Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?No. UU? Wltolo No. 314 4. Ursula 1 uu l it v* Aotl?I'repared from the uriguuii re cipeatNn.g fold street, New Yrok?The Orris Tooth Vub l? i-irely a vegetable preparation, i>oa?e?siug the pcopertiea o lakesgiEg the tceLi and nctlh testortcg the g"J" lo t Ileal lit y stile, anil preveuuug any unpleasant taste oi odonr tn the mouth, whether arising Irotn Jecvyed teeth or Iron a at ranged state of the stomach. ... . It ia designed to be used with a tooth brush, and will be locuid to su;iersrde the necessity i !t l<w fer .bret'iig tVr tent- aud |irv?eiiliug the wtaitr.g ao?y i?i U.e gJi^a it .it the teeth. it is i?rtieuiar!', useful tu eases oi spungy gums, iesloriug then to a healthy stale, .iud causing them to contract arouud the teeth, ill jiaiuful affections of the teeth and gums, arising from exiHisure to cold, it will be found high y beneficial. It is particularly aervieeahle to use the Orris Tooth Wish at night just before retinint to rest. This method is recommended by eminent deiitisls, as by so doiug all particles ol lood which accumulate duriu.' tlie day are rntueiy removed, and the mouth fcti>t through the night in a clean, sweet, and healthy state. Sound teeth aud white teetn are the most valuable portion* of (ioor humanity; hut how many ueglect the attention necesaan lor their preservation, evcu wheu surrounded by all the mean, needed Among tliese> we kuow oi none more pleas.uit aud effectual tliau tlie Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and wliiti us the teeth, strengthens the gums, purities the mouth, and aweeteus tlie breath. We recontineuu its use to all, yonug aud old.?[Boston Morning Post, The Oms Tooth Wash is the best detergent we ever used on oureuarncl.?[Boston Trmiksccipt. For sale by the principal druggists in the city m4 r CROTON WATRK. HANSON. WIL.?OCK It HANSON, Plumbers. Brass Founders, and Copt* ramitha, next door to tlie Taberoaclc, No 331 Broadway, New Yi?k From loug prartical exjierience in business in this and other .......... Wo-, U'.ifi,m II it/ c. ia l.... ,,. thus assuring the public, nil o ders entrusted to them will be promptly executed, with a view to |iermaiient satisfaction,iu a wmkmeulilte style, ami of the beat inateiiais. Their charges will al ways beax moderate a* ran be reasonably alforcd by any ccmjKteut and respectable concern Water pipes of every approved deaciiptiou, lor introducing the Crot ill Water. Talent lead pipes, cart iron, coin|a?itiou and tinned pi pea. Bran coeks and water cloaeu, of their own auiierior manufacture. Hydrants of Carolina red cedar, bathing tuba, bath b .ilvra un the beat Philadelphia plan, and other articlea in the furegoiuif brauchea ol buaiueaa. 0I8 lin* r ' ON THE CANAL STREET PLAN." THE I uhlic are by lliii time satisfied Uiat the cheap, clean and Ural Oyster Shops are the best, and that they are as Wt I (served as elsewhere. The Subscriber has oiieuedanew establishment at No. 109 Nassau street, a few doors above Ann, where he hopes, by strict attention to business, he will merit a si,.ire ol custom. Being a new beginner, on his own account, but an old hand at the business Oysters stewed, fried, roasted or raw, served np on the shortest notice, and the best that can he found ill the city. Supper parties will find this a pleasant resort for an evening sin lm? r SEGARS? SEGARS. T^HK following choice Segars are always on hand at HEN1 KlllUKSA HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGAK BTOKK, wholesale and retail, basement 51 William st. Kioudds, in half and quarter boxes Do. No. , half and quarter boxes Noriegas, in quarter and eighth do Para Regains, iu quarter do Regains, ol a superior quality, iu X, X slid 1-lOtli boxes Congresas, iu quarter boxes Trabueas, do do La Norma, do do Li i Insperausa, do do 'i'res Aungos, iu cartons of 20 esch London Regalias, iu cartons of 40 each La Pruela, iu quarter boxes iviisgan's spotted, iu quarter boxes Patieiilla's, do. of superior quality Yngeueudad, do Drinoyas, do Mateos, do Principes, of the Rendon, Cruz and Sans, all ent. to deb. Prnnaveras, in quarter boxes Alrauzas do Constantias, do Bustaineutas, do Esuiero Regalias, do Imperial do, iu quarter boxes, a superior article. N. B.?Hotels aud grocers supplied on reasonable terms. oU Imb ~ nt-tw store. /"NOUTHOUY 8t Nt.VK.RS respectfully invite their friends and the public generally, to Call at 341 Broadway, aud examine tlieir assortment of LAMPS, CANDELABRA, GIRANDOLES, &c Stiver, Plated ami Britannia Ware, Table CuXlery, and House-Furnishing Goods, of every description, winch they hare just iqiened, and now offer on sale atpri es lliat cannot lail to satisfy puichisers. Enjoying superior advantages in the selection a<d manufacture ot their L uii|m, Guaudoles, Candc labia, Sic., C. St N. are enabled to offer lliein in great variety, of i at eru and tinish.suitable for churches, hotels, stores, dwellings and steam or sailing packets. These last are a new and roost desirable article, well wor by the attention of owners aud shipmasters. Attention is j^ticularly invited to the Solar Lamp,so justly celeb.ated lor its superior biilliancy and rc.iuomy. This L>unp, as taa*?-d by accurate expert cents, affords twice the light of an Astra', while it bums lor an equal number of hours at half the expeiua. COUTHOUY St NEVERS will keep constantly on hand a complete assortment of the articles above enumerated, and hope by their endeavors to meet the tastes aud wishes of the puolic, to merit a favorable sh ro of the |mlroiiage winch is Bows lici'ed for their establishment. oil lwislk3woe<,rc deafness. invisible voice conductor. fPHESE instmmeufs are to be obtained at R. SI M l'SON'S, A a, Astor House. Of a peculiarly simple construction, they merely require to be placed in the cavity of the ear to give nnmedi.le relief to this disagreeable malady. Persons, non-residents of New York city, on the remittance of 3 dollars, can have a pair lorwarded by post, or if desired a single one for (2 56. N.B.?Agent lor the sale of SIMPSON'S EAR CORNETS. s4 lm'rc medical noticeTU8T published, price 50 cents, by Dr. FAWCETT, of w 1% Fulton street, New York,'1 he Great Consoler lor the Mind in Distress?a popular inquiry into the coucearea causes that destroy the physical energy and the abil ty of manhood, wirli nkpr.ntiniu nn fht* hmielul nf'inlitArv inuuiDence. local or constitutional weakness, nervous irriutiou, coesump tiou, and on the partial or total extinction of the reproductive powers. The Doctor isalao author of a new trealiae which is exclusively written for the sensitive female, who, while she hrinkr abashed at the idea of revealing her suiteiiums, may nil in its p tites a confidential and capable adviser Dr. F. coutintifi to direct his attention to tne entire eradication of gouorrhtxa, gleets, strictures, nocturuai emissions, syphilis in its worst forms, nervous irritation, constitutional debility, and all diseases brought ou by solitary h.ions. Female diseases treated scientifically. Office 196 P uiton street. ,Z> lm*r PHYSIOLOGICAL. ' MYSTERIES AND REVELATIONS IN LOVE, av.. Courtship and Marriage?an infallible Guide-Book for Married and Single Persons, in matters of the ntmost im|>ortance to the Unman Race- By Eugine Becklard, M. D. Among the things duty considered in this work are matters of serions importance to single and young married persona? The causes ef, and cure for Sterility?The art of Beauty and Courwhi|>?The danger of solitaryjiractices. and how the habit may be removed?The causes of Love ana Jealousy, with a remedy for eradicating from the system the seeds of a -opeless or an unhappt passion?Offspring, including modes for the propitiation or prevention thereof? l'esla for knowing the sexes of unborn children?Intermarriage?Persons who ought and ought not to marry?The most auspicious season far wedlock, be. Price 75 c< ills For sale at 125 Fulton street, and 169 Broadww <24 Im'r r (>K.SHTs-CORSKTS. TUST RECEIVED, at the New York CORSET WARE " HOUtsR No. 113)4 Pearl street, a large assortment of FRENCH AND ENGLISH CORSETS, which will be sold atjrrratly reduced prices, IVnoletaU and Retail N B ?Dealers in Corsets are invited to call, as the whole atock it newly imparled. 443)4 Peart street, New York, o 0 I m in HAVANA.?MRS. WEST'S Boarding Uous-has Oeen entirely reli.ted and prepared for the reception of travellers. Th- location of this House, " No I Call* San Pedro tn frtnde dt la Machina," is decidedly tu|>erior to any other previously establish) d in this city. It It directly npon the Bay,at the terminal ion of the Commercial wharf, and adjoining the Sreamiuiat lanoing. commanding an exti naive and beautiful view of the entire harbor, with the adjacent country, towns and villages, and ixiaaeaaing the advantage of a much fresher and purer air than the interior atree'a of the city, although it it within the usual business limits. The majority of the apartments are unusually loftv, spacious and airy, and it may be confidently stated thai no place in this (wrt of the island, offers Sreater advantages to the traveller or invalid for a winter reaience. The proptietors again caution strangers destined to Havana , to briLg with ihem a passport,signed or verified by a Spanish Consul, w hich upon arrival is taken by the Boarding Officer, and in conformity with which a permit to diseirbark with luggag '. be has to he procured bv some rrsident of the place. Tlie I lerk of the I louse will attend to this formality, which i? rigidly enlbr t il liv tin- (J >veriiinem, ami passengeri il>.?irous of going to Mrc. Weat'a, by lending their ninti ?p 10 the H lu'e will be relieved immediately. If they can advise hv a previous vnwl of their intention to embark, permits can he prnenred in anticipation, wtiich in the event of their arrivine late in the day, will obviate a detention of from 2 to 2t hours on hoard Traveller* may leave ilirectinna at home to have their lettera addressed to the care of Mr. C. K. Weat (taking care to ha?e hi* name distinctly written, aa very frequent mistakes are made with fore i <n name a at ihe Havana Post Olfice) which will in sure their earliest delivery through hia boa, and iheiraate keeping in caae of abaenca. A a* rrcan and English coin received in imyment, and Icttcra of credit for moderate amounta negotiated or received. *20 lawlinV NEWLY INVENTED TRANSPOSING PIANO FORTES. NO. 243 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. rPHE anbaenbera reapectfuily inform tlieir friends and the A public III general, they have just finished a newly invented inatruinei.t called the Transiting Piano Forte, which they now introduce to the mnsical community. Thia Invtrttiuent fo-rna a beautiful, rich and new exterior both in ahape and neaineaa, bea dee a lone full, bnlliaiil, anil mclodiotia. The great advantage derived from thia new inven MM,aa that satic ami bt transited into any key rlemred to nit the vocaliata, or for an sccominnimrnt of any other irulrum'nt, and therefore worthy the attention of the amat. nr aa well aa the ar,iat. A large aaaortrncnt of Tablet Piano Fortes, rote wood and mahogany, band riV, oetavev, with French grand acnon. are also constantly kepi on hand, all of which we reapectfuily sub mit to profasaora, ariiiiienra, and the trade in general, at our warerooma and maniilarcory, aa above. N. Jf ?l lano eortea tailed and repaired on the shortest noLINDttLL, WKNNER8TROM It CO. s 22 !m*c No. 343 Broadway. OO RIBBONS AND SILKS.-J. T. REYNOLD*.. Divi.ion tt. haa juat received the moat elegsoi .ssult inentof fashionable Comet Ribboua, Silks, Satins.Velvet, -be fcc. to be found in the city. Dealers, city and ciainsy imlli ncra, will do well tu call before purchasing elsewhere nd lmi?*e NO 45 MAIDEN LANE OLD ESTABLISH vJENT ?Perfumery, Cotmetic. and futcy Soaps. The following rnmiuiwi a part of the variety of the maiuilhctnre of Alexander It unsay, successor W N. Hmtlh Prentiss, ? it The justly cehtinted aaponrcrous, Naples and chemical Coametic r omp. u?4 for shaving. Unlet aua|>a in great variety, cologne, lavein et a 11 tlorid.a watera, etlracu of monk, roars herg.aiiiot. oroig , i ssainine, kc. kc., milk of rosea, vegetable |ie*rl powder, for rlr-.m* the completion, toilet or nur*ery powder, (he pure at article made, vegetable rouite, li.iuid do, Cold cream, otto ol roan lip aalve, otto of row* in Kilt bottle*, Curlioir t In id, lieAi'joil, maca*?ar oil, and the celebrated kephli" for (In- crow ill of the hiir, hair dve*, Pre*ton ??lt*, court planter, indelible ink, hi u ? and hlitr writing ink*, calcined charcoal, powder pufl'a and botes, eruure powder for attracting grease irreaai from ?nk, aromatic vinegar, kc. kc. eor *ale at the manufactory and warehouse of ALKXA \DER RAMSAY, Buccewor to N. Smith Preutu*. No. 45 Maiden lane, *1> tin'r Sign of the (Joldei^Rote^ l>t RE BHtCK?7<00 Government, of ?ni*?or qt^tjr for mI' i4 by PERS9E fc BHOOK9. o2U No. til Libeity at. E- NE ne; HIGHLY IMPORTANT. MERCHANTS AND BANKERS?It ihnnl.l be im f pn ased on the minds of evemerchant and bauker, that his wnole fortune may depend cb his preserving his books and pa|>eni in case ol fire. This general destruc.inu of book sales 1? * *rJal hre in 1835, led to the invention ol the celebrated S.iuinauder Safe which has repeatedly been proved to be lire proof. 1 he ereat objection to Satamaudei S?fes hitherto has been, that they are damp and will mould the books and papers ii i I tatta m. this is m? olfimdii the Safi known is R. bero> on It Rich's improved Salamander? which is warranted to be dry as well as tire PSOof. Annexed is the certificate of the committee on the tnal of this *afe>New York, Auk. 30th, 1812. We, the undersigned, attended by request a trial by lire of Robertson k Rich's Salamander Safe and Scott's Patent Asbestos Safe. The trial wu made in a furnace of great |?owi r built for the puriHise. at the foot of Wall street, on the 26th iust. The principal object was to test the lire pro i pialities of Robertson 6l Rich's Safe. The safes were placed in a furnace, and the fire lighted at a quarter to 11A.M., and coucinued till 4 P.M. Ill opvuiug the furnace at that time, Hcoti's Safe, with il< contents. was found to be completely destroyed, but Robertson k Rich's Safe to be in iierfoct o er; 4>? the irou at the lower part ..r ..?i n.,.i.'.?.,i~ .... 1,^.1 ...I leaving ihe Salamander I'rvoarstiou In in anil tutile; in removing lite safe,In lore the lire wai entirely extinguished,the botloinwa* accidently forced off by lU adhering In Um bin of the luwiace, thereby espusiug the inner case to Ihe lire, part of the pa iers were consequently buriied.iiud the rein under slightly scorched. The heat waa so intense Uiat tlie wrought irou I'raine, the caat iron wheeliof the safe, and even the bricks of the furnace melted, yet the greater part of the mahogany ciiae remains sound and uninjured. During the live hours the lire was burning, lour and a hall loads of pine wood iud ninety-six bushels of charcoal were consumer. The preservation of any of the papers in such an intense heat for live rours is conclusive evidence that this safe would be irroof against lire in the burning of any store or warehouse.? lodging froui lire res alt of this experiment,we think Uobeilauu ami Kich's Sale i <|u il to any yet iuvuuled i'oi the preservation of books and papers from lire, and untitled to the confidence of the community. JOHN W. LEAV1TT. E. D. HURLBUT, J. B. VARNUM. Har u: witnessed the trial alluded to in the foregoiug statement, 1 am > ry certain that Robertson 4s. Rich's Chest would have escaped utxi .lined from any house burning I ever personally witnessed, even in the most exposed situation. JOHN O. WINTER. A. 8. MARVIN. Sole Agent. _?lilin*r No. IJ8H Water *C, N. Y. ERUPHONd CURED AND i HE COMPLEXION CLEARED A MIRACLE TO CURE ERUPTIONS OF THE SKIN?Salt rheum,freckles, scurvy, pimples,eiisi|>elas, blotches, inorphrwtan,fever,spots, bitesol insects, musoueloes, lie ?to change the color of dark, sunburnt, yellow, or discolored skin?the Italian Chemical Soap is really the wonder of the ago. Well might 'he Medical Society of Paris call it a blessing aud its inventor, M. Besprine, a philanthropist It is djriug thousands all over the States and British possessions. It entire ly eradicates every eruption or disligurciiicnt of the skin, imputing to the Puce, body, neck or arms a beautiful healthful clearness. No misrepresentation is offered One liial will suftsoe to recouuueud it to nil. Among the many who have been cstred by this, are the lollowiug highly respectable iie.sons;? Rat T 8 Cover, Newnk, N J, ( vou are lotikef that tins is no puffed nostrum, but a physician's invention.I "?l Palmer.Brook Iyo. Sold by T. JtJNV.S, sign of the American fcjglr,82 Chatham st, Ne w York, price M rents, Mm K Baker, Brooklyn. Aiiiita?l.? k'nllou st, Brooklyn,! Bute st, Boston. 87 Dock si, Philadelphia. 11* m r COUGH LOZENGES. PETERS' COUGH LOZ' NOES are uoir rapidly inner soling all other preprralioin for the relief of coughs,colds, arthina, whooping conrn, tightness of the chest, breiichitis.auu similar pulmonary atfeciious. CONSUMPTION CANNOT BE CURED ! Those who say it can are im|Miitors and quacks. Still it may be prevented o: iU progress stayed, by using Dr. Peters'Cough Lo/.euges. Begin in season. Do not neglect a slight cou^h until cousumje tion has commenced its ravages. A delay ol a lew days often proves fatal. Price 2i cents per boi. Peters' Cough Lozenges have |>erfortned some of the most remarkable cures on record. One trial of them is more satisfactory than a column of ceitUM tes. THE GREAT OBJECT GAINED! PETERS' MEDICATED LOZENGES are the most valuable discovery of the I9tti century. They are entirely pleasant to the taste, and more etiicieut than any other medicine. These Lozenges are the result of long continued aud patient investigation and ez|>emneut, conducted in concert by some of the most distinguished physicians iu the Union, who, believing that some of the best known remedies might be prepared 111 a ivilalable form, have directed their tabors to that end, till they have produced preparations in the popular form ol Lozenges for nearly every disease incident to the human system. TO PARENTS we say, 1 o not be without these Lozenges at auy time?attend to these suggestions as you value the lives of your children. PETER3' PILLS. TO THE WHOLE WOULD! It isadmitted bv all who have used them, (and who has not) that Dr. Peters' Vegetable Pills are the most unriv<lled medicine ever discovered by the ingenuity of man. They are a sovertigu cure lor the followiug co i.plaiuts? Yellow anil billiqus fevers, fever and ague, dys|?-|e aia, croup, liver complaint, sick headache, jaundice, asihina, drotuy. rheumatism, enlargement of the rpleen, piles, colic, female cuslruclious, heartburn, furred tcngue, nausea, uistrnsion of th- stomach and bowels, incipient diarrhues, flatulency, habitual costiveneas, loss of appetite, blotched or sallow coinplexiou, and all cases of torpor of tne bowels, where a cathartic or an aiierient is needed. Tliev are ezceedingly mi'd in their operation, producing neither uausra. griping nordebility. Dr. J. G. Smith, of Woodstock, Va. says?" Tliey are a better Pill than 1 can make." He recommends their use. The agent at St'asbuigh, Va. says he supplies families for 30 miles around Wllk Peters' Pills, sud they perform such remarkable cures that they are preferred to every olliei medicine. Mrs. E. Ward, of New York, was tronbled with dyspepsia and liver complaint for IS years. By using these Pills a snort time she was completely cured. Miss Clark was afflicted with irregularities and obstruction, aueucieu wun mom distressing symptoms. She wis cured biasing Dr. Peters' Pills. Hon. E. D. Davis was afflicted with rheumatism, so as to be unable to dress himself. Three boxes of Peters' Pills entirely Cun d him. But why multiply testimonials ? We say to all, try Dr. Pe ters' Vegetable Pill, aud we will guarantee that afterwards you will use tneui in preference to all others. WORM LOZRNGES. Dr. Peters' Worm Lozenges ate toe surest and safest Worm destroyer ever discovered. It is estimated that in the United States. 100,000 CHILDREN DIE YEARLY from the effect of Worms alone. This mortality ran be almost entirely prevented by the use of Peters'celebrated Lie zeuges. Thousands and tens pf thousands | ine away aud die wthont suspecting the real disease. The following sr- a lew of the symptoms ; Headache, pale lips, flushed cheeks, disturbed dieams, feveriabnrss, thurst, bad taste in the mouth, offensive breath, itching of the nostrils, pain in the stomach, nausea, unnatural appetite, swelled stomach or limbs, sense of something rising lu the chest, itc. 52/-* Mrs. Call triuc Ann Brrggs, Cherry st. Philadelphia has a little u.iugnrer wno naa oeen in a decline lor several year*.? At times (he would eat voraciously and sometimes eat nothing at all; au<l she was last wasting away; her symptoms were so unusual and contradictory that the doctors knew not what to do. but do what thev would, she constantly grew worse, and rrluclantly they declared she must die. At the request of a fliend, the mother at this stage procured a boa of Peters' Worm Lolcnges. The first duse satisfied all that worms were the cause of all the child's sufferings, and two boxes effected a perfect cure. Mr. J. W. Carpenter, merchant, Roosevelt st. N. V., says Dr. Peters' Worm Lozenges possesses more merit than the doctor claims foi them He has used them in his family with success when eveiy other medicine failed. Wherever they have been used they are preferred to all other remedies. Iu fact Dr. Peters and his distinguished a*so. lates, possessing many receipts of great value, selected from each the most valuable parts, and they confidently say those loxeuges cannot be improved. CORDIAL LOZENGES retcra' Cordial Lozenges are a specific for the relief of nervous or sick htadache, lowness of spirns or inelinrholy, Ian guor and debility, either from previous disease or too free liv ing, tremors, spasm of the stomach, irritability of the nerves, hysterical affection, drowsiness, cholera morbus, sense of fatigue, and |*l|>italion of the heart. From their efficacy in the relief of headache, they are called by many the Headache Lozenges. PETERS' VEGETABLE SHILLING STRENGTHENING PLASTER. This is not only the chrafiest, but the beat, neatest, anil most comfortable blaster in ezisleuce. Peters' Shilling Plaster is an easy and most effective remedy for pain in the breast, side, or stomach?weakness or pain in the chest, loins, or back?stiffness of the neck?affections of the limbs or joints, whether produced by rl etnatism or other canst,.?habitual pain of the head or siomarh?pile i, colds, coughs, liver complaints, weakness of the spun?predisposition to break out in biles and pimples, lislletsnets of the frame, and for gene ral debilitation. Let any |>erson afflicted as above try one of Peters' Shilling Plasters, and we W'll vrntnre to say that he could not be prevailed on to discard it again, for ten, 01 moat probably for a hundred dollara. Price 12 1-2 cents. Principal Offices, 125 Fulton street, corner of Nassau and <59 Broadway and 90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia^ ?28 lm*r Remittances to Ireland, Ac. Ac.?tim >nr>acribercontinuesto tranamii money in soma large or small, to persons residing in any |wit of Ireland, in the same manner as lie, and Ills predeeesso, in busiiies-, nave done lor tlm last | thiitv yeats, and more : also, to any |sart of England, or Scotland. [ Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the permon or ; persona in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom u is 'o be sent, and nearest peat town, will be immediately transmit led and i>aid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the sender. 21 lin'r GEORGE McBRIDE, Jr., 12Ceda -street ONE PRICE CaSH STORE. AT IM Chatham street, where will be nnd clothing at the I,.Mowing low prices:?Beaver and pilot clo'h coats, from >5 to Si); satinet! jwuits from $1)0 in $>; ?i .uble and single breamed fist, from $ I )0 to $2)0. The wtkt sue ol Chatham *'t21 "m*'r HF.NHV COGSWELL. TERRAPIN LUNCH, UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM f * OUR M O N DE' QUI VIVE' THOUSANDS v* of our good lovers of good fare. have bren lor Mm wmIib past mffcrinc rtiMpiioiDtiiw frwia yt closing of the t u t lined " IV r r|pin uODCh. Hw JWil fov.r." is now, however, over, and *imiu may 'hey 'fved well," (or be it known that the John Adams, of Knickerbocker mem... , ' ton hit hit" 0I> ? the Ti rmpin . also the ago* i-riftor. one of the finest liule Allows in ( hristendom, yxlopt W J I at:. Now, then, MiHi k y-'tir lip* y * cormorant* in the Tttftle S<iii]i And steak line, tlie BMhtle 01 'Saints , llU HUlgl I ihi?,pei action, in ud iting and <innk.iiK niy be *K?,n Kuarsritred at the Terrapin. A single look into the old i<? lio*," win appcas* tha hnagoi "t nim with the short ; tree, mm i taata ovwm feMiee at half tha old pricaa wtl ttcnj Urapelau of tha veriest mchorite. I* ine Orceu Turtle served up this day, and every day during thes-wa. olt lm*? NEW ST( >VK. SHEPARD'S PATKNT REVERBERATOR. TMIk .ubarnbrri offer thia .lay t. the public, the office and A perioral** of ilui new mil .plmdid pateut itnve. W* aak II in W'nt of *tnv.j to call unit tannine it. It 11 by fir, the mott efficient .nil ?r >?orn.?l atove offered for a number of vein, and ha* the approval of ill who hire .rrn it, and biili lair to tiki; the li-ai! of all other*. Lancer lize* wdl be 111 milium in the courae al a few ilayi. |? the mean time, the primciple ol the ?love, can be *een fully developed in the aire inhibited. SHRPARDk CO. Notl'i Stove Warehouse, No Water itreet. N. B.?Aiplendid aiioitmenl of Noti'i Radiator Siorr, the only itove in the mirket mitahle for w inning dw. ili'nui churchel, hoteli, public buildiinci, kc. A two atory ho.** can i.e wanned with three ton* of coal, leu than one urate will cuBinme. , , Driimi for parlori and halli. in ityle !>nd viiiefy uiuutialled in the city. Alio the beat Wood cook aro*? ever offend. *29 lro*ec SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS, Krtl'M IALI. V tlioae now in the city, are rei|ieutlully re minded that they can t.rocura new, pow.rful and highly flavored Ti aa ol every dvacripllou, on very advautaiteoua terina, in rnckaiti a .unable lor private uae, or for lhair reuular cuatom era, at the Canton Tea Com| any'a Depot, *1 im*r No. Ill Chatham it, New York, W TO V YORK. THURSDAY M< MARTIN'S GASH TAILORING ESTABLISH M E N T . l.Vl Will,am Street, Corner of . /tin Street, IS decidedly Che rhr?j?*?t in (lie cily There u ?lwaya on hand ? ?< leci ttiK'k ol Kumubie good*. purchased for caah, which will be intde up lo order in the ?lj le of make, lit, trimmiiu. Sir., that ha? titi'ti ?uch grncial atiifactioa during the I ait lour yean, and at a poaitive aavrug of JO per cent. Gentlemen are returned to call and eiaiiuue. Thoae who furunh th err own jtoodi, can have them MADE AND TRIMMED. Ureia CoaU, made and irumned, %! 00 to (8 SO Krock CoaU, do do 00 u> 9 .'<0 1'anta and VetU, I 70 to 2 00 Over CoaU. 00 to 11 CO ITJ" Term*?Caali on delivery'. si* 1m* c MICHAKL K. MARTINNEW CASH T A 1 L O K I iN G E S T A K L I S H M E N T . NO 93 CHURCH ST, (BETWEEN KEADE AND I IIA.IililRS Sltttfcl!). GENTLtMEN luniisnn; their nwu good* can have them made ui> 111 the moat fashionable French ?tyle, cheaper than ever uttered before in this city. Overcoau uiade and trunioed $8 50 Frock coat* " " " 7 50 Drra* coat* " " " 6 50 Veatand Pant* $1 50 10 1 75 N. H.?Repining doue in the ueate?t in inner, ol lin*in SAMUEL WYANT. ONE 1'It ICE STOltii. 1H1EKE IS NO IMPOSITION |>rictictu at mi* itoro bv nil in,- d juble (he |irtee an ar .icie is worm, neitner any in terrniKiouou the side. walk. No insult ottered H yon dou'l I'll ch I**. Any person wishing to make a purchase can rely on being furnished with clothing at the following prices : Coat* (0 a 12 Clolhjiekrts 3 a 5 Cloth Panta 3 a 4 50 Sal liuett Pant* 1 50 a 2 50 JACOB COGSWELL. 04 lm*r 133)t Chatham street, neai Kosevelt St., N I, SHIRTS. SHIRTS made after the latest and most approved French MM CoJta, i autaloous, vests, and all under garments, made to order at anort notice and in the most fashionable style. Geullaineu's t mulshing Store, t7 and M Maiden Laue, New York. ?3 3m*r WM. COLLIN3. SUR1A, FRENCH D Y E B. , 490 PEARL ST., Principal Office, rPHANKFVL for the palioiiage heretofore bestow d, rcsA lectfully informs the public tlial he has, for the aceoinmtdation of his customers in the upper part of the city, opened Two Offices, one siluated 257 Ulkki ker St., theut)ier352 owkkt. for the recrpiion auil delivery of Ooods. All kinds of Silk, Cotton and Woolleu Gouda P Y ED. Merino anil Camel's Hiir Shawls cleaned in the French IVIf, HUM nc.itllesa and (lt'Sprtlch. lL/" All kiudiof Wearing Appird anil Carp'ti icoured. jVitichanU can have all kiuo. ol' good. dyed anil put op in tlirir origin (I form. Brooklyn Orticc, <9 Kulton at. Brooklyn. oil lm*r THE ANT1 ANGULAlt~SYtiTESi OF WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. mom twelve to an uoLLaaa t y II. B HI STOW ot London, revpectlullv informa the L.idiei 1"- ainl Geulleineuol New Vork and Bru-klyn, that hia clasaea Day and Evening, have commenced Jot the season, and that he haa ikducku Ina Teima one nail',?to Six Doilara ! At aUhMv No. 2ii Bhodawav, nkah 1'ahx Place. Gentlemen of all Agra arv poailively taught in twelve Iraaoua, a bold, free, expeditions and liuiahed buaitu-aa-like atyle ol Writiuc, no matter now bad, illegible atttf, or cram|>td the writing may be. Bee ..pecitneiij at ll.e door, 83i Broadway. Amd no: Lamxa A neat and haudaome, delicate and taalnonable Running Hand 1m Twelve K ist LxaaoMa t VISITORS in New Vork can take a ceurae in Three Daya I?Mr. B. la to he aeeu from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to 8 P. M. Eveutug Claaaea from 7 to 9. Booa-KcxriMO Tiugh on a auperior nieiliod, by double and aingle entry, cientitical|y and practically. ?i I ?N N I <N aM C 1 C 1 STENOGRAPHY. A uew system of the Art of Writing Short-hand, for taking dow.i Lectures, Sermons, i'riaL at Law, lite ate., t ?ugi?t perfectly by Mr. Bruiow tu one course ol lessons ! at a?> Broad* way. See a specimen. N. B.?A worn of the author is presented to every do pi I for their permanent guide. ol3lm*r ITALIAN MUSIC?MR. MANNING, (tweuty years re J-sideut in Naples?1'upiloi I'acui and (Jresoeutiui.J gives instruction, on term* to suit the times, in Italian, k reach and English ."Singing, and in the uiosl fashionable style of l'iano lone playing. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the following gentlemen J. M. Wai.iwnglit, U. D. ; Messrs. Howlaiid it Aspinwail , J. K Schroder, D. D. ; Mr. J. T. Bngham ; K. L. Hawkes, D. D; Mr. IS. W.trd. Mr. M. resides ut 230^ Hudson street, uear Spring st. o I lin?r LSPY'S PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOR THl^ cheap, simple <*u 1 efftcitnt appir<iv.u* is adapte< to all purposes of Veuliiation. Ships, Sle.nnhoats, nurches, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vault , Kc. Ike. may b its applies tlou be kept free iroin .-II toui air and uuwholeSi me effluvia; it is also an effectual cure for Smoky Chun met. County ol New Votk, ! prepared to sspply the public with Cones on demaud. Metal Hooding of all descriptions luruished in any pait of the country. Ciolon Water Piiiei and Plum nets' Work in geueral. Alto, Galvanized Iron aud Tin W are at wholesale. Store pipes, bath tubs, coal hods, Ac at prices greatly railuced. All work warranted, an 1 orders by leuer attended to. p. kUMNER, s23 3in*m 120 Water street. THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL ANb DiAPEli PIN ANEW and important article for use in the nursery, and as a fastening to I tdies shawls, cloaks, Ac. Patented in the United States and iu Europe. t is rapidly gaining favor whereVrr introduced, and has Iwr.nme an article which it will be to the advantage of i|talers in laucy in the country, to supply tin me Ives with, fcor sale to the trade, bymost ol the wholesale dealers in such articles in the city of New York. Thread and needle stores aud dealers iu fancy articles, su|e plied on liberal t'rms, at the manulactoi y ol the patentee, U6 Jav street, Brooklyn. s22 lm*rc EAU DE BEAUTE. GOURAl.'D'S EAU DE BEAUTE, or True Water of Beauty, for exterminating Tan, Keduess, Sallown ss. Pimples, Freckles, Mophew, Burns, Biotrhcs, and all cu taneouseraptions?for realizing delicate white necks, hands, aud arms, and eliciting a healthy juteuile bloom, stands unrivalled. Its soothing and healing properties in all roughness and harshness of the skin?es|?ciai!y in allaying the irritability after shaving, is bevoud compare. Among the swarms of trashy preparations and vile cotn|K?iuda forced into notice by parasitical pop gun pulfs, (iouraud's Sum Lotion has unobtrusively crept its way slowly but surely and steadily into public favor throughout trie Uuiled States. This article is not recommended for its " cheapness"(its price bring Si tier bottle, though at thiscoatit is iiilinuely clira|irr than the vile stuIf spread daily before the public, evcii it the cost were one shilling or one cent.} Such cheap remedies or Mineral Astriugents being not only inadequate lo the objects contemplated, but by their rereliant sc.ion, i>ositivcly injurious to health. OOURAUD'S water of beauty recommends mi ll by its combined | efficacy, haruilessness of action, and refreshing fragrance. A French lady writing to the proprietor, says? "Mods, (iouiaud?'Tis but an act ol justice that I should spontaneously give you iny unqualified testimonial of Ihe unit eo emcacy, uinoeenre, ami iragrance 01 your preparation lor purifying nnd cleansing the skin. By its me evi-ry pimple and freckle have vanished from my face You should Mon Ami, as it is so sovereign and charming a remedy for scattering all blemishes from our faces, call it les delicrs des dames, En uu mot, je soil enchante de le cosmetique et Je en vous remercie de tout moil coeur. EMILIE DESMOULINS, Tension KranCais, Oreenwich street." " I have ynur Eau de Beante in use?it is an admirable article, ami I shall recommend it." 8. F. PHILLIPS, Philadelphia. " I have had several calls for your wash, for Ireckles, sc. A lady living here bought a bottle of you. and said it had Use desired effect." ALEX. GUTHRIE, No. I Sunwii Hall, Albany. " I cheerfully bear testimony to the efficacy and perfect innocence of ynur Eau de Beautejn is decidedly a valuable cosmetic. I cannot consent that you publish my mine." The above is from a lady in Le Hoy Place. " Dear Sir?Having had a very favorable opportunity yeaterday evening for expatiating on the merits of your Eau de Besuie, and showing the effects it produced on my hands, a young lady requested that I would procure her a bottle of it. Please send one per bearer." JOSEPH M , Broadway. So strong is the proprietor's conviction of the entire efficacy of the above invaluable preparation in realizing all that it professes to accomplish, that any diaatialied putchaser can receive hia or her money back, if requested. To be had only at Di. O' f-xclusive Office, t>7 Walker St., one door from Broadway, at $1 per bottle, and of the following Agents '? Albany, Outhrir, 4 Maiden Lane; Goshen, Elliott; Ph'ladclphis, Mrs Brown, 76 Chesnul street; B Itimoie, Beth Hauce, Pratt at; Washington, Selby la.ker; Alexandrii, C C Berry; H.rlford, Wells i H umphrey; Boston, Jordan, 2 Milk street; I Norwich, w Faulkner; Lowell, Carlelon; Salem, Ives; New Haven, E Myers; Providence, Dyer, Jr.. Ciocinnatti, Thomas, Main street, and others throughout the U. Slates. Gourand's Pondre Subtile, for completely and permanently eradicating superfluous hair, St per bottle. Gonriud's Liquid Vegetable Rouge, M cents |?r bottle. I Oouraud s Blanc D'Espsgue, imports a pnrv life wbileiirss | to skin, free fr on the deleterious principles generally entering | intoeoinbinatioii for this punjiose, 21 eeufa |ier box, tl" Im r LJ A YD EN'S STEEL QUILLS?The subscribers nave tor II sale, rome receuily impioved modificatious of thear excellent and iopular Tens. The " Re toy Writer" ix nnanimonsly voted the King of Pens ?eomhinmg eminently flexibility and per ua. ence. The " Dickens" is considered the best |*n for the price in the ma ket. The " Union" cannot fail to suit every body, affording at I2h> cents a card (ai wholesale) six different vane.ies of Tens. The " New York" every merchant will have in his counting mom who has tried them Together with the f.tmons Double I'at-nt and Combination xrr-i Pena, with many othera, for aale by he agenta. oil lm*rc J. It P IIAVOKN. V Plait at. TO KAMims GOING SOUTH, to the Weet Infliea ur A K.uro|ie.?A rrapcetahle female, 24 year* of age, wiahta to obtain a |?*rinmit n! situation aa aeauiiireaa, in aRCIiteel family. She would prefer going to Kiirojie, vet wonld accept of a Rood offer to ro Mouth or to the Writ Indira. The heat of refer encee Riven. Addrcsa A. A. A. boi 7tiJ, upper Poat office, N. York. * I0r A< Alti>.? I hare olten been luformed by frienda thai aome perron.H, aa well ill my line of buameaa aa nut of it, jealooa of the t acceaa I meet with,have directly and indirectly aaaerted that I war manufacturing mv well known La Norma brand, aa in II aa other Havana and Principe Segara in thia ronutiy, and making other aiimlar iiiuta, I herewith ileclare inch aaacilioiia menu la itlio 'da, and auth indieidoala worae than highway robbcra. M. RADKK, tfl Chatham atreet. Nrw York, Sept. M. 1842. a> lm*r / 1'NS. IHKI.E*. PISTOLS, mid a g. neral neeoiUnent of vJ i ard ware, eutlc-rv. aud fancy good*, aii'ilr, riCea. lioc|4 trice and log chaini, ahovela, aiwdea, a*et, lockr, bo'ta, mi, aawr lilea,table eutljry, p citel knivra, with a la.Re aaaor, meut ol Riiua, Iirtra, moaketr and pi at dr. f >r ??1- at lo a price by A. W. STIKS Ik (<()., ??0 lm?rtc 218 Pearl atreet. FLUTE AND GUITAR. \1R PHILIPK KRNST, I'mfearni of the Kioto, Guitar, an potent Conceit mi bega H anooenee I . hia Iriuuda aud publie tlmi he haa just published lilt new "Hondo MillUirr" (or the r;uitar, which will be loand well worthy the attention ol the arner or amateur, Irom us being well auapted to that instrument and calculated not only to please bat to afford nut ruction. This Hondo, with several other pleasing pieces of hiscemi>nsition ''for tiie gnitsr" are to be found at Mr. trust** residence 68 Canal street, where he conttauea to give lessons on (; ? above mstruineuu. sl3m*r >RK I DRNING, OCTOBER 27. II A T S . FALL FASHION?1842. r? WM. BANTA would respectfully call thr attciilionof J^fehis friends, customers and the public in Kcucral. to his assortment of Hats ot tin K .11 1'altr rn.ttul ut> with .1 particular regard to neatness, it > 1*, ami durainlicy. lVraou*ubout supplying themselves with iiidisp-iu.aide article of dress, .1 ml who atuiiy taste anil economy 111 it? selection, would ilo w.-ll to give hint a call .believing that the w ithin Lamed low prices w ould fully satisfy thorn of the subscribers pretentions to .ell cheap, vis:?Short napped silk hata at $2,50; tnoleakin do $1; black cassiuiere do ^1,50; in utria do $1,5(1; beaver do $4,50. Alio on hand gentlemen a lis velum and dreaa ca|n children's veil et,cloth, and fancy caps, youths and boys hats and caps. sH I III eoil r WM. BANTA, No. I all I li Ml. on si. CRACKKRS.? I'arr'si In ip I racker iiakery, 71 Molt ilieet. uear \\ alkerstreet.?Constantly on hand, Soda, .Milk and Wine Bticuit: machine ami hand made liutter, Sugar and Bosinn t'.mell?rs I'.I I a- o .... ?t ? .?"v auu .^ ivy ort'.iu. aiiru low price*. Shipping ami country orde:t put up in barrels, kegs and boles. A liberal discount allowed, and delivered callage tree. N. B.?r.uweiigers to Earope or NewOrteaas supplied cheap. sttUn* A filC H FONKD EI< ill P >11 ,VKK Kmc u F L U T E . SECOND HANTD-a rire and spleudid instrument, will be ^ sold cheap. Apply to T MONZANI, o7 lm?in 56 i*hompson street. UT's. CITY DESPATCH P08T. Pt 1ST OFFICE, New York, 26th July, 1842. HOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the Upoer and Lower Post Offii es:~ Letters dciMUkited be fori llallp.wt 8 o'clock, AMI 12 " " I 3 " P M I Will le sent out for dcAt all the Stations before V li\eiy at 9 A M, and 1 7 o'clock, A M ] and 4 o'clock, P M. II " M 2 M P M) Letters to be sent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affixed to dMB, otherwiM tlirw cunts wiU In oolisotid oi thi puty to w hom tic letter is addressed. No money must be enclosed in Inttw Mill? w htsisd It t ie principal oAens. Lists Oi rhe stations (at all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at $2,50 |>er 100, and every information may be obtained on a|>plicauon it i " u], i or I iwsrpoit oAcsi. Stamp* im d bp the late City Despatch Post will hs received. It is indispensable that the number of the rtsideuce should be slated in ail lelU rs sent through-this Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest imormation should any irregularities occar. JOHN LOR1MER GRAHAM au28 1 y ec ___ Post Master. ' STOVES?STOVES. BACKVS' PATENT RAREFIER, OR FRUGAL HOWSE WARMER. rpHE Proprietor, in offering this valuable stove to the public, A would briefly stale some of the advantages of?heir improve men!, which cou>i?t chiefly in the following particulars, vix:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- 5?To be capable of aflord Dure ai d minions gas iu the iug a mild or an intense heat, burning of anihracite coal. G?To avoid all iucoveuience 2?To generate aud difTuae (roin dost. a warm and wholesome at- 7?To preserve the air of the inosplwre in places exposed to aparlinem pure and wholedamp and cold. some. 3?To lesson the risk of acci- 8?Aud to unite with all d nt Jiv fire. tkose excellent qualities, an ?To be quickly kindled elegant aud durable article ol ant easily managed. furniture. i his Stove is constructed of the best quality of Kussiaaheet iio;, upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or fire-chamber occ pyiiig a i?xrtof the centre cylinder, to which is attached an atm- -liberie Hardier upon each side, of a tubular form, and lined throughout. The heat that is created iu the chamber passe< between the linings of the two rareliers (or radiators ,is they ate called] into the nasi- at the bottom, and a current of air continually rushing through the tubes, which are left oneu at each end lor that puritose, carries a great amount of rarefied or warm air into the apartment. The purity and softness of the air iu a room heated by this stove are peculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from a great fiteni of surface moderately heated. The heated air, on entering the wings or sides of the stove,desceuds aud spreads over the entire surface of the base at the bottom, keeping the colder portiou of the air next the floor iu constant circulation? iu the meantime preserving ic entirely from contamination, rendering tins Stove perfectly safe and agreeable for npartmeuts of invalids, slecpiug rooms, Sic. Manufactured by J It E. BACKUS, if Bowery, N. Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stoves, with rarifiers ; also (he new kitchen compauiou cook stove, warranted equal to any in use in this city. s27 Im'm CORNS, CORNS, CORNS, (i MURRAY SIREET. MONS. AND MADAME HKRHARD, Com Uoctort. from Pur it. BE(J LEAVE to inform the inhabitants of New York, that they will be hippy to wait upon all who inayrdesire their crvices. Mous. and Mad. llerhard have been practicing in the United States but a frw months, aud iu that short time have received testimonials from some of the most eminent gautlemeu aud others, as to the benefit and comfort winch they have received since they have b,ren attended by them. They have the honor to inform the public that by a new and peculiar method Kiev eslrietfe Hard and Soft Corns. Humous. Callosities, blr without cutting. Motis and M uie. B, do uotsttrmnt to offer a uoatrum requiring eeciety or tuith jtoenrareitteHeiey; but conndentiy assure those who may suffer from troublesome and painful Corns, tint they may have the satisfaction of carrying away their tormentor, the*Corn, in their hands. Morn, and Made. B. have in their possession upwards of two thousand certificates froin those who have experienced relief at their hands. Mons. and Made. B. have |?ra tired their profesaou for sevt ral years in German v , Krtncc mil Knglarid, unl tyive acquired ureal skill aud much practical experience?i fact attested by numerous certificates from the most celebrated Km gliah, Krench and German physicians, as well as from several of tne nobility aud gentry of those countries, delivered to them after four years cure. The ojwration will not occupy more than ten minutes, aud the relief is so instantaneous that the persons thus treated can immediately put on their shoes and walk without the least inconvenience. Ladiy and gentlemen will be waited on at their own residence , if they desire it. At home in the morning from till 11, and in the afternoon from 2 till 6 o'clock. Office at Boston, 131 Court st- jyt3rn*r j7 shanks, m. d. OCULIST, AND Profesror of Oph halinic Anatomy and Surgery, Diseases of the Kye aud Lar, and Imperfections of Vision. Office 19' Bioadway, coru-r John street, up stairs. N. B.-D octor Shank. tieg. t" inform t*>oae affected with I Diieum >>f the Eye or Knr, or Imperfections of Vision, that, on application at hi. office, their ca.ea will meet with ih it ak'll and treatment w.'tich mu.t necraaarily follow a in tal rata n. ire practice, ba?ed on an accurate anatomical, phyaioloitical, and pathological knowledge of th* the human Kye ami Kar, and Uiat part of Optica peruiinig to Vuion. Office houra, from 10, A. M. to 3, P. M. ilaily, Sundays eiCented. References?The Medical Department of the University of th. City of New York. a2* eod lin*r THE OPENING OK CLIRhH U GH'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT FOR HAIR CUT TING AND CURLING. WIGS, SCALPS, tec. No. 205 BROAD WAV, pj,IKEHUOH ha., iu connection with hia preaeut premise*. V opened a aun ol Rooms consisting of a GRAND GALLERY OF FASHION, appropriated entire y lor Gentlemen's hair cutting. This splendid room is fitted upie the style of Louis XIV. of France. The wallsare iu panncla pal ilea after the manner of Watte.u, Bouchett, he., and in i.tita't u of the far-famed Gobelin's tapestry. The thow-caaea, mirror. 4olra, ottomans, he., are in the same style of ornamental allot. . \G, finished in white and gold, forming a tout enaeuiuie never ..en in this country, aud not aur pasted in Euri pe. TIIE LADIES' ROOM i? private, and devoted entirely . I rieinaelvea.for hair-dreaaisg, fitting on wigs, curia, he., and . n .onaultation on the growth aud health of the hair, and ia title i t with every regard to ac enminodatinn and comfort. THE GENTLEMEN'S WIG ROOM ia for those who wish to be private wn i - fitting on wiga and -call*, C. may here remark, thai a* i > - lery (leiiartineiit or hr? |irofrMK.a, llie character of hisworkii tatlMttnM lor iti u|<nority, in docs he mtetitl to make only: t very heat wigs anil scaly., and ask accordiug to the times, t . very lowest remunerating profit. Mr. C. w il be found alwaya 'at home," a% v ill give his sole and on .ivided attention to all who wish to c '-l. c countenance under the magic of his touch. i?22 r LIBRARY UF HKLECT NOVELS. PRICK TtVKN I'Y-t-IKK CKNT8 EACH. TTARPER Br BROTHERS will i.ohlidi on To. sdiv morual i iik , the 2)' h instaut, .No. VIII of the Library of Select Novels, comprising? RIKNZl.the La.t of tlw Tr'hunes. By Sir E. L. Bulwcr. Witna Plate. Price Twenty-five Cents. Alro, lately published, Near edition* of No. I?PELHA.M; or, tne Adventure.i of a Gentleman. By I Bulwer. With a Portrait of the Author. Price Twrutj-fire Centi. No. II.?THR DISOWNED. By Bulger. With a Hate. Price fJ'w? Mr\.five Cents . .... ... n . No. Ill ?DFsVr.llKl X. By Bulwer. With a Plate. Price TWent\-five Onta. _ ? . w. , _ (\o. IV.? 'AUlc CLIFFORD. By Bulwer. With a Plate. Prici Twenty five Cent* , (So. V.?EUGENE AHAM. By Bulwer. With a Plate. Price Twenty-fire (>enu. _ ^ , No VI.?THe. LAST DAYS OF POMPEII. By Buiwer. With a Plate. Price Twenty-five Centa. No. Vll ?THE CZARINA; an II atorii-al Romance of the C' Urt f>f Hn*i?a. An entirely new wora. By Mr?. Iloffliud Price Tw? nt)-llft CenU. ot^ 3i*rc OYMNA81DM , SPARRING SCHOOL <Y PISTOL GALLLH Y. MK88R8. HUDSON \ OTTIONON rttpedfully inform the gentlemen ol New York, that their exienaive rooma at lh*? corn* r of Br??ilway and Cnamber* street, lor Sparring, ^ mnaalica and Piatol practice, are now oj>eii for the aenaon. h'umr.roui improvements and addition! have b^en lately made n the li> mrn-iuni. winch will now be found in every reaped ervnideie and mju il to any otner in the country for athletic ex nan. ftnarring taught or* the moat approved principles. Gentlemen visiting the Piatol Gallery vrnl be supplied with Piatol a of a ?ii|M*rior qu tlity. Terms moderate. Gentlemen are invited to call at any time d tring the day __ olfi lm*r i; AFFLfii R AKFLE, K IKKLE. GENTLEMEN'S CLOAKS rPO BE RAFFLED for positively on the firat of Novrm* ber liei*. two soh npid blue cloth geiitlrmen'a Spanish Circular Cloaks, with caput, handsomely midv u,? with a velvet collar and lacings, capes, Iati?*?J witn silks, and complete in every other resect. Tickets ?2 'jO each. As the raflW will positively take pi <ce on Ov- abofe named eve. Ticket* must be paid for, whr h? rone or m>re, when the numbers are taken. As a number of Tickets are already sold, gentlemen wishing a chance would do well to apply early?as such a chance seldom offers?the highest and lowest numbers are to have a cloak each. For further particulars, apply at No. I Murray street, rnmer Broadway, where the closk* arc to he seen. o3 lNovl*r _____________________ T 1 VOL I ^ A L o <7 \ . f FHE LAIIOKST and mostsplendid Saloon in the city for * Musical Soiiers, Concerts, Assemblies, Military Balls, Private and Public Diiin r Parties, Political Meetings?without distinction of party. The Pr rprietor, ever aniious to gain to himself and this establishment a reputation ( independent of great, profit) has leased frotn the owner on such terms as will enable him to comj?ete with any othtr establishment, and shall oe most hinpv to make arrangements (in accordance with the times) with all who may favor him with a call ; and assurer them that no jxuns or eipense will be spared to give entire satWM. P. DRNMAN, Proprietor, P. S. Tnemhy evrniug. ol ?.irh wc< k i. ?ct apart I o*lion am. naim-r PURE GR< 'I'M) i'tIFFEK A VI) SPl 5 fCHOSK ?ithinf tu puicliu. |-rr Ro**tcd mid (ir.iiinl fee, wi it d linu it to tlirir ?d.snt*<cn lo e*ll at 114 K-lion .tfr.l, ?h- rr ?r ki'pt tin- ?bo?r *rt cl?* ol the: ?rry bc.i ly in the city, *t Piif?? to ?uil the time., Cotli r r.ny !*>' Irr.h, and lent to ?nv |Krt of thin city Brooklyn, fr.c ol ei|?-n*?. CifT.e Routed and (iround tor Orocerien, in a .uiicrior manner. H.BR. WELCH, late firm of olfltn-m Welch * Shearer. RAF I B O.N I'HILADKLt'ril A *nd Bn.ton ior .ale at ? J SYLVESTER'S oJ'Jcc 22 Wall .tract and 130 Broadway. IE It A 1842. I ClailngSrtiiit of the Fair Last Evening *1 Jilblo'i Garden. The spacious saloon and gallaries at Niblo's (Tarden were crowded with ladies and gentlemen, at an early hour last evening, to witness the closing |t-rformances of the 15th Fair. The Natal Hand of the North Carolina were present, and introduced the exercises with "Hail Columbia." Upon the platform erected for the occasion, we noticed Col. Bankhead and Stall, from Governor's Island, Capt. Sands and officers, from the Navy Yard, Foster Rhodes, Est]., U. S. Naval Architect, Capt. Buchanan and officers of the Missouri, Com. De Kay,Capt. G. F. Barnard, Judge Jones, Chancellor Walworth, Gen. Ellsworth, of Conn , Senator Scott, Professor Morse, the llev. Mr. Choules, together with Messrs Martin E. Thomson, Addison D. Frye, Geo. Kndicott, F. B. Wakeman, and other efficient managers of the Institute. At the close of the music, Gen. Tallmadge, the President of the Institute, arose and addressed the audience in a few remarks, preliminary to the reading of the award of premiums, in which he stated that fourteen Mates and one Territory had come in competition at this present Fair; and that there have been about 1700 contributors this present year, which is two hundred more than there were last year, and that at least 17000 specimens have been prhihitpfl lie then called upon I)r. Fisher to read the award of premiums adjudicated; lie read in so low a voice, however, that the audience could not hear, ana Mr. Dissoeway undertook the reading, which occupied over un hour. Anions; the names and artic'es mentioned as having received premiums, we noticed James 11. Noe lor brushes; Jone's Cambrian Hurp; Day's India Rubber goods, shoes, tec.; J. Allayola's young leeches, Professor Morse's Telegraph, Mc Graw'a sofa bedstead, Francis's Lite Boat, (this announcement was rece.veil by the audience with hearty cheers,) Day's Life Setter, models of ship building from the Navy Yard at Brooklyn, Raub's Safety Valves, Stillinan's Steam Engine, tec. At this point, there was a pause, and the band struck up Yankee Doodle, as a specimen we supjKise of American manufactures. The premiums on floriculture were then read. And here we must not forget to say that the first premium on the catalogue was to our friend Don Juan, of a silvercup. He will not be the first ass, however, w'10 has drank out of a silver cup, although he is the only one at this Fair who ..ill receive a premium, unlesi we except the personage who made an ass of himself at a recent ploughing match. The next individual to Don Juan, on our memorandum, is Alderman Carman, who took n premium for corn; then follows the Hon. T. S. Perkins, of Boston, K.r grapes; (where are all our New York grape growers! we suppose, however, the motto of the Institute is " palmam ferat,qui meruit;") G. C. Thorburn for the richest display of dahlias, orna meniai ugures, uoquem, ocv., anu ricniy <i es ne deserve it ; and now ye that have tears prepare to shed them, for the next premium we have on our minutes is to the Corporation gardens at Black well's Island lor onions; and the next to T. B. Wakeman for potatoes?(the announcement was cheered by the audience, clearly indicating, in our opinion, that they could be n?/ small potatoes;) but the premium last read was th-" best deserved of all?it was to Messrs. Beach and Noah for their su|ierl) millpond oysters; they can now sell them under a ticket irom the American Institute. This finished the reading of the adjudications of premiums. Gen. Tallmadge then addressed the audience with a few practical observations. We shall briefly allude to the general topics, without giving the precise form of his language. And here we should say that the worthy Pieaident made but utile use of any other notes than a variety of symbolical representations of the numerous departments of home industry, such as flowers, garden vegetables, small machines, Arc., Arc., winch were neatly and tastefully arranged upon a long table on the platform. But we will proceed briefly with the topics spoken ol. The managers, by their circular, (months gone by) prom sed a ploughing match, testing of ploughs, Arc , at East New York, on the 12rh of this inontn. At two o'clock it commenced as promised. The re- I ports ofjudges have been made, and the premiums nave been announced this evening. On the 13th they promised a convention of the friends of home industry at 11 o'clock. It met at the tune, its proceedings have been publi-hed, and an address will also be published. On the ISth experments with life boats, preservers, boat races, and the blowing up of a ship was promised. All wasdone punctually to the moment. On the 19th an exhibition of cattle was promised, and on'lie *2oth a sale. They have been done. The managers promised occasional short addresses. Eleven have been delivered in the great saloon and one. at East New York at the ploughing, and one in the Tabernacle. The managers promised a single display of fir. -works, they have already given three?and you are soon to witness another by one of our own members. The managers promised music on the occasion of the anniversary address. An ode was made lor the occasion?the music needs no comment. Beside the music of the Cambrian Harp, with vocal accompaniments, you have been treated with the band from Governor's Island, and from the K. Carolina. A promise was made of agricultural and horticultural productions. Hook to the chamber in the north wing. Fabrications of genius and art were promised. This great saloon is filled with them.? Thanks are due to those who aided in carrying out all lhat has been done. Farmers from distant States have left their families and journied to our city with their cattle, and the products of their farms. The Gardens of Khode Island and Massachusetts have contributed, as well as those of States nearer to u-?fro " their fields Htid vintages, to exemplify the march of improvements in our happy land The army and navy have volunteered to help us in fulfilling our promises. Their boats, music and men have been placed at our disposal, and they are here now to cheer us with their presence. (Cheers ) Distinguished men. in and out of office, have nobly afforded their presence and countenance. Here the President very happily contrasted the present magnificent exhibi'ions in the horticultural department, with whut they were in 1S39, when there were but one pumpkin, one apple, and one car of corn, exhibited on a board three feet long, lie then made some remarks on the manner in which the funds received were disposed of. Only one in eight ol all who visited the Fair were paying visiters; among those admitted free are members and their families; contributors; judges; officers of city, State, and lb S. government; other distinguished citizens; delegates from over 50 agr cultural and other societies, corporations, \'r. ; and 10,3H0 pupils alone of the common schools, of whom un account lias been entered. The money which is received at the door is appropriated to defraying the necesearyexpenses of the society; while the fund received from the legislature is paid out in premiums, a sum that is exceeded hv the annual expenses of the house ; (which we understand to be .$'75 js-rday to Mr. Niblo) this gave occasion to remark upon the necessity the Institute labors under for a house of their own to exhibit in. In Boston they have the old "Cradle of Liberty" gratis?arid the fart is similar in Philadelphia. The people have only to will it and it will rise up. We call on the people to provide one?Agriculturalists. manufacturers ami artisans, all, all, are interested in it. The annual sacrifice in lining up this garden,and in providing accommodations for the farm ing stock, with the rent, costs more than all the premiurrts. What a mighty impulse such an amount would give to competition and improvements 1? Thousands are desirous of aiding the Institute. They are invited to become members and intluce their triendsto do the same. Whether they reside in the eitv or eonntrv. three dollars for initiation fees and two dollars a year is all that is to pay. This entitles them to all the privileges of the meetings, library lectures, and annual fairs, with theirfamilies. Kvery industrious, good citizen, should join the Institute, and it will become the greutest institution in the world. We will here take the opportunity to make one or two remarks upon the general character of the Institute, and its onward march The first rxhihition was at Masonic Ilall, a single room afforded more space than was wanted. A few fabrics suitable to he placed in a Store room, whs all that were exhibited, and they attracted admira Hon because thf Institute was then in th infanci | ol ii? manufacturing career; a store file d ?uli domestic products was then, so recently as I1?). almost a curiosity Since that, its march in inrlii?trv and the arts, is without a parallel We have seen thi*- articles crowding in on the occasion ol the annual lairs, until Masonic Hall, with all the accommodations it could afford, would not hold them Niblo'a spacious rootns were then resorted to. 'J hey were found insufficient. The north wing was then added, with two LD Price Tiro Cento room*, each nearly two hundred left in length. The ?>ne has been crowded with tnachinery, and and the other with horticultural products The last two years one of the larg' st vacant lots in the settled part of the city scarce allords them room enough to accommodate the cattle and stock which | come to the fair. For several years past they have held ploughing exhibitions far the testing of ploughs. At the Wallabout, Harlem, lloboken, Newark, Sing Sing, Last New York, tec. and by these means it is said a more perfec plough has been produced than his ever been wituecstd before, combining the advantages of a variety of ploughs, in one which several years since competitors were reconunenued to attempt. "'On the conclusion of (r?n. Tallniadge's address, the hand struck up an air, and the audience ad journed to the outside garden, to see the magnificent display of fireworks by Mr. Ldge. They were among the beat we have ever seen. Before taking leave of the lair we will notice one or two articles more. Washing Maciiini:.?Among the multitude of washing machines of divers kind;: now in use, we know of none that appears to better advantage than the one recently exhibited at the Fair of the American Institute by Mr. Lock, carpenter, No. 31 Ann street, where it can now be seen. Si-knckr's Hats.?The Nutria fur hat of Spencer is certainly 1111 extraordinary article for such a price ?in external appearance it seems but little if any inferior to liia finest specimen, the main difference in value being in the body, which being out of sight is ol comparatively little importance. Those who wish a low price hut, and who yet desire a fur one can now ohtuin such an one from this eminent maker?the price is $3,25. Francis* Life Boat.?The life boat that was blown up with the Volta on the 18th inst , will he. placed under the fountain m the Park, this day at eleven o'clock. Although then seen on her way towards Heaven, she has returned to pay a visit to the fountain in the Park. Newark, Ohio. lCorre?|Hiiiil?nceorthe Herald.] Newauk, Ohio, Oct. 18,1842. Great Democratic Victory in Ohio?Complexion of the General Ammbly?Policy o/ the Majority? Allen again U. S. Senator?Election in Licking County?" Ohio Imborer," fyr. The election in Ohio on the lltli instant resulted very much according to the expectation 1 expressed in one of my recent letters, that is, in the success of 1 the democratic party. Wilson Shannon is electrd Governor of Ohio by about 3,000 over Governor Corwiri, and by about 1,000 over Corwin and King, the abolitionist, jombined?a triumph of great magnitude when it is considered that Corwin was elect- " ed in 1810 by 10,000 iiiaiority.and that Harrison,a few days after, received 23,000 majority over Van Bureti. The following is a statement of the political complexion of the next General Assembly of Ohio:? Senate?Democrat*, 2-2. Whig*, It?30. Ilouie? Democrats, 42. Whigi, 30-72. Democratic majority on joint ballot, 20. Mr. Byington, the gentleman who introduced the famous bill into the legislature to district the State, which goes by his name, and which wns the ostensible cause of the resignation of the whig members, m re-elected- end will I unnnnae intr.idiiee lt Mr Byington's Bill" into the legislature in December n^xt. word for word, and letter for letter, as it stood in July last lithe legislature do not pass that bill, it will most probably pass one very similar to it. Many of the members of the next legislature belongingto the democratic party, in their addresses to the people before the election, proclaimed that they were not opposed to all banks, hut were in favor ot a safe nnd sound paper currency, and they will probably manifest their adhesion to opinions thus previously expressed, by rachattering any bank that will consent to come under the provisions of Mr. Latham's Banking Act. If any modification is made ot that Act, it will, 1 preitume, be a very slight one. The bill providing for the appraisement of |>ersonaI property taken on execution in civil process, which tailed to become a law at the extra session, because it could not be signed by the shakers Hlter the retiring wliigs had lelt both houses without a quorum, will probably become a law in December; and the bill to provide for paying contractors on the public works will doubtless also become a law. Another consequence of this democratic victory will be the re-election of the Hon. Wm. Allen to the Senate of the United Stales; and Samuel Mctlary, Esq., will again receive the apjiointment of State Printer. in this city, the whig* carried the day by 10? ma jort'y, but in this county Shannon's majority was 730. The, Newark Institute was honored by the election of the Hon. James Parker, one of its most distinguished members, to the Ohio Senate. Isaac (Jreen and Phelps Humphreys, Esqre., are the representatives elect frotn this (Licking) county. The whole democratic ticket without exception succeeded. A newjournal, entitled the " Ohio Laborer," waa started in this place not long since, under pretence of advocating the cause of working men. It, in conjunction with the wbigs generally, supported at the recent elertion a ticket (lennminiited the "Working Man's Ticket," and proclaims itself the advocates of a high tariff, and of a plentifnl supply of bank paper. lis principles and practice result from honest motives, 1 presume, hut I am constrained to regard them as wolully belie ing the name it has assumed. I thank your correspondent " Ruck-Eye," who hails from the "Queen City," for the remphment he was kind enough 10 pay me ihrough the columns of your journal, and doubt not that, should he continue to represent in the llcrald the Queen City, his productions will eclipse the humble communications signed L/Occiukstk. Vice Chancellor's Court. Bilore Vice Chancellor M'Coun. Oct. 28 ? Dt ciiiwi.? Valentine Moll v. Jamei H'alk ley.?Dr. MottheM n mortgage oh property belonging to defendant. Mr. Nathaniel Smith wan also a judgment creditor of Walkley'a, and tionght the equity of redemption of the property at a sheritt's sale. The mortgage was loreclosed, and a sale of the property tosk place at the Merchants' Exchange,when Dr. Mott u as declared to he purchaser, giving but $13A0 for what is said to he worth $(HJOO, and which brings a yearly rent of $1U00. Mr. Smith now comes in petitioning that the sale may be reopened, grounding his claim on the following circumstances : He attended the sale at the Exchange, accompanied by a friend, (Mr. Medad Piatt,) the latter being provided with funds to meet any requirement. He bid (3006 for the property, when Mr Ernest A. Btmckcr, (a co-de fehdant,) rame fo him, and asked what he was bidding to high for?that he would ruin the old man. (meaning Mr. Walbtey,) and called him aside, when Mr. Smith told II nicker that all he wanted was to secure hi* ileht. and it was concluded between them thai ho (Smith) should hid no higher?that his ill ht wr uld ho settled within Iftdayi, w lion Walk ley should have the advantage ol his hid. The tci ins of sale had hern ten per rent down,hut Mr. Bancker told Smith that no money would he required, and the latter allow ed Mr. Piatt to go away. The property was then strurk off to Mr. Smith forthe $3<K)5, when thu master in Chancery (John A Rlldel), Esq ) demanded the ten per cent Mr. Smith stated the manner in which he was aitua. ted,and offered to g ve a rheck for the amount; hut the master would not receive anything hut the cash, and instantly ordered the property to he put up anew, refusing Mr. Smith permission again to hid. A sonof Dr. Mott was in attendance, and the property was struck off to Dr. M. for $I3M), as already stated. The Vice Chancellor, in giving his opinion, alluded to the vast disparity in the value of the property, and the price for which it was sold. 1 he sale of property, he said, at a low price, at a chancery sale, is no har to its validity, and a mortgagee has an equal right with others to buy, ami obtain titlp, provided there are no circumstances attending the sale w hich permit a petition for reopening being entertained by the Court. The Vice Chancellor then alluded to cases in point, particularly in J6th Wendall. He said that when property passed to third hands, the policy of the ( ourt would he not to disturb a tale unless fraud was shown. In the present case, however, where the property was pur chased by the mortgagee, and the parties interested,con 1(1 show that a larger price might hive been obtained, justice to all parties authorised Chat the sale should I" re-opened. . 1 . . . . . i. M. th fnr *3005. fthotlM be urnorea, mat tne ?aie n? ?n. ? consummate 1, thus enabling Dr. Mott and the othe-creditor* to obtain what was due to them. The property is at the corner of Houston street an,1 avenue A, and including several (food building*. Itnukrupt Idst. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Samnel Crocker, (Intefum Crocker and Morris) New lork, November84th. D' h<.reii I'aik*, Stanford, Dutches* Co., spinster, Novi m'>er 86 h. 11 m s D ivi* merchant, New York, Novem' 14th. i hnrle? If 8 itiin, clerk. Nr* Yoik, December l?t. Paul 8. Forbi a, (la'e firm Forbes, Valentine and Co., Rio Janeiro) February 26th. Court ? nleinlnr?I hl? Day. Rl'rr.aioa Cottar.?No*. 24, 26, 42, 116, 61, 87, 117,43, 118.81, 178,37 Comwo* Pl??*?P?rtI.? No* 107, 113, 131. P**T 1, at 4 o'clock. No* 60,64, SO, 70, 73, 74, 78, ?6, 6 42, 142 CircuitCot'?t.- Samoa* yesterday.

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