Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1842 Page 3
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" ijii rnxsemmmmaeaammmammf* therein charged, lias mitigated the punishment of Lieut. Adams to two years usptnatou. A P Visit'p. Navy Department, lfith May, 1&42 La inch ok thh Kai.moiiii Sw.viii'kh.?The launch of the United States ship Falmouth, sayi the Norfolk Beacon, while going from the Navy Yard, with stores for the ship now Iving in Hampton Roads, and having on board Midshipmen Moore and Woodworth, with sixteen men, was ca|?i-/.ed in the squall ot' Friday evening last and swamped off Craney Island, about three miles from shore. They drifted with the until her mast, about sixteen feet long, struck the bottom, when they were taken off by some fishing boats and landed on the shore, after being in the water about four hours. Midshipman Moore lost all his clothes which he had with hint in the launch. Dr. Lardnir at Ninr.'i's.?Among the entertainments announced at Niblo's fortius evening, we observe the application of the magic lantern to the illustration of various objects in scienc* and art, independently of the lucid exposition ol that interesting optical instrument which may he exacted from Dr. Larduer, we understand that he has recently obtained from Europe a large collection of the most exquisitely executed paintings on glass, suited to this species of exhibition. A selection from these will be, for the first time in this country, shown this evening in addition to some diorama illustrating meteorological phenomena. The Sunday Press.?The News.?This weekly journal one of the first of the present race of Sunday papers?and the lowert of the low for some years past in point of ohaiacter?has passed into new and respectable hands, who poasees talents and industry. It will rise in reputation and increase in circulation henceforth. Sale of Kuhnituer.?Who wants to buy furniture vervicheap and very good 1 Go to the auction of Riell A' Arculnritis, this day in Broadway. See advertisement. Killed by a Locomoiiv k ? Colonel bavis, uged forty-five, of Princeton, was killed last Thurday on the Worcerfer Road,by a locomotive dashing against him. Chatham Theatre.?The performance of Damon by Mr. Forrest at this house last evening, of course drew an overflowing audience This evening that gentleman appears as Virginiua, with a cast sel dom equalled for talent. The American Theatre, at low prices is the proper sphere of action of the brightest star of the American Drama, and the enterprising manager is reaping a full reward for his exertions. Apalnclslcola Currency. Mn. Bennett :? I notice in your exchange table Saturday morning, "Apalachlcola" quoted at 44 discount. The currency o! that eitv pecie paying Georgia Bank notes (principally Bank of Mary's,) and operations are made upon a golJ nn I silver basis. \amkkks.\n. 1'iikHi'pfai.oes.?Some Yankee has , ;ed u live Buffalo speculation in the West. Last ufltti lie bought thirty-three live Buffaloes of the Indian- aken by them up the Missouri. They were kept on 'ov. Duncan's furnt in Illinois last winter, and are to be taken to an eastern market this spring. 'The same gentleman has n live elk in the drove. Bankrupt List. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. Sanitu-l N. Bishop, (firm Prcicott, Bishop k Gray, 1 harlest.m, B.C.) July *27. I IS. Lockwotod, merchant, Juno 21. I Taylor, Coal Murchaut, June 16. i Burnett, Bookseller, June 16. Maclarlanc, Clerk, July *20. Court Calender?This Day. Common Pleas?Part 1.?Nos. 41, 47, 49, 61, 63, 129, 67 , 69, 131, 61, 63, 66, 67, 69, 71. Part 2 Nos. 28, 10, 48, 62, 64, 66, 68, 60, 130, 63, 04, 66, 68, 70 , 72. 74 , 76 , 76. Lowncss of Spirits, K7- GIDDINESS OK THE HEAD, INDIGESTION, and all oppressions of the system are relieved by Mrs. Carroll's Medicated Vapour Baths, 26 Courtlandt street. Let all whose faculties are weighed down by that incubus ennui, avail themselves of one of her delicious baths?the jadei frame becomes as it were elastic, the spirits are as buoyant as a cork, and the skin assumes a glossy silkiness. A Voire from the Custom House. (fij- GENTS :?LAST KALI, AND THE EARLY part of this spring, I was very low with a severe cold, which had Rett led upon my lungs, ami which 1 wasfeariul would terminate in consumption, hut alter using three twentv-tive cent packages I w as rrsiorcd to perfect health. 1 would here mention I w us to hoarse that I could not tie understood, but in 16 or 20 minutes after using the randy 1 felt great relief, and was enabled in that short time to peak snlTiciei.tly clear to bo understood. Yours. ros|i*ctfullv. WM. S. CLARK, Pilot Commissioner. To Messrs. Tease k fun, 46 Division street. Agents, Rodding, ' State St., Boston ; Raw Is, 67 State st., Albany ; Robin'on, 116 Baltimore St., Baltimore ; Zicbrr, Philadelphia; Haldeman, Louisville, Kv.; Jobson, 26 Charles st., Now Orleans; Adams Si Blunt, Huutsville, Ala. Agents in the city?Rusliton k Aspinwall, 86 William St., 110 Broadway'and 10 Astor House ; Greene, 399 Broadway ; Shurman, 161 Canal st. ; A. Pastor, 166Greenwich st.; Badeuu, 260 Bowery ; Hill, 269 Greenwich. (K7- DEPILATORY POWDERS.?A smooth, white, transparent skin, is absolutely necessary to female beauty. It matters not how handsome and well fashioned is a lady's face, if there is the least roughness of surface about it? even such as can only he discovered by near inspection? she can have no real claims to the beautiful. Superfluous hairs and false airs of a female aro our utter detestation? the former especially. We never could think of falling in love with a woman whoso fu/ay face beats a resemblance to the back of a half picked goose, and w onder how any tiodv else ever could. Now, we are perfoctly well satisfied from w hat we know and have seen, that Dr. Gouraud's Depilatory Powders will remove c\ery superfluous hair in a few minutes, without the leait injury to the skin, unlike many rile compositions which have lleeu put forth to efloot this object. Wo cheerfully recommend the powder* of Dr. Gouraud to the attention of the ladies, a* they ran use the article with perfect impunity. Dandle*'who are troubled with hair on the tipper lip and chin, might improve their look* by a ainglo application of this remedy N- Y- Sunday Mercury. To be had at thu original office 67 Walker street one door front Broadway. The Fat Lad)- In tlse Broadway. OQ^SHF. IS A SECOND FAL8TAFF, Bl'T 19 considered handsome. Two month* since she was red haired and her face disgusting with eruptions and freckles. We need not tell those who know her, that her skin is now heactifully clear, and that she has fine dark hair.? Weil, well, there's fifty others that tt as like her, but have nltcred by using the ftalian Chemical Soap for the skin, and Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia for the hair. Now thesetwo articles, solJ hv Jones of 89 Chatham steert, are the most excellent things we ever knew . There is a man living in Mott struct whose face wus like small pox. with pimples, freckles. Sec., and this soap cleared it. The Oil we need not speak of. It is the best thing ever made for the hair. They are both sold very reasonable. For further particulars see ndverti-emetit. headed "A Miracle to clear theHkin" and "The Human Hair Restored." 30- FACTS WORTH KNOWING.?A positive (stay lor the hair falling out?or to restore it in bald places. A certain cure tor all Rheumatism and swelled limbs? no exceptions. A certain and positive cure for the Piles in all cases. A warranted cure for allBruises, Scalds, and other sores, and sore eyes. *. A positive cure for the Salt Rheum. tk eeutlful Dye for the Hair?will not color the skin. arranted. A certain cure for Corns. Rach of these to be ha I at 71 Maiden Lane, an.! surli proofs of these facts as will convince all w ho w ill call or send for them gratis. The public may rest assured there is no fancy in these assertions. If hv letter, address Comstock {? Co., 71 Maiden l.ane, New Vork. ,.t/-lT IS NOT GENERALLY ADMITTF.D THAT there are no articles offered to the public which act w ith as much rapidity and certainty for the rcrnotal of the various complaints for w hich tnev are recommended a* Sherman's Medicated Lozenges. Clergymen recommend them to their congregations ; lawyers to their client*; and physician* to their patients. The) are in fact the onlv standard medicine* of the day. The) may he lmil in this city at IOrt Nassau st. Agent*. Redding, Boston ; Burgess, Philadelphia; Heed, Baltimore; V'ranck Taylor, Washington City, and Dui nl & Co., Richmond, Va. CJ- FANCY OLASS BLOWINO?Mr. Davidson, at the American Museum, has carried the art of Fancy Olass Working to a greater perfection than we have ever before witnessed. His stand is magnificently fitted up, and the glass appears to lmblow it by mean* of alw-Hutifui brass engine, which is kept in constant operation. At tached to the machinery, is a high glass jar filled with water and covered at the top, ana a beautiful glass haloon with passengers, is kept moving up and down in the liquid. The whole makes a splendid appearance and attract* groat attention. F.vory thing connected with this Museum, i* assuming a more lofty and important tone, and is well worthv the liberal patronage it is receiving. The mysterious Gipsev Girl, Yankee Winrhell, Indians and Squaws, Rosalie, Celeste, and Animal Magnetism, are among the novelties this week. A splendid day performance at three o'clock this afternoon. ft?- CHATHAM THEATRE.?Mr. Forrest appears tonight as Vlrginiu*, In the tragedy of that name, which is most powerfully cast. Thoactingof Mr. Forrest in this character, is too well known to need any comment. The nautical drama of Ben the Boatswain, terminate* the performance. ___________ City Despatch Post, 46 Willis si Hvarrr. PauseirsL Orricr..?Letters deposited before half-past 9, hall-past 19. and half past 3 o'clock, will l>? sent out foi delivery at9, l.anil to'clock. Batista OrricE* Letters deposited liefore 7,11, and 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9. 1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. GREIO, Ageqt. SIOSKr MAHKBT, Tuesday, May lt.-4 P. M. The sale* ol the Stock Board have been email to-day, ai I pricre have mostly given way. Delaware and Hudi i tell J, Mohawk h l*ateraon |, Harlem J, New York iUleb'i, 18b I, The demand for the New York city 7 percent. Hock, cently tnken waa very great. The number of subscri'ei a wai near -'OU.and the applications were tea far greater mount than the mm offered. This security ?ernn to * and higher in the animation of capitaliati even thin ih? i* per cent, of the State, and both of them are fur before ial of the federal Government. When will Congress acpiire wisdom ??experience seem* to have no effect upon them. The intereit on the State debt of Pennsylvania it due in August next, and there icemi now to be uo posaiVIe way ol meeting it. Sales of the Stock Were made in Philadelphia * tatcrday at 45. Great doubts are entertained in relation to the intereat of the State of Oh o. The price of the Stock is, how ever, daily improving. The stockholders of the Greenwich Dunk,to which institlltion W#? ? f.?\r .lovc ex.. hit-h nA ? cnrnM., - - i'u .o.oiujo location in an evening paper, expressive ol their determination to effect .1 change in the direction of the institution, or to require the interposition of the Bank Commissioner*. In order to show at uglance thu dirterent scales of duties that have been proposed, we have compileifthe following table showing the specilic duties according to the turitl of I.S31, with those proposed by the committee, of uhich Mr. Sultoustall wus chairman, and those proposed by the Secretary of the Treasury, as follows :? A Comparatiyk Statemf.iyt or thf most Important Articles hi ARINIi specific dl'tii'a as Imposhi st the act op iu32, aid by thf rill proposed by Tlir. C'oMMiTTrr. on Mani-eactvres. and that pRorosen bv ths si'.cri taiii of Tin: Treasury. Outin l,u Commit- Sitrtary'i Xamrt of aft of \tXl. ttt't bill. bill. Flannels 8c baizes square yard 16 II It Carpeting' Brussels kr. do- t.3 'M till d.i VrnitiMi Sic. do 31 10 :tl do floor cl*th pat do 43 31 31 Oilcloth furniture do-.. |?i^ 10 In Cotton bagging do 3)* 1 1 Vlnerar - gal Ion K 4 li liner in cask* do 14/ A Beer in bottle* do-- "til r> pr 2u Oil, fish Sir do--. ? JO ? Ilil, olive do 24 3u 2?l Oil, castor do- Id 37** to Oil, linseed do- ill 2(1 34 Oil, raneseed do--. 24 2lt 25 Sugar, brown pound- - 2l? 2 3 Sugar, while clayed do 3', 2*a 4 Sugar, loaf do 12 6 s Sugar, lump,Jk other ret',do- 10 0 S kugai, candy do Ig l> it Sugar, syrup do 21, 2 ? C'bocorate do 4 4 4 I hecac do ? 7 I. Tallow candles do-.. 4 I 4 I.ard do - 3 2 2 Href and pork do 2 2 2 Bacon do--- 3 3 3 Hotter do 4 4 3 Saltpetre, refined do j 2 I ( i! of vitriol do - 3 2 3 Ory Odire do? I I I Ochre in oil do--- 1)4 1)4 IS K-d and white lead do- 434 Whiting do 1 I I l itharge . .; do 4 3 4 Sugar of lead do-.. 13 4 L-*d, pig, Ike do--- 3 8)4 3 Lead pip*s do-.- 5 3 4 [..-ad, old acrap do--- 2 1)4 ' Cordage, lured do-.- 4 4 4 Cordage, it nun ed do-.- 4 5 6 Twine, pack thread 4 30prct 6 Corks .. -do- - 12 9 12 Copjier rod* anil bolts- -do- 4 4 4 Copper uaili and spikes do- t I t Wue, cap or bonnet do- 12 20 12S do iron Si st'll not abv.14 do- 4 3S "> do do do, above No. 14 do - 9 6 3 Iron nail* do--- 4 4 4 Iron >pikr? do 4 3 4 d > cableslcli'n-. and iwrlt do 3 2 do anchor* do--- 2 2 2N do anrils do - . 2 2 2,S do brkxinitli's hams.Sir. <io - 2', 2 2S do ca*t'gs vessel*, Ike, do-.. I', I'a 'S do all other do... i I I do round and braziers rods 3-Hi a 8-Hi -lit - -do.-. 3 do nail or spike rods-- do* 3 2b. :t do sliert or hoop do 3 t'? 3 do band. Sic do--- 3 2 3 do in pics cwt.-* .'0_ 4tl ^ M mi "in irraji uo... iwf 3 .m d" bar rolled do .. 160 126 1.70 d" liar hammered do-- ?Ml Hi 711 Hemp .- -. do 2IHI 2111) 2(MJ Alum do-*- 260 Zoo 27(1 Copperas .--do-' 200 130 20(1 Wheat flour -do- .7(1 60 60 Salt bush- - III 8 6 Coal do (i $1 60 p t $1 75 When do - 2.i 2i 25 Oalt do--- IU 10 10 I'otntors do--- 10 10 6 Faier, foliofcqrp'rt- lb- 20 lj 17 |I" foolscap, (He do 17 I2t, 15 do printing coji'pt, (He- -do - - - 10 I2l? 10 do sln-ating, Ike do--- :i lt)? 3 rape i all oilu^ ....... do- -- 1.7 3 1.7 Hooks prior to 1776 vol 1 4 lo 1800 I do other tlnn F.iiitlidi- -do- I I 4 I" Greek (H Latin b'd--do---- 16 16 16 do do do unbound- -do- - 13 13 13 do all other bound- --do* 30 30 30 do all other unbound- -do-- 2ti 26 26 Aptli'a vi'la under 0 oi cr- 176 120 176 do do 6 to 16 oi do 226 170 226 1' mu"lilis No---- 26 60 25 l (laas bottles to 1 i|rt- do 200 160 300 I (lass bottle* over I ijrt do- 22.7 2U0 4110 IMayinn carila pack- 30 10 26 Window kla*? not over .SbvlOplOO No 300 210 260 Window K'lanOv 8 b\ 10 it" 10 by 12 10(1 ?<i f- 360 237 276 Window al'aov Ml by ttao- 40n 266 326 l-'isli dried or ainokrd uiil -- IiiO loo loo Kidiaaltnnn bbl 200 200 20(1 do. mackerel do--- 1.70 160 16(1 do all other do 100 100 10n Khora and slippers ailk pair 30 26 30 Shoea, Prunella do--- 26 20 26 Shoes, leather. Itc do--.. 26 20 40 Sboea, childrt-iM do--- 16 12 16 lloota and bootees do 16(1 126 126 Wool over 8 cenia lb 2Tc? Woollen yarn do j'fcfcu it jets' *5 pr ct Merino shawl*; pet 50 iij 40 Cloth* and casshnerei- do 60 40 40 Otlirr woollen niauuf. do 60 40 40 Clothe* ready made - -do 50 60 60 lil.Hl CUt lb | Ul'cu 1,7 Glass plain and < ther -do- Ikfcti" From tins it trill bo seen that the rates propoaed by the Secretary are uniformly higher than those of the committee, and in many instances are coital to those of IMH. It is also remarkable that the only reductions proposed by the Secretary are in articles of agricultural produce, na butter, choose, ke. kc., thereby taking from the farmer alt benefit that might be derived to him from the duty on that which hehas to sell, at the same moment that heavy impositions are proposed on every thing he has to buy.? The object is entirely, seemingly, to sacrifice every int.west aa well as the revenue of the country to foster the maniifacturinrr interest Annexe,I to (hi- report of the manufacturer?a committee is a table of tbe statistics of the Glen ham Woollen Factory atFishkill, Dutchess county, N. V. That return is made for the purpose of showing the btnefit which the agricultural classes derive from manufactures ; but strangely enough it contains statewenta that entirely destroy the intended effect The capi tal of the Comi*ny is slated ?t, 140,000 And rnnsumes o< the products of the neighborhood, 170.000 lbs. tvool S>72,t?? Soap, 11,171 lbs 1,19,7 Teaslet, l,>tj Cords wood. 383 70,281 Wages paid to 170 operatives, 37.300 Total, S116.281 It appears that the facloritw pay 43 eta. per lh. for wool raised in the neighborhood ; before mnnuiartories w ere established) that wool w as exported. The following is from the report : " When that establishment commenced operations in 113C3, wool was bought up and skipped to England as a remittance at 63} cu. per lb. England then levied a duly of 9 I per lb. In about the year 1929,that duty was reduced 1That same quality of wool has, during that period of 19 years, fluctuated considerably. It has varied from 70 to 40 cents, and in 1441 was worth 60 eta." The factories pav, it seems, 49 eta. per lb., being a loss of 30 cts. per lb. to the farmer, or as follows : 170,3% lh. at 6'>lj rents exported in 1023, $106,160 170,336 " at 12 " taken by fart.irT 1811, 72,934 Loss to Farmers. $'33,3(6 Let us see what the gain is. 170 prrcous receive for work $3.3,31*), or 300 each per annum, or about $4,90rti. per week, and find themselves ; but the statement of the company is as follow s : " Not less than .300 person* we supported o?t of the labor of 170operatives, and consume weekly, of the product of agriculture, of beet, porV, flour, butter, milk, eggs, cheese, Vc.. at the low est estur a ion, the value of $900 j>er week, or 10,400 per annum. Ii telligent farmers tell me that it must be an industrious man, on a farm of 200 arie?, who can sell to the amount of $ **> per annum, over and above the supply of his own family and work hands. To furnish, therefore, the supply for the manufactories, would require M iinni 01 jw uri'i earn, or y ou" w . i muic m $70perarre, $IH4.000." It then appears that out of $30300 paid by the manufacture , .*>00 peraons are to pet a living. $10,400 n allowed for food, or 40 cts. each per week, and u(l cts. |>er *?'k for all other necessaries, makinp 140 ct?. per w eek, or 17 cts. |ht day evch peraon. Manufarturinp must be indeed a blessing to yield inch a handiome living. If w e allowthat the 170 operative! consume the whole, then accordinp to the statement of thi! tinpular document, it will require 15) acres to support each person in that miserable low lirinp. The population of the city of New-York is 314,710 wmls ; accordingly it would require 4,7!>4,H87 acre! ofland to supply them?valued at $70 are worth $335,641,"HO. We po'into this calculation in order to show how utterly ialloiiou* arc the estimates and report! of interested parties, who are seeking to obtain an unjust end, and to what ridiculous results they will arrive if carried out. *7 the Mtoclt Exehnnie, -*000 N. Y 6's 1ST,| li do * lit -jxm do im>2 H?v, m do jjiV -lissi Illinois Sisr* I7'4 Iimi llsrlvm RH lu * -ImKi do 17 2tsi d>> up! in 41000 do _ libl) in,', inn do , jkVMKi Indians Fives I1) m do " )ui si d>?. I inon Bank Inn 50 do .i,_ ... ' 17 I.rath Simnf. Bk 32 IS do |0. 7 B ink of America, 8? .Vm do ,jn in 4 125 Del. Hudson bl PHI li*l do >ni t) do _ sj m}i tM do loi' U Farmer1* Loan 1> 190 Long I?lan<! HF Wflj IR Jackson Int. Co. 41' I0<1 do b59 iO?^ 3" Mutual I in. Co 117 Wti d<> in New York (5ia Co lot)* Ntt* Jtrie) HR So JJfl AttburtvAc R^chs. iw 7} Pnttrton Railroad & I" Mohnwk it >10 Stouiuitton Kll. Nrroiid UuurU. 2.i that Mohawk 13 ? ill do 12'i 2-' do 43'. HKI Hnlfiu ?lll i" do 43'4 toon Illinois Bond* "'l4 Mntr of Triad**. The buoinrsit in (he general markets ik pretty good, but i.ot large. The fallowing Mile of real estate w us* nt auction One lot on (train! street, Williainabtirg, between 4th and 6lli streets, extending through to North First street. *25 feet front ami rear by 103 feet 11 inrhea on one side Bild 101 feet 10 inches on the other. Hold for ^0*25. The receipts of produce are small, w ith the exception of pork, which cornea in frekli and thu demand limited.? Cuual were made at Hi 111. Hales of pot ashes at & il4; moderate sales ol cotton transpire without change in rates. ???__?. irrrammira Married. On Sunday, the loth inst., at the Church of the Ascensiou.hy the Rev. Dr. Kasiburn, Rohkrt Lewi*, of New York, to Harmottin, youngest daughter of ( apt. Peter Daggett, of Falmouth, .Massachusetts. *c On the sth inst., at St. Luke's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Forbes, Mr. Ales. I'uhosru,of Manchester, to Mis* H. J. liaggs. of Veoville, Kngland. *o Tuesday, June 17, by the Hcv.|Jo*. II. Price, IIisht Tf*fvwk, to Saa ui S.. eldest daughter of Richard Coinwell, K.*?|. of this city. Died. lu King Wm. Co.. Vs., on the 31st nit., Mrs. Aw ?., consort of Capt. Win. Washington, and daughter of Mordecai Abraham, Esip At Norwood, in Powhtttsu, on the 30th ol April, ult., in the Ulh year of his age, 1 olonel Ions Heth, ofChesterfield. Tuesday, June 17, M*n* Ki.ii tnr rn. eldest daughter of Alfred Seton. On the 16th inst., Na*cr Maria, youngest child of F.rastits and Sara C.Wheaton. On Monday, 16th, John V. Graham, in the 6'1J year of his age. On the Idtli inst., Msiit Cos, iluughter of Henry H. and Mary Co*. On Moudav, 16th,*, wifo of Peter rislligun, in the :t6ih year of Iter age. On the 16th inst., after a loug iliicss, Mrs Kti rs Lamrnit.e, aged '38 years. latest Advice* rtECEIVKI) AT THE WW YORK IIRR \I.n OFFICE. AlVici Frh. li Slscito Jail. 20 AusCayes April 20 Madras - March20 Anti-'us March 12 Manilla; Jan. 3 Boinna) March 1 Montevideo March 16 S Maris > Nov. 20 Marauhatu Match 2 rrmuda Mny 3 Matarisi* April 29 Bonaire Apiil j) Mayan > Ajsfl 80 Buenos Ayre; March 13 Mararaibo April i oania .Yjarrn i .u at animus /vjhii i> Belize, llond. Aitil 19 Neuvitas April 20 Barbuuoek March 8 Nassau, N. P. May 4 Bogota Dec. 19 Oalm. S3. I.* Dec. 27 Berate* Fsl. tO Talis Apul l' Cape Haytien April t> Port au Prince April 14 Curacoa March b Ponce, P. R. April 3<i CienAiefoi April 14 P-ira Mtrrh 19 Carfhageua Jan. 21 Pernambuco April 10 Car&cc&s Aptil 12 Pnuarna \ Feb. 2*' Ckviti July 1 Rio de Janeiro Marcb 27 Callao Jan. 22 Sin .upon Dir. 20 Calcutta Feb. 19 Sydney, N. 8. W.- Auj. II Dcmarara March 9 St. Helena March JO Fival April 6 St. Thomas April 30 Gibraltar April 3 St. Baits Jan. 3 Guayaquil Feb. 13 St. Jaeo ile Cuba* April 20 Guayaina, P. R. April 29 St. Johns, P. R. April 30 Gonairrt April 10 St. Croix April 12 Galveston- May 2 St. Martha Feb. 2? Havre April 10 St. John, N. B. May H Havana May I Surinam March 24 Halifax May 8 Tarnpico April 14 J ere mit March 22 Tobasro April 14 Jacrnc! April 20 Turk-. DIaiu) April 29 Kiujrston, Ja. April 13 Trinidad ile Cuba* April 20 London April 19 Vera Cruz April 21 Liverpool April 19 Valparaiso Feb. 6 La Guayra April 22 Yucatan April 5 Lima Feb. 1 Zanzibar Dec. 19 Pit**?tiger* Arrived. Rotterdam?Ship Flavin-?Isaac Cune, Mr*. 11. Ahraliains, i children and J4 in steaiac*. Apalaciiicola?Hcbr llero?Capt James Shackleford, Master F. M. Palmes. PauHengeriB Sailed. Halifax axd Liverpool? Steamship Caledonia from Boston?Capt Dutton, Girth Regiment: S. M. Buckingham and John W. Harris, of KiiKl.iud; John, do; G. row; Wm. Lobacl),Manuel Rscadron, Joachiin Furlong. Jms. Greaves, Win. Phelps, Ferdinand K scad ion. Francisco Gouzy lex, Yguacio Carroza, Victoriauo Ytnrbe, Francis Gomez, F. Galini. M. Vallego, D. M ?ran, and Ldw. Strybos, Mexico; J**. Buckley, B. B. Atterhu Alfred Larue, V- Ourue, Win. Parker, Fred. Lovcling, V * Lyude, John McFwitig, F. A. Huntington, and K. C. Kidi...:,, NYork; John W. Andrews, NO.leans; Dr. Jas. Hagan, MtKsissi)Mii; P. A. Bi in* made, Maine; G. T. Snow, 8. Atncrie. Win. W. Litermore tml lauy, L'lica N V?35. For Halifax?NatuftU Mctr&lf, J?. and Mr-. T. C.assidy, of Boston; Stephen Ring. .Miss Jam* Ring, and M. Fulton uid lady, New York; Mrs. Kirk, Troy, NY.: Ret^Alex. Biaikie, NYork; Mr. and Mr*. Tobiu, and Fdward Cun.ard, Jr. llalifax?11. Foreign Importation*. Liverpool?Ship Russel Glover?ill crater ? arthenware James M Shaw?117 do Win Chauura) \ co?21 hales mdze Gordon, Hodge* Ik co?300 till plates Cooley \ Smith?100 tons pig iron S J Tisdale?200 tons coals NtwhuldL Craft t? bale* inilz T Hu"t?600 bg* salt M Blown?7 halt mdz luulisAiScott? 47 crates of eaithenwlire Robert 11 Coleman?41 caser Steele H Jessun?11 casks sheep <tkin* Harvey & Flajtg?22 casks IiahIware and 3.3 Imr? of nails John F Holgatc?2 Ids = die Marhury 20 oiect * of looms I ca goods Fowler it Son?1 John Fish or?I bib- Lewis GooUiiii *?GWJ boxen till2ta>t plates Spelter Plu lp-. it Dodge?4 Csks hardware to Ordr.. Liverpool?Shin Gondola?7 bales S Denniston-3 boxes TliftinilSftll il lie r? III??fl wil#r CXlLc * \1r Murriv ?I box John H Hicks?.hj Imlrv llax 50 toon coal 1926 vie Its ^alt 160 mats Hick* N. co. Liverpool?Bhii> Talbot?JO toil* pig ironG B Moore wood At co?10 pipes oil \Voodhull At Minium?61 crste* 2 hhds R K Alcock?1K7 crate* 47 ck* Adams Brother*?236 bdla iron Ez* glesou At Batlclle?65 crates I hhds B A Mum ford?1Kb Dm TiK)ker, Mead Ac co?6 cases Dorr At Allen?3 do F Hunt 5c. co ?2 nO W Thompson?576 bx tin plates?50 tons |?i?: iron 32 ck* 2 bales 170 ton* coals to order* Rotterdam?Ship Flaunt?20 pine*gin A Scignettt?TO do A Bf rmrd?25 csk madder, Bogart Si Kneeland?I' do, Bruistfn. KooniiCo? I5caar s cologne. Boooeu Grave* 5c Co?I chest E O k W Blunt?| do (' P W Lilhendahle?I case, Goodhue Ik C<v?25 bl?|s, Chicory,| Hunt 6. Bre*-k?5 csks madder C H Hchuiedrr?16 bMs mi t niecrs Victor Duc'.cwitz?10 csks nine. 2 do brand* C G Bechfel?I trunk G I) Bildwin?4 chests!' H S II L?2 ca-k* Hi am: At Wallace f.?f Philad)??j1 Mis steel John Bohlen??? do () Vezin?500 bag* coffee, 2U kegs tint* me?*, 5 do mace, 17 do ?loves, 15 csks madder, Te Rhain At re?336 b*r?s coffer. In rtks clove* T Victor At DuckwitZ? 15 cases PAH Retinoid?16 r*L.?i mdr.c 2 do mull# r Henckrii U I nkhart?I0K9 bdlea indie Biuisttin, K cop Ac Co?25 pi; e* gin, 2*? csks madder to order. Marseilles?Swedish Bri^ Bolide? 84 hoics soap A B Bel kiian?>50 half ck* muld? i 3(1 b tic* t o k* K Fiedler?16 rk* madtier J i Krnenpietcb?170 t ask* wine 30 boxes?ulabor 10 casks soda Hour Maitland Ac Contiiien?2 boxes J || Abel?loci boxes *< ip If Hcl.n d r?IK block* uiarldc C Bolton. Fox As Livingston?9 cks madder J Whitn#*> ? > bales corks f) Sj.?rkinn.?<?5 bo* 65 ba*krEs oil PAH Krnauld At co? 11 |>ckg? Bail* >, Wai I AkCo?J | ek* T l)cn y?III cks M hbl:? nul/e Vv llchruhxuseii ?V Achilles?231 box* s|o ante* ?x Hro?'in?52 hale* corks I case* J Ami* At co?20 ha .a gall* 20 bids ?ul;*hur J Hilletl? I csk 7 bx T Tambinca? 111 bt lemon* 110 Nays n.dze ? csks tartar 250 hi wine ! ca*e essence 25 do gltsswire 300 bi pickle* 300 do fill; nr II b .Ics cork* H cks * ream tart ?r 3 bids *erdiirre** 5 do t sii"r acid J Michel?100 bnxei ?.?! '*? l?x lemons 23 bales 6 cks 100 bx xoio ? bbl? 4? bx glassware 2?) cks madder to Older. Hamruro?Brig Camilla?3 c uses tpdr, llrosabim At SMiriber ?3 do Meyer At Sturker?300u demijohns, Thos Viler At Duelieiu. Jobos, PR?Bark School*?211 hhd* bUgar.Dunscoinb it Beckwith?75 do Thompson At O?67 do Acinar k co?31 do W P Fumia?II do A Tucker?1(' hhd* inolisses, Thompson St Adami?I do 5 keg* tomannd*. I hag coff. . to order. Poscf.. PR? Brig Klizxbrth? I2u hhd. sugar, Aymar At Co; 10# hh*!? vnolasset, B Richards. Ton \sco?Srlir Samuel L H?>uthari?1048 otls Icgwuod w2 ce* roori* imli/o 1 piano fort $2000 Bourhaud At The b tut! Doinrnilc Importations. Nr.w Orleans? Ship Orlean*?6o bales hair 2b#i?rtl* ham F L Fishill? 3f ??# *. rntlz* J At C I orer*o11?85 bid.* niol*y>et Piaall At C?tinpht-ll?2616 ing* leid R S Hhioprll?91 hide* Thompson Ac Adams?I csks 1 tieicc b < on Kichaid Irvin?5 bdls *leer skin. Louis Jk Wrhitt ? 3J bale* cn'toti Robert At Willi in>?2 hhds 1 ilnrfo A A Wood?13 bid* 3lull* do l.?rd J on f llallock?22 liah s con. n J II H\m? r?: bhd. t??bacc?? J H M ill ha i?k ?1417 irk* .?11 bbl* whe*t W R At ( Hitchcock?121 sick* as her r A A* mil V cr?2 | tierce 1 ca*k* bri tle* Jos Macv At Hon? h'3 bbls wheat 1'2 Imles Arcrill At ctx?>00 bbL f1onr26 1k>x?-s tobacco M. rritt k co?21 bbls rn>rk Robinson At Ward?2* ?lo J P L? v? iich?1211 pigs lead B H Fu Id?iK hbd. ?ugar ! ha* PL* ve rich?55 hh?b? tobacco Ooodhu* At co?60 do MUir B H Field?IWI boxes tobacm !no bid ilour 400 bbls [>*>rk IM*I hid# 1*6 bale? c stt 'li >00 bbl* flour to Order. New Dm i am?H.-l r Intrepid?R5 bis niolas.e* C Ba stow At Pol**?92 bbls Ibuir Knn At Phelps?156 bbls po- k K Htr ins?! bhls b ill. H u;h*on At ?300 b!>l flour 30 pork and JarJ, Ck ?:* laH I h-de deerskin*, I bx hams K P Mor.'vi. M i?*r E ?B ig Ho#?y?30 i>a). . ? ort >u. H Coit At en?'V do C Willi mi ? 'I do Hicks At r? ?21 do II H Taylor?13 d?? It C hran?21 do J ?) Pi*?<ow iv Ac Brother*?1 box Murray At Lan man?I do G Staple*?1 do H Lyon?3 rase* T Willi*?112 coil* rone Martin At ro. Apai.k HK OI.A?Bchr Her.a?67 bale* c tfon, Bryant Ac Maitland?.'nd?? B- fij de Fore*r?0 do George Mott?61 do J H Solman?1 bo* mdt, W D Wilkinson. mm "i a?Brig Georgian*?'II bale* cotton, Buck At co?257 do II ('oil?77 do Boor man. Johnston Ac ro. MARITIME HERALD. JL)r|Mirtur?- of Hit- Atlantic Steamer*. rr.ovi rXGLAXDi from amkhk a. Acadia, Ryrit May 4 June 1 U. Western. Ho.ken May 21 Jun#* 16 Columbia, Judkin* May 19 June 16 Britannia, Hewitt Ituie 1 Inly 1 Caledonia, Loft Iiiim- 16 July 16 Acadia. Ryii# July 6 Aug. I <J. Wreteni, ilo*t.rn .In!V 9 Anu. I Tlx B' tifim airamrr Briiivh Queen, ('apt. Kranr. will !? Antwxrji fur New York on tlx Ith i I May, to toucli at Southampton, Kmc-, on the 7th. Porket* to Arrive. Porkcia to I)e|-.nrt. prom l.ivp.arooi.. por i.irpRpooi.. (iarriek, Skiddy, Airil II ( nlurilnia, Cole, May I' Olford, Rathhoii**, April 211 Sheridan, Dr I'eyater, May 2. rmiM rowiawut in. nm runtiMoi in. Mediator. < hamplin. AT.n.31 (Radiator, Hrilton, May 20 prom matri Mediator, Clminplin, June i Oih iila, Fimrk, ! Ifi por nun. Airo, Ai tlxmy, / i il 21 Dncheaae d'Orlram, May 31 To Milp Maatrra. We aliall evteem il a favor, if rartaitia of veaa. la nrrivin here, will (rive to Commo lore It. S. Martin, of our newt ftra t. a re|>ort ol' the ahippiu^ left at the port whence they aailed, the ve??. la ?p< k< n on their I'iiw r, a li-u of their'o, artd ant forwicn tiewai a|ier' they inav have. Commodore Martin wil' hoar.I them immediately on thei. ariival. We will ireipi.uaie he favor in any way. PORT OK \KW YORK, .MAY |m, iNtii. ivi riiki t 191 moor ar.n I 4 ?|'!? vi. Till IIIOH WATr.n 2 2. ( Irarril. Shlpt Niaijaia, Cole, Ham hurt,'. W Weiacr; I'auliue, (Hrrm) Srhelliir.' Rreinen in Richmond, Oelrich It Kruji r: V mini Katon, New (I Irani' N? unith, Lee da fc I o; I) Aymar, ' ?rv?i Malanra , do: Trov i. Simmon. Havana, II. Ilatil ind? Berki llceii, \\ illiuma, Wilminifton. Del., A Hubbard It ' <>; Neitor Smith, St Andrewi, NR., I) n i?, Br >oha St Cn?Brine Pactnlin, Merrill, Wilmington, NC., Neamith, Lcrda k Co.; New jerI aey. Brown, Daiien, tiro., II M Demill; (Revier, Katon, I irI loll, K Ril h.wdaoll It to. Arrived. | Fackttfthi|> Ku??ell Olovei, How?,lrom Lirer)?ool l?r'i A.mi, \ ifh mile to Glover It McMurry -3!fl Muiotc11. Shit* Talbot, Story, froui Liurrixiol 3d April, with mtlie to i C??odnti >v i o 13th lit;1' 66 spot B I 1 1 (Vow Sicily far NYork , . , J mn II rd> ill i|. Shin Gondola, fin Liv< i2d April. imlt to Hiek*ltt\?? 13th A (ml, lmt4T It, Ion 30 10. at \ \i _ .. neoftbe B '* wu 11 if II".' ii foi Lm t| 1 ouh i . lull i A t ie* vaaa IM mi -i' in.?i' .' i ii Hgi tilover It McSfurra Ship Splendid Ceodtfi - lays from Lie ' to Ww YY hit lock. Jr., with *1 . ill V; I ifh, I ' I - 1.5 lout BO ' Li iark nalini 1" U An Hilifa* bud m l.ivnpciol. April 30, t h "i d iphv.itb . ;.r tin I. . ilou tim Lat i 'i. I . " un b m M v Ui | ..u. -In,, i IkiiiiiiI W I'll I Br ship St Martina. Ward, 31 duys i'roin Kurey, (1 r?rl.iml) in .ii i -t t< il n Mi In HHl, - - - ' > . Br emu Th-rou, Biowbv from Liverpool lOtli April with 1 urn-en?l. K In in?Mil iu*r.. lat 12 30. Ion tin, ?l?oke Bf bark Sarah,I'm Liverpool l??i NYork. 10th, laf i" \'i, , Ion 2.i a'?. .i hIiij) shewiiiii a .visual red, white ami bine, witli.M in the renter, steering E. Shin Kb vius, Jour?', 13 days from Rotterdam, with inure to J H How land, ton It co. Ship Orleans, Hear*. 18 days fioin Xe>v Orleans, t?? ?> N? 1son. Ma\ 3th, oil' Tortus i ?. *i;oke brig Lawrouri-. ,MJV. 13th. 'ff t'uKt H tttera-v, saw ship St Loiuv, from rhiladclpln i fm i ? !. i Batk Lebooiv, Bnlr, 16 day* from Miya/.uex. PH., with anijy to H I' Ihi- L. Ij*'ft bn'k New Hi*en, for NH tven, nvr d ; brhr* Jane, Satford. ??.r NYoik, 10 ds; Agnes, Wil?ot>. ol PmiIsiid. ?li?vr; Not to. r?rhe*, N York, 10 iU; J.nn? - MrCobb, II itchelder, Tor <lo 2 (If. Tin- lurk New Haven, ami brigs M-.tto and J .> \Ic('obb, < t (jnay.nrn. I'R. Br baik H irah, Fl flu r. from l.iveri?ool, with coal ro II> vrrlt M< Vfun i6 ; ngei B I to \ trmotith, N6.t i nt in to land past ngi ^ J ??n* urvrKl til IX.1MI, I.MiaV IIOIH /\ p.llll MICOl I. V* HL? ?T>1tnu to J Ogden. , Brif 8ooy, Towuioml, !3 ?Uyi. from fMobiIc, \\ ith cotton to \ J M iv 7, off Fluid* t*chanced iignals with ship Frailer, of Bath. 0ri* Elizabeth, MiIIiu.mii, 17 day* from I'on t , PR., with , *u*itr to B Kit !ia tls. Brbiiu Biitton. Lightfuot, from Newport, (\V.tlr>-,) and Mi'- , ford, (Eng.) 21 <t March, w ith 27*J ton* coil to K l.via?25 pa lenceti. i Si brig Bolidt Waste rawk, (Voai Mincilbi 2Sd Match* withmdzetoJ .lioli, I. Utii April, l.ic 27 lou 10 30, ?m olic H'yni bt> invr M'lil, Orowlrt. from England for Rio. March in Stniir, n; ,ike S>v haik I li irlo'.l**, Letetifrom M un ilU i for NVork. ' Br lei/ II iiu ill Melrina, Fl?, 22 days from Martinique. j in Imlla.t to Dunscomb & Bcckwitli. Left ?chrRobert Treat, one* I Ith uut. ?n init Imimainmast, sails, Ii9? lL?g ( ai oil la, Wiullington, 42 day* from Hdinhiuy with rod* 1 to Vialoi it Lin. I wit*. Lin* < uherim HirmiD, 19 dtTi ftom UiTint. with to tr to ! order. 1 Schr Idtrcpid, Tiltoi.. 17 day from Niw Orlmns, with poik, 1 { fee. to liuifttei. May 1 "ith. lit 31 2i. I'll 74 ,t,pi?M d ?hip li*m? t 1 Rockwell, stifling NK. Srlir Od**ot), Leiand, 12 ilavs from Msysou r, PR., with hii- .' v' tr to (.'has tela in \ Pouvcrt. Schr Hero, Shnunou, (of My.iic) from ApaU<hi-ola, with cotton to rhc UHUt'-r. tH. hr O iz<*mbo..Sari;? aiii, (ol 8ml*? wick, v|?-.) id da. f. nu ! Tuckapaw , Lou., w ith liie enk to J W Doughtx Left , hi Merchant, Stevens, for N Vork, 1 df. Schr Samuel L. Sou hard. Kuitodsh-. from Tubasnco 25th April, with logwood. Lr. to Bouchaud h. Th? b< ud eft brig 1 Triumph. Kimball, lor Work, !<Jg. ! Schr Aim Hyman, Totten, . day* from Nt whtru, NC, with naval at'.rca to Depeyvtet & WTrit?n^ ? It. H In Rot , Snedccker. !l day a from Virginia, w ith pine wood, | to the master. , Briow. 2 ship-, 1 bark 2 brig-., and a Dutch i. all tot from AuuUrJiin General llccortl. Dm*> Abous.of Brookbaven, (from f'portu, supposed foi N York,) was spok?*n 10th ult., lat 41 20, Ion 40, having carried aw ?v her i udder, ?to ring away to F-tyal, to repair. Brio avdi r. C ?pr. Howe, put iuto the port of St. George, on the Jotli nit, in dLt ox, on a voyage fn>m Stv.lU River G < rgia, b und to Si ot nitpie, today* nut?'' aving ? *.*?. rineed a heavy gde on the 17th and 18th, in lar J2 JO, Ion 75 53, which caused the vessel to Irak so Ira-Ilx. that .f h came nece-vary to fh;ow overboard part of the deck load of lumber. At Irxt account-, she w a* discharging. Murine Correspondence. riiari.f vtds. nth Moy, 1842. RucloACd I send V"?ill Il?l ?f VMI,U U?> a.wl Hi Thorn ts. rikI r ji-ti of* passengers on board ship Emily, Cnn-', hound to New York, and from St. Croii and St. Thomax The Emily will h ave Charleston in a week front this date far New York?-be to good as to insert tin names of the passengers, w ith the arrival of the ship in 9 days from St. Thomas. Spoke nothins?. List of Passenger;?F. Howe, lady, child and servant: V. Cook ami l*dy; S. S. B nedirk, lady and child; Wm. S Abbot, and lady, O. E. Edwards. Miu Shephard, Miss Van Antwerp. Dr. E. B. Burroughs. F. W. Dmnc, J. F. Bound, Hon. Chief Justice Scotland, of Trinidad: L. ( . Osgood, Win Schroedrr. S. E. Cowing* Juan J. Duprey. St* Tiioma?, May 5?In port, Commerce, fin Demarara for Turks Moid, few dr: Panthea, fin Antigua for CJuavama, PH, ildSdinit; JonnWl iter ftn Philad, Jtut ur; St Marks, tin NYork, wis frt. line; Charles, fin Martinique lor Turks l-html, to load for N'Oi h'atis; Eagle, fin Atitigim, just arr; Ann, fin Georgetown, SC., sold; Topic, fm I'm Birbador., wtg frt; Co pital, fm Martinique ror Plymouth, kld 1st inst; Cornet, do do. 3d do^ Geo Franklin, fm Antigua for Che rry Stone, do Ith; Einelim*. fm Barbados, unc, to sail 6th inst. St. Croix, .May 7th?Hoiilton,fm NYork for NYork, 8th; Glide, fin Brandywine, just arr. Spoken. Aurora, Montevideo for Boston, April 10, lot 11 30 H, Ion 5* 10 \V. Pamplico, Washington, NC. for the West Indies, April 30,tat 36 10, Ion t>2 20. 37th ult., 1st 40. Ion 37 10. Ann, of NYork, from Georgetown, SC. for St Thomas. Whalemen* Logan, for Indian Ocean, sailed from New &Bt dfonl on the lllh instant. A letter from S. K. Blsckh r, U. S. Consul at Tahiti, dated Dec. 17th, reports arr there 13th, Clias Carroll, Nan., 10 niosout 1400 btd? pin oil?who repented Oct. 2ith. on the line 117, Milo, NB.. 2500 iibl.s?h id lost his mate Elisha Bunker, of Nantuc a t and boat's crew, al>otit the lir*t of Octolwr; Cyrus, Nant,same time and place, 700 sntn; Oct. 1 Ith. on the line. Martha, Fiirhaveil, 350; Vine> ird, Edgaitown, 250; at Tahiti, Oct 31st, Atlnnlie, Nantucket, 28 mo*. 1200, Tarpaci.tit Cove, May 10?Arr Maria, fm Edg irtown for Pacific; Deborah, fm do for Atlantic. S; oken?March 21st, lat 21 20 S, Ion 3938, St Peter, of NB., 1800 bid w li nml .'>00 do spin oil. April 17th, (no lat Ike) Chase, NB., 300 bbls spin. Bristol. May 13.?Ar 4 orinthian, from the Pacific Ocean, | ln*t Com Tahiti, 135 days. . 37nu bids (330 u>) oil, and 32,000 lb* lione. Left at Tahita, I)e<\ 2H, Charlea < arroll Nan. 14HI ip, At 'Cmi i,* D? c.22. Luminary, of Wam-n. 1100 bills up., bound to Ta; ii i m \ urauit of men. thence to N VV Coast. Si?okcii I) c ?!,!yin: ott Tahiti, Mar). Nan linn *?p i H.-f* im. Ploitghboy, N intiicket. 27 month* out, 700 sp , Nov 10, Gen. Williams, NL 1800 wh ; 20th, China NB 17(in p ; Jane, of Warren, 850 bbls sp) hound to B.1> of Islands ; no date, lat 'i 20 S. M icon, I H .no Hob . MOO(810 -p| bound lioni*. Stumnctox, Ma\ 13.?Ar Elizabeth, GOdav* from Patagonia, 200bbUflephint "j| ai ,i 2000 hlit seal slau I ft at Parnnmbuco, April 10, G'-m, of Provincetown, 8 mo* out, lt?0 bbla sp ; md Emetine, NB. 10 moi out, mi oil, sailed from Peroambuco. April 2, for Western Inlands?the former had put in for .nils and rigging, and the latter to recruit. Si?oke March 19, lat 35 20, lou 45 20, AthaJia, of Edgartown, 210 bbls sp. Foreign Porta. Marseilles, March 17?In port, Harriet, bound to Boston; Aldebaron, do NYork; Valid*. dodo; Hellespont, bound to Sir11\; Due d'Orleans, dodo; Gleaner, dodo. Arr 15th, Momroc, fm Caycs, St Doiniugo; 17th. Gleaner, fm Matanzas. PcvMAAiarco, April 10? Iii |*>rt, Syren, lor New York, 24th. Arr 6th, Henry* Boston. I nKid Hiixten Port*. Damahiscotta, May 11 ?Sid Mandarin, NGrh ans. Frankfort, Ma. 11?Ait TamerUm, Matanzas. Bid 91 h, Cocheco, Havain. PoaTSMOt'Tlf. Mav 12?Sid Curlew, NYotk. NANTt'CKr.T. May 11?Arr Belle, Bait;, S- hnylkill: Win L Mitchell, Long Ll.ind; 12th, Hubert Kintout, Jr., Mnb;l? . NrwurarroaT May 12?\ / Lodi, lioiiJoiit; Oler :?, d<>; AhroiKpuii, NYork. Warf.iism, May 10?Arr El-'.anO", Norfolk. Plymouth. May L?Ar-* Fair I'lav, Nml >ld. I Drta Isle. Ma. 7?Arr FrcdTcarl, W ork. Shi 9th, Boier, fm C 11 i i N \ oi k. ! Sai i.vr, M;iv II?Arr Gazelle, Cayenne, 21th ult. Left no Am vesii l. Siiled in ?'0 with Komp, (fm Salem) Wilmington, N C: also trr E.iirtithl, New York. I Id. Active, Africa; Samuel, C a -ill, N Y. Sid, E 11 Hen ult. N York. Bid 13th, Chili, CI a lciton. I vll Ktvcn, May 1j?Arr Joi Brown. Bailed Yah* if, Now YorkKooaHtowm, \I;4y II?Lorn tun, N Yoik, Via New London f.?r Penobscot Jtiw r. New Biijforp, \liv It?An YVf-t F iliuouth, Charh sion; Indev, Ailr-uv; Coiiiiiicicut, do. i?M Id.i, Amsw-rdviu; lith, ii r Mm fa, Baltimore Tavjpai lin Covi . May 10?An Grecian, B lor New York. t'ftovfurfci . May 11?A r Teniieasef, Philieielphi.. l< It* Maud, N A *rk, Lhainj'it'ii. Ne w York. Lid, Ithodeiiik Pirn " a*! of Africa. Sid, vVildes \\ tiki t, Bath Niagara, Plulahhhi? Mary do; lb raid, Albans. arr Kdb'i. ('ardent*; l)t U-iali. f L o l?*-t &; M? < Innic, Little |<i\? i. \f; Indiana, Philjibl j.hi . A M irsli tll. I'lnlid. Vlotto. I) i\ River. Nt ; Midas, New \<>ik; Willa.d, N? w York. Sid Ho**, York Hirer, V'*: Cailnr.ii- Amanda, Pnihnlelnhia. f'HtLaorLriiiA. M iy IT?An Hwatnia, Liftt^ooI, 4lh April A|?: i' Hih. lai 0*0. Ion II 12, Stiaqnrhana, !o. Liter; nol. l.ith I.U 17 So. I n 2l 'A\t Hr?i fro Fivryol lor New York; llnrv Brown, Perth Ambo; , N J. rid Bourne. Miobnry; Radius Portland; 8C I hilips limgor; i?rceiisb?try, Ilult. New York; N inctta, Providence, BiLTiM iHr, May r#?Arr Powl i;, N York: Milli* ? nf. do; I, I. S urges, do; Uirerl, do. L * Id. KiniH hllicoft, r? ami Porto Calm llo; Bhrk Hawk, Port inn nth; II- raid, Nf w York. **M. ( I II av ird, Hi??de Janeiro; Knnl\ Kllicott, La rtnyr* and Po Cabello. i Ai t latdkii. May II?Air ( leainiont, BnrUsj'orl. Lldllai lee. Kin<stou, Ja: IP d;' -, ?\? w York. I'll iimc^li .vlay Jl?Arr Wm Younif, New York; Pontine, N B- 'ford. ^ . r . Ncwrerv, N ( May 7?Arr Kimberly, Weal Indies; he . 1 ( iiari.fstoff, M y II?Arr Atuon, New York; Kmi)/, St Liu. lb. N *w Y? rk. i Hoamui, Ma> I'i?(Jld, John Mnnn, (Br) Liverpool; Re\ if. ( B.) Sr John'.; Aiigu** i. New York. Morii i . .VIav rj?(Id, (Lor; , Liverjiool; Hebron, New York. i?ii?ii? i ii i? ins???y?ii I MMITUGUKSE FEMALE PILLS. ' |' 111. -1- t fawtd i. < f Pills from ' il ' we perceive, to be obtained in this country. Se? how rtiscmeiif ou the Sail column of fourth t*a^r. m l is RON NF.Tfl CL1 K NED. F R K N< 19 MILLKR (fi as I) Pan-) . jetMii'ly !? *."? leave in aiumnm * to ?he Lailie* ami (f'Mjfleineii, tlnit he *ecnt?? all orders in the in<>?f I'Ashioii* Hi>|. hi ft:,*ii i"r ?n i>i? i'mii. ,uyiiu '"? i n *tnw ll?' *mi I rh* fine?t Ifiture, i? * "rattled to tn-tk* tln t i " iii Itv, ?n?tr?* and ?li*i?e. fo I! ??- n< w uni i old in the ? ?r >?JI W? ' Broadway. in- tr Warn u trvrt. m iw U i _ ^ L" M< KK.IUHX KIIt I s rKI.I.MiK.M K OKKM K, '-ill BW< k"r*'ri?'f.?Th? *u'>? rih- i take* tlitt ocr.iwion to inform In* IrieniU an I tin- intalir, that h In* n|>enrd all Infrllim nee Off* -f No. UW? Bleerker afreet, Iwlwi i-n Bmnw and Orovr ?treet?, where home keep* r* and other* ran be ni|ylifd w it)i %t r\;u*t*, nial? and f* hi ?l . for everyday rioo-nt re<|inred, int? h ran fa i ituatiooa ?> *n?f their itn ral ra|Mritje*. T? busim M of the . (lire will he conducted on the ?tricfc?t ; n i h i j I lofhtin i ind iiife frit v, and h? mature* tin |?blh ..; fih.'iievr jri*|?rr?i nfarioii* in r* iati*?n t<? prraoVH or character * * made b\ him. they may he fully r* li?*d on. Mia u - . TIIO I \s ( I |:j; \ \ \ ( HE \ 'J W. N~o\ EX A i TR \I TTON \ I TUT: * KLVSIAN KIEL I) A !? Free Concert* d'Efr. a It Mu*ard, e*er> Monday, Wednesday and Hat tarda y Afternoon, from i mmenri M 1111 n * r r* til?*r the i idoceinent to \ theae delightful ground. iire* drCARTY, the I f til | ' . 1 ure to ' to thr public tin' h-ha* effected a abort ei> i fltemet t w Ith a B nidt r.>riMoiiu' of ten Profeaanra of a hiirh or der of rilcnt . itid led by Mr. K. Myen. The J will perform a I t!> ?i fr?-rn t!i Opera* of the m??*r wlinired fotiiiw ? %. w ith 1 . , r e rtnr e i L Valid* I , I fc v i , The N- "t\ <>r the v rmvmdtiNr ic<.. > combined with in x IN ofthi n uiif i moot rail to yit Id ? ?til - i imt ihoae wlao m h* lor Mm wltn their rompaoy. i -. I : - V I n " K.?Com. < - H< (LAND ' K,.Imi?>ii, in "i r. cmm Livfi>1. ?? r.-,|ii?,!rd id nit.n.l III* rof ili- ir u', ih? ?ni|> fowiwiMV. In ill - lhi? nmniiiw. iiiirl'r "f'l'' mlllr UI.OVK. H V ?- 11 H A \ . ?'mi i in. .i f.ui l v Ti jjTl K HOlV.?t-'rinlni'i I on., a 1. ,. . i?, 'l M-idVn I I l> <V<tar.?A fin. Ii?.-lr Tunl- will I* itl tin. it?v *i?l .rrrdiip in yri..r -l; I. .r,d st,.ik.-M vU ?' II i>VI?wk. JOHN V. BKOW N. mil ll'j _ /SVTlTl.W TIONH mail, "n Aiwl.chi.uli, k l<,rid* n.d froini I ^ J- ? WINTKK, 30 W.0.t. ?TOLK V.??The subscriber. while crusting the Booth Frrry, ^ ou Turadti the iurh inst. bad hu pocket* picked of $69 ami Cf in uuh, together with aouic notes, paper*, Jtc. which u oi 10 consequence to tnv jirrsoii btit the owner. Any ptnon giv* i)k any informalion that may lead to the ditcov ry of the aai<t ?%l?rr*. will be confprrinjj upon the undeniKiwH an rverlaatin-; 'sor, uv Iea\ in< tin in at Una oflier. No oue.ition* will Im aakd. W. H. WOOD. u?IH3t?c VKVKK KNOWN TO KAIL!?FEVER AND AOLF f FRED!?Chill Ft ver, Dumb Ague, lui?*rin it trial ami Remittent Fcvei*, a'td all the various forms oiBilioiifUiwassk, ?l??-eililv and thoioutchly eured by Dr. Char lea Osgood'? cr I i INDIA < HOI k/OUl r This article In - for several sears been in IujJi repute in those l?- tint. run in i \ w h< ie tin- <i%io * u.uurd form* o| disease afe no-f pi? va!? n!. Numerous certificates of it* efficacy can be li'uvii at ibe warehouse of the s%ho|? %jle aiiciiu iii this rity, No. i;l John street, bs P. BOW NIC 6c ? (>. For s?le aho bv J. k J. f'oddinztott, c ?rner Spring and Hudon itreru; Hi ml. Kottovi. li?i K?>t Broadway; W. M. Thai0.111 tainier ChiihI a wl Vain k ata; J. W. B.u*ett, til I Broad* *as; I,. A. Unaeiimiller, 'Jll Bleeckei ?.t, corner of i'lirut ? i'hrr, N.Y.;aud Win, U tiles , 4?? Full?>n street. Uro"klsn; J??hi? Briee. Boo kl*, n; and K. B. Boss nc fit Son, Westchester, bic. 6tr. in 10 iaWlinr i M PORTA N 1 NOT If K It Wll II \ \1 c \RO| \ \ brother to the late Dmirl Carol an, proprietor Marlborough lect f jlaiftow, who sr. in to North Am* rica about ten ago. will ftendhu addres* to his im>ther, rsiding in Mnlbo oiu.i at it et, Ola*x?w, be s\ ill hear of something interesting to lum. fila^^tovs. F?'h. >0, 1812. tn!7 2t?r C*0R I LI ? PA\ ILLION rhii btwrilkl 1 mm I residence. la now ??j* u ai,?4 in renliur,* for the reception of li.itnr* ; the house b*-iiw fitted up f*?r yrutlrin m hnaider* ami >rivat*-name*. STEPHF.N ANNKTT tl.. i,.r ?i,.. -if sblbfiment, returns hi* thanks to hi* I'tu-nd. uul the public. or their patronage brntuwt d ?>n hiin for the Ust year, ami In latter.i l.imselt mat hv hi* Usual carr and atit udanet to liin bti* iiiess, to please t4ios?c who ui.i\ honor him either as boardni or t i^itor . The bar it fitter! up with the choice*! li<|iior*, wiin*. iii:. R?-lislins nnd refreshments on Mini ii al?tnv\ l':.v. t? aities ran be accommodated with dinner at th" sb -:f- n Target excursion; and military companies, er?.:i ! furm died a lib dinner* and wine on short notice. The public may depend on the boat running according to her uh'.liscmetit. Refer to the advertisement in the Sun paper, for the trip* the I mat rur.s during tin- month of .May, 1 he sjpfimboat B?*tou I oi'l make four trip* per day during the mouths of Juiic, July, nd August. ml8 lm#r Vf AKSHALL HOt'SK." (Broadwavy N. Y.)?Tin vuMeriA1 |?er r-n*'nily f;nn the National Hotel, Troy, will re-open he Mn lull House ou the 2Mb in*tiut, as a hotel and boa Jing iou.?e , it i> undergoing a thorough repair, and will be | uf in oniplrte order, and furnished in handsome style. The location central being tbeweat aid# of BrOtdwiv, No* 899, a! tbt 'iiiei of Headc street, a short dc.f ui?v from flu Park and Post Jffice, and but a kfi w miwut-4 walk from Wall treet arid the msiiirss part of the city. The rooms me commodious and detaant. and it is the intention of the ho>l*to accommodate the ravelling coimmtuily anil boarders, in a manner that shtll be :i>l u t' rj ! u'the pri-es charged. Having long ccperiem ;? in f ling for the public taste. he can assure all that may lavor urn a lib their putroua/f that his be t exertion-. will be tunde . 0 pb ??.? ; and fiom lite situation, it is a desirable location for Br "nlwav, and cannot but offer many inducements to persons t idling the eitv to make the Marshall House tbcir bom * The tar w ill be lurhi*lied w ith choice liquors, ami flu larder with b' substantial* ?nd d? lii*eie* of the seas- n and with atfentivi errant*, and every regard for the comfort of his guests tha undersigned hope* to merit and receive a shire of patronaee. i , 18 3m?c < s. MONROE p( ON6Mil |8 WEALTH.- Gentlemen and families lay* iiu n*id- artichb of wearing apjiarcl that have become uip fashionable > r soiled, and <'e iriug to cOnvcit the same into ; ish, w ill obtain iioui the .ub*criber /0 per 0 at more than Ironi my other person. > H. LEVETT, No. I South William *t, nppo*u UhnouiccN. F uiiilio; and m tillemen about leaving the city having a >?u;?errluous wardrobe will :iud it great I v to their advantage to end for the subscriber,''who will uiuud tiiem at their rttid' nee by appointment. Ail orders through the post office or otherwise will be | unc* :ua ly aiten d to ^ _ m!3 U*r \ GENTLEMAN of talent and industry is nKtnin I w i is I i competent t aite the Editorial managem nt of i u^a I p. r iuthe B.i'ish Colonit *. H- must he well verged in B-.u*h ' Politics and in i.?e current literature of the dt>. ind hold a r**ad> | and a vigorous k u* TheHsl.iv in tin* find iii.fince imui iucessarily be moderate, but, will Inere osi with the succes of tht ' 1 aper. Any persona wishing to make amdication will pl a.t to ?) . so po-tpniil, addressed to X. Y. Z., rark Post Office, New- ' Vork. Applications must cover advouate references, vvith the name of the applicant, which will be held strictly confidential. m!8 M *ec MA RTIN'S I'ntii Tatlorlii^ Establishment, It Hrmnvrd to 1AI I fillium ttrert, ronier of .Inn slrttt. ' | 'iir, siiDscnoer, in announcing iii?* nun ? lo Ins fin tuls and I the public io gNMnl. tun leave to return thanka for the Ii'??*ri 1 patron ;c b? stowed oil him at Ins former place of husi- I DrM, and mttitithem thai every article orderedolhitnehall. a* heretofore, he rot, made, and trimmed in the neat-it and m. st ntvli-di manner. Tin mit-nil*. the newest and best in the market, and at a positive saving or 30 jwr reut. Stranger* are requested fn call nn.l examine. (h-ntlcinen who prefer purchasing their own cloth, &c., ran It is e (hein made and trimmed in the style that has civ en such atisfiction during the Inst four years. Every garment warranted to fit, and made by the licit workmen at the following prices, viz.:? Dress Coats $7 00 to SO 50 Frock Coats 8 on to u .'si Pauls and Vest* 1 75 to 2 (Ml Over Coat* n onto lion / ** No garments ready made?all made to order, and a suit furnished, il necessary, in 24 hours. mlS Imc MI( HAEL E. M \ RTIN. HARNDKN CO.'-OKRMAN AGENCY?The- subscriber* res|?ertlu!|y announce an arrangement which they i. re met iilt made with Samuel II ueht, E?)., U* 8. Conatu at Ant W' rt?. for the i impose of establishing a UENKKaL continental aoency if th it | lac*, for the inmnctioii of Forwarding andC unmi-mon Ru due and f? ? facilitating the increasing eouinieicial intercourse between this country and Continental Kuro|?e. AsAlitweip is ?ilu.itcd in the centre of the inamifactunit'.' r k?on o| Europe, is -it only It: hours distauce f.otti London, 3u hours t.o it P ins, i t th imundi t;' v iciuit) of Holland Hid < mill'., and diucll . conn- ct-. with ill by railroads or steam [ ck I . its location affords the greatest advantv;e-? fur pur* rht i t.; and forw irding Continental Roods. All older* rec-eiv-d at our office* in Bost/m, Albany. New Vorn and Philadelphia, in season for that purpose, w ill In forwarded by the Bel;ian steamer BRITISH QUEEN, on the 7t!i of June next, and will generally bo executed iu season for then-turn of th-H.une tteaincr, which will leave Aunverp ou th 10th July. Importers of Oermsiuj books arc particularly requested | to uotice tliis. HARDEN & CO. \ew York, May 17th, ISIS. ralSr ] VAClER'S FRWCH PILLS. I ANK ho* of the* inestimable Bills are worth all the Quack " ' Medicines in the world, for the cure of n certain di tease. I'ommi vi.?If we examine tin tiit'irc uf tli< above disease and tl*e situation of the parts nfleeted, w? li.uat consider it a very important object to be able to obtain a remedy at once certain in its action, and n? the frame time composed of such ingreth nt w will prevent the possibility of discovery whih uiim it. It is ? fact well known to many, that most of the remedies offered for these diseases are composed of such nauseous drugs, a* to render it almost imi>o**ible to continue tlieir use without creating a sickness at the stomach or other unpleasant consequence-. Such being the case, there lean be no doubt but such a remedy as VAL1EICS FRENCH I'lLLH will meet the universal approbation, being entirely lre?; from those objection*, pleasant in their oprritionnnd prompt in removing the, rhu proprietor would h re rein irk, that the efficacy of these Pills in the disi rd ni illuded to, an n tf baasd npop mppo ition; on the contrary, it is founded u, on rational experience, having used them in a successful practice for upwards of 'rn \ ear. he feels confident of their .sup<-riority over the remedicai hitherto employed Sold at No. 92 Nana i street, Broadway, and 00 North Hiitli stri v Phil ulelj hi* frici *1 i?er hot. mU lin*< MEDICAL OFFICE. XI LISPKNARI) STREET. N. \. CITY. A 1 ADAME COSTELLO. giateful for the ev* -iscpfttwn * I- age s?? 11i?ei illy bc&tr v?* d since she opened the ah ?ve Office, respectfully solicits the attention of female* ami mother* hi particular to the fdh-wiiig Medicines of he* own prvparatio: which have proved so effniual in remadyiug tbcaisea .? ? for winch t' ey art h- mnvmled. viz : ? Madame CoslcRo's Tile Ointment, i ceitam cure fcr the Pile* in all eisff. Oertmu Soulhiug By nip, prepared < for children Udbirif, will ? ffeettnlly ir vent tits, ser> dmni;, U -. Madur; Co*teilo'% Nipida Paste, the most successful reumdy lor sore u.pplrs, ami which no ninth*. .houiJ ?* without. Dhrroci Cordial, the most effectual remedy p< ?. ible, geneiilly requiring hut a lew doses t-? eff, ct i perfect cure. Lip Stive, Cr. am of Amber, lor removing pimples, blotches, rnlnfit. tan, sun burn tfitl fieckli*. Hair lienor ttor. a positive preventive to * lim filling eut, will rc .roi* .t in huld phrrs idgitcira iichdaib. /!. **7 aj pesranee. -\I Beautiful for the H&tr, does 11 1 I-r ll. Lm, l?m will nun red. r re> or I?^Ht hair to a b alnul LUc . I.a* ?iif ft c it hat. it applied at the office by Madame r.jttellu, tveriinti d Madame C.\ Ointment and Loimn. a positi** cure for ih* silt rheum, letter run; * rrnt scald head, and other eruptions ofthl ! ?... ' . ol I. rer Complatnn winch haw- b. en Maudlin; f*?r Venn-. hav. l?een ?med ?n a ?er> ahnrl lime bv Madame ( eteel lent rem d\ rul restored to p? rt? ct health. Mndmi* 1 . tello'c Syrup lor afirr |uin? a never tailiny ie led) . E.cliind ill ol' tin Mbott rut die inn prepared and sold 1 r 3 < L>l?enard *t.. ninl win r can be obtained tucli pr?'?of? < !'these f*c?s a* w ill corn iuc? the public there is uo lam y in lie *? icrtioni. Madame (. . wonlJ inform ladic s ill ? good may b? btatm ! ai the ilioitest notice n> tpplyinc ti lu-r office. All conununi inwn and letter* mini be p< nfpnt I. ;ntu |?n*r "ROOMS. ' PWO single gentlemen ran have a pari-r and b* I room ad' joining, handsomely ltirtii .li> d, for tl e small tan <>1 llm ' dlars per week?c .l. $1*50 r > 111 a private family, wI.t -.ere arc no h'?aid?rs, and i i th? most ernir tl loo tiou in fie :rv, 75 Clitmbvra tre?f t *coud Iwiue vt t of Bro ulw ?v ; 11 1 lir.'- room on mo floor, furnished for $3 per we? L mill It*. OWEN'S" AMERICAN " II A IK I) Y K. 'PHIS Dye is the only infallible Hdr Dve now in use. M there are who offer article* to ihr public He a rink the nan, d Hair Dye, that are not only worthies*, hut often iujuriou to the hair. The subscriber pledges himieIf that the Americai Hair Dye it perfectly harm leas in its nature, and int llihle it its effn t, as it will color the hair only. Th- lightest hair, red or gray, can iu a few hour* he changed to any dark ?ii*de from .1 brow n fv? a black. This dye 1* used very ?.occ>%?full\ it. changing red or srrt y whi?kers to correspond with dark Inn. He Sine that til - ft line of Kfrri? Ow"|| it written OTI (lie label of each Int'tie, ha all other* a-c worthier. If in any ci- lit 1 ih uld fail to product ths deaired effect, thi monej will h returned. Manufactured and for *a!e by Kern* Owen. Vo. Hiith Avemu . Agent* ( . II. Km/. '? ! Fulton streef ; H. T Ku-r tcd, 5Jf| Bf 1 wlw n : C. 1 hsateuy . 140,4 B ?wei); '?. I.1.1 ?iy, 35 HI a th Avvnue, Dri/^i*U; atta Mamol, 1 la ir-d reader, Broad s..% mIf/ IwituiwrM'r BO( )K- KEEI'IN G. rpilE CountilK r'x'in, "f SH ^ . ' t".t? .' 1 11 A A. M. t >''P. M. in ... i lit I m.-r rh.nt. .ml o!hrn m.y ?T?il thnni..-l?n. ' i ' i-jir-tr :i..ii fh.i i. truly |?r?rti<**l ; "?* tli.t rinl . . . > i t. f.' rn.i tin.' of . omm. rri.l trumctl'iM ?n I mrrr.i.nir r v.i ...? ??>? .ml m wl.i.'t. tlm .iM.lni' ?<'tu..ll> hi 1- ? '..I 1 .!., in '....iifniv h.. i.e. T?thn.f hnn .ri- ?rnu .'ii'.*'! \ritl.'!.* i.|y*r tiwr'a iri ut ition. In- drairra to ?av. that I i* | .innj il work or IkHik-ki'vpins In. |n?-H into it rditioiia ; that it rrffjui iti jirafrrfnT ill tin' Nrw York I'nl !ic Hrhoola, other lax* notiriiti< n* ; and that Im*"lt nn the honor of brio; If-a, minli-il loiVi of b'-.U-kf in.' for the " Merraoti! I.ibtar A??o' i*t'"ii" "f tliii city. Pro?|*ctu?r?, with terma, inm b> had al (hf rounlin.' room* a? alio**- a'M lm?li? I BON VARD k I*. DKLAMOfTK |!iirr rr-o,ierrril tini *i K '.ling Room*, "ii in i.nj-ro* i-d *1TIt. at^Ntairu *1 rr-rI ?lr re tin . aie r ?d> ar ill hour* to fnrniah for Drfaltfr*! aie. Pirnier, the rlinireat lliinr* wliirhth*- a-aaon offeri. and wil i n.;..*?iir to no III a lilo ni patronage, by ill*ink ??ti*f.n iion li ill who wi I I lor lh> ni withtheir !?rrIfore. tnl7 l? *r I) OA II 1)1 M I.?A II-* >- < I II. ltil-ra w ill I., lak.n in i|f I) *11.1 reaperlahle (aonlv. Ar dy at No. 201 ( 'niton ?| pi7 t?ni? r I OS C?()n Bund j iflrmoon, al . nni lohn ft, s .! bar1! lj Loon Ulaml. a riiainotnl t latter I'in. A lib r. * ml nil I'll.', if found, by lea* nut itat 20', Wall .trref I.a. ofliri lanionnt. i.i 17 II ?r (2?4I 11(1(1 W \ S'Tf.l)?Oii )*. :..1 t nil in< : ' ^yjyj\J ty aitmfnl in th* H. on 1 War*!. Any <1* irmn <?f iniktu^ mi iut? tint* nf, ma> ivl(lrf?? fn lv i .VV f'arlc ;?<?*! ofltar. m 11 Iff ff*l VI ANOANKSI * f Mai f.?r ?al< K, PF,RS*K L BROOK* ni if,,'.'-' DANK Ok i' M \ IIV \s oKO-v it i: i. . *J dee il l! at 2 M l I I III diaconnt, by ... .. . (?*, I I, WIN I'Kn * pHKCKS \, .1 nr..|a. Honda, bought al : mr|8*,'.?c J- O. WINTKll, JO Wall at. .jinae Aurtlwn SnitiM BY THOMAS BELL. ( Startt Sum "O . iutt ai't ! I.t h'r ilotl 'irttf ) we?m:?>dav7 4 ?uiin .1 u uit Furniture "i a i imil) . h iij um 0 ?piug. in.I I ipleiHlid lot of ?il?ttiiuu uiiiin tilUi, witlio i ( II III | M I I I III THURSDAY. At it'1-, o'clock, iu tin* ftult* ro'im. f i?imi ) ut? W ,t ,ijt n , mi*) by catalogue, v%til he ...I'l in MI'1 IMIHI And ,?rw ma||, yam' tnH M M iw> orte?. b> till* In st nuk. .. in the world, mid nioit pfwh* ?h w .\\ rioi?i|?a4i?.ib> H^untr.. They will b- Saved .nil,, i* -Ucef ?l ?r? 11 r riainiiiati?<n. The sub; y, Jib:* ppaiuvr, ll 11??* bOtll IiImiVi' gland. Or.At the sain* tun. two valuable "Tirana, suitable fur .null rhurfkt or |iarlnr, our of which ro*t SOOO. \Ui?, the entire eh ;mit collet ti.>n of i?tintioK? uow exhibiting n the mill ol the ?*le rwonu. fcr. V RID AY, At I0\. o'clock in the %\\r? room, Vartelv Sal*?Dry Goh)*, clothitiic, itwtlry, ht.d* m*. ftnry air I plated articles, watches, perfumery, hosiery, groceries, kc. \lso, about 2>0 volume* very choice BooUt, which * ill He ?rr ?ng? (I in suitable lots. SATURDAY. At 10*% o'clock, at the ?il*t room. Splendid Furniture Halt?The entire elniaut furniture of .? family lately removed from Dloomiugdate for conv? nicn<~* of '.ale. At 12 nYUtck. < Lou and Garde n?Will In* one* more sold subject to 1 ri i<>it of dower, the bciuiiful cottage and two lot* of ground. l? ;nnt girth n shrnlib: i\ kr.. known a*. IS Cornelia atroat. M feet from ami 100 dem>. Full particulars Mini irririi at lire lima of**l? a? well as for tj>* .? ???.?n for the second *ilr. Monday. Large sale of leg ?ht %ji<I vhlmMr paintings. framed ongra* choice book*. 5t; on Monday. id the lufi ruonu, 22 Auu ->lre*t, form* rly th? Epuroi*! pri ?s also anic tirua vnluab!') , improved printing pr> *.es. _ BY WELL k ARCI LARJl'8, Store cornn * l In oath-jay and Duane $tret(. f At 10 o'clock. on the premise*. Splendid 1- uraitare and I mios?An extensive variety of beat iTiuu** furniture. including wardrobes, burrius, French bed* stead*, fir?t quality l?eds and bedding, French ami half b rench inHii'^ tiiv and maple chair*, tufted tud spiiug ?eat softs, pier, dimhg and centre fable* ; lookiug glas% ?, toilet table*, See. ; aWo I elegant chandelier, aevrcial pain catidlt tick*, .everal ?plcudid pianos, lucluditu: one by U ilkius a New hall, of the most rv piuiiH tone tout h and hiiith ; one by L, Oilbeit, a brilliant in ttrumen*, togefhei with some other makers, combining all the modern improvemt nt* and ot tl?u bc*i materials and workman manshtp. Also, '2 fine organ*. suitable lor parl>?rs or email churche*. otio elegant rw^unod piano with octagon legs, m?dr by Dubois, B icon 6^ I lianibei*, 1 elegant J*?Tcn?* glass, a rich set of Lug lisli tic a red him! gilt china, coal 1M) dollars, a large and eicclb ot *?nortmeut of bedilinc. 6ic. ffce. ni|8 It* K. 11. LUDLOW, Atictioneer. A 88lONF.ES SALK?Valuable Ileal Lauir, at Port Rich i\ mood. Statin Island.?R. if. LUDLOW will >ell atau.tipn, on Tliuradny, the 19th of May neat, at 12 o'clock, at iha \lv rch.ttitKx? h inge, the fjllowiug property, vit>?tour fronting Broadway. as No*. 21, 23, 25 mid 27. Alio, two lot* fronting on Third street .is :< ami 5. Alw, three lots fronting on Fiilh arret* I, a* No*. 2, 4 and 0. Also, .two lo'a front it 4 ?>u B?o ul way, ?*s No*, 56 and 50. Also, four lot* fronting on h ?"*'! w ay, as Nu?. 54,60, >8 and 00. Also, four lota fronting on II . i ton street, aa Noa. 15. 47, 49, and 60. AUo, eight lot-< on Broadway, a* Nos. 6*1, 86, 07, 09, 71, 73, 76and 77. AJ , three lot* fr??ntin< Sixth afreet, as Noa. 1, 3 and 6. The above lot* are located in a beautiful situation, being right in front ol the hayt and about tivc minutes walk frp:n th?* Lading. and are w II situated for cottage*. The situation L tiucvu* ingly healthy, and the neighborhood i? all handsomely imprc fe?h There are two or three steainboata ruiit.iru: to and from the rit , rlo-ee or four tirnea a dA) , during the whole y xr. Ttu.n i* nl?o four lenominatiotn ol churches in the neighborhood, v. fh r? ?tiertable school h uiv s, seminaries, See. An Mipoittinity lik. thi i* ?Mom oilVred to the public Tl?* ft.J will hi ; iilsitlVi For fu.*tn?o ii?tin'uitio,!, ?,jil) Vv. C hw. C-rtli.L'e, 107 W ? street, or to E. II. Ludlow, No. 11 Broad !, where ! the proper!v can seen, tr1'. ','iv * N. 13. The * lr w :ll take place at loK ' ' \2 iue: 1 of 12 o'clock, a* advertiad. in order to give titn- t- th.\ *oi.. who r une fiom SluUu Llaud by the 11 o'clock boat to t?- 4 sent. H.MK.AI It VM "\n ti in r. yUHMTURE?MOKTliAOK S\L,E-Tlii?m r. .<*110 " o'dook, at No. 10 Miidoti lanr.nrar 15maJ?i , quiin...y 11 aplrniiid m.I common houaahold luiTiitoT, ronai.iiiii.' f t.?, hrdalrails, malioRanv rliair., .(toinaiu, can*1*. ' 'kii : tibltn, orocki-rv, nla***rarc, lime j.ircf, .V.. K Ait,'.Hi llic rurnilurc is t bcantil'itl |?(lor ,n of finnun i 1?ci trimmed rnriiilurc. AI?o, ? fiuc tour.I | iano fiijir, a;id o iilrmli.1 Kr. KUIia. nUlt*N r. mhacham M geo. 8 mann. BV F .I. BURNS Store 1314 yullon tfrac'. This I)nv. Wednesday. Mav II . at In o'clock. (lii continui ion, 2d day,) At the Astor House, No. 2 Bin lav *tnct. the mot r?dm? !?]? and desirable part of the stock of l>? ??U?, <li.n\ p-| ~r, %tniionery, cutlery, and Orncy Koo<h; }Uo in etcaiiii riicuD'jinj? library of volunu aniotnrst \%huh are''some ? hi, run ui xilunbh work*, log?*th?*r w ith a large . ?db clion of re ? nt j utlication?|h> celebrated authors, tin- xvb l? bring well worthy the attention of the trade and others* a' thr Auct ion Rooms, and th * place of ml*. N. B. Tne - ii? ill ri j mm< uc it lot Qui . / \1 i Tl(>N ( LKRK.- \ sltuath>n want 2Tiii ilw iEove ft* parity,.by a |iersoii fullv competent. 8ativfucr**rv refimce*J given. A lint addrcsst-?l to \V". CI., atirti.* i <lor.*, |.'?i Br u?iKf, M II BMN t w illi prompt afti prion. tniH t VTOTK'K TO KUHNITrRK~BFVTRv-"V7V W TON MKKKS, No. 31.Y Bnudwav, n. at t' H would draw the attention of the public ') ' h? will ,*cii ?, Tt v did Cabinet Kurniturt at In iht cent. leta tb n the in . ? nhtj ?>r work in now ifJlin; at tin auctions?'eo\jij.' *? i f f), r,. , Couches, 8ofas, covered in different colon d plushr ami haii cloth, ??i 'hi I it est Spring . tu ins. 1J .% .fa-\ rfcOPLK/H LINK FUR \.dv*v ,\\P !> - ? iPTKO V . daily si \? u .lech, I . \i., !. >n sye j ,i... ^||.mnh,M,t t?i?-r between lourtlaoa' .1 Liberty srteets, ( Sundays etcri-nd.) The steamliTit ROCHESTER < ;p?. A. P. S', Job Ir*\v?e Monday, Wednesday and Friday on itiooun, a' o * 1 H s . The steamboat SOUTH AM F.RICA, cfpt. 1 M B -'i d, Tuesday, Thnrsd.iv, -Mid Saturday aft* uhmmi.-, .t - ? !.< k. Tli" steamboat NORTH A MKKH A, * ?, 0.1 M. P Tm ... dell, leaves Tuesday, Thursday, am! Katioda;. alter ..,?* five o'clock, f?r Alb.uiv aid inferior diatc place 1. The above boats are new and substantial, are furni?h?"1 w ith elegant state rooms, and in all re*|M*cts arc uasurpiwtfd c.n?oug the 1 i?i Lon River steamers. For jM.**aj;e or freight, apply on hoard, or to P. C. Seiuilt?., at liie olfice on the wharf. 111IC "Kt3H ALBANY Ic t'SOV. ami TTiierme* GL-??*s^3*di tte place**?The splendid low pi ??ure SmEX trsin'.Hjiit SWALLOW. < up t A M'f^an. will lease the foot of f uurrianat :.trcet, thin ( Wei];** <*Uay ) afternoon, M*\ .? o'clock. The DK WITT CLINTON. Cap!. S. R. Tine, on Tnursdav afternoon, at 7 o'clock. The above are substantial boats, fitted up with elrraiit fHate Rooms, and for accuminodatMiis are unn\ailed on the Hudson, min ltr SE & M OLD KHTABLI811KD PAB8AOE OFF1CR far Cabin. Second C dun and Pte? |*'.,:?., Passenr* rs, from Great Britain and Irelnjd, No. 61 Houth sfreet; New Y ork. The siibsciilnir* contiime to inake enttaffeiueiits in t his citv for praxes from Liret* pool of | rrsons residitur in F.ii^land, Ireland, Scotland, and \V tie*. whom their friends in thi? country max xr?*h to - end for. The Ship* rnrn|M>siiic tlii* Line sail ev< i v xvrek; they are sil of first ?lass, copnered, and American built; coruiiiand?-d by skilllul and carcnil inrti; and the firvjtirney and punctuality 01 flu ir departure previ uts^thc heavy ri|wnif< which often occtii hv pU-lay in Liverpool, 1.. a? agents of the first respect ability are now ciiv up-a there, who run he dejierided on. Pai otM who send for tneir frienu**, may rely that erei-y afrrnurm xx ill be given by them to promote tin* ccinfoif of the 1 assenctft hieainbott.o arc rrtul? ly lunmnv to Liverpool from the xariou* portvot Ireland. F xtland, etc., by xvhirh a free passage Can be -tiir '1 ed. Th- t'a.e fioin Liver| ool l.? N? xv Y'< ili l? UUW crtR s. lcra'dy reduced. DnftAVI". an> amount t* assi?t in pr* i ari;ig: or the voyage are given at thi* ofTice, )*ayahlr throughout the United hiui dom. Applicutmu* fpm peraons rrsidiny iu the *'ir.utry. |K-t p id, v. ill lie p'omptly alt* udrd to, and \ a**afr? from N* *x Y o.k to Liverpool can ai- he eturf.'-d 011 the most reasonable teriru. JOHN HERD Si AN, 1 . , CI South tel r east of Wail tAjfcr FOR NEW ORLEANS?Packet of the lgrh.? Vf irAPkTim superior, fist sailing ship VIRGINIA. Cap* "fA iTwiP it 'll xx ill pnsineelv sail j* above, ami can hand somely accommmlatf v It mil *1 iiiimber (Y ? ahin, 2d cabin auu c? era*'- pa 11*.'* is. if iriurirdij.e rviilu'itioii n. rn vic to JOHN HERDMAN, mlUc _ j?' Bouth sireet ! OK HA LL? 'I Tie w?-Tl kdoxxn last sailing SVTr 1 il' ship FLORIAN, r fattened atid cop.f^,i ",ed lunthrii it'tnii xvtll louini in sail and rig?in% , and rm ?i i?t to . n \x ilh lii:b cxpetue?^lies at pier j North Rix r k >u tciu.i, u| pi j Ij NICHOLAS MOHAN, u t^ BOY D i?. HlNCKF.N. in!:; _____ ' nt*n Bm.Ji;,, M'K SAI.i. I 1 i | i" i ' 1 ' rn 1 t 1 MrlflrWr.iti.vrt ?l Int- llt.Rhil. I urth? u Ho torn, limit <ti cot'pt'r- a in S.*pi?i?ih i Ma t. wrII t- uu l in >?]? ?11?I riKitiutf, aii?I in i for oij ?o ?r??. Adplv to liti BOYD k HINCKF.N ' mim BoihJinj kAy FOR I IV ERPOOL 1 kn - iha , h May TBr m I# n Ipl r-yular r ? U t SHKFIDAN, KantAiti MMmImiTm M'\Mi r. xs ill sail -** ah .? , lii r rrt ill .r d iV. %T7ip !ms apleinlid arifitrimoilatt.u* tor iliiti, ?c f' < al?in ami %v. , t-t- . i%-? nj?i i . Aj i Iv t John herd > \ ?. N. it.?tWwM sciium; i . thrir friend* ic?iJio.' mi lint But till or Irrlan.l. ran have fl?rm brought out b. tfh*r "t ?,* r? |m kitv ?r I fi.?t cU i ;n.". rit -Ion- Iravin* Liv*t? ; > !v . kl V. t)r.r to tti v tfiiotiur rm al*? Ik furnuh J, #>?!? thmrvho'il th 1'iit ?J Km Jem, bv applying at a?? >? . mil _ A4R&- PASHAOE KOH Ll VK H F(TOL?Unit,-J Line? STWrVft. !> ?'! I. ' ' s .? ?'? , iStfci?i,,f'l-'THKK.? Krt, lOtw r u< bu t'- n. Ci, t u., A. i. imt-r, ..iiU |???iti*r|> T *-moitow. T ,u ?h|?h?t no tr. a ?lr omit o. fnj ral n J -.ibin arid atrrraff* p -.wmwill b? * ik n o m if#-*, it carl)' apiiif ' ion f>? tnailr on 1 ir'l f I . * t?; I ii, or l' W ai .i T.TAT?' Di , i f |; H P# r?on? within,' to ml tor 'heir. Irtctfu, ?< itai ti.c?? broil, lit .Hf III th? r pilar I - krta, tailing weekly frm.? I/?vir hiI ; ?ihI th??*? ibont to remit mom y.f ii h # ' i.oi . a!?|. i'i all thr priaripal owns of Ore..* Britain ami I-ilar.fl, \y ippl> insr a* ahavr. ?n!7 , FOR N'K>\ OKI.EA M8-- L?'in?i .m ami > ky^JyN'- ik I III'? I nit|\. ly Fn?t Rr'jiiUi Ptrk# t?T \f ' ?Va|h ? ' mini ill".*. |witi - T'm last milin/ lnrkrt |,'|iOl \|l MIKK, ( P*'f.ill |*>sitit#'l. *.il al* "?. For lr? iirht (f i *v 1 * in Uiiilifi'ni' mn mm ?l v*n ii- , ?#ppl , on bond, -f OrlraiM wln? t" loo* oi Wall * n **t, or * F.. n. i OLLINS fv CO. V# H? I. ' ?r. <?. r til* y 11 1" tak n t?? 1m.? tor ? \% by Chit In c?>: rrrflv mr : .nr? !. \ "1 mi NYtv Orlr... , l!?Hrn U Wo wi, v ill {.rot *|>tI> lotwar<l ?II icochI* to .idbrc**. j* OLD" I INK OK LP. KLI'OfL IW K ' TIL-wislar P . l.-t <?l ihr t nl? >!*, ? 1*1.r anl- -i 'ttl Ii afm ^?Wno^ i fn*l it!in ; inrki't < < ?f.I" Ni liT y: t ?,? Hit .1* , %%?11 hhiI |HMititn[/ i.n Iliandiy, :iv 13?J? im'., **r tn*ntar <1 y. ?1?T arrornmmlationa for rahin. ?*>c?md * thin a.?- *t r-ivpi -o i. jmi, are wrll kti v n to ?.- f ir ?uja nor ? ?' ? n .. r ?I ll?? ?il |'?M? m*" , II I Hill II, II H >1 III UH HII'H ' '? I. r to UOCKF, imoTHKr* ?< CO 3.'. Fu't' i ?t. in *f ?io? i '' it J* . t H W* P^rvm* ?lt'iiron? of *?-rnIi?i* to tin* old ro ntiw ? * H * if f*ri? ii'.s mi l?r<mht out in flu' C li rnI m* * i; .. fi Li>? r jnK)l no flic 7tJ? Juli. or in m?v "i tin i?.uf f)ld Ijiir. snilitik'from flir tin hi %> , ? rn-O I. ml 19th of ?n' li month. K ffirr**p|'> ?' v? ^ r ' J*i- PALKKTSKOH MAVi.iv-f' ' I ' - -TV ST. NIl'OI.AS, J. I B. 1 ..I I. will il 'JI* I ' J'oit*. bovi) & n:v/ jo \ ? r m.1r J" " voTi BflK mv'v ?H? -' ii I^MWThr t'-t Bl o l>. ? -! c ... JUEI&II l?. will ??il I-- . . Tlii, A-r r*hin. wr-nul. . .. ... ?ir>( mr-ri. Al"' up ? ?!"? ly I"' !** r. -iify a.M *ccnmm<Hlilif n ol |n.? ' "kI 'I'"" '" "'I < > ?m ihI*.lli. .ii..i:I.I 'il ill I' 'PI ll''?*l.i" mlS'r ULOVKIl i Ml-.Ml lt?uy. JoflJ'.i. . ? . . >?H, TO LliT."Tli? Htnrt, l| Miuan itind, in l ,i II .*1.1 Biiildi'i.. Apply ? ll"' ll'-ral.l Oilier, 1U .V...111 ?i* 11111*1 of piiltoti. ir*7 |y*i?. W KI HMHHK.I) IIOOMS-'Fi Lit fJi "m.' 1 tTw m 11, "I Ci Kr uil.lin .tn et. whliin oti>'ilnor hi B. nuln iy. 1,1,7 lw ??r oPLKNtilH HAM'S ANII DAT|IMT?^A. I><% ?>|l n ti ll flu? morning ftt lil BrmuUv nt 10^ oVIock, ? h -?? 'fi'iiI lA'Ttrnttlt of irnnhotwr pUtiH of many fnrirt?r? ?!?1 fit**1 in?l*, .imout?i which nrr of three liJUidKimr w * *?i*J . ? r?nium?of r\oy* kind*. \l-KM |w>t? d?Mi?? in din-owJi rt with m*nv new VJtriHi**. H*l<-1 <>otive, ?nd dkacrtinr i%|* tent ion of th?* ladies. tnl0 It* C

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