Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VUI.?Mo. 339.?Whole No. 34UO. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. ' r.nS*7" Frorauie loot of Courtliuidtitreet, N*" York. ( Every day?Sunday ?u?te|<rd.) Lea?r? New York L.ea?r?N?wwk At 9 A. M. At * P. M. At 7* A. M. At IK P. M HR do. 4 do. ? J?- J* do4V do. 9 do. 6 do. .7 d... II do , ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Ceurilaudt ttreet. j Leave New York. Leave Newark. i At ? A M and 52P. M. At iKP? M. tod 10 P. M. NEW YOKK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Khxabeth Town. ? A.M. 7 A. M. k'-.f 8WA ,8,m A. ?x TUm irdint fnr IVeEtfifcld. Pluiiifidil. Boainlbrnnk Ht)mi>rtill^ Ite.. connect with the 9 A M, I :.ud 4J4 P M traiui Irom New' I 1 York, daily, Suudays cicrpted. Fare between New York ami Khvabcth Town 25 rrnti. Kare between do and Somerville, 75 Mb. ' NX W YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. : Fare reduced, f rom the foot of Liberty atrert, daily. Leaae New York. Leave New Bruuawick. 1 At 9 A. M. At 5)4 A. M. { 2}4 P. M. 7>J ' :,k? z. : 9 P. M. On Snndaya the 5)4 and 7)4 A.M. tripe from New Bruuawick and 2\ P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Fare between New York and New Bruuawick, 75 centa. < Railway, 50 crura I The fare in the 5)4 and 7>4 A. M. train from New Bniuawick, and i\ and 4)4 P. M. train from Nrw York, liaa been re ducea. New York aud New Bruuawick, to 50 ceuu. " and Rahway le 17)4 " Passengers who procure their tirkrta at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticketa are receired by the con ductor only on the day when purchaaed. aoll to.? WINTER ARR/NGEMENT. NEW YORK AND PIITI.AI)UL! A KAILROAIVLINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brnnawick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordeatowu and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leare New York, from the loot of Liberty atreet, dally, at 9 A M and 414 P M. Xnc morning t>?ue proceeda to Bordentowh, Irom thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (oppoaite Philadelphia) without change of can. Paaaeugera will procure their ticketa at the office foot ol Liberty atreet. where a commodioua iteamboat will be in rrailinessa. with baggage cratea on board. Pliiladelphia baggage cratea are conveyed from city to citv, Without being opened by the way. Eucli train la provided with a Ladiea Car, in which are apartmeula and dressing rooms eipreaalv for tin Ladiea uae. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Cheatnut atreet by railroad from liamden, at 9 o'clock A M.aud 5 o'clock, P M. The Linea for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, aud 4 P M, being a continuation of the linea from New York. *29 3in * r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS CAR FOR ALBXTTY", TROY. AND BUFFALO. By the Houaatonic Mailltoad, runningihrough from thia City to Albany in Twelve Hour*. Leave* at 7 o'clock in the morning. The aubeeribera have made arrangement* with the Honaatoni Hail Road Company, to run an Exnreaa Car (excluaively for our own purpoae) daily, over their road with the paaaenger train, running through to Albany in twelve hours, and are now prepared to receive end forward at low rate*, Specie. Bank Notes, Packages, Bales aud Cases of Goods, lie., for any of the above named or intermediate places. Wilt attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, and such other business as may be entrusted to their care. dtr POMEROY It CO. 2 Wall a'reet. New York. PUL.LEN & COPP'S Otiafla new flTAff ~AL "BTNT ~T ko KAL EXPRESS. Meaars. Harnden It Co, having disposed of their route Irom New York to Albauy and Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of Harnden k Co'a Northern Express, from New York, will continue to ran u heretofore-learm;; New York .Albany and Troy, Daily , and connect at Trov with Jacobs' Montreal Express, and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages. Buudles,Cases of Goods. me., to any place between Naw York and Montrral, and throughout the Canada'a. Alao East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Bnffalo. All bnaineaa entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention wnl be plid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, Ike., and prompt returns made for the same, . PULLEN k COPP. Offices?Pullen fc Conp, 2K Wall street, New York. Thos. Gough, 13 Exchange, Albany. A G. Fllkllis, 328 Hirer street, Troy. S. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul at, Montreal. KEKKKENCES. New York. Atimr. Trot. Prime, Ward k King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, JacobLittle,k Co., Tlioe. Gough. P. Wells, John T. Smith, k Co.. 8. K. Slow, Penoen k Hoffman, C. 8. Douglass, Car|ienter k Vermilye, F. Leake lioUllhYOQ & Co. Drew, Robinson k Co. n24 lmr NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL HOAD LINE. Via Norwich sun Worcester Railroads. Composed of the following superior steamers ronmug in connection with the Norwich k Worcester and Worcester k Boston Rail Roads? _ WORCESTER, Capt. J. H. Vauderbilt. NEW HAVEN, Capt J. K. Dustan. CLEOPATRA, Capt . On and after Monday, Noy.2lst,this line will be run tri-weekly, tearing New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only, at dr. M. ^jxst l 1 The new and splendid steamboat NEW HAYEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, win lease every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at i o'clock. Passengers lor Bostou will be forwarded immediately on the arriral of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office of D. B. ALLEN, 39 PecR slip, up stairs. All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of the above bos la or owners. n23r NEW YORK AND HARLEM KAIL ROAD COMPANY. orHs VI Tt rare to Harlem heriureri to 12 1-2 ceuts. WINTER AHRANNOFMENT?On and after Monday. December )9th, 1842, the can will rnn daily aa follow* :? Leave City Hall for Leave Harlem Leave William"' Bridge William*' Bridite. for City Hall. for City Hall 7 00 A. M. 8 50 A. M. 8 30 A. M. 9 " 10 50 " 10 30 " II 98 " 1 10 P. M. 12 50 P. M. ? P. M. 3 40 " 3 20 " 4 " 5 40 " 5 20 " 5 00 Harlem only. 6 40 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh street Line will run asfollow*From 7 30 A M. every ten minute* throughout the day till 7 P. M. and on Sundays every twenty minutes F.ire 6'a ceuts. raaaenaers for Westchester. Thro*'* Neck, Eastchester, New Roehelle, Mnnamueck, Horse Neck. North Ca*tle, Ilnbf bin*'Mill* and White Plaiu*. will take the 2 o'clock, P. M. triin from City Hall. Passenger* for Yonkera will take the 9 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock, P. M. trains from OJity Hall, On 26th Dec and 2d Jan the cars will rnn between City Hall and William* Bridge every hour from 7 A M to 6 P.M. n30 lm*m Mie FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 7th January, jfVrW 1813?The splendid new packet ship ASHBUKTON, JNWMwCapt H Huttleson, will sail a* above, her regular day. Ha<iti( most superb accommodations for ribtn, second cabin and steerage passengers. Persons wishinv to embaak should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH MeMORRAY, 1(10 Pine corner of South itreet. P 8?The above will be succeeded by the |>tckt-t ship Stephen Whitney, and sail on the 13th of Jsnuary, 1843. Person* wishing to send for their friends residing in the old country can have them brought oot bv eitliei of the above shipa, or any of the regular packets, by applying aa above, if by letter post l?aid. ill! to jy7r For LONDON.?Regular packet ol the 20th of I IflHVW.December?The splendidul fast sailing packet ship jHSmmWESTMINSTER, Capt Moore, will sail punctually at above. Having very tupnior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to rmbsrk should make early application to JOSEPH .VlcMU KllA V. _ _ . .... 100 Pine at., cor. South. P S?The above will be sneeeeded by the packet ship Saint James, Captain Sebor, and sail on the 1st January , 1841. " I"! mr rneir trieno* rriiaing in tne old country, can have them brought out by the above <hi|>s, or any of the regnlar packets, by ?|>|>I y at abovei; if by letter, poat para. 31 r ia , FpiriuNDON-i-? v.r5nni.7.-t.e bjgj^V?plend"l fart salting parliet ?hi|> WEHTMIVS PER JMHkm '-apt Moore, will aail punctually as above, her regular day, Hia rery luperior aecaminndations for cabin, aeroinj cabin I) and ateerage passengers, who will be taken at reasonable ratea / on application to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, 42 Peck ilip, or j2 South a tract, comer Jones' lane. I'enona to aend for their frtenda can have them brnnghtmil in thiaahtpor any of the line, on reasonable trims, and orafta for any amount pay able on demand without diacotwit in all the principal towna of England. Ireland, Scotland ami Walaa, can at all timea be had on application aa above. dt3r FOK LIVKRPOOL-Retrular Packet or the 27Ui December?The apleniJid, l?at sailing packet ahip JHBuWEl'ENDENCE, Capt Wye, will aail aa above her regular day. Kor pasiage in cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage. having apiendio accominodationa, apply on hoard, loot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine atreet, corner of South atreet. p. 8.?The above will be aucceeded by the packet ahid Vil yinia, Aapt Allin. and aail on 13 Dec. IVraoua wishing to aend for their frienda, residing in the Old Country, can hare them brought out by thia snip, or ?n* of the regular packeta, by applying aa above, if letter |ioat paid njbr nlir REMIT J ANCE8 TO IRELAND, lie., kc.wH^^kThe aubac'iber cuntmuea to tranamit money, iri sains or amnil to |ieraona rcaidtug m any part of Irr. I.,ud, iu the lame manner u lie. and hia predeceaaer in buailoaa have done for the Iaaf hirty years, and more; also, to am p-rt of Engl <tid or Scotland. Mouey re mtted bv letter (postpaid) to the anbacrilier, or eraoually deinraited witn hiin, wi'h the name or the persou Oi persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to who.n it is to be sent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that etteet gieen or for warded to the sender. In like manner money with or claima on persona in any part ol Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the anbacriuer, for person* rending in any part of the United State a, or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. Bit OEOUOh McBHIDl, Jr., M C edar at. E NE NE\ ? . ENGLISH SCHOOL. HAVANA, ISLAND OF CUBA. CHAHLE8 DUNNE WATEKLAND, PRINCIPAL T HIS A cadi my waj established twi? yeais ano, under the paA Ironi.T of the former Intrndrui General otihr island, and nther distinguished individuals of the obilily ui<< merchants of Lhucity. It i couducted on the plan of the Ge man 'irvmua" i *? ! the method of tuition it the "nilrrrugatiie." All the icholars understand thi Kunlish language, and many of them ipeak it hibitnally aiid fluently The Pruiciiwl haa the espcri-uce of ichooli in Fraure, Germany, England, and lip- United Stales. His chiel aim la to rive the yonth entrusted to his care a practical knowledge ol hose branches of a |a>liic education, which are required in all iclive careers, and are applicable to any. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, French. German and Spanish languages, History, Gengn, .dues. Nat'irul Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and Drawuigsof ramms kinds. Professors of divers nations aud acquirements reside ill the esablishment; and all the classes receive, in rotation, instruction from the director. Such siitual success lias attended this plan of tui,ion, that sercral of the pupils, uuder twelve years ol ages. write aud speak :wo foreign languages, in a perfectly iutetugible manner, aud hose of ri|>er years, correctly and easily. The acquisition, uot only of the Spanish, hut also of other Liuguages, is thus placed withiu the reach of the youth of the I'uitea Slates, without ill being accessary for ilitm lo relinquish the many advantarrs which accrue from aiiEuglish education. The object of the Principal in desiring to receive youths from the Uiirted Slates, is to facilitate the acquirement [>f the English accent for his Spanish pupils, which service would be doubly repaid them by bv the latter, and to introduce here the manly spirit of the English schools. The youux,citizens of the United States can have nothing to fear from the climalp. fhr linilif !M*iiiir inariinu ami airv ?itiuafa?<l in a Ii?*aIi htul ipot, at a short distance from the ''it]*; and containing within ita limits, a tine bath and complete gymnasium tor the preservation of the pupils' health. Two youths, lately arrived from Germauy, have passed the summer in the school in psrlsel health. As the principal is a married mau, and Ins wife uid sister have charge of the ^uniordepaituient: children are any site but taat of infancy. Every pupil enjoys his religious opinions undisturbed. The terms are (400 per anuuin, payable three months iu advance There are no eiip.u escept clothes ?nd books References?MESSRS CHAS. I)HAKE fc BROTHERS. ALEXANDEn MORALES, ESQ.. nil M -1.111 HOUSE FURNISHING WAKEHOI SE-VVOItA 0 Si HAUOHWOUT, Ml Broadway, Manufacturers, Agents suit Comnussiou Merchants, ha*e just received and are now opeuiug a new and splendid assortment of ilia fallowing aril rles, via Silvered, Gilt and Bronte Ga Chandalirrs, 8 to 30 lighta. Do Candle rlo 4 to 34 " Do Candle Bracketa, I to 5 " Bo Gas Brackets, I t? I " o Uas Mantel Lights, I to } " Do (israiHiolaa, 1 to 1 " Cawiiebras, <sol< " ^astral Lamps, hall I amps and Lanterns, Reading Lumps a jew article of Solar Lam|\ a very snprrior article. A ?, a new article of Delfeeter lor improving the light of the old pattern of Astral Lamp. Also. a new style of Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Togelhei with every variety of Lamps and Chandeliers, for ch'jrcues, halls and public buildings. PuiTKD WaRK. Baskets, Castors, Trays,Toast Ricks, Candlesticks, Napkin Rings, Butter Tabs, butter and Krnil Knives, Suulfets and Triys, Coffee and Tea Urns, Sic. Fine Table Cutlery, in setts and dozens; Japanned Tea Tr in great rarity of patterns and forms; fine cut gl V Pitchers, Tumblers, L1 isliea, Goblets, Decant' is, ties, Sugars, Sic. Ac. W. AH. beg respect lully to inform tiic fri m tners, and the public kenera.l y.thul iheir nrrai. m uufacturcrsan suunt atthey can sell all at remaikably low ort - < s; and rt S|>eclfull' ,? in II aud see their sh<o ins which alone .ufficient to con i ?a?e for tha troni m> REMOVAL. FHILLTP GASH TAILORING K-TABL1SH MENT, UrAinortii from lib bio.tilw.iy to No. 1 -r ECO NO vlY IN GENTLE'' , K ESS. Garments of a most .legmt and Kashir Hasnvi e of 60 i<?r cent for c rPHE advertiser d? tns it unnecessi- VA ueyed system of giving a list of ig (hat the length of time he has been esi.i. the eitrnsive patronage bestowed on him, cient voucher for his capabilities. Possesion h| being connected with aa,estcnsive clotiiestabf .urope he caufideutly assets that he can furnish clothes wlucli, ou comparison, will he found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. _slOSin 8. PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House, Bread way LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. 8 Wall street. Th vv subscriber has received and offers for sale a large assortment ol imported India Rubber Water Proof Goods, viz: Coatsauil Capes, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, Merino and Cotton, of all colors and sizes. i'i,.?i. i... i. u..i,h.. \xr..... i) i i i n wiwut uuioMHi'in.l, ?Ci IllVI, auici Udllia, LA1IH rrp sian and Cotton, pre |>ared for I ilorm. India Rubber Webbiugs lor suspenders, corsets. lie. >28 8m*r (5HAS. ABRAHAMSQN. 'T'WINKS?200 bales ttrideurt manufactory, comprising a I- complete assortment of Seine, HerriuK and Gill Net Twines, from JX to 2b lb The above twiuea are ail of recent iiiiporlatico, and ureal care baa hee:i takrii in the selection of the material ana in the manufacture. For sale in lota to suit purchasers, by EDWD. K. COLLINS it CO. dM r as South street NEW l.NVKoTED OlragiHots Compound.?-Kor rendering bouts and >11001 perfectly wa rt oroof? to be obtained of the subscriber at hi i old established Leather and Finding , Store, No. 4 Anus'reel. Price 1244 ceuls a box. To sportsmen and otheri, who would seeure the advantage of dry feet, tliss compound is confidently recommended. <113 Im'r H. BROWNTE'RENCH WINES.?The subsciiber offers lor sale in lots to " suit purchasers'? Champamne?UM Baskets superior itsality. Bumundv?lie Cases verv old Chablis and Chambertiu. Claret?20 casks suiierior Medoc. Cement?? Casks best French Cement. J. B. TIMMKUMAN, did 2w*r 7i Broad street. OItTAiTLkLACKS MITH's" FOHGES.-The snbscribers, being the solr Agents for the Manufacturers of Concklin's Pateut Portable Forge and Bellows, bee leave to call the attention of the public to the above article. That they have been called for auu introduced in nearly all parts of the United States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of their utility and convenience; being portable and compact, gives them far the preference over the common Forge for Slopping of every description, Rail Roads, Canals, Plantations. Mauu factories and all purposes for which the ordinary Forge i nsed. Those manufactured fsr the U.S. Navy are Wrough Iron. We would refer those wishing to purchase to some few who can recommend thein from personal as well as general knowledge, viz :? Commodere Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Meaars. Carr, Keim St Haines, Philadelphia. Hon. Unvernier Kemble, West Point Foundry, Csld Spring, N. Y. Messrs. S. B. Althatise It Co, 443 Broadway, N. V and our city blacksmiths generally. GAY Ik TEBAULT, s?1 Irn*re eorner of 4>ld slip and Warer sr. jhpgn LAND?Wanted to hire a lew acres oflaud. suitable dBvrafcfor a ganeu and pasturing, within five miles of this city. liut- addressed to D. O. D. aud Ir ft at the Herald Office will be attended to, by stattm: where an interview may De had. d 14 Iw'rc BRITISH AM) NORTH AMKIIH'A.N ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tous and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lou, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, K. C. Miller, R N do Will sail Irom Bi is?on, via BUM, ROM LITKRrOOL. FROM SOSTOtV. Britannia, Hewitt, Ort 4 Nov I Caledonia, Lott, Oct 19 Nov 16 Acadia, Kvric, Nov 4 Dec I Columbia, Miller, Nov t9 Dec 16 Britannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jari I Passage Money?Erom Boston to Liverpool, Hi? Boston to Haltlax S20. These shii>s carry exiierienced surgeons. No Berths secured until jwiid for. Note.?Merchandise aud Speaje (except for personal ex Ileuses) shipped under the naine of luggage will be chanted as frcigut, and liable In Custom Honse Key illations. Aiudy to oiy r D. BRUIHAM. JR., No. 3 Wall-st. ^Mfl jgm EALL ANb WINTEK AHKANOEMENT.?The steamboat Rockland, will, on anil after Monday, the 31st of October, nin as follows: leaving Mtddletown Point (tide and weather per niiLni|t) at 9 o'clock, and Key|mrt at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Returning, leave the (sot of Rohm M>n atreet, Srw York, rtary Tneadar. Thuraday anil Saturday It I? o'clock, noon, touching at Seguin'a Dock each way. Stagca will be in rvadincsa to convey iiaaaengera lo any [iart of the country. All baggage at the rink of the owneu. o23 2m" re 8TATLN T31.ANlTi-TCH R\7 ~ ^Koot of Whitehall atreet. On and alter Dec. 3d, the atramer 8TATK!^ISLANDKh, wdl run aa iollowa, until further notice LI-AVE STATIN ISLAND. NEW YOKK. (V? A. M, 9 A.M. 10 12 S 2P.M. !? P. M, dJr 4* r -i x.-i keoT'laii opposition To oats ^L-?SH|Vij? K 11.1.. . ri'l inter' eiliale Unilinga, without tow harder?H.polar dayt from I attakill, Mon ilaya, Wedneiutaya and Frfflaya. Fiom New York, Tneaday?, Thurndaya and Ba'urdaya.?Far* to or from CattakllL SO ceuta. ?Ber'ha 25 cent-? Supner 25cen'?. The in wand f-at at'imer WAVE, Captain V and cr Id It, will le VI Robiuaon ?t. pier Thuraday Nov. 17th, at live o'clock. For fur:h? r particular# impnm ol the ca tain on board. Br running on the tlaya'ab'-ve named, there will hi a daily com muiiieatinn between < Catakill and Si w York (and intermediate piacea) lor freight and pmaage at reduced pricea. iiOr FOR LIVEMI'OOL.?Packet 20th December.? Jfui^Th" plendid fvat aailiug well known oacket aliip JttfjffiBwH<>rTIIKKNKK I a pt a in Palmer, will tail poaiiTveTyiuvalviive, her Jay. The ahi|>a of tliiv ilie are all 1000 tona burthen, and upwarila, and their acconimndationi lor cabin, aecond cabin and steerage IMavrngera, it ia well known, are auperior to any oilier line of packet*. For ivaaaagc. early apidic oi n "hoiild be made to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, 13 Peck Slip, cor. South at. The SOtJTHKRNKKdcavei Liverpool on the 5th February, 124b. Peia ina wiahing to aend for their fur una, to come out in the above splendid ship, or any of (he regular line, can make the neceaaary arrangement* on reaaonablc term#; and tho.e wialiing to r. mit money can bare dralla fir any amount, n >y able on demand, in ah the iiriucipnt towna of Ore it Britain and Ireland, on application aa iliova, dilr ___ |,A,TPNT ur> BOATS. ' "* object of ihia invention iat *avt hum* life. Hiriy * hr n"",b" of pa*aeiigeia and .uhcr peraona awed by JUkMHathoe boat* I rum wreck, in norma when the rdinary O.t h ve .w.mird laov. r 159. The nu.iberofparaoua drown *'d lor want ol 'he Lile Boala at the hiiri.i g ntl,| wrecking of <!' amboata and oilier vvaaela u arcordinu to account, . u'.dlahed th> pun month over S5 . It i* iinpoiaib'e to awamp thi* bo The priar varies from $73 lo lo $ili(i, a cording to tu? uumbi r ol at henna ibey are rr.|Ui-rd lo cany, with the bottom ?tove in Pee aim of iiovu for picking uo men I vl lint averhnird, are to ligkla* 10 reijUir- hut two in< u to liaudlr Iheiit, a d by the ii w appar nut call be aet in the the water iu 30 aecond*, with two men ia her ready tor lha r> tear Aa ihe aal'-tv of veaaela at aea .epe..da in nnly on the aervicea ol lha crew, thia claaa of boala ia intend#., lor Iheir preaerralion. Office of FRANCIS' Beirut Lift Boat 7 Wall at, iii At Adam# It Eipreaa Otfn e. LADIES' Silk and Meriuo Under Vevta for aaie hv JOHN M. DA V IKS It JONES, b<9Ii?i* in William cor pf John ata. W YO V YORK, SUNDAY MOR ni?B? JW?8 RIDING H< HOOL, i . Bowery.?W. J. DAVIS, (from Ruropo) ProfMior. E UUI I Irino i \\ 111 ( OinilK ... .n M .... evening, TRhinst nr. ind eontiau etch Hoodiy ind Fridi) - \. il 11 riitu th? se is.>u S Irct parties of ladies and gentlemen. can be accommodated with hi uu'(i >u itTiiMfti Md Tharadi! tvena|i ol tifh wwk. A Military chaa for the instruction of gentle men in military i, ihi| m mm no >n WeducaJay evening, Uth in md i nl ibi . Wedneada i . . deriuf thn i on <? ntlemen wishing to wbtcrito to eithcroTtho ^ovi classes, will please call . qh 11 11) instruction at usual, f.r ladies. from 11 A. M. to J P. M.; lor geiillt ineu, from 8 to 10 A. M. and to 9)? P. M. fcveniug school to commence at 7 o'clock. o26 lb"* re MILLS! MILLS I 1?A uew invention, the Kr?ueh Burr Concede, Coffee and Spice viiLs. manufactured by Krxger*td m Mdyuard.New York, for sale b> II. B. K-diius* Seudder, No. 80 Nassau street, bitwetn Kaliou an 1 John, New York. These Mills ha\e been tested by competent judges to be far superior to any Mills her to fore introduced in regmd to cost, durability, and expense of sharpening. At a recent exhibition of these Mills, 4 las. of coffee were ground per initiate by means of a hand cank, who h ground Willi more enai unnthowof Rnglish Mill- tf rocera, Coffse tndSpMs dealers, would do well to call aHd examine this great improvement, is It will *?r? dw IVprani M 0M oT tnOM Mills in sharpening in less tiiau oue year. H. B. ROLLINS* SCUDDKH, No.80 Nassau street. n: n ..?i.?. .. i ...i * - Mail teAto. would tin i it to their ndviotaKo to exinine thtic Mills, as (lit"v nr portable and adapted to grinding corn or gr-iiu, and can bt? projtrlle d by strain or horse power. P. a.?No6i|*ensr ol* ah ironing, as the material of which they are mide, in ttfftllj becomes slurp by grinding. dl?i . "d ONOMV IN DHKliS? Katriisive assortment ol elicit, E* Fasltianabli vud Kl? t* uit Goods, for winter wear. WM. T. 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IliOUHMt.r. *' " Bow down thy head,?thou l>orn ofclu), ^ Bow down thy head to mo,"? A whispering Lily n-em'J to say, > As sank the- footsteps of the day 1 Upon the grassy lea. I Its dewy lips to mine I prest, , And drank its murmur'd sigh,? ' A large, round tear lay in its breast, " llast thou a 'voe to be contest, 1 Thou tuvorite of the sky 1 ' Two buds beside my heart awoke, More pure than opening day? But lo ! u hand, with sudden stroke, Those darlings trom my bosom broke, ? And horethem hence away " Then clearer seem'd the Lily's tone. My listening ear to meet," "Tlunk not lor sympathy ulone. , Thus unto thee I breathe my moan, Though sympathy is sweet. i No. Be my less thy lesson made, < We love your fragile race, Whose lot it is like us to fade, a Like us to see in darkness luid Your blossoms' wither'd grace. Yet let the Will Supreme be blest, And with a spirit meek, 1 Shut close the tear-drop in your breast, iiuu , II* nnnge OI Heaven's sweet ri'lt, I It* smile upon your cheek I Christ mux *t Solomon nrl^g*'. ( BY SFBA SMITH "Next Thursday is Christinas," said Mrs. Briggs, I as she cam** hustling out of tin* kitchen into the Ion; , dining rupin and took h< r seat ut tin* breaklaat ta- i blc, when* her husband, Mr. Solomon I trigs?*, and i all the children, be ins; ten in number, were seated ' belore her II Mr* liriggs v as the last ut she table, * the circumstance must not be set down as an index | to her character, lor she was a restless, stirring bo- i dy, and wsis never th<- last any where, without good ' cause. From childhood she had been taught to be- | lieve that the old mage, "the eye of the master does i more work than botii to- hand-," applied equally i well to tin* inistres- Accordingly she was in all | parta of the house ut . ,ee, not only working with i her own hand-, loo owrsei-ing everything that \ was done by other.- Indeed, now that we have said i thus much In favor of Mr* 1'irigg*, a due regard to ] impartial oisio . r> pine* si- to add. that Mr Brtggs himself, though a very quiet sort of a man, and not i of so rest less und mercurial a temperament us his wife, could hardly be said to be less industrious.? Misguiding motto through lile had been? "He that by the plough would tlirife, Himself mint either hold or drive." And most literally had he been governed by the precept. He was, it. short, an industrious, thriving New England lartner. His exact location it is not our pnr|H**e here to disclose. We give our fair readers, and unfair, if we have any, the whole range of New England, Iroin the shore of Connecticut to the Green Mountains, and from Mount Hope to Mooschead Lake, to trace him out. But we shall not point to the spot, lest Mr. Solomon Briggs, seeing his oM(ri likeness brought home to his own door, might think us impertinent for meddling with family affairs. To go Ifick to our starting point?Mrs. Uriggs, who had Stopped in the kitchen till the last moment, in order tb see the last dish properly prepared for breakfast, came herself at last to the table. "Next Thursday is Christmas," said she, "and here it is; Monday now, and nothing done yet to prepare for it. I do wish we could ever have things in any sort of season." At the thentinn of Christmas the childrens' eyes all brightened, from James the eldest, who was twenty-orp*. down to little Mary, who was but two years oldJund who, of course, knew nothing about Christmas hut looked smiling und bright beciiu?e all the rest did. Mr Briggs, however, who considered the last remark as having a little bearing upon himself, replied ?"That he should think three days was time enough to get a Christmas dinner or a Christmas supper good enough lor any common sort of folks." "It would be time enough to get it," said Mrs. Briggs, "if we had any thing to get it with; but we haven't a tnite of flour in the house, nor no meat for the mince pies, and there ain't no poultry killed yet, neitherl" J "Well, well, mother," said Mr. Briggs, very moderately, and with a half smile. "lUBt be patient a little, iindirou shall have as much Chris'inasas you want. Tin-re's a bushel of us good wheal as ever Was put into a bsg on Saturday ; .Tames I can take a horse and carry it to null this morning, and in two houra you inay have a bushel of goon flour. You've got bu iter enough, and lard enough in the house, and if you want any piums or raisins, or any such sort ot things. Tames may call at Haseall's store, as he comes home from mill, and get what vou want. Then Mr. Butterfield is going to kill a beef critter this morning, and I'm going to have a quarter of it, so that before noon you can have a hundred weight ot beef to make your mince pies ot, and if that aint enough, I'll .-end to Mr. l?utterfield's for another quarter. And then there is five heaping carl loads ot large yellow punkins in the barn, and there is fine cows that give a good mess of milk; and you've got spices and ginger, and molnsses, and sugar enottgfi in the house, so I don't see as there need be any difficulty but whnt we might have puukin pies enough for all hands And as for the poultry, it'll be tune enough to kill that to-morrow morning; and if two turkies ain't enough, I'll kill four, besides a bushel basket full of ehickens. So now go on with your hirds' egging, and make your Chris'inas as fast as you please, and as much of tt." Whpn tins speech was ended, the children clapped their hands and laughed, and said, "never fear father, he always brings things out right at last." From that hour forth, for three days, there was unusual hurry and bustle throughout the house ot Solomon Brirgs, and 111 the kitchen particularly there was constant and great commotion. The oven was hot from morning till night, and almost from night till morning. There was linking of pound cake and plum cake, and spunge cake, and sweet cake, and ginger cake, and Christmas cake, and New Year's cake, and all sorts of cake that could he found in f he cook hook. Then there were ovens full of mince pie.-, and apple pies, and custurd pies, and all sorts ot pies The greatest display of ptes, however, was of the pumpkin tribe. Tliete were "puukin (ues" linked mi large platters for Christinas dinner, and others on large plates for breakfast and supper a month afterwards; and others still, in saucers, lor each of the small children. In the next place, there was a pair of plum puddings, baked in the largest sized earthen pots, and Indian puddings and custard puddings to match. And then the roastings that were shown up on the morning of Christmas were in excellent keeping with the rest of the preparations Besides a fine snrloin of beef, two fat turkies were roasted, two geese, and a half a dozen chickens. And then another hall dozen of chickens were made into an enormous chicken pie, and i baked in a milk pan. I A query may arise, perhaps, in the mind of the I reader, why such a profusion el food should he cock- ( edupatonre for a single family, and that family I too not unreasonably large, though resectable in i numbers, for it did not count over sixteen, including domestics, hired he,p and all This is a very liatu- i ral error for the reader to fall into, but it is an error I nevertheless. This array ol food was not prepared i lor a single family; hut for a numemuscompany, to i be made ap from many families in the neighbor hood The truth whs, Mr. Bnggswas w? II to do in the world, a circumstance owing to Ins long course ? of patient industry and economical halois Several of his childret w< re now nearly m?*n and women grown, full ot life and fond of fun, as most young f folks Hre. Mrs. Hriggs also was very fond of society, and a little vain ot her smart family ot children, i is well as of licr good cooking. From these preini- ?es, a gathering of several of the neiglihora at Mr Hrigffs' house, to eat a Christmas dinner, and a still I larger company of young folks towards night, to i spend a Cristmas evening, would not be a very unnatural consequence. Such w:u the consequence, J as we shall presently see. f We shall not stop to give a particular account of the dinner, as that was a transaction |*rformed in the day time, openly and above board, and could he a seen and understood by every body; but the evening I company, and the supper, and the frolic, as they r were hut from the world by the darkness ot night, r need more elucidation. We must not dismiss t the dinner, however, without remarking that it fulfilled every expectation, and gave entire .1 satisfaction to nil parties. A table of extra t lengili was spread in the long dining 'sail, which was graced by a goodly circle of elderly people, besides many ot the middle-aged and the young. And .1 when we state that the loin of beef was reduced to a skeleton ; that two tnrkies, one goose, and five cliickpns, vanished in the twinkling ol a case-knife ; r. 'hat the large milk pan containing the chicken-pie, , was explored and cleared to the very ho'toin ; and !i thatthi'-eor four large puddings and a couple ol a teres ot "punkin pie" were among the things lost li in the desert, we think it has been sufficiently shown t< 'hat due respect was paid to Mrs. liriggs' dinner, t< and that her culinary skill should not lie called in question. _ si "Now, James, who's coming here tonight!" rERA >42. aid Enstnce, the eldest daughter, a bright, blue yed girl of eighteen " Who have you asked ! lest nutiie 'em over, will you !" " < >h, 1 can't name Vm over," said James ; " jest vait an hour or two and you'll see for yourself, 've asked |>reiiy much all the young folks within a nile ; as much as twenty of 'em 1 guess." "Well, have you asked Ifctsy Harlow V' said Susan. "Yes, and Ivory too, if that's what you want to mow," said James. " Nobody said anything about Ivory," said Sunn. as the color came to her cheek, und she turned o go out ol the room. " Here, Suky, come back here," said James, " I've ;ot something to tell you." " What is it !" said Susan, turning round at the loor, and waiting. " They say Ivory is waiting on Harriet Gibbs ; vhat do y??u think of that 1" said James. " I don't believe a word ol it," said Susan, colorng still more deeply. " Well, Harriet will be here this evening." said lames, "and then may t>?* you can judge for yourlelf." " Is her brother coming with lior ?" said Susan. " George is coming," said Jaincs," but whether the will come with linn, or with Ivory llurlow reunion to be seen." That Christinas was rather a cold day, and as light approached, it grew still colder. "Pile on more wood," said Mr. Briggs, "get your ooms warm, so there shan't be no shiverin'or midlling about the fire this evening." The boys never w 're more ready to start protnptyat their lather's bidding than they were on thits jecasion The large lire place in the long dining room was soon plied lull of round sticks of heavy ivood almost up to the mantle; and tic tires in the 'fore-room" and in the end-room were renewed with equal bounty. By early candle-light, the comiany began to drop in one after another, and by wos and threes 111 pretty trequent succession.? There were stout hoys in round jackets, anil stouter toys in long-tailed coats, and rosy cheeked girls in "hawls, and blankets, and cloaks, and mull's, and tippets. t"'oine ol the middle-aged and elderly peo ,>le, who iiad remained to pass the evening, sat in the "fore-room" wiih Mr. and Mrs. Briggs, while the young folks were huddled into the end-room, till the suppertable should bespread in the long dining hall. "There's Ivory Hailow's bells," said James, as a sleigh came with a merry ginglc up to the door; and instantly the windows were crowded wih heads looking out to st e who had come with htm. Ivory lived about a mile and a hail distant, and was the only one who came with a sleigh that evening, as most ol the others lived considerably nearer. "Why, there's lour of 'em, as true as I live," said Susan, as they crossed the stream of candle light, that pottred front the windows and spread across the door yard. One of the younger hoys had already opened the door, hiii! in a moment more the new comers w? re ushered into the room, viz: Ivory liarlow and Ins sister Betsy, and Harriet Gibbs, arid a strange gentleman, whom Ivory introduced to the company as Mr. Stephen Long, the gentleman who was engaged to keen the district school that winter. And then he turned and whispered to James, and told him that the master had arrived at their house that afternoon, as he was to begin the school the next day, so he thought he would bring him with him. "That's jest right," said James, "I'm glad you did;" though at the same time his heart belied his words, for lie felt afraid it would sooil half the Inn of the evening The hoys and girls all at once put on long and sober faces, and sat and stood round the room as quiet as though they had been at a funeral. Presently Susan whis|>ered to Jaines and told him he ought to take the master info the "loreroom," and introduce him to father and mother and the rest of the lolks. "And I'd leave him there, if 1 was you," she added in a very suppressed whisper, lest she should he overheard. James at once followed the suggestion ol Susan, and took Mr. Stephen Long into the other room and introduced him to Mr and Mrs. Briees and the rest of the company, und a chair was of course set for Mr. Look, anil he of course sat down in it and he gan to talk about the weather and other subjects of like interest, while James retreated back to the endroom. The moment the master hud left the room the br.ys and girls all began to breathe more freely, and to bustle about, anil talk and laugh as merry as crickets. Not a few regrets were thrown out trom one and another, that the schoolmaster had been brought there to spend the evening, and some ot them thought "Ive Harlow ought to a-kunwn better. for he might know it would spoil half their play." Hut it seems they had not rightly estimated Mr. Stephen Long's social and youthful qualities, who, although two or three and twenty years old, was almost as much of a hoy as any in the room. He had not heen gone more than fifteen minutes, before he came posting hack into the room with the young lolks again, much to the dismay of the whole company. A cloud immediately settled u|s?n their faces; all were whist as mice, and sober as deacons, till Mr. Stephen Long came across the room with an exceedingly droll expression <>l merriment upon his face, and gave James a lieurly slap on the hack, saying at the same time: " Well, now, what's the order of the day here tonight 1 Dance, or forfeits, or blind man's buffi or wliat i - it 1 I'm for improving the time." At once the whole company burst out into n loud laugh, and several of the junior boys, feeling such a burden suddenly removed from them, fell to pounding each other's shoulders, rrobably to prevent them in their lightness front flying off the handle. " I guess we'll have something or other a going bime by," said James; "whatever the company likes best ; but I guess we'll have supper first, for that's about ready." The words were but just uttered wlien the call for supper was given, and the lore room and the endroom poured out their respective companies into the long dining hall. It was soon |>erceived, that, long as the table was, tbey could not all be seated at once, and there began to lie some canvassing to determine who should wait. The elderly people must of course sit down, and the school master must of course sit at the first table, and then it was decided that (he youngest of the young folka should sit down too, because the widest of the y<<iing lolks chose to wait and set by themselves. To tin- last arrangement there was one exception ; lor Miss Harriett (ribb*, when she saw the schoolmaster seated on one wide of the table, bad somehow ?r oilier, inadvertently of course, taken a seat on the other side directly oplaisite to him. And when, as the young folks were retiring from the room, Ivory Harlow looked at her and saw she had concluded to remain, Susan thought she saw considerable color come into Ivory's face. When the first company at the table bad eaten up two rows of pies clear round the hoard, including mince, apple, and eustard, and " punk in pies," ot ||... I..?,? . -I... ? -- :.l- ~ - - I I- : .11' I..IS'nt . I I.?, I..#,.mi-! mill II ir-HMiiiHin'- poruon of various kinds ot cake and sweetmeats, and had given place to the second c mpany at the table, who had gone through similar operations to a similar lent, the great dining hall was speedily cleared of lishes, and chairs, and tables, and all such sorts ot irumperv, 'hat there might be nothing to impede he real business of the evening The elderly people were ngain seated in the fore nom, w i. re a brisk lire was hla/.ing so warmly thai hev could sit back comfortably clear to the walls; , tnrf around the hearth was a goodly array of nines tnd pitchers of cider,and bowls heaped with mellow ippl's, red and yel ow and gr<? n. " Now then, what shall we have to begin with1?" 'aid James. " Blind man's huff." said George tlihlis " Suppose we have a quiet danc?' to begin with," laid Susan. " Oh, I'd ratluT have something that has more life n it," said llarriit Oibbs; "let's have 'hunt the Jipper' or' forfeits,' I dont care which." "()h, get away with them small potatoes," said till Dingley ; " jeis go rielit into blind inan's buff at ?nce, that'sihe stullfor Christmas." " You know we must please the ladies, Bill," said I aines liriggs, " 1 guess we'll have a short game of orfeits first, as Miss Gihhs proposed it." " Well, agreed," said all hands. Accordingly the company arranged themselves in i circle round the large hall, holding the paint of heir hands together, and James took a piece o( moley between his hands and passed round to each ine of the company, and made the motion to drop lie nionpy into the hands of each. " Button, button, who's got the button!" said aines to the head one, when he had been -ound he circle. " Harriet Oibhs," was the reply " Button, button, who's got the button!" said atnes to the next. " Betsy Harlow " an-wered the next At las', when JameshadT>?n clear round the cirIr. and questioned each one in hkc manner, he ailed out, " them that's got it, rise." At once up oppeu Sam Nelson, a sly little red headed tellow bout a do/en years old, whom no one suspected ! aving it, and of course no one had guessed him .very one of the company therefore had to ;stv a irfei't " 1 move we redeem, before we go any further." lid Ivory Harlow The motion was seconded all round, and the lor Li). Price Two Cent*. frits were accordingly collected; and James select niK a couple, held them over Harriet Gib be' head " Whose two pawns are these," said he " and what shall he and she do to redeem theinT" " The lady shall kiss the schoolmaster." said Harriet, "and the gentleman shall go into ihe fore-room anil kiss Mrs. Hrigcs." " Miss Harriet Gibbs and Mr. ivory Harlow go and do it," said James. "(>h, la me ' 1 shan't do no sich thing," said Harriet, with a hall scream. " Then you don't have your ring again," said James. " Well, then, I sup|K>se 1 must do it, or 1 shall be setting h bad example to th?* rest," said Harriet. And away sin- run across the room to Mr. Stephen Long, and at onre gave the whole company audible evidence that she had tairly redeemed her ring. Ivory Harlow walked leisurely into the fore-room. What he did there the voung people could not certainly sav, hut from the hearty laugh that came from the elderly people there assembled, lliey inferred that he did something, and on his return James gave him up his pawn. .lames then selected two more ot the forfeits, Rnd held them over Hill ilingley's head. " Whose two pawns are these, and what shall he and she do to redeem tlienil" said James. " We shall kits each other through a chair back," said Hen. ">liss Susan Hnggsand Mr. Stephen Long have got to do it," said James. Whereupon Mr Stephen Long readily took a chair and approached Miss Susan Brings. Hut Miss Susan, when she saw the schoolmaster coining towards her, le tiling a chair up to his face, and his li|is poked through the hack of it, colored up to the eyes, and turned away " l?o it, do it " cried halt the company, " or you shunt have your handkerchief " Mr Stephen Long seemed bent upon redeeming his pawn at any rate, and he followed Miss Susan with the chair with an earnestness that showed he did not mean to he battled. When Miss Susan found herself cornered, and could retreat no further, she kissed her hand and tossed if at the chair. " That wont do," cried half a dozen voices. " 1 had to redeem mine," said Harriet Gihbe, " and it's no more than tair that she should redeem her's " I " Well, you may redeem mine too, if you are a mind to," said Susan, pushing the chair trom her with her hand. When Mr. Stephen Long found he could not redeem his pawn through the chair, he declared lie. would redeem it without the chair. So setting the chair down, he commenced a tresh attack UDon Miss Susan, who held both hands tightly over her face. After some violence, however, the company heard the appropriate signal of triumph, hut whether the victory had been achieved upon cheek or hand, always remained matter of douht. In redeeming the rest of the pawns, the penalties were as various as the characters of the several persons who stood as judges. One had to measure half a dozen yards ot love ribbon. One had to hop across the room on one loot backwards. Another had to kneel to the prettiest, how to the wittiest, and kiss the one he loved best. Hat when Hill Dingley stood as judge, he declared he was'nt in favor of any half-way punishments, and he accordingly adjudged the delinquents to kn-s every lady and gentleman in the room : that is, the lady to kiss the gentlemen, and the gentleman to kiss the ladies, which jtenalties the atoresaid delinquents |>eriorme<l according to the best of their abilities. When the game of pawn was over, the general vote seemed to he in favor of blind man's hull ? James had to blind first, und he whirled about the room, and Hew front side to side and comer to corner, with as much ease nnd boldness as though he had nothing over his eyes; and he kept the company continually flving from one end of the hall to the other, like a flock ot frightened pigeons. He, however, killed them off pretty fast, by catching one after another, and sending them into the room ? While thev were running for their lives, this way and that, Ivory Harlow couldn't help noticing that, somehow or other, Harriet (iibbs most always blundered into the same corner where the schoolmaster was; and sometimes she would run right against liiin lipfore she saw him : and than some!imen uhe would almost fall down, and the schoolmaster would have t?i catch hold of her to keep her from falling. More than once that evening Ivory wished he had not brc ught her, and more than twice he wished >usan Briggs might forget that he did bring her. The brisk running and bustle at blindman's bufl drew the elderly people to the doorol the lore-room, where they stood and looked on. When James had caught about half the com|?any, Mrs. Briggs could not stand it any longer. She slipped off her shoe, and in she went right amongst them, and joined in the game; and she ran about lighter and quicker than any girl there. So much upon the alert was she, and moved hIioiii with such noiseless and nimble footsteps, that she was in fact the very last to be taken. And when, at last, she was cornered and caught, James wis a little puzzled to know who it was, lor he felt almost sure he hud caught all the large girls. But when he put his liaml ujain her head, and face, und neck, and shoulders, he exclaimed " Well done, mother; this is you Now yon shall blind " " Ob, no, 1 can't do that, James," said Mrs. Briggs, retreating towards the lore-room. " Yes, but you must," said James, "you are the last caught." "Yes, yes, you must, you must," echoed the fftlUu r?n nil eirl*>u " Well," said Mrs. Briggs at last, "if Mr. Briggs and the rest of 'em will come out run," I'll blind." The elderly |>eople stood .and looked at each other a minute, and at last they haw hawed right out, and then half a do/en of them came out upon the floor to join the game. The handkerchief was put upon Mrs Briggs' eyes, and the young folks commenced running, and the old foIkH commenced running, and the old folks stepped heavy, and the yoi ng folks laughed loud, and there was a most decided racket. Mrs. Briggs, however, soon clean d the roast, tor she was as spry as a cat, and caught her prey as fast as that useful nnimsl would do when shut up in a room with a swarm of mice. When this was run over, the play went back again exc'ustvely into the hands of the young folks, and after several >1 them had been blinded, it came at last to Bill Ihngley's turn. Bill went into it like a day's work, lie feaped ujioii his prey like a liger among rheep. I le ran over one, and tripped up another, knocked one this way and another that, and caught three or tour in his arms at once. He made very <puck work ot it and caught them ail off, hut when he got through, two or three wen- rubbing the. bruises on their heads, and one was bb eding at the nose This wound up the Mind man's hufl". Mrs. Briggs then came out and told Susan to get a table out in the middle of the room. She then brought forward a couple of nice little loaves of Christmas cuke, and placed them on a couple of plates, and cut (lie in up into as many slices as there were young folks present, men and women grown. " Now,"said Mrs Briggs, "we'll see which of you is going to be married first. These two rakes have, each ol 'em a Christmas ring in them ; and whichever gets the site- that has the ring in it will be mar red before the year is out. Bo all the gals over sixteen vi-ar.Hold iikI no in a row on < nc wide uml ..II the young men over eighte< n staid up in tt row on the other side, and I'll pass the cake round " She carried it roun i to the young iron first, and each one took a slice and commenced eating to ascertain who had the ring " Ity jings, I haven't got it," said liill Dingley, swallowing his cake a' three mouthful*. " May he you've sw.dh w.-d it," s,.id George (?ihh?. "Well, tiiem bat's got it," said Mrs. Briggs, " ple.i-e to keeji quiet ti l wc find out winch of the gals has the oilier " Sin then passed the other cake round to the young ladies When she came to Susan. Harriett (>ibbs, who was standing by her side, said : "It's no use for any of the rest of us to try, for Susan knows which slice 'tis in and she'll get it." " No, that isn't fair," said Mrs Briggs; " I put the rings in myself, and nobody else knows any thing about it." The young ladies then took their slices, and Mrg. ICiggs passed on to Miss Sally Dingley, Bill's sister, who being on the wrong side of forty, did not stand in the row, and rather declined taking the cske. Mrs. Briggs urged her, and told her she must take some; when Bill suddenly called out: "Take hold, Sal, take hold and try your Inck ; as long as there's life there's hope " Miss Sully Dingley run across the room and boxed Bi I's ear-, and then came back and said she'd lake a piece of cake " por ?ho know-," siid she, "hut what 1 shall get the nog; an ! who knows but what 1 shall lie married betore anv of you, now T" Afier the yuiiiig ladie - . ?d eaten their cake, Mrs Briggs called upon them that had the rings to step forward i to the floor Up n which, Ivory Harlow -tepped out on one stde. aid Harriet (tihbs on the other " Ah, that sint fair: that's chratin', that's cheatin'," cried out little Sam Nelson " Why, what do you mean Ity that. Sain T" said Mrs Briggs "Cause," said Shiii, " I ?ee Susan when she Wtg -

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