Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1842 Page 3
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The Hit |*f Cent Wstsr Stocks, issued for one, lw? and three ye in, were mid at par produring the uett sum of 916,112 The Sevru |>ei oral Water,, i??ui ,| for J, 10 tunl 16 ITNII, we subscribed fo, at par, pioducing the lu U uni of XMM.UCO _ Tout produce ol the Water Stocks, 10, inhere hu e been ether receipts into the W , ler Fond aa follows:? For rent of l?nJv 31,169 For ??'e of old piper, ?[6tHI _ , , . , $6,116 r rout which II (o be deducted, how e*?r, the antouut [ui<l lor nerie to pay interest on the Wattrl-oin during the batrki' su>peuaion, 2,111 2,993 111,634,147 [Corres(ioiKlriice of the Herald.} New Oat-tcaist, Oct. 0. 1012. fci t Hf Since my lact, three days ago, we have been favored with fine weather for out-door o|>eration?. The sale* of cotton amount to 3,300 bales, and the market cloaed laat evening, dull at a decline ol } C; making a declineof lully a cent per pound, aiuce lit September. Since my last the atock on ml* hat been increaaed 0,600 balea, giving ui now nay 45,600 bales on hand. Purchasera find it difficult to pay for cotton as the demand for exchange it very light, una it has mrther declined ; sterling it now at par. New York HO days, tlj to 7 per cent discount, light, 4 to 6 pr cent discount. At yet but few goods from the Noith and Europe are telling, consequently there it but little to remit, and hence the light demand for exchange. In all probability the rates will go still lower, and cotton will still fur>ti i s ilinailllssttla arrives, or demand for exchamm print;* up to sucfi an extent a* to enable purchater? to operate more favorably. Specie is what we want, and your capitalist* could not do better than lend it here to invest it in bill* ba*ed on shipments of cotton. I now ipiote cotton ordinary 5 cent*, middling to 6 cents, fair 7 cent*, good fair S to cent* The "Georgiana," from Liverpool, brought) eelerday $40,000. which is a good operation a* it is to tie invested in cotton, and the purchaser* will save about 0 per cent difference in exchange, and Ihia amount it equal to \ c. per pound ou cotton. Speculators have taken up what little sugar remained on the coasts, and it has fur ther advanced } cent, which if a full cent on the price* of 1st Septemner. They are now selling to grocers in |>arcel* of 5to 10 hhds., at 6 to 6J cent* for prime. The mock as is usual at this season is very light. In dour there has been considerable activity, the sale* in the last three days, amounting tw TiHK) bid-., which exceeds the receipts. Last sale at $3 37J, which is an advance of id) cents, and some holder, are tirm at $3 50. My impression is that on the arrival of a few thousand barrels, it will recede to $3 '35, a little extra demand having sprung up in the last three or four days for Mexico and the West Indies. Nothing haj been done in provisions worthy of note, excepting some 3000 to 4000 kegs of lard for Havana, the last accounts having represented that market as bare of the article. I quote it now at 6 to 7 cents, which is an udvance. At an auction sale yesterday, 100 shares of Gas Bank stocks ($30 paid) was ottered, hut had no bidders, and was withdrawn. The cargo of ship Hialto, from Marseills.was oflered at auction last evening. The terms of sale, specie before delivery. 50 cases roll brimstone sold at 3 cents ; 60 baskets of oil at $3 AO; 500 boxes lemons were oflered. Sale stopped at $5. and some were afterwards sold at private sale at $5 50. The sale of almonds was stopped at 4 cents. Claret and muscat wine in cases, and cnstile soap were oflered, but had no bidders. A cargo of about 3000 boxes of lemons is expected in four or five days, from Sicily. The cash duty system operates hard with the importerj of moderate means, most of whom will be obliged to sell part oi their goods at auction immediately on arrival, in order to raise funds to pay the duties with. A few days since a friend of mine received ncargi from France, on which the duties amounted to $15,000, and the freight to $3,000, making a cash payment of $ln,000, on a cargo from which he cannot realize the money in three months, unless business should improve very much. It would have been very convenient to our merchants ii Congress had established the warehousing system ; but it would appear that one object of the late Tariff bill, was to restrict commerce as much as possible, and to protect manufacturers at the expense of every other interest. Yours, LOUISIANA. Provision Market. All the markets were closed ot an early hour yesterday, in consequence of the Croton Celebration. There had been no change of the least im[>ortancedown to Thursday night: we therefore omit the table of prices this week. lirlghton Cattle Market., Oct. 10,lrtl>?At market 900 Beel cattle ; 730 Moras, 3S00 sheep, and 1560 swine. Prices. Beef Cattle?Extra at $5. First quality $1 30 a I 76; second quality, $3 75 a 4 35; third quality 3 00 a 3 50. Stores?Two year old ot $7 to $11; three year old $14 to 20. Sheep?Wo quote lots from 75 to $1 75; belter qualities from $2 to 2 76. Swine?A small advance; lots to peddle at from 2} a 2|c for tows; and 3J a 3fc for barrows. Retail from 3 to 4Jc. Harried. At Albany, N. V., on the 1st October, by the Rev. Mr. Sprague, Mr. Jambs irrino.ofTroy, (lateof Long Preston, Yorkshire, England,) to Scsa**aii, eldest daughter of Mr. Paul Clarkson, of Troy, lata of Sherwood Forrest, near Nottingham, England. Died, On Thursday evening, Oct. 12, Miltois Bostwick, in the 3;th year of his age. The friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late resi dence, 106 Washington street, Brooklyn. On the 14th inst., of consumption, Mrs. CAKOLinc, wife of E B Versjielt, aged 32 year*. The friends of the family and tlia members of Manhattan Lodge, No 20, and Mosaic Encampment, No. 6,1.O. of O F. are invited to attend the luneral from 3*3 Grand street, on Biiaday at one o'clcck. The remains will be taken to Greenwich Cumetry for interment. Liverpool?I'.irki i ship ltoscin-?Isaac Tvioo ami lady, Richard Tyson, Miss H A Tyson, Baltimore; Ret Joliu Laybum, Virgiriv; Win Birnir a d I any, Charleston; Francis S'rrlint, Jam, sCrnallau, New York; D C Robinson, Connecticut; llei John Kiiiil, Poushkeej sir; Geo Kellv, Providence; Chas Stswvit and lady, A Haworlh, Win Crnwther, Win Downing. Win Ftrgusou, Knalsn'-'?iuo in the a.eeraire Liverpool?Packet ship llouituuei?B F Kisaain, of NewYork; Tlios Cos. Isdvand servant. New Rochelle; H A Duckworth,Charleston) G-o McHe iiry, Philadelphia; Philip Mi rino, i^L-rswn, NJ; Miss Jitr Martin, Liverjiool?190 in the ateerA. ^ Lit I.uroot.?Ship Mersi y?Joseph Lowe, au< 132 in the ^ ateeiage. Kotclgn Importations. Liverpool?Ship Koscins?271) sacks salt E K Collinj k en ?(j casks D ma k sou.?2 balsa Worrell. Wood k Coates? 1 H Andrew?1 W Hvycock?1 K Irrm?I Pike k Ward?1 Young, Smith k <n?1 Jobs WFrr.stkco?I Harman, MrOowan k Hays?1 L J Wyeth?1 Tbos H d'ins?4 A Mitchell?19 Sands, F s fc co?1 Clus Potter?3 David iladilen k ae??t H Wreaks ?I WmBirnie?(W N Sevmonr k eo?I Wenman k Wyckoft ?2 Si one k co?1 W k J Morrison k -o? IS puns whiskey Baiclvy k Liviogstnu?10 pkg. Natliamel Snow?1 R Crowrhti?6 Godfrey, Pat ison k i o?2 Bions, Halsted k co?I John Wauon ?22 Bnltcrtii lh k Fisher?J Coilies, Haydock k co?1 W G Hum k co?J Stone, Swan k eo?t John Gill?I Smith, Thupfar k co?i Be hi am in k co?MOO hoses tin 99 bols sheet iron heliw, Dodge k n?21 lulls steel 26 pkga to order. Liverpool? S iip H miiigu-r?:t9i1 bars iron G B Morewoud k cs.?I page Jos Aver.zana?16 B id k G.llilau?I J Waiiou?# , J Hobinscn k co?10 Podge. Camming k c ?17 F U k 8 U?rner?> Henry Winterhottom?G Jos Connah?10 Shenn.n k co _ ?1 F Liise?21 1'hos Hill?I H irmerkco?I A k W Sries? I hlnl PavruiMiii k eo?1 P Meyer?I bale W K Harden k co? 6290 sacks salt JIM) tons coil Woodhull k Minium?100 pass to oider. Liverpool?Ship M-raey?1036 sacks salt 48K ions pig iron 288^ tolls coal Jsines He> liiirn??r cks Jonali Macy k sous?6 bis 1 bertstead Jvs Campbell?100 tuna coal to order. M A KIT I ME HERALD. To Ship niasters. We shall'o. it * lavor, if captains of vessels arriving here, \\ ill jii?t to Commodore W. A. u.issett, of oar newt tleci, a report of (lie shipping left 'X tin- |nrt whence they sailed, His Vessels spoken on their p usage, a list of their cargo, anil any foreign newapuperi they may tiaee. Commodore fiassett will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. To Coirenpondentn. Our correi|Hiorients in foreign ports are res|iectfally re<)ncstea to sr ail bv every' vessel all the marine intelligence tiiey can obUin. Nautical information of any kin.I, from auy. me re tilling at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. t'Olir OK NK.W VOllli, OCT. 13. IB*'*. sins 6 30 I Moon 229 us :?30|hiiih walta h 0 Arrived. Picket ship lion .ill, f 'llliu'. frmn Liverpool, Sept. I<>, Willi mdse, to K. K. Cmliaa tk Co. Sailed in co. with ihip Ohio, Lyons, for NTori. Paikct ship lljtringue', (New Line) Bnoley, from Liverp >al, s.-pt. tl. wi n indj.-. to Woi Jhuil It Minium Bulisli ship Me sty, Heid. ftom Lirirpo I vis Oreeno. It, 49 dais, with rail:ie, to Jas Kryburn. Bsrk 111 ninny, Mscodticu, 57 day* from flottenborg, with iron, to I eter harmony It Co. Butisii brig Chanticleer, Oroige, le days'rom Newfonudland, in halla<., to Huwlmd fc Asinnwall. Schr Ajeiandria, Lewis, from Georgetown, SC. with mrlse, | ?ffir Tn?carora, Snick, 6 daya from Hichmnnd with mdv, to All?n & I'tYson. Schr Juliette, 4 ilava from IVterahurg, with mdte to J. Hunter. ' Sehr Helen dray, Wni, 10 daya from l.uber, with plaater lo motor. Ifclow. UOnc <hip, two brnra. Marine Correaponclencc. OrricK or tiir Hiiona I<i teuri > Newport, Oct. 13, 1043. 't Art 1 Ilk, Win Brown, New Bedford lor Philadelphia; Bold (.'immar.drr, Ware ham for Jo; luduatry, New Beitlonl tor do; Elian Rodman, do for NTork; Hoacina, Taunton for NYorit; IJth, ViKilant, 1'roi nlence fordo. A light full rigged brig from up tin river, "lid a hermbru * lumber; ami aeveral - rlira ami ahxipaarr to-day?wind Nw. very atrnng, too atrong for boarding. Sid Ami A I'arker, Havana: Keeper, Baltimore; Thomaa Keaner.ard Win Brown, rtuladelph a; Joa Brown, Savannah; Cherokee, Mob.le. General llecord. Uana K?i?n SravTov, at Charleaton from Boaton, encounlered on the 7th in?r. in la' 311 J, Ion 73 l?, a violenl gale of wind from N K. during whielt rirried away main yard, loat main tomail and fori u pmad at.i; aail< Onto < novaT ?i>r. Irom (l ot in at Charleaton, on the 7th, off Cliatlratoii bti. caperiaaced a violent rale of wi d from I, by N, liiirinr which a heavy aea (truck th? bnr and hove heron her beam emU; cut away the lore and main topmaal nrrinr. when both Mpinaata went orer th: cde, carrying with tlirm the lieol of th foreman and all the urging attached. *i Hi i nre.?Comparative taleuunt of arrival*, tinman an i p laarngrra, at the port of Qnehrr, in the yeara 1141 and 1141:? _ , _ _ Veaaela. aonnage. Paaarnrera. Oct. 9,1811 1218 409,irar. 38,107 771 t 878,084 41,80'. Difference 1 11.743 11,878 Whalemen, Pern, from Pi. ific Ocean, of and for Nantncket, waa ,?*red in Vinevanl Sound lltn inat. Arr ai Holmea Hole 12th iu?l Paleetine, of and for Salem, 118 iliyafrom, with ItiO bbhi sp oil. ' ^ 1*4. Crimahaw died 1 dave out from M and Geo Coma, lal officer, died 4 daya I out, of ferer. Rtpoiti at J?otl May B.L' Baron, or Muu i<oitrR. I mm oat, clean:Oaiaandra, Ftovidence, 4l? mot oat, M hbla ap. Spoke, no dale. Ac. Tnloo. of Plymouth, 1900 bbls ap. Cat slier, of Salem. tailed from Medncesctr 2 day* previous to lie Palhiliar. , . Art at M itupoiaeli 12th mat. La Granfe, with 4J0 bbli a perm oil. At Otaheite, bo date, Roacoe, NB. 3120 ap?had lio?* out to atop a Irak. Sailed about Jun* 3, Preaident, NB. 1400 bbU, on Hea'rd fiom in March, O*o Washington, Ware-ham, 1200, fcaitla, NB. IJOO. Korcl(n Port*. Y .smooth, N8. Sept 24?Arr .Mary Ano, Churchill, and V ciiwr, Croabv. NYork. Cld Zephyr, Hickman, do. Sr Join, NB. Oct J?Arr Either Kliaa, Baltimnie; Matilda Philadelphia. CtVEUKc, Oct 9?Arr Mnpjuia of Huntley. Plymouth; Uouiia, Dublin; Pearl, London; Mil., mi, Brrmada; Mlrnwr. of Normanby. SIino, Sarah Aberdeen; 8t Lawrence, do; Dealy, Baotrv; I th. Hone well Newcastle; Helen, Siranefurd; Napanua, Dublin. Cld 10th, Brutua. Newcastle. MoiaTBkaL, Oct B?Arr Far irite, OUuiow; atli. Sarah, Lihoi Gl u Yw**''' 18 *' A,K,|1" Dundee. Cld gih, J CampIlome Porta. Bivr.on, Oct IP?Cld Declaration, and Hudion, for the West Indict. '*?*TLVf?. Del II?Arr Koatcr, Providence; Freeman, Wil ,oetou. NCt Clarendon. Richmond; Franklin, Keller, NYork. Cld Aliuira, NOrlt-ana; Thomaa, do. , Po*TfMouTH, Oct9?Arr below, K-chd Taylor, Thoinastou for Richmond. t,NafaTPcatT, Oct S?Arr Bulali, Baiuror; Champion, New . i. * rTaaaJali". Lout;; 9rli, Copy, NYork; lOtn, Senator, do.Hiralil, Albany; Convoy, Lone Island. Lou arrow*, Oct 1#?hla, Charleston; I llh, no arrivals since my Dar. Piovidcmce, Oct 12?Sailed, wind NW. Kowac liavaDa; llirre, Savannah;]T'oinmt rce, Charleston; Win Collier, et|utor, Jas L Lone, Timeg, an1 Vigilant, NYork. BaiiTOL, Oct 10? Arr F.oriJa, Delaware. Slrl Cherokee, Key West; !2ih, Volant, NYork. BurriLO. Oct II?Arr Harrison. Toledo; Franklin. Detroit; Cambria, do; Ottawa, Chicaee; Ko?.i. St Joseph; Baldwin, reunsylvauia Cleveland, and Huron, Cleveland; Whittlesey, Asr.tabnla. Cld Waterloo, Chippewa; Che?*j?-a*e, Chicago; K rchetter, Detroit; Constitution, do; A Wms'ow, Farmer, Free Trader, Biddle, and Benton, Cleveland; Willn, Aahtabula. F'lUi.aotLrHis, Oct It?Below, Uuited Stalls, and Prompt, er. Cld Bourne, Malauau; Bent Franklin, Diri o, N Zealand, Surplus, and Lion, B vston; Intrepid, NYork; Lninulon, do; Mli Flower, Cambiidite; Charlotte Ann, Fail Hirer; Snnuel McDowell. S nr.-ertie.. Baltimore, Oct 12? An Colombo, Boston; Almena, do; Cnrlew. Buckspnrt. CM Humming Bint, (Br) Hdifa<; VeU ran, (Br) Abaco. Bid If brlla, New Orleans; 8igamore, Ml-seilles; Orb Kingston, Jam; Oueeu, do; Liwieuce, BoMou; Ocean, do; Sarah Wales, (Vei' Ill-lies; Louita. Nautucktt. Norkolk, Oct It?Sid Aim D, Bedell, NYork. Chari eitor, Oct II?Arr Francis Stanton, Boatou; Crun tadt. do; Sun, Ciaafacgos; lOUl, Delaware, Havana?left. Mrrcltart, tor NYork?the D esi-erieucrd a very severe gale of mM on Thursday last, in Ut 28 1', Ion 1) 27. Savannah Oct 9? Below, a ship supposed the Fraucouia, from Boston. Darii.n, "ct 9?Sid New Jersey, Brown, NYork. New Orleans, Oct 5?Cld Clarissa Andrews, Boston; Russia, PniMdelyhia; Empressaric, Havana. Arr (Jeoriti iua, Liverpool; Isaac A'lerton, Marseilles; Danl W< lister, Charleston. Below, Himrnond, from Hambunt; James H Shepherd, Liverpool. fpheatre?a card.-Mr& Mrs BROUGHAM'S Benea tit, and last night of their engagement. Mr. & Mrs. Brougham most respectfully announce that their first bentlir iu Ainelicawill take olaee on Mon lay evening, the 17th of October instant, ou which occasion will be performed the play of THE WIFE. St Pierre, lor this night only, Mr Brougham Mariantia, Mrs Brougham After which the Comedy of LONDON ASSURANCE. SirHarcuut, Mr Plaridr I I harles, Mr Abbott Dazzle, Mr Brougham | Meddle, Mr Latham Lady Gay, Mrs Brougham oil ltr LMK8T ANNUAL GRAND FANCY DRESS & CiVIC " BALL, of the Chatham Volunteers, No.2, will be give u at the Shalupcare Hill, on Monday eVering evening nest, October 17th. Mr. Nosher's ceMbrated Cotillion Baud will p.eside ou the occasion. The undersigned commtiee pledge themselves in use themselies to use every esertionto make it canal, if not superior to any one that may come off this se "son. '1 ickets 10 cents, for sale at the hail, or eillirr ol the Committee O. W. EVANS, Floor Manager. Mr. J. Nosher, Mr. J Dauions, Mr. Manning, Commute. Oil 2t gwe LEECHES?I.OOfl It lliaii Letches, just received and for sale by BADGER & PECK, _ol3 3t*ec comer Wall and Mouth streels._ Alabama funds?Certificate of de posile ou Mobile fir $1,(100; Moutg(>mery anil Mobile Branch Notes $700, for sale by PERS8E A BkOOKS, Q14 3t 61 Liberty street. sJhtA REWARD?Was lost, soma time iu July 1841, at the <JP?-'C7 Chestnut street theatre, a hunting care gold horizontal watch, made by H imlet, Princes vt, Leicester square, No 3411. The above watch is remarkably well finished, with very heavy gold case, with the words "Father? May 12th, 1837," engraved iu i mall characters ou the Circular centre piece on one side of the case. The above reward will be paid for the return of the watch to the office ol the Public Ledgsr, Philadelphia. oil li GENTLEMEN'S SCARF'S. TllK most splendid and eiteiisive assortment of Scarf* and J- Cravats tvet offered in this citv iniv l>r found at ol3:tti**ec C. D. HATCH'S, 97 William at. MA RTELLE&HOL DERMA N N WILL.OPEN, on Monday, October 21th, 1812 nt their e?Ishliihmenr, 37 Maiden Woe, their new aiyle of Head drcs<cs, jusi recrivrdjier ship Bnrpund'/, consisting of Barra'a Turbana and Bonnet Pulouais. beaidea a variety of other Head Dresses and Ornaments, such aa Pearls, Flower, Feathers, Lama Scarf*. Gold and Hilrer Fringes, lie. sol3 2w*ec pOST OFFICE, New Vorlt, Oct. 12tl,7l8U. ENGlTSH a MAlL. l etter Bag* for Liverpool, per llie Royal Mail Steamer Columbia, from Boston, on the 16th ius>. will close at the Upiter and Lower Post Offices, on Saturday, the lilh inst. it iK o'clock P. M. ol3 3tr JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. TEACHER OF THE FLUTE rI1 MONZANIjiS Thompson street, gires inslructiois on 4 * the Vlute. Tenna IIS per quarter. s9 3m* r rPO (iROCETCS.?English Table Salt in casks of six dozen J- tor sate in lots to suit purchasers by PER8SE & BROOKS, "T!f No. 61 Liberty street. IAR. HENRY'S RHEUMATIC SYRUP.-Uheumatism i? LJ laniahing before tins medicine like the mists of night before the morning ?an. So continent is the proprietor of its certainty in ru-ing llii* disease that he solemnly pledge* hiinselfto n turn the money in all casea where it fail*. We here preaent another certificate handed to u* on Saturday laat:? Dear Sir?About tho fir*t of last June I wa* attacked with the rheumatism throuih my whole aritem, but affecting iny Icua chjelly, and to thit degree was I afflicted that I was not able to atleud to mv business f r above live weeks,and although after thai I was able to get onl yet tha disease continually haunted me, and ufter trying every medicine which I imagined could help me, without tlieleast avail, I was recommendep to try your Rheumatic Sy run. I sent for a bottle whieh immediately relieved me; and before I had used it all, I was entirely cured and now feel perfectly free fiom the disease. WM. HAVENS, 111 Avenue D. New York, Oct 1,1842. For sale at No. 286 Bowery, cor of H matou st; also at SinIan'*, No 100 Nassau ar, above Fulton, and in Newark at TripI e's No 298 broad at. olJ4tis*r BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. TN pursnance of law. I. JOHN TYLER. President o< the A United Btatea of America, do hereby dec'are and make known, that public aalet will ha held at the undermentioned Laud Officei in the State of Michigan, at the pcrioda hereinafter designated, to wit : At the Land Office at OENESSEE, commencing on Monday, the ninth d?v of January to at, forthr disposal of the public lands within the limite of the undermentioued townships, and fractional townshiix, to wit: Worth ofthe hair lint, and East nf the meridian. Townships thirty-four, thirty lite, thirta-sii, and thirty-seren, and fractional township thirty-eight, of range one. Township* ihirta-four, thirty-nee, and thirty tig, and fractional townships thirty-seven and iliirly-right, bordering on Lake Union, of range two. Township! thirf-lhur and lliirtv five, and fractional townships thirty-six and thirty-seven, bordering on Lake Huron, of reuse three. Towushirs thirty one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirls -fire, and fract.onul township thirty-six, bordering on Lake Huron, of range four. Townships thuty-oue, thirty-two, thirty three, and thirtyfour, and factional township! thirty-live and thirty-aix, bordering on Lake Haron, of range live. Also, at the same place, commencing on Monday, the (hittielh day of January next, for the disposal of the jasblic lands within ihe limits of the undermentioned towualupa and fractional township', to wit: Worth nf the hant line, and East aj the meridian. Town h:ps ititrty-one, thirty-two, thiriy-thiee, and thirtyfour, and frictions! township thirty live, bordering on Lake Huron, of range six. Tow nships thirty-one, thirty-two, and thirty three, and fractional township thirty-four, bordering on Lake Huron, of range teem. Fractional townships thirty-one. thirty-two, thirty -ihiee, and thirty-four, bordering on Lake Huron end Thunder Bay, of range eight Fractional towuships thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, and thirty four, bordering on Lake Huron and Thunder Bay, of range eight. k ractional townehipa thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, and thirty-three, bordering on L-ke Heron, of range nine. Fractional township thirty, of range ten. Worth of the halt line, and Writ oftht meridian. Township thirty-five, anil fractional townships thirty-six, iliirty-sevrn, and thirty-eight, bordering on Lake Hmon and Mallet's Bay, of range one -Townshii* thirty -five, thirty six, and thirty-seven, and fractional townships thirty-eight and thirty-nine, boidcring on Lake Huron, of range two. At the Land Office at IONIA, comment ing on Monday, the sixth day of February next, for the disposal of the public lands within the limits of the undermentioned townships and fractional townships, to wit: Worth of the hair lint, and West of tht meridian. Townships ihiriy-threc m thirty-eight inclusive, and factional township thirty- one, bordering on Lake Huron, nf range three. Townships thirty-three to thirty eight, mclnuve, and traction"! township thirty-nine, bordering on the Straits of Marki aw, of tarige four. Fractional lownahipa thirl y-thrre, thiity -lour, nod thirty-firf. townships ihnt\-?ii Mil tliiry irrru, and fractional townships thir.y mill and Ihirty-nine, bordering on ihe Straits of Mack naw and Lake Michigan, of range lire. Alto, at the same place, commencing on Monday, the twen ty-sevcnth day of February next, fot tnr dii|>naal of the public lamia within ihe of Ihe naderrarntionrd lownahipa and fractional townships, to wit: JVnrIA aflht Ante line, and Iviat of thr mrridwn. Fractional townahiiia tbirty-inree to thiny-aine, uicluaiye, bordering on [.skit Michigan and Walloon Lake, of range "Fractional townahipa thirty--three, thirty-four thirty-lie, and thirty-seven, bordering on Lung Lake aud Lake Michigan, of range seven . , . , . . Fractional townahipa thirty-three and thirty-four, bordering on Lake Michigan, of range eight. Fractional township thirty-three, bordering nil l.ake Michigan, of rauge niue. , l.andt appropriated by law for the use of acltoolt, military, or oilier | ur|M>aea, will be excluded from sale. The aalea will aach be kepi open for two week*, (hi1 en the lands are aooner ditpoaed of,) mil no longer, and no pnfate enIrn a of land in the township* an olfcrcd, will lie admitted nti'll after the expiration of the two weeks. (iiTeu under my hand, at the city of Washington, thit tweaty-aetenth day of September, Anna Domini, 1812. ? , ? JOHN TVLER fly the rresident: TIIO. H. BLAKE, < runmistroner if the (itneral l.nnd Offlct. NOTICE TO PRK-EMI'TION CLUIMAMTS. Every ptrsnn claiming the right of pre-emption to land in any of the townships designsl.-d in this proclamation, in virtue 111 ll.e pros iiiois of the act of 2?,I June, I AM, as mended anil bv the act of 1st June, If in, or of the provisions of Hie latier act, | where tho?._ laws still apply to such claims by reason of the absence of the plats at the Register's office on 2?d J me, till,] or by virtue of the act of the tth September, 1(11, s i gratitioc certain privileges to another and different class ol 'et'lera, ii requ-st'd to prove the same to the satisfaction ol the istir inn Heieivcr of the proper l.and Offi . , sti linske I nt tferclor as soon as practicable after seeing tins notice, sod hvfore the .'ay appointed for the comment-, in. nt <>f the pablie sale fcf the land is above designated, otherwise such daubs will be foririird. t 'here the year ruhsr.|Hent I > the filing of the plats shall eii .. t. the div fia. d for the commeiicem, ? ,.r ii,. m|. ahov* mentioned, rlaimn un Vr tlie .icu of !93t ?Bd IHH) ill' ft rcfened to, will he forfeited if not |>ro?en ?|, nnd paoi tor prior to rhr t tpirnti n of inch yetr. TIIO H BLAKfc, CnmmttHon'r<[f th? (Central [.an** Oftic* o!5 Uwtlf (3) t 0 CLERKS WANTEDSKV KHAI, smart, active, lempera'e Clerks wauled it w holt -wit- and reuil this citv, iu va ious bust nesses, to whom salaries from Muo to $I(MM will be insured, o> hi ing thoroughly fitted at lii? New koek Commercial College in J to 4 weeks, on moderate trim*. No charge for alluafioui t-? clerks, or for cl-iks t<> merchants wvtil not tome of lh? thousand young. old aud eiperienced clerks low out of emplo) just come and In, to we cau supply our now very numerous or tier* N. B. Situations given to no ruiumeis Apply to the Presl drut 01 the N. Y. College, L. R. OOWARD, A- M. of oU3t* Amherst College, MO Broadway, WANTT;d~TO HIRK?A Ho--m and Bedroom. A lrn? addressed IJ llrilsr, at tills office, will he attru'led to. el km 'T'O FAMILIK8 UOl.Ntt SOUTH, to dto Wuak iMMa " a Furope ? A rt tp< ctahle female, 3( years of sge, wishes U ob'aiu i psnuau. nt situation as seamstress, iu aiteuteel family She would prelergoiiig to Europe, yet would accept of a goor offer to go South or to the Writ Indies. The heat ol refer cneet given. Addit > A. A. A. bo* 76i, upper Toat office, N York. alOr LOST?Between the Batter}' and Park, a buucli of key* at tarhed to a ateel ring. The finder w ill be liberally re wauled by leatimc them at Mrs. Waldrotu, No. Ill Broadway "13 If r ___ TO LliT ?Kuruisked Founts, No. 1J John street near tr f Broadway. oil If r 7 KKCHES ' LEECHES :~LK?CflK8!?Just received la t.000 liue healthy Smyrna Leeches, for sale wholesale anr retail by WM. WATSON, Chemist and Pharmaceutist, oli 3i*r Apothecaries' Hall, 31 Catherine street. MOTICE.-Ship RUSSELL tlL'OVER for New Orleaur If ? Passengers by this ressrl will please be on board the steamer Hercules,at Whitehall Dock,this morning at 12 o'clocl to go on board of the vessel,?at which time she will proceet to sea olir NOi'ICE.?Passengers iwr steam ship NEW YORK, loi Charleston, Key West Havana and New Orleans, are re guested to send their baggage on board tips morning, at th< boa* will leave this day at 4 o'clock precisely. ol'r Itr MATRIMONIAL LIBRARY. [VST PI BLISHfiD?TImlook of Conruhlp orHywMMil ' l'rfct*|?tor, a i?fc|ntr itory leve school for young ladies auc gentlemen. Also, The Lover's Own Book, or Mirror of the Soul?B\ A mater. These books arr handsomely minted online wliiti l-aper, ami pat in a dim cnm. No young lady or geutleiwii ilioula b-- without tliem, a> mtieh valuable in urination uiay bt Mhand Am their |?ge? on the al' important tuhjrcl of rourt ship. No lung of an unmoral character or tendency, or l( which the moat fastidious could object, will be louud tu tliein We give below a few eatracta, to show in what esliniattot they aia hrid by the pVMD in England. Book or Cot rtsmir.?The authoi of thia little book ia very " sweet" iipou his re'ders and gives thein inuch and very valu able information mi the all-important subject ol courtship. Hi deserves the es|>ecial thinks of the whole tribe of " tollers ant cooera."? Court Journal. Book or locaTSHir.?The yotsug ladies and gentlemen wi understand are in raptnrea about this truly valuable little book na well they might be,for courtship,that pleasant and .vttrartivi topic, i" the subject, with Inula as to modes, Ike. Some fort) thousand copies have already beeu sold.?London Krjiositor. Thk Lovers Own Book.?A twifect original in every sense af the Worvl. It will be perused and reperused by many a fail spinstrr; uor'will it meet with less attention from the prolific race of bichrlurs?Literary Gazelle. For sale at Axford'a News Room, 168 Bowery, Tururr & Fisher, I6'l Broadway, and Ellon's Book Store, 9g Nassu street Price I2>4 cents each. oiJ 4t*r 1 r-RANl) CELEBRATION OF THE CROTON WA LT TER.?On the Itlhiiut. the cars of the New York ami Harlem H illroad Company will make their regular trips as advertised in tluir bills ot Oct. 4lh. In addition to these the Com piny will run an extra Tram betweeu City llall mi l Ilaileiu stopping at the intermediate placet, every half hour, from 7 li ll o'clock A M., and from 3 to 7 o'cloca P Al. This arrange meut w ill alToid every one that wishes an uppoi tntiity to wit nejs rlie cclebiatiou; slid also to see the louiilaiua ill the Paih and Union Place, the reservoir al I2d street, and tint at Y ork villa-, about 'a of a mile I'roin the Railroad, aud the jet al the High Biidgt (now in progress of building across the Harlcnr [ivtr.l g>k miles fnun ll.uli in. This jet u the fines! in the world, it throws a solid coluini of watei 8 inches in diameter over ivo feet high, and falling II the river, it covers an aicaoffiO feetiu diameter. The regular trips of the Company, according to their " fal arrangement," affords passengers an opportunity to visit 4it street, Yotkville, Hirlein, and intermediate p>aces, eve. y hou through the week, and every half hour on Sundays, if the wea titer is fair. Stages ate always in readiness at Harlem to convey ptuscu gers t" and from the High Bridge. oli 31 ?r Multiplication ok the power of pur GATIVES, BY COMBINATION?This i* a sub jeet which cannot bo learnt from bookf, for among all the wot Its yet published, no author has even hint ed at it. The vegetable world must bo carefully atu died, and then it will take a life's ime to arrive a the threshold ol the science. 1 was placed upon tin threshold at a very curly puiiod of my existence by thost who had spent a Ijng life in the study ul the multiplying |iower which vegetable purgatives have upon each other I have for nearly twenty years studied, and practised, thii theory, almost to the exclusion of every other science and have discovered a purgative principle in severa plants which have not hereiofoie been supposed to pos sess this quality. It is my intention at some future day t( say more upon this subject, for 1 think besides the purga tivc properties alluded to, that there are other propertin in these new purgatives which have a strong simiiitudi to healthy human bile ; the investigation is replete witl interest, aud when I have finished it, the public shall hav< the result. GREAT EXPERIENCE AND JUDGEMENT are re quiredto make a valuable and at the same time an inno cent purgative. This is possessed only by few. The great majority of the remedies advertised of thii class are manufactured by persons who have no idea o the relative or individual powers of the drugs they use.It is this cause, more than any other, which occasions tht inertness and often injurious effects produced by adver tised remedies. And hence the gener al prejudice whict prevails aga: nst them. Now there is a great differenct in this respect with regard to the pills made by Dr. B. Bran dreth.and consequently their superior claims upon the pub lie. Each ol' the articles composing the Brandieth rill are prepared in that way whim will secure their bene ficial effects to the system in the safest and easiest man ner. For instance, some ingredients have to be preparei in vacuo ; that is, the air is exhausted in the utensil, and remains so until a combination is effected with other in gredients which afterwards prevents tho air acting inju riously upon tlie medicine. Again the proportion ofeac! ingredient depend! upon it! multiplying power upon othe ingredient!. For the power of ditturuiii vegetable purgi tivea upon each other ii governed by linular lawi the govern the power of figure! by multiplication. Nin added to nine, makea eighteen ; but nine time! nine ar eignty-o te. So it ii with some vegetable purgatives. B; adding nine parts of one ingredient and nine part* of anc ther ingredient together, the powor is increased, not t eighteen, bat to eighty-one. For example, either of th articles to produce any purgative etlect, would have to b used to the extent of eighty-one grains, by combining them only eighteen grains have to boused. Again, ano thcr ingredient is found to multiply th s power again which in a proportion of two grains .would have no effec upon the animal economy, but which added to eighteei grains ot a comj>ound of two parts of nine grains each o two ingredients, will again multiply tue power whicl they have gained ofeignty-one to one hundred and sixty two. So again this mixture oftweuty grains can be agau multiplied by another addition of two grains lo thepowe of three hundred and twenty-four grains of the origins power of the two first ingredients. Here we have twea ty-two grams which as a puigative contain the pvwe equal to three hundred and twenty-fourgrainsol either o the articles alone ; nevertheless, although so powerful after being thas combined, are safe in any quantity ; al ways having a beneficial effect, and in nocase capable o doing injury, of which thousands bear ample witness The time will cvme when this medicine. THK BRANDRETH PILLS, will be appreciated as they ought and as they deserve. I will bo well understood then that Dr. B. Brandreth has th< strongest claims upon the public confidence. It is true tha every,individual who makes atrial of the Brandreth "s Pill concede them to be the best medicine they ever used.They are indeed a medicine about which there is no mis take. Their value in a climate so changeable as ours can not be sufficiently appreciated. A free perspiration is a ouce restored: thus they cure colds, and consumption ii prevented. Those who have a ledundanry of bile fln< them of the most essential service; and should there bi deficiency of that important fl 'id, the Brandreth Pilli ha\ e on equally beneficial etlect. Oft- n has this impor taut medicine saved valuable lives in those regions when the DREADED YELLOW FEVER was prevailing. A few doses taken immediately upon infection being received into the system, will be almost certain to prevent any material inconvenience. And at no stage of this drcadlu epidemic is there so proper a medicine as the Brandretl Pills. Let this medicine be universally used in this dis ease, AND NO LOSS OF BLOOD ALLpWED, an. lew, very few, would bo iti victim*. So it M with otne diseases. ASSIST NATURE with thil all-importan medicine, to remove morbid humor* from the blood, an do not resort to bleeding or mercury, and we shall have i very GREAT SCARCITY ol person* afflicted witl CHRONIC MALADIES. The feathered tribe?the ani mal kingdom?over which we are the lords, they are no afflicted w ith Chronic Maladies, neither should we bo it i were not our pride which occasions them. FOLLOV N ATURE. Use that medicine which harmonizes with he which mildly but surely removes all impurities I mm th blood, which strengthens the feeble ami yet reduces thos of too full a habit to a healthy standard. Let me agaii say that every department of the manufacture of th Brandreth rills is personally superintended by me, am that every box with my three labels upon them may b relied upon to have the beneficial eftect described, if use. according to the directions accompanying each box. The public's servant, B. BRANDRETH. THE BRANDRETH TILLS are sold at 2ft cents pr box, at'241 Broadway, between Tark place and Murn streets and at '274 Bowery, 1*9 Hudson street, and 17ft H< con.l street, also at the following offices, belonging to D Brandreth: rhiladelphia.0 N. nth st Richmond, Va., Main st. Baltimore, cor. of Light and St. Louis, Mo., 49 8. Thin Mercer its. street, Boston, 19 Hanoverst. Pittsburgh,I'a., Woodst. Cincinnati, Third st. Louisville,99 Fourth st Charleston, H. C., 9ft East Albany, 44 South Marke Day, street. New Orleans, '2 Old Levee, COUBTBV AclXXTS. Hartford, Conn..Henry Bun- Troy, 8. Bosworth, ton, Troy, C. B. llowlett, New Haven, C. W. Crosby, Buffalo, A. W. Wilgus, Providence, John Shaw, Syracuse, G. 8. Fitch, Newport, W. S. Vose, Utica, Geo. Dutton, Mobile, Ala., Doubledny k Rochester, Hy. Scrantom, Sears, Mrs. Booth, Brooklyn,Mar Augusta, Ua., 8. M. Thomp- ket st. son, Newburgh, John Caughey Poughkeepsie, A. Van Auburn, G. M. Millignn. Kleeck, Hudaon, A. H. Spatihling, To l>e the genuine Brandreth'i Pilla the box muit hav three InbeW.iind each label twoaignaturMol Dr. B. Bran dreth. Oct the genuine and aatialaction i* inaured. oSUtco^e ( ' HAND VOCAL St INSTIIUMBNTAL CONCBHT.Mr". BUTTON, Prima Donua troin th. principal citira a I aly.lh* Italian compnny at the Havana and New OrUant l.-qa to announce A OUAND CONCEKT ..ti Tbunday etenio|| tlie Ink inat. at the Apollo Coneei It, .111 Bf" idwiy. . .nite*' by Smtmr Da Brunei. Mr. Koawrw aki, Mom. Chatel, the celrbiatad violinial, Iter little dnuKklr (not vet seven year* old) Miia Ktueliua Button, who will tnak :tr nrat helnre a New Yoik audience, and ainc ?< teral English and Scotch halla'ain cottume, and Mr. Titnti who wit ineaide at 'he Piano Forte. For proitra ome ace email bitla. Single ticket $t?Fan ily tlrkrta, admitting four peraona. I ?Children's ticketa JO eenta?to he had at the principal musi atom and hotela, and at the door. Doora open at 7?Concert to eommenea at eigot o'clock. o9 itec I)LA"C"R OTTOV Of M ANO \ Nk'.SB? II tone ground .ft *' aale I v PBKSSK Si BROOM, ol*r 41 Liberty atreet. jtffi r/wmn > vfcsto^jtimi) to Mil co the lith I ^TtbajF Ocoiber, at t P M.-The welt known and , strain ?hi|i NKW VORK, J. T. W right, Commander, ka> ing been put in complete order, with | uiw wrought iron shaft., ho-, will |xi?itl? ?ty lea* o for the above , porta ou tin- day specified. , Captain Wright, by the rr.|ueit of many of lu? iwaaenaera liai poti|H>ned tha nay ol tailing irom the 10th to the lith of October, liat I liar y may au oppoiluuily of enjoy iug the anticipated celebration. The New York, lianug beeu superbly titled uu, with saloon itatc rooms iu addition to tier rabiua. offers superior accommodations for the convenience of iiasseugera. Passengers going iu this boat may sa't-ly telv u|>ou the well kuowu skill vid atteu' tious >: her Captain. Kor light freight or passage, apply ou board, loot of Morris atrcet. North Hirer, pier No .4 or to C. MORGAN, or . H. HUBBAHX), It CO. , 37 reck Slip. N. B ?The New York carries sufficient tuel for the voyage, i Paaaengers for Key West, New Orleans, and Olleeaton, will have an opportunity of visiting Havana, aa the ship will lay there two day*. o8'oli*r Th9 ROJ^USMI1 C^LUM* Bl A, Miller, Euj.11. N. Commander, wil| leave Boston for tlie above |>ort on Sunday, Passage to Liverjioui $111, do do Halifas $70. Apply to > D. BKIQHAM, Jr , ??.???. no. j vr an siren. r r rf.uri.\u stF.A'm packet bkI TWK.KN CHARLESTON, (8. C.) AND S.aVAN.N AH. (Oeo.)?The ?u|*rior steam P.cs.tOKNE.UL CLINCH, J. p. Brook, master, will tun rrgulaity a* above Ihe [ whoU winter and spring, by leaving Charleston every Wedn?*d?y, and Savannah every Friday, taking the outside passage I in flue weather, and ilie inland passage in bad weather. For I freight or pissage a|i| ly ou biar<t, or to JOHN to. LAFITTE, Agent Fitis'.minons' WnarL ' Cliarl-.ton, 8. C.,Oct. 10, 1812. oM ?w*r ; VANDEHBILT'S INDEPENDENT LINE KOR BOSTON. Via Norwich ard Worccitkr Hah-rshs. : ft From Pier No. t Norlli Hirer, Battery Place, r The urw and splendid steamboat CLEOPATRA, Captain ' J. K. Dn.lnn, will have every Tue.d ly, and Saturi day arteruoon, at t o'clock. i The new and ?| leiulid steamboat WORCESTER, Captain J. H. Vanderbilt, will hare every Monday, Wednesday and > Friday aflernoon, at I o'clock. Pas>t ngers for Boston will he forwarded immediately on the I arrival of the above boat, at Norwich, and will proceed without change of car. or baggage. ' For further information, enquire at the office ou the w harf, on bond the boats, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, upstair.. I All persona are forbid trusting any one on account of the above boat, orowners. ot lm* -WU /Hat FOR ALBANY, TROY, And Interim li- I ! oL-? . .J* ate Places?The splendid low pressure steam- I - Tf h' " SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, I will leave ilie foot of Cortlandt st, Sunday Afternoon, Oct ltth. at 5 o'clock. (f7~ The above is a substantial b at, fitted up with elegant < . Stale Rooms, ami for accommoda ion i, unriv?lled on the Hudsou, olfr ] 1 aVI jfl NEWARK~AND NEW YORK.?Fare Ouly I2H cents-The splendid and commodi * steamer PASSAIC, Capt. John Oaffy, I being completely and elegantly refitted, commenced her reguI ar trips for the season on Thursday, MnrHk 10?leaving as TolFoot of Barclay st. New York, at lO.'* o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. I Centre wharf, Newark, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and half past 1 o'clock P. Si. Oil Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York er loX A. M. [ and I P. M. Lease Newark at 8 A. M. and at 3o'clock, P. M [T /!~ Freight ofevery description carriid at reduced prices. , <?1 2111 * r ' ^WlTT OA OPPOSIT1 ON TlN E~ FOR ALBANYcjj. vjPThe new and s|>lenrli<l steamboat VVAVK, ' J^^a^BwaaE_Captaiii Vandrrbilt.will leave (he it earn boat > wharf foot of Rnbiuion street, mi Thursday, 13(l> inst. at file o'clock P. M. for Albany direct. Passage 5fl cents and berths JO renta. ' N. B.?Light freight taken at irduced prices. For further ' partlc ulara eui|uiif o i b..ard. oll20t*r FOR NEW ORLEANS?Fint racket Ship, to {nrftflV * "' "" 'I'*' Fftli October?Tie sidtndwl first class ^tdUKa coppered at d copper fattened ship MF.TOKA, Captain McLarrtn, will positively sail lor the above pott on the 17th inst. This elegant ship offers a most desirable conveyance for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pas-engera. Her between decks is loftv,and her berths will be tit's d up in the most comfortable manner. Those about toeinbaik lor the above port are requested to esamine tins shin previous to their engaging elsewhere. ravage will be at tn? lowest rates. Apply on board the ihip at pier 14, E R, or to JOHN HF.UDMAN, _oli ec 61 Soulh street. TAPSr.OTT'-rGENERAL PASSAGE OF WryjfvFiCE?^The siibscribere have rst class packets sailJBMMIfiieuiK for the various po'ts, as follows, viz : For L.ONDON, Regular Packet of 20th October LIVERPOOL, do I Otli NEW ORLEANS, do 11th " MOBILE. do 17th SAVANNAH. do 17th CHARLESTON; do ISth Persons wishing to einbaik foreither of the above |?irts. msy confid- u Iv tint the above packets will aail punctually on the day advertised, full or lint lull. They are all fitted up between deeks npres ly for the accommodation of second ribin and stir rage passengers, in a style which caonot lail to give entire satisfaction. a"d with every convenience tnatcsnaddio thei' comfort. For further |?rtiriilats, or for passage, which is at the lowest rates, apply to W. Ik J T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, or ollr 42 Mouth st., comer Jones' lane. xdg- UNITED LINES OF NEW ORLEANS WlMMFV PACKETS?The only regular nackeu for the JJbuIss "hove port ?The splendid, fast sailing packet ship SARATOGA, Cspt. Russell, will sail on Saturday, the 1Mb Octobei, her regular day. The LOUISIANA and HOLMES lines having united for the purpose of fortniug a line to sail every five days, and hat mg commenced their regular trips under such arrangements, parsous about to visit the above port, will not lail to see the advantages to be derived fiom taking passage in this line, as they will thereby i reveut tnat delay which is always the case with trail >i*nt ships. . For isusgge in cabin, second cabin, nr steerage, which ia ?e 1 ry low, apply on bsard, at Oilraiu wharf, font of Wall-street, I or to . W. It J. T. TAP8COTT.43reck8lip.orto 52 South-street, corner Jones'-lane. " The Shskspe ire will auccved the Saratoga, and aail on the u SOth October. on r ?<fijr KOll NEW ORLEANS.? Star Line.?lat Regular ' uMHiV. racket, or rreiuh* Tree?i'lie well known, fast tailiug It SeSa^ii.iV RUSSELL GLOVER, Jabex Howe., muter, e will receive whatever freight may offer at the loweat ratea, un e til Thursday evening neat, when all baggage and steerage pasaengers moat be on board, a> the ahip will then haul into the N. ' Kiver. ' 8. E. GLOVER, 0 Ida Pine street, corner of South, up stairs. e By particular reouest of the passengers, the ship will be dee Uined until Saturday morning, the I5(h inat. on account of the r Croton celebration. Paaaetirrrt perilie Rnaaell Glover will pleaae be on board the steamer Hercules, at Whitehall, on Saturday (he 13th mat. at 12 o'clock, at which time the ship will proceed to sea. t All goods consigned to my care will he forwarded free of u commi >sion, and all goods consigned to my agents Meaars. 8. ft f J. P Whi'ney, Ni w Orleans, and destined for the iuterior.will 1 be forwarded by the first conveyance. o!3 r ; drT sooke r RETUh NED FROM ENGLAND, 1 T1TITH all the latest im|>orlanl information from Europe, i. "V universally performing cures of the worst class of venerer real disease in its most aggravated forms, with unprecedented r expedition and despatch, may "gain be conaul'ed personally as well as confidentially, at his office, No. 3 Norton street, Alba ny. N. Y The Lor k Hospital, in America the only Philanthropic lustiI tntionest.ibli.hcil, under the benign auspices of the celebrated Dr. Cooke, at No. 3 Norton at. AJbmy, N. Y., for the relief and convenience if the unfortunate, is reputed as he best asylum nUnt lor the comfoit and certain recovery of the invalids. At this Idfirtnary patients have the very best medical alient dance, including board and mirsing. which very materially faci9 litatrs mutual approbation; and aa Dr.Cooke, the humane foundt er of ?o desirable a retreat and aacted security, rrttdei on the premises, the inotl incredulous there may repose their utmost confidence?feel at home?pursue tlieir nsusl avocati- lis? uid eftiny the society ol'perhaps the m st eminent physician at well at Hie mos' benevolent mau of the age.?European. Q77" Rrm^mbr r, Dr. UOOkc ttcii''* ixrrsooauy 10 nu pan cm*, t oi6 lni#r i fjVKKlTANinklAIL FOR INDIA.?HARNDKNTTCO. J "3 Wsll street. will make op a Lao by the Royal Ma'l , steamer Columbia, from Bostou, and by each succeeding " steamer, for the Overland Mail from England to India, bythe ' English or French route. Letter Bags fnr Ihr above Steamer will close, aa usual, at a 8 (juarterto J P. M., Saturday, 15th. i ol3 3ter H AIINDEN k CO. 3 Wall st. RAO CARPET, RAO CARPET AND LIST.-Tlie r " clieapt-al iu ihe city?1300 yarda lor tale, all nicely mixed 1 and striped, wiih faat colon. Any peraou in want of thia ar. nelr will do well to call and ex oniuc before they parchaae, aa it will be aold (heap for caah. Call at 286 Sprint; atreet, corner : of Greenwich. Alao, tuba and paila, brooma, and all kinda of furniahiug r ware, rery low; aent to all lusrta of the city free of chance, t ol3Im?ec J.JONES, i wCTCHEBrCUOCKSrjEWELLfcftV aNdbilWR X "* WARE ?The undersigned have a large aaaortment of j fine Watchea, of erery description, from aome of the beat i manufacturers in Eu.ope, all warranted first rate time . keepers. A splendid assortment of fine French Mantel Clocks; alao * warranted first rate lor lime. f A large and valuable aaaortment of rich Diamond and other r Jewelry. e And 8ilver Ware, a large assortment, all warranted of the finest silver and best of wo kmanthip. All of which they ara determined to sell at prices eery much a reduced Irotn loriner rntes e E k 8. 8. ROCKWELL.? Aster House, il Watchea of eeery description carefully repaired and warrante ed- o!3fit*ec J fPO LAWYERS?A young gentleman, who hat had about J. four rears expi rii lice in the office of an attorney, is desirous of obtaining a situation with some member of the Bar in thiacity. The adrertiaer is com|>etetit to take charge of the practice of an office, and can gi ?e the beat of reference* a* to ' capability, fee. A note tddieaaed to Young, left at tlie office of lie Herald, stating when and where an luteiview ran be had, will meet with prom|it attention. * Ql?ao*r pROTON CELEBRA 1'ION?Few gentlemen in thia el y " are aware they can b aiu a good substantial Eng'iih DinJ uer, furnished with the beat the markets can afford, Beer included, for 23 cents. Dinner on Fish at 3 o'clock. Chon* and Hteaks at any hour. Cold C'nta, fcr. Br ar in mind, t CHRISTIAN SON'S, (late Sfoneall's.) oil lm*r 20 Ann -crrr'. YfR. DKMI STKH'P NEXT BALLAD SOTHEES will "A bejn ven in the following order '? On FRIDAY, Kutger*a Institute; and On SATURDAY, 15th, at tile Society Library, Change of progrtinmc each evening, Particulars in small bit's. T'ckels 50 cents. Doors open at half past 7?to commence at 8o'clock. oil 2tr PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY.?Tka Committee of Mu" ^ nagrinent reaj>ectlully announce to the subscribers, that lha first Conceit ol lite isocietv will taie place in mc ni?ino mi "tlP on Moadny evening, Novemotr I7lh. The Committee wonld at the nmr time state to the public, thai aubacri|ition lists hare been opened at the following music stores ? Firth fc Hall's, I Franklin sonare; Atwill's. 201 Broadway; o .Junes L. Hewitt k Co.'i, 2TI Broadway; C. F. Hayer's, 301 I- Broadway; and at Thos. Dodworth's, 402 Broadway, olt tnn*rc K \v ROSIER, Secretary. JyU. BHADHHaw Ins icinott I N . p. \Varrrn street. clj lw*r - OO _ RIBBONS AND 8ILK8.-J. T. REYNOLDS. 20 if *<0~~ Division at. has just received the most rlegant assort I, mrutof fashionable Bonnet Ribbons, Silks, Satins, Velvet, kc. fcc. to be found in the eity. Dealers, city ami country milli Mrs, will do well ta call before puichaaing elsewhere. rt of, lmia*e ' I7RKNC II LANOUAOK MANKS(:A'S ORAL BVJTlr " TEM.-Ths-second evtniugrlaas will commence in a lew e da: a. Oentlemen wishing to join are requested to call and leave their names. ' N B.?I'enona desirous of witnessing the superiority of this system, may d ran, by railing on Tuesday, Thnraday or Saturday eveniegs, at B o'clock ^ A Ladies' Morning Class will commence on Mouday, the IC I7th inst. Immediate application is njnestcil O tinsSf L. MANKS4A DURAND, iO'raiiklm St. jin i uuifibk kkmaLk*"fii l " PtUkdE far-lame I and cel< bruit d Fills, from Portugal, are a ws perceive, to be obtained in this eouutry. See r.dteiuaa tut on ins lut eolnr?u uil ia AUCTION" SALES b r~THOMAS BELL. (Steves Afar. 22.inn and 11J W/?n?(r?M SI^UKIJAT; Lire* ul? of elegant furniture, ol *11 description*, *t 10H o'clock, in the sale rooms. Immediately after the sale in the auction room, say 11 O'clock, will be sold *t No. VP Falton itrret, liie furniture of 3 parlors, 2 bedrooms, autl luuhui utensils, haudsom# and in goodordsr The property of * family (inn* up hoateketp lllg. MONDAY At I OH o'clock, at 201 Centre street. Assignees dale?By order of llic assignees, the tools aud t ck Contsiued in shop, as above, coasistiug of Istlies, shears, flies, fixtures, kc. appertaining to the blacksrntthuig business; also, the luliirus for cast iron aud mortice locks; also eastings unfinished; also the locks, comprising rim, mortice and front door in complete order. Tl.'ESDAY, At 10H o'clock, at the auction rem, Large Sale ol Valuable Seasonable Dry Goodi?S tmnks clothing, pip of t .e stock of a uicichaiil lailor; a tint lot of leinnauta Loudon cloth., casaiu tics, s eatings, glorea, h Met;, hdkfs, shirts, collars, kc. Alto, a lathe wnrtn (iM; various hardware, je welry, groce lies, pledied articles, guus. splendid watches, kc Also, a very superior consignment of Loudon and French watche', jewelry, lie. BY HI ELL k ARCULAR1US,Tuesday, At 10H o'clock, at ItC Biwrry, the entire contents of a sa loon aud confectionary establishment, consis hut ol cordials, liquors, confectionery, soda counter jars, glasses, tables,chaos, M yards oil cloth, ice eieaa, freezers and tubs, and other necessary for conduc ii g an 'ce creatn saloon, with a good assort incut ol house hold aud kitchen furniture, kc. W. W. SHIRLEY. Anction-e . CATALOGUE SALE NEW AND SECOND HAND FURNITURE?WM. W SHIRLEY will se'l. this day (Saturday) Oct. IJth, at 10 o'clock, at the store, 132 Kultoti street, a quantity of Furniture, for cash, to pay advances, consisting n( Sofas and Chairs, various patterns: centre, pier and card Tables. Book Cases and Srcretaiies; dressing and other Bureaus; Work Tables; 6 Piano Fortes, second hand, ol ^ood makers; r ch fancy, white, blue and other Dinner Sets, Pea Sets, Toilet Sets, 2 Iron Safes, set of Eitenaion Tables,Clocks, Cu'lerv, and various other goods. Old lt*r UCT~ION NOTICE.?Monday, at10H o'clock, at No. 301 Centre street, will he ?nid by order ol assignees, the tools and stock contaiurd in the shop as above, consisting of lathes, shears, files, fixtures, kc. appertaining to the lucksmi thing bit unfinished, alio the lurks. comprising rim, mortice ami fruut door, ill complete order, oli! At*in THOMAS BELL, Auct. T A HOE SALE OK PROPERTY in Water it Broskly n. hi on Saturday, th> lith imt. at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, New Yiirk. Tliia |iro|ierty ia situated between Kulton and Main its. commencing on the east side, at the large brirk building owned by John B uson, and extending w.-st on Water at. to wiiluii 50 led of Dock it. It is divided into twelve different lou, uuni b< red fiom 1 a 12, as may be seen by a man of the property at lite office of this paper, or at the office ol Mr R. C. Wheeler, M liter in Chancery. Nassiu at. between Cedar and Pine its. New York, or Mr. Cambreleng's office in the same building, or unfile Premises. On the side of Water st. opposite to thia property, the corpora' ion of Brooklyn own about the same extent of front, and extending backward^ to the East River, which was purchased for t maikei, and which must, at uo giea' uistance of lime, be a|propristed to that pur|>osr; the effect of which upou the property now offerad for sale, will readily be perceived. uU IPS* CELLING OKK?VtlCHAEL REESE, late of the mm ol Reese, tk Hills, offers lor sale at cost a large asiartmelit of pen, pocket, and itirk knives, scissors and rators, together with table catlerjr id every description. Alio, Britannia ware, lea and coffee sett i, tea and tablespoons, accordiani, gold rings, pins, chains, si scr and gold lev, ra, Ike., Ike. This stock must positively be at d on oi befoic the lit of November next. MICHAEL REESE, iZ7 lin*tc 70 Maiden Lane, up stain. pard?NIBLO'iToXrDENS?Beuefil of TheVrcnch BeCv nevoleut Society.?Mr. N1BLO haviiuc generously given the free use of his saloon, the Committee of the French Beiievi leul Society have the honor to announce to their countrymen and to the public generally, that on Saturday evening the lith October, there will lie a performance lor the benefit ol the ab vc charitable institution, on which occasion the far-famed Havel Kainily will spiieai ill a French vaudeville, Ko|>e Dancing, and a favorite Pan to mi lie, having tendered their services in the most liberal manner. The Committer have also the pleasure to amionnce that Messrs. Kguelon and Missemer have offered (o perform solos on the violin and comet a piston, and that theii services have been accepted with gratitude. Tickets iO ceuta each may be bad from any of the members of the committee, anil at the doors on Salurdiy evening. TIVOLI SALOON. ypHE LARGEST and most splrudid Saloon in the city for Mu.ocal Sonees, Concerts, Assemblies, Military Ball,, Private and Public Dinii r Parties, Political Meetings?without distinction of party. The Praprietor, ever anxious to gain to himself and this establishment a reputation ( independent of gica' profit) has leased from the owner on such terms as will enable liiin to coin|iete with any oilier establishment, and shall be most li sppv to make arraiigemrn'a (in accordance with the times) wiln all who iniy favor him with a call ; and usurer them llitlno |iains or expense will be spared to give entire satisfaction. WM. P. DENMAN, Proprietor. P. S. Tuesday evruings of each Week is set apart lor Invitation alls^ 08 lm*r rPIOER BOWLf G SALOON?360 BROADWAY?The 1 proprietors of ihv alture announce to the public that their mUDUMMNMi' uow completed, anil will he ?|ieneil thia eveniinc lor till' reception of their fncndi. At no punt nor expense liai beru spared in iieifectiug th ir alleys, their Bar In nowiae h\a been neglected ^ the brat of choice liquors have been selected by a conuoiaaieur, and conlideuce ia felt that no on* will be disappointed in the artMaMof refreshment. The experieiu e and general character of the uuderaitcned, whom M proprietors have selected to superintend their saloon, is a sufficient guarantee that no similar establishment in thia or any other city eta be a more desirable place for recreation than the Tiger Saloon. o!3 lw*ec C. O. CORLIS, Managei BILLIARDS ?Otis Field respectfully inviteathe lovers ihia amuii menl, to call at Basaford'a Rooms, over the Cli max Latmg House, 149 Fulton, and IX Ann street, whire a choice may be hid of eight tables?either Slate, Marble, Iron, or Mahoganv, with India lubber, ('loth or Com|M>aition Cuah ions, in combination with nil the late F.uropeau improvements Visitors will find the bar, either Washiugtoiiiaii, or otherwise as mav suit their fancy. sM lmis*ee A RICH TONED EIOHT 8ILVEU. KEYED FLUTE, uKCtitm ItAKU-s nre and sp,eu<li<I Iihuuiiicui, ?II1 be ? sold Cheap Apply to T. MONZAN1, o7 Im'in M Tbom|>aon street. rpO PERSON TIAVINOLAND IN TalE.FAK WEST, -I and others.?The uudersigned intends going to Illinois about I lie 1st of November, for the purpose of paing taxes n|ion lands, making sales, examining liUrSjreconiiuji deeds, and any person needing such service. Will nl?o tend to colI' Cting.or any other kind of business, in such towns lie., as lie may visit on his road to, and iu the r a. West Has had general eiperience in business, mercantile and professional, for many years, ith in the United Sutes aud Europe. Can also furnish at the present time copies of field notes from actual surveys, as entered in the United Sutes Gen: raj Laud Office ,of all lands upon the Military Bounty Tract of Illinois lor liny cents per uar'er section. References unexceptionable to gentlemen of the first respectability in New York, Bo.toio and Philadelphia. FREDERICK TAYLOR, l.ate Secretary of the Illinois Land Company, 20 Wall street. New York _ o?tnl*ee t?*Of\ REWARD will be |>aid for the return to No. 118 Stuyvesant place, Id avenue, of a small brown Slut, which st ayed on the (th lint, She is only about six inches li gh, has very delicate limbs, long nails, end cropped ears, and has grey hairs about the nose ana lace. The above reward will be paid for the Dog, ?r for anch information aj may lead to her rrcovery if uelahied sr secreted. o!3 5t*rc SELF PROTECTORS. 'T'O TRAVELLERS AND HOU8EKEEPEKS.-Pat.nt A Self-Cocking Relating Pistols, which can b? discharged six times in a few seconds. The pistol cocks, the barrel re volvrs. ami discharges merely by pulling the tr.Kger; the chaia hrr and turtei is in one piece, and iheteloie cannot mow span like aonse repeatiug pistols.' 1 he eoiSnilBui it very simple? they can be drawn from (lie pocket aud uaed wiu. on- hand . without the loaa of a moment: six shots can be fired as fast at a man can crook his fiugsr. 1 hey are uo larger man an uidiua ry pocket pistol. For travellers, housekeepers, captains, planters, |?t>!ir ofii cvrs, and others, they are an indispensable article, at peisous both male and female, eau with this pistol, protect their lives and property, if attacked by many persons, as one of diem is e<|ual to near a doxen of the common kind. The public are invited to call and examine me same, as their imiilicity, being warranted not to get out of order, ana their perfect safety, will certainly recommend them over all others Wholesale aud retail. J. G. BOLEN, lot Broauwav. It lmis*r between Wall anil Pine strum* WaNTEd TO fURCRASE-A country residence CTW within 25 milts of New York, one with from 5 to 20 acres of Isnd.near Long Island Sound, preferred. Address with full particulars, bos 7, Post Office, Peughkeepsie, N. Y. oillm*r A OS tWENTY DOCEaRs" kE WAlTD?Lost, on YeQf the 8th instant,a white iminti r dog, with liver colored J]U^.l>ots, has a star on his back from having been scald, d, and answers to the name of Hue. Any person having Icnad him will receive the above reward, by returning him to No. 228 Thompson st. oH 41* c ~~ BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. .^a&SU. rpBROTT!NO?Monday, October 17th. J o'clock r. M,? A 1'urae SlOO?Two Mile Heata. W. B. Kef d, gr. g. Bnaffle. Oeo. Bmith'a oh. m. Brooklyn Man'. H. WoodrufT'1 br. g. Hector. 013 31*1 SEGARS?SEGARS7 T'HK following rbr.ire Begara are alwnva on hand at HEN1 KIOUEB'B HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8KUAR BTORE. whnleanle and retail, baaetnent Jl William at. Rinnd-te. in half and quarter boira Do. No. , half and quarter boaea Noriegaa, in quarter and eighth do Para Hegaloa, in quarter do Re^aliaa, of a auimior quality, in 'a. ' an I 'Oth boaea Cotigreaaa, in quarter boaea Trtoueaa, do do I.a Norma. do do L? Eaperanaa, do do Tree Amigoa. in cartona of 20 each London Heyiliu, in cartona of 11 each La P.uela, ill quarter boaea Miagan'a apottrd, in quarter boaea Paneulla'a, do. of ittpertor 'inal'l y Yngencndad, # do Demoyaa, do Mateoa, no Prineipea, of the Reudon, Crnr. and Bana, all ?nt. to del-. Primaaeraa, in quarter boaea Alrauaaa do Conatantiaa, do Buatamentaa, do Eamero Kegaliae, do Im|rerial do, in quarter boaea, a anperior article. N. B ?Hotela and grocera ari|>|died on rtaaonable terma. <>14 HUB rSR()Y()N t'fcil.KHK ATI ON - S< r*i.ts< n vr.itingthe oil v 'lm V P?V,.? ho miy be m want of tools, sru* resnectfolly inform e J thst T. J. WOOD, comer ol Dusne and C.liath <m streets, hss * most com.lete assortment for the fall Irule, just rlSllsil from Ih* packet ship Osrrick, r>insisting of Haws of all kinds; Braces and Bitt*. Mes, Vices, Spoke Shares, lie ; V'sir's ci?> made f'snes, which arc warranted to work well; Wregg's I'atent Tenoning Mschine for eoachmikers, which is now ethiLitlng at the. h sir <>l th American Institute; a anterior h>tof Sn'lPs hammer twist Anger*. CUTtiKRY of sll kinds and ol superior nu dity?Pen and rocket Knives; Table Cutlery, Scissors, Not ricks, he. RAZOKS?A laic* assortment, singly and in handsome eases of the following celebrated maker* : Rodger*, Klliott, Wade It Butcher, Pickslay kr. t tentlemen's Tool Chests, received from the packet Uirrick, the handsomeat and best fitted e?kr import" ools being aM of goeil qnaliiy. JLLV ' A NCHOR BRAND CHAMrXoNR?I*) baskets <d no's favmite Wine, in pint* and quarts, of fine onaltt? *nn i th< bust order. Also, lyi nut) impor'ed Sugars, of ""J*?"}' ' litics, suitable for hotel kee(ieri?for aale low for easli only , to hits to suit purchasers, by ol) Jfec A. ATKINB, 7? Wall it. basement AMI; CEMENTS. MBLO'H UAHUKN. BENEFIT OF THE FRKNCIi BENEVOLENT OVA IL 1 | The Womlerlul ltavrl Family. THIS EVEMNO, the performance will wnBalu half t ail 7 uYlrcb, with AN OVERTURE AO?r which THE BAILIFF OUTWITTED. William*. a ; ailiter, Fraacoia Ratal Murlhomba, Mini* Dauti n ur I Latauett, Jaroma Ratal Ltnliill, Aaimne Rirrl | Dtuiela, bioraCanal Anna, wife to Willieina. Mina Fens To b* followed by elaaant and darinc faala on tha TIOHT HOPE By ilia whole IU?el Family. Succeeded bv A MUSICAL RECREATION. AN OVERTURE. La Moinaiiiardr. By Moua Frriuand MHa DuatntUle El Jaleo da Xeree. Miaa Wella. '1 he whole to conclude with VOL-AU-VENT. Chirac i ra by the Rate! Family and Compear, la which tha celebrated Itabriel Ratal will exhibit hia eilxaordiaary lie rf.irniancea, ioirodueiD* lA barre ckrriqdc. ^ The Garden opeua at hall-paat an?Parlormaacaa commaaee rickets?60 cent* lTl athxm ruuAiKlb. PltllKerui*. Uni?r Tie. *1 rent*. FiratTiaiMkoMie.?eBENE?,T <>E JOHN SMITH. THIS EVLMNli, October oth, will * ptrfoimd LOSS OK THE KOVAL GF.OROE. Otslmi Dr Batoua, Mr Ll?n tiecky bristlrk, Mr* Thorn# To be followed by w . THE MASQUERADE. Mr Jimc* Joiey, John Smith | Muugo, Miitu Coltau After which. OGRE OF URACKliNBURO. Kinderprriacr, Mr Wood | Jack, Mutai Wood To conclude Willi CROTON WATER. Mom Brown, John Smith 117" Door* will open at??Curtain willriM at quartet hat era 8 o clock nreciaety. Boi Oflii'e opcu daily from 9 to 5, where Ticket* nay k pnrchaaed and place* secured. I PAuR THIKXTKR,. MR. AND MRS. BROUGHAM. THIS EVENING. October I it h will be performed AS VOL LIKE IT. Oilaodo, Mr Abbott | Touchitone, Mr Placid* RonJind, Mr* Brougliam To conclude with RORV O'MORE. Rory O'More, Mr Brougham Dr Welskeiti. Mr Deride I Kathleen, Miaa Hildiatk Kim Tier 75 ernu; 8d Tier 59 ceutr; Pit V% cent*; Gallery ?)* crnt?. DiMir* open at 8% o'clock and the performance will cem commence at 7 prccnely. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. 444 Broadway, New York. THIS EVE.NINU, Oct. IJ'h, will be preaenled tire AMILIE! . Oenrral Count Der Tenner, Mr Raymond Joee Sneckharher, Miea Taylor Oerrame Oreuadot, Mr Graham | Ainilie, Mr* Time* To conclude w th HOUSE. ROOM. Major Slenderpurae, Mr Field Mr* Cinnamon, Mn Watte C_/*" The Door* will be o|teued at 7, and tiie pcrluruiam. e coiiurience at half-past 7, every evening. ~~XBSKI3X* TiriTA ruK-wALNIT-**. PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C. CUSHMAN. BENEFIT OK MR. G. VANDENHOFF. SATURDAY EVENING. Oct. Dili, will be enac ed, LADY OK LYONS. Claude Mrlnotte, Mr VandrubofT | Pauline Miaa SCiubman After which, riZAKIlO. Roll*, Mr Vaiideuhoff | rizarro, Henkia Elvira, Mia* C Coalman Mr. Forreit will appear on Monday. E. A. MARSHALL. Leaeee. American Museum and garden, OPPOSITE ST. PAUL'S CHURCH. DR. VALENTINE, the delin ator of American i>eeuliaritlr*, whim* and odditie*. ana comic lecturer on men and mannars, will onen the contents of hi* wallet. cou?ist;ug of maty rare doiugi, bit*. *cr*p*, ?t>r- da, |.?t> he*, and divelalona, never before presented by him in New York. * Dr. Valentine will introduce r i* |?culiar comic and very laughable Dissertation ou Kacrs - Stage Coach Travel#?Mr*. <4 ,1,1,1. mn.,, Ti.- ii.k... Tt. a..?i???a Fourth of July Oration Mr. NELLIS, BORN WITHOUT ARMS. v\ ho by lii< uiitiriuK ixrrneri ruice liu ecu ui red the power of Ming hie feet and toes, with-is nindi facility us other people cell use their finger. aud lunula. For ile.uil of ill his wonderful , e?tri"riliii*ry and rleising perforiniucea. aee bills of the day.? l'lir irunigir hat also in accordance Willi universal desire, re engaged 8iKnor Vivaldi's ORAM) MECHANICAL FIGURES, consisting of Eleveu Automaton Performers, which repreeem t all the actions and movements of human life with a fidelity per feclly incrrdibje. They have lately arrived from Europe, and arc the admiration of all beholders. La Petite Celeste, the graceful and admired danseuse; Mia Hood, the popular vocalist, and Mr. Collins, the celebratM co inic siuger are engaged?Model ef Switaerland?Natural Bridge in Virginia?Albino Lady?Fancy Glass Blowing? 10- Mysterious Gipav Uirl?Balloon Ascenaiona?a Hen el I. ?ing Suakes?500,000 Curiosities. The Admittance to (he whole, Museum, Garden and antes taiiunriits. t weiilv-fn e cents?Children lial I once. 09 POWERFUL ATTRACT TONS EXTHAOKultfAffT NOVELTIES!! UNPRECEDENTED AMl'ltMENTb I! I AND ASTONIbHLNG ENTERTAINMENTS !!!! KKW YORK NIISEVM AND PICTVRR GALLERY, Broadway, ovnosilt the Park Change of Performance* Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager, ANNOUNCES wirh much nleunra, that he has effected an engagement with Signor Blits, the wonuerful magician and vpnirilonuist, who it allowed to be without a rival in both hemispheres. His feat of dancing sii dinner plate*, la truly miraculous. The manager has also secured the services of Mr Jenkins, the inimitable deliuiatnr of comic and eccentric characiris, and highly popular singer. Mr. Deiarue will ??*# hi* unitipiu of booth, purest, Hamblin, fce. Miss Ho salie, the i harming vocalist, will ap|?ear. Fancy glass blowing' Performance commences every evening in the lecture room at past 7. A day performance ou Wedreesday and Saturday at 3. Extensive preparations a*e being made on the occasion of the Croton c> It* brat ion. Repeated performances in the lecture room during the day. oltr POSTPONED. MRS. SUTTON'S CONCERT, Till Tuesday, tl?e 18lh Instant. n!2 2tr cASTLE GARDEN. UNPRECEDENTED. NOVEL AND EXTRAORDfNJIRY ATTRACTION. C.R.EAT CKOTON CELEBRATION. Friday, Oct. 14th, 1849. ORDER OF ~THE DAY. MORNING ARRANGEMENT.. Al suniisr a National Standard will be railed, with dischargn of Artillery, and the Sur Spangled Banner will be unfurled in honor ol the day of American Enterprise. During the forenoon the Garden will be open for the accommodation of per?ons who may ferl dis'osrd to witness from this elevated attnation the troopa on the Battery. Also, the CENTRIFUGAL RAILWAY, wh'ch lias drawn an immense concourse of peraons the past werk to the Ga den, to wilness this novel and most thrilling spectacle. It is made ol cast iron, and is about MO feet loag ; it C'-lisi.ts of two inclined planes, and a PERPENDICULAR CIRCLE, Forty-two feet in Circumference. A car containing one i<as.eiiger is started from the top of the highest part of ihe inclined plane, and by means of the momentum gained in the descent, is ca tied round the interior of Ihe circle, THE PASSENGER AND CAR al one time being UPSIDE DOWN ! Kioto the top of the eilcle, the car descends to the ground, and then shoots upwards to the first fro ensile of the G.rden. THE NEW YORK BRASS BAND will, under their leader. Mr. Lothian, perform some of the most popular Patriotic and National Airs during the evening. AFTERNOON ARR.1NGF.MENT. At one o'clock P. M. the gates of ll.e Garden will be open to make preparations for the 40th Ereal Voyage of Mr. L. A. LaURIAT. in his splendid BALLOON 77ic Star of the Eatl. A RICHLY DECORATED CAR. EVENING ARRANGEMENTS. SPLENDID EXHIBITION OF FIRE WORKS! A bcantiful and favorite niece, railed the PhlDE OK AUR&RA. A magnificent and beautiful piece, called BOQUET OF FLORA. Durii,( the rTrtiinK. Several tma'l Montrolfier Bnllooni will ascend from the (iirdrn A large 4lb. R ckit, with crimson, green and pnrplc Stare. A enlendiil and amusing niece, called the PRUSSIAN VIERMORfcLLE. The beautiful and magnificent piece, called the CHINESE PLANTAIN 1 hee. A ?un?ib and inleesting Piece, calien the STAR OF VTcSilcfc. . A new but'Dical niece. atvled the PERSIAN FLOWER PIECE. A Flight of Panfarouadea. The evening'a amu-emrtita to conclude with the admired aad brAim III piece, of aurpusini hiilliancv and effect, CagUd ROSES AND DIAMONDS; Or, M'nu ntnof '12. Thi? niece will commence with a Circle of Ci relea, exhibiting in their revolutioni the AmKRICAn STAR of independence. changing to tin-1 inU.ematical piece occupying a apace ol J,lini ?|aare leet. In thta piece there will be a grand display of Military P) rouchny, conn-tiiff of Bombi, Maroons Sur al Kin , I'ota dea Brina, Minea, lie. and will terminate with a motto tf Croton Water, 1842. la Lance Work, kc. Pyrotechnic Artist, Wrn. Stanton. Pnict or AuMititon. During the Centrifugal Exhibition in the morning, ft 2) B-II.Hin Aicrnai'in, iiicluding Railway, in the afternoon. 0 Jt Evening Eih ibi'ton, fl JO Children, for the afternoon and evening exhibition, under 12 years of ace, hall price. Tickets for the whole day and reeling tl. to he ohta.ned at the Otrdrn, oil Itr l.'KEV || UI'ITAR AND HI.N4JINO, l iny term. " to auit the timea. Mona. and Madam* OUftAUD, from Pariv. having had ten y oarx ancreaaful experience in Loudon, in families ol the firil respe tability, frel pleasure in offering their service! as Private Tntors, or m leaaona in French, lini tar slid Singing, and (*r| confident that they cannot fail togire satisfaction to any who may favor them with their pjpmaqp Beat of rcferencei given. 76, corner of Henry and rxneuMHe atreeU, Brooklyn. ?Ull?r n,.ncir\!,rv r t\J!ii3?iil iw. TIFFANY, YOUNG & ELLIS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS In the tarionn Fancy Manufacturee of England, Krone*, Germany, China, fcc. HAVK received by late jirrir^U, a ureal variety ol beaatifnl ic'Tr l.ier, n Inch reader* their ?tn< h more alecant aad eitenvivr Than rtfr before. In It wil1 be found ? anpertnr aiaort tneiil of? ?.* wood and tbooy Oond* Unnrte t aney Article* lliit ill Alio Sutiomr) h nicy rnctliin ?! (llvi Cmwry Berlin Iron and Brooir (looda Prrfbmarv Fain of all kinda e? and f,?iwh* I'apler Mache k Velvet Oood* Indian I'MtjItlri I Umbrella*, PaiaaoJa* Mud** H I kill! (. I'M ?, Buvpeuilera, Oamea, Opeia Olaaaea, French I w 'rv. I!. I. whip*, Acroidion*. Moeic Bo*ee, Mantel t) n 'in n , i III I' in ni(a, Bomn'i" (timer, and a* innumei.hie T incy oi llltg Articln of Taiteund Utility, ' It 111* for j'.i'i nt*. all of which thev fake pleaaare inahowlay, and will aril at luch moderate prica* a* matt be Mtiafartny to all |anf haaera. No JVI Rroailway, | ol3lmia**e Directly oppoaite th* City Hall

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