Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1842 Page 3
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post s c hi r r" For our uruai Southern Correepondencr, jrr-, iAai morning's Mail, ett fourth page. Bankrupt SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. Frederick Tea Eyck, clerk, to be declared bankrupt May IS Iliac H. Herbert H mratead, LI. " IS Benj. W. Floyd, clerk, " 19 Court Calemlar?Thla Da jr. Commow Pli!si ?Part 1 -Nn. 1INI, 6, 23. 31, 29, 37, 191, 39. 41, 4J, 43. 131, 47, 49. 31, 33 33 Pa?t 2, at 10 o'clock?No*. 4, 31, 31, 38, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46. 48, 38, 32, 34, 184, 36. Scrtaioa Com Noi. 91, 37. 30 89. 90. 91, 92, 132. 91, 9"), 96 . 99,41, 133, 146. 103. 37, 11, 144, 1S1, 103, 103, 104, 107, 109, 40, 33, 39, 93, 76, 23. Q9- NOTI? E ? The Cop.ntnership heretofore exiatinr between the underiiifneil, if Proprietora of the Hotel and Coffee Home, No. 29 Ann street, former!v known aa " StoTicall'a.'' bai been diisolwe 1 by mutual conaent.? The buiineaa will henceforward be conducted by E. T. Chriaiianton. on hii own account. E9WARD T. CHRIBTIANSUH, HENRY KNOCK. 0(?-E T. CHRISTIANSON bears to return thanks to bit friends, and the public generally, for the liberal patronage that has been extended to the above establishment mice hia connection with it?a patronage which be hopes to met it a continuance of, by unceaaiog atteu tion to the comfort, convenience anl gratification of hit customers and guests. Ot^HOT COFFEE!?The subscribers,having taken taut element No 17 Ann street, corner of Theatre alley, are prepared to serve thpir friends and the public, at ali hours of the day or night, wi h all kinds of refreshmen's (liquors excepted), such us cottee, tea, cakes, piea, St- lie., with favorite b:and Principe and Havana segars. Those whose business calls them out at night will find this place unsuspas.ed for a good cup of hot coffee or tea Watchmen un.l nwspaper carriers are invited to look in. Fire companies, when called to a fire in the fifth district, can ho served with any of the above re frsshments either at the cellar or at their engine. The house will be open this evening. THORP h DIXON. (pj- CHATHAM THEATRE ?The second representation ef the new drama of Ztnoni, was received, even with more enthusinsm. than that which greeted its production on Monday night. It is repeated this evening, together with the tragedy of Richard the Third, Kirby enacting Richard, and Wood's Iramn of Philip Q'larl ami his Monkey, in which both father and son appear as Philip, and the Monkey. (SCJ- AMERICAN MlIdEUM ?The generosity of the manager in catering for the public, is unprecedented. Every we<-k new attractions are put forth of atich a character as pleare nil clas??s, and make them wonder how uch rich, trlented. nml divuisifitd entertainments, can be afforded for twenty five cent*, rue (Jipsey Irirl has crowds attending her levees day and night,and the performances or Winchell. Mi-s R italic.La P.-titeCeleste Ste. added to the host of curiosities contained here, make this really the best place of amusement in the city. 0(7- AS THE HAIR ALWAYS WAS AND IS NOW considered so great an ornament, we have no doubt hut every person having n fine head of hair, will feel happy to possess themselves of the efficient means to preserve it, and where it is scanty to increase its thickness by the use of the genuine B.ilm of Columbia. Sold by 8. Powell Sc Co. 36 Sornhill, Agents in Boston. Comstock 8c Co.71 Mai len Lane, N. Y. proprietors. ft?- J. F. CURNS.the great New Orleans absquatulator. stuck our neight>or Dr. Sherman, for a few hundred. The Doctor must pockot the loss, with the consolation of the good his Lozenges effected?and expect a rich reward from the hearts of the pretty Creoles he cured of coughs, colds,and headaches, as well as the beautiful teeth his Orris Tooth Paste made for them ? Dr. Sherman's office is at 106 Nassau street, and No. 3 Ledger Building, Philadelphia. 0(7- CHAS. MARRIATT, 198 Madison street,a high ly respectable member of the Friends' Society, has kindly consented that persons suffering by the Rheumatism,swelled limbs, contracted cords. 8cc.. should be referred to hira if they doubt the eflVcts of the Nerve and Bone Liniment and Indian Vegetable Elixir, from 71 Maiden Lane, in such ca- rs, as he ha3 reoently witne aed an extraordinary cure made by this remedy. If all who know of the great (>ower and virtues of these articles were as conscientious, sufferers would universally employ them without delay. ft?-THE END AND THE ME ANS ?Nothing good canbedone without we know how to doit. The proper mcan3 bring about the desired end. Now a cure for that most fatal of all mainJies, consumption, has been conside. red impossible. Without presuming to aay that in its last stages it can be cured, we do say nothing. Keep it away from the human constitution. So faithfully and Certain is that famous article known a.'Pease k Son s comj pound extract of Hoarhound Candy, which we see by the envelope is composed of twenty five different cough ingredients; it stops the disease at its commencement, cures ibb lungs, souens ine voice, and away every exciting cause that is at first so dreaded Its success at home and abroad has been so great tbat it has been at- ! tempted to be counterfeited. This of itself proves its wondetful merits. All the professional men in the city are its advocates. Let all those who are suffering with coughs or colds call at once on the inventor and patentees and get relief at 4S Division street. Agents?Redding, 8 Slate street, Boston; Zieber,Philadelphia ; Row is &7 State street, Albany ; Adams Blunt, Huntsville. Ala.; Robinson. Ill) Baltimore street, Baltimore ; Helderman, Louisville, Ky.; Jobsoa, 36 Charles Street, N. O ; Watson, M? in phis. Tenn. {"gj- TO COFFEE DRINKERS?Scarce a constitution can stand in this countrythe continued use of coffer?the nervous system must invariably sink under it. We ask all coffee drinkers, with nervous trembling hands, to reflect upon this subject, and once think of their own feelings alter taking coffee. A substitute for coffee, superior ia 11 ivor, cnubiy nutritious, and with uo ba 1 effects, and recommended by the following medical talent for inval ds and the healthy, may he had in the Cocoa Taste, to be hail at 71 Maldeu Lane : John C. Warren,M. D , Jacob Bigrlow, M. D , George Hav ward. M D. John Homans, M. D , Edward Reynolds, M. D-. Walter Channing, M D , Button; Alex. H. Stevens, M. D , New York; Charles D. Meigs, M. D., Philadelphia. 0(7" SALT RHEUM.?This inveterate disease seems to have beeu entirely coru|iiered and eradicated from the yst em in a great m in v constitutional cases, lately by West's remedy fmm 71 Maiden Lane. Inferences are given to si m? of the clergy and other families of high reputation in the cltyiwho h ive experienced its benefits, and all afflicted with Tetters and Ring Worms or Salt Rheum should avail themselves of its use. 0(7" WONDERFUL CHANGE?We never were morrstrnck with thetruth of the remark, that there is nothiug but wha'genius w ill compass, than in meeting an old friend yesterday .though young in years,a* gray as advanced age could make him. and to-day not knowing him. as he appeared with raven locks as fresh as nature could bestow. And this wrs done with no other assistant than the use nt the East India Dye. For^alc tvholcial and retail,at maDu'acturer's prices, by 3. Powell St Co.. 3d Cornhill, agents for New England COM8TOCK St CO.. Maiden Lane, New York, proprietors. $7- FEMALES ARE REQUESTED TO READ THE FOLLOWING FROM DR. ROCKWELL 1 cani.ot forbear, in this place, of abridging an account which I received in a letter from the South, giving an instance worthy of i ecord. It is stated that a Mrs B , a respectable planti r's wife, had habitually miscarried thirteen timr3 in succession, at about the third month ; and in const quence o! which, ltrr life several times had been put in great jeopardy. She had the advice of several rainert medics! m n; and who at last informed hrr that it was not prob.i' 1 she could survire another time. But a ion ah? dh i-ucit nte again. She was in the usual lime seized with incessant heartburn,and followed by constant vomiting?she was in great despair and affliction. expecting nothing but death?she fully gave tip to h'-r feelings; but i feinile fri*n.l,who had known something of the '* M ilernal Friend," advised her to take it a' a last resort. She did, and had the exquisite satisfaction of going her full time, and became tho mother of a healthy and living sou. I give full credence to the history, and have the fullest confidence in the facts. And if these statements will rescue one suffering female from pain and danger, I shall feel amply compensated for all the sarcasm snd vituperation with which the captious an 1 censorious may possibly heap upon mo. I am your well wisher and sincere friend, A. ROCKWELL, M. D. Hartford, Ct. V The Maternal Friond may ba found only at 71 Maiden Lane. Clly Drapntoli Post. .id a* u r*i!?ipal Offics ?Letters deposited liefore half past l.hulf.pspt 14, and half put 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Ba?acH Orricss.?Letters deposited before 7, 11 anJ 2 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1 and 4 o'clack. ALEX. M. OHK.IO. Agent. MOSEY MARKET. Monday, April 18?0 P. ?I. The sales at the stock board to-day were to a moderate xt'n',but prices were generally better. New Y'ork Stat? Vs improved IJ per cent, being now nearly 10 per oent higher than previous to the passage of tho tax bill) Illinois #'s rose J , Harlem J, Mohawk J. Sales or bills on Philadelphia par: Mobile 11 discount. O' orge R. Paris, of Troy, has been appointed receiver Of the W#tervliet Bank. The influence of the new* from England has not been very Fppartnl to-Jay. Commercially the state of affairs Obroal was not mor- favorable than it was at last ac| ooan's; but political')-.the state of affairs is tnonght to be niw,[toih mr i*ci <o i-pue uaug'jre wriin-u inrcaieneu on all liJfi, grew out of the gripping nn<l domineering policy of Oreat Britain, and the qtieation of war or peace aeeoi' 1 rather to dep. nd ti|>en the power* of enduranr on the part of the United t'.atea and other nation*, than upon any other contingency. The India now* ha*, however, given another aspect to affair*?not that, numerically ipeaklr.g, the lo?* of fix thousand men i* n aeriou* onn to an empire like that of 0"eat Britain?-bat the mm al influence of that Jiiatter ia such a< to ahake the very foundation oi Britiah power in India. Hitherto the progre** cf Britiah arm* in the F.ast ha* been one of uninterrnpted lacceia, until the poor In. di*K have looked upon them aa invincible. Hence it i* that a very snail force of Englishmen haabicn able to vc< j? in nbjaction, and in abject a la very, the countleea nilUeuj af a race.of Men. The iollnwing ia the extent ol territory and population of the Britiah poaaeaalona, and that of their ao-called "allies" or "involuntary voluuteere:"? _ . , V. Milts Population B rituh Territory?th re* Preaideocba, 5 &>#. 00 13 aoe.OOti Briiieti AUi*o?It SUtce 1.103.0 0 4e,OPO,OOC Iudependent 8tatea-8 butee 1.177.000 II 000 Wo Total 7,010 000 1 34.000,000 The Britiah force hitherto u* -d ha* been native troopr. with a email proportion of Engliah, like that of the army which wae dtetroyed, of which one thoueaud were Englieh and Are thouaand scpoya^r native*. This force turned almost entirely on the moral influence of Britiah aucateaa. The late disaster haa taught th' ir enemiea that Eng. liahjtroopa may be deatroyed aa well aa others. The acalea have fallen from the eyea of the aepoya, and they diecover that Britiah troopa arc not invincible, and they willnolonger follow their colore in blind confidenceThe reaulta te be expected and provided for. are a gene ral insurrection and rising of all tha States, backed by the Northern ttibea of warlike Tartan auti supportedby horda of Cossacks. The Emperor and people of China will receive Irish courage and be stimulated to new exertions. The utmost vigor on the part of Eugland, powerful as she seems to be, is necessary to stem the rising storm. The vengeance of heaven is overtaking her inustiae and oppression, and she must put forth her strength at arm's-length. Hence we hod her sending large forces into India and withdrawing one-third ol her force from Canada. This state of things is a better guarantee for the peace of this country than anything that has taken place for years. It was stated by a previous arrival, that Mr. R Crichton Wiley had been appointed agent of the American landholders in London to procure settlement. It appears, however, that that gentleman was sent over by the holders of the bonds of the Mortis Canal, only to attend ta th-ir interests, in the event of tha foreclosure of the the Dutch loan of $760,000. The state of affairs in this country now seems to depend alone upon the restoration of the financial credit of the governments, state and federal. As we have before hinted, the only danger of war, and the influence af those fears upon commerce, grew out of the grasping and encroaching policy of England. Great Britain, no one (or a moment supposes, desires war, but her desire and intention is to obtaiu as much by continual encroach ment as possible. The danger exists that hur rival nations may suddenly resent those encroachmwnts; recourse | is theu had to dissimulation and negotiation, until awakI encd fears are again lulled to slumber?encroachments are then resumed. This process is now going on with thif country. We have been severely goaded on several questions, and a special minister is sent to " negotiate " The particular points of the mission are not kno wn, but the probability now is that the peace bet ween the two countries will not be disturbed, simply becuuse England is nat in a position to pursue her domineering policy. The indications now are that the efforts of the minister will be directed to the procurement of some restoration in the value of state stocks. From the Eog lish houses the proposition of the assumption of state debts, first emanated. The arrival of the minister was preceded by propositions put fortg in newspapers in the interest of the London houses, to fund the state debt in a national stock based upan the public lands. When the minister arrived, he was accompanied by the members of other large European stock houses, who proceeded with him to Washington. At this moment secret influences are at work in all directions, to biing abont a favorable state of public opinion in relation to the proposed scheme, in which are interested all holders of depreciated state stocks, whether original subscribers, or those who have purchased them at low rates, with a view te the proposed scheme. So far from these people facilitating the nsgotiation of the now government loan, they are prepared to oppose it in every possible direction. All the commercial letters which are sent to this country identify the credit of the federal government with that ot the delinquent states, and endeavor thereby to produce the impression that to procure money on its own occount it will be necessary for the government to adopt some measures which will retrieve those of the states. Lord Ashhnrtnn is no Jouht a hisrhlv talented and fortnnate mai. and one, tbe weight of whose purse has added much to the weight of hii character. The lollowing, from Mr. Orant'a ' Random Recollec tions ol the Houae of Lords," published in 1836, on the occasion of the accession of, Mr. Baring to the peerage, will throw some light on the general charaater enjoyed by th it gentleman at that time, and may possibly have some tearing upon his present position in this country "Lord Ashburton is as yet but imperfectly known by his title; it will oe sometime before the public eye and ear become so familiar with it as they were w ith the name of Alexander Bating. He is a man of very considerable talent, and possesses excellent business habits. These qualities, added to a heavy purse, mide him a man of some importance in the House of Commons. In the House of Lords, he does not promise to acquire the same station Had he been consistent as a public man, his influence in the Lower House woul 1 have been vastly greater than it ever was But he was remarkable for bis inconsistency in more ways than one. Thechanges his opinions underwent on the question of the corn laws, and on topics more strictly poiitical, ara known toevary body. But the most awkward part of the matter was, that his principles always changed at the umo time, and in the same direction as hit interests. Hence the Times used alwats to distinguish him from all the other members by the appellation of 'the representative ol' his brecchts pocket.'" Wc have submitted these views because we think they throw some light upon the prospective state of our finances. Tho State governments have been guilty,it is true, of great imprudence in the contraction of their loans; but they were seduced into it by the acts and in tlucnce directly of the UaiUd Statos Bank, and more re motelyof those very men who are now the holders of the stock. It was their acts and example which caused money in England to he so plenty iu former years as to start speculation, an l tempt States and corporation* here to use those credits which were in s manner thrust upon them. They are caught in the trap which they them-. selves set, and they now are preparing to hold out to the Federal Government the alternative of identifying ittelf with the bankrupt State*, or of losing its own ability to borrow in tho foreign market, and measurably in the home market; and we look upon the struggle* of thi* interest a* that which will exert a great influence in prevtnting a speedy restoration of our financial affairs. Among other claims upon this country, i* one ol a novel character, which is, that the merchant* of Eng laud have a claim of ? 1,000.000 upon the Federal Government, in consequence of the unequal operation of the tariff since the passage of the Gold Bill of 1831. It is argued, that although the duty levied on English and Gorman goods in America is rateably the same, the former in fact pay 22, w hile the latter only pay 20 per cent. This is in consequence of a law passed in tho year 1633 or 1831, by which it was enacted that a pound sterling sh-iull betaken at the value of tour doll :rs eighty cts. the previous value having been four dollars forty-four cents Thus the value of the pound sterling is increased 9 per Cent, which, ss the duty is chaiged in the increased value, is the same as adding 8 per cent to every English invoice. This calculation is madu on the lowest duty, and as the duty has in many instances ranged to 60 per cent, the excess is in fact much greater than is calculated on this basil, and from the quantity of our exports the excess. it is estimated, levied since the passing of the act in question, cannot be less than .?2,00 >,000. The contrast between the duties on English and German goods ship, ped to American is well illustrated by a calculation on two small invoices of goods, worth together ?260 10* 8.1, the pound sterling being taken at $4 80, and the mark banco at 3?J. The aterling value converted into dollars at this rate gives.$1,250 66,and the German value, which >? about 3,441 mark*, gi?es ?t the rate of 33J the dollar value of >1,140 70. The 30 percent levied on the English value li >140 11,and on the German >130 14, giving >1? 97 in favor of the Germans. galea at the Mock (exchange. tr.lTO New York t'n lf?i 85) IS Share* Hyia k Ul RR HI tU'Ofl N V 5t'a,l855 801 100 .lo Aub. Si Koch. 104 500 N Y. S'a 1859 81 ,40 do Canton 191 flu J d do do 81 75 do do 19( >l?ao tn.i'fa 1950 8S| 80 do do J? >1000 Illinois Bom'a >3 141 1? <J" Mo.awhR|R 47j >4C00 Indiana Bonds 1?1 9 d ) do do 47 1000 do do 1B| so do do do blO 4T| 70"0 do do alO 18 50 do d) ill bit |7j 85 sharea Mec'ka' Cava 541 50 do do d? * "1 10 do Mecli BkAswe 49 25 do di do a 13 47 40 do 4m El Bunli |94 24 do do 0o?10 44| XI do l.' f. Ban* 2| UO do Har. Railroad Si S do N. O 151 25 do do do t| 31 do Syra It Ut KK 1261 60 do Sitoainfton 13 tcond Board 100 ahnrra Har. R R rS ?1 100 iharta Har. R R1 at t; 26 co Pateraou R R 47 50 do d? 9j SO do Moh R'tt n 49 10) do do b?0 t 10 do liar. R K al 26 do Am. &i.Bank S Cattle Market. The market to-day has been rather dell, anJ pricei have a tendency to decline. There were offered one thonaand beeves, fifty cow ud calves, and aix hundred aheep. Of these thr< e hund fed beevea, aevanty fine sheep, nud ten cows and calvei ri main unsold. Those sold fetched the following prices, namelybeeves from 16,no to >7,00 a hundred weight?sheoi from >1,60 to >4 40, and cow* an t calvei from >30 0* t >36/10 a head ihsarrtest. On Sunday evening 17th inatant, by the Rev. Henri Obese, Mr. Koaaav Kino to Mia* Mtiu Lnvtsa Meg catrr, loth of this city. Dtttf. On Monday, April 18th inataat. Duscaw C., too of the lot# Chriatopher and Annabel)* F. Living*, aged four year* and one month. The friend* of the family, and of hi* uncle* Coll. N. Charlea C .and Duncan P..Campbell, are re?pectfulljr jn: vited to attend hi* (antral. Iroin hie late reaidehce, 30 ! Suffolk atreet, this (Tueaday) afternoon at 6 o'clock. On Friday evening, 15th inat., af'era ahort aevere ill neaa, Havean Jaen, the only laughter of H. and Mary E. FiaherofBrooklyn.aged one year and aevrn montha On Sunday, 'ho 17th iualaut, Patau Baaaaa, in the 30th year of hia age. On Sunday morning. 17th inatan'. Mra. Mart Sr*i?<; t.ra, after a lingering illnaa*. aged S9 year*. On Sunday, 17*.h lust., Mr. Patih * the 38'h year of hia age. O.i the 17th inatant. of inflammation of the lunga, Mabt Faancca, wife of Thomaa Yatea, in the 331 year ol ner age. On Saturday efterneon, 18th initant, Mr. John Smith, in tin* 831 year of hi* aire. Ou Saturday night, 18th init., Matilda, wifu cf Henry Boy lsniF aged39 year*. On Saturday e?ening, 18th iiiRtant, at Newark, N. J., Jnu> VANPKRroaL, Junr., ofthiarity. Lateat Ailvlces MC KITED AT THE NEW YOU lltKALP OITICB. Africa Feb 13 Madiu Mar 80 Am Cayeg Mar. 33 Manilla Not. 30 Autizua '.Maris Montevideo Feb. Bombay Fab. 1 Marautiam Mar a Batatia Not. 5 April 8 Bermuda April I Mayaguez, P. K Mar 38 Curui'* Ayrea -Feb 9 Mararaibo Mar. 10 Balua Feb. 95 Matamoraa M M*r. 9 Bclixa,Hon Feb. a* Neurilaa Fab. 4 Barbedoea M*r. 9 N'aiiiu, N. P. Mar. 31 Bogota Dec. 1* OhIiii.S. 1. Dec 27 Berbiee Feb. SO Pari* Mar. 9 Cape Hay tiea Mar. 30 Port an Prima Mar. 3 I'urscoa Mar $ Ponce, P. K Mar. 38 Cieufuego# Mar. 94 Para Mar. 19 Carthagena Jan. 81 Peru.iinbnto Mar 10 Caraccai .Vlar. 3 Panama Feb. 30 fhag.-aa July 1 Kio ile Janeiro Feb 30 Callao Dec IT Siug.iocrr Dec. 3# Calcutta Jan. 19 Sydii-v, NSW Aug. 11 Demarara Mar. 9 St Helena Mar. 8 Fayal Mar. S St. Thomas* Mar 30 liibraltar Feb 3 St. Barta Jan. 8 (iuaycqiul Feb. 13 St. Jngo da Cuba - Mar. 19 tiuayauia, P. R Mar 96 St. John*. P. H Mar. 91 Uonaivaa Mar 19 St. Croix Mar 34 Oaleretvu April 4 St Martha Feb 2T Harre Mar 31 St. Juhu, N. B. April 4 Havana April 6 Surinam Mar 11 Halifax Am ll T Tamiaco- Ma 33 .leremie Mar. 99 Tobasco Feb 95 Jacmel Mar. 91 Turku Islam! Mar. 89 Kingston, Ja. Mar 12 Triaitlad de Cuba- Mar. 81 London April 2 Ve.raCrnz Mar. 96 Liverpool April 1 Valparaiso Jan 21 l.a tiuayra Mar. S3 Yucatan Mar 15 Lima Jan. 24 Zauzibar Dec. It Macao Dec 15 Foreign Importations. Hamr?Packet ship Loui* Philippe, 8*h-r? on Loan Is'ai.d? I pkg NouteyrinSc Perrot?4 W \ yse?1 (J C Hugger?5 I A Vniatn Sl cn-9 I. IJ.ilr'jrtirnl.lI Sir- (I (Sr.II I ?II I H ilH Wallcr-4 Boiceau & ilusch?S Gardner, Colly & m?3 \ Hurler?1 W Burns?I Atli A Kendall kco?1 W II Drape ? It ] 13 G Si I) Harimud?5 G Von Hanr?2 Aui'in. Wil nerding k ' co?2 G He neuhrrx k Co?* Wich' k 8ai re. Phitfti?1 V Bishop?I Haruileu St c >?l H Y Moecur??10 D Maill ird?It J B Smith?9 P 1 Karnham kco?I E P Wells?i Pillti k Lc Barbier?3 F 1} Rhodes k co?1 J P Wright?J Russell. Vtatli.ou St Tayl r?l Underwood, Teterel ?t Bl lio?1 (rood! ne k co?$ 8 U St W Mahler?3 F Berly?3 8 < olliard?11 Cailleux k L-inBoy?1 Win Kobbe?2 Mr-ran k a- lm?1 Daria St Brooks?3 M j Krauu r k e->?3 A Hamilton?I Win Kenr'Ck?2 Lane, Lam- I (on k co?6 U k H llaight St co?I I C Hooker-2 F.dwatds k Btoddard?I L Pirdanua?3 P Schmidt St Audr- a?i Merino k Beuard?2 F Conine*?2 Uenkard k Hntton?2 G Pon? >t?I C / C Gignoux * co?4 L D-lino te?I S P Rice?J F B udard?1 Morlot St Hchefftr?8 A Hi ubat?1 J Mag ion k . Ce?1 ? Cueudet?S Bailly. Ward k co?1 A Fiot, I hi I ad?7 Hpi*>,Christ kco? 1 Coolidge k H s'<e|l?t Bernard? 1 Schu'ti k Bleidnrn?1 AVarel?1 DrO.uuijtk c->?I J T Atckinanu ?1 W k o Plopps kco?1 J Bilumanu?1 F Gcbhird k co? 4 to orderMARITIME HERALg, (Ul* rises 6 211 MOON SITS (ui? sets 6 31 i bits ivatf1 ii To Ship Slaxrra, We (hall (deem it a favor, if captains of vessels arrtviug here, will give to Commodore K. 8. niirtiu.of our uewa fleet, (NPMtW the shipping left at the port whence they (ailed, the vessels rpokeu on their passage, and a list of their cargo. Commodore Martin will board ihein immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. Departure of tha Atlantla Staamm. _ _ FROM ENOL4RD. FhoM AMERICA. G. Western, Hcaken April 88 Britannia, Hewitt April 5 May 1 Caiedouia, Lott -April II May Id Acadia, Kyrie May 4 June I G. Western, Hoalten May 21 June ll Columbia, Judkins May 11 June II Britannia, Hewitt Juue 4 July 8 Caledonia, Lott- June II July 17 Acadia, Ryrie July 6 Aug. 1 G. Western. Hosken July I Aug. 4 The Belgisn steamer British Queen, Capt Keane, will leave Autwerpfor N York on the 4 li of May next. Packststo ArrlTi, . PacksUtoDapan. FROM PORTSMOUTH. EOF FORTSMIHITH Glidialor, Button, Mar. 19 | Westminster. Moore, April 20 Mediator, Champlin, Mar. 20 | St James, Sebor, May 10 MUM Liverpool run myerfooi Columbus, Cole, Mar. 7 | New York,Cropper, April 10 S. America, Bailey, Mar.23 | Sidli-ns, Cobb, April 25 from havkk i for haver. 8 da Grasse, Burrows, uuc. I Vde Lyon,Stoddard-.April 24 St. NichMas, Ptll, Mar. II | Utica,Hewitt, May 1 PMRT OP RHW YORK, A PHIL IB, 1842 Olsarwt Shit) Southport, Herbest. Charleston. Geo Bulkley ?Brigs Wanderer. (Br) Cowan. H am burg. Srhir i'll k B dcheu; Dimun, I KohiLS in. Charleston, Dunham St Dimoii, Linden, Lirermnre, Mobile, htnrgrs k Ch arm in. Augusta Shetw. od, Savannah.? fchi-s John Hill, Dunbar, Maclnas, Me Brett k Vose; Dodje, Kinpp, Alexandria, UC. ArriTod, to Woodhulltk Mini urn. liurk Nancy VV Stevens, lot" Baltimore) 16 days from New Orleans, cotton, ice: 10 niss er Brig \?ia, Chambers, Irom Liverpool, Feb 6, mdse,to Dunscomb & Beckwith. Brig Overman, Davis, from ronce, I'll. March 4, sujir, &c. to T i.ord Brig Metamora, Ashby, II d j*s fr in Havana, sugar and argils, toO L MeuchaiPt Brig Madison. Bulkley. 6 drys from Sarannah, c .t'on and StU'grs It Llearmnn tritishbrig Buffalo, McBride, from Windsor, NS. plaster, to master. British schr Orb, Oreen, fm Windsor. N9. plaster, to Soule It Whi ney. 8chr Marietta Ryan. Welil-n, 5 days f om Ntwbern, NC. naval stores, to Powell St Mills. Schr Vine, Jones, 80 days from Mobi'e, cotton, 8tc. ( tlie master. Schr Juries Otis, , 13 days from Wilmington, NO. na sal stores. Si hr Grecian, Chase, 3 uay* frum Boston, with mdse, to J A kins. Schr Splendid. Ciowell, 3 days from Beaton, with mdse, to E Lewis. Schr 8un,Nickerscu, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to E 5c J Herri :kSchr Mail, Loring, 3 daps from Boston, with mdse, to J Stevens. Sclir Trio, Nickersou, 3 days (rom Boston, with mdse, to ordtr. Schr Challsnge. H itnmjud, from K.istport, plaster, to Peter I Nevtus?36 passengers. Schr Mary Shields, Skiddy.8 days from ilartlord, mdse, to order. General Record. Smr Sot'THCRisKR, fiom Lirerpoo!-, bark N W Sterens, N Orleans: brigs Met-mora, from Havana, and Madison, from Suvaenah. re| orted in yesterday'j lltrajd, are still below.? Ship Sarah Simafe, lor Autwerp, brig, K meat, for Sooth Ame rica, and Almeda, for Araiachicou, all 1 iy at Quarantine ? W-nd ENK, blowing a gale. SHirwar.i K tan Loss op Lipf.?Eitraet of a letter from the Amctir.-n Consul at Havre, dated there March 13:?I h re just received a If tier from my Vice(. oti-ul at Boulogne, inlormt g me of ihe loss of the Aineri -an -hip Majestic, L'apt Morrison, which took place ou the 10.h of Jantlarv,on the coast of Merlim our, ?u leagues to the west" aid of Bonh gue. It appear* that this ahip lately sailed from Antwerp, in hall. st. boll ad to Apal<chicula,and out i f 16 j mom which formed ihe NWiOkh five were saved-the capl iiu. as well as the two mates, btiug among 'lienumber who unfortunately perished ? The snip, which went to, jrce?. w as to be sold this day by the Marine,lor what she would prod lire, as it would o-herwue p'uvt atotallos*. A bag containing 15001' was foiled on the Wieek; it ij not It now n whetbtr (apt Moirison had thcirsce:!* of his outward freight on h arii or not I he we ther lately h:i* been pl.iee. I hai c not, however,beard of any other American Vessel having been lost during its c n'muat ee WhilC* of a Hloop ? . be pilot b at James Avery fell in with a smalt sloop oj >nn 'ay alt-run n, oil flirnegat. Hie hail be. n run into, Took off two men, ami tnwsd (he vreeel to off the Tavern House*, when she fi led and parted lire hawser of the J. A. Shew s then abandoned as the wind was blow me hard. fmr t^ri.u,hence at Savannah, went ashore nesr the Knoll last Monday, and re mailed at the aecou.ts. Notice to Mnrlnera. A I- Iter has bee.i received at Lloyd's Irom the Foreign Office end. sing certain instructiont to shipmasters v siting Itiga. issued by the Kuniau Government, bjt which te of mo great a length for inscitton. It is posted at Lloyd's Captions' Moooi for tusp. ctioo Ni w Lt'iht at At.rv rvriRir ?The ULdersigned has the honor to announce to the pub ic, that, by order ol his Highness 1 the Viceroy ol Kgypt. the new light will be dieplaycd on .he lit of April, 1843 The lower is erec.ed upon the extremity < f I the F.unos'os, at the old tort, snd tit position is?tat 31 dug n intn 3\ sec N,lou 29 tleg *1 n.iu 21 srr K, meridian if Greenwich; leu27 deg 31 min 08 sic K, im rir*i -n of Paris. The light will be figrd?one at ihe height of abodi I BO feet frsao the levr I. of the sea, with the lace directed tow en's the NE having the l Point ot M?r<bsu'to tlie SK at the distance of four miles, and . Old B-aeon to the NK. 1 E about one mile a d three ij iarters distant lt-twrcn these tw p mils, ai.d in floe wesutr, the light will be visible 20 miles distant " BOtiilOS VOUSSOUFK. Aletsndria, March I, 1812 i ht rrnori sis Koca Disonnagp at SvaAvasna ? Alettrr I raeeived s'LUfd's from the ir agen at St, anraer. dated March an,'*43, stati s that the bark Isantlls, in entering tnat port on the 24th of March, s rtif k and hui g on to what was supposed to be a sunken rock bilheito in.know n, shout Intf ami e r-.m I the w?st|Biint nod lost her false keil Hever-1 vessels pas-ed i raids st the I at the time, having Ave nni a half fat h eras The I. drww 13 feet on a stra ght keel This supposed rock is iuths droet course of veaai Is Iwktug the Inch from Hi* Cortw ill siil fhs I proceeded to Gr-rnock to h?ve her bottom eiS'siiied: bu' she is not snonoseH to susia ned any damage beyond | the loss of her false keel. Wsrt i its !t>jt Tiiwwn?Tnnily Hous?. Lnndou, hftreh | 23. 1842.?Not h e is In nb> given a green Buy, marked I with the word " Wreck," has b en plactd abi ut 20 fathoms t# be wcstwenl of avesselsu ik off .o, u'liend The t uov lie |g Jtf fatbonu ht low water,epitng tide*, with the r>ilo?einj i mark andeomi>?e? "earing*. ?u:?A con?Piriiou# round tnppr I t tree in I he bark liijh land, in line with theligbt beae* na Son'h end Outer Jetty A laig? brick houae ir ar the wetrr'e edge, |U ' lue with a h. me nral ea*'w;ird of Mouth Church N tf h 1 IT. Mere Lizh Veeeal SK by S. By order, J He: KB IT, Secret try. I The following letla* he* be- -e:it to ti.a editor of the Aecltland H-ia'd :? 9 Mm?Vou will tb'igr m? by ineertiay, Tor the beoefll of pur tire trmlinr on theenaet, the tearing of ? reef ou which my fe?M I to itied in the Bay ol Plenty The W,il tomtot Kiel 1 Island *ra-it g N by W.andt"' K?*t cinl N K,the irUnd di? tant about If mile?the leaat dep b areund waa 10 feet, but in ctrral placm yj fathome. p Arr. o hit si ?"T he folio* ii g ie an e' tract of from B t aptain Ornge Bleilai.d.diP <1 the 3th of May, 1141,r?raire I by the Mumlorh A* a piece ol nautical nena or information, which Capt sin float and hia e adjulira in Ike lurTeyeflne I bin i Sen will hardly ereiilt, W,\W fr m the ialan I. off t se outer edge el Appoo bho?l, ten or twelre mile*, liea a rocky - with nmrter leaa three IHhimi on the ahnaleal pari, with a line ?r eou of teu Uthuaie for enme dial sure, I he I thole length about one aula: the boala of the Metope and wo London wbnlera hare noan t aararal tiaaee. H w it h?? never beea aeeu by the uuineroue abipe pajainf us and Inwn i> ev'ranrdi' ery. i> lynaiathc fail way autaida Aypoo Skoal ?'New Zealand (lame lie. Whalemen. Arr at N?w Londng April If amuck Shaw FerVioi, tendrr to he Colaabia. Im Ueaotaiioo Jal<nJ, with 130 bid. oil. left'*' St llaleaa Mar 8. > olumhia, mid tender H <ad, NL. all full, to ail lor lioaae in tdaya; Phnii, SH. firo bb!? 50ap.and a iperin "hale alonreide, for home iu 3 day* Mar 36 19 8.Ion 70 fc.apoke Caodaee. NL full, for heme; aainr time. Pacific, do do; Apr 14, lat 31 N, loaTo 40. apoke Chat Frederick, NB.uoa cruiaa. At St Helraa Fib 34, Mi.)a\ SH. no oil. Spoken. St Pe'.eraburg.Haure for Mobile, April Loo Key. Andrew Scott, Apa'achicola for Liverpo >1, April S. lat 40 30. loa ft. Franklin, from llavatu for I'oilland, April 10, lat 33 45, lou 7141 .... Ki.berl Willii me, Li-l>on for NT*fk,iiw 30, no lat, 110 hod eac juntered heavy galea andayrucg a leak. Fore ten Port*. Liverpool, Mar 18?Sid Oberlin. NYork: t7th-Johi| O Center. NOrcans; 18'h, Viigiuia, Nic.iolaa B.djle, Eii Whitney and Europe*!* N York. I Bristol, \rar5S?Sid Notion, NYork. Falmouth, Mar 25? Orient, for New York, fittirg forernigraut*. Po h tsM'H'th, Mar 15?Sid Gladiator, NYork. Bremen, Feb 27?S|d Telegraph, aYork. Havre. Mar 18?Arr Iowa, New Yoik; I3th, Sid 17th.St Nicholas do; 15lh, Chas Carroll, do. The Sylvie ds Uiasse |>r ihakly sailed a h kwi to li k, Mar it?sid Androdua, NYork. Cei te. Mar 6?8ld Hebr,NYork. Bordeaux. M*r 19-Arr I'u-itan, NYork. Sid 7th, Charlea, NYork. aLismon, Feb-18?Sid Mary Foully, NY"rk. Ca clita, Jatt a#?Alexai.diU, of NYork. Havana, Mar 31 ? Arr I harles. Bostou; P. canon. City Pomt; Diaiitha, P T'laRil; Apr I. Chili, Charleston; Catharine, Ph lad'-lrhia: Chriaiiana, New York; Hull, do; Henrietta, Portland; Eilio, Wilmi'g ou ( Id Convoy. NYork; Moro Caatle, Providence; Wit inn, Portland; Pne mckr, Ket Weat. Trinidad. Mar 14?In p trl.Gertnide, for N York, 5; Joseph. Philadelphia J >>r 3; Sue.ui, do tO; Horner, Boat. n. use; America ', do do; Adelaide from do. Just arr; Julia 5t M rrthj, for do, Idg; H B b oater, do do. Sid Lebanon, Boaton, United States Porta. Bath, April 15?Arr Planet,Fredericksburg. Cld 11th, Hardee Washington DC. Gloucester. Apri' 11?Arr CU?ll-nge, Prospect for Philadelphia: Frietidrh'p. Wm 'snr for N Yark Salem, April 16?Arr Wm Wallace, NYsrk. Sid Granite. Boston. April 17?Arr Algi; (join, ?,atanz>i; Oov ht bbini, Philadelphia.; J .m-a, Port an Prinre; Ellen, Havaunah; Sarah Young, ' lizabeih City. Arlith M .rgaret Fotb-s NOr| ans; Ontario, do; F'"ru?x, do; Vernon. Liverpool; Franklin, Trinidad; Alpine, ti t; Bnatoai'ia. NOileane; Fox, Havaua; Ottoman Vnbil?; Hover Baltimore; Si Iph, Philadelphia. Holmes Hole. April 14? arr Viuctuara, Creufuegoa fer Portland, and ?ld liin.wiih <.thcra Harteord. April 16?Arr Laora, NYork I Id PatriotjTrx tor. Mary 8 ielda, Partbenia, and > elocily, New York; Ellru and Bell . A III iuy Philadelphia, April 18?Arr (Jndine, London; Joseph. Trinidad; M P St-vens, Hartford; Ertrina, Na-sau NP CldOipsey, H difax; (irowier. NOrle-ns; I'alm I i"n. and Penaacola, Huston, Matauis, Poilland; F'raullin, Fall Hiver; Victory, N York. Alexandria, Anril 15?Arr Clifford, Kingston Ja Richmond, April IS?Sid Joseithine, NYoik; Eliza Ellen, Portland. Wilminmton NC April 11?Arr Chas E Thori New York. CldOl. be. I'biladelpbi . Charleston, April 13?Cld Elb n. Apatachi-ola; Rradshaw, (Br) Liverpool. Sid Arabian, Lisbon; Powbattan, ?t Petersbur* (iconoKTowN S'". April 9?''Id IIilcyon, NYork. Hat\n iais, April 15? rrl'.lia NYork; La Grange, do. Cld Alnion. Liverpool. Sid ITu: ex. I'orllaud N t:w Ori.cas,, Apnl 6?I. Id Hermitage liulK; Irad berry, Baltimore; D njl, Swua, eiv York; Philanthropist, do. Arr Tag i .m. Havre; Persiau d >; Chester, Iphia; Empresarlo. Hanni; Flavin. Bin mi; Julia k Helen, 1'humaston. Below, Orleans, fin NYork. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. 'PHESE lar-lained anu cilebi-atcd tills, from Portugal, an A we perceive, to be obtained in this country Bee adyerlieemeitt on the IiinI cnltimo.if fourth page. fet Im'is MONOPOLY { MONOPOLYi! When wraith >u I Aristocracy dictate, Llbrrty ihould lie watchrnl. fpHE Public are rtspec full* it-viled to attend a meeting, to A be hrlilat the Bhaksu are Hotel, ou Thursday evening neat, the list iu*taut,'it h If past 7 o'clock. He .r u< for our cause, and gi>e ear that ye may hear. Tneti let in stan or fall by our merits. al93ty PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESSES. BY THE DSCPEBIlKOTYfK l'BOCESS. M. D. VAN LOAN, L'rrr.R Syory of Granite Buildino, Currier of Broadway am I Ckamltro Slrett, AT. 1", (Entrance in Chambers Street.) V3- Likenesses taken from 7 A. M., till sundown, m any I kind of weather?clear, cloudy, or rainy. al9 lm*m rpO LET?The Burbir's Shop m the Pearl Street House ? 1 None ree l app y uulen they undeistint their business Well. Enquire far terms ou the pietris s, at No. 88 Peart St. al?3t't STABLI i(J ? S.y or eight Horses can he taken on Livery at No 70 Mercer street. S'ables large and convenient? large carriage and harness room", This is is an excellent 0 . portunity fir gi nth men not wi thing the trouble and < xpenee 01 a private establishment. Terms made known on application as an ve a 9 I i*r rpMK iBiurance Company, orlary o.her cuinpany, orinoiviJ duil, haviug any i .teresi in the loss of the steam batq le Clarion, are reqiu sted to see the subscriber, one of the crew at the tune the Clarion was d. stroyed, hefnre deciding on the claim ol Uloserk McMur ay to insurance. Hs may be found at BUB Broome street, during the day. al9U"r KHAN'HS KORSKNSKY. ME I'ROPOLITAN THEATKE. rPHE Subscriber hiViuir entered into srrat gements to con1 vert the W asliiug ou Hall, curuir ol Broadway and Reade street, iuto a theatre, woul i reaper fully announce her iuteutions to the natrons of the Drama, and the public generally, bo, icg ther willex end their pa rot,age to au undertaking upon which she h is entered at a se loon, wlie n the condition of h?r profi ssvou demands more Ihin ordinary activity and atteution. Htr proposals are as follows :? I ?That each person holding two shares of stork in fheir own right, aliail be entitled to a Iree admission upon every n ight of perform ince. II ? Each stockholder shall he entitled to 7 per cent in eresl upon ea-li shar ?pa> able half yearly. Ill ?The subscriber will insure the premises . or pay each stockho'drr not more than S per ceut on eaoh share, lur that purpose, as may be sgr> eJ upon. IV.?To secure the punctual payment of the interest to Hie I sti.e'aholders, and a fiual ac justuirut with thein. Hii d>cJ of the properly will be assigued to a trustee selected by the stock V ? ?>harc* transferable every ?it months. VI.?T"tie theatre to be managed by the subscriber on lirr own account. and uuderher o*udi #ctx.n?subject on!) to the provisions is the sgreemcut with the stockholders. Any person desirous <>f conferring with the subsribtr, will please c !! at her residence. f'rrtid. nt Hotel, It <> i.ln;iv. CHARLOTTE 8. CUSHMAN, New Yoik, April, 1312 a lg t wr RIBBONS & LACES, CHEAP. rpHK 8UHBCKIBER hti aiii* is rsce viug from auction 1 da ly, Ribbons and Silks, which he will .ell wholesale or retail, at a very am ill advance on auctiuu pncce. Country Mi Inters will ft i.l it to their advantage is call,aa Ihe very lowest price will invariably be fixed. L tees and Kdgings re tailed a. low ai tee luweat 'I li-'aa Laera, ol beautiful patterns. C'ratie, I,trie, ttt.ckrams, t. ro an 1,mint's, tec H. J. URUMVtOND, alSlm't 3ttk fleaiul MKANDH'i-; IH t'H.I.>. i Kr INVALID Spread tin foil .wing account of a sailor Lr nired of a c.Dedication of ainiclious iu n uetern da-a by the use ol the li-atidreth I'ills. T'ere a e herbs in nature which have nffiu ty lorihe ciuae of disca e, and Brandreth's Pit's *rr m ide of them, i.ead and be c.svmced. Take the medic tie and be cured EX I H t OK I)IN A a V CURE. OK RHEUMATISM. DI alt it HO i V AND AKKs.CTloN OK THE LONOS Jc?t> Sit?w,of I'eiobri.lte, Wasl itigton county, Maine, being duly .worn, sate, th.the was taken violently sick about sis months s.uce. The pains in liithead. br-ast, baek. M'i side instep being so bad that he was tt .able to help himself, and was tekcii i'o the t hrleea Hospital 'n the city . f Bns'oti ? That niter being in said hospital fi e w<'ks, Doctor (tins iid be did n it know what was lit nt titer with |um, a d tha* he could do nothing ror It in, nor cnuld be pre crib* any medicine. That he, ilterefore, was conveyed ir?m ue Chelsea Hospital to the wador'e He'rear on Staten Island. Tnat he was there pi ysi( ke.lw it'drtll sort! of in diritie for a|ieriod of four ir.outi.s, etifrerii g all the lime the in ist heart rending mne-y. Th it, In sides nis afT-cli o. of his bom s h' w s troubled much with a d itsae o'the lungs; s inetimes he would spit hipiart of phlegm iu '"e day; b?s ces Ibis ffectmii he had a bid diarrhce t. w!i ch r.a I more orle satl'nded bun from Ihe < onuneucrm -Bt of his sii ktiess That at limes he d'eaded a s ml worse than he would have dreaded ileat^ that lie cm compare thefe-liig to nolhiiig s iveth it of kinrdv passirg I* rourhhis bowels. Af'er suffering ? orse than death at tt e Bailor's Retreat,on Ht itep Island, the doctt r told him thai medicine was of no use 10 him, n at he must try to a ir ah .ut At this lime he ws ruff ring ttie greatest misery. That his boots weic so lender brcoiild not b"ar lha least pressure upoa iIr elb >w r upon the knee, that hit instep was m st painful, that at Ihe dntior said he would him no more medicine he dele-mined lo procure some of Dr. Bralidreili'i Pills, which he dial, from 211 Broadway. New Vo l:; that he ccinm?nceJ wuh G e pills, and roineti t es in.....I .1 ... I.. . hi I I... fir. I .... L..... ... nil, h...... fitted him. I h < t the doctor, not km wing whit hewaaueiuy, aid, "Now, Shaw, you arc looking lik-. a man again; if you improve io thi? way you will aoou be we'l." That he found eve.ydoaeof the braudrelli Pill* rtl.cte at they cured him of th? pain when at a tool; that they neat cured the iliarit in: and finally the i>atie iu lua bonea; that the tH'dcine an racd t? add atrength to him every dry- He told the doctor yeaterd iy. the 11th in taut, that he elt himaelf well, a id alio that he owed lua recovery to Ur.ndielh'a t'llla under Prove den e; that he had taken the trediciut for nineteen daya; that ths uoctor told him if he had kuuwi he hid breataking that medicine h<ahould not hare alay < d alio her day in the house He coii.a.dtra it hia duty to make thia p dilic atatrment 'or the lien-fit of a l similarly afflict id; that Ihey may know w htra to ti?d a medifiue tnal will cure .linn. JOHN SHAW. John Shaw being ky m ;duly aworti this mh day of April, 1842, did depose aud a >y, that the for :gomg elat?ineut ia true. J U. VvHKKLKH, Cotnmiaaiouer of Deeds The BRANOtlKTH PlLUS are ani l al Dr. Brandreth'J Prmciial tlfli e, 24 BROADWAY; at 274 BOWKKV ; at 185 HUDSON atrcel; and 17J HE ,OND atreet, New York. ..l? ll'm ARTIST IN HAIR. M ANUKAC1 UKF.D ? IWM LADIEB* OENTLFMKN'S HAIR, lyTOT over two inch's long, iu one hundred different designs. i-N %"e, kUeea Bracelets, Watthgmrdj, Earring', Flower, Rings, W g* , ami 8c dps A f. BAR It Y'S VVi4a and Scalps still nta?d pre-eminent ab w! all o hera Their peculiar ligti', gossamer and emulating rlnraet'r, their bung >.h.ped ea ctly aa tha natural bair grow*,their laaueity, >heir superior materia, and workm m ' ip. ia w, || ai their aty le of fitiiah and arrangement, all cornliine to furni such perfect he ids of hair, that they tnusi ^e aern to ha fully appreeiat d. Any lady or aentl men nsinz A. C. Barry 'a Trieophernus fo-the Ha.r, and do not find it the beat and cheapeat article known in this eonii'ry.he will wi'h pleasure return the money, for all .jueckTyia dsoieded Gratuitous edvicegiven on all itiacaara connected with the Hair, at the llairt'uttrg Hooir.f, 148 Broadway, comer f Liberty etreet. up et.ira aHlwi'l f u < a a isia To ihtt Kditor op thk N\V.h"irai.d':?' Sir MV Attention hi* h'en railed to notite is the Hf?ld of the lOthol Mtnh Itat, headed '.ICiiraordiiiurv at < h*r*w K C tlaling hat a care wu reported by Ihe Prat Maeter *>>'1 It >e'or II nr* r?<,at utr i' rdiua'y una perform*! by the ua'of Dai.ry'a I'ain F.atraetiv, h Sc." My n<me hn been oard in that in,ff without my eotwnt or knowlrdtfe I hire nreer need iiiirj amity the medirine id Timiirn. ami do no' know any ,Vy reatre la to earrert a mialakr, mid Irnre ll for iluxe who karc u??d it to t?k' to theinaelraa the nntar.ety ihiy ao Jmtljr drain e for pi.fTioa it a II Iva'r BHWWf PHVAN IR )N HtFlCH of eandn m h aa hire heer. -r-Makro in Pirt pi) m-l.t lot ! ' V ire Pi oof Hal*in older role ' ViMer'e). for at fr m 30 to 3b p-r rrut ui on firat eoa , at tfc. Iron Safe and Money Cheat ^ a 18?'? r n* Water atirrt, | J OdT?On kT'b March, One Pair (fold Spectacle*. 1 he u fnder.hillre. eire Two Dollar* reward, ai.d ao question* ksd. Apple to uaO in' Mr DELVPLAI.NK.ds WaUat., OfficeJNo.f. J IMUH MJMIT THOMAS BELL IBlrtttWoi.n Ann andtVt?uUant trnl*) TUESDAY, Klefaat Furniture?The entire excellent furniture of a lea il|' firing op houaekeeDing ,77 Lauronfl iL i rich bruearla. mgraiu u4 reuitian rat net*, ruga, 01'cloth, element pier and table*, lea, card, dieI ( aud w.irkd"), uew lyle mah'gmv eh:iir? aud Mfax, ottoman* and dnen*, 2 ?ery valuable pian) forte*, French plair ner i;!s( e*. I rich ihaDdalirr*, elegant n antrl, aatral and hall lamia, cur ainj and eourhe*, brat French and other hedateuda with corresponding bed*, and tr.rtirraae* aud beedmom furniture g? uerally kitch-n ulmaii*, tic All of the above i* of the choiarat deacriptiou aud >n fi"e order. WEDNESDAY. At o; o'clock, in the (ale* room, Splendid r urmture i . TUVHSDAY, \t I0J o clock, at the large atore No 234 Rroadnav, near the Aaerie-in Hotel Sale of terv superior warranted c: hinat fii-nitnre. eomari** ei'tllwt an aaanriineat a* l,.? I,,,,, oft,, ,d to ttie public for aeme lime. Can be ri.niii.rj ?m> rp.iil>r,,>.i?.?.. ii Wednesday. Alan?a Urge tr.( of accoml bund and u?w furnTture of all dea n <tio'g in aontinuafioi. A' No. 18 Aun ?tr>c*. Ihe former stoee of th- F.piaraualpr-aa The truly spl'tided stock of a rahi irt maker, rich wilton and brusael* carpel#.nig', china, nil a Una. plated ware, tl (nana forea.'J beautiful liue autiu dam <*k couches, sofa?, raahngauy chains, SieAlto?16 firjf rite aofas, 8 doi pirlor c'.nira, ot'oinana and divans, It superior French brdsieaoa, mattraaacf, sideboards, lamps. fcu. FRIDAY, At IP} o'clork in the aalea room, Kale of Dry Ojoi i, clotlnnr, fancy,au<l pledged articles, watches, jiwelery, London cl.tha, caasiaitrs, veat tigs, doineatic ca icues, mualtua, ho'irry, Sic. SATURDAY, At 101 o'clock, in the a ilea r< nma. Large aalc of sniciidid furni'nre of all descriptions. MONDAY, At 56T4 II roail o ay. Furniture Fain. AUCTION NOTIiK.?S#leudid F end ill Kunituieaaie, on Thuraday, ?t IU| o'clock, iu Ihe large a tore, No. J JI llroiilway, tear the Atn-ri an Hotel, will be gold without rraerve, an entire eplendid "tuck of Catjuel Furniture tbejiro l ertv of oue of our very first iiianufacturera, retiring from the huailieaa, and comprising dr< as ng bureau*, washstaiid*. wardr nbea, French bedsteads, centre tshies, sideboards, ho .k cases, ottsmva, dining tiblea, hat stand#, aof.ia and couchea. card table, ladies *.>rk table*. Alao?Two piano fnrtca nfaupcrior <1 lal.ty The while will be poaitivrlv tald without reatrve No iioatnnnrineiit on account of the weather The good: cm be rxuniucd one day previous to the aale, when catalogue* will he ready. alB Ur ^ THUS. BEnL. Auctioneer. R. II. TIMP80N, Auctioneer Elegant and rich Furniturt?Jacob S-;l'latr wi'i at II Ihia day. at 81 o'clock, at No. 74 Warren alreet the Fumilure of a gentleman giving ui> housekeeping, consisting of solas. elegant book cate,our aplemlid piano forte, mac.: b> Norma it Clark, but little ua'd, and warranted ; mahogany chair#,' eatie tab e#, Ubourett'S, ell gaiit claw -font extension diuug tablea, with mahogany iack for extra leave*; elegant bronzed and glaaa mantle omamcnta. mantle clock, FreU'h painted wiuuow shades, Biussels and ctair carpets and ,odg, u vi r tea Hctt and Walter. Fre c t aud otbr r leads, aitrilllla..d bad*, t di'e cutlery, a*'ral lamps, c t glaaa ware, dinner aetta elegant hall lantern, oil cloth, together with an aai-ortment of kitchen furniture, with whioh the g?le will cominence. Cataicguea uaw ready atthe tflice of the auctioneer, No. 21 I'l <tt atreet. Furniture to be seen after 7 o'clock on the morning of the ale. m >1* lt'm Auction notice -wirtKis hkoak sale-riell Si ARCUL AlllUS w iti a> II thin morning a' 1 Of u Vl -ck, at tlie auction room, (3 wl fir, ad way, corner Dunne atrett,?A lary aaanitment of old Wines, en abating of Madeira, t>ort, aherry.hock, elaret by the case. rli im|iac ue of varioua braud', champagne brandy. cherry do in demijohns,ahlyi, the cotdeaU, olilt s, capers, sperm crndlea, asu'd prcttrvtg, French picklea, ite. Alao?Seven qr casks pure alierry wine, b amly and giu, in piliea au I half pipei. Alao?The a'ock of a fa nily leaving Tor Europe, comprising very old madeira.sherry and port wines,Hockhimer and clareta of hue quality,champaigns, and ether Winra, worthy attention of the trade, Alao?Havana, Caaaadora, Regalia aui other scgara. a 18 It r FARE AND FKMlcaiT REDUCED. mm rna Jggt&SL ffntS.JO\ OTL EiTiorir REGULAR MAIL LINK FOR I'KOVlDKNCE AND BOSTON, ?ia 8TONINOTON ANI) NKWPORT, composed of ths followng superior steamers, running in eonuectiou with the *tonington aud Providence. and Boston and Providence Railroads? MA8HAl/HIJ9RTTS,C?pl .Comet uek. RHODE ISLAND,Capt.Th?y?r. NAHRAGANSETT.Capt NVoolsey. MOHEGAN.Capi. Vaudvrbilt. Um of which will leave New York daily, Sundaygexeeptcd fr >in pier No 1 North River. Battery l' So'clock.P. M. jJrrunRctnm/. The NARRAGANSE l',ou Mondays,Wcduesdaysand Fri dayg,(or -101110x1011. The MASSACHUSETTS,on Tucadayg. Thuradayg,and Saturday g. for touiDgton. Passengers ou thearrivalof thesteamer; at Stoumctsn, may take the Railroad Can aud proceed imnied.ately to Providence and Bogtou. Feight taken atthefollowiug much reducedrates:? To Bogtou, ou good* weighing forty ' or upwards to the cubic foot, at $5 SO per (ou, aud ou intaguremeni gjod* 7 ceutg per foot To Providence, on meat urrmr ut goods 5 ceutg tier cubic foot, aud sprcific article articles ag per tariff to be obtained at office 22 Broadway. mSl Sin - ? RUYAL MAIL LETTKll Ob'ViCfc, No 7 I'ine etreet. April lS.ISti?The It' y /^yrMTRd Mail Steamer DEE will return to trig A32f port.and leave about 25th inet. lor Naggau oii.l Havana. The inula for Havina Gulf of Mexico, Wegt Indict, South America.aud io the Pacific- viiPanama, will be m?de upatthie office. All letter!,fcc.for nossessiiou not belonging to Great Britain. mint be pre-paid, al-msr J. BUCHANAN. Pogt. Office Age_nt. .MWl m PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALHANV ?Ferefl cL, ?and intvrmrdiale places, fr mi the Pier foot ji n xr rf Courtlandt strict. The NORTH AMERICA. Captain M. H. Truesdell, leave* as above ou Tuegday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. at S o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, at the office ou the Wharf. N. B.?-Ml hinds of property tak-.u only at the r gk of the owners thereof. a) 9r .SM FOR Ab'bASY AM) TROY J wihout ?Ji, .-4* landing at intermediate id ces?The'plrndid It !-.t> TV ..i....... uteatnb at hk WITT CLINTON, Capt. S. U. Itoe, will leave the fn it of Courtlandt ttiia (Tuesday ) a ternnuD, April 19 at 8 o'clock. The splendid, low ir#-sure Steambaot SWALLOW, Cap- 1 tain A. McLean, wilt leave the foot ot Courtlandt gtrert ti -in irrow (Wednesday) altcrn on. A|iril 30th, at five o'clock The above boats are lurnlihrd with eleuaul sta'e ro.onu. ami or accommodations are unrivalled on the ||ud-oii. StSr K&t- OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL rACKKTStf/xaPV Hrgiilar Pach?t of 19.h of April?l'he si lei did "?j"-1--* ,j,ip \KW YORK, burthen 11 OP toua. Capt Th s. B. Cropp'-r, will positively on Tuesday, th* 1 Otii April her regularday. Having very superior ,-ircoinmodutioni for cabin, 3d cabin and steerage passengers, for ter.ns apply on board, foot of brtkmaa street. r to ROCHE, BROTHERS 8c CO. " Fulton st. next door to the Fulton Bank Pasffpgeri will plcaxe obtertr ih^t the New York is the cnly r? gulr liner s uliugon ih- 19ili imit. N. 15 ?Peruns wishiiiti to snidto the old country for their friends caahuve thein brought out in the New York, sailing from Lire roo ol on the 71* Jun* , or in auy of the packets comprising the Old Line, sailing iiom the above port punctually on the 7th aud 19th of each mouth. For passage apply to the sub cribers. M abort illr NKW "1..NK <>H IU H-l'iKIL l'A< K H.'l'M ? VrrfV Packet of the Wh Apr I?Tli- .j?l*ndid i'h.I ? ailing SmJkUtf well known IVIcet .hip SIUIIONM, Capt. K. B. Cobb, will .ail positively as above, her regular ilay. For freight or paling*. having hmdiome furor.In-J acrnm modationa, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall at or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck .lip, corner of bouth at. Trice of passage f 103. The racket snip Sheridnn, Capt F. A. IV Pev.ttr,of 1000 tona, will suJceed tl e bi Idona, and sail the 25th May, her gtigl>I 1-1 <lay. Parueugera may rely upon the punctuality of thi* vea.el sailing on the day ad vertucd. ?,' r*a- FOR LIVERPOOL, with de*ratrh?Tl,e .plvi.did Al laat anting.hip ECHO. Rich, rd Mi.l, miner, iviubafawill (ail aa above. For freight or paatHge, hiving uperior accommodation!, a[ ply to OLOVEK k MeMUMKAF, h16 100 Pine, corner of Smith, or to cjff. PASSAGE FOR LONDON?Packet of'the 90 h itoFsV April.?The splendid la.t .ailing p icket .hip WH>T-i?jBMfi?MdNMTER, Capt. Moore, taila pc?i rive ly na above, her regular dry. Can comfortably accommodate a few inure c ibin. .ecunil cabin and steerage passengers. if early appliesetion be mada on boaid, or to W.fcJT. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck .lip, or 49 Mouth ilreet. Per.ona wiahing to .end for Ihnr friends, can have them brouglit out on verv reaanuable trrma, and thoee wi.hing to remit money to their fric d?, can have ilralla for any amouut payable on d> mend, in all the principal tnwua of Great Britain and Ireland l>y applying a- ah or a!5t J jsqf FOR LIVERPOOL?New Lute? Regular Packet V-'rSWoHith April?The aide nJid parketship SlDDONB, y - .'^i < .pie.n 1;. i). fiobh, of louu tona, will aail ta above iter regnlnrday. Korrrnghtori '< ige .tiavingateoir.inodal ions 1.tier, lulled for cjeawlorof tomiovt .apply on board,atOrleana wharf.footot Wail at.,or to K. K .COLLINH St CO . 5? Price of pa'.age fltV'. I The packet snip ^HERIDAN,Captain IVpryaler,of 1000 I toua. VI III SUCCCe'l UIC rmililllH, IIIU sail au n a. 1J , lar .InJ". ( .mfnjfniiM; rely upon the ahipaof thie line aailiag punctually aaadvcrtiacd. nut KOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of "he 19th JM0W April The superior hat ariling ntw (hip 8AMUHICKS, Bunker, mailer, mil rail a* a ?ore. Thie ahip'* accommodation* for eabiu, ko.iiJ cabin, ami teeraxe puMeng.ra are auperb.aud paaaengeracaii accura bertha on inodeiale buna, by apply n.g on b .ard, at pitrlool < f Dover itreet, or to OLOVF.R A MeMl'RRAY, luo Piue at corner Month. P.S?Tetaona wiahing to ien.1 for tin ir (ri'nda real ing in the ol.l country can have .hem brought nut by the above au peril ahip. < r any f 'lie re it'll *r line of packet*, by uppl)log aa above, il by letter i>oat paid. 'H "jejiiw ' Mill NEW tlltl.KAN"-. o a I the an I. i'-*i't~~'Th' fir?l clan* la.t a?ili. g ahip M ARAI OS A, jfijS&wili * die patched aa ab >ve. For P??e g?. having auI erior accommodation* in cabin and steerage, apply on boa*d .he ahtp^tpieM. E.jR g,yHgKpMAW.W South atraet. x-XM*- FOR LONDON?Packet , ( th- uo h April ?The VfWLflrat elate p*< kct ahip WESTMINSTER. Captain AUBfeMoore, tajliaail aa above, her regular day. For panaagmocabin. aecond c.hin or at.rrage, having excellent accoinmoJalioi.e,apply to the office of aim _ J_ HERDM AN. 51 Srmtl^ at. -wva- ~r.\?SAtiK Kill LIVERPOOL?Pa-ket of the gjBBy.l?tn April?AaplenJid la*l amlitig packet -kip mil 9I^Bhfaabe deepateheil anil aail ' nxittvely -a above. Iter reguIsmKy^llanng aplendnl arc mmoeUtioua for cabin, aecond cabin *ad ateetage paaacrgeca, f.r i aaaag e only , application ah. uld be made on board, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck .lip, | atot tornar Houih aieeet. FOR HAVRE?The ve?y superior Coppered aid aJSfV CO-per faatened French baik LAPtROLiHE, Caiit. 0PKJ,r Unnd, tob- d-a,?tclied on the loth lint For freight or i aaaage apply ?o r6yD h JIINCKEN.Broken, at It ' Tontioe Building. P\< RKT SHIP BIDDONS FltuM LIVBRPlmi. - t nnaigneea are rt 'jneated to aend ' neir permila - n boar', at Or 'cane wharf, foot of Wall atr.ri. All g'k-.'a dm permitted in five daj a mllheaen'to p'0 tr ato-e ?ia 51 pOYS' ("LOTH|NO?CHILD'lEN'K < LOTHINO-A *' very large aaaorimeul?Very g uxl anal it> ?Very cheap? tJEO A. HoY 1' k DO No 14 Mower?, would r-a, eel fully lo-m their pat ooa and ih- public generd'y that ftey have wain been miking eilin.ive |.reparaii >u? for'h? apriag and .a-orner trade, and have low on h >ud a ina> h larger a- ?ollmeal if bu) a' and children'! e oihi-ui than tor) hateev.r belop tad. The public are mailed to ca I and ei imine their gof "a ?nh particular refereuca to (J'lalny aud |-r> e Iermac. 4>t In* * >. *" ' ^efc I - >.. <? ? riiia l .. ?*A?K TMKA lit*' ^ fc.Tt.NINO April It?The parforinuife will c >MMarw ,wchlll?. ? VHJSONEH AT WAK. Lieut Ki'nbract, KN Mr * .Mr T.trr P.II Maft H WilTto.a Madame Lalioer, Mri Wheal by **? rnnelude with a; ?r r. WEST END. Sir Win Davalry, u. Pl*ri^ Peicy Ardent. m > d. . E YS)Unw "'n < l?'k | Sup |t f hwaial# Lady Wm Davenport, \i Nnnih O'CuuD.r ' M.?" TnlhStl Admieeioe?Boiee ?l ;Pno rrnt. ( il.ry'ibJJUtii CHATHAM THKATttK: ' TI! S EVENING, April It The performance will cmsmeor* wMh KING RICHARD. King Rirhard III, Mr Kiffcr Kictim tuii. t Uuchk ii gham, ~ tlield (JurcD Elizabeth, Mn Thoroc Lady Aduc, Mi a .Mratayer After wbteh Master Wojd, will appear in a favorite Dynee. To be fol'owed by flie ZANON1. /loom, MrHieid 'lartucr Olyndon, TKoine Paolo, Mr stereo* | Mrjnour, Mr On one now Viola, Mr* 'Hi me r 'lint-. Miaa Mratayer To conclude with ..... _ , PHI LIP QUAHL. Philip; Quart. Mr Wood f lie Monkey, Miat Wood ?o??a and Id tiaraM, Pit It*; Oelisty la, ro'anrei at (i; C"rt?inrio*a at T| tretisely I TPIIKI la's OLYMPIC THKATRft THIS EVENING April ..-The peilonnanc.will mm menu with ? .1 .. a KINOUOVK8. ur Ringdove, MrEftwd Harry Ringdove, lloeimotlo Mimh LoDjjcIaket, Mr? Tiob Art?r wViich BUZ! Sain Weller, Mr "bhSS Mr?. Novelgobble, Mrs Wills Hetty, MoMSf. To cnncludt with Ihr farce of CATS l.N THE LAH DER. Fernando Villyeliilly, Mr Mitchell Friizfntzo Velacre, NirkSoS Mra Friizfritza, Mi Watte J ant net la, Tianw A'iuiueion?Dreaa circle lOcents. Upper borne M r?u III cute. Private boaea M. '1 ""? open at rereo I 'ui t.tin i iaea at half raat erven. / [ tt.Kll A.N iTXt HKin, " Corner H road tray and Ann tlreet. P. T. Uaruuui. Manager. To order to arcommodatc t'e Imritnae crowd* which atP teud here, the Lecture Room haa been enlarged, lite nyaterioui OII'SEY UlltL can be coeeulted Day or Kveuntg. She i*'lie greatest wonder of thr age. F on 10 to lit and from I to 6 ahe can be private!) c.inru t?-d to an ORACLK, or Foreteller of Future K.venta fiee ol ebaire. Mr. WINCHF.LL, the comic rfrullerigt. will in rnduce baa moet Humorous and Qmzzic <1 Eccentricities, for thia vaaok only. Miaa ltOSALIF., the charmmg vecaliai from New Or leana. is engaged; alao LA PETITE CELESTF., tbr beautti fnl dancer Kzpeiiintn'a in ANIMAL MAGNETISM Ob child three yra'uold. FALLS OF NlaOAHA, with real water ALBINO LAIi Y. Puuena ic Rail Road, Fancy Glass llhiwiug llrand (..'ustiiorniua. and 600.00C Curiosities. ?17r Aapleudid day perhirmance ultra placa every Wedneailay and Saturoav afternoon. Adiniliaiicc la the w hole 15 centa?children h ilf-piice. PK5Iie.'8 HHiW YOKK Ml Sb.l M BROAD WAY, oppoiite the City Hall.?Mr DFLARUE, the great mimic.will introduce his !> raoidiuary delineation*. French atarie*, and vanhee eccentricities. Mr. AUS PIN . the original v >cal Comic Singer, will intro dnco a vericlv of Lie Ci luic Sot gs. M.iate- YATES will dince a tlo-ui i e in PtIters. Daoc F.Kar.oTvrv. LiKKFigaacs correctly taken in a law ae CoinU by Messrs. M >rand and Peale. SPLENDID DAY PERFORMANCE avery Wednaaday anil Saturday afternoons commencing at 3 o'clock. One hundred and lifly Portrait! of distinguished Aaaen cans. Admittance 15 eent??children i.aif price. a. 45 Imr tiltt lit 8. WELCH AND MANN, PROPRIETORS.. i riere w ill oc surpassing spl n<inr ?nd greatest unitn ol KEAl talent, Ever collided, d in o-.e establishment at the NEIV YUlih' CIRCUS, No. 37 Bowery, v Inch w ill RE-OPEN for a ew nightg 6bI* Uu MONDAY KVK VINO. April 18, When the justly celebrated , . levi north, . IV ill execute two extraoidii ar> ami brilliant A eti of Egntn IruDiim; aided by a Troujie of the very first character for talent, in the divervitird nerciiesof the Arena TUESDAY EVENING, April 19?The splendid routine Will commence with (Pregratnmeof performance not received.) Admiation?Boar* 50 cen's.?Pitafi ccnte. Poo i open at 7o'clock?Performance to commence at half part 7. Mtt. BKAHAM'H i ONCER 1', (hy ri queei) iirevione to Ma dri arlir e for Philadelphia, w ill take plarr on Tuesday, April 19 Ji, at the Society Library, when he wili sing withiua on the duett "(iallop on Gaily, composed by Mr. Brahmss for himself and Mr. Incledon. and which has not been supg for thirty years. Also, Kelt Weary Traveller ml by oHn% O ld Save the Queen,and the Irish aoni! which waereceivedT wi h so mnch applauie on Friday, Molly Brown, Brigiwa Scei.c. The Miualure, Allv Croaker and Ooosy Olilw Marmion, I've Saoni, and Woman. Mr.Charlee Uraha? will iuk There's a Charm in Spring, My Sisier Dear.andTB? Luis of tin Village. a 17 Mr V/OCAL AND INST tillMK>TAL MUSIC. ?ars. ' MOUTH will give instruction in singing and ou the vinlin, violoncello, Hue, tliriocet, accord iov, ke at his A cade iny, 43 Murray street. Lessons given at tile esidence of thw puml if desired. a>9 lwig*r MUKal. instructive. recreative A9i? temperate amusements. NOTICE ?To the inhabitants of the piiucii?l cilice and tn*ni of New York, Pennsylvania. Connecticut. Ktotfo I.laud, Maisarhuseits. Nrw ltamiishire. Maine. Me. kc SIGNOR HERVIO NANO, The justly celebrated and naturally endowed Metempeychwsian.wliosi extraordinary personification of the Ouome, Uan Bahlionn.Kly._tcc , has been the delight ef the world, awiiounccs that it is his intention,-during the coming sumines months, to y nit the above States with his Co'iseum. A for simile of Fraucouis, Uotuuda Olj mpica in the Champs 4 Elyree at Pans, and a i; leiulitl Baud of Music, with a svflV cient number of artistes II make the entertammcot supenor 10 any th ng yet otferid. To cousisl of a Metewpsychoaiui Bataar Bight of fcaty, called the O.NOME FLY, in wbieh Sigaor HERVIO NA.Nl) willemhody TIIK GNOME ! THE BABBOON ; the fly !!! A MAN!!!! Mccytham, the Quirn of the Peris Mad. Heme N*M To be followed by A MUSICAL OLIO ! ! consisting of Pianoforte Kecitatioiis by Madame H4?KVIO NANO. 1?Grand Soaato in D J. N. Hummel 3?Concerto stuck in F " C M. Von Wailsf J?Gtaud Fantasia on the National Airs, God Save the King and uIr Britannia- 8. Thalkssp Willi hill Orehrstral Accompaniments. To conclude with an His'orical Display if the aistrcspiag adventures attending the Shipw reek of Pt louse with chsran teristic paimiug and music, in which bignor Herviu Nana will personate th lailhlul Bibkoo, Ora'i, the Indian Maid M idm Il'rvin Naao, N B ?Persons desirous of making summer arrangements can learn particular* hy applying . (post pud) to Uie undew signed, at the Branch IB ul, M Bowery, New Ymk. mil I mis" HERVIO NANO. Plf.asaivi' K.Xt'pksion.-a sail acn>ss the Hudsonl? Hoboken, and a stroil along its romantic bhoirs, cannot now fail o yield much satisfac'ioo to the admirers of tha beauties ol ua'.urc, and to those who may require, alter being prnt up for Ihe wiuler in a crowded city. fr>sh air and soma relaxation The exteisive grounds of this love y ap t. so li oeraiiy mrown open to me i mine, art now urcaio in all me luiuriaut /rcshntss of au early spring. This beyond doubt in the moat agreeable eicuraioa that can be made at thia seasem. a!3 I in r _ _ GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. MKS8RR HUDSON k OTTIGNON respectfully la form the geritlemi n o( New York, that they havefittM Hp a GYMNASIUM at the rorner of I lumber* at reel *n4 Broadway, ami it i? now < pen for the reception of visitor*. The institution is of tie first crier, and complete ui ertrf respect for the purpose of Athletic Kiereise*. SoarritiK Lrs'iuw given daily. Term" onderiite Open deyaud evening *1 In* CT)P.' t)P A TKsTI WON 1AL FROM TIIR CK.KBRA1F0) DOU.TOR NKLBON? THK ORIGINAL MAY fit REfcN AT ?78 BKOAA WAY. Mona. Mallan. bin?The cement with which y u filled the decayed ertb of two of my friends fully utiswered the purpose for v. mch it WHS applinl. Slid gave the greatest satisfaction The specimens Cerili pi ailed on g v* #utnshicl4* from a range of three or four teeth up to a complete set fw both jaws, which 1 have seen you eiecute, are on a level wife the hieh'st order of dental subslitutu n now known, tlUMV hers or in Kurope. 1 am yours lru'V, ROBKKT NKLSON.M.D March I5. 1849. ? Franklin street To Mous. M*ll*5 Si Sous, Burgeon DenOst. 3Tg Broadway. mg3 lmis* a EW MAI 1. A It R A NO r.M K N I ?0 i snd after the l IS mat. two daily voulheru Mails will be inadc up and fsr? warded from this office. The mnrtiin/m?" will ol"?e at 7| o'clock A. M. The afternoon mail at 31 a clo'k P. M ... . ...? Tlit gr? at Southern Mad will hr received litrr at to clock r. M. JOAN LOKIMKK OllAHAM. P. M. Poat Office, Ajril Hth. I^#4i. _ _ a!8 Iwr \.'OR"l'HftKN MVil. A in >rui?t mail for Albaay~ial IN ??ilitr offices on tht North Hirer will hersalUr be made agp al the office at I o'clock A. M The great Northern Mail n ill clout at usual al 31 P. M. JOHN l.OhlMKH (IRAHAM, P. M. Poet Office. New York, April It. 18tf. a!3 lac TO liOATMKN. WANTED?Beach Pasing Stoue ot the first quality. At oil No 1" N Tfo'k Street ?7 In,? P OLlJ Kolla lor [IfttiltPllH, Ol ?ur,>?rl,r quality, J A, "T Aahmcad k t u.'amik< ? For aale at manufacturer! price* by HU8HTON k At?PJNW ALU, a 17 3t*r Ht William at. ( ' OLDIlN SWAN HOTEI.. Nil. it North Thud street, " 1 a lew doors a bo* e Arch. Itiilaiit Ipliia ?Board 11 per dsT? This lioaae is lu a central location, and haa aceommodstioa# or -i Ttl.tT persona all If fHB CANTON PEA < OMPANY offer for aale at 111 i. I hatha'.. street. New York, ttie cheapest and moat genome Tt.sin tr.e w irld in any >| i < t> < 11 jr not leas than four ounces. If any articn tiurchaat d at their establishment should not sire full satiefliction. it ia r.queste'il that they be h-ought hack?the mom v will be r> turnsd al 1st' MT(> lie.NT-A Dweliiog House .uil Harden. tbrse m ice from tin ciiy and fire miu'ites walk from the landing at Hull's r'erri .on Ihs borders of the Hudsrn rirrr?a m >< rhsrm r.geituslion The house hrs n * rooms, wills three lire i laces n.wly Pn'sned; thegsrdeo feorea are all n. w. good fruits w nli plenty of -h ul.bery. well the llouse. rent ?er> luw-tl.e St. ".'Sf Vo'vLON nig. F?r jia'tirul >rs e..q oreof JOR\,fONIeON. on the premises l.agrauge Place, Bull s k errp, . < f Malt *t*r ... i . a.?i . , ? E!E:W"ZUr. of . ; I A- M and .1 3 and 4 r M l. m? li?i?r Wl" b * *" il e ar.TTiTa iO LK1 AT VOHK.VILl.K-* large ?,?fr hnuena on ?he f?r*r <>r M?H ntrnal and 8<U?*aue. K?1 ilti H.rr ?f i he in i< e t'cuul'd ior a pnblir home, grocer} or , J (J .rrilmci On the premie, a i? a fine liable. bowling al Vv aa<l a (! rardan. "" a-?ltim ?l eight ! >? , wi'h * ape t jura and fin t tr?>? therm . I'. r fer~?, eiqiiireid JJI.'N \ ,>. Kaq. II Chamber# at. or ot Mr. HAZARU, i aotile. al*4,r r-1 ht'R aAI.K? A Inn *,mi yl I LU >V ?*l .Jaf^llOKi'BS.iil Jteare o'd thia aprina? wall n>*te**d, ^123^"-rfrnlv eo'ii a and kind ?er> ft .? drieeca ? pure ai No 71 Maiden Lat?. A ?o>d w?rk>.?* . hauge. ,lTt .

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