Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1842 Page 1
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TH I. rn.-l>. 3 !3.?Wktli 3041 SEW LlNfc O* UVK.JUHJOL FACKItTS To tail from New Tork onth? t#th, and Liverpool on the Ittfc r tack uunik* A M. M jflfc * ^R5N?w -Skin ROSCIU8, CapUm John Colhiu. ??U> March. Shio UAXR1CK, Cai>t??u VVm. hktddy, a?U Jul*. Fnnm Liverpool. ? fSHERIDAN.Oapuin F. A. Depeyeter, l*?n iwarcn. OARRICK, Captain Wm. Hkiddy, IKh April. ROSCIU8, Captaui John Collins, Uth May. 8IDDONS, C'apUln K. B. Cobb, 13th J une. IC ship* arc all of the first c lac*, upward* of I MO ton*,built ity of New York, with each unprarenieut* u com bin* I (Mat*peed with onimual comfort for paasea*era. fcrtry can at*bam lakentnthe arraugemeotoftheiraecemmodatioaj. The price of i>a*i*i* henCe ia >1U0, for which ample store* will be ' pro ridel. Three ebipe are commanded by experienced maaUra, who will make erery exertion to Rita general eatieiac Neither the captain* or owner* oft hear ehipe will be retponei Me (or any leKe^i, parcel*or paekag***ent by them, unlet* re -(alar bill* of ladiuiareemoed therefor. The elope ol thia line will hereafter go armed, aad their pec a iar eonitr jctiou ciree them aecunty not poaaetecd by any other Lpttera by the pneket* will be charged 1*1 eenti pertinrle ^eet; noceete per ounce, and newspaper* I aent each. mt LOUISIANA AN1)HNKW^S$^^N6 OF PACKKT9 & M. m tor the better accommodation of shipper*, it it intendtd to . r ,kl. IU,rt nn rh, laL Sth. 10th. ISth. aoth daepatcr. a imii iru... ..... ? ? __ nnd 45th ol" each month, eommenciug the 10th October, and ewntinaiiiz until Miy, when regular days will be appointed foi flu remainder of the year, whereby greet delay a and dieap -POjatmeuu will be prevented during the eummer month*. The toUowiiiz ahiyi will eommenee tin* arrange aw at s? hip YAZOO.Capt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE- Cant. Jackson Ship MISSISSIPPI^! apt. Milliard. LOUISVILLE, Cant. Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, (.'apt. Miliar. Ship GASTON, (.'apt Latham. Ship HUNTSYILLE, Capt. Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE. < apt Learnt. Blip NASHVILLE, Ca|H. Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Kuiulit. Skip LOUISA. Cant. Mulford. These shine were all built iu the city of New York, expreenly for packet*. art of a light draft of water, have recently been i twigcoppered and put iu splendid order, with accommodation* far pBteuger* unequalled for co ufort. They are commanded by experienced master*, who will make every exertion to gfVe general satisfaction. They will at all time* be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owner* or captains of these ship* will be responsiM*forjeweIr)',buUion,precious a tones, silver, or plated ware.or Sir any letters,parcel or package, eent by or put 'board of them, unless regular bille of lading era taken for Lie same, and the vaiav thereon era~te*d For freight or passage,apply to E. K. COLLINS k SoutheC,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Ageni in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. The ships of this line are warranted to eail punctually ai adl eeeateare will be taken to have the goods correct '*jyneij"r?d? ? NEW YORK. AND NEWARK. Par* rtouttd to M ** . From the foot .f Oourtlendtotreet New YorkNewark _ A^To At,/?- A? v T H-o I* ao ?u do ON SUNDAYS. , From the foot ol Liberty etreet. Leaee N?w York. .. /? ? 23io* P W SEW^5AM^^NOWNdieAHWAV AND Fare reduced. , jR9Sri&f At ? A. M. At T? A. M. BOMKrViLLE .tMifconneet wkhtheae lion wk.way. Fg. between N.wTork tS Zl?. Rabwar. MeSli. A. M.trainfrom New Bronewiek, and'tj F M- train from New York, ha* been reduced between New York and New Brunwiek to M cent*. " and Rahway to rr| The Fafladelphiamaillme paaeei through NewBtuuiwick for New Yorkerery eTeoineat?o'clock. OnBoadayathe H A.M. uipfrom NewBnmewiekae omit^Paejenrere who procure their tieketa at the ticketotBce.roTHE FHtLADELPHlA. WiLMINOTON. AND BALT1 "" MORE RAILROAD uusiram. Freight* for the Writ and South will be forwa'ded daily frorr. the tranaportatiun (flic* of the Company, No. 1 Dock at Wharf. Philadelphia. Merchant! are respectfully laformed that all good* consigned to the company will be forwarded with the utmoit diaratch to any point welt or tonth. Freight reichei Baltimore the lame dry it leaeei Philadelphia. The trail line for Ih* wit and aouth leaeea Do V itreet .daii^at^half-paal aix o'clock A.M. by at earn beat HUBERT pajeeugeri will raieh Baltimore at o'clock, two hour* pnvicu* to tha departure of the traiua for the aouthweat. .W. L. A8HMEAD,Agent. Philadelphia. March8. 1<49. tan 1 m RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. fWff WFTBTlifl NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. fPHE NEWJEKBe.V Rai'road aad Transportation f-'omi. pany hart eatabliihed a Freight Line between New Rrunawick and New York, which they intend to run peima Lesvmr New Brunswick at f AM. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liberty etrset.New York, a: 3 P.M. To eounirr dealers and met chants the above line la very desirable for the apredy and cheap conveyance of merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealer* in Live Stock,who can have ISO head of cattle conveyeJ between New Biunawick and New York, the same day, wheat T*r required. The ratea for the traneportation of cattle, hemes, mules, keep, hogs, Ac., and all otner kiudi of merchandise are very low. never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise eeut by thie line isnot subjected to any extra charge in crossing th* North River. The Compant have ft-ted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick adjoining tne Railroad Dejmt, which will always be open for the reception of merchant) ise. Passengers, pu-chasing tlisir tickets at the tieket offices, willreceive ferry tickets gratis. mt?3in* VT OTlffc.?Ou and after April 1st, I Ml, the commutation iv fare in the cars of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company, between New kork sad ihe various places on the line of the railroad, has been reduced (iucludsag ferry) to ?75 per annum, and $50 for six mouths. mis lm* FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. flraft MM SSag-TWr IILFB1 B INOHAM'8 LINE. The procriston of Bingham's Transportatien Line to Pittsburg. give notice tothe Merchants of New York, and all other persons supping to the VVest, that their line is now in active Operation. Goods consigned 10 them (or sent to go in their one.) will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western Btalea, who lave no agent or con-ignee \t Pittsbnrg, will please coneign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, will attend to shipping all such consignments without /if! foodl should be marked distinctly on each package BINGHAM'S LINK, For rata# offreight, which are as low as any other line. Apply to WM. TV SON, Agent. No sWeatstreet _ _ opposite Pier No. 1, N. R. N B.?Passenger, forwarded to P.ttsburg and Pot'eville, verr day, Sundaj s excepted. Refer to R, Crooks. American Fur Co.: S. T. Nicoll, Front atrect; Fhelpa. Dodge (k Co. Kultnn itreet; Suydam. Rage In.0.. Wan. Rankin, Purree It Co -Newark' ml Im STATKN ISLAND fCRRY. of Whitehall flwSH^VATEN ISLANDER or SAMSON wiU run ? followi until further notica Ui'M Statan Inland Learea Whitehall At o'clock a.m. At o'clock a.m. "It " ? " II * " W ' f.M " H ? V.M. 4 " " | ? N. All good* ahipped are required to be particularly marked and are at the riak of the ownera thereof. od NEWARK AND NEW YORK. Faro Only l*i Centn. uMQ dlI _ , The ay lend id and eommodiooe ataamer C3H0 rASSAIL. Captain John Oaliy, being complete It and elegantly refitted. will commence her regular irtpn for the aaaaon, on Thuradny, March 10th,? tearing aa follower? Fooiof Barclay at .New Yerk Centre Market, Newark, to o'clock. A. *. 74 o'clock. A. M. 4 'clock, P. M. I (o'clock, T. M. freight ofercry daacripUoa came I at rery reduced rata*. 8?w' ^ ? aESBCHPRLVth-The " eaaboa?SlGWJhANDUl Copt. Robert Wardrop, will lenre the foot or Warren treat New York, erery Monday, Tb i edny and Saturday aflernooa'a Od 4 o'clock. Returning.the High,ander will laaeo .eawbtagfa tmmmm M in n mnrninf &1 I aVIfif k inn i Utstbv RRtl V ridmm <9teraooB at i o'clock. Vorjiraifb'or pannage,apply to th* Captain on hoard. If. B. Al i baggage and freight of every deaeription, bank Mia orapeeia, put on board thia boat, aaoat ba at the riak of tho mai thereof,unleaa a bill eflading orreceiptinaigned for ibeee*# maa sritino arrangement. ~ VMn M. f'OH SHREWSBURY and RED BANK. flMHWr"1 *od after Saturday, March II, 1841, the SEnpKdK.Steamer OBI RIB .Captain Allaire, will leare Raw York evenr Tueaday. Thnrnday, and Saturday, at i #' olock. A. M. Returning, leave Red Bank every Monday at f o'clock, and Tueaday and Thuraday at IS o'clock, noon. Od? />LAHIFIED JIYHUP8 A*Np SUGAR "ffoUVfc TfiTTLAS *!!?, of tuperior ttnHtf. for family im*, for nI? iow^ lt th? auftr r*Am*ry 28 Leouard at. ?t? ? CSitSiS and Ng aiaea. Lota to tail purchaser*, free of cartage. Yard No. I Heeler atreet, four door* I row (Miatmi. H I * GEORGE THOMSON. S# . . *>n 14?li? j >11 {ii J . E NE N] CHARLES S. ROWELL, DENTAL SURGEON, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW-YORK. ml3 !m* LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATBNT LIKE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOf ITE mH CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Coy jr.) Havit.g lately lost tw > bicusytdati teeth. I called on Mr Levettto supply their plants with artificial ones, hoJ it a'fords me mucli pleasure to tealily to hi> ski11 and ability aa a Dantiat; indeed, I h ive i ever seeu teeth lived and ntted with more lactoses. and at the same time Willi less painful pressure on the zumi. I cheerfully recommend that gentleman to the especial notice of the medical profession, ae well as to ;ue puoiic. feeling satisfied from my own experience that they may confidently rely on his skill iu his profession. ORA(N^lLLE 8. PATTISOM. M.D. Professor of Anatomy, University of Nets Vcsk February 13t! . Uti. The original rait be ssea at Mr. Lavett's i*i Broadway, corner of Wsrren street "l" I BANKKCr*!' C.AVV. fEN'TLEMEN wishing to be discharged from 'heir debts, f undsr this law. are invited to call on W. 9KIDMOUE, Attorney at Law, 75 Mass iu street. All other kinds of law business alsoattended U>. Charges moSerate. fin 5m' THE BEST WI(i MAKERIN NEW YORK. PHALON.Iate of Chatham Sqaare, new of tit Ft oadway' nu again men ui? nmi rrtiuium iyr uib wiitpwnicn wi WIGS AND SCALPS. A CONVINCING proof, if any were wasting, that natire ingenuity ia appreciated before foreign bowling and bumbur. aa the ooinion of three of the o'deat and beet judges in the protein on iu New York can testify. The public ceo now judge from the premiums, vix. the eilver medal laat rear, and the tint premium thie, awarded by the American Institute, who is or ia not the beat Wig maker. E. rhalon respectfully mritei all judges and wparers to examine hie premium impro red Gouamer Wig, which, for surpassing elegance, cloea re emblance to nature and beauty of meohaaical elructure, may be regarded aa one of the free to it muter pieces ol art erer produced in the world. N. B.?This apleudid wig weigha little otot half an ounce, the lightest ever known. ... Manufacturer and proprietor of Phatons celebrated ANTI DANDRUFF, for removing the dender completely from the head, aad a tbor ough cleaner of the aurface and hair of the head, but leave* gloeay and rilky appearance to the H AlH. Observe, none i. genome unirn Applied en the premieee for M cants. ntlm* BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING H IRELAND, No. i20Nasaau street, having an entire new atockof Binding Toole and Ruling Machinery, of the litest and most approved patterns, is now prepared to execute ail orders iu the moat durable aod handsome manner. Merchants Account Books and all other kinds ef Blank work ruled and bound te any pattern, in a style that is warranted t give satisfaction. Any work ordered can he done in the English mode if required,as H. I. baa had long expeiienca in both methods. FOH SALE?Two secondhand Copperplate Preiser. Apply as above. mtgjm CARPETING, CARPETING. THE subscribers have received a new mid tresh atock of 1 gnods for the " Spring Trade," cooiieting of Bru'sels Three Ply, euperllne, fine, common, hall and atair Carpeting, Rug*, Maitioy, English and American Oil Cloths, from 9 to 20 feet in width, containing the latest aod most fashionable pattern* and colors tbe mantel affords, which thsy offer to the putlic at the lowest" Cash Prices " Persons wishing to purchase, would do well to .call and axamice our stock previnu* to purchasing. WE it Bk MAN VI NO. 492 Pearl at, nit lm' 3d Carpet Store from Chatham. NOTICE TO JBU YEKS OF CABINET FURNITURE. rpHK subscriber would invite the attention of thoee wisb1 ii* te purchase articles in the above bueinesa, to his establishment, where is to be fouud a rieh assortment of Hoaeii i i ill MabTtr r ? "f fteoeh and other patterns, some of which are not to be found elsewhere, being entirely ordinal. Also, handsome rich gilt Uornicee for windows, Poles and Rings ; together w itb Damasks, Galloons und Tassels, and every article attached to curtaina, which will be iaade in the latest style from patterns lately received. N B. Particular attention pai l to the fitting up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles, with embroidered tapestry. WASHINGTON MKfcKS. die-Cm HI Broadway, neat the Hospital. WIGS AND SUA LPS. THE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, RE TO BE TOVSD AT A. C. BARRY'S, 14S Broadway, corner or Liberty etreet, up atairr. \LrIOS ud Sealpa, upon the beautifpieg and goaaame r aya? V tern, approximating the nenreet or nop pet Manufactured tn the natural head of hair? firet premium. Alio.matufactur ed from ladiee' and gentlemen'* hair, not leaa than twa inchri long, necklace*, bracelet*, earingt,watch guard*, ring*, nod hair work of every deicriptton. all tm* CARPETING, CARPETING. I'HE 8ub*criber i* now opening h:* Spring a**ortment of Carpeting, conaiating offline "el*. three pip, aapetfine and fine ingrain; an aaeortrutnt not atrpaaacd in thia citp for variety of a'pleg, figure*, lie. Theae good* hare been ordered eipreaaly for the Spring trade. The greatret cara ha* been obierred in makii g aeltctionaol auch gone a an can be eatfideotly iccommeuatd for durability and permanency of C?AUo.*?arge aaanrtment of the different kind* of Hall and Stait Carl Cling Tufted door Huge. Door Mai*, kc. Alao a ban aim* aaaortment of Painted Floor Clotha, all ^Vanillic* abont nnrchraing any of the abor* deacribed good, are taapectfulfp invited to roi9 )m* TS Eaat Broad way,7t Dir:aion-?t. CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. rdE Suhacriber i* now opening hi* Spring aurplp ol HARDWARE It CUTLER*. received perlate airirala, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general a*aortment of Domeatic Good*. which be ia prepared to offer at tbeverp LOWEST CASH PRICES. The attention of Country Merchant*, Builder*, Cabinet Maker*. Ike., i* aolicited to an examination of hia atockand priCti y n? il connneiii uiey win nna it 10 inrir inieriuo larorhtm with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, SlO Greenwich comer Barclay. New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coofera (Rue. Alio?a complete aaaortaaant ol .Mechanic* Tools, Jamea Serewe, Ac. . mg ! ' WATCHES & JEWELRY" VERY LOW THE aubicribcr >ia a -llitg all descriptions of gold and ailrer Watehea. gold and silver pencil*, gold chaioa.kayo, ke., at retail, lower than at any other place in the city. Gold Watch** aa low a* 30 to llkilla a each. Waichca and Jewelry exchanged or tnught. All WatcUca are warranted to keep good time, or the inoaey icturned. Watch** and Clocka repaired in the bee* m inner, and warranted, at much leas than the c*u ilpricea, by one of ih> fiieat workmen in the city. G. C. ALLEN I nporter of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale andt retail. 30 Wall street, up stairf. m lie,* FIREPR' lOF BOOK SAFES ! W'LDEK'8 PATENT SALAMANDER SAFE.?This ? ? safe has been frequently exposed to intense heat in burning building furnaces, Ike., and haa neear failed to preserve ihe content*, and was the only 01 which itood the test at the trial foot ef W all street, unreported by the following Committee of respectable Merchant* WADSWORTH k SMITH, BALDWIN It CO. MINTUKN k CO. CHARLES H. MARSHALL. This tafe can only be had at the Iron Safe Store of r hiuhivi: 138 Waaler it. N. B.?Saree of other mtkere?ootne of which are mule id imitation of Wilder'i Pa leal, loreale at half price. m943w HA^KDWAtUi AND CLOTH PAPER ,U?T HE500 Keemi It by ? too Reaau 34 by 30 350 to by 10 tto ? St by 40 too 31 by 90 ISO " SO by M 150 " S3 b/M Its " St by 40 50 Ream 40 by 4S For tale in loll to lint pwrabaeere, by PERSSE k BROOKS. m$6 Paper Ware honor. li Liberty it. ALSu.MlNK PrtlSTINO, for Boon y, fcooaomy, bmabni'y, kc.?poieeun advantages erer every oiherayttm of Paintior. M it H free from all unpleasant smell, retaining all its brilliancy of coior, aad n spoiled a muchi lew >ime than Oil Fainting. it ia well adapted for walla, eeilmai, or any n> ide work; churchei,public buildings, and decoratire woik in **Applied by JOSEPH PEARSON. No. 408 Broadway, oar of Broome atrcet. New York, wbo will givethe best rrfercace, aad all information respecting the tame. Wort promptly eiecuted by applying aa above, eitber ia Urn city or country. at lm* LlHEMlU-Yi RAZOR S PROP?First Premium wan awardI ad by the American loeiilut?, at the late a? well aa each preeeedieg Fair, to Ooorge Saunders. 189 Broadway, for th belt Razor Strop. The Mltalie Tablet, iavMtod by O. Saunders, hae bceaeatablifhed for the I act twenty-Are yean aad certiActtrd by Ike Aral gentlemen oflbe country. It pro dncot athla aad smooth edge on razor with more eertaiuty than it can be done oe a Mat iu a tenth part of the time, without the uaaofotl or waler?which tar pcrsoa eao prore by bringing a dull ranor a hating it pef ia order on one of ^W 1 ?W H, 1M IfOflm Ml? 1 At* t?LORIUA FUNDS?Union Baan and BouiHeni~ Truit, T bought at N. SISTARK'S. 11 Wall street Vailed Slates Bank notes. Tllinoli do, Michigan, Indiana, IHinoil Scrip, b ?ught aad said. ml 3' nERLIN IttQNCAiTlNfi*?Uonowting o//rames.7swdeve, u and summer ornaments, of superior manufacture, to cioot a consignment, at eery low li;ces, by OELRICHS fc KRVOER, ml I m 43 Broad etreet. es. He may be always foneulted, with the utmost r.inAdencv, m hk worn cmm or araeau mhh, wmnu amreuota, tad tha Dumrnouo ij nptniu wifKm thia ?M?. From Dr. C * riteaaire praetica lor tha Uat eight jmn ia thia parti cnUr brutch of th? proltaatou rmrwl*M a ?afc, ?paa4r and effective cure to ail parpoaa who ipHr to hiaa. JUccat caaaa ration id the mod# of linaj. All whoaa eaaaa have be?a proi| aetf sjassy^racxja tfcrj; ra?a-ettro4*i??e from 7 in the morning tartd II at night. Of com Dune*. *11 | W TO SW YORK. TUESDAY M PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. IN NEW YORK MONS. MALLAN It SONS, Surgeon Deutiata, No. 37^Broadway, and at London and Pari* inform the Public of New York, and it* vicinity, that in confequence oI their very extenaive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Eatabliahment, where they may be consulted at No. 37J Broadway between Franklin aud White atreeta, in all caie* appertaining to their profraaieu, in which they have beeu to anceiaful, in conaequence of their celebrated diacoveriea and improvementa iu the art of Dentiatry. Mona. Mallan return* thank* for the very liberal pat ronaae he haa received, and contiuuea to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profenion of New York, for thoir kind recommendation*, and advocating Mona. M.'a improvement iu Dcntristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mona. M. centinnra to restore decayed Teeth, however large or small the cavity ; making a stump into o sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are firmly fixed without wires or ligatures?no bulky substance iu the month?and in every purtioular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape as 1 minutest shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed tonus wer every purpose of Mastication and Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and alfectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or anv other csnse. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Malion is happy in being enabled to announce that by the kiod consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the United States, consisting pf tha first Merchants, Medical profession, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of >looi. M.'s eels bratad id prtdrrcnce to auy muu they- have ever tried, ami, in their opinion, the beat that evercame under I heir notice. Hit other improvement* need no comment. INVALIDS At'endedbyr Mon*. Mallan, Junr., at their own Establiihment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC areparticnlarlyr invited to pay Mon* Mallan a viiit, to *ee the specimen* of hi* new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIAL?. Modi Mallan: tdusbee.May sth.isti. Dear Sir,?Afterhaving tried the Artificial Tseth which you made for me, I cauaot do you ieaa justice thau to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I beg to say they anawerevery purpose of aatieation andArtieulauon equal to those placed by thehan U of nature. They ao closely resemble the natural ones is the minuiest shade of color ana shape, that they are uotii seemed as being artifiaial by the closest obserrers Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teeth, lean give adecideV opinion of ita valuable qualitiea. You may use this letter in auy way you thins proper,for the benefit of the public and yourself. lam.deareir-yours truly, THOS. FAItqUES, Manuel Carmelst. To Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Dentiat. 37a Broadway. I This gentleman ta known at lil Broadway, and at Trima Ward Sitting's. .viu.v J*. aiALbAii, ?7X or?iiuwif4 8IH?1 feel it a pleasure tobcable to offeryon my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During my lata resilience in Parit! called at tout eata uuhment in the Rue Cantigtione, and having had aome teeth Oiled with your mineral, 1 can oeiy say that t have had every reaaon to be satisfied with its utility and value, and never in theleaat degree experienced any inconvenience or injury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Mons. Mai Ian 1 saw several testimonials of the highest character, all expressing the fullest confidence in ite great benefit ond value. As far as 1 am enabled to judge, I considered it then,and ytill consider it, to be the best preparation of the Itina ever offcied to the public. 1 am, sir, respectfully, yourobedieotservant. VANBUllGH LIVINGSTON, tit Greenwich a tree t.uear FortGausevoort. New York.Mav 31.1B41. Mons. M ALLAN & SONt, Surgeon Dentists, may be f bnsuited daily at 372 Broadway between Franklin aud White ?ta..eaet aide. m23 tin*! SPRING FASHIONS. '"PHE subscrilier desires the attention of straugers and othera 1 io ki* Urge and extensive asaortment of atocka, acarfa, cravats, ready made linen and muslin shirtf. pocket kerehisfr; silk, meriso, and ambswool shirts and drawera; suspenders, gloves, hosiery,kc. he It is the intention ef the subscriber to pay particular attention in selecting the most chests aud fash lonanle patterns of scarfs and cravats His assortment will always be ft uad varied and ettenaive. The subscriber continues the manufscture of hisce'e brat'd Elastic Stocks. Gentlemen may depend on being suited by calling at the s'd establishment 241 B road way, bst ween Mutmysteeet and Pat k Place, mtl Im* PAKSELLS. agent far J Agate. SWAN'S ATMOSPHKRIO SuDA FOUNTAIN, U S. LETTERS PATENT, NOV. 3d. 1838. MANUFACTURED BY SWAN h WELLS, DRUG 1*1. GISTS, ROCHESTER, N Y-The attention of Druggists, and other venders of Soda Water, is solicited to this useful and sconomieil substitute It the expansive, complicated, aud troublesome apparatus heretofore m t-sc. The advauugei of tie Almost haric Fountain over the old method,are the economy of ila Apparatus, toe orig-ual cost to the (michas-r being lees than one quarter that of (he old Fountain its simplicity o'construction beitg such, that any one ol ordinary capacity can readily undeisb-nd i*> operation and nanrg-ment, the tritium ?ip?uae of materials for supplyicgit together with the im. II amount of labor lequirtd, and i'a compact form. . It it now in uae in various parte of the Untied States, Cartadas and West lntlias. and,as m>y be sern from cerAficates in the han ls of agents, give en ire aattefactioa. Druggets -odothers, in the Southern States, tnd the West ? ili i Vnsinfnin n?r Finnic rf V nH)f>tpd tn thsir clima'e, **tiieeyiup# nilf not ferment or injur* in the warm 641 HUOBIt Full directions for putting up the Fountain*, preparing the different ?arietie* of *y iupi. See , accompauy each Foraaleb) Oeo. D.C ggeehall tat frarl street; F. Line 7 Liberty *treet, up *t?ir?; Lawrence, keese k Co., l?l Maiden Lane; Kobme->n k Ward, 143 Maiden Lane; Hundley, Phelps It Co., t eg Water ?treet. all lm COUNTERFEIT. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. rtWINO to (he celebrity, efficacy and inrariaM* eucoeaa m vv Madame lleeteU'a Female Monthly rill* in all caaet ei irregularity, suppression, or etowpag* of thoee function* of nature upno which the health or erery female depend*, niece their introduction into the United Htatee, now about four years counterfeit* and imilatioue are continually attempted to be palmed off for the gennine. Cheap common pile are mireha led at twelve cent* a box, put up in different bene*, and call** 'Female Monthly Pilli,'*with the object of telling, if poeeibi* at oae dollar. Female* are therefor* cautioned against the*# attempt! to impoee upon them. It ia eiUficient her* to etote that all Female Monthly PMIe err counterfeit*, except tnooe told at Madame Heatell'i Principal Office, 148 Oraeuwieh it New York, and No. 7 Kasex etrect, Boetoa. Price ft. Madam* fteetell'a ngnature ia written on the cover of taai N B. The married, under eome circumstance*, mu*t abetai* from their uae for reason* contained ia the directiou*. mil dfcwlm* TO MARRIED LADIES. MADAME REBTFLL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS. W? These invaluable Powder* have been universally adopted is Euro(ie. but Frnci In particular, for upward* of thirty year*, a* well a* by thousands in thi* country, a* being the only mild, safe and efficacious remedy for married ladies whom h?aith forbid* a too rapid increase of family. Madame Restcll, as is well know a, was for tkirthy yean Female Phyiician in the two principal Female Hospital* i* ' Europe?those of Vienna md Pan*?where te?nred by he> greet experience and opportunities, she attained that eels brity ia those great discoveries in medical science so spe cially adapted to the female frame for which her medicinei now stand unrivalled, as well ha this country as in Europe. H? acquaintance with the physiology aud anatomy of the femals frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and ill health of married females, scarce iu the meridian of life, and the conn quaut rapid and often apparently inerptieable eansee which consign many a fond mother to a premature grave?to then true source?to arrive St a knowledge of the primary causes of female indisposition*--especially of married female*?which, is no*, ltd to the discovery of her celebrated -Preventive Pow dart." Their adoption has been the meaa* > f preserving not only the health, but evan the life of many an affectionate wife aud fond mother. The advertiser feeling the importance of thi* subtect, am stimatiug the vast benefits resulting to thounada by thcu l topi ion, would most respectfully arouse the attention of ths tarried, by all that they hold near and dear.t itieoiwidsra don. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent i v it elo which we are sakiect, by aimpla aad healthy means within ear central 1 Every dispassionate, virtuous, and coligliUned mind will on heaiutiagly answer m the affirmative. This is all that Ma dams Rests 11 recsmmends or over recommended. Pries Iri dollar* apaebsge, accompanied with foil sad partKalar dime tinn*. They cat b? forwarded by nuul to any part or ths Uni ted fitatea All letters must b* post paid, and addrvamd U MADAME REbTeLL, Female Physician. Principal office. MS (Jrssnwieh street. New Vovb. Office hours from A. M toto'dkP. M. Bostoa office No. T Eases st. ml* dhwin.* MADAME KESTELL, T7EMALE PHYSICIAN. Office and residence Ml Orvon " wich street, (between Cnrtlaadt and Liberty streetsj wbsre she can be consulted with ths strictest iiafldmn saaB complaints incident to the femals frame Madams Rsstsll's eiperieoee and knowledge ia tb* treat meat of obstinate canes of female irregularity, Stoppage or sua pram in it. he, is such as te require bat a few days tot certam felief aad perfect recovery. Ladies desiring proper mod mat attendance during confinement or other indisposition will be asasmmndslij during each time with private and r? apse table board. " Preventive Powders" far married ladies whose delicate or prsesrions health forbids a to* rapid increase of family, will be sent by avail to say par of ths United Mates. Primji * package. ill tettem(postpaid) addmasifte Vet SO*. ITT. city,* mill bo reooavod. Boston Office No. 7 Esaoi at. N. B.?Malime Rest til would inform l^diee residing out of tM ciiy.wiHW nearui woun in anmir n tnTfinii|, iminii won Id devote bar parooaal attendance upon thorn > any part of the United 9titaa within reaaonabla dutanee, mil dfcwta* rj^ai^.yafe^ffiFws, have appointed them their agaate. and art prepared to tMreieket Mart aotice, upon the moat riaoooaala tarme. Foardriaiee and CyVeader Machines, with lire or ataaaa dry en, and evnag weaMnaa taaiea raai ta the web an it learaa the dyyata. Alan Ulltw II Liberty etrasl E GOULARD, Front alraet, IN, op-itaira, offer for aala the following SFOAR9? IM.OM ttegaliae, Klondee and Matherry. 950,000 C.?mmon eixe U tonality Hioadae, Matherry, and Icgeuuidad breath. 50,100 Congreto Kionda. 100,000 Canooie and Trabaeoe, Noriega. and logeeaidad brnado. 3^,000 or other brand. 60.000 rrineip?e, all entitled to dabantore *00 Botea Haraaa Sweat Meate. too Boree Ota Chatean Maraean Wine m4 in F>R 9A1.??German Tapee,eheap tar cMh, at Ne I t (tell treat. ftj ua? Ill II _ - ? , I mnilT I Hill II HI n III I III II "THI ?RK I ORNING, MARCH 29, ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New York, Jan 6,18<1 We hire tried the Poliahinc Paate oiade by Mr. Audereoe, BOAKDMAN It 11 ART, I Burling Blip. I Manufacturers oi' Britauuia Warn, _ , New York,Jan. 1?, 184*. We haretriedthc Paste an 1 Plate Powder made and suld by Mr. T. Anderson, and take pleasure in recom mending them. COLEMAN A STETSON, Ast.u House. New York. Jan. 21 1812. We hare used Mr. Andtrxon's Polisluug Paste and Plate Powder, and find them rery excellent for ileaLing ulrer and iilrer plated ware. BALL, TOMFKINS A BLACK, Late Mariuaud A Co., 181 Broadway. New York, March 1. 1842. We hare need Wm. Anders >n'e Polishing I'aale and Plate Powder for cleaning silver and other kind* of ware,and can recommend it with confidcLce to the public. THOMPSON A FISHER, 37i Pearl alreet Brooklyn, Feb. 14.1842. I lure uaed Mr. Wm Auderaoti'i Polishing Paste lor t river, brass, and silver plattd ware, and find it to tie a tint rate aril cle. ROBERT E. STOKY Saddle and Harutss Maker. Forsale wholesale and retail, forexportaticu,at manufaclurera* prices, by CHA8. H. RING,53 Fulton street,corner Cliff. Also, ky Basnett, 844 Broadway, cne door above Bleecker street; Guion, corner Grand and Bowery ; Codtiugton, corner Hndaon and Spring; Sands', 77 East Broadway. inl?:iu* MARCH OF INTELLECT. slml's nave Qren mailt lliron,iioiu me worm in Steam and aim >*t every branch ol' agriculture and in the geneial sciences?tl.enwhy uot tlie taune iullicliealjngart. lt cannot he the Mtilical Faculty ire too narrow minded, far even they recommend King's Vegetable Cough Candy in all affection! of the lunge, and wrheu they reprej* tlcui!tlre?,g>y they see no reason why audi a pleasant, pure, aud palatable article, shi u'.d not ec ipse the many numerous prep iratious that have hern used for ye>rs, meielv because Oaten, Ciceto, De Medicis. aud other writers, epeak of tuch and such medicines. No, uo, Ring's Candy is a modern inveutiou. aud soon re teies, checke and curee. aad cannot he prevented tio n its onward course by the enry and j-alcu y ol a few illiterate Frepared tnd aold by C. H RINti, S3 Fulton street, comer of CJiff, and sold by most druggists. ml9 la' CARDS, BILL-HEADS, &C. CHEAl'ER THA.H EVER. TVORV SURFACE CARDS, of superior mauuracture i printed and famished at the following REDUCED PRICES: ICO Crrils, 50 ceuU. 300 do $1 CO 510 do *i 25 luoo do $1 oo Common Cards at less pricts. Circulars, Billheads, Notices. Posting and Show Bills, and every description of printing evccutrU at short notice, on as rea* nsb'e terms as any eitablnhmsnt in the city. VlSIl'INO CARDS?A visiting card plate engraved snd 50 enamellsd cards printed for $1 80, equal to any in this city. Perfumers. Manufacturers, and Druggists' Labels constantly on hand. ' BROWNSON A CO.. mtS lm' St O.ild sf. near Fuftnn ?JAS. P. CLAPHAM, CHEMIST. DRUGGIST AND APOTHECARY, No.188 Canal strest, near Hudson, INFORMS hit friends and (he public that he hu opened the A above (tore, with a choice and well-selected itock of DRUOi, CHEMICALS, MEDICINES. PERFUMERY, and a peat variety of family articlea uiuilly sold by the trade. lu the dispensing department, particular atteution will be | Paid, having been ?ccu?ttmeJ to compounding Physicians' Prescriptions and Medicine* gen* rally, for (he laat alxteen yean, in one of the largest commercial town* iu Eag'and and in thia city. He ha* c. in*oliciting a share of public suppart, pledging himself that every tli ng sent ut ofhi* store ahall be of the first quality, and prepare J under hi* own inspection, ?r a person fh fy compeUul, by which means he hapes to secure that patreaaeehe now respectfully solicit*. Import! r of English chemicals, pickles, ssures and spices, fine sele t isinglaee, Italian macaroni, rermicella, arrow root, lie , wax aud sperm candles, per* lerm oil for table and paaj sue lamps, perfumery and Uucy articles, be. Medicine* prepared with accural y aud doipatch at any hour I of the night. | Soda, aoidliti and Saratoga Waters, be. | Cupping, Blee ing and Tcoth Drawing. m31 lw? ! RING'S COUGH CANDY I'HE Jeg re* of confidence placed in this Vegetable Cough Candy by a majirity of our physici.,ns, ought to inspire | the like in the mind of every sceptic, who perhaps is so from having betn decstved lijr some article that promised erer. thing i and performed nothing- Won d physicians recommend an ar' ticle they did not plate implicit reliance in 1U virtue! I Would [ elergvmth dm o'her publ.c apeaaert apt** piMtciy of it**?. I lieh'l'ul r?lief, is fabricating the air panacea and giving the | voice a oiaaifeat inordinate volume? lu but, would every I body who ha* tried ( to atrenunnaiy promulgate Hi virt iea, : had sot the almoat miraeuloua effect* of ita powerful agency beea teen? Prepared and told, who'ee tie ant retail, for exportation, by I C. H. RING S3 Fulton *tr<et. corner of Cliff. rnl9 In,' COAL AND COLDS. I rpHK extreme nuldoeaa of the weather of late, although It I 1 may have proved dieaatrout ia tome degree to the coal ' trada, baaby no in-an* diiniaiahed the ci'tof | COUGHS AND COLD*. Many are now tick in ttiia citr from ditoritm acquired by SLIGHT EXPOSURE. The treat remedy of the day it PEASE'S HOARHOUND CANDV, which'haa acquired an enviable celebrity lor ttj invariable efficacy in the cur*of ALL CLASSES OK PULMONARY AFFECTIONS. It it known bv it* fiuitt?it* good woika tettify for it?it thrive* only by the extraordinary, cure* IT HAH ACCOMPLISH KO. Fold wholetale and retail at 4 5 Diviaiou at, 3(7" Ercli envelope of ihe genuine Horehound Candy ia ' tigued John Peat* St Son, 41 Dirinon ttreet. AGENTS. Rnthton It Atpinwall, No. 10 Aator Houte, 110 Broadway, and a* William at. Hart, 378 Broadway; Walth, 3*5 BrevJivey; Smith. #33 Greenwich it.; Chaatery, I40j Boweri ; Brombuah It Young. No. Ill Vanckal; Agoew 300 Hudaon street: Owen, No. 3 Sixth Avenue; Wilaon Sc Co. cortierof Hubert St Greenwich atrcet; A. PaAor, IS> Orercwir.h at; Morelou. corner of Elm end 'rand at; Dewar, corner Church and Clumber at; Sand*. 7# Fulton at, and corner of Broadway and Chamber* at; Bueh. StUen laland, Hapa, 139 Falton aireet, B ouklyx ; Rawla St Co.. No. 57 State at, At ban,: Duvall, 33# Broad *t? Newark, N. J. (IT?- All leltere poet-paid will be punctually attended to. J. PEASE Ik SON. 45 Division it. N B.?Country Merchant* wishing Petit ?* riorthound Caidy, eaa obtain it at the manufarturera. at the loweat price* by tending an order lo any Merchant in mu city-, wnn wn aru they hare dealinga. nil RING'S VERBENA CREAM AGAIN TRIUMPHANT. ryHR tru? teat or the ex<]uiaite merila of Ring'* Verbena J- Cr-am ia fullv borne out by the firat premium diploma being agrin awarded by Ut judgea at the American Institute Kairheld at Niblo's. The longer thia celebrated (baring aorp ia known, and the more extensively circulated it bash come, aeemaonly to eon Arm U>? flattering and unaolicited teatimoniala it haa recaired from all parta or America and Europe. Indeed, the constantly increasing demand ia a aource 01' proud satisfaction that the proprietor haa acromplithrd what thouaanda hare been for jerra attempting, vizan 'K.molient American sharing soap " whieh. loreaae, c unfurl, and economy, cannot br aurpasaed either at home or abroad. [From the Herald.] Sharing?Riug'i Verbena Cream for (baring, ia a moat caniUlartiela. It eaa be hadat S3 Fulton atreet. We hare Iried it and found it vary atiperior. It softens the beard and makes the operation an gentle ae magnetizing. I From the Bneton Traveller?April, 184*.| " / Ta-i. ? VEKBOA UlUW-inu ucn i.vmyuuilu ? *11 the raj*. a< well a mot g tonaorial professors as among those who prefer to gather their own diurnal crop*. The barbers say that a pot of it laat* twice u lone ae the same quintity of another aopooaeiou* preparation; wnile tho.e whoaare their sixpence declare that with the Verbena Cream, a dull razor will inaure a smoother face than moat of the old straps with a sharp steel; braids* it is frsgr,nt to the sense,softening to the skin, a great destroyer of freckles h'or sale wholesale and retail by C. H. KINO, Ch-mist and Druggist. SI Kultonstreet, N.T. N.B. Beware of unbliahing imitations; and observe the written signature of C. H. Ring on each rnjl tm* SUCCESS GUARANTEED TO ALL. THE " Ameriesr. Magic Mixture" lias been hailed as one of A. the greatest discoveries ot ths presnot'age. and as long as medical science rtisU, will be csasidered he most inequable discovery for diserses of the urinary passages, aa wtll as ths kidneys and bladder. Its affect* are absolutely effectual in performing a radical cure in a short lime, while the ordu ary remedies take cess months! One doss cannot fail to enlist the hesitating and orsr dslicat* in it* favor, and out of ihe hundreds that hare put their faith in it. not one has been dissppointrd nor discovered while using it?it has safely conveyed all beyond ihe pale of suspicion. The " Mtgic Mixture" has long stood unrivalled, and has withstood the glittering imagery so pompously ' and to ubiquitously displayed by a host ol unprincipled imitating quacks, whose only aim has been to dupe and deceive the unfortunate. Sold bv appointment at Ring's drug atore, tl Pulton street cor. Cliff. mat tm* SEBRING'S CORDIAL. INDIGESTION.?As this is a very coma on complaint, in the present day, whatever tend* to alleviate it is sf public im;or'*nce Kor the informatioa of those affected with it, we publish the following recommendations of a Restorative Ccidial for its e?r* :? C. C. Skbrivo. Kvq :? Df.ab Sib :?At your request, I have examined the medicines of which your Cordial is composed, and have no hesitation in ssymg that they are of the boat class of tomes: and in I th* maimer prepared by you. will pros* highly beneficial in Dyapeptia, and many other diaeaaee of general debility. Yaura, he. > PRATT, M. 0. , ? . . No. H Liberty street. I eoncur in the abort recommendation of Dr. I'raft THOMAS BOYD, M. D., .. _ ? . , No 1?1 Fourth afreet. Sabring Rent oral i?a Cordial taaold at in Fultoa etraet. at iptr bottle. mtt io>; ORE A T WESTERN EX PRESS FOR ALBANY, TROY, BUFFALO AND MONTRFAL. MESSRS. HARNDEN fc CO..IiaTipgniide arretwe-rate with tht Paoplaa' Line of Steamboats. rrapeetfully inform the publli that they era prepared to rrceire parrels .packages. specie, bank notes, fcc , lor Albany, daily, wheralhey interaeet with Petneroy'a Writers taurine for 0tilr?lo and latermediate placer, and With Jaeob'a Ktprrnr for Montreal. They hare at> office Sited up eidnairely for Ibeir owa uoe oa the maia drck of eaca b?at, cooUinio* to iroa tafr, and accompanied by aapeeial meeirnger. whoee hrrth i? in the office, for the purpose ofeifety and eecuriir to money and valuable pnreelo, and theseeommodeyoa ef their patroue They a'ao make up an ??pteee Mail for Lellere, which cloaca at No S Wall street. at ? o'clock, P. M , thereby firing I k.u^uMMnMailr the advantage of mailing letteraaue W.nd.hJiUUr UM.I INi UJJJJi ro.? umer, .no .... *fr!I r?iTin Or i ?d al S Vp?ll itrrtt uoUl o'clock. I p will on board nalH lb* nomrnt of iLrtiaf. I &er in AI boar. J Cirh.**; <> ? > Troy.'MS Birnr at ; I IIAJUfDlN K CO. i IER A 142. I^N leach u. that KXfM . ] 1' TORAriON |< the ut'J4t natural aa well a* efj'tctual I agent ill arreftm* and eurui; Pulmonary f ... I rays yea. beeau?e Obstruction is tiUw narjulilv , , ?. mutely the curse of Ull imawtiou or Catarrhal Keren, producing croup couemiiption. and unchii ol the lungs. pain aud t r> dcm of the throat. breast. eidee, or shoulder*, bronchi! u, evening and pendent ilcitdett, thereby clogging up the lunge. eo ai to n ore or Irs* itniwde both reepiratiou .injIhe free circulation of the blood, raivairg ditfi dtv ol breathing aud asthma, pleurisy. hoarirnesi, atul iost ot voice, dropsy ol the heart and chret, rupture of blood vruela, and bleed,ng from the throat and lunge, and *pt cling of blood Torrmore thii obetruction Tom whirh all three alarming and dangerous dieaaaea original*. and to product a radical cure, nothing haa ever bte:i found e jual to JAYNK'S K.XPJLCTORANT. It atanda unrivalh d?it stand* pre-eminent?try it, and yon will be lorced to acknowledge that lb eirluee have not. nor cannot be or r ated ; that >i stand* far a bo v a and bey ond the reach of competition that it ie the only reasonable, the only natural and the only truly enrceaWul melh d of arrcetrng and caring disease* of the pulmonary orcein Bold io New York at wholesale nod retail, by A. B ItD Hands, Druggist*. Nu*. 79 aud IUll Fulton; Liatid Bard* 4i Co.. N 1.77 Cast Broadway ; A B. Sands* Co , No. S73 Broadway. no 17 Ira' DOCTOR BELL. | ^OCTOR BRJuL devotee his personal nitration(daily until *-? sr. pi.j m tne removal 01 prime diseases in every etui Ail suffering under pr itrucUdeaeespunravatedor uuummAI f treated by iBeinsrieucedorvrr'ruacapraetitionera ; those la bonny under the deetrortiveeffectt of mercury or qamek no< lmi:ie,Hutl all who suspect the remain* of disease lurniaf in the system, may consalt Or 11. alwaye with a guarantee of cure ? Jtt~ Pereone contemplating marriage, who have beea the cob lectaof deliratedieeaeei, may consult Hi. Bell with honorable confidence. Pott raio letters. describing theeaee of pereone a adaiiance,have his prompt attcutiou. lir.B.'a treatment nevw exposes to suspicion.ana ie well known to be cafe and pcnni **017- Private o frees 4 COURTLANDT 8TRKBT. two 4 tore rjn Broadway. nsTlm* AN 1MI'ORTANT DISCOVERY FOR THE D LADIES. II A. C. CASTLE. Dentist. 8M Broadway, New York, hae a Paste for ii'liny decayed teeth, which, while it ie perfectly hariiileee in He compoiition, ran be put into the moet tender tooth, w ith which it bccnmre compact**! into oee solid body, munleining ite original appearance and UM without any p nu whateoever. T; e inott painful tooth eau be tl ui preeercd The imniToue testimonial* from ladiee in the first society speak sufficiently at to its efficacy. Pr.A.C.C. inserts art ifi cial Teeth without ligaure* on tike principle of atmcepheric pressure, guaranteed to withetond the effect* of ab lioue acid etomach. and ree Irom fusted oder*. Toothache fills, one of which put in the tooth will effect a ra ical cure. Dr. A C. C. rel'era an to hie professional skill to Dr. K.U- Juh iiiiu, President of ike Medic il Society, Le Che velier Don A Calderou de la Barca, Spanish Ambassador, Mr Siutightoo, Spanish Consul, lie v. Mr Lyell. Hev. Mr. Kieeam, the Professors of the Uuiverty cf the Coll*ge of I'byfiriani and Suiceon* of New Vork. DEAFNESS?lira Castle St Edwards. Auristr, attend to every disease incidental to the human ear. Arouktic DropsSure rurel'ir decfueee. pains, noises,or hard wax in the ear. inlT 1m* TO SEGAR SiMOKERS THE GREAT 9EOAR DEPOT. SPANISH HOUSE, 25? BROADWAY. n,HE MONEY will be returned to all persons who A purchase et this store, if they are not satisfied with the quality of the articles. This offer i* mads by the (Irony conP.den e derived from the excellency of every segar thai is of fored for sale m the aboee establishment. The entire stock has been chosen with great care, and is,without doubt,the moat splendid thai ?N ever been ottered to the New lrork pub- I lie. Licluaire of the gaeat aril unp tralelUd variety of .he I heat branda of Havana ant Piincipe, there ia a I a rye lot of PRIME NORIEGAS Mid NOHMA8, that hare beea meuifacturedin Havana expreajly To* thia aaubiiahment. audtliey are guaranteed to be of auperior quality and Itaror to aay keretofore imported into thia market. In the accommodation of ttoee gentlemen who prefer to emoke at leiaure and an retirement, a ueat Dir Koom hae been opeaed in the rear of the above eetahliahuieni, which, it id hoped, will lire aatiafaetion to al> whoeitit it. TO SKGAR DEALERS & HOTEL KEEPERS. For aaleat ihv Spauiah Hou?e, 381 Broadway, a large lot of Hivana Segara, at tlia very low vatee of $lt, and $l*6?. Theae Separahaving been contigned to the 8pai.iih the maufaeturera in Havana, with egpreenoratra to sell them immedia'ety, are, for thia reaaon, now offered at the above low pricea. Their quality iahirdly inferior to the beat Normaa, and Ihev are all enitled to debenture nM 1?' coFy of a testimonial FROM THF. CE EBRATED DOCTOR NELSONTHK ORIGINAL .V1AV RE BEEN AT 973 BROADWAY. Mona. Mai I an. Bin?The cement with which you tilted the decayed teeth Of two of my frieudafully auswered the puryoae for.which it waa applied,and gave the gieatevt aatiel'acti-n. The specimen* cfartiflcul teeth planted ou gold gumahieldi from * range of three or Tour teeth up to complete eet tor both itwa, which! haveaeen you execute, treon level with the hitheetorder of dental aubatitutun now known, either Iter: or in Europe. I am ynura iru'tr, ROBERT NELSON,M.D. March Id. 1849- tt franklin aireet. To Mane. Malla* b Soki. Surgeon Pentiet. art Broedway. ni33 Imia* SUtJAR BEET. Premium Corn and Pumpkiux, fie.h vigeteble and rare Aowtr aeeda, Krgliah grata far lewne, 80 000 green and hotl houae planta dahlia route, tiger llowcra, lube roeet.fiuit and ornamental treee, ehrubbery of all kinda, canary birdt gold firh and glohea. wholeaMe and retail, on lite moat retaonab'e 'erma, at NllSLO St DUNLAP'S, No. 578 Broadway, and at Utelt nuraery, corner oi 8th Avenue and 116th atreet.Harlem. iMSlm* OIU1 nni 1 lMt'KLEs?, in packagea to unit cuitomere (Zl)W,VJUU ?Aaeortad ficaltt, Catnip, Sactea, Preaervea.and Enghih Muttanl, of a auoenor quality and lowprice; Cider ani While Vinegar, hy ihe galluu or barrel; hour Kioutby the bartelorkeg; Treatrved Meala, Scupa, Oyatera, Kowla, Milk, be. war anted :o keep any length ot time and itt nny climate, eie?llent for ahip atoiea a? they afford agreat litxitry at a reasonable price; (irountl I' >ff-t\ warranted pure; Walnu>, Muahroom and Tomato Cataup, by the gallon or do teo. N. B Large a'ze Picklea, foe grocera, by WELLS b MILLER. Wheleaale and Retail Warebouaea for Pi klea, lit Water m33 3m* and 3 ft F" eont atrret. QALT iiritUM. King Worm, l etter, ,aaroer'a Itch, and t 7 Scabtea ?Itayu'e Lotion and Syrup ta the only remedy whieh iacertain tocure the above complainta?hartnleaa in ita operation, but certain in ite ?ff?cta?the Lotion healing quickly. and the Syruppurify ing apeedily. Price $1. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Br. Uordwell'a Detergent and Pill* never fail to cure a recent caae of disease in 18 hourt, if uae 1 aa directed Try them, ail ye afll etei- tiiey are free from mercury. Price 50 rente each. THElTO .THACHE CONQUEKED-Jamaeo'e Extract. It re'ievea in fire uiinutea after application to the nerve o> the tooth, end preveu'a decay if the tooth if filled immediately. Price 50 ceuti. FEMALE MONTHLY TILLS?From M. Btndelocque, of France?curtain. aafe and spe-dy iu the cure of all caaee where nature haa breeme obetructcd. Tliey tute in a few daya. Trice 75 ceuti per package. GILBERT'S ANT I BILLroUS FAMjLY PILLS-For therel ef of all comp'ainta produced by coative habita. auch aa headache, heartburn,aour atomach, dr/zineaa, and loeanl appe tite, they have been uted with more aucceaa than any I ill ever before offered to the public. Price 45 rente per box. Sold wheleaale and retail by E. M. GlilON: 1ST Bowery, ctrner of Orardatrcet. ti4S tia* MADAME COSTELLO. THE FEMALE MONTHLY PILL i* acknowledged by A the tint Thyiiciana ia the UniUd States aa the eery beat mrdiciuc that ladiea laboring under a suppression of their natural illoraa can take, aad they very seldom fail to relieve wnen taken according to the directions Thoee who call fur thein will be supplied with her circular, containing ample (iirectiona. and all the precaution* neciaaary to be observed in their uae. N. B.?The married, nudcr some circumstances, mud abstain from the ir uie for r? aeons contained in the direct iouf. All communications and letisra must be pott paid. No. 34 Lmpenard afreet. mtJ ljn^ THE. rniVA lc. I nil II in uc ? Illume UU certain diseases in which the bed and moat canrenirnl mtana of curt are atatid in the plainest ponible maimer It alao ahowa the reason why these maladies so frequently continue on from month to month.iineured.and terminate at length in other and permanent complaints. Indeed, no one can read this little bonk without aceing at once their true and real nature. and aiao tlie riak and danger of trusting tlism to ignorant and boasting people. With a new. however. to obtain a rational degrae of coa& deuce in what ha has advanced on the cure of thoae diastase. the author thinks it proper here to give a siuipl* statement of the means and opportunities ha himeell has had of forming Just and clear opinions on thia subject. He flierefore begs to state, that besides his rank as graduate of Edinburgh, and member of the London Collage,he. ha has been w at china these diseases, both in Hospital and city practice lor more than thirty yean, and has published two editioas of a work expressly on them. Also, that he has letters of commendation from tha moot eminent physicians in Europe to tha moat eminent in America, as Sir Astler Cooper to Dr. Mott of New York and Dr. PViysiek.'f Philadelphia, and othen, and which may bs seen by any one. And further, that ha has the privilege of referring to almost every physician of eminence in this city. Tries* are eircum stances which afford the highest satisfaction to every one, especially to those who ar* anxious to obtain tha best sdrics.? The pries of th* book in $1. Dr Ralph is coosnited at his residence,M Oreenwiehstreet, at say hoar, and has distinct and separate apsrtaacnU for those who have to wait a little. Communications by post are faithfatly replied to. nrtilo* PRIVATE CURE. pvOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC bOURSK, No. I-Eov JJ the prompt cure ofC?p or (tooorrhmi, Uleels, and all other welhral discharges, and his Specific Course, No. s, lor the complete eradication, and permanent cure of venereal disease, without exposure, inconvenience, or loss of time, klarh r.ouras is enclosed in a neat tin case, comprising every medicine, niih, ?nd req?i?ite,erer required either Tor inlernal or eiternnl one: end whether the eieebe reeent or old. a cure in guaranteed, if need u directed. Each pcjk*?? alno contain! Dr. Jovian'! private trevliee, called the Monitor, where, in iafull direction!, with a ulaia diecnpiion of Un nature vmptome, eonaeqnencee and treatment of Herri ,diaea?ei;to wkieh la aiiiltd much faluablc lelormation. ueeful hinte, and ^port?rldr.c?-r,mo'ro? .11 th. difficult!.. ofeelfUee.. 3 Tfc, nrW of Monitor in fifty eente ; one dollvr tent ooat Daia will mort ite reception. Tae cou ee? No. 1 and t, an?earn M and guaranteed?admirably draigrned for reel deota in the country, beinf complete, compact, ^convenient and elBcient Poet _p?i?l leltere ceveriof the amount, have prompt attention. Soldfor thep.oprietor, only -t Drog ttore, St Marion atrveUeeeond door betew Prince.aaeopd block eaet of Broadway. Marion alreet in a direct coutimiition of Centre. ?!? Un* DR. H 0 R N E CONTINUES to be eoneuhedeonfidentinlly at bin office No TS Murray (treet. Bt^^r^re.^tfuny.pp^Mdth.tDrHorn.beimtiynaJly bred to th? Medicalprofeeeion In the city of Loniffin bae been n practical naember of the raid faculty of phyaic for M yaara, fo the I eat Mm the city of New York. Hie practice from be me general, he confinee to n particular branch of medicine, whien cngngea kin profound attention. Hit experience ia very "great?hie uccni ashinnisning. ne cautions me unioriunaie against ths tan of mercury ; thonsmde are annually mercurialised oat of lift; recent affections, are, without mercury. eatinguuhcd in a few days, See your caoeieradicatrd.not i tohed up. The lea i, ed Dr Buctma.emphatically obeerrca? VUriwil persons, and persona about to be married .should be particularly rauti >ne ?l those affection! ; what a dreadful inheritance totranamit to poe Persona afflicted with protracted and deplorable cane*, need not despair of a complete recorerv, by apply irif to Dr. ffonm. A residence of M years in New York city, has eitabMied Doctor Home's character as a man of sterling honor, and basil on ranl respectability and skill. Dr. H. offers to his patrons aaurrgue imftss. Dr. noma's offices are numerous, and pa ties ti neTsr some in contact. AtUndaMsentil ainco slosk in tks ersmnff M? THOMAS O. HOKNK, son of tke late Dr Oonef. n Murray etieet.and may be eonsn.ted daily on H?oeloe? t. V., * days escepted. "" lm LD. fnc? two Cam I Hnrrlaburir. [< urre*i oadrn-r ol t?? Htrald.l Hamhisbuho, March 25, IK42. Arrival of Biz in Harri*' urgh?J/ii Reception? MorvmtnU and I.tree there?Tut Sensation hi created. Dr.m Buatrr :? Our town w?i thrown into considerable excite, ineut lattaveniug by the arrival of Dickens. Every one felt tnxit ui to [nee (hit great renovator of tke u.tviaiuie 01 me day; which arose more, however, from the information they have bad of him aad his works through the Herald, than from a personal pernsai of them; for a much more ignorant community exists iu few places in this wide republic, than in this self sitne capital of the Key-stone State. Mr. Diekent, after having visited the county prison recently erected by Mr. Haviland, and testified his approbation of its admirable construction and arrangement, proceeded to the U< vernor's Chamber, where he was introduced to Ilis Excellency; and after inspecting the various othceg attached to the government, visited the State Library where held his levee. The ladies of the town turned out in goodly numbers to pay their respects to the Literary Lion?some oftbem were considerably embarrassed, and turned pal-*, fearful perhaps that he might roar; smrlling bottles, however, wer plied with a good deal of aesiduityand success, and' I burnt feathers were called for, with stentorian lungs by the beuuv in attendance. Crowds of citizens were i-tandiag around gaping in silent wonder and astonishment at the man who created such n hubbub in your imperial city; and fearful of approaching too nesr, lest be should bite. Thej looked upon him in the same light, and with the same expression of countenance that we mav imagine the untutored Indians to hare gazed at Columbus and his followers wheu they first touched the shores of the new world Dearly did he wish (as he informed me afterwards) for the pencil of a HeI garth, or the inimitable CruiUsbank to sketch the sceue, 1 suppose lor one of his illustrations in his forthcoming work of man worship in America.? The only oae who appeared indiflerent to the scene, and who'in his own opinion engrossed as much attention us the illustrious author of Pickwick, was the Celebrated John Lardis, the author ef ! the Messiah, a work as "replete with exuberance of thought, sploodor of diction, and line ima?inings" as ever grey gootequiil penned.? be "Fat Hoy," who hails from a neighbouring town, was a Self constituted r.nmmill?- ?r ??? desirous, no doubt, of doing honor to the man who Man perpetuated to future agee the peculiarities of manner, and eccentricity of appearance which hae obtained for him h a suubiiqutl, and thinking perhaps that for a revised edition of the Pickwick Papers,he might furnish some additional qualities which would enhanee greatly the humour of the character he so much resembles. Hut he was wofully mistaken if he imagined it gave him an envied eclat, " for nigmies are pigmies still, though perched on Alps/' and Charlt s Dickens, " the immortal Box," the Burns, the Beranger of the times," walking with him, presented decidedly the most farcical and ludicrous contrast ever witnessed. Mr Dickens Uaves to morrow for Pittsburg via Canal, thoroughly disgusted no doabt with the gau cherie of manner and aiggardly hospitality which attended his reception in the metropolis of Pennsylvania Your account of himself and lady, lika all other descriptions which appear in your paper, are perfectly correct; s? much so that it totally obviates the necessity of we in the country teeiag any ining uniiuii 11 n can oe seen in mew York. Sketch** might be occasionally made hare of men and manner*, and women too, which might prova amusing. Some of our ladies sadly need a correction of their habits- Our young men too, are aot aa obierrant of tha moral law as they should be ; some of them too oiten worship at the shrine of Bacchus. and frsquent the " House of her who weaTea the winding sheet of souls," &c. Rut 1 must defer a detailed communication for a more convenient season. Yours, Cato Baltimore. ICorretpondeuce of tlx Herald ] Raltimoiie, March 26, 1842 Naval Court Martial?Trial of Captain Clack?The char get preferred against him. Ma. Be.vhitt : The Court Martial is sailing along'at a rapid rate in tba trial of Captain James H. Clack. According to the promise teadered in my last, I now proceed togire yon, and your countless readers a synopsis of the several charges preferred against him?also an idea of the ultimate ~i the.trial, at relating to the accused. The first set of charge* are brought agninet Clack by Commander Buchanan of the U. S- Nary?and are substantially a* follow* : Charge let.?Druakenne**?laid to hare taken place while *aid Clack wa* in actual^ command of U. S. ship Lexington, one of the Pacific Squadron, about the month of January, 1840. Charge 2nd.?Scandalott* oonduet tending to the deitrnction of good moral*? which implies that he famb!ed, aad borrowed 70 ounces of gold frorn a 'reneb reiident named Jnbare,of the port of Callao in the Pacific, about theaame time a* indicated above, which gold be negleeted paying, after pledging his word of honor for a part, and giving *evera I notes of band for the balance. The above charge* are thoae upon which the attention of the Court ha* been most assiduously employed since Friday morning the 18th ioatant, and the inveitigation of which was concluded yesterday. The charge* of Buchanan'* are considered by all a* clearly pi oven, and by the most accredited testimony. The charges preferred by Lieutenant John 8. Glaason of the Brooklyn station. They are as foL low* : ? Charge 1st.?Neglect of duty, which consisted in an exhibition of carelessness, while the Lexington, and the liven ol all on board ware in imminent peril 01 neing loat, or driven on snore by a violent rale that wa*.,b!owing at the time, said Glasson having charge of the deck at the time, consequently the damage done being likely to be attributed to him. Charge 2d.?-Scandalous conduct, unbecoming an officer and a gentleman : which specifies a great and uncalled for perversion of facts during a conversation or correspondence?encouragement of tale-bearing among the crew, Jte. Charge :W ? Cruel and oppressive conduct, unbecoming an officer; or, in other words, forcing a boy ef the ship to est a quantity of raw potatoes ! also, forcing a boy to eat a large qnantity of raw codfish, as apoairhment, &c. These several charges wilt be commenced today, and trom present Indications they may be sustained Among the witnesses that have been already examined, 1 observe Commodore ltallard. Captain Voorbee* and Purser Zanxinger. There are a great anaay who are in attendance, to be examined on the charges of Lieetenaot (Jlassos. The able Jndge Advocate, Wiader, is quite at home in his tedieua occupation. The general opinion here, ie that ho will be broken ; indeed nothing will more astonish the people here, who have heard the testimony, then for nio caso to take any other turn than that. Commodore Warrington, oaa of the naval h- ard at Waehington, was summoned to appear before inc cuuri, d?i nil uucr ucciining ui uo su w read yritrrday, in which be mji, in amoant that aa he la ignorant of the matter* related to in lb* charge*?he auppetee that he i* ?umaoon?<i to testify to the character of the aecnaed, apon which, he, with due deference to the aammea* of the co?rt, respectfully deehaee. I will aire jrou another idea or two in a few day.. P.a.cOTT, Lira* Lo?t.? Tne Montreal Meeaengermentions a report, in behovedI to he too wel <o<i.ded to doubt, that twelve or fourteen men lost the.r livee in attempting to crone Lake St Wancoiaen the ice ; they had been to work on the St. Lawrence Canal. Tue SfBLiMiTr or IIi'Mauo.?Hamblin trying to build a new thratre. Fin* i* CitA*i.n?Toi*t H C ? At a lire in Charleston a few days ago. Bull r ad Shrewsbury. MrRicha.ds, Mr, and Mr. Rabb, fuflered somewhat. Flee woolen houses destroyed. DcrALcATtoir.?Reports from Columl u-, (l>eo.> state tliat Mr. Thomas Ilaynts, State Treasurer, in a defaulter to a large amount.

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