Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1842 Page 4
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MISCELLANEOUS. CHEAP MUSH;. " VKW AND POPULAR MUSIC, l'i?uo F?rtr., titulars. ' * Violins, Strings, and Musical Merchandise. 1 AT WILL, 201 Broadway, sign of the Golden Lyre, invite* J the attention of purchasers to hi* Saloon, his Urge nnd vAluibh 1 a*t riineui of richly finished and ?ui* noi toned Piano Fortes. J iuiuri at every pattern and finish, Flute#, Clarionet*. Violins. Trumpets, lie . fcc.?String* for Harp, fee, of first oualuv. Musical Merchandise of every description, all of which will be sold very low; wholesale or retail. , , Also?Npv and Poj ular Music.?Thr jaibluher would v* peciall} call the altenrionof those in want of au> assortinrut ??l . New or Populvr >ml Stand ird Music published thri'U*b >iit thr country, is h. hu the publications of even store in the Lull* u States, all of which, together with his own increasing catalogue . of Music, e in brace, one of the largest assortments in the city, and i* sold at reduced rates: the same as at the small aho|is about town .. . A TWILL'S own publications zrr printed on beautiful f,u . . I -i dj'iio r and mail} of the pieces embellished with 1 kiip' t> lithographic vignette title piges. The following list J iMinjjiiv ^ some of the inost jtopulnr and admired Music*?now * rsry fashionable j A lite i.n the wood's away Ah donl forget love ? Moo i oVr the mountain She's on my heart c And wilt thou weep Merit My o'er the wave 1 go American hl> for me Broadwav sights j Task t?ur tiki Miss Lucy Thrlady'smau i Will nobody many me Not married yet C trrin dove, 12th edition Come arander with ine Gambler's wife Day is now dawning H? w?s such d nice young man Her last meeting IiiI nits lumber Light cigar ? Knight's songs Lover's songs 1 Hussell's songs Of master's songs Moore's songs KH Browu's song*'and Napoleon's midnight review Marches (l'i tin* love: oil lliii love'. I (Mil king nine Oh who hu notseeu the sweet I Oh sadly throbs inv heart of I New York City Guards qnick Oh when will he return to me I step t'oqu-tte Review quick step , Woman, sung by Brahatn. Albany State rtreet quick itep Twenty years ago The dream it pnit Mv beaulifnl Rhine The si?e!l is brjken 'Neath tlie willow Wreath qu idril's ' 1 know a bird Who'd thought of seeing you * Crmeovian maid Ellsier'* danceal Or tcioso wa] i and gallop Celeste'* dances Teetotal society friendship waltz and aallop New I ork quadrilles Manahatta waltzes Sighlol Bre tdway Bnquel waltzes My w odWn I bride To thee love, to thee My pretty Ar.ile Oh promise me to sing Oh sail with me Oh y outh is the tune Mother of the sailor boy The olden lime Way of the world Lei jollie Am-riran qiiardrille | Accept this gift My Normandy iniid Swiss girl's dream Come sing me that simple air t Thou art false but I cannot for again ' gel Love's memories, a verv beauRose of the desert tiful song by a. C. Massett, ' (Jo wheia the w itel glideth En J. ^ _ C ine gang aw l w ith me Merry old Clllistin.ts U The "dreams ol the past fadr Come o'er the blue waters I away O'er tne tranquil deep I "I've come," with a portrait of My love it a soldier e tils QatSS When the moonbeam c We c hi love no more Queeu'ssong r ' Many new w altzvs, matches, A larife collection of New u quadrille, pit-ees, fcc Music for the Kliur, Guitar, T Every dei rqmon of gamuts Violin, fcr. flute Music on k ami instruction books. cards, ?tc, Stc, Stc, Sf. tl Every day adds new and popular music to the above. All instruments warranted. JT^"A liberal deduction to thoae who purchase any number of pieces at ATWILL'S MUSIC SALOON, ; Sign of the Golden Lyre, t?I Jtaa'Stwr 801 Broadway, below St. Paul's Church. UNITED STATES I TEA EMPORIUM. 121, late 129 Chatham utreet. Nnr York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 'PHK CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for 1 sale new and fragrant Tvas of every variety aud style.? Their assortment specially include* the moat delicious slid powerful grades ol Orreu and Black, Every package bears the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are to thoroughly secured from light and air that tteir quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system of prosecuting business is i>erhaps sctrcely to be ezcelled. It is founded u|H>n the utmost reit.ird to the riithts of the otistrmer, especially ss ith res|>ect to weight and quality, and unrivalled chragawss. All purchase are called u|m>n to return any srtirtt . w liich fill to ai?e thein the fullest satisfaction, when j the imai^ will he cheerfully and promptly lefunded. Country _[ uWSid'SiiLs, publicestahlishmenui, heads of lamilics, and shi|? niaateai will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from tlbs esrahlishmmt. { off or routed every day. Oid*-s from all parts of the Uniteu States executed with | promptitude and despatch. ^ " T/"'i'he only warehouse in America for the sale sf *lou- ly qua a celeliralril Black Tea. s30 1m* r hi RAFFLE" RAFFLE, RAFFLE, ii rpO BE RAFFLED for positively on the first of Novcm1 ber next, two splenpid blue cloth gentlemen's Spanish 'c Circular Cloaks, with capes, handsomely made up with a vel- jj| vet collar and lacings, capes, lined with silks, and complete "J in every other respect. Tickets $1 each. As the raffle will n imaitivelv take place ou lie ib n> named eve. Tickets must . he paid for, whetherone or more, when the numbers are taken. ? As a nomhi r of Tickets are already sold, getitlemen w isliing a chance would do well to apply early?aa such a chanee seldom oilers?the highest and lowest numbers arc to have a cloak each. For further particulars, apply at No. 1 Murray street, corner Broadway, where the cloaks are to be seen. oi lNovl*r E LOCUTION. Tronnuciatio est vocis, et vultus, et gestus, mode ratio cum ve [ nustate.?Cickro. Mil. HARVEV, from Edinburgh, I'rofesaor of Elocution, "E respectfully announces that lie will open private clasars -L in Elocution, English Grammar, and Composition. Individu- m als. Families, Academies and Colleges, will be attended at w their respective places et N. B. Those who have a prospect of appearing tither at the C Bar, in the Pulpit, or on the stage, will derive considerable ad- hi vantage iu Wing under his tuitiou. Fees in advance. w Communications and addresses will be received at the fol- w lowing bookstores : Mr. KofTs, 18 Division street; Mr. Elton's, ac 98 Nsssau street ; Messrs. Turner k Fishei's, 169 Broadway ; th Me .srs. H. 8t 8. Kai not's, 76 Bowery ; Mr. NerlyV 281 til Blrecker St. o7lw*r el EXHIBITION OF ' J; AMERICAN MANUFACTURES. I/j 'PHE Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the ah * promotion of the Mechauic ArU, -will hold their twelfth tu Kihihitiou of American Manufactures, in the lirite Saloon of at the Philadelphia Museum. in Ninth street .near Chesnut, iu the city of Philadelphia, c<mmencing on Tuesday, October 18th. aud to continue for two weeks. The prizes there to be 'warded, wilt consist, aa usual, of tha Silver Medals and Certificates oi Honorable Mention of the Institute. These honorable testimonials of merit will be distributed on the same uenernua and impartial principles aa her*, tofure, and thev will he awarded by duliilereatt d judgr! in all J ca*c-.. The rooms will he ready for the reception ot articles ^ intended for exhibition, on Saturday, October 15th. and all a such ? are intended to compete f< r premiums, mutt be deposit- e td before 12 o'clock, (iioou) on Tuesday, October l(th. . , a The manager* of the Institute being desirous of exhibition In ? t) i ii l> llow citizens * creditable display ol American skill end ,| industry, solicit IVoin the manufacturers and mrchanics, in all [, parts of rht-Union, sinicimeiis of their productions, as well as ,, those of the kinds mail lor ordinary sales, as those on which ci the gr< atrst care and skill has been bestowed, assuring them jj that the liest i lertinns of the Institute shall be given to eiicou- c, rute a prop-r estimate of Anirncau fabrics. The regulations p for the rshibiliou, aud any othei infor.nation relative thereto, ? may be obtained from I, WILLIAM HAMILTON, (j <* is rod 3t*r Actuary of the Franklin Institute, Philaila. j, rpo PERSONS HAVING LAND IN TitE FAH WEST, k and others.?The undersigned intends going to Illinois ] about the 1st of November, for the purpose of pa-ing taxes upon lands, making sales, examiuiug titles.recording deeds, and I'1 surer,ing land, auu will be glad to attend to such Dttsiu-ss for . any person needing such service. Will also attend to collect- " ing,or any other kind of business^ in such towns, tec., as lie may visit on his road to, and ia the bar West. Has had general I experience ill business, mere utile and professional, for many $ years, both in the Uuited S'a'es and Euro)*. Can also furnish V at the present time copies of field notss from actual surveys, as ta entered in the United States Gen-ral Land Office, of sll l.iuls ui on the Military Bounty Tract cf Illinois tor fifty cents per ouar'er section. References unexceptionable to gentlemen of the firxt respectability in New V t. Boston, anil Philadelphia. FREDERICK TAYLOR, , Late Secretary of the Illinois Lind Comi>any, 20 Wall street, I New York o6t n 1 ec cl TO ECONOMISTS AND THE FASHIONABLE t WORLD. a A SPLENDID and well selected assertment of nch new f, Fall Goods, just lecetsrd pet latest the Broadway Cash Tailoring Establishment, is now offered to the inspection of my customers, citizens and strangers, comprising every variety of the finvst and most desirable Goods, adapted to the fall fashions viz English and French Cloths, of e\cry j shade; heaver, asphallum, mohair and camels' hair Cloth for over coats, pellos. k<. ; English and French elastic Cassi- } meres, and an endless assortment of rich silk, silk vrlvet, mcri- , no, cashmere and other splendid Vestiugs?the whole of which f ate of recent pu-chases lor cash; at the present low prices, and {" will be made toorder in the be?t manner and meat fashionable sty le. ind every garment warranted, at the smallest advance possible, by which means consumers will b' supplied wiih a 4 splendid article at prices which defy competition, and insuring ka saving of at least per cent. Of this the most sceptical may be convinced by examining the materials, workmanship, and p,ices, and comparing the same with other fashionable ee- 1 tablishmenta. * N. B. A full suit furnished in less than twenty-four hours.?- fl Terms cash on delivery. u ARTHUR B. LEVY, e 119 Broadway, between Conrllandt and Liberty sta. o 71w* m 5 PIANO FORTES TO HIHE.-KJ. OODONE. 403H V I Broadway, between Walker and Ltspenard streets, keeps a fi large assortment of Piano Fortes to hire, from three to eigh c dollars per month. b Also, Foreign klasic of the latest Operas of Italy. e Sig. A. Bagioli i method of singing. Solfeggi's for one an c two voices. b Roman Strings tor Harps. Violins, Guitars, Ik. n All kinds of Musical Instruments repsired. sl4 eod lm*r MISCARRIED?s letter put into the PostoAce in tliis city on the 29th day of Maach last, addressed to Utica. containing a promissory note psst due. for $20.01)0. of no value to r any (wrion bnt the owner. A suitable reward ferany information will be ?ir.o on nppliention fa LUDLOW, I ojltiw <w wrd*r 7t CotirtUndtat, Nt V. I* DR. SOLOMON HEINE I TITOULD uiferui hie patients and the public, tha heatillad- = *' here* to hii original proposition, to reccise no money J eitliei f,.r medicine or attendance nntil the patient ia satisfied , with his naproTernent, and would inform them that he has ' re mo led frail. Ill Broadway to No. S7 Rradr street, opposite . the Marshall Moose, where he solicits the attendance r a the anose menuoned conditions, of all who hare eofferee* for a f lot* time onder diseases considered by them mrurable. "* ? t SOLOMON HKINE, M. D. or the advantage of all who wish to attend the treatment of Dr. Solomon Heine, I wonld state that the dnly Doctor Heine who has arer lired in, or had his office in Broadway, is . Hoase" ??W M " Rtade street, opioeile the Marshall j|J , dHais Physician rame to this country abont eight years since. I } * liad the pleasure of knowing him ainee that Wl ?mc, and or witnessing many surprising cures performed br him-he u above the age of Li yean, and is the only one *? of the name who is a m.mhe, of the medical inautotiona of the City and State of New York w-e ? a. K.W. WITMORi.M.D. Sworn before me, this JT.ii day of of April. A. D. l$U , r, Hi chard R?kp Com, of Deads alt lm*r ? china, glass, and s EARTHENWARE 8 ASTOK HOUSK. ? F'RttNCn Foreskin Dinner Serriees, 111 pieces, 223 00 w White Granite, do do lit do 13 on ta French or English Porcelain Tea Sets. 33 do l?i ll Dinner Plstos. French Porcelain, |>er dnr.en, 1 91 Do do Granite, bine or white, do 1 On Soop. do French Porcelain, do 1 Ou Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 00 r Tea Cops and Saucers, (34 pieces) French Porcelain, 1 SO r.KC <op?, do do 37 ii Glass. n Cat Wines, per deoen, from ISO h Do Tumbfen, do do 2 00 U Lemonades, handled, do 2 2S Table Cutlery a Of the finest descriptions, insets or doiena, at the lownriee i> of $12 the sot. Just opened , a handsome assortment of Toilet ii Ware. ? , , , ? R SIMPSON. it N. B ?Agent for the sale of Simpaou'a Eat Comets, for the c 1 relief of deafness s? lm* rc ol oULPHaTR OF QUTNlNlt?tsoo ounces for tale at maan I ti ? factores price, by _ RUBHTON k ASPINWALL. V * William atrseL I B Also?Jnjabe Paau in 20 aad SO ,1b. boxes. aJ0 2w*r |T HOTELS, BOARDING, tic. VTATIONAL HOTKL-Tchoupitoulaa tercet, New Or > leans.?Tint hue establishment, situated in the cnuit ceu ral part ofthe city > ?> hean recently opened nuder the tu|?rDtmdeucc of the subscribers, Willi new end ample accotnmoiettoiurot two hundred boardeti . The parlorsaud chambers are furnished with neatness, >( not legancr, and with tcmpuloua retard to the comf ort of the ocupan t. The servants are all white, and hare keen carefully selectd w ith reference to tneir capacity, heneaty and civildepot tleut. The wine cellar and larder will always be furmished with re Irest that can be procured iu one of the best markets in the rorld. The charges for hoard, with or without chambers, will he >und of the most reasonable character. TPHILLIES I* BRO.. Proprietors. New Orleans, July 21. 184*. at 2m r a TO UK.NT FOR A SCHOOL OK HOTEL The Beltiuuit House at New Brighton, Slalen Island, well calculated lor a Seminary, having been occupied as ach tor young ladies lite last live years, together with the garen, ice house and other outbuildings, and land adioiuiim? a soil desirable location f<M that purpose, aa the healthiness and onvenn-uce of the place render it the most eligible of sny iu lie Stule. Steamboat ply constantly to and from the city ol <ew Yore Juirug the day. For paiticulars, apply at X Hanoer street, New York, or at New Brighton, to s28 2w Hk.NUY LYNCH. tTO LET?The first lluee story House, 112 tJrand street, west of Broadway, with the Furniture, all new The house it iu perfect order, andean he aeeu between nrs of 12 and 2, P. M. *12 I in r ' perfumeryT "wonderful"' discovery. STRIKER'S SOLUTION KOK THE HAUL which will 3 change are v hair to its original color in a few inioures. This a-luliou is different from any yet offered, and caunot fail of ?u ercedrug all Others. It is highly efficacious, aud |?tsetses the treat advantage of beautifying the bair, without injuring iu Those who doubt its virtues are requested to have their hair inured before i>ayiii( their money. If humbugs would take his method there would be oo reaaou to coin|daiu. Out- trial w.ll |rrove the fact. hold who'ettle and retail, and applied, at No. 5 Chatham treit, opposite the Hall ol' Recoida, New York, up ataira. s22 ln,*r NO. 45 MAIDEN LANE. r\LD ESTABLISHMENT?Perfumery, Cosmetics and Guc) Soaps. The following comprise* i part of the ftnt* V of the manufacture of Alexander ilaiiuay, successor toN. Smith Prentiss, * ?t The justly celebrated saponaceous, Naples and chemical cosKstN rompoundl feral ivixijf,toiltt s..hjh hmttfinitf.cp ogne, lavender, and tlorida waters, extracts or musk, roses bertui"t, QMMS, iSMtmins, kc. kc., milk of lOMW, vegetable ***rl powder, lor cle. ring the complexion, toilet or nursery owder, the purest article inade, vegetable rouge, liouid do, old cream, otto of rose lip salve, otto of roses in gilt bottles, irluiK fluid, h t *kotl, rn oil, and lbscclebfitedkephlia OI tin- cm will of the li.tir. hair dves, Preston couit pla..t? r. iidelible ink, bUcn and blue writing inks, calciuvd charcoal, owder puffs and boxes, erasure powder lor extracting grease rease Iroin ?iikt aromatic vinegar, kc. kc. For sale at be mauufactorv and warehouse of ALEXANDER RAMSAY, Successors N. Smith Prentiss, No. 43 Maideu hue, s22 1mfr Sigu of the Golden Rose. TTETT nfU E S' WHOLESALE ANDRETAIL IAVANA AND PKINCITE S..GAR STORE, Basement 51 William Street, Between Wall and Pine Streets, all lm?i NEW VoKK Notice to Stranrkrs. F. GIBBINS, HAIR CUTTER AND WIG MAKER, 27 MAIDEN LANK, Coruer of Nassau Street, ill lm r NEW YORK. PHALON, HAIR CUTTER, YTO, 214 Bapadway, opposite St. Paulk church, is the first to introduce the fashiou for the season, ou Saturday, 10th iusL slO lin*r WIGS ~~ r \1 A VIMllT Win vt avvu a v: r\ uaid nDL'uaru | ?? ?v? MJ IVCjOO kLj a?, 90 Broadway, N. Y.?Desires to iuform the nublic generalthat he is still to be found at his old stand, where lie will be lo give them a trial of his skill iu the tensorial art. His linotable style or Hair Cutting is generally acknowledged by le beau nionde of the city. He would also call the attention of strangers visiting the city, i his superior WIGS, which are not surpassed for neatness and Man,deceiving the nasiscrutinising,soMwl) no they resemle the natural hair Kaucy Articles, Perfumery, 8tc. of eupeor quality. 0Z/ Terms iu accordance with the times. 90 Broadway, a iw doors above Wall at. ?13 !m?r " E. W. HAND, EXCHANGE BROKER, s23 lm*r No. 2 CAMP STREET, NEW ORLEANS. RE STORE THE HUMAN HAIR. >ALDHEADS AND GHEY HEADS READ Tl l? ' The human hair can be restored if proper and .scieuiifi j ieedses are applied. The proprietor of this assures you ot his ord, that gre.U uumberscoine to his store whose hair this has itirely restored. He requests you to give Jones' Oil of Coral ircassia one trial, then judge Tor yourself. He pledges you s word it is all it it represented. These are iu qualities, it ill make the hair grow, (on the h?ad, face, bony, or any part here ratine intended hair to grow,) stay iu falling out, cure urfor <1 mdfiff, md make light,red,or gray hair grow darkfrotn e roots in time. Among the numbers who have used it and cerly this, it W. Hopkins, 92 King street, N. Y., J. Gilbert,jew ler, Houston street, N. Y., and T. Power, grocer, Brooklyn. . 1. We could offer hundreds of others if we chose. It is sold ry reasonable, and itg ives the hair the most delicious dark Iky appeamnce. .Price only 3, 5 or 8 shillings a bottle, three ics : sold by T. Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chatim street, N. Y.: ageru, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn, 8 Slate reel. Boston. 87 Dor It street. Philadelphia. s28 lm*r ~ EKUPTIONS CURED AND THE COMPLEXION CLEARED. A MIRACLE TO CURE ERUPT10N8 OK THE ^ SKIN?Salt ilirum, freckles, .curvy, pimple., rri.ipelas, lotcbes, morphrwtaii,fever.spoU,bite.unn.ect.,muaiiuetoe., tc?to rh.nge the color of dark, sunburnt, yellow, or discolor,1 (kill flwlf ,li > (I,. .in,,.. I K.t.n i. tl.. I.., ..ftl.. gr. Well might the Medical Society of Parti call it a blessing n<i ill inventor, M. Bt -prine, a philanthropist. It is curing lousaudi all over the Stales and Brill .Ii possessions. Ii entire^eradicates every erii|>tion or disfigurement MM akin, i inartiutt to the facr, body, neck or arina a beautiful healthful leariiear. No misrrprrsi illation la offered One trial will infer to recommend it t? all. Among the many who have been ured by this are the following highly respectable peraotta:? lev T S Lover, Newark, N.J, (yon are notified that thia ii no itfftd noitrutn, hut a physician's inveutiou,) VI Palmer,Brookn. Sold by T. JONES, iign of the American Eagle,82 hatham it. New York, price Ml ceuta, Miaa E Baker, Brookin. Agtnts?139 Kultou at, Brooklyn,! State at, Boiton. 87 lock at. Philadelphia. ?28 im*r JOKK BAY OYSTER SALOON, by B. Briuiu, 13 Naa I nil street, be tween Kulton and Joliu atreeta. Hia place ia lain and clean, and 1 think will take the lead. Oyitrri aerved up in every atyle ; pickled by the hunded or lout.tiid, aud fatnilica aupplied with oyalera, by I3 1n>r B. BR1TT1N. J ENRY SCOTTi No. 217 Water at., N. Y., keepa conauat1 ly ou hand ageueral aaaortinent of Ttcklea, Catsups, Saucei, c , Preserves, Jellies, Brandy Kruita, lie., wholeaale and reil. All onlera for Shipping and Families punctually attended to a!3 2m*r WTTON & VANDERBILT t RE Conatantly receiving large aupidiea of Clothi, CassiV. tnerea and Woollen* ol every deicriptton.auitable for the lining aeavon, which they offer at eilretnely reduced pricea ir caah, at their well known Tailoring Eatahliahmrnt, 430 roadway, aecond door above Canal at. Gentlemen are renuested to call and ciamiue their atock beWe |>urchaaittg elaewhere. N. B.?Particular auction paid to boya clothea. alO lm*r POCKET KNIVES A T1I2 Broadway, between John atreet and Howarda' Hotel, A i5o dot pen, dirk and pocket knivea, retailing at pricea to nilthetimei. Alao, a large assortment of Scissors, Razors; champaign* Cutters, Dentil and Surgical Instruments, and very otbararticle usually kept bv cutlers. All kinds M cut rry made to order and reiwirtd. Steel articles polished in the igheat perfection of the art. s2Q lm*c J. D. CHEVALIER, 182 Broadway. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS, ^SPECIALLY those now in the city, are respectfully re a minded that they can procure new, powerful and highly avored Teas of every dvsCTipnon, on very advantageous terms, i packagea suitable for private use, or for their regular customr?, at the Canton Tea Comi ally's Depot, ni lm*r No, 121 Chatham at. New York. 2.LA9S CUTTING ESTABLISHMENT.?J. Stonvenel. 7 glass cutter, No. 29 Gold strret, constantly on hand and of ;r to supply all dealers and othars, at the lowest prices in this ity, and wa-ranted the best of any other manufactory?anch aa eauliful hall lamps ofevery size, astral lamps and shades, dinners, tumblers,champaign,wine glaaes.dishea, goblets, bowls, eleries, glass,kc. Ike. Uoods sent to any part of the country y any juantity free of packages and cartage, all articlei match 3 |?ttem. Retail store No. 35 John atreet, near Naaaau at, alO lm*r STRAW" GOODS. r BENNETT, 39 John and 111J$ William itrfets. im porter and manufacturer of Italian *nH Kuuiiu^. tfrr?u? nods, respectfully informs his customers from the South nd rlspwhere, that he has ou hand a splendid assortment of (dies fashionable straw goods, suitable for the fall season, ii. ?Italian, Rutland, French and English Dnnstables, black lorence Braid, Priucp Albert, Schell, Schell and Imperial, rid sSS Ts?r?n Bounds. stt tm*re rDySPEPTICS?Among the number of distinguished gentlemen who hare, (mm personal experience expressed SMsltM illstw OC MMMMm or the effects or Beckith's Anti-Dyspeptic Pills, Mr. Van Buren.late President of ie United States, lias,upon request,permitted ttie Proprietor to \, that having been presented by bun some years since with a >x of his Pills, was induced to tale lliein as a remedy for a disdered atomach? that he haa given them a fair trial, and is well tisfied that they have contributed greatly to the |>erfeet retablishmeiil of his health. The Anti-Dyspeptic Pilis are put in a superior sivlo. in tin ixes, containing forty, witli full directions Price lifly cents r box. Those who require a more active article, are referred to Beckith's Anti-Bilions Pills. Price ti ceuti |<er box. A libersl discount made agenla, and those who buy te sell ain. To be had of H. D. TURNER, (feneral Agent. No. Ifl John st, near Broadway, to whom all ders must bt- addressed. For sale also by J. E. Trippe. Newark. N. J. si Im'r i/lsiiKs to RK KnOWn AV R1& W6hk, Ndf v WORDS.?A. WALKER. Dentin, No. 90 Chambers reel, sets imitation incorruptible teetb on roou, which raanot distinguished Irom the natural. Inaerts the same quality of eth OH the principle of atmospheric pressure, from one to a hole set, delying detection, and answering the pur|K>ees of the itnral organs. Filling or Pruagmg decsyed teeth whether the irve be exposed or not. The toothache cured. Extracting ithmit distracting the patient. These ami all operations in rining to the Dental Surgeon, performed at 2i per cent less tan the nsnal charges <>2 lra*r ~ ??To the ladies. ,"m, Ll.'A UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. L " . w?!* nV'?rnr.1:' fo' lt>* radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri >g the < ? !!? , Vv "'vmal application, supersediended m ;LtSVy.f,">1"1 confidently recomealth it neve, h,o r V ,'h* means of perfect rr stomtion to r Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent priva" pr.cRooms hare been fbrnished exclusive!* for ladies at No t esey street, having a separate entrant* f -am, Iim^m deirtmrnt, where a lady is in constant dtesdanre, u> apply 'ruseea and Supporters to female p*tieut? ot lmr MEDICAL. "MEDICAL AID. HK. GREGORY, Ion* aocnstomed to prescribe for diseases U of a iirintr usture, rtiidri at 34 Mott street. He has been familiar with thea? complaints many years, and having been a pirticular and close observer of cause aud effect, he has obtained a thnruugh practical anowledgr of this branch of hit profession, which has enabled him to introduce some valuable improvements iuto his practice. He does not bout of maltiuit rapid and hasty cures, but his satisfaction is to perform thorough and r ulical cures, aud in as short a space of tune as it can |K>uib|v be done, with advantage and safety to the patient; and generally speaking, it is not necessary for the patient to observe any change in business pursuits. Hasty,ai.d consequently imperfect cure* arc the source from whence result so many distressing rases of consecutive or scroudary symptoms; and the like result frequently follows the use of many advertised remedies ; h r this reason?that any medicine, however good in the first or primary stages !'the complaint, cannot be sup|>oerd to exert the same power and inllueuce over the human system when Its administration has been long continued; aud thus while the patieut is swallowing medicine from day to day : his disease, il not changing to a chronic form, to say the least, is very likely to terminate in a permanent debility, or perhaiw something worse. Dr. Gregory deems it worthy to remark, that he lias olteii been applied to for relief by |>atienU who having been treated lor the complsiut, were discharged as being cured, and themselves were ol tne opinion that it was really so. A few days elapse and the disease begins to show itself again ; in some instances only occasionally, in otoert again the relapse is permanent, inducing at length a chrouic inflammation, attended w ith other visible effects, which it would be indelicate to describe in an advertisement, but wliich will be recognized readily by eve.y one so afflicted. It is such a state of things as rIns that terurnale in stricture, and it is by surgical means only that a stricture > all everb>- permanently removed. Not so, however, with the chrouic inflammation, or rather induration ; lor in this stage of the malady there is a cure, and that' too, by mild and simple means. Dr. G is proud to say that he has iljscoveiad and brought to his aid, a remedy never before used in these hat been applied, fid has effected caret iu cases of froin 3 to 16 years' duration. This announcement is not made throuich motives of vanity and love of boasting, but simply to iuforin those in u?ed of the remeilv where it may be found. Those seeking Dr. Gregory will find him at his own house, (not a drug store,) 31 Mott street, about 160 yards from Chatham square All letters must be |>ost paid. Dr. G? gory has published a little treatise on the above subjects, price 60 cents. For sale by the author, and also by Messrs. Sands. Druggists, iu Fultt.n^street, and both comers Broadway and Chainbers-street, and ir the Bowery atNos.llauu 138; 146 Delancey, corner Butfolk-street, anil 77 Last Broadway, corner Market-street. Applications b / Mail, Post paid, enclosing $1, will secure the boolt by return of Mail, free of Postage. au27 1m rn DR RUSH'S LEGACY. 'PHAT celebrated Physician, Da. BENJAMIN RUSH, 1 cuuid not hare left a more valuable leuacy to mankind INFALLIBLE HEALTH PILL. It it iudeed a blessing to the afflicted giving r? lief in ill the usual cases of mdJen illness or lingering disease with which humanity la distressed or the functions ol life are destroyed It is now coi ceded by the most erniui lit of the rned'Cal faculty, that the stomach is the arm or fountain of ail disease; that it is, as it were, the centre from which proceed all the r\lis produe ed by foreiKu or irritating causes, and wbicli tlieuce spread to every part of the animal system. The pr per method of cure, therefore, is to atrack the citadi I in which the disease >nireuches itself; and no combination of medicinal audits ha* yet bveu discovered to efficacious for tius purpose as the pre|ianilinu of the late Or. Rush, and winch, from the universal success attending their administration, during a practice of nearly half a cenluary, were arylt d lus " INFALLIBLE HEALTH PILL." Their ureal virtue is, that thwy ar-est disease in its lirst approach. They arc preventive! as well as remedies; and we will venture to say that if taken by persoua when they are first affected with symptoms of, illness many and many a case, that is either serious or fatal, might be avoided. Let the afflicted without hesitation avail themselves of this invaluable Legacy, and they will have reason to bless the name of Dr. Rush, as ou? of the uieatest benefactors of man kind. [C?- Sold, wholesale and retail, by H O. DAGGERS, 30 Ann street. New York; and, retail, by Kelly, 267 Broadway, N. Y.; J. Axford, 168 Bowery, N. Y.; J. E. Scott, 161 Sixth Avenue, corner of Twelfth st , N. Y.; H. Green, 69'* Fulton street, Brooklyn; Redding & Co., 8 Stale st., Boston; D. Smith, 96 Market street, Newark, N. J.; G. B. Zeiber, 87 Deck street, corner of Third, Philadelphia; W. Taylor, 12 North street. Baltimore; and scent* iu the principal cities in the United States. XT" Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS a Box; each box en closed in an eleuanlly engraved wrapper, with lull directions for use. ?2B 2w r DOCTOR BELL Continue* to be consulted dailv, until 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY On all 'elicate diseases, at his private offices, 4 CORTLANDT STREET. OKCONl) Door from Broadway, with tlie utmost confidence k? iu all cases ofa delicate nature, requiring prompt and safe treatment. Being a flegulur Practitioner, iialienls may rely upeu receiving all the attention their cases may demand, with an assurance of a successful issue, based upou the ei|>erieuceof many years piofessional duties. Dr. Bell does not advertise a Sptcilrc Drop or Pill for the cure of certain diseases?but guarantees all that Anatomical, Medical, and Chemical knowledge cau suggest iu each case. Separate offices. Attendance till 10 P M. uaily. s8 lmfr DR. HORNE. /CONTINUES to be consulted confidential)-at hie office No. U 78 Murray street. Strangers are res|iectfully apprized that Dr. H rme, being leKlly bred to the medical profession, in the city o| Loudon, has en a practical member of the said faculty of physic for 16 years, for the last 36 in the city of New York. Ills | ractice from being general, he confines to a particular branch ol medicine, which engages his profound attention. His ezjierience is very greafi?his success astonishing. He cautious the unfortunate against the use of mercury;,thousands are annually mercurialized out of life?recent affections are, without mereury, extinguished in a few days See your cases eradicated, not patched up. The learned Dr. Buchan emphatically observes?"Married persons, and persons about to be married, should be jmrticularly cautious of those affecions; what a dreadful inheritance to transmit to posterity." Persons afflicted with protracted and deplorable cases, need not despair of a complete recovery bv applying to Dr. Home. A residence of 36 years iu New York city has established Doctor Home's character as a man of sterling honor, and based on real respectability and skill. Dr. H. offers to his patrons a sure guarantee. Dr. Home's offices are numerous, and patients never come in contact. Attendance nntil nine o'ebrck in the evening. NOTICE. O" THOMAS Q. HORNE, son of the late Dr. George T. Home, respectfully apprizes the public that Iv continue* his father's most successful practice at his establishment. No. 71 Murray street, and may be consulted daily unli 19 o'clock, P M . Sundays excepted *20 lm*r FEMALE PHYSICIAN, 34 LISPENARD STREET. TV/TADAMK COS'i ELLO need hardly state tli*t her Periodical Pills, for the cure of all the diseases peculiar to females arc superior to all others, or that they are now the only ones recommended by the medical faculty in their private practice; as these facia are ufficientlv known to the public in general. Equally celebrated is Madame Cottello's soothing Syrup, for teething children; which almost immediately lulls the irritation of the i;umi, and is a certain preventive of convulsions; and likewise her "Nipple Paste for sore nipples; which is so good, as to leave nothiiut to be aesired, sod as sucli is ihe most |iopulararticle in the country. All Madame C's medicines are patronised L; the medical faculty, which is more than can be said of the nostrums of any of her imitators howrver tliev may obtain a transient notoriety through the newspapers. Post paid orders for medicsnrs from all parts ot the United States, attended to. Terms?Periodical Pills one dollar a box?Teething Syrup, fifty ceuts a bottle. Remember that Madame Costello is the only legitimate bred Female Physician in New York. sM lm*rc TO THE LADIES. | VffADAME COSTELLO, Female Physician, still continues L'A to treat, with astonishing success, all diseases peculiar to females. Suppression, irregularity, obstruction. Ac, by whatever canse produced, cau be leinoved by Madame C. in a very aort tune. Madame C.'s medical establishment having undergone thorough reiwir* and alterations for the better accommodation of her numerour patients, she is now prepared to receive ladies on the point of confinement, or those who wuh to be treated lor obstruction of their monthly period. Msiksme C. can be consulted at her residence No. St Liipen ard st, at all tunes, and with lite strictest regard to aecresy. All communications and letter* must he post-paid, sit tm'rc tfl.cno REWARD.?OROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE.? jpeJVJVJ For the Cure of (iooDorrhcaa, Gleets, Strictures ana analogous complaints o f the oigan so fgeneraliou. Of all remedies yet discovered for lit* above complaints, tliis is the most certain. k makes a apeedy and permanent cure, withoatt he least restriction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to bx sinesa. We give no long quackish recommendations to fdccekre the public. If the medicine does not uot speak for itself, no ont shall speak far it. Our object is to notify where it can ne had, and the proprietor challenges a single esse of receut Oouuorrhrna to be brought, in which the nititare will not effect a rapid core, under a forfeiture of $500 This is 1 disease that unfortunately pervades all ranks of so ciety?high, low, rich and poor, matrimouial and single. They are here oresented with a remedy by which they can cure themselves wghoul the least exposure in the shortmft time possible. Further, the disease cannot be contractad if a dose of the mixture is taken at night on going to bed when exposed. It is put up in bottles with full directions accompanying it, at Si a bottle- One bottle lasts a week, whick generally cures? many are cured in two days. For sale only a< Win. H. Mhwr'i, 192 Broadway, corner of John atreet, opposite Franklin House, New York; J Jones, corner of Chestnnt and Seveulh streets, Philadelphia; and at J M. Smith's 131 Washington street Boston. sit I in THE TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS OF THE AGE. VT? TVTTVTT7 TW>C TjU X O COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION. POR The treatment and preservation of the Hair; the only " inlallible preservative against baldness, and a rrrtain care for all diseases of the scalp, inch as dandruff, plica potnica, tic. lie. lie., including all cutaneous affections. This article it prepared wit h great carr hy the inventor and proprietor himself, after a study of ten years, during which his time has been nlmoat gzclutively devoted to the i>erfection of this incomparable article for the benefit of the growth and beauty of the Hair. Pn the mean time, many nostrums intended for the same purpose, have arisen and died, while this rejoices in the full vigor of manhood?and is destined tolive as long as a tin" head of hair is duly prized or its cleanliness and beauty admired. Let those who have these desires but give it a single tiial and lie has no fears for the result. It only requires to be known to be appreciated, and when to appreciated the propriet jr expects to obtain hit reward from a discerning public, anil asks it not before?he it not afraid of getting out of patience. Nearly five bundled certificates, testifying to its virtues, in all cases for w'ich it is intended to be turd, froin the most highly respectable individuals in various parts in the United States, the Cauadaa, (lie., can be seen at the office of the inventor and manufacturer. No. I Pine street. New York. INVENTION NO. 2. The second invention of modern times, to which we would r. .p. 1 ifully call attention, ..KENNEDY'S CELEBRATED PREMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR DYE. the first ever invented in this country. This article, as can be testified to by a large number of oral and verbal recommendations, is superior to any thiiur of the kind imi>orted from any part of the world, and is rapidly superceding all other unstruma foi changing the color of the hair and whiskers to a beautiful dark brown, or iet black, from tlairn, red, grey, or other objectionable color, in a , single application, without affecting the akin. The above Hair Dye waa ezhibited at the Fair of the American Inatitnte, held at Niblo'a Garden, and receited the first premium, as beimt superior to any other ezhibited. It miy be obtained st the billowing places f?Bsiley, Wiwd k Co. Maiden , Lane; Leary ? Co, Astor House; 61 Bowery, comer Walker; . 33# Bowery corner Bond street; Tiffany, UMIf k Ellis, 219 Broadway, and at the manufactory, No. I Pine atreet. New Sl?t*r GEORGE KENNEDY. A HAH DROMES PRESENT. A VISITING CARD PLATE, beantifnlly engraved, and V) beslcnuamelled Cards printed for only Cards on , Ike best ennsmel, printed from plates at $1 per 100. A Business ( aid Plate, engraved with the usual amount of matter, and 100 ' best Cards, a( S3. Door Plates, Heals of all kinds. Marking Plates, Labels, gold, silver, brass, Jkc. kc. engrsved proportion- j ate with tire abore. Cenper-piale Printing of all kinds at the | same low rate. Please call anil ezamiue for yourtelres, at JKKvis'8 Cheap Engraving and Pr.nting Establishment, No. 294 Broadway, and 8. E. corner of Greenwich and Courtlandt sta GRTT11Nl) spices and coffee At THE HOPE MILLS, ItMsrketfield street, between Broad sod Whitehall, Iste 267 Elisabeth street, New York. Office IM Frontal. Constantly on hand, at the lowest market prices, and in the usual vartery of packages. t27 2a>*m MISCELLANEOUS^"^ TO THE AMATEURS OF THE ACCORDION! SIGNOR L. MARTINI ben to inform the pobltf that he has just published hie Aecordiou instruction, which is divided in two parts?the first for the Accordiom wilheot scmitouvs?ithe aecuud for those with seini-lones, both of which i Ar? amply furnished with selected music, and exercises pro grrssiiely written, in ordertnat the amateur can easily have entire command over the instrument. SIGNOR MARTINI belt! also to state that he has a large collection of MSB. music (or the Accerdiop, which he intends to publish shortly, and he arranges lor that instrument any sort ol music he should be required. The Signor will be thankful to all those who will favor him at his resideuee,90 Canal street, where he continues to give his lessons. aulS tm*r NE W L Y INE N TI : IJ T R ANSPt >SING PIANO - FORTES NO. 343 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. THE subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the J- public in ceueral, they have just finished a newly invented ' instrument called the Transposing Piano Forte, which they now introduce to the musical community. This Instrument forms a beautiful, rich aud new exterior, boll! III shape and neatuesa, bes'dea a tone full, brilliant, and melodious. The great advantage derived from this Dew inveu < tion, is that music may be transposed into any key desired to ! suit the vocal tats, or for an accompaniment of auy other instrument, and therefore worthy the attention of the amateur as well AS the ariist. A large assortment of Tsblet Piano Fortes, rosewood sud mahogany, 6 and 6% octave*, with French grand action, are also constantly kept on h nd, all of which we respectfully tub rmt to professors, amateurs, and the trade in general, at our wars-rooms and manufactory, as above. N. B ?Piano Fortes tuned and repaired on the shortest no tice. LINDELL, WENNER8TROM It CO. ?29 lm*c No. 343 Broadway. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, D removed from 146 Broadway to No. T Aator House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most decant and Kashieuable kind ft a saving of 60 per cent for cash. "PHE advertiser d? tns it unnecessary to resort tj the heckt neyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presenting that the length of time he has ,been established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on turn, will prove a sum eieiit voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage si being connected with an exteusive cloth establishment in Europe he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, ou com vupn, will be found lower than any cither house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. 103a 8. PHILLIPS, T AstorHouse,Broadway ARTIST IN HAIR, MANUFACTURED FROM LADIES' AND OKNTLBMEN'8 HAIR. NOT less than two inches long, in one hundred different designs?Necklaces, Bracelets, Watch guards, Ear-rings, Flowers, Rings, Wigs and Scalps. A. C. BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS Still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light, gossamer, aud ventilating character, thetx being shaped exactly as the natural hair grows; their e'attiofty and their superior material and workmanship, U well as their style ol finish and arairaiigmiieut, all combine to form such |>erfect heads of hair, that they must be seen to be fully appreciated. Parties having a piece of hair of a living or deceased friend, can get it formed by; nim into any design the mindcau conceive. In such a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. Gratuitous advice given on all diseases connected with the hair, at the Hair Catting Rnoms. 146 BROADWAY, cor of Liberty street, jy!2 6m" Up Stairs. TOHO!!! KIJNbr S VJ?KD?iiNA UJvftAM.. rPHIS Celebrated Sharing Compound ia now all the rage, at L well among tonaorian nrofeaaora, aa among those who prefer te gatherin tneir own diurnri crops. The improvement recently made ill ita manufacture placea the Verbena Cream above competition. The aubacriber having purchased the copy right, presents it to the public with an elegant new label, and guarantees that lor , ease in shaving it cau be equalled only by a Wall street broker, the Cream possessing the advautage of giving batter satisfaction to the party by the operation, and this speaking from experience. To prevent imposition by the spurious articles now in the market, tue directions for use will have the written signature of the pioprietor, none other being genuine. For sale wholeiale and retail at 100 Nassau st, H. SINCLAIR, Proprietor. N. D ?Also for sale, Ring's Elixir of Life, Nelson's Kv tract of Sarsapaiilla, Dr. Bro wder's Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip, Ike. ol lm*tn STEAM ENGINE.?For sale cheap, a lorty horse power steam engine. The cylinder is one foot diameter and six feet stroke, with governor, force pump, and fixtures complete; lly wheel fourteeu feet diameter and weighs four and a half tons, with shaft ten leet long, one pinion. Also one spur wheel, three feet diameter. The work is got up in a neat, substantial and workmanlike manner, and adapted to tlia use of steam ex pansively. For further particulars inquire of G. C. HISCOX, No. :I8 Ann street, N. V., office 2d story, a!7 lm*r j CR ACKERS.?Parrt cheap Cracker Bakery, 73 Mott street, i near Walker street.?Constantly on hand, Soda, Milk and Wine Biscuit; machine and hand made Butter, Sugar and Bos- | ton Crackers, Ac.; Pilot and Navy Bread, all at low prices. I Shipping aud country ordeis put up in barrels, kegs aud box- | es. A liberal discount allowed, and delivered cattage free. j N. B.?Passengers to Earope or NewOrleani supplied cheap. | s28 lin* I PORTABLE BLACKSMITH'S FORGES.?The ?uD- . f scribers, being the aole Agents for the Maunfactnrera of i Concklin's Patent Portable Forge aud Bellows, beg leave to i call the attention of tlie public to the above article. That they j have beeu called (or and introduced in nearly all parti of the Uuited States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of their I utility and convenience; being portable and compact, gives them far the preference over the common Forge for Shipping I of every description, Rail Roads, Canals, Plantations, Mann factories and all purposes for which the ordinary Forge is usedL Those manufactured for the U. S. Navy are Wrought We would refer those wishing to purchase to some few who can recommend them from personal as well as general knowledge, vit uouunoaore oraue, navy xara, rortimoutn, in. it.; ituuti. Carr, Keim & Haines, Pniladelphia. Han. Governier Kcmble, Wc?l Poiut Foundry, Gold Spring, N. V. Mr??r?. 8. B. Allhause k Co. 443 Broadway, N. Y., and our city blacksmiths generally. GAY fc TEBAULT, >21 3m"rc corner ol' Old >hi> and Water it. MONUMENTS. fcC. pOBERT E. LAUNITE, (late Krazee k Launitz) Sculptor TV aiid Artificer in Marble, No. 391 Biuadway, New York. Siatues, Monuments, Busts, Kountaint, Tombi, Head Stonea, Vasei, kc., executed of the finest American and Italian Marblts, in a eh uite and claaiir style. N. B. Croten water hiring heen introduced into the city, Mr. L. will be pleased to ezecnte all orders for erecting fountains for grullemen in their gardens, as he has had many years eilierience in Italy and this country. The best of city reference given. All orders by letters, giving New York city references, atteuded to with punctuality aud despatch. s37 lm* m READ THE FOLLOWING CERTIFICATE FROM THE REV. MR. HAWLEY. New Yobk, Sept. 3, 1842. GrhTLF.MEir :? About two yeara ago, I furnished yon with a certificate respecting the virtues of your Ho.srhound Candy, and the benefits I had rxpciienced rom it while perfi rming the duties of my calling. I deem it right and proper that at this time I should renew my opinions in its favor, because recent use has increased my knowledge ol its value. At the camp meeting held at Sing Sing, commencing on the 2>th of Angust last, and ending on the 2d September, 1 exerted myself much in tne cause of my Master, and consequently my voice became hoarse and incapable ofits usual force. I had two engagements the ensuinr Sabbath to preach, and found it I ecessarv if I expected to fulfill take some remedy to renovate my voice aud soothe ray lungs. On Satur- ' day, being supplied Nvilh a package of your candy, its nse enabled me to preach as I engaged without the least hoarseness or pain. I consider your candy a necessary article for every clergyman to keep in his pnssession, as the nse of it keens the voice clear in its tones, and free from that huskiness and tickling of i the throat, which so of.en mars the delivery of the preacher. For all complaints of the lungs it is Invaluable, as my previous certificate mentioned ; and,] feel confident that its early nse would save many from the grave who finally fall victims to consumption. Yours truly W. C. HAWLEY, 70 Crosby street. Chaplain at the City Hospital. Messrs. J. Pkask k Son, 43 Division street. Agents?110 Broadway and 86 William street. THE UNDERSIGNED htve nsed J. Pease k Bon's Compound Extract of Hoarhonnd Candy, and freely recommend it to those afflicted with Conghs, Colds, Hoarseness, and Consumptive complaints, ss an excellent remedy in these cases, and for the use of the voice professionally, nothing can equal it. We recommend it to our brethren throughout the Union. ...? _ Reverend J. Lindsey, rect nt pastor of M. E. Church, Second street. ; Reverend J. Cramford, pastor of the second M. E. Church, J Hudson. Reverend Mr. Lncky, presiding elder, New York Conference. Reverend Mr. Whitaker, pastor of Presbyterian Church, corner Madison and Catherine. Reverend Mr. Giffen, pastor of M. E. Church, Bedford st. Reverend Mr. H irt, recent pastor of Baptist Church, Gold street. Reverend Mr. Gibbs, 111 Third Avenue. Teverend Mr. Berry, pastor ofWesleyan Methodist Chnrch, corner Grand and Clinton sts. Reverend Mr. Lyon*, pastor of the German Mission Church. Elder Knanp, and Rev. Mr. Maffitt. One would think th? ahore recommendation* were sufficient 1 to sell a ton of Pease's Hoarhound Candy a day, in this city alone, when the proprietors can obtain certificate* from minis ters of the Gospel ! men of snch nublemithed reputation, that whoso would not believe them neith-r would he believe though one shonld rise from the dead. The virtues of Pease's < Hoarhound Candy, then, may be considured proved, as far as anvthing can be proved, by human testimony. F. B. All letters post paid, directed to J. PEASE It SON, U 1 Division street, will be punctually attended to. Country merchantman obtain Pease's Hoarhound Candy, at the manufacturers' lowest prices, by sending an order to , any merchant in the city with wh im thcv hsve dealings. I J. TEASE k SON, 45 Division st. < Agents' n the City? Rmhtou St Aspinwall, 10 Astor House, J HO Broadway, and 86 William street ; Elton, 98 Nassau st ; : Kiested, 529 Broadway ; Brigham, cor. Houston and Avenue > D : Hart, cor. Norfolk and Giand st ; Bate son, cor. Park Row ! and Ann st ; Cotton, 261 Bleecker st ; Msrtine, cor. 21st street and Ninth Avenue; Pastor. 165 Greenwich st ; I) iggs, 681 i Broadway; Kerr, 74* Broidway; Moss, 506 and 508 Grand st i Agents in the Country ?Zieber, 87 Dock street, co.. Third, t Philadelphia ; Redding, 8 Slate st, Boston ; Weed It Waters, Troy ; Batter,57 State st. Albany ; Robinson. Ill Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md; Haldeman, Louisville. Ky ; Watson, Memphis, Tenn ; and Hays, IJ9 Fulton st, Brooklyn. o51mi DUSHTON It ASPINWALL, 86 street, 110 Broad- . a* way, and 10 Astor House, offer for sale, a full assortment of . Drugs and Medicines, of superior qui.lity, and put up in the best , manlier. Also Medicine Chests lor ships, families,and planta- ' lions , Jeffrey's Respirators?A new and valuable itMtrnment for !' equalizing the temperature of the air, when inhaled into the ' lungs, and enabling invalids, and persons with weak lungs, by ' wearing them, to go abroad in all weathers. Price $6, *ud upwards. * Hair Glove and Strap Renovators, a substitute for, and much "Uperior to, the common flesh brush, with ample directions for t ate. , Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, prepared by R. It j K. in the best manner, and highly approved in the United , States service, and by thetnblic generally. s80 tw*r MUFFS ? Vf UFK8 It FUR TRIMMINGS.?The uademgned would t rail the attention of the ladies of New York and the ptiblic 1 renerally, to hi? large assortment of Muffs, consisting orivni, ) tone, martin, Siberian sqviirrel, Fitch, He net and Cjwsy Muffs. t K ?o, a large assortment of Furs and Swanedowu Trimming*, ke. lie. lie., which is offered for sale at the l07r*I*?4lV{1pr1cc#' o >y ISAAC H. ARCHICK, ] Nos. 204 and 20rt Greenwich street. ^ Repairing of all kinds done on reasonable terms. >ff lm*r n FRENCH LANGUAGE.?M. DELAVALLE ha. remov- o I- ed from Keade street to JtJ Broadway, opposite the Park.- " live, notice to his scholar* and to gentlemen who desire to l> earn the French language,, thsi he will re-open on Monday, n 'our classes for gentlemen in the day, and two day classes in n he evening. Classes for ladies from 4 to half past 5 in the aferaoon. lmr * MISCELLANEOUS. Tie Antt-An<rmlar KjriUm ?T WrtUaft. GREAT REDUCTION. mok tvilti to iii dolltuj MR. BRI8TOW of Loudon, retiwctfullv inlormt the !. diet and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that hit < I ?>et Day and Eremite, hare commenced Jor Ike ten ton, and that he hat unvcto tut Tnnu one hair,?to Six Dollart t AiiDitr No. *15 Bbodaway, net* Pake Place. Gentlemen of all agct ate poailitely taught in twelve lettont, ? bold, fret, expeditious and fiuiahrd buamett-likr tlyle ol wntmg. no matter how had, illegible itllf. or cramjxdthe wruing may be. gee inrcimrni at the door, 235 Broadway. . . .. , And thi Ladiei a neat and handsome, delicate and faahionable Running Hano i>-? Ij* awta l v a Easy Lcatotrt ! . ? Y]"J9M in New York can take a ceurme in Three JJ*j|y s?Mt. B. it to be teen from v to 1 A. M., or from 4 to I Evening Claatet from 7 to ?. _ , , Book-Reefing -.ZAilr hY d?ttbl4 "?? tingle entry. 1 I \ I ?\ 7 1 C 1 C 1 STENOGRAPHY. A new tyitem ol the Art of Writing Short-hand, for taking down Lectures. Sermout, Trialt at Law, Sic ?tc., taught nerrectly hy Mr. Brutow in one course of lettont! at 235 Broadway . See a specimen. N. B.?A work of the author it presented to every pupil for their permanent guide. at lm*re THE NEW YORK XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS, M MAIDtN LAST., UP STAIRS. IN THE EXTENT of the vaiieties io this department the proprietor may safely challenge competition with any other establishment in the world, and has nnuer his own immediate superintendence the most skilful workmen, and all the requisite materials for executing every description o( Xylograpluc Engraving and Printing. Original Designs and Plates ofeserv description executed in the first sty.e orthe art, and beautifully printed in Bronze or Fancy Colors. Druggists, Perfumers, Manufacturers, Oroceis and other Labels, constantly ou hand, wholesale or retail, and all articles connected with the trade. Job Printing in ererv variety of style executed! n the best manner to order, and on the most reasonable terms. STEEL PLA'fE AND COPPERPLATE ENGRAVING AND PRINTING Notes. Checks, Dralts. Bills of Exchange, Certificates of Stock, do Deposite, Blanks or professional, wedJaug and venting Cards, neatly engraved and printed, at si,nil notice, and on the most reasonable terms. The lowest possible price is char ged for all work doue at this establishment. All orders from the country punctually attended to, and articles ordered, forwarded to any part of the Limed Slates, or I lie Cauadas. alt lro?r CHA8. SHIELDS, Prorrietor. ARTIST IN HAJR, MaisvracTtracD mom LADIES' AND GKNTLENEN'S HAIR. IN five hundred different designs, necklaces, bracelets, watcb guards, ear-rings, tlowers, rings, wigs, sca!|?, kc. lie. Ladie nr gentlemen having hair of a living or deceased friend, can ge, it formed by Inm into any design the minii can conceive?il such a form il will be a keepsake invaluable. A. C. BARRY, 146 Broadway, cor of Liberty street, up stairs. N. B.?Individuals resident iu the country or living at an inconvenient distance from the city, can have all such orders promptly executed, by forwardiug through the medium of the !>ost office the hair to be fashioned, with a drawn and specified design of the workmanship, and enclosing from five to twenty do lata, according to which sum the superiority of manufacture and style of mounting in gold will depend. All such communications to he i>oat |?id. A C. B. ol lm*r FIFTY CENTS l'EIl BOTTLE. BY LETTERS PATENT OF THE UNITED 8TATES. THE TRICOPHEROUS, OR MEDICATED COMPOUND, FOR THE HUMAN HAIR. IS willi confidence recommended to all whose hair is becoming thin from disease, scutf, and dandruff. The surest remedy to prevent BALDNESS AND GREY HAIR. The most lieallhy dressing that can possibly be applied to the head; rendering the hair soft and glossy, ana freeing the scalp from all humors and irritations, removing every particle of scurf and dandruff, and disposing the hair to enri. lis frequent use wii preserve the hair in health and beauty to the latest period of life. For infant heads it is invaluable. To be had only at the Hair Catting Rooms, 146 Broadway, cornei of Liberty it, op stain, or of the appointed agents. _ s30 lm*rc LONDON & MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. 8 Wall atreet. The " subscriber hu rccrived anil offers for sale a Urge assortment of imiKirted India Rubber Water Proof Goods, viz: Coats auu Capes, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, Merino and Cotton, of all colors and sizes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Prool, super Lama, Lama Pep sian and Cotton, pre|>ared for t ilors. India Rubber Webbings for suspenders, corsets, lie. s28 6in*r CHAS. ABKAHAMSON. A NEW & IMPORTANT INVENTION FOR THE LADIES. 1VTR8. LOVE, Corset Maker, No. 68 Lispenard street, ret'J spectfully informs ths ladies of New York and its vicinities, that she has invented a new article for the preservation of the health and strength during pregnaucv. This Abdominal 8upi>orter is perfect in its application, actios as a support, and preventing all strain upon the muscles, and the consequent fa tigue and eihaustion of the whole svstem. It will preserve the form in all its youthful symmetry Nothing that has ever been invented offers so many advantages as Joes this Abdominal Supporter for invigoratiug the system against every accident attending gestation. Mrs. L. has secured a patent. She begs to refer to the follow ing eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty:?Br. Francis, Br. Pond, Dr. McDonald, Professor Gillman. M D. Professor Parker, M D, A. C. Castle, M D, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Moore, J. W. Francis, M D, J. O. Pond. MD, J..W. Moore, M. D, J. Neilson, M D. Country merchants and dealers supplied wholesale with Corlets. Belts, and braces, on advantageous terms. s6 Imjr STOVES! STOVES!! BACKUS' PATENT RARE FIE R, OR FRUGAL HOUSEWARMER. rPlE Proprietor, in offering this valuable stove le the public, -a would briefly stale some of the advantages of ,heir improve ment. which consist chiefly in the following particulars, viz:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- 5? To be capable of affordpure a:.d noxious gas in the ing a mild or an intense heat, burning of anthracite coal. fr?To avoid all incovenience 2?To generate and diffuse from dust. a warm and wholesome at- 7?To preserve the air of the mosphere in places exposed to apartment pure and wholedamp and cold. some. 3?To lesson the risk of acci- I?And to unite with all 1 nt by fire. tkose excellent qualities, an ' ?To be quickly kindled elegant and durable article of inceasily managed. furniture. i his Stove is constructed of the best quality of Russia sheet not., upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or fire-chamber >cc ipying a part of the centre cvlinder, to which is attached an itm-. -pheric Karefier upon each side, of a tubular form, and ined throughout. The heat that is created in the chamber ^assei between the linings of the two rarefiera (or radiators as hey sie called] into the base at the bottom, and a current of air :ontinually rushing through the tubes, which are left open at each end for that purpose, carries a great amount of rarefied or warm air into the apartment. The purity and aoftness of the air in a room heated by thia itove are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from t great eztenl of aurfcee moderately heated. The heated air, JU UICIIHC MMi nim? VI W? Mis MMs,uc*truua uiu ?|'irni? >Ter the entire tmrface of the base at the bottom, keeping the tolder portion of the air neit the floor in constant circulation? n the meantime preserving it entirely from contamination, rendering this Store i>erfectly safe and agreeable for apartments of invalids, sleeping rooms, he. Manufactured by jTSt E. BACKUS, 54 Bowery, N. V. N. B. A new article of air tight stores, with rariners ; also the new kitchen companion coolt store, warranted equal to any in uae in this city. i2T 1 m m NOTT'S STOVES REPAIR* J y RICHARD AYLIFFE, established nine Iv ytarsal 86 I ttham street, New York. R A. has Nolt's md other Store .which he can sell at a very reduced price. Stores ami pipe put up at the shortest notice. N. B.?Pile constantly on hand. t27 lm*r NEW STOVE. SHEPARD'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. T'HE subscribers offer this day to the public, the office and parlorsiae of this new and splendid patent store. We ask ill in want of stores to call and examine it. It is by far, the most efficient and economical store offered for a number of rears, aud has the approval of all who hare seen it, and bids air to take the lead of all others. Larger tizss will be in radiness in the coarse af a few days. In the mean lime, the iriniciple of the store, can be seen fully developed in the sixe :ihihited. SHEPAKD It CO. Nott's Store Warehouse, No 212 Witer street N. B.?A splendid assortment of Nott's Radiator Store, the inly stove in the market suitable for winning dwellings, ihurches, hotels, public buildings, kc. A two story honse can re warmed with three tons of coal, less than one grate will tonsnme. Drums for parlors and halls, in style and variety unequalled u the city. Also the best wood cook store ever offered. s29 lm'ec PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS. IXfARRANTED to keep any length of time in any climate, r vixi lobsters, halibnt, shad, salmon, oyiters, and clanu, ?ref, mutton, real, dock, chicken, 'nrkey, beef soup, mutton, chicken soup, sx tail soup, mock and green turtle soup, regetable soup, green peas, mushrooms, carrels, turnips, pirimps, tomatoes, milk, lie. ho., manufactured and sold wholemleby WILLIAM MULLANE, 07 lm*m 8J>j Nassau st DEAFNESS. INVISIBLE VOICE CONDUCTOR. T*HKSK internment, are to be obtained at K. HIM PBON'8, 1 t, Astor Home. Of a peculiarly iimple construction, they nerely require to be placed in the cavity of the ear to (ire ia?nediite relief to this diaacreeable malady. Tenon*, non-residents of New Tork city, on the remittance of J dollar*. can have a pair forwarded by post, or if desired i single one for $2 M. N.B.?Afent for the sale of SIMPSON'S EAR CORSETS. ,4 lm*re dr. feuchtwanger's fkFFlCE, No. I Wall street corner Broadway.?Manufkcturer of German Silver in sheet,and fkultless castinf*,of An ne ortis, Muriatic, Nitric and Pyrol igneous Acids ; of 1 in Ho'oions, extract Logwood, Labarragui* Chloride of Soda, or Lnlat Caustic. Prnssic Acid; Liver of Sulpher. Iodides of Iron, _,ead and Mercury, Dagnerrotype.Cheioicals.Llher, Ammonia, Jranvilley Lotion, Chloride of Gold, Phosphate of Soda.Kr. Infallible Poisons for Bedbugs, Fleas, Fly Paper,Cockroaches lata. Moths, Caterpillars, moecnetoes; the compound chemical Vhale Oil. Soap and Seed Protector ; Platina, Palladrme, foldfoil and Bronse.genuinu Harlem Oil, imported. "medical notice. ill ad in Distress?a popular inquiry into the concealed causes hat destroy the physical energy and the abil ity of manhood, rich ohaervations on the baneful enects of solitary iuumgrnce, ocal or conetitntional weakneas, nervoua irritation, cociump ion, and on the pnrtial or total extinction of the reproductive awers. The Doctor is also author of a new treatise which is , xclusively written for the sensitive female, who, while she hrinks abashed at the idea of revealing her sufferings, may nd in its pages a confidential and capable adriter Dr. F. coutiimei to direct his attention to the entire eradicaion of gonorrmga, gleet*, strictures, nocturnal emissions, ynhilis in its worst forms, nervous irritation, constitutional lebility, and all diseases brouglu on by soliUry habiu. Fenale diseases treated scientifically. Office 196 Fuiton street. 22 Jm*_r physiological. MYSTERIES AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, J* Courtship and Marriage?an infallible Gnide-Book for Carried and Single Person* ,in matters of the utmost imporanre to t^e Hainan Race- By Eugine Brcklard, M. D. Among the things duvy considered in this work are matters f serious importance to single and young married personaLite catises ?f, and curt for Sterility?The art of Beauty and i 'ourtahip?The danger of solitary practices, and how the habit ( f?ay he removed?The causea of Love and Jealousy, with a i rmedy for eradicating from the system the seeds of a opelesa r an unhappy passion?Offspring, including modes for the pro- i itiation or prevention thereof?Testa for knowing the ***<* of i nborn children?Intermarriage^-Persona who <mgnt and ought i ot to marry?The moat auspicious seaaon for wedlock , fcc. Trica 71 cent*. For tale at 125 Fulton ilruat. and tMBroadrny, ** > *' TAILORING. MARTIN'S Cm* Tailoring (establishment, .. . "r,U'amt Str?'. Comtr of Jhtn Strtel, T8I decidedly ths cheaiie.t id ths eitv. There is slwaye oa J'*? * ?f u ' seasonable goods, purchased for caah, which will be made up lo order in the style of make, lit, trimming. fcr., that has given such general satisfaciios during the last four years, and at a positive earing of 30 per eeut Gentli >cnare requested to call aud etainioe. Those who furnish ti.virown goods, can hare them MADE AND TRIMMED. Drees Coats, made and trimmed, .$7 oo to Is 50 Frock Coals, do do I 00 to 9 50 Pants and Vests, 1 75 to 2 oo Over Coats, ; 9 00 to 11 00 RTerms?Cash on delivery. sis lm* c _ .MICHAEL E. MARTIN. NEW CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, NO 93 CHURCH ST. (BETWEEN READE AND 1 CHAMBERS STREETS. -s-d GENTLEMEN fumish-ng their own goods can hare them nade up in the most lashii.nable French style, cheaper than ever offered before iu this city. Overcoats made and trimmed $3 50 Frock co ils " " " 7 50 Dress coats " " 1 _ OO Vest and Pants $1 50 to 1 75 a?ueiu lhe^jBSuSi. WYANT. ONE PRICE STORE. INHERE IS NO IMPOSITION practiced at this store by -* asking d >uble the price an ar .icfc is worth, neither anv interruption on the side walk. No insult offered if yon don't pu'ehase. Any person wishing to make a purchase can rely on being furnished with clothing at the following pricca : Coats SI a It Cloth Jackets 3 a 5 Cloth Pants 3 a 4 50 Sattinelt Pants I 50 a 2 50 JACOB COGSWELL, o4 lm*r 113% Chatham atreet, neat Roaevell si, N' Y. SHIRTS. OHIRTS made after ihe latest and most approved French J jutieais. Coats, i autaloous, vests, and all under garments, made to order at short notice and in the most fashionable style. Gentlemen's b urnishing Store, 67 and 69 Maiden Lane, New York. '? 3"??r WM. COLLINS. Q HI RT 8.?United States Shirt Manufactory, 77 William st, L7 corner of Liberty, New York. Notice is hereby given to merchants and traders in general, that the proprietor of the above establishment has adopted a new method of a.snufacturiug, which enables him to sell his shirts at a cheaper rale than any other housein the city. This sUtemeut will beafllimed by the lut oi pi ices, as follows b in? Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, per dbv, J7 50 Do, stitched in the Bosom and Collars, per dos, 9 00 Do, colored, new patterns, large sizes, per doz, 7 00 Also, a large sfcaatity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which wilFbe offered cheap for cash. s9 lm*r T~AfEJ8T FA8HT<5N9 I-PARI8IAN DEPOT.?MRS. fi VANDERPOEL, No. &S7H Broadway, haviug completed her arrangements for receiving the earliest fashions, offers her services to ladies of taste, who are desirous of economising in I articles of dress. I Muslin Dresses made in gen' .el style, $2 00 1 Silk " " T' " 3 00 Every article of dress now in vogue, may be had at the low est remunerating prices, and she flatters herself that she can snit the tastes of the most fastidious, satisfied that those who may favor her with a call, will come again. slO lm*r MEDICINESr CERTAIN CURE FOR DEAFNESS. TVT ON9. MALL AN?Sound Magnifiers?Invisible Voice L'-l Conductors.?To enable persons instantly, at .n'advanccd age, and of forty and fifty years standing, of rztreme deafness, and of those who are only slightly dull of hearing, to join in general conversation, and te catch the sound of a distant low speaker at a public assembly They arc the size of a very small uoiu seven sinning piece : anu wneu in mecaviiyoi uie curt, they are not in the least perceptible, nor more uncomfor table than having a small piece of tine wool in its place. And although they are so extremely small, yet they enable those af flicled with extreme deafness to hear, in every respect, equal to those of moat acute hearing. To be had of Mons. MALL AN It SON, Surgeon Dentists, Sole Agents for the patentee, No. 2 Park Place, one door from Broadway. The above invention has been in use in Europe for some years and is strongly recommended, being one of the greatest discoveries 01 the age. Perseus, non-residents of New York city, on the remittance of $10, can have a pair forwarded by post. s28 lm*r LUCINA CORDIAL. TV/fAGNIN'S LUCINA CORDIAL, for the sure and speedy dvJ. cure of incipient consumption, barrenness, impoteocy, lucorlise or whites, gleet, obstructed, dificult or painful menstruation, incontinence of urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and for the general prostntion of the system, no matter whether the result of inherent causes,or of causes produced bv irregularity, illness, or accident The wide-spread celebrity of this wouderful and inestimable cordial in both hemisi teres is a sufficient nmrantee lor its quick and positive success in curing all the above affections and complaints. Nothing can be more surprising than its invi Korating effects onthe nnman frame. Perseus all weakness and issituae before taking it, at once become robust and full of euery under its inlluece. It immediately counteracts the ncrvelrssnest or looseness of the fenfcle frame, which is the only cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. Magniu's discovery was considered to be iucurable. And it speedily removes the imiiediments produced by physical prostration, which fre quently deter men from getting married. Language, indeed, vannot do justice to the merits of the Lucina Cordial, which is regarded by the heads of the faculty in all parts of the world as one of the most important msdical discoveries of any age. l'rice $3 per bottle. Sold at 92 Nassau street, and No. 90 North Sixth treet, Philadelphia. s28 11u*r VALIER'S FRENCH PILLS. ANE box of these inestimable Pills are'worth all the Quick vy Medicines in the world, for the cure of a certain disease. Cosuseivt.?If we examine the nature of the above disease and the situation of the puts affected, we must consider it a very important object to be able to obtain a remedy at once cer* lain in its action, and at the same time composed of such ingredients as will prevent the possibility of discovery while using it. It is a fact well known to mauy, that most ol the remedies offered for these diseases are complied of such nauseous drugs, as to render it almost impossible to continue their use without creating a sickness at the stomach or other unpieasant consequences. Such being the case, there can be no doubi but such a remedy as VALIEK'S FRENCH PILLS will meet tire universal approbation, being entirely free from those objections, pleasant in their operaiion and prompt in removing the dis< ase. I'he proprietor would here remark, lint the efficacy of these Pills in the disorders alluded to, are no tbased upon supposition; on the coutrary. it is founded upon rational experience, having used them in a successful practice for upwards often years he feels confident of theirsnperiority over the remedies hitherto employed. Sold at No. 92 Nassau street, 4M Broadway, and 90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia, Price $1 per box. s34 lm*r MAflAMI? BT7?rTT3,l i liyililllj IViJkf J. XJl? JLJm 17EMALE PHYSICIAN. Office and residence, let Green " wicb street, between Conrtlsudt nil Liberty streets, where she can be consulted with the sutictesi confidence on com, plaints incident to the female frame. Madame Restell's experience and knowledge in the treatment of obstinate cases of female irregularity, stoppage, suppression, lie., is such as to require but a few days to effect a perfect cure. Ladies desiring proper medical attendance during confinement or other indisposition, will be accommodated during each time, with private and respectable board. " Preventive Powders," for married ladies, whose de licate or precarious health lorbids a too rapid increase of family, will be sent by mail to any part of the United States. Price $S a package. All Letters (post paid) addressed to ' box 868, New York. Boston Office, No.7 Essex street." N. B.?Madame RKSTELL would inform ladies residing out of the city, whose health would not admit of travelling,that she would devope her personal attendance upon them in any part of the United States within reasonable distance, si ltn*r FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. /"tWING to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable success of " Madame Restell's Female Monthly Pills in all cases of irregularity, suppsession, or steppage of those functions of nature upon whicn the heslth or every female de|>ends, since t eir .ntroduction into (h>- United States, now about four yean, counteileits and imitations are constantly attempted to be palmed off for the genuine. Cheep common pills a e purchased at twelve cents a box, put up in different boxes, and called? "Female Monthly rills." with the object of selling them, if possible, at one or two dollars a box. Females are therefeie cautioned against these attempts to impose qpon them. It is sufficient here to state that all Female Monthly Pills are counterfeits, except those sold at Madame Hestrll's Principal Office, 148 Greenwich street, New York and 7 Kssex street, Boston. Price $1. Madame Restell's signature is written on the cever of each box. N. B.?They can be used by married or single, by following the directions enclosed inside of each box. Bold also by ap pointment at 284 Grand street, corner of Allen, New York. _sl lm*r TO MARRIED LADIES. IV/fADAME RF.BTELL'B PREVENTIVE POWDERS. iVJ? These invaluable Powders have beennniverMlly adopted in Europe, but France in particular, for upwards of thirty years, aa well aa by thousandsin this country, as being the only mud, safe, and efficacious remedy for married ladie% whose health forbids a too rapid increase of fhmily ... ? Madame Retell, as is well know n, was for thirty yews Fe male Physician in the two principal Female Hospitals in Europe?those ofViennt and Pans?where favorvc f, her great experience and opportunities, she attained mat celebrity in those great discoveries in medical science so specialty adapted to the female frame, for which her medicines now stand nun vailed, as well in this country as in Europe. Her acquaintance with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and ill health of married feme lee. scarce IB the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and often apparently inexplicable tauses which consign many a fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to arrive at knowledge of the primary causes of female indispositions?especially of married femsJei?which, in 1808, led to the discovery o her celebrated " Preventive Powders." Their adoption Has been the means of preserving not only the health, out even the life of many an affectionate wife and fond mother. ..... The advertiser feeling the importance of this subject, and as limating the vast benelits resulting to thousands by (heir adoption, would most respectfully arouse -le attention of the mar tied, by all that they hold near and dear, to thi ir consideration. P ifc w???: _i fTin iu wuran wc arr nuir ~? ject, by simple and health j means within our control. Erery diSMMKXiate, virtaons, and enlightened mind will unhetitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price fire dollars a package, accompanied with fall and particular directions. Tiwjr can be forwarded by mail te any part of the United Stares. All letters mast be post paid, and addressed to MADAME HKSrkLL. r cmale Physiciau. Principal office, MS Greenwich yreet, New York. Office Honrs from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.M. po*ton office No. 7 Esse* st. il lm*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. M. DE BOUDELOQu" *MD D*,"*SBON , PORTUGAL rPHK Scientific combination of ingredients of which ihea, A rills are composed, hare made them the wonder and admi ration of the world. They are known all over Europe to be the only preparation ever discovered that haa prored aivarisbly certain in producing the monthly tnrna. Their certainty, in all easea, being aneh that thev muat not be aaed durmg pregnancy far though alwaya mild, safe, and healthy, they are certain to produce miicamage if naed daring that period. The directions are translated into English and are enteloped ronnd wigh (he seal of the importer, stamped. Each box can tains the signature of M. de Boudelociue, and the EntJuh di rectiona have the signature of Dr. F.MELVEAU, authoriaed went fer the continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United States. Letters directed to Dr. F. Meltean, box 24, New Fork, will meet with immediate attention. All letteiy must be poet paid. Sold by appoint mem at 120 Cherry, near Catharine street. Price ti. Half boxes tl. No halt boxes sent by mail ?1 Hn*r d?w PUBLISHED DAILY BY JAP1K8 UUHDON BKANK TT, N. W. CORNER, FULTON AND NASSAU STREETS. Tni N*w Ynax Haaai.o-A daily paper, issued every moriMiig of the week?price twocenti percepy. ?/Oiiniry mb Kribem furnished at the same rate, for any specific p. no J, on remittance in advance. No pager sent, ui less paid in advance. The Wixilt Heaai-ir-lesued every Saturday mornm* at iilni- o'clock?price rrrr and a ijyarttr centi per copy? lurmshed to country subscribers at M,2S.Per annum, in advance, or at Uit una rate for any specified period. CoauuirowDaiSTs are laoueeted to tddrfu ihcir letters U limi OwM* ItssxTT, Pwwietoi and MiwwsdilUi *ms au basxnesa maai be gaax easd

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