Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1842 Page 1
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* TH Vol. VIII.?Ho. SOU -Woolc So. 8W0 RAIL KO ADS & STEAMBOATS. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD-XNU TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK ANDNEWARK. TP iftTn vj j 3 Kfom fc-e loot of CeortUadt Krorl, N.w York. (Every day-Bandar??,?ei<"d) . Ln<nN'>? i?ik , A Le,V'i. 7.",^ p ? Aii A. M. At l T. M. At 7^ A. M. At IX P. M 1'H Jo. 4 do. 8 d?. 3? do. 4V do. "J do. i<% do. t do. 11 *.? do. 2 do 18 do. ON SUNDAYS. Rioa the foot of Liberty atreet. cw York, Leave Newark. At ? A M. and IXC- M, At 12 Noon and ? P. M. NEW VOHK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leava Eliiabeth Tows. A. M. 7 A. M. JXl'M. IHA..M. 4 " lo* A. M. I"*" ? PMM. \ ? r. The trait* for Westfield. llainfield, Beundbrnok, Somemllr, Ac., connect with the 9 A M. 2J? and P M trains Irotn New Yoik, daily, Sundays cicrpted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town IS cent*. Fan- between do and Somarville, 7J cents. NK\Y YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leate New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 1 A. M. At 5K A. M. ST""- A " P. M. On Sundays the Sit and 7X A.M. trip* 11ouo New Brunswick and 2)t P- M. train from New York, are mtued. Fair oetwecn New York and New Brunswick, ?5 cents. Kiliway, 50 cents T'lie fare in the S)t and 7j^? A. M. train from New Brunswick, and X\ and t)f ?*. M. tram from New York, has been re dared. New York and New Brunswick, to 30 cents. " and Rahway to 37X " Passenger* who procure ihnr debet* at the ticket office, re eeire a ferry ticket iraus. Tickets are received by the con doctor only on the Jay wheu purchased. lull 3n.* SUMMER ARRANGEMENT! N f sijr. ami n e DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and 4^ P M. The morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Eveuing Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without chance of cars. Passengers will procure tneir tickets at the office foot ol Liberty street, where a commodious steambott will be in readiness*. with bagrage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conreyed from city to cil", without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the Ladies use. Returning the lines leave Philadelphia from the font of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 7 o'clock A M.and a i, Vine If. P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 6 A M, and 4 P M, heiu< a continuation of the line from New York. *28 3m* r _ LOO^A^^HIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. ~PA88ENGR3 Forwarded, w ithoot delay, to a Utics, $1,50 Cleaveland, Ohio, $5,25 Rocheater, $J,00 Detroit, Mich., $t,75 Locknort, $3,25 Chicago, 111., $9,50 Buffalo, $3,!>o Toronto, U. C, Si,00 Oswego, $2,60, anil Pittsburgh. And all parta of the Weateni Country M. L. RAY, It CO.. alO lrn*m 141 Liberty atreet. New York. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. NK\yi?RU^VlcR AN'L) N'^TOkK. rT1HE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Company have eatabliahed a Freight Line between New} Brnnawick and New York, which they intend to run permahrntly. Leaving New Brnnawick at 5% A.M. daily, (Sunday* excepted) and the foot of Liber tyntreet. New York, at 2)4 P. M. To country dealer* and ineionaiita the above line la very detirahle for the speedy and cneap conveyance ol merchandiae of every description, and more particularly to Drover* and Dealer* in Live Stock, who can have 15(1 head of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, the aame day whenever required. The rate* for the transportation of cattle, hones, tnules, sheep, hogs, Sm. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never t acceding an ninboat prices. Merchandise a*rt b,- this hue is not rabject to any extra charge in crossing '-he North River. The Company have fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, ndioimug the Railroad Depot, which will always eopen for the reception of merchandise. Paseenjfet purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will ircri'c von v mill. O" Freight f?r Newark, El ita He thrown, Rahway, Westfield, Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Bmiudbreok and Somerville, is conveyed by ihe above lines, and delivered the same day when received. anl4 3m* FOR UVERPOOl7FRO\rBOST(>N. TFF. SHIPS: BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, K. O Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyme do COLUMBIA, C. H E. Jndkins do These Ships are 1M0 tons register, and 410 horse power. r*nK Liverpool raoM boston. Acadia, 4th September", 1st 0? tober ColnmhiO, tuth do ISth do Kate of Passage to Liverpool, $135?To Halifax $10. Their accommodations for passengers are fitted up with every comfort and rouveoiance, ana they carry experienced surgeons. For freight,or specie or passage, apply at 1 Wall street. s!5r D. BRIGHAM. JR. r c? g?| , KUK CHARLESTON. HAVANA, /^HiKEV WEST. NEW ORLEANS, AND GALVESTON. (Texas) to sail cn the 10th October, at IIA M.?The well known and favorite steam ship NEW YORK, j. T. Wright. Commander, having been put in complete order, with new wrought iron shaifts, Ac., will positively leave for die above porta on the day specified. The New York, having been superbly fitted UO. with saloon state 'ooius in addition to her cabins, oners sniwrior accommodations for the cenveniaiaoe of passengers. Passengers going in this host may safely rely upon the well known skill and attentions of her Captain. For light freight or passage, apply on board, foot of Morris street. North River, nier No J or to zmmzco. IT Peck Slip. N. B.?The New York carries sufficient lael for the voyage. Passengers for Key Wes(, New Orleans, and Galveston, will have so opportwmty of visiting Havana, as the ship will lay the re twe dsy?. sg to olltrc jt^osgi jb OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Kumson, tit. . Brown's Dock, Middle town, Eatontown Dock 3CnaIHwZ.and Red Bank, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat lOLAS-Captaiii Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton Market Slip, Eatt River, every morning at o'clock for Red Bank, (except Thursday, on which day the boat goes to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, will leave at I o'clock each day. The lolaa will run as above, navigation and Weather permitting. until further notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners lhe*eof. June li, 1H?. jeWlmc .Mfl fit* FOR EASTTORT. CALAIS, ST. AN<X?ajLCJe DHk-WS k. ST. JOHNS.?Steamer HUNT TTrifjg.HESS. Cape T. O. Jewett. Paaseogrra will leave Boston every Friday, at NX A. M. in the Cars of the Eastern Railroad for Portsmouth, from which place tbey will be conveyed by the well known steamer Haulreu to the above place*. Returning, the Huntresi will leave St. John* every Tneaday, at 7 A. M. and Kulport at i P. M. and arrive in Portsmouth 011 Wedneeday in tiraw/or the 4 o'clock train Tor Boston. Fare to Easlpoit, $6 I Calais and St. Andrew*, $6 i '. r 11 (Meals eitra.) This route offer* to pert one seeking enjoyment, many inducement*?a coantry abounding in hae lakea and the moat choice fishing ; alao game of all kinda, with other attractiona inte resting Jo sportsmen. a7 tin r EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY DIRECT, iMQ /ll .At ait o'clock, P. M., leavca the ateamboat iu#pier between Oonrtlandt and Liberty atreeta. ?-, The ateamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. L. W. Braiuard. leaves every Monday,Wedaeaday and Friday, at ait o'clock, P. M. The ateamboat ROCHESTER.Capt. A. P. St. John, leave the aborejjier Tuesday, Thuraday and Saturday afternoon, at The abort boat* are new and anbetantial are ftnniahcd wiSi elegant Hare roonu, and in every reapeet are nnanrpaased among the Hudson River atesnmra. For paaaaga or freight, ar>ply on board, or to P. C. BCHULTE, ... , , 'ha ?'?ce ?a the wharf, raaeencrra Ulnng thu Ime of boat*, will at all time* arrive at Albany in tiraa for the Arat morning train of ear* for th* eaat and weal. t2f r PARSELLS & AGATE, MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS, AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS,See. rpllE SUBSCRIBERS, in addition to their former itock o( A fashionable good*, are conatanily receiving by every new anival from fur ft and London, a aupvly of the moat rich and fashionable Senrli and Cravats. Their aaaortmeiit nl fashions b a Stock*, Scarfs, Cntab, r> ady made I.inen, fllovr*, Suapendrra, Ho*ier>. and all articles appertaining toa geni I r man "a wardrobe, are rich and raricd. Tlicy rcapectfnlly luvite their old patrons and strangers visiting thia city, tn call at the old 'blisbin. nl so long and favorably knowu and make their ? Icctioaa. PARSELLS It AtlATE, III Broadway, between Park place and Murray at. They wonld particalarly recommend an Elastic Suspender, with inc patent buckle, ol their own mannfkernre, which for durability and comiort. cannot be anrpaaaed. The impro vrd Minerva Brace, intruded to brace the shoulder* and expand the chest, arr highly recommended by the medical faculty, and will be foand indiipenaible Pa persons who are inclined to bend forward; and in (act to all individuals of sedentary habits. fares'* and Onirdun* are particularly requested to examine this article, as it will be found of inimcnae advantage to ihildrenof ritlre'se* who have acquired tha habit of stooping. I'ARSELLS It AOATK conlinne the manufacture of ihelr Celebrated Russia Riding Belt. all Im'm *rLlVE AND LET LIVE." rrHI8 liaa been ilie motto nuder which the rvNBreted Reata A rat. No. 114 Broadway, aet aail under, Uti'd thntfirn weathered the storm of hard lime* with onrbannerarillll utin hi the tide of public favor and approbation. Tha pgoprieloni of the ' pin,on that a neat clean establishment,. attentive hi lft.i he forest oyetera thu market altorda,with a dcatre U> please, m ill **a?are to h'B a Libaral patrunifp. IWiuHf aHall Wantrue ft heepap tha mmaflon uf tha vigbri^^J-^ Nerarsay i l*i *r 314 Bread way, ophite St. f aulV E NE new MISCELLANEOUS. certain cure FOR DEAFNESS. TLfONS. MALL AN?Soand Magnifiers? Invisible Voice Conductors.?To enable persons luMantly, at . n advanced age, and of forty and lifty year* suinliug ol xlrrme deafness, aod of iliose who art- only slightly dull oMieanug, to join in general conversation, aud ta calcli the aound of a distant low speaker at a public assembly They are tlve site of a very am ill i|old seven shilling piece : and when In Ike canty of llwe ear*, ihey are not in the least perceptible, nor more uucomfor ubl t than having a small piece of tiue wool in its place. And although they are so extremely small, yel (hey enable those nlll rtrd Willi extreme deafness to hear, in efrry respect, equal to those of tons; acute lira inc. Ta he haJ of Mona MALLAN It SON. Surgeon Dentists. Sole Agents for the iwteats e, No. 3 l\?rk I'lace, oue dsxrr Iroin Bniadway. The shore lareniion luu been in use in Europe for some years and is strongly recoiiunendjd, being one of the greatest uisool eile1 ol the site. |'.,r...,. ...... ,,l..?? ?C V? V.~t tk? ol $10. csn have a pair forwarded by pott. i2t 1 in* r LUCINA CORDIAL, A/TAOMIN'B LCCINA CORDIAL, for Ihr sure and speedy i'i car*of incipient consumption, barrenness, nnpntrnry, lucorhse or whites, elect, ohstrectt d, difficult or 14101111 mrualiuafion, incontinence of urine, or inroluuiary discharge thereof, and lor ilir general pruatr -1ion of llie syst- m, no neuter whettiit the result of Uiherentcamrs.orof causes produced bv irregulariiy, illness, or accident. Tlv wide-spread celebrity of tfiia wuud*rful and inestimable cordial in both hemispheres it a sufficient guarantee lor 11s quick and positive success in curios all tin- above affections and complaints. Nothing can be more surprising than its invi goraling effects on the numm frsinr . Persona all weakucas and lassitude before taking it, a: once become robust and fnll of enery under its lullorce. It iinmedi ilely counterscta tlie nervelesaneis or looseness of the female frame, vtlueh is the only cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. Maguin's discovery u as considered to be incurable And it s|ieedily removes the impediments produced by physical prostration, which Ire qui nt y deter men from retting marriid. Language, indeed, aunot do ju.ticr to the merits of the Lucius Cordial, which is regarded by tne heads of the laculty in all parts of the wo Id as one of the most iinpoitanl medical discovenes of auv age. IVice $i per uottle. Bold at 91 Nassau street, and No. SO Nor.h Sislh treet, Philadelphia. a 28 lui*r RESTORE THE HUMAN HAIR. DALD HEADS AND GREY HEADS READ THIS.? D The human hair can be restored if proper and scientilic remetises arc applied. The pn>|irietor of litis assures you ou his word, that (real numbers come to his store whose hair this has entirely restored. He requests you to Kite Joues' Oil ofCoral Circassia one trial, then judge for yourself. He pledges you his word it is all it it represented. These are its qualities, it will make the hair grow, (on the head, face, body, or any part where nature intituled hair to grow,) stay its falling out, cure scurf or dandriff, tnd main light, red,or gray hair grow dark from the roots lit time. Aiunug lite numbers who have used it and certify this, is W. Hopkins, 93 King street, N. V., J. Gilbert,jew eller, Hout/on street, N. V., and T. Power, grocer, Brooklyn, L.I. \Ye (Htld offer hundreds of others if we chose. It is sold very rea*ou..l>le, and it ,'ires the hair the most deliciqus dark silky appearance. .Price only 3, J org shillings a bottle, three sixes : sold by T. Joues. sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chatham street, N. Y.: age 1 u, 1J9 Fulton street, Brooklyn, 8 State street. Boston. V Dock street. Philadelphia. t2g lm*r GUNS ANT) PISTOLS. j? EXCLUSIVELY. J JOSEPH, 14 Maiden lane, up stairs, importing agent for O the sale ot English. German and French double and single tarrel Fowling and Ducking Guns, from the lowest to the tin jst qualities ; Pistols of every description fur this and other aiarkela, embraciux one hundred different kinds, all ol which lie is now prepared to offer at the manufacture;*! prices, being appointed agent for the largest houses in that Ine in Europe , which enables htm to sell at extremely low prices. A large assorted stock of the above always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, previous to making their pare lias vs. jy27 Sin* r A CARD. VTOTICE TO THE LADIES?The subscriber, so well d-*1 known to the ladies ol New Yoik for the superior a.yle of La dies Shoes and Gaiter Bouts, begs to state for the inlormattou of Ladies visi'iDg the city, as well as merchants and othrr traders, that his store is No. 70 Lispenard street, one ?, k~l?? 1 *... .1 .r.Uu, ,ml ...... n ... .4...... ? 1. .11 be supplied at the shortest notice, and on the moat liberal terms. Wholesale and ratail. SAMUEL ALLEN. For getting up the article of Ladies iilioea and Gaiter Boots we always considered ?lr. Alleu lar superior to auy man we erer had in our employment. THOS. LANE It SON, slj lm*r No. 70Lispenard st. near Broadway. ENKY SCOTT, No. 117 Water St., N. Y.. keeps constantly on hand a general assortment of Pickles, Catsups, Sauces, lie , Preserves, Jellies, Brandy Fruits, Ac., wholesale and retail. All orders for Shipping and Families punctually allcudcd to e!3 2m*r ESPY'S PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOll. ty HIH cheap, simple and effluent apparatus u adaplr i to all A purposes of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, v nurches, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vault-, Ac. Sic. may b' its applies tiou be kept free trom ell loul air aud unwholesi me effluvia; It is alsu an effectual cure for Smoky Chimniei. The subscriber having purchased the n ght fir the City and County of New York, is prepared to sipirty the imblic with Cones on demand. Meul Hoc fling of alt descriptions luruishcd in any part of the country. Crotou Waler Pipes and Pluinoeis' Work in general. Also, Galvanised Iron and Tin W are at wholesale. Store pipes, bath tubs, coal hods, Ac.a. riices gieatly reduced. All work warranted, an 1 orders by letter attended to. P. SUMNER, s34 3in*m 120 Water street. qthvpc i en smyo Ul V/ * JLdU i U1 U T : J BACKUS' PATENT RARE FIE R. Oil FRUGAL HOUSEWARMER. rPHK Proprietor, in offtrint this valuable itove Iodic public, i. would briedy cute aomt of the advantages of heirimprore in rut. wbicli consist chirdy in the following particulars, vix:? 1?To obviate the evil of iin- 4?To be capable of affordKre ai d noxious (u in the ing a mild or an inteuae heat, mtn? of anthracite coal. 6?Toatoid all lucoveuience it?To generate and diffuse from dust, a warm and wholesome at- 7?To preserve the air of the mosphere in places exposed to apartment pure and wholedamp and cold. some. 3?To lesson the risk of aeci- 8?And to unite with all dcDtbyftn-. tkose excellent Qualities, an 4?To be quickly kindled elegant and durable article of an easily managed. furniture. i his Sto'e is constructed of the best quality of Ruaaia sheet I hot? upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or ftre-rhambei occ ipying a part of the centre cvlinder, to which is attached an stmt spheric Rarefirr upon each side, of a tubular form, and lined throughout. The heat that is created in the chamber passe, between the linings of the two rarefiers (or radiators as they ate called] into the base at the bottom, and a current of air continually rushing through the tubes, which are left open at each end lor that purpose, carries a great amount of rarefied or warm air into the apartment. The parity and softness of the air in a room heated by this tore are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from a great extent of surface moderately heated. The lu-atrd air, on entering the wings or sides of the stove,descends and spreads over the entire surface of the base at the bottom, keeping the colder |ioitiou of tlie air next the floor in constant circulation? in the meantime preserving it sutirely from contamination, rendering tins Store perfectly aafe and agreeable for apartmenu of invalids, sleeping rooms, he. Manufac urcd by J7k K. BACKUS, 44 Bowery, N. V. N. B. A sew article of air tight stoves, with rarifiers ; also the nr w kitchen companion cook stove, warranted equal to any in use in this city. s37 Im'ia p LASS CUTTING ESTABLISHMENT.?J. Stourenel. vJ glass cntter, No. 19 Gold street, constantly on hand and ol fer to supply ill dealers and orners. at the loweet prices in this city, and we-runted the best ,f any other manufactory?such as beautiful hull lamps ofrsery sise, astral lamps and shades, decanters, tumblers.chamguign, w iue glases.dishes, goblets, bowls, celeries, glass,kr. kt. Goons sent to any part of the country by any quantity free of packages and cartage, all articles match to pattern. Retail store No. 34 John street, near Nassau at, slO lm*r THE NEW""YORK XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS, 46 MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS. PI THE EXTENT of tha vine ties in this department the proprietor may safely challenge competition with any other establishment in the world, and baa uo.rr his own immediate superintendence the most skilful workmen, and all the requisi e materials for executing every description of Xylographic Engraving and Printing. Original D.-amus and Plates of every description executed in ?'m firxt sty e ofthe art, and beautifully printed in Bronze or ancy Colors. Druggists. Perfumers. Manufacturers. Ornoei* andodivr Labels, constantly ou hand, wholesale or retail, and all art .eles connected with the trade. Job Printing in every variety of atyle executed' n the best manner to order, and on the most reasonable term*. STEEL PLATE AND COPPERPLATE ENGRAVING AND PRINTING Notes, Cheeka, Drafts Bills of Etching*, < ertilicates of Stork, do Deposite, Blanks or professional, wedding and visiting Cards, neatly engraved and printed, at al oil notice, and on the moat reasonable terms. The lowest possible price is char ged for all work done at this establishment. All orders from the country punctually attended to, and articles ordered, forwarded to any part of the l/nited Susies, or the Canada*. slg|m*r CHA8. SHIELDS, Protrietor. valierts % french pills. CkNE boa of these.inestimable Pills are worth all the Quack U Medicines in the world for the cure of e certain disease. CoimtVT.?If we examine the nature of the above aisease and the situation of the parts alTecled, we mutt consider it a rery important ohjectto be able to obtain a remedy al once eertain in its action, and at (he asms time composed of such ingredients as will present the |a>ssibi1ity of discovery while usiug it. It is a fact well known to many, that most of the remedies offered for these diseases are eompored of snch nau.eous drugs, as to render it almost impossible to cou'inue their use without creating a sickness at the stomach or other iiup.eaaant consequences. Such being the cis- there call he no donbt but such a remedy aa VALIKR'S FRENCH PILLS will meet the universal approbation, being entirely free from those ohl'Ction*. pleasant in Uie,r opera'ion and prompt in removing the disease. The proprietor would here remark, thu the efficacy of these rills in th e disorders alluded to, are not baaed upon supposition} I OU coatratry, ilia founded upon rational eiiwrience, hiving used them in a aacmifil practice for upward* of ten yeara he fee la confident of their superiority over ihe remedies niiherto cmrdmred. Bold at No. Nassau atreet, 4M Broadway, and 90 North Hmh atrtoiu Philadelphia, Pric* >1 per hot. *71 trn?r a new & important invention for the ladies. tiea thalsheluainTeofsd aMwanicU lor lh? prea^rr .tion of the health and sUungth during pregnaucv. This Abdominal Supporter :s perfect iu iu Application, acti-.* at a support and prevenung all strain muon die muscles, and the consequent fa tigu. and eihaustion o??he whole ayatrm. It will imirre the form in all its youthful ymmetry Nothing I hat hss ever hern fvei.trd efferr so many advantages as .toes this Abdominal Supporter for invigorating the system against ever, accident attending gestation. Mis. L.lias secured a paten'. She he? to refer to the follow ing eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty:?Br. Francis, Dr. Pond. Dr. McDonald, Professor Uillman M D, Professor Parker, M D, A. C. Castle, M D, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Moore, J. IV. Francis. M D, J. O. roud, M D, J. ,W. jMoore, M. D, J. Neilaon, Ml). CmuUI merchants and d< alcrr supplied wholesale with Cor* sets. Bell*, and bnecs, on advantageous terms. sg / 'OLLIitJTlCTfri)i <li lam al tin CliftedStates madeon v the most farotible terms. I>y 8 J SYLVESTER, 33 W41 si. W YO YORK, THURSDAY MOI tf&JSTOL'S SARSAPAKH.UA. WANVKAOTl'RED and aold by tlir nimiww. C- C. iYl BK18TUL Buflalo. and for ?aie by ni? A|jeut, WILLIAM Ul/HOE*. Wholeaale Draf|iil, Not. M an H ?i. and 188 Urceuwich >t, aud by the principal D,u?<iita throughout the Union. Thia preparation baa Dow been bclore the public about ieten ) ear*, duntiK which lime ita reputation ha* be.-n ateadily and rapidly adraucia*. until ita pecaeal and deaarvrd celebrity baa been attained?o?r i* it Mammary at even Una altitude of eatiinaUon. aa the eridcucc of each mrrerdinc day clearly evince*. Many of the brat PliyaicUua in the cctiutrv nave toluutanly burnt- wttueat to ita >U|ierior efficacy of value, at their written certificate*, now in the poiarntmn of the proprietor, will allow. Teaumoimli aintoai inuiiinei iide, Irani peeaoiit who have been b?n? fitted by ita u?e, or liateari-a it* tnedirtoal virtue* teared by their friend*, are alao iu |-oaae*aiou of Mr. llriatol, which bow many, bow varleua, md how eatreme hare been the inttancea in which, by iu upt ration the tick end the alinoat u.-s|utrtiM have becll reatorcd to health Hid happnw * . BRISTOL'S SAK9APAHILLA ii a rare ? ?] inralntMe combination ad vegetable remedies of established medical value, witl from its peculiar prrqieities is almost infallible in all complaints that arise .roin impuniies of ilie blood, from the morbiil action I the absorbent and glandular systems, fiomcouatit i tonal idiosyncraries, hereditary predisposition, ani it general all chronic and long standing infirunties and irregularities of lite human frame. To enumerate all the diseases in wliirh it has been lound M be a soveieign remedy. Mould be to make llu> notice much toe lengthy, and vie can only here eucgesl to the render the value and importance of this prenaraliou, and refer hiui to advertiseincnts in the public impera for more dr tailed intelligence respecting its efficacy, ill nearly all east s ol complaint except lliose of the most ordinary or endemic and epidemic character. The prirprietoi desire* only to have attention generally directed to this article, couftdcui that lis rare virtues onlj need be kuowu 10 be appreciated; that it will stand the test of anv trial ami that tucreused usefulness, and added popularity, must be liiu direct result of its more extended acquaintance. Among the luminous tetter, daily received by the pro,iri?tor of Brisl 'rSarsaparlla, the following is selected, merely to show ho . his or' le is regarded: and the mere rung demand for this luiaiiiable ediciue by the dealers in ti n city, as the application comet rum the well kuowu house of A. B. k 1). hands, Druggists, ol this cily, who lute trace advertised tlreir own article to the whole world, shows conclusively that the article is all it imriorta to be. (COPY.) Nr.w Yonx, April 20, 1818. Mr. C.C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. Dear hlR? We have been telling duriog the year past considerab'e quanli.ies til your Extract of Sarsaparilla, and thiuk from the account wc hear of its virtues from those wlro have used it, that the sale in this city may be much increased bv paying it mora alteutiou iu advertising. Our arraogsmeuts are such with the different pajiers that we can have advertisements inserted on much better terms thau most others pa. and mure conspicuously. If you would like to utake an arrangement with us loi st lling it more exteusively, we think il could lie made of mucn advantage to, us both. We have uow four different stores, three of them in the best location in the city for retailing, and oue for w holesaleing, and our facilities are such a* will euabt- iu to dispose of more of it, perhaps, than any other house. We shall be much pleased to hear from you ou tbi, subject, or if you visit N> w York in the course of a m nth or so, to see you at our slo,e T? Fulton street. Yours, very resiiectfully, A. B. Ik li. 3AND 3. OPINIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Bltpalo, Aug. 11, 1837. Wc are acquainted with the preparation nl'Sarsaparilla, ins DUfactured by C. C. Bristol, and liavitig made use uf it more or leas in our practice, believe it to contain the ac iv? principle of Sarsaparilla, iu a luglily concentrated I'm m, and as a preparation we esteem il as one of the best we have ever mm with, J TROWBttlDGE, M D CYRENIUS CHAP1N.MD OIlAS WINNE. M D MOSES BRISTOL, M D JOSlAll BARNES. M D J E MARSHALL. Al D J K HAWLEY, M D AS SrKAGUE.M D A MILLER, M D F L HARRIS, M D H R STAUG. From Doctors Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at Canaadaigua:? CavATDainva, Dec. 27, 1831. We have frequently preacribed Mr. O C Biisiol's prepuitiou of Sanaparilla, in our pracn :e, and have always found it to answer an t xcelleut purpose in cases where Sareaparllla was applicable. Our knowledge of the article hat not been limited, and we can freely say that is the best preparation of Sarsaparilla we have ever used. RICHARD WELLS. M D, E W CI1EENY, M D. The followiug extract of a letter from Dr. J. A. Hvdr, one of the oldest and moslres|ieclable practitioners in the western section, is given : Yolni.frown, June II, 1838. Mr. C.C. Bristol?Dear Sir: 1 am nearly out of Sarsaparilli agaiu, and, if yon please, you may aeud me two do ten bottles, by stage or cart, directed to me at this place. I have frequently prescribed your Compound Fluid Extract chrouic diseases, especially lu Scrofuia and obstinate cutaneous atfeaiious, attended with scrofulous habit. Also, in secondary syphilis; and in chronic general debility, from almoat auy cauae. It generally proves useful. I ihiult your Fluid Extract '.Ire best preparation of Sursauanlla 1 ever used. With much respect, yours, truly, J. A. HYDE. From Docls. Hoyt k May * I'si.myss, July 2, 1841. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir : We have u?ed your Extract of Sarsa|>arilU in our practice, and for diseases arising from an un pure state of the blood, and as a general renovator of the system we esteem it as the best article now in us<. D D. HOYT, M. D. W.M. MAY, M. D. From Dr. A. Miller * Rome, July 24,1811. I arn acquainted with the preparation of Sarsaparilla manufactured by C. C. Bristol, of Buffalo, and haviuic made use ol I in iny practice, believe it to contain tin active principle of Strsapariflai a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, 1 esteem it the best 1 have ever met with. A. MILLER, M. D. From Dr. S. C. Noyes : Colli**, Erie Co., July J, 1841. 1 have heen acquainted with Bristol's Sarsruiarilla for a number of years, and have very frequently prescribed it in my practice, and have invariably found it to answer the dashed effect. 1 couaidrr the reputation of tlic article eatsblislied, and whert the genuine can be obtained, 1 have no hesitation in say in j that a trial of its virtues will sustain my opinion. S. C. NOYES, M. DJR From Dr. A. P. Curtis ; Attics. Gmeaee Co., July 3,1841. I have frequently prescribed Bristol's Sarsaparilla in my practice, and have no hesitation in reenmmeuding i t as an article possessing all of the active jiriuciplr ol Sars?i'*rilia, and at a p.eperction, I think it the best one I have eve; met with. A. r. rUUTIS, M. D, Otws.oo, May 6, 1811. We certify that we attrmlrd Julia Antl Van Dourer during her sickness, and we have no hesitation ill ?ay nig that her recovery may be attributed to lit* use of Bristol's S?rs.i pa-illa. P. H. HAKD. M. D. H. K. THURBKR, M. D. (Astatemei.t of the above ease may be aeen by ca ling on Mr. WM. BUROER, Jo Ourtlamit st.) July t, 1141. We, the undersigned, physicians, residiitg iu Darirn and Benningtou, having treated Mr. E. Croat during hit illuett, know the above ttatement of his case to be ttu" in all particulars, and we have not the least hesitation in ascribing his cure to the use of Bristol's Sarsaparilla. Indeed, we are assured that this me dicinc was the me-ius of entirely arresting and i-iadicatiug the disease. IRA CR083. M D. ERASTUi CROSS, M. D. Dtair.t, Jt'LV 2, 1841. We, the undersigned, are particularlf acquainted with Mr. C. Cross, and are tu'ly acquainted with the facta as drawo up in the a ore statemeu*, we oelieve to be correct in ail respects, and we are assured that it waa was through the aguiicy of Bristol's Sarsaparilla th t his cure was effected STEPHEN KINO, P. M. Dsrieu ;entre. JONATHAN DCRKk.E, Justice of the Peace. 111RAM H.CHAPIN. ALANSON FISHER. Justice of the Peace. It. P. HUTCHINSON. J. H. FLAGLER. Alto.t, January 17, 1812. I have been lately the physician to Mr. May-nurd, and was called to see him durinit his illn-ss, some time in the mouth of August or September last, and 1 must say I was much surprised and astonished to see Mrs. MaynanI officiating as nurse, and attending to his wants while he was tick. Her ~ase was one List I was conversant with bnt never prescribed forj it was Prycidentia, and fir the most pert of seven or right years she had been obliged to be conveyed about the house and nursed in a craolv constructed or the norma-. Until she commenced the use of Bristol's Sarsaparilla her disease resisted the best medical treatment. I was frrqueutly called to consu'twith Dr Gave in her care, bnt the disease had asaumeu such a form thst my opinion was, that inediciue would hate no effect in prnoucing ac ire. I am nerfretlv convinced that her recoverv is entiielv at trihutslm- to the nseol Bristol's 8arsspari|ia. JOHN M. HARRINGTON, M.D. Janurrr 17. U42. I have been one of lite attending physrciaus ol Mr*. Maynard for eight years past. HerdiKiM tr u I'l alapnu t/hr! of tin aggravated chiracter, an re*Utc<l all the agent* laid down in our moat einineut authots. Iq addition to remedial agent* recommended, I prescribe! various instruments to no effect. I am clearly of (lie opinio i that her cure may be altiibuti (I to the use of Bristol'* Barsauanlla. GROVE C. GAGE. M. D. Arhi.DE*. January 17 1842. We have been aenoaijted with the circumstances of Mr* Mansard's stcknesauar eigot year* past, have always under stood lies case*as being 1 synod the reach of medicine, and hate been surprised witnfl the put year to sec her about, and we are aasorrd that her re< ovenr is ..nribnlabte entirely to the use of Bristol's B>rsapanll a We aes farther acquainted with the fact, that for live yer rs of the tine of her sicaness, the was obliged In be coat ere i from one idace to another in the arm* of hri husband, audit fact, when she wu moved at all. JOBEPfl FRi-EMAN. Judge Erie Co.C. Bleu. HORACE SI A NLEY, Justice of the Peare. H. LITrHinj. LD, Postmaarar. DEXTER E A ELL. Supervisor. 8 H. BUTLER. L. P. JACOBH. JOHN E3TABROOK8. < Ahistorvof ih-above cases may he teen by calling as above 1 [Krom the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, Nov. 6, 1811 ] A* Estnaoanrsanr Case.?The artirle below is from the pen of oue of our moat intelligent medical men, whose state- 1 meutt are entitlrd to the fullest confidence. The caae he details it really a r marhable one. and might well have been supTMiaed beyond the power of medicine. Satement of the Physician who visited the Patient in person,and who waa -t the time one of the Editora of the Lonmtr , eial Advertiser. I frit i* rare indeed that fallen humanity is made to experience , from the hand of Providence to much severe and protracted tuf- | fering, and aucb calamitous god shocking mutilation, as has { fallen to the lot of James Wycaoff, a l?d IJ yevxs of age, now living in the town of Clarence iu litis county. James is the son of a farmer, the offspring of healthy arid reputable parents, who have a numenins family of robust children. Without any assignable cause, he Was suddenly deprived ' of the tense of hearing some ten years since, which was soon J followed hv what was probably an attack of the den gangrene. This rapidly dea royed first tie palate, the bones of the roof of the mouth, and then a considerable portion of the npptrjaw, Upper lip, aid he wh -le of the nose, bo'h bones and c.-rtifc*e, as well as integuments,. Il would he difficult to iu i ine in w hat way a more unsightly deformity muld be impressed upon the'human face dirioe.' This frighllnl disease ceased its ravages on the .ace after several montis, to renew them again in other part* of the system with greater and mote destructive severity. (t8<>ine two years ago, a " black spotas the intelligent mo | titer of tltis movt onfoitunale child told the writer of this?wis obatrved nnd.r the uatl of etch big tor. Thiaominous appearsure was the precursor of a second attack of gangrene, which gradually etti nrted ovrreach foot and leg to within funr inrhei of the knc?. A separation then took pi ice, end in due course a Ol time both limbs dropped off. The finger* of the right hand were then attacked by this consuming malady, which extended ,, to within a few inches of the shoulder, and at length the right arm tell to the ground like the dead branch of a living t.oe. The t| disease thin showed itself at the elbow of the left arm, and o? the left shoulder, producing estensivr rwtnli.vrinn of th? bones. Sic. The integuments of lite tight side, pear the centr* of the ribs, and of the right eye, wi re also affected with tire same desirofiug complaint in its incipient stages. On dimming th" boy, who, notwithstanding he is deaf and J nmte, it really intelligent nnd vpitght'y, the greatest marvel to c us was, h 'W it was possible for" a constitution to very- feeble f< and lifrless, that the system was rapidly falling to pieces from E the deathof its parts, conld wh< n reduced to a mere /rug mtnl of humaiftty. hold out, and prolong for yeara a miserable rs- ft istencs. Strange as it riay seem, w t found this piece of a child sitting at the ntnnrr table srith the rest of the fsmrly, god Bed- r tug h'ms-lf with meat, potatoes, br?ad,and tha like, with sn evident relish of the lit art) OKtl- Hit Mump tjf limnq, which RK E tNING, SEPTEMBER 29 lately presented a hideous raiu of eating ulcers, ai* bow healinporer kindly, and nothing hut the scan aie left o tell the jar} done to llw left shoulder. and rhe parts thai snrrmibd the right eye, die lower Jaw, and tin fragment* of ears still growing on the head, thr apivaraucc of which we shall not attempt to desert e. The certain chcckgisen to this terrible S|<readiRC and hopeless aaalady?the removal of the intense protracted peinaarer excited by irritable luugrous llesh coon-rted with dead animal matter?the quiet sleep, iurm?rd ttieiqrth, arul stable cunvalesencu so miiufi t in the person of Jaiurs?were all, and doubtlee justly, attributed by his mother to the exclusive ?r, for the blsl Mt werlu of re^olir imrtiona of Mr. 0. C. BRISTOL'S BAKHAPARILL A. Those who have wituessed the truly auspicious, and in ist unrx|iectrd effects of this medicine in this ferreafri?ordin.iry case, ire u-aniinous iu the opinion that had it been early administered uhcu Uu disease w a* comparative! y.siQal I and treble, au-1 the nmstit'itinn sound and r igorous. It coolJ not havt failed toprt tent ouo of the grratcst Cttlumitirs mai cau ucl ?l .t iiuiu.ui bcitm. _ ? _ ?s?Tiru *Tr. or Gem. MAniriri.D. MB.f'.C. BRUIOI.?I bur been iciiouiucil widi Pdtt Wyckeff I or more tlia:i twenty years, ami lure known his ton I Jamra from his infancy to this (lav, and I do hereby certify than the facta act forth in Hie above, from the Commercial Advert iacr, are correct. ORANGE MANSFIELD, P. M.. Nov. 16th, 1811. North Clarence, Eric Co. Bi.oomhi lo. Oakland Co., Ma., July >3, 1811 Mruri. John Owen St Co.. Detroit: Gent.?Some time in the ye?r 1831. I was attacked with what waa called by tome of my attendingyrhvaiciant, the Kuut's Evil. I immediately applied to a Dr. Thompson, who aaid it must be cut out; I then applied to another physician who ordered blistering. Durtnit my MCknr*? I employs d eight different physicians, and by one 1 was advised lo have my arm amputated, which 1 declined. lathe year *77, mollification act in, when 1 applied to a root doctor, who appeared to help it aotne. In that year I ?old a span of horses audtwocowi, and apcutlhe whole of it, say SIM, which only sersrd to keep it hack. 1 have used almost cveiy thing I could hear of, without uuy ere a: benefit. In July last, a cure waa atteintitcd by a |irraou who, like all othcra, failed. The t xneiiae of all this Iras been at least >300. Fnnu about four inches below the shoulder, to about the middle of lite fore arm there hare h rn at least I wen y holes, many of them as lartte as a silver dollar, and hall'au inch deep. in February, 1812, 1 accidentally came across a wrapper from a bottle ol Bristol's S.trsapariHa, and made up my miud to try the mediciur. Ou the 14th tkty of that mouth, 1 commenced using it, and used a bottle a week for two or three mouths,when I found myself to all appearance completely cured. At any rate, aince that time 1 have not felt any pain from it. No sores have apt-eared, and it seems perfectly sound, and I can labor with it as well aswilh the other arm. I am so well satisfied of its superiority oVer every thing else that 1 have tiled, that I most earnestly recoinintud any pen'ou to begin usiug it immediately who may be similarly afflicted. Ynurs, truly, WsLLlAM rkARSALL. Persons who hove any Joubts of the efficacy of this medicine, are invited to call on any of the following City References before purchasing the article John Giles, Jul Ptarl street. Thoinaa H.-iian, 208 Stanton street William VV. Randolph, 473 Fourth afreet Lloyd Bryant, No. 1 Avenue G. Win H. atiucmeis,99 Cedar street Mr. Johnson, 20 James street William Stciibiiis, corner of RivingtuU ami Kulge >la Kir. .ltd Smith. 82 Clinton street Robert H. Gordon, 13 Oiauge street Mrs. A. ilodge, 29 Kidse st eel William Wil.ou, 66 Lewis street M. Vandewaler, 314 Madison street Lemuel Leland,86 Hudson street I. G. itred, 143 Fulton street, Brooklyn Mrs. Ward,61 Bayard street J. W. Hemic (son, Vt Grand street, James McGill, 336 Grand street H. B. Ku.tpp, 21 Avenue B?house 301 Fourth street John Culver. 191 Stantou street. (?7* I do not wish any one to purchase this medicine Until they fully satiafy themselves that all that it aaid of it is true ; if, therefore. ihey will take ihe trouble to call on Mr. Burger, 30 Comtl unit street, or at Milliau's 183 Broadway, they canev amine substantiated testimony in additiou to the above, which will prove conclusively that the article it what it purport* to be. C.C. BRISTOL. Cautio.9.?As the fame of this wonderful incdit-inc eiteuds, numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part of its reputation. The alflicted th- refore should be careful, il they Uir line aiucir, lu <*** mr uriliui I, iliu Kf Ul*U Uiti wkitten signature of C. C Bbistoi. is across the cork of the bottle. For sale by reputiblc Druggist* and Agents throughout the coun ry. William Burger, Wliolesale Agent, 6QCnuriUudt street, and ISA Greenwich street, and at retail at the following places: Milhau's Pharmacy, l?3 Broadway ; Hushaon and Aspiowali, IK Broadway, SB wiilltin street, and lu Astnr House; James Byrne, M. D., #J Bowery, ; Robert Leggett, M. D., IT ATeuue D.; B. Quackenbmh, 70*J Greenwich street, sud A. Hill, 208 Greenwich si. sll Imr* DKKHS BOC TB?-Latest French Style.?The subscriber respectfully invites r>e cmr.ens of New Voia, and stringers ?isitmg the city ,to roll at lit Kulton street and examine- a large assortment ol Dress Boots, made in the latest faahiou, sud of llie liuest French calf-skin, Gentlemen can have boors made to order in the best manner at $6,00 |ier pair, Warranted equal to any made at $7,60, and as tlie undersigned takes drawing of toe feet and keeps lasts lor each customer he can eusure an easy yet handsome hi. Constantly on hand, Fashiouaulc Boots, Ike. at the following sednced prices Set Bkin Boots, Irom $2,26 to 2,76 Calf, 3,00 to 6,00 Half Boots, 3,00 Gaiters, 2,26 Shoe;. 1,50 to 260 Primus and Hlinncrs. Ike., nronnrliouablv low. Terms, cash oudelivery. JOHN L. W ATKINS, t27 l.n * in 114 Fulton ?t, lx-i?iir;i Niuau nud Patch MAGNOLIA LUNCH. pORNER BROADWAY Ik CHAMBERS 8TRHETO Thi Vruprn tors of this (r|l known muuiiit ilrsiin to inform their friends nod the pa >lic neutrally, that the season for shell lish having CC mmmced, they have .nade nrMngeinents foraconaunt anpply or the fmeat the marktl attoriis?Mill Pond, Shrewsbury aud all kind*, which they will aerve up io every ityle, aud at a momentls notice. Bleak* and every delicacy ol the season may always be found here iu every style desired by the lovers ol good llnugs. Supper parlies eutertanied, aud Meals served up at all hours. Gentlemen dinin.' down town will fiud (his a desirable resort hems within two minutes wall, of the City Hsll. The proprietors rtUrn their thanks lor the liberal patronage bestowed, and hope by attention to business they will merits share of custom. CIllCKEltlNU k C ARLIHLK. s 23 lm# r PORTABLE BLACKSMITH'S FORCES.-l'he subT sclibera, being the sole Age .Is lor trie .Manufacturers of Concklin's Patcut Portable Forge aud Br I lows, belt leave to call the attrnriou of the i nolle to tbe above article. That they have been called tor and introduced in nearly all parts of the United States, is, wr lielieve n sufficient evidence of their u.ility anil convenience; he tut portable and compact, givea them far the preference over the common Forge for Shipping of every description, Kill Roads, Canals, Plantations, Manu factories and all pursues fur which the ordinary Forge is nsrd. Those manufactured for the U.S. Nary are Wrought Wr would refer those wishing to purchase to some few wlui can leeomnieml them Irom personal as well as geutial knowledge, viz Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. II.; Messrs. Carr, Keim Ik Haioes, Philadelphia. Hon. Uovemier Kemb'e, West Point Foundry, Cold Bprinr, N. Y. Messrs. 8. B. Allham* St Co. 443 Biondway, N. ?., and our citv blacksmiths geiiTalir. OAY It TEBAULT, s213m*rc __ corner of Old slip and Water st. E. W. HAND, EXCHANGE BROKER, s23 1m*r No 2 CAMP STREET, NEW ORLEANS. DOCTOR BELL Continue* to he consulted dsilv, instil 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY On all h-lirate diseases, at hi* private offices, 4 CORTLANDT STREET. OECOND Door from Broadway, with the ntmott confide net O iu all case* of a delicate nature, requiring prompt and *sfe treatment. Being a Regulur Practitioner, putienta may rely iiiwnreceiving all the attention their cases may demand, with an assurance of a successful issue, based upon the experience of mtny years piofessiouat duties. Dr Bell does not advertise s Sjiccitvc Drop or Till for the cure of certain diseases?but gnir niters allihat Anstomicsl, Medical, and Chemical knowledge can suggest in each case. Separate offices. Attendance till 10 P M. daily. *8 Imfr ' 'he Anti-Angular System or Writing. GREAT REDUCTION. from twkltk to six dollars? Vf It. BRIBTOW of Loudon, respectfully informs the L*dier i?A and Uentlrmeiiof New York and Bro .lilyii, that hi? classes D?y and Evening, have commenced fur the teuton, and thai lie haa reducfd hia Teime one half.?to Sii Dollars ! No. 235 Broijawav. rkar Parr Plack. Gentlemen of alt agea are positively taught in twelve lessons, a hold, free, exotdiliont and finished buaineia-hke style ol Writing, no matter now bad, illeitihle stiflf, or cramped the writing may be. Bee specimens at ll.e door, 135 Broadway. A neat and handsome, delicate and^&ahionable Running Hand la Twrltb East Lessons ! rry VISITORS iu New York can lake a esnrae in Threr D.Vs ?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M.. or from 4 to I P.M. Evening Classes from 7 to 9. Boor-Krcpii?<i Taugh on a superior method, by double And single entry, cientin ul ,y and prartieally. 11 ?1 C 1 stenography. A new system of the Art of Writing Short-hand, for taking town Lectures, S.-rmons, Trial, ai Law, dec Itc., tinaht |>erPrclly by Mr. Brislow in one comae of lessons ! at 235 Broad* way. See a specimen. N.B.?A work of the an.hor i? presented to every pnptl foi rheir permanent guide. a4 lia*rc POCKET KNIVES A T 132 Broadway, between John street and Howards' Hotel, tV ,Md r. pen, dirk an I pocsrt knires, re-ailing at prices to mi. !" times. Also, a large assortment of Sciaaoia, Raxora: ihampaiane Cutters, Dentil and Burgic?l Instruments, ana iveiy othersrticle usually Ifept by cutlers. All b-ndi of cot e-y made to order and repaired. Steal articles polished iu the ugliest perfection of the art. s20 ,m"e J. U. CHEVALIER. 1*9 Broadway. HIGH POlISH. r EE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is now amvcrsally admitted to lie far superior to any yet invented for la peculiar presi rvatire softening ijuali'iea to the leather, ami or its esquisite brilliant jet black lustre, properties entirely univalled, N. B ?For the genuine a-tiele apply to the only Warehouse, Mo. I John at, cornel of Broadway. CHAts. LEE, slOlns-r Fo'merlv It Thomson. TTe FR I Q U E S' WHOLESALE ANITRETAIL IAVANA AND PhINCITE S GAR STORE, Basfmrist 51 William Strv.rt, Between WaII and PiRe Streets, all Im* r NEW VORK LTORK BAY OYSTER SALOON, by B. B.iitin, *3 Naa * ?iiu urret, between Fulton and John street?. Hh pltc* ?s lain and clean, and I thin* will ta*e the lead. Oysters served ap in every styl* 1 pKkled by the bunded or liouasud, an I families supplied with oy sters, by _ a 13 liu-r B. HalTTI s. SUTTON & VANDERB1LT A HE Constantly n csiving large supplies of Clotha, Casai^ meres and Woollens o( every descripnon.suitable for the omlne season, which lltey olfer at extremely reduced prices trcash, at their well known Tailoring Establishment, 420 (roadway, second door shove f.snal st. (Jeutlemrii are requested to call and ciamiua their stock 1 ewe inircbasing elsewhere. ... , , N. B.?Particular attcnuoa tmd to hoys clothes. slO nn*t PWfNE?fln Wes Bridpott msnufaciory, assort.<1 aiv.en, I l ist received |w, recent arrivals, for sale hy ,Vj C K. COLLINS ?t CO M, ? I [ERA . 1842. SIX DAYS LATER FBOM ENGLAND. ARRIVAL OK THK BRITISH QUEEN. Keportrd Ikiitlt of the Klii|f of Hinortr? The ((ncrnV Reception In RcolImiU? Ntatr of the Market*?Condition of Unrope. The steam ship British Queen, Capt. Lyckliolt, arrived this morning Irom Antwerp and Soutliuinpfon. She left the latter port on the 11th instant, nnd lias, therefore, brought seven days Inter news trom all parts of Europe. Sixty cabin passengers came in the Queen The news is not of the least importance. No decline in the corn markets. Wheat is one shilling higher. No change in cotton. Our large crop makes it dull of sale The London money market was about the same as per last accounts. No change in consols. The King of Hanover is not dead as reported, hut dangerously sick, und not expected to live. It was expected that the special commission'for the trial of the rioters in Staffordshire would be opened on the let of October. It is understood that Mr. Godson is retained for the Ciovvu. All was comparatively very quiet in the manulacturing districts. Laborers were returning to work. The Duke of Luxembourg is lead to the hymeneal altar Misa Cochrane, the sister to Baillie Cochrane, Esq., M. P., for Bridpori. Thunderstorms have been as frequent and destructive in England as in this country. The quantity and quality of the English crops were never better. The Queen was received throughout Scotland with great tela/. The Queen and Prince Albert, have signified their intention to visit Ireland during the ensuing summer or autumn. " Welcome (gneen Victoria." Am?Scott to ha ha't," Hoot*! the Queen o' Bcotix comes ! Bound the trumpet, beat the drums ! Hrfnners fratt Atild Reekie*, liimj Welcome Queen Victoria! Caledonia ! strike the lyre, Hound the timbrel, swell the choir ! I,et the hills burn wi' poetic flru To welcome Queen Victoria ! Now the mighty cannon roar ; Victoria lanusou Urauton shore , Shouts of joy triumphant soar, welcome Queen Victoria' Welcome. Queen o' land and sea t Scotia's hearts and hills are free To her who holds Britannia's key, We rightfu' name Victoria. Her royal foot on Scotia's ground (Magnetic touch to a'around) Makes aye our royal bosoms bound? Welcome Queen Victoria ! Lang o'er Caledonia reign, On England's gold embroider'd plain? Hihernia joins the lolly strain, All, all lor Queen Victoria ! Surrounding isles, surrounding seas, Waft the loud echo on the breere ; She weel deserves the gowden keys That crowa her Queen Vielovla Ye nations 1 toast her name and ting ; Let a' the bells o' fsrru ring ; Let peace lift up her lovely wing, Aud bless our Queen Victoria 1 Sevcrtil eniitni'S nf American Hour Itave recently entered the ports of Limerick and the adjacent counties. No later than last week several hundred sacks of flour, most excellent and prime in quality, were discharged in Sligo. Overland ?We rejoice to hear that ar r.ingements are in progress (notwithstanding the contradiction published by some of our morning contemporaries) for the transmission of the overland mail via Trieste; and that we shall thus be relieved from the vexatious annoyances of the French post office. The conveyance of the mail by the proposed route will occasion little or no delay, Rnd will cost a much smaller sunt than is now demanded. The Emperor of Austria will permit the mail to pass through his dominions without charge, provided Austrian steamers are employed in conveying it to England. The plan is at this moment under the consideration of the post office authorities, and, it adopted, will make us wholly independent of ths French post office.? United Service tgazette. Tntc Late Niger Expedition.?Her Majesty's steamer Albert, one of the vessels composing tnis unfortunate ex|>edition, was lying at Ascention (previous to July 2,) along with her Mnjesty's shi|? Rapid and Water witch. An official return has ju?.t been published of the imports ami exports of cor* and flour in France, for the first seven months of the present year. The imports were us fohow in metrical quintals, the metrical quintal is 221&IH. EnglishWheat, 202,541; other corn, 45,520; flour, 1,$42. The exjiorts were; ?Wheat,325,645; other corn, 200,(157; flour,70;194. The quantity remaining in the entrepots on the 1st ult., were:?Wheat, 44,672: other com, 18,125; flour, 8,479. Thk akw IIousks of I'aruajIIE.vt.?We are informed that the works of the Victoria Tower are in such a state of forwardness that the architect (Mr. Barry), is in h<ves that, in six weeks or two months, they will be sufficiently advanced for the tirst stone of the new Houses of Lords and Commons to be laid. This (treat tower, which, from its altitude (about 300 feet from the ground base) will constitute, it is expected, the leading feature of the new edifice, is constructing over the central hall, immediately between the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Into this structure all the ventilating Hoes of the entire building WtU be carried, to enable the accumulated foul air to uscupe from its sunt nut. the wmony ot laying the nrst stone will be probably performed by her Majesty or'uer Royal consort. The masons, whone predecessors' strike in the early port of the year excited so much attention, receive excellent wages, and the foreman of the contractors, Messrs. Griasell and Peto (Mr. Allen), wished to enxage them for four years certain by agreement, but the workmen, aa we understand, refused to be bound down for that time.?Obterver. Monthi.y Statement of Letters delivered in the United Kingdom:? Week ending August 21, 1842, 3,838,880 do do 1841, 3,607.949 do Nov. 21, 1839, l..VO,973 Increase since 1841 on,week's letters, 136,931 do since 1839 do 2,247,907 It is said that the marriage of the Crown Prince and Princesa Mary of Altenburg will take place in February next year. We quote the following from the Sentinelle of Toulon : " The American sr/uadron in the Mediterranean has been reinforced by the Congress a 60-gun frigate, which has lately arrived Irom Mahon, and a sliip of the same nation is also expected. The differences which have arisen between the irpre sentatives of the United States and the fimnerorof Morocco are not l.kely to come to an amicable setdement. An envoy sent by the Commodore to the Government of Morocco has not been received, and the Commodore only waits positive orders from his Government to commence hostilities." New Books.?Another volume of Ireland its .Scenery and Character, by Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hall; Book of British Ballads, by 8. C. Hall; Haraness, 3 vols. ; Softness,3 vols. ; Sir Henry Onvendish'aIrebates, part 1; Brockedon's Italy, parts iv. vi'ti. ; Doddon Dign ties Privilege, and Preeedence ; Doctor Hook well, or The Anglo Catholic FamflVi Jl vols; Natural History of Man, by .TamesCoroles Priebnrd, M. D. ; McCulloch's Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Dictionary, 2 vols.; Conversation* on the History <>f Kngland, by Mrs. Mareet; fTxenr sions in and about NcwfpundlitpiLddhng the years 1839 and lHk). by J- B Tiikes* M. A., Arc. A*c., 2 vols. : Rev. W. Jay's, Worlds, vol. 3. ThrstrkaU. . The Driiry Lane would not opemtill the Is? "I October. Adelnide Kemblc had been seriously indisposed, but had recovered sufficiently to sing at the ( ov? nt Garden m; the jo?h instant 8he would nrtrenr in Norma. : ' i L I). I*i l? ? T??o Cent* A new Comedy by the author of Londou Assurance would be produced at the Hnymatket on the I2ib. j Carter, the lion-tam? r, was performtug at the Kng li!*h Opera. ??n Saturday an encounter took place between the Kentuckiun professor and the king of the forest; it arose from a quarrel between the lion and tiger. Carter went betwreen them quelled the latter, hut had a terrific >kirmi?h with the former ? lie w a - bitten in the arm ami thigh, but ultimately heal the I.east to a -land .-till \ surgeon reported that Mr. Carter was severely injured in tin biceps and sartoriut muscles; lie w hs. however, enabled to apitcar on Monday. Auber'a last Comic U|?era called the Libretto byMr. l'lanche, will be produced at Covent t larden during the forthcoming season. Mr Kstnble ha* also accepted the < >|?<-ra by Mr. Kooke, author of Atnelie.or the Love Test, which was in prepHration last season. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kean are engaged tor a week, and are to make their first appearance to a Hrichton audience Grist, Mario. the Lablaches, vVc., iraveJIed to Edinburgh, with a view of gi\ing concerts nnd performing 0|ieraa ; but on their arrival thev found that nothing of the kind could take place during het Majesty's sojourn at the modern Athene; ao the harmonious (lock (lew over to Belfast, from theuee they will go to Dublin, where they will give some lialt-ii-dozen performances. A Concert has been advertised to take place hi Brighton on (lie 12th instant, for which Mies A Keuihlc, Mies Dolby, Guibilei. and John Parry have been engaged : and as Mii-a-KembU is announced to apt>ear in Norma on Salurduy evening, a" Covent Garden, there cannot be any cogent apprehension of a second disappointment occurring at that queen of watering places. Graxd Ocera, Pabis.?This week has been distinguished at this theatre by the remarkable debut ot a young lady named Mequillet.of whose success high expectations had been formed,and who did not disappoint them. The character chosen for her first appearance was Valentine, in the "Huguenots ? her execution of this dillicult "role," of I he most difficult of coni(>osers, was throughout excelleut.and. ithe grand duet of the fourth act?the touchstone of the singer?superb. In force, expvesaion, tone, all was faultless. We scarcely know how lo class the voice of Mdlle. Mequillel, for with much of the deep richness of a contrallo, it combines a medium register of pure and perfect quality, and a soprano of exceeding sweetnew and |*iwer, every note of the entire being as firm and unerringly true aa if struck upon the key of some well-attuned instrument ? Mdlle. Mequillet is French by birth, but owes her musical education to Italy, where only the w-ay to eminence in the delightful art is to be learned. The acting of the "debutante" is some degrees inferior to her singing, but. "en revanche" her features and person are graceful and elegant, and on the whole we may congratulate the Opera and ourselves on an acquisition which promises at length to fill up the cKuistn I#ft hv fliss lonittnta/l ^ool'ino "f ?r Mdlle. Falcon. Fashions. Paris, Euc de Is ChauMen <l'Antin, ( Sept. 7, 1643. > Mo* cur* MoasircR.?A* tliia la the m-fon whan fashion jnay he considered dull, our belle* bsing alone at their chateaux while their husband* apd lovers are out shooting, such being the case, you w ill find but little novelty In the dre?*e?, drawing* of which 1 send you, hut that in the first there is a pelisse, a high dress made with a double cape, cut so as to tall over the bust and sbonldera likeacaidin I. In the same figure the flounces are ol a new mode. There are, y ou will see, two put on the skirt with hut little lulneaa, and each surmounted with two stna ler ones of the same kind. The cap if a la Fimnotss (for here we have a name for every hlngl it is made o f lace with a cockade, and flowing end of ribbon on the left idc. I would Dot advise too many ( jour fair readers to put their beauty to the peril of wearing this st> le of cap at present so fashionable in n Parisian drmi-toilttle. It givca a bold look to the lace, ami hv being mi wide at the bark oi the head,throws an air of ejf'rtmleri* about the lady wearing it, which is not alwajs desirable. Lace is still verj much in favor, and will continue so during the winter. The sleeve, a sketch of which I sent yon last week, made of rowsof lace, one overthe other, tailing down to the hand, ia also worn in black lace, and has a charming effect. By some this lace sleeve is worn only extending from tlie elbow to the wrist, but 'the prettiest certainly is that which begins iram the shoulder. To enumerate the names of tbe various light tabrirs worn would answer do purpose, your linen-drapers, tif murs , have most if them in their shops. Silk, however, is now spnin rominginto favor; and us thescason advances, our mantelets, camails and cnrdinals are invariably comjosed of this mati rial. The colors worn will be very raj and showy, and the coolness el' autumn eveninga is already met by camaila of grot it Sapltn and satin of the lightest hues Bonnets must be worn, as I before told jott, of rather a horse-sboc form in front, and trimmed high up on the ciotvn with tvrea'h* of flowers. Ot these, so capricious is thelasL'.on, whether according to the taste or complexion of the wearer, that I can give no exact directions on this head , except that lillies of the valley, and a deep red dnrk rose appear to predominate. Jl'lJE. France. The Paris papers of Sept. 8, huve reached hp hv exprpw, but are wholly destitute of interest. The I)iik<' de Nemours reviewed, on Monday, at Compicgnc, the divisions ol infantry and cavalry forming part of the corps of operation on the Marne, which was to have btcn commanded by the late. Duke of Orleans, and distributed a number of decorations and promotions to the officers and soldiers of that carps. On the next morning the Prince left for the Chateau d'Eu. The Monittw publishes an order of the day of General Bugeaud, reproving the conduct of the noncommissioned officers of the 3d Battalion of Chasseurs, for having published in the Srnlimll* dr t'Armet &n account of the operations of that rorps, in which their exploits were strangely overrated, and condemning M. Emery, the sergeant who drew up the account, to two month's imprisonment in the fort of the Emperor, and the others to 16 days of the same penalty, and to be suspended from their functions during u month. i iv f\_ v 'cl - .< 1< - ix i/ftovctiuA.u uk > RMxrn s ? j nr \ i^ie fltt l'Oueat" contains the following on the disagreeable manner in which, under the prevent reputation*, the French cuetom house officers sometimes perform their dnty" A Florentine lady, bearing the celebrated name of America Vespuciua, arrived at St. Malo a few day* back, in the Southampton steamer. When the custom house officer presented himself, and intimated the necessity ol her being searched, she peremptorily refused to submit to any such degradation. The officer replied that she was liable to be searched by a woman, and that they would employ force if necessary The lady drew out a pair of pistols, and again declared that she would re sist any attempt to search. She then wrote to the Sub:Prefect, the Director of Customs being absent, reminding hint of the attention due to n woman. He went on board, but said he could do nothing, and the Florentine, rt-solvetl not to submit to a search, returned to England." The "Vigie de POuest" testes that fretptenr complaints are made of mr imjimprr m?nnrr in wniwn womrn nrr i*fArrnf(l atSt. Malo, and it calls on the authorities to interfere in the matter, both lor the sake of the respect due to the weaker sex, and foe the interest of the port. Hp?ln. Our account* from Madrid are cl the 8I*t ult The Gazette publishes the correspondence of Lieutenant Colonel Bristow with M. Calatrava, the Minister of Finance, respecting the new bauk proposed to be established in .^pain by British capitalists. A Cabinet Conncil was held on the 80th, at the Palace of Buena Vista, under the Presidency of the Urgent. The deliberations continued until a late hour in the night. It was believed that they referred to the wants of the army. The standard bearer of th regiment of Isabella, who attempted to carry off the colors of that lorpt, which were embroidered by Queen Christina, had been arrested, and would probably be shot. Only one bargain was concluded in the three per cents, for 21) at ft) days. The five per cents sold for 27) 4 .V10 4 1 2 5-16 at 00 days, for 16,000,000 re ah. The Ministerial Patriots of Madrid of the 26th ult., announces that the frigate Christina was to he sent to Uruguay to protect Spanish subject*. Great activity prevailed in the arsenal* to revive the navy, which in all amounts to about forty vc. scIs Ori the Bolsa, on the 2Ktb. Threes for the Account21 78) and the Fives 26 ft-8 j 7-8 3 4 The Gazette of the 2t*h announces the opening of i loan of forty millions of reak payable on the producta of the quicksilver mines of Almaden. Proposal* were to ne made before the expiration of thirty days. The amount was to be paid by monthly instalments. A Hayonne lonmal gives the following details respecting ihtUW",71ia,,c negotiations which have I tee n entered into with tjje Northern Powers, with n view to the rccognitioh of Queen Isabella ol .Vpnin : "The initiative of the nrgpiiations was a sumcd by Lrigtand through the enlightened rnmmu* nirationsof M Sanoho, the Mini-ter-Iilenipotentiarv of her ChristHin Metesiy to the (.'oust of London. France |H-trtt'Ml lo h Vt loiaed fr .ilkU' in the prv cccdlrfgk coiriirtf-aci^Hrt- hord Aberdeen, particular* ly sitich the dcplora W^i'i^Weutwhich give* a chance ol roval minority tn the Orlenti* dyn.i*ty. Kngland, without imposing any polltii'fct condition,

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