than 7. Brother hiiapp continues to preach here, although at great expense to our good ctv A ?iob of several thousands collected in Bowdoin square last evening, and were Hddressed by our Mayor; but the response was only "Grow, Chapman crow they were finally dispersed by the police, of whom utiout lttO were on duly. A woman by the name of Mason, residing in Cambridge street, died yesterday, Hud two men, a Mr. Allen, and a brother of an editor, hare been taken to the insane hospital, raving mad from this man's preaching; huth.a race is run here. Steamboats Sc.ra ?The Edward Sbippen reports that steamboats George Collier ana Worden Pope were suuk at Colbert Shoals, Tennessee River. They were beth bound down with cartoes. The officers aad crews of the boats were at Padocah. Cotton from the wreck t f the W. P was at Paducah fur abipmeat. Scrsr.Mr CouhT or The U.viteb State*?Jan. 21 I No. 14 The United fitatss, appallant. r?. Pedro I Mirandn, etal. Thiacauae wan argued by MnDu val and Mr Attorney tsenerai ior m? and by Mr. Ogden for the appellees No 15 The United states, appellant, vi John ? Dow, nt al. The argument of this cause wan commenced by Mr. Attorney General for the appellant. Adjonmed till to-morrow, 11 n'elock, A. M. TmrirsDAV. J*"- 3d!.?No. 10. Stephen Coeke, plaintiff in error, vs. Joseph A. llaleev, et al. Thia canse waa argued by Mr Key for the defendants in error, and submitted on a printed argument of Mr. Cocke in behalf of the plaintiff' in crmr. No. 41 Tobias Nixdnrff, appellant, va Lewis Smith, This canse was argued by Mr Key for the hppollant, and by Mr. < 'oxe for the appellee. Naval ArFAiae.? Hy the Naval General C urt Martial, held in July last, on board the I n ted States ship Pennsylvania, ?? Norfolk, Lieutenant Francis B. Ellison was tried upon an additional charge, preferred against hnu by Commander W. K Latimer, of" ({.aarrelling, and using provoking and reproachful words, gestures, and menn'-es to Cumui.inder W. K Latimer," fo ind guilty thereof, and sentenced to be dismissed from the Navy.? Thia sentence was approved by the Presideut of tha United Statea; but in consideration of the re- , presentations which have been mide, highly hoe- I orabl'ito the cbarartej and past eonduct of Lieutenant Ellison, and tru?'ing that the severe punishment, to which he has been eo idemned for a breach of discipline seriously affecting the service, will enert a suitable influence over nil fntere conduct, the President baa remitted the sentence Lieutenant Rllseon has eoase^eently been releasedffrom arrest, and wlorsf te isljr.. - ? LD. Prlc* Two C?nta City Intrlll^eiMr. More Forgeries in Wai.l ?TRrrr? >n Friday , it whs niscerti*. in- d that a nuniher n forced notes hud been negotiated in Wall etr- et, of the following descriptions:?One for $-16 11, dated September 17th, payable ei?ht months niter date, purporting to have been drawn by Tracv, Mhv r O irwai. made payable to W. T. Crook A. C > w:rl do wed by the latter firm. One for 9*20, .'raw Tracy, Mhver A" Co.; one lor $S()t) bv Ward v Aitken: ne for 9700by Blancbarti V B'odget ; ore for9**1 by I>oremu?, Suydauw A' Nixon aid two tor 96b0 cash, by W F. tt S. Waring- Circumstances immediately caus* d suspicion to tail on a broker in Wall Btreet, named Francis Mcrroait, who has transacted bu-ineee ft r some tune past at No. 50 Wall street, und lie was arrested by ofhcsr Bowyer. L"|>on appearing at the police office, lie contested his guilt, and stated ihttt the notes uad been forced by placing the names of genuine signatures under the forced notes, lining them with a pencil, and tilling up with a pen afterwards. Metlord has been in the practice, lor a leugth of tune of negotiating notes in Wall street, and while he had the otiginals in his possession, thus obtained nearly facsimilie signatures So far as ascertained, nearly have been detected in forgeries, and mo a,.i?K? that more will yet come to light. Really, this ia the age of roguery. Melford is looked up for further investigation. Tut: lluain or Aldermcm meet this even.ig, when the annual report ol the Comptroller w :U be presented Sandy Hook Pilot Dead.?A man named John Cronlin, a native of Russia, and on-* of the Sandy Hook Pilots, was found dead in his bed on Friday night at So. l^t Cherry street. He retired to bed at about nine o'clock as well as usual, and w hen one of the servants went to his room in ihe morning to awaken him he was discovered lifeless The Coroner's jury returned h verdict of death from epilepsy. City Prison ?During the last week there were received in the City l'risou 7ti white males, 20 white females, 15 black males, and 10 black females?Total,' ISti Dischargee, so white males, 26 white females, 20 black malts, and 13 black females TotR| l:B?. Remaining, fil white males, 13 white females, 14 black mules and b black females?Total iO. Scoots Death ?Mr. Peter Thompson, aged about 50 years, died in a very sudden maimer on Saturday la-t, while at his boarding house No. t?? Christie street, where he lias resided for upwards ol two years past He had been sickly for a length ot time, and the Coroner's jury, Hided by a physician, decided that his death was occasioned trora effusion of the chest. Another Victim ?A woman named Elizabeth Smith, a native of Long Island, who has lived a life of debauchery for some years past, at one of (he hells on the Hook, No. 31 i Walnut atreet, died in .i very sudden manner on Saturday, from pleurisy produced from intemperance, she having recently been on what is termed a " spree." From Florida ?We received the St. AjbuhuuNewsol the loth instant, from which we extract the following .? The steamer William < >'uston. Captain Henry , ar rived here on Monday last from Southern Posts. The scout from the Lacha-Hatchee had returned, alter discovering but one Indian, who was captured. A part of three Companies of 3d Artillery, under the command of Caotain Vinton, came ud in the < ijnton as far as Fort 1'ierce, from thence to go on a scout. We learn that a party of Indians recently attacked nnd plundered a wagon train, about 12 miles from Tallahassee, near the natural bridge. The.'negroes who were driving the train, succeeded in making their escape- A gentleman shortly after approached on horseback, but finding all was not right, wheeled hisjtorse, when the Indians, who were concealed, fired several rifles at him, but without ?JCCe93. Curious Fact.?The London Herald, iu speaking of the rapid advance of manufacturing skill in the United 8ta-e?, assert* that the rails for at least one half the English railroads have been imported from the United States, while all, or nearly all, the railroads in this country are laid with rai a brought from England, Ship Building ?West Jersey ship buiidiug .s in good repute in Philadelphia The papers highly praise the new bark Pons, recently built by Reeves Ac Brothers, on Alloway's Creek, in Sa'em county She has ten single berths in a deck cabin, measures 260 tons, and about 2.500 bbls. burthen. .She is to be a regular packet between Philadelphia and Buenos Ayres. THE LARGEST THE CHEAPEST, AND BEST ASSORTMENT 01' WIGS AND SCALPS kk to ik rol/ffd At V. CLIREHUGH'S, Mr 1HOADWAY, ENTRANCE IN FULTON ST rHJC man? attempts that arc daily making to imitate'heeo celebrated wiga and acaJps, are juat so many proofs of he high character they hare attained, and the estimation they in held )u by the trade. But the public will obeerre that C -m he original maaer in this country of I HE VENT1LATINU AND GOSSAMER W I G S A N 1) SCALPS, WITHOUT METALLIC SWINGS, ,nd that all others are bat feeble attempts at imitation, waot xs the geniua to divine or direct the principle < u whu.r, Ji?f ire sonde to (it. end the ehill end practice to eeecute. Ail erven end eounoieieure are invited to inereet Si? HKADS OF HAIK, which for elegance. liglitoeM, end durability may be clMMd unong the hret production* of modern art. in their meaulae Hire lliey differ from eii other* made here. The hair ie aincly .njerted.end eo equally dielnbuted aj to lf|r?r juet leaninc liomtheekto: they corer no more of the brow then the natural ivr doee. end having no metallic apnng, all dieagreeable i>r**?ir* i* obviated. Kor a o jtheru climate thay are laeatunabto, K ing only I ox. weipM. Seaaior*. membe-i of (longreea. and gentlemen from every luarler of tbami airy, who are ton wearing C."a wiga.eea be referred to. T*he price* will be found to fuit th* eircuautmce* of *11 m*a t*' MEDICAL AID AMONG the many wightf improvements of ihr eg* \her~ are none of more imp >rtance to mamirid, aoJ perhaps none so little appreciated, m improvements and inventions .n the practice of medicine, yet we are constrained to adroit, that we h??e never met with more confine! g proofs of approval thin is exhibited by Dr Gregory,of No. 34 Mot I *ttr*t Hhikf r.-cent)v made some valuable discoveries in the fr*afir.eri? of disease which is not only being appreciated, but he 14 win ni? g golien opinion* from his patient*. It i* aifued bvsotnr that all discoveries in the healing ai t should be made icoowu to th# public for the benefit of maLkiud; but we wotilti a?k why should a physician more than any ooe *.?e, bsstow lh?? results f his labors upon a community or a public, from wh,mi he has never received a correepondh'f binent; nevertheless, wt are informed the Doctor bx* published a littte book de, tailing his improved mode of nrariiee, and placed it within the reach of all a ho choose In ask /or I'?the price 1* 50 cents. It may he had of the Doctor at !? private residence, (not a drug store) 34 Mott efrecf. at all hours of day or night and kl*o ,4 Uie following drif dorrldauds' two stores in Fulton str?it and corner Bnusd **> and Chambers i?tr-wt; also ih the Bow fry at Ne #3. romer of Walker street, and l*s corner ?f Hiring street; 146 Delancey c rner Huff. Ik st; and 131 Cha than, opposite Change street A post pud remittance of on* j ji.r ?>if obtaiu the hook in immohtet form, seut fr*e ?t' I potior, to i?wt of the United State*. Ad drew Dr. GreI forf* H M of tit. dfli 1 q>* / .i <>' KS? Vt SMITH'S Srui ud w... | < . K v^inent,** the rorner I the Bowery and I 1*1*1 )n street, nil ktedf of cl M l<" r ti. be had U w Nm ?le tftd r.-f . for e superior 'piality su.d workinttnthip, and ,?t the lowest p'j?.eif?h' price*. AIm clocfis (br di rr>, fi. <| u. f r banki pta lu room* at?d w atrh makers regulators of a superior ftfiteh rn?d?? toorder, second to none in ^utdiLv. and warrmted for tinv. Simple* always ??n hand and may he etamirifd hy cslltn* it tki wm mi Eotrmati 7) Bower, RANSOM SMITH Tr e- .r At Baltimore. 31 Honth Ch tries ctrer t, is t b'liwh ! t.iv *tftbltohmeiR, a Ke?e orders f -r large or e nail rlorks, :n all their varieties, at wholes tie or retail, will he prouiptJ) sier'ited by SiiHth k r ?wu Proprietor* id Baltimore. HANSOM 8NMTM kt KUWAHD FKNN Av' k::.< A o Aft ft L.0 ft UOMPANV, for i r ? r -ANUHKWV O.LhBh'ATr.D < O URINATION LOf'K," are bow reaily to rte?-ive n:der* fortius < *! * roeo Lnek.anl hat ing snppli d the numerous order* heretofore i-c/ierfi. tre now prepared fro:* Hie extensive arrangement* ll* manof s <>l these Looks to deliver at t.* short -? tiee. | tie de*?gu of tie? utsocfctioa is to firttilh Mien to et err Bank is ts< lTlithl *t de*, in J the sectirtl . fltretohiro furnished to suck bai.ks *? hare tj?n|?| t *hj j i ..? u?i, Ar? A *4.1 U?T D 10f ro:? >*<i, n?iif ""iru - Iilfi'-Ifiit proof tint no b?mk r4u I* ron?i<1. r'?) ? " ry without l>* ~ lock* oii tl *ir ?*iuU# or **' !<v Wf c??:i Ai>*i hire b**n ofwo^1. nhilr th**? l??' * **' ittrrMi imi th? combination of chance* it1 " 1 ,rTme from 4.0M to 1,9uo,o00. at U>? will of tio "l'.i.r-* nrorify not found in any ofh*r mode of ln'm'tf f-ocnur Mifrw ami *t<>cr 4?or? from IV* tot t Si rha A? relmw. to If.' miyrrionfv ' '',l * ,? V.'._ fcreurr .1 made to uf of to* hao*' VVi'' 'Vf'. Z.. X tlir-rtort and offitrra of bai.kt ?. r rr ; - ' ' ?,tor t Un*k*. ?,i oHat. w.Ubr '^^WO^TH 1 SMITH. Hit t Jnnra' laur. audit* for thr 1 ' v UfcVlliltV FOft l? AK'Tf.Vt-1truncate it ark Jidy ?lh-Thw ir to certify, that on th' l*h ?/ jJ Jon. I*?r.hcin|t 10 N?w Torfc.I t"irch?a*.l a bnMlt .1 frame** A4.rn.ti'. Ur.ia. ? " ? ?/ " rrrtiona .'ri'llt . ?i '<??"% *? liMUue "* B?!?r' li? w 4 Half ??h4>ut'<V mv hturim ?*. 'Utir-df rral'ir I f haw for ih' ImI t'n 'Uy? h ud ? ih.tinctly M ???r O n* b??l ?o ?0<vn ? > my u?i*< *ily of Kirhmodl. I ?m li .ppy Id aab* thi? publi' cknowUJumaii'. u>4 u> rraomnwul ?> r*U?i>U i tn^liciaa to yiublc uutroti**". (mm<) joatni ?i vAL>.. Tb?a ??*aaUe |??|M?atian ia for aala (jlf ' J.I Jo per bottle) bf Al k D.Swwte, So It auJ im> fatten lUart, by A, B jtabliCa.,113 Iro^w.f. Mil by k Co IU.H 1W hlJflf '

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