Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1842 Page 2
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remains to he seen, hut it is -aid there are still large orders which manufacturer* refine to undertake until matters become more acttled, lor although many of the hands have returned to their work, a large number stil hold out?*he tine weather and favorable progriai* "I thi harvest and consequent decreasing price or provision witu tn continued easy jrositiou of money matters, at ten ! i i the mean time to keep our markets steady, an. t eu 'oilrage tue hope that w J shall see a more permanent im iros ement in trade gent rallv- , t'he has been nothing dona in American or < madiar provb. uis lately , the last -ale w t? at 30s per bid. lor pork tar in lard in tnore t. |ti >i. an I t>?t?> jlfts 61 per cwt h.r. lie ui given for a pared of line in Ikjii.i, In the face of the* i avonibh' progress ol the harvest the co. i\ mark -: h i * ihmcH il?*jireMPd, BItu price huv i m iliar clue! liirmg the mnith 6d to Is per 70lbs Jor whe . ni 3s t . .1- 61 per bbl toi ilour. The whole of the ? 'mode 1 w he it and Hour was r- leased at th. duty of s. . qi i id IsSjdper bbl. previous to the dOt'i lift \r ! i .i tin duty has iisim to lis per qr. and 7* it ! y i u-.:it the probability of going still higher. At tin m.>r.ii : mm kit there was rather more euquiry tor wh it and dour, but the business done was limited, buyei < olfei ig ich low prices. Free w ostein Canal flour brought irt. ni pvr bbl. and Canailtan '36s to'76s 6.1 pe, hid. Since the tobacco regulations bill was passed there has b. , i more doing in the article, and the sales of the month i int in. hiding ifti Virginia loaf, i>9 Virginia mned, and SIM Kentucky stemmed. Prices cannot I , i tei lower generally, though some few lots to close s ites have be n pushed off rather under former rates; u v lib Is. of now Kentucky stemmed of good dry leuly lies riptious have been sold at (id and 611 per lb. Til-' k in .vim house on 31st ult. was 9370 lids, against 7 3 J l It Ii h. same lime last y ear. A ii It is e been more enquired for latterly, both by the : on trade and for export, and pot have improved 3d to I per cwt. JSs having been paid and holders now asking .'t>i 3 I perewt Pearls are also in request, but buyers g> m i ally refuse to give more than dbs31 per cwt. though .'7 was obtained the week before lust Turpentine h is been dull of sale throughout the month and prici i vi rv unsteady, the trad uot having yet work eld) vn their Urge q.i -ks, whilst the arrivals have been he -vy .iti.l i ithoi pis -se I on the market; 7*9 I w as obtain, e I ;nra *:n*!l parcel of fine new, otl red at auction on the J*i- h nit., but 7s l I to 7.* 6 I w as accepted for good quality end su'isequently 7s I i per cwt for the same description, nti I last vv .ik the trun actions wee confined to 300 tibls ' 7 I p -r cv t. A pa t ol a recent import ot American s pi:,ts of turpentine has been sol.l at 3l)s per cwt. the price ol I) wish being 3ii< to 31s perewt., vvhicn, before the new t.u i I'came into opera-ion, was 46s to 60s per cwt. No ales in tar to report, the late arrivals being to the trad direct. The disturbance* in the interior have checked business in ' >:Ii inr-ir and coffin', mi I the limited sales that have h"cn effected were at rather lower rates. In I !i, I tc i - it the tar se until i sales in l.ritiilon the tills > iH-s M, liv private. has been limited in this market; but price* are tlrin. foe overland mail has arrived at VI in illes, but the particulars arc not ) et received. lti U is continue t in fair demand', hut prices have 1 ><t th" a li atice a'' t">1 per cwt. established last month. Ob f oil is without change since last mouth. Fi?hoil> b .ve I't'i'ii iu request, and pales al advanced '.Ms to dOs p> r ton, oil rot 10s to iU.s. In stc I oil little doing. Linser 1 ipiotc l tl per '.vt. A lot ol American lard oil lias been soi l at A' lu per ton. Th tallo .\ n trket very dull, anil IV b rsbura: Y. C. can belt id r li Od per cwt. and Rive, Plate from -tils to 45 per cwt. Common biriro i has i 'r vi- 1 !0s jut ton, anil canni . no iv be pnro'iHse.l un tei t'5 Ills to ? i 19s per ton. Fall* City. Ky. [Cnrreapniidtmrr of tli? Herald.] Kam.s City, Ky., Sept. 8, 1842. .'i " '< ' & ?V HI I M*' >' '' 'M ? v. (id (C 11 It S i UIIIUS-7>i itriralt?ffusi wsf?Currency, fyc. Jambs Gordon Bennett:? Tlic democrats have been making a kind of a rally to sustain iheir party, and the little influence they !ia\ e in thi city,by holding meetings tor the purpose ot up,H)iiiting delegates to attend the convention to hj helil ,it F:\iukfort, on the 8th of January, IS 12; i i to act in concert with the other democratic clubs throughout th" States. At their first meeting they w re actually compelled to adjourn, owing to these mty attendance. Their great iocofoco chain pion and stump orator was advertised to address the meeting Kven this failed to draw a crowd. The nam" of Holt always had proved to tie sufficiently enticing to collect n respectable audience, but in this ea-e it proved abortive. A second meeting was held it the Washington llall, which was somewhat better attended, and a few sjieeches were made by i:nliilVrenc ?tumpd"cl'iiincrs. Towards the close of the meeting, which was rather on the siiull potatoe order, one of their heretofore most popular men, got ii.i lo address the crowd fliey seeing bis condition (r.itb-r hop-It s.) left him to speak to the paving toes. Tiii ~ he looked upon as an insult, (which was wrong in htm us he could not see straight) and iniiie dia'ely poured forth a torrent of abuse, both protan" and obscene, which caused the windows on the opposite :-nle of the street to be closed instantaneously. His abusive language finally dispersed the re tiiainder of the scanty number tliat remained. This is a sp-oimen of the breakings Up of all the meetingwe hold in this city, a row always proves to be the conclu lin .' act at all an 1 every meeting they hold. An uncommon series of casualties, deaths, murders, tec have occurred in this place and vicinity, within the last month or two. A man was drowned yesterday by filling overboard from the deck of one ot the steamboats lying at the wharf. The last occurrence is bv far the m ist inelancholly?a young man. by the nun.'of Cannon, who w as returning from th- place allotted torn barhacne, about ten miles from tiie city, of which tie was a manager, had the misfortune to b" ran away with by his horse, and in , running through the woods the horse endeavored to j get round a tree in an opposite direction from the ; i) ic lie w.n j? By this sudden evolution the . tuiiie man's body swerved to one s:de, striking his f *d violently against the tree, the blow iminediM fly killing him. Senator White having returned from Congress, ldre-se I th whig* at the Washington Hall, ti lew evenings si nee A tremendous crowd was collected to hear the eloquent campaigner of JKKI pour forth his fiery eloquence. He is certainly one of the most pie i- int. interesting, racv and eloquent speakers that a crowd could desire to hear. This late effort of his fully su-f tins his character as one of the moat able stump sp ikers of the wpst; the developments he made known on that occasion were truly astounding. and s miis to corroborate all former rumors 11s i 'ccts ih' doings of Congress The CI ly club list was placed m tne hall tar those f.ivoruble to the cause osign. Upwards or two hundred signatures were added to the list. It now numbers over one thousand, and accumulating daily. Dmneford has arrived from Cincinnati, and content dates building his theatre on Third street. The plan of the fabric has h-en put up at Bedding's, for the benefit of the public. Should he succeed in tling t ie shares taken, it will he one of the finest b id lings in th'" city. The theatre, building, under the direction of Coleman, ha? been enlarged 5() feet, which will in ike it one of the finest in the United States lor scenic representations, being one hundred and sixty left deep, and seventy feet Iront. An arena will he made lor the accommodation of circus It is i "?id policy for Coleman and lhnnelor.l to lie opposing each other; the city will not support wo th":itres?one or the oth?r will br obliged to tlv 'i 'track. Which it will be remains to be seen. The river has been rising moderately for the last week past; business in a manner has revived. Sales are not s,> extensive as heretofore, being entirely confined to < ish, whereas the credit system adopted i I a y> tr* hue*, caused our nv>-'t extensive men to hrc tk The remaining lew have "hauled in their horns." and by their timely adoption of the cash system.have been enabl d to save their remaining prop-rtv from mi vers il ruin The sties thi-?year are better th in t i >? of \ texv vears back, when the ruinous sv.-teiii of credit thai xv is in universal use is 11 ;cn into consideration There is less money in rirnilation than there w is a year or txvo hack, but w utis out n good; whereas the shinplasters we i-' 1 to h ive would not hear keeping over night ? I' ie people are sloxvly recovering from the i ffects < t t \r ri^ money and credit system, rhey have !< urned .1 latter lesson, which may serve them advantageously in future. The time is not far distant whan every thimr will be as prosperous us formerly, with i so and currency and flourishing times. i HlTptBRAS. W\:: Kfi'Mtr tiivr. \oji; ravr C-KsttSAr.'s OrrtCR, ) W Sept 14, IS12. 5 'ri?vKi;\i Ororr*. N.> lit?The followin* named officer*, <' ipt.tins in their respective regiments, and in the (Jeneral Stall, will join tlieir companies tor duty in the line without del*y, r,nd will, at the same time, perform the appropriate stall duties ot Assistant Qunrler-.VIaster, Ht th?*ir several stations. Captain and Assistant Quartermaster, M. M. Clark, 2d Artillery. Captain and Assistant Quartermaster, S M. I'lummer, 1st Infantry. Captain and Assistant! Quartermaster, C. A. \V\ite.2d Infantry. Cap tain and Assistant Quartermaster, f*. f'. ileint/leman, 21 Inlantrv. Captain and Assistant Quartermaster, If. E. Clary, 8th Infantry Cnptain and As-istant Quartermaster, W.S Kefchum, ?th Infantry Cap'ain and Assistant Quartermaster, J. P. Pavis, 7th Infantry. Captain and Assistant Quartermaster, K. A Ogden, Hth Infantry. By order, R.Jongs, Adjutant General. Praii Trees is bixrim.?All the pear trees in the orchard of Mr. F Michel, on Charleston Neck. are in bloom?as well the late as the early species, and the October pear is at once laden with fruit, and covered with blossoms?Cluirltiton Courier, September Hth. Bankrupt 1.1st. ? SOUTHERN DISTRICT OP NEW YORK. * Henry Hull, Lebanon, compulsory, on complaint o| I'ii > < S nise, Troy, Oct. 20th. John P. Ridner, mahogany dealer, (late firm Peek and llidrer) New Vork, Oct. 20th. Levi Peck, ditto ditto ditto, Oct. 20th. Robert C. Folger, rope maker, (late firm R.O. Kolger and Co.) Brooklyn, Oct. 20th. Ccmrt t'alrnct nr?This l>?y. i i . !*i. ,* ?part i ? vo 01, 1 11, I 2, 3,' 5. ft, II. I I, II, 17, I >, 21,2V Pan 2.?No*. 'Hi, 4, k0 5, 10, 12, 14,. 10, ltf, 20, '22, 21, 2b,.2?, JO .1 . VKW YORK HERXdTT " V ork. Monday. September 19, 1MI< To AdvertIsrra. \It. E. B. Tattle it authorised to collect adverticetneaU . the Herald, at the usual rates to the advertiser*. The Foreign News?TiikSi:ni?av Edition oi'Thk. ! IIuual.d.?On Saturday night we received the itn- i ;iortaiit foreign news by the Great Western, at an 1 hour when every other pupcr, except the Sunday sheets, hud its office shut up, and its toenail gone to bed or to frolicking. On Sunday morning, by the early mails, we issued our usual edition of the Her! aid, with a full synopsis ot the intelligence, news, , markets, shipping, and despatched them by all the earl / mails, one day in ad paint of every other daily /taper in .Vet r York, ant/ a day a tut a half in ad runic of the evening daily jtaptrs. The daily subscribers of the Herald, both in town and country, hud thus the advantage of one day over all the readers of the "Courier & Enquirer," "Tribune," "Commercial Advertiser" or any other. In matters of business, at this season of the year, this priority of intelligence, '' us sometime* wortli a little fortune. r In giving tins early intelligence to lite public, we i maybe said lo be exclusive and single-handed. It J is true, there is a class ot newspapers, called "Sun- y day newspapers," such as the "Atlas" and others, ] but by their utter imbecility and want of any means e or organization, they are not able to give any full ( account of the news?and, yesterday, several of ] them had hardly a word, while those who hud a I few lines, seemed not to understand the matter ' at all. f In consequence ot Ihissuperior energy und facili- g ty in giving news?'oreign und domestic?all the other papers are eternally trying to make war on ^ our character?and endeavoring lo jarsuade the pub- p j lie that the Herald is a shocking iwper. The public, a : however, are beginning to understand the motives " of these attacks?and hence the constant increase |J to our subscription list, daily and weekly, as well us ^ to our advertising patronuge. The "Commercial 'I Advertiser" is particularly savage, because it is ra- j pidly losmg its country subscribers, who invariably n take the daily Herald because they always get the i! last news a its columns. Aneionsuch tin ocaision us " hint Siitc ' </, have it one day and a half in ad- ^ vmu t. f Arrival or Madame Celeste.?Among the arrij \ ils in the >ireat Western, we have lo notice that q j of Madame Celeste, the favorite nnd pet child ot j*' I bo'b Aoicric^i unrl Knrnop Slip bps bp.-*n atmen. nearly two years, and, according to tlic " London tt News," has several purposes in view in returning to r< these shores, as follows:? 1 Madame Celeste.?Before you, gentle reader, you have " tli" presentment" referring to an engraving of that tar- ' famed and accomplished arh'ile, Madame Celeste, in her piipiante and saucy character of Margot in "The Prelty Girls of Slilberg," which she renders peculiarly attrac- ol tive by hoe naire acting and her exceedingly pretty and correct costume. Indeed, in all she does, her attention to t! costume and her devotion to her art is worthy the imita- ]y tion of her less fortunate hrothei and sister professors. She ,j is perhaps the most generally popular favorite that ever |, appeared in our Unite 1 Kingdoms ; anil in the United States she is absolutely idolized. To the latter cou atry she more immediately appertains, having married an American of ' the name oi Ulliott ; and whose death is the cause of her " Rueden return, by the Great Western, to look alter consi- Ji derable property she had realized by her sole exertions, amounting at oue time to something like 150,(100 dollars, |y and to bring over to this country her only child, a daugh- ^ ter, for the better finishing of her education. She w asoriginally a pupil of the Academe Royale, of Paris; and by , persevurance anil industry, backed by that necessasv ingredient geuius, has raised herself up to her present elevated positian. Whether as an actress, a pantomimist, or u "I danseuse, she is equally excellent ; witness her dashing til touches of true comedy as St. I.ouis in " Foreign Affaire," fli and her pathos as Marie in " Marie Ducunjs," her mute L e loquence as Maurice in " The Child of the Wreck," or her graceful movements in " St. Mary's Eve," and " The World ))r of T)reane." We wi?h her safe passage to the other side of the Atlantic and n speedy return; successful she is sure to be as far as the public go. She number* many genuine nl friends both here and there ; her private worth, amiable maimers, and irreproachable character entitling her to the "I resnect and admiration of all. P v^triffHie iook a)i?ninrnis in ine ./viuor nousc on Saturday evening. As soon as it was known, all -j! tlie managers in town were calling to see if they c< could effect an engagement with her. She leaves n town this morning early tor Baltimore, to go for her ^ beautiful young daughter,who is at a boarding school ,| in Baltimore or thereabouts. Mademoiselle Elliott, G her daughter, is now about fifteen years <>f age, |iist u bursting into beauteous womanhood, with a large j, fortune of about $100,000 in her own right. Ma- ai ! daineCeleste lias been coining money and reputation l'i [ in Europe, and is worth a large fortune herself, be- j'J I sides what she can make in a few years to come ,|, She is in the prime of life and beauty?fresher and Si lovelier than she ever was?full of sensibility and "j enthusiasm for her art. She has just lost her mother, ji who died in London about six weeks ago, and she ol is in deep mourning, which seems to setoff her beautiful face and form to great advantage. She is ac- p companied by her father, a fine looking venerable old gentleman, who served in the army of Napo- tli leon, and was an officer,we believe, in the "Grand m Army," or at least was in several of his battles. m Celeste has brought out a number of new dramas to with her, and she will make her first appearance at ' * the Bowery Theatre, in one of the best on Monday night next. Bhe is a woman of remarkable talent ?remarkublelbeauty?to which we may add, of are- Iv markable fortune, now in hand, as well as another 'j.1 in prospect. The competition umong the managers was prodigious?but Hamblin made an otter of ta $15,000 cash for a short engagement, and carried re the prize. Hamblin, the old reprobate, may now re- w trieve his fortunes, if he chooses to reform. But at \ all events, we advise the beautiful Celeste, to be n< sure of h'-r tnonev everv nisht at least. No trust in v< ihese days of hank defalcations. How Simpson iV j Harry came to be outgeneral led we know not. They c< seem to be under a spell. O Celeste returns to London in December, to fulfil w engagenv its there and throughout the provinces, j], She only clays a single engagement at the Bowery- tr <>ae .ii lia...i.tore, one at Boston, and one at Phila- K delphia? ^ Inaitocration of Governor Barney of Statk.n 01 Isi.ano?Grand Procession, Ball, and Fireworks w ? Saturday was a beautiful day, and on that beauti- or ful dav took place the inauguration of his Excellency John Barney, late of Baltimore, now elevated to the office of Governor ot Staten Island, and all |u itn privileges. His inauguration was preceded by a P* rustic procession, under the full moon, and closed * with a ball at the Pavilion. We are so crowded with foreign news that we S have no room to describe these events to-day, but * look out to-morrow Governor Barney has been created Governor of |j Staten Island in order tc> re|>el the encroachments of ai the authorities of Coney Island, now led into the field by GovernorGil Davi?,who isa very "Napoleon among the clam beds." We understand that Go- ri vcrnor Harney intends to organise his government h immediately. Steam Smrs Great Western and Margaret ? k It was a little too bad in ranking these two steamers j* together, as we did in our compilation of foreign news yesterday. It was like placing an old cab d horse on a par with the tamous Eclipse. The Mar- | garet is nothing hut a loaler on the ocean ; and now that she is safe on this side of the Atlantic, she had 0 bitter not venture out sight of land again. Asfortlie c Great Western, her success and |K>pularity are un- 1' hounded, and we regret that this is her last trip this n year, and perhaps forever. No steamer was ever run i> so successfully us the Western, and no commander ' li is been more fortunate than Captain {loskins. He lj Ll.. J LI J: 1 1 .1 . nomy urerrvr* a puuuc dinner, anu we no|>c main will be given to hiin before he leaves these shores.? a May success attend him through life. " c Boz.? We understand that Dickens has written a letter to Mr. Clark of the Knickerbocker, stating ' that the second letter attributed to hint is a forgery ' So every body knows Who believed it ? not we || There's sufficient to charge against Dickens without 1 forging on him. I Steam Ship Acadia?This steam ship hod not a ?~rivc.I at Boston list Sifnrdav afternoon at four "Vioca. She, however, nring-* but one day later t iiidu the Western's utWe. u Private Corrsapondeiir ?*. IjOmdom, Sept 3, 1842. Ifer Majesty's visit to the north has quite turned he hears of the canny Scots; not that her arrival >y >ea is looked on as so |>opu!ur or approved, as by and ; hut her Majesty really could not go so far lorth by the latter mode without passing through he disturbed districts, and, to puss through without topping or condoling with her subjects would be wither wise not kind, iler Majesty and Prince Vlbert left Windsor ut an eatly hour in the morning if the 29th ult , having embarked ut Woolwich heween seven and eight o'clock, in order to have a avorable tide down the river. Tlte lloyal Ceorge s accompanied, as a convoy, by the hiaphne and 'ique frigates, the Wolf sloop of 18 guns, and quite i fleet of (Tovermnent steamers to take rite yacht in ow, including the Fearless, Shearwater. Salamanler, Lightning, rflack Eagle,.Monkey, Khadanianlius, Sec. Iler Majesty holds levees at Holytood Palace tolay and to-morrow; hut the visit is purely one of ileusure, and not of state or ceremony. The 1 >uke of Cambridge's visit to the north has ed to halls and banuuets, dinners and festivals, al Itouglt from what I can glean front the country wwspapers his being a guest of tlte Marquis of Loni i . \ir 1 i> l- i u?. a ivnurrry, in wyiiw?ru j <iitv, hum miiiirwuai uiiiiilishcd the popularity of his Royal Highness. The )uke is expected to honor Lord Ravensworth with l visit at Kavensworth on the 20th instant, and her {oval Highness the Duchess of (Gloucester is also xpected on the 28th. Mr. O'Connell has declared his determination not 0 accept u renewal of the office of Lord Mayor of )nblin lor the next year. It is considered, very ikely, that Alderman Hoe, one of Dublin's wealhivM and most respected citizens, will betherew unetionary His (Grace the Archbiaimp of Canterbury, is raduaily recovering health. Lord Auckland, the late (Governor General of lulls, and the Hon. Miss Eden, arrived home last yeek in the Lord Hungerford, Indiaman. The Ihronicle forthwith began to eulogize his lordship nd his government, and the other papers are as acive in attacking him. 1 tl:ink that both parties ave been premature. All the act9 and measures ol is lordship, will doubtless be brought under discusion in Parliament, in the course of next session 'here he will be attacked, and there defended. The following deaths have recently taken place :? aeut. (Gen Lord llussey Vivian,late Master General f the (>rdnance. Lord ' Gray of tlie S .-otch peerage, le Dowager Marchioness of Headlort, Sir ?dlund Ctirrey. K. C-B , Sir Joshua C. Paul, Bart., idmtral Sir Robert Ruketta, Admiral Sir 11 Digby. 1 C. B , and the "Sir Morgan O'Doherty" of Hack wood. Appointments, Arc.?The Duke of Wellington, s Commander-in-Chief, has u| pointed the Maruess of Douro, the Marquess of Worcester, the 'arl of March, and the Hon. Col. Geo. Anson, to e his aides-de-camp. Lord Eglintoun has been appointed Lord-Lieu nant and Sheriff Principal of Ayrshire, in the inin of the Earl of Glasgow who has resigned, and II.,., r>.,l ( ..flw.orl c.I ,.C fc\.rl I',if I,. art, has been appointed u deputy Lieutenant of the ime county. The Irish representative bishops for the session <13 are the Archbishop of Armagh and the Bishops I Killaloe, Kilmore, and Clogher. It is stated in the Dublin papers, uoon high auloritv, that an official intimation has been made to lr. Devonshire Jackson that he is to be elevated to le Puisne Judge hip in the Common Pleas, vacant y the demise of Mr. Justice Foster, and that a si iilar notification has been made to Mr. T. B.C. mith, Queen's Counsellor,announcing his appointlent as Sktlicitor-Ceneral, in succession to Mr. acksnn. On the 21th ult. the consecration of the five new' appointed bishops, took place in Westminster bbey, viz:?Dr. Parry, Bishop of Barbadoea, Dr. omlinson, Bishop of Gibraltar, Dr Nixon, Bishop t Van Dieman's Land, Dr. Davis, Bishop of Antira, and Dr. Austin, Bishop of Guiana. All but the rst named are new creations. In consequence of le indisposition of the Archbishop of Canterbury, if* ceremony was performed hy me Bislioiu of ondon, Winchester, Rochestar and Chichester. | he Kev. Dr. Coleridge, late Bishop of Barbadoes, j cached on the occasion Grand Review.?The King ol Prussia, accompa- j ed hy the Emperor of Austria, the Kings ot Huno- , r,Bavaria and Wurteinburg, Hnd tlu* Grand Dukes Baden and Nassau, and twenty of the reigning rincesot Germany, will review, on the 5th inst., le splendid Army of the Rhine. 06,000 strong, consting of the 7th and 8th corps of the Prussian army, his force ii repreaentedto be in the most effective ondition. both as to appearance and discipline A umber of distinguished British officers have nlreay assembled at Bologne, for the purpose of witncsng this gratifying spectacle, and it is even said that ic Duke of Willington will attend. Should his (race be present, the interest of this imposing specicle will be greatly enhanced. Of the 06,000 men ho are to take part in the approaching review, <,300 are infantry troops, 10,200 cavalry, and 7,000 rtillery, with 272 field pieces. The reputation of ic Prussian army, for science, stands so high at esent, that |ierniission is about to be given by the orse Guards to a certain number ot officers to stuy the art of war in that country. The Duke of axe Cohourg Gotlia, embarked in the bark Bugle, Woolwich for Ostend, on the 25th nit. The uke arrived lo be present at the prorogation of arliament, and remained till after the anniversary r the birth-day of his son. The Austrian Prince hn isi iiliianf tn nrriv** in this rnnnfrv is thn Arch uke Frederick, nephew of the Emperor. The rince commands the frigate Bellona, and may be tpected to arrive at Portsmouth, from Lisbon and le Mediterranean in about a fortnight. Ills highess is in his 22d year. The "Morning Advertiser" has put forth a stateent which lias found its way into all other prints, 1 the effect that Lord John Russell has signified to ord Pa Inters ton, in answer to representations made r the latter, as to the necessity of the Liberals adincing with the popular feeling, that closely con ctcd us he (Lord J. II.) is with the Bedford fumi, he could not consent to be a party to further re>rin, and that therefore, he thinks it were better, the opposition would look out tor some other lead before the coinniencem nt of another Parliuineniry campaign Assuming thisstateinent to be corct as to the spirit, though not as to the precise ording of the communications, which may have tssed between the two noble lords on the subject, cannot but regard it as the commencement of a w era in our parliamentary history. It lus been jry generally asked, for some time past, both by is Iriends and his foes, whether Sir Robert Peel is ny longer a conservative. A tory he has long since used to be ; but is he now even a conservative I n the other hand, it has been demanded?"And hnt is Lord John Russell 1" Is he a whig, or is he conservative 1 Then has followed the remark lat "all this ought to lead to a fusion minisy"?or in plain terms, to an alliance of I^tird John tissell with Peel, Graham ami Stanley, into which imbination might enter moderate men of both des of the House. This subject has naturally exted much attention and interest. Nicholas Snipe, the M inpiis of Hertford's vallct, as tried last week at the Central Criminal Court, t cnrimid imlintmonfa <-li iri/i nrr liitri utif k ulnnlintT rge Hums of money and properly of his master. He ns acquitted on each case, and Loid Abinger dieted that acquittal, because he had been an inv.iable servant ; his invaluable services consisting in indering to the vitiousand debauched habits of the te Marquis On being ordered to be discharged, a umber of elegantly dressed females who crowded le body of the court and gallery, rushed out to meet rupe, and upon his leaving the prison three cheers ere given by a great crowd, who had assembled in ont of the gaol. The evidence adduced on these ials was of (he most revolting character, and the iw expenses that have baeu incurred arc estimated t ?14,001). An investigation is going on before the Comtnisoners of Customs, relative to a series of extensive nd long continued frauds, recently discovered in vaous departments of the Custom House. The trade as been found to be so profitable, that some of the tperior officers have been mixed up in it, and one idividual is named as having made ?1000 in a sinle week.. Already seven officers have been suaended, and one or two of the guilty parties have bsconded. Charlotte Tow n, Prince Edward* Island has been eclared a tree warehousing port under the act ol William 4, for regulating the trade of the British 'oasessions abroad. Movkmknts ok Tuoors.?The service companies f the 48th Hre to proceed from Gibraltar to Jatnaia. there to replace those of the H2d, which are to e moved to Nova Scotia to relieve the tilth. The 7th, at the Ionian Islands arc to be embarked for ue West Indies, there to replace the service comuniesot the 81st, which are to go to Canada to reeve the 70th. The United Service Gazette says tiat the 7th Hussars and the brigade of guards now ii Canada, have received orders to return home irthwith The surne paper says we have heard that hundred of the oldest Captains in the Navy are to >e allowed to retire with the rank of Rear Admiral, in 20s per diem. The Marquis of Westminster and Lord George fentwick are reducing their racing studs, the turner intends to retire from the turf altogether. The tStock Exchange Committee have notified nni iiwinn to me tiiMMotniren in me report 01 mr *che<|upr Hills Committee, they huve refused to >-e|rct Mr. G. I,. Mors an and Mr. IV Henker.? l ite latter sentleman intends bringing an action r^nin-t the Committee for the injury thus done to iis char :cfer. I'he Duke of Hedford has already rr ceivcdfrom lie Treasury upward* of ?I(N),flhO lor the purchase I Iu? propcrtyito enable the Commissioners to car rv into operation the projected improvements, by the extention of Oxford street in a direct line through the rookery of St. Giles into Holborn. Mr C. Dickens (Boz) and his lady are now stoppin? at Stairs, where he is busy preparing his forthcoming publication, tht first nutufier it which is promised in November. , Father Mathew has been making a visr to Scotland in anticipation of the Queen, but hi* converts to cold water withont a drop of whiskey >11 it, aie exceedingly tew. The Bankrupt amendment act will come into operation on the lltli November, and the Insolvent Debtor's Bill ten days previously. It is expected that these measures will diminish the business in the Insolvent Debtor's Court, and they ure view ed as gigantic steps towards the abolition of imprisonment for debt. Tom Lum> Dead?The brig Hope that arrived at this port on Friday night, from Monrovia, Africa, commanded by Captain Kevins, and consigned to C. II. Rogers & Co., with a load of camwood, See., was the vessel chartered by the late defaulting collector of City revenue, Thomas Lloyd. When ten days out on her return, the crew were attacked with lever, and Lloyd died among several others on board. We understand that his papers and other documents, ure in the possession of the captain.? His securities have or will tal e possession of the cargo. Lis body was consigned to the deep. Thus endeth Tom Lloyd. Texas and Mexico.?We publish a slip from the Fonda Herald of the '22d August, and learn (rem our Fonda corres|>ondent, who has taken pains to inlorm himself, that if the Lords of the Treaurydo not order the releare of the Montezuma, her condemnation is certain in the Court of Exchequer, so strongly has Gen. Hamilton fortified hitnself with proofs against this steamer before he lodged information ut the Customs. She cost ?70 or ?8tt,()00 it is said, and could sell (or 30 or ?40,000 In the event of condemnation, one-hulf of the forfeiture goes to the Queen's officers, and one-half to the person who lodged information at the Customs. Although one ol the steamers has escaped, (the ('audaloupe,) before Gen. II. could get the necessary information to act against her, yet if he succeeds in checkmating or condemning the one under seizure, (the Montezuma,) the coast of Texas is probably safe, and the Texian Navy may be competent to contend with one of the two frigates, although not both, ably commanded and munned by British tars. Gen. H. has had to employ great exertions und to use several agents to collect the necessary proofs. It is said that he has been zealously assisted by a gentleman of high rank, distinguished in for-ig.t service, who has had no small exi>erience in enterprises of a similar character. If the Montezuma is impounded it will be a great boon to Texas. The Hon. Ashbel Smith was at Paris when Gen. Hamilton effected the seizure. He has since assisted, and doubtless will co-operate zealously, both privately as well as officially, in making it good. Later from Havana.?By the arrival of the ship Cristovul Colon, Capl. Smith, from Havana, whence she sailed on the 6th inst ,we have received further particulars of the destructive gale that occurred at that island on the 4th. The bark Ontario aud brigs McLellan and Margaret drifted afoul of each other. Tli# Yvirlr Inaf h#>r fur# tnnmaot on/Y iiK.ltAAm ond all sustained some injury. On getting clear, the Margaret dragged ashore on Cara Blanca, where she remained on the 6th. The schr. Cyrus, partly loaded, went ashore, and was discharging on the 5th. A Spanish brig and several small craft were also on shore. They would probably all be got off without much damage. Nearly all the vessels in the harbor broke from their moorings, and several were badly chafed by getting in contact with each other. 0t>- We also learn by Capt. Howard, of the Jantes Edward, from Turks Island, that a heavy gale wus experienaed there on the 30th ult., occasioning a loss of salt to the amount of over one hundred thousand bushels. At Grand Turk the loss was equally severe. The master and crew of the bark Talent, of Boston, which vessel was lost on the Caycas Islands, arrived at Salt Key on the 28th, having saved the sails, rigging, and part of the cargo. Two Days Lateu from Rro de Janeiro.?We are indebted to Capt. Willis, of the brig Kentucky, arrived last evening, for files of Rio Janeiro miners to the 28th July. They contain no news. We learn verbally from Capt. W. that a revolution was daily exacted to break out. Mohtai.ity at Sea ?By reference to our marine head, it will be peen that the ship Hilah,Capt.Hammond, experienced a very unfortunate passage, five persons having died on board during her passage. More Murders ix Florida.?A family by the name of Perkins was murdered by the Indians on the 29th or 30th ult., at Hickory Hill, about twenty miles west of Marianna. New Brkuiton Steamboat.?Great complaints are made by the Staten Island people, all along the north shore, against the managers of these steamboats. It seems that they change their hours, whenever they choose, without giving proper notice to the public. They ought to treat their customers with more courtesy, at least Adjourxkd?The Massachusetts legislature. They have districted the State. The democrats protested ngainst the arrangement. The Keesvilijc Tragedy.?Several bodies have been recovered. No names given. Gloom overspreads that village. Suicide of a Female.?Mary G. Achorti, aged 15 IfAUM amoiilo i n TU nmn c?/?n AI n .>? the 2d inst. Acbuen and Rochester Rah. Road?There are strong complaints against the agents on this road. They constantly insult passengers. Nuu.o's.?" Jocko" and "The Milliners" are the pieces selected for this evening, and capital pieces they an?well adapted to call forth the peculiar talent of each member of the family- We have Jerome in the Ape?an exquisite study from nature? Gabriel in a comic part he has made his own, and Charles Winther in an eccentric odd looking genius that it shakes our sides to look at. Antoinc, though better, still labors under the effect of the racking fiend, rheumatism?hence the delay in producing the "Green Monster." Wednesday next the proprietor takes a benefit We ensure him a bumper, wet or dry. Ciiaiham Theatre.?Mr. E. Forrest and Miss Josephine Clifton appear to-night at this establishment, in the |>opular play of Jack Cade. There will be a tremendous house, of course, and we advise all who may wish to see these talented performers, to provide themselves with tickets early in the day. This will probably be the last opportunity the public will have of seeing Mr. Forrest and Miss Clifton for some time. They are engaged for one night only. ()rf- The New York Museum appears before the public in a new guise, and opens to-day, the management being changed. We can easily imagine that its old friends will scarcely recognize it under ils present successful system. It has shaken off that lisilrssness and languor that long paralysed itsefforts, and is now all lib and energy. The price is reduced to one shilliug, and the natnes of the following performers will speak lor its attractions:?Mr. Harrington, Miss Rosalie, Mr. Kneass, Mademoiselle Rmilie and Mr. Jeroneilt. (fry- There will be crowded houses at the American Museum this week. The performances are all new and include a great variety. The Mei hanical Theatre of Signer Vinaldi is highly spokon of, and the new piny in which Winrhell sustains every character, is said to be the most laughable production ot the season. Miss Hood, I.a Petite Celeste and the Oip<ev (?irl are enirnged here. Two performances take place every day and evening. The whole charge of udiuiwion is but 20 ct?. . Citjr Intelligence. The Last Libei. Case.?The result of the euit = against Dr. Comstock. for an alleged libel on Wil- <1 liam Burritt, in which the former was acquitted on Friday before the Sessions, shows the none sense committed byGrand Jurors in finding bills of indict- t ment on frivolous charges. The same evidence tor prosecution that was before the Grand Jury was w also before the p tit, and the court decided that the publication.of the libel was in nc. wise proved. Grand and pel it juries should scout such complaints without ? any hesitation. ;i Si'iCiDE os Jh; JosEfii P. Pkteus.?Yesterday morning the b. ly of this gentleman, extensively "i known as a ma ifacturer of medical lozenges, was '1 found suspend* J by the ntck by a handkerchief c from one of ilie bed posts in his bed-room. The fol- " lowing is the testimony taken before (lie Coroner, ? which explains the manner in which this unfortu- ( nute result was produced, as well as the su|)j>osed " reasons for the act:? ,| < Jeorok lluctt being duty Bworn, says?i Keep u u boarding house, 127 Liberty street?the deceased has ii boarded the last three or four weeks?he has board- 'I ed with me before?he api>eared pretty well yester- si day, but lias been low spirited of late. He went to his room about 9 o'clock last evening? I did not sec a him again until I found him dead in his room, sus- n landed by a handkerchief to the bed |>ost?his door tl was locked inside, and he slept alone?his body wus y stretched on the floor?his shoulder touching the wall, and his head held up by the handkerchief by s which he was suspended. He was >|uite dead when e 1 first went to see him. Austin Sherman, M. I), being duly sworn, says? I was acquainted with the deceased, he whs a teni- q cerate man. He has been in poor health for a nuinlier of yea!s, and lie appeared the day before yesterday to be very much dejected in spirits and almost o distracted. He said he was embarrassed and could ? not extricate himself or be extricated by any body. *' 1 afterwards heard that he had procured prussic acid, u and I charged him with it and he then confessed it. r and went to his office with two of his friends and gave it up to them. Hnd told thein that he intended to have taken it tfiat night. He also wrote a farewell letter to his wife who is now staying at Ports- a mouth, K. 1. 1 saw the body and the manner in A which it was suspended. 1 have no doubt that he committed the act himself, and that strangulation was the cause of his death. I The following was the verdict of the jury :? r' "That the said Joseph P. Peters committed suicide by strangling himself with a handkerchief, dur- ii ing a tem|>orHry fit of insanity." n Rascality and Bkgqaky ? Nearly all of our read- jl ers hare seen, time and again, a man posted at t the corner of our streets, with a cocked hat, f white head, and a label in his hand, denoting that Iim wii-a n ri>unliifinniirv d/itHii-r in ilidtrpofl anil en hciting alms. il<* was arrested some few weeks | n since as a street beggar, and sent to the penitentiary. ?' as a vagrant. Governor Seward, on his recent visit ji to this city, being solicited, released him, and yes- ' terday morning he was found at his old vocation, ^ and again arrested and sentenced to six months * imprisonment in the |>enitentiary. He is an (]| imposter in every sense, and the money thus g obtained, he says, lias been given to a man h named George Beckett, who now resides at 91 d Oliver street, but who recently occupied a place in r Water street. He has resided with Heckett for a t( number of years, who. it is supposed, has thus " amassed quite a handsome property. It will be remembered by the police that this man Beckett ti was arrested a few months since for a robbery committed in his house of a large sum of money. " lie was tried in the Court of Sessions, and through [J the evidence of this very beggar, who said he slept in the room at the time of the alledged robbery, c wns acquitted. Let the police now do their duty and arrest Beckett for his participation in urg- n ing this old impostor to irunose himself upon * the public as a revolutionary soldier, thus disgrac- 61 ing the sacred name, and the country itself. This Becket has a iarge amount of money in the Cham- ? bers-street Saving's Bank, and also owns a share or f: shares in the Catholic Church in the same street. .] The beggar gave his name as William Obberean, a native of Duplin, and when arrested, although early in the morning, hHd alrendy obtained ninety-one ir pennies, from those whom he had imposed upon by * representing himself as a soldier of the revolution. c| Let Becket be arrested at once. cl St The Prize Fight.?No additional arrests have m been made of the principals concerned in the re- at cent prize fight. The police have been kept on ? "a string" for the last three days, with false re- T ports of Lilly's being in one place, Sullivan in J! another, ana others somewhere else. There is ^ little reason to believe that any of them are near c' New York. * Nor an Ancient Joseph.?One John Joseph of 22 n Frankfort street, not having the fear of Potiphar's displeasure before his eyes, nor the virtue of young Joseph of ancient days, was led astray, on Sunday of last wepk, by one Margaret Wilson, who, not considering his coat worth taking, relieved his pock- tr ets of four $10 notes of the Seventh Ward Bank, s< while in her de.iat 151 Beade street. She was aided in the theft by her sleeping partner. M. G. Mont- ei gomery, who was arrested by officer Sweet on Saturday, and locked up with his thieving mistress to 3l answer the charge. w Daylight Burglary .?Two blacks, named David C1 Miller and f-rancis Carroll, were arrested yesterday bv ollicer Sparks, for entering the house of Robert 01 Fenton, 191 Nineteenth street, on the 15th instant, about ten o'clock in the morning, and stealing $75 m worth of clothing. Miller "peached," and said 0I that Carroll entered the window and stole the goods hi Another Horse Thief.?Rogues that steal horses I" had better not shape their coursp to this city, as ? they are sure to be caught. Yesterday a f-llow named Samuel Hanson, was arrested for stealing a horse and waggon from Fishkill, and sent to prison, il to be forwarded to Dutchess County for trial. al News Boys in the Tombs.?Jem McGuire, Hugh " Tillmani and George Bradford, news hoys, were all "" locked in the Tombs yesterday for raising a rumpus ^ and knocking each other down in Liberty street.? jt Hoys you must look out. Past Driving.?A cartman, named Michael liraenn, was arrested by Joseph Webb on Saturday, for 'J' driving his horse at a furious rate through Canal 'V street, by which means a man was knocked down ., and others narrowly escaped being served ditto.? He was lined #10 and costs. p Stole a Locket and locked up.?One vegeta- <>' ble looking genius, named Francis Corn, stole a gold locket worth #10, belonging to Charles Casterdick, of 107 Third Avenue, and offered to sell T it to Charles Whitehead, of Hudson-street, when he was arrested. " # t in Risk or the Hudson.?The late rains have rais- <s ed the water in the Hudson River above the docks and now overflows the Islands, doing great damage ,, to the Gardens about Albany, by which that mar- ^ ket has been abundantly supplied with vegetables. tr ,, " . ol Kki'it Treks.?Apples are becoming an important te article for shipment to various countries, even to e? the East Indies. e, J - tl ya- BEACH'S FAMILY PHYSICIAN IS NOW e< compete in one volume of S00 pages, large octavo, and lor " sale by the booksellers, and also by the author, at 2*18 Bow- pi ery. ol ol DER DEUTSCHE IN AMERICA.?Certain ob- iti starles having prevented the prompt isaueof this mam- ci moth German paper, such as could not be foreaeen, it is el now out, vastly improved in appearance from the llrst ki number. hi Every German in the city should call to-day and pur- c< chase a copy of the finest paper ever printed in this coun- sv try or Fatherland. The demand for It is unprecedented, ai Just what the publishers might espect from these enthusiastic, kindheartad foreigner*, from th* land of Goethe ec and Hcheiler. The following extract from a lettter to the ol agent here 11 worthy of notice ' Weeentinue to receive many iubecribere, e?|>ecially tii from the West, and yon can therefore positively assure the ul Germans in your city that it is permanent. at O. A. SAGE li CO., Publishers. of No. 9 is now ready, and lor sale, wholesale and retail at in J. A. Tuttle's Newspaper Agency Office,No. 4 Ann street, l? New York. th 00- ANOTHER ORIGINAL AMERICAN NOVEL ri for one shilling. On Tuesday morning next will be pub- oh lished the Conspirator; a novel by an American ladv. This ia a deeply interesting novel, in two volumes, founded on the well known conspiracy of Aaron Burr, and in the perusal of which we promise the reader an unusual amount of pleasure. The scene is laid on and about that lovely and romantic island in the Ohio river, called "Blennerhassett's Islandand in depicting the exciting inc idents of the times when our great Republic was in its infmcy, and had as yet scarcely tested its principle of stability, the talented authoress has shown an i xhuberanceof fancy'and a |iower of description which cannot fail to give her an ele- di vated rank in the literature of the country. in Tessas?Single copies 13} cents : nine copies for gl ; W twenty copies gl ; thirty copies for gS : fifty copies for g4; tu or gS per hundred. At the low price of our extras, all dis- " count on remittances will be deducted. Letters must also 4. be post paid or free. Address J.WINCHESTER, _ 80 Ann st, Naw Ttrk. (If?-A NEW NOVEL BY CAPTAIN MARRYATT. T ?" Peicivnl Reene," a Romance of the Sen, by Captain lo Marryatt, author of " Peter Simple," " Jacob Enithful," hi ke. I'he publishers of the Brother Jonathan have re- th reived by the Grea' Western, a copy of thealiove |K>pular m; Novel. It is published in London in three volumes, at a en guinea and a half a copy. The critics are high in its sp praise?they think it the Ix-st sea story Captain Marryatt el ii.iaever It will lie published in the course of Di this week, in an Extra Double Brother Jonathan, without th abridgement oromission, at the lew price of 13} cents a copy?or, ten copies for one dollar. In this form it cnu su be sent to any part of tho United States, by mail, at the ce regular rates of newspaper postage. Orders from the P c wntry and from newsmen, solicited. Address e' WII.BON k COMPANY, Publishers, lit 130 Nassau street, New York BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. i^. Philadelphia rCorretpnnHrnre of the Herald.] Puiladedpiiia, Sept 18.1912. Tii?? Chesmtf street theatre opened I net night, lor ii' .- a;*, in, uier the management of Mi as Mayoof, and to the fairest, fullest, and most fashion tile hon.-i si. ic-tlit days of Fanny Klssler's greatest pularity MC'ch of the " upper crust" and fashion I our plain city w'fie present, and in their greeting nu enthusiasm weK"* nil lhat Mr. May wood and his uichter, as well as tin* o.'d stock actors, could have e.-ired. The applause oa Maywood's first coming n was jiuinfully long, and <o a" most cordial, 'he comedy of" The .Man 0/ the ,\VcrM" was well 1st, and never better played ii1 ;i" more promient characters. May wood's Sit I'ertinax was done a the lile, and the personation really the soul f the evening's entertainment. To-morrow night Monday) Miss May wood will appe. tr a? " 1 amine" 1 the " Lady of Lyons." After the ,''lay last night, lay wood was called for, when he up. *area before lie curtain, accompanied by his aa tighter, and. 1 a plain brief speech, stated what the object and itentions <,! the management were for ti^*" future, lie opening was altogethor a Haltering pro Vpect ol access. A man of the name of Moore, confined in .M?~r mensing prison as a witness in the case of 1 *?"" laster und others, last night succeeded in picki it* wall of hia cell and scaling the walls of the prist ard. Burton commences an engagement at the Arch treet theatre to-night,where there continues spiritd entertainments and good houses. IMPORTANT ANNnUNCKMKNT! I'lit College of IHcdleliie nud Pharmuf, Ktlahliihnt for Ike Sujniretiion of Quackery, {jrt-BEt. TO INFORM ALL PERSONS DESIROUS Iobtaining medical advice, that on remitting the turn of ne dollar, with a statement of their case, they will ho applied with one dollar's worth ol appropriate medicine, ad a letter ol advice containing full directions as to diet, ogimen, kc. All letters must he post paid. Address W. t>. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office ol the College of Med icine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street, N. Y. N. B.?The OowsrcTiso Pnr?ici?s is daily in attendance t Mie private consulting rooms of the College. Hours rom 10 till 2 o'cloeh. 0Q- SPLENP'I) FURNITURE AND. PAINTINGS. -One of the opportunities which rarely occur is now ofsred to )>ossess article:, of the above description, of the icliest and most costly suit. The sale by Riell k Arcuirius this dcy, at 14 City Hall Place, corapriaes amongst t most fashionable French ?t)d American made Furilture, and a collection of Paintings selected with the uttost taste. Every one in quest ol ti*? beautiful will find hesc objects far exceeding in magnh^ceuce any concepion he may have foom'd of the adosnmCUt of a house t:t 0 retired a street. Let all go and he early t"<l the sjot. QiJ- EDITOR OF THE HERALD.?A frieFd with jyself dropt into the Kremlin Dining Saloons en 5>turay, having been so induced by the many notices you aVe given it in the Herard. We intended to have dined 3 the 'rave room. VW were politely informed by the ost that i: was .engaged *o Ex Att'y Gen. H. and party. rery good, sa?d we, where .."hall we set 7?No. 9 was the nick response. If the is more pleasant than Jo. 9 we wished the ?.x. an.'l h'* Party luck. We had a ood dinner, good wine, And what was more to me, as I ad to stand the brunt, the cheapes.' an* hest dinner, mcluing wine, I ever had to pay for. I l ,n, therefore haartily ecommend this beautiful place to gam lemen dining down >wn as being the best place to blend co. with econotjr. 8Dl ft?-'RHEUMATISM.?Doubters read tk .c#n' nuo to doubt if you can. "This certifies een troubled with the Chronic Rheumatism for#. 'x Kfr'~ 1 my legs and ancles principally, but also in my sho. , fj lore or less. The winter previous to the last, I ? ?.> 8,(1 p all winter, and although since 1 have been able K1 obble nhout, yet on the least exposuru I was sure to be rippled for some days or weeks. Under these circum:ances I bought a bottle of Dr. Henry's Vegetable Rheulatic Syrup, which immediately relieved me, and in one 'cek'stimel was perfectly well, and have never had the 1st roturn of it since. MARY ROBERTS, Coiner 7th At. ana rmra si. Dr. Henry's Rheumatic Syrup is (or sale at No.'JSti owery, corner of Houston street, in this city.?In Brookrn, at Stewart's, No. T5 Fulton st., and in Newark at 'rippe's, No. '298 Broad street. ft?- TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS.?There are lany small towns and villages throughout the country, here there are no agents for the saie of the celebrated impound extract of Hoarhound Candy*. Many mcrhants who are in the habit of sending to thocIt J for their apply of goods, are not aware that they can purchase ay quantity however small, direct from the jironhi'tor, t their best turms, hy requesting the merchant hare to ?nd to the manufactory, 46 Division street, for the article, 'his advice is given to prevent any imposition, and at the line time, protect both buyer and seller from imposition, lo doubt there are hundreds of merchants through the luntry. particularly in some of the southern states, 'here we have no regular travelling agents, that are not ware that hy this method, they can obtain any quantity ceded at wholesale prices. J. Tease k Bon, proprietors id inventors, 45 Division street. Agents, Wadsworth, rovidence, R. I.; Ziebcr, 87 Dock stieet, Philadelphia ; .edding, No. 9 State street. Boston. QSJ- CHATHAM THEATRE .-^-A numl er of tho paons of this establishment having expressed a desire to *Mr. Forrest and Miss Clifton m Judge Conrad's trago r ofJaok Cade, the enterprising manager has, at much tpense, effected an engagement with them lor one night uy, and they will appear this evening, in the abovelined tragedy. After which, the original drama, entitled ixtcen String Ja-It, or Ihnn the lleiver, is performed ith new scenery, original music, and a most powerful ist. We know this drama to be the original oue written y Leman Kendo, Esq., and played in London upwards of ic hundred nights, and no abortion. {O- PRESERVE YOUR TEETH BY USING ?HERan's Orris Tooth Paste and you can have a good set till Id ago brings decay and makas them drop out. W hat rer Sherman makes is good, and no mistake, and well tho sople know it if we can judge by the ijuantity that is Id at the warehouse, 100 Nassau street, one door abovo nn. {&- "THERE'S MAGIC IN THE WEB OF ITS lake.?W daily receive letters enquiring whether an tide much recommended by us as a human hair restoitive is really all it is represented to be?its name ia mea' Oil of Coral Circassia , and a finer and more scienfir mixture never passed through the hands of earth's liildreu ; its qualities are this, as hundreds can certify ? will force the hair to grow dark on the face, head, or 5dy, or any part where nature intended hair to grow, renglhen the roots, and stay it falling off, cure scurf or indruff, and give light, red, or grey hair a very fine ark look. It is sold quite reasonable, by Jones, sign of le American Eagle, 8-J Chatham-street?we believe only 5, or 8 shillings a bottle?we advise all to try it. Agents State-street, Boston ; 87 Dock-street, Philadelphia j IU ulton.street, Brooklyn ; Martin, hair dresser, Catskill. r State-street, Albany. The Genuine Eitraet of Snrsapstrlllss, Prepared by HE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY Of the City of New York. This article has been prepared at great expesise, accord, ig to the new process of the Parisian pharmaceutists, and confidently denominate 1 the only rtallyvaluable prtpaiHon of Sarsaparilla now offered for sale in this country, ogether with the active principle of the Smilax officiifis? the best speciesol the root?theCollege have incorjrated that peculiar mollification of sugar, which lias en termed glyryrrkixin. In the "Extracts" of the nosum-ven<ler? anu certain druggists, the comiion extract nquoncei* ine cniei / --? cted. But it ia proper to state that in most cases this ctrart of liquorice It adulterated, and contains copper deT?d from tha pans in w hich the decoction of the root is raporated. The College wish thus particularly to guard te public against the pernicious tendency of mixtures, j^H mtaining large quantities ot this poisoned liquorice. The Extract," prepered by the College, contains also nn apropriate quantity of the peculiar crvstallizable principle, named from that yaluable vegetable bitter, (ientian, (so illnd lrom Uentius, King of lilyria, u ho first diseavared i great virtues.) A small portion of the active constituUs ot the Laurut Sattafrat, another vegetable, whoso ticscy as an alterative and purifier of the blood it well nown, has likew ise been aiidnl. These several articles ive been incorporated, and their peculiar principles impounded in a highly concentrated form, and the reill has been the production of a vegetable alterative nl tonic, unequalled for power and efficacy. The College merely add the following extract from the lition just published ot Brande's " 1'ractical Dictionary the Materia Mediea " This article has been prescribed in chronic rheuma in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent leers?in glandular affections?in diseases of the bones, tended by dull aching piins, tumors and nodes?wasting the flesh?and rf has proud a i alualdt remedy, and hat metimet effected a cure where other alterativet have been ng administered in t ain, and when the diatated elate of e system hat been of many years duration. In the after raiment ot tynhilit, and in catet where mercury hat injuin/sty afertnl Iht tystem, it pontestet powers not hitherto tei red in any other article of the Materia Medico." Hold in simiLE Botti.ks, nt 76eentseachlie Casks or HALr-a-DOirn, $3 60. our Dozr.n # 00. Cases forwarded to all parts sf the Union. N. B.?Ji very liberal ditrount to wholesale purchatert. By order of the College, W. R. RICHARDHON, Agent. r: incipal office of the College,97 Nassau St., N- Y. (K7- ENOL1HH NKW8PAPERR.?The sleamer Acsa is hourly expected at Boston, and the subscriber havg tieen apprised by his aj^ent in London, (per the Oreat estern), would give notice that he wili have a full pply of "Bell's Life,"' "Illustrated News," "Punch," Squib," " Satirist," Ac , tor sale at the News Office, No. Ann street, New York. E. B. TUTTLE. (K7- CONSUMPTION AND SPITTINO OK BLOOD ! lie'Hav Mr t .inn I'iimminl savs he has found Dr. Tay r'? Balsam of Liverwort ?o highly nseful, not only for mself but Kino among liia parishioners, for the euro of ese diseases, that we may also use hi? name amnng|the any in our possession. He supports this medicine beuse it is of sterling merit,and free from quackery. Bight irit in this ?let nil who have been cured by this in-dino follow this esnmple, and proclaim to nil the sick that i. Taylors Balsnm, made at 37.'. Bowery, nlone cured em. This w ould soon do a world of good. PAIN IN THE SIDE anJ Night Sweats !? As J have tfi i u.l much from these diseasi *, and I hare been finally ired by Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, made at J7a "s e* v. I om will's. <r to "ive th? imblif the benefit of mv perlittce, and publish my rase, This medicino acts ^B e a charm, and should he used by all poor sick persons. ^B D-L. VAL'UHAN, Bloomfleld, N. J, ll

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