Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1842 Page 3
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b (&- IT IS NOW SETTLED IN THE MINDS OF the best remedy for Dyspepsia. Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma i rtx>j Whooping-cough, andall diseases sf tin H Lung* nnd Windpipe. This medicine i? recommeodu. bv medical men of the highest talent, Clergymen am others who have found relict from in use, Weiay iftii to !!.. !' ;.i- it cull he relied on aa a reined v in thcal'm. the people generally thai Covert's Balm of Life is decidedly ^Ka^asLS. This medicine hai been submitted to the acrutini ^^Vjting teat of the medical faculty, whose certificatea may 1? ^ t?eeu tiy railing on IIr. Covert at 135 Nassau street. ' l?i Vlrmlng's medicate J Diarrhea Candy, Dinner or Tonic / Candy, Worm Candy, and hif gene'ral Cathartic Candy H at the -ame place. Agents far the sale of tbis medicine.liJ Wider, 79 Fultuu, SB William, 10 Asttr House, 27:.' flrosd'fay, S3, WJ, 10s Bowery, 35 nth avenue, 949 Orecn wich, an*.' tio ihotrosnn C'wt. 76 Fulto i, Brooklyn ^B J N. ii. Dr. Coope.'? in'slitl U: Corn Salve *t 135 Nassau ^B? StMl I (??- DIARRHOEA, OH SUMMER. COMPLAINT. Sherman's Restorative Lozeugu. cure in a trie licit time. Mr. Iluntiiv, High street,Brooklyn, says In hat cur ?ovaral cav'os oi long standing, when all otbe ^B i" failed, by a few of these lozenges. Thay opemtt ^B Lkc j t harm, as much so as the Camphor Lozenges do foi ^B headache or sea sickness, and every body knows they curt ^B those complaints in tire or ton minutes. Dr. Shermans H warehouse is at l'KJ Nassau street, one door above Ann. H {fcy AMERICAN MUSEUM.?A splendid perform Hr ance takes placa here this afternoon at four o'clock. The hour has been changed from three to four, to ttccommo^B da ethe p tirons of the establishment. Barnum is achiev in ?won ierahero. Ovsrtwelvethomand persons visited thu Museum on the F'ourth. The attractions this week art; unusually rich. The Gipsey Qirl, with her wondet fu! prophechtes, rem tins a short time longer. The Mys^ tcrious Lady, who on the Fourth astonished all who hoard iicrf was prououacm iw uc iuc moil wunaenui perform ;r w ho ever appeared in America, ii now exhibiting every day and evening at the Apollo in Broadway, near Canal street. Every nodv ought to give her a call. On Monday next, the model of the City of Dublin will l>e exhibited at the Mun um. Balloon ascension this afternoon. CHATHAM THEATRE.?Superior attraction re offered at this establishment to-night, in w hich the i n " tire talent of the company Is brought into requisition.? Khakspeare'l Henry the Fourth is produced with the following powerful cast : Mr. Thorne as King Henry, J. R. Scott an Hotspur, Hield as Prince Henry, W. Jones a< Fa'.statr, Stevens as Vernon, C. Mestayer as Poins, and Mrs. Blakeas Lady Percy. The grand German legendary drama of Der Freischut/., (the beautiful music ofuhicli, . under the direction of the new leader, Mr. Marks, is admirably performed,) is added to the tragedy. City despatch Post, 46 WlLLIAM Street. pRirtctrvt, OrricE.?Letters deposited before half-past 8, half-pust 12, anii half past 3 o'clock, will he sent out fci delivery at 9, 1, sud 4 o'clock. r Branch Ornces.?Letters deposited before 7,11, and 2 o'clock, w ill be tent out for delivery at 9, l.uud 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. GREIG, Agent MONEY MARKET. Tuesday, July 5?6 P. M. An exceedingly small business has been done to-day in tlio stock market, and prices generally gave way. Long *" Island fell Indiana 6's Mohawk J, Harlem rosa 1 J. Tho Petersburg, from Vera Cruz, brought $18,673 in specie. A rumor was rife in the city that the dificulties between the U. States and Orcat Britaia have l>een settled on a solid basis. It however obtained but little credit. We have received the Comptroller's report for the State I of Connecticut. The following are the receipts and cur" ' rent expenditures of the State for the year commencing 31st March, in the years 1841, 1842 :? Finances or Connecticut. 1841. 1817 Currcutexp?n?e?, 90,161 86,91k Hrreipti. BiUncc April 1st, 18,348 11,317 ? FVfciled houd?, 1,787 2.M6 tSuu Triton i'ro/iU, 5,"00 13,000 Taxes, 46,200 47,301 Bank Stock, Itc. 27,913 32,394 106.797 101,082 Surplus in Treasury, S) 1,517 $19,878 The Stato has some old revolutionary debts unliquidat ted of about $1,235 only. The property of th<^ State con. sists in Bank stock, or subscriptions of the State to thi capital ef sundry banks, which may be withdrawn on giving six months' notice as follows : Bavr Stock hot Tbansfeiiable, Hartford Bauk, 1.ibi Shares at $1(10 148,100 Phoenix do 090 do do 89,000 N. Ilivendo 271 do $'!00 51,800 Middleton do 593 do S!0tl 59,300 F.irm?r?' k Mcch. Bank 7 do do 700 352,200 Bams Stock Purchased aiso Tra^sferabi e. Hartford Bulk, 144 Shares at $100 11,100 Phoenix do 291 do do 29,100 N. Haven do 19 do S?00 3,900 47,60' $399,800 This property has remained entirely, undisturbed throughout the year in amount and valuo. Tnedividends have increased upwards of $4000. The rate and amount of each Bank has bean as follows : . Co.vnat'ticct Bark Dividends. 1841. 1842. ' Rule. Amount. Ra't. Amount. Hirtf >rd, 3.S 11.396 3X 11,396 do eltra, ? ? 1 3.2 si Uriiuauix 3Ji 8,2118 3>? 0.23.1 L New H'.ven, 3*5 4,102 1 4,639 Midill.ton, 3% 4,109 31. 4,ISO Farmers'fc Mech. 3>? 49 3>* 49 $27,943 $31,827 This exhibits a most excellent state of oflairs. The fiaances of the State, with a population of 239,075 souls, o< j which 91,609 arc actively employed, 60,000 in agncultu.^ an 128,000 in manufactures, are conducted with a degree of frugality and skill that are unequalled. The State is go1 verned in a manner that produces the " greatest good to the greatest number," affording a complete illustration o: the triumphs of democratic principles, at an expense Oj $.-G,uO0 less than $1 per head for the active population. H the whole Union was geverned at the same ratio of expenses, the expenses of the federal gavemment would be little over $7,000,000 per atinum. Other States have, however, by no means preserved this prudent and republican policy. They have plunged head and ears into debt; they F have indulged in all sorts of extravagances, havo dissipated the mean* of the people, plunged them into debt to an I extent which can no longer bo endured, and they now turn round to Connecticut and the otherpound States, aiu ask them to pay the debts that the wanton folly of unp'in' cipled politicians have contracted in other quarters. The industry and frugality of Connecticut are to be made subservient to the spendthrift prodigality of Illinois and simi*' lar States. The democratic thrift of New England it to bear the burden of the aristocratic paper extravagances ol Pennsylvania. Let the farmers and manufacturers of Connecticut, who have promptly refused as often as it has been asked, to contract debts to build Stato works withii their own territory, answer whether they are ready to , pa^ for those commenced against the dictates of common r sanw amidst the wilils of the western countrv 7 Are tlic integrity and skill of the business community to be taxed for the dishonesty and folly of the politicians 7 ^.The returns of the Treasury notes show the following amount* to he outstanding on the 1st Inst.: Tbessust Notii Ovtstsi?di!?o. May I. Juntt. July 1. Total outstanding old issues, 5l3..t'i2 Issues nndsrsct of Feb. IJ, 1811, 7,.'.27,IW2 4,372,108 4,197,171 Redeemed of that issue, 4,431.001 133.812 103 , 02 ? 4,?33,?".? 4,093,901 Issues of Jan. 1012, 3,041,737 7,079,911 7,.3>,:?n Redeemed of that issue, 1,826,322 2,217,233 2,4>7,2*7 Grand total outitaadini, 7,431,729 9,100,904 9,077,000 This return presents very nearly the same result* R? the former one. About $400,000 new notes have been issuod and nearly the same quantity returned upon the Treasury during the monthThe Batiks of the western States ore slowly getting right. The insolvent institutions are, however, still struggling to uvoid inevitable liquidation. The public will and can no longer be imposed upon by these institutions. "Yet still tliey strive in fate's despite ' To rally up the desperate tight." The Shawneetown Bank of Illinois having utterly failed in endeavoring to locate branches at Springfield, Galena, and Chicago, to get possession of the wheat and other produceof the farmer for her irredeemable bills, under pretence of "furnishing means to purchase up and send off the prsduce of the country," and alto "to furnish herself with exchange, and thus suable herself to take up her circulation with profit to herself and the country." The day for this propost-.rous humbug is gona by. The people will no leugor be deceived by it. An institution avowedly insolvent comes forward and tells the farmers that if they will give her their wheat for her dishonered notes, which she caul pay, that the proceeds of the wheat will enable her to pay her old debts. Such impudent proposilUna tta?kia f,un a nor* Imnco will ? it Joke of a mountebank. Thii tame bank at hor laat report had a circulation ot 5960,000, which ahe says the has not the mcana of meeting. Suppose now she comas into the market and buys $900,000 worth of wheat or exchange drawn against it, she will then have a circulation [of $1,800,000, and $000,000 worth of wheat or exchange to pay it with. The purchase of the wheat, If stimulated by the funds of the bank will be a speculative one. It will betnkea at the risk of the buyers, and not grow out of an actual demand for the article; consequently the opeiation may he a losing ono, In which case the bank will not receive back the face of h?- bills and cannot pay th?m Suppose, however, instead of keeping the bills of exk change until mn'urity, she wishes to sell them lor her circulation; there being but little demand, sic will crest? one. To do fo she begins by di<count>ng the no'cs of the S dealers. They come East snd buy goods of all sorts, V which, loaning upon the hanks for facilltiea, they timet put to the farmers and are thereby enabled to I'orca off a jM-gaguMtttf. To pay for those goods thoygotothe * I ink for its exchange. This dttmalJ willj th?n always ear a proportion to the extent of the discount! originally ivcn to the dculer, and the rate of exchange depend! upon te bank itself. It fixes the discount on its own hills, an, peeives them hack in pay ment of exchange at from .t to ) l?r cent discount. This latter is now >he rato in Wa ama. This charge the dealer adds to his good!, and .hi armor pays it. The only way to guard against it is no' o touch the hills of a hank that docs not pay specie. She cannot then charge more than a proper rate, say 3 per cent .'or the exchange, because specie wuuld be taken in preference. Under such circumstances, she mutt husband ter resources and must apply them to the proper objects. Mlinoit maybe considered without j bank. The Indiana dank and all its branches, with the exception of two ait paying specie, cs follows r.tvtxo artLiK. Richmond, Terrehaut, Indianapolis, Madison, Lawrencehurgh, Kort Wayne. The Bedford and Evansville branches have taken ndvuu* 'age of a most absurd law, which exempts them fr- m the obligation of paying their debts Jtu ti brokers fr :n distant States. Of course so ridiculous a prevarication destroys thcircredit. The Miners'Bank at Dubuque was to have paid specie on the 1st instant. The Missouri Bauk at St. Louis has wisely adopted a resolution to receivo and pay out hereafter, only its own notos and gold and silver. When this institution some time since adopted tho same resolution, it crsated a tremendous uproar. The papers were teemiug denunciations against the luckless concern that chose to be honest at all hazards. The measure now meets w ith universal approval. nucn nas uoeu ih puuuc npcntsico 01 tne baleful effec U of the paper 9 vat cm. Sales at tlie Stork Exchange. MX) N. V. 3'-, 185# fi t 25 shires Moh'k RRJs 30 Ifl1 311(H) Indiana Dol, Bonds 22*{ 25 do do r lO'i 2000 do do 227. 50 Hirlrin RniRoad I!)1., 25 shares Do!. Si Hud. O'i'.j 35 do do ifi'j 31 Ain.-r. F.i. Bank 5i>la 2(H) do do b til w 13 50 Look Island lliilroad jo 50 do do o 19 150 do do 41i.r? 35 Syracuse <1 Ulic* r 110 50 do Uo ID.'s Second Board. 15 shires Harlem IIR l>39 19?^ 100 shares H irlein RR 1>30 19j< State of Trade. There is very little doing in a general war. -CoffeeSales 500 hags Brazil at SJ a 10 cts; 1000Laguyraat 9s9|r; >00 St. Domingo at 7a7} cts and a lew small lotsof other kinds. Molasses -Some rejected Nuevitai sold at IS cts, the good had brought 22*23 last week ; 100 hlnisNcw Orleans brought 1G cts; 125hhds. I'orto Rico, l7alS cts, and >00 hhdssame kind by auction, 1lal5j cts, and 33 hhds. 17 cts. Navnl Stores?Sales of Turpentine from Newborn tnd Murfreesboro'at $3,31 a 3,37}, and 500 bids. North County, selected barrels, at $2,76. Selected Tar sold at $1,56 a 1 62}. Spirits of Turpentine sell at 32a33 cts. for Southern. Oils?600 brls Whale sold at 32 cts gallon ; English Linseed is selling inconsiderable parcels at 7'JaSO cn ; American sells at SO cents ; Olive in pipes sells at 80a.-<3 cts. Com Trntle.Flour has slightly improved since our last report. Michigan and Ocncssce arc up to six dollars a barrel. The new crop and its speedy transit to market continue to create uneasiness w \h the factors, inducing them to Hell at prices show rug a general decline. The receipts of Flour at Cleveland, Ohio, in June, arc 67,054 bhls?last year,80,009 bbis?-deficiency, 13,979 bbls; vhichhasall occurred in the las^two weeks. Several oat loads of Hour have been received from Virginia and tlier ports on the Ohio river, which have sold afloat ai $4 69 a 4 37}, according to quality and condition. That market on the 23th ult. w s influenced by the New York idvices, and purrhasors were backward in giving $5 from warehouse ; about 1000 barrels were sold afloat at that price. Wheat is falling off rapidly^ and several of the steady purchasers from New York have closed their operations tnd left. The receipts are 197,43-1 bushels?last year, >34,096 bushels. The highest price paid was 112 cts for a very superior lot for Canada, and various other lets liave been taken for same destination and Buffalo at 109 cents or goou rxorcnern. xne last aaie 01 soutnern wn at lOo cents. Last month 119,-53-J barrels of flour, and 6-2,556 bu?htl? of wheat were shipped from Rochester for the east. Foreign Markets* Buenos Avars, May 7.?No transactions in doubloons, plata macuquinn, nor in dollars-, six per cent stock 60,i65; xchange on England 31 pence per dollar; France S3 n cent per dollar; Uio Janeiro 17al"j per pntacon; Montevi. leo lGjald' do. Hides, ox, for-Englaud ami Oermany 6lu >2 per peseda; France, 58ai>5 do; North America 64afiti lo; Spain 60a6-2 do; hides, salted, 49a53do; do horse, 16u 'Ooach; calf skins56a6S; sheep skins, common, 3-2a3l per lo/.en; do fine 36a33 do; deer skins 16al8 doj peat skins :.j.i40 do, nutria skins 4a tj dol. per lh.; chinch ill skins 90a 100 dol. per dor.; horse hair, short, 40a4-2 dol. per arroba; lo mixad 43a46 do; do long TAalOO do; wool, eommonj cashed, 18*25 do; do picked, 37aS9 do; do shorn from kins 42a65 do; do mestizo, dirty 16al0 do: tallow, pure, t3?31; do raw 18a'23 do; do with grease -27a-28 do; jerked herf 14a'2G per quintal; horns, mixed, 300a350 per thou and; do ox 600a7C0do; shin bones 160al70do; hide cut. ings 3ln3t> per 100 lbs.; ostrich feathers, white, '20a-2t2 pei .t>.; do black innjo do; salt on board isa'20 per fanega-. lisconnt ljatljper cent per month. Married. On Thursday afternoon, June 30th, by the Rev Mr. Black, Mr. H. 8. Shafkr to Miss Jisr Ann R. /kller, both of New York. On Saturday, Mr. Alfred Fif.ld, to Miss Charlotte Errinoton, lioth of this city. In the parish of Iberville, La., Lt. Henry L. Smith, U. S. Corps of Engineers, to Miss Armai.ik Hekkrt, of Iberville. In Washington, July 1st, Mr. C. B. Thompson, editor of he Le Roy, N. Y., Gazette, to Miss Elisarcth L. Baldwin, daughter of the late Frederick Baldwin, Esquire, of Washington. DIM, Yesterday morning, James Blkecker, in the 73th year >f his age. The relatives ard friends of the family, and the members rf the Veatry of Trinity Church, are invited to attend the funeral without further notice, from his las* residence No- 47 St. Marh's I'lace, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at 5 o'clock. On Sunday, Charles, son of Edward Quadah, late of Havana, aged 17 years. On the 27ih "It. at Grftvescnd, L. 1., Mrs. Ann, wife of Simon C.'Oerritson, aged 36. On Sunday last. Loi n, daughter of the late John D. Vi mar. On Sunday, Bens. Oirman, Bged 69. On Sunday morning, Dr. Robert Kortwrihiit, in his 13d year. At Brooklyn, on the 3d inst. Wm. Radcliif, Esq. of this city, aged 7b. On Saturday evening, Elizabeth, wife of Geo. Hammeke*i, aged 82. 1'assengers Arrived. Havre?Shin Louden?Mr Hammond of Boston, Mr Resse htkI lady, Mr Ro,ehjt-rn?241 iu steerage. VervCruz?BriJ Petersi-iirs?J da Blond, R C Ledwsid, fj O Darkini, J Beutleyand laJy, Mr E Barker?3 iu the iteeiajr? Port Leon?Bri Billow?Mrs P II Swsim slid cliihl, Mrs E Poo'e, Mi,? S Pool", Mrs Jenkun and 2 children, Mr J S Scott, |-?djr and 2 ch tdr< n. Benj W 'I ucker, W Valenlinc Seum-n, Dirius Bsron, Gueiavns O W?t, Win MeNau^ht. Martin Dow, M Robinson, J Hastings, John Stone, Wm G.etn, K Kioter, Wm HP<tre?. Kiev West?B.-ig Billow?Miss Randolph, Mr Elzitardi, Mr Bowno. Charleston?Br g Clinton?Mrs Lsrbornngh, Mrs P.uld'clord, Mrs Lippitt and 2 children, Mrs F?Y, child and "ursr, Mrs EcJiek, Mrs Flags,Miss Eddy.Miss Halney. Mi-s Boise,Mi,s Oodsri , G B Cammim-*, Edit raddleford, B W K snick, F if Klagg, C Lippiit, L F Cooke, P A Haywaril, H Sis-are, M Jackson, J Anders n, C E R binson, Ororge Rcnl, E H srvey, William Scarborough, Master Parkinan aiiJ Ssrvanl?10 in the steerage. Passengers to Arrive. Afalaciiicola?Brig Alabama fer New York?A Hsncoek. lady an > 'hree children J Gib,on, Inly and child, Di J hn Oniric, It Hurd, John W B bcrsck, Je?,e Let, R G Porier, 8 Benezct, L A Markhand. K C Roberts. AeaLacmicola?Brig Camilla for New York?Mr? Weed, Mr Boa and lady, Foreign Importation*. Havana?Ship London?3 bales Sehnlta A Bl?ud"n?I ease D' rhim (k Moore?I do Laie* A i.smsou?10B cases glass Bju aget & hunter?23 eks wine H .J Well. Vera Cruz.?Bug Petersburg?I Ids Jalap root $13,133 in oerie, F Del Hoyn?$12,000 do 377 Hides 78>1 niiinuL fustic llr rffoua Brother, A rn?13 pks ikinns G it F Sebum sclu r? * ltd 1' ul P.'W it CO?$133 Midi it Pollitz? MM) A I'alriihu? $.ii,i J ile Is Orainia?$113 R Rsfsre!?1 pkg H.vrtleta it Kirch ?113 hides F Kerch? I bale mg E H Lacomb? $130 Cvnler It co ?1 til waz C Hencbel. Port Leon?Bo-.; B llow?1 bos Clns Maprs?2 bal-? wool 17 hsles cot'on Holbrook, Nelson a co?163 bale- cotinu Smith, Mills Acc?-8 Perkins. H<>pkiii> it Whip ?18 do 16 rolls b athet 3 balea moss Spear A Patten?31 bale* cotton Maithu.d, Kennedy It Co?13 Bradlev, Brooks it c 20 Center It co?3 hose, tobacco P D Collins?46 bales cotton to order. Domestic Importations. Savannah?B.ig Clinton?10 eks vice O- o B ilkley~-|j Wetm re A B liedict?338 bale, ei tton O Collin?30 do Bo art It Ki eeland?79 Er'I-, Porter A Collin.?'! II Jsfftai?2 E Or sea ? 1 lull A 14 Van Net?1 hlnl Hasila'd, K-ese A Ci?I do W H Tall man?I do Dunham A D.mon?10 bale* Culton 6 botes to ord r, MAUrriMK 1! Kl!.\ I.I i. To Sltlp Masters. We shall esteem it a favor. if captains of yeses 1 srrivini here, will give to Commodore W. A. Baaaett, of oni 11- vs? tleel, a report of the shipping left .t the port whence the) lailes!, the vessels spoken on their imssage, a list of their canu, and mi foreizn newspejiers they inav have. Cominoslorr B isaelt v ill Board thein iminrdiaiely on their arrival. We will rcciproc .te the favor in anv way. To Correspondents Abrossd. Our correspondents in foreign jmrte are rcspec'/ully reiinested to send by every vee.el all the marine intrlligenre they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one residing at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. POUT OK SEW YORK. JtTT.Y A, Rises 4 36 moon Htsr.s- 2 3 't'N sets S4 HtiiN water 7 I Clews net. Ship B rminghsrn. II teh, Charles-on, 9 C, R T Bu k; 1, Us Glob., Beeche , G br?:Ur, F.tcli i* C Emers <1. Crawfon. Liverpool, O S 4" IL Artivrd. Ship London, Baker, 33 days from Havana, with wine, Ac , t Br ha-one Gleaner, Gale, JO days from Camrbvlltown, Srotlind, vvtih 200 tons coil, bound to St Johns. Put in beta to land li.; .trerage pa'itnge" June I, la: ?0, Ion TE. spoh- Br brU Prince Albert, Irotn Detntrara for Liverpool 23th lai <1 $g \?Et olk, July lit?Arr Hope, X York. 3d, Meridian, for J Br m-n, J lin Marsi all, for Ainsterd un, went to sea yesterday. C"l<l O n PUckney. St Julius, P U; Carpenter's Son, Tuikt , Island. , Rirnaiorvn, July 3?Cld eivi, Antwerp Arr Arson, Ouy- , a-n?, P K; Willi. Putnam, Ponce. PR; Commerce, Tro ; Wave, B .ton; Adricn, New Yorlt. hid, Richard, Boston; Vu init", Bo?t->n. Cn&RLaaToN, July I?An Moaaa, N York. Below, Medo- . r?, Nrw Lastle, D I. CM. Wvtumpka, New York; Hayne, , Havana. 8ld, S.-uilu-o-t Havre, C seciit, Providence. June 30, arr l.awrenc -, N York. savanhah June 30? Cld Clinton, New York; Ann A Par. ker, NiwY'i'k. ArrHarriet, Charleston. Went to sea, ueh-I- * lo Wis- asset July I?cld Roankf, Boston. Went to aea? ' Clinton, New York; Havre, Providcnca; Ann A Parker, New ' York. . 1 st. Afousrtot, June 19?Arr Financier, Cape Csnaverel.? 21, cld Financier, Portland, Me , \ afalachicola, June It?Cld Hudson, B wton: flat, Camil- < la, New York; Alabama, N York; 23'!, Lucas, Havre; Mails- t si.N Or'eans. ..... f Mobile, Jane 37?Cld Martha Washington, New York; Iron , t^Oecu, Liverpool. Arr, 8uow, from Tho nailon; K-salo, New , 1 nrk. New oblka**, June ESth?Cld Columbia, h 'Tie; awann. Savannah, via Mobile, in ha1 last, Canton, Borilenuv; I.iliin, N York; Diana, Bremen; Cowjwr, Boatnn; Marv and Jine. Phi* j ladeh>hi?; Lawrence Cuiolsnd, New York; Toroiuin, Mara-il" ? lea and Giii: altar; Raymond, New Yoik. A'r Alaha-in, New Yo.k; Muatoza, New Yin*; F.spandolls, Liverpool; North Keml, B ato i; |lom> r, returned in di trr", having carried her rota n .stand lmw?prit awn 2 rh, Id Caspian, N York; Cia ion, London; Rinir.'olJ, Matamoraa; A rColnmhii, Cumd.n, J AI ; Henry CI v, l'nbaaco; I aledoni i, I'oil Leon. 2fi h Arr ' ' rleir,.. New Y.,rk; Nobli a, Hoatou; Cibrsllar Dimaiiacntta; Foil- I in- Ke\ West. r 1 . " Ml 9 jfortuouese female rilijs. , 'pHF.HE far-famed and cetetnpted P^lle, from PertuMI, are, A wepcrceiva, to be obtained in this country. 8re advertise" li In! rolumn of fourth twice. i?3 ia , I )' IA \II.S ALESANDF It ti->i - I ON has rem '1 | j U tii* ('OifsuLTifro Office, to No. 3 Herald Builoiivo corner of Waamim and Fulton ifrreu. |il hn ins C p HOUSTON, M D. tiEN T18T?Mae removed to Ml t A Brovdway, between Paik Place and Murray street. J jel? rod im*r c MMIE NEW ROCHESTER T~HEXT!! E~is now onen for r A the summer tejuon, la lin and a- nt len-en of eatablished " professional renu'ation.whn d?Urn viaitinir Buffalo or ,YI ntrval in I w ah to rake lto heater in their w.y, will please address 'he lubacriber. EDWIN DEAN. , Roc'icter. J ily I, 1842. jifi-m in *r J hat lost?Between the first and I'cotul rif? on 'he J maira R >ad, between 9 and 13o'clock, on the4 h i l-'ick h >? r h t rii- :hi 1 ? r will lie liml.omili -in?i laV k le f in*-t ar thioflee, jy* 2 c i i\ rjuoui cotai \i ; Ia T?'iO tons P-in fitonY I j L< t ool, carefully lowa rtd iiithc held a-d I- -ale by JOHN HERD MAN, 1 Jy9C ' 61 South at. a IRON SAFES WAN X ED.-A larireJonblr Iron Safe I I wanted. Apply In s. C. HERHINO, r je?lwr 139 Water arreet. a B" AND Y CHEESE?1230 Pounds oTold Brandy Cheats- ? korsrieby ?, c. herri no, j?Ai I wi WM*T itmfl.j " - . I ii 47, aiioki Br brig Rotfrom St J.ilm N B, for I imt, Itl 40 S?, 'on 87 2n, tpokr Uir.iuv Mohawk, on * wr.alnm niiM-. 8\tno time, ipok- brut Kami-, from N B. df rd for lvoi lun. Brig Clinton, Lvon, 4 d<n Savannah, to Sturgra fc Cloar > n. 1 Pvtsr-Uirg, Laighton, fmin.Vvr.i Crm I Itli Jiiih*. will , iu , to Ilir.-.,^ x Biothrr- t < ft no Ain nc?n vea-vl . o< V\ Ganii. i. r.ilmb r, 3 davt from Biiatol. Pa, with I7i j intro-n to llirri?ou.ul Jrr.e) City. Bna Bi ' iw, from Port Unit IGlli June, via K-V >" ?'? . I" v'lfiniil, Ja Ltcda. Sal. off Haturasv, ??w a it.amboat, alindS W. , | Stilr \ r?t?, Kraut, froin N Oiltant, It June, and Kev W' at i ll. v n!i ::uoo tilloiis nri'ltaaaa mP'iwyjttr It Whitnivah.? Pi.o iclir Caroline, C ii?t Farnal, I"" Por'O Rico for K?y mi aalror* on lira It3d June ou tli>- Pra Patch, wa? got on to ^ .la\. 'ft<.r heat i.:. ' !?, , ?,| , f i? r c ?r , > '.f n !i,4tc Tl. vrs.,1 I ?r.i.-d in*' K..W n, biytd, and it , v t? tupo *ti--l vhr it ould I - coll i- nsiiid. Sclir H il> igh, St. ? .it, fioin W i liingt ?, NC, and 2 drya fin ) racorli, v? iili naval I'.'rea to MHehrl! k t o. S- i A'." ni'lv, V. i II i i':i. Ir'in W i ,V ni'ljilii , inn O -.:i ii I,, i> ilii n i ;! , - :.' ... I. ^clir Rip, Uridine, Newborn, NC, withntval strrra* fc>. hr M'it, I'rovv II, 3da>i from Philadelphia, with mdie, , ltd to H irt fori!. Schr Jlllimt , Wi't'lin, from Pet rrburg, with r tton, to J II I I it. , . ? Si'hi Wm Murray, H , ft in in, 3 daya froui Richmond, wit" Schr Sarah k Abigail, Iludaon, Washington, NC, with naval l' aorva. , S.-hr (' ini', Smith, 18 ,l<t\, from Mobile, with 100 !o?? filar to in jrrr?tin do Miner* k Cleaunan. 7 Schr B P Upahrr, Drittinguam, from Suow Hill, with corn ml atave*. v Srhr Mynta, 1'owltr, from Washington, N C, with naval Itorra. . . Schr Valiant, Farrow, fr.-n Washington, N C, wills naval .torrv, Schr Win Th .tnnaon, Wiilinra?, York River, with wood. ScIt Stv I'lotv, H.ibuuon, Virginia, with Wood. i S lie Hrttv A V ok It.vcr, with w > d. rui up i?> , ?? ps iii-cnionu. ? nil llllll. Marine Correupoii?l?-iicr. v OtMTTt Orncs, ) v New London, July 2, 1812.5 ? An fVi. la.t fn ui M'.hart Tmvn, with imn hbls oil. 81.1 * In co. w ith Tenedos, 1300; Neptune, 8H. 1300 hbls wh: and 3 French ?lni>? bound for Falkland 1 lanls, whaling. Sbl a few ( liv> previous, Boston. NL. 1200 wli; Pindus, Nil. I5u0;, a N'L. 1200. So >k. n ?t ilob.irt Town, .Vi|>olcou, Naur. 1300 sp, c rno wh: 1! rcl iv, NO. HW) wli: < T.-nii ii?, f??i wli. l.VJ sp; J.m t 10, off N. iv Holiaud, Falcon, N'B. inco wh 500 so; June 2i, lit il 31, Ion 6*, i|'.'ke Msreella, NB. 70 days nut, 85 bltls ?p. a Spoken. j Brig Charleston, of Wartep, H days from New Orleans, for t Providence, ou til3 2d July, 33 03, Ion 77 13, by the brig Billow. Kveihard, (Breineif) from Antwerp for Baltimore, July 2, off Fine Island, ui pilot bo l Phantom. Gh-ndoveer, from Havre, for Charleston, June 21, In lat 32, Ion 07. Notice to Ship Owner*. The followingcircular it very important to ship owners, and should be cut out and giveu to every ship master. 'J'ni .iil'kv Dt.r.iHTMrnT, June 22, 1812. / Si* Finding tlmr misippn htn>io,u prrv til at some of the V |>ort? ill i ferrnce to the proper construction to he given to tlie , act of Congress, approved the 2d of March, 1819, regulating r passenger ships and vessels," the Depirtinrnt deems it ( ;y, with a view to corre t misconstructions of its pros nious, to J i.sur spec ill ? directions on the itlbjert. ,, It ?ill be observed that the act prohibits, under severe penal- * 'ie?, the nvisti r or other person on boaid of any ship or veasi 1 t belo'ieing in whole or in part to a i iiiz n or citizens of the Uni- . ted State*, ovuic subjects or ciusetts of any foreign country, ( from taking on board >uch ship or Vessel, and bringing or carry ing into tli* United States from aay foreign port or place, or . carrying, conveying, or trnu-|iorliug Irom tin United Stales to ' any foreign port or place, "a greater number sf passengers than ten for every five toiujvl' such ship or vessel, ncrordiag to ens- ' tom-house me .surcinrnt " The measurement referred to is prescribed in the sixty-fourth serti >ti of the general collection act of the 3d of Mar en, 1799, and is in the following words, to wit: " That to ascertain thu tonnage of any allip or vessel the ' Surveyor, or such oili-r person as shall be appoin cd bv rlie Col- _ lector of the Dialrict to measure the same, shall, if the s id ' ship or vessel be double I decked, take the length thereof from the lorcpaitof the main stem to the after pait of the stern I .,., = 1 .1.. V. il. ....... . ,i.. ..i, .i... i... ..i l. .i _ . .. ... I?ait of the main w?les, half of which breadth shMI be account- r ed the d-pth of such vessel, autl sh >11 then deduct from the * length three-fifths of the breadth, multiply the remainder by * the preat th, ami th product by the depth, and shall divide this < Inst product by ninety -live, th? quotient whereof shall he dot med the true contents 01 tonnage of such shij> 01 vessel,? j And if such ship or vessel he single decked, the said Surveyor, , or other person, shall take the length and breadth, an above di- f ?ccted in respect to a double decked ship or vessel, shall deduct ( from the said length three-fifth*of the o.eadth, and, tak'iigthe depth fr in the under side of the deck plank to the ceiling in the hold, shall tnuitiply a- d divide as aforesaid, and the quotient shall be deemed the tonnage of such ship or vessel." It appears th t an error exist* at some of the i?orta in suppo* * sing that the rule of computation under some of the Stale laws, by which two or inore children of certain ages are console red as equal to th- full passenger, may be amdied in rcckoniug passengers under the net of Congress. It is deemed proper to state, that the a? t inak s no distinction in regard to age, mini i that none can l-e recognised by the oftici rs who are charged " with its ?x?cti ion; but that every person, of whatever age, 1 will be deemed * passeng r. I Although it is not deemed necessary to remark specially s upon the other provision* of this act, which are so ei, licit that the officers of the customs, it i* thought, cannot misapprehend them, it i . nevertheless, expected and enjoined upon them to take care that they arc strictly com lied with. Von arc, requested to give publicity to these instruction; within your District, as the uhIti s impostd by the act will her* after be enforced in all cases where sufficient time has been af- . lorded to correct the misappr heusions heretofore existing in regard to its provisi'<ip. W FORWARD Srcr tary of the Tratury. I To Edward CrRTis, Collector of the Customs at New York, i Foreign Ports. Qurbk( , June 37?Art Blonde, Glasgow. Thomas and Hannah, Londonderry. C d,Juci 2r, Lune, Tralee; Ebuthera, TraJcc; Gratitude. Newc tatle; Nortliumbfil*'-d. Mimic I*nd ; ! Nl is, Limerick; Couii'es*of Durham. 2'J, BridirM, London; j Mr of Ahcreorn, Londonderry; Sarah Slew ?rf, Belfast; John snd Maty, iIad?tow; Ague* and Aunt N* wry: Thos Dry den, Stockton; Rhydinl, Alwrysfwith; Elisabeth. Liv- mool. Montreal, Jtiue 30th?Arr Ferouia, Gla gow; Urania, Crd'l. ? f 8t John. N B, June 30?Arr Carni>obello, New York. CM 27th, Elizabeth, Boston; 3*Uh, Challenge, East port. j St. Thomas, June 23?In port Lev*is, Cohassrtt, fm New York for Poto Rico, to tail to-morrow ; N. Stanley , of Phila- ! delphia, from Airtiqua. for Philadelphia, do. do.; Norfolk of do, fm D mantra, lor Fhshdi Iplua hi afew diys ; Thos. II. B'-ntoti, of Baltimore fm prmarara, for Porto Rico, to-morrow; Chinola, of Philadelphia tin Aiit qua, w ailing freight: Grandee of Salem, fin Wilmington, discharging; Marhlehtad, of Marl.,,l .. a,l fn. Rm? I . (Jutted State* Port*. BaXi'.ob, July 1?Arr llill. New Y'otk. June 20, clil Volga, Hit ii . F.avtpobt, June 24?Sid Oread, Baltimore; Ligonia, Fhiladrhilii i. Oi.ncCESTra. Jane in?An- Rrtritre, Philadelphia. WliCAttET, June Will?9M Selina, Trinidad. Bun. July 2? Arr Koacnitko, Martini pie anil St Tliomat? left ai former, Porto Kico, from Bath, not told; St Lawrence, discharging. Salem, July 2?Arr II ral-L Acra, Africa, May 1.5?left no Am ricau vct*elt. Cltl K II Herrick, .V York. Slil Clinton, Philadelphia. kdoartowm, June 20?Arr Sutan, N York. Hva.inii, July I?Arr Hy Franklin, from Baltimore fur Boatoo; Fancy, Fr end, and Victor, from N York, for do. Bo?Tot?, July 2? Ar. Monmouth, Literpool, Paatrd 20th, lat 40. Ion 48, Geo Steven*, fin New Orleans for Havre ; Hciculran, New York; Grand Turk, Philadelphia; Helen, ditto; Pau'inr, do; .Magnolia, do; C'ititrn, do; Marv, ao?July 3?A'. Hiram, Buen<? Avrnatat. Montevideo 4tll M. y. Spoke 16th 1 in?t, 1 .t tft, Ion 70 20, France* Ann, 20 hour* I'm New York lor Kio Onuidr; British American, Br. Port Glasgow, Ut nits Col. Taylor. Wavhinzt'.n. N.C.; Dante, Baltimore; Ililkan. Pliila- , ilrlphia; Davidf rockett, Green Turtle Key Izthuli. Couli lia, S 'i nin th 8; Nidui, PhiluJelphia, Maii'da, do; Larch, B> u, y Itirh 1,'di, and Thorn, do; J oper.and Wolcott, New York. , Holmei s Hole July lat?Atr Diana, from Pcniaeola for Nantuek t. , NAtTftKET, June 30th?Arr Smith ItDilinz, Schuylkill; Philadelphia, Ptpladrl liia. Julv Ht?arr Imperial, New York. Sid 3flih, Elizabeth, Philnilelpiia. Hartford, Julv 2?Arr S?rah, Philadelphia; Leander, New i Y. r.; Triton, N York; Man F.mrr, Mobile; Amy W Leed*. i Philadelphia; Franeet; F ancea Maria, do; Token. N I York. Philadelphia, July 4.?Arr Alphonao, from St Johna, P R, June 16th,and Arc ibo I8tn?left 41 r t Jo-nv, Marie tt*.for B ion, to s .ii in i dvy?; Frai.ce-Jau , from and for Baltimore, in I d*yaj Daniel Francis, for B. sl> n. neit dav; Lagrange. from , Ponce, to lo-d for Charieiton; left at Areciho, Nep une, from ( Al'ona, for Bolton, loatiug; Corumerre, f om. Bat imnre, wtg , freights Litbori,from Proape-t far Bo-ton, I" iug. Al-o rr Lucy, Lubcc; 9ar?h W ilet, Boson; Heleu Gray, 9t J igo da Cull ; Vavarre, St J ,go de Cit'n; Poeaa-e1, CaUia, Me. Cul Elita, Qu bee; R-ihy, Si Joht, 1* R; Mana, Port au Piince; J fob o Jr, C?oe H.yti n; Acorn. Boston: Olive, Eaitport; Gen Warren, H rvaiu; Cur ency, W> at Indict; Mercy Jitie, n J hut. N ; Preaiiiei.t, Boston; Fla?h, B uiud. Arr in the . SchnylkiM?Sir>c, Pirtmi, N S; Atnrthytl, Luht-c; Alvano, B ?t .11; Mayflower,Boiton, At-la'U, N Bedford; Magnum B'nnrn, N Yo k; Boatoti, New York; Stir, Button; Vincent, Ba l.el w, N York. , Baltimore. J ily 3? Arr Agnev (new), from Bremen; Any- . zon, Boenoa Ayre?, .May M?'i f' T> luiiuh, for .V w York;Edwill, u i ; Thiee Brolliri, for United Slatet; D.-omo, for Salem; Afiioa, nne; Padang, do; Thetis, do; the U S corvette Decatur, Oapt. II \V Ogacn, lor Rio di Jinciro, tailed in company with the A. ALo arr Impulse, iiiva'a; Mary, 'kovidenre; Louisa, Nantiickat. U Id Col tint Ida, City point; Balti- J more, Rio and a market; ll-nry P Sumner, Km dr Jmeiro anil a m uket; PIN viu* (Br), St John, N B; Token, for B ivton; Valimt, Mew York; Mlliaent, Ne a York. Slil T' xadnr( new) New Yorh; Argy le, Valparaiao; J lin Ally uc, N Bedford; Tryai I. PrfiviH?Mir?-. PEASE & SON'S COMPOUND CLARIFIED ESSENCE OF HOREHOUND CANDY. rHISplMiiut meriiciu* it formed * \ combination oftwrn ty-fm- different iiigiedif in*, *1! ? '< brated for the curt* ? nlds% coughs, and pulmutiiry eomt? ut?, and by itaconibuia I * "D aeparartdy iih) af* nl no ia the rititri ul' Hnrtli I th< irt an ami lg rated thai th?* benefit of th* whole isoxpeiitneed in one coinouad. About three yca*? ago thi* article was first hrouph* before he ; ublic. If w . heralded with no previous anuouuc rncnt o c ta merit ?r value, but it .u> introduced by the prone jetora Ot he couiAiunay, to stand by the ir decision, as regarded i!s bene 1 ctai inilueiice. T!ji drciiion has been attained in imaiiiM !iro*t MfiexpecteM The uiwouuht t acknow lodgement of V* ?orthh :s procted : ap mane ufly from th' iiaanda, who have ctic illy vt; ci i <1 its ben-fit* throughout the country ? J ii.'l *.vb\ i it > 7 Bccau .c the uial ??f i's QU?li;iet * u^h , oltls, ho.t rat u ?:*<<, riution of the thront, croup, whoopin otiih a^t^m*, c * tank, pal; it ado u of th< luait, livi c*r Ui.if, flight *wi Us, difilcult or pr<?fti?* eipeciomtion, and a!1 i ea * leading to < > .sumption, has gf ? tu it a value that n >iher sin il?r ??i di< ine *wi iv-rclfd. n ( .mntk*vtji r?ts at Ka?l r.? The clarified ?no* o :le** *h ti'id C.uh! !::? l#ro' :-.<j f.*mous and sale hie, rh :t i1 in U-en nv. jupt# d t<? he uiK-r'i ;ud hi tnoo than or* hioi by b m k?l ;' - ? naugi alu aurtld .?'! cut** deuce* for i inesa of pott . :e. mk! who care nothing ab? n rformin, .t b mi "it to one's !u **Mi, or effecting a cure. Uu. b tieyare now at f;<ult. w Mea?r?. !'*:.* a*: & 8 original iuveutora and patentees of the ? lorehoillid (Jandv* hav#? w iK, nr r.^ar.l ? . l??.l <n. r^ved a new label, ot-wrvpjier tin* is invariably around thrir * fid** h* d hv which pur dia?er?,if ih? y examine ir xiuutively, i ill ilWuyi .rtoctthe K'inuinf from the spurious axiicle. This rrapper w? will describe for | iridic hen. fit, Eagle u ijntrthf the Aneiicm ilsg? n the lliy is inscribe a the word *' Pease'?on a babel issuing from the E igle's nvurh and h Id i< v hii talons i* Clarified Essence <>f Horch- mid Candy?Jtt?? -etiexth the cavle, *<? the right and left ire two vignettes, one T which rvpretrnt* Hi rentes slaying the Hydra, or hundred i'a .ed Keroent, t ach o' which inar be c^nsideied a type of " ought c 'Ms, *?tMna c?n*urnprion, fiir.?The other vignette <*' * riie scripture subject of the O ?od Samaritan succoring t)>% " vviind'd f.aveller, and affording him Christian aid The x thole design is beautifully executed?Imm- d'stely be'nw the i ngravmg i. the fac simile of Jon* Pcask fit So*, 45 Division r, trret, New York. j. It should be recollecftd that it is entered according to act of (j ougres* in the year of our Lord one thousand eight huudred nd fprty by John Pease fit Son in the clerk's other of the south* 1? rn district ot New York. "Whoever, tKie re fore, counterfeit* p his candy is liable to prosecution, ?nu to bojmnished in heavy {< amjsre*. The proprietor* are dcterniin. <1 for their own salt, nd for the public good, to prosecute to the utmost extent of * he law, any one who may be guilty of such infamy. The j iorehound Candy is sold wholesale and retail at the manulwc* . OTY, 45 Division street. M Agents?Zbbrr, 87 Dock street, Philadelphia. T 11 dding, U State str. et, Boston. It iwis fit Co., 57 State street, Alhnuv. ? " * Jobsou, 20 Si. Charles street, New Orleans. Woodward. Sr Louis, Mo. n Robinson, no Baltimore street, P nore. ' Havilmd Harrow fit. Allen, Chaj Mto i. j Holdem*u, Louisville, Ky. 1 iercy Teller, Detroit, M>chig*n. J. H. Thompson fit Co., Wheeling, Va. jyfl Imc ' A RN ATION PI N K8, Rare Dahhas, fkc.-A. Levy wiII ( sell this day. at 151 Broadway, at 10H o'clock, a very hand- d oin? variety of Carnation Pinks, also Dridia*. am one which si re Countess of Pembroke. Ut 'pi., L?dy Mill, Once Darling, c 'ox'i I) fiance, and Lee's Bloomshury, &c. \ also Monthly a I'Hfl, Verbena-, Potentillaa, New Violas, Helioihropes, Sic. ; a lso a few plants ot a new Pink Celery, sui*iior in B ?vor to ny yet raised in Euroite, and are the only j huts of the kind hat can be offered in this country. jyC lt*c = "NHEAP IJPHOLS ruy-W. REED. 388 Bro-dwiy, be* tween "White and Walker street.?Carpets of every denription made and altered to fit the most intricate rooms?Curains made and altered lo the hi lest sty le. Matrasses, sofas, and asy chairs, made to order to match any description of ftirniu.r. The Subscriber not having expenses of a store to pay. is liable.1 to make any of the above at tides at such prices to suit he times. ] Persons purchasing Carpers and Oil Cloths can havb a w ord f advice, by calling as above. Paper Hanging. Carpets clean- . d. Grease spots . xtr.c ed, Sic. jy G lm*e.c * "PHE ADVERTISER has the control of two-thirds of the * Stock of a Country and wishes to form a connection t vith a gentleman who can control from 3 to 5000 dollars in i ash, for a short time,t aud who can give his atu ution to the ( of the institution. Some person in business, r vhich legitimately rconires the use of Bills for circulation ] rou111 be prefeired. Address to J. R. P., New York Post a ifftce. ^ _ j>6 1 #c Ai> fcwui.n .a > it nuii.uiMU w Am j lu-wanted to lr??e fur a tor in of ycar?, w.thio the city lins.s*, a building < wtih an cuit'nc of forty or fifty horse power. One containing m to fin runs ofhttrr uii'l s ones would he prefered. Address J. O. K. it this office, on or before Saturday next, 9th instant. New York, July 5th, Hit j>6tt*r.: PIE con ignoes of following aiticlea reoei- rd i>. r shin Mo aiuip: i, will | lease call f <r the same at K. K.COLLINS , It CO., store 56 South M, end avoid further sxpeuae thctcon.? ifir.:? M 1 hhd ami Rcaae* mdre. ' Diamond K 3 e i*e? mdre. P St R 8 halea mini. IIP I box mdze. jy6c CONSIGNEES" per British banju> (eonntesa of Arran from 1 y Liverpool, will pleaxe arnd their permits on board, pier I* E It or to the office of the subscriber without d-lay. A 1 goods ut permitted in five days must niiavoi lalilv be a?nt to public it ore. JOHN HERDMVN, jy6c fil South at. NOTICE?All persons are hereby noli lied not to trust any of t?.e eri w of the British barque Counts ss of Arrau.aa no debts 1 >f their contr oting will be paid by the oaiitiio or consignee. JOHN HERDV1AN, jvG"_ CI South ?t. IOaT-Ou the fosilth in,I, in Csiji l? ml n, a po'-Uct liook en. ainiiut tli follow I ng notes dra vii by Jus. E. II olden in "avor of Jamta Dsi'y, hur not et.dor.rd, and they will not be aid O ic dated June 15, 5 trotitns, S93.75. One ' " " a " $91,75. Oue " " " 9 " $93,75. One " " " 12 " $93,75. There were also several mcmoraiidumspfin value to ?ny but ;he owner. The finder Will confer a favor by leasing it at tflo , Hru.idsv.iy. jst?lt*c OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OEFICE. 1 . . {4S- . tSS: . ifciy- J5L?1? &???. < BaTsaOE from"Ooat Britain and Ireland, [via LivTrpoTTj | I l>p sui>?criber c< ntinuas to bring out passenger* who may , ie engaged l it.' by their agents?vithrr by the will known rrgular |i ck?t ships saling to and from Liverpool, weekly, or li} Ant rlaw tnmiciit ?lii|? Irwioi Liverpool every few uayi. From lui prcrtMtievllrtit arrangements, he tlattei- blnNjnM w ill I. n. wIVf gem ral satisfac'ioti to those who UT fan r him * ith A prafvia re. Drafts for any amnuut cin also br furnished, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Fur furUier particulars apnlv, if hv h t'er I post paiil) to JOHN HKRUMAN.GI South at Or to Ins Agnus, as under:? r. ITtaaiNS, No 1 North Mr.rket st. Boston. Who fin *rrsuge to bring passengers diri ctly from Liverpool to Boston. F TIMMINS,, 171 Son'h K'ont st Pbi'sde h-nia. JOSEPH KIRKPATRICR Esq. IVtsLurg Vs. P. MILTON, Bi'Arlo, N V. M. McQUADE. Ut'.ns. N Y. T. R. ELLIOTT, Esq, Detout, iViicliigsn. DANS DIBLIN, Esq. Louisville, Kentucky. WM LI I)SAY Eojl St Louis. Missouri. J A NOONEN, Esq, Milw-uki?, Wisconsin Territory. (', CAHILL, Esq, Perne, I linois. CIIAS M CORKER^', Esq, Rubuke, Iowa Territory, iyl r EDWaRD KIAN'A, t .q. ' inint1 i. Ohio. j FOR NEW t'HLEANS?Louisiana auil New i b*T?VVork Line.?Posititrt ly first He/ular P?cket?The fast iliug iweltet shir OASTUN Cant Oliver Eldridge, ] is now loading at Orb ans wharf foot of Wall st. i For freight or passage,having handsome furnished accommo- i datjons, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, i E. K. COLLINS & CO V, South st. , Ore st care w ill be taken to have the goods by this line correctly mcasun d. Agents in New Orleans, Hullen A Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their adrire-s. ic29 c FOB LIVER POOL?'The fist sailing coppered and hTFrV copper fastened Packet Ship 8HAKSI EARE, Capt. Allen Miner, will hare despatch. For freight or paniige, having smierior accommodations, apply on board, at the foot of Dover street, or to Je 29c E. K. COLLINS A CO. .16 South st. , lifr IA38AGE FOR LIVERPOOL?UNITED WfjPlPy. LINK.?The splendid packet ship JANE A BAKEwwSBis MARA, Cant. Coleman, is now loading, and will neet with immediate despatch having splendid arcommodiions for csbin, second cabin and steerage passengers. For pas ~jVafr wi'kXT. TAP-COTT. 13 Perk slip. ??$ KuR LIVERPOOL New Li IK Regular , VyFJfVP"rkof" 2ith July.?The splendid parket shir Ill 's, (y 11 mi J. Collins, of 1000 lorn, will nil as aboee,her regular u?y P r r.ttrlit or passage, hannit iccommoditioos unequalled lor splendor i r <: infort, apply on oafd, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO. X Soutu street. Tnce of passage $100. Tlit' packet ship SIUDON8, Ca|<ain E B Colib. o 1100 lona, will succeed the Roscius. ami sail 2,'.th August, her ititular day. Passengers uuy rrly on the sliipa of tl.ia iin* aailiiuc punctu illy Is ail?srtifWo. j2$ rA-SAOE FOR l,ONJ)ON-To^Tth. 8th , JtjWfyjuly.?The fin* n?w brif REDWING. J i- Sears, , 1H>?4S?i i a 'er, hound to 'Jowes, tan accommodate three cn- i i . it rs, at a reasonahV rate. Apply to the captain oi: | jond, foot of Rector * . North Rivei. o in ?";"J _ I'EHSSE *t ii;i(i?'K?. CI Li'.. FOR LIVERPOOL?Only regular iweget of thr < wjMfV 7th July?The splendid n-w fast sailing pncki-r ' iVifilh7; ship PATRICK HENRY, Caj t. J. Del .no, trill < laiTposilively as slmve, her r. ifular day. T.iis ship's accommodations for cantn, second rahin, and 1 iteerajte passengers, art-fitted op in a style superior to any ' >tlier in t>ori, and berths can he secured on moderate terms, by ' ipplyiiiK on board, foot of M lid-n Lane, or to OLOVER k McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of Sooth. P. 8.?Persona wishing to send fjt tloir frl nils, rsn htee hem hrvugln i er the shore snip, or any of the regular line, by ippljing as nhoie (r liv b'ltir. post paid). ^ i^2r Ad.x Eon I.IVEHPltOL?FiVt Siiij Tt idTmlid I f.wvFy ne ? ship LIBERTY, Captain Norton, will be de- i 't^MlEin<;iatrlied on the Oth install . She Ins surrior secom- i nixlatioiis for eihin, second cabin ami steerage liaise tut rs, aho will be taken at ediicrd r*te* if "irly application i? made i JOHN HERPMAN,<1 South at. jy2c , A ?~/r FOfi LONDoN-ftegular racket of th? l**h July kvjWtV?Tin- srbndid new fast ailing picfcecahlp HW1TZ- ' WMjfciERI.ANP, Captain 3nh Chadwick, will sail poii- 1 sely a. shore, h?r regular day. This ihip's acC'immoslatinns or etbin, 2d bill and atari age pa'jengers, arr fitted up in a t> Ir superior to any Otlier in |>ort, and berths can be secured on >i .?Urate lulu, by applying on board loot of Maiden lane, or to OLOVER .k McMUKKAY, 1 |n0 Tine ?tr. it, corner of South. P. S?Persona wiihi'g to tend for tli'i' fiirnds, can hare hem brought i*r the vbive ship, orany of the regular lint ?, by .pplyinc aa iborr. nr by letter, pent paid. j\ 2 i AA a;" KlHlllN'i "K\'i I ItSIONl - I. KK.NKIKr.iT No. t ('ornhill S<|nire, opposite the Poet Office, in- ' ~Y 1 fm 1 his 11 lends and the public that lie has procured i< w mil compl tc etts of Fishing Apparatus, including Lines, pi .king Utensils, Ac. of ihe first orlr Sti unbolts, sailing vessels, cooks. Mid tenders, of the fir.t ' Isn, always in readi e s*, and will b, urniUitd U. pa.lies on ' he most reasonable terms. His friends and the public are iafortn I that he continues to cemnmod itc permanent boarders an ' < mien l company, t, Cornhill H.tnare, Boston, May .42. u 4fiss?c 1 L' -rr PACKETS FOK HAV1 I I.. . . r s.v "f TV.ship B ALTI.MORK.Eds* ' u'l'l..Msst-r, will sail oi , Jl- Ul August. BOYD ft. HINCKBN. Acrnts. 1 Iy2c 4 Tontine Buildings. X Avr~- FOR GHkfENUCK?Packet ot ath ot Jul v.?Tie MTt^isplendid fast sailing iac*et ship New York, Captaii OWUfcimSiven will sail puuctually as nhose, and lias reo ooitooable and commodious accommodation* for cabin, second 1 ab:n, and strrrifte passengers, if early application he mada or, oard, foot of Doser street, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. I III', rU Slip, i i S.ei'll I I Jtdfg- 70R"RT>fTfRDAM-Tha superior conpeiril 1 iSfiyili'i I'LAVII S, <i ) t i n tones, his naaily an ts- 1 **'i ifcii f njaged, and will be dispatched reiy pi >mptli or I t u'irs ot a frw tons heart good or . few pnacnrers. a| I' 11 the captain on botird, it foot of Roserelt strict, o, lo BOYD A H'NOKKN, iytc "T .din. BiiiM ...i _>A< KK l Ship Mississippi, (mm New fiiltiun, i* i tsehi ing t HiortH1! whirl. B noblyn, Consignees wiljyde ttr nil to leceipt of thair gravis nn ediiie!,'. let* 3IA.NO FORTES FOR HIKE.?A r 111. ly of go.dt nPisno F 'rtrs areronstsntly kept f ri hire at ihe manuf'Ct r No. H West Fourteenth street, hat warn ine FiiHi and S ? nnea. Alan, a good assortment of new Piano Fortes, of superior agatv, with ?H ociavta arroeewund and tnaWiny, for sail *i I'iuc?4 plica* ?T tint ??I??MM?????????? AUCTION SALES. B\ I HOMA8 BELL. {Stoitg Sot. 22 ?fiiu cud in FiUt*nt ttreet.) WET>NE?D W. AtlO*?o\l . k in the r d' rooms. sale <>t . t? ? ,i?i; ,Ml?r of all duacnptioltf, piano forte ookia?f glassus, Ik Js. 1). .1 i i.1 , h'-ddiinc, fee. Tilt: Il> DAY. ^ . i . r, ^ ?!cl'?ok in the sales room. Spicndi i PamtID'ft ami Lii/ratiucs, Worn* of Art. Ac.?-Th? ntirv unique, tare hi! inui able collection of the choicest aiici nt and modem paintings, drawn-,#,. -t^rawng., cuno'itiee.lf lie nropcily of a gcntleuiaii .uuv to Europe. FRIDAY. At lO.Vj o'clock in th* a iiat room*. Liri'f t ile of really superior n\uuw weart:.% apparel of all eienptions. ;/2r ?^^ AH|Ub. VV EDNKMJ \Y, At It)1* oVloca, in the auction room, Klrjptit y u i c and I'lan >*?A lorr"* iuwi tint nt of ih bti.1 vide I'?liiotiih!o tun.!Lure, iiicludinr full .m l hill' F.t ir !i in ojktiy chain; pi< r, dining. t?-<* ' ud crutir talilcsj wardrobe* uimui, toilet ihles, look! or ftltesea, tnt' J and spring ?e > nvs, ottoman*. di? m?, r.-ekei , In *situf hurt ius, leather bed-, i tlr.A.ssti and pillow*. t (Bee d. !., $ Pimo Koitea?ALo, > vcnl did piaue fort-s, by celt rated maker*, cuinbiuintf all the modern imtrrevement*, am . arraunl eijuil ?o any inatiuiti' ut made in this city? may In *.<mined on. ?la> preiijui to the-ale. Alao, a lot oftabie cutlery, bedding. ?nd a variety of eihf ?ticl? s, for account of whom it may concern. AUo, an t levant piano. ai pritatk *al?: JotuV Improved Ventilating itelugi lators.?A few of th hove, of the variou* < zci, oil naiid. TWjr roqune little or n< :c to produce a ^werful rt hiw j-finjr efl>ct. TIIL'USDA V, At 10k| oVIocV, at t!i? ?al> h loom, 301 Broadway. Summer Clothing?An invent* of escel'ent *? i>.?uahl cloth 4,*, cou>i?iiiK of ?!r p dh te. bouib&z'iie and linen dre*ifrocl oats, hut-n -mi cloth blouse*, pints, ve* >, jackals. kc. iade of the best materials and of the most fashionable sty lei. XTM. W. S111 U L K V,"Ah tioneer.-Tliis day, U'^ii.-<;iay '? July f>. 10 o'clock, at 122 Pulton street, a variety of se oml liai d furiiiture, fiotn a gt-ntleiiun leaviug the cilV?Out irire carpet nearly new, bed.*tend and bedding, chairs, tables e*ks, &(\ Also?A oon.iitument of rich astral lamua cut shades, gireudc 'S in sets and oiirs, clocks, Vises, and ilowe s, lull and htl 'rench chairs, sof *, tah'es. dressitn: and otlit biueau*.dinner p*. roller, and toilet set. of virion* kinds, window shades it jvfi 11 ?c 4VHI SALE?The Yacht ON'-KAII Y-E.-Shc ! 91 ik. limn, J'S feel b> am, nnil 12 feet hold. Her cabin, are ex rusivc and superbly titled up. If not wmiicd for a Y.uht. ih< rnuld be well adapted fort packet between some of the Wei udia I? lands?to the China or any other trade where urea l crd i.? an object. She is an admirable sea-boat, and woub ousev a large cargo, combining more buoyancy with sharp eta, than any other vessel all oat. She is strain; and atoutf] uilt. and would be valuable as a dispatch vessel, or as a tende i a fleet. She would convey a very lie avy anuameut on he eck. from having part of her ball ?t, (40 tons) in an iron keel y which her stsbPiry is greatly 'ncre?sed. For commercia orposes, she would require no other ballast, staving satisfied tnyself that going to sea for pleasure mv without any very great sacrifl e)Jx* dispensed with, I woul< ispoKt. of her for very much le^ihan she cost me. Her bull ails, rigging, furniture, Uc. &c. etc., are in perfect order. Shan he sent to sea without a dollar's expense. Sh<- nr iy hi seei t I'ert i Amhoy. For further particulars inquire of na Blirs I the office of the C. and A. K. K* < > mp?.n\, or to JOHN C. STKVKN8, je23 2wr v South Amboy. FOR SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, SASTuN, liKTULKUKM, AX I) ALLEN TOWN, PENN. 5aily, (Sunday, excepted,) i ??E'izaln thtown and Sumervill Hail, o* J L'ave pier 1 North Hirer, , t 8J4 o'clock, A M, by ,te*mhoa 0 Eltxabethport, or leave the foot ol L bcity ?ti?'t ai 9 o'cloc \ M, tike the Philadelphia train t<> E itabemtoMn, there t ton ect with the can for Soon rville; coach., from liienco a: ?ing at Sclioolcv'. Moiiinaln eaily the ,aine .ftrruoon, t Siiton by 6 o'c ock, Bet lei.em at o'clock, and Allemow u o'elock the aaine evening. Koi ?e,it< or i uri' er iuforinalion, apply to A D HOPE, Me 1 lici t,' H t< I, C'ourthndt ,'rel, rt the Hailroad OUicr, foe if Liberty ,treet, orou boa>H the boat. Faie through to Schooley'? Mountain, $2,75 E ?ton, S2.00 B ihilem, $2.75 " Alleiitown, $8,00 N B?Extra, providedat the ahoiteat notice. PH?Ttii, route on account of the short di.tmee by coach'' lomin.liU. 1 (I'-11 Io ilit- public patromur a, brill,' by fir the moi neanntamieipeditiou*. iyi im*c RAILROAD NUTICL. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. THE NKVV JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Con pany hire established a Freight Line between Nev Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run permi nentU*. Leaving New Brunswick at A. M. daily, (Sundays ei ? ti I) aud tb< foot oJ Liber > New Yout, att^P. M To country dealers aud aie..i.ants the above line is very dr kiruble for the speedy and cneap conveyance ol merchandi ti every description, and more particularly to Drovers an Dealers in Live Stork, wlm can hav.- |>o heau of cattle convey ul between New Brunswick and New York, the same d. whenever required. The rates for the transjiortarioii of cattle, horses, nutlet dieep, hogs, Ike. and all other kinds of meich&ndist are rer low, never exceeding steamhn it prices. Merchandise sent hv this line is not subject to any extr charge in crossing the North River. The Company have fitted up a Urge storehouse at Net Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad pej>ot, which will alway keopen for the reception of merchandise. Passengers purchasing their ticket* at the ticket offices, wi cccire n 11 tickets MT itii. (TT* Freight for Newark, Ehxabethtown, Rshway, Wes Held, Pl&intield, Scotch Plains, Bnuiidbrook and Someriille, i Booveyedb tnc tbovt lines, and delivered the Mtoiedn ifhe received. mil 3m* HAIL ROAD?ALBANY AND 6 AHA TOO Al IS????"*?!. Travellers to Saratoga Springs, l.akt U tlc, Whitehall si Lower Canada, are itifonm d that they ill insure to themselves an c>X|k diri u a .<1 pleas in! ? r.nveyance to tl?e Springs by 'sking the R ?l R ?t ' ears at Albany. HOURS OK DEPARTURE. From Albany. Fr< in Saratoga. At 6 o'clock. A. M. I At 7 o'clock. A M. "9 " " " " " " 3 " P. M. I " 3K r M. There in no change of Coachca or Bi -gage Wagona, or shi iitg of Bagg nte from one Slear boat to another on this route. Pisa- ngora on their arrival it Saratoga, will find "stage coach iu readiness to convey tnein to Laku GeOige and Whitehall < Lake Ch-mplain; co' tiecting with all the principal Nortlie and Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (fur the convenience of imsunlull who arrive 1 the afternoon train from Albany,} leaves Saratoga at J o'clor A. M. arrives at Whitehall in time for the departure of tl Chami lain steamboat of s .me (lav, and brings eastern trav lie lo lintlaiid, Vt early in the evening. N. B. Tln re are luggage wagons uI wars in readiness at A aany, on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to < ? ry the baggage at passengers direct to and from the depot m (teamboat at the rate ofti' i cents per trunk or package, or 12' ents for ordinary travelling baggage. The drp rtun s for the west are filed for the season at*' j'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27th, 1312. i'-27 3m r 8TATKN 18L A N lO1 k K K. V. J7 Foot of Whitehall street. The Steamers 8TATEN ISLANDFJf and 9AMSO' will leave New York and Stif'ii Maud ev. ry hour, frein S . M to 7 P M. All go ids arc required to be particularly markc and are at the risk of the owners thereof. The rate ol fare t> cent". jyl MAGNIFICENT EXCLUSION O PLEASURE to Han It Ste. Marie, Maekina. TfcT W J ii? Bsy, and the Indian Settlements. The soleedid |owr pressure steamboat BUFh ALO, Captai Levi Allen, will leave Hulfalo on tlie above i esirshle nl-asiir trip on Thursday, July 21st, at 10 o'clock A. M. provided wit a line hand ol music, vnd every thing that can rend r the 'ri desirable and pleasant- The paasaac ronnd, from Bnlfa'u an hack, is fixed at the low pricu of 824?i ther ports in propn lion. Pas*agc or Slate Rooms may be secured by application o board, or at C. M. U-edis office; BuIF to. je24 Uy2l PLEASANT " V s I) HKAI/I MY E\ gur r?L-C^?c.t?HSIO\S EVaHV AFTERNOON T< - art?9 ''"Bt HAMILTON, BATH, CONE1 ISLAND AND NEW BKImHTON?The commodioii st.vmboit GENERAL JAChbON, Cart. Tobias, will con mcnce oil her rcgulartripa lo thr above places 011 Sunday aitc n moon. June ?6r>?. and run every Monday, Wednr-day, Tliur lay, Satmilay and Sunday; anil tin* steamboat NAPOLEON INpt, Hancru, will mil on every Tneailay anil Friday ilnriu lie non, leaving the foot c I Chambers street at a quarter In [oreiio'clock, Hammond street at 2, ('anal strectala quarts art 2, Market stint at ?X, and pier No. I North ritrr at 3 u dock. remaining a sufficient time ai Fort Hamilton for thru who may wisht virw tliat extrusive fortification and the adj. nt country. The bo t will then proceed to Bath and Cone [ land, to Imd tho?e who may be desirous of visiting either r he?e healthy retreats. Anil then malte an excursion aroun ho lower part of o ir truly noble bay, and return for those wh nay hare landed it ritherof the above places, and then crm >Vnr to New Bri hton, stopping a sufficient time at that placi inq ri tnmins to the city at an early hour. Fart each w \ 25 cents. jetS 2mr "^Vn^lNG LINE FOIL ALBANY DIKECT7" ya<il At seien o'clock, P. M., from the steauiboi ?j^*s-?i-W*pier between Oourtlandt and Liberty street v ;iTi 7 T The steamboat BOUTIl AMERICA, Cap ... W. biniieod, leaves the above pier Monday, WtJticsiL] mil Friday at seven o'clock, P. M. The strsmhoat ROCIIF'.STER, Cnj.t. A. 8t. John, Icavi ho above pier Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday afternoon,) even o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial are ftirtiiahed wit tie,, nt stele rooms, and ill every respcclarru iuur)iaased anion he Hudson Hirer steamers. For passage or freight, ai>ply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, At the ofTire on the whart, or on board, Passengers taking ? line of boats, will at all tunes arrir it Albany in lime fir the first train of cart for the esit an ])R. BRANDRETH'S PIELS " HfpHERE ire faculti* a,Bodily mid intellerUMl within ti? J- with which certain lieiht have alfinitv, ami over whic! :he v have power." Let all who are afflicted \*i:h licknfM, if'*'' the BRAN DUE'I H PIlLR i trial; they are recommended by '? whom they )?? y tired, when ill other mean* and medicine* had proved uuivai ?'* . Observe the new labels, each l.avnu?>; >11 it txvo vumturea c Di. Braitdr* th. S?. each h * of the f tiuini* ha* six shfuitfurv, litre* Benjamin Brandreth and Uiree B. D. tudroth M. D,f uj THE BKANDHETH PILLR ire told at 83 emu per but, with diiecton*. at the followic fl*'MDR.NBnA\NDRF'.TH'S PRINCIPAL OFFICE, 211 Broadway, between Perk I'lace and Murray St. Boweiy- Office, 271 Bowery. IK)1-. Tin ('OH street. REMEMBER?Dr. Biandrrth'a Offije In the BOAVF.R a 271. NOT 276. J) d 1' * c " I'llALON'S (XI.EHRATKIl ANTI-DANDRIFF. O EMOV1NG with one vra&H the d*ndriflT com 'etolv frr t e h?id, and rcndsirg ib? H air perfectly *oft ai d mU fl'1 at the tauie time pto n< ittg a (I Ivkl?t ul Ciolfug &* i.m ivi i. p.irtr ; arly vafuaolt tor lMies and cnildrtn, and fo4 > ititern Climate c\nool be .iirp*??d. M?oufactund -Mr1 b he premium Wig Mikcr, EDWAUq ?U\igX'2U Bfioway, k\ V riift att^napl* ??.i |t by venous ludiviju i!.v ty c->nut? ru.%\ tli id ot*ier |i|V?MiiJk*D*ot Ob umpr'myi. have rcpflwl it u , y for hi in L-i-i'oit the f Jlywiiu iiile?Npue *ro k i> An wyqfii by the pfipnetpr ia U.K. yy j i .v, , PIANO FOR TES it AHUrsCTlTMO Vy A. H. UALC fc CO.. I... N. 1 lano Forte ( tic? Putpchassprt are mrUed to ewmina tin kit naive Itoak before pewhasjinr e\.e*lwm, a' their Mamtfi In iu4 WW Ho, im, Third Av< nue, c .rn?r of Tl.htwei J^7?, PrU>ait?i?irth?UaM? ^>m?k** M apt AMUSEMENTS. MUl.O's <S MUh . .. iryV.XTIlAOHDIJfRY ATTRACTION.?Afl THIS EVENING, July CtU. tin- perform antra oil' a (inand" overture. tl'.ctlY at a ovlo k. 'J.I Ih . I widbythe J HE NEW KOOTMAN. Mr tJapacci'im, Ev. rail I !! i.r Touirr fir Sourcrcut (' Bo' , Herat?? nJo?, Watidc Holly I'i pi, " lian Ayr a Mr* Souu rout, Mr. Broadlry Quitdof unoun illt. rniw'.in will he alh ncd lor Rrfreftimvlltv A (JRASD OVEftTURE, , After ffI ich, I A NABOB 1 OR AN HOfll. i-inui l Ho labs, Ch:., -'nhle I ?lr K.-.m; ion. Toofnir Dick Dumpy, i HUoidt i Kuiii.i, Via? Si iletou .Nancy Scraggv M?a Ayre* i.trr, MAO.MK'JEAT VI11K-WonKS, I I3> .-lr I ?(' E I 'J'n Con. mil. v. ' > THE rROMEN ?DE MlSD'ALE 1 . ; Toe |i , pne! i r. ?ri-c tluil; i Mini, in? i ulilic, Inn* in noli .lie Mil. tin: wi.'.t < >i nun i u ei?i:ora.'h.> muoh nur.-.i tun oi ihr nit. luiuineuu. wili b" mveii after Hie I*r. i' ill iiici a in -'i Saiorin \fr ovu. Aciinf Mr. Chippendale..., ,, ' ^ Mum..v1 rfiinl Director, Mr E V. orlf. Tivl:. t.?'.u cv mi r Dimra nj.-i, ?( half paat aeven o'clock, Eutntaiinr.eiua to commroiec at rirht. I*All KTHKA'v UK. . rills EVENING J?K 6, mil b- pcrfonuKf, '!? urw a r.uird. I ? y.v LIT IT.i inorTUi. Jtl. JulmDi'.ba, MrBucluioue I I.a- ..tu w.ei tnwUi, Mr.!* ifxwilumif An.. Ml.., I, KOllEiON AIRS AND NATIVE GRACES. , Sum Bock.ana. Uu '. I . a, 1 .In l'iizmlliam T . inn1 ml ? ith JOSEPH RU\G. J ateph Brag, Buokitnur | Mi Ireio', Bellamy ' Ooora oiwu at >eveu?iitriut.'iiaiRi. mil cotnaieuce ai haltput Kaon. Boxes, $ .?Pit, 50 r. nt??G-CIt tv. 15 r, nt. CHATHAM thkvimi" THIS EV EN1N1J, w II lie lurfoimed the play of f KING HENRY IV. Hotspur, J K Scott I Kiu< Henry 4th, Hield Lady Perry, Mrr Blake After which, , DER FRE18CHUTZ. Caspar, Mr Stevens | Linda, Mri Blake * Doors will open ill Imuie el a .juariei put 7 o'clooi., ami ti,? eurtaiu will ris? at 8 o'clock punctually , Dieu circle. 50 cents? Boies, 2>?Pit, Pri?*tc Hmri. S? I AMERICAN MUSEUM AN1J UAHUhAia. CORNER OK BROADWAY AND ANN STREETOpjoaite St. Paul's < li irch. SPLENDID NOVELTIES. r Thr manager has engaged for this week only the following 1 popular perforate is? I Master Di-mond, the nririv-.lled D metr. Mr VV hi I loci, the Crle iraled Banjo Player. Mist Rosalie, the ad i tied singer. La Petite Celeste, the populat Dtriseoae. ' Mr P Moirii, the e- lebrafrd Comic Melodist. The Mysterious Gi|isey Girl will remain a ahort time longer. She can be privately consulted at an oracle of f retellei of lumre - veou ihrou Jiert the da . She is the greatest wonder of ihe dry. Balloon A-et 11*10116 every cvt niny fiom tiie Oardrn on the top i t the Museum. U.iy performance* every Wednesday and Saturday, commencing ?l 4 o'clock. Alio call lilting, thr Alhiuo Lady, Fancy Glass Blowing, Egyptian Miimmv 3W10 jears old, Grai.d Coamorama, and Fire Hundred Thousand Curt cities. Admission to the whole Mu-eum, Oudcn aud .Entertain ments 25 rents?Chthln nhslf prirr. jy#c A" ~R< H STREET 11IK.V1 KK, m rhil ideMiiaT-TirLe* the Arch Street Theatre lor the seasons of 1842 and 3. Ap p.7 to P. M. Lafourcade, 100 Crown street, e RAML. BRACSON, Becret.ry. Philadelphia, June 3, 1842. ,? t lmx k O PL END ID EXHIBITION OF 8 PATUARY, at 474* ? CJ Broadway, ta be 0|? ned on the 4th July.?Anderson's ctle nraied Statuary, the work of ten yeara, coinpriaiug the follow II iug liguiei, viz :? u TAM O'SHANTER, on hia grey mare Meg, large as life. Tnis unrivalled piece of Sculpture is illustrative of a acrne ,l in the well known poem of Turn O'Shariter, from the i>cn of the immortal Burn*. The figures in tlii* gronp, three in number, wc re cut out of one atone, weighing sixteen tons; but which atone, und< r the ehiael of the inimitable Anderson lias been reduced to Tour. They comjuise the horror'Stiuck Tain 1' on his grey mare Meg? A better never lilted leg," * with the witch " Cutty Hailr," givcipiug the bv the tail. '* The expression of the whole U true to life, of wliicn no description, how ever labored, can give any idea. Also, THE.DE'lL AND THE EXCISEMAN. Tills group is really a triumph, and beyond all question is sufficient to tpmp the artist with irnworuliiy. It bailies all description, and must b? seen to be appreciaau. This, too, is illustistive of oue of Bums' humorous poems. And lastly, WATTY AND MEO. This is a scene from real life, which is ?e inimitably desertbed by Wilson,the great American ornithologist,under his poem f- of tli it name. We do notkuow which of ine two, the poet or the sculptor, is most indebted to each other for the bringing out. of each othei's talents. Certain it is, if thepoem of the oue l' and flu* sculpture of the other were the basis of their f&uie, it would be imp. ristiahle as the everlasting hills. Adm'sston <15 cents?children half price. jytlw+c * I I KNE83E3 BV THE I)AGUKKKESTIFK1MU? Lj ( ESS are taken at the rooms, ? orner B oadway and John y street, in a . u|?eiiorstyle, with ah the modern improvem* nts, without any regard to ti*e weather, the result btiiig always the same. Inst uetions in Uie above beautiful art giveu, fhd apparatus ivif iii-iieu e.i a inoueiaie jince. a N. B.?All the apparatus used in the business may be obtaine 4 at the above place; alto, every description of mini ture ^ r?.*cs, lenses, plate*., fk.c Speciincus may be teen at the rooms rf at* y time during the day. jyl DAOUERREOT V I'K NEW PA'fTF.RN APfARA TUS.-F. A. ARTAULTfc CO., IM* Fulton .met opposite St. Paul's church, bare ?r< tired jx-r packet ship A no, t- and i ff? r for sale at low prices, 300 French plates, Ian:.- size, 8 is inches half on 6 half; 25 complete Daguerreotype annarntus, u m w pattern; 60 seromatic lenses, made at Pans, by Alp:iouse Giroux & Co.; 100 bottles hyposulphite of tod*. Also, trinoli of vemae, codine, chloride of iodine, bromine, bromine or iodine, chloride ol gold, and the new *rceler?*ing substsiiee. je5 In * PI|6t6ghaphic oh dagueimeotypk likeA NES3E8.?Mr. E. WHITE, of No, 175 Broadway, opposite How aid's Hotel, has large .and convenient rooms, where id he daily devotes his attention to taking likenesses by the above simple liut beautiful and accural" process. The whole time required for the completion of a true and certain likeness does not exceed six or seven minutes, and his method of practicing the science is of such a peculiar character that it cannot he obstructed, evvu by the most cloudy or rainy weather. E. W. flatters himself that he can produce at his rooms some of the most magnificent specimens of Daguerreotype Portraits taken by him that have ever been executed aince die discovery of die II- art. E. W. keeps constantly for sale the most approved Dug erreots type Apparatus, Plates, Lous, Miniature Cases, Punishing >?? Materials. Slc. rn N. B.?frutruetir * s will be given rn the Flwiographic'ari at E. W.'s Room. 175 Broadway* . 15 fm#c if gymnasium" " FENCING AND SHOOTING GALLERY, I. 333 Jirom/miy. (rnr*?*r of At>thony-$t. ) p MOUiim/FN has the lioniir of inf'"miiut hit I'rlrnd. and ,| A . the ]>uh!ic ill general, that ht* new Gymn ui?m i. Mm in titration. It is Ac l.irg< at And tli best which haa been yet offried to tin Am.Hum |>nhlir. The so ini arc'" and well ' ventilated, wliirti 0maa tin in the advantage ot lirins alwava cool. Parents, IViw a? an. and O* nth mm, a.c invited to viait this catabli.liiiu ut, to whic h, is soon aa the Croton Water Work, wilj hr in o|>mtioii, will he added a aho cr bull, for ? I he conn nunc. of the bubsc'iibr n to the Gymnasium. 'f ile Shooting Gillery pring entirely independent of the I G\mniaium, persons wishing to practice pistol firing can do I* so without being subscribers to the O. mnaaium _ Fencing Ittssnni siren aa usual on moderate terms. V Open at day break, and close at half past nine at night. A Je22 lm*r rpCONNELL'9 REPLY TO EARL SHREWSBURY. ^ ?Authentic Edition?Th" subscriber has received from the Liberator's publisher in Dublin, a con ignmentof this eel# 1* bratrd work direct'd to be sent her** by the rfi?tinfiiishvd author c? himself. It is sin erbly printed. Those who wish to liave thKeniiiua work, neither emasculated by corrections n'-r disfigured n by alxurd notes, will,buy this edition. Those on the contrary J who want an abridgment which it is painful to read oti account h ofihe miserable print and iMiner, will purchase tint pat forth !' with the iMrunvr.Mi *ts of rh lican editor, Patrick C*?" arrley. Sliud, however, tliia is hie only genuine edition, fh? o other beinK so much improved by the American sditor, that it in MO longer O'Concall's reply. Those, therefore, who wi?h 0 the real work of OT'onnrll will Ik' carrfnl to order I' c Dnhliu K Hi ion. JOHN DOYL1S, f iyt St*r Bnolurllor, Iflit Broadway. J INHiRANI K AGAINST KIKE, BURGLARY AND * A ROBBERY.?New Y"'h E ininblc Insurance Comi .iu> ? * ( ap I II JOO.OtKl Dollar -Office No. 1C Wallstreet, near'y opftO* He ih> Merchants' F,ichat ge?This Con>i a| v eontinuea to in" sure agai '.t I si or il;uni*e by f:re, welliof houses, ware 1 tomes and other buililinys, merchandise, ?hii>? wjoitand J llieii CI soei, household fuiniiure, and every description of , property, uti as favorable termi ai other offices. DIBCCTOBS, I Abraham O Thompson W n B Lawrenca " Hei ry Yatss G H Samls Sheperd Knaps llareey Weed Li'oiert Suydarn Joseph W Duryea ,r mla? Holmei, Frederick Dtrnint Paul Bp"ff -d ll'o (r Raiilie I) iniel F.hbels Jr, Kobeit L. Smith John P Nemiith Henry R wljud Samuel nil. Jame.llWard Thomas It Merer in, James Gi.lcipie Gardiner A. Sure. LAMBERT Sl'YDAM, rrendenf. JOSEPH STRONG, ? cretary. ? Thi Compony ras recommences! tiw business of ins ring against loss and Jams re by burglary or housebreaking, and jobt hery, rluriiiK the absence ol the occupant, and clonus of their {t hollies. ____________ jyA 3t*r - DR. MOFKAT'S " CELEBRATED MEDICINES. '* fAK the many and various kinds of medicines now in o*e for * * -} the run of all diseases which fhl Is to the lot of poor human natu-e to tie afflicted with, tioue have proved an hiirhlv efficacious in erery in-tanee in which they have hern used k 1) MOFFAT'S UNIVERSAL VEGETABLE LIFE , PILLS AND PHENTX BITTERS. They are undoubtedly ^ ilmre all others thy most rlfrctual remedy extant for the cure of all and every disease lo w If. h ?ian is subject, even of the most ai:aratalrd character. TlW v? at vipues of these nieiBriin s are nroved bv thousands of unsolicited tettimoniils from ree|iectsbfe persons and fagiilijs i| cyofy^art of the Union, b mrdy had failed to give rtU f. They have notjiainert t. eir gf at rrli hrity br 4ny ft njrt Kf> puffery in tV i?t>pii? tin. 1 nt ii|r ir own ineitiniiblt iiiialiti. s li n cutuen their ren wn to fly fitim family to fAriily tli|ii^)io?t tlri? va?f tcptlhKc with aln.ort e iH?- rapidity of nought, a My aykl all imparities'from ibr ! blood? air i x|r< mi ly uiilii lu ill-ir on raUulj, and ) < t am ihr tinst patent of all rernedlrt in (-aa>? otihe mo?t iiteet?ratr anil >f> <1 mala.lira. In all d< murim-at* of the dig? ?!??< ra. 'Itis, as well*s in in.v\y cgtc# of ? u.. <11 chronic tliaeaaea, their * affecta arc so complete iw to i ttMtb the greatest Wonder. They if' a afmitlc and yet a met Complete remedy for ail awl every fta'ady kturwn to medlcsl arrendr. Aa > tniM and arrainiMi 1* dirgattvr tl-cv onght to be made use of by r*? ry one. mil be <1 nt in every r.tmily?aa :( powerful and eertiin remedy in the 4nnl *Mra of ih<- moat inveterate malady, thcy on^ht to be iiirmany resorted to. No otic can give them n fair trial yiihait i tjrerietiHng the vast benefits amine IVoai thrit (iMtdini 4-rat virtnra. > The following are a few c| tlia many disea-es in winch th '.r fficacy baa baen tcatcd. They embrace thr moat alarming and I nw ring c ?aea of HcrofnU, Pilea, I)\ spepaiv Jaundice. Bpiuua 1 id lover Complaint*. Acute and C.hioriic Rhevmalirtr, Astiia, flronrhiten, Horornlom as well aa Murnru Couinmrdldtl, I ahitual CoatWinoa, Worms, Sura ch and Bowel Com lints of all hinde Hcadach-, Ol 1 Ultras. apd Ncrroiu f, ! a bility, KlUolive piaragM, and _ ail e c.udnl. sfllow ur. illh* appearances ol the Win, arising from >ariout cauaca of I health; f.-i et and acwr.^vf Very ?^-l?t*\?i4ilpd pain in the le, b ck.oc amnaia ipiil'ill nnirova, attests,' foul Vr'th nd ward fevell ?< v? tl? rite. A t) art i*r al-wriWmaa nnd.loaa of f 1 tit tli tn?in(Wi ?tv<>vll n \t('\ Mid tnin?S a|T Cii na ol lilt ' 11 l.iiViyv. <g'<vf(i a;td p'c a-;..a id (lie ,ji: ic asra ii.. I it W) Ahi-li th?a wit% * gn u nuiobuT ol k Inu, 'J 1. . r. ne <,* M t.lii01. _ 1 . 1. j.. iiiut It .otvedres,! ayeiu- aapi xicuJx y< ?tr,l ?rt> ' '\ tVrbttghoni Mir iliuon, as the -??<.* ;niM tk| M?rr in.iunirvahlidt.rasrrjerid alaoaatlii ' \ frnovateraof ft sound and ivbuat co iyu.ii u?. J "* >1 totally pleruant in ilnir iirralidn, IM Wwk)' d, f ? r w tunc ti-or . ; , ' * ' ' " , , ' - -v I i 111^ V'l ?, |M.I(i||ta ?' '

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