Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 4, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 4, 1842 Page 1
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TTT Vol. VIII.?II*. 813?Wliol* > . 3064. RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. POMEKUY C (VS ALBANY. BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. agag1lie subscribers are now ruuning a iriula* Express arer the Railroads to and Irom Albany A1 uI Buffalo, and the inlermedia'e places, for FOHWAHDINO, at low rates with the utmiHl i|?-rd, regularity ?uJ safety, choice Gooda, Specie, Bank Notes, Important I\?|?er? and Valuable Packages?Will attend tn the negotiation, transfer, collection or payment of Bills ?< Exchange, Notes, lJr ifU, Acceptances, Accounts, kc? at reasonable per cantBg<?execute order* for the pure h ue or aale ?f Merchandise, Prodace and Manufactured Artirlei of every deto N-Y-rk^ Bj-t0j,L.ndv k to and from Buffalo to C-tevelaud, Detroit and rincago aad intermediate |>lace??forming at once the moat direct, s|ieedy and peifect communication to and from the aastrm and western cities, for the negotiation ami transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges tlcc. References?F.mstns Corning, Thomas W. Olcott. Waus Sherman, A. D. Patchin, Nuah L?a. Jamei Taylor, Theodora Olcott, Albany. Agenciaa? Bennett, JBackns It Hawley,Utica ; T. A. Smith, Syracnw ; A. O. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. O. Shepherd, Causndaigua : David Hoyt, Rochester j John MeKenster, Lockport; J. A. Clark, ltataria: Thomas Blossom. Buffalo. POMEROY k CO", No. 3 Exchange Buildings, Albany, all S Wall street, New York. ?OR SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, TOWN, PENN. Daily, (Sundays eictpted.) vi.i?Elirahethtown and Somerville 'lailroad. Leave pier I North River. at Hi o'clock, A M, by steamboat to EI:tabetli|>ort, or leave tne foot of Liberty atreet at 9 o'clock A M, take the Philadelphia train to Eli7.abetntown, there to contact with the e-.r* l-<r Somcrville; coachea from thence arji?ing \t Schnoley'a Mountain early the tame afternoon, at E istou bv 6 o'clock, Let' 'hem at ifi o'clock, and Allcutown tMg o'clock the eauie tvenio*. _ fir wm or tuitter in'Viruiation, apply to A D HOPE, March utta' Ho'rJ, 41 C"Urtlar.?lt stret, at the Railroad Office, foot of Liberty afreet, jr m bo<id the boat. Fai* tnrungli to S< hooley's Mountain, $2,25 " E Jtou, $2.00 " Britielcm, $2,75 " Allcutown, (3,00 N B?F.xtras prov i.led jt the shortest notice. P S?T'ui? route on account of the ahort distance by coachea Commend. itself to; the public natronage as being by tar the moat llesasutan.' eipe'liti'?n?. jy6 lm*c VllKlliUT AMD PASSAOK TO PITT8OVMk B i NurnHBLnfr^^ The propria-.oia of Buizham's Transportation Line to Pittsb?'*. ?e notice to the Merchant* of New York, and all other p?r?"ita shipping to the West, that their line ii now in active o;h mtior < J.i.uli annsigned to them (or aent to go iu tin' lfuc,/ will be forwarded with drapatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Weatem Mtatea, who hair no scent or consignee at PittaburR, will plcaae conaijn tlieir roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend >o amppuig all such conaignmenta without dt.lar. All goods siiouM be mitrked diaauctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. r'or a lea of freight, which arc aa low a* any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent, No. I West ?t:ert, opposite Pier No. I, N. K. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and PottavAle,every day, Hundaya excepted. Refer to R. Ctooka. American Fur Co.; 8. T. Nfcoll, Front itreet; Ptitlra, Dodtfe St Co., Fulton atreet; 8uyd<m Wage Ik 2a ; \Vi |. Bauliin, Durye? v Co, Newark. m6 3m RAIL HOA!)?ALBANY AND SARATOGA. Travellers t<> i Springs, l,*L- Oh< nee, Wlutenall and Lower Canada. ar? informed t'at "hey will iniure to themselves an eipediti us an! p'eaaint conveyance to the Springs bv >akiii< the M. ail IV>i I cars at Afeany. HOIKS OF DEPARTURE. From Allunv From ft.ralrw* At 8 o'clock, A'>(M. | At 7 o'clock^-;, M " 3 " P. M. I " 3X " P M. The re ii no change of Coaches or Baggase Wagons, or shifting of Baggage from one Steamboat to another on this route. Passengers ou their arrival at Saratoga, will find stage coaches in readiuess to convey tnem t>< Lake George and Whitehall on Lake Ch->aii>laiii; connecting with all the principal Northern and Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive by the afteinoon train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall iu time for the departure of the Champlain steamboat of ume day, and brings eastern trav llers to Rutland, Vt. early in the eveninx. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to carry tlie baggase of passengers direct to and from the depot ?nd steamboat at the rate of 6^ cents per trunk or |*ckage, or 12)( cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The dep?rtures fur the west are fixed for the season at 7X o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIOAN, Superintendent. Albany, Jnnt 27th, 1842. jeP 3m r RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation ConA pany have established a Freight Line between New, Brnnswiek and New York, which they intend to run permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at 6X A.M. daily, (Bnndavs excepted) and the feot oi Liber tyrtreet, New York, at IX P. M. To country dealer* and me tenants the above line is very deniable for the s|>eedy and cneap conveyance of merchandise of evgry description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who can have ISO head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, the nine day whenever required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, males, sheep, hogs, Ike. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this lino is not subject to uy extra charge in crossing ihe North River. The Company have fitted up a large store boose at New Bruaiwick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will alwaya heopen lot the reception of merchandise. Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive lerry tickets gratis. IT/" Freight for Newark, Elizabethtown, Rahway, Westfield, Plainneld, Scotch Plains, Bonudbrook and Somen ille, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. ml< 3m* STATEN ISLAND FERRY. ? ?? niuui |KI533E^r Tlie Meaner* STATEN ISLANDER and 8AM9ON will leave New York aud Staten Island every hour, from 8 A M to 7 P M. All loodi are required to be particularly marked, and me at the risk of the owners thereof. jy I OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! CABIN PASSAGE $1 00 DECK PASSAGE- 0 7J FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRiCES. com modioli* Steamboat WASHINGVr ' TV" J*TON. Ca|<Min J. M. Brown, having made amag eme at* to change tier dart of leaving New York, will hereafter Irate the Toot of Kobinson street, New York, every Tn?-?!*y, Thursday, and Sainrdav afternoon, at J o clock, ami AtUuiy, etcry Motulay,Widnesday, and Friday afternoon, at S o'clock, landing on her nuaage each way t the foot of Hammond street, Newburgh, Ponghkee|?ie, King.-, too Point, CaUskill and Hudaoq, For freight or nowjr. apply to the Captain on board. Or to D. KANDOLi'H .1AUTIX. No. Ill West street. JylJ lm?e "LVENfNO LINE FOR ALBANY DIRECT, .%A>'\ 0?K At seven o'clock, P. M., from the (tramboat bin V'twrn I'oartlandt and Liberty street*. X^aUL i'h- steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W u.o.n.a, luiriilit aliove pier Monday, Wednesday, a.*l Krid iy at scteii o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. St. John, leave* the shot* i>ier rnrwlav, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at ran o'clock. The nbove boats are new and substantial are famished with alej.\nt state io?.us, and iu every respectareu usurpaaaed among the Hudson Riser steam*!*. For ^ or freight, apply o? SCHULTZ, _ At the offca oa the wharf, or on board, PiMCnr?ra riVina tV... lie..? -< W?*- ?1" -? at llbuiy in time*for the first train of can for the east and w.-st. iy 4 OCEAN HOUSE. Long Branch, Kamion, Cfr^r^Strrji* Br iwn'i Dock, Middfrtown, Eatontown Dock XaJUL md Red Bunk, Shrewsbury.?The ?te?mbr; it IOLA8, i/?(i .iu Allure, will leave New York Fulton Mj.ll Slip, Ei*? River,every mornins at I o'clock for IV J Tl<ur,a?yi o? which day Ute boat goes to Eatoufc'S;1 D 'k.) X. tuning, wiM leave at 1 o'clock each day. Die lol! ? will tun ji above, navigation and weather permitOn*. until ru.flier notice. All n?ight aud baggage at the risk of the owners thereof. ? '*?? ie29 3mc kennebec and boston. fl555L^3? vmh;?;w^,p,m?,haurte!^rr 1 wR,cl!; ?ltlNI>, N-'h mel Kimball. matter, will j A''- J4"" "urt'1 aide of T. wharf, Boston, tverv Tue.iUv ami Friday - ?oiiin* at 7 o'clock, for Oardiner and Hallowell; and rc-u.m,w will Teave Hallowed on Mondays and fharsdays at !*< P. M., landing each way at Bath. Fare from Boston to Hallowell, $3 00 " " " Bath, t SO Btsges wiil he in readiness on the arrival of the boat at Hallowell, to convey paasetueci to Augusta, Waterrille, Bangor, Brliaat |Kl Q < '>" "pons tratdlthfc tor pleisnre wfll finJ .pw plr aian'ei t utes tlun this one to Quebec, as it mas fcr>ugh a r mufrv abounding in beaatiful scenery?the roads are good, sn<! rh? liotala well kept?the distaace 110 miles. jylO am*u 4VI9 -aflT CHEAP I. K< lJk)4lON u> the Kishina I Dm TOUms#' Bsiiku, every day, eicent Tuesdays and FriTl "1 T 'n F n ij cents each way?The steamer NAPOL.l-.iJ v ?~;ipt. Hincot, will run reguUily to the above place every fair day, and leave a* follows?Foot or Hnmm?iid street at 9 Vclock, LarMl street quarter past 9, Market street half past 9, Catharine ferry Brooklyn iX.pietNo. 1 North rivet at I# oVlock. Qn Tuesday! and Fridays the Na|>oleon will make afternoon excursions to Coney Islmd, landing st Fort Hamilton and Bitli?(the steamboat General Jacksan will contiuue to ran to the same place every other day in the week)?and leave as follows?Foot of Hammond street at t o'clock. Canal street at a l*?rter past I, Ptfce street 2\, pier No 1 at 3 o'clock?Fsre 2J cents each way. 'His boat will remain at Coney Island one hour and a halt, and arrive ity New York by 7 o'clock, JU lm'e PEARSALl/j? JAH ESTABLISHMENT. founded iu a 103)1, at lOTWiter street, Ave doors above Catharine mar bet, ilia only estsblishment of the kind in the united States. Continues to supply the Navy, the American, Rnssian, and Rpsnish war steamers?b ?s supplied all the rase boats snd clnb boats for the last lour years?snd lias now the Isrgest assortment of oars, sweeps, aad sculls ever collected iu one place. N. B?The Branch Oar Store on the North River side, is shai ap, aud removed to 402 Wall r street; and as I save all the etrenses of one store ,1 #ill sell enough cheaper to those who epme from the North River side to pev them mt their tremble. Race boats, dab boats, oars Md sea I Is (old * per cant leaa than last year. mj|aa*? I E N E ne1 w'a'tertng places, &cr catskill mountain house, AT THE PINE ORCHARD.?1(42. 'PHIS romantic :u.l tul.ionable r??ort will be conducted d?r, lit* thu nnd?r the direction ami snpennteuaatioe of lit'- stik"-CTllKr, |i has undergone a eomulclt1 uid (horoui li repair, nu-1 u i upen for the reception of visitors. No effort will !x span d lo maintain the deservedly high character which it hu m retofore <icouired. As herrtolorr, iu tables ?ilf b* furnished with every delicacy that the New York market can afford; and erery possible attention that caii promote [he convenience and enjoyment of iu liatrona will be promptly bestowed. The road landing to ihis establishingut andes|a< tally tint put ol"it ou the mountain, has bee? reudered jirrfectly smooth atid safe. Mnm. A. i>. B>ach & Co.'* excellent line of stages will run u heretofore regularly between the landing and the Moaalatu House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, ProprietoJ. Jana llih, 1142. jeU 3inr BATH HOUsE, LONO ISLAND.?This long and well known boarding and sea bathing establishment, having rc* centl) undergone nuinerous improvements, among which is the erettionol several eli-van: summer hosues ii|h>ii the margin of fhe ocean, is now oiniii lis ihe reception of company during the season The great extt lit of private beach on this shore?ihe perfect security iu bathiny, even for ladlea and children, ('he balking houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, cool and delightful locust.grove adjoining the house ?ike pleasant rides in the surrouudiug countr ?the excellent fuhing grouuds and othci sources of healthful recreatiou aud anmsemrnt?the beautiful view of the Atlt n>ic ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, render thw situation in every respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its are .01 ;Tr, the rooms airy and the temperature, even iu the warmest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The coarenitncc ofcommunieatiou and distance, (being but nine miles from Brooklyn.) the access by itnrrt at lioura accommodated to busiuess render it peculiarly well at'apted as a residence for gt utleaeu ofbuaiii tain New York. i?12 2m*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, iVKoltaatt and Retail furniture and General Furnuking Warehouse, No. 67 Chatham itreet, corner of lhume ttreet, New York. WHERE he keep* for sale a large assortment of the following articles, *it.: Sideboards, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Con, Tablet, Chain, Office and Portable Desks, Glats Cases, Book C- ises. Looking tilaaaes, Dining, Centre. '1 ea and Pier Tables, Pianos, Sofas, Sofa Bedsteads, Beds, Beildinj. Paleanert, Mattresses, Carneti, Oil Clntii, Matting and V ire Irons, Wash Stands, Toilet Tables, candle SutoJa, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Sales, Ike. Also, a Wn(? assortment of men and women's Wearing Apparel, new and second hauded All the above articles are offered to the public at rety low prices. Persons in want of said articlei would And it to their advantage to make an early call at the above establishment. Shipping orders punctually attended to iiul packed t.?i the shortest notice, ana ou reasonable terms. Matlmaaes, Bedding, kc. for fituug out vessels, constantly on hand. All ordeis to the above establishment will be pajctuall/ a'l?-'ded to and thankfully received. if. B.?The highest prices will be given for Second Hard Furniture, and Gentlemen^ and Ladies' cut off Clothing. t* bin 'I PEFINED SUGAR, WINES,&c. WELLINGTON A. CARTER, Wine aud iommistion Merchant, No. i New street, one door from Wall street, has just recalled from the refinery a quantity of su|ierior double pnd ninvlc refined Sugar.iNimall loaves, which he will sell at hi* usual low rates, in lurcels to suit hovers. W.A.Carter's assortment of superior Wines cannot fail to idease. The old Lomeliuo Madeira of 1812, iu bottles and in pines.hhds. and qr. casks of varieui ages; champagne,claret and other light Wines of the choicest orsnds, always on sale at low prices. Orders for any kind shall be faithfully eiccnted. jy7 lm*r GOOD SUMMER WINK T B. STOUVENEL. Importer of French Wines of V the most approved brands, Bordeaux Claret and other Wines, lie has removed from his old stand, 61 Nassau street, to No. 21 Ann street, (near Nassau) basement. Always ou hand, the best and mo?t recherche Wines, St. Julian, Montferraut, St. Esteve, Lafitte, Medoc, kc. in barrels, half casks and cases. Also, Champague, various brands; Burgundy, Hermitage, fcc.; superior Coxuar Brandy; best quality OlP, Port Wine, Portugal .Jid Spanish Wiues. J. B. S. will also sell by the iWeu bottled Wine for private families, which will be seut to auy part of the city, alio by the gallon or otherwise, to those who may favor him with thetT patronage. No Wilies are impure sold by him, as be imports them direct. O" J. B h hat opened a boarding house at Ilobokeu, oppo we vauanaii v araeii, on tne inuu road, wneie it kept all iv lortmcnt of:i t 1 MtWinci. Private parties supplied with rood dinners and->( > *1 menu. jvlt lm?c gg?"~~~~ hats. hats! hats! hats !! TJKOWN k GO'S One Price Hat Store, wholsaale and ir| U tail, 1T9 Chatham Htjoare, corner of Mott atreet, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adarn : he head. The proprietors liare the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently improved abort napjwd Hat, a new ntyle, the imitation of beaverr, which to closely resrmnles tint of all furs the most cosily and beautiful, that the difference i? lint easily perceived. Pnce three dollars. We itrictly adhere to die one price cash system, which enables ns to furnish a very superior Hat for the price charted. In presenting these Hats to the pablic the proprietors think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. m4 1m tailoring; removal PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, U removed fnt? M5 Broadway to No. 7 Astor Hoom. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. (Himenu of a mo<t .lcgaut aud KashieuuUe kind 1t a saving of GO per cent for cask. fpHE advertiser di tns it unnecessary to resoit t J the keck1 neyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, preaaming that the length of time he has been establiahcd. together with the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, wilt provs ? sum eient voucher lor his capabilities. Pouetiinif the advance ol being connected willi an extensive cloth establishment in Enrepe he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be loand lower than any mher hoOse making op the best descri|>tions of gentlemen's dreia. mylJm 8. PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House, Breadwty LOOK OUT\ He who steal* my pur*e steals trash. Bat he who fiisttes from me of m>ncood mains Hobs me ol that which njt enriches him. Bat mak-i me l*>or indeed.?[Hhakspeare. MARSHALL, A T HIS ONLY TKOY SHIRT DEPOT. No. 90 Chatham A street, make* the above quotation, becense other*endeavor to fileh from him hi* good nsmn, lame, and reputation. Ws have more than once made public the wauy itnposil ons practised on dealers, strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. But now that impositions are on the increase, therefore, we shall keep these fkcu before the public, which will expose itnpnsters, and may cut off thi ir wicked designs. Make no mistakes therefore. " Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot" is iwinted on oar awning and window. Be paiticular, however, to see the name " Marsh-ill's" on our window and about our store. No. 90, oaronly Troy Shirt Depot, is situated about 16 doors from the comer of Pearl and Chatham streets, and on the right hand side in Chatham street, in pining to the City Half. Seethe isnir MARSHALLti tQi and you are correct. CATALOGUE OK PRICES. Strong mailc Cotton Shirts, with linen bowmi, collar* and wn*t bands, warrauted, at per dozen. $7?7 JO?8?i V)?0?I*? 10 JO?11?12?12 50?14?16?16 JO?17?II-.-0?SI?2* JO-W?tJ 26 JO?f7?2?. All Linen Shirt?, iwrdos. $30?20 JO?2J?27 JO? JO?32 JO?J6?M. Plai n Cotton Shi rts, pe r d it $J JO???7?7 JO ?0?9. Colored Shirts, pet dox. $J?J JO g 7?1?II?10- II. Collar* ju*t received?In addition to our former large stock of collar* of every description, 1000 dozen, all Linen ollars, at JO cents per dozen. 62c-7Jc??7c-$l?1 2J? I J0-I 7J?2?2 ?J ?2 JO?2 75?J?S tJ?J JO and 400, includiug our >.ew st>l* Marshall's Byron Collar*, which have been so highly approved of. These good*, with oar plain and ruffle bosoms, can he foand it many nf the principle ready ma M linen stores ttironshout the city, andlat the manufacturers, ^"/"".Marstiall's IC7" only Troy Shirt Depot. No. 90 Chatliam street. New York. We tauuuu (it ait rs nuu inner* ait a i lis i mr many ?nil IIIT^ been made of late, iu connequence of ?etiug ticketed price, ia ome of the windowe. Recollect, no marked or tickeud prieea are to be *een in ou-wiudow. Bat remember thu tbe cat of oaratore, with the iirtcea attaclied, will b? circulated for < the benefit of all. Theae circulara onlv maybe teen in our window : and, furthermore, we adeiae again, aee the name and Xber, Maihall'i, Ho. M.M No patronage aaked of thnaa beat down. jyl5 1m#c TO THE LADIES. ' I7A8HIONABLE MILLINERY OQODS.-THe proprie" treu, Mua S KIN'(), daughter of the celebrated Ctrl King, o<f'.n for aale a mo?t (elect and choice waortroent of Millinery ' i iood,, for the spring trade never aa yet presented to the pablir, both aa regnrda (he ju ility and cheapneia of Uia articlra 1'kr aaiortment coueid., of the fiillowiua ? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS, a, worn by Lai Puchrm IPOrleaua, of France, SHED BILK, ENTIRELY NE\V AND ORIGINAL STiLE And Lawn Hata do do?An entire naw atyla a Hata called " MODINE CAFOTTES, ELSSLEii cottaob.' \ Pari*fin<md RnflUh KANCY STRAWS, of the Aoeit t?t* f recpectfully toliciu the to fkvor htr I with call, and eiAHiine her elegant and raned stock or Mil- \ linery for thcmaeltet, before they purchue elsewhere, aa it J will be a great saving to them m price and a great advantage aa I regards the variety and quality of the oda. J MIs8 A. KINO, Maganne de Modea, jy22 lm?r ?3>i B mad way, f SHIRTS, SHIRTS. ( UNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,77 Wil- a liam atreat, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice i, h> i*by o airen to Merclianta and trader* in griieml, that ilie propm-i ra >f n the abore eatabliahtnenl haee adopted a new method of i an i- p factoring Which enablea Ihem to aell their ahirt* at a ch ap r u rale than any other home id thia city. Tliia lUlement ? a >e n ailrmed by the liat of price, aa follow,:? _ Pn 9*r.. FineMualin Shirt,, wilh Lin. n Bo,oina and Collan, %7 0 | Do atitrhHil in the Boaom and Collar *,IK) ^ Do Colored line paterm, large aixet 7,00 A??, a large quantity of Bo,om, and Collar, comumly on , band, which will be offered clxap for c?,h. jyl I in " r | IMPORTANT TO THE 1 PUBLIC. r A LL who wiab to economize can obtain Clothing of the beat " QO^'lV/'markably ch^ap, at m Canal at reel, one door : we.t of AI?o,a largf uaortmem of ClntVi,. C?a.i- ' meree, Veatinga.and Summer flood., (Voaa which Clothlag of , all ai'id, are made to or Vr in the beat manner at ?ery reduced ' price,. Tfit I anal ,tr-et. jel#Jm*r 1 shirts: QHIRTfl made to owlet, after th? moat approved Freneh k O fashion*, OenUemcu (Krmenia of all desenptiona ma.U ro order at the ,borte,t notice. p Gentlemen', Furaiahintf iWra ?7 and ? Maiden I ana, comer a of William atreet. , |l l?'i WILLIAM COLLINS. I W TO N YORK. THURSDAY M< MIS( 'KIJ, AXEOCS. WAITER T1TANTKD by a yuuim man, * situation as Waiter id a re- r vv family. The beat recommendation* in e??ry re*pect will be (fiveu. Enquire at No. 84 Front afreet. N ??"*r u Orri? ur Jtrmnon *?. Cuxr*n. l' Nex York, August I, 1X1 Cl THE Board ol Diiector* of this in.titui i< >u have this day d ' rlared a semi-uinual Dividend of seven percent, payable " to tl??- stockholders, or thair Iffal rrpreiculalive*, on and after ? the 10th inaiant. D' Transfer bo<>ka closed from Ctli to Mb iuitant inclusive. " ??H OEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. ? sJPl.ENDIU DISCOVERY FOK HEARNINO TO 2 ^ PAINT AND DKAW KKOM NATU11K.?Amateur* 1 iniy tee, at No. 211 Broadway, next door to ilia American Hotel, a number ol samples of paintin. oo wood, velvet, ' ilk, inualin, paper, lie. k.c, by a piocesi for which the inventor ha* received a premium 'f two thousand dollar* from the French foverninent. Tin muLitnais of oil |u>iutiii|r* are *o perfect that no painter can iimtn!- tli> in witiiout learning r the proceu. By thil inclliod, any artiat or other person nuv J learu, in very lew leaaoua, to imiut ?i;h oil, water color, mini.Uure, and alao many nrw ni l liaiuUotn? inventions, to a lerfection difficult to undent-ttnt wirhnvr .eeine the samples, or taking a tingle lesson ol Mr. VICTOR ERNETTE, painter to tfu court* of Fimj'Cr, Ru-?i*. i < . The Artiste will remain only ftil tie Ijlli of nest month, when he intend* raturniim to F.auc . Specimen* may he arm at iti* ahon address. jyll lw*r PATENTS?AMERICAN AND KOREiONOFFICE, b ind Agency or the Uaited State* Patent Office, No. 22 _ State street, Boston. f This office baa bent established in Boston for the past ten V. yean, and inventor* are informed tint all buiines* relative to H th- pre|urati< u if caveats, ?i>ecifir.iiii.n* ami drawings, assign- J meats and other paints and procuring patents, is hero transte- ri led with accuracy and despatch : ind all personal trouble, as > well as eipen*e* of a journey ' > Washington, and delav there, { saved to ihrm. Attendance here is altogether unnecessary?-a m. .lei wliir I, m v I ,. W.. U I-..'. L' I . I eiplanatory letter, b. iiik sufficient. Patent* secured in l"<> reign count lies. *uj tdticf it vanon all legal .inJ scientific milters r??|>eclinK iliem. The facilities of tlie subscriber, by his icrr flUuix library ol hooks on patent liws, and rare mechanical work*, kc,, enables hiin (o afford evid nee aud opinions lor suits at law. for infringements, lie., which would bediflicolt in C other retpects lor i<artir< to obtain. All model", lie., forward T rd to thr Patent Office, Washington, I'm of rxiHlM.. if It. EDI) V, Civil Engineer. The following ii extracted from letters of the Commissioner ofPatenu in MM:? To R. H. Kdi.t, Es*.Bia " I have to rtnew the asiurancc of the kiirh rciiMCt I entertain of your agency for pxteu ee?. 80 far as I l.are fuard, T they hare expressed thimielves satisfied with your services; J and justice to yourself Compels me to say, the hasinrss ol you! office, 10 far ai it 11 connected with this dci nitin. nl, evinces 1 much skill aud treat aatiduity. Youia, resiiectfiilly, H L KLL3WORTH For all furtlitr information, apply to DAVID GARDINER, ?' Axcnt of Patent Office, No. 21 Pine street. New York, ,, a2 lm*r 0. L. .. BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. % BOATS, Dinkey tail heats awl n?*e boat*. nleoaurc boat*. &c. * &c. Tlw immense Boat Biril.lin* E*i.iblishmniit of ( . L. I Ingersoll, 406 Water st, near C<il uriii" Market, is one of thr ' most extensive intlie United Sut ?. Here were built tne moat '! beautiful pleasure barges and Job b.. rt? ha?r floated on Jl the rivers and lake* of America. AI->o the h.trgr for the Autiv 0 crat of all the Russia*, sevri >i nr ho.if fur Asiatic Mouarclu; a the fancy boat called the .liiii. !*?iith *??" Arkansas, and the fast 4 sailing boat for Mr. O. F. B oiniiign. He has recently com .leted 0 a life boat ou a new plan, which lias been pronounced by some 1 of our most experienced nautical men superior to any ever be- d fore built, K< this establishment any kind of boat will be furnished with reversed bottom, from a monld, in any way to * suit the taste of the purchaser, of whatever form they m ?y be. Tba materials are all of the best quality, pine boards beiuK no < part thereof. A large assortment of boats of all kinds, including life boats, nigs, Ions', quarter, pleasure, Whitehall, and race fi boats, may be always found at the manufact iry, .it prices much below wh-it purchasers have heretofore paid, and a liberal ilia- f count an the usual rates will be made to those who wish to aell V again. Please call before purchasing the where; you can then (l judge of my work?References. Jas. ?V. Hale, Sol 'Agent, 58 Wall at. For advertisement of t boats, fcc., see Com er It Enquirer and New York Commercial 1, Advertiser. ^ j\22lm?r r " SILK BANNERS, ku. l! UANNINOTO.N Ik CO., 293 Broadway, near Read street, Ii Respectfully inform the Order of I. O. of O. F., and their 0 friends generally, that thev are no* prepared to execute orders * for Flags and Banners in the moat superior atyle for beauty, durability, and economy, having Silks made for thr express occasion thai will make the largest banners without disfiguring it witli a seam. Specimens and Design* can b? seen at their Establishment, T 293 Broadway, or sent to any part of tlie Unisu. J For style, design, aud execution of works of the kind, We re- bi fer to the Oetty'a Banner, No. 11. I. O. of O. F , as also to ri Oreenwich, No. 40, Hartnouy, 44, Covenant, J5, Perseverance. m 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Banners, and hi the societies St. Nicholas, Naw England, St. George, St An- i| drewi. Si David, lie Itr. < Window Shade* in great variety, fr?m SI each to tin- richest ami beat, painted by the most eminent artists. Suinod tiltu, after thu manner of the ancieuts, warranted ci arret :< change color, with rnxny recent improv? ments for church wiihI >> i and "trier public .1 rvl private building*, ittliif ? 11., |*.eket ?hi|w, store window*, kc St.-. ? Il-.iUMoii. ol Stained Olau, paiineil en minim for church 1 w?nrti>wi,Trry clo*e imitation of *! I 1,1' a very tritliuw expense, or llie eU** ob-citied .id |ui;it?l in biilliant colors, ,, vervourable and cheap. fv 17 r (1l U KALINU MINKKAL W Ai'Ella?aliaron S,.. ihk? Al White Sulpher Wat*, inav be lus.J ol the Agent*, Dickson fi V r.n,, 12* Broadway, Btv-intnt Room*.?For their unrivalled efficacy in all Rheumatic, Cutaneous and Dyipcptic Com- 1 iilainU, aore eyes, 4ltMl)r|(mj|WMiNhAm, liver complaint, affection of the kidney, Ike., reference (by their permission) is nude to the following medical gentlemen : HUUH McLEAN, 51. O.. 4 Warrvii-st. T Dr. BEDFORD. Prof. University, Med. Dep. Prof. PATTERSON. Med. B.-p. J Dr. WHITE. Cherry Valley, N. Y. I Prof. HADLEY, Ex-Pre*'t Sled. College, N. Y. S Dr. DELAFIELD. Bkedcer-at. N. Y. From a certificate of a recent iinlysts mode for the Propriator of the Springs, by one of the most eminent chemists in this t' country, (Dr. Cnilton of New-York) the following remits have been obtained from one rallon of water : n Sulphate of .Magnesia 4140 I1 Sulphate of Llme>> 11161 ? Chloride of Sodium I 21 Chloride ef Magnesium 2 40 H Hydiosulphuret ef Sodium ) Hydrosulphuret of Calcium >31 Vegetable Extractive Matter J 140 94 Solpboretted Hydrogen Oil.- It cob. ins. For sale by Messrs. Ruihtou k Asiiinwall, at tlicir stores, Broadwv/, Astor House, and William street ; J. M'lhaa, Broadway ; G. H. Milnor, Broadway ; A. B. Hand* k Co., Broadway and Chambers st. ; Dr. J. K. Chilton. Broadway 1 _ H. P. Leeds, Fulton street. Brooklyn. ji-t4 1mc Jl ^Ol.CfcCf IO>JS.-The Subscribe!* tvill collect Note cDmfli, Acceptances, Certifieau ? o; Dnimitn, he. (through M*-arn Haniden V Co. from New York to Albany) upon any if tnr following places, and guirautee returns to Hie city of ? New York, in from lix to eight dayi. hi Utica, Canaadaigua, Syracuse, Uocheater, Auburn, BaUfia, a Qeueva, _ Buialo. i Rrrr.trn^v* . Erasmus Corning. 1 Luuu <ff. Oleott. Albany. rOMEftOY It CO, 3 vVall Mrcot, New York. ft Coraar Si and Market ?trv?t*. Albany. VT OTICE TO CLERkB, and all otliur i??om kKom basiJ-' ness causes them to be constantly on their feet.?By calling *t th* old exclusive Boot Store, 141 Chatham street, they can be accommodated with the invaluable article, ROOERS METALIC ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in every particular, and at the same price of the ordinary Boot. The following are some of the m uiy advantage* tne Elastic Heel* ~ liave over every oilier kind First?The elasticity add* greatly to the durability of the . Boot. Becoudly?They make no noise in walking upon the pavement. Thirdly? i1i*y prerent Boot* from rousing down to the J lieel. I Fourthly?They enable the wearer to walk wit^ much less _ ratijfue, _ J itthly?They do not cut or tear carpets a* do iron or nailed * MH ( Si?thly?They can be worn with comfort by those having tender feet. A* aaaal, constantly on hand ail kinds of BooU at wlielesale >nd retail, ?t manufacturer'! drices, jy 12 eolm* rASPHALTUM AND MINERAL TAR. i. JOHN LOWITZ, No. 2 Wall-Street, A LI AS constantly on haud natural Asplialtum Rock and Mine- r 1A ral Tar, which are u*ed for the tallowing purpo*e* I. Gardens and tidewalk*. V Floring ol Building* and Cellar*, where the etelnaioB of lr moisture it required. Canals and Biidce*. " Piers, Wharl* *nd Docks. 81 Vaulu. Baths, Aqnednci s,Reservoir*, Sewaw. Terrace*. RooAtet. Coating of iron w< rk, t* pierenl it* oxidation by air an water. Coating ol timber work, n*ed at railroads, Ik. ? Markets, slaughter ho ises, and Bonding warehouses, where ha aarlusion of Trrmln is relaired. iy*lm'od*r . ~ TTiToLiTis- \ BOAT EST A BLISHMENT. ' 400 WAT LK STREET, pi TOUR DOOK* KAST OF CATIIAKINR MARKET. ? rIE Subscribe! having in his manufactory, and under his own immedtai npenutendeifc-e, ?.me of the oli'est snd '{J nost experienced! lildera in this city; and the beat of material* or building <rsry description of boat*, which enables him to r* amiih, at the shorten notice. Bolt* of the moat approved molel and workmanahip, on the ino?l liberal term*. BUILDER of the 9aluui nf Mu*cat'* Pleaaure Barge, the I* ware, Onxrlle, Vicloria, Atlantic, Wakoua, kc. Alio, the tnn, of Peekakill, Washington, of rouiiliki-L'iiaie. Ouchcaa, of iyda Park, Sylph and Vpave, of Mobile, tieo ^?WVt, of El ,oui*rille, Madame Celeata* 'it New Orlvtcs. kc. Alto ? * I'he *ail hoata Wn Crolioi, Faahimi, Zanonl, Star, and Ed- V! >in Forrest, fce., I i., fcc. iy?m eod'o "H "CORPORATION NOTlCfc?Public Motioe is lieretiy gi- ro S ?en, that anale ol | rorwrty for tintiaid tair* will take place T1 t Public Anction, at -?ie City Hill of the City of New V?rk, ih, n Wednriday, th*2St'i cay ol Septrmlier next, at 11 o'clock. | oon, and lie continui'df i i m day to day until Ihe whole of aaiu ?^ roperty *hnll be sold,an I lhat the detailed itatrme'iit of th< (}. ixe*. end property In hr i .! r,i? mibli?lii'd in the New Era, a Pp swip'perprintea andini i . ?l,e?! in ths city of New York. _ ALH . ED A. SMITH, Comptroller. ? Comptroller'* Office, May! IM2. je2A lawtSaptM c " IA R. MEM MIXtlER, *on >' lir" Wurtrmber^ei tyaoniMii* t 'lt^u.irtirr Mi iati-r Goitfii'd WeminiaKer " will M< *? hi (, j iee notice of hi* n-jidenee.'U n * rel ation* ni '?i?i's*ua r?<e I articular dnire to know it, in direct hi* lettat v> B >\ Jig ,Ir Iratnli Po?t Office, New York. . ?w I r atri [ ADIES' NURSK.?'The widow ol an araitimt phyaician i Li ofrn >>er *ei?ice* to lh<- Ladie* > I (hi* city, beine fully ra pul aritated by l?nx experience. Te*ri-n( mala from ihe Tint phy- sha ieiam, and reference*gieen. Apply, 1M Ore.nwieh *treel ?n? jy lme?id r rht [irAT^Hbil AND JEWtLK* y limv i nr-i.o *" ! Vr if letting all d? ?r?i. tini* of gold unci tiUrr KoiU and tilttr pencils, ; M kriri, kc.. at r?- m nil, lowf r rhan at anv ntnrrr' ?*? Hi '?? tliv. Onlrf Wntrhfi m low a* t5 30 dollar < Wifrn^a anJ| Trw^lry eichao- 1 rd or honi(ht. All if ? ?r. to k?#p rood ,nu r th^ mou#y re turned. Watch.'and Clocks repaired in ili? f eat manner, and wart?* led, at mncH lets than the u^aal prices, iy one of the An*?t wotkmt n in tin dty. G. C. ALLtN, jmorter of Wate.he? and Jewalry, wholesale and ratal, m Wsll y Lrret, nn firs. jy2l lw*f j0j, ^ ()flH?20 balsa black Most, tor ale by cori *1 jy7t E. K. C'OLLWS It CO. N So?th st r k i 3RNING, AUGUST 4, 18 MISCELLANEOUS. economy; elegance, and good LIVING. PIE i in' ' u'li. (I hu, at yfrrct itpcnit , fitted np oc( of (he lar *1 'Mil pTriiniJ Cotfee ami Eat nut Houaei in lew V k. iu 'one I'uiiilred peratm* at liui can ait down > t> i .Iwi <uh.t* breakfaat, dinner,and tea, [from M (hull . ' f>ha market*, with i MH ol' fare not tt lllwl tkhal ' . oUa quality or number ofJuln i] by any ho:l in the liw'ed St tea, and wrj nig in pricea from ail crula to ne ahilluu and einhteeupence ii.i diah. The pureat Java and locks coffee and the very beat teu, and served at only three tula per cup. And all other refreshment* in pro|>nitioii. The raitera are uniformly civil and polite, and every vtailor may be laured of leelinK in thi? establishment quite 'at home." Ill ict, every dep-irtmcnt of tha bu?iu-*s ia under tin- auperintenMie? of eomivtent overseers, whose sola ear# and attention are irerled to the comfort and convenience* of customer* and ueata. HKNRV OOSI.INH, Proprietor of the Krt neh and American Katinu Home, No* 44 an >. 66 Na**nu at, between Jahn at and M-.iden L,Mie. P. S.?0|m>d Huim1.iv ? for breakfast, dinner and tea. je lO 3iar r" "? <)V N l)K. VLK.KS Uuns, I'lstJuj article* 100 Sinslo Barrel Fowling Piece* ISO Double Ouii*, imitation twiated 100 4o do real twiated and (au?ul Broach. 4000 Pail* of Pistol*?a**nrted?100 .lilfeiriit varietiea. Rifle* uid Ri IK B iinl??Locks and Iri mini net Game. B-\;<??Powder VI >aka anil Pcrruiiion Ca|? SportlHR articlea jeuerally. The above article* will b* *old at unheard of low puce*, r A. W. SPIKS k CO. j T16 I in ? e m Pearl ?treet. ;nj2,Ar makjl>vv ake STOKE. HHE 8uhaciii?*r it now opftimjr hit 8 prim; supply of L HARDWARE AND CUTLERY. revived per late ar? I ?tlt from Binning! mm and KlietHeld. Foicelht-r with a KtueI aatortinem of lxwiunnc *meh he it prepared to of %tbr T?nrLowest casj/ priceb. , r att-utivn ol Country Minltn.n, Buildert, Cabinet a ic., Is solicited to an rumination of hi? stock and . (ill* i-. confident they will nud it to their interest r him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, 210 Greenwich. corner Barclaj, New York. A temilar supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and oo tier's Olni". Alto?? complete a^nortment of Mechanica' oola. Jamea' Screws, he. m3 3m* CORNS'," (JOHNS. CORNS. A Mnrrny street. MONS, AND MADAME BE R HARD, Corn Dortort. from Paris, JF.G LEAVE t<i luform the inhabit <nu ul New York, that J tli- > will be h piiv to wait upon *11 who may desire their r?ices. Moiu. anJ Mad. Berhard bare been practicing in the fnitrd Slates but a few months, and iu thai short time have relived testimonials from some of the m iit eminent gantlemen id other,, as to the benefit and comfort which they lure retired since they have tveu attended by them. They have the ouor to iafur n the public that by a u**w and peculiar method ney extricate Hard and Soft Corns, Bunions, Callosities, Stc. rith >tit cutting. Mont and Made. B. do not attempt to offer a ustrum retjuiri.iii necretv or laith to ensure its efficacy; but ouiidentiy assure those wlio may suffer from troublesome and ainful they may have the satisfaction of cirrying way their tormentor, the Corn, in tlieir hands. Moci. and M ide. B. hare in tlieir |N>stetsioii upwards of two viuiaud certificates from those who have ctpenenced relief at eir hinds. Mont, and Made. B. have pra ticed their prolesion for teviral years in Germany, France and England, anil are acquired great ?kill and much practical experience?a fact ttetled by minn-nut certificate! from the most celebrated Enlull, French and German physicians, an well at from s-reral of le nobility and gentry of thote countries, rlelivered to them fter (our years cure. The operation will uot occupy more nn ten minutes, and the relief it so imlantaneoua that the perils thus treated can immediately put on their thoet and walk illw>ut the least inconvenience. Ladies and gentlemen will be watted on at their own resience, If the> flrtire It. Al home in lite morning from S till 11, and in the aftr rnoou om t till 6 o'clock Office at Boston. Ill Conrtit- jyg 3m*r -(HEAP Ul'HOLSTrfV-W. REED, 3M Broadway, beJ tween White and Walker ttreet.?Carpet! of every derription made and altered to fit the moat intricate rooms?Curlint made andnltered to the latest ttyle. Matratset, sofas, and uy chairs, made to ordnr to match any description of fumiire. The Subscriber nol having expenses of a store to pay. (a mbled lo make any of the above articlei at inch pricea to smt ie times. Persons purchasing Cat pets and Oil Cloths can have a word f advice, by calling at above. Paper Hanging. Carpets cleani. Grease spot' ettracted. See. iv fi lm*>,f GUNS AND PISTOLS. Qcf-EXCLUSIVELY.;-?0 ) JOSEPH, 14 Maiden l uie. up tuirt, iin|?ortinj( agent for the tale ot English. German and French rinuhU *??.! ?;?.?!*. irrri Fowling and Durkiiix Ouns, from the lowest to the tin I it finalities; Pistols <>f every description, for this aud othrt I larkeU, embracing one iiuu.lred different kinds nil of which I e is dow prepared to offer at ihr manufacture's prices, beinx | nwiuted aceut for the largest Iiojjcs in that line in Europe, fiich enables Inm to tell at extremely low price*. A I nice assorted slock of tne above always on ha;id. City anil country merchants an- particularly requested to ill, previous to making their purchases. r ->T tm ?r Water Urrtcs, / Old Alms-House, July 8. IJI2. J JOTICE is hereby Riven, that the C'roton Aqu'ilurt Com' mittet of the Corporation have requested the W atrr C. missioner?, far the present, to rent the Crotou Water, and ar inge for iii.ikini$ tUe necessary connexions to supply the citifc ns r New York with watir. Th< followiu* are the ratts at which the water is at present irnished Annual. 'nsRr.xs. (welling* of rwo stories $10 00 moie than two stories 12 00 " on the rear of lots J 00 " with workahopor store Uto2tl 'rivilegeof washing pavements 2 00 bath (where there arc futures) 5 08 Inarding house into 20 liable, in irate per still 4 00 Ii* cry " 2 00 Payinen' to b- mule in advance for the supply from August 1 j May i, ii< t ?.iii) equently seoii-iDtitially. Lint'h iJinif honsea. (tables, breweries, tanneries, public atlis, !?ckiu.' or salting nouses, and sll other consumers, ?hipin*, it'., WI.I '? charged iu proportion to the quantity of water sen. On .gr c? til with the commissioners. Offi. e ! not f(. >n 1 o'clock A M until 4 P M, in the old Alms tome, Entree by centre door. SAMUEL STEVENS, JOHN D. WARD, ZKB D RINO, B. bikdsalL, iy20 2wr Water Commiuionera. HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. J[ RADER, 4? Chatham street, offere for sale "! 100,000 La Norma Se?ar?. 50,li00 Noval Principe. X> 000 Woodville. 2,'j 000 Rionda. milled to debenture. Besides a full stock of the choicest rands of Harana and Princi|?e Segars. jv2W I n eod*c PERSSE & BROOKS, <1 LIBERTY STREET, between Broadway and 'V. Naasau street, offer for for sale 101 Blocks Iiish black marble. 100 Casks refined basket salt. SM Casks Boyd's bleaching pewder. ID Tons superfine soda ashes. 1 Cases i*t?ut leather. it Bales Chesterfield factory brown shcetluga. 7000 (jerman patent fire hrick. 20 Casks ] and 4 F E blue smalts. I Bales cotton carpeting thre- and four yards wide. 5 Bales Machine hlankeu All of which will he sold at lowest market prices, Jy 17t PARSELLS & AGATE jfANUFACTURKKS OF STOCKS, Suspenders. Linen '? Draper*, lie. have just received a very li<(lit and beautiful ook, expressly for summer wear. AI?o a rich and varied asirtinentof Summer Scarfs, Cravau, Silk, Linen Thr.-ad, and id (ilovt s, with a large ssortment ol Sni|<-nders,ready mid. inen and Muslin Shirts, Linen C .liars, urefs Fronts, g*nlleen's under garments, fcc., at the old establishment,241 B'oaday, beiweeu Park place and Murray st jy)> Im'c ^O \L AFLOAT?200 tons superior quality Scotch Coal OLOVElt k Mc.MURRAY, 100 P cor. of South. ir l?r ) I AN (J FORTES?For sale, a tew elegant rosewood hollow corner French grand action piano fores, with all the te improvements; warranted, and kept iu time for 12 months, 103 Walker street, up stairs. Th y ere to b? dispo-ed of ia inseqnence of the owner leaving for Eariqie in the_ month of K jy|**wrc 'EOROK COLYER, and THOMAS DIjOARU ,SUrCer I sors to Lewis B. (JiitTIn V Co., would respectfally inform i?ir friends ml the puhli , that they air prepared to furnish ?b*r oferery deacri|>ti n. at a* ahort notice, and on aj re a cable terma aa any establishment i* the city, at their New tram Saw Mill, foot of Fourteenth street, North Rirer. jyII lm*r MEDICINES. SAND'S SARSAPARILLAN offering to ihe public a new prcimratmn of Sar*a|Mrilla, it is with murh pleasure the subscribers are able to -lata that Ur deroting years to Uliorioua chemical ei|x iimenta, they ive succeeded in extracting lite essential principles on Which e active rirtm a of Sariaparilla depend; b> the construction ' < new, scientific, nid il|MlioN ajtpars tua, hTiMtd etpresafor this puij>o?e?the successful oi-er-tion of which in exicting the virtues of the tivi Saraaparilla, renders it one of e Creates! diicoveriesof the MK| anil after again romhiuing ia extract with other articles selected from the Materia Medi , it is farmed into a compound that ha* beeu by nracti1 .n.rience to possess the important power of immediately tc it n_ tne pmgresa of disease and restoring the i?tient to rfect nealth. All diaeasea arising from an impure state of the btnod, or bit of the system, snch aa Hcrolula, olwtinate Cutaneous mptions. Pimples, Chronic Bore Eyea, Rheumatism, Ring>rm, enlargement ami pain of the Bones and Joints, stubborn leers. Sypilitic symptoms, and all diseases arising from an iKlicioiia use of mercury are speedily cared by its uae TT?e patient, therefore, who nses this preparation, haa all mbincd that can be useful for the removal of his complaint, i? afflicted are invited to try it at once, and appropriate to mselves the benefits this invaluable medicine can hestow. IVeparcdand sold by A. B. Sands It Co., WS Broadway, cor. lamherast. Sold also bv A. B. It D. Sand*, 79 Fulton st. cor. .Id. and by D. Hands, 77 Eaat Broadway, cor. Market street. ice$l. _ jy 17 lm*e Kfio REWARD ?OROSST SPECIFIC MIXTURE.? v r at the Cure of Onnporrhma, (Meets, Strictorrs ano ilogons complaint* o fvht nigaa is (generation. 3f all remediea yet discorered for tf?- abore complaints, this Ha most certain. 1 makes a s[*edy and permanent cure, withoatt he least reiction U> diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to I*; fre give no lone auackith recommendations to decciae the tilic. If the tnedir ?ne d.irs not not speak for itself, no om ill speak far it. Our object is to notify where it can be had, I the proprietor challenges a single caae of recent Oonnorea to >e brought, in whi' h the mistnte will not effect a rapt* t, ander a forfeiture of tVK). rhis ia a iliaeaar that unfortunately |.?-r?ades all ranks of so i ty?high, low, rich and |ioor, matrimonial and ?in*!e. The} n?re presented with a remedy by which I hay can <Mire them re? with out th.- leaat ?T|tosare in the shortes* tinv |>oa*ible farther, the disease cannot be contracted if done ol th? tture is taken at night on goiiui to bed when e?|to*f d. I is imt up in bottles with toll direction* aeeompanrinc it, ai i bottle- One bottle lasta a week, which generally carea? 1 ay are enred in two d.iys. 'or sale omly at Wm. H. Mflnor's, IM Bmadway, corner ol , m street, opposite Franklin Home, NfW York; J Jones ! iier of Chestnot and Seventh streets, Philadelphia; and at J South'! LM Washington street Boa ton. jy] lm* | IE R A 142. Vrwnrk, Ohio. f Ct)frr*i?<)niiri?rr of the Hrrald.J Newark, Ohio, July 2N, 1842. Tht Ohio /sfitlalurt? Crmdmmation of the apjxtttionment law of Con^rrtM?Mr. Van Our in in Clfvrlartd? W AT< trark uiul Rhode li/unil ? TScrroj'S, Q-r. ij-r The Ohio Legislature met at Columbus on the 2ftth in?t , and immediately commenced action with record to the a{>portionment of the State for choosing members of Congrees, by the anointment of a committee of seven members on the part of the Senate, and fourteen members on the part of the House of rj<"]>resetitatives, to report a bill for the attainment of that object. Mr. Taylor, the Senator from this district, introduced a preamble and resolutions declaratory of the opinion of the General Assembly of < >hio, that so much of the apportionment law enacted by Congress, as requires the Congressional districts to be single, is unconstitutional, null, and void; and that if the General Assemoly shall proceed to divide the State of Ohio into single districts, it will not be from any rea|>ect to the luw in question, but from long established custom and the preference of the people of Ohio. Resolutions of a similar narnce, and very nrmrlv tile suine in Intuniniio with th<wi>nt Mr Tub. lor, were also introdued on the same day in the House of Representatives by Mr Sharp. There ai>|iearn to lie some difference in opinion with regard to the propriety of considering any other business than that which relates to the apportionment ; but a determination to adjourn at the end of two or three weeks is apparent. Mr. Van Buren was received with n great deal of enthusiasm at Cleveland. Kvery one, without dis tinction of party, testified the utmost respect for the distinguished gentleman who had honored Cleveland with a visit, and the addresses (of Mr. Starkweather to Mr. Van Buren and Mr Van Buren in reply,) were quite ha|>pily conceived. Mr. Van Buren had another opportunity, which he did not fail to embrace, of showing the magnanimity of his character by eulogizing in terms of deserving praise the immortal Clinton, his former great political antagonist, as a man who has rendered himself" illustrious in the annals of our country ." The decision n Rhode Island with regard to the charter of King Charles 11. has been reversed in the Newark Institute by a majority of two. You per reive, therefore, that that unpleasant affair, even though Governor Dorr has retired from the contest with disgrace, is not yet over; but that you may again look for squally times in little Khody. 1 as sure you that the result will be vastly different when the new iwrties, about to engage in the contest lor "freedom and the right," arrive on the field ol action The abundant products of the prolific soil of Ohio are now mostly gathered, and never, perhaps, were the labors of the nusbandman more amply repaid, in quantity and in kind if not in price. The people 01 Ohio will now pay her traders, and they will in turn p-.iy New York, and buy immense quantities of goods in addition. The nublic works of this State and New York will, ot course, yield large amounts of tolls, which will aid these States in paying the interest on their debts. The weatherfor a week past has been excessively warm, and now we have actually got a summer, it comes with a vengeance. L'Occidenit. Brie, Pa. f rwiriponilenoe of the Herald.] Erik, (Pa.) July 25th, 1842. I Veather? Farmers? -Legintntvrf?Apportionment? Excursions? Gen. Bennett. James Gordon Bennett, Esq.? Dkar Sir Here we are in the midst of hot weather and hard times?The thermometer at 95?business below zero, and little |>rospect of a betterment short of a month. i iir-re n;ia uren considerable croaking by tlie tarin*rs ahuut rust on the wheat; but, from all accounts there will be a tollerablc crop after nil the fuss. The grass crop is abundant. Corn is rather backward, but is coming on finely for the last three weeks. All other crops look well. Cireat weather for harvesting As the all-wise Legislature appears disposed to leave our State improvements half finished?our citizen?, not satisfied to he left entirely in the back around, are making improvements themselves.? Several extensive iron and woollen factories have been erected lately,and are now dashing ahead "with a right good will " \Ve have plenty of iron ore only 'wanting the digging,' and as fine a wool growing counlry, ae is under the sun. So, if the legislature do not "come lip to the scratch," we will lie set 0fl" in'o a State by ourselves, and "go-ahead on our own hook." Nothing new in the financial way. except "Crackee" is looking up a little, as the U S. Branch receives it on debts, which makes it mighty convenient for the folks about these diggings, and very creditable to the as.-ignees in Philadelphia. The worthy little Crshier, Mr. B , is going ahead collecting, and it is presumed the Bank will not los-1 a dollar of her discounts at this Branch What a nity the mother should not have managed as frugally as the daughter. Mr. V'nn Huren tnvc in n enll nn ki? ui?? ? A committer from here proceeded to Cleveland to meet, and escort him down. At 10 A M. on Wednesday, 13th, the approach of the steamer was announced by a gun Irom the hank of the bay, when the military, corporate authorities, committee of arrangement, and citizens generallv, without disvinction of party, proceeded to the landing, and escorted him up through the principal streets and public square to the Eagle Hotel, where he received a formal and cordial welcome from the Hon. Thou II Sill, in behalf of the authorities and citizens, to which his Excellency made an appropriate reply, but in a wretchedly low tone of voice. (Ry the powers of elocution! but he must learn to spenk louder, if he ever expert* to he President againsuch whispering as this will never do ) After which he was introduced to a muliitude of our citizensdined at 3 P. M ?took a ride to the country at 4, and at 6 was escorted to the residence of his friend, Mon. Hnmot, where he received the calls of the Indies, with that affible demeanor and irresistible xmilr, so peculiar to himself At 10, he was escorted to the boat, and shortly after left for Buffalo Politics are looking ni> quite brisk again The whijts are preparing for tne fall campaign?but the Incofoco* "lay low and keep dark" as yet Clay appears to be the favorite with the whigs, although some of the ultras do not much like his late low tariff speech at the Kentucky barbecue Creat anxiety is felt about the apportionment by both parties Tt is supposed onr district will be com posed of Erie, Crawford and Warren counties jf ?o, the whig" will have a majority, and elect their men for the first time in twenty years Erie i? shout 1200 whig; Crawford, <500 loco, and Warren 400loco will be hotly contested, and there is no telling how it may end The whig candidate will probalilybe Wm M. Watts, Esq., a young lawyer of respectable talent, but not very studious, and an uncompromising whig and anti-mason He is the man wno waspro;x>-ed bv a Pittsburg editor last fall, as a suitable candidate for Governor on ?CP?tint of his jolly disposition, and fund of anecdote?rich and rare qualities for a Governor, to be sure' However, .1 1 1 .L . L I-I mi .L:- I irjprr in no noun, out mm n?* wnuiu mi mie mnmimi with much credit. The loco condidate will either be the Hon. John Galbraith, n distinguished lawvrnf this place, who has served several term'", or Dr Wm. G Trwin, of Warren, a yonnff man of much merit, nnd relative of the late Gen. Calender Irwin, of Philadelphia. In the fashionable line, we are about so, so ? Quite a nnmher of gentry on their way to the falls, springs, etc., have been spending afew weeks m our pleasant town, and have given quite a zest to our society. Amonn ihe rest a Mrs R k nnd her two blooming danghters from Washington City. have been making a sociable stay with theirfriend Lieut. O Madam is a splendid woman, with an inexhaustable fund of wit and vivneity. The eldest daughter, a sweet little nymph?nil amiability and gentleness. The yonnt?e'r, a dashing Minn of "just seventeen," with a laughing hlack eye, and as (fav as a Gazelle. In order to while away the time, nnd wear off the rnnui of mid-summer, many of the tiitt are cutting off to the Fall*?others have taken a pleasure excursion to the IT|>per t,ake?,on board the steamer Rufftlo, one of (Jen Reed's splendid boats Ry the powers of old Neptune' hut she made a splendid ?P(H'arance asshe came darling into our beautiful Bay,trigged out in her new suit of bunting and paint, with "soul-stirring music" from the Rochester c Band, and n toyous company luxuriating under the ^ nwning on the quarterdeck. Amongst the nunnTnus company who embarked here. I noticed Gen Reed himself, his accomplished ladv, and her sifter, Mrs McA. There wera also large parties from Princeton, N. J . Carlisle, Pa., Pijtsburg. etc Kvery thing appeared in prime order, and her genlle 4" L.D. Price Two Cent*. manly cnmmandfr, Capt. Allen, wan "on hand," and no mistake. I wonder these excursions are not better patronised. They are certainly very pleasant, cheap,and instructive The climate of the Upper Lakes, in the summer month*, in delightful, and nothing more I beautiful and pleasing than skiniuiin* o'er their blue w.iters, us pure and limpid as in the midst of Atleutic's bosom, and cool us a mountain rill. And the scenery?nothing m?re wild?nothing more picturesque. And again?it were worth the trip to Sault Ste. Murie, to eat a whitefish, fresh from the (owning outlet oi Lake Superior, and hurled kickinn into the n?n For, know you, friend Bennett, that ihey take whitehsh here ana larm? r would poultiy from Ins barn yard?not till they want to eat one. Now, all this fine steamboat riding?all this' eating, and all this tine fun, for about ihe same price it would cosi to hoard the same length oi lime in one of vour fashionable hotel, .So, it any of your friends wish to ruraliM' and rusticate, let them iake u "pleasure excursion" to the l"p|x-r Lakes in one of our Western steamers, during the summer months. 1 see your friend Doctor, alias (i< neral J Cook Bennett, is kicking up a wonderful du.-t with Joe Smith and the Mormon Legion! J C. 15. is an astonishingly great big little man by times, and reminds me ot what a certain old chap said, when he sheared the hog. Several years since be was flourishing in this place, lecturing on the medicinal unalities ol tomatoes, and establishing a vlediuil Institution, Arc. He succeeded in obtaining a charter from the State, and tiun "floated out." Tomato Bennett (as he wus lamiliatly called here) used to blow off wonderful quantities of steam in these narts. and #mnn?i it." -? - r L ....VMP** Mil ICDI UI IIIH si>ouiiiiffti, had a public religious dificuw-ion with h Mormon Pricm, in the court House in this pluce, and came ?>fl "second beet." Your?, 6rc. Sam Wkllkr. More of the It Iota la Philadelphia. In relation to theee disgraceful scene*, the "Spirit of the Times" of yesterday says The disorderly and riotous spirit that porraded the lower part ol thecit) and northei 11 ( art of Mo> amensing to Kuch a terribleextent on Monday, reached the vicinity of Walnut drift whnrf on the Schuylkill, and began to ihow itself \ eslcrdav morning about six o'cloik, among she coal heavers ana u eavers out there, b) .-?* , midairs of men at the corners o! the sli eets, muny of them a mwl >vith shillelahs ami clubs. 1 wo black men happening to make their apjiearance, this was the signal loi an alta< k. The mob rushed U|ion them, whooping like ?a\ auet-, cut aiul l?-at them horribly, and would have killed ihem but for the intertereuce ol Mr. Dewey, w ho su< ceedcd in getting them into hi* storehoufe and locking them up. 'l be crowd now assembled and increased rapidly, and in the paceof a few hours, numbeied at least COO Bble, hardy looking men, all, with scarcely an exception, Irishmen. Dreadful results being, a messenger ?i? sent to :he sheriff for aid. About half past eleven o'clock officer niundirs, with a posse of sixty men arrived, each man dia tluguished bv a piece of green ribbon tied to the breast of Ins coat. The |>o*se passed along Walnut street to the river, along the wharf to Pine street, the belligerent' all the while iucreasing ill numbers. They turned up Pine, and had not gone two squares further ere they u eic |ul to Might, and compelled to scatter and run in all direction* across the open lots to save their lives, the mob pursuing 'hem hotly, and threatening them with vengeance, at thu Time lima pronouncing horrid curses and imprecations upon them. 1 he officers were pursued ya part of the roters as far as Mixth and Pine streets. Here their attention was diverted by seeing a negro, whom they ran into a house and tried to murder? but did not succeed id their wicked intention. They were unable to get their victim out of the house. These men, about three hundred strong, returned through the south western part of the city, along Tenth and Washington and Bhippen str eis?attacking eTery black th?t came in their way, and committing otnerout. rages. About noon they raced a poor negro at tho corner of Thirteenth and Shippen streets?caught him, Hud beat and frightened him almost to death. He w a* rescued and placed in safety by Aldettnan Campbell Si.d ami ciliteni. The same party?every one lri?h?camo down Fit*water street to Eighth, and from thence as far s Baker street, wantonly assaulting and severe)) injtn ing peaceable citizens. They knocked flown Mr. John Holtman. No. Hil KitT WDlnr *F-....* - f" J ? u l(w nuuri auove Alderman Campbell'* office, and inflicted such serious Vo< 11 \ ii jnrie? upon him tha* hi* situation in considered critical. A shopkeeper at the corner of Lileaml Fitzwater streets received a tre*nendon? Mow ii|>on the hand from a blud. -con, while endeavoring to protect AMettnan Campbell. The ruffians were family driven back beyond Broad it. by the Moj amending polic e, assisted by the citizen*. We viaited the tceneof the riot on the Schuylkill in the uftrtnoon. at which time all waiquiat. [From the Ledger.] I Yesterday momii^ we vwiitxl ihe scene of the outrages of Monday, and the marks of instructive violence are to \.e seen in every part of the neighborhood; from 5th to 8th troet, and from Fine to Shippun stnet, scarcely a strevt, alley, lane or avenut where the colored population lived hut bean testimony of popular excitement and ihe fury of the mob. Doors and uindow shutters broken, whole iv mdows demolished, and missiles of every description,the engines of destruction, lay strewed in every direction. ( rovvds of persons were on the ground, passing through the streets, or standing looking at the ruins, among u horn were many colored people, a great majority of them women and children. These were gathering up their personal proj>erty, wiih the view of removing from the dangerous neighborhood, to one where there waaless excitement and more safety. They were to he seen scattering themselves towards all quarers of the city, with trunks, hand-boxes, and their arms full of clothing and property. There appeared to be no disposition on the part of the assembled crowd to disturb any of them?most of the persons present being those drawn to the t|iot by curiosity, to see he destruction which a lew hours of violence had produced. un walking around into St. Mary street, there w?s nothing to be >-een ol the Preshj terian church, which was nrwi about ten o'clock on Monday night, but the bare Mailt, which ilill atnnd, though aomrw hat to the danger of lim.i and life, a* the w alio art- cracked fr^m the window* to the top, and a hard blow would probably ?end them into ibe (treat among thu crowd. Wu taw man) ie*pvci?ble looking white women among the othera walking among the ruin*, and ninelled by curiosity, thrusting their heaua through the window place* to look at the ma?? of ruina in the cellar; a (ingle brick from the top w ould have da>hed out their Drain*. A noi?e at the corner pioduced a ni?h of peraons, while w e Hood there. In a moment, men, women, nud childtrn were flying in oil diiection*, tome tumbling over boarda, atone*, and running agninat earh other. Some trifling matter had caused tL* distnthance, but the incident showed the excitement and alarm which still exiated. Natal.?Li?t of Officera attached lo the re*tel* composing the United Stnte? aquadion on the Coa?t ol Bra/il Ship of the Line Delaware.?Charles Morn*, command, lei in Chiel of the United State* Naval Forceion the Coast of Brazil; Charle* S McCauly, Captain; Samuel Barton, Charlea C. Turner. Spencer?'. Oi*t, 6te| han C. How an, < icero Price, O II. Berrynian, FlbitM Stanley, Lieutenants; O. R. B. Horner, Surgeon; Samuel P. Todd. Purser; <harle*H. Alden, Chaplain; William Taylor Smith, ..nd Iteniamiu S. Oantt, Acting j>la*ier>; J. Howard Smith,Stephen A. VlcCrearv, and Jame* B Gould, A??i*iant mr^i-on*; VVIIlinm H. Macomb and M. B. Wool?>v, Parted Midshipmen; William B. Benedict, Pioletaoi of M?th<ma tlra; D. St. Leon Porter, Chaplain* Clerk; Thomaa L. Dance, Abner Read. John R Hjn?on, Kduaid Hmpson, Robert C. Rodger*, Tenant MeLanahati, Char l#? W. Aby John W. Benm It, Johathan H. Carter, Peter K? mble, Wil. lium D. Auatin, Thomaa W. Brodhead, Richard L. Law, John R. Barker, Edward C Pareur, Thomaa C. Harris, P. O Wwtmougb, William Mitchell, William H. Fauntlerov, Je??e M. Smi h, John Wilkea. Jr, F" B Htorer, Midshipmen. Marine Officer*?Alvin Ldson, Captain; W.A. T. Maddox, and William B. Slack. Lieutenant*. V. R. Hall, Boat*waln; Thomaa Robinson. Ounner; Krancia 8agar, Ca-peoter; Nicholas Buck. Sailmaker. Sloop of Wmr Concord ?William Boerum, Commxnder: John M. Gardiner, 7. Holland, Chaa. Hunter, and Richard L. Love, Lieutenant*; John C. Spencer, Surgeon, Benjamin F. Hart, Puraar; C. J. Van Al*tine, Actii.g Mare ; N. T. H. Voore A?M*!unt Surgeon; John C. Feblger, W.H Jamenon. Julian Myera, J. J. Pringle, John E Hart, Wm. (jibson, Robert A. Marr, George A. Stevena, and J. H. VI Mckixm.,). . n A t?-l> " ? ? wr i?u"?v, i,amain a lierk, Erie Kemp, Actinp Bo?t?wain; Chaa. Falea, Ounner; Loman Smith, t'arpenter; laane Whitney, Snilinaki r. S/0171 of War John .1Hami.?Thomaa A. Conorcr, Crnn mander ; Henry Moor, Oliver Tod, Edward M. Yard, Luth<r StoV'ard, and H-nrv 0. Fmjrir. I.ieutenama . J. Brinche-ihoff, Sarucon ; H. \V. Greene, Pnraer ; M?a?a B. Cham, Chaplain s H. L. Chipman. Acting Maat. r;J F. Ttickerman, Aiaistant Riugeon ; William Five, Pro'eaaor of Mathematici ; S. D. I.nvrlette, P????-d Midahlt man ; Charle* Francla, Captain'a Cleik : Alexander J. Pallaa, J. V. McCnllnm, F. A Relitcn, F A. Roe, J. L. Tillotaon, R. Stewart, W. V. Gilliea, and J B. Yatea, Midahipnun ; J imea C. Dana, Ounnei ; Wm. E. Clack, Boatau am ; E. W. Binilcoai, Carpen'er ; Charlea Fro?t, Sailm ker. Hlemt of War liteatvr. ? D<ivid O. Knnajf 11', Commander; William McBl?ir, A. M Pennock, and A. R. Ta!:iferro, Lieutenant*: Charle* A Ha*aler, Stireenn; T P. McBlair. Puraer; George W. PotT. Acting Maater; D L. Bryan, A ?i*?ant SnrgBon; ff. 4. Fiti|W?H. J D. Billl.Mjh, J. S. Bohrer, Samuel A. Miller, ?amurl Wilco*, Jeffrrwon Maiiry.and Albert Alhnand, MMahipmrn: Thomaa D. Cnrev, Gunner; Joaeph Lewia, Boatawain; Jjhn M. Wobh, Carpenter. Sckoontr Enterwriie-Jw ? ^Haon, Lieutenant Commnn.!in|r; Henry French, and F B. Renahaw, Lientrnanta Ed" ar I Bi?"ell. Puraer; lime* MrLelland, A"ia ant 8nr|teen; Wm. A Henry, F.J. Sten*on, L. B. Rohin aon, Midahipmen. _______ Da 11k rapt a. SOtTTHERV DISTRICT OF NF.W YORK. laaac Winalow Jr. (lata Arm of J. It T. 9. Winalow) meribaot N. Y. 1,-ater Wert, flate firam of Merrill 4 W<?t.) merchant, r. V. John K Goodman, (late fim J. K. Goodman <1 Co.) N. Y. F. W. Macv, (late Arm Norwood, Macy k Hall,) N. Y. George M. Morrill, rommiaaion meirkant, N. T. John Adama, painter and glarier, N. YCornell S. Clark, Cornwall, Orantfe Co. Benjamin S. Hicka, Milan, Dueheaa C*unty.

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