Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1842 Page 3
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i+H-^ City Intelligence. Bloody Mtstebt?-Axothbb Si'rrniLo Minos.* oo coeck^umkbt or thc Budt ?Yesterday afternoon the Magistrate* and Officer* of the Lower Police,were thrown into the highett possible degree of excitement by the intelligence that a colored man named John Brown, who ha* been employed as commissary of *ub*i?tance for Col. J ante* Watson Webb, ever since he has occupied apartment* at the Tombs, and who for the last twenty year* ha* Keen known a* a cuiine of no mean pretension*, had been undoubtly murdered and hi* body concealed. The circumstance* that gave ri?e to this story, which hear* every evidence of truth, are as follows On Friday afternoonBrown left hi* residence at 47 Murray itreet.with a considerable *um of money in hi* pocket, and said he going out to a small place he leases on Eighty fourth utreet, near Yorkville, and where he ha* a washing and bleachiug establishment, and would return in two hour*. This establishment is in charge of a negro named Milford Millbank, employed by Brown asoverseerof the laundry department, in hit absence. Brown did not return according to promise, and yesterday morning, no tidings having been heard of him, a messenger was despatched to the Yorkville establishment for newt, he soon returned with the infoimation that Mill bank denied that Brown had been out there on Friday at all. shortly after Millbank himself called at Brown's re sidence in Murray street, in a state of drunkenness, and again denied that Brown had been at the laundry establishment on Friday, and he told hiiaon, who waa confined to hit bed by sickness that, " If hia father was murdered, he dia not do it, and it waa not dene on hia |.remises," and then he began to cry. On an examination of his dress, blood was discovered on his coat and hat, and when he left the house, Brown's wife went to the Police, and on swearing to the above statement, a warrant was issued (or the arrest of the negro Millbanlc. Odicers Cockefair and Barber immediately proceeded to l'orkville, and arrested Miilbank, and in his house they discovered a bloody hatchet, a loaf of bread with blood upon it, and other evidence that some bloody catastrophe had been recently enacted on the premises, but no trace of the dead body could be found. The suspected murderer was brought to the city last evening, and committed for examination by Justice Merritt Rf.couxiskd.?The body of the man found on the shore of Governor's Island, as reported in yesterday'' Herald, his been recognised as that ol William Henry Durkins, a young Englishman, who was run down in a small boat by the Williamsburg ferry boat New York, at Peck slip, ahont three weeks since, and was drowned. The Coroner yesterday p .rtially heid an inquest on the body,which will be concluded this morning. Suddkr Dkath.?Last evening about five o'clock anegro named Isaac Cavalier fell down at the corner of Cross uml Orange streets, on tee Five Points, and instantly expired. His body was removed to the Park Dead Hjuso, where the Coroner will hold an inquest to-day. RotBKttr or a Vkiskl.?Officer Josephs yesterday arrested a black scamp named Bill Blake, for breaking into the cabin of the schooner Margaret, of Petersburg, Virginia,on Monday evening last, and stealing two watches, clothing, ft", of the valne of $tj/>, the property of Captain Drew and William Waterman. Pawntickets far nearly all the property was lonnd on the negro, andsohewas Inckpjl 11 if in thp Tnmha Avother Pirate ?a sneaking looking longsh' re rascal, who said he belonged somewhere near South river in New Jersey, named John Pe erson, was yesterday arrested on the charge of stealing a pair of pantaloons containing a pocket book and $76, on Wedneslay night, from Kurman Applegate. of the schooner Comet, at the foot of Spring street. The scamp whs permitted to sleep on board the boat by Mr. Applegate that night, and rewarded his generosity by stealing his money, all of which he spent on a spree. The rascal was fully committed. Hard Case.?Mr. James Suydam, of 261 Grand stre t, yesterday appeared at the Police and made afli lavit against his sou Charles, a yruth only nineteen years, for burglary, in having, by means of lalse keys, entered the store of Robinson and vie.Arthur, on Friday night, and stealing sewing si'k, needles and thread, of the value of $30, and four dollars in silver and copper coin. The lather swore he found a portion of the stolen thread and the money on his son, ana the boy wa. fully c -moulted on the charge. Superior Court Before a full Bench. Nov. 28?Decisions? John L Hart vs. Jas. C. Baldwin. ?This was an action to recover damages done to certain houses by an excavation which was made on a lot ol ground. The defence set up was that the party wall was mule wholly of brick, and not of stone as was customary, and as it ought to have been m ide. The motion for a n?w trial was denied. Barrett vs Ket infer?This was an action on apromisarv note. The i.eteuce was usury. A new trial was gwnted on pay in nt of costs. The President, O.rectors and Cost/iany of the Wcstikeste' Co. Bank t-s Jas B Nicholson ? This was an action oi a check. The motion for a new trial was denied. M H Ogden vs. J. Woudiuff?This was an action of foverfor certain article* of lurniture, couches, tic. A eon-suit had been grautud by the Justice, and this judgment was nthimed. Joseph VP Howard vt- Edward Prazer.?The judgment in uii?c??e was reversed. Jas H Aiken vs. John CaUerell?This was an action for goods?$4 for a nat. Toe defence vs as a set-off?painting a sign. Judgmei t was aliirmed. Leeerett II Aik-nv\. Se'/msur.? This was an action 'of trover for a no e. The judgmi nt was affirmed. Edward P. Lordos R>bt. Stewart.? This was an action brought for service or labor. The defence was that the services were rendeied as an apprentice. Judgment was .iHi rmwH Richard Wood vt. Caraline William*.?Thi? wo an jction to recover the value of work. The judgment wa? itfirmed. Alexander Lawrence v?. John S. Janet?In this case judgment was ordered for the plaintiff His honor the Chief Justice said that the above coinprised all the cases before th?m except four. Thedeci lions on those would be given on Monday week. Noticc.?Notes of issue for the ensuing term of this Court rauit be filed with the clerk to-morrow (Monday,) .he 38th inst Bankrupt Ltat. SOU HERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Wm Laverty, of New York, commission merchant. Lucius F Boitsford,Coxsackie, Green County, watchmaker. Martin Pond, city of New York, one of the late firm of Bo? d and Pond. Theodore T Johnson, city ol' New York, late firm of Baldwin, Ho chkin k Co. Abijah Chuver, New York, dry goods merchant. Geo. C. Thomas, New York, measurer, one of the firm of Thomas, Son 8l Adams. Isaic P. Sanderson, Ne .v York, clerk. Eugene Ely, New York, one of the late Arms of Abbott k Ely, and Ely, Smith k Cook. Warren Pacltaid AJden, of New York, late shoedealer. Benjtmin L Leedom.of New York. Samuel A. La vrence, of New York, atone of the late firm of Lawrcr.ce and Willard. Court Culciidiar?Monday. Cnuuois Plcss ?Part 1.?Nos. 83, 81, 5. 31, 37, S3, 87, 89, 93 96 Part 3.?Nos. 43. 48, 43, 60, 68, 68,61,68, 70,71, 74, 8. The untiring energy and perseverance ol the manager of the American Museum deserve the unprecedented patronage with which his establishment is crowned, for , really we know of no place where novelty succeeds novelty with greater rapidity or more good taste than there. This week fourteen performeri are engaged, at the head of which stands Winchell, the prince of comic fellows, a perfect host within himself. The neatness anil decorum which characterize thii museum secures the preicnce of the first families, ami will always draw crowded houses. QCF The manager of the New York Museum supplies the public with an exhaustless stock of novelties. This week Signor Blitz, magician, ventriloquist and platedancer, appears. He is universally allowed to be without an equal on both sides of the Atlantic. His extraordinary feat of dancing seven dinner plates, is almost miraculous ^it is worth a dollar to witness. MisClemence, the dana eute; Miss .Bruce, the vocalist; Mr. Brown, the comic singer, and Mr Delarue, the mimic, appear. The Fud-ge mermaid has beaten the Fegee, who has turned tail and shown syptoms of being rather Fidge-ty lately. A live Albino deer, perfectly white, with pink eyes, is to be seen ?a great curiosity. Arrivals. Atto*.?A. J. Downing;Wm W. Hubbell, Philadelphia; W. A. M irrison, England ; Mr. Ch miller, Detroit ; C. p' Francif, Albany ; Tuomas Hazard, New Jersey ; d. C.iocker, Charleston, 8. C.; H. Huntington, Hartlord ; Barrl Patteraon, Pottsville: Gen. Waightman, Washington; L Oe'tl ig?, Baltimore ; Philip T. K11ic tt; Thomas Chan.bera, Philadelphia ; 8. Evans ; Judge Waul ; John Olmtte , Hartford. y QQ* OH|! NOBLE POWER THY REIGN 18 HERE! y Nr.w Yoax, Jane Ath, IA43. Grstlimis :?My wife has been afflicted for two or three years with a severe cough, accompanied with great pain and bleeding at the lungs? the cough has been so severe at times that during the paroxysms of couching, the blood would fly from her mouth and noatrila at the same time. This cough woul I commence in the fall and laat through the winter Nothing that has been tried would reli- ve her until warm weather, when it would abate a little, until this last winter, when she made use of Pease's inv ilnable t'ompound Harehouiid Candy, and tap results were such as to leave a happy impre-aion upon her m d ot its efficacy and virtues. It performed a radical canwhen all other attempts iailed. Yours, respectfully, DAVID W. PIERCY, No. 48 Delancy st and No. 9 Spruce at. To Messrs. Johx Pests k So*, 4S Division st. Ag -nts?Re 'ding k Co . No. 8 State it' Boston; Bergesik Zteher, No. 3 Ledger Bull lings; Robinson, No. 110 Bnl timers at- Baltimore, >ld ; Wee<i? k Waters, Troy; Halde man, Louisville, Ky; Dexter, 67 State st. Albany. THE TONIC MIXTURE AN UNEQUALLED rtmedy in all dyspeptic cases. In large bottles $1, in capes of half desen bottles ft. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. 97 Nassau street. (& TO THE PUBLIC.?Read and Judje who has the beet title to the name of Original Extract Pill*. For several years I have been making experiments as to the best method of obtaining the xtractive principle ot the vegetables I use in the Brandreth Pills. Last spring I took out a patent for an apparatus which accomplishes the object beyond mv most sanguine expectations. The manner of doing this is as follows : ?1 have a cylinder in ? hich the vegetable matter is placed, which is then made air tight ; there is attached to this cylinder an air pump, whichistheu worked, and all the air, or nearly so, is pumped out 1 then turn a tap in which the menstrum (whether fluid or vapour) is placed, which is attache! to the cylinder, and which, in consequence uf the air being exhausted, is ot once absorbed by the vegetable therein contained into its most remote ramifications. The next operation is to apply the force pump, also attached to the cylinder, and when the force is sufficiently multiplied, 1 turn a tap place I at the bottom ol the cylinder, and out coiip-s my extract in the same condition in which it was in the living vegetable Now the whole of this is a me thod never used except by me. No other apparatus can do it except mine, or one made after my plan. For the last year or so I have made a concentration even of the extract so obtained, which I have given to vicious medical men, and which has been used extensively by those of my friends who could not bear to take more than one pill at a time, which, in a dose of one pill, night and morning, possesses the same |tower that the Bnimheth Pills do upon the blood in a dose of six or eiitbt mils ; and I my only reason for not having notifie I the public to thi? I effect before, waa the fact that the quantity 1 can make I with my present apparatus, hai been only sufficient to give me about seventy pounds in t?n monthi, over u hat I want lor the Brandrrth Pill" For it must he remembered, | make this from the extract* mod in the manufacture of the Brandrcth pill*. Now w hat are the fact* concerning the fraud upon the public by Mr. Sialnburn ami Mr C. V. Clicknerl The*e jiereon* were lor a period of seven years in my employ, ment, but they were never connected w ith the making of the Pills; tbey never were in my manufactory half a dozen time* in their live*. They were simply oltire keepers or clerks;they know nothing whatever alajut medicine;the whole they *ay about xtthactt is hood; they have no arraasTL'S, their drawings of their prktk.ided apparatus are taken Irom mine now exhibiting at my office, | 241 Broadway. The whole object ol these mishuided mam is to make useot my ideas, and they have gone to work, not to make extracts, or concentrations of eitracts; no, but simply to make Pills, of such drugs as are to be bought at any drug store in the city. This, it they want it, 1 can prove. Whether their rills are harmless or not, I knownothing, but I have ascertained that they do not m ike, nor have ha I made any extracts, by mine, or any other method And I now require them as men who are up for publie favor, to prove that they do make their Pills ol any extracts, save such as may bo obtained at any drug store in this city. If they are not insulting the ruai.ic with deception, if they have really an apparatus, if that sppaiatus has been worked, then let Messrs. Staiuhurn StClickm-r namj the men who made the apparatus, name the size, and the men's names that work it. If they do this they will s-.tis. fy the public they are not impostors, and 1 will let them know there are Patent Laws in the United States. The Public's Ser'v t, B. BRANDRETH. 26th Nov. 1842. 241 Broadway, New York. [ QQ- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT?The Coliegeof Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Sup| pression of Quackery, beg to inform all persons desiruus of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the sum ol one dollar, with a statement of their case, they will he -applied with one dollar's worth of appropriate medicine, and a letter of advice containing lull directions as to diet, regimen, &C. All letters must he Jiost paid. Addiess Principal office ofthe College of Medicine and rhaiiuacy, s7 Nassau street, N. Y. Physician is daily in attendance at the I "0 ? ? -II UU1> null! m ill 4 o'clock Suroicil CitEi?The Collkgk have also engaged the services of one of the most distinguished operative Surgeons in New York, ami are therefore prepared to receive anil treat surgical cases. Squinting, cataract, ami all diseases of the eye requiring an operation, -strictureot the uiethra,?calculi ir. the hlailder,?club.oot,?diseases of tnejoints, and of the spine, will be particularly attended to. The tees will he extremely mode rate. Patients who so desire will be visited at their own houses after opuratiun. By order of the College, W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal (and only) office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau st. New York, 0Q- CLEANLINESS OF THE HEAD AND HAIR.? Strange it is that persons who attend strictly to personal cleanliness, baths, tic. should neglect the head?the hair? the most essential?the most exposed -and the most beautiful, when properly cared for, of all the gifts of'he Creator. Perfectly free may it be kept of dandruff or scurf, wifli a certainty that the hair cannot fall out, by the use of the Balm of Columbia, from 71 Maiden Lane. Ladies, will you make your toilet without this article ' I answer learleaslv no, if you have once tried and experienced its purifying effects-its sweet perfume. A hundred articles have been put forth on the credit of this?the only first?the only really valuable article. A mass of testimony from all classes to these facts. <K7- SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZENGES have been in extensive use for nearly five years, and the multitude ol cases of coughs, colds, asthma, consumption, headaches, palpitation, sea sickness, worms and fever ami ague, cured by them it really astonishing. They are used by all classes, and in nearly every part of the civilited world. Hon. Aaron Clark, ex Mayor of New York, G. Sherman Brownell Esq Register, Jonathan Howarth, E-q the great Temperance Lecturer, and others, almost innumerable, have experienced their happy eflect. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at 100 Nassau st. (-3) MONK Y MA.RKKT. Saturday, >ov. 26?6 P. IK. Sales of State stock were large at generally better prices. New York State 7's of 1849 rose ? ; Kentucky } ; Harlem } ; Ohio State 6's rose 1 percent ; sales of bills on Charleston 1 discount. The following is a statementof the affairs of the Central Bank of Georgia, Nov. 7,184-1, as compared with November, 1341 :? Ckntrai. Bank nr Oforoia. Not- lull. Nov. \M2. Inc. Deer. Loans 2 112 0/9 1,701 .'?>?.? ? 408 500 "tpecie, 6 616 b OOtl ? 616 Clicuiation, 1,310,746 1,15185J 143.107 ? Dqiosinx, 110,718 39,611 ? 101,075 The mails bring New Orleans datea to the 18th. There had been a further arrival of $44,000 from Philadelphia.? The exchangei seemed disposed again to give wav. At Mobile there wu also leu doing. The rates were as folio* ? :? Mobil*. fftw Orl'iiM Btcr'iiig, |>rt-m 3H?< I'rem Francs. ? Ntw York sight, If.tln S'X'lic 8|>erie, 18 2) p?. We yesterday gave a lilt of the old and new dutie* in Oreat Britain on the article! of export from Great Britain. That liat shows to the curious how idle has been the cry about the protective duties of Oreat Britain. Take the article of pig iron, the duty is $1 ,'20 per ton, which on $28, the market price in New York, amounts to an ad valorem duty of 4 per cent only. The United States duty on the same article is $10 per ton, which on the English price of $10 per ton, gives an advalerem duty of 100 per cent.? Under the new tariff the compromise act was 20 per cent, which was 400 per cent higher than the English tariff ? Now the great difficulty under which the iron manufacturers here have labored has been the absurd paper spec ulations, which have enhanced the prices of land, labor, and material, to an extent which has deprived them of all chance of competition with the English master. The paper system has now been done away with, and prices have fallen exceedingly low, affording a chance for the investment of real capital to realir.e those visions of mineral wealth which Mr. Biddle ]>ortrayed some years since on the occasion of the establishment of the Wilkesbarre Iron Works by E. Biddle, with the funds of the Morris Canal Company. That enterprise was based upoa paper, and fell through. The lands o( Pennsylvania are rich in minerals. The richest of them are the western portions of the three great anthracite coal measures of Pennsylvania,known as the northern, middle, and southern. The northern anthra cite measures are open and worked at Wilkesbarre, Pittston, and Carbondale. The middle at Beaver Meadowem] Shamakin ; and the southern at Mauch Chunk, Potts vine, Fine Grove, and Bear Valley. Of all Itaeae region* the latter ia the moat valuable , for being equal in quantity anil quality to any of the othera, it liea nearer to tide water, and haa likewise extensive bed* of iron ore, lying in juxta,<o*ition with the coal. The riche* contained in theae immense coal and iron beda are beyond description, and w ill one day make the Keystone Bta'e the most weal thy of the Union. The amount of ooal produced from the coal fieldsot Pennsylvania haa been yearly increasing at over 1011,000 tons per annum tor some years, and in 1941 amounted to about 1,200,000 tons east of the Alleghany mountains, which,at the average wholeaale market price, amounta to $0,000,000 There is not now perhaps in the world so great on opportunity for the safe and profitable investment ofcapitaltoa large amount at in the manu. facture of iron with anthracite roal where the two can tie found together, and in large quantities. The present price of pig iron In market is 27a30 dollar* p r ton, and yet there are localities of the material so favorably situated both in regard to mining and smelting, as to render it certain thai the same article can be produced for less than $12 per tou. The valne of all the wrought and cast iron made in the United States in 1840 was $2),766,390. The whole valu of all the coal mines in the same year, bituminous and anthracite, was $0,196,729. Over $90.000,000 ol capital here tofore profitably invested in Great Britain in suppl) ingthi United State* with iron, must now seek other channels, or lie idle ; for wo can and mnst now make our own iron of every kind. It is well known that in coal mine* every cubic j ard of coal is equal to one ton. Thus it has recently bean discovered that some of the coal lands ot 'nnnsylvania contain 300,000 ton-to every acre of surface Hut this is npon lands that have not yet been worked ; foi it ia a curious fact that the richest coal and iron regions ol Pennsylvania have been the last to be brought into notice. iud so little ha* science been consulted in the choice of lo cations for mining, that until very recently accident <eems to have directed those interested, rather than gao logical information. A lew years will show someimpor'ant changes inches* particular*. Hale* at the Stock Kxchange. tSO.OOO 7 prts 1840 c 102 ? Moh k H"J KH 13 10 000 1 ' 1851 Uk tOHirlemHK 15V 14.MM Ohinf. 186U 7lC 32 " 11* 3.000 Keu'y 6? 76lJ SI Syr it Uties 07X 10 Manhattan Bk 61 loot) Chaileslon luuds *19 33 Bk Comrrc", full 1121* Seec<it<l Board 4,?00 State 6'? 1860 71Sj 10 L Maud I.KM) do 6'a 1810 71)4 State of Trade. Letters from the line of the Caual,state, that with great exertion the tee hos been broken so as to admit the passage ol the lioau from I'tiru. Cnjfte ? Remains very dull. Brazil at 7] a 9 centa ; Maraeaiti), 7} ; Angostura, 7J, 4 not ; St. Domingo, 6 cents, cash. <k? ? ?-i- .i?ii?i i ~r . ? ik n "> - > ~ un ......i I ui 111 rill |fi ?, say Upland to 7$ a 7$ cent., good and fine do to 8 a 8J, and fair New Orleans and Mobile to 6 a 3} cents The sales include Upland an I Florida at i\ a 3 tenia ; Mohile, 9j a Hj , Neiv Orleans, 5j a dj?total lor the week 4950 halra Provision*? Beet and |>ork font nine steady, without material change in prices?Vies* l'oik at $o,37J a 3,60 ; Prime, 5,50 ; M'? Beef $6.35 a <>6 50 ; ami Prime, $3,37J Lard, Ohio, at 6} a 7 cents for e\|>ort. New hams are selling at9J cents ; smoked beef,7 ; and dressed hogs, 3ia3j. Butter and cheese are in good request at our quotations? of the latter, 100 casks and 500 boxes late made Ohio sold for shipment at 4] cents. Coal Trade. Anthracite and bituminous caul were never so cheap in this market as now. And according to the last rejHirt in the Pottsviile papers, the shipments of cosl from that re gion this year, exceed five hundred thousand tons. The price in Philadelphia is from $4 to $4 50 per ton- Last year it was $6.50. This reduction in price is to he attributed mainly tu the operations of the Reading Railroad. All told, there will he upwards of 1,300,060 tons of hard coal sent lorward, which w ill overstock the market according to estimates, at least 100,000 tons. Foreign Markets. Buenos Ayrks, Sept. 1, 1343. Henry John Sharps, Esq : Sir?Since we had the pleasure to address our friends per circular on the 17th April last, business has not improved much. Our roads to the interior are op??, but those provinces, drained of resources, disappoint the expectations that were entertained iu relation to that opening. We are fearful ot the same result when the navigation oi the riv. rs becomes unshackled. A season ol peace mutt precede a return to trade, and it it impossible to say how near or distant we are to so happy a consummation. The campaign against the Republic of the Uruguay is persisted in u it Is the utmost energy. We are giad to advise some improvement in the sale of American manufactured goods, hut the stock of Dry (foods trom Europe remains heavy. The firat suppliei after the opening ol our |*>rt were sufficient to provide for the immediate wants, but the result being encouraging led to liaavier importations, which had to he laid up. Present sacrifice* are likely to moderate future supplies. Appleton and Nashua Shirtings are in demand, and none remaining in first hands. These qualities and Indinn Head of 30 inches may he quoted at 11 rials or net 6 cents per yard. Drills?Stock in first hands stnall, 13 to 14 rials, net 7j Cents per yard. Ticking?R d and blue stripes, supply still considerable, 19 to 30 rials, 11 cents per yard. The lollowing imnorts trom the United States are more or less saleatile :?Pine hoards, 6) u 6 rials per foot?net Spanish, $30 per M feet: Ash and Oak Plank, 8as| rials per loot?net Spanish, $44 per M feet; Carolina llice in tierces, $36 per arrobe?Dot Spanish, 6j cts. per 18; do in barrels, prime quality, $40 per arrobe?net Spanish, 7 J cts per lti; OunpowOer and Imperial Tea, $43 a $44 per lb ?net Spanish, 94 cts. per lb, Black Pouchong do, $17 a $18 per lb?net Spanish, 69 cts. per lb; Cassia, $7 a $8 per lb? net Spanish, 98 cts per lb; Large size Are Crackers, 96 rials per gross?net Spanish, $3 60 per tiox ol 60 packs; Palm Leal Hats, $56 a $60 per dozen?net Spanish, $3 60 )>er dozen; White Wax, $11 a $13 per lb? in t Spanish, 53 cts per lb White Havana Sugar, $15 per arrobe?net Spanish, 6) cts per lb; Yellow do, $33 per arrobe?net Spanish, 4j cts. per lb; Refiaeil crushed do in bhls. $60 a $63 per arrobe? net Spanish, 7} cts. per lb; Linseed Oil, $16 per gallon?net Spanish, 65 cts per gallon; Furniture Varnish, $50 per gallon?net Spanish, $3 90 par gallon; Spirits of Turpentine, $14 per gallon?net Spanish. 60 cts. per gallon; India Matting, 4-4 .<nd 6 4, $10 peryard?net Spatush, 43 cts. per yard; Leaf Tobacco, $460 a $300 per quintal?net Spanish, 14 cts per lb; Black pepper. $45 a $60 per arrobe?net Spanish, 6) cts. per lb; Salt?the supply on shore is great, and the Salters do not olfer beyond $13 per lanega on lioard?but there is an adventitious chance just now of selling afloat to vessels requiring ballast, at $16 a $18 per fain ga The following are abundant and neglected :? Chairs, Cordage ol all qualilies. Naval Stores, Sail Cloth, Ravensduck, Candlewick, Yellow Soap, Sperm Candles, Spirits of Tar, Mohogany Venters, Cut Nails, Shellac, Paints, Codfi-h, Hams. Flour remains prohibited, but salts in deposit have been made at $11 Spanish per barrel, because the 1io|h> of admission has been general, and we still expect it will take place to the extent of a few thousand barrels. There are now about 6000 barrels in deposit and the quantity increasing by speculation Irom Montevideo Freights have hitherto been nomnial at $7perton measurement to the U. Status. Dry hides) cents per lh. .Many vessels have left in bal list for Bruzil and the West Coasi. At present the number in port is getting reduced, and we have some hopes of a final reaction. The discou ragement however to the shipment of our export articles is general from all quarters, at the same time that there ii no abundance of any one article and some scarce?as sheepskins, and of good washtd wools absolutely no supply whatever. The currency has been fluctuating, aliecting thu result of remittances, advancing or recoiling several per cent from one day to another without apparent cause. Present quotations of exports and exchanges we give below?and remain Very respectfully Your oliedieut servants, ZIMMERMANN. FUAZlLR fc CO. QroTATtotss?Prime Ox and Cow Hides. $61 per pesada 33 lbs; Campo Hides, $68 do do; Light Hides, $6n do do; Halted Hides, $53 do do 60 lbs; Horse Hides, $33 each; Horse II hi r mine,I til .air OA Ihs .lo Inns tUOilnilo Sheep* Wool, common washed, $2 2 do do; do picked, $33 do do; do Cordova, $26 do do; do Mestiza, $25 do do; Sheepskins,common washed. 30 Ihg. $34 per dozen; do Meatiza, $38 do do; Goatskins, $36 do do; Deerskins, $16 do do; Nutriaskins, $4 do lh; Chinchilli skins, $80 do doz; Soapstnff, 1st qtial $34 do 26 lh; do 2d do. $27 do do; Jerked Beef, $24 do 100 lbs; Horns, prime On, $600 do 1000; do Cow, $300 do do; Shin Bones, $160 do do; Hide Cuttings, $31 do quintal. Specie Dollars $163; Doubloons $260; London, 3d; Montevideo $16]. Seenmbs.k 7.?We are happy to add that the restriction for vesselsto navigate the Parana, is now removed, places occupied hy the enemy only remaining excepted. Some activity in business has consequently been stirred up. Married. At Howell Works, Monmouth Co N. J , by the Right Rev. Bishop Doane, on Thursday, the 24th inst. David D. Voobhees.uI New York, to Kraisczs C. Allaibx, of the lormer place. Died. On Friday, at her father's residence, 26 Bowery, Jaise Ann, daughter of George and Maria Hall, inthe 20th year ol her age. l*ua?esi|(ers Arrived. Ns.w OBt.ZArfs?Bsiijnr Mary Jsnr?(R'lmrted yesterday)? Capt Vliurav, late of brig Coral, of New York, condemned at C wnpe >etiy. VurelKii Importations8t Uses?Bm|oe Av.ron?112 moys salt Nesmith, Lei ds St ro Bukwo* Arazs?lLig Splendid??8V7 hides Peter Harmony it co. Domestic Importations. 8avai*j?ah?Br a Clinton?110 cks rice C Bolton. Fog It Li* itigstnn?51 hales cotton loseph Wood?124 ro A G Miller?20 Hogart a. Km el mil?60 Geo Collins?129 Victor St Durwitz? 42 to order. MARIT1 M E H E It ALP. To Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains ol vessels will give lo Commodore William A. 'dissect, of our news tlret. a report of the shipping left at the port wheure they sailed, the eiaels airokrn on their iwusage, a liat of their cargo. and any oreiito ncws,iapers the y may have. He wiii nosrd them imI l-ately on 'heir arrival Agruts and eorresiondenla at home or abroad, will aim confer a favor by tending to tint office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, NOV. 27, 1343. its moil 7 18 | wooo rises I 46 rniv sets 4 42 i HIOH ? !!? 4 4 Cleared. Ship* C.vrater. (Br) D ?yle, Liverpool, E Richardson; ,B A\ mar, Carver, New Orhatis. N- smith, L* & C ?.?Baique* Superior. All* n, do, Tay lor St Merrill; H W Tyirr, T\Irr, Mobile, John Ogden: Venexuca, Raudell, Norfolk, R P Buck ?Bogs Pantheon McFalei Wear. Indies, Nesmith, L* d? fit C??; Chalcedony, ( Br) C ?r?J, St Joh .s, NK O & J Lhu'c; O B L*inar. Hahnemann, Sivannah. Scott fit Morrell; Cord* ha, Wr>o worh, Rirl tnotid. Pr?er Harmony fit Co; Pet?*r Demtl , Lewis, Dtrien, G* R M D mtli?Schr* Timr, D onr La GnayraaniJ Porto Cabel'o, (i Whitaker; Gen Grant, ( Br) Raw l?ngs, B' rrnudt, Mid?*leton Ik Co; M'gum irook, Trim St Mama, Nesnvth, L?rd* Ik Co; Banm r, Avery. Mobile, A W?lden; Lo emia fit d*v.a, Price, We hint? ton, NC. A B Cooley Ik C? ; H ( lay, Paine, Wilmington. NC dodo; Choctaw, Darley I rkaonvi(lc, ICP R P Buck; Caroline, Lndley, Fred- r.rksbunt; OfOC *, C idmna, Baltimore, A B C<?ole\ a Co; Crfetie, Johnvn, do; V'rgiuiari, Wslpole, Norfolk, S'onres fie Clearman; Kirra, 0<> erton, do, A B Coofey fit Co: Eagle, Firzhugh, Alexandria, dodo; Man Ann fit Caroline, Corson, Richmond, do do; Monitor, |?h, Ware bam;, Baker, B istou. Arrived. Barqne Averon, Jordan, from St. Lrbet, Oct 21, with aalt, to Neamith, Le? Hh fit Co. flushed in Co. wit 1 ships Gulnare, Gibson, for Smith America* 0"ti? va, Coffin, Boston. Left barque Ai iea ?, Klliot,foi Portland, ntvi di). trie Bdn u 1 ' di Baltimore, do, the only ?* ** la in port. Brie Sphndid. 'Iat? Freeman, who died Oct. 2Id) 46 d?iya roin Buenos Ayr's, with hides, fo P. Harmony fit Co. L?f -hij h Hfiir\ Kri'-elatid. Lock, of NYcrli, disc; CoriqUhna, d > do; barque* Smyrna, D .y, uiic; Cuba. for Ba avi.i; brig Africa, .Htnotil, ui?c; schr Vigilant, for sale; alto, U. S. sloop of war I) Oil'. I Brig Clinton, Lyon, 7 days from Stvannah, with cotton, he. to Stu rites fit Clrarntau. Uiig Gardner H. Wright, flcott, 2 daya from Phihdelphm, with coal, to m ister. -v S. hr Mary jane. Mc.Math ti m Norfolk, with flour, to Slurges fit ( Itarman. Schr < .'banner y St. John, Jones, from ) ork River, with oyster*, to matter, Schr Compliance, Sparrow, 3 da?f from Boston, with mdae. to order. Srhr J. Conlt \ VI I ? Boston, with mdse, order. S? hr Turk, Nichols, 3 days from Boston, with mise.toth naater. dtlnW, One bill, anknnwn. WindHlV. General Hfford. Ship Claudiui, ?t Bo* ton Irom Nrweaatle. Ihng. report* having, on the Il*t in?t. l?t 43 21, Ion *9 W, |M?*ed the " * veuel rrrn with the water'* edge, btilh ma?t* goue,a"d deck went of every thing?had howtprii ?t*ndin*, painted white I > the head, and a *mall billet head panned white?the hull waa jointed black with a white streak, after part of house gone from the maitimavt; she was a vessel of about 150 tons; appirentlv h*il been i" tbat situation but a short time; no person ou buaia. Blowing hard *t the 'true, could not bo rd her. Ship Hamfdi n, S|?oon?r. ootwud bound from NewOrleaos, w^s h rd agrouu I on the SVv. Bar iVh inat. Ship Potomac, at New Orleans, passed on the 6th ui?t, 70 miles NE.of St. Msrv's Island,the I lull of a large ship, bottom I up. supposed to he a Bituh steamship Schs Lydia Adeline, of Milton, Del , Ellmg*w<rth, from Havre deoface for New York, with a cargo of coal, went ashore uight ot 13th mat. about our utile south of Cherrystone. Hav iug blown aw ay her mainsail, she was not able to work off. and finding that she was in four fathoms water, her best bower was let go. which shortly after parted, and she weut ashore on Taa* well's beach. Her cargo must be lost?sails, rigging, tie. may be saved? re* saved. Thf schr lies about 3(H) yards Ironi the shore, sunk, and in all probability hasgilged. ScHH D r.poslt K. Kelidrtck. from Boston for Newhern, NC. was ashore inside Ocracokc Bar 17fn inst. high and dry, and had been iu that situation for three weeks. She would have to be screwed up and Uuuch* d. Bangui* Fairfield. Holmes, from Boston for Mozambique, went aatioie lit Tabit Bay on ?h 7th ? lit. and became a wreck. Hhe was irported as ship Faiitield. Several British vessels were wit eked at the s.une time. Whalemen, John & Edward, Hudson, of NB. was at Anjier, June 26, with ?30 bhls spurm oil. Also, Ho ?e, Robertson, do, 2fi0 sp and 200 wl ; Biwnswirk, Champlm. Provide nc? , 70 sp and 9(H) wh; A rah, lteuing on, Faith iveu, 100 sp and 1300 wh?all to sail the neit day. At Hio de Jani iro Oct 5. Helvetia Hi.** fnwit a a few davs. Spoke n, Nov 17, lat 30 10, Ion 70 20. Coral, of and 24 hours fin New Bedford. Spoken. Exchange, ot Boston, fioin Sumatra for Philadelphia, Aug 14, lat 12 14, Ion 68 K. C?det. Gore, 3 days from Boston for Montevideo, Nov 13, iat 38 30. Ion 69 30. Susan Drew, from New Orleans for Liverpool, Nov 13, lat 28, Ion 79 45. Mary Stevens, from Bath for Mobile. Nov 9, lat 30 30 N, Ion 72 30 W. Buenos Ayres, from Mausauilla for New York, Nov 10, off Cape Antonio. Ann, Hanna, ii1 and 5* days from Biltimore for Rio Janeiro, Oct 12 I .t II 341 S. Ion 34 W Trinidad, of Si Andrews, from Jtmaici for Matanzas, Nov 8, lat 23 50, Ion 81 10. Mart n Wgrsell," from Machta*, Nov 19. lou 42 18 N, Ion 69 40 W. More a, from V w York for Mobile, Nov 9. lat 34, lou 70 15. Foreign Ports. Tunas Island, Noi 4?\t Grand Turk, Sidney, Matthias of and for Norfolk, same div; .Newcastle, At kins, for NYork, do; Exchange, from do, ju?t arr. Mansanilla. Nov 6?No Ameiicsii vessel in port. Sid Buenos Ay re , NYoik. C'iknkukgos, Nov 2? In , ort, Hector, White, for NYork, 8 or ?0 days. Rio dR JankiRO, Oct 5?In port, Lvd:a. Harron, for Bm-nos A* res, 10 da* s; Rohm Hood, Fi?lt. fiorr Boston, dtsg; Rosalba, for Montevideo, 7; Ssnlms, Lind?ey, fo do, next d.y; Louisa, Hohson, of and for Baltimore, from Bremen. 4; King Ph'lip, Willis, Irom Bum >s Ayres. uuc; 1 waimwna. D\cr, for NYork, 0; Curtis, Abbott, from Montevideo for Antwerp, 8; G-nrgia, Dagge?t, line; Harriet, Hooper, do; Arctic, Hu?rk. for B ?lt more, 8; Roxbury, McDoti ild, late of Baltimore, sold.? Sid 1st, Plato, H >yt, for Montevideo, with her inward cargo; Shawmut, Kimball, for Brecon. Rio Grandk. Nov 19?No American vessel in i?ort. Sld Frances Ann. Green, New York. Navarino, (Utu Mahan, deceits d) sld Sept 11 for Pli laoclphia. Manilla. June 20?In port, Saracen, for Boston, 21st. Sld 19tli. Unicorn, do. Ilomc Port*. Bangor, Nov 22?Cld Monad nock, Porto Rico; Nloro, Coombs, do; Express, do; Geo 8t Wil iam, do. Portland. Nov 23?Arr Caroline, Jordan. NYork. Cld Remittance, (new, of P? 'tland, 571 tons) Sdshy, NOrleans; Harriet, (new, (if North Yarmouth, 118 ions) Pote. Chirlrston. Ni.wBi*avpoRT, N./V 23?Arr Columbia, Philadelphia; Vulture. Small. NYo.k. Salkm, No 2i?Arr Northumberland, Kane, Kio Grand**. Boston. Nov 25?Telegraphed, Henrv Ewbtiik. ("Id Treinonr, Rodiek, Si Marys. (4a; AnUrei.Tay'or Philadelphia.? Arr 24th. Montgomery. Constant, Manilla; Chilo, Davis, Calcutta; Claudius. Scohie, Nowca?l)e.; Emporium. Rogers N w 0'tc?ua via Hivana, Maid or Orl-aus, Wiawell, Ror rle .lineno; H-bron H ?od, Mamnzas; N?mro . Chadb urn**. New Orleans; CUiissa Perkins, Perkins, do; Falco, Cuter. Buenos Ayres; Eliza Burgess, Bowers, 4 i*-i fuegos; #Nereus, M *ur\, Mansanilla ; Emily, Sm th. Jeremie ; G ive Chamberlain, French, Havana; O?c**ola, M rgari, Turks Mane, Token. Lovelaud, B rltiniore; Gleaner, Eaton; Fam , Crowed; Mary k ^us in, Hiudrt *. Ligonii, Smith, and J tie Fish, G miner, Philadelphia; Ann E'isa, (Vei? z.dian) Pocat-ra. Matter iho via N Yo k; Larkin Snow, Pressc , Richmond; Gleaner. Etdridge, Fredericksburg; Eigl**, Biilev, Havre de Grace Md: Mary Jan*,Crowell Hmry Curtis. Hsllet ; Nim-od, Linnell; Vintage, Br-^rse; Mandarin, Hiti"k!*-y^S-iganaw, LovrU^; Tigris, lirwiii r-nvuy, rv orris; raom, dhis; (juivip, INiekerson; Gtuges Allen; Rote, Matthews, ami March, viekeis<>n, Albany; Mttullnc. Simonion; Abbott Lawreec**, Falkland; An icon<1?, Hill: May Fiower, Jamison; Van Bur n Allen; Victor. G uild; Kenduskeag, Mi ? hell, and Win Wallace, Haskell, N York: Convoy. Hall; Eunice Cobb, Howes; Mircena, Hall, a: d Hnntiei*, Baker, Roudout Holmes Hole, Nov 23?Arr Dover, Curtis, frotn Norfolk for Boston. Hartford. Nov 21?Arr Leander, Ely, New York; Belle, Brook*, AHmhv, Philadelphia. Nov 26?Arr Whale. Baldwin, Albany; Vule in. Smith, do. Below, T dbot, from N.-w York; Vesper. Lof* land, Turks Maud. Arr in the Schuvlkill, Col? Eagle, Cavalier; Amanda, Hudson; ''opper, Endicoti; Aino? Birdsall, Bird all; II-. dd, Edwards, E Hargness, Wt eks, ami Rebecca, Barre t. NYork. Georgetown DC. Nov 21?Arr Victory, New York. Sid Reindeer, end Frank, do. iticHMo.Np, Nov 22? Sid Hurd, Nassau, and Tuscarora, New York. Norfolk. Vov 23?In Hampton Roads, Benjamin, Lunt, fin Portland for Richmond. Cld Delaware, G. Alton, lam ica.? Arr K riocis, (s) Brenh&tn, NYork, bound to ApaUchicoU?|?ut in for fuel. NRW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY?The Board ol Managers of this Socbty beg leave to announce that (heir first rfonnance will tike place at the Broadwa/ Tahernacle, on Monday evening n?*it. the 23th install', anJ will consist of thr- two first |?arta of Hinyn's G aud Oiatorio of the Seasons. Spring and Hummer, never bef ?re performed in this city. The best talml iu the city will sustain the principal part. A* the S' ciety h?s abandoned Ihe sale of tickets, none but members and subscribers will he adrni ted. Persons wishing to h? come subscribers, will ell'o* th** Secretary, 111 N ass.u treat, J. A. SPARKS,Secretary. n27 2t*ris r\H. AC Gil ST IN DE BURGOS, Surgeon Dentist, begs -L' leave respectfully to a<qu*iul the public and Ins friends, that be intends to fe*ide in tins city, where be will be happy to relieve those persons that may hr really desliinte of meau?, gr ?li?, from i0 A. M. until 1 P M. at his office, No. 215 Willi un street, in all that regards the auato part, only charging ihe coit of teeth, gold p latr s, Ate, &c. Dr. A. B Haters him?elf, that a l those that will apply to him will be^p-rfectly satisfie , as lie ha? be"u twelve y?-ars in practice of bis profession , cill prtst nt the best and most satisfactory documents aud references. n27 iw*r PARTNER WANTED?In a Chemical establishment, situated *n the upper part of th* ciiy, and i ngaged in the manufacture of art.cfes \ ielding a Urge profit, and in constant demand. Batisaudl capital will He r-.iuued. and the mmive charac er of the business will be fully shown t? those desirous to encage in it A person unacquainted with the business, e hi i?. mo mister of It in a very dmt Hum* A | line left at this office lor L X. will receive prompt attention. | n27 3fr Post Office, New York. Nov. 26, 'KI2. English MAIL.?L<t?er Bags for England p*r R % <i Mail Hteamer Acrdia, leaving Boston on 1st D cernoer nrf. will close at the upper and lower postoffi es iu this city, on Wednesday, the 3rtli lustaut, at 15 minutes to 4 o'clock. P. M. By an arrangement with the contractors, the Steamboa' will not leave the wharf until the Exprtsa Mail fr m this office is received on board. t>27 It r JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM. P. M. Post Office, New York, Nov. 25. 1842. Vf AIL ARRANGE,MKNT ?The mail matter fir the northern counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania. the State of Michigsn. the northern parts of IHinnt an I Indi <Da, and the Territories of Wi?consin and Iowa, it forwarded by the way of PhilMletphta and Pittsburgh, (instead of Buffalo.) Mads for which are clo>ed at 3K o'clock, P. M. daily, eic pt Hutidavs, on which d ivi a I mails are made up, md the office closed at IS o'clock, r. M. r77 3t r JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. COLMAX'S GIFT BOOKS FOR. 1843 '"PHULI A, a poem, hv Dr J C. Palmer, of the fruited States A Ann) ? 11 ins* rated with 12 original designs by A. Agate, aiti^t in tne let Evploring Eiiwdition The poem is founded on the events which actnaMv took place on boar I the U S ship Peacock, and the choon* r Flying Fi*h, in the Ant i. tic Seas The designs were eiigrav?d on wood under the supervision of A Adams?the printing eiecuted by J. Windt. The binding is in various styles md bv some of tU* most skilful bindeis.and is altogether a volume Worthy of the centre table or the social library Poeu of America, second series, 4th edition?A beautiful volume, illustrated with :i6 original designs from st*? I plates, and comprising ?|?ecim*n? of severa' of the best Aineric >u poets.?Edited b\ John Keese. "Few Books can be obtained that will prove more acceptable as a holt 4>iy present, and at the same 'ime of enduring v due th n 'his opleudid boo*."?Evening Journal. The beauty of th# designs, and their evecntion. the fineness of the pa|>er, and rhe literary msttercomtifutes a general value that oiighr to h in the possession of every lover of the he tuliful."?Ladies Book. Poetical Remains nf I ucy Ilooner collected and arranged, with a memoir, by Jol n K-ese, ditorof-he Poets of America Ladies'Annual Krgi??r-, comprising Va.liable Hints, Directions f.r the Flower and Vegetable On den. lie Vigil of Faith, and other Pomes, by C. F. Hoffman. Also, for the Young, at prices to suit the times :? Youth's Keeiisske 'or 1813. Anbuale te I*'r 1843 Ham' Nicholas for 1843. Little Gift for 1843 Little K ej sake for 1843. Li'tle I'nfmi fir 1843. Little l/sefnl Bt'nies for 1843. The?e boon are verv n a?lv put up in the finest English inuslin, w ith gold ? dges, mid gold bark and slue stamps?and at I *t very low prices. A'ss?Sketches for mv Children hy a Mother Arthur's fttoiv Bo k for Children, for 1843. The publisher ol the ah ?v- w? rks for children has ?enrh satisfact on in often* g them as am oigthe most interesting md d. cnled v in fsi and in tractive gifts for the season? and being ' ; "Mil ' I . ?11 lis t i i? I. I r f m 11 e*>tion of p rears sua teachers generally P -hi shrrl at 2li3 Br >ad way, for the nrnj rt tors, by n21 11r SAMUEL COLMAN. JJ* 1 AA REWARD?The su'ncnl* r, in cr using the Fuiton ' P ^ W *erry last ? venmg, b-iw??n 5 andt? o'clock.wis robihdo[ $jfifl, hv niving his txnk t b > >k cut from udnckrt? containing 1 850 notes on Vlecoauics Bsnk, N?*w Bedford, new tlare; 3 8>0 <lo on Verchan's B*nk of do do ; I do bank not Icn >wn; I 810 bs*?k of N* w York. The bants and brokers of the city, are respectfully requested to uetect end sci u e the same, for which the *b"*e reward ?hs I be |mid. The .?me to I) . left at SLATE,GARDENER * r.ijli, 1h kbu i ij o'miin ? i. bK W*n A. C'OLK M A N. of Xew B?Mlrord. p()V KRT h R M I, A *y 2lih. >812. The Concert and Ball givm is in aid of a Chaii'jr fond, for which the gr. tuitotm services of Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Horn, has been g n^rouslv ?endered. PROQR* VIME. Introduction?Fiann Forte?Grand Variations, Mr. Timm Hertz Dnedo ?Mr and Mm Horn?This Gloomy Cell, from the oftern of the Maid of 8?nnf (' E Horn Ballad?Miss Dobson?The Flowers of Eliemly- Hod well Sonf ? vir Ho-n?Tonrh t?? g*n Iv Time O Loder Scena?Mm H >rn?Fatal G.iffredo Donu?tti Aria?Miss Dobson? Swceily o'dr my senses stealing Bishop Dnetto?Mrs Horn and Miss D bson?tJcmly, ah irent y A L e f'antslt?Mr Horn?Mad Tom of B-dlam H Pureed Aria?Mrs Horn?The *V*nderer, with Flute Obligato . Lilic Dnetto?Mr an^ Mrs Horn? La KoikIa Gabnssi Doors o ?-n at 7?Concert to begin a- 8 o'clock. i2f> ? od ft* *&? KOH VKW O RI< K AN8? l.ouiaiaiia fc Nf? York ?I Line? Readier picket Inh NnTeniber?The fatt tall a4afefc"iU paekrt thi|i ME.vHIII*, CapU Knight, will V111 (MI.I ivel\ tail at abtire.her regular day. For freight or i .utagr, kiiiliilwiiilinmr fhmiehec acrommodntioM, apply ou hoard, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wallat. or to K K COI.LIN8 Ik ' O, % 8?orh.t Poaitirely no gooda n ceired after Tuetday er> uing, the 29th Intl. rthipiwrt may rely u|"on having their aondt correctly tneaanr. d. and (lint the tht|ia of thitliur will Mil puu.-laally at a.l'ir ited. A"V guarantee to that tiled will be given and fulfilled hat may be rrgnired. AgrnUin N Orb-ant, Hnllin It Woodruff, wtiowill (prompt ly forward all goodito their add rcaa. The packet thip Ormtilgee, (plain Peel, will tucceed the Memphit, and tail the 19th Dee, her regular day. Mr AIVTION SALKS TMOMA^ BKL,i Auctioneer. BY BLLL k HOWARD. i Sloe a tVoj- - #" u i'? tirai.i MONDAV; At 10H o'clock at the sale rooms. Sale* of splendid ti"W and second hind rose wood and mthOKanv piano fortes, by the l?est makers in the world. Also, io sui?ero i>a linings by old and m xlero artists, an invoice of looking glasses, some elegant furniture, window *nd bed curtains. Sir kc Also, 3 magLinceut piano fortes, bv order of tHe Sheriff, the property of au .ibsentee; I do by order of the Mar?al, to i ay a claim. . TUESDAY. aj iu?fc o'clock, in the l?*? room. Large sale of elegant seasonable cl thing, London cloths and cassiineres, a line stock of fancy a d tsple dry goods, Je weir) cutlery, dr?'?siiic ra*e?, watches, l splendid diamond piu. Ike Also 8 Engl oh silver watches; 2 do |?T*ia; I apleti lid fold patent lever with luvd chain, keys diamond pins, kc, depys ed as sccuiitv for money lent two \ rAn since Also, a large stock of choice dry woods, hosiery, Ac. by order of a recei\ er. BY ElKLt k A Hi: U L AIU Li b. fhiday] At 10^ o'c ock a' their sa'es room, A good a<3orrmeut of broadcloths, cassiineres, ready made cl >lhiuw, kr. SATURDAY EVENING, At half-past 6o'clock ? their sa es room, A collection of oil pai Mig?, anci nt ami modern, many of which are worthy the attent on o? connoisseurs. MONDAY At 10}* o'clock, in the sale 'ooms. Cloths, cassiineres, cloth ir*, kc-?Toe stock of a merchant tailor, roirnrisiug bio ad cloths, cassiineres, kc, i f vanous colors and (jn tilti?'s. Also overcoats, cloaks and a good assortment of reany made clothing. TUESDAY, At 10^ o'clock, a* the sales room, An assortment of liquors, segars. kc. wednesday. At 10}? o'clock, att i? sales r mm, Pianos, new and aecond h ml fumi'nre, stoves, carpeting,kc. THURSDAY, Sheriff's Sale?At 10 o'clock, at 317 Pearl street, l<vg* stock of cabinet furniture, by catal gue, comprising * general assortmetal of articles in the iot C ttalotfues on the morning of sile. AT PRIVATE SALE?1 superb French 6^ octave piano, rmde by tne eel -brated composer Henri Her/., of Paris, equal m tone ?< an in t u t cvet mporttd, MR. BRAHAM respectfu'ly inform the public that he will give a Concert, assisted by Ins son Charles at the Society Libra y on Thursday, the 1st of December. Programme on a future day. 2'? cod ttr fVLOTHS FOR MAt IN I OSH COA i LIVINGS m 'or iu in England by t'ua manufacturer, who supplies Micintosh, have ju t been received, embracing all the *r\|e* at present fd hioiiable thread. G nth-men who have Waited for us to receiv- heie cloths,are now iuf -ruled that we are ready to fill their orders for Ma? iutoshes of qua ity, Tat ah|?crior to those n u 11 > imported and made up iftri iktprtftilioi Americui fashions for winter outer garments. Also, canes made without beams and vny full. Buyers of Macintoshes will please remember 'hat D >*'? American Macintosh is the only retal Macinti sh made in this country. Measui- s taken. HORACE II. DAY, 45 Maiden hue, n26 Imr BtlfOitof to Rotbury India Rubber Co. THE NATURE OK THE HUANDHETH PILLS. BENJAMIN BRANDRETH'S PILLS are in their nature similar to the vegetable used by m ui for food. They are subject to the same digestion in passing 'rom the stomach to the intestines. Tl ey are pasted into circulation wtnch r?. i \. i from tkn ui impulse Whereby tht b'ood throws otst its impurities in'o the bowels. They act upon the whole of the tl lids of the bod in such a manner that their complete purific limn i? ?iii r?d v nloai.n..l The Brand re th Pills, by perseverance in their use, will, wi'hnut doubt, remove, or greatly relieve every malady incident to the human fysiem Thin has been prosed in uumht rless infpncri and in confirmed b? the evidence of thousands. Each box 10 be g? n"ine must have an siirna ures upon it. Two upo i each label. One signature being Benjamin Brandre'h, and the other B. Brandr-fh. M D. Heceut cure o( Teirible Ulceration. No comment is required. 2i> hocsr: from 10th avenue 28 th street, New Y??'k. >ov 2. 1842 Dear Sin?Last January I was taken suddenly wi h pain in my left vide in the night, and mi w f had to get u > and s'eain if; hut the pain got no better; I then sen* f"r Dr. Adams; he oiiler?d poultice of bread Hid veasf, and then a Iiiinp began to loin bout six inches from my arm-pit. D .Ad ins give me pills which did rne no good, and the pain still bec one rnoie sey- re. At thi? period Dr. Ad tins brouglp an ther doctor wiflihim, hut I still continued to get woise, and altb'u^h several orher pip sirians came p> see me, vet 1 continued to grow worse a d worse. Dr. Adams op? n? d at one rime the sheets which first commenced under my arm, and which h id extended to my hip bone, and thence to the small of my back, and from thence to my shoulder blades. Being poor, I sent fot the di?|>eiisary doctors, and they atl? nded me. but 1 continu d to get worse, and the ulcers were some ol them, such a* 1 cou'd si , wert in"!-- ili mi h iff ua inch dec p. Tb- do t ?>s, both dispensary and th- ilher* who visited me, only a few dsys b fore you call* d upon me, told me it was ten thousand to one whether ' recovered < r no:?that I n??ght not live through the night. This was in the early part of Feb u iry. 1 bad not een out of bed since the beginning of January, At this time, the latter part of Febiuary, my wife went to see you and beg you to com and see me. You dressed my ulcers lor me ihat night ?it to*k a vard of linen to drug, them one**. You 'eft ???e two basts of piUs which l otcd i* von directed km, ami my wife dr? *?? d me with V-mr Universal S dve, and rubbed toe allons I laces wi'h the Liniment. In two month- 1 w tlked to your office in Broadway f. unTw.'iity Eighth s'reet, corner of Tenih avenue. I came after that, seven or eight times for you to see how my b ck got on, and to receive your fuither advice. I weut on getting better every day, and in v ulcers one after another got wel', until the Utter part of July, when I went to work, being a sou <1 man, with the exception ol having nea'lv lo.t the sight of mv riglr eve, during my sicku-as, which, however, gradually gets bett? r and belter from the use of your Pills. I send \ ou this It t'er 'bat you may publish it ?nd should any one wish to enquire into the particulars of myex'raordi nary cure, they c n see me where I live, which is the second house from the cornet of Tenth avium, m ^8ih ?t. I rt main, d *ar Sir, Youis very respect fully, PATRICK BliALLEY. To Doctor Benj. Brandreth. 241 Broadway, New York. FALLING S'CKNESS CURED. Mr. James Tuwey of No. 18 Orange s'r? et, liasa son 12 years old. who lor two years has been afflicted with Epileptic Fits -, h- his hud two. and often kiss f? s a dn,rim ssvei **i uld be Itslt alone with safety during the whole ol t, at periou For a long time ne lias been pronounced incurable by the phv?i??au?. both Kkculapi.iu an*1 Botanic. A few weeks since Bi i nd ? tii's Pill win din mi t? red. end m has sfaca bad no FIT. aui Mr. Towey is ol op' ion that he is i*rfectlv cured; ne still cont niies to rake the Pills daily, in doses sufficient to cause two or three copious evacuations. CURE OF EPILEPSY OR FALLING SICKNESS OF T REE YEARS STANDING?Mr. Mrcomber. of WVst P- rt. New Bedford, for a perhxi of 3 yea s was afflicted wrth this terrible disease. Me has had as many as 6 or 7 firs in a day ?and far the tim above st/ted, he wan riot able t? a'tend to any puairi'-ss. e*very pnyHCiitl OI *k?ll in tils sec'lon of the o wnfrv was *pphed fo; he even went ai far a* Boston for to lphiif no re ief wo eij?eri- need, and at the time lie heard of BMiidretn'* V'geU*le Universal Pills, he had taken no medicine* for a if ft* at whil , his fried I* thinking there Wds no cure. ? Bufas BrandrethN Pill* were strongly le com mended by Mr Suvon, of Union street. New Bedford. wno, besides eiperienring great bent fit fro n tbein linn tell, nrd seen their ben? fkial |M?wer? ou srvcial other person*, some in his own family,it was agreed that s trial ?hould bo made. Four uionlli* h ?ve not yet pissed since he commenced with them; tiud although Mr. M was having 6 and 7 fit* a d?y; yet ?ince he >>egan he lias not h ul a fit. Every oue is a torn tied, and consider* it a miracl-. Mr. m. continues daily to take the pills. It should he observed, t> at a'inosf finm the first commencement with them, he lias been attending to his business. ULCER OF THE HAND CURED. Mrs. Clark, of Tilbury street, Brooklyn, for fourteen years had an ulcer on her right wrist, which entirely prevented her from using that hand. Ointments of all sorts, and many purifying medicines were mule me of, Vut were of no avail until the Br tudr- th Pills were used, which, in sii months made a perfect eure. It is now nearly four years siice this cure was effected, and has uevcr been advertised before, although I have had liberty to do so. My agent, in Brooklyn, Mrs Booth, of 5 Market st, knows Mrs. #,lark, aud can speak from her own kn wledge of inany similar cases, cured solely by the purifying powers rf these truly celebrated pills. costivkne^eruption oftheskin and PILEH CURED?Captain Erastus Fish, of New London, f'oun h** been laboring under he above complaints upward* of *ii years, an'* has been so bid as to reduce him to xlim and hone?h?- has open not been able to attend to his duty *s m ?*?er of the ship Jo*n, during a whaling voyage, from which he hasjust returned, bring obliged to le?Ve every thing to hi* mate, sometimes for days together. H<ving seen numerous l>ei sons who had re<*ei veil benefit from Braudrerh's Pi'ls he commenced with them 6 m?>n lis hack?for ?on?e rime previous be oiny weighed 135 lbs, and now, the JO-h ol March, his weight is 157 lbs, and so much altered ro other respects for the better that his fiirnds hardly know him. Although perfectly cured, he occasionally takes the Pills, arid i* determined on no consideration to be without them for the future. He stroi gly recommends them to all, an J e*pe< ially to seafarr g men, and all those wop go on long vovages, as th- best medicine they can ust . His general dose was from t wo to tw< Ivc pills at a time, he having always remembered that it was the purging which was to cure. ERASTUs FISH, of New Londan. WORMS, PILES AND LIVER COMPLAINT CURED? Read and u fleet. Dr. B Brainlreth?Sir: About two and a half yean since I accideiiMy came acint< an advertisement concerning your Vegetable Pills. At first I treated them with contempt, on a' cou' t of hiving bee.i so oft? n impose-' upon by newspaper "Puff a." |, however, read the notice to my wife??he hof for some fifteen years been in - d? llCate srate of heal h, and had used almost every popular medicine, and had the best medieal advice, without any permanent eff- ct At her request I purcha ed a b- i of yo r ag' nt, and she took them accord<n to your printed directions?another hoi?and another?till she oad taken four or live Imies?(shr- continued to feel the good effects after sh?- had taken the ?erond hoi)?un'il th Aft**hot had nearly disappeared, when I >dv ised her to take sr veri or eight pills, as sl.c h id been going up from two to three, four, five, and wa* on lint day laid ii ? with a vrav Di*rxK*s?!Vo nervous he*darhe, (a common occurrence) *he to?k, I he'ie ve. seven pilL?the rieit in rning they oiwrvtrdfreelv, hut what was our surprise to behold that * he pas irl * la<ge knot of h ^ r?l fleshv ub*tance. and a? tough *s hide, about three and * I alfiuchea ill circu<> f?M||c?; she said he (fit something put or s pa aft* on i??dia< harg-, and trom that r>me the gam d her health apidly, a??d continued to take the Pil's?? rial I irge tape Worms Wen* also rip# lied from her, a?d m\ infant child, one and a half years old, to whotn we gate your Mills, and whns*-health w ?< very cririca', pa*<ed scsaial [ rge woitns, from siv to ten incites in leiig n ^rhe child is 11 ?w in icelleiil health, and in\ wi'e h-s not enjoy d so good health (a? shesa>?) for th?- last eight** n years, as whtt she now enjoys from taking your pills ; ?h# was f r seyer I years unable to do any of h; r h"U e wmk, hut now has the sole care and attendapn* of sit or seven rsons with ease. I must believe it was the sole ran e of her restoration to health Hv taking your me irine?and "he continues t? nse it asnecasion requires. Its effVcu Inve been surprising on mvn If for 'be cure 01 the PfLRt. htvniK sever-il tim?-s hid them i? th ir w *it staoks, wl. n one or two dotes (of two or three p lis at s do* ) have ehtirflt NtMOTi D thai horrid disordor from me. I esteem your medicine above any other I h-?ve ever used in the lastthirtv years and have witnessed on others its most bene Ariel and firms truT Mires No other pills a?e ever need in my fsmil, . bill yours only. I have also skew the terribi.e effects of th? counterfeit pills sold by an *|M?thi cary in this village ; one of my neighbors bought and used th- rn. the consequence w u ot ucba nsf ureas should have seni boin the makei and seller to the treadmill for life. ' 8 A ML. WOODHULL. Lork|M>rt, N. Y. Oct. 16, 1MB. 0- ERY8IPk'LA8 CURED. OK SEVEN YEARS' STANDING. BY hRANDKlTH'S PILLS-A lady in Brooklyn, who, or seven long years, knew no comfort; whose face and ns ca were one unseemly blotch; who was the obsey ed of all and whot* misery to h-r*ell was snch as none hn? those of seiisi'iee minds, similarly affected, can imagine. This nam and misery resulted from a dread'uI EKlHlPELAH in h*r face, which oft-nu./i- ? est tided oyer h? r neck and bosom E?er> physicist! of skill was applied to, and remedy U|w>n e in.... ...... .... -i.i im. rt-ilfl h'or seam yra.a ahe waa thua tnrmrntrd, and often prayed lot draih I o finiali her miae-v. A'thi, p?rnid, a I nly who nail de riard marh benefit f?rt>m Braadreth'a Pilla, in a annilai raar, de,ired that ^ trial might hr made of tlit ir rffirary Whi n thr\ hid brc n Bard about thn r months, a per re curr ?u produce.' ?thus |.i. ring agtin, that |Hiiilymi| tha hotly with thrae raleb ated Pilla pn dncra, wnhnni donnt, a perfectly healthy a'at' of thr tlaida, and rniiarnuvntlv mil at run- Erysipelas, thai unfortunate romi'lonl a'l.igethrr depends apnn (hr acriinnninua atav of ihr blood ; ana therefore pnrifying thr bhmd cm*' i hr din air, Thia ladv ia since roarrird. Mi f. fi no- is given In Mr?. Booth, Dr. Bnmdrelh's arrnt n Rtooklvn, i Market aural, who will rrfrr to a highly re ape.table lady iu Johnaon atrrrt, who will gi " inrmrr partirnlara. . ... Thr Brindrrth Pi'la ara aold at *1 rents perW"J) directions, at III Broadway; 271 Bowrry; and IW Hnoaonat Nrw Vort; iMirttrt atrrrt, Brooklyn-*". B HVh, Ag^nt Parker. Broad atrrrt, Newark; and by onr agent in .aery town Dr. Brandreth may be eonanlted thia day, ?lh November, gratia, at Ml Broadway, amusements. ~ CHATHAM TIIKATHIt ^ Pit It* *?ni? Upp' Tier r> rente Wire! Tier -j* rente MONDAY rvrvivn N,., ?i, ?> * wn,,,,,, THE PRODIGAL SON Aftrr which, HH RH < LIN? Tu miicluJr wiin THE BO rTLE IMP. ' U>K?? will Open eitH?curuui will nee el innrui iwu 1 o'clock iirrcieely. ...... . B<? Offirr oiwn daily from ? to 5, where 1 ickele my be mtrrheied end ideeee errured nm HKMr'S (ll.vnPK TIIEATHK. 444 Broadway. Nrw Tort. MONDAY EVENING N v m. will he perform d AMILE After wlurh THE REVOLT OK THE POOR HOUSE. To coiiclndf w?th GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. X f The Doors will !?? opened at halt-past 6, and tn? per com me art* at 7. every eve mug KKANKMN T? ATRK. CHA I'll AM SQUARE. Alteration orPiice??Dress Circl", Gentleman 25 cent*. Lady and Gentleman only 2 > Second Tier Botes 1cents. GalIrrv |t)4 l*it ??r l',i queries}* THIS EVENING, will he pr *?nted some of the most astoni dilute feat* o'Gymnastics and Contortions ever presented in this c untry, by Messrs. Miller, Mestayer, B.others of Warsaw, Richardson and Hug?le-. Bv Mr. C. D. J?ukui?, Pamentev, Mis* Rosamond, Anriol, Celeste. t i r'to, Augu-ta, Mast H-nry, and n'he*s, will h? introduced \ craud combination of Hongs Duetts, Solos, Glees, Yankee Eccentneiies. D owes, VValtn, Hormones Elhedemg, 'achurhas, Single ami Double Laddies, Scotch Flings, Lassies Strut ll?i 11 vs fee., Il<\ Bv- Messrs. K- W. Pelh m. G W. P^lham, and Mr. Backus, tin great Pag*i imv, w ill su taiu the Kthiupean Characters. Klyrug Cord by 'he unequalled Mr. Kuggivs. Programmes a the T *?tre. Doors otwn at (J o'clock. t*erformance commences at 7 N. B. The New York Bias* Band is engaged. Mr. Nosher, Leader. nil |m !? r AMRK1CAN IBtHEUN, Y/JARBLK BUILDING, Broadwa>, opposite St. Paul's i-'-a. ('hutch. Day V?* ors admitted the same evening free. This imine se establishment consists of SIX SPACIOUS IULLH. cacti over 00 lei t in Uuvlb, and containing mo;e wonderful works of nature ami art than any five museums in A 111 iT' * FOURTEEN UNEQUALLED PERFORMERS. Mr. WIN( HELL, the taught r provoking original comic droi tris' ap v rs in new eccentricities ; T. M. BOOTH, the best comic ?ing r *n America: L* P"TITE CELESTE, the grar* rul d?u?eii?r : Mi s IIOUO, the admired aongst as, Siguor VIVALDI'S H mi ly of IVn Performers; ih- Albino Lad",' O m Bio** it g, Grand Cosmorama, Ike. Perf 'finances Wednesd ?y aud Stfutday afternoons, st three o'clock, and ev-rv' evening m hill put s? yen o'clock. Day" s admit'ed Ire* in the evening. Admission to th- whole ' 6 cen'*, chilrlr* i h?P price. t?27r SPI.END1 j~~NOVK Tl b s ~! E VTI RE CHANGE OF PER KORVIAMK!!! NEW YORK HIINEIOI ANUPICTUKE GALLERY, Pruidway. <PtnH*Ue the City Halt% V/f II. H BENNETT, Ma agrr, annouu ?s with pleasure, iVl iha'he Imm eftrcted a xhor eugagem-nt with SIGNOR 111 I TZ, the wni-dr rful M giciin, Ventriloquist and Plate Dmot r ; Mis* t'LE ENCK Will repeal her much a?' d o.ccs ; Miss B itUCE, the sweet songstress; Mr. O X. BRtiMER, tlie c? leh ated coni'c sing* r, and Mr inimitable mimic; Mus> urn, Mr rm id, live AlWiuo D t-i, halt . i>iiI'i<mi "t < uno iti.s, t?l rtt B owing. Picture G tilery, aud peifortnaut es to be seen for One Shilli* g. A d-ty init-rUiumi'iil on Wednesday and Saturdav , at three O'clock. o3i lm ec '1MIK GREATEST NAT' KM- I ! KIOSITY .n the J * world?Now exhibiting at the corner ?| Ch itham street i nun ? r>??u r\ow% in? run, ior a khori tune:? A Double Sp-i'iiah Live BuM, uk? ti near Buetio* Ayr's on the PUi k, bv fit** Sj?\uiards, hi the year 1840, ami unboiled lo N?-w York m 1842. I He is consul, led bv uaiuralist* to be the most wonderful de funnily in the known world. H In* a double windpipe, do a ble breast, UOUble paunch, double ribs, six leg*, double hips, aud some other part* double. He i< per eetly -ound ai.d in good he lib. and supposed to be nine year* oi l, and weigh* near I 500 |mil dk. Professors of Naturi' History. Surgeon*, and Ai.itrmists won 'I do we'I fo vi?ii and iu lg for 'hemst-l v?a. A Thr?? Legg. d Cow, now rhr years old. She isdeficieut of oin fore 'en, and was so fiobi birth. A t/oitirnundi. A S? ? Dog, or Sea L?op?rd, taken alive in ihe Noifh River. The bead lesemld* * that of .1 uog, an I the skin 1* spotted like ih ?r n < a le >p ird. T? uly a wonderful curiosity. W If, Monkeys, &tc. To be *e II fmm 8 o'clock A M till 10 P M. Adrni sinn 12 1-2 cents, children uuder 10 years of axe halfprjee. GoodMusic in attendance. n23 lui*m FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, O- m 11 K No. 7 W \LL STREET. a2 nr MUSIC. OCHNKIDKR Ik RF.BHUN will attend private parties and k3?oir**e? with a baud of from three to twe ty artists. Apply No 27 DeUncy street uear tbe Bowery, or No 121 Norfolk at. nl< fln'r A CARD?J B VRDOTTK, Sup.riurendmf, beg* to inform hi? friend* an the public generally that lie ha* opened a Cafe and Boarding H .ii*e fir gentle "en at No. 130 Broadway, which will he rnunu. ted upon the plan of the Ci.U brated Ca'e Toitoni at Paris. There are about twenty rurni*hed rooms a Itched to the C?fe which w ill be let and meal* furnished t.5 any number of gentlemen forming a club, at ?uch bou'i as they may select Madame B irdotte, long and b- t u its f ?yorablv known as 1 be proprieies of a select inai?otide peusiou in this city will super* intend 1 be house. Ueiitlfinen will be furnished with meals at any hour iu the coffee room. The cuisine arrangements will be f ?und of the first orde'.and tkie wines, liquors, Ate., the best that can be procured regardless of expense. An inspection of the establishment i* rkspeetfullv solicited. CAFE TOHTONI, Ii932wi?*r 130 Bro*dw?T. beiween Liberty k (><hr its. DISSOLUTION?The natne.skip of 84FFARKAN4* LEWIS. f?rvn?d on the 7tb J"ne, '84', has been this day usolved by mutual consent. Felts Lewis having disposed of hii entire interest 111 ihe goods, iiate*, accounts, lands and all descriptions 01 a*?ets belonging to said firm, to Daniel Saffarran*, rt tiring fro in the busim** in rnn*equeu"e of unpaired health. DANIEL BAFFAKRANS. KKLIX LEWIS. DAN1F.L SAFFARRANS will wtill continue the bu*inesa as usual ai tti?-ir o'd *'and, at DoakviMe and the Bogy Depot Chickasaw Nation, West. He,the said Saffa> r.uia, is tully and alone authorized to collect all claims due tbe firm, and is also bound to pay all lega! claim* ag 'in*C the fir DANIEL HAFFARRANS. FELIX LEWIS. Septe her, 13th, >812^ n225t ia*rc PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS. THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK HAVE preoared a nuinber of " Private Medicine Chests, etc! containing an appropriate quantity ofthe new French Yiodinuek for tin- cure of a |?ecu liar cl us of diseases, which have uufortmntely 111 loo many instances falleu under tr?e treat* metilof ignorant quack*, 111 co .sequence of the extreinedelicacy which patient* fhu* afflicted exmbit in applying lor medical id vice from icspectable physician*. In tfie mode now ex plained, however,safe and effectual treatment will be gaiueJ by such pati. lit* without the necessity ol making any disclosure of The "Medicine Chest" contains^such aquaoitity of Appropriate medicine as it guaranteed to effect a peitect cnre, and ample directions in a plain ami familiar style accompany each chest. The remedies are applicable to all forms o! the disease. The Chests, containing remedies for syphilitic diseases are sold lor $5 each?the chests with remedies for soourrhoea and sleet $ j each, m ty now be had of the Principal Agent ol the College. W. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. Principal Office of the College 97 Naiui street. N. B.?Cases forwarded to ell parts of the Union, tne Canadas and West Indies. Persons purchasing the Cheats can,by addressing the College, craiuiLously obtain whatever additional advice thvy may desire during 'he progress of their case. sta i o* ?LADIES' BOOTH AND 8HOK8-Lockwoo?, Wl Broadwav, keep* h line assortment of ladies* ana children*' hoots and shoes, of the latest American and European fashions. Orders received by the doxen from place* o( fashionable resort. ul lair CH>B DHL KKl'i IITWAIUK.H'S Price < urrent off ope vis, Capsules, Acids, Dye woods, Lunar Cxus'ie,!) agner reotype Chemicals. German Silver, Ac. kc. Ac. See lourtb pairr n|7 * DR. FTJRGUSOiV'S CELEBRATED Onldrii V- .-l.blr Pill, for thr cure of (J . ?tln-r?, li.-. he Thr hurh im.KWancr armrtn-il to ihr.r pill. i. from thr la t that thry *rr ? nfimly trgrtaSlr. ont.inilu no I articlr of uirri-ary or any oilirr imnou- inar.ri-rnt; thr) imparl mi->mi*ll tit thr bp ath, nttd may Ita t,krn without nciiing the Iran au-pieinn Thr?r pill. hav. for i Ionic tiimItrrn taroiahly known in Kiimpr, whrre tlioiio.anil. of bi-ln irr autiu illy w) d Thry n.ually p? tform a prrfrtl rorr it i- rrr or four dai* On- box wilt t>r mfficirnt in moat caara. Piirr S< A rent?(J. COLBY. 3M Paarl xtrret rornrr of Frankfort. nvCidl*re PREMIUM HOSE KOH CROTON WATER?Mad# from canvass, covered with duck, being preiiired in oai own superior manner, with India Rubber; is perfectly water light under th great pressure; is clear, and is the best India Rubber Hose eitaat, Also for sale, lhe newly invented Hemp Hose, on account of arid st the manufacturer's lowest prices, in quantities to suit. HORACE H. DAY. Successor to Roxbury India Rubber Company, 8eod #r O Maiden Lane. GUNS?GUNS?GUNS?At auction prices?100 doubleba/ rel ducking guns, made eipressly $>r South Side Long Island. 2?>n Corking Gnus, assorted, 1-6 to 3 4 boxes, ass'rt lengths, 'too Single barrel guns, r mrn >n to fine, mo Rifles, from |6 to $40 ea< h. If 0.1 Paris pistol* Gunsmiths aid dealers in guns will find a* this denot every ? rticle wanted by thr m inuficturer ?? *p r'sman, iu any quantity desired, as follows?gon locks, rifle locks, barre s, spnugs, cones, caps, wards, worm", the, ribs, 'riggers furniture, Ac. Also, horns and [v?t*erf1a?ks. from I to 16 x: game bags, shot b?gs, primers, wren* hes, Ac. A. W. 8PIr 8 A CO, n *6 1 mi r 2 8 Pe?rl street. SroVE-.-Vlr. Edito?'W lls m- j? rsonp in ant wherein tin Ni.vehy Stove, s i call* d, differs f'??m or nee I the Hot air 8 ovc of its But door neighbor Boih Stoves have flat t"ps?b i'h haie the sum - mode of feeding the tire through the fr-mt B- th hate th draft over the ven down end front ihr ugh site fleet on the back, and under ihe oven, and a midlie Hue ha* It to the pipe. Both ha.o the same mode of roasting in front. The Hot Ail Stove has an oten double the sixe of the Nov. Its The Novelty excels the H??t Air, in having a ire place one. bird l?rger t^an Any other Stove in m rket. Toe Hot Air Stove has br? n in u e in this citysiuce 1819. Th* very n- vel Novelty, t* iirit door neighbor, was lriVvtifrd lit 184 1 Surelv thi> ??.r*?lliif#?iit /.f ?k*. !* ?. I".i/ over m ,lied thi? Lei', when they aw udVJ ? Diploma tn ih" Novelty ia a a. coimI rat Store. "<*, 21 r A v KSqUIRKR PHE K It fc M LIN (111 BROADWAYf)?For aale .he I aae, * Iiii niiure, haiuiea, lie , of the above ? Hbliahrne"! The lea-e haa nine ye?r? anil five months un??|ir. d, from the I. to! Decembi r neat. The home . ami tfl fret fiont, on Brodway, ml MO ift t deep fron'in Trioiry t h"rch yard and Tnamra 'reel The building ia three arorfea blah and an atlic. It is apable of acei m oodat r>|{ (hir-y (> raona, ie aidea th< dlnimt -noma, bar rrmrn, bow line alleya and billiard aaloona, The niat lo r "lid baar ITO 111, roil tal of rwo'toraa a dcellaia, which lei o St',<|<| Iter annum, The whol, ealablianiweul ia fiirmahed brou*h<>u anew and will be a. Id on moderate tern,a, to My iierann Willi a arnall raah cap tal. For /"''her pari na I a a, ?p, ly to BEN r A,VI IN W ||,RON, ii2fi3iia*r 'Jn he Preiniaes. UKUli Al, AND KUICAL AIL), No i Beekmai,ureet near Pira H"W, an I * online Medirinca ? Theae. medicinea live ato d Ihc II aa of tout y y eara in eradicating dliaaaea ot toe 0 il maliirnint and private natura, anil are a ttaodard remedy 1 rbe principal P^riai tn and London hoapitalaof the preaept lay. < oceia Hired WI bout cnif'n*; malmnaiit ulcere, acrofii in, (enrlintir, it hh-.,ii? dot net n<l rhramatic paint in inn mot *n<l joiiiti; iindri on'he thin hunct, Jkc. K< mrdin pat P lo aui' all clatf -a, at ipnderate chawa, far the cure of erriio dt?e%wt, requiring no reatrictmu in aap particular. I'atirntt ara treated b, a r? gular nhy.i nn of tnirtv > eara' ripei"?', "h '*r diplomat <rr rthiniird 10 ?( >? at hit olftca, ^o. B>rkm*n tatah iahrd In th? ?m>prra?i>?ii of Qiidnn and I'latinm mongeri, ?rtr pro'rttional adfiea in all t?? it aitca l.r pa chaac gratia hi ihc at'cndimf phytielut. by and ondar aliotr direction all med.einea arc compoanded and di iwaaed. Attendance from <? o'clock until I and I,om 1 to? in the rraona daily. n2l Iwit^jc fOHTbUUESE FKMALK PlUe> ~ rllpftt fat-fame I and ealebmtod Pilla, from Fortarfl, wa prreaiya, to ba obtainM in tkia eoaaory. Ben *?tv , a >nl on ina laat ?I?tn K a| ,?

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