Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 24, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 24, 1842 Page 3
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Pus 1 SOKlf T. ftp We are uuable to give our reader*, till* morning, the Congressional proceedings of Saturday, or uny other intelligence south of Philadelphia, in conBe.j'ience of tbe non-arrival of the traiu of cars from Baltimore, yesterday, in time to connect with the line for this city. Philadelphia. fCurrenpoBdeuce of tlie Herald. 1 Philadbi.phi*, Jan. it, IHIlJ. A Grwid Flare Up at tiarritintrg?Rutnond Gen fjal lhinwal oj < rjnctrs?in rant nmvi, ?yr. j>e\* bewwett: ? News reached tUis city las' night,Iroin Harrisburg, that the Governor had most uncerimoniously dismissed Francis It. Shmik, Esq ,one of the best officers, and most amiable men connected with the State Administration, from his office of Secretary of the Commonwealth. This news w4s accompanied with the further information that the Governor had intimated his intention of making a clean sweep of the balance of officers within his reach. As might have b -en expected, the greatest consternation prevailed;'and not a little anathema was vented upon the Governor by the numerous and ardent friends ol the Secretary. The cause ol the misunderstanding and rupture was, that the Secretary, whose exclusive prerogative it is to have the laws printed would not accede to employing lor that purpose certain persons which the Governor, by writing their names on a slip oi paper, intimated that he should employ. As'.a high miuded honorable man should, the Secretary scorned the arbitrary dictation, and, of course, without a moment's notice, or the slightest previous intimation of the kind, had notice to quit. There is much alarm exhibited among the recipient* of small favours at the capital, ana as much shaking as though the m tn-with-the-poker was really upon them Ttie Hon. Anson Parsons, it is said, lias been or will be appointed Secretary in Mr. Sliunk's place. 1 frequently wonder why it is, that none of your correspondents froin this city speak out fearlessly and truly of the tottering condition of the Guard Bank. The price of its stock has gradually dwindled away to $9, and it is abundantly apparent, that it is fast verging to the same vortex of ruin?the same slough of despond, in which its fellow in speculation and stocli gambling, the United States Bank, has been lying for months past; and yet, no voice is raised to warn the public of thoir danger? which public will, one of these days, be caught nap pins; 10 tne tune 01 a lew millions- When the other banks, and the brokers find themselves sufficiently out of the woods, they will let her drop like a hot potatoe. Stick a pin at this prediction. There was a " Westar party" last week, or rather an imitation one, for these things are not done like ** they used to was," of which I may some of these days furnish you a brief account. Yours, Crisp. Philadelphia. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Philadelphia, Jan. 23,18-12. Mr Bersett : 1)cau Sir : Your invaluable paper,the Herald,has done more to expose the malpractices in every part and department of our government, than all the papers in the union together ; and it deserves the plaudits of every portion of our common country. The extensive patronage it now has, proves incontestibly that our people properly appreciate the efforts of a fearless impartial and independant Journal, devoted to the general good. You have entered the secret chambers of political traitors, knaves, dark miuded pipe layers, aud laid bare to the world their corrupt and treasonable practioes against the best interests of the government. You have exposed the bargain \ sales, and corrupt practices of the heads ot government wherever and whenever ascertained without favor, fear pr any other nnworthy motive- You have entered the dark aud loathsome police offices, or dungeons t ?f I I .V- C ? J! L I VI uuuiutu OI.IU1.S, auu uiunil U|l lilt" IICUUIM1 COI1duct of those legalized robber#, who have preyed upun us, till patience has ceaaed to be a virtue.' You have ascertained the management and corrupt actions of Bank. Directors and evil doings of wealthy corporations, whose acts have tended to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, and made them | public. The moral influence of the Herald has th?.3 made i's way from the populous Atlantic cities, into 1 the log built h unlets far in our western wilds; even to tne remotest corner of our Republic the Herald has made its way. It is no^ enough, however, that you have commence 'i the work and progressed thus far; it must vigorously prosecuted, and its completion may he sutely trusted to your skillful hands. Allotyvft^ sir, to call public attention to some pr online tit. evils in our city. We begin at ihe head?ourMs^or. When J M. Scott,our educated, enlighten*;!, and moral fellow citizen was "lected mav*7, it waa the general cry that a man of his nigh moral worth would hold himself above the corrupt political intluences of the day; how sadly have we been disappointed. lie has been led by a party clique; ho has appointed to eltice some of the mist conamouous and corrupt tjipe layers,who visited yoor tuy for the basest of purpo ses, and aided in the commission of acts which, if permitted to have, impunity, would overthrow our Government. Dotrs Mayor Scott suppose that the B'ople will eiidtJre this at his hand* ? Tf h? tell bim he. is deceived. Can the evil practices of our Police Office be uprooted, when the Mayorappoints to the highest offices meu like these ^ And will the peof ie groan under this heavy load of corruption longer'; No?the time lor political mania has pawed ; the political friends ot our present Mayor will in vain attempt again to rally the people under talse colors. We have been lorced to domestic consideration. we have fought long enough the government battles and disregarded home, until our liresides and city interests have been sacrificed, and that, too, to our shame, on th- altar rf the unholy ambition of intriguiug, place-hunting, politicians. The party, recently denominated the whig party, with us, has disso!v?d; the respectable portion will no longer countenance the open disregard of principles of honesty and honor by those they aided to place high in authority. The great mass, whenjthey entered the political field in good earnest, were actuated by virtuous and honorable intentions, however much they may have been deceived by the cry of Military Chieftain, Tyrant, Union of Sword and Treasury, and thus made to iwlieve they were preparing for the lash of inhuman task masters, which was to fail upon their devoted heads. They have seen the ballot box foully invaded by the dark malignant hand of the midnight plunderer?the right ot suffrage in our country made the laughing stock of the old world?our legislators and senators openly bribed, and our once sacred halls ol legislation turned into broker shops and gambling houses, where the interests of the people were played away to rich corporations for tlieir cursed goW The great mass ot every political party is compo?ed of honest men?and the mass of oar wings will compare in honasty with that ol any portion ol our country, and they look down with pity, scorn, and contempt upon the lead ers and principal office holder of their party, uinl have left them to their fate. Indeed, so much do ikey dread thj contaminat rig atinosphete of there men, that it is as much as a respectable merchant's reputation is worth, to have connexion with them I directly or iudirectiy. It-|y upon it, that our (eo- j p|p art' ii[? ana determined to have honest inea tor office, ci>m? from where they may. It ha* resolved iteelf to the questions. la lie homst? Is he capable? This is coming back to the good old days of Washiogteu and Jefferson- That, indeed, ws? a bright and brilliant era in die history of the world, when we had true patriots, u ho served theircountry because they loyed her, not tauntingly proclaim-* J from the*op?I am too pure to be bribed. llribea are Better offered honest men. I am pleased to find your valuable daily correspondent paying attention to the doings <>I our hank directors, entering into ih-ir secret money chambers, and bunging their dark deeds to the light of day. 1 will ado h conspicuous case, which wi I serve to exten J the views given by hitn. It i* a lamentable fact ihat in many ??t our hunks the directors monopolize directly or indirectly nil the ci"counts, and thus pervert the legitimate objecia of a bank to the worst ?f purposes, ti n P, of our city, whs, but a few years ago, quite a pour inan. fie managed to be u director of a bank in this ci y, which post he occupied for years, and does this day for aught I know. The merchants generally could get no discounts: their eredit was as dear as life they enter the counting-house ol thia Shylock, unit he nhavee their pap:-r at UO, <>, aud at time* no p-rcent. per annum HeRlliM'i according to his oil account to a friend one hundred and seven thousand dollar* per annum. Diacount* must have been cany in that quarter; the merchant is ot course ruin ed id a abort time He owns a magnificent palace, coat one bnndred thousand dollara, and epoita the nabob in true eastern Myl-, upon the substance of hi.' honest uelghb >1", thus obtained. Taere ahould be a penalty of a ?evere kind for usurers such a* these. A rait has been brought by two meat worthy young gentiemen, who were mined in their m-rcairilc lnHn*w by paying firtv thn i?and do'l.i-* naassaaassasmmsssssssssssm aou upw<tru? 01 usury iu tmmtieir triend, siute 18.15 The ami is to receive back thirty thousand dolUn hf this money. If they prove the feet ? alleged, it U hoped that others may profit by their example, a:id these Shylocks be scouted trom our community. I regret, however, to find your most excellent correspondent, before rdierred to, occasionally laboring under a mistake, no doubt from misrepresentations made to him, in relation to the conduct of the officers of the Girard Bank of thiacity. I have nothing to do with banks, and therefore no prejudice of an improper kind for or against them ; but in justice to these gentlemen, 1 speak advisedly when 1 say that w more upright, and honorable, and competent President and Cashier, no stockholders ever placed over their interest. These gentlemen have quietly borne much abuse, and deemed thesume as incident to the times and circumstances of the country. In times like these, the good loo oft suffer for, or with the bad. Justice is sometimes slow, but ever sure. These gentlemen, where known, have nothing to fear from misapprehension; the utmost confidence h placed in them ; their ability and integrity is bey end reach ot calumny. There will ever be in some nook or corner some unworthy slanderer or libeller whose proper treutinent should be, perhaps, contempt. 1 bid larewell to Bdnk*.police,etc etc. lor the pre sent, to mlorni you of a change at the head of our State Government. The Gjvernor yesterday appointed Judge Parsons of Lycoming, Secretary of the Commonwealth, and E. IV HutteJ, lisq. Deputy Jvice Messrs. Sliuuk and Petriken. It is presumed that the office of Secretary will ho longer be encumbered with the additional duties of Superintendent ol Public Schools, which alone is sufficient to occupy the.entire time of any one officer, and that Mr. Shunk will fill that place. Much capital is attempted to be made by the absence of our Judges in relation to the procef dings against the late officers of the late Lailed Slates Bank, and complaints vary, from time to time, displaying the palpable inconsistency of the disaffected. Sometime ago, Judges Barton and Conrad were indirectly abu?ed, and Judge Doran kindly spoken of; but now, because Judge Doran, alone upon the bench, and no.tasit hua been stated, Judges Doran and Conrad, refused to do an act, to wit: to permit bills to be sent to the Grand Jury against N. lluldle and others, in yiolotian of a rule of court, which they had before refused to do, they are all to be charged with a dereliction of duty, and with a violation of their oaths, and with favor for men they never had the jenet intercourse with. Who holds the scales of justice must have a care that no fear or excitement finds its way to the bench?the sword of justice must be held with a firm hand, and fall alike on eacli violaterof the law. Because a defendant is rich or poor, the laws cannot bend for the accommodation of Ins prosecutors or his own. The first proceeding against these men was illegal and properly quashedThe attempt to send bills to the Grand Jury at this Court was illegal and rightly rejected by the Court, but not participated in or known to defendants till after disposed at. Let the laws take their course with these gentlemen as with others, nor attempt to prejudice justice on them by ill founded suspicions. "Suspicions ever haunt the guilty inind. See. You shall be early advised of the habeas corpus matters in these cases. O. P. Q O^Amksicas Museum.? Never was there such a host of expensive and magnificent attractions put forth here, as the new Manager, Mr. Barnam, has provided this week. We doubted his ability to atford such princely outlays, but he is an old manager, and says that if a public caterer would make money, he must be liberal in expending it fur attractions; in which event, he says, the public always support him] according to nil deserts.? We believe he is right. The new hall, which has been so long in preparation, will ue opened to-night, with the stupendous and sublime Kails of Niagara, with real water, and a model of the city of Dublin, the most magnificent work of art ever brought to this country. It employed the arduous labar of the artist for twelve auccea sive years, and is so perfect, that any person who has been in the Irish metropolis, can point out the very house in which he lived. No idea can be formed of this work till it is seen. The Pneumatic Railroad is engaged ano tber week; the cars are kept in constant motion. La Petite Cerito and Master Henry,the dancers, are engaged; also the celebrated vocalists, the Barber Family. The price of admission to the whole Museum, entertainments, and the new hall, will remain at 25 cents. Herealter a day performance will be given every Saturday afternoon. Last Saturday five hundred children and several hundred adults attended the day performance. Tonight, and all the week, every window in this immense building will be illuminated tn honor of the glorious revolution which has taken place in this establishment, and which has resulted in (urnishing the public with the best and most extensive combination of entertainments ever produced in this city, for any prica.much less for 25 cents. Principals of schools and Sunday schoolteachers are invited to call at the office of the Museum, and obtain circulars, gratuitously, regarding terms of admission far KQOVU, HO, (57- Wo noticed in church yesterday many persons troubled with a hacking cough;?we thougnt to ourselves how easily all this annoyance could be obviated by a few ol Sherman's Cough Lozenges. Every person troubled with a cough should provide himself with some, of these valuable preventives, and save himself from the attacks and his friends from the annoyance of coughing during church hours. They are tor sale at 100 Nassau-street, and by agents?Sands, 573 Broadway and 77 East Broadway; Kushton tk Aspinwall's; oua Church's. 198 Bowerv. " Enough, we are satisfied."?An old gentleman living in Seventeenth street, whose head is covered with fine dark hair, saysthat two months since his hair was quite grey, tilled with scurf or dauJi ufT,.snd his head was partly bald?we do not like recommending any article we have not used, but this gentleman saysthat sinoahe used Jones'Oil ot Coral (.'ircassia his hair has been restored, and that this alone restored it. We have heard several others speak highly of this, but never before saw proof so convincing. This will make the hair grow, prevent it falling out. cure dandruff and give light, red or grey hair a fine dark look. This is said at 8i Chatham street ; be very careful, the number is 8J ; we recommend all to buy this ; hut dont buy it unless the label is signed in hand writing, T.JONES. 5(7" imics ivstiti te Lsctvss.?This Evening, Monday, Jan. it, at the New Vork Society Library, by Gilbert LangJon Hume?Subject?' Safety Lamp o( Sir Humphrey Davy."?Mr. H. will introduce several intereating experimental illustrations. He will also repeat his Kxti i in K.loriin \facrtiAficm ? F%tra Pnnra? at the Institute Koomi, City 11*11. Wednesday Evening January M iNtuniy Samuel l-'orray, M l> ?Snlject ?" Lawa of Climate anil it* influence on the Animal and Vcgetablo Kingdom?." Tickets fur each i > cants, admitting a lady and gentleman, to be had at the door.? Members and their families admitted Tree. WON hi V MAHKKT. Sunday, Jan. 41-0 P. HI, The long expected new* from Europe has reached us in part; but it is of a much more s itisfactory nature than any which we have received for a long time. The London money market was more easy, fro the payment of the January di-i len 1, and the stock m ket generally was buoyant. The news from this side eased less excitement than wat anticipated, from the fact that it was in some degree looked for. The feeling waf apparently allayed by the announcement that Lord Ashbuiton, the head of the house of Baring Brothers, was appointed a special minister to this country, avowedly to settle the political differences. His well known extensive American [connections seem to have engendered the beli ;f that his influence would bring abaut a settlement of the existing pecuniary difficulties also As those difficulties, however, consist mostly in an ina. bility to pay at present, the onlv alternative is to ex* r cise patience. In the manufacturing districts there was some improvement in business, but prices had not advanced materially. An improved demand for cotton had sprung up, which, although freely met, had caused an improve ment in prices Expectation seems to have been enter tnined of large orders from this side, and which we apprehend will be disappointed. On the whole the newi ikguua, insiuiucn as tne li ars entertained bare not been realised. The accounts that have reached us thus far aie, however, very meagre. Full files may reach us' to-morrow. Vigorous resolutions have been adopted in the Ten nessee House of Representatives. The first resolution ii a declaration of forfeiture of the charters of the Stock Rinks?the second directs a acitae. facias against the I nion and Tlanter's 1! inks?the third Jirects a seiras facias against the Memphis Bank?the fourth authorise) the Attorney CJeneral of the f ate and Solicitor for lh? Kiev rnth (Memphis) Circuit to stay proceedings provided the Stock Ranks resume payment, bona fife, on or before the 1st July, otherwise to prosecute the writ ngainst the delinquent banks to final judgment?the fifth directs the Dank of Ti nnessec and Branches to resume when all the Stock Banks resume nnd to continue ape cie psymeuts so long as Ihry continue to pay. The report of the Comptroller, fot a copy of which w? ore indebted to J L. O'Hulltvan, f ?q. the member from New York, states, in regard to the Free Banking that since the last report is banks have failed. Since his rfpun lwo OUiers, ioi; t union i>?iik huh u?r r nmrn DankofOrlea is, have failed, making til within the year. There arc now 62 bank* in operation, of which a great many are in process of liquidation, and none of them *it in a promising condition. The only inatitntion whirl in any degree) answer* the expectation of it* stockholder* i* the Dank off'ommerce, in this city; and evra that is at a discount of 16 par cent, anil its hi 11* are not rover c.l with stcurity by 16 per cent. Of the other bank* ir hi* city the U. S Bank ha* ceased doing btj?lne*s The New fork Banking Company is winding tip. Tin American exchange B ink has unstained severe .louse* it ha* a circulation of $330/100, covered tiy v alue of onlj fut.Oonof atotka?making the bill* worth hut sheet 2(1 rente on the dollar. The Mechanics' Banking A*M?cia tion h..'i not only been hadly managed, bat n portion o it? bond* and mortgage* are in proceca of litigation. Thi f.illowlng i* a tohle ?f the Bank* yet in operation, witt h - cotr.c il value of the *tock*, tnd mortgage* plndged the cii culntioii issued to them, and the moiket value oi the stocks at this Moment: t'lici'LiTius or ink Ksas Ba*kt.wir?i thi Pa* V*n*r o? tm? foots ?vn Mo>ti:i?i> rtkix.kd, tiis M?r?ti Vut'i or Tin Srocss. Hand* Ctrc'n Market .yu-itiaj Banki. ft ck?. ant r 1, t'atuen/ Mart'net. 1841. Sltxke Agricultural Bank. 37 000 34 996 53(01 20 OS.i Vli.loy Kxeh.'litre Bk 43 OO'J 30,550 CI 450 18 100 do do Stock sect 13 000 ? 9.990 51?0 American KaciiauS" Fk 404 uoo ? 030.869 SO Coo Bknl l7.StalesiiiN.Y. iSuoo ? 5 350 coos BU of Myiatuse 100,000 77 913 150,000 40,000 Bk ol l rlitre I NV. 40(00 34,3 3 CI. 18" 15 900 do d> Stock ?ec"t 14,000 ? 11.300 S.COo Kit of Siltrr I'ictk 44 000 91 580 53 098 23,11 0 Bk of Attica 15 000 10 327 10 117 6,000 tth ol 4t> 0u? 3Cl#t 1.1.900 19,900 Bk of Lowilllc 40.000 43 ,50 63,300 9S 000 Bk of Waterville 44,709 35 9io 87.421 17 ICC do do slock acc-'t 25,132 ? 20. 65 3 833 Bk of Corning 35.000 25,230 4 6 783 14 000 do do stock acc't 40.060 ? 27 964 8 000 Bkof Whitest-two 85.008 30,300 89.410 46 090 Bk of r,,mmeice, NY. 485 000 ? 443 940 372 oOO Bk of Vcruon .10.000 50 012 99 000 40 OI'O Bk of DsnskiUc co OOO 85.390 9 5 000 94,000 RC ?f A iliin/, .in, as nnn ? biiu Bk nf Brocki>urt llouo 13,125 26ooo 9.00 1 Bullion Spa Bk 40 oou 33 050 03 000 32 ooo <"li?le?? Bk, NY. 1 ooo ? ~*i 400 I anvil lib of Uock|ior4 07.000 ?6.?oo 152 650 46 4 00 Commercial Bk ol Tmy 35,ooo 30,000 5-2 900 do do atork acc't 11,000 ? 0 100 8.000 Comm'l Bk ol Rorbritcr 70.000 93 ISO 193 000 S3 000 Delaware Bk 93.000 ? 76 8?? 47 600 Ki'tiaugf Hk of (Jrurree SO, 100 34,913 39.6*0 6 000 Kicliaiige Bk of FWIt'r b 000 3,?i0 1.382 1.600 1 11 in St Mt < It Ilk,Center '24,000 24,721 43 537 1 1 .400 Fort Plain Bk 47.000 46.193 78 80O 18 000 do do atock acc't 30 600 ? '2 '.000 '24,000 Farmere' Bk or Hud>ou 30 OtO 59 '2 0 68 5U1 20.000 Fttrmrta'Bk of <>enrt a 30.000 97.166 39 943 9.60U Farm St Merit Bk of Rotlt'r 26.000 20,000 38 900 7 200 Farm St Drotr Bk a'Soiurra 22.000 15 900 30'>00 1.80't do do atock acc't 34 000 ? 25 830 9 900 Fronktiu Bk, FtCoTin'tnu 2000 ? nocirc. 1.600 Farmera'Bk of Aniat'dain 9 350 8,500 17 100 7 480 do do atock acc't 27.150 ? 25 038 21.720 Oem-aec County Bk 25 600 32.950 48.199 to ooo llow4nl Trual St bk? Co 25,ooo 26.260 4 1.01:0 18 000 Hamilton Ba 2.150 ll,o?o 3 877 1 720 Kinderhook Bk 50 009 50.000 87,065 '20.000 Lo.kpor' Bk St Truat Co loo 0 0 94.760 159,008 40 090 Mech Bk({ Aaa'n, N Y. Iinoto 60,000 134.146 105 >00 di do atock acc't 20.000 ? 15,000 1? OOO Meich S( Rtrm Bk.Ithaca 46."00 56 710 93,300 20.320 Mercantile Bk of Sclt'djr 69.400 39,500 46,100 62,100 Manufart'ia' Bk al I,'later 70 650 ? 63,440 56 520 Mohawk Valley Bk 37,000 26,559 52 W 0 14 8UO Middhtowu Bk 32.000 j?.960 53.900 16,200 New Yo k Bkg Co II,000 ? 46,240 13.410 N Y State Stk Secy Bk 34,700 ? 31.872 32 U0? Powell Bk, Newbur^lt 73,0U0 50 000 160,2'>0 20.'00 l int Pi-din^ Rb *11 atui 17 onn 71 ftoit on mm do do atock acc't I3 0')0 ? IO.OCO 5'.'00 State Bk ? f NY. Buffalo 9 000 ? 5,?0J Wool Grower*' Bk, N Y. 500 ? sot 4io Wa?hiiii;tou Co Bk 43.000 31,Hi 6<,0"8 9 600 do do itcck acc't 7,000 ? 3,010 1.400 3,199.300 1 330S26 3 913,437 1,603 619 During the pant year, bonds and stocks were sold on account ol broken banks, with the following results Sale of $961,000 stocks, produced 94A,0S-J, or 64 per cent. 44 44 367,664 bonds and mort., 194,261, 14 69 44 If we consider the remaining bonds and mortgages worth as much,the present aggregate security of the free Bank circulation, will be as follows : ? Total circulation 3 81*2,437 I'alut. Stocks 3,199 SOU 1,603,619 Bouds 1 630626-68 perct, 1,054,366 ?3.6.37 973 Deficit 30. per ct. 1.154,462 The bills are, consequently, worth, 691 cents on the dollar, providing the securities could be realised at their present values, but probably not more than two thirds of that can be realized . The following table gives the results of the redemptions that have been made of the bills of the hanks that have failed. Table or the Bates that hate failed m nisc; the tear. IV11 H THEIR ClRtl'LSTIO*. ati! TUE ha tK AT WHICH IIIE Eii ls have pi ev Rtosraii), Redemption. CVre'n Sotti. ?:?*. Estate .Sole. Bituk of Western N.Yoik, Kochester 83.159 73 ? Bingliainpton Bank 38.186 74 74 Phenii Bank, Buffalo 27,490 ? 73 Bank cf America, Buffalo 87.480 78 70 Erie Couuty Bank 89 193 72 6u Cattaraugus County Bank 39.300 sr. 77 Bauk of Commerce, Buffalo 103575 76 ? Bauk of Lodl 40,612 83 97 Mechanics' Bank, Buffalo 94.396 ? 63 Coiled St tee Bulk, buffalo 43,337 ? 77 Union Bank, Buffalo 49,160 81 ? Merchants' Exchange Bank, Buff do 111.995 61 65 Staten Island Bank 65 700 not yet itdcemed. Alleghany County Bank 39,750 " St Lawrence County Bank 166 643 " " James Bank 67 990 " ' Bank of Olean 113,070 ' " Washiugtou Bank 14 033 " " Clinton Bank, N?w York 22,663 ' " Farmers'Bank, Orleans 65.097 44 44 1,377,309 The following are the securitiei of thoie not yet re{ deemed:? .V. 1". Stock Indiana. f/linmi. .Irkantos. Mortg'i Huten Island, ? is.ocu ? ? Alleghany, 9,000 30,000 ? ? If, 800 8t Lawnace. ? ? 28.000 43 000 43.175 Hank of Clean, 33 000 1,000 ISOOO ? 38,333 Washington, 10.000 ? ? ? 10,000 Clinton, ? ? 38,000 ? ? Farmers'Bk, Orleans, 73,000 ? ? 78 050 Jstnti Bank, (Michigan a lock, glS ooo) 36,934 Froip these data the Conclusion is inevitable that the free banking system, after being the cause of inculcnla . blc evil and loss to the public, is a complete failure, and must soon cease to exist. The Comptroller ascribes the failure ol the system to the taking of other than New York State stocks as security for bills. This was, however,only incidental to the system, which was funds mentally wrong from the beginning. It was crca'cd and put in operation by m< n of the 1'biladelphig school of financiering ; and like that and cyet-y other policy which seeks to depart from the specie standard, however indirectly, must end in failure. The safety fund banks have withstood tha storm of the past few years with comparative tirmnris. Previous to lfr37, they were, by tho overahadowing[p?werof the United States Bank, forced into the fictitious policy that emanated from that institution, and they failed, in common with all ethers. They then to*k immediate and energetic measures to recover them selves, and in one short year regained their position, resumed their payments, and have since, by steadily pursuing correct mercantile hanking principles, withstood all assaults upon them from the Philadelphia banks on the one hand and the free banks on the other. They have not only preserved their own integrity, but the mercantile credit of the State, and in connection with the New England banks, exist like the oasis of the desert, amid the desolation and bankruptcy that overwhelms every other part of the Union. Under their influence,a healthy and aafe business has grown up in the State, which is,as a great whole, more prosperous than ever before. The result has bten attained by adhering in the aggregate atrictly to the specie standard, restricting their credits tail making their loant only on bona fide luteinr** P?P*r Baltimore Cattle Market. The fupplie* of Deef Cattle have been large and pricei have ranged lower than laft week. The offering! on Monday and Thursday at the drove yards amounted to upward! of B<10 head.of which AOO were lold at $3 to $5 AO per 100 lb*. for comm in to prime quality, principally, however, at intermediate rate* About 100 head wcra driven North, aad the balance laid over. IM?d. On Sunday morning, 21 it instant, William John, infant son of Peter and Mary Chivvii. Their friend! and acquaintancea are invited to attend hi* funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at half pait three o'clock,from No. 119 Norfolk itreet. Paiienpara Arrived. ? LivgaroOL?Steaimhip Britannia -For 11 ?Her Auglutei Cavei'di h and two iona, M-jir Hullivun, Mr Nelson, Mr Rodger, I)r Baiihier, H A. James Pririgb, Mr Mariotlr, ( -ptiin Thomas Boole. Kor B sion?Mr Br*donry and lady, Charles Uickens, lady and servant. Mr Motley, i-. bearer ol dispatches, John S Williams, Mr Wreagley. Mr and ion, A Klieithen. fi Hopkins, J I* Klimtn. John O Waters. A 8 Riley M Ren oar d, MrRielrtnUno, Mr Hayaes, W A Hsdden. L i J Wveth, Mr ( a let. Jolio R S Kelit. Kugrne Ballin W Whitwright, lk'rederirk A Waitwdl.C S.maoo, *'dward Wood. tSainii i H KvernSt, Hubert L>i * W K Oaiey, Mr Ton b. A P LI.?..... L' L- II....W,.. I 1.0... A ..... . M. k II [1 ingeraoll I! S N C De Lnrme, O airihi it, Joseph Etntrick, C Harrier. Mr Walton. C K Shaw. John Brown, harlra Bra ly R?? Mr f.rane. Mr Brute. Mr ,/aiiuCr and aerrant. So?ej,h A Sirr, A KiuHmrr.J Itu/gold Wilmer, Charlea Itork. Juerph I A Taylor Mr Smith, Mr 9cholefie)d. Mr Smart. Mr Batterahv, Mr Dowri-. K-rl Slu'ftrere and aerrant, Mr Kelly. Edwin Wiiffeley, C 8 Htewart. t karlea Hotiafi-ld. Mr! Iil| man and lady. S 51 nuekitiehaia Henry Pratt, W W Calerrt. V roin llallira? Mr Medley and lady. M> Hewe aon, Henry Lawaon, Mr i. rawf.rJ, Mr Ntwenmbe. lady and child, Capt Browne) . I aou and aeivam. Mr Hamilton. Mr Hal hurtuu. Mr Black, Mr C Idman.J Calibre. Henry Mai krv John Lewia. J (Irahain Par vssaii ? drip fcicel?Olirer Ke-nlrick, Kdward Abbot.** ! and lOatetiage. Paa?rna(rr< Snlltrl, Nr.w Oai rttra?ship St Louie fur Boatnn?Captain S E l Andiewe of New York. Domeatle Importations Raratrw ?ii?Bri* Kac?l?1J3 caaka riee Boirman. J iinilno , h co?I3t llerkether It Hotter?a * A Lathe <r>?70 bal-? rottoo Smith. Mina k co?S# H K Wan g?SI Northman* Patriek?SI t; Carrill?17 Center <k e i?71 -r lucliar la? Kl H Kini lev ?3n O Collina M Boorman. Johnaton 4i c j?<0 J S SKapter -b W Cook?37 to ordrr MARITIME HERALD. | POUT OK NRW YORK, JAM AH Y M ! iu* Tio.aaoow aura a S3 i 7* MM* I II I lias aerta ail Departure of the Atlantic Steamers. L rttoM Lirrarout. mow notion i Eritannia Keb. ' r.l.a .... ir.1. a ?... , I Aoadia Mir. 4 April 9 <-oluinbia Apiil 5 May 1 Britannia April II May It May 4 Jun? i Acadia May is June 16 i ('oluiLhia June 4 July a PttlHUto Arrive. Pavktti to Uipart. LOHDon. IOMK.h Wel'ineton.'lfMnlwiek, Not 90 Mediator. I.hcdwick, tab. I f lumber lirbard, Dec. I LivrarnoL ' i?**root. Sheridan. Lie P?y?ter. J.?n 31 ' h?lmu.Wuk, flee. 7 S.iulU A n.? iu*. H*i.? y . K. I I l < i >. nek. SkidJy, 1jrt 13 Hi??r. Min i.. Lnuae PKiVvpr ' artoff Jm 24 i "?ltr T1 t u peer. l>ee J To MtaCrrt of Vtwtlt. CouoikotWri of vrutU will cooler (?'"t by having a bat ' their ror(o?(, paetrofirt. sod a rofxirt of *???*/? left at the port whence they tailed, and the veua.I* tpofceb, ready su ttieir arrnai Lore for I'oiuir.odore ItimTr. of our fleet of newt ti'boonrrt. He will bvarc ihtot immediately ot their arrival. Arrived. Brig Kicel. Latlieu, 7 dayt from SaiaMioh, cotton, to Pturgrr Ac Clcarman. Mclir L'flaware. 'iritton, from t*i?3uey 11a Thoinaiton. 16 ite, coal, to P.aitgi-r b I'rclt BELOW?1 bug-wind NN'W. tieiirial Record. Ta kit ?tnr SlURlDiN will tail to-day. at Pi o'clock, for l.ii r ool. Hi r Utiet bag. ? ill c lose at half pa?t II o'clock, at Gilpin's. United State* Port*. Pnnn i>o. J an SOili?Arr Hslc-n Mar, Klitibeth City; Chat A null ton. Ualtimoie PaiMioK r. Jan IStli?Sid Brazilian, for Porto Rieo. I6ih ?Tonouw, Ma tan/.,, a. H.i ii J. ii a i li?Arr Planet. Hull onnrc. Iilll.?eld Manner. Gnadaloupe 18th?irr Paragon Curtis. New York; Ceres, , Baltiin re; ICMia Warren, New Haven. PoKikBioi TM, January 20th?Cld Rotkiugiiuin, for New Orleaiii. Boston. Jan 22nd? No arrival this morning?telegraphed Steamship BriCum*, from Liverpool; eld Nevvburvport, Havana. John. Amsterdam; II Aria?e?-ktf. AutCayes; Mary Martinique. and a market; per to Hire, (iotiaives. f *?1 , Philadelphia; Sterling. Hamilton, New York: Oriole, St Marks 21 ? arr St Lawrence St Pierre, Mart, 30th ult Left N K Frothi. gham, Wi!miug'oii. 29111; Geneva,dirohg; Mary Ann, do; and others reported nt St 1 homa?, 2d i -si. At h urt Kova ?Aurora, I'll*se, dischg. Eolus, Swanshort', SC.: Columbia Cottnll. which arrived la?t evening, n from Wilmington, NC; Gordon Fredericgsburg; rid Emma Isadora. Geuoa and a market: Velasco, Havana; Ganza, Montevideo aud a rnatket; Clyde. New OrleaturvClaris**, do; Palm, Philadelphia; ? ride. Norfolk and Riehtn nd 20ln?arr A ret t us, Liverpo 1; to luitibia Alexandria; Franklin,fro n Trinidad, VNlh ult, pa-sed iroiug in Mary Pease, trout Portland, and another Ami licau 1 r g 1'lvmji i h, Jaimry 1-tth?Arr Hope, Ertlett, fr< m New For*. Salkm, January 21?Cld Depotiie, Para; B< vcr, fcr Marsnham. Holmm H<l?, Jan 19?Arr and sld Malay. Johanna, Indian CK'tan. Aug 24. for Salem. 1300 barrels oil. Passed by. Helen Mar. New York for 8t Johns. NB; Lady Huntington, for Yarmouth, NS. Providwmck, J tu*2i??ld Huron. Elizib?<h City. Nanti't kkt, Jan 17?Arr Nantucket, Kingston, NYork; Guilford. Norfolk. Philadelphia, Jau 22d?Cld Ariel, for Pernambuco. and a m ?rk? t Baltimsiu*, Jan *21?Sld tom Word. Savannah; Juno. Lond'?n; Xfnobia. Mobile; Sun, Boston; Ellen, Rack lift, NYork; Delaware. Port Spain PriiiUd. Norkoi k, Jan 19?(.'Id Theodore. Jamaica 18th? arr Di?skau. Providence. The Carrol, tor IVnamburo, went to sea from II .mpt* u Romi Uin morning 17?Mow.Aim AtilU. WillettJ am! Daniel Smith.Carton, from Jsmes River, bound io New York; sld Mentor, foe Rio Janeiro, and Revenue Cutter W<?odburv, Nonet, for New Orleans. 15 h?arr Frances Ann, Lewis, from Yom river bound to New Yotk; sld Rival, Clark, for Jamaica. KHh? air Empire. t*owell, NVrork. Richmond, Jan Arr Carolinian, Treadwell, New York; Ann Eliza, Towns* ud, do; Samuel C. Abbott, Rosen, do: Weymouth. Couch. Jo. 19?iltl Mariou, B?ston; Oreusberry, Holt, Jo; Harriet. J1. 8av*b**h, Jan 13?Cld Madison Bulklty, New York: Savhuii-Ii, West Indies; err Tli imnn. Duecrumi, 1'hilura, Doaue, New York; ?ld PI met, Portsmouth Pakie.t, Jsa I6lh?SIJ Peter Oemill, Luce, New Y'oik??to bates cotton. Sr. Ai rst'tTinc, Jan 8?SIJ Caspiau, PeU'acoU. Hlh?anr Crenel, Savannah M"hii_i:, Jin 12?Cld Bla k -, Liverpool; fom<-Ua, Merer,N York. New Ori rami, J.iu 12?Arr Citizen Parker, New York; clJ Jolin Milium. Stark, New York; Britannia. Cook. Jo: Sir Colin Cmnpnell, Liverpool: Wellington, Co; KJiniinJ Perkins, ko; Lucy, Boston; Cluteaubriaud, Havre. . ~ PORTUGUESE FEMALE FILLS THFSK lar-faiiiril ;,uo c< lebrsted Pill*. from Portugal, are we perceive, to be obtained tr this country Me? advertisement or, the last rolumunf fouitli page. d2# lin'ie THE BEST WIG MAKER IN NEW YORK. PHALON.Iate of Chatham Square, now of 214 BroaJwny, haj again taken the tint Premium for the beet specimen of WIGS AND SCALPS. A CONVINCING proof, if any were w anting, tliat native ingenuity m appreciated before foreign boaating and humhug. an the opinion or three of the oldest aud heat judges in the proleasion in New York can testily. The public nan now judge from the premiums, viz. the silver tneda) last rear, and the tint premium this, awarded by the Amrrieai institute, who is or i? not the beat Wig maker. K. Plialou respectfully invites all judges and wearers to eeainine his premium impro ved Gossamer Wig. which, for surpassing elegance, close re semblance to nature and beauty of nierhaaical structure, tnuy be regarded as one of the greateat master pieces ol art ever produced in the world. N. B ?This splendid wig weighs little over half an ounce, the lightest eeer known. Manufacturer and proprietor of Phaton's celebrated a xt ere t r\ a xt tm1 t t tttp i Ai> 11 UAiMLIlUifr, for removing tlie dander coini l<-til y from the head, Mud a tfcor ough cleaner of the surface and liair of the head, but leavea glossy and ailky appearance to tlte H AIR. Observe, none la genuine unit** signed by me in ink. KDWAHD PHALON. Applied wo the premises for 25 cent?. j-jt |m' BUTt'MKKV.- l'ke Licrn id Butcher* ol the I ty of New York are requested to meet at the Butchers' Exchange, corner of Fifth attert and First! Aveuue, on Tuesday Evening next, Jan. 25th. at 7 o'clo k, to hear Rome interesting statiin* lit* in rela'ion to the New York and Kite Kail Road ami the beam g tint the completion of thi* work will,have upou tiieir intereat Duitl Burtottt J. M. Patterson John C, Chamberlain Jelll Tiet Jacob P. Ai.n* Oaniel Harmony James L. Stewart Walker B'iggs Mathew 11. Chase William Mo ik"* Francis O dine William T Kj er llvh'rt tid'.I Fred'k Johnson Andre.v C. Wheehr John M. Seanivii Laming Ferris, Joseph McAidlc George Haws (. hirlcs throe Kei j nriiu W. Valentine Aruest Fiuli, sen. John Chappel Beru..rd It er George Prasengcr Edward Phi i.s Owen Mouaghan Isaac Valentine James Goodman HaaurIJPatterson J, F,Si W. Anderson Henry M. Valentine rfkneis Uoininick, Win II. McCreevy William L. IUi VI P"9!',1, Btaty Charles Campbell Jacob R. Reed j2t St Thaw a* K. Rroadvray. LOST?On Saturday evening. b< tw< en Mr hmlViiuthe Blooiinngd ile Road and Roosevelt street, a Cushion, pair of Lines, sn t a Whip. The inder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at (lie neratu win ?, ior lit _ JJ. W^EVWS, P.V KKT SHIP SHKRiMAN KDK MVf.itHjO. -i ^ veneers by this ship *111 plea-e ho on hoard, at Orlop* wharf font or Wall ilrert, To-moiro*r, 9>th met. at I'io'rlk. at which tiini the (Uainboat HEItl L'Lf.S will take the ship to in. Letter Bag* will cloec at the utnal place*, at balf p**t It o'clock. Wit VTOTK'E ?None of I In |iro[>eriv on Cnio'i i'l.n-e, l.o.vctie i' Place, fcc. offered lor eale by BLKKt KEIt St VAN DYKC.en Friday last, wa* sold ; aui portion of it will be dispciedof on reaionable terms, on application to the aucion rerr Jpl It ~~ BOOK-KEEPING. THE Counting Boom* of t'.C MARSH. 88 Cedar etreet, continue opea from 9 A. M. tog P. M.inord ith t merrhant* and other* may ata.l thtmsr Ives ol a course of im-t: u<:lion that i* truly practical ; one that einb are* a nmplcte routine of ineicantile transections and me rautile t alrulatlon: and one in which the Itudent actually ktepa a let of book* in a countiu? houec. To ihoee who are una'<iuainte<l with the advertiser's reputation, he deeirr* to any, that hi* principal work on boo'i-keeping ha* ;ia*ied into ten edition* ; that it rtceirct liie preference in the New York Public School*, and other large institutions; and that he. himself, i a* the honor of lie ng reappointed te-cher of? book her ping for the Merrautiie Library Association"ot this city. Prospectuse*, with teuns, msvbehid at the counting rooms a* above. i 14 im> r> OK TUP. BIUI H DAY o* ihos. v- I'AINE.?A Ball a' the Shabspear eeniere of William and Iinane strewn, on KHIL) AY, '.btli met and a Diuneron Saturday, the t9th iritL atttie National, Canal it. near Broadway. Ball 1 ickets fll. 1) inner Tickotsfl M, to he hat a', the above lictele, and at the Beacon ctTice. 84 Roosevelt at N.D. (fenlletnen wishing to < ine wi I please take their licks'! uarly, that a definite order tnty be given. Dinner on the lab'e at S P. M-. Tic Sets may be u!*o hid at the ICtli Ward Motel, 6lh Aven*e. !? VALL, Secretaiy. jl4|w* oTTCkT?Theeubecrtbers conducting i he general Auction ai 4 Commission Businei* having associated bimrlf withJatob H. Arcn' The busiiivs* will in future be cnuduct eil under the Arm of HIKLL tit AilCULAKlUS, jgilw* HENRY E. RIF.LL. A- TRIAL wa* made be lore tlie anursed I ommitice of re pectable merebante, in November. 18IU, at the foot *f Wall stre t. New York, u-ou one of the Salamander Safe*, w ith one of Jesse Delano'*, C. J. I fay lor'* Patent Double, and Srott'* Patent Asbetoe Sale* Extrsct raoM thx Committkk's Rsfort?The abme wa* a fair trial, aud wa* to u* a ronrii.ciug proof of the eup? rionty i fib- Salamander Safe orer til o.her* ; and consider IDI! that It w? eapoo-'i '0 an inienae neai i r a period 01 e igM hour* while each of the o'hcra were ilretrnyrd by the nmr Inat lii leoa than two hourt, we hare no heaitatinn in aaytrir. we con1 irter the Sal tm.inder Sale really (Ire-proof, nud aQording peifect aeenrity to brokt =?n?l rapera in onre ol fi e. We therefore lake much pie i?uae in making thia atatemrn to the pu die, i ud iu recommeodinc to them h no* Wilder'a Patent Salamander Safe. :ia fullv entilled to their roi fiden'e. aaiamonaf WADAWORTIl tc SV1ITH, BALDWIN St CO MINTUKNkCO. CHAftl.ES H MARSHALL, Committee. All Salammeer Safit by the ?uhferibrr, wi 1 bt <ijm! to any thit have be uteeied. A general a?aortm? nt on h ind, or made (o order, and for tale hv SILAS c. HEKUINIJ, Sole Ae-nt, jaiw 139 Wat. r at. CHI a A, tILASd ANf) KABl'ilCNtVAttb- AialKUa. hal- ?The entire aiork of China <>la a. anil Earthenware, 11. "lore, lit (Ireenwich ol reel connrieiuga ? m-ral a?aorment will be told at auction on the premniea, on Wednea day, July 'iith. lift By oider ol the Awigwi. .>: WHU P*R t'Nltll4H/l" heretofore .natin - na I. r the l' 1. I of LCD EC US kt NOLTr.K. it ihii day diiaolved by lO'ilnal coiiar nt. EDWARD LCD ECUS inlely ia authorized loreltle the b-Min'M of llie roneern?. EDWARD 1,1(1 ECUS. JOHN K. New York, tat January. H49. EDWARD LCDRCUS will continue the hue nee? cf dea'i?g in Mnw and Mm eal Initruinentf on In* own aceonni. at \ 1 </r Broadway. >1' U lNlKK MAIL AHIt\>.-,E MvM 11, (Met trio ' ' ooena a) S A.M., and cln?r? at 7 P.M. daily, " t xrrpt Son} dara.' On Hiindat the owcr ore! 0 at a AM..and closet at 10 Op*: A*am al If, aud olo ea -t I) I\M. The mail* aie * oaed at th ? otlire ?< f,llowa, vi/. The Hr?al North Mail on th* K?at aide of the Hit * r via Yoigkera, Si"*""'*, f'oughkeepaie, lludann, to Albany ml, ana all 1 ifti?i North tnil Wial of 111' aame in the,State of New York. at ? o'clock at night, and learn the city at o'clock the licit morning. Thu mail ineln. ea the Officea in the eounlife in Veimout. lying on the Weat rid* of th* Ore en Momita n?, Upper aud L iwer Canada, (lie eointy of Erie, Fa., .mil the coun iea of Aahtahula and fieagti 1. Ohio '1 he utaili on Ih* Went of ih? Huilaon Niter, via Hackereaack. N J., a'"' I'uiinout. N.Y., clone at 7AM, and auppli*. ih? roniiti** Urchin d. Oiang*. Ulilrr. Sullivan, Omen a id Nmnir.e. The Ore*! bonlhrrn Mail cloiei at 11 I'.M , dtily. ?*/? Sunday, on whifhday it mill licrrafier be rlour ' at l! "A In thm mail it included all matter for ihe Hurtlnm au l Win leru Htatea, alao all offieee 111 N J., and the Southern tier el v.uoliea in Ih* Htale of New York. An'-vtra m nllor t hil*. lelphia, via Jtrney Oily, aupply i? g all live prin lp?l N.J . on lh? mute through Newaia. N. Bruaat* rk, and Tren. Ion. lo t'amdeu, m i* id* ny and a*ut daily, and cloaea al a n.Jl. All III* otht r mall, cl jae a* uaual at th?u^iroN p y, Po?t OlVe, N*w York, Jan. 10 iwm. idi lw pOl.T B PATENT Kr'PEATIMI ' ARBlNe.s-K|.,rl a V/ El edition?Flirt al Ineli m K*y. Nov at, |M -Wuhll. Mil 1 hue far. Ih* carhin** In** aucc*ed'd lomy eali?fw..|og, 'It>r I,ring loa?' d for twenty day. 111 boat a*Vn<*, evunied to alikuida ol weather, if"! ?** Jl?rn? *'' *' to tip'.tde tah'ii (r;,j Heaieei'o'Jr ?' JOHN McLAUOHUV. , hiiut Um tijeilMwi). Me ha ?: Oo'l.Mif I In tat. N York. >u wrtlon BY THOMAH BELL. i -*nn and lit A'wfloHil* nu. 1 TVKSDAY. Suit of Pi mo Koilr*?At Lu| o'clo. k. i'i lb- anU rooiiw.w itf*ou'rr?n?? lu aplrndul pi .00 toiler. by the won a| pio?td in k<-m in Mini r r any u'htr uruulry. ' ?'i b" (wu .11 Monday. I . vrr Wn'i tin. at 11 n't'cxk, ? ithout rttrrt ?12 Splendid ( old Loter Wdchu, without iecer*e, and bj order of the ManliaH. to el,we 4 concern. pipe* of br-ii d>, t doyib;SO do Port. Sherry and Madeira Willi-: IShaakrt* rli*mpniwii* do; 15 bole* aoap; lb Jo Itn'i 11 too tot piiiiir, p.|;ir!.kr Kiln' the Piauo Kortea will be (old inthe Fulton flrtet dure by catalogue. WF.DMCHMAY. Al?n a large nid valuable additional 1 it of rupei iorct C' lid li ilnl furniture, ill enrl' 1 nt nnli r THURSDAY Oeiiterl Kuimture?At 111 o'o nek. will to ? >IJ the rul ire haudcomr furniture routaiurd iu the Imun- M lUmmenly at. litarHuiDnu. enuiprniuii lliuxi Is. venetnn ami ingrain carpet*, rug* oilcloth, pier aud iniutel lo .king claaar*. marble lop pirr and ewlri table*; ritli damaak window curtain*.* very ? *1 liable piano forte, mautrl luMtre urn unrui*. mahogany and mat le thaira. Ottoman*, rooking 1 hair*. 1- r- in b and uil.-r b-date*Id?, mattraaar*;pcliajle* and ped loom lunnliiri gentrally, including 1 lam and t'f-nui! nurcau* I Al?. rr.-rlol- ,l..,u1?J.l.o..? K. H. LUDLOW. A.., i,. Mir, WILL Sell at Auction, rn WKDNK8l)AV, 26th January, 1642, at 12 o'ci< ck, at the Merchant** Kxchauge, tlic following valuable property: 1. UNION Pl*ALli'?That eJegau* situation known mn lie Manhattan B<ii?k, in f e. Thn Ihii.I will b?* divided into 20 lots,some of which are the most desirable locatiou for t?riI rate or public buildings of any in the citv ol New York.? The lots Ure ou Union Place, Bloomirylale Koad. an 1 lbtli *tf *tt. Tcriurt of sale Ten rer cent on the day of rale; 20 per cent ou the delivery of the deed, ami the bnance may rcinnn iccured by 41??* hoo f and mor gage, on the p/ernises, mbjrct to the pat mm! of a'l lawiul interest suni-anuu illy lor 3 ) ears, at th- option of the purchaser. 2. (sKKKNK STftKKT? All that lot of ground in fee, known as No, 128 (?r?< ne street, on the e'Oi'erly Bide, beginin tig 175 feet mufhe'ly, from H ustou street, bting 3 5 feet front atid re ir, and 100 feet in depth. .< Also, thelot pfgravod, in tee. eofBir of Bfoidwiy tod ILe'ke street, thirty feet front and rear, and seventy-five feet dcen, with 'lie three story brick house there in, u*?w occupied hv Nir. D#d, Ajo'hecary. The House ir 30 feet front and rear, 53 feet deep. Also, the next adjoiuing lot of land, in fee and btpMinsrx on Broadway. The lot i* 3i feet 10 inches on ilroadwa> , auu 75 feet deep, parallel with Uroulw.iy, aud about 51 feet in the rear, with two storis and dwcllinv* thereon, of 16 feet 5 m ihen front each, and about 24 Let each ill the rear, and 53 Let deeri. 'I erm? of sal".?10 per cent at the a tie 40 per cen' ou the delivery of the deeds; the balance may rein tin secured on the premises for five years, subject to the p ymnit of lawful inter 101 Will HllllllKliy. The premises are rented until 1st May next?the purchaser Mill he entitled to lh>-rent from the let Feb next. Lithograph maps may be hail at tl e office of the Auctioneer, No. 11 Broad street. >r> voua to eulr. jltSr j- rTlaio KOU HAVANA.?The.leun bark LLAsypQmfBSiSB lilt IN ie hourly e*pe teil. and will meet *i'li erety possible despatch. having part ^wwuJZ^^aaXIijt her cargo alreaily engaged. I hose de ^^^"^ 'iiiiiiiiii ol seeming freight oi passage. bytliia aplen'ill and beautifully arranged retail, altould inalte early application to GLOVER St MeMUKRAY. _ J*4 _ 100 Pine at. S/.XTV MU.ES SHORTER lHAiX AAl' OTHER ROUTE .WHfj /&? THE MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE frl?TO ALBANY, via BRIDGEPORT?Fare at. 6fi through $. SO. The steamuoat CROi'O.N or the NIMHOl), leaves Catharine Market slip, East River aide, for Bridgeport, every morning except Sunday, at 7 o'clock. From Bridgeport, passengers will be forwarded by the Housatouir Railroad to North Canaan, thence to Writ Stock bridge (-20 utiles) by stage, and thence to Albany (jr. utiles) by Railroad. The cars arc trill furnished an I w >rtned. (jf/- Forpaaaiigt or freight apply on hoard o f the boat, or at the York House. No. 5 ( oiutUndt strut. jAtrn ItEMl'l TAX ES TO AND tABBAUE Sniiiti UKJhAl BRITAIN AND IRELAND, BY THE ^ Ll^^^'ER CxM Persona wishiug to send to the old couutry for their friends, eon maks the necrasary arrangement* ritfi the subecribcra, utd have them coltieout in this superior line of packets, railtug from Liverpool on th? 7th and llth of every mouth. They will tlao have a first rate class of American transient ships sailing very sixth day, thereby affording a weekly coinmuiiicatiou from that port. One of the iirut, Mr. Jam il). Roeke., is there and will remain during lit- year IMS, t?see that all the |xrsons whose passages hare been paid heje are forwarded with rare and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out the money will be returned to those who paid it here withoulauy deduction. The shins comprising this liar are: The 6XKORD. The NEW YORK, ' CAMBRIDGE. " COLUMBUS. " EUROPE, " SOUTH AMEHtCA, " ENGLAND " NORTH AMERICA Drafts at sight, lor any amounUon the ltoyal Bang of Irs land, and on Prcscott, Grote, Antes tc Co., Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand, fiee of discount, iu all the pnueinnl towns oi the Unitrd Kingdom. Apply, it by letter, post Mid. to ROCHE BROTHERS L CO.. jM 1**t floor to lh? Fulton Bunk.NY ?Cair ?'AssA<JK. ProM LONDON, BHISIOL AND tH^yDREENOCK, DIRECT.?Persous wishing to send hr lllaa Ihrir (rend*l<> roirr out from eitiierof tin ibole ports, can make arrangement* with ttie subscribers on very favorable leraw, w(mn them broaghto**t iu fustris** msktt ship*. Ami those w ishmg to send money to their friends, ran have draft* for auy amount, payable iu all llir principal town* of ihe I'nited Kingdom, if application be made to W. & J. T. TAP8C0TT. 19 South street, j23 romer Ooiivernenr laue. or 43 Peck rlip. Foil LlV Enl'OOL.? Packet,.I the 4Mh January. vAnKrWThe suprricr fir*t class last railing packet ship HEN. SMtMvl'A Kk IIII,I.. Captain Hoit. will h<despatched for Ll* anion I as above. This splendid slop ha* unsurpassed ac conunodations lor cabin, aeccnJ cabin, aud iterrage passenger*, who will he taken atn moderate rate. A; [dv Cli baud ship, at pier 13 East liner, or to JOHN HERDMAN,*! South street. N' B?Arrangement* ran, a*usu<l. be made with the *ubrn liter for passage from Lnerpool, of tlioie who may be sent I lor by their fi i'uds hi re. Drafts ran also be furnished for any amount,payable throughout (ire it Britaiu and lielaud.on ap plyiug as spots jit ???- FOR Ll V Kit POOL?Regular locket of the ?sth instant?The splend d fast sailing ship HHEftltStSUlHsDA N, Deeeyster, Muter, will sail as above, h-rre, gular day, This snips sreomtnodations for cabin, second cabin, and steeragepassrngi m, ari not surpassed by any vt??el in jiort, and bcrtlui can be engaged ou moderate trrins, by applying on board,at Orleans Pier loot nt Wai st, or to tiLOVER ?t Mc MURRAY, 100 Pine at, cor. South st, P. S.?Person* wishirg to send for their friends residing in the old country, can have them brought unt iu ihe above tuvoriteship. or any of the rrgular packets, sailing promptly on the: s- day, by applying ar above directed, if by letter postpaid. J19 iO PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS?Only ltr? WaWVcul" Line?The splendid packet ship ARKANSAS, JEtJUSnwCapt. Deums,sails roaitivrly on the 2ith, her regnlar day. Tli ship'of this line sail tvny five days, or passage free Having rrdendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin. atid steer, g* passenger*. For pistsge, early application should be uisdi ou board, foul <>( Wail at, u 10 W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. t# Siulh slrret, or <3 Peek Slip. The Hu.tsville will succeed the Arkeneas and fail lit Fe brmry. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND kMTVNEvV YOKK LINK.?Regular Packet of the 1st I 3B6*6?Kebruary?-Thr splendid fast sni'ing Packet Ship HUNTMVII.LK. ( apt. C.H. Mutnford. will positively aail a? ahore, For freight or portage, baring splendid furnished ar. cnroinodatlnn*. apply ou board, ,at Orieauf wharf, loot oi Wall stieet, or to fc. K. COLLINS fc CO. 56 South street. (?rtat car* will be takeu to hare the goods by tlii* lint corre-rly measured. Agent in New Orleanf. Jamei C. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to hi? address. The packet fhip Ot'MULOKK, Capt. Leaviit.will futcced the Hunuville, and iit the IOth February, her regit ar day. jll _ _ OLD LINK OK LIVERPOOL I'At.KKTs.lAWPWKegular Packet of the Itl February.?Die splendid, lUjtwa*! sailiug packet rhip MOUTH AMKItll A, Capt. Baralow, will tail poaitirrly on Tue*day,tlir lit of February, her regular day, having accommodation* fur cabin, 21 cabin anil atrerage passengers, unsurpassed by any vessel in port ? Kdr terms ol passage apply ou board, foot of Bcekman (tree', ROCHE, BROTHERS 8t CO. 15 Fulton at. neat door to the Fulton Balk. Person* desirous of (Sliding to the old country, for their friend*, ran hare them brought out in the South America, sailing from Literpool on the I9lh ol[ March, , nr in any of the ship* comprising the old line, aa.liug from there puuctually on the "tli and Ulh of every month. For passage apply a* above. j20 a_l FOR SALE.?'The stock and future* of the oyster drew ...j .a.l,.rtn 11* Hriiridwev. Hie h.irm, i,l 1,1 11,,. JiJL* Jollue Hall, together witli lour ye irs unexpired term o|' the lease from Ihe lirst of May nest,said saloon being one ot the beet location! in Bnikdnav and now doing an excellent business and will be sold at a Im gain, at the pre.ent owner it en situated that lie cannot attend tn it. Kor partirnla- < anil terms inquire on tlia premises or to SAMUEL DAYTON, 4 Kullon fith marael jtogxx' ?TQ LK.'i'?Two comfortable Offices in store No ii South street, unit iinm'dtile possession given. t>v apply in( to JOHN HERD MAN on the pctnunVs Ales. storage ran be laol on application A< timer OKN 1'S' Wateiptoof Uotk and tine Dress Boots, of the late at faaliina ; ;water|>roof over shoes. ilmrine gaiters an I pomps, ladps', mutes', mil children's gaiter oojU. butkttis aud ties, kid and (itiu alipp. rs. vva'erprorf over shoes and alt Warrant id go d ; gaiters *1 .' 0 to $1 f .1, and V misses ntid children's gaittr bonis and butkiiis,fashionable, good ami cli-ap. men's, hoy's, ami children's bootf, sheet. Jgc,chraprst in the city, 4|? Bio d-v.y coruernft anal at, at Walker's celebrated riie.ip store; wheir the uta.blc sixpeuce pa??i a for the slow shiMii g. jto Im* MEDICAL < YIH) ? On. t'oorr e, ffo.II UMMlttMM t hatham St.. still affords rtl f to the a (flirted of both ?r? es. Hems) be always tooaulted, with the utmost eontidenee in the worst easts ??r dslu ate diseases, mercurial afTeclmus . and the titimerio ia ax innt ilnS ai isintr Iro n I Ins ilisea". hroni Dr. (Mi ti(?o<irr practic for the Uttr ight y ram in thif k> ru cu'ar bnnich of the profession. ruarantres a ea.'iu spree y ami effrctiYecureto all ( ci-aon* n ho apply t<>Ii"?:Dt?asen cured m a few days without the nut* of tntrcury. or any ? ther dangerous nicilirnuH*. No iulerraiiion from bu*iocsf, or aneratios iu thr mod' of lit in.?. All whose 'Mlf !"* ? l*otraded or aggravated by malt/esf mrnt. m?X ?l?|Hy *IUi the minuet confidence ol h*-i"? i n#rlinNy * r'Inf rate?atteudarice Iroin 7 m* Iht morning uulil 10 at night. Of. ficr 01 Duwfj lm rp<? RliKU'KKM AM' ! I ! H.i.'-.i:. -Tl. ? . I olfcf forfait *11 tl.ll v*lu?H? ?J2?r'r;?? ' , ' ' ' ?p<l kMxnn VVi>l<ou .1"' ' Br*,T'r> DMtiUcr.with ItHrlliiitf Ilmiif, ouibtiil<liujr?, mm liitii ry and con Ufrfjfli irnilh. Pr"r*r'V cinildj >T r.l.oul tv <. air., ofUnd viitir up liirsoiit'i ???? ?? in? U I'mco m re in tetd village; a bnch dwelling house, a dwelling house. a diifil'ery capabke'of distilling ' u bmhelsol grain per day . ? large and eoutejilen Vw'O ?ml mall house, eiih two kilns 3i fert MU^rr.toci ? !'# Mfe?or 50,000 b?i?hr!| of yr.iiu. a ba n, pheds, stable #? ! r Bou lugs, and an off! .r situated thereon CoiiuM-ted w*. .'.e daettUery and brewery there if a steam engine of 20 horse po war Willi twocyllodc Ja~ainple rnar h n*ry for grinding* and a supcriegt rectifying establishment, containiijir oi i: of John VVi ugh;'* 4?nlmt at< oliol copper still.n. Thr whole rstablishmeat is of a iu| rnor kind, well finished end convenient in all it* arrangements, situated in a rich and flourishing pr.un giov. nig i OuiiUy, is now in com| Irtr orJei . ml in full oi Tatun. It having b'o>u*< n*ccssary Io sell Ihr s*mr in r >n??rqu? r?e? of the dr?.ease ot If. Walton, it will h? disp d of at a barklHiu Our third of I he ; .rrh t- moo*)* Will ?? r? j r??! -.i tlM delivriy Ol UlC d? I ? I t .' t.?' . . BMj bf left SO told a?id mdrt^Age lor a hmi ) at* ii i* M-? d. /or r?irr?-uc# ui^ui ? W?.?. I.fitrh \ 7r? Hudson "tree# N?-w Yoih,or of tlw -u ci ilTi ?n A ! i n N UKO?:OK r !,r.lTCI!, djK 3m- ^ V \' WVI WON T?NOLlHII|l' KL l iXii-U rarious nnltli. Al ^jiiiie>s ' ^ ft IU, for *?!< by vn ' | negu k BROOIcn ii UrH M Oil AW K AND III UPON HAILltOA (> OOMPANV.A semi-amntti dividendi Ihrti i -1 w it en 1 ' it?l f.X of thi4 # Ofiuainy has her i dnr.larrd pi) abl" it ifir Mr ' ( n i M 04nli, in Ihr ctly of New York, on (! ? Clcrutii day o' f obmary i etL v'i'M lady, diu l# h.l^4L J?J . <V 'f IIOMAH PAi->UJ<, BrcrtUrf. unit* ftfMi*. PARK TlfFATHr. < HIPP* NDAI.f * BENEFIT THIM KVftMNO, J?.iu7 ?4?'! ??? priori* *a<-? will rum itriiC' w IUI T>?# nil g i'oinc-lv of HI - Kl? THE PLOlUil! ! *ir I liil BUijfi r?l. hie<i*rt?l<? I Sir Ai<\ llandv, Chipp*u?UI? Bob lliuidy, Abbott | Farmer A?hti?*l<i. Plaeid? Sckii Aihfieltl, Mi * S. ( Duriui; ti;r ('u'DPtly i Cnuutrf Da c? ! ("oiriic S?mg. " Humors of .? Huce Course !" by W H Wi h on* '!'< COU4'lu4?? M kUl WHAT WILL THK WORLD MV ? Lord N?rwo)d Biwry | Ctpt TarrsdLdcUe PUtid* Manaii May I i y Mmi Auio.d B.?x? !*5l ?Pi* io cents?Gallery 'i5 outs. I>u >H '?i *11 a? 6 . i rrf??r:r.?i?r? (a<>ti*irii:ii/T? *t T HM'HAin riiKA'i i IP. Fir t Night of the UramMic HpeeUtle of I'VDINK 'I HIS KVKM.SO Jtii 14?The perfnr mancM w i'l co" in* uc* with tl?? Magniti *nt Sixciae\c of IIM'INK 1 Sir ! I nr'bn.nd, Ktrby j Hyblia, John*'? l odiur, Mr* A fur w^irli , Diamond and Whillock Hill atprar iu their Nmra fc.itra To iii'i lurlr n ??>> THE VIDVUJHT HOIK : Marti'iii, Hall | Seiaitiiii, I Imam Flora. Mri JuJ <h *o??? (ac?oti:td and Idtieralf, PitUi fOatler y i*. i at ? ' U>r> <11 ! >? < -t 71 ITCHKU'i Ot>l SPit TllUvrn w Reenalof tbe celebrated Drama?.l" A S MODEL'S. THIS KVEMNO, ,'aituarp SI?lite pcrfrruu iw.ll auin me ore Willi tbe laughable farce. railed . ... '.OM-OUMikd Mona I.a Pill t llortmiat e | Lit ut. ?>Tlirluu. N'tckiuiou l."? rtnlfiii, Mra Timm 'I i? l.i follow i-il bv ASM0DKI7* |\- XF.W YORK Aamolrm. M.b <11 | Albert Blauk, Edwin Mra Blank, Ttutat Allir which MIDDY ASIIORK. Lieut.Merlon. Olurk, Tom ('ritie<<-. Eiwm, Lad) SUrcSingaii, Mia Walla. To conclude wiib THE IIAITY MAN Ham Kuati, Mr. Oruham, SUt hi, Mr. Bat net* Ko-Ket, Miia Singleton. Admieaioa?Dreif circle 10 rettti. I pper uut a :? ?iaca Pu 111 reu'a. PriAate boaea JV *>mira open ?t h*ifpaet ?i*. fortniti riaea at aerm BOWKUl iMPHlTHBA 1 U*.. A'c. o7 Hoirrry. Laat Week but Onepraairua 'o lh< t .imputa'a Departure for Kttrtpr?Brilliant Attraction*! ! TH1SJ KVF.NINt;, Jan.|H?'Hie eitertaitiair-ai ail'com mence w th SPORTS OK THE KINO, Hoiaetnaraliip by Ma*tcr Smi It. Carpel Leap* by tbe whelerotnpat.). The Indian I'oary Oer.eoln. will uetfnrm. Mr. tiardner will appear iu tin I dian HuiiletMatter Smith will i*-rfiiiii on the Hymn Itop* Mr. J Sweeny will appear aptl aims lit* most popular Snug of Lttcy Loup, arrompiny ing Ititneelf ?tt the Ban>o Interntia*iuii nf fifteen miuu'ea. To be follow ed by a new farm, rall'd FOUR QUARTERS OK THE OLOBKi Europe, Mra, Wtlliaina I A?ia. Mia linger* Africa, Mra. Riaem | America, Mra.Speucer Aided by lite F.|u rrtriau gentleman. Mr Sand* will inform on Four Hoiara. Principal Act of Horaein ?t?li p. by Mr. J. Buckley. Mr Sweeny will aing Old Tar River. The whole to conclude with a I,at.pliable Altfijaeoe called UII.LY BUTTON. Door* open at ?J?performance crimnmcee at T. Pi.iea 50 cent*. Pit 15 cettla. Tt., .1* i? i,,,.,.,.t? it,. y,,.m,.;.Ji u tt n. njiru for exhibition during the holidays. Entrance .S i. 17. to <ihrvsl 'I. Admi-shm 43 nls. AMK.RICAN MI'SRVM, Corner Hioatliray itntl Ann *trn t. Manner and Director, Mr. P. T. Batumi Grand tialaWeek?Tin New Hull opened?Kalll of Ntaga in?< tty uf Dublin ! ! First Atpearauce of La I'rtite t'tritn, Master Usury, Miss K. Barter, Miss M Bar cr. anil Visiter'f. Baiher. KVICKY EVENING THIS WEEK Commencing Monday, Jan. 24th. The Manager has great pleasure iu announcing ilial a ken, spacious and spleudid Hall, our lumdred feet in Iruglli, has bent added to this imineoae estib'ixhment, and though it coutains two of the most stupendous and magnificent w urks of ail erer exhibited in this country. The trite of Admission lo the w hole will remain at SB cents 1 he Manager has at great expanse, effected u short tngage; ment with Mr. J H. HOLBHOOKF., to exhihit his elegant and interesting MODEL OF THE CITY OF I) LB LI (V. The manager has also engaged for a short period the Grand and Fubliine Exhibition ol' the stupendous FALLS OF* NlAl i Ait A I The wonderful Exhibition ef The PNEUMATIC RAILROAD, the greati at nrcation of the age. is ill constant operation. The Albino Lady is here eeery rueuing. Fancy lilass Blowing every evening. The grand Cosmoramic Views ate all chmgtd F'or the convenience of families and children, there will heiea'ler be a DAY PERFORMANCE, ever}' Satuidayafteruaou, commencing at three o'clock. Principals ot Schools and their pupils admitted on liberal Ira, Admittance to the Mosetun and all the entertainments, aft tents. < hildrea under 10 years of age half price. f2RAND BALL AT TAMMANY HALL, on Friday* VX Jan. 88ih, IH12, for the benefit of Mr. JOHN A811. WELL, who was one of the survivo-s nf the sttamer Savannah,foundcc d on (lie 3Sth of November, tstt. off Cape Ilattefiss. Mr. Ashwell wss chief Cook on boxrd this ill-fated vesse'.asd the last person who left her deck, having lost rrery ttiing except what he stood in. Hutfr'rnd* have determined to give a Ball lor his bent tit, as above, which thev confidently hope w ill ret rive the patronage of the c< mmmiity. Mr. Parker kindly volunteers his service! fot the xcilid'., Commit i vc Thomas Close, John Nuttle, J. H. Bate, H. Spirks, J. Fowler,jr. Dan rl Eestgii-, J McDonough. A. Biittep, P. R. Sawyer Wm Oeo ge J. Jones, ^ George Warn. Thomas Fowler, Koliert Reed, H. B Ifawes, E Kreerran. George W. Dawson, Bauds Hcntt. R. C Mepjett, It.;. Haims Tickets f>l each admitting a setilleinau ami ladies to he nad of either of the Committer, or .Mr Ashwell, la Catharine street. j'aO ftt* BURN'S ANN'lVr.ltS.MfV "il' he relehiatct by a Dm ner, lie., ns th" IILI'F. BONNET HOUSE, Ne. 17. Spruce alt ret, i n the SS li uiala il. The admirers of the Bard and hi?* productions, and those l.ieudly to the house, are invited lo i in the company. The price ??l" I lie t icier ahaa to , n put at out dollar, that tin* may i?' crcluded on acc unt ofthe price. The dinner vti'l he plaiu and ?uti?lautial, anil on llir tnlile at aeren ,.'clock; wi' mull, o' quid Uiquaba: to waah it duvvu it i'. Duma (..rgit tin day? occafion aud the place. Ticket! to be had at the liar ct' the Blur B inu?t?135 <"hu ft ,-l unit <1 tin I aiinii.i* tr#|. ;rg gl'od Mill kok bale, in Illinois.? it u -utuatrd oi> (Jreen Hirer, iu Henry Hour, y, about two milea from Hock River tud about H mi'ea above the in ulh of the ri rer. audit tvro mile! Irom Morrietown, the coiiuly lent of Henry county. The Mill ha* two run of(tonei, ofthe heit Erench burr. There in alio a Saw Mill attached. At there ia buton* mill in that county beet lei thit, and that 16 utile* from it, It will alway* ilo a good bumiem. There are 80 acre! of rich i'rarie land belonging to the mill. Or*en Hirer i? a large el - run and nerer fail*, a* it atipplied from the Winehagolakeg. Then ill ii new aril haa been in operation about (our moutha. and ladoiug a good buiinesi. It will he sold for caeh. which ia aln ut $3 50ft aud fa per acre for the land. Kor furtngr . at . cu'are, enniitre at Tremont, Tar.ewtll count) , Illinois jr, imw (HAS OAKLEY MUSIC. V6ES8RB. G. WEISS A ORAHM, member! -U tha tier man Mtiiical Society, beg leave to inform 'ha laihiou ible lor-icty of New York and ita vicinity that they hava formed a full and effective hand of initrumental prr.rurmeri,ol twenty in number, if required They hare all the fagbionabla new Waives, Oaloyi, and Cotillion! of the celebrated rompo?er?, Strauii, Lanner Lgbitvky, Muiard and ott er eminent prof* mora, and hold theimelvea in readiness to attend nrirata partiet, eoireei. Sic They will attend with two itiHnimenU violin and piano forte, and any additional ntttnber'thut may ba required. Karon will he promptly attended to by applying It the music itore NO. 4t<| 3roadu ay,and at their rem Yearea No IT Delaney ilrcet. }l ft M II SIC. Y/TEBBRS. Bti UN EIDER 4c U E B II V N . .tr.eclora -rl of tlie well known llirmau Baud, beg leave to inform :Jie faahionable lo-iety of New York, and it! rkmity, that their full and effective Band, con?titing of twenty init/nnieu tal performer!, ia now ready to attend private pnrttet loireea, he. They have all the leteit and moat popular Wat'Te*, Cotill ion! and < talons of tie celebrated coi.ipoeera, LantMr, 0.?,..?.l I ? .11 ..It... .v.,', f?,, m*ula, eia: Violin end PMDolortR, or any number that may be required. \\\ favor* will !?#? promptly ntirtnlto by anplT i)ift at Mr. KKANTZKKK'S hirSinr.SW B' iadwtf,*n?ri Ladie* ?ud < Jmf letnm are requested to ir?*t?tct the moet #pleu ltd hfeortinml of K'Td.Hkii.n, I Hud liob i r% er ottered hi the ritv of New York. lout* MUSIC. An A. NlgT would rrij.r tiully inform the puWir, lU4t he p ill p'?v ?l private partict on Ihf jM Oiof'-rtr ail th? r*-lebr*lcd cotillions and wall/*. Kbs"' r? at No. I Walker street. JtOli* EMHK.MKN'A B ALL.?Th B-ll in aid of Hie New York Kin Oepaitmeut Fund. will take i>L'ri?t the Turk Theatre, on Monday evening, fan. '2t<* *1 irfcein 'iSL'tWi* SUPJfiKEINJfi O KEN IS CO A1S rr the b rst qi'Ai.i rr. aorha# toworkr/w .up .n d mat* n<J#, | ?r T WENT 7 *0I I I noi I A 11*3 ^0n. I'bi.hJ.jjtu Ten Hollies. *t PHIL rt'Ck a j Br(.adwtr I ff, ibof*fsnn?i?ti?rf K/Mrint??4t* MiimI l#ttf ty r?#i < . fto tNire iiMtl# by ll f moet ri|>?u?\-1 U? tjtf. Thu ifl no?mi>?y fTiiftrantce, but cut that *bt aur?rtifctf I himaelfto fulfil. (itrmtnttorv?rf>adtr/v|uti4t7p#nf?v| [ionthle lower. til UJ HI I'WKM/N UI'Ul/KliD M , w tilth it conodcrtd by the tirtt Phytiri n? m ih* f. N. lo b* t!w r ry hf?#t com fotiti.wi in r?i?tri?c* for Ktcu*nati?m *|?r*in#, '.niibUtu#, 1 II I M' ?J?. .\i|rnl?ll#M. \V? ikws? uf( ir.b',0(r N. II. It it thrrr tirr.1 the ?*r^?><Th of a* y ot!i< r I in?l. fcr ur* and :.*\t for WbitUrll'd dor, and ircMi - no oteer inletr yen witntot>ro*c t)ir tr.ith ol th'rrinark *. 11 fit ttfjrr it ?? yrt at Of\f h'if rlt* itrd at to fh'fct. AT** fri. * 25 cr:i ?. Hold af Wholffile and Retail Wy A B *4 U. Hu.ii,i)ro> fill*, ailll 100 b ultoii -u.o ?., Ntt J7 Broad*ay ; Ahr'm U. Hande h '?? !>o. ."J Brood *.'),r"?ntr ??f 1 Intnbrr ntrrrt. Alto tortile ua above, the " AKOiNlATlh 8NI KK, for IV dm-lie uml tlalvrh. cou>PO.?ed .'iiHcipaUy of roott. abruhf, and re#otnroll/?l'4 by motif, lat? Pto'ettor ol </?mhrid?< Univenuty. FriC(titttt? dl UMtwlOP I \K. T.A\ I.Vlu S UAI.MA.Vi <>( U v t.ll\rDT?T-A? Ar *s old eftiblithmmt, 3?H Bowery?The urrain vlttrtieipi in HifttK atrert, fif.f ufdtr fenonvmntu ini'ill*. tb'li OfW W. Taylor. ami again .?* W. \V. I h u tr. h ui m<w now, nor at-tor h*j had tiny roimrction with thr r*iyMi*'>m*ot at .No iTS H'twtrjr. 1 he Into proprirt <r, b\ A.Thtu'i, r.buk ui* brother, n^tnol W fhiyer? hr hit tot nee* in lh? iKtnrtil hit d*rea**d brother for rerer?l jrait. Aht?m lour year aro he oi> i.rd ? ifor* at 211 Spring tin *t, and ?dvrlited Kryra' HMran of Lirerwort. *n.l ne r twg ywr* tvnfam* before Ihr public in ??jpp?rt of Bnrrilt It ho. to ii?'??t an tig DrTnyk r> bal?im of |;iy*rtrtrl?tttd win for vtani riafrTiif'B fitr j roj?r iMor?'?ii> oi p?ii itcokh.', "wr ? ? well Ui oun Ilia! Hi me ii?>' !?' J't-ot'rirtnr Wir- Jjtl< K P. Tliaj< r lilt ir(i-?d'i??H I'lin rf|r!ir<t*<l mr-dieiur, W W Tlm? I r a in hI> ml 0.ur(< < a > < ?i? ol if l\r * r*~f ill ?b?rr jam Iiujt?Purchnn* fu' J'?mi ml . .n? Oh>.\ ?m| lli< .1.1 (./Ti. f a;, B.nwrj, l.ii?"i. Kourlh nod rVil lri#t? Mnr ifin'i will hMmiiii formally. dM Ir.1 I-1..II o/ii.f.. nr ? hi. n*, or in rem?i.?ri in Lym-un* I r. ?v r, (Vtmn lilli eo.d?AI*o. 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