Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 19, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 19, 1842 Page 1
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rii ri t CT *. T xj f i ci . I " i - P u l 11 , ig-gasegH ! Jngnaeaaa TH *? -Mo. 363 ?WM? Mm. 1031 _ .UWUWtOt UVkllPm.f*CK?T? To nfl?roarV?w Torh ou l>?* ttih.aod Livarpwol on th? 1Mb ?' ?* uaM. ft m m4& ^Yaoantrw yo/T: I W? BDSCH7S, Ca*t?: J 'oka Collm*. ?Mh Nwreh. . p ROM Lnr?*FMl. _ kli SIR DON8, Captain E. B.Cobb, l*th Jium. Tkeaedhipeareaflorithe liralclare,upwHr<UonoOOtona,biiSt fetfceatty ef New Yerfc, with mch improremeMe u coaabioa mil?rr1~'k *' eowtrort for paaaenwera. Etcry aare CihoantAenla the arrangement of their acaawimodatioaa. The Saaof BMajB?he?ee i? $400,for which ample atoraa will be [ratUaL Tfieae ahipa ere by experienced maaCm, who will aaalu erery cxartioa to aire general eatiatac FtiHhar the oaptaisa or owaera oflheae abipa will he retponai Ma foraay latum, pertela or yack^c?a?ut by Una, uuleaa ra I *Tbeahipaot thipliuewiUhefepAergo aimed,andtheirpeaw im cnMtrr *? (iraathaia aacunty ootpoaaaaaad by any other | ?h WM. k J4.8. BROWN k to^ Litcrpoal Letter* Wy the p?ck?u will b* charged it} ceuti per ?in*l? +m*i teceate and ufwioai>#r> l fit *%ch. ml fceCIMANA AND*NKWWYOM*LiN( OF PACKETS & tik M. J& rirninffur accoInlpoaTlionoFaW^re, it iamteaded to 1 tA aahiD from thla port on the tat, 5th, lath. 15th, toth MdWthof caoh mouth. eoomwiciug the lath awwtinnit* until Miy, wlien recular d?y? will be appointed foi STmouOMw of the year, whereby great delay* and duap Sit'maH will be prevented during (he lumoier mouth*. Th* BuLu. ihiu* will commence that arrangement > TETrAZOO.Cajit. Cornell. Ship SH AK8PEA11E, tTapt. Mine*. SI? H$N?8^1LlI^ ??p|. Mumfori. SWpOCMULUKK.Capl LeavtU. Sun NASHVILLE. Cart. Dickinroh. Ship MEMPHIS, CaptTCnight. Ship LOUISA, Capt. Mul for*'- u ....... Thaae ahian were all huell id the aity of New York, eapree* tetmeLckat*. are of a light d rait of water, have recently been MwlVeoDDered and pot in apleudtd order, with accommodation* CXtoeSeni unequalled for comfort. They are eourmaadpd LtmwMcid mat Urn, who will make every evert ion to A* 2ee??l mtwlaction. They will at all time* be towed up and Ewnthe Miiiiuipp'br ifetmboata. Neither the owner* or captain* eftheaeehip* will be retponmii.tLi.wOw hullioa.urecioo* * tone*, ?ilver,orplat*d ware,** far My letter*,parcel or package, aeot by or put ? board of Sen unlcaa regular bill* of ladiag ar* taken forbteMma, and Se value thereon em~?-ed T^Mfcigbt "rEdoEtigk h CO.MSouth.',,or JAMES ET WOODtUJFE, Agent in Now OrtHMfWhowillpromptly forward .dl good* to hi* addre**. Thcatupoof thia tine are warranted to (ail punctually a* ad I vertiead, and great car* will b? taken to bar* th* gooda correct lymeasured. m4 naw to tin. a?u n*. w AtuL. ciesaEi far* ridw.oi to S# oont*. From th* foot of Courtlandt rtrcot, Now YorkWTW a..rj. ?. a.?. atij pn. U 4ft do HI h do I M 18 00 ON SUNDAYS. Fro* the foot of Liberty atreet. Leare New York. Laate Newark. At A Mead 44 P.M. At 1 P. M. and It P.M. mWKHK. EyAMT^g^EAHWAY END " v? a *?*? SOMERYILLE atacea connect with theae linen each way. Fere between New York and SomerHIW, 50 teota. Do do Naw Bii?wiak, Tl ernta. &j*h&town, as Sale.' Tta toe in the T) A. M. train from Naw Braaawiek, tad 41 T M. braia front New York, Kaa been reduced between Naw York and New Brunswick to ta eenta. " aadltahwcytc ?T| * tlw Pnfladalphiaaaaillmt poseae through Now Braaawiek for Naw York ovary craning at i o'clock, padaadayatbi trip from New Braaawiek ia amitTiwaatiam who procure their tickata at tha tiekataSce.roaatre afarry tieketgretia. Tickataararooatradkytbeeoodnetor rata on tha day wbaa nurchaac d febli ?ae* From PHILADELPHIA, via TUB PHILADELPHIA. W1LMINUTON. AND BALTITdORE RAILKOAD COMPANY. Pt end South will be forwaided daily oSea af U?a Ca*aawy. No. I Dock at stfolly iafonaad that all gooda eotr will be forwarded with the utaoat art or aonth. Iwaao the aama dry it laarea Philai? wret red aouth learea Do b atreet lock A.M. by at earn beat ROBERT I piaaeag era will re ich Baltimore at t o'clock, two houra nrerioue to the departure of the tr?ine f?r theaouthweat. ,W. L. ASHMEAD, Agent. I Philadelphia. Me rah I, 1540. mil lm RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. SEW BR USSWTCK A ND SEW YORK THE NEW JEKBr.Y Rai'road end Trenayortattoa Com X nay birt etUDiMnea rnigni Liur nciwrcn HruMWiek ukd N?w York, fbichtb<| intend to run pet mafew Urn us w irk at (AM. daily, (Bun dare excnta4] iU the footof Liberty street. New York, a: S P.M. To country dealers sad merchants the above line tt very da arable the speedy end cheap conveyance of merchandise ef every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers is Live B oca, who can havs iss head or cattle conveyed between New Bruuawiek and New I orb, the same day, 1 he rates for the transportation of cattle, harses, mules, sheer, hogn. c? and all other kindi of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent try this line Is not subjected to say extra charge in creating tha N wth River. The Compact hava Beted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will alweya be open for the recptioa of merchandise. Passengers, pu-e^asiag their tickets at th* ticket oRces, wjfliwsaare ferry tics eta gratis. mil 3m* FREIGHT AMD PARR AOS TO PITFRBURG. fBtSBSSSSSEi^SS^^^/ffj/P^^jKSiBmmm jMBBL BINUHAK'I LINE. The pconrletors sf Blue ham's Transport, Urn Line to Pitta burg, give noteesiotba Merchants of New York, and all other ptreses S lipping to the Wast, that their line is now in active walton. Goods consisned to them (or sent to coin their 8m.) will bo forwarded with despatch. Owners or shiporre of goods, destined for the Western States, who I sec no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will ptaase coasirn their x-'de to William Bingham, PiUaburx, who will attend to ehippiug all such consignments without All foodi thould be marked distinctly on each package BINGHAM'S LINE. For rates of freight, which are as low as any other line. Apply to TM. TkdON, Agent. No S West street. opposite Pier No. X, N. R. f B.?Passengers forwarded to P tteburg and Pot'sriUe, every day,Bundaje excepted. Refer to It, Crook". American Fur Co.: 8. T. Nicoll, Ffoot street; PlieIpe. Dodge It Co. Fulton street; Burdam, Begs It Co., Wm. Rankin. Dnryee It To . New??k- ma ?m STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Wh.tcl.all Krrrt.d^^^^gS* tI? aleaZer iTATr.N I SI, A ST) PR or 8A MSON will run ao follow* until fnrthrr notira :? Itdocaa Sum lalud U?m Whitehall At 'clock *.m. At o'clock lm. "Jl " " " II " " 1} M r.H " ?i " f.?. ? " " 5 " N. B. All yooda ehiptwd are required to b* particularly M and aro at the n<k ?f the owner* thereof. of NEWARK AND N W YoRK .. Far* Oal* lt| Cento jMM Jfl _ The aidrmlid and mmtnodiooa learner CJHfeStrASSAK , Ciptmn John Oify, leioi coo!KmBDLplet' It aud tlrgaally refitted, will commence her roynlar tripe for the eeaioo, on Thursday, Merck 10th,? leering ao leiltuitFoot of Barclay at, New Fork Cea'rc Maikat, Newark. 1# o'clock. A. M. Tl o'clock, A. M. ? o'clock. T. M. l| o'clock, P. M. Freight of ertry daaenption eatrie I at vary rcdocad rataa. wi'lMowrV tSe^'t of^m^rtreet haw Tark.erary Monday. Hr i ?J*y and Saturday neraona'n ot < ehdocft. ctnruikt.tbc H?*h. tiioer will .uawburch Monday worny* at I o'clock, aao Tuaoday and Friday oryaaa age,apply to the Captain on board. ownara thoroor.aaloaa a ball oflading orracaipba aipa*d for IFITNOAKIIA.NOEMiI.NT. dMM FOR SHREWSBURY and BED BANK and ?firr Saturday. March 14, IM >, the 3EZ3CK-Steamer OSIRIS.Captain Allaire, will leave New fot^itiyCwtWy, Thurrday, nod Saturday, at^ S^e - a'rlock, mU fuwiljr""Thor^y"~l V'clwV, oooV *' <w 9m A MAJXLIVII fOR ALlANY, ,mJ wlrr OpdQu'm^iiU plw-ff. m r?r an th* 1cr Ihe +I,S ^"RNOOX.1 /utriVi4 ?!"?& "*My ?" J***!-. OT to PETER r. !a^fe,EisjKKEHm "5tr^i^"'^iKi?c3nrxx5: rcg-??* I i II I ! - ?X.. E NE NE1 DR. ALLEN'S BALSAM." A' Hocehonad, uirerwort ad P1*uru? hoot, for Coak. V Colda, Coaauapumi and l.ieer Complaint?CaaiemptVoo it a dieeuc often ercieil) lurking 1a the nretemfar yatra before'hero a iki le of oomphnni nt the Ian pi. And m thin ,t?** ttcu bccur.d ne cff.ctually, aad u c. neialy m nay other dineeie. Let not per one deity the nee el med'eiae uui 'VCff 'Ml agecud. but ia dae teuton treert to Or. Alteo * Bilxm of LWerwori?thin medicate ht? proved "tP " *'<v?<Jut'Or of rtvnieinne.'* for atuch all maahiea will hare aboananl c <u >e to Mete (he head of Prorideoce ? or* won 1*0 niyeacfcaua iu thkcttp low use this medicine in their practice, LIVER 'jOMFLMNT CTTRED-Dr. Allen-Dear Sir Ihevr ueod | *' Bxlaam of Horebound, Lirrrwort and Mw my Ho 1 in my ir-c i?.r for mine m >oth* pw, and from the wonderful iff. at it b?? had. I am All If tufted tint it p?oimim ?ery auperioe t.rtuet in the core of Lieer Cwap aiut anu t'nnau npuou. I da atrocrly reeora uend it to the public and the KacaJt*. J. D.^UHA&D BOH, M.D Hudfon. Auguet 1.1811. WHOnptf. O CnUOrf ?Thie diaeaae ia fprerailing *ery caletuireiy. and iaawoi ping off man* U'tlo one*, with ?tnr few da?a illnra>. furcate ehoiild temrmber that Br. A Ilen'e Balaam of Liverwort ia Urn oaly infallible remedy, and Uaa ua?-d thou anile of I re* during aermye*ra. Sold by W. A. Tailor, wh keulr agent, M Barclay at ; E.M. (luion, 1ST Bowery corner of Qrandatreal ; Dr. Hart, comer of Broadway and Cnambart atreet ; J. O. Pay,at Milnoi'a Drug Bore, corner of Broadway and John atreet. | mil Im" _______________ T\Oc.S NOT t'OMMuN at.NieE inicn ua that tXrhC 1J TORaTION m the m >*t aatanl aa well aa effectual went in arreating and curiae Paloioocy Diaeeaea I Heaaon aaia yea. oceau-c Oha.iu tion ia cither immediately or remotely the c -uaa of lafla-' matioa or Catarrhal fee ere. producing croup consumption, and iKcmh ol the lunga, pain and a rcueeeof ihe threat, brcaat. eidee. or ehouldera, broachltia, erciliaig muecua and perulent recra iota, there By clogging up the lung*. ao at to n ore or Iraa impede both reepiratieu and the free ei'CuUlioo of the blood, cauuiuc difficulty of breathing ad aathma, t.Utway, hoareeueee, and lot* of voice, drojey of the heart and ch(?t, rupture uf blood veteele.and Herd.La from i th. throat and luaca aad *i itiug of blood To rtmore thia abetruction torn which all theae alarming ani dangerous diae an "nr.nair, aad to produce a radical cure, I nothiajj haa ever been found equal to JAYNE'3 EXPECTOIt atauda unrivalled?it alaada pre-eminent?try it, and yon will be forced to arknuwledg. that ita virtaea bava not, nor cannot be ov?r<ated ; that i et-uda far above and beyond the reach of competition; thai it iath* only reaaonabie, the only natural and tha only truly eu era ful method of art eating and curtug disease* of the pulmonary organe Sold in New York al whoiceale and retail, by A. B. k D. Hand* Drucgiate, Not. 7? and 100 Fulton ; Uavid Sard* k Ca., N j. T7 Kaet Broadway ; A M. Sanda k Co , No. UTS Broadway. ml7 lm* DRS. SARGEANP AND MALLESON, PHYSICIANS and Pargaona from London and Pari*, are ia A coneia* attetd-nce tkrnu|tMut the day, at their office, 80 Cedar stre? t.aeroatl door from Broadway, and mar be ooueultrd with the etrieteet conAJeuce in all caeee of either a medical or eurgicai character. Dre Sergeant and MaPteoa have had moat attentive opportunity* of obtainug <nd perfectiog a thorough and practical knowledge of their pmfeeaion, having been in acidve practice tor eeveral yam, both in Enciand and France, at well at the Lnited States; also attended for a number of years the Hoepi tab in London and Paria, a udied and obtaioad their diplomat under Sir Benjamin Brodie mod the Ant phyaiciant in ringland. N.B. A aelaet aaturtmect of perfumery, and the moat approvad pataot roedicinee. talB In' PRIVATE CURE. TYOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COUR9*, No i-For Lf the prompt cure of C?p or Ooaore -m*, Oleete, and all other welhral di.chrges. aad hie SptriAc Courae. No. a, tor tha complete eradication, and permanent cure of venereal diaerae, without etpoenre, inconveaieaee, or ioti of time. Each enure* ia chelated in t neat Ua caae. eomprieing every mediciae. wteh. and req .ieite, arte ream red either for internal or extarual una; and whether the e?aebe recent or old. a care i* guaranteed, if uaed aa directed. Each package aiaocon aioe Dr. Jordan'* privatetrailiae,called the Monitor, where, ia it full direction*, with a nlaia dieeription of the nature *y mptome, coneaqneoce* and treatment of eecret Mieeaere;to which ie added much Valuable informal ion. uaeful hint, and important advice?remorug all the difficultiea of (elf treatment. The nrice of Monitor is fi'ty cento; one dollar tent poet paid, wilt < nsnre Its reception. Tiw ema-sea No. 1 and I, are each 91, and guaranteed?admirably designed for reni dents in the country, brine complete, cemnact, 'eoavenieut and efficient. Post paid letters covering the amount, here prompt attention. Bold for the pxojrietor, only at Dr"g Store, * Marion street, second doer below Pi nice, second block east of Broadway. Marion street in n direct eoatinuiiion of Centre. salt lm? AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY FOR THE D LADIES. R. A. C. CABTLE, Dentil t. H7 Bread way, New York, haa a Facte for filling decayed teeth, which, while it is perfectly harmless is ha eotn roeition, can be put into the most tender tooth, with which it be cornea eompaeti d into on# solid body, maintaining its original appearance and uses without any pain whatsoever. Ti e moat painful tooth can be thui pisoertd The numerous testimonials from ladiso in the first society speck sufficiently as to its tfficacy. Dr.A.C.C. inserts artifi ctal Teeth without ligaure* on the principle of atmospheric pressure, guaranteed to withstood the effects of abJious acid stomach, and res from fmted edera. Toothache ''ills, one ?f which put in the tooth will effect n ra' icul cure. Dr. A. C. C. refers as to his professional anill to Dr. K.U- Johnaoo, PrealJaut of >ha Medical Society, La Chivslier Don A Catderon da la Barra, Spanish Ambassador, Mr. Btaughiao, BpaeifhComnl. R<y Mr Lyell. Rev. Mr. Kiaaam. the Profess ore of the Uoiverty of the College of Physicians and Suigrons of New v ork. DEAFNESS?Dra Caatlc k Edwards, Aurists, attend to every disaass incidaatal to Iha human car. Aeaunti* DropsSure cure for deifuees, pains, noises, or hard wax in the ear. mIT im" nANSRUfF or loss of hair is caused by a languia or obLf strueted eirculstiim in the small blood vessels w htch supdly the scalp and hair with nourist men*, in consequence of which the perspiration becomes thick and chunmy, and dries on the eurtace, forming a crust called dandruff, which clogs upthepercnof the skin, and by its pressure against the roots otthehair prevents it from receiving sufficient nonnshicentto retain vitality The hair then becomes haivh and oupleaeant, change* color sod tail* off This nanoalth* afleetioo is very speedily sad effectually cu-ed by Jayua'a Hair Tonic, which revives .lie dormant powers of the sarfac* vessel i. rsmsves the dandruff, and produces a new and healthy gruw.h of hair to supp'y the loot of the old; and baldness is pr*ranted or removed where it already > xists The fbllowiag eertificato is selected, which snffieitatly prove* its catraoidiawy vivjtwr? Messrs. A. B. k Bauds:?OcutUmea. As an set of just to* to you ane Dr. Jayne, I send you this eertificato to inform you of tho invaluable benefit my wMb has received from the use of Dr. Jay ne'e Hah Tonic. She loot notooly her entire head of hair, but bar eyebrows alto and after trying Balm of Columbia and various other remediee. with no benrfit. thr used Dr. Jayae's Hair Tonic. Bha used two bottles before we culd discover the hair had started. and conunenairg with the third it started to grow out tiaely.and iaa few weeks hsr head and oyebrows weie covered with* third growth of flaeblack hair, better than she hid lo#|. I think it was entirely produced by the use of the Tonie, and would rttommead it to all who need a similar remedy. Truly yours. JOHN N. JACKSON. Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne, 91 Booth (detract Price 91- Bo*dat wholeialeanJ retail by A. B kD dANOS.druggipto 79 Fulton. corner of O >ld street, and 100 Fulton sUrtai; also told by Abruiin B. Sanaa * t.o., rso 373 ttioaumy, corn?r of lumber street; Dasid Sim Si Co., No. T7, tut Broadway. all I y DR. H 0 R N E pONTINUEIUbi mwhifewMMtiilly at hi* ofict No. v Tl Murray street. bndto^SHdiaSjproreMMwiii the'eiVy M EKtftfSKl practical member ;<r the raid faculty of phyaK for M flare, fo the laat 16 in tha eity of New York. Hia wra-Mes from being geoctal, he conduce to a p-uUcuUr branch of medicine, which comes hia profound attention. His experience is rsry are at?his success ashtonishing. He cautions the untbrtanote against the use of mercury ; thousands are annually mercurialised out of lilb ; recent affection*, are, without mercury, extinguished ta a few days, See your caseaeradicated,notpatched up. The lea-and Dr Buchan,emphatically obserren ^Mamed persons, and neraonaabout ta ha marriad.should be narUculariy cautions of those affections ; what a dreadful inheritance totransaait ta pooPereons afflicted with protracted and deplorable cans*. need not despair of a complete recovery, by applying to Dr. Horns. A residence of 34 years in New Yerh city, hns established Doctor Home's character as a man of sterling honor, and baaed on real respectability and skill. Dr. H. offers labia patrons aeure guarantee. Dr. Home's offices are numerous, and patients never eoaae in contact. Attendance until una o'clock Fa the craning. ^UTIi/iC WJ- THOMAS O. HORNK, son of the tits Dr. George T. Horn*.respectfully apprises tha public that ha contmixs his father'* moat successful practice at his establishment. No. 7S Murray stieet. end miy fee eoaaultad daily until* o'clock, P. M.. Bur-days excepted. mt lm' DOCTOR BELL. All suffering under protracted cuss.sgai si ated or nt-ain paasflil y treated by incxpaneuced oryre(*udedprac titionera ; those la boring under the destructive effect* of mareury or quaak an* trams,and all who suspect tha remains of diaeaas lurking in the system, may consult Dr. 1. always with a guarantee of raruJc/ Persona contemplating ?samags,_wbo_ here bee* the *rO> ieetsef dsheatadiscaaea.may eensiilt Sr. Dell with honorable confidence. Post ram letters, describing the ease ofperooosat edietanoe,hare his prompt attention. Dr.B.'s treatment serai expoeesto ineyicioa.aad is weUknewnte be sadb and perms Prlrata effleaa ? COUBTLANDT ITUIT. two doors from Broadway. in7 lm' MEDICAL AID. ALL thoae in need of medical aid of a oertain description, should wilhool fai a copy of t little book entitled th? Ha ucnu. ?ith enrrartun. This little work waa written and published by Dr. Giegory. in 183*; published a urcoiid rditicn .with many ?nlinMc tmproremenu and alteration*: aid in 184*, it h?a b?m dill mora improved and enlargeii. The eagraringa ate beautifu ly done, aad are acrnmiiaaird with auitable (placatory remarka. 1 he author ia now in eireaaire city practice at 14 Molt afreet nearly opposite the atone church. Hi* Waring k-eu eonataally engaged in combaiting diaeaaea of thia character for many year* paat. enable* him to treat hit antieet not only theoretical y but practically correct. The patient >a here guided iu the aeUulioa of eemediaa, according to the reapectirt cirr umatencea and condition of the eate. The plan of the book it to ahaw the ordinary tymptonaa occumrg in common enact, with Ihe beat method of cure It than ahowa what other aymptoma may and dofrequeutly happen, with appropriate treatment and remadira to be adopted in can* the** bad 'ympcotn* abunld ocenr. The pi leant tha book i*M eeati. - Dr. Ore gory tali* thia opportuiity to teaiark, that he in eery rnqnently applied lonader circumatance* where Ihe patient atemi t* be tutoring nh ch land htm into the belief that ha haanomn im , remain* of lit* complaint atiil left, which ahnwa itaaU oneaaianaliy. Much iwrt an lhaae frequently IfV* attended with alrietare j of ihiafaei, aa wail a* the oatnreoftafrietnre,the patient had no idea, noiwi that an ding * I'tnmn may haea aviatad a loaf time, and a atrietnre ^ T* **,*r<l watlm Doctor Gregory I 'M ran ?!\JXZLSiX ff!!E2lnLJK for the cwi??Imw ofpall-nu. "tK? biai mar alaoChad at I Mr Kiaa'a Horii II b lion alraat, MfMr of Cliff, at the am* price Dr Ortgprj Will to tbaad at how it all bout* otitic (tar and iraatof. PatinMe iaaidtaf any diataaea fram the city may t?M? ui ata bf IcUcr (tdwapa poet-mid) with Br O. awl hioadri:a be obtained, and wharo a clear deacriptiaa at the caaa la intee. eotertrf a amiable Iba. ilm proper re mediae will be for raided to order, a ad ewceera alwa; a areateed, wpare the whole IT aploma aad circumatwooa are aat forih. # laa* r. tfE TfcTfiUfta fltrf^-TU ?eot oroaral tarth ? 1 arrtedrnm a ainale loath to aa eat ire aat, with lillj# or ao mil. Loom loeth aecwralr feateoodj eario?a tooth MIodi ulcer, t'd rota or t.eth.atract.rf; too-haeh. imrad aad tha bmt taaih taad, bp Pr; .f * ?"> Hrcet. Tar a a each; coerfea moderate. All operattooa wairaate*. | mva oodlin" W YO N YORK, SATURDAY CHARLES S. ROWELL, DK BIT A Li gUROBOtr, N?. U CHAMBERS STREET, NEW-YORK. fjRP.AT HAROATN'S" IN CARPETS. J. H. LOUNSBERY & CO, NEW CARPET STORE, MO PEARL STREET. DE8PECTPULLY m.ka it kac to their frieodeead the IV publtr, thll thry havejuat opened an tltruifc aefOrlmewt of hogtiih, Brtueoit, Three Ply, lagraia nod Venetian Carpeiru Oil Cloth,from 5 to 01 feetv id*. Dnapt'i Ba?<-e, T?iMd ? d other Ilwge, Matte. T?bta and Pi*?0 (JoTtrf, Tr.nepareat Wiudow Shades, together with every art tela U the trade, too aunuv?'is to men ion. wi chOfeoge competition aa to |h ice. quality and patterns. A call i* aolieitedbefore purchasing. N. B.?Therobie will be fully netisfied that thia io the cheapest c?ah carpet <<>"?>?? *{?,?. BEBY a co J . n L.UU iiSDCiP I R vv o mil #w* _ MO Pearl treat. " THE BEST WIG MAKER IN NEW YORK. PHALON, lata of Chatham Sqaaro, now of tU ft oadway' haa agaia taken the Srat Preaaium for the ket tepee, merij>f WIGS AND SCALPS. A CONVINCING proof. If any were wanting, that native ineeauitv la aoorectated before fort urn boasting and bum bag. as lire opinion or three of the oldest tad but judges > the prolaesion In New York can testify. 'l'he public ann now iadge from the premiums, tie. tba alitor uubJ last Ttar, and the first uranium this, awarded bv (he American ustitutc who ia or is not tba best Wif maker. K. Phaloa r- .wctfuliT inritee all judges and WMrers to eramine hie pruaiuu impru rod Oouamer Wig, which, for surpassing elrganca, elate re semblance to nature and beauty of mechanical structure, may ba regarded u one of the greatest muter pieces of art tree wig weighs little orer half an euwa I ^Manufacturer and proprietor of Phaloa'ecelebrated ANTI DANDRUFF, for ramoriag the dander eompleuly from the head, and n that eugh cleaner ef the turfhee end hair cf the head, but taaru g lossy and etlby appearance to the RAIR. m-r...... -ok. fsV>i5E,'?pffJLOR Applied en the pg^iaea for M cents. n lm*_ BOOK BINDING and paper ruling H IRELAND, No. itoNuaau street, hating an rntireaaw stock of Binding Toole and Ruling Machinery, of the latest and moat approved patterns, is now prepared to execute all orders in ihe meet do rub's and handsome manner. Merchants Account Books and all other kinds ef Blank work ruled and bound te ;-ny pattern, in a style that is warranted t gire satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done in thijEuglisli mode if required, as H. I. bu had long experience in both methods, FOR BALE?Two second hand Copperplate Presses. Apply u abere. m'S lm , BEWARE. We hare found upon inquiry that of late some parsons hare beta telling a medicated candy dene up tin packages limit ur, though not exactly" lika our own and person* who hare been afflicted with coughs, Be hare purchased this counterfeit article, auppeeing it te be the grnuine Peaae B Boa's Compound Extract ot Horehound. We can onlyisaye to suck shopkeepers they are TAMPERING WITH THE HEALTH and lire* ot their fellow race, lor the purpose of realising greater profits from ths sale of the spurious article. We INFORM THE PUBLIC of this fact, that they ma* be more cautious in future where they purchase. And when they who here 'purchased this purines candy hare returned it, they hare refused to refund the money. N-a- T L. p..)....I,. VaIU, _rwt in etch peckftge if the genuine Horehound C*um!/ hear* upon ""l^AOLE"hUPPORTING THE AMERICAN FLAG, OB which ie inscribed rha .word Peaee, right and Mtrn two """THE GOOD SAMARITAN AND HERCULES SLAYING THE HYDRA. The whole boor* I be be eimile of J. Peaae A Son. CouBierfeilcrt dare not imiiate tMa. J. PEASE A SON. 46 Diviaion ?t. EVIDENCE OF HE EFFICACY OF PEASE'S COMPOUND HOREHOUND CANDY. Jeifuenr H, 164$. 10 MESSRS J PEASE A SON-Demr Hire Though I bare not the pleoeuro of? peroonel acquaintance with you, I think it due to you to brer my humble Uatimone in fovor of the tfteacy of your invaluable Compound CloriAed Eeeenee of Horehouad Candy. 1 had taken an uuuvuijlr violent oold, which afl cted and oppreeeed my breaet vary much Having your caudy rrcommendei to me by a friend, I made but a par* tial uae of it, but found it ao v duahle in relieving my breait by producing an eaay aad ropioue yellow cipectoration, ihot contrary to all my prarioua fee re, I find myaelf rapidly reoo ferine amubtthe moet ardooua Ubore of my r Ace. Yuure reapeetfully, XOHN C. LYON, Feetor of the Methodut Epia '.opal Church York, Pa. N. B.?Rev. Mr. Lyon dalirared a irrmon at Allen airect M. E. Church aomelthrre Saboathe prerioua to the above dale. 1 he Put* of the above church waa an eye wilnt to of the peculiar iSaacy of our Hor.h unrt Candy. J. PEASE A SO 74,46 Diviaion ?L net- PedlaraauL Cnofectionere are not appointed Ageata Each envelope of tho Genuine Pcaoo'a Hoaraound Candy ia eigned J. Peaee A Son, 46 Diviaion at of whom it can ha obtained, wholeaale and retail. Country #rdo.s punctually atTermo invariably Caah. All lettervmuat be poet-ciid. AGENTS. Ruahton A AapiawaU, tit Broadway, 10 Aator iiouae, and I William at T bona peon, cor Fulton and William ata. Bande.7* Fulton at, and Oranitt Buildingt, cor.'of Broad war and Chambera at; over No 6 Srith Avenue. The foil' wing are our Bute agenta Mr O W Redding. No. SUte at. Boatoa, Maoa. M r G B Zieber. No. (7 Dock at, iTuladetpnia, Fa. Co tTStaU at Albany. nr * lumnna, n?.in Diiumora n, Biiunwn. (. Mnsra Duboiae k Co. Mobile, Ala. Mni J r Cum A Co. ft*. II Exchange Place. Now On Itri MrDn all. HI Broad it, Newark, N J. |\Aif"K. MEEB, lately from Europe, frofreeor of the art of iu Anne in itehigheat branehm, nree raatruetioni ia Fencing. and in 'he nee of the elraight, crooked and Turkiab Sabre, Hantral Knife, Mueket end jrfnyonet, SUB, and every apeciei of weapon*. For rartieo)?n. enquire af SM Pearl afreet. ml | lm* >30 KEWARU. ' CTOLEN, from an board the eteaaboat Swallow, on her O way from Near Foci} I* Albany, a eaaall Carpet Bi|, marked L. Brown, containing about three dozen erer-pointcd gold peal, in caeee, and I dot. without ctaee; two told run on with a atone ael ia Ihe head?both ereio* turned. Alio, fir* ailTer caeca with peoeile?all tamped Brown. Alio, a Urer atedel with my nam* engraved on it?(a premium from the American Ineiitnte)?together wi h $90 in money. The above reward wll I be given for the deUcltoa of the thiefand recovery of the propeity. N B.?All declare are rati imed not to pnrchaae the above pen*, M BO travelling afegt I* authorieed toeell them. 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OLIVE a til I continual to treat eeeret diieueea ol all kinda, with unrivalled ekill aad eurpaeaing judgment, which ha> enaWul him to effect a apeedy aud permanent cure, rveaof thoce caeca which have been aggravated by the pernicioue and aauavatirg ua? of mercury, balaam eai aria, tpirila of nitre.' Ac , and all euch dieagreeable and uodermii.iog medi citee, which tenJa to enarvata and deatroy the coaelitntiou. His mpiiirinp ia nilJ ind will not ditAffrM with tk# moil fan tieinn* and delicate constitution?hia Fiend red drop is now well known for i'? eetraerdieary virtues, in curing tho moat nonoua and deplorsbte caaaa. 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Bnid property conaiata of about two arret of land, lying on the eouih aide of the O'asco near ia said tillage; a brick dwelling houaa, a dwelling houaa.a distillery capable of diatilling tW bnehala of grain par day, a large ant contestant brewery and malt house, with two kilna II faai aqnarc, aaai * . storage for M,MO bnahela of grain, a harm thsda, labia -w?a i or Mb hogs, and aa oAcc aitukted thereon Connected w?th U.e dastlllery and brewery there is a stasia engine of 90 horae po wer with two cylinders?ample machinery for grinding, and ainpmor rectify log establishment, contain iagone of John Wright's pataat alcohol copper (tills. The whole estat^isnmeat ia of a superior kind, wall ftnisbaa and continuant in all its arrangements, situated in a rich and flourishing grain growing (gantry, in now in complete order and in full operation. It harms b-eouie aieueeary to aaH the noma ia coona^?ww. of the dam esa of H. Wataon. it will be disposed of at a be i raia One third of the purchase money will bs required on the dtlirary of the dead, led the bulanca may ba leA aa bead and mortgage for a term of yearn U desired. For reference inquire at Wei. Leilchto, ft Hudson etrsm New York, or of the snbscribers in Auburn, N. T nwjifttgir"FltHll'M RAZOR It rKOP?First Pr mium waeawardI cd by the American loaiitute, at the lata ? wall aa each L ... In lleAHSa RoKHtleM I ffO RaoSillWatl fiwllae Lit Raanr Strop. T:e Metaie Tablet, intnltd by USatin dera, baa beeaeatabliaHed for tha laat tweatr-Are Tear* and certificated by the A rat gentlemen of the country. It aro <tweea a thm and amino edve oa a raaor wtfb aeora eartataty than it can be (tone on a boa* iaa taath part af tba tiaia. withoottbe aaaof oil or watae?whleh ?ay peraoa can pfoee by bnaftag a dull raaor a hating it pot in order oa onelof the Tablet* IM Broad aiU lea* E*LOinOATf'tJNbS?T'utoa Btal aod Southern Truet, t* bought at N. ?IS TAJIK'S, II Wellatreet Vailed Statea Bank aotea. Illinoia do, Michigan, Indiana, Ill-note Scrip, b oght and ?o|d. all* ACRIWr ?CAN?T8 AND LAMNrti.Tor a.T. "r PUtSSB h BROOKS, all pt n Liberty at. ? ii? i I i?pig - -? * -f."-?**-- ' ' ?,_>? A? f ,n?ia 1 1 RK E lUKJWIiNIi, MAKUtt iy, 1C ' ~ ttmHbiU. [CorT???oB4? ctofthe H?r*J4.| Nobvolk, March 15,1842. Mr. Bennett and bad* in Norfolk-Their Treat ment?Home Squadron?Bank*? Mr. Segar? Virginia Guard*? President Tyler. Ma Editob? Oar town wa? a few day* einee honored with n visit by Jmm Gordon Bennett, the editor of the New York Herald, and hie lady. The writer of thie had an opportunity of judging, aa to the ear- i reetness of the low abate, which hae been, for a length of time pact, and la now eoatinnally heaped upon him by a contemptible bnakrnpt clique of the New York press, so far as eoeial intercourse, for a few days eould afford ; and he mast in jastiee to Mr B. be allowed to say, that never, in his life, has he met with a more polished and gentlemanly t man ?one more retiring and anobtiusire in hie manners. In fact, no one could hare made a more favorable impression upon oar eitiaens than Mr. B [Here it is so complimentary, that we had to erase the rest ] i Need I add that Mr. B. is quite a favorite here, as well as his " Herald." The fleet composing the Home Squadron are ex. peciea nere oy me ui 01 April, ill tukial oar | State ere expected to rosuoM^specie payments on the let of Miy. There ie a bill now before our LeSisleture to that effect, which, there ie but little oubt, will pas*. You here beard of (be forgery of ***, 1 presume. Tbe ill treated Bank of Virginia, " rumor" says, ie a sufferer to the tnne ef thirty i theueand dollar*. Joseph Segar, of the Independent, is still in town, picking up a subicriber here : and there, few and far between, for his paper. A ' friend near me enquires if it is probable that Mr. . S. would hare been connected u ith the rabid Inde- i pendent, if he bed been successful in auy one of his j applications to President Tyler for office. Perhaps you can answer him A new volunteer company ! ?The Virginia Guards?made its first appearance in our streets yesterday. A more beautiful and soldier like company has never been raited here. Our town can now bonst of four as fine velunteer companies, as can he found in the country?the Blues, Juniors, Riflemen, and the Virginia Guards; the latter is commanded by Cap ain E 0 ltobinton, and the Lieutenants are Win. Reid, R. Worrel, A. Hendren, and L. W. Williams, and has been gotten up entirely on the temperance principle? the Captain is as brave a soldier as ever lived, and an excellent officer. I forgot to add thai Tyler stock la on the advance in this market. e know him here in be honest, and the resl people, the bone and sinew of the land, here as well as elsewhere, go for kimt He is truly ike people's President. Rxmus. Albsay. [Correspondence of the Herald.l Albakt, March 17, 1842. Trmprranct MovrmmU?Auction Duty?CroUm If o i er tvorKt?jijurnoon Station, Tax Bill, -fc. This day will long be remembered in Albany as 1 an era in the great canie of tbe Temperance Reformation. Merer baa ao mneh enthusiaam on tbia < anbject been maaifeated aa there baa been to-day. At nine in tbe morning, aeeording to tbe publish- j ed programme and arrangements, tbe Temperance i Societies of tbe city assembled at tbeir usaal ' places of meeting, and baring formed, marched to ( the general point of assemblage. There the grand | procession was formed in line and began their c march through tbe principal streets of the eity.? ' Tbe numbers, as estimated, were some fire thou- ! sand, two-tbirdsof which at least were Irishmen. | These were followed by a dense erowd who throng- t ed tbe sidewalks. The multitude proceeded to the j spacious square in front ef the City Hall, where a ( staging bad been erected for tbe accommodation < of the speakt rs. After they had posted themselres j around this staging and crowded the balconies and J windows of the City Hall and neighboring dwellings?his Excellency, Governor Seward, was in- i trodueed to them, and amid load cheering, invested wi;h the badge ef the Total Abstinent# Society. The Governor then addressed them in a brief sad i pertinent speech, which was reeeired with great cheering. He was followed by the Hon. A. B. 1 Dicninsoxtf the Senate, who was received in like manner. Major Davszac, of the Assembly, concluded the speech, by some remarks, in his nsnal nnique, forcible and e oquent manner. The Major ' was repeatedly interrupted by the most enthusias- J tie cheering aad shouting. In tbe course ol his re- | mams, tbe Major stated that at the glorious battle t of New Orleans, where the American armr ander t General Jackson achieved so brilliant a victory, ke 1 saw no ardent spirits, nothing but coffee and cold j water was farnished as a drink. The Major was i decidedly the favorite ef the assembly. His warm 1 impassioned manner, beautiful language, and naive j French accent won their feelings in his favor.? , i From the immense crowd it was ah impossibility to | get near enough to the staging to hear distinctly , what fell from the speakers. After the Major had j concluded, the proceiMOn was again formed, and , marched to the place of dismissal. Although many ef the societies did not come ont, the proees- ( sion was one of the longest ever witnessed in this . city. i In the At?EMiLT to-day, a memorial was present- ; i ed from the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of j I the eity of Now York, for the restoration of the duties arising from sales at auction in the city of New York, to be applied to the payment of the Croton water debt. The tax bill oefng made the special ( order for to-day, the Hoase resolved itself into committee of the whole, Mr. Rooonas in the Chair. I Mr. Hoffmah made a long, able and eloquent speech in support of the bill. He entered into an ( examination of the financial history of the State, and made a moat searching and el iborate expose of its present diaaatroua condition. He examiaed the ' ariona aoarcea of revenue, and noticed some of them which he contended moat noon fail, and mlioded to wbat he termed the adjourned controversy 1 with Great Britain, and the dark elonda hanging I over oar eommeiee, which might result in a great I decrease of the revenue from the Erie Canal, lie. 1 lie and argued the necessity of a tax to sustain the ' errdit of the State and rel;eve it from its present embarrassments. Mr H. remarked that the Committee of Ways and Means in view of the peculiar I difficulties of the ease, and ef the able and widely 1 diffused arguments against the levying of a tax of ' the Governor and the late Comptroller had labored 1 under great difficulty in deciding upon the amount of tax When he bad concluded, no one rising to I reply the 1st section of the bill was agreed to, as 1 was the 2d and 3d and 4th. Mr Horrti a* moved to amend the 5th section, so that the rate of interest should be extended to 7 instead of 5 per cent, and that any stock sold at a rate of interest exceeding <> percent, or a 7 per cent stock sold at less than that rate shall be re* deemable in less than seven years Mr. HorrMAX offered an amendment allowing the hanks of the State to take this stock, which 1 was adopted. Mr. Buufrset alluded to the difficulties that I existed in determining the actual amount of personal property. He noticed an instance of this in the I esse of a town in his own county, where the personal property liable to he taxed, of which was rated in the supervisor's office was entered at $15,000, white to his own knewledce. a sinale inhabit- i ant vu reputed t? poiseat at least $300,oOO in per- [ onal property- After lone explanation on the part or Mr. Hr. Hoffman, Mr Humphrey withdrew | thia amendment and the hear ( two having arrived the Committee roae and reported the hill, and the Houae adjourned. Arreansoon Semio*.?The bnnae rrsum-d the c onaidoTiion of the tax bill, an amendment wa? offered by one of the whige, dnrrying out some of their peculiar vicwa in regard to the system of internal improvements. Mr. Bt?D from Erie moved to amend the 10th section hy increasing the $.100,000 proposed to be pro. vided for the completion of contracts to 91,000,- \ 000. , , , I Mr-Horrwav aaitl the gentleman had made thin I amendment at the wrong tim'- and in the wrong j place Tt was not too late, however, to correct ! thia?if he wished to increase the mm, let him in- I ' creave the means?!" him inert aae the tax. Bat he iotr 'at.'d genljeir- n not to sink this bill by loading it down in thia a.anner. It win then lost?s>es*\ noes 07. ] "~ ~ ,ty vTZTTTTt ,d| m1MW| Mi ^ >'?**?* ?#??** I * mmtt ??* * [ERA ======================== Mr. bMiTa oi (. meter, Mid that it was the bu-i ees of lift Minority to talk tod the majority to vote?but tbisruk had been revered to-day. The opposition wished to express their views on this bill, and he would therefore naore that the question be laid on the table, which was loat. Mr. Da**, of Allegany, raid, at the stand still policy appeared to he the one adopted, he would move that the first section of the bill (providing for the levying of a tax) be stricken out. It wa* loat. Mr. HatHawav moved to amend the eectinn fixing the rate of interact at eeven per cent, by allowing the Canal Commissioners to get the best terms they could, and defended his motion at length, in which he wae opposed by Mr. Seymour and Davesae. The discussion continued when this letter was elosed. The Senate have done nothing of general interest to-day. The tax bill has been got out of committee, and will,doubtless, be ordered to n third reading this afieraoon. Cava Ulcuca*. General Sessions. Before Judges Lynch end Neah. March 18 ? Sntrrr nets?At the opening of the Court, the following prisoners were sentenced : John S Pitlman, convicted of n grand larceny, was sentenced to be confined in the House of Refuge, as be was under the are of 16 years. James Iliggios, convicted being the accomplice of the boy PiUman?being en adult, was sen Leueed to In u year* confinement in the Slate prison. John Cerr, convicted of a grand lareeny, being found concealed in a garret with a large quantity of iiftereat articles which he had collected from diferent apartments in the bonae, was sentenced to sonfinement in the State prison for the term of three fears. Heary Thomas, also eonrieted of a grand larceny, iras sentenced to confinement also in the State piiton for a term of two years. John Lown, eonrieted of aa assault and battery >u Daniel Fisher, ene of the captains of our eity iratch, was ordered to pay n fine of ?10, and to be :onfi.itd in the city prison for ten daysJames McGarriual, eoavicted also of an assault uid battery, was fiued #5. His HoLor the Recorder then catun into Court, tnd took his sent on the bench. Plea of Guilty.?A negro, indie'ed for n burglary n breaking into the store of Messrs. Crooke, Fowkes & Co. in the early part of this month, rvithdiew his plea of not guilty, and pleaded guilty , to the charge, which plea was received and re- 1 sorded. Trial for Grand Larceny ?John Eraser was put >n hie trini, indicted (or a grand lareeav. in stealing | 1 quantity of wearing apparel, worth ?42, from the , sabin of the Susannah and Phebe, on the 16th of last January, while she was lying moored at the , lock in Rutgers slip, the property of Edwin Carion and William M. Godfrey, On being arrested, | Eraser had a roundabout jacket and silk handkerchief on his persoc, part of the stolen property. 1 The jury found the prisoner guilty of petit larce y only, as there was no proof of his haring stolen ill the property at one time. They also recommended him to the mercy of the Court. William D. Craft, Esq appeared as counsel for the prisoner. Another Cat* of Grand Lareeny.?John McGill was next tried, also far a grand larceny, in haring, | ? the 10th of November last, nicked the nockct of I Joseph Mills, of No 100 Warren (treeJ, of hie parte containing frt,m $290 to $260 in bank bill*, while lie was standing at the corner of Wett and Vetey itreets, purchasing a show eaae and a pair of ipeeacles. It appeared front the evidence, that among the tolen bills wata $3 bill en the Monmouth Coaaty 3auk, Freehold, N.J , a broken concern, which the iccnted patted off to a Mr Carroll, and on the ac:uied going jagaia into Mr. Carrol's, he returned he bill to bim Soon after the preeeeutor and hia partner came in and arretted the accueed, and on lie way to the Police Office, he wallowed a bill hat he took from hia pocket. Among the bilit ilolen ww also a counterfeit bill on the Broome < bounty Bank, of the denomination of $5; alto one or the like amoant, and a counterfeit on the Bank if New York. These billa were received from a Mr. McGoughey of Philadelphia, the keeper of a boarding house, and were taken out of a trunk that Ihe prisoner brought to hia establishment. i The Jury found the prisoner guilty, and the court 1 sentenced him to be confined in the Stale Prison for Ihe term of five years. David Graham, jr , Thomaa S. Brady and C. W. Terbnnc, E-q.'s, appeared as counsel for the prisoner. The Court then took a recess till Monday next, at 11 o'clock. United States District Ccnrt. Before Judge Betts Mas 18.-In the case of J. M Pinckney.Mr. Blunt itnted that he had filed objections; he had also in that >f Orren Brown, partner to Mr. P. They bud been * >rokert> in Wall street, nad engaged in stock jobuag operations contrary to the statute, on which i hey had paid mueh money. This money the par- | iee receiving it were bound to payback, so that it | night go to the creditor* to whom it belonged. Mr Field, in behalf of Mr. Piukney, stated that Mr. Blunt had entered proceeding* in chancery,and una hastening an order by whieh he hoped to he assets of petitioner, and prevent them going gelerallv io the creditor*. Hesolieited the Court to issue in order restraining the {patleman from pur* luiag hi* claim farther in ehaaetry. To thie Mr. Bloat demurred. Mr Field said he bad no fear* hat the Vice Chancellor would grant an order, atill it was right that the matter should be underrtood. The Court remarked that it was probable the Court of Chancery and this would so understand rack other as to obviate any difficuly. In the preicnt case there was no motion before the Court, obections had beta filed, and the decree could not ke allowed. ( Calvin Aagier obtained leare to amend his scheiule. . Mr. Joaehimssen filed additional objections to 1 Ike petitions of Myar Chrystaller, and Charles P. j Houghton. 1 On motion of Mr. Edmonds, James Bradley had eave to withdraw, and petition de novo. Twenty petitions, te which the notices had malured, passed to the usual decree. Those of James fct Pinkney, Orren Brown, Charles II. Lovejoy, lohn W. Latsoa, and Abraham Brower, ware objected to. Argument on the return of papers from the com missioner, in [the case of George Brown, was then presented by Messrs. Field and Edmonds. The principal objections are that he had appropriated trust funds to his ewn use, made preferences, and ivas now a partner in the bouse of <}. W Muir and Co. Broadway. The latter he denies, bnt asserts I bat he gets $1500 n year salary, and one-third of profits over a certain amount. Mr Field suggested to the Court the danger a eredi-or experiences honlda decree be allowed, and yet the petitioner be debarred from discharge under the 5th section I" !>> the aiiiauc will hire obtained the property, bat it is loat thereafter to bath U? btor ind creditor The Conrt will give ita view* fur iher in relitiag to the aeeond section The argument had not closed when the Court adjourned Movements or the leotAffa. ?It appeara by a letter from McDonald, the county aeat of Barry, Missouri, that an intelligent Jielaware Indian haa just arrived from the Cherokee nation, and brings information that nn " intended Council" ia propoaed to be held at the Cherokee Council Ground, in "two moon* from the present time," (|fi h Feb ) in which will be embodied all the principal Chiefs and head men of the various Indian tribes, both settled and wand*riiijr, from the United States line to the vast prairies of the West, under the superintendence of the Cherokee*. The Chiefs and head men of the Seminole*,Choctawe, Chickasaw*, Creeks, Seneeas, (^uawpaws, Usages, Sbawneea, Caws, Pawnees, Sioux, Sacs, Foxes, Peanekeibaws, Potawatamiea, Wyandot*, fee dec &c are to he present, it is aaid, in order to form a grand confederacy, or to beoomeanitod as oae tribe. The ostensible object of whieh is said to be, to oppose any farther emigration of the whites, west, ;o prevent the erection of any more farts in their soantry, and never asore to part with another foot >f their land, either by force of treaty, at the peril f their Uvea and the total extinction of their race, rbe Delaware inform* our correspondent that by hie Confederacy the Indian tribes will ba enabled 0 bring a foree of 10,000 warriors into the field J Ross, the Chief of the Cherokee*, is said to he at I :he bead of this affair, aad to defray all aecesrary ' sxpea?es of the Coaeeil. He has reoeatlv returned ( rrom Washington eity, aad aaost probably ha* had t 1 private or<eeret interview with the British Mjn- J star. Our informant snugs*ts the propristy of in- ? rorming the Oovernmeat of the intended Council r tad that some efficient measures he taken to pre ire im (metier inimwB? iv. ?/ ?m j i j bit wmj arifi. I LD. fiKi TW* 0?K Cwut or Ccmuim Pl?u Before Judge Ulaboefer. Ma?ch 18 ? Nathaniel D Ami/A rs Meyer Seirat. ?The plaintiffit a (mart joneg fellow, elerk to Mr. John H Kogrrs. He weal, on bt-half of hie employer, to 490 Houston afreet, to eolleet a bill due by the elder Mr. Seine, deceased He there ay a young lady, who eautioeed bin against coming there again, and alluded to her brother*. Some time afterwards, however, be repeated the visit, hxpt cting ibat the lady would " set brr big brother on him," as had been insinuated. He took off his outer coat and left it wlib a friend at the dnnr I diu wnethar he did 10, as in the cut of Jacob Bat her of old, to be reedy for e run, or to ffffht, did not appear. At auy rate the defendant earn* ! the d*or, t?ld the plaintiff he shnald hare taken the bill to 85 Cedar street, bat on the latter deniurtiag, knocked him off the stoop, and followed bin into the street, laying it into him right and loft. The present action ia for assault and battery, the damage* laid at #2000 The battering part waa fully proved, for the poor fellow's " right ere" we* bunged up. and he had ' to hire the other,'* a* the vulgar saying is, to do the dnty of both for more "ban afweek The Jurv gave a verdict for plaintiff of #55 damage*, and 0 cents costa. For plaintiff, Messrs Thompson and Carter.? Mr. A. Kurshed? for defendant. Before Jodge lugrahamCtuper T.. Kcrpptl re. Il'olff and Htinrirks.?This case wee impotaat ae relating to guarantee. The plaintiff consigned to defendants a large lot of btistl , which were so'd on time, and Kri* Co. Bank stock taken ae collateral for the notrs. Both notea and etoek proved to he worthless, and action wee brought against defendants a* guarantee. No agreement for such waa proved, bat an eppearaacn rather to the contrary seemed te present itself. The only hope of the plaintiff in making oat hia easa, was tke commission ekergrd on some transactions connected with the consignment, tke bigk rate of which implied guarantee. Tke eaae wan twice tried before, whrn the Jury eonld not agree. Verdict for plaintiff, #1,992 57 For plaintiff, Messrs. Jamts T. Bradv, and Messrs. Burr Ac Benedict.?Messrs. W. Mulock and J. A. Stemler, for defendant. Special St-ealona. Bel* re J ad re Noah, and Aldermen Balis and Lee. March 13 ? George Brown Hubert was tried fer stealing a pair of bootee* from the door of John W. }!uckmi-ter found guilty, and sent to the Cit* Prison for Srt ri??. Tltomr% McUuire and John Collins were found guilty of an assault end battery oa John McMahon, a day officer ot the Sixth Ward, and remanded back to pri-on for 10 days each. Philip M- Berlen was found guilty of striking Louisa Korald a serere blow with a large door key, and also remanded baek to prison for thirty iaj?. Jamts Dvfl was found guilty of steeling a frock coat, worth ftlO, from George W. Lee, of No. I Bowery, and sent to the Penitentiary for threw months. John Wtnti was found guilty of a violent assault ind battery on a colored woman, named Sylrin Williams, and sent up for 60 daye. John Gallighur was found guilty of stealing four pair of hose, the property of John Bowman, No 741 Broadway, and sent np for CO day*. Catherine Ann Braman was found guilty of stealing a pair of shoe* from the flora of the Messrs. Ferguson, in Grand street, and sunt np for three months. Mary Ann Ruby, aliat Lyon, was found guilty uf itealing aome sheet.", stocking*, ho , worth ?I7,S0, "rem Patrick Ryan, and remanded baek to prison for 30 days. Ameha Thompson, a black woman, was guilty ?f stealing poultry from John Manning, also Mack, but judgment suspended, sad she wan discharged. Patrick Smith and Theodore Buekalew, severally charged with small oifeneea, ware dismiteed by the Court, at the request of the complainants Bridget Fitxpatrick was foand guilty ol sfeilinr i ham trem a schooner, lying at the Central \Vharf? uid seat to the Penitentiary for 00 days Adjourned to Tnesday next, at half past nine >'elock. In ChanceryBefore Assistant Vies Chancellor MiUch 18.?Joteph S. Jonet j s Charles R Thome. ?This case was arKued oa the 14th instant, end the court decided that ,'the comolaiaaat's bill filed in this Cilia, be dismissed with taxable costs to be paid by the cwnplainaut to the defendant James H. Whiting, for complainant; John An* thon and A. D. Ruaiel, for defendant. Fire in Norfolk, Va.?The steam saw mill at the north end of the Go*port bridge ia Portsmouth waa conaumed by fire on Friday morning. The building, machinery, &c., deatroyed are estimated at about $8,000. and no insurance. The mill belonged to the estate of the lamented Thomas C. Godwin, who lost his life while saving bis property from the fire in Portsmouth in April, 18W ? Xorfolk HtraldSnow.?The winter has been peculiar for the anequal distribution of snow. We hare had much less, we belierc, than has fallen at some places farther South, and during a treat part of the winter none at all while at Qnebee there has been a superabundance. The Gazette of thai eity of the 7th iast. says?"There was another fall of snow lart night. The depth in the woods diminished about a foot during the late thaw and rain It ia new between four and fire feet deep. Those who are fond of snow shoeing will bare no difficulty with the fences in the fields. In some places about ^ town, we beliere they mar walk orer the walls of the city." Lossy* ir the Fkehhets.?The lumbermen at Gisni Fall*, hare sustained heavy losses by the recent freshet on the Hudson. Cbwodi DrATii ? A child of Jefferson Roe, ol Moutpelier, Vt died on Friday week, in consequence of having a wallowed several pereuaaion capa. Vetkhvw Pcnna ?The Loodon Time* gieee list of 59 members of the Hon*e of Lords who are72. Sears of ace and upwards. Of this number 17 arm ) years old or upwards. Stevdt Massachusetts?The Boston Poet says, ? Thug far there hare been more application* for bankruptcy in Massachusetts than any other i* the Pnlon. ' TO MARRIED LADIES. TVAADAME RKSTKI-L'S PREVENTIVE POWDtRS, ivl These iuvalueble Powders hsre been universally adopts* in Europe, hut prance >u particular, for Upwards of thirty years. ?s well as by thouuuUs in this coutilrv, as being the only mild, safe and efficacious remedy for married ladles whoso health forbids a too rspid uirreass of family . Madams Beet'I I. uii well knnwji, was for thirthy years female Physician in the two principal female Hoepit.le in Europe?those of Vienna aid Paris?where labored by hss great eiyenenee and opportunities, she attained that celebrity IB thuee great diecorenea in medical science so ape: eially adattrd to the frma'e frame fur which her mediciuse . '. i . 11 _j u _-il il. ; tr dZ. arqnaiotance with the phyaiolog y and anatomy of th? frtanl* frame, enabled her?by treeing the decline and ifl health of married female*, entree in the meridian of life, and tlie coop* qnent rapid aod often apparently Ineiplieable CMUn which conaign m <ny a fond mother to a premature grate?to their true eoiiree to arrive at a knowledge ol the primary cnu?e# of female mdiapoeiUooe?cepceially of married femalan? toot, led to the dieoortry of her ealabrated "Preventive "ow dera" Their adoption haa hern the meaaa of jireeerring oat oolv the health, but aren the life of many an ailtctioui'e wit and fond mother. -od The adrertiaer fteltag the importance of thie eubjnt, and vtimatiug the rant heoeftle retelling to thootanda by their itopuon,would moat rnapeetfulty arouae the attention of I be tarried, ay all that they hold Bear and dear.t itooaiJera don. la it not wine and rirtuouo to pee rent ? il a to whim wo art antnoct, by inn pie and healthy meaue ?ithm ottr control ' Krery diopoooiooat#, yirtonua, and eotightmed mind w;H no heeitalingly uiwrr in the affirmative. Thia ia all thai Ma dame Reatell recommend# cr arer recommended Prke fire dotlara at) act age, aeeetmpakied with full aad particular diractaono. They can be fo. warded by mail to My port of tha l'n> ted Htatea All letter# mud be poet paid, and addrreeedta MADAMK RF.BTKLI,,Female Phyaieian. Principal nflcea lib tfreeuwieh atmct, New Votk. (>?ca houra Iroia A M to o'eik P M. floeton odice No T F.eaev at. flldkaln# vfVrrTOfh.-pBtot.iiRin Woter ootor-bTAltTWhOVR* 1 VILCK Profeaaorof Pa nting, cirao leeaon* to pwp''? 5 Figure Landeeape end Flower Paiatiaf,on the moaf ?pjrovem P Addrrae 1.I Broadway, between Fpring and Broom "treeto. where apeciinana may bt e?cn and term# eaeaaaeO. Watrre-lor Painting* on new and for eale,^wh ch I ie jw lie are invited to in.pttt. Vi.aMdr faialK'.tioe. embelliahe*. Vi*w?, flowrri nut! wihtr object* ptfatta fr*d? naturt. It I ?rdMl V ItW* . conaignmeut, at rary low fc wHU0EI{> mJ , m. _ H Brood atvet O MtftTdirirAlDr^Dn. Cooegn, Wo. if Lhwme at. aoma ,V1 rt,ikM mi anil afford# rcliat to tha addicted of both em " He m.j- l??)w?r. cofwolteftwUh the ntmooj ejoM-J' m th? worst c?m of Hlk?U iil'MN girmiml IfctliW, . Wlhr noimeHo w irritptom. ?ri.inf from this h??. froy [>r, Ct nl??" (WMtwo to* Mm lattriffM y??r? I* tttfe pww uUr br-iw" of ttw prol?M?ow, |'ur?i<rM k *ktt, ?{ww<r treiiT* core to all portoui olio awplr to hin. >????* rtptm :ured t tow 4*jt withoot th* as* of merrotr. or ur <*{*o isrr?rSa? wolH Of Iarrm**tr4 b* mkltreataieot. "Of M?<f wHh y* AiXt ?wUnin of b*ta? ?fcetually eorM. TWto it ?t??kttwUkko* fro* T IS tfc* inonam Mtil II kt sight. OtMIIDwmh. r?R- OATIU L. KOOChff. ho* rftrnwJM ito?T''.?U L> ~nm* bio yrofoMuwol Hw^ kt 3to Brw.4** Ml !?

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