Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. Vlll.~ffo.U71 ? Whole So. 3144 FOR LIVERPOOL FROM BOSTON. umMMMBLW THE KOYAL MAIL STEAM SHirS: BRITANNIA, J Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. G. Lot:, do ACADIA, A. Kyma . d<> COLUMBIA, C. II E. Ju.lkma do Theae 9hi|? are 1290 tona register, and UO horae power. FROM LIVFItFOOL. FROM BOaTOft. Acadia, 4th September; 1st 0< tober Colombia, 20th do 16th do Rate of Paiiiage to Liverpool, $135?To Halifax $20. Their accommodation* for pasaaBgeia are lilted up with every Comfort and conrrmance, an J they carry experienced surgeon*. Kor freight,or specie or passage. applyat J v>'*?j''"' j ls25 r ** Jll. I KOK CHAHLESTON.KK.Y WEPT. HAVANA. NEW ' ORLEANS, ANt> UALVEST6N. TEXAS. THE SPLENDID STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE?CAPT. WM. ROLUN9. Positively to tail October 5th, at 4 o'clock P. M. To meet the wishes of passengers for Havana ami New Or* le.tus, Capt Rollins lias couclmlrd to delay his departure until Wednesday nest, ilh Oct at 4 o'clock P M, at which tune the NEPTUNE will positively depart for the above poits. She can yet superbly accommodate i number ol families and single p .neuters, on early application being made, and her rates will be made in conformity with the#m?s. Steerage and deck passengers can alto be accommodated. And small juautitiis of light freight can be laki u, escept for Havana. The Neptune is in the most perfect order, and her accommodations unsurpassed. She lies at the Tobacco Inspection, foot of Clinton street, E. It., where pusrugers arc invued to rxamina the ship and accommodations. Kor freight or passage apply on hoard or to J. H. BROWEK, 75 Wall sr. P. 8.?All persons having claims against the Neptune, will please present tliein on or before 4th inst. s20 to o5*ec - Kt)H CHARLESTON. HAVANA, iKEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS, AND GALVESTON, (Texas) to sail on the 10th 4?oYM October, at 12 A M.?The well known and * ?favorite steam ship NEW YORK, J. T. Wright, Commander, having been put incomplete order, with ucw wrought iron shafts, Ike., will positively leave for the above ports on the day specified. The New York, having been superbly fitted ud, with saloon state rooms in addition to her cabins, oilers superior accommodations for tin: convenience of passengers. Passengers going in this boat may safely rely upon the well known skill \ud attentinn? aC kup bantam li'iir Itclit fri'p'lil r?r iiucuri*. mnilv nn board, foot of Morris street, Sorth River, pier No .4 or to C. MORGAN, or H. HUBBAKlh, k CO. 37 IVck Slip. N. B.?The New York carries sufficient luel for ihe voyage. Passengers for Key Writ, New Orleans, and Galveston, will have an opportunity of visiting Havana, as the ship will lay there two days. stttoolntrc LOOKAT^THIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. IJASSENOKt) Forwarded, w ithout delay, to T Utica, SI,50 I Cleaveland, Ohio, $5,25 Kochestcr, S3,00 Detroit, Mich., S-\75 Lockport, S3,25 I Chicago, III., $9,50 Buffalo, $ i,5() | Toronto, U. C. $5,00 Oswego, $2,50, and Pittsburgh. And all parts of Hie Western Country M. L. KAY, it CO.. ?I0 lm*m 141 Liberty street. New York. ga OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Rumson, Brown's Dock, Middletowu, Eatontown Dock 5kJbiK.and Red Bank, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat lOLAS. Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton Market slip, East Itiver, every morning at 8 o'clock for Red Bank, (except Thursday, on which day the boat goes to Ealoutown Dock.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock each day. The lolas will run an above, navigation and weather permitting. until further notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners the-eof. June 21, 1842. je29 3mc JMWt .001 FOR KASTPOKT. CALAIS, ST. ANDREWS k ST. JOHSi8.?Steamer HUNT SL^UtLHItSS, Capt. T. U. Jrwett. Passengers w ill leave Boston every Friday, at 10V( A. M. in the Cars of the Eastern Railroad for Portsmouth, from which place they will be conveyed by the well known steamer Huntress to the above places. Returning, the Huntress will leave St. Johns every Tuesday, at 7 A. M.and Kosl|iort at 2 P. M. and arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday in time-for the 4 o'clock train for Boston. Fare to East|>ort, $(i I Calais and St. Andrews, $0 5 ' I' 8 | (Meals extra.) This route offers to persons seeking enjoyment, many inducement*?a country abounding in tine lakes and the most choice tubing ; also game of all kinds, with other attractions interesting to spurts men. a7 2m* r EVENING LINE JFUR ALBANY DIRECT, ,80!*) At six o'clock, P. M., leaves the steamboat fAi?^%?w?-J*i;ier between Courtlaridt arid Liberty streets. E_ The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Bratnaid, leaves every' Monday,Wednesday and kriday, at six o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER.Capt. A. P. St. John, leaves the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at The Above bona are new and substantial are fuimshed witti elegant state roams, and in every rcs|>ect are unsurpassed among (lie Hudson Kiver steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to I'. C. 8CHULTZ, At the office on the wharf, Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all times arrive at Albany in time for the first morning train of cars for the east and west. . s#? r -arm, n* only reollak opposition fur ALBANY?Landing at fool of Hammond w?e h? "? ?? Newburgh, Pooghkeepaie, K rugs ton Point, Catskill and Hudson. Cabin Passage SI, Berths M cents. Leave New York Mondays, Wednesdays and Fr days?Albany Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday*. The steamboat WAVE, Capt. Vanderbilt, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Hobinsou street, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For passage or freight, apply on board?light freight taken low. sW lm*r Htfg- FOR SALE?Tlnal yacht EAOLK, of the followK?tJFVin* dimeUsioiia-29 feet long, Il>? fact beam, 5Ls feet jjUMI^deep, fitted w ith every Cumiort for a pleasure vessel, hor luriher iuformatiou apply to JAMES CARLTON BURNHAM, s28 lm*r at Burnham's Mansion House, Bloomiugdsle. 'fltt- FOR OAI.V E8TON, TEXAS?To sail post lively 1st October.?The new and splendid Bark jcUKm STAR REPl BL1C, Captain J. J. Hendley, lies at Pin 13 E. 11., is now ready to take height, at low rates, aud will sail positively as above. She has superb Cabin accommodations for Id passengt rs, and can take a number in the steerage. For freight or passage apply on hoard, or to all to ol.m J. 11. BROWF.R.75 Wall at. HIGHLY IMPORTANT. TO MUUDHANT9 AND BANKLRsS?It .hnuld W im ----- ' r SM. .mil lamaaLs* ikmi bin whole fortune may depend on (lis preserving hi* books and papers ill case of fire. This general destrucjon of book safes in the great fire in 1835, led to the invention of the celebrated Salamander Safe which has repeatedly been proved lo be fire proof. The great objection to Salamander Safes hitherto has been, that they are damp and will mould the books and papers kept tulhrin, this if now obviated in the Safe known as Robertson fc Rich's IMpioTe | S lamander-which is warranted to be dry as well as fire pwiof. Annexed is the certificate of the committee on the trial of this safe:? New York, Aug. 30th, 1812. We, the undersigned, attended by request a trial by lire of Robertson k Rich's Salamander Safe and Scott's Patent Asbestos Safe. Tne trial was made in a furnace of great |iowtr built for the purpose, at the foot of Wall .treet, on the 26th inst. Tlie principal oliject was to test the fireproof qualities of Robertson k Rich's Ssf . The safes were placed in a furnai e and the fire lighted at a quarter to 11A.M., and contiuued till < P.M. In opening the furnace at that tune, Scoli's Safe, with its contents. was found to be c,,mi l-'ely destroyed, but Robertson (a Kirh s Safe lo be ill perfect ctd r; 4)u the iron at the lower part of Robeitson Old Rich's - lie was discosere I to have melted off, leaving ihe Salamander I'reoarstion linn and entire; in remov ing the sale,before the lire was entirely extinguished,the bottomwaa accidently forced stf by its adhering to the bars of the lumace, thereby eiposmg the inner case to the fire, part of the pa wrs were consequetiily burned,and the remainder slightly scorched. The heat was so intense tnat the wrought irou frame, the cast iron wheclsof the safe, and even the bricks of the furnace melted, yet the greater |*rt of the mahogany case remains sound and uninjured. During the five hours the fire was burning, foui and alutlf loads of piue wood and niuety-aix bnsliels of charcoal were conauine t. The preservation of any of the papen ill such an intense heat for live lours is conclusive evidence that tins safe would be ^Of against fire in the burning of any at re or warehouse.? ging from the res ill of this experiment,we think HoberUon and Rich's Sale equal to any yet invented lot the preserraiion of books and papers from lire, and eulllied to the confidence of the community. JOHN W. LEAVITT, E.'D. HURLBUT, j. B. VARNUM. H witnessed the trial allnded to in the foregoing statement, I am V ry ecrtaiu that Hob, rt .on k Ro ll's ( best would have escaped urw, \imed from any house bunting I ever personally w itnessed, eve-i in the most exposed situation. JOHN O. WINTER. A. s. MARVIN, Sole Agent, stilm*r No. IKK Water at., N. Y. DR. HORN IL /CONTINUES to be consulted confident)].ly at his offer No. Vh 7| Mnrray street. Strangers are*e?pectfully apprized that Dr. II irtie, being lehr.d t/slli, mtilo-al i,,,n in ll,. ,ii. m I ?ti,lnn l.aa Fx-rn a practical member of the said (acuity of phv?ie for 46 .ram. for the la.t 'Hi in the ntv of New York. III. i ra. tier from bein* general, he confine* to a jwrticular branch ot medicine, which eimauea hit profound attention. Hi* experience ii very greM*-hi* ?iieee*? astonuhuiit. H. caution* the unfortunate agailut the u?e of mercury; thouiandiare annually mercn rialized out of life?recent affection* are, without mercury e?tincuiaheu in a few d*y* Hee your e**ea eradicated, not iiatched up. The learned Dr. emphatically obaerve* Married penion*. and ieoon* about to be married, ahoulil be particularly caiffioua of thoae affection*; what a dreadful inheritance to tr inarmt to posterity. Perion* afflicted with protracted and deplorable caae*, need not derpair of a complete recovery by applying to Dr. Home. A rcaidcncc of # year* in New York ntv ha* eatabtuheil Doctor florne'a character .i i a I., m "I -tcrling honor, ami h wed on real rri|ttcubilily and akill. Dr. H. otfcm to hi* patron* a aure guarantee. Dr. Home'* office* are nnmerotu, and patient* never come in contact. Attendance nntil utnc o'clock in the evemn*' N0T1CK. THOMAS O. HORNK. .on of the late Dr. Ororge T. Home, rcapectfully apprize* the imblic that he continue* hi* father'* niott *urce**fnl practice at hi* eatahliahment. No. 7* Mnrtiy atreet, and may be cotunlted daily unti 19 o'clock, P - - <M lm*r JM . B?Ityi 'icri'Tii . fWOHPORATJON NOTICK.?Public notice la hereby nieen thai ? hale of Properly for nnpud l'aaea will take nface, at public auction, at the City Hail of the City of New York, on Monday, the Mh day ol December, 1842, at II o'clock, noon.and I d trom day to d>w until the whole of aaul | roi erlv thai I be told; and that the detailed alatemcnt of the taiea, and llilftily to be aold, i? published in the New Kra, a newa|?ipcr runted and iiubllilied in the city of New York. D. I). WILLIAMSON, Comptroller. < oirptrollrr'e Office, Ant, TO, 111*. eg luw Hw " LIVE AND CET UVK." rPHI8 haa ht en the motlo under which the culcbratcd Ilrata ral, No. 3H Broadway, set nail under, and thuat'irn weal Sen d the atnrm of hard limea with onr bmn-ritillrl itt in to the tide of public favor and approbation. The rroprielmn of the opinion that a neat dean r?fabli?hment, attentire lieln.ihe fine it oyeterathe market attordj,with a ile?irc loplcaae, will man re to him a liheml patronage. Nothing ahall be want, ill* 10 keepiiii the repiiaiioii af the rafahliahrrveni?"Nereraay ' die" 11 HOC&CMAN, * lm*t 3M Broadway, np|>oait? Bt. Paul'*. E NE" NEW The Anti-Angular System of \\ i ll Inn. GREAT REDUCTION. from twklti to poi LaHS ! BRI STOW of London, retrertfttllv inform* the Ladirr a*a. tnd UentlemeiiofNew York and Brooklyn, that hi* tUmri Day ami ivnunr, lnvr commeturd Jm Ikr semen, and that hr hit* arm i rn hi. Terms one naif,?to Sii Dollar* ! Academy No. iii ilkouawat, wear I'aric Place. i ,".lllir"'1' all 1 if* arc poailivsiy taught in twelve lessons, /r"' ez > <'<<111 and finished business-like style of Writing, no m.ttt r now bad, illeyille stiff. or craraptd the wilting may be. Utc si>ecinirn. at tkt door, 233 Broadway. Ann tmk Ladies A and handsome, deli at* anJ fashionable Running Hand la Twi.i hi fcasr Li ssoms ! hT^ VISITORS in ' tw korlt cau take a course in Three Dljfi !-Mr B. is to be *r eMi'oni 8 lo 1 A. M., or from 4 to 8 Evening Classes fiom 7 to 9. BooK-Kcrrian Tanjjli on a sti|>erior inetliod, by doable aud single entry, eientilicAl |y and practically. 1 I <N N I 1 C 1 C 1 8TKNOOKAPHY. A new system of the Art of Writnu Short-hand, for taking down Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Liw, See. Stc., riuiilu perfectly by Mr. Bristow in one course ol lessons ! at 733 Broadwav Sim* .larwrimeu. N. B.?A Wt'ulc ??r (he au.iior 19 pi mn'.i-tl to cvery |'?|i|l f >r their permanent guide. st Im'tc THK NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE I> H \ RAM ACY. ES I ABLI8HED KOIl THK. SUPPH EiSSlON OF UUACKFRY, HAS met with the must unprecedrntcdsuccess since its com mencement, particularly from the unfortunate vicinus ot unprincipled pretenders, who are now daily gainiug strength and vigor under the judicious treatment of the College. The following preparations have already o'lUuicd u celt limy unparalellrd in 'die annals ul' inrdicine. THK UNHIVALLTEL) TONIC MIXTURE. A certain core for all fonni of dyspepsia, low spirits, loss ol appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, gcneml debility, predisposition to consumption, and all coinpl nnts arming 1mm a disarrangement of the nervious system. It may be also used with threat success in eases of fever and ague, and as a preventative tu yellow level. Sold in bottles it SI and $2 eacli. THK ANODVNK LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic pains, culic, bruises, sprains, spinal disesse, uervous headache, pains in the joints, and immediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 75 cts each. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For (he cure of all OHM ol a delicate disease, or for latins 111 the btiiies, eruptions, sore throat, ogauy other distressing sy:n|e toms, produced by an iujudiciour use of mercury, <>r by ouaclsery. Sold in bottles at SI and it each. THE AMERICAN ANT1B1LOUS.CATHARTIC PILL, For the cure of all derangements of the liver, purifying the lood, eiciliiig the whole alimcutary canal to healthy action, and giving new vigor to the vital powers. This niauiciue is ntirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the nostrum enders. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of those complaints |ieculiar to the Icinale se?, and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female I,,11 suit esiitimia as to usr . anil sold ill boxes fit $1, 60 cent*, ami 25 cents each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic ilieutna tisin, and to improve the tone ol the iligestivt organs. '1 HE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to urc gonorrhiiM, gleet, ami all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Sold in buttle* at M ri'iiu and ?1each. THK PAPILLARY HEALING PftWUK.R, Kor the curt* of ?ore nipple*, aud superficial excortatiou* of the skiu. 8ohl in closely slept pluals at :?0 cents each. The above preparations inay also be hail of the following suh-agents iu this citv:? J. W. Basset, 614 3ronlway. Dr. E. M. Uuion, l27Boweiy. Dr. King, 287 Hudson street. Klias L.Thrall, S48 Grand slreet. Wm. Armstrong, 184 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, au?3mr VV. S.RICHARDSON. Agent TO FAMILIES tiOINtTSOUTH. to the West Indies or Europe.?A resectable female, 21 years of age, w ishes to obuin a permanent situation as seamstress, in a genteel family. She would prefer going to Eurepe, vet would accept of a good offer to ni? South or to the West Indies. The best of ielVienccs given. Address A. A. A. box 765, upper Post office, N. York. slOr J. PEASE & SON'S CELEBRATED Remedy f r of onsmnption, Colds, .lie. known as Clarified Essence orehound Candy. This pleasant medicine is formed l>y* cnXmbination of twenty-live different ingiedients, all celebraf'J for the cure ol colds.cough, and Pulmonary Complaints: and by it, combination, if one of these articles should be used separately and afford no relief, in llie Extract of Hoarhound they are so amalgamated, that the benefit of the whole is experienced in one compound. About three years and a half agophis article was first brought before the public. It wss heralded with n?previous announcement of its merit or value, but it was introduced by the proprietors l? the community, to stand by their derision as regarded its beneficial influence. That decision has been attained in a manner almost unrx|>ected. The unsought acknowledgment of its worth has nrnrei-ded SPONTA\ EOU8LY FROM THOUSANDS who have practically rx[>erienced iu lie tie tils ihrougnonl the country. And why is it so? Because the trial of its qualities in Couichs, Colds, Hoarseness, irnutinii of the Turoat, Croup, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Catarrhs, Palpitation of the Htart, I,i?cr Complaint, Night Sweats, Difficult or Tiofuie Expeetoralion. and all DISEASES LEADING TO CONSUMPTION, has given it a value that no other similar medicine has ever reached. Complaints ofthe I.nTies are (he most dangerous, and at the same time most prevail tit of all diseases. Our climate is most peculiar?it changes suddenly from extreme warmth to extreme coldness, FROM WET TO DRV, and it is from this change in tiie climate that diseases are apt to arise. When the blood is in an unhealthy state, and the constitution naturally delicate, if a cold sets in. and no immeuiate relief takes place, tne chances are altogether against the patient attacked: it is when remedies are taken in time, THAT DISEASE IS CHECKED AND LIFE SAVED. There is no disease but may not M annexed to go sod) a length, that no medicine or physician in the world can save (he persou attacked This should be remembered by all? THAT SAFETY FOR LIFE is, to be prejiarcd in time. At the lirst s> inptoms of a Cold. Cough, Ot (dullness, the Clartfieu Essence of Hoaihoumi Candy SHODLD BE FREELY USED . according to the directions,anil in every case where it II so taken in proper lime, the cold or cough will be broken up or eradicated. We feel it i^r duty to impress this upon every one. Pedleri and ConWrtioners ate not ap|M>inted Agents, and none is genuine unless each package is invariably signed J. Pease tk Son, 4.0 Division street, of whom it can be obtained, wholesale and retail. The following are our State Agents :? G W Redddin, 8 State street, Boston: <? B Zieber, (7 Dock t., Philadelphia ; J Robertson, 110 Baltimore at. Baltimore, Md.; J Jobson, J6 St. Chatlcast. New Orleans; Dubois It Co. Mobile; Ala ; C Tobey, Cincinnati, Ohio; Havilaml, Harrow St Allen, Charleston, SO; WJ Duvall 2!U Broad at, Newark N. J.: W N Hildeman. Loui.ville, Kv; Piercy Teller, Detroit, Michigan; Perk St Spear, Burhnrtou, Vt; J. Anthony,N. Haven, Conn.; J Gaynor, Richmond, Va: F. Taylor and W. Kishi r. Washington City, D C: J. A. Wadiworth. Providence. RI.; J H Coster, Montgomery, Als; J Marline. Fayettevilie. N C; G W Sothorni, Georgetown, DC: C. H. Hunt, Fredericksburg, Va.; J H Thompson It Co., Wheeling, Va. All letters |u?t |>aiil, directed to J. PEASE St SON, 43 Divisionfv.reet, will he pnnctumll attended to. sior PUT .MONEY IN THY PI KSE.' HOW I Patronise the City Cash Tailoring Establishment, 202 Broadway. ^The ruinous rates which have been charged for fashionable UlOtlllUg, llSS Iru tile SllUSCrilier 111 .... H'V me umiiinin iiud lie uow offers to fit out gentlemen with the finest Cloths, made up with neatness, tffsie, and des|>alch, at the very lowest remiin.T ding prices. Having made arrangi menls for the finest Englis'i Moths, Cvssimerra and Vrstiogs from first hands, he an afford them low. The most es|ierlenced curlers are en a;ed and he pled ;ei himself to give entire satisfaction. Strangers visiting tlie city can have a full suit made up at short ii utice. Kail and Winter Clothing ready made of every variety, quality and style, of the latest fashions aud warranted to fit.?Strangers will do well to call before imrchasing elsewhere, s 21 lmis*r EDWARD FOX. " 12.000 CASES IN A YEAR." USE the right medicine and be cured.?Ye who are weary of suffering from obstinate disease or any kind ol weakness of the urinary organs, and who iti disgust and disappointment have abandoned all hopes of a cure, are strongly invited,as a last resort, to have recourse to the justly celebrated "Dr Cher . ) >Astringent Hills," whose failure in removing the disheartening complaint is unknowDt more than 20,000 hoses have been told in \ .w York alone, aud not one case of failure has been related to arty agent selling them. Has such a fact occurred from tlie use ol my other medicine I Answer, ye that suffer. Sickness, or general wasting of tlie body from any cause, arc S|iecdlly ameliorated, or in a short time cured. For gravel, loss of control ot lie bladder, |*in ill the Lack from disease of the kidney or prostate glands, these pills are pre-eminently successful. J. O. FAY, Wh ilcsale Agent, New York?detailed at 78 and 100 Fulton St; drug stores Broadway corner of Chamber si; Church cor of Chamber; iilr Bowry; U Bowery cor of Walker t; 77 East Broadway; 188 Washington st, Boston: 378 Market st Philadelphia; 4 Maiden I.sue, Albany, 4J North Main-id, providonce ; and of Geo Pulls -i t. Natcher.. Prate SI l*r hoi. Also, "Dr Poetl* Eradicator,' celebrated aathe most certain, safe and speedy cure for gonoi rhcea, and certain complaints, sji lm re THE OPENING OK CLIREHUGH'S NEW KHTABLISIINENT FOR HAIR CUTTING & CURLING, WIGS, SCALPS, &c. No. 705 BROADWAY, CtLIREHUOH has iu connection with his present premises, J opened a suit o( Rooms ronsistingof a GRAND UALLKHV OF FASHION, appropriated entirely lor Gentlemen's hair cutting. This splendid room it fitted up it the style of Louis XIY. ot j ruice. 1 he ?.ii : 1. .... insAitipr of wstteau. Bon faM amerLJ iobelin's tapestry. The show-cases, mirrors, hies, ottoman, **,?'* in the same style of oniimental alto to .jvo, hnishrd in wnile and gold, forming a tout ensemble never ?*eo m ihn country. "w noi ear pasted in TIIK LAi 'b-S' ROOM ie private, end devoted entirely I . Inemeelvee.for hsir-drestiug, fit'in* on wigs, curie, lie., and i >i innsaltetion on the gi*owth end health or the heir, end ie fitteu l with every regard to ee eommoiiatioji and comfort. THiC UBNTLRMBN H WIO ROOM ie foi thoee who wish to be private who I fitting on wigs and scalps, ('. may here remark, that ee i i - tery department of l?t# nrofasaitn, the character of hie worki utablianrd for its sui?-nority, so does he intend to make only i very beat wigi and scalps, and ask according to the times, t a rry lowest remunerating profit. Mr. C. will be found always ' at home,'' an> will give hie sole and unhvided attention to ail who wish toe i-lc:e couulenance under the magic of his tonch. ie22 r OIL! OIL! OIL!OIL!! RKFINKD I.AMP OIL.?A new and apleudid article is juat rcceivi .Iby the stihernbers, and is now offered to the public at a reduced price. It horns with a brilliancy aurp.nard by no other kind, and being free from odor and neither emitting 'moke nor forming a ernat on th?|wick?it will be found not only a plraaant hut an economical oil for all purposes. Orncrrs trd Hotel proprietors sre jurticnlarly invited 10 try ir. The atfsssiWP-"" brtisii fgjn? !so, the article Kancy Susp. aulJ?m?r W YO 7 YORK, SATURDAY M( WORTHY ATTENTION. LIGHT ! LIGHT !?Moru'? natrnt solid bottom Oliu Kounuin Lamps for Chemical Oil? Kroin inr peculiar beauty and elegance of these Lant|ut, their neat construction and superior qu ility, they are destined to su|>ersedt' all other* now tn me. The total abaeaee of smoke and xme II, the nuparalleled brilliaucy of the flame, is admitted to be unequalled. N B ?Ai l??a cost than half a cent |>er hour. The proprietors assure the public that no lainiwc iu be trimmed and kept in order with so little trouble, and with so much ease and faciliiy, as those from their manufactory. J. O. Kay, sole a*nil for the proprietors, at 126 Kultou stteel, 2d door fiomthe New York Bun office. Also, Chemical Oil, Cam; liine, Globes, Wicks, Jt<*. 8tc. of aui eiior quality, at the lowest market, wholesale and retail. .2b Im'ec TUi: AMERICAN MACINTOSH. pHKJUDKefcl, or habit, nuke some lo prefer every thin if * fore IRQ. We ask such to uuke tintl of our waler-j?roof coats and capes, and learn ror once (so far at leiut as our Macintoshes are concerned) that the only merit jteculiar to the imported ever the Americau, is that tliey may have hung on a peg in < In-apiiJe until they became rusty and out ot laahiou, tiien shipped to America to be sold as "good enough for the market." Price of the American Macintosh from ten dollars upwards* HOitACE H. UA Y. Ai Maiden Lane, 29 l?*r Successor to Rosbury ludia llnhber Co. NEW STOVE. Mthiwiiirrs PATENT IvEVEK.BERATOK. HMIE subscribers offer thix day ( ? the public, the office and -* parlor size of tlu? new and <plmdid latent ftove. We ask ill III \> m' < 1 l'i fill 111(1 ( X ill: I lit If. If I . by Ill . the most efficient and economical stove offered for a number of yt ars, and has the approval of all who have seen it, and bids fair to lake the lead of all others. Larger sizes will be in readiness in the course af a few clays. In the mean time, the priniciple of the stow, can be setu fully developed iu the size exhibited. 8HEPARD Ik CO. Nott's Stove Wirehontf, No 21J Water street. N. B.?A splendid issorttnent of Noll's Radiuor 8tov? , the only stove in the market suitable for wanning dwellings, churches, hotels, public building.;, &c. A two story house call be warmed with three tous of coal, less than one grate will consume. 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Mr. Web*irr in Mnrthtirld?Cmught\in\ a Storm at Sea?Pctcrton and Mr. JVebtfer?Their Courage and Dirt in catching Full Dear Kir Whilst there is a great deal .vehement here in relation to Mr. Webster's great speech of to-morrow at Fanueil Hall, the great Daniel himself seems to care much more lor fishing than speechmaking. He wa;i to have been in this city a day before the one 011 which at lust he actually did arrive ; but he came near being prevented from ever making a sj>eech again. The facts are these:?He was to have been here on Tuesday, (I believe). Well, on Monday last, oat he went a lislung with his man Friday, Peterson, the hero of his Saratoga speech, with whom he said he discussed the ijues tion of the currency in his lishing bout. Peterson and Mr. Webster started off to sea early on Monday morning, promising to be back at 5 o'clock 111 the afternoon to dinner, transact some business in the evening, and leave for Boston next day. Somehow or other, either Mr. Webster's bait was bad, or the fish were too smart and wouldn't bite, or the wind blew too much, or he was not in luck, or all these combined?for certain it is that he had such bad luck, that he said to Peterson?" Peterson, most of our hsh must have gone oil' to attend a mass li>h meeting down south, or somewhere else." " Think so too," sild Peterson. "Are you hungry, Peterson," said Mr. Webster. " No, but I'm savage about not catching more fish " " Then let the dinner go, and we'll stay out till we do succeed." And stay out they did in their little boat; and a storm arose, and blew them off away down to Plymouth. Peterson was for going ashore there. "No," said Mr. Webster, " we've weathered many a worse gale than this?and I tnean to weather this, and inany a one after it; no, Peterson, we won't go ashore here, but we'll beat up to our anchoring ground against wind and tide, and in spite of it." And beat up they did most gallantly, with a good lot of fish, and reached Mr. Webster's own boathouse, at Marshtield, about midnight. So that Mr. Webster and Peterson must both be considered live fish, after this working against wind and tide, lie is in fine health and good spirits. Yours, 13. Washington. [Correiponilsiice of the Herat J. J Washington, Sept. 28,1812. Washington is as calm us a "summer's morning," in fact, it is as warm here to-day as at any time this season, and no one scarcely to he seen in the street. 1 never knew the city so deserted ut this season as it is now. Almost every body lias gone somewhere ?the President is at the Rip Raps, Mr. Webster at Marshfield, Mr. Wickliffe in the west, Mr. Legare gone in search of a wife, and Mr. Spencer just returned from Old Point, while Mr. Forward is get ting well and putting Ins red box< s in order,to make ready for retiring. A number of private families and others have absented themselves until November. Robert Tyler keeps house at the palace, and takes care of his friends. The weather is delicious (always so here in October) and the ludies who ride horseback now take advantage of the fine evenings to scale the Oeorgetown Heights. Cabinet changes, and rumors of changes, and other political speculative matter, have died away in the last t wo weeks. The news monger and the penny-a-liner finds no one at the hotels who can give him any news. The northern papers were led into error when thev supposed Louis McLane was to be Secretary of State. No serious idea has been entertained of late by the Executive here, of appointing him. We are all waiting very anxiously for the great speech of Mr. Webster you nave promised us, and we shall seize on the Herald ot next Saturday with great avidity. Send on an extra number ol copies to your agents, for idl will be bought up. We can't get along here without the Herald?it has a sort of identity now with matters here, that from constant rending by all classes, it has become an essential to our daily routine. No other New YdVk paper is scarcely ever seen here, except at some of the Departments, and while Congress is in session, various members subscribe lor the different papers of that city. 1 never take my breakfast without the Herald and Intelligencer on my right and left?the only two papers a cabinet officer once told me he ever read. Mr. Cushing left here yesterday lor home. He is to be received very handsomely by his constituents at Newburyport, and he is all deserving of any such compliment they may bestow u|H?n him. No member of Congress serves his peopie more ardently and faithfully than Mr. Cushing. For talents, assiduity and appfi?ation,und oratory, for rII these combined, he has no superior in the House. He ranks among the very few statesmen in Congress; and though ambitious, he never goes for parade. Mr. Cushing is about forty years of age, but apparently several vears younger, and has a very handsome and intellectual face, and dressed in a fashionable garb, no one would imagine in him, die former Chairman of the Committee, of Foreign Affairs, who has been in Congress eight years. He is still a great student, I>ores over state papers and public documents all day. and reads French novels at night. Mr. Cushing nas been selected as the new Secretary of the Treasury, should Mr. Webster retire from the Cabi net, nnd if not, it is quite probable he will supercede Mr. Cass as Minister to France. The Treasurer of the United States, Mr Selden. has heen very sick for some time past, and has had a relapse ; this is one of the causes why no Treasury Notes could be issued of lute. He is a valuable, public officer. Gen. Robert B. Campbell, of Alabama, formerly a distinguished member of Congress from South Carolina, has been appointed Consul at Havana, to supercede Mr. Calhoun, of Georgia. His appointment will give great satisfaction to a very numerous circle of Gen. Campbell's friends all over the country He was originady recommended for the place by a majority o! Gen. Harrison's cabinet, and other distinguished men of all parties,but Mr. Dawson, of Georgia, had forestalled the place by exacting a promise from Gen. Harrison, before his inauguration, to appoint Calhoun. It was one of the legacies left Mr. Tyler by Harrison, and he gave the appointment for one year. Mr. Barrow will probably shortly be recalled from Portugal, and it may be, that Mr Calhoun will take liis place. This selection of Gen. Campbell by the President and Cabinet, is among the very best foreign appointments yet made, and he will do high credit to himself and the country, in fulfilling the duties of the office. The President is expected to return on next Monday. Circuit Court, Before Judge Kent. SerT. ?Uarllelt Hf Ely, vs. Oliver J. Kittle?The plaintiffs, in 18.18, paid to defendant $8,o00 for a lot, on which were some buildings, at BuffUlo. The condition of the sale was that if plaintiffs became dissatisfied with their purchase within live years, they could return it, and re* ccive their money. Finding that mortgages existed on the property, they demanded back their money, nnd now bring suit. The defence is that the agreement to refund is not binding. The Court thought otherwise, but the defendant could carry the case before a higher tribunal The counsel for Mr. Steele said his client was insolvent, O...I ??iii.i iinrdlv n?v the Judirc for a writ allowing such. Verdict for plaintiffs,-with interest, $9,-MO. Kor plaintiff!, Mr. Norton?For defendant, Mr. Cromwell. Samuel HurAans, v?. Maria Tranhafen?This was a case of usury on a small scale. The plaintiff' had discounted a note for the late Jona Traphagan, on whose estate defendant is executrix. The interest came to 44 cents, hut the son of Mr. T., on getting the money, being in a hurry to take up a note at bank, threw down a dollar, and went |oll, though ,called upon to come hack and get his change. For this difference the note is contested, it being insisted that $1 was taken for interest, instead of It cents. The Jury looked upon the defence as rather a joke. Verdict for plaintiff, $79 89c. For plaintiff', Mr. Wheeler. For defendant, Mr.Whiting. Bankrupt List. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. John S Trott, junr., distiller, Williamsburgl). William Marks, card printer, late of Philadelphia, now of New York?Oct. 49. Israel D. Colwell, carriage builder, Jamaica, I.. I. Uriah Saunders, Kingston, Ulster Co. A. H. Chamberlin (late Arm Chamberlin St Sons, tavern keepers,) N. Y.?Oct. 49. - Tneodore Chamberlin, do do. ' Jos. S. Hixon, merchant, N. Y.?Oct. 39. Horace Weeks, broker, N. Y.?Oct. 27. Burlin Brown, agent, N. Y ?Oct.29. Jacob H. Mott, (late firm J. H. A J. Mott.jun,, jewellers) N. Y ? Oct 27. I a ,,.K1 P.lm?r nn.l OillbonS 1 N. V <>. 1.27. Jame* Douglas* Hunter, Greene Co?Oct. .17. John H. Wallace, clerk, New York?Oct. 27. B. F. Kobinaon, merchant tailor, N. Y?Oct. 28. John A. Parker, merchant, N. Y?Nov. 3. W. II. Spencer, Athena, Greene Co.?Oct. 29. Court Cnllriulnr?Tlila Day, Cmcuu CovaT?No?. 02, 82, 03, 07. 103, 105 100, 113, 114,119,117, 119 to 120,13S DfaTh in New Ormcan* Twenty rlentha of\e|"W lever in New Orleans on the ll>th [ERA: 42. Ofiirral Sessions. y Before Recorder Tallntadge and Judge Lynch * 1 Sept. 3D.? tVebh't Ihul.?At the opening ot the c Court the Recorder stated to the Grand Jury that v they were now prepared to give u decision in the I' matter before the court yeaeterday relative to the re- t fusal ol Thaddeus Phelps and Constan ee F. Daniels to answer questions before the Grand Jury relative ' to the duel between Webb and Marshall The following were the questions put to Daniels, 1 and the answers received :? Q.?Have you any knowledge relative to the i tr U U- lir..LL i AA 11-7 t uu*:i iuugiu unwiTli >v cuu unu iriarnnuii: A. by Danieus?That question I decline to answer, on the ground that it may implicate myself. ( i-?I)o you know of any person who has that knowledge ! A.?1 decline to answer on the ground |uststated. _ Q.?Have you any knowledge on the subject derived from either ot the parties to the duel or their seconds ! A.?1 decline to answer. Q.?Have you been told hy any person that arrangements lor a duel were entered into by Messrs. Webb and Marshall, and at what ime ! A ?J decline to answer, on ihe ground that I have already substantially answered the question. The Recorder then stated that 011 a full examinational lliequestion since yesterday, he hud arrived it the conclusion that his previous opinion then delivered, he now dissented from. lie was now ol opinion in the case of Mr. Daniels, that if he had refused to answer the questions put to him by the Grand Juty on the ground that he would criminate himself, or that such answers would degrade htm in the eyes of the community, or hold him up to contempt or ridicule, then the rule oi evidence would sustain bun in refusing to answer. In the case of Thaddeus Phel|>s, he said, that as the gentleman had given no reasons for refusal, except that his knowledge had been comrnunicHted by a friend in confidence, lie was bound to answer the questions, unless they would tend to criminate himself. Judge Lynch concurred 111 the opinion of the Recorder, but stated that in accordance with a decision of the Supreme Court, he considered that the witness was not the sole judge of the fact, whether lus answer would criminate himself or not?that the court were to be the judges of that fact, having ul the same time due consideration for the opionions of the witness, as to the bearing ol the question put to him. The Court directed that the witnesses should apl?ear before the Grand Jury, and answer all questions not coming under tnis view of the Court. Thut Mr. Daniels might be excused from answering the two first questions nut to him, whether he had any knowledge of the preliminary arrangements of the duel between Webb and Marshall, on the ground thut he would criminate himself, but that he must unswer the two last questions which 1 Had Deen previously put to mm oy ine orana.iury. (Juration by Grand Jcror.?-Do we understand the Court to say, that Mr. Daniels will answer the two lust questions 1 , Col'RT-?Yes. Daniels.?(In the most supplicating toue.) Does the Court mean to say that 1 Shall answer those questions ? Recorder.?Yes, unless they will implicate yourself. Daniels here turned towards Webb, who was seated in the court room, and with tears in his eyes, asked some question, when Webb told hunhe had better let his counsel advise him that the answers would criminate himself, and he could then state to the Grand Jury that Ins counsel had thus advised him, and then refuse to answer questions on that ground. Afteran absence of half an hour, the Grand Jury returned into court with the District Attorney, who stated that lie had at the requestot the Grand Jury, put the following questions to Messrs Phelps and Daniels, and received the following answers :? (Juration to Phelps.?From whom did you learn that a duelwas about to take place between Mr. Webb and Mr. Marshall 1 Annvtr by decline answering this question, because by answering it, I think it would have a tendency to degrade me in the minds ot all honorable men in this community. Q. to Daniki^?Have you any knowledge of the duel between James W. Webb and Mr Marshall, ?' ? a.. Iuenveu iroin eiiucr ui mr iwiiko ui ...v? . A?I decline answering, because the answer will I criminate me. Q.?Did you leave the city of New York,in the month of June last? A.?1 really cannot say, sir; I left during the summerand went to different places. (.??Were you in the city when it was said the duel was fought? A ?I don't think 1 was. Q ?Where were you at that time? A.? I cannot recollect. Q?Was you in the State^of Delaware during the month of June? A.?1 object to answering this question on the ground before slated Q ?Do you know whether Mr. Webb left this city in .Tune lust? A.?For the reasons just given 1 cannot tell that; I don't recollect. Q.?fhncc the time the duel is said to have been fought have you had any, and what conversation with Mr. Webb in relation to it? A ?I decline to answer, and I wish to say that I deem it that 1 cannot answer any question regarding tlfU ulledged duel without criminating myself; and 1 decline answering us to any conversation with Mr Webb or any one else in relation to such alleged duel either belore or since it is said to have taken place. The District Attorney then submitted the matter to the Court, when The Recorder asked Thaddeus Phelps, who was present in court trom whom he had learned the preparatory arrangements of the duel between Webb and Marshall. Mr. rose and replied that he bad no counsel in court nor did he wish any, that he had attended before the grand jury and informed them that he knew nothing of his own knowledge that could be received as evidence in a Court of Justice. He said be had sworn that all that he knew had been related to him by a person who had no immediate participntion in the duel, and under these circnmstances lie should think himself degrade d in the eyes of the country if he revealed such private communications. He therefore said he should throw himself upon the judgment of the Court as the Crand Juj7 did not appear to appreciate the motive that had prompted htm to pursue such a course. He said he was willing to obey the mandate of the court, and if it thought his course was a violation of it they must do witli him as they pleased. On being seated he muttered to himself, hut loud enough to be heard at the Justice's table. " It's all a tempest in a tea pot." He soon rose again and asked the court to state under what law he was compelled to appear before this court 1 The Recorder replied that the Orund Jury was a branch of this court, and a refusal to answer qu"stions put to him under the circumstances of this case was a contempt of this court, us defined in the Statute of the State. Mr. Mason, son-in-law of Mr. Phelps commenced making a s|>eech relative to the question before the court yesterday, and which had been decider! in the morning. After talking about half an hour, the court informed him of this fact and he took his seat. Mr. C. F. Daniki.h here rose and said that he believed the ordinary intelligence of mankind?(one of the reporters said doubtful,) and he therefore could not answer the question put to him in any shape whatever. During the absence of the Grand Jury, a lawyer named ( Mover and Daniels were in constant array before the Court, first one, then the other, to endeavor to explain the reasons why the latter could not answer. Daniels came up once, and on the Court putting one of the questions, and inquiring how he could implicate himself in the answer, whether it was in the affirmative or negative, Webb who was sitting on the witness' stano, shook his head, and Daniels backed oil. Daniels here left the court .._,l u,uni Letnrc the Grand Jurv a third or roum, nuu Tfv... ----- ? - - - s _ fourth time; and in the apace of about half an hour the District Attorney returned fo the Court and stated that the Grand Jury had examined all the witnesses in thp case that I hay desired, except Thaddous Phel|?. He alao stated. that after all the delay ol Mr. Daniels, he had finally answered the questions put to him The Court then inquired of Mr. Phelps whether I he waa prepared to go before the Grand Jury, and | answer sucn questions as they would put to him, in aecordance with the recent instructions given them by the Court! 1' cannot answer any further questions. The Court?It will then W my duly to order you to he committed for contempt. It is in the power of the Conn to make such commitment for thirty days, unless the questions are answered in the mean time: hut believing that your object in refusing is not from any desire to screen any person from insfice who is immediately connected in this duel, hut | from a sense of honor not to reveal a conversation , between youi'scll and another, the Court order that i L1). J Pries Two Cents I ou be confined in the county prison for ten days I "lie Grand Jury are now about to adjourn, having ompleted their business, and unless you comply I villi tins request at once the opportunity will be ost. You will therefore be confined during that I e-rni unless you consent to answer the questions. i do not feel that I can alter my pom- I The Comer?The Clerk will tnake out the order ol I loinmitment. I Phelps?I wish 'lie Court would give me lime to I 50 down town and prepare ray business I wijl I :ome back in die course of the afternoon and deli- I termy*. If up to the sheriff. I will not runaway. I The Court then directed officer Fisby to take Mr Phelps in custody, and see that he was delivered I sale in .he county jail, alter finishing Ins business. I The Grand Jury here cuine into Court, and stated I hat Mr. ('. F. f'.iinels had finally answered the I tuestions proposed, and that they had concluded I ineir business. I The Court discharged them with their thanks for I tin praise-worthy manner in which they had dis- I pooed of the immense bus ties before thou at this I lom; session. I The Foreman of the Grand Jury on coming into Court, handed the Recorder the following indictment of James Watson Webb, for leaving t.iis Stute with intent to fight a duel The penalty, if convicted, is live years in the Slate Prison. Webb was in Court ut the time* the indictment was handed in, and On being arrested, the bail was i: l L.II,, ... ..-a ..? ? 1 ' - iia*tu uy iiic vwmi ui nnu wnf cuirnu uy Thomas fnowden, of the Courier and Enquirer. The following is the indictment:? City u>i J County oj New York, ?s. The Jurors of the People of the State of New York, iu ind for the body of the City and County of New York, i|>oii thriroath, present? That James Watson Webb, lateof the First Ward of the :ity of New York, in the county of New York aforesaid ditor, being a pi rson of un evil and wicked mind and nalicious disposition and a ccmmon duellist, fighter and listurberof the peace of the people of the State ol New fork, on the twentieth day of June, in the year of our _,ordone thousand eight hundred and forty two, with force ind arms at thu ward, city and county of New York afore -aid, he the said James Watson Webb be ore and at he time aforesaid, being un inhabitant of this State, did leave the same for the purpose of eluduig the operations if the provisions of the statute entitled " Of duelling and challenges to light" w ith the intent of giving a challenge without this State, as therein prohibited, to the evil and pernicious example of all others in like case otleiidsng against the form of the statute in such case made and piu vidcd, and against the peace of the people ot the State ol New York and their dignity. And the Jurors aforesaid, upon their oaths aforesaid, do further present, that the said James Watson Webb, so being such person ol an evil and wicked mind, and malicious disposition, and a common duellist, fighter and disturber oi the peace of the people of the State of New York, afterwards to w it?on the day and year lsat aforesaid with lorce and arms, in thw ward, city and county aforesaid, he the said James Watson Webb long before and at the time aforesaid being an inhanitant of this State, did leave the same lor the por|>ose ot eluding the operation ol' the provisions of the statute heiein-befure mentioned respecting duelling and challenges to light, with the intent ot receiving a challenge without this State as therein prohibited, to the evil mid pernicious example ol all othera in like case otii nding and sguinst the peace of the people ol State ol New York and their dignity. And the Jurors aforesaid, upon their oaths afore.said, do lurtliur present that the suid James Watson Webb, so wtnifc itutu immi vi uu evil uiiu wn ima iiunu ?iiu iiibiicious disposition, and a common duellist and dilturberof the public pence, afterward*, to wit : on the day and year lust aforesaid, with force and arm* at the ward, city and county aloresaid, he, the auid Jame* Watson Webb, long before, and at the time aforesaid, being an inhabitant of this State, did leave the same for the purpose of eluding the operations of the provisions of the statute, entitled " of duelling and challenges to light," with the intent of receiving a challenge without this State, as therein prohibited. And the jurors aforesaid, upon their ouths aloresaid, do further say, that the said James Watson Webb did, in pur suaiice of such intent, leave this State and go to the State of Delaware, with the intent of receiving a challenge from Thomas Mar-hall to tight a duel with him, the said Thomas Marshall, without this State, to the evil and pernicious example of all others in like case otft-nding, against the lot in of the statute in such case made and pro vided, and against the peace of the people ot the State of New York and their dignity." Court of Commons Plena. Before Judge Ingraliam. Sept. -10.?Georgt IV. M'Intyve vs. Jotiah O ?drms?.? The defendant having lost some of his low er front teeth, got a lot of S inserted. One of the springs became loose, and he applied to plaintiff to repair it?in doing so the latter broke the spring, when he threw out the whole of the teeth and inserted new ones. The latter did not fit the mouth, and caused inllamation. At 6 o'clock one afternoon defendant sent them back, saying they must be fixed by 3, as he was going to a party. At the latter time he came and got them but did not pay the chorge. 1'laintitf followed lnm with a writ ol Tiover, demanding $70 for the eight teeth, and action is now brought. A young man named Thome testified lor plaintiff as to thedelenaant obtaining the teeth and demand being made on the same evening for their return or the money. Ho also stated (doing so with mueh hesitation; that dentists pay 16 to JO cents a piece lor lUeir teeth, and charge when set, filO to $100 a piece [a good profit.] Mr. Thorne frequent y spoke on the Ntand, of his individual skill in fixing taeth. lie had been the artist in this case. The counsel lor defendant seemed to think if this was a specimen, the work turned out by pRintitt did not exhibit much skill. Tne case on w hich the teeth were set, already belonged to defendant. co that the charare ol $70 was foi w hat cost, inde pepetidant of norm: labor, nbout $1 60, to say nothing of the good old set that hail been spoiled, The jury, after being out some time could uot agree, and were discharged. Kor plaintiff, Mr. Ellenwood. For defendant, Mr. Waterman. Before Judge Inglis. Jnhn Rice vs. Daniel Weahley.?ln the laster part of November defendant brought in his canal bont for plaintiff, 400 barrels of Klour. He discharged part of it on Hatur. day, but was requested by consignee to retain the balance on lioard till Monday, when he (the consignee) would take it. Monday was a stormy day, with rain and snow , still the defendant peisistedin In g the flour, (over -70 bairels) and the barrels became w et and mudded, and action is now brought for damages The Court charged that a common carrier is bound to protect the property confid-. cd to him, and not land in such weather as would injure it The jury gu\ e a nominal verdict lor plaintiff of $t>. Kor plaintiff, Mr. <?. W. Nile*. Kor defandant Mr, Halt. Spec ial Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmadge, and Aldermen Bonnell and i arman. Sr. ft. 3<).?Catherine Hhannon, convicted of stealing 54,70 worth of calico and cassimere from Messrs. Wildey 4 Co., hut judgment was suspended fill Tuesday. Lewis Kisher, for stealing a handkerchief and scarf w orth $0,60, from the store of John B. Hart, was sent up for two mouths. WilliBtn II. Prince, a colored boy, for stealing a pieceof calico from the store of Messrs. J. 4 E. Vail, w as sent to the house of refuge. John Derrick, for stealing a pair of boots worth $10, from the store of Mi. Brieck, was sent up for three months. John Burk was served ditto for stealing a pair of pantaloons from the husband of Mary brooks. Rosanna Ca lahau and Mary Oafl'ree were tried foratealing some coal, and let run. James McOrain waa deemed guilty of heating his wile Nancy and sent to the penitentiary (or si* months. Thomas McOrath waa tried for an assault and battery on a city watchman named James McAllister, ami sunt up for six months Henry Jackson, a colored nm i, and tri d for stealing a horse i. mtnim u.i rtliaru u.uii sent mi for six months. John Conw ay wan lent to the city prison tor one week for Mealing a shawl, dress, anil worked collar, worth $6. Irom his sister Bridget Conway Jeaae Hlnea, aliaa Charlea Smith, aent up tor sis months for stealing a pair of boota from Zeno Hyde. James Williams atole a piece of cloth worth $6, from William Holdrn anil sent up for (I months. P iscilla Robinson ami Elizabeth Kennedy were discharged. PRIVATE u i'DlCINE CHESTS THE VOI.LEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK HAVE prewired a number of " Private Medicine Chests," rich containing an appropriate quantity of the new French Medicines (or the cute of .1 lycufiar class of diseases which have unfortunately in ton many instances fallen under rtie treatment of ignorant quacka, 111 cooseqaence of the eitremedelicscy which patients tint- afflicted esnihit in applying Inr medical advice Irom lespectahle physician*. In the mode now ra plsineih however,safe and effectual treatment will be gained bv nch patients without the necessity of making any disclosure of theircaac. The "Medicine Cheat" contains such aquaniuty of appropriate medicine as ia suaranteed to effert a perfect enre, and ample directions in a plain and familmr style accompany each chest. The remedies are applirahlt to all forms of the disease. The Chests, containing remedies for syphilitic diseases are sold for r irli?the chests with remedies for ,o#oirhoes and gleet $3 each, may now be had of tho Principal Agent nl tha College. W. H. RICHARDSON. Agmi Principal Offlre of the College *7 Nassau sli?cl_ N. B.?C'-aaes fotwarded to k.11 |>arts of the Union, the (anadas and W. st Indies. _ , Persona 1*11 chasing the Chests can,by addressing the College , gratuitously obnain whatever additional sdrice they mar desire during the progress of their r.ise sua in Wa gin UPWARD ? Stolen or si reveal ou (he night of kpef^n the Stable in ,he rear of No. 42 nT\ Henry street, a daijde gray now with a long tail, mane and tall white, nearly Wl??d. high, 7 y. ... old Tieavy hnilt. He had on heavy cart shoes. The above ,ew*rd will be paid 10 any perseii who will return said hrrse, or any laalormjifirin 4114 ht' may l"* found, to ih* own*'?. mation so as h? m> PATHlCK CHRISTIE, ? ? Nn HK?M Bro??lwav. 11-r ? ' NOTK K TO WAGON DUILOICR#?The sub T^Y^.rntHT, IVoptielor of New York Tattf'rualls, wwl /t2j_iiiiIic lib< r?l advance* m Ca?h, on all New l<i*hi Wagon* "-nt 10 '> ' '*t?Mi*hm?mt for ?ale. Builder* 10 the country Pan rely upon hi,ting every attention p?d to th?ir order*. K'or further particular*. M to termv^Vo. i^jpl '(Ll| y k .? r Propr.etor of N. V Tn'trmll*, 418 B,.'?dw?v. _ ?fl _ r OH RAI.t?A P?frofBloml Bay Cnniage Hor??j IJantu ell match, J, .mem hand. h'?h'M5'* X" j. ifc < ) yV owner having ennr to Fit rope . "?V " ? itanle, No.M fU. it ?i For price and other particular*, apply it IM Water street, apatair*. ' ,n'"

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