Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1842 Page 1
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TH1 Tot. VIII.?Ho. 317 ? WllPli No. 31 7S NEW JERSEY K AILKOAL) AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YOKK AND NEWARK. gaai tsssi ? Fare reduceil to cents. Il* r ,\mn ... .1 - ..?!? f V..- York (Ewry Jay?Sunday nt< epted.) Leaves New Y'>r? Leaves Newark At 9 A. >1. At i P. M. At 7Si A. M. At l? P- M 11* do. ? do. 8 do. 1* d<>. 4 Si do. 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. It 18 JoON SUNDAYS. ' 4 K.uai thclhol ot Courtlandt strret. Leave New York, Leave Newark. ti_J At 9 A. VT. and 4K P. M. At 1K.P- M. andI 10. P. M NEW VOtUv, ELIZABETH \OW;-. SCTILeave Ni w York. Leave Elisabeth I own ' ? A.M. la. 4" i? S* 'J"- SfeVi. J* A. 9V " The traiusfor Wettfield. Plaiufield. Br.uodbrook, Soinerville, Ac., connect with the 9 A H, 2 and 4Ji P M irvius Irotn New Yolk, daily, Sundays eicei>ted. Kare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 rente. Kare between do and Somerville. 75 cenu. NEW YOKK. BAIIWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK Kare reduced. Krom the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Biunswick At 9 A. M. At 5K A. M. 2!f P. M. 7>J " 4\i " 12* " 9 P. M. On Sondars the 5)i and 7)i A.M. trips from New Brunswick and 2\ P. M. train ficm New York, are .milted. Kaie between New York and New Brunswick 75 cents, llahway, 50 cents The fare iu the 5Si and 7A. M. train from New Bruusarick. and 2lf and r. M. train from New York, has beru re kneed. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and llahway to 27>ji " Passenger! who |>rocure tlieir tickets at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doc;..I only on the day when purchased. null 3rt.* WINTER ARK/ NUEMENT. .. v l.1ne v direct. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trentoii, Borden town and Partington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leare New York, from the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 /x -?i <wu r 1*1. The morning Line proceed* to Bordentowu, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camdeu, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their ticket* at the office fool ol Liberty street, where a commodious stcambort will be in readiness*. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are eouveyed from city to cilv, without being opened by the way. Erich traiu is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartmrnu and dressing rooms for llry Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M,and 9 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, h ave Philadelphia at 7 A >1, and 4 P M, being a con,iuuatiou ol the lines Iroin New York. .28 3in?r FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. REGULAR MAiL LINK H)R I KUVIOP.M~lkA.nD BOSTON, via 8TOMNOTON AND NKWPORT, composed of the following .superior steamers, running in connecrion with the Stoniugtou .uid Pir ndence, and Boston and TroV. dunce Railroad."? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAGANSE1 T, Captain Vvoolsey. MOHEUAN, Captain Vanderoilt. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays eicented) from Pier No. 1, North lliver, Battery Place, at four 'clock, P. M. Arb arrorMKivTs. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for Stoning toil. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, lor Stonjugtun. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Stonincton, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to rrovi deuce and Boston. Freight taken at the following mnch reduced rates id u; , "'I ? ? TTiifcinu, lony |iuu>uiuiu|inaiiiiw he cubic loot, a: $3 50 per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providenee, en measurement goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tar if to be obtained at office 22 B'oadwav. RVVSI 6in?r FARE REDUCED. PERSONS OOINO SOUTH. aggj^. DTr" FAlit KfcDlUED on both the routes from Balimore to Charleston, by the Chesapeake Bay, Portsmouth, Weldou, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to Charleston, to $23, meals on the Bay boats included ; or via Washington city, Richmond, Petersburg, Weldou, Wilmington, N. C., and thence to Charlestou, to $22, meals extra?making the fare on both roar** the Mie. Every exertion u m?o? m keep the Railroads and Steamboats connecting these Tines in good eider, and expedite travel, and make passengers as comfortable as pos MM, By this route you may he sure of reaching New Orleans rom New York seven or eight days sooner than any other line, at an expense not exceeding $72. K. B. DUDLEY, n!7r President W. It R. ft. R. Co. NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Norwich sisd Worcester Railroads. Composed of the following superior steamers running in connection ? ith the Norwickti Woreester aud Worcester Ik Boston Kail Roads? WORCESTER, ("apt. J H. Vanderbilt. NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. Dustan. CLEOPATRA, Capt . t\.. ami a ft ?ar \1rm.l.?v \nr 91 at rilia !in#? will he run f ri-we#-lt ly, leaving New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only, at 4 P. M. From I'irr I I ice. The new and splendid steamboat NEW 11AVKN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, al 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the offir on the wharf, on board the boats, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, up stairs. All persons are forbid trusting any one oa account of the above boats or owners. i.2r PULLEN & COPP'S 68S61 C&SBl NEW VukIT ALBA N V , TKtlV AND MU.vrKEAL F.XPKF.SS. Messrs. Hsrsid'-n & Co. having disposed of their route (rum New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of Harnden k Co's Northern Esnress, from New York, will continue to run as heretofore ^leaving New York, Albany and Troy, Daily , and countctat Troy with Jacobs' Montreal F.spress, and will forward Specie, Bar.k Notes, Packages Bundles,Cases of Goods, fcr., to any place between Nvw York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Bulfvlo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention wil be pud to the collection of n tea, drafts, acceptances, Stc . and prompt returns made for the same, PULLEN k COPP. OIBces?Pullen St Corp, 2)4 Wall street, New York. Toot. I rough, 15 F'.ichange, Albany. A O. Filkuia, 228 River strret, Troy. S. Jacob'j Exchange Court, St Paul at, Montreal. REVERENCES. New Yo*k. ALicnr. Taor. Prime, W.ud 8t King, E. J. Ilnmphrey, Jno. Pat ne, Jacob l.ittle, V Co,. Tlioa. Oough. P.Weils, John T. Smith, It Co., 8. K. Stow, Penooo 9t HofTiaan, C. S.Douglass, '" ariienter It Vrrmilye, F. I.eake IIou. hton ?c Co. Drew, Robinann fc Co. n24 Imr for ahlifax and Liverpool. The Royal Mail nuain Ship ACADIA, A. Ryrie. Esq., Commander, will leave Boa,on for the ibove p >rU on Thuraday, Dec. lat. Passage to Liverpool #H5. " lTitifai t 29. App'y to D. BHIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, n2lr 3 Wall street. .MQ *?L FOR ALBANY, TROY, ami" liiiTraii^altWrate Placer ?The splendid low pressure ateamZMs?ZiUulriat SWALLOW, Canton A. McLean, will lease the foot of Cortlandt at, on Saturday Afternoon, Nor M,at 5 o'clock, (?7*" The ahose is a substantial Boat, fitted op with elegant State Rooms, and lor arcommodaiiau i, unrivalled on the lludson. n25 r -*0* ?BBOULAROPPO8ITION TO CATS Ck* KILL, ami Intermediate landings, without tow HT irn ^ 1 r ~ days from Cattskill, Mnn da , s, Wednesdays and ridaya. NewJfork, Tneidaya, T'oirsdij s and Batnrihyt.?K?re to or from Cdtlskill, 50 cents. ? Bri ha 25 cent*? Stipner t5 cents. Th new and fast steamer WAVE, Captain Vanderhilt will le-se Rounison at. pier Thursday Nos. 17th, at lire o'clock. For fnnlit r particulars imjnire of the ca. tain on hoard. By ranking on the stay a'abore named, there wll hi a daily com munication beiwei n Catskill and Nrw York (and intermediate plac?) for ft Igtit oid passage at reduced prices, nOr lAjf- KOH LIVERPOOL? Uegnlr.r Packet of the 27th WfWFV I lecemhei?I'he aplstMiid, I at sailing packet ship JjfihBhii vDEt KNPENCE, Capt Wye, will nil as abose her gular day. Kor i asaage in cabin, -rcoml eabtn. and steerage, hating snle' dn, accouimodMiour,aptdy on hoard, foot ol M tjclen Line, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, tOO Pine afreet, cornei of South afreet. T. 8 ?The above will b? aurcr>-iled by the packet ?hid Vit ginia, Aapt Allin. and aad ou } Dec. Persona w ishing to amd lot lh?-ir friends, residing in the Old Country, ran h??r t.l;rm bonrht out by ihu aliip, or my of the regular packets, by applying ? abotr, il letter poat pan!. ol'.r iil'r X*^- PA88AOK KOR LIVERPOOL?Clears on brirOrTJsVday neat, and sails on Saturday .the Sritb of November. JEgyaMEa?1'iir well known, fast tailing atop CHESTER, apt?iu John D lyle, will clrar on Friday neit, and tail on Satnrday, the iffiih inat. H ieing hsndaome Hate room aecomm>datinni for 14 cabin l?senccrs, and herap.-erage will be found to be nnaurpaarrd by any ahin now loading foi the above port. Those proceeding to the Old Country. * ill find it to their inirreat and comfort to elict tliia conveyance in piefereuce to any other. For lenna ofpaaaage, which ta very low, apply to the aubsrnbera. HOC HE BROTHER! fc CO., 15 K alten at, neit donr to the Fulton Bank. Cabin Passage t >o. N. B. Drafta at aiglit on toe Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Messrs, Preacstt,, Amnk Co, Bankrii, London, which are paid free of ducount or any charge in every town thronghIoitt England, frelnd, Scotland ana Wales, at all timet for aale aa above. i.21r I E NE1 NEW SELLING OKI. AT WALKEK'g.-yo i>rUdl?s Frroclt gaiten, i* reach ?u<i ulia ili|i(Kn and buikm*, 100 jrr line calf stitched toou, 13 lo $3 50 |?er |?iir. 300 l?r call and fine tagged boon, from $2 to I 25 a?d $2 50 per pair, too pr of boy coarse and on. boot*, Irom $1 to fij aud %i 50 per iwir, 530 pair children's do from 3* fo 5s i*er pair, 500 pr l.tdirs au<J misses boot*, shoe* and buskins, from 4* to mid $ l |?r pr, 800 pr of Kent* water proof hnou, inoccinus, India rubbers in abundance, meu a coarse and fin- b?>ot? of all sort* and size*, from >1 75 to $2, all warranted. All the above goods 50 tier ct. tlie cheapest in the city. Call and see for yourselves. Caiitl st, comer of Broadway, at o24 lm?ec_ J S. WALKKH8. / LINTON CKTKAP Boot and Shoe .Market. 509 Orreiiwk'h, comer Spring st, it the only place Wliere rau be found Doot* and shot s to suit the lines. All those who wear !><>.,ts ?: I shoot will do well lofive a eill* Eft* dies' t;4J m ij s buskins from 3, J, j, 6, 7 .iiid 8 >iui!iii_# per pair; gentlemen*' bo l? from 12 ikul 1 au^s to fl i*r pair; 00 yt' boots fir no8 shillings to $2 '>o per pair. All who wtsti to ire 20 :?*i c? m wiii .ii vr I^all at too Cliu'ou Cheap Boot MM MM Maiket, Gieeuwich corner Hpiitig street. Im* r FENCING SALOON Ac SHOOTING GALLERY. KJ MEKS, 413 Broadway, eotrauce in Lispetiard street. L secoiid door, lately from Europe, Professor of the art of Fencing, gives instructions in Fencing ; also in the usu ol the straight crooked*and Pinkish sword* nanting knife, musket and bayonet, stall, and every species of weapons. Ueutleineu, lovers of this art, military officers o! the army, try,lie. are respectfully invited ;?? caO and witness uink bilion of his skill in this usef ul and important art. A spacious douMe Shooting Gallery, illuminated in the evening, will also be found Willi superior Swiss pistols?shoot mg at a <11stance of 210 yar Is slttBi *r MIl.I.lNAttV ARflCLfcS, t I.OAKS, k.-VE TOKINK St. CO., from Paris, respectfully mforoi the I adits of this city* thai the* w ill opaa on tio- tth imt. B) Br i id way, between White and Walker streets, a splendid assorting lit of Hats, Capotes, C oaks, Pelerines^ Camails, fancy aud street Dresses, Scarfs, Shawls, Veils, leathers, Marabouts, kc., of the latest paris fashion. Just received per ship Ville de Lyon from Havre. Dress aud Cloak making promptly executed. nl I in* i GRANITE.?-The Stateu Island Granite Quarry being now in full ope r if ion, will supply Grauite of any dimensions, either cut or rough* Building stones iicher f??r block of rouble work, ashler, sills, aud lintels, stein aud platforms, will be delivered at shortest notice, Kentledge for ships, and shingle ballast or smaller stones will be delivered on board any vessel in N^w York haibor at tue lowest rates. Vessels can load with great dispatch at the wharf on Stateu Island, where i 1 feet depth of water is had. The railroad being in go d order, the C4IS are laden &Bd brought ibrelMOf the shipping. No danger from icc during the winter n oaths. b or lurth?r informant apply to LEWIS GIBSON, Agent, At the Granite Wharf, Stateu ls .?ud, ox to the Office of the Covni*hy,l00 Pine st.eor of South,up stairs o2g r S K (iLOVKK, Pitsnlei.t FLUTE AND GUITAR. jVAU. PH1L1PK BHN8T, Professor of the Flute, Guitar, an 1*1. patent Concertina begs to aunouuee to his frieuds aud public thai he has just published his new "ikifido MUfttftifs" for the Cilar, which will be found well worthy tlie atteutiou of the irner or amateur, from us being well auapled to that instrument aud calculated not ouly to please but to afford instruction. Phis Hondo, with several other pleasing pieces of his cctujiositiou "for the guitar" are to be found at Mr. Ernst's resideuce 68 Canal street, where he continues to give lessons ou tr.s above instruments *13m*r I MUSIC.?C. 8. GKAFKULLA, 33 B.ivaid street, New York, auuounces to tlie Leaders of Cotillion, Btass, or Military Bands of New York, ttial he ha* Ou hajul, and will arrange at the shortest notice, for any number ol instruments, the latest and most nopulir Oj>era peices, Quadri.lcs, Po'a* niises, Quicksteps, Waltzes, and Gallop.*, original, and by the git-affst .inll?i?rs. N.B.?C. S. Graffiti U will also arrange Marcher, Quicksteps, Ste. for country binds at the shortest notice, lor any nutnlu.r nl >n tr.,.nv..l. hv A . ,.,r ? I.. ... ... I, >. ii -rd street. Music (aught, m.d lesson* iu thomush baas. ?'21 lw?in ENGLISH SCHOOL. HAVANA, ISLAND OK CUBA. CllMlLES DUNNE \VA I'ERLAND, PRINCIPAL. 'P11IS Academy was established two years ago, uuder tile paA tiunage of the former Iutcudeui Uttieral of the Island, and oilier distinguished individuals of the nobility and merchants of this city. Iti conducted oil the plan of the Ge mau "g\ mnasis;" and the method of tuition is the "interrogative." All the scholars understand the English language, arid many of them s|<eali it h ibitu illy and fluently Thc Principal has the experience of schools in Fiance, Germany, Knglaud, and the United Stales. His chief aim Is to tile the youth eutrusted to his care a pr.ictica knowledge of tl.oie branches ofa [>oli.e education, which are required in a/1 active careers, and are applicable to any. The course of stndy, therefore, comprehends the E"Tli?h, Kr eiicli. German and Spanish languages; History,Geog. b ,je. Napirul Philosophy, the practical part of .Matin untie,, auu Drawingsol various kinds. Professors of divers nations and acquirements reside in the establishment ; end alt the classes receive, iu rotation, instruction frctn the diieclor. Such sigual success has attended this plan of tni.ion, that several of the pupils, under twelve years of ages, write and speak two foreign l.iugusges, iu a perfectly. iute.liginle manner, and those of riper years, correctly and easily. The acquisition, not only of the Spanish, but also of other lauguagec, is thus placed within the reach of the youth of the Uuited States, without its being necessary for iht tn lo relinquish the many advantages which accrue Irom anKnglish education. The object of the Principal in desiring to rective youths from the United Smtts, is to facilitate the acquirement of the Engl.ah accent for his Spanish pupils, which service I would be doubly re [said them by by the latter, and lo introduce here the manly spirit of the English schools. The young, citizens of the Uuited States can nave nothing to fear Irom the climate, the house being spacious aud airy, situated in a hcalihful spot, at a.shoit dis.auee fioin the ity; and containing w ithin iu limiU, a fine bath and complete gymnasium lor the preservation ol the pupils' health. Two vouths, lately arrived from Germany, have passed the summer iu the school iu perlect health. As the principal is a married roan, and his wile and sister have charge of the iuniordriutitmeut: children are received at any age hut tnat of infancy. Every pupil ertioys his religious o; iuious undisturbed. The terms are SlUO per aunum, payable three months in advance There arc no extras eicept clothes r.ud hooks References? MESSRS. CHAS. DKAKK & BROTHERS. ALEXANDER MORALES, ESQ., nil Havana. M"OTICE.?Whereas Samuel Bernheimer, of Syracuse, has J-' acted as the agent of 11. Bernheimer at Brothers, merchant* in (he city of New York, in the collecting of debts at Syracuse, and in other busintsa, all persons aie hereby notified that his power as such agent has been revoked, and all |rersoiii are hereby lorbiddeu to transact auy business with him as such agvni ; and whereas Stmuel B>riiheimer and Jacob Bloch, constituting the finn of S. Beinheimer &. Co.. of Syracuse, have this day assigned to H. Bernluimcr Si Brothers, of New York, *11 the goods, debu aud demands ol every description; therelore, all iierioQi are hereby lorbiddeu to pay any nebtv to said S. Bernheimer Si Co. or either of said tirm after this dap?aud all payments of said demands may hereafter be made to llerrman flernheim-r.Emanuel Bernheimer or Simon Bernheimer. being the linn of 11. Beinheimer St Brothers, oue ol whom will be found at Syracuse by any person wishing to make nav menu; and on whom all persons ind bted are requested to call immediately ana settle their accounts and notes. Dated Syracuse, N. Y., Nov, 2d, 1.42. ui lm*r II BKKNHKIMfcilt is BROTHKKB. /"kKKIS TOOTH WASH?Prepared from the original re Vy rii*r.tNo.l Wold street, New Yrok?The Orris Tooth Wash is im-ely a vegetable preparation, possessing the properties o 'cleaning the teethand month restoring the gams to a healthy state, and preventing any unpleasant taste or odour in the month, whether arising from decayed teeth ot front a de ranged state of the stomach. It is designed to be used with a tooth brnib, and w ill be lonnd to supersede the iseeessity fa icwc'er .kwr it? tVs teeth clean and preventing the wearing away of U.e gauss tr .n Uie teeth. It is particularly asefnl in cases of spungy gums, lestoring them to a healthy state, *nd causing them to contract around the teeth. In painful affection* of the teeth and gums, arising from esposnre to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It is particularly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wash at night just bvfoie retiring to rest. This method is recommended by eminent dentists, a* by so doing all particles of food which accumulate during the day are entirely removed, and the month kept through the night in a clean, sweet, and healthy slate. Sound teeth and white teetn are the moat valuable portions of poor humanity; but how mauy neglect the attention necessary for their preservation, even when surrounded by all the means needed. Among these wt know of none more pleasant and eflectual than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and whiteus the teeth, strengthens the gums, parities the mouth, and s Acetous Lite breath. We reecmr end its use to all. vonmranit Id.?(Boalou Morning I'uil. The Orris Tooth Waili u the Drit detergent we erer used on utir enamel.?[Boston Transcript. For sale by the principal dinggista in the titr ml t CARPE I'lNGS. pARPKTINGS, CARPETIVOS?Cheaper than ever? Al V-/ those who are in warn of carp-tings, nonce the following: All wool Ingram Carpeting, only 3s i>er yard. " extra " 4a " aa(<er " toJd" " extra sup " it " " double " 5s6d" Torer ply, auperior pattema and colors, 8a do do do extra qualty, 10a English Bmaaela, extra, los Royal Wiliwu and Velvet (.'arreting, c-jually low. Together with a large assortment of druggi tx, oilcloths, rags, door tn tU, table and piano cover* indta inaitinit, atair rods, kc., duumat stock ol goods tu the city. Paranasals would tin.I it to their decided interest to call and examine litis stock before looking elsewhere. U. SMITH, JR., 448 Pearl at, " Opposite William street. >. B ?Heavy Jute Carpeting at the low pries of Is fd per yard. Rententher, the tintnbrr is 448 Pearl street. Oil lm*r 'PHU.VIA.1 JO.NfcS, accountant. I83 Broadway, respvctfully J announces lh?t he has commenced lor the season to givs mill tnatruciion iu Book-keeping . Penmanship and Coininer cial Aiithrnei ic. The many hundreds of. is former pupils who are now holding situations of lha highest responsibility as clerks and bookk< epars in this city, afford the best possible teal for any enquiry -t to the luerils of a system of instruction winch has grown outol many yea-s of expert nee An adeonate di!iwcuc* Milder the conrae here piienrd will secure to a atndent the ability to discharge all the dime" ol the dealt in a matte rl, tutian,and gi?r him a knowledge of aceoitn n inch as la rerv r.irely ..turned through yeara of experience. Certificate. of oiialitiAtion are giTrn when deterred. * TO PaRKinTSJ?Certains houra of the dav are deroted to the tiutruction of a few young gentlemen who desire a th .rough preparation fir anaineaa. I'libliaheil and for sale by the au'.hor, " Jonea'i Principles arid Pr 'Ctiee of Book keeping," Ivo. price 12a. Thia ii the only Ami nc mi woik onihe auhjec reprinted in tbrgland. Itiinlao adopted in the fir?t Academic (ualitntiona in thia city. nil lm*r S 1-1 1 UTS. OHIHTA mail, after the I ate at and moat approved Frencl hJ iittewis. i <i?tj, i anltloot.a, vein, ind all under gannenta. n. Ule to order at aliort notice and in the moat fashionable style. OeutieKen'a t'ninuhiDB Sto.e.tfT and S*> Maiden Lane, New i oik. 'I tm?i VfM roi.r.iN^ CfRotiO, AlcKlBBl.N k. IIKU _K. la lit arer ajrtl, offer ^ toraalr? nell n *!f * h?ary Black Wadding. Mo? h Superior Cap Killing, No.. ?0 to 10. 301/0 !h fu enor karn Twist,Kos. 2k to <2. ii aaeortioent of coloied Silesia. and Bleached Shcetinga Ann SnirtibUA. ?kVt! K P ?Wi!i' r?MiTe for<,? Tor the Washington Bl.ach mi wnicn tney are loir agenta n23 2w *r 1*3 M r A K DIVA.N?JliiH Broadway?Jamei H. Del VrrchIO e.' 6t Co., reai'Ctfully infirm their unmoum Irniiila and the nubile, that they haae imt oiienid ir,.- Srgar Diran, 30SH Broadway, adjoining Pintenua'a Saloon, where will he found a laigc a: aortiofiil of III beat log \ra in ihe ritv. All k gara lold at tnia eatabliahment are warranted imported JAME8 K. DKL VI.CCIIIO out tmjnwi' KOBKKT A. JOH.NHQ.N ~ GKUUNU SPICKS ANL) COFFEE. ~ AT THK HOPt MILLS, H Markatfield atrret, between Bn ad 'nil Win i hall, late Ktigalmtli atreel, New York. Ofllce IJij brutal OnatrnUy on band, at the lowrat mark at nrirea and in the Banal earierv of eacVarea. ?7T +m*wi rkACUKll OF THE ELU IE til MONZANI.MThnn.pBon ttreat, gnea tniiroctireu on I. the Kioto Turma 11} per gnajlar. aOlui'f % IV vo YORK. SATURDAY MOI TO PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS.?A young man, * practical printer, who it thoroughly acquainted with hi* business lu every de|>*riineut and braocli, s-d who ha* been an ployed in the MMfilf of reporter and sub-editor oil suveral higldv respectable journals, is desirous of obtaiui?K a situation iu the eouutry, to lake charge of. and manage. a mail newspaiar conrerus. A remunerating salary will only tie en*rtrd. Address, bv letter. (i>o>t paid) A. V. at llie Herald office. | Respectable relerences given and requm a. nl* jgb KLkCTKO lAiiNs.TIC PLATES for rheumatisms, ner> rout affect Ions, See , prepared uuder llie direction of M. L?rnturoug, apothecary in Paris, trneral uenot in New York, 66 ifranklins reel, at M. Ninuard's. Price $1 60. Infallible cure for the most acute and inveterate pain, such as acute au 1 chrome rheumatisms, the gout, ueura'gy, srlatic, tic doloreui, dause de -aa.ul Ouy, chills, megrim, crimp* in the It marh, and shortly,for all nervous affections,chiellj diseases of women ?nd younit girls, is itreeu sicknesj, aineuonhrs, suppressions, vapors, nervous attacks. in- oh. I in* r CITUATION WANTED?By a coininticulper ouioaetas ko salesman iu a wholev.le or r tail establishment of Watches Jewelry tic. Also understands book keeplug and watch repining. lies been 111 business for nimself ten years and speaks French. For particulars aud references addrrss Bos No. 7-1 l ower Post Olflcc. Gentlemen's Horses taken ca e of duriug the winter at a very reasonable rate. Api?Iv at 68 Maiden Lane. n9liu*r BOARDING.?A few respectable young uieu can be ACCOm modal (I with good board ami pleasant rooms at 42 Dey st. Terms moderate. Also a few day hoarders ran be accnminodated. Apply at above i?8 1m*re | BO VRDINU.?The original Walton House, 326 Pearl street, Franklin Square?kept by J u. Fowler, from London, tint I tad, permanent boarders > 2. ;? per week, transit t *K>ardtrs 50 I cents per day Families can be accommodated with private room.; on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, 3 cents per I |bsi hom brewM alt 4 tenti per plat?find VValsh rtnbiU 4 1 Cenis * arii? cold outs equtlly cfieap. N. B. Hot CO {fee 3 cents | per pint?stakes and muUou chojm can be bad at all hours. J. F. particulaily requ? sis any one wh.? is 111 want of a com" ft ikle h ma euJ and inspect hit stub ishment, and | iadft for Uwmnlvesi Persons travelling for l' r.M would linn it to theiradvantage to call. 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Plantation Began iVririteroa) and La Cabana, firat quality, baa been icceived bv ibe rb|fil. ni> coi)kw*re 'I'Hfc fiilit oTTlie Moiniii u b Bank, N J., will b* rejvemcil A at ii,? Clintou Bank, via:?Tci< and upwards par, live* and "oiler l per rent i 34 Ime* f^RSrjP' nlktc 61 Liberty street. RK H tNING, NOVEMBER 26. [BY EXPRESS.] I Trial of Sullivan, McClcciter, and Kenaett. White Plains, Friday, 4 o'clock P. M. I Before Second District Judge Charles It. Ruggles, and Judges Tompkins, Lockwood and \'ark. Attorney General Barker, and Wm. Nelson, Esq., District Attorney, on the part ot the people. Mv letter closed last evening at I o'clock, at which time the EKtimiiiatioii of Gkoeuk Lansing was continued as follows:?The last set-to that 1 saw between McCoy and Kensett was seven or eight days before the light; McCoy was six weeks in training before inengni; rveuseu uvea a part ot the time at Benjamin's, iu l'<trk How; he said to Sanford that he had nothing to do, when Sanfbrd told him lie had better go over to lloboken and stay with McCoy, to keep him company; I paid his board while there; McCoy stayed with a man named Methane, a private house, and K>nsett stayedata public house nearby; they set to with gloves on, but it lasted but a little while, as Kensett was lame; McCoy was going to fight Lilly, and the object of this was to train him tor that purpose. Crnss-cxamiiutl by Ditcher?I knew Thomas McCoy about seven weeks before this fight; Lilly and McCoy had a squabble about a week b-tore the match was in tde, which was the first time I knew liiin; I heard that McCoy and Cheshire Hob had a fight the same season; McCoy was considered a smart fellow, and at a previous boxing match Lilly struck iMcCoy, which was the origin of this tight; I do not know where it was; 1 believe it was in some large room in the Bowery; all I know ubout it is, that I heard a squabble at the end of the room, and I understood that Lilly had struck McCoy while he was sitting down. Q.?Who was McCoy's backer! A.?I do not know that that is a fair question. The Court decided that the witness need not answer unless he pleased. Q.?How do you make your living? A.?I live on my money, and m.tke it as other |>eoole do; I bet on most anyintng, and plav at cards,oraice it 1 please, or bet on ataiobank; 1 stood at McCoy's corner while the fight went on. Q?Were you not pecuniarily interested in his being the victor! A ? ihat is one of tluw questions again. (Laughter.) Q ?How much did you lose that day! A.?All 1 had by me, 1 believe. Q.?How much had you! A.?Perhaps none. (Laughter ) Q.?How many times did you see Kensett bring water at the fight! A?1 saw Stanford's negro man, named Ab,bring water; McCoy's brother-in-law was the most active as a bottle-holder; Kensett had two bottles by him, and when he was asked for one be gave it to one ot the seconds; I do not know positively that Kensett held the bottle containing the claret; I sat down, as all the others did, during the fight. By District Attorney.?Were there any persons in the centre ring except the principals and seconds. A?No There, were none inside except the principals and seconds, and McCoy's brother-inlaw, who would not have went in had he not been toddicd; 1 know Shanfroid; he was one of the seconds. By Gen. Warp.?I do not know who was the bottle holder of McCoy. Wit.mam Harrington, sworn ?I was at the fight on the 13th of September between McCoy and Lilly, and I saw Snlliv in on the ground ; he made use of agreat many expressions; 1 heard him say it was a shame, they hail better take him ( McCoy) out of the rinsr: f think this was about ihe lOOih round; I lie re were a great many hallooing, audi think tiullivan said t > Lilly, "you forget what 1 told you, it's getting dry;" 1 do not know what he meant by it; I never heard it before: he also said " Lilly, the old s|iot is getting dry." 1 do not know that 1 heard him say this more than once ; Sullivan was near Lilly's corner: I think I saw Sullivan blow water out of his mouth on Lilly once; I saw others nursing hint besides Sullivan. J3y Price?Was there Irom the beginning to the end of the fight, a knock down or a heavy blow ? A.?No sir, not that I could see. By Attorney General.?I do not understand exactly what you mean; do you say that they did not strike each other with torce 3 A.?I mean by a knock down blow, that there was not a real knock down; a real knock down straightens a man out, and makes him a little wild ; it is considered fair that the man oil top should lall on his opponent; 1 heard some one say, " Now, Criss, lay on him;" McCleesler begged like a child to McCoy's seconds to take him away; Sullivan also asked them to take him away, and they both cried "shame, shame " as also did Ford. By DrrrcHER?Kensett sat near me during the fight, i saw him take a pa11 of water and pass it along ; there were some clothes in the basket and some one requested him to pass them along, which he did ; I did not hear Kensett say or do anything to promote that fight ; I should nave handed the clothes myself if I had been asked. Dy l/istrict attobiet.? 1 ??w porilc one tiprn thepyeof McCoy witli a lancet; I did not think that his eyes were closed so much that he could not see : McCoy asked the man to lance it ; it was done I believe at the last round but one. Wv McCoy was called and sworn. I live at the corner of Water and Dover streets in New York, and was at the fight. I am a brother to Thomas McCoy, deceased, that fought. I had never seen Sullivan before I saw him in the ring that day ; that was the first appearance that I had of him. Sullivan wan bottle holder for Lilly on that side of the ring ; he was tending on him with water and sponges. I heard hiut whisper to Lilly several timesand tell him how to take advantage of my brother in the fight. I do not recollect of any of hisexpr?s sions, blithe was making a great noise in the ring and blustering there. My brother was thrown frequently by a heave or cross butting. Lilly would lay 011 top of him when he fell, and most generally place his elbow in his neck to strain him all he could: I cannot say how many times, I did not count them. 1 heard my brother slap Lilly on his back and tell him " to keep his heart up," at the r ;iiw i,,? ..n.#,... i.L ......l McCleestor was a second for Lilly, but f never heard him sav anything out of the way during the whole fight. 1 went tip in the Saratoga; I believe Kensett went up and back in the name boat. Kensett was acting a s bottle holder for my hrother, with the assistance of a brother in law of mine named Hichard Fagan. During the fight the sponges were put in a bucket, and Kensett passed them to the seconds ?sometimes Kensett, and sometimes rny brother-in-law spirted water over McCoy; there was some ground rosin also at both corners of the ring ; at one time there was some rosin on the outHide of my brother's fingers, and Sullivan said " that's foul, Sanford, and if you rosin your man that way, I'll rosin my man up to the elbows my brother died before he was taken out of the ring; when I heard he was whipped I lumped in, took hts head between my knees, and asked hirn how lie was, but he made no answer; several iiersons felt Ins pulse ; the other fighting men went away, and McClcester took his own drawers off and put them on my bro'l>?r . I... 1I...T1 uvnl ralier) llim.i'll' alter file liffht closed. Lilly's friends shouted that fie had won it; my brother did not speak after T raised up his head ; he was taken out of the ring and laid by the bushes; Henry Shanfrnid and a sailor man, with myself, washed my brother in a room on board" of the steam boat ; we also put a clean shirt on him ; his body was very much bruised ; his eyes closed and swelled, nnd the bridge of his nose broken in accordance with Ford's directions; his body was taken to my mother's house, corner of Water and Hover streets; and opened there on the following forenoon; they wanted to take h tn to the dead house, but to pacil v my mother tnev let his body remain until the next day ; the doctors opened htm and cut his breast plate out and then took his heart and liver out : above his testicles there was a piece of clotted blood about as long as my hand. Crotm-rTiimnwd by Prick ?I heard Sullivan sny several timo-i, " hit liirn in the sore place I stood about the middle of the ring and was sometimes fifteen feet from Sullivan, and sometimes thirty feet; I did not say that Sullivan whispered to Lilly : the only expressions I heard Sullivan make was about the rosin, and hit him in the sore place; my brother told Lilly to keep his heart up when he lai 1 on the ff it of his back ; I do not know bow I took this expression ; 1 never saw a fight of that kind before, but have wen pom*' stre.-t fights and lougnt h utile i myself; I think I was pri -ent when he died ; it wns at ihe hushes, and 1 saw u gentleman holii Ins pulse and sav lie was dead ; I wa? not intoxicated that day, as 1 had drank only two drinks; I broke a bottle ot water on the ground, and was then ordered away from the ring because I broke it; I was not intoxicated while at the post mortem examination of the body; I may have said that I wished Sullivan was in the Slate pri'on ; but 1 never said I would send him there if I could. By Graham?I believe that McCleesler assisted in carrying the body of my brother to the small boat; I did not hear him say anything during the whole fight; I heard some one in the ring say " take liirn away ;" it came from the corner of the ring where McCleester stood ; 1 said that 1 wished tny brother ' [ERA] 1842. would t?e taken out of the ring, and my brother-inlaw told me to go away ; he alterwarda entered the ring to help Shanfrwid, one of my brother's seconds, and he wan knocked over by him ; the ground was soft from the rain ; I did not say that my brother could light two hours longer. by District Attorney.?I did not hear any one say " carry off your dead." The brosecutton rested their evidence here, and the court adjourned to !) o'clock, Friday morning. Friday Mohninu, 9 o'clock. Notwithstanding that the prosecution had rested, last evening at lite opening ol the court, they called anotner witness, named -V1ICUAKI. [jAWLKH, wno UeposeU US 10I1OWS :?J resided at Dobb's Ferry in September last. I was at tlie tight, and saw Sullivan there. 1 first saw htin that day on Hastings wharf. Lilly was with htm, and his two seconds, one MeCleesler, the pasoner at the bar, and Ford?this was about halt past nine or ten o'clock in the inorntsg. They inquired of inc where they could find a stable to put up their horses. 1 told them they could get room in Mr. Nodiu's stable. 1 went with them, and they put their horses up there. Then they went to Thomas Arcbard's house; 1 went with them; they went over his work shop. A man, who suid he was either an express or u reporter, was with them. Lilly's shirt being wet he was given a dry shirt to put on; he then went to bed; his two seconds remained in the loom with him. Sullivan came out, and we returned with several others to Hastings wharf; he tu.d us that steambouts were coming up to luud at the wharf. 1 returned to the house with Sullivan. Sullivan told Lilly then to prepare himself to go down to the ground. Two of the steamboats had then arrived; this was near 12 o'clock. Lilly then got up and dressed himself; his two seconds assisted him, as J supposed they were. 1 saw Sullivan assisting Lilly in putting on ins breeches,and lying a riband round his waist; he had on a white pair of cotton stockings, breeches, shirt, and overcoat; he had on a pair of old shoes. Sullivan went with him lithe wagon from the house; MeCleesler and Ford went on foot. Arcluird's house was about throe quarters of a mile truin the buttle grouud ? 1 wrnt with the party in the waggon, but went on loot; the parties separated; us we were going to the ground there was another wagon met us; this was about a quarter ol a mile troui Arcbard's house; 1 do not Know who was in the wagon; there were two in it: the inen in the wagon we met told us that the magistrate was there on the ground to prevent the light; Sullivan said, that makes no odds, we'll go to the ground; nothing else took place; we then proceeded along the Croiou aqueduct; before we got to the battle ground, Lilly and Sullivan lit from the waggon; Sullivan came over to ine, und told me to wain, along side of Lilly, so that there should be no nonce taken ol him; tsulli van went before us in sight; we proceeded until we came to the battle ground; as soon as we arrived there, ihey took some |>ea-coats and spread them on the ground tor Lilly to lay down and rest himself ujtoii; this was outside of the ropes altogether; he laid there about twenty minutes; Sullivan was there, and a great number thai 1 do not know; I took no notice whether McClrester was there or nut; McCoy came up about ten or fifteen minutes afterwards; Lilly then rose, and Sullivan told him to prepare; he had not on his lighting shoes; 1 carried them myself; they were then put on; Liliy then took his hat and threw it into the ring lust; McCoy then done the same; Sullivan went with him to the ring illier HIS siloes were |>UI on: me inn 1111115 uiai I then saw w&s the magistrate on the inside ol tlie outer riug; 1 heard him say 10 the people to disperse, fee., and there was such a confused noise that Sullivan cried out to the mob " be silent while the magistrate is doing his duty;*' this is all 1 heard; 1 then saw the magistrate coming out; i remained there during the battle; Isuw Sullivan lake a sponge and throw water upon Lilly's buck; 1 saw linn do this live or six limes; I heard Sullivan cry out near the latter end of the tight to take McCoy uway us he was a beat man; 1 think this was on the 9dih round; 1 did not see him nurse Lilly in any way alter that; 1 did not hear him say any thing to Lilly where to plant his blows; 1 believe he said he would be a broken man if Lilly was beat, as he had so much money staked on the result; there was a shout from Lilly's side when it was announced that he had won; 1 did not hear that McCoy was deud until I returned to the house ol Mr. Arcbard; 1 returned in company with Sullivan and Lilly; Sullivan said to Lilly that he behaved very well, but lie thought he would have whipped him in half the time. Crou.examined by Gkaiiam.?I believe 1 have spoken the same sentiments before; I have never been examined before in White Plains on oath; I was examined last evening, but not under oath; 1 came here on Tuesday morning, and was before the Cranil Jurv at Bedford: 1 was subnirnaed here: 1 was examined before the Grand Jury, 1 told the Grand Jury that I saw the figtit at Hastings; I did not state before the Grand Jury thut I saw Sullivnn and Lilly at the whart at Hastings, or that 1 saw a reporter or express rider there; I was not asked any particular questions before the Grand Jury; I did not tell them this; 1 did not tell them any of facts that transpired before the fight; the first conversation that 1 had with Squire Golden was a few days after the fight; I did not then tell him what transpired before the fight; Justice Golden saw tne on the aqueduct; the first time I told these facts was ntter the Court at Bedford; 1 saw him there but did not converse about this business; I was there three days; I have conversed with Squire Golden since I came to White l'lains. It was in a house, and Squire Golden took me there; he did not find me, because I went there; he asked me to go to another house, hut he did not state any particular one- there were several words expressed; Justice Golden did not speak; we went in and sat down; I asked him when he thought I could Ret away; I went to see Golden; he did not ask me to go and see him; 1 went to see him to ask whether any one was going to Dobbs* Ferry, as I wished to send to tny family; this was at Briggs's; I went from the tavern facing Briggs's; the first conversation that I had was at Lewis's; ut this time I had no conversation about the fight; he went out and I followed him: I was talking about family affairs, not about this at all; I had no conversation with hi in about being paid as a witness; the first time I said any thing about it was at Bedford, and I told him that I could not pay my i way as I wus a poor man; J told him last night the same thing; I wen', into the tavern with Golden and was in the eating room: there was no one else with us in the eating room; lsaid nothing then about the fight, I was there about ten minutes: during these ten ininutesall I said to Justice Golden was that I told him that I wanted to go home as soon as I could; we had some talk about the trial; I explained nothing tnere but what I explained here in the court; I spoke about McCoy's brother, but did'nt sayany about him; I repeated the words that McCoy's brother said as a witness; I believe I told him about seeing Sullivan and Lilly before the fight; I did not tell about Lilly's lying down on the coats; I did not tell him that 1 walked from Arc hard's house with these men; I believe Justice Golden did take a small memorandum of what I said; 1 cannot say whether it whshs large as the bit of paper that the District Attorney had this morning when he was examiningtne; I left the dining room alter tbi" By Attorney Generai.? When I went before the I i:-.r,,l liiruno nuvalinn wall in I f 111 me ahull! HIV thing that took place before the fight; at this time f had no conversation with Justice Golden relative to what took place before the fight; f had no conversation with t^uire Golden before yesterday about the fight; last night 1 wentover to see Satire Golden in order that T inay get home as I told him that 1 had a great deal to say. and 1 hoped the District Attorney would call nie; 1 am a mason by trade. By Graham?I never saw these parties before that day; 1 went to the battle ground for i he purpose to see the fight not to stop it; I wus outside the ropes during the fight; the first I knew that the fight was to take place was about 8 o'clock that tnnrningimy hausc is ah tit a mile and a quarter from the fight- I was at the fight full two hours; I returned with these men after the fight; wln n the Justice ordered the company to disperse I did not go awny; I did not either approve or disapprove of the fight. l!y Attorney General?After Sullivan had viewed the ground lie said that it was in a pretty situation, and the view Irom the Croton Aqueduct was grand. The prosecution here rested, and the Court asked what course Counsel intended to pursue relative to receiving testimony. The Court decided by consent of Counsel that it should be left 0|>en for Conn se| to Rive mien evinence an iney wunru to owr during the remainder of the trial | Samuel E. LiVom, Esq. of White Plains, then j opened lor defence. He is an eloquent speaker and engaged the close attenton of the court. Alter alluding to the case of Murphy, who was convicted of maiisTatigliter in England for killing a man in a prize fight, which is reported in Carnngton <V. Payne and which was introduced by the bi.-trict Attorney in his opening, lie showed that the lowest punish ment for this crime in England, '.van only a fine of on" shilling, while according to our laws a heavy fine or imprisonment in the Mate prison must ensue. He contended that the prosecution might a? well contend that the parlies concerned in a duel were liable to the penalties ol the statute of manslaugh- , L D. Price Two Oeals. t?*r, as to assort that these prisoners could be convicted under the crime alleged against them. He cited the enactments ol the Legislature legalizing horse racing, and asked if the rider of Boston or Fashion had been killed in the recent race, would it not be just as reasonable to indict the whole fifty thousand then nresent tor manslaughter, or if two men had stepped in Iront of the concourse for a trial ol skill, and one had strock the other a serious blow that caused death,the whole mass present would be as guilty of crime us the men here under trial. He contended strongly that as there was no intent on the part of these prisoners to cau-e the death of McCoy therefore in the eye of the law, not having been the immediate cause ot his death they coula not he convicted of the crime ; and after alluding to the testimony to be offered by delence he closed. Evidence for Defence. Edward Carpenter who was the first witness called for defence,deposed as follows 1 now reside in New York, hut have been in Albany ; 1 was at the fight at Hastings; I went upon the Indiana; McCleester tend.'d the bar on board going up; we arrived there about 11 o'clock ; I did not think that McCoy would he heat before t ie last twenty rounds; he came up very lirrn and very stubborn ; I think I heard him tell Shanfroid about 104fh round, that he cou'd win yet; 1 saw no particular difference between this fight and lights 1 have seen in England ; one of the rules of the fight is not to strike below the belt, and it is foul if either "ne strikes while the other is down ; it is not foul to pull hair out; as the hair is cut verv short, there is no chance to get hold ol it: it is the duty of the seconds to judge of the foul blows, if any are given: the judges are then to decide; 1 saw Mr.Soiiieriulvke art as one of the judges, I b"!ieve, and I believe Mr. De Forest was umpire ; I diil not see any foul blows; some, of the rounds may have lasted one minute or two minutes; sometimes three or four minutes elapses before a blow is struck ; the bottle holder generally stands outside of the rmg; towards the last round McCoy said "here, Doctor, lance my eye ;" which the Doctor did ; he came up pretty stifl, but not so strong as before ; I did not think that he would die then, hut I thought he would lose the fight about the 90 h round ; I heard Sullivan say about the 80th or 90th round, "take hun away, he is licked ; if 1 had anything to do with it, I'd take him away he was standing near Lilly's corner; I heard McCleester say to Jim Sanford 44 a'hu dnn*t vntt IuLm Kim atuuv '* SiunK\?/l uuirl "you go to hell," or "you may get licked, too 1 heHrd McCleester s.iy thin several timet", 1 also heard Sullivan nay " take him away," a number of limes ; the second* of each man remained in their own corner, but would sometimes pass over and look at the opposite man ; I heard Sullivan say " it's a dain'd shame, take him away I heard .McCoy's seconds say to this, that he could fight an hour longer, and whin him yet; I think 1 heard McCleester say that McCoy could not fivht ten minutes longer ; 1 never saw Kensett in my life before I saw him here ; I was at various parts of the ring during the fight; I was friendly to McCoy, hut was often at Lilly's corner; 1 was more at his corner than at McCoy's; I did not know McCoy's brother. William, until 1 saw him at the fight ; he was a little bit raised and spiteful, and in ni v opinion 1 do not think he was sober ; he had a basket and was pushed out of the ring because he was drunk; he was not sober when he came on board of the steamboat; he was fretting ubout the ring ; he was drunk on board of the boat when we were washing his brother; McCleester waded into the water up to his waist to put the body of McCoy on board oi the small boat; and I then ran across the rocks to the steamboat, and earned bis body into the room,where 1 washed it with a pitclierof water : I held his body in my bands in the carriage and t"ok him home: there was brandy in the room where we washed tiie bodv. and Bill McCoy drank some of it. Cro?t-txnmiwd by Attorney Genkkai. ?I first knew McCoy at Albany about a month before the fight; he was training there for the fight; 1 did not speak to McCleester while going up the river ; McCleester was leading baron the deck of the boat; I.saw Sullivan go to Lilly's corner twenty or thirty times during the fight; 1 do nouhink he went there towurds the latter part of the fight; Sullivan subpoenaed nie as a witness; it is the practice at these fights generally, for the mob and seconds both to say tins man or that man is licked ; I think this is all right, and if I was your second I'd do as well as I could by you. *VTTORNKY USNERAb.? W HC(1 A Wttlll yuu 10 UttUIL me, I'll send for you. Witness.?McCleester said to Ford, "1 think, this will be a bad scrape he also said to Lillv, " don't hit him any more, he'll lick himself." If McCleester had left the ring, the friends of Lilly would have iriven hintsome sure ; he would have got a heating. Q?Did you in the course of that afiray, hear Sullivan or McCleester advise Lilly to give up whi|?|)ed, and leave the ring ! A.?No, I did not. Q? Did McCleester continue at that corner of the ring until the fight closed! A.?He laid down at the corner ?l the ring while the round was going on; when Lilly fell down of course he picked him up; somelimes Lilly would go back part ol the way of his on accord; I did not speak to Sullivan at the fight, nor 1 do not know that he bet any money; I should not speak to hiin now were he not here as he is; 1 saw William McCoy drink twice on the ground during the tight; 1 know he was drunk; he said going home, "'l'om, you're a good boy " and he threatened to be revenged of Sullivan, ana such thingsns this ere Q.?Why do you think he was dmnk on the ground! A.?He may have drank eight or ten times on the ground on the sly; he was jawing and miking the whole time; the jury must take it, an I think, he took a horn; 1 do not know what he drank; it must be about hall a gill; I drank once with Man Kelly and once by myself; from the time 1 went on 1. .A .1,. k.,.1 I I .Irunl. ,i i William drink once on board the boat; I waa perfectly sober; I drank about five times during the day; William McCoy would pat his dead brother on the cheek while in the carriage; he did not know me even after I had dressed and washed hisbrother with him; the other day here, I was going down on the bank, 1 met McCoy, and I told hirn that 1 waa the man, and he did not know me; Manny Kelly I thir.k, sold liquor on the ground; 1 chieflv work for the American Shipping Line at New York; I was in New York last week, but had nothing to do, nor the week before that; I am a runner for passengers?you know what that is. By Graham.?I saw McCoy set-to with a fellow named Carney at Albany at Orignon's exhibition. It being 1 o clock, the Court adjourned to 2 for dinner. 2 o'clock, P. M At the opening of the Court the District Attorney called the name of Edmund Spragg, who has been indicted for manslaught er as one ot the Rctive |>articipants at the prize fight when McCoy was killed, was called, and not ap|>earing, his recognizance in the sum ot $1000 signed bv llebecca l'owrll, the keeper of a house at 178 Walker street, declared forfeited, and ordered to be immediately prosecuted. The notice officers who assisted Sprague to escajie had belter now try to relieve this woman from her bonds. .1 oiin Tkki.k called and sworn. I was present at this fight spoken of. I did not go up in a steamboat. About the 85th round I thought the day was against McCoy : the chances were about equal up to that time ; he came up well and staunch, and did not appear to want any assistance. 1 stood on the side ot the Croton Aoueduct mostly; I was not near enough to hear what was said tinlem it was s|>oken loud. I was about 200 feet from the square ring. I was near enough to see every blow and every fall. I have understood that blows below the belt were foul. I raw one blow that I considered foul ; this was at the centre of the hodv just below the belt. Miiy inn diow. i (no noi srr cimer oi me parties use his knee in the tall. There was a dispute about this foul blow ; the judges decide which is a foul blow ; there are two generally selected, and if thev disagree, the matter is referred to one selected hs an umpire. In case a decision is made o( " foul blows," the money is declared forfeited. I h' ird Sullivan make a request at the 95th round of Sanford and fthanfroid, the seconds of McCoy, to take him out of the ring, aa " there was no sight for him, anil lie could not win." About the 90th round he threw up his hands, and said "gentlemen, I wish vou to take notice I have nothing to do with this fight." McCoy was taken to his corner by his seconds after this, Ihe same as before. There were three or four persons at McCoy's corner, who could have heard what Sullivan said. McCoy showed a weakness at the 96th round; this arose, I think, frotn a heavy fall near (hat time. I did not hear McCoy make use of any expressions towards the end of the figiit. 1 saw the body on the hank of the river after he dead. I cannot sav that I saw McCleester there. I saw hVnsett on the ground. Crow Emmitud l>v Attorney General.?I came from New York the day the fight took place; 1 knew it was to take place. Philip Underbill came up up with me from the city. I did not see Sullivan after he threw up his hands. I have known Sullivan nearly a year; I sew Sullivan here in prison about two weeks ago. 1 have known McCleester for six or seven years I saw Sullivan after the fight ws? closed: I did not speak to him. Ford was with him. -_.l I II.. -I T J.,1 v?, ? ,k. fioht I loft tbo MIU uniy ni?". I uiu IIUI uri uii ?uv - --city to we the fight; I do not know who were uia judges 011 that occasion. I saw no bete made o*

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